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PUMAs stalk Unity Pony

Good Evening Conflucians.  It is almost the witching hour.  The PUMA spirit is coming alive as garychapelhill and I speed through the night towards New Hampshire.  Tomorrow we will make our voices heard and draw the curtain back to expose this “Unity” rally for what it is, a big staged performance designed to fool the country that we are all uniting behind the presumptuous nominee.

Stay tuned tomorrow.  We can’t promise live blogging, but we will definitely have a wrap up and plenty of video.  Below is a press release that is going out. 

The Democratic party is incredibly divided.  Millions of Clinton supporters refuse to support Barack Obama for president.  They believe the DNC manipulated the process to favor Obama, and had all their fears confirmed when, on May 31st of this year, the DNC broke their own rules by meeting behind closed doors to award delegates to Obama from voters that had gone to Clinton.
Now, those outraged voters are turning to activism by protesting a staged unity event between Obama and Clinton set symbolically in Unity, NH on Friday, June 27th.  An event, not designed to bring real unity, but to create a show of it for the media and mass consumption by the American people.
The setting is remote, making it difficult for people to attend.  The entire road will be shut down in front of the elementary school where the event is to take place. Only official Obama campaign buses will be allowed to travel the road, forcing anyone wanting to attend the event to sign up on his web-site and park several miles away, then travel on his buses.  This does not sound like a real attempt at addressing the causes of the disunity in the party.  It seems like an elaborate way to control the media message and weed out dissent.  It is Unity through purge.
Many Clinton supporters who are just saying “No Deal” to Obama will meet before the event.  The details about the location and time of this meeting are at http://pumaaction.com.  We plan on showing the reality of the Democratic party. There is no Unity.

Thanks to the miracle of Satellites we can keep in touch with you on the road.  So let’s ROAR!  Enjoy the night, and let the PUMA rise from your collective consious. 

Rise PUMA, Rise!


98 Responses

  1. You guys always make me feel like I a right there with you. Yes, that’s me in the backseat begging for a Big Mac break.

    I have some business in the morning. What time is the “death march” for the buses to take you to the event? I can plan my day around when you guys may be able to blog.

    Drive safely, please.

  2. God speed, Mawm and GaryChapelHill,

    I wish I could join you but I will be with you in spirit. I guess I felt sickened by the prospect of standing among all the Obamots and feeling so much anger over Hillary’s oiuster.

    BTW, over at Corrente there’s a horrifying article from the NYT where they paint Obama gaining 53% of HRC supporters as a *good* thing?!?? That means he has not reached 9 million democratic voters. Yikes, not good for BO. Here’s the link http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/washington/AP-AP-Yahoo-Poll-Clinton-Voters.html

  3. HOORAY our Conflucian PUMA crusaders, Mawm and GaryChapelHill!!!!

    We love you & keep safe & KICK SOME UNITY ASS!!!!

  4. According to the report on NoQuarter, the Mayflower event was a farce and Captain Pukestastic is the sociopath we love to hate.

    Kick some Unity Pony ass y’all!

  5. Elixir – those 9 million are PUMAS.

  6. I love the PUMA picture eating the donkey – SNAP THAT NECK!

  7. Pat, don’t laugh. My fear is they will get us in the buses and then deport us to Canada.

  8. Mawm, or put you on shuttle buses and get conveniently lost in the White Mountains.

    Lipstick on a pig – and get that bus to Unity!

  9. I feel like @#&%, sorry guys. You deserve better from a fellow Hillary supporter. You are my heros.

    Read the following from that sickening NYT article. He sounds like a pimp. Go on, call me racist. Make my day.

    “Obama’s outreach to Clinton supporters picks up this week. Clinton planned to introduce Obama to her financial backers Thursday night in Washington, and the two will campaign together for the first time Friday in New Hampshire.

    ”I want her campaigning as much as she can,” Obama told reporters Wednesday. ”She was a terrific campaigner. She, I think, inspired millions of people, and so she can be an extraordinarily effective surrogate for me and the values and ideals we share as Democrats.”

    The Obama campaign also has encouraged supporters to host ”United for Change” house meetings with supporters of Clinton and other candidates on Saturday. The campaign says over 3,000 are being planned across all 50 states.

  10. Wow, great visual there .. wish i had it as a t shirt

  11. What time is this event?

  12. I will start worrying if my milk carton has a picture asking, “have you seen this child”. But whatever you do, don’t offer to look under the hood, fat chance you may get thrown under the you know what.

  13. Noontime.

  14. SM: “I love the PUMA picture eating the donkey – SNAP THAT NECK!”

    Was thinking the same thing before reading your comment. LOL!

  15. I’m scared of the Obama bus.

    I hope they don’t slip us the kool-aid. I don’t want to end up like Thornton.

  16. Hey Pumas, I had an idea. Would it not be something if we could get the organizations that have previously endorsed Hillary but aren’t feeling BO to reinforce their endorsements now?

    Take the Philadelphia Gay News. They aren’t big fans of BO. Maybe they could do another editorial stating how Hillary is their choice–they don’t have a dog in this race.

  17. be safe make us proud and remember we are the good guys….my heart and hopes are with you to everyone not on the road sweet dreams of us all living in hillary’s world.

    Love you all good night


  18. You could easily run into Thornton. Just look for the little kid dragging the box. Then alert the police.

    Whatever you do on the bus, don’t look down. You may see a lot of faces staring back up at you.

  19. Good luck to you two! Have a safe trip and keep us posted.

  20. dont forget July 4th is financial independence day for the clinton for president campaign hiedi li’s site makes sure the money goes to clinton-pleas if ypu can give a few dollars to help our girl out…


  21. Love the picture!

    Will send good thoughts for tomorrow. Take a bite out of the Unity Pony! Wish I could be there, but I’m on the other coast.

  22. Pat, I will flinch everytime I feel a bump.

  23. Mawm, I also love the PUMA eating the donkey. After the great PUMA publicity tonight, the Obots will be on lookout for you.

    Fortunately, the press is so damned bored without Hillary, they may actually welcome you. They’ll try to ridicule you and Hillary, of course, but at least you might get some attention.

  24. Hey folks, voice of gloom here…again. I was over at No Quarter and saw this coverage of a meet and greet between The Precious and Hillary’s money people. Very ugly. He was obnoxious, self serving and rude…are we surprised? Read for yourselves. The only good thing is that actions like these will turn his campaign into a *fairytale* sooner than we all thought.


  25. Good luck!
    (fingers crossed)
    (toes, too)
    (really hard to type this way)

  26. Mawm, just keep a blank look on your face and mutter, “Hope” at every opportunity, and they’ll ignore you.

  27. Mawm: Is the picture one of your sketches? If so, brilliant!

  28. parentofed: lol

  29. ride, ride through the night for liberty. if we can get ONE little group of pumas in place at that location, the media wil lbe all over it.

    and, knowing the obamazoids, make sure someone stays behind at the rest area to guard the cars. half of ’em probably already have stuff on their police records like trashing mailboxes and vandalizing schools.

  30. If they play “Hail to the Chief” or “The Messiah” walk out. Forget about how far away the car is, just walk out. I would never expect you to be subjected to that much outrageousness for the sake of the blog.

    We would all understand. Just WALK OUT!

  31. This does not sound like a real attempt at addressing the causes of the disunity in the party. It seems like an elaborate way to control the media message and weed out dissent. It is Unity through purge.

    thank you for saying this so well. thank you for putting out the word about the protest. i love the sketch.

    i saw a puma today. i tried to bring all my feral cats inside. i hope the puma is a good omen.


    The PUMA spirit will work through you out in the field and through us to send you extra reserves of the Puma psyche!!!

  33. The problem is Obama knows that he needs Hillary to deflect the attention off of him.

    He’s realized in a few short weeks that he can’t stand on his own.

  34. Thank You!, for representing us and our stance.

  35. Pat, no. Will Bower sent me the image of the Donkey kicking in the town hall. I added the PUMA.

  36. Travel safe, guys. Our thoughts and hopes are with you.

  37. Hope you don’t get trapped in a “Free Speech Zone”.

  38. Good luck!

  39. That picture is fantastic!

    You guys are great, be safe and good luck!


  40. sorry but pat is at fault
    que Betovens hymm to joy-

    Obam obama we adore the possum of Hope and lord of Change Bots assemble like Drones before thee praising thee their Hype above…melt the clods of puma badness give them koolaid from above

    sorry could not resist


  41. Bonita, you are so right

  42. Good luck, guys!

    Rise Hillary Rise!

  43. we are so going to win in the end I feel it-I feel it deep in my bones-also just had a chat buddy plead with me to vote obama-my response “justsaynodeal.com”


  44. PUMAs made the Washington Post – Hill, Yes! O., No!

    Excellent write up

  45. Bad link. Here it is again.

    PUMAs made the Washington Post – Hill, Yes! O., No!

  46. You guys are awesome! Can’t wait to read about it. Stay safe!

  47. McCain vs. Obama: The Hero or the ZERO.

  48. Janis, believe it or not, I’m really warming to the idea of voting McCain if Hillary isn’t our nominee. It’s partly because I do respect him quite a bit, and trust him a whole more than the One. It’s partly because the Obots criticize him and old & cranky, and frankly, I feel like that more and more this primary season. I’m beginning to empathize with him.

  49. Mawm and Gary,

    Drive carefully and try to get at least a little sleep. Mawm, if you get a chance to yell out “Lipstick on a Pig” again, go for it. All the best to you both.

  50. Please excuse all the goo — my head just exploded — I just watched the rerun of Larry King – back up rant ahead — Cindy Crowley could survive a scurvy plague given all the lemons she must suck on before going on the air — Tawny Whatsit there is no god unless she is the new official Obama girl — oh, her name last name is Acker — just like a Puma “acking” up a hair ball — I’ve got to get some scotch.

    Gary, Mawm — safe travels, maybe this whole thing in Unity will be like the end to the Newhart Show — it’s all a dream and we’ll wake up and Hillary is the nominee.

  51. Hi guys! Hope the driving is going well and with no problems.

    With all the publicity and the info pumaaction hope there are no Barry supporters there to thwart you all from getting on transport to the meeting. And yeah, might be a good idea to have someone watch the vehicles. Got pepper spray? LOL!

    Also, if one of you gets a microphone shoved in your face please get the word out that it’s not just women who are angry about this, but a lot of us guys too!!

    Be careful, drive safely, don’t run out of gas! And we eagerly await your posts on the “event”.

  52. Prolix: Tawny Whatsit there is no god unless she is the new official Obama girl — oh, her name last name is Acker — just like a Puma “acking” up a hair ball — I’ve got to get some scotch.

    I was watching the replay too. I googled her to try to find an email addy. When she said “Oh yes, there was sexism, but I didn’t’ see Obama do anything…” %$!%!@^@*^^!!!!

    Oh rite: Da fingah…flipping off the shoulder, what about “I understand she has these days when…” ARRGGHHHH!

  53. Guys, I think it is heavily wooded in that area. You might want to wear your Possum-stomping boots, they might be thick there, especially at night.

  54. Fred,

    What sent me around the bend with her was when asked about the rampant sexism her answer, “Well, there was racism too.” Did it come from Hillary — no! Did the sexism come from BZero — hmmm, how about Monster, how about the like you say the shoulder flip, how about the finger and how about his stable of old white guys like Bradley, Kerry and Daschle who started their drivel before the first question in interviews. Guess they don’t consider it sexist to start telling Hillary to get out of the race in February.

    More scotch…

  55. Mawm,

    I’m curious-will there be signs? Probably not, how could you hide them? I’m very interested in the meeting before and how you are strategizing the infiltration.

    I am so glad you are doing this! Hillary will look out and see you guys. She’ll keep it sly, but she’ll be smiling inside.

    I have this vision of you guys speeding along all those turnpikes. What music are you playing? Any good theme songs?

  56. Virus hit me hard. Not able to post.
    MSM completely ignoring PUMA Movement…it seems..
    happy to see this blog alive and doing well…thank you Riverdaughter…

  57. Prolix,

    You are correct. I just started seeing red and tuning out at the “no sexism from Barry” b.s.

    She mentioned Clinton “surrogates” (Ferraro?) on the racism thing and Bill’s poor choice of words after the S.C. primary (which I never understood). Yet, she never mentioned J.J. Jr. and his “tears” comments and did not address actions we saw Obama do/say. They will always deny he did anything untoward.

    Every time I see an apologist for him on teevee it makes me more resolute in not giving that piece of sh!t my vote!

  58. Heidi Liwent to the Mayflower. Her report is not too far from what we got from Larry Johnson:

    Senator Clinton and Terry McAuliffe were absolute troupers, somehow delivering simultaneously a message of Democratic unity and a recognition of the unique relationship between Senator Clinton and her supporters. Senator Obama, however, left me cold. And since I will not be voting for Mr. McCain in November, I still do not feel I can, in good conscience, vote for Senator Obama.

    The most revealing moment of the evening: early in his remarks, Senator Obama told us he would have to be “extraodordinarily humble.” Anybody who tells me he or she must be humble is telling me he or she is not about to be humble.
    ( … )
    Some friends have asked for my sense of the “feel of the room”. Ok. I am happy to report that, but please understand that this is just my own perspective. I did not care to stick around and chat with all and sundry. I think there were two groups in the room, each one developing a stronger identity the more Senator Obama spoke. One group reminded me of the caricatures of groupies: these folks are certain that Senator Obama will be the nominee (which is very likely) and they were trying very hard to show that they want him to include them in his program. The other, seemingly larger group, responded in a rather lukewarm fashion, ranging from even more annoyed by Senator Obama than before tonight to totally underwhelmed by him.

  59. Have a safe trip–providing you can clear the hurdles clearly meant for you Nobama pumas. I can’t wait to see what this guy pulls next. The nausea from watching CNN tonight is just beginning to subside. I’m afraid the neighbors aren’t mollified from the relative quiet coming from my house. Oh, and by the way, tell him where he can stick his ‘symbolic’ gestures for me, will ya?

  60. Thanks so much for attending the rally, there are many including myself there in spirit.

    I’ve been appalled at what I’ve heard regarding the event…. 2500 tickets for the O buses (booked by the O campaign) and that’s all they allowed into the “unity” rally?

    Yeah, Unity my ah-hum. Thank you making the effort to be there in person… if it weren’t so far from Seattle I’d do anything to be there. But I’m faithfully following the daily actions to mail etc. Nancy Pelosi has definitely been receiving negative mail/e-mail whether she deigns to acknowledge it or not… I, for one, can guarantee it.

    I can’t believe that the polls we’re seeing regarding a substantial lead by O are correct… they don’t gibe w/ what I’m hearing on the ground here in Seattle (and I live in a liberal upscale neighborhood and have a mixed race family… O strongholds)… think something’s fishy there.

    Anyway, I’m sending good thoughts to Unity, N.H. tomorrow to Hillary and all those wonderful PUMAS who can make it there (or somewhere in the vicinity) to show how strong a force we are to be reckoned with… it’s time for the MSM and DNC to hear the PUMA ROAAAARRRRR!!!

  61. Fredster, on June 27th, 2008 at 1:56 am Said:

    Every time I see an apologist for him on teevee…

    I agree totally — the BZero apologists have adopted the Rovian technique. If you ask them about A, they answer by saying, “What about B?”

    It goes something like this, “Mr. Dumbschlitz, it has been said you are ugly,” to which Mr. Dumbschlitz replies, “What about Mr. Schlitzforbrains, he’s ugly too.” There is never a follow-up question, “Mr. Dumbschlitz, does that make you any less ugly?”

    They never answer the question — they foist it off to some larger preceived aggrieved float in the parade of horribles. So for good time management everytime I hear someone use the technique in my mind I just shorten it to “you’re ugly and dumb.”

  62. Prolix I agree.

    And the wonderful group we call the fourth estate always seems to forget follow-through like “But you didn’t answer my question.”

    “you’re ugly and dumb.”

    LOL! There was a bar in St. Bernard parish where I’m from, Perinos, that had bumper stickers and tee-shirts which read: “You’re ugly and your mamma dresses you funny.” 🙂

  63. garychapelhill and mawminc—thank you for taking OUR united voice to the “unity” event and dispelling the BS of the MSM and voice of O. I will be there with you in spirit. I’ve been “roaring” at the TV all evening and thank you all for being here. If I hear one more commentator say “perceived sexism” ——-

    I was away visiting family without my computer and have been trying to catch up with some of the earlier postings while catchng up on household matters. It was almost like existing in parallel universe with only the MSM

    So proud to be part of this group of women AND men who won’t just settle and “get over it.” It is so wonderful to have spokespersons like the representative from womenforfairpolitics to explain that we aren’t sore losers, that this is a deeper, stronger, ethical issue.

    Until tomorrow. mawminc and garychapelhill and other travelling PUMA’s be safe.

  64. Fredster, off topic but my husband worked in Chalmette years ago. When you mentioned St. Bernard paish, I have to ask, how are things there. I tried to get my doc to give me an ok to volunteer with red cross or habitat but no go.

  65. Fred,

    LOL — I wish I had those tees to give away at random. Goes along with one of my favorite bar tees, “F you, I have enough friends.” Many times during this primary I wish I still had mine.

  66. Gary & Mawm:

    Give ’em Hell! Kick ass and take names!

  67. Hey Phala! Did you live there also?

    We are not back yet. Finally getting the Road Home grant thing resolved and looking for an apt for my 82 yrd old Mom, me and the attack mini-doxie. 🙂 That’s been the issue, trying to find an apt that will take the dog and in fairly decently restored neighborhood. Thank God we didn’t go early and get one of those damned FEMA tin cans with the health issues and all.

    Things are still in turmoil somewhat down there. No hospital there, just a triple-wide clinic. No dept store such as K-mart, Walmart or Target though there are rumors Target wants to go in. So if you need “dry goods” such as you’d find in those stores you must go to Metairie, across the river or over to Slidell on the Northshore.

    Around 5000 homes have been sold to the Road Home where the owners have moved elsewhere. They are then turned over to the Parish and frankly I don’t think they know what they are going to do with them.

    It’s my mom who wants to go back so badly and thank goodness our neighbors are back so our neighborhood will be little changed. As I say it’s my mom who wants to go back. My Dad and her parents are buried there so that’s what she wants. I could have easily decided to move somewhere on the Northshore. The lack of healthcare for her is my issue of concern. There are 7 doctors in the trailer clinic but her cardiologist is across the lake and her internist is long gone to Oklahoma. (sigh) It’s going to be interesting for us to be moving back and it be heading into the heart of hurricane season. I only hope we have another good year as they’ve been the past couple.

    Thanks for asking! 🙂

  68. Good luck guys! I can’t wait to hear all the gory details. LOVE the press release!

  69. Fredster, yes we lived in Slidell with our two sons and all have such wonderful memories of the people we met while in Louisiana. I have since lost my parents and my father-in-law last year. My mother-in-law is 80 and healthy inspite of 3 back surgeries and we are grateful that my husband’s career brought us back closer during this time in their lives. You will be in my thoughts as you take on this task of love and commitment. Your mom is lucky to have you. May I be so lucky when I reach her time in life. My heart goes out to you.

    I still get angry every time I see how little we have done for NO and the area. By the way, a few years later we lived in Lake Charles for a year so for weeks I was glued to the TV.

  70. Phala,

    If you lived in Slidell and hubby worked in SBP then you know how great the people can be down there.

    St. Bernard was mainly blue-collar or the kids of blue collar workers; salt of the earth. I didn’t get an absentee ballot for the primary but I saw Hillary carried SBP in the Dem primary.

    I have missed it terribly so since we’ve been gone, not only for the food (I’m craving a roast beef po-boy or shrimp and at this time of year some Creole tomatoes!) but just the essence of life there. I was able to get red beans shipped to me but alas nothing like real French Bread.

    We’ll make it back! And after our house is restored I can start looking for another Fed job. Might not get exactly what I want or had but I can get something that will take me until I’m eligible for retirement from Uncle Sam and probably then start another career somewhere! LOL!

    Yes, that year was a double whammy for us in LA. We were sitting here in shock, not yet comprehending what happened with Katrina and then Rita came along. Hope that never happens again.

    Well, my SleepMD is kicking in so it’s off to be for me.


  71. The road to Hell…I mean Unity, is paved with good intentions, they say. It’s time to dis Unity, today.

    It’s really unfortunate that the word “unity” has single-handedly been reduced to nothing but a buzzword by the foot soldiers of “Hope & Change” Inc.

    Be safe, Mawm and Gary. And, let the Obamanation know that they can keep the change.

  72. Mawminc and Gary,

    Am thrilled you are going to be there. I am a NH native and am in the Concord Area. Unfortunately I am disabled and not able to stand for long. However, I do have a few suggestions.

    PRESS – WMUR, the ABC affiliate and largest TV station in NH, is sinding only one reporter with cameraman for the morning and one reporter w/cameramn for the afternoom.

    The Union Leader (NH’s largest paper) is sending a couple of reporters and they are anti-Obama. Here is a link and the comments are a good read:

    Presidential politics play out in a place with no stop light has writers name


    The only daily paper for Western NH is “The Keene Sentinal” and they will have a couple of people there.

    LOCATION: The event will be held out of doors at the Unity Elementary School, according to the Principal. Apparently Obama’s people were denied use of the Gym. I know the Obama’s people and the Secret Service were setting up security parameters in Unity yesterday. All roads within 2 miles to the school will be blocked according to the Sheriff’s office. Obama plans to bus in his people for 10 AM and the event is sheduled for 11 AM. Best if you can arrive earlier.

    Suggestions for Local Culture. NH people use body language as opposed to a lot of verbage. When Obama people act out, give them a very pointed, but disgusted look, as if you are seeing garbage pail maggots.

    Wear shorts or pants with pockets. When Obama tries to shake hands on the rope line, put you hands in your pockets, give him that same disgusted look as described above, and turn slightly away. It is a strong body language insult.

    If secret service or any Obama people manhandle you in any way, get it on video, and look them in the eye and say “Excuse Me, please remove your hand”. If they do not do so immediately, look for local police and report as an incident. Do not be afraid of Secret Service there ONLY job is to keep client alive. They have NO RIGHT to bully or intimidate ordinary citizens. If an Obama Secret Service Hassles you, look them in the eye and inist on speaking with a Hillary aide or Secret Service.

    If you are bruised in any way, make sure you get videos. and then file a formal complaint. This means you will have to return for a court date.

    If you get to ask questions, make sure you nail Obama and do not let him get away with his “fuzzy answers”. For follow up say something like, “that is interesting information MR Obama, but you did not specifcally answer [state whatever the meat of your questions is}

    Address Obama as MR. Obama, and Hillary as SENATOR Clinton.

    If you capture ANY poor ObamaBot behaviors, make sure you stop at “Hull Store” (only one in town) and show them the vdeo clip and innocently ask “is this what people want as president?”

    Now my Machevillian Idea. Print out a google map giving directions from Unity to Burlington VT. Get copies printed at Staples or Kinko’s in Claremont or wheerever you are staying. Be nice to the OBots and say “I heard Howard Dean has invited Obama supporters to camp on his property on Lake Champlain over in Burlington VT for the weekend. Tell them it is only 1/2 hour “up the road a piece.” This serves two purposes”

    1. It lets the good people of Burlington BT, experience the horrible behavior of the OBots, and believe me, they will make sure that Dean’s wife, Judy Steinberg, and Dean himself know what the citizens of Vermont think about it.

    2. It sends a strong message about how angry Hillary supportes are with him and his SELECTEE, Obama.

    Good luck, and do try and talk with local press mentioned in first paragraphs. Word of mouth travels VERY quickly in Northern New England.

    Have fun, and all of us look forward to your report and your experiences.

  73. Good morning fellow Conflucians!

    Just writing you a note to tell you I’m still here – mainly in the parallel universe of Lurkdom.

    I got a call from Obama’s campaign last night. First one ever for me. They are desperate if they are calling me. I never give money. (Except for Hillary.)

    Happy Friday, and keep the PUMA power strong.


  74. nellie, thatnks for all the great info. we are almost to the NH state line, trying to stay awake–lots of fog up here this morning. thanks to everyone for your encouragement

  75. good morning mawninc and garych,

    Hope you have had a safe ride-give ’em hell. Looking fwd to your report when I get home tonight. or this afternoon.

    give the unity pony a kick in the @$$. It is making this rider sadlesore.


  76. arabella my fellow traveler good morning I have missed you….


  77. Mawm & GCH:

    Have fun and raise hell!

    If you see The Precious, flip him the bird for me.

  78. Good morning all.For all who are going to the so called Unity rally I want to wish you all a safe and productive journey today. Just remember one thing..For him to take all these steps to ensure he totally controls this rally…the tickets ..having to register on his site…his busses…it only means one thing when it comes down to it….WE HAVE HIM RIGHT WHERE WE WANT HIM…SCARED! I know you all will do us proud, and Hillary. RISE PUMA’S RISE!! I really wish I could be there with you, but I have to work and save to get to Denver. I will be there in spirit and will check in from work.

  79. I too want to thank Gary and mawm for their courage and dedication. (I do hope you’ve brought some anti-nausea medication as so damn much unity may be sickening.)

    And PUMAs know that no matter how many pin-headed Democrats insist that there be unity, there will be no unity unless WE say there is unity. And we don’t.

    Because as Carole King said so well:

  80. Good morning Conflucians! Today should be an interesting day–thank you Gary and Maum. I can’t wait to hear about your experiences.

    Very interesting to learn that Obama is still coming across as arrogant to Clinton’s top contributors according to Heidi Li who was there last night as well as to Larry Johnson’s contacts. It seems he can’t even fake a little humility. I wonder if he will deign to answer any questions today?

  81. I looked in at the Cheeto place this morning, and saw that Keith Obamamann has a diary at the top of the rec list. It’s hard for me to believe I ever had any respect for this man. He sounds like a childish “fanboy,” defending Obama’s support of the FISA legislation in really naive terms.

    I can’t understand how Olbermann ever got a job reading news, much less commenting on politics. Do his bosses realize he is seeking validation by openly advocating for a candidate on a blog made up of other fanboys? If this man is representative of the people who are “reporting” in the media, we are doomed.

  82. Good luck, Gary and Mawm! As someone noted above, you should have some one looking after your car(s) where ever you leave them. That’s in case that Obama’s bus refuses to take you back, if, say, you get a little, well.. boistrous! You might then need a lift back..

    I mostly lurk here at the Confluence, but I’m happy to add my best wishes to you both, and to anyone else who might be, er, attending…


  83. GCH & Mawm and all others facing the Unity challenge today—you are awesome! We can’t WAIT to read your reports!

  84. And here comes John Kerry… And to think I campaigned for this moron. I thought you all might enjoy the email plea I received from ‘You Make Me Sick’ Kerry.

    “Let me cut to the chase: If you want anything big to happen after January, you need to give President Barack Obama a big progressive majority. Period. We need a more progressive Senate to fight for a better America. With your help, we can elect some more great progressives and take another jump forward to a government in DC that works for all of us. In my lifetime, there’s only been one moment of truly progressive legislating – and it came in the 1960’s. We’ve had great Democratic Presidents before and after those years – so why didn’t we have comparable burst of major, dramatic legislative progress? It’s no secret – it’s because it takes a President with big majorities in the Congress. Especially in the Senate where the truth is it takes 60 votes to do anything controversial. And it will take more progressive Democrats to fix the result of years of Republican assaults on our fundamental freedoms, our environment, and our workers.
    In June of 2006, Russ Feingold and I stood up and demanded we set a deadline to get our combat troops home from Iraq. Yesterday, on FISA Russ and I stood together with Chris Dodd and voted against rubberstamping George Bush’s abuse of the Constitution and retroactive immunity for the big telecom companies. Both times, we got around a dozen Senators to stand with us.But in 2006, you spoke up during the election, helped us elect more progressive Democrats who agreed with us, and by the beginning of 2007, the Democratic caucus was united around a deadline for Iraq. You’ll watch that happen again and again after January if we elect more progressive Democrats who can help change Washington. As you know, I didn’t get good grades in math, but I know how to count: we need more progressive Democrats and fewer Republicans. Follow this link to help us get more progressive Democrats that will get us to 60 seats in the Senate and clear the Roadblock Republicans once and for all: http://www.actblue.com/page/progressivesenate

    From gas prices to Iraq to universal health care and our economy, we have our work cut out for us. We can’t afford to see a once in a lifetime moment of progressive legislating under President Obama lost to more delays and obstructions from the Roadblock Republicans.
    Thanks for your help. Thanks,
    John Kerry”

  85. Oh, so now John Kerry admits we had great Democratic presidents after the 1960s? That’s a new one,

  86. John Kerry can kiss my you know what. I regret ever holding my nose and voting the blowhard.

    Hopefully enough people will help Ed O’Reilly, is that his name?, at least scare the bejeebers out of Kerry in his primary.

    It’s long past time these folks learned that they aren’t appointed for life like the damn SCOTUS. In fact the thing that would be most beneficial to average Americans is term limits.

    Both parties have shown us that they don’t think experience is necessary to be PRESIDENT of the frakkin United States of America so why the hell do we need experience in the House and Senate? Newcomers can be just as clueless and ineffective as old-timers. Claire McCaskill is a good example. She should have a VERY short shelf life.

  87. kenoshaMarge said: “Both parties have shown us that they don’t think experience is necessary to be PRESIDENT of the frakkin United States of America so why the hell do we need experience in the House and Senate?”

    To say nothing about the office of the President (Obama with 2 years of experience in the senate? I don’t think so…).


  88. This jumped out at me from Heidis report of the Mayflower fundraising….(and how refreshing for a reporter (bloggers can be reporters) to admit to a desire to think about (sleep on it) her reaction first…)

    …”Senator Clinton emphasized the point that she and the 18 million who voted for her have unfinished business.

    She reiterated her view that it is crucial that a Democrat be elected to the presidency this year.

    Then she discussed how hard she would work for down ticket Democrats. She took time to single out Sheila Lee Jackson and Stephanie Tubbs Jones, among other Congresspeople present; Senator Clinton said that Ms. Jackson and Ms. Jones are sisters to her.

    Then Senator Clinton talked about how hard she would work to swell the ranks of Democrat senators and representatives.

    Eventually, she introduced Senator Obama to us, those she kept referring to as her friends.”

    This is where I see the best coordinated work I can do to provide the best chance of returning to a democratic Democratic party: get a decent bunch of Hillary Senators into office. It is the Senate where everything gets stuck.

    Even if (god forbid) we did get temporarily stuck with Obama catapaulting the propoganda in the oval office for 4 years, it is still congress that writes and passes legislation.

    When Clinton was in SF she told us in no uncertain terms that it was not going to be enough to elect her, that we must give her a Senate majority able to get real work done.

    I am going to really turn out voters to support her downticket candidates.

  89. The simple fact that this guy Pampers holds a “public” rally with limited numbers and set it up so that only diehard supporters–not even the benignly curious- are allowed to be there SAY IT ALL. There are so many should be wake-up calls with this guy.

    What other Democratic candidates have ever, ever done such a thing? And I’m not sure that even George Bush did that before he was a hated president.

    Another tidbit for the expose Obama file……….

  90. oh, just backed up and read Kerry email

    arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggg. I loathe the blowhard. but he is a vote(albeit moderate) for climate policy: even Lieberman is.

    and the sad thing is, it is only the moderate republicans who get ousted, like Snowe and Collins, (Snowe even cosponsored Kerrys extremely …….moderate…… climate bill.)

    But, even if Kerry agrees with Clinton on that 60 vote majority, I stand by her.

  91. This is just so much bullshit, sorry for the language, but I was raised that if you smell crap, you cry shooo!

    A unity rally by invitation only, if you aren’t pre-approved, you can’t come. WTF?

    Are you guys sure you will even get in?

    Whatever happened to free speech? The right to gather? Or even democracy?

    This is a complete and total farce, just like the supposed democratic primary. No wonder we didn’t do anything about the results in ’00 and ’04, the DNC was just pissed they didn’t get to do it first.

  92. “No wonder we didn’t do anything about the results in ‘00 and ‘04, the DNC was just pissed they didn’t get to do it first.”

    Yup. Kim, I think you’ve got it.

  93. […] PUMAs stalk Unity Pony (by mawminc at The Confluence) […]

  94. Best of luck to all PUMA’s at this Unity rally. Most of my family is together on not wanting Obama to win this election My hat is off to all who can actually watch the MSM these days, except Fox we cannot bear the garbage that was being presented as news coverage. I too amvery concerned about many of the things I Have read that is going on with this group of Obama supporters. With the threats that have been written about, I remembered the fire at Clinton Headquarters in Southbend. Has there ever been a final report about the origin of what was reported as a suspicious fire? I may be off base but I wonder with the zealotrey surrounding Obama if some of his followers had something to do with it.

  95. […] PUMAs stalk Unity Pony (by mawminc at The Confluence) […]

  96. Saw part of the “rally” on CNN but could not bear to watch it. Guess I can see the “highlights” (or lowlights) elsewhere tonight.

    Hope *our* guys are doing okay and can’t wait to see a post-event summary from you all.

  97. Mawminc!

    I *love* your adaptation!

  98. I can’t wait to see Howard Dean thrown out of the DNC after Obama looses the general election and the DNC going bankrupt!!!!!! Then we can rebuild the party!! For some reason the DNC and party leaders are not concerned about loosing the presidency. They are more interested in gaining down ballot seats. I wonder how they expect to maintain the solvancy of the DNC after this mess, particularly after Obama looses the general election. This may even adversely effect down ballots. Won’t loosing cripple his fundraising ability? Between 2008 and 2012 the DNC will have to be rebuilt.

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