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Could it really be…synchronicity?

Okay this is just too much. Tomorrow, Barack Obama is staging a joint appearance with Hillary Clinton near a school in Unity, NH at what is to be called a “Unite for Change” rally. The Manchester Union Leader reports that the location was chosen not only because of the town’s symbolic name, but also because the votes for Clinton and Obama in this tiny NH town were tied 107-107. Oooooh, strange!

But it gets even stranger. Recently we learned that the Unity, NH school mascot is a panther, which is another name for puma. So will there be Unity school kids at the rally wearing their panther T-shirts? Will there be a panther flag? Will Barack and Hillary congratulate the Unity Panthers (pumas) in their speeches?

Today commenter Karolina NYC linked to a story from the April 15, 2008 Chicago Tribune about an incident in which a wild cougar, also another name for puma, was shot by police in a residential Chicago neighborhood. Chicago, the home of Barack Obama! Cue Twilight Zone music: ooooooeeeeeeeooooooo.

Normally reclusive creatures, most cougars retreated to habitats in the Rocky Mountains and Black Hills early in American history. But some researchers believe overcrowding in recent years has driven the animals back east.

Two cougars have been killed in Illinois in the last decade. In 2000, a train struck and killed one in Randolph County in southern Illinois, and in 2004 a bow hunter killed a cougar in Mercer County in western Illinois.

But in the previous century, there had been no confirmed sightings in Illinois of a cougar, which is also known as a puma, mountain lion or panther. The last known appearance of the animal was in 1864 at the southern end of the state.

Okay, maybe I’m reaching here, but does it seem strange to anyone else that wild pumas have turned up in Illinois in the last three presidential election years? This series of events seems very synchronistic to me. Synchronicity is a term coined by pioneering psychologist Carl Jung to describe unexplained “meaningful coincidences.”

the experience of two or more events which occur in a meaningful manner, but which are causally un-related. In order to be ‘synchronistic’, the events must be related to one another temporally, and the chance that they would occur together by random chance must be very small.

The idea of synchronicity is that the conceptual relationship of minds, defined by the relationship between ideas, is intricately structured in its own logical way and gives rise to relationships which have nothing to do with causal relationships in which a cause precedes an effect. Instead, causal relationships are understood as simultaneous — that is, the cause and effect occur at the same time.

Synchronous events reveal an underlying pattern, a conceptual framework which encompasses, but is larger than, any of the systems which display the synchronicity. The suggestion of a larger framework is essential in order to satisfy the definition of synchronicity…

Like KarolinaNYC, I love this kind of mystical thinking and I love Jung’s notion of the Collective Unconscious–the idea that in some sense, we are all connected and have access to ancient archetypes that reflect the common experiences of the human race.

I must admit that after learning about how puma symbolism seems to be permeating the presidential race, I’m really looking forward to the rally tomorrow. What do these strange synchronicities portend for future events? The floor is open for speculation or use this as an open thread.

Update I: The signs are everywhere. Lakota in GA posted in a comment on 6/6/08:

OK, ya’ll are going to think I’ve lost it. It’s been such a hard day for me and I keep thinking about Hillary, of course. In keeping with the posts about Big Brown and omens, I decided to write this.

In the spiritual traditions I study especially Native American, animals have a lot of power or medicine and many things to teach us. Tonight, I got out my Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carlson and meditated about Hillary and the Presidency. The card I chose randomly was the “Mountain Lion!” Close to PUMA, anyone?

Basically, the power of Mountain Lion is “Leadership!” The teachings talk about the responsibilites of leadership, sometimes being blamed when things go wrong and for always taking charge when others cannot. I was so happy to draw this card in relation to Hillary tonight and I do believe in omens and signs.

I never realized until today that cougar, panther, mountain lion, and puma are all names for the same animal. Another name for puma is catamount. How many animals have five different names? The reason this wild cat has so many names is that its range spans several different countries in North and South America. Puma is the name the Incas gave to this animal.

Update II: Another synchonicity has been pointed out in the comments by Ronkseattle and masslib. The Pelham Preparatory Academy (PPA), where Hillary spoke publicly for the first time after endorsing Obama has a leaping puma on its crest.

ACTION UPDATE: For PUMAs who would like to head up to Unity, NH tomorrow morning, Garychapelhill and Maum will be meeting other PUMAs at rest area just over the Vermont line. For information and updates see Maum’s PUMA action site

151 Responses

  1. hahahaha!

    As Tommy Smothers observed so many years ago, “they have pumas in their crevices!!!!”

    Too funny. Tommy, of course, misprounced both nouns so it was “pewmas in their creevices”.

    I tried to find a YouTube clip. No luck.

  2. Hey bb & gary! — yes, Jung was a wise dear one — a little hard to read at times, haha! but bb, was it you getting the PsyD? You’d love James Hillman and Robert Sardello I bet! — really fab especially Hillman’s Blue Fire — he works with the mythos of things — Sardello, soul of things. Both extremely Renaissance men! & great writers!

    ps: There will be NOPUMAUNITY.

    I’d like to see Hillary as vice Pres with McCain — how dare he after all he has done to hurt her, and Bill Clinton. How dare he?

  3. vbonnaire…I thought you wrote…PUMANITY….

  4. as in, “OH THE PUMANITY!!”

  5. thanks bboomer 🙂

  6. Members of the public must take shuttles provided by the campaign to access the event.

    You guys have to ride with the Barry supporters on the bus to get to the event?

    If you have PUMA or Hillary signs, they may make you ride in the luggage area below the bus. Not quite underneath the bus, but gettin’ close!!

  7. Thanks, Gary. I fixed the title and added the update. Please let me know if there is anything else I should include.

  8. Synchronicity or a sign from Koresh?

    How about the fact that all the hurricanes that hit Florida in the early part of this decade tracked through counties that voted for George Bush?

  9. fredster ha ha….hope its not THE Obama bus…

  10. captsfufp,

    Where have you been? We’ve missed you.

    That story you linked happened awhile back. See this post:


  11. Sorry, in b/t the courthouse (work), school, and taking over the political machinery of the party…and X-Box, i’ve been busy.

  12. Besides, I think the “I bit my tongue” quote is new…


  13. To show how whacked the Obie supporters can be, check out this from jammiewearingfool about John Stewarts comments on the Daily Show.

    Someone put up a post on Huffpoop about what John should and should not say about Obama on a comedy show.


    The poster on huff is a professor(?) from US Santa Cruz.

    No link to the Huff piece, I wouldn’t do that to anyone.

  14. Lori in the previous post Karolina linked a photo of only the dead animal in an alley. It was a big, beautiful cat and they shot it. No tranquilizer guns in Chicago. It is a sad photo and very unsettling.

  15. Sorry it was a video clip from the news in Chicago.

  16. Give me break. Using racial politics and race baiting before a heavily AA state electorate is not biting your tongue. And using the kitchen sink on her character before the PA primary is not biting your tongue.

  17. Kim,

    I’m sorry about that picture. I should have posted a warning. It’s a terrible shame that they killed the cougar. They claimed it was turning on them.

  18. I guess I was visualizing that cougar’s spirit rising to help us defeat the Illinois Combine.

  19. If someone already pointed this out, I apologize, but Obama is now flip-flopping on his statement a year ago that the DC gun law was constitutional.

  20. bb: You are so good! It is such a pleasure to read this blog on a daily basis. Concise, uplifting, amusing, thought provoking all at the same time in one unique gathering place.

    The smartest people in the blogosphere can be found right here.

  21. BB: It is okay about the clip, it was just such a beautiful animal. So strong looking.

  22. Made me think of Chicage thugs, again.

  23. I agree but as I posted “lets get organized now” on puma party we gotta organize quickly. People are responding to my idea of having a site where every Hillary supporter can go and let others know where they are located and a way to contact them. Next, meet and greets with locals then regional with the goal to all come together for Denver. This would be a good way to “hook-up” with other Hillary supporters and to fund raise to run ads in the media. With numbers comes power but we MUST organize and time is not on our side. I am wondering if we can get this site to host our contact info. Please someone who knows if this is possible please respond also those of you who think this might work please respond. My name is Marg Mackall and I live in central Ky. margmackall@hotmail.com I went to protest in DC on 5/31 ( just so you know how pissed I am at the DNC.) This is sooo important but again we must organize to become effective.
    Thanks for you time,

  24. Kim,

    I know, but my heart sank when I saw the picture. I couldn’t watch the video. But I didn’t really mean this post to be snarky. I actually do believe in synchronicity. You’d think the Chicago police would have some non-lethal means of subduing animals. I wonder if they shoot dogs too?

  25. Pat,

    Thank you. But your writing is so amazing. I have seen numerous comments by you that should have been posts in themselves.

  26. We could take the Jungian idea a bit further and the ‘wild woman’ (Clarissa Pinkola Estes – Woman Who Run With the Wolves) = wild cat = PUMA. Or, more accurately, Puma = wild cat = wild woman.

    Wild woman is the part of us that is instinctive and fierce in her protection of our true self. She is the way out of treacherous situations. It is she that recognizes the truth about a situation and doesn’t fall for what is not real and what is not nourishing to the self. 🙂

  27. I didn’t see the photo, although, I have seen others. It is terrible what we are doing on this planet. And, sadly, too, it icould be seen as symbolic of the destroyed feminine. We have to destroy the feminine if we are to rape and destroy the planet. I think we may be going extinct.

  28. lia,

    I like that. The puma as representative of the wild feminine is an appealing idea. The Chicago police killed her body but not her spirit, which lives on in us.

  29. McCain strategy against Obama: “Country First vs. Self Serving Partisanship”

    They’re going to try to paint Obama as a conventional politician who always takes the easy way out and will say and do anything to win while McCain is the one reaching across the aisle, putting the country first, etc. etc.

    It has elements of triangulation which will irk the Repub base if they remind them of his bipartisanship work.

    The Repubs should just do their usual character attacks and call it a day.

  30. My ex, after being caught with the 2nd family, always compared me to a cat. He said no matter what he did, I always landed on my feet. I think most females have a way of landing on their feet. We have to.

  31. WS–lovely irony considering that was the way they smeared Hillary….can’t wait

  32. Kim, you reminded me of a song my mom used to sing to us (yeah, she was a sicko 🙂 ) anyone else remember this one?:


    The Cat Came Back
    Old Mr. Johnson had problems of his own.
    He had a yellow cat that just wouldn’t leave him alone.
    He tried and he tried to give the cat away.
    He gave it to a little man going far away…
    But the cat came back the very next day.
    Yes, the cat came back. They thought he was gone,
    But the cat came back. He just wouldn’t stay away.
    He gave it to a little boy with a dollar note.
    He told the boy to take the cat up river on a boat.
    The boat turned over and was never found,
    And now they drag the river for the little boy who drowned…
    But the cat came back the very next day.
    Yes, the cat came back. They thought he was gone,
    But the cat came back. He just wouldn’t stay away.
    The man around the corner said he’d shoot the cat on sight.
    He loaded up his shotgun full of nails and dynamite.
    He waited… and he waited… ’till the cat came walking round
    And ninety-nine pieces of the man was all they found…
    But the cat came back the very next day.
    Yes, the cat came back. They thought he was gone,
    But the cat came back. He just wouldn’t stay away.
    The H-bomb fell the very next day.
    The A-bomb fell in the very same way.
    Russia went! England went! And then the USA.
    The entire human race was left without a chance to pray…
    But the cat came back the very next day.
    Yes, the cat came back. They thought he was gone,
    But the cat came back. He just wouldn’t stay away.

  33. Remember Old Possum’s Practical Book of Cats?

  34. Gary,

    I’ve never heard that song. Funny. Hey, when are you leaving? Are you posting from the road. Or are you driving all night?

  35. WS,

    It seems to me that maybe McCain is hoping to pick up Dems and Independents. The right-wing base will either suck it up and vote for him or vote for Bob Barr and help Obama.

  36. bb—that’s one of those creepy scary children’s songs that the world became to PC for I guess. we’re leaving today after I get off work, driving all night

  37. bb-like your post. I love signs and synchronicity. I remember writing here I think on one of my discouraged nights that I had, in meditation, pulled a Native American Medicine Card (Jamie Sams). The card was the Mountain Lion. The “medicine” or power of the card, what it represents, is Leadership. I remember at the time thinking it was a good sign for Hillary’s future as the Mountain Lion/PUMA really is symbolic.

    Rise Hillary Rise!

  38. WS,
    You’re right about that article. I knew that McCain was going to run on bipartisanship. He has a record of it but Obama does not. Obama is self serving but it’s certainly not “self serving partisanship”.

  39. lakota in ga,

    Wow, another syncronicity. I wonder when you made that comment. I’ll try to find it.

  40. KARMA’S A BI**H!!
    Thanks “ws” that link was great, I passed it on.

  41. They should copy the “say and do anything to win” line against Obama.

    To keep the right wing base and make the general public wary, they’re going to have to launch negative attacks on Obama. Still waiting for the salvo.

  42. I like the song, Gary, you are southern, aren’t you? I think all southerner’s sing weird songs to their children. My grandfather used to sing the song to me from “O Brother Where Art Thou”?

    “Didn’t Leave Nobody But the Baby”

    Now that is a strange song to sing to a child. But I ended up singing to my own, and caught my son singing it to his son.

  43. I grew up in the south, but my parents are from western penn. –go figure

  44. OT but disturbing: Real Clear Politics had a link to this article about a number of anti-obama blogs suddenly all being locked out on suspicious claims that they had been identified as spam blogs. Speaking of synchronicity! http://nobama2.blogspot.com/2008/06/strange-things-happening-in-nobama.html

  45. Lakota in GA,

    I added your comment to the post in an update. I hope you don’t mind. You made it on June 6–just 5 days after the birth of the PUMA Unparty.

  46. All these signs, feel like I am in an M. Night Shyamalan movie

  47. What a surprise! I just got back and turned on my laptop.


    “The puma as representative of the wild feminine is an appealing idea. The Chicago police killed her body but not her spirit, which lives on in us.”

    That is exactly what I was trying to say! It’s an empowering way to think about all of this, isn’t it? Provided, of course, you are inclined to intuitive thinking. I really enjoyed your post, and didn’t find it snarky at all.

    lia, I LOVE the wild woman/puma idea.

    This may seem a bit too “out to lunch,” but in my family home, where my parents lived while I was going to college several decades ago, there is a self-portrait that I did back then. My head is turned to the left, and in front of me is a puma’s head. There are two other animals, one behind and one above, but the puma and its odd similarity to the way I painted my own face, in that painting back then, is clearly the focus of the canvas. I hope this is not too personal, but I am just loving and shocked by all of this.

    I wish that I were able to go to NH tommorrow. I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of something great. Good luck, again, to all of you undercover missionaries!

  48. Kim:

    Luv the Sirens who sing that song in the movie!

  49. Wanted to pass along…saw this over at Savage Politics.

    **warning*** It’s Barry talking but with funny comments below.


  50. What the hell? How was there a wild cougar in Chicago? (will backtrack and find out)

  51. KarolinaNYC,

    Thank you for sharing that. This whole puma thing does feel like something special happening, doesn’t it? On June 1, it was just a comment by SM and then an inspired post by riverdaughter. And now it is all over the internet and even in the corporate media. It’s really amazing and it could not have gone viral like this unless it was a reflection of something very powerful happening in the populace. I would love to think that Hillary is aware of the puma connection to Unity, NH.

  52. Pumas are highly independent creatures–even the females.

    Mountain lions are solitary cats, except during breeding and when a mother has cubs. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have any contact with one another. They live in areas called “home ranges,” which vary in size from 30 to 125 square miles (78 to 324 square hectares). These ranges overlap, so the cats share some parts. The home ranges of the males tend to be the largest, and they overlap the smaller ranges of several females. The cats may actually see each other once in awhile, but mostly they leave “messages” for each other: feces, urine, scratched logs, and marks they scrape out in the dirt or snow. The home range is where each cat spends most of its time and does most of its hunting.

  53. Cougar medicine: The PUMA symbolizes one’s ability to accept and direct the course of power through one’s life with grace and speed. Its appearance heralds a time when we will learn to move quickly when the opportunities we have been seeking to transform our lives suddenly present themselves, especially if we are willing to claim and step fully into our own power

  54. Hey we have gone from snarky to spiritual. Just shows me, there is meaning and purpose here and we are a dedicated bunch of cats.

  55. No depressed rats here.

  56. Clinton Supports Not Voting Obama Financial Times Take Note:
    Some, such as I Own My Vote and No Quarter, are self-explanatory. Others, such as Done – Democrats Over Nominating Elitists – and Puma – Party Unity My Ass – choose memorable acronyms. With nicknames such as Barky, Nobama and Oblahblah, none are complimentary towards their party’s nominee.

    Many of the sites are run by women who believe that Mrs Clinton was the victim of a sexist alliance between the mainstream media and Mr Obama’s campaign. Yet much of the language they deploy could easily be mistaken for what comes out of right-wing talk radio.

    “Voting for Obama is like going to bed with your rapist,” said one supporter in an e-mail that was circulated to a Clinton support group. “Hillary has raised money for these people, campaigned for them and they betrayed her. Now you all want her to be a “nice girl” and hand her political base over to Obama. You must be daft.”

    Amy Goldman, who set up the Puma site on Facebook, says she has received a flood of e-mails from like-minded Democrats. Many, like her, plan to vote for John McCain. Some were motivated by Mr Obama’s widely quoted advice to Hillary supporters to “Get over it” at a meeting with a congressional group on Monday. In context, the remark comes over much less starkly.

  57. For a long time have been unable to decide what to do in the GE. As a recent independent voter, I do not feel obligated to vote for the dem nominee (especially after his latest flip flops), but at the same time I have never in my life voted for a Republican. Since I live in Florida, I do not have the luxury of sitting this out. I feel that any vote other than McCain in Florida would help Obama. This is a very bitter pill for me, but what choice do I have? For the first time in my life, I will be voting for the Republican. Since niether candidate reflects my views, I guess I must choose the one with the most experience. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t know.

  58. They did not do their homework, they left out Obot, obamanation, Messiah, annointed one and the Change’ling and someone here says precious.

  59. I’ve made the devil remark many times myself. I am sorry for your quandary, since I am in SC, it doesn’t matter. I don’t think we have gone democrat in years.

  60. bostonboomer:

    “It’s really amazing and it could not have gone viral like this unless it was a reflection of something very powerful happening in the populace.”



    “Hey we have gone from snarky to spiritual. Just shows me, there is meaning and purpose here and we are a dedicated bunch of cats. No depressed rats here.”


  61. According to animal totem lore, cougar is the energy of leadership. If we listen to Cougar we learn to become the leader that people follow by choice, not by force.

  62. Kim, thanks for the sympathy. Today for me with Obama was the breaking point. Until today I was willing to sit it out, but after FISA, Death Penalty, Guns, I just can’t take him any more.

  63. Wonder why they did not deem it necessary to use all the names women have been called since this election cycle started. Seems to me that should be included. At least we sound like a right wing talk show. Some of the remarks aimed at women this cycle can’t be repeated on tv.

  64. maybe in Nov. we should set up a support system, voting republican is going to be very traumatic for some of us.

  65. Here take a look at this Yahoo -AP Poll and how their trying to BAMBOOZLE US.

    The poll found 53 percent of the Democrats who favored Clinton for the nomination two months ago now back Obama for president. That’s an improvement from April, when only 40 percent of Clinton supporters said they would back Obama over McCain.
    Look who they poll to get these numbers The AP-Yahoo! News survey of 1,759 adults had an overall margin of sampling error of plus or minus 2.3 percentage points. Included were interviews with 844 Democrats, for whom the margin of sampling error was plus or minus 3.4 points, and 637 Republicans. …637 REPUBLICANS. …hahahahaha
    yeah thats how you get Clinton Supporters Poll GAWD DAMN REPUBLICANS……..hahahahah

  66. As someone noted in an earlier thread – Pelham Preparatory Academy (at which Hillary spoke for graduation recently) sports a leaping puma-like creature its shield logo.

  67. LAMusing:

    “[The puma’s] appearance heralds a time when we will learn to move quickly when the opportunities we have been seeking to transform our lives suddenly present themselves, especially if we are willing to claim and step fully into our own power.”

    This information is so encouraging, as is lakota in ga’s Native American card draw!

  68. Interesting post, bostonboomer. A few months ago, I saw a very funny and thought-provoking show on the Indepedent Film Channel with Mike Myers and Deepak Chopra, with the theme of synchronicity. There really could be something to that. And I find Jung’s idea’s on the collective unconscious very intriguing.

    So, I’m visiting relatives West Virginia this week, deep in coal country. Talking about ruining the environment, the coal output has increased phenomonally recently, as has logging. People here have the sense that the state government is not listening to their concerns.

    Yesterday, the local paper (The Register-Herald of Beckley) had a very powerful letter to the editor about the Democratic primary. The writer noted that despite West Virginians voting overwhelmingly for Clinton, Byrd, Rockefeller, and Rahall “over[rode] the will of the people.” He also wrote, “it is apparent that our senators and representatives realize that we citizens of West Virginia are incapable of knowing what is best for us.” He ends his letter with a comment about how the November election will show how many voters have understood the “true natures” of these lawmakers — something that made me think of Katiebird’s post on punishing them.

    Is anyone else seeing similar letters to the editor around the country?

    Sorry for the long comment, but one more thing. This AM I caught Will Bower on Fox, speaking very well about PUMA. He was followed by Ed Rendell, who said that PUMAs are “shortchanging” Obama, that Obama shares Hillary’s beliefs, etc. Did anyone see that? I guess I wasn’t really surprised. Even if Rendell truly thinks otherwise, he is probably under a lot of pressure. But still, it bothered me. PUMAs are not underestimating Obama, others are overestimating him.

  69. LAMusing,

    I like that:

    “If we listen to Cougar we learn to become the leader that people follow by choice, not by force.”

    The Obama supporters have tried to use force and it doesn’t work on us. If only the superdelegates would wake up and choose the real leader, Hillary Clinton.

  70. WE have been encouraged to write letters to the editor by Just say no deal. They have a whole list of actions to take. I say someone from Ed Rendell’s state should email him and use Jules statement of overestimating.

  71. I hav not been able to read the comments so I don’t know if anyone else brought this up but remember Hillary’s first public appearance after her endorsement was to that young woman’s graduation. She stood at a lecturn with what looks like a puma on it. See here:


  72. BB:

    “If only the superdelegates would wake up and choose the real leader, Hillary Clinton.”

    I believe many have already have woken up, but now it is up to us to make it possible for them to choose her. And, um, impossible for them to not choose her…

  73. AA4HILL — That’s really a powerful pro-PUMA poll result. Thx for pointing it out … I’ll have some analysis later.

  74. AA4Hill,

    If only 53% of Clinton voters are willing to vote for BO, he is in deep trouble, especially if those voters are in swing states. He would be in trouble if 20% of her voters voted McCain.

  75. RonK,

    Can’t wait for your analysis.

  76. I added the additional coincidence of the PPA crest with the leaping puma to the post. Thanks RonK and masslib!

  77. Hi Jules! I had to find that video clip…

    I don’t like the ‘short change’ idea at all. Like we aren’t giving obama something OWED? What!?

    Otherwise, Rendell sounds tired or at least not as animated as I’ve seen him in the past. I bet it is super hard to have to go on TV and say how great obama is. It looked painful.

  78. Hello to you, jjmtacoma! Yes, I couldn’t put my finger on it, but the implication is that we owe something. And I agree that Rendell looked a little off.

  79. bb-Glad you found my old post about the Mountain Lion Medicine Card. I couldn’t find it. That night, I placed the card next to my computer so that I can see it everyday! It has been powerful for me.

    Rise Hillary Rise!

  80. Notable, from the AP/Yahoo poll:

    An analysis of Clinton supporters who are backing McCain shows they are more liberal than the Arizona senator on the issues. The majority favor removing troops from Iraq as soon as possible, a single-payer health care system funded by taxpayers and repeal of Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy.

    Also, those numbers imply a PUMA factor of 34.5 million votes (net margin).

  81. I agree Obama is in deep dodo,but i love to see these pollsters try and manipulate us with FAKE BOGUS AZZ POLLS

  82. Kim-

    Other names: Mr.Waffles, Precious, Barfy and my all time favorite: Opossum

  83. A little off topic, but I kind of think that Ed Rendell is sort of sexy. In a Tony Soprano kind of way.

    The above statement has absolutely nothing to do with the topic on hand but I just had to say it . Just for my own amusement.

  84. Pat J — and for ours!

  85. Samantha is a golden retriever with epilepsy. Unfortunately, she just had a seizure so I will not be able to travel to NH tomorrow because there will be no one here to give her the meds she will need. If the logistics were different for tomorrow, I would just bring her with me, but not knowing if I would be able to keep her close to me, I’d rather not. She and I will spend the day with our Puma cousin, Maxine, who is Sam’s black kitty, channeling PUMA power north. Have a great day and give them Puma hell. Sam says she’s sorry she messed up our schedule.

  86. Pat,

    This is an open thread. Nothing is off-topic, so feel free to entertain us with your wonderful word pictures. I see what you mean about Ed Rendell.

  87. OMG, Marc Rubin has a new post up and it is a perfect illustration of what it’s like to talk to an Obamatron. Hilarious!


  88. bb: His post is hysterical! And many of us had the same conversations with Obama supporters ourselves so it is easy to relate. The best they can do: hope and change. If I never hear those two words together again I will die happy.

  89. BB,

    If anyone hasn’t told you in the last 15 minutes, thank you for your great post.

  90. Pat,

    I know. That is exactly what it was like trying to get information from the Obamabots at the Orange Cheeto back in January. They either could not or would not answer a single question substantively. The only thing missing from Rubin’s post is the point where the Obama supporter turns nasty and calls you stupid. Oh, and the part where they tell you to go to his website. LOL!

  91. Thank you, prolix. I really wrote it in reaction to KarolineNYC’s comment and link.

  92. Sorry time for Possumus interuptus-fuzzybeargville is here now Ronk- I have seen that number to 53% to support obama it is old data befor PUMA and Justsaynodeal went viral. that number was floated on June 7th in one of the polls not done by gallup.

    Ronk bb what has been frustrating in my analysis is the people taking the polls are worried about the pollster thinking they are racist if they do not suppoer Sen. Obama.

    The MSM is has drummed this into the populace since WV an KY., even before in PA. Most of these folks are giving positive feedback on both Obama and McCain like in ready to be CinC 55% Obama and 80% McCain. The poll taking organizations are not taking the perceptions of the pollee into account.

    Back in 1991 a poll was taken about sexual orientation where all the pollster were women and they conducted face to face interviews. The Results were less than 1.5% of the US male population is homosexual. It is clear that the process was contaminated.

    I think the same thing here is happening you really have to dig and mine these numbers to get anything useful…what do you think.

    Oh boy no kidding just got a pop up about an Email from DNC chairman Dr Howard Dean…I am giddy with excitement….BRB!


  93. @samanthasmom —

    Sending love and healing vibes to Samantha.

  94. Pat! You hit it again! My thoughts exactly about Ed Rendell– I have been sitting on that secret thought for awhile. And I think its funnny that you made the link to Tony-one that i find sexy but really shouldn’t.

    Ed? Just plain sexy. Handsome. Gutsy. Sigh.

  95. I am back…what a complete let down….Dr Dean did not apologize for allowing the nomination of a totally inadequate political hack. He did not say Nancy P and Harry R forced me to back a “this dog wont hunt” candidate…no he just wanted money to support Sen. Obama and company: once again with feeling I replied:
    “I am sorry my refusal to support Senator Obama in the General Election is not up for discussion. I cannot be cajoled, harassed, or guilted into changing my mind. If you would like to discuss us working on down ticket support of the party to increase democratic control of the congress I am open and look forward to such a discussion.”

    I am sorry I will give no time and money to your endeavor; I am committed to the PUMA movement. I look forward to Mr. Obama returning to the senate for the next congress , where he should spend more time learning his job and showing up to vote on issues that are important to the Democratic Party. I would also expect him to keep President John McCain on a short leash until we can run a more qualified candidate in the 2012 election.

    Also in conclusion, I cannot believe that you would support a candidate that has manipulated the democratic process to gain the nomination. The party should be ashamed. After our loss in November, I expect a major house cleaning when the DNC headquarters is moved back to Washington DC where it belongs. I will be glad to assist you in this house cleaning and in overhauling our nominee selection process.

    Michael P Varvel


    every time I do that I feel empowered…


  96. Someone posted Gov. Rendell’s contact info. @ another site. When I called his direct office I was given the # to the State’s Democractic office for political comments.
    At 1st the woman I spoke with gave me the standard lines. Then I said as a voter I had questions for Senator Obama “during” the primaries & just because “they” decided it was over, did’nt erase those questions. Obama himself has’nt helped matters continuing to avoid “un-scripted” venues like “town-hall” meetings. I would like to see the Gov. support us
    on this,along with Pres. Clinton who was DEFINATELY treated BADLY!!
    REALLY, July 4th @ night!! PLEASE…
    Gee…. his poor daughter, “what a way to celebrate your 10th Birthday”!!
    The state # is 717-920-8470
    Gov. Rendell’s office # 717-787-2500

  97. That’ll teach me to respond without reading up thread. Sad and sorry that Ed felt he has to be on the wagon with BO, but I think he must have the same gun to his back as Hillary.

    These are scary times.


  98. I love it that gov rendell quoted Sen. Obama as saying “we dont need the people just their checks..” I will only reveal my analysis on that in private not public threads but I am sure alot of people raised their eyebrows at that statement comming from a newly “minted” big “O” supporter.


  99. joaniebone Pat J and BB my last was directed at you ladies who find the good gov of the commonwealth of pensylvania a looker….he could sorry cant be any more specific on a public thread…the big “o”‘s thought police could be anywhere


  100. I meant to post here actually: watch Larry King tonight:
    Cynthia Ruccia will be on along with Unity pony riders from Emily’s List

  101. Okay people, it’s show time. I hope we’ve got good presence at the Mayflower Hotel right now, and tomorrow in Unity. It’s time for Barry Pampers Obama to hear something; the sound of shit hitting the fan…globally.

    There are some prominent Republicans who are wondering how strong our resolve is to see this through. I hope it’s strong enough for us to change the outcome in Denver.

    For those about to rock, may the Schwartz be with ya!

  102. as for names don’t forget Barackula

  103. AA4Hill: Let’s face it, the AP is totally in the tank so far for Obama. I will never trust those a@@holes again on anything, and won’t read them at Yahoo

    Jules: Here in E KY, the energy business is also booming like crazy; coal, logging, gas, oil, electricity, towboats & trucks hauling it all over the place. As for Rendell, maybe as PUMA gets stronger and louder, we can give some Dems a little cover.

  104. As long as we’re listing Obama names, these are mine; Pampers, LaBamba, Golden god of Change, Fiasco, Barry Bonds, Shitler, Arugula, Obarfy, Ovomit, and Captain Puketastic.

  105. BTW, if you act fast you can get your own Naughty Nazi Nancy doll!


  106. Will if you are here, I just want to say you did a good job on FOX. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_IMKvt4Vjs I liked that you mentioned the trust issue with BO. Great interview

  107. Good catch!

    Synchronicity, indeed!


  108. For anyone who might have missed it, Ben Smith has this tidbit, the Possum-in-Chief’s latest trick when it comes to pinning himself down on a subject:

    Obama’s camp, walking back an earlier statement that the D.C. gun ban was constitutional, said it was “inartful” and didn’t reflect his views.

    Looks like “inartful” will have to be right up there with hope and change in the BZero lexicon. Let’s see how well inartful goes over with those bitter, clingy folks in the red states that are going to be turned blue by BZero’s alchemy.

    Folks at Funk & Wag will have to redefine “inartful” since He-without-a-Seal’s “artful” wordsmithing is well documented in his ability to do half-gainers on most any issue at the drop of a dime. Therefore, “inartful” would have to mean when he’s telling the truth — it will all be explained on his web page I’m sure, but all this just causes me get “bitterer and clingier.”

  109. I love Pampers!

    Michael P- I loved it when Ed said that. He is keeping his underscore audible. I also loved it before the primary when he exposed on TV that thinly veiled threat from Obama to him about delivering Pennsylvania . He clearly knows what he is dealing with.

  110. Today was the worst day in US politics since Hillary conceded. The stock market was done 350 points, which means that the pensions and IRAs of working people took a beating. The Supreme Court decidied that there is a constiutional right to bear arms (and that the militia clause is window dressing) and oil is at an all time high. The dollar is plunging which has terrible implications for interest rates, mortgage rates, inflation and housing prices (which already suck). The cease fire between Hamas and Israel is collapsing and Russia is acting very provocatively towards the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

    And the two morons we have running for president in this country? One’s on his way to senilty and the other is as qualified for the job as I am.

    There’s a bad moon rising.

  111. Some people ask, “shtuey, why Pampers?” Because he’s a big whining baby, and he poops his pants.

  112. Yes-Will–if you do read this,

    I too thank you for finding a way to get in front of the cameras and speaking so well on our behalf. It’s huge to speak so baldly in exposing Obama’s total lack of honesty.

    With your help and the help of many others, we are going to chip away at the facade and fraud, and give cover to delegates and supers that want to stop this insanity.

  113. parentofed, AA4HILL — There’s nothing wrong with that AP poll. (Well, sure, there’s a ton of things wrong, just like any poll, but …)

    They aren’t biasing the sample, and it’s the strongest pro-PUMA result we’ve seen anywhere.

    Nedra Pickler’s write-up is another matter, but Pickler’s stuff is always off key.

  114. parentofed- my thought exactly-we have friends in the forced endorsers of sen. Obama, I call them “fellow travelers”.

    Joaniebone-I cannot share my analysis of some of whats going on out there we have friends out there telling us keep up the good work we are with you. We have to remember that when the dust settles after November, not all turncoats are the same some are spy’s. I cant share all my knowledge on this subject. for security reasons.

    WE have friends in high places PUMA’s.


  115. That’s too much.

    My comment after campskunk posted the PUMA picture at Pelham Academy (see link in the update), spoken in jest:

    I am hoping for a ‘find the hidden PUMA’ contest in Hillary appearances.

    Now, a second PUMA is appearing tomorrow!

  116. shtuey, don’t forget — he’s the one who calls himself a movement.

  117. BostonBoomer – love it when you cross the psychological/metaphysical!

    PUMA is the Quechua word for POWERFUL

    PUMA/COUGAR in Northern Native American tradition symbolizes LEADERSHIP


    We must take this “synchronicity” and fight for justice!

  118. Janis ROTFLMAO!

    Here’s two names I forgot; MOE (margin of error), and Puss Pocket

  119. code phases like “the chair is against the door” and ” joe has a red mustashe” that were used in WWII to give aide and info the the resistance in France Poland and Chzeckoslovackia are all around us…..keep your ears open and please dont out any of our “fellow travelers”….

    Has anyone seen Big Dawgs “the 27 words” statement….Joe may have a real RED mustashe!



  120. and dont forget the Big “o” (notice the lower case for irony) shtuey


  121. Michael, I think we do have friends in high places, and it adds to my strength.

    We have just started Just Say No Deal Washington (State), and I am hoping that the national J.S.N.D. movement can coordinate with state franchises in order to grow this as big as it needs to be. Information sharing such as PUMA-centric articles for local publication, unelectabilty graphs/metrics, succinct compilations of Obama’s hypocrisy, etc…

    If anyone here is from Seattle and can find a way to give me a contact, I will be following up with you to coordinate action this weekend.

  122. Fuzzy,

    Would Joe have an orange mustache from too many cheetos?

  123. joanie- this is a grassroots organization less than a month old but some of us started a long time ago as we could see the handwriting on the stuffed ballot box.

    I hope we can get something going in florida we has to make sure the big “o” doesnt take this state…

    Please do not hate me but I want a big blue win in California because its the only way that the anti-gay marriage amendment goes down in flames….I want to be able tomarry some day even if it means moving to California…please do not hate me.


  124. Prolix yes I have never had the pleasure to be verbally assualted by the bots at the orange cheeto….of course the cheeto mascot is a cat to -irony everywhere….

    darn am I going to have to boycott Cheetos too….what with no lattes and arugala what am I going to subsist on….fortunately we have no whole foods here in Gator city.


  125. California will go blue, as will (likely) Washington. I would never hate you!

    But even if we all lined up and worked our asses off for Pampers, he would still lose the general. We just have to get very busy to elect Madam President.

  126. If someone knows of a PUMA site or someone to contact in Florida please post here. I would like to join up with others of like mind who want to work against those Fla Dems who endorsed Obama and/or worked against the Fl voters with the DNC.

  127. Fuzzy,

    It’s kinda fun over at the land that is pitted and pulpy, I’ve been called everything but a latte producing milk cow.

  128. NH I am in Gator City in Florida….Gainesville FYI


  129. Well the personal emails have slowed from the bots I am beginnig to feel ignored….I loved coming home to 30 emails titled “you miserable b*tch supporting f*gg*tt I know a fence in wyoming” it really made my day….


  130. The problem is the little Obamanerds that threatened me I could kill with kindness in one of my big wookie bear hugs…hard to take them seriously….


    maybe I should post my email at one of their sights again?

  131. Jesus! Did they really say a fence in Wyoming?

  132. With e-mails like that it might burn out the internet. That’s as hard core, mean, evil and just about everything vile in the world as I have seen.

  133. Another rightward shift for Obama on guns. Blames previous DC gun control support on aides.

    What happens when conservatives target Chicago’s gun control laws?

  134. They are recycling aides from under the bus.

    There is a provision in Illinois that is on NRA’s hit list.

  135. Just saw the Jon Stewart “Daily Show” segment on Bill O’Reilly’s show (never used to watch “Billo”; now never watch KO). Shown as a rare example of someone trying to poke fun at Obama. Liked the video of all the BO surrogates trying to defend his flip-flop on campaign financing over the weekend, and the BO yacht, named “The Spirit of Campaign Finance Reform” he was supposed to have bought at the end. Also, Jon finally said what needs to be said: you are allowed to poke fun at BO.

    Billo warned Jon to watch out for Liberal bloggers going after him…have to agree with him.

    After hearing about the blog blocks by Obamanots today, wonder what they’ll do to “The Daily Show site…

  136. Michael, I don’t hate you — I plan to vote fro McCain and AGAINST the anti-same-sex marriage amendment. 🙂 I was delighted the day that news came down. It’s about time we got a glimmer of common sense from the goddamned government on something.

  137. Jonie Prolix-
    Yes sadly he was trying to make a point if McCain were elected president then “you gays would have no friends anywhere” or words to that effect….Of course he was just a confused str8 boy who was trying to push buttons I told him I knew where their was a float of hungry drag queens who would just love to eat him up…..and I thought the young new nothing about history?

    He probably googled “hatecrimes”

    O f course after that he got nasty

  138. Janis you are truely an enlitened individual I hope california has 51% of the people as decent as you.

    And why is it the nasty Obamabots are all young kids its like Hitler Youth outhere…


  139. The gods of small things must be working in concert to align the panther/puma symbol in the town of Unity. How perfect! In spite of the “appearance” of unity that the Obamatrons say they don’t need [yet are obviously desperate for], this small coincidence is just too sweet.

    Obama has, of course, shifted again with his position on gun control–all the stuttering and muttering and blaming others doesn’t cut it anymore than the telecom flipflop or the public financing flipflop last week. It’s going to get harder and harder to plaster over these wiggles with “words.”

    I cannot believe that people buy into this nonsense. What a shameless act by a man who would be king.

    Wake up America.

  140. peggy sue you are so spot on the big “o” has more flip flops tha jimmie buffet…I sould know I live in florida

    I bet he gets a new pair for every “suprize” TV opportunity.

    And remember everyone here is bitter and we cling to our god and guns….and we do not like people who look different than ourselves….is he trying to get an NRA endorsement? hey mr arugalla-not going to happen


  141. Blames previous DC gun control support on aides.

    If memory serves, things Obama has blamed on his staff: the D-Punjab memo, McClurkin not being vetted, the questionnaire he filled out for the state Senate, the South Carolina memo, the Great Possum Seal..

    Wait, there’s more! Jake Tapper’s list as of early May –

  142. But a colleague points out that Obama took a question about the constitutionality of the gun ban from WJLA’s Leon Harris during the Potomac Primary, and didn’t dispute the characterization that he believes the ban is constitutional.

    Here’s the exchange:

    . How do you reconcile those two positions?

    BO: … the camel’s nose under the tent. …

    I googled the phrase “the camel’s nose under the tent.” It is an arabic fable. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camel's_nose What is going on here? First Obama uses the phrase “57 states” and everybody assumes a gaffe/mistake. No. “57 states” is the 57 states Islam. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organization_of_the_Islamic_Conference

    Recently, Obama people have been saying that the GOP well use “code” for be afraid of the black guy. What code is Obama using with these references? Is there a kool aid free investigated reporter anywhere in America….HUH?

  143. Michael P. Varvel:
    Do you have a link to Big Dawg’s 27 word statement?
    I’d like to re-read it to see what I missed.

  144. http://hillbuzz.blogspot.com/2008/06/heres-how-summer-and-fall-are-going-to.html

    Required reading: The GOP Rat Trap: How the Summer and Fall Will Break Down into Four Phases, Culminating in a McCain Win.

  145. We should make it a game or something! Drink to Hillary’s health every time we find the “hidden puma” at her appearances!

    Though we PUMAS come from different groups and places, it seems we are becoming larger and more unified than we thought.

  146. So I was watching Brit Hume yesterday and his theory is that this election is Barry’s to lose. McCain is very disorganized and the only way he will win is if the media starts vetting him. That way, McCain will be seen as the “safer” choice.

    Hume intimated that the vetting process wouldn’t really happen, so basically Barry will win.

    This boils my blood to no end. McCain! Do you not want to win or something? I wish I could yell at him to get serious. Seriously, he has wasted all this time barbequing in AZ.

  147. Don’t forget about where the most endangered species of PUMA .
    The Florida Panther

  148. I Will Remember In November!, on June 26th, 2008 at 10:02 pm Said:

    “First Obama uses the phrase “57 states” and everybody assumes a gaffe/mistake. No. “57 states” is the 57 states Islam. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organization_of_the_Islamic_Conference

    I find this to be a disturbing coincidence. (Or could it be…synchronicity?)

    I could not find the Arabic Fable in your Wikpedia camel reference.

  149. Great Entry on Synchronicity – PUMA ! As I was reading your entry, I commented to my husband about it and then realized, that while I am reading entry I am sitting in front of tv listening to concert on HDnet of John COUGAR Mellencamp!!!
    Love it, love it, love it !!!!

    Great to know movement is growing and we are coming together.

    Thanks everyone for all you do !!!

  150. Oh, one more thing. John Cougar Mellencamp’s last song in his tv concert was “THIS IS OUR COUNTRY” !!!!!!

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