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Tuesday: thump-thump-thump

under the busThat’s the sound the Obama Bus makes as it runs over the voters it has thrown under it. The latest roadkill?

American Muslims! Rep. Keith Ellison, Come On Down! From the NYTimes, Muslim Voters Detect a Snub from Obama (H/T MABlue):

As Senator Barack Obama courted voters in Iowa last December, Representative Keith Ellison, the country’s first Muslim congressman, stepped forward eagerly to help.

Mr. Ellison believed that Mr. Obama’s message of unity resonated deeply with American Muslims. He volunteered to speak on Mr. Obama’s behalf at a mosque in Cedar Rapids, one of the nation’s oldest Muslim enclaves. But before the rally could take place, aides to Mr. Obama asked Mr. Ellison to cancel the trip because it might stir controversy. Another aide appeared at Mr. Ellison’s Washington office to explain.

“I will never forget the quote,” Mr. Ellison said, leaning forward in his chair as he recalled the aide’s words. “He said, ‘We have a very tightly wrapped message.’ ”

When Mr. Obama began his presidential campaign, Muslim Americans from California to Virginia responded with enthusiasm, seeing him as a long-awaited champion of civil liberties, religious tolerance and diplomacy in foreign affairs. But more than a year later, many say, he has not returned their embrace.

I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that Barack Obama would deliberately distance himself from the Muslim community. Who could have predicted that he’d take American Muslims, throw them under the bus, take Evangelicals, put them right behind the driver’s seat…

In an interview with “60 Minutes,” Mr. Obama said the rumors were offensive to American Muslims because they played into “fearmongering.” But on a new section of his Web site, he classifies the claim that he is Muslim as a “smear.”

“A lot of us are waiting for him to say that there’s nothing wrong with being a Muslim, by the way,” Mr. Ellison said.

Oh, dear, will someone from the “old coalition” please explain to Keith how Obama operates?

Damn, it’s getting crowded under here.

One More Thing: Mary Curtis in WaPo writes about the deafening silence from feminists jumping to Michelle Obama’s defense in The Loud Silence of Feminists. No $@#^, Sherlock. Does anyone remember this from Michelle?:

Maybe we just don’t like Michelle’s “tone”.

Karma’s a bitch.

200 Responses

  1. According to Barack Opossum, calling him a Muslim is a “smear.”

    According to Digby, calling him an arrogant country club elitist is r*cist.

    According to WaPo, feminists should be defending Michelle Opossum, even though she didn’t complain about any of the sexism directed at Hillary or hillary supporters.

    According to me, they’re all full of $hit.

  2. this needs to be all over the front pages of the newspapers and blogs; this story could be the one to really bring him down.

  3. Riverdaughter, I’ve picked a book. It’s none of the ones we discussed. Can I do a quick post at some point today to announce and lay out the first meeting?

  4. masslib: You have the power!!! you don’t need my permission. Go for it.

  5. I have been commenting for a long time that what we really need is someone for President that has insulted and pissed off 6 Million American and a Billion + Arab Muslims that due nothing but live their lives daily as good and honorable citizens.

    This man and his connections are a total disgrace to the world.

    Everyone out from under the bus, and someone drag his ass under!

  6. My spelling has become attrocious. The word is do – not due.

  7. Ok, I’m babysitting my nephews this morning. Will post when I have a mo.

  8. Ms. Curtis, it’s not WOMEN we don’t like, it’s just THIS ONE.

    (Payback is hell.)

  9. Everyone has been looking for President Bill. I just found him. He was the first one thrown under “the Bus”, and the rest of us have been piled up on top of him.

    My new call to action “Free Bill, Free Bill!”

  10. I say – leave Imus alone. When the rest of the intentional race baiting bigots from the Obama camp shut the f*%K up, then we will talk.

  11. “RD”
    Your always, “INFORMATIVE & SPOT-ON” !!
    By the way; in 2004 when Hillary “campaigned” for king barack (yes, small “k”) she seemed to know enough about her then ;when her hubby “needed” Hillary; These “2” are un-grateful .
    Someone please find the “clip” that has the “CLEANING HOUSE” one.
    Remember , dragging in the “worst” period of Hillary’s
    life for political gain.
    Now we’re “back” trashing Imus for a nasty racial comment “he” had on a radio broadcast. I agree with Hillary that these comments should be addressed
    “BUT” where’s the “OUT-RAGE” for Hillary’s comments!
    The media “applauded” her as being his “closer”.
    This is “why” I will NEVER VOTE FOR HIM !!

  12. Definitely OT, but can we please do a front page post about Hillary’s fundraising. It needs to be made clear that any money donated to her website goes only to her. That’s the law.

    People are spreading rumors that it’s going to BO now. That’s not true because that is not legal. Please somebody post on this.

  13. Regency:

    She is also not asking for donations to cover the loans she made her campaign, just the other debts.

  14. Really! Is there any evidence of Ms. Curtis defending Hillary Clinton? She says:

    But just as you didn’t have to be for Clinton to decry the sexism in the coverage of her campaign, you don’t have to be an Obama supporter to defend Michelle Obama against similar treatment.

    She defelcts very nicely, and asks everyone to defend MO, but doesn’t provide ANY fecking evidence of herself, MO, or BO having risen to defence of HIllary Clinton.

    She has the audacity to ask women now to defend Michelle Obama? Yes, Sister, Karma is a bitch!

  15. I read that WaPo article and I wondered why there wasn’t more stress on, “Why was there such a conspiracy of silence when the target was Clinton?” I can assure you, HRC was the victim–and continues to be the victim–of truly hellish misogyny while Michelle is merely being batted around not so much on misogynistic grounds but on anti-“liberal” grounds (e.g., being tagged as so-called unpatriotic).

    Many of us who railed against the misogyny are too exhausted to be outraged anymore. Worse, we know that Michelle can’t be defended because the left that embraced this bigotry rendered our critique of it pointless. The same can be applied to any MSM critique.

  16. i.ve been under the bus so long it looks like up to me.

    i am AFSCME, which was last seen disappearing below the front bumper the week before iowa. AFSCME was running ads for hillary correctly pointing out barack opossum’s pathetic paper-thin resume, and The One™ was whining about AFSCME and Emily’s List being “outside special interests” that he needed more money to combat.

    yeah, this “outside special interest” just got hosed again. no raise this year (AGAIN). gas prices have doubled since we got a raise. i guess it’s supposed to come out of our grocery budget.

  17. Let’s not forget Michelle’s despicable “If she can’t run her own house” remarks. Sorry, I can’t muster any righteous anger on her behalf.

  18. I haven’t actually heard any sexism against Michelle Obama. I have heard her called unpatriotic. The only thing that comes close is a reference I saw to her as Obama’s “bitter half.” Given that Obama’s own people called Hillary a monster, a whore, and worse, I think Michelle should suck it up. I will defend her if I hear sexist stuff against here, because sexism is always offensive. But don’t cry wolf.

  19. Ghost2:

    Notice she says “decry” in regards to Hillary and “defend’ in regards to Michelle.

    I am opposed to all sexism, although calling Michelle Barry’s “baby mama” isn’t nearly as sexist as saying Hillary “pimped out” Chelsea.

    One is a slang term used to refer to the mother of a man’s child(ren) and the other is a degrading sexual insult.

    I’ll defend Barry in regards to r*cism, as long as it’s real and not imaginary.

  20. campskunk:

    Unfortunately for us, we were never on the bus, just under it.

  21. Maybe some of us see this as some pathetically contrived way for BO to win over the women voters he realizes now that he needs. I don’t see any sexism either.

    Oh and good morning!

  22. Michele also referred to herself as “baby mama” when she was about to introduce him to an audience a few months ago. Looks like we will be spending the next several months walking on eggshells, afraid of “insulting” someone out there.
    Oy vey!

  23. According to Obamanation, all criticism of The Precious is r*cist, and all criticism of Michelle is either sexist, r*cist, or both.

    I mean, if calling Barry “inexperienced” or using the term “fairy tale” is r*cist, what isn’t?

  24. I’m sick to the point of going all “Mommie Dearest” on the Dean/Brazile Machine because of the unbridled arrogance it takes for prez campaign staffers to echo Obama’s new No. 1 talking point: “They have nowhere else to go.”

    Of course, that applies to Muslims, as well.

    As if women, Muslims, gays, et al can’t possibly wait four more years for a better candidate.

    As if we haven’t all done it before.

    Truly heavy sigh.

  25. Oh my goodness, Ms. Mary Curtis up there on her high horse is getting peeved.

    Was she peeved about the smearing of Senator Clinton or was there a resounding silence coming from her keyboard?

    Don’t expect outrage from people who saw the treatment of Senator Clinton meet with silence from most of the press. The treatment MO has thus far received wouldn’t even be make a ripple in the stream of venom aimed at Senator Clinton.

    Pardon me, if now, frankly Ms. Curtis, I just don’t give a damn.

  26. Posting this again in this thread:

    I’m going around to a lot of PUMA blogs asking if anyone would like to join garychapelhill and I in UNITY NH on Friday JUne 27 for a little DisUnity rally.

    It will be the first campaign appearance since the empire kidnapped our queen, so it would be great to announce ourselves with a show of force(non-violent protest that is)

    Anyone near NH? Can take Friday off?

    Write me at pumaaction@gmail.com

  27. Did anyone see my post on the “magazine covers” of MO?? That’s the most sexist thing I’ve seen about her, and it came from their ally, the huffpost. someone commented then that it is bait to get the ball rolling. But if there is anyone to blame for the rampant sexism in this campaign, no one is to blame but Obama himself. So like someone else said, Karma is a bitch….

  28. This writer is a member of the National Manipulation Coalition, but that s#%t-ball of guilt will miss all enlightened feminists. I think Ms. Mary Curtis knows that we are not “angry because your candidate lost.” She likely knows that we are angry because our candidate won yet was not allowed to claim the victory, but she is using that old self-demeaning pre-feminist tactic of using guilt as power. Please.

  29. Mawm, I wish i could join you in NH. 😦 Please let us know what happens at the “Unity” (my ass!) protest on your site & here at the Confluence – I’ll be shouting “lipstick on a pig” from FL!

  30. Don’t you just love the implied message that “true” feminists would be running to defend MO?

    Personally, I’ve got better things to do than run around looking for reasons to defend someone I don’t like.

    After all, it’s not like she doesn’t have her husband’s cult followers to defend her already.

  31. Mawm: Looks like Murphy is planning on attending. You might want to hook up with her.

  32. Chuck Todd just declared that “Clinton’s campaign debt is pretty low on the Obama’s camp priority list because he hasn’t covered the DNC’s needs.”

    I heard he is an advisor for Obama.

    They intend to use her, as we all know, and not help her with the debt. Also, they are making jokes that 12.2 million is her personal money and she wants that covered. That is a bald face lie. I wish these creeps could be sued for all of their lies.

  33. “Lipstick on a pig!” is the PUMA version of “Remember the Alamo!”

  34. This Ellison story happened in December. We are conveniently finding out about it now, long after it could have made a difference in the primaries. How many other stories will emerge over the next few months that curiously were not reported (or barely reported) in real-time?

  35. Carol:

    How much does Hillary love this country?

    She spent 12.2 million of her own money on her campaign.

  36. Everyone just remember, have your “no vacancy” signs ready when Obama tries to throw MO under the bus!

    My warning to the Obama camp – If you want us all to scatter like cockroches, just try it.

  37. Hmmm….how many hours did Ms. Curtis spend crying in her tea cup over the sexism and misogyny aimed at Hillary? Michelle can kiss my “typical white” ass…and so can Mary Curtis.

  38. That is the French spelling of “cockroches”.

  39. Pat, that’s great. I sent her an email, but I haven’t heard back yet. Did you see her on TV? I thought she was great.

  40. Karma is a bitch – and a feminist too!

    Barack & Michelle will perish from the same weapons they hurled on the Clintons.

    Live by the sword, die by the sword.

    As a WOC (woman of color), I feel ZERO empathy for Michelle. She, like her husband, created the divide and was the first to blow the “race vs. gender” dogwhistle with her “Black America, wake up” speech.

    Let her get a taste of her own medicine.

    And while she gets her “eyes scratched out” – I’ll be a PUMA in graceful repose “thinking about” whether or not I should “support her.”

  41. Ellison recently called out Opossum on the thing about women wearing scarves, and The Precious called the women to apologize (without accepting any responsibility of course)

  42. They just keep tip toeing around the issues of why we are wary of Obama. Much easier to label us as “spoiled sports” or whiners who did not get their way. It is beyond them to consider that our reasoning may be due in large part to the candidate himself and his inexperience along with his lack of core principles that have led to our dissatisfaction.

    Apparently it is out of their realm to consider that everyone does not share in their support of Obama since they see in him the opportunity as a change candidate as well as the “party unity” theme.

    As McCain himself is such a disaster they presume that we will all just climb onboard, put all differences aside, and willingly go along to get along.

    As the MSM dismissed Hillary outright they do the same to the PUMA movement. Easier to label us as delusional than to accept we may have valid points.

  43. OK, you all need to STOP bashing Opossums by calling BO and his wife by that name.

    Opossums (unlike BO and Me-chelle) are sweet, gentle, unjustly maligned creatures who shun the limelight and perform important roles in the ecosystem, such as keeping rats away from your home. (Again unlike the two Os, who invite ratty people into your government…no insult to rats intended.) Did you know that opossums do not (indeed cannot) carry rabies? Again, unlike the rabid Os.

    Besides, I adopted the moniker long before BO invented his stupid seal and I resent any implication that I might be sympathetic to the stupid-looking thing.

    Please don’t throw my tender marsupials under the BO bus too!!

  44. Mawm: I did catch her on the video. Classy lady who knows how to handle herself. This movement is taking off. As soon as the press realizes that we mean business perhaps the effect will begin to take root.

  45. Hillary, Bill and Chelsea love us all. We need to make sure her debt is clear so she can tell them to “F*ck Off” in Denver and She is taking Over.

    I’m sure Obama can bring all of his supporters together and tell them they need to just “get over it”!

  46. Carole, never mind about your spelling. I wish I could have thought of:

    “Everyone out from under the bus, and someone drag his ass under!”

  47. Mawm, Murphy was on TV??? WoooooWWW!!!

    Rock it !PUMAs!

    myiq2xu, “Remember the Alamo!” LOL and very true, that phrase is the PUMA battle cry. I think of it like the “No taxation without representation” as well. It defines the moment Democracy died within the Democratic Party – and how we ain’t buying it.

  48. myiq2xu, on June 24th, 2008 at 8:48 am Said:
    Ellison recently called out Opossum on the thing about women wearing scarves, and The Precious called the women to apologize (without accepting any responsibility of course)

    Obama left them a VM message saying that he didn’t mean to omit “hijab sweeties” from the picture, and he’d definitely would grant them access to be within 50 feet of him next time he’s in town.

  49. Nancy Pelosi is going to be on “GRETA” tonight or tomorrow night. Since Greta is on of the “few” that listens to “us” maybe we should direct some of these “great” points her way.
    “Just a thought”!

  50. When they say ‘We have a very tightly wrapped message,’ it means that women (at least the older variety), gays, Latinos, blue-collar (low-information voters)and now, apparently, non-Christians aren’t intended to be among those included in his “new” coalition.

    For me, that’s just as well. I have absolutely no desire to be a part of any coalition that ignores, abuses and willingly throws away millions of Americans.

  51. So MO goes on the view to beef up her cookie baker creds and the feminists have to defend her?


    Shouldn’t the feminists defend Laura Bush as well?

  52. The article was spot on accurate. It exposes a LONG and well known rift that has always existed in the feminist movement. Some how Hillary represents every woman, thus attacks on her are attacks on women everywhere, but attacks on Michelle are perfectly OK because this woman had the nerve to support her husband’s bid for the presidency.

    Michelle Obama is an accomplished black woman and a true american success story. Black women everywhere see her as an example of the great things that are possible and the hurdles that can be overcome. If you think Hillary has faced challenges, they are nothing compared to the sorts of hurdles Michelle has had to deal with. Yet many white feminists sit silent….AGAIN.

    The continuing excuses from Hillary supporters about why they are OK with attacks on her, is precisely why there will NEVER be a unified feminist movement. There is no unity, just bitter backstabing and opportunism masquerading as championing the rights of all. No one can rightfully call themselves a feminist and and be ok with the attacks on her (she’s not even running for office). Either these sorts of attacks on women are acceptable or they are not.

    All that said, I, Ilke countless other black women, am not shocked by this attitude. We’ve seen it before and its hardly a new phenomenon.

    If you ever wonder why there will never be a unified front, from women go back and reread this article.

  53. What about Cindy McCain?

    The fauxgressives have been calling her McCain’s “sugar mama”

  54. Well, I;m sure pleased to hear that the message is tightly wrapped, because I have concluded that the candidate is not.

  55. Keisha – no one is attacking MO because of her race. We don’t like her because she is an arrogant, hateful, bigoted, militant poser.

    Anymore questions?

  56. At this point, I am not surprised or even pissed about yet another group of people being under the bus. It has become an expectation. There is a new crew daily thrown under on a daily basis. The thing that gets me, is why they are allowing it.

    This is reminiscent of the battered women’s syndrome, he throws them under the bus and they crawl out battered and bruised, with the Oliver Twist line, “Please sir, I want some more.”

    It is just simple stupidity and frankly, nothing pisses me off more.

    These people are a few fries short of a damn happy meal.

  57. Okay, I was redundant, I said daily twice, but I want to say frustration about a million times.

  58. Michelle Obama is an accomplished black woman and a true american success story. Black women everywhere see her as an example of the great things that are possible and the hurdles that can be overcome. If you think Hillary has faced challenges, they are nothing compared to the sorts of hurdles Michelle has had to deal with. Yet many white feminists sit silent….AGAIN.

    Keisha, which shames me further since Michelle was the first to denigrate Hillary in the MSM.

    Michelle dealt the first blow, and as a WOC, I feel no pity for her.

  59. Keisha:

    MO is a Princeton educated lawyer. She is the second member of her family to graduate from there. Please save me the rags-to-riches bs.

    Who said they were okay with attacks on her?

    And all attacks on MO do not automaticallly equate to sexism, just like with Hillary.

  60. Keisha take off the blinders, Michelle Obama was right there in the thick of the Hillary bashing. MO has gotten a buy on most of the rotten things she has said. When is it going to stop with the race baiting.

    I was involved in his campaign for 6 months and all I damn heard was listen for the race baiting. This does not have a damn thing to do with being an african american woman. This has to do with feminism in general and your guy just pushed muslim women off the stage a few days ago.
    SO please quit thinking you have a buy on this, just because you are african american.

    Now if that wasn’t politically correct, kiss my ass, because at this point I am tired of it.

  61. Dancing Opposum—don’t be sad! Be glad opposums are getting some public attention and free marketing! As you know, they’ve been here doing helpful deeds long before us all, and the Obama reference won’t permanently tarnish their positive reputation!

    In Indiana where I am at the moment, I have seen them all of the time, along with chipmunks, raccoons, deer (w/ their fauns), coyotes and (so far) one wolf.

    BTW, anyone, I give up….I can’t figure it out…what does MSM stand for?

  62. When a man steps in front of his own fake Presidential seal, do you really expect him to tell you the truth or show any loyalty?

    Memo to Obama nation: This is what change looks like.

  63. Keisha:

    Exactly which attacks on MO do you consider sexist and/or r*cist, who made the attacks and which feminists are okay with them?

    Put up or STFU

  64. Keisha is back again? Hello sweetie (waving middle finger)

  65. If I hear any sexist or misogynistic remarks about Michelle Obama, I will just remember, “I am Barack Obama, I am running for President, and I approved this message when it was directed at Senator Clinton.” However, Michelle can get my support against sexism that is directed at her if she denounces everyone that is responsible for it, which includes her husband. She does that, and she’s got me.

  66. Main Stream Media

  67. MSM = Massively Stupid Media

    aka: Mainstream media

  68. keisha, please see the post I wrote on this sight about sexist attacks on Michelle Obama by …wait for it…his biggest ally the Huff Post. Any attacks on her she needs to take up with her asshole husband. SPARE ME your bullshit and take it up with them… now get lost

  69. Gee, trolls don’t stand a chance around here, do they?

  70. I am beginning to believe that the Obamabot bloggers are really just one lone soul out there beating the keys in defense of The One. It would explain the same recurrent theme that they rely on in stretching a point.

    Keisha has blogged all over the place. A diehard Obama supporter who loves nothing more than to throw the word racism around. Makes her feel righteous I guess. Tiresome.

  71. I was just reading another blog yesterday that had a post about a comment someone on Fox made about Michelle being an angry black woman. The post showed pictures of beautiful black women in the entertainment industry and asked if they looked angry. One of the blogger’s making a comment pointed out a link about the level of nastiness that we will be exposed to in the General Election and showed pictures of paraphernalia that is being sold that was certainly racist…pictures of a black cartoon figure eating watermelon and such. I also find that offensive.

    However, a picture on the post was a Barbie-like doll that was pregnant and the name of it was photo-shopped to say “White Trash- Cindy McCain with baby in Stomach”.

    Well,on this blog (which is pro-Obama), the same blogger who linked to this post on the other blog made a comment of approval on the doll that was depicting Cindy McCain as white trash. Another blogger said she hoped the doll was a vooodooo doll.

    They don’t see their own hypocrisy! They complain about racism, and then think it’s ok to slam the other candidates wife and call her “white trash”. But hey…Michelle Obama is supposed to be “off limits”. Cindy McCain? She’s fair game, according to them.

  72. Kim & myiq2xu, thanks.

  73. myiq2xu, on June 24th, 2008 at 9:30 am Said:
    Gee, trolls don’t stand a chance around here, do they?

    PUMAs eat trolls for breakfast and late nite snacks!


  74. I am sorry if my above rant offended anyone, but, I am so sick of all the labeling.

    The United States is in a mess right now and we are all in it together. I have never seen any of you, but feel that we are all allies, regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation or gender. Quite frankly, none of us are getting a break on the cost of food, gas, taxes, so what difference does it make?

    At some point in our history everyone one of us, has had to experience some sort of bias. Jews-concentration camps, african american-slavery, japanese americans-internment camps, Native americans-reservations, GLBT’s-the butt of endless jokes and hate crimes, but it is up to us and the size of our hearts to end it.

    The one thing I do know for sure is the guy next to me probably makes 10-15% more money, because he has a fly on his pants and I don’t.

  75. The Obama campaign has been crying wolf about r*cism for months.

    In the original fable, when the wolves really came nobody listened to the boy’s cries.

    Fables are intended to be lessons.


  77. Pat:

    Not just one, but a small group working off the same talking points.

    I picture a rented office or basement somewhere with a bunch of computer workstations and a chalkboard list of TP’s.

  78. Q: Why do PUMA’s lick their own behinds?

    A: To get the taste of trolls out of their mouths.

  79. Mary Curtis’ columns

    Yes, she does seem neutral, and not a shill (I glanced at some of her columns). But I do not see anything from her decrying the sexist treatment Hillary got.

    She was silent.

    Of course, you are welcome to look at her columns herself, and if I am wrong, I am happy to be corrected.

  80. Well I am not playing the “Twister” game because somebody called for it. I have a difficult time planting one foot here, the other there just to please the Obamabots who are urging us to get onboard and forget about what happened last month.

    I did not like him then, I like him less now, and no amount of urging, threatening, pleading is going to change my mind. Won’t happen.

  81. Myiq2xu, LOL!

  82. Ghost2, so Mary Curtis is a friggin’ hypocrite just like every MSM feminist (with the exception of Marie Cocco who did speak out about it).

  83. Re feminists not rising to Michelle’s defense.

    Michelle, “turnabout is fair play”.

  84. I strongly recommend that, RD, that you submit this excellent piece to Real Clear Politics. It should be disseminated as widely as possible!

  85. Loved this! Maybe president Clinton is “thinking about” the Obama’s “tone” before HE decideds whether to support the selectee!
    Wish I could afford the gas to get to NH! I am trying to save enough to go to Denver.

  86. Sexism is NOT ACCEPTABLE for anyone.
    I find it very tiring that Mary Curtis is once more playing that old chestnut that ” I didn’t hear the cause speaking up for women of color”. Or again “The woman who employed my educated mother to clean her house never quite saw her as a sister in the struggle for equality.”
    Is she trying to stir up race hatred against feminists? I find that very wrong….
    I also find it counterproductive from a Unity point of view.

  87. Please you cannot eat a troll! You might try to chew and swallow, but they are always going to come back up!

  88. What bothers me is the call for unity. I am all for unity, I want us to stand together and say, we want out of Iraq, we want to help stop global warming, and on and on. But how can we unify, when we are being torn apart by his campaign?

  89. It doesn’t seem the women attending Opossum’s I Love Women southwest tour were all that impressed with The One’s snarkiness:

    Obama spoke to several dozen women at Flying Star Cafe after touring the kitchen, surveying mounds of butter used to make croissants and pies.
    “Is this all low-fat?” the grinning candidate asked. No one responded.

  90. The saddest part of all of this is that Obama doesn’t realize how simple it all is. If he adopted Hillary’s approach – we’re all in this together, together we’re going to make things better – he’d be A OK. I like the “What would Hillary do?” (WWHD) approach. WWHD – if presented with this Muslim issue I expect Hillary would say how she welcomes all her muslim friends and present a real life annecdote related to the topic. Everyone’s happy including the muslim community. it’s that simple. Poor fella, he just doesn’t get it.

  91. Laurie, on June 24th, 2008 at 9:49 am Said:

    Is she trying to stir up race hatred against feminists? I find that very wrong….
    I also find it counterproductive from a Unity point of view.

    Of course, Mary’s doing it NOW because Her Royal Obamajesty Michelle is getting the heat now. When Hillary was evisercated, it was OK to “vet” her since she’s sooooo evil and “calculating.”

    Michelle, since you know so well how to dish it, now you gotta take it. Boo- friggin – hoo.

  92. I have been sort of tuned out from the political landscape for the past week but I see that Sen. clinton still has issues with her debt.

    I just donated $25.44 through Heidi Li’s blog link. I wonder how much she owes vendors. It seems a shame that she can’t ask a little more fervently to her supporters to help her for fear of upsetting the Obama/DNC folks who ‘needs’ the money.

    p.s. I can’t stand anyone over at Messnbc…..except for the very Republican Pat Buchanan.

  93. Hi Keisha, take a look at this British link about Michelle Obama, to really know the hurdles she’s faced:


  94. Kiesha , as a feminist , did you cry out when Hillary was attacked unfairly with sexist remarks? Or did you sit silent, thinking that it was ok.

    Can you cite one instance where Michelle said something about the sexist treatment of Hillary?

    Both are accomplished women and subject to this. Sexism is wrong.

    I will say though it pisses me off no end when I see Michelle saying something about Hillary’s “tone”.
    Michelle has alot to learn that a few appearances on The View won’t teach her.
    She has got to get out there and fight the fight, as Hillary did, for women, for us to support her as a woman. She can’t just sit back and expect things to be all “hunky-dory”.

  95. But with him it would be all words and no action and no real meaning behind the words.

    When Hillary welcomes friends, she means it.

  96. I haven’t heard any sexist remarks donated at MO and regarding the ‘baby momma’ thing, it was she who wanted to act like Bombquisha and be a ’round da way girl’ when she shouted that out to the audience so I don’t know why Fox would have to apologize.

    I say that those who did not speak out and come to the aid of Sen. Clinton should be the last one calling for others to defend MO.

  97. Somebody on this thread mentioned that the Clinton’s debt was very low on Obama’s priorities.

    That’s absolutely true. In fact, he is trying to play Hillraisers for suckers. I don’t know if you guys read this article in the WSJ yesterday:

    Obama to Woo ‘Hillraisers’ at Mayflower

    ( … )

    Some Hillraisers remain miffed at the harsh rhetoric that developed over the bruising primary season and are upset that Sen. Obama seems uninterested in inviting Sen. Clinton to be his running mate. Obama finance officials say this should come as no surprise; the wounds, they say, are still fresh. “She only gave her concession speech a week and a half ago,” said Kirk Wagar, Sen. Obama’s Florida finance chairman.

    Bruised feelings or not, the Mayflower event should deliver between $500,000 and $1 million for Sen. Obama. One Hillraiser said most attendees will arrive with $2,300 checks, the maximum they can give for the general election.

    Take Chris Korge, a Miami developer and longtime Clinton supporter who was one of Sen. Clinton’s most-prolific bundlers. Mr. Korge doesn’t mask his disappointment that Sen. Clinton appears all but finished in the race, but he notes that in 2004, he backed three Democratic candidates before aligning himself with nominee John Kerry and raising $3 million for the Massachusetts senator.

    Mr. Korge, who organized an evening event in spring 2007 that netted nearly $1 million for Sen. Clinton, said he has tentatively agreed to stage a similar event for Sen. Obama at his sprawling home outside Miami later this summer. “Hillary told me to go help him and, I’m helping him,” Mr. Korge said of Sen. Obama. “I’m committed to raising as much money for him as I can.”

    Hillraisers say they have been privately assured by Obama finance officials that the senator himself will ask his maxed-out donors to help pay Sen. Clinton’s bills, though many believe that effort will be a drop in the debt bucket, netting her only $300,000 or so.

    Maybe everyone who didn’t vote for Obama should “get over it” and understand that the greatest cause of humanity is to serve His Majesty, The Precious One.

  98. here’s the home page:


  99. I guess I’m really confused. Ms. Curtis talks about calling out sexism in Michelle’s defense but I just don’t see it. The only comment that I consider sexist is the Babymamma comment and even though Michelle started it, it shouldn’t have been propagated. Everything else mentioned in the article are comments on character and are not based on gender.

    @ Myiq2xu: I never understood that “fairy tale” is racist thing either. I guess I’m really slow. Fairytale = made up story to put kids to bed..racist? Why am I analysing this, it worked didn’t it?

  100. MABlue – it was me siteing Chuck Todd this morning. Once again, I have heard he is and has been in the Obama camp as a mentor.

  101. The hypocrisy in this campaign is mind boggling. The all out effort to elect this empty suit by the MSM is awesome in its scope.

    The misogyny that ran rampant against a viable female candidate went unchecked until Michele was targeted. Then it became a “problem” that we have been instructed to correct.

    He flip flops, he recovers. He backs away, he is praised. He fumbles, someone picks up the ball for him. He distances himself from constituents, he is exonerated.

    Get real. A free pass is a free pass. He is getting then on coattails he does not deserve.

  102. Elixir, Obama taking Hillary’s approach, would be like a curious first grader taking a quantum physicist’s approach—can’t possibly happen in any depth.

  103. Karma–the very same women who should have stood up for the pioneer of women’s rights in the 90’s, Bill Clinton, were too busy distancing themselves to stand up for Hillary when she was being smacked upside the head all these years later. Why should we support MO now when she had all the opportunity in the world rise above the “haters” (as her camp loves to call us dissenters), and chose to take back-handed swipes instead? NO DEAL, MICHELLE!!!

  104. MessNBC has been and continues to be unwatchable. Shockingly, the only fair voice has been Pat Buchanan’s. Hopefully he will abandon the sinking ship that is the Obama Network, and head over to Fox. Let MSNBC/CNN wallow in their own muck- nothing but bimbos and idiots left there.
    On CNN the only fair voice has been Lou Dobbs. I wonder how low their ratings have gone since Jan08? Fox was always ahead, but MSNBO/CNN did get a lot of our traffic, until they blatantly became part of the Obama campaign. Anyone know how their ratings have been affected?

  105. Ms. Curtis did not defend Hill because there is no $$$$$ money in defending Hillary Rodham Clinton. You get no money and you will be called a Clinton apologist , and therefore not a” serious “reporter . However there are 2 or 3 vacation homes etc. in tearing the Clintons apart as there has been for 16 years , plus you are called a profile in courage for the pile on. Many in the MSM owe their careers compleletly to the Clinton Bashing of the last 16 years. No one will pay to see fairness… indeed cable
    news” was created to fight it .

  106. I hope that this will not seem terribly off-topic. Personally, I wil not be voting for the annointed one in November. I understand that most posters at this site are of a like mind. But, does anyone have any idea how many democratic voters NATIONWIDE will also be “obamocotting?”

    Just curious, really…


  107. Denise: I read recently that they were still third in the cable wars for the evening time slot.

    If Chuck Todd has been a contributor to the Obama campaign they never revealed that during his the time he spends on air discussing the primaries. This whole network has been in the tank since day one. Any excuse to bash Hillary.

    Mika’s father and brother work for the campaign. Only Pat Buchanan has any negativity to offer but we know he is a flaming racist from way back.

    Obama needs to lose just on those grounds alone. A biased media does not bode well for future criticism. Just look at Fox News as an example.

  108. IMO, slamming MO for political views is NOT sexism. Slamming Hillary for “sounding like everybody’s first wife” or “refusing to die like Glenn Close’s character in Fatal Attraction” is. If and when I see MO getting slammed for being a woman (as the HuffPo’s satire site did) then I will speak out. Short of that, she is fair game. The fact that these idiot “journalists” can’t tell the difference between a critique of political views and sexism isn’t my problem.

  109. Park: This site is made up of bloggers from the north, south, east, west. Overall we are pretty like minded. I cannot offer an official count but you kind of get the drift that many of the states they reside in show low polling numbers for him so far. But that is not wholly accurate so it would be difficult to fairly estimate.

  110. ParkSlopeVoter — visit JustSayNoDeal — they should be able to give you an idea of the “obamocotting” — but you can add me to the list as well.

  111. For one thing, Shakesville has been monitoring the sexism/racism against MO. And to be clear, in my opinion, it is never, never OK to use either bigotry as a weapon of attack against anyone, full stop.

    That said, it is my belief that Obama is in need of some stringent tough-love. I honestly think he believed all the shit thrown at Hillary was only about her; he didn’t realize that it would have been tossed at any political wife who didn’t fit the Cindy McCain/Laura Bush mold. He didn’t like her, because he’d grown up hearing about what a harpy she was, with a healthy dose of dismissal of “wealthy white women.” Barack Obama is incredibly, incredibly tone deaf about sexist attacks, and the sort of oppression women face daily, and maybe I’m not being as vocal in my defense of Michelle because I think the (presumed) Crown Prince needs those blinders ripped off before taking the throne.

    But it could just be me.

  112. In addition to the question ParkSlopeVoter asked, does anyone know what the electoral map is looking like? Is Obama making strides in all those red caucus states he won…or in KY? I’d love to see him lose BIG because he over-estimated the Republicans who he thought were going to vote for him in the GE.

  113. Hillary debt–back me up on this, Heidi, if you can–is about $22 Million total. However, up to $14 million of that is her own personal investment. She’s said she doesn’t want that back. It’s the $8 million she still owes her vendors that she wants covered. That’s it. $8 Million.

    We can do that.

  114. The criticism that Michelle Obama is finally receiving is nothing compared to the criticism that Hillary has withstood since 1992, when Bill first ran for President. I recall even now how horrible the media was to Hillary. And Michelle Obama has gotten as much a free ride from the media as Barack has, despite that fact that she always seems to have a chip on her shoulder. I don’t wish for ill treatment of either Barack or Michelle Obama by the media (which of course will likely never happen), but I do wish for critical analysis of both. Neither is exempt because they are African Americans.

  115. Over at Hillbuzz there is an ad for a shirt thats says


    I don’t care who ya are, that there is funny!

  116. mary ellen: I have no idea what the electoral map looks like today but one uneasy feeling I have is that McCain looks so bad right now that it could me the door is open to an easy win based on McCain’s poor performance so far.

    He is boring, gaffe ridden, appears fatigued, flip flops all over the place, and at times comes across as incoherent. Obama may just slide into the WH as easily as he did the Senate when he was up against Alan Keyes.

    This is my biggest fear. I want him to lose without any help from me but the other guy looks just plain awful at this point in time.

    And believe me, I am not a McCain supporter either.

  117. I’m not seeing McCain looking so bad as that, Pat. I see Obama looking a rookie mess.

    Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough.

  118. I love this site, thank you riverdaughter.

    I have to say I don’t understand why Hillary is supporting Obama to this extent. I know she has to “support him” publically, but it seems like she is doing more than she has to. He will use her and then sh@t on her. Doesn’t she know that? Isn’t there a point where her integrity takes over and she says “No”. I don’t mean to sound critical but I don’t see why she has to praise Obama every time she makes a public statement. WTF, he gave her the finger on national news!

  119. Pat:

    Where do you get your news? If it’s from lefty blogs, they are skewed to make McCain look bad.

    If its MSM, you’ll get a different impression.

    Also, most of America isn’t paying much attention to politics right now.

  120. mary ellen said: “I’d love to see him lose BIG because he over-estimated the Republicans who he thought were going to vote for him in the GE.”

    Ya’ know, the idea that Obama would actually woo all those republicans over was (to me) laughable from the get-go. I’d just be so happy to hear that democratic voters NATIONWIDE echo the sentiments posted here.

    I’d like to think that’s not just wishful thinking on my part…


  121. Re:Pat Johnson at 10:51 post

    roflmao…I read your post from the bottom up.
    ” he’s boring, gaffe ridden,” etc. I assumed you were talking about Obama.

  122. NH:

    Hillary has to do the “party unity” schtick because she is an elected Democrat.

    If she doesn’t she’ll be an outcast.

    We PUMA’s can be obnoxious and uncooperative. What are they gonna do, throw us under the bus again?

  123. She HAS to. There is no half-way measure. If she does not all but kill herself, the Media will crucify her. If she does anything less than prostrate herself at the Messiah’s feet, they will crucify her.

    This is not an opinion. This is a fact of life.

    It has nothing to do with integrity. It has everything to do with living to fight another day.

  124. Speaking of getting chucked under the bus I’m amazed that, after only two weeks as presumptuous nominee, Pampers has already fractured his own base by coming out in favor of FISA, and rejecting public financing (did I do a good job feigning disbelief just then?). He’ll most likely want some cover from HRC by asking her to vote for the FISA bill.

    My advise to Hillary is just say no to FISA. No doubt there will be some who say that could make her look soft on national security if she managed to get the nomination. Not so fast! She should take a page from the Arlen Specter Playbook. He’s in strong opposition to it as the exclusivity clause in the new bill is the same one Shrub already broke. There are no provisions in the bill locking out the Executive from doing exactly what Bush did before.


    She can stand with Arlen, make a strong statement that we need to be able to surveil against terrorists for national security, but we must also maintain checks and balances, and uphold the Constitution. In my opinion that’s a win win for HRC.

  125. I picked up some of the news last night from Lou Dobbs. He showed a clip of McCain fluttering about an answer regarding Black’s assertion that a terror attack would benefit McCain.

    Then Dobbs showed a clip of Obama doing an about face on the oil drilling along with McCain doing the same. It was then that Dobbs was shaking his head and saying that one was “incoherent” and the other “ridiculous”. Then someone came on with the latest polling and Obama had gained another 2 points since last week which included an increase in women voters.

    Today they are portraying McCain as unfamiliar with the internet and Obama’s camp as well experienced in that area. So he is not looking particularly strong at this time.

    I know it is early but I am just saying. My hope is that Obama would slide enough in the polls that before the convention they would have to reconsider Hillary.

  126. For all his much touted political skills, he really is not a skilled politician. Whenever he opens his unguarded mouth, he says the wrong thing. Let me say it again — much of his being (whatever good) is a myth and if it were not for the DNC, the media, and the money, he would not be where he is. The big problem for him and his puppeteers is that this is democracy and they need our votes — so we think. They are not above concocting those votes — that is my fear.

  127. Pat,
    I think you will see a different McCain after the convention. My feeling is that the he and the Repubs are laying low until Obama has officially taken the primary. Of course, I will not give up on Hillary taking the nomination, ya never know what could happen.

  128. The difference is that the horrible sexism thrown at Hillary came from the guys (and some gals) on “our” side. People attacking Michelle Obama are -in the main-the usual suspects. And they are not attacking her in a sexist way because she’s fulfilling a traditional support role and not being a leader in her own right.
    Annetwo is entirely correct about the Clinton bashing-how do you think Tim Russert got that vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard?

  129. NH, are you in New Hampshire? We need people to go to Unity to protest the “Unity” rally there on Friday, June 27.

    If you or anyone else are interested, email pumaaction@gmail.com

  130. I’m old enough to remember the 1984 election.

    People thought Reagan would be destroyed by policy wonk Mondale. Reagan looked stumbling and confused in their first debate, but in the beginning of the second one he was asked about the “age issue” and he slammed the door on Mondale with a line about Mondale’s “youth and inexperience.”

    And don’t forget, the media declared that Bush beat Gore in the debates because he didn’t shit on himself.

  131. Look, even I cannot find a silver lining to McCain. There is hardly any energy there. The guy looks and feels tired. I am sure that the Repub base is also pulling their hair out at the choice of their nominee as much as we are about ours.

    One of these two sorry candidates is going to win. The Flip Flopper or the Flim Flammer. McCain needs to “freshen” up his image and appear less fatigued if he plans on siphoning off enough Dems and Indies to take this home. Otherwise Prince Charming is going to waltz right in and claim victory.

    McCain has to offer reasons why they would want to ride on his float.

  132. myiq2xu, on June 24th, 2008 at 11:12 am Said:
    I’m old enough to remember the 1984 election.

    And don’t forget, the media declared that Bush beat Gore in the debates because he didn’t shit on himself.

    Funny and true.

  133. Mawn:

    I’m not sure we should be protesting events featuring Hillary Clinton. She is doing what she has to do as a good Democrat. We can boycott the events or not show any enthusiasm towards those but I don’t know if we should get into the business of protesting even her.

    Just my 2c.

  134. Keisha:

    Obama remains an incompetent, unqualified, ethically-challenged candidate with unsavory associates and advisors . . . .THAT is the real issue; Michelle Obama is (as Mr. Obama likes to say) a distraction from the important issue: America needs to keep Barack Obama out of the White House; Barack Obama is and will always be bad for America. Period.

  135. Pat Johnson,

    The reasons I’ve asked the questions i did above is that, deep down, I’ve a feeling that your (rather pessimistic) outlook is, unfortunately, all too grounded in reality…

    But, we could both be wrong (to look on the lighter side).


  136. We were spoiled with Hillary. We had an articulate, knowledgeable, capable candidate of substance that could tackle any issue. Of Course, McCain and Obama are pathetic in comparison. But the truth is neither one comes across as great. Obama hews, haws, flips and flops all over the place and is full of doubt and uncertainty in every aspect. Without cheat sheets or a teleprompter the man lost. The decision most voters will face this year is who do they trust less, not who they want, and it will all come down to voting against the other guy. Let’s face it, Kerry wasn’t exactly the best candidate, and he had a UNITED Democratic Party, but he lost to Bush! Bush, where saying gaffe ridden and incoherent is an understatement. IMO Obama internal polls don’t look too good, that is why there are all these hyped up MSM psyh games going on-articles, polls. Who knows? Let’s wait and see what the actual voters say in November.

  137. So, they are meeting in Unity, NH were both received 107 votes. What this tells me is that Obama got all of the delegates from there. Am I right?

    No Obama



  138. Pat:

    All candidates spend a lot of time traveling and talking, most of it in front of cameras. They all get tired, and all misspeak at times.

    If the media likes them, they will cover-up the errors. If they hate them, they will highlight the mistakes.

    But again, right now most people aren’t paying attention to politics. Even when they are, they understand we’re not perfect.

    And bashing McCain’s age isn’t smart when the demographic with the highest voting percentage is seniors.

  139. Laney, I agree. The last thing the Republicans want is for HRC to grab the nomination on the backs of their beat down. Once the Democratic Convention is over it will be a bloodbath.

    In the meantime, as much as it makes us throw up in our mouths, Regency is right. Hillary has to do what she must to maintain her power. It is important for all of us to remember one thing: HRC is a public servant first, and a politician second. She will do what she must to maintain her position so that she can continue to advocate for universal healthcare, human rights, etc. She is playing the hand she was dealt. If we want to help HRC then we have to play ours. That means a few things:

    1) We must speak out against the coup. Riverdaughter posted the numbers. We know HRC would have been the pledged delegate leader had the RBC done its job. In my opinion this is our most important task. If the actions of May 31, 2008 stand then we might as well all move to Russia and spend the rest of our lives voting for Putin surrogates.

    2) We have to help HRC pay down the debt. This does not only help her politically, it sends an undeniable statement to the FNC (Fascist National Committee), and the Obama campaign, as to where our allegiance lies. It also makes a strong statement for the political and economic power of women in general. Keep in mind that this summer marks the 160th anniversary of the first women’s conference at Seneca Falls. From its inception the women’s movement understood that economic independence is vital to building power for women in society. As supporters of the strongest woman candidate in American history I feel very strongly that we need to honor that.

    3) We must ceaselessly advocate the Clinton agenda; universal healthcare, universal pre-K, economic and social equality, human rights, swift movement to energy independence and building a nuclear free green economy that creates jobs, improves our environment, and strengthens our national security.

    If you’re not happy with the McCain agenda then lobby him. He can’t get elected without us and he knows it. It’s time we really started using our PUMA power and make him move our way. If he wants our votes let’s make him earn them. Call his campaign office. Send emails, write letters. Make it known what we want. The Clinton Nation is the most powerful political force in the country right now. We’re the ones who will decide who walks into the White House in January. We’ve got the power. I suggest we use it, and use it wisely.

  140. I assume that Keisha and Ms. Mary Curtis, and all of their cronies like Ms. Donna Brazille, hide behind the excuse that they could not voice their disgust with the blatant misogyny hurled at Hillary in the primaries because they wanted her to lose by any means, so their poster boy would get the nomination. And now that The Precious is, in their opinion, also officially the Chosen One, they want to connive a way to focus our anger in a direction that will lead us to the feet the Precious’ on his paper mache throne.

    But see, Keisha & cronies, we PUMAs are not here voicing our frustration and rage and comforting each other as we knit. We PUMAs are not accepting that Obama is the Candidate, and we are definitely not accepting that he might be the president. We PUMAs are working diligently, stealthily every day to make sure that neither of those “givens” ever happens.

    Sorry, we have better, more important things to do than defend MO.

  141. “Keisha” is probably a white guy.

  142. What shtuey said. Excellently put.

  143. I have a hard time feeling any sypmpathy for Camp O and Michelle Obama since they all joined in on the sexist bashing of Sen. Clinton. You reap what you sow, or in other words, it is just Michelle Obama’s sexist chickens coming home to roost.

  144. We can probably all agree that Bush more than likely was handed the 2000 election by the SC. The second Bush win was due largely in part because 9/11 scared most of the electorate into believing that only the Repubs could keep us safe. Kerry showed no guts in defending himself against the Swift Boaters and that contributed heavily to his defeat.

    But this is different. The press is solidly behind an Obama win. They excuse him on every front. If I were an indifferent voter I would be viewing McCain from a different lens. His association with Bush, the mood of the country for change which he clearly does not represent, his age and seeming lack of energy, his vagueness and inexperience on economic issues, his flip flop statements.

    Obama may be someone we actively oppose but as he has enjoyed the hype surrounding his supposed youth, change, energy, etc., that undecided and lapsed Repub may actually buy into it.

    The Repubs have put up a candidate who lacks star power. His image is being burnished as we speak. It will be difficult to shed that image once it takes hold. That is the fear I am trying to relate.

    Obama may just win this on default.

  145. I don’t watch tv, so I have no idea what clips they’re showing.

    But I do know that we have the Olympics, two conventions, and the fall campaign with its debates to get through before November.

  146. If BO had agreed to the debates McCain proposed all along, this would’ve been over already.

  147. Print and electronic media speak of “feminists” as if we are yet another monolithic group. How do they know what individual feminists have / have not spoken out against? Like many of you, I’ve defended against sexismracismageismlooksism when the conversation devolves and takes on those tones. When those conversations include comments about Mrs. Obama, I do the same. Principles over personalities.


  148. I don’t want either damn one of them.

    I am praying that once McCain gets through the convention, we will start to see the moderate side.

  149. Pat: we just have to hope there is an October surprise and for some reason, I think there is.

  150. I read that column of Mary Curtis yesterday or the day before, and could not believe it. Maybe feminists are not standing up for Michelle because Michelle isn’t a feminist, but seeks to exercise all the benefits of being one even as she trashes it every chance she gets. You did see her latest about Laura Bush, didn’t you?

    And maybe, just maybe, feminists aren’t standing up for Michelle Obama because neither Michelle or her husband ever lifted their voice in opposition to the rampant sexism on display the last few months, and in fact, helped stoke the flames. To complicate matters, they cynically deployed the race card in cases where it wasn’t warranted, making a mockery out of their claims to civil rights service. I won’t let either of them do that to feminism.

    Those are the reasons why this feminist isn’t standing up for Michelle Obama.

  151. Pat:

    The MSM’s true love is McCain.

    Opossum was just a spring fling.

  152. True, Annabellep. Standing up for MO would seem as self-defeating as standing up for Nancy Reagan.

  153. No, unfortunately I am not in NH.

    I don’t think the MSM is going to stop the media – love for Obama after the primaries. I think we should be prepared for McCain to be ignored and Obama pushed. I am already seeing 10 stories pro Obama to every lack-luster story that is not negative to McCain. I am PUMA joined, but it means a lot more to me than the DNC giving votes to Obama he didn’t earn. Its about the DNC choosing our Nom and doing everything in their power to get rid of all the other candidates. I do not know if the DNC and the MSM acted in co-hoots or if the Obama love is just a lucky happenstance, but if I had to bank $$$$$ it would not be the lucky one.

    Our Democracy is at risk here in my opinion. But if Americans are dumb enough to elect Obama, I will be looking to retire outside the US.

  154. Mawm at 8:20am said: “since the empire kidnapped our queen…” That is absolutely hilarious and right on the mark.

    As for the Curtis/MO brouhaha, the MSM and Obama campaign are trying to Teflon her, too, just like him. It leads me to think that 1. she must be polling really, really bad 2. they need her out front to capture some of those women voters and 3. they are worried there is toxic info about MO out there yet to surface

  155. Total gossip, totally OT, but I had to share — I have a connection to someone who is very involved/high up in the state GOP & who is very reliable (lets call him “Mr. T”). Mr. T. said the GOP is holding back on BO because they are convinced that HRC has “one last bullet” in her gun to get the nomination in August — he didn’t give me any details, but did relay that the GOP is convinced that despite her actions now, she is going to take one more shot at the nomination. As I said, take this with a huge grain of salt, but hearing it made me happy & I hope it does the same for some of you. I’m lighting my candle now — from Mr. T’s lips to God’s ears.

  156. MABlue,
    I am not protesting Clinton, I am protesting this sham of Unity they are trying to make the world think exists. They purposely scheduled it in the middle of nowhere, and are trying to make people buy that we are unified. I think it is important to be there to show that it is a lie.
    Clinton has to do this, I understand, but we don’t have to go along with it.

  157. Pat — just my two cents — but Obama would have to win by default — it is the only way he has ever won an election.

  158. BREAKING: Bill Clinton to Offer Support to Obama


    We knew it was a matter of time. I guess they weren’t happy with just one, they wanted the twofer. Best of luck with that Barry, looks like you’re gonna need all the help you can get. Hey, who on Obama’s team is going to keep Bill in check? Unfortunately, I don’t think they know what they’re getting into.

  159. In that article about Bill, Nedra Pickler repeats the lie that Bill called Obama’s candidacy a fairy tale. What is wrong with these reporters that they never can get facts straight?

  160. myiq2xu, I haven’t seen that yet.

    It seems to me that if the Republicans wanted star power, they should have rallied around Guilianni. Of course, they all remembered his fight with Hillary for the NY Senator position.

    I always assumed that McCain is the Repubs poster boy and he would “choose” a VP that would create a reenactment of the Bush-Cheney phenomenon. American beloved boy w/ hard-core fascist businessman VP. The McCain version, I see as the recipe having not been officially decided yet. That’s why I won’t make my decision about whether or not I vote for president untill we know who the VP is. Unless Hillary runs, of course.

  161. myiq2xu, you have heard Michelle introducing Barack as “my baby’s daddy!” right? I caught it on two different video clips, two different rallies.

  162. PUMA deserves a seat at the table. Our issues are bigger than just Hillary and the deceit perpetrated by the DNC. We have been loyal Dems far longer than some of the “new” Obama supporters who seriously do not have a clue. In my mind, experience counts for something and shucking off voters who have had a historical commitment to the Democratic Party is not to be tolerated.

    My hope is that PUMA becomes the engine of strength we have been witnessing as of late. Baby steps, baby steps, but soon up and walking unaided.

    angie: That little tidbit may be all I need to get through the day. The thought of either one of these two losers actually setting foot into the WH is discouraging.

    Sorry for being a Debbie Downer but reality does enter into it. I even suggested asking Bush to remain for another turn. At least we all know what he represents. These two, not so much.

  163. Any updates on the DNCs plans for the Denver convention? I’m wondering if they’re actually going to be able to fund it and it sounds like Obama will NOT foot the bill. Aw, too bad, he’s not that generous, is he?

  164. I respect Hillary and Bill’s choices, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, but if the Great Possum is doing so well, why so much pressure on Hillary and Bill, this early out? I guess they will do their part- but I refuse to even watch them. Their support to Mr. Empty suit only strengthens my resolve to vote against him. The DNC and Obama’s crew (media/campaign staff) are such thugs! I despise them.
    Thank God I’ve become an independent!

  165. Let’s hope that Bill just mumbles something incoherent as he pledges support for Obama. And I realize that politics being what it is he probably is doing this for the sake of Hillary.

    But if Bill Clinton goes out on the stump and starts to play Obama up as some Knight on a Charger that alone will do it for me. Political correctness is one thing; hypocrisy is altogether different.

    After being unfairly portrayed as a racist and watching former loyalist break into an Obama run I will not be able to swallow much absurdity thereafter.

    Bill, stay home. Don’t allow your luster to become tarnished by this nobody.

  166. The article says that Bill has gone to Europe.

  167. tude:

    It’s only r*cism/sexism when one of us says it.

    Like when Daschle or Andy “Bareback” Sullivan said virtually the same thing as Geraldine Ferraro.

  168. @Elixir: Well it’s not like he was going to support McCain. I just ask myself, “Why would a candidate that considers the Clintons to be craven politicians who represent the politics of the past even desire their support?” Oh, right: because he was bullshitting everyone.

    I’ve never seen any candidate need as much propping by the entire Party and the media as Obama does. Even Bush was better than him on this.

  169. Oops. I meant to write “Why would Obama, who considers…”

  170. Ah, a walk down the Yellow Brick Road!

  171. @Davidson,

    Agreed, how pathetic is this guy? He needs Dean, Brazile, the entire DNC, the Clintons, the Edwards, Al Gore….hell, he needs the entire Democratic machine….and he still can’t make it work!!!!

    As so aptly posted at Corrente, I feel kind of like a “Tricoteuse” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tricoteuse. I’m enjoying my view, knitting away, waiting for the spectacle to begin. Off with their heads!

  172. I’m disappointed Blii would have “given in” so soon.
    I had some woman’s media group e-mail me about
    MO’s treatment. Where were the crys for Hillary?

  173. OMG! If I were Barack Obama, the very last thing I would want to experience is having to stand on a stage with Bill and Hillary Clinton. All my inexperience would be revealed in one perfect visual metaphor.
    OTOH, if I were the Clintons, I’d be super enthusiatic to make joint appearances.

  174. @ Davidson,

    I agree, how many people does this guy need to get this think done?!!!! I don’t know of any holdout that’s keeping Obama from soaring towards the convention….except one. Us.

  175. @ RD,

    Exactly, the contrast will be breathtaking. It’s a clear sign that the Obama camp is in hyper recovery mode and it’s not working. I’m just sittin’ and watchin’.

  176. myiq2xu,

    Damn! I keep forgetting the stuff that’s in the fine print.

  177. Any sexism is bad, even IF it sexist attacks were being aimed at MO. Being called unpatriotic for what she actually said, IMHO, is not sexist. I don’t know about the “baby daddy” thing, what is THAT supposed to mean? Is that sexist or somehow rap culture or something?

    I’m sure the same folks in the media will be all over the sexist attacks of MO, JUST LIKE they were all over sexism aimed at Hillary. MO can relax and know those ever-vigil feminist media types will take care of pointing out all that bad behavior, just as they have for months. Oh, wait…

  178. myiq – don’t forget Kerry said something like Ferraro too.

  179. Good day my friends!

    Last night was the first meeting for Just say No Deal Washington-Seattle chapter. Any Conflucians that want to participate need to let me know. I don’t know the safest way to obtain your contacts, but am open to suggestions. Maybe Katiebird can help.

    Pat- this is for you- I am just not accepting defeat at the convention just yet, and neither are any of those that showed last night. It may be a long shot, but it’s a shot. We are fighting, and we are not alone. We are patriots, and we mean business.

    I really do not think it is cemented between McCain and Obama. I think Hill and Bill are doing what’s necessary just in case. I am hesitant to be too lengthy in a post, but have a great set of action items that can be used as a template in any state.

    If anyone is interested, please let me know

  180. Hey Joaniebone! I am in the Seattle area – where/when are you meeting? jen@jones-murphy.org

  181. yeah, mary curtis, tooooo bad. where WERE you when Hillary was being attacked? huh? care to elucidate here? karma sure is a bitch.

  182. Joaniebone: Don’t mind me. Just musing out loud. What I want I cannot have right now and I am looking for ways to achieve it. If his poll ratings slip I was hoping the supers would fall away and get behind the one who can win. But instead they have risen, and just enough to give me agita.

  183. Hi Riverdaughter,

    I have a humungous long overdue EV diary update

    Cars After The Age Of Oil

    I wanna post on Sunday – My last one astoundingly is at the top of the google:
    google – Superdelegate Al Gore Obama

    …So I know it will get the big traffic here 😉 I want it to, to switch us to a clean tech future with or without a president. (In fact its even more important to get this exposure without one)

    But it is weighed down with tons of images though, and while I have no qualms about hunky image posting at Lord Kos, where I will crosspost for the left behind eco policy voters: they are a sad lot, languishing there now and I do love them too as this poor soul:


    “Right on Dot Commodity! (4+ / 0-)

    Recommended by:
    marina, Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse, dotcommodity, Parhelion14

    I confess to being somewhat surprised at the unimaginativeness, timidity, literalness, and preoccupation with bureaucratic nitpicking of many of the responses that I’ve received here.

    You can’t convince me that it we really wanted to prosecute these guys for their crimes that we couldn’t find a way to do it.

    Hell, you mean we can hold people (many of whom are innocent) in endless detention at Guantanamo, but we can’t convict people for whom there is clear and well-established proof of their ongoing crimes against humanity and the planet?”

    See what I mean? You gotta love those eco kossacks left behind….
    …although most of my favorite kossacks are here now

    So RD – what should I do? These images are “at” photobucket, but does that mean they are not really “here” weighing your site down?

  184. Hadn’t seen that video you linked – thanks.

    As for Mary Curtis – I don’t recall her saying a word when Hillary was under attack.

  185. dot: use the more tag and put the pigs in the second page. We have 3 Gb of space that we’ve barely touched. Go for it.

  186. Hi Pat–out for awhile….

    I think that his poll ratings have plenty of time to come down. I’m a hopelessly stubborn person, but when I looked around that last night, I thought-“This is supposed to be over, but we’re all here!” I think there is unlimited momentum and power behind what we PUMAs can accomplish. History is chock full of stories.

    I’m looking for the right on-topic opportunity to post the action list that can be used state by state.

  187. Remember that comment from Michelle ?? , I can hardly forget it … and probably never will .. and it is a stunning example of how party unity was expected from just one side of the party … not to mention that
    TONE is the new not so subtle word for implying racism ..Donne Brazile used it on Bill clinton too remember she didnt like his “tone” when he said fairytale and called him a kid that is how she turned it…
    As for Michelle , she is trying very hard to fit into the stereotypical stepford model wife and mother , with this new Oprah Stepford makeover so no amount of speaking out about sexism is going to help her .

    ps I am really jealous of whoever thought to call him Barak Opossum and iI intend to use where ever and when ever i can , it is brilliant!!!!!

  188. Apparently, MO believes that the things said in reference to Hillary were founded in fact. But, never would the media dare attack her. Life lessons are so hard to learn, aren’t they Michelle.

  189. Swannie:

    I wish I could claim credit, but it was Dr. Violet Socks at Reclusive Leftist

  190. Sexism in the media?

    There’s sexism in the media?

    I don’t watch TV so I really don’t know anything about that.

    (Karma, indeed!)

  191. thks, RD
    {hmmm..hunting for more tag…}

    I might yelp for help sunday morning

  192. Again Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNITY NH !!!!!!!!!!!!
    okay here are the details:
    Unity NH, Unity Elementary School, 6/27/08, 12:00
    Unity is right off of I91 which makes it a reasonable trip from Springfield MA, Boston Ma, Hartford CT, Albany NY, and of course parts of NH and VT. You can map quest it and simply put in Unity Elementary School in place of “business” Unity is a town of only 1,700 so I doubt that there will be a crowd of 10,000. A couple hundred Puma’s would make the news and the place will be crawling with national media because this the first appearance of Hillary and Obama together. If only handful of us show up it will be dismissed, no doubt, as those disgruntled people, but if a few hundred show up……….
    So who’s up for this? Bring a pair of flip flops.

  193. Oh. *Now* they care about misogyny. Ah. I get it.

  194. Congratulations on making the front page of Word Press!

    I logged in, only to be delighted by the riverdaughter right next to the login box.

    Well done RD. Kudos, and may you continue to flourish!

  195. I lost all respect for MO last year, when she said (more than once):

    “Our view is that if you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House,” Mrs. Obama said.

    Later, she added: “This election is about truth and authenticity. There is nothing more important than your word. Truth does matter.”

    sources: http://tinyurl.com/4y9q4g

    These statements should come back at her… she deserves to be criticized when she puts herself out in the political arena with such words.

    Now, I will criticize what I perceive as sexism in Obama’s campaign… the “makeover” of MO, to me, was blatantly sexist, implying that it is unacceptable to have a strong, opinionated woman as first lady.

    I have other issues with her, but being strong and opinionated is not one of them. My issues are more about her opinions and her apparent disconnect from her words and actions.

  196. (to the person who wrote about the DeMcCrat shirts on HillBuzz, thanks! I designed it and they are on my cafepress.com/gigglechick store.)

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