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PUMA PAC makes “The Show”

Murphy gave an interview on NECN. {{sniff}} They grow up so fast.

Funny, she doesn’t look like an old, working class, uneducated, sino-peruvian lesbian, not that there’s anything wrong with that. She looks like a youngish strawberry blonde lovely from Massachusetts with the same two apple computers that I have. Do you suppose the Obamaphiles and media people were *wrong* about us???

And now for our theme song:

In other news, Anglachel appears to be on a hiatus. Her posts are agonizingly brief. She’s had to deal with some personal issues. One is resolving itself, the other just happened. Unfortunately, her house was burgled. 😦 Send her good thots and let’s hope that this too shall pass before we start climbing the walls.

This is an open thread…

166 Responses

  1. Yoink.

    I’m too busy packing, cleaning up the lab space, saying goodbyes and having my heart broken to have any deep thoughts. Sigh.

  2. gqm: Awwww, I’m so sorry. Who has broken your heart? Want me to beat them up for you?

  3. Murphy was articulate, attractive, youthful, and lives in a very nice looking home.

    She broke every stereotype heaped upon us PUMAs. Must have come as a surprise to some on the other side.

  4. Oh, I’ll live, RD. I think its mostly the nostalgia setting in now that I’m leaving the area. I joked that I wanted to fall madly in love and have my heart broken in the 6 weeks before I left. I came close, I tells ya. It’s been fun, though.

  5. Off to say more goodbyes. It’s hard work, ya know. I didn’t think I had this many good friends. But I guess 7 years was a long enough time to accrue some friends. Not to mention my new online friendsies.

  6. But you won’t be saying good bye to us, right GQ???

    You have a million online sweeties!

  7. Too bad it’s only a local New England station showing this piece. Why not CNN? Why not Fox? We already know what would happen if it appeared on MSNBC. In about two minutes, Tucker, Chris, Keith and the rest of the boys would be attacking Ms Murphy by referencing the shrillness of her voice, her selection in clothes, the thickness of her ankles, her decision in whether to show any cleavage, etc. It wouldn’t be long before Mr. Murphy was attacjed either.

    I have to say, this unity band wagon is getting more and more disgusting. Why is Senator Clinton demeaning herself by appearing with that incompetent, sexist neophyte. I can’t remember ever being more angry about politics. Four years of Obama will make us all long for the days of Bush.

    I just wish there was something that could be done about all of this. But I have to confess, it seems hopeless.

  8. I told the PUMA Deaconess (my nickname for Murphy) that I loved her interview & LOVE HER PAINT WALL COLOR!!!

    And yes, Murphy made me PROUD to be a huffing, puffing PUMA!

    You go girl!

  9. Anything can happen. Few predicted McCain would be the Republican nominee. I’m not giving up as long as there’s any kind of hope at all.

  10. WigWag,

    It’s not only a local New England station. It is a cable news channel that is available all over the New England area and in other states outside NE as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if NECN has more viewers that MSNBC, to tell you the truth.

  11. KO had a guest that declared Bill and Hill “need to campaign for Obama as it is part of their rehabilitation back into the party!”

    There, that should raise some blood pressures.

    I said I really need to break something – heads, …..

  12. WigWag, positive thoughts. The balloons haven’t dropped yet.

    And I wholeheartedly agree, Murphy needs to be interviewed on the big MSM outfits.

  13. How can we see the interview?

  14. Carol,

    Why are you watching KO? Turn off all cable news. I recommend the animal channel for stress relief.

  15. I know how gqm feels. When I retired last November I thought I had it in the bag. I had made my decision a year earlier so I had time to back into it. After 28 years at the hospital it was time.

    But on the last day it was murder! I was one big puddle. People came from all over the hospital to say good bye. People I had worked with, people I had hired, people I barely knew. I was one big mess!

    It is never easy no matter how well prepared you think you are.

  16. Go Murphy! You make us proud!


  17. WigWag: Keep your eye on CNN. There is an appearance in the works for some members of the coalition. I’ll update when it is confirmed.

  18. SM, I’m trying to think some positive thoughts; they just aint coming.

    Boston Boomer, thanks for the info. What amazed me is that the reporter who introduced the piece did it wthout making any snide comments. How uncharacteristic of the media. Have they played it only once, or do they play it several times throughout the day?

    First I had to watch Clinton lose to Obama. Then I had to watch Rocco lose to Tiger (US Open for those of you who don’t like golf).

    Geez, what’s next?

  19. I have to pass by there occasionally to see what they are up to.

    My son was actually on Who Gets the Dog? on Animal Planet. Is that on now?

  20. Riverdaughter, any chance you’ll be on?

  21. WigWam – Clinton did not lose! Snap out of it (slap across your face)!

  22. just saw the video…that was really great.

  23. WigWag: I was asked if I would do media and I said I’d be willing to do radio for now. Unlike a lot of the people doing TV, I am not self employed so I’d like to keep a lower profile for now.

  24. Carol, I do need to snap out of it. This election has really thrown me for a loop. Most of the public figures I used to like, now I can’t stand. The public figures I used to disdain, now look like they’re worth a second look. The media outlets I hated like all of FOX news and CNN (Lou Dobbs) are now the only MSM outlets I can watch.

    Riverdaughter convinced me to send a few hundred bucks to the Democratic Candidate running in my local congressional district (Linda Stender). Since I gave that donation, they call or e-mail me every day for more money. In the old days I would have been happy to hear from them and I would have considered giving more. Now all I want to do is hang-up on them when they call. I haven’t felt so bad about politics since I ran for student council president in high school (and lost).

    The whole thing sucks!

  25. Angry Chicken: Sorry, I had to delete your comment. There were some allegations in it for which we have no evidence. Please refrain from character assassination or rumormongering without evidence to back up your claims. There are plenty of good reasons to not want to vote for Obama. Let’s stick to provable facts.

  26. Angry Chickin – great movements take time. We are getting attention. We just have to keep working behind the scenes together to get the word out.

    The media is all in the tank for Obama – we know that. But, the McCain camp has had 2 new ads out that really cut Obama off at the knees. It will take time.

    Go over to No Quarter and see the video’s – it will cheer you up.

  27. WigWag: You live in my district??? Whereabouts?

  28. Good thoughts and best wishes to Anglachel! We miss our daily fix, but know that’s she taking care of more important things!

  29. Murphy did a great job. I heard that someone was going to be on Larry King on Thurs.

  30. for those interested in using it, Flineo made a youtube of Murphy’s appearance. you don’t even have to buy a BMW to watch it.

  31. Riverdaugter

    Do you think those Danish socialists you work for would really mind?

    Anyway, if you are half way as articulate verbally as you are with the written word, you will be great on either radio or television.

    I doubt that the PUMA movement could find a better spokesperson.

  32. Why are these polls lying to us all?
    Newsweek has Obama up by 15 points.
    THere is no way this is true. NO WAY!!!
    It goes to show that polls are lies and that obama has friends over at SUSA, Newsweek, LA TIMES and Bloomberg, and Quinnepac and Wall strett journal!!!

    LA Times/Bloomberg June 19-23, Registered Voters (MoE +/-3)
    Obama 49
    McCain 37

    I also think this is a lie!!!!!!!!

    But the great majority of Clinton voters have transferred their allegiance to Obama, the poll found. Only 11% of Clinton voters have defected to McCain.

    This depresses me to no end.
    I’m hoping that my PUMA friends can cheer me up and explain to me how these polls are rigged.
    I think that David Axelrod has hackers who got into the data of the polls and they changed it.
    NO way are 89 percent of Hill’s voters voting for this guy.
    NO WAY!

  33. wigwag,
    I understand how you feel. Obama for America (what a stupid name btw, how about Obama for Prez?) called me for a donation today. I hung up on them. However, since then I have thought that I should have told the guy exactly what I thought instead of hanging up.

  34. Oh damnit-didn’t Anglachel just move into that house?
    So sorry, talk about when bad things happen to good people.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Anglachel.

  35. angry chicken is a troll

  36. WigWag — I need to snap out of it too. I have been down for weeks. It has only been in recent day that I don’t cry when I think of what we lost.
    In addition, I have no friends who support Hillary. They all have CDS. It makes it hard to find a sliver lining.
    I have this dream that the Supers see the light. It could happen.
    I guess I’m not as down and out as I thought!

  37. Riverdaughter, I have two homes. One in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and the other in Scotch Plains, NJ

  38. Riverdaughter – radio PUMA!!! Woo-hoo!!!

    Yeah – you DEFINTELY need to speak your hypergraphia.

    Speaking of hypergraphia, I wandered to The Left Coaster & loved your comments. They can’t handle a PUMA in control.

  39. angry chicken,
    That poll is of registered voters not likely voters. I’ve heard that Obama is going to lead in the polls the entire summer but after Labor Day this will change.

  40. Riverdaughter:
    “Murphy gave an interview on NECN. {{sniff}} They grow up so fast.”

    I haven’t read all of the above posts, my apologies if this is repetitive:

    Murphy is also going to be on Fox and Friends tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 6:20am. If you can’t get up that early, hopefully they’ll be able to tape it.

  41. I hope Anglachel tells the police she’s an active blogger that could have crazy Obama-cultists tracking her down.

    I know, I’m a shrieking paranoid holdout – but still. The O-borg is very tech-heavy & savvy and CRAZY.

  42. Wig Wag – you have your VOTE. We own our votes.

    Justice will prevail.

  43. Murphy on Fox News at 6:20 am. I’m setting the TIVO now.

  44. WigWag,

    NECN probably will run that Murphy interview multiple times–just the way CNN does. I’m sorry you’re feeling down, but just look at what we have accomplished in such a short time. You never know what can happen. Obama is doing everything he can to self-destruct. Maybe unconsciously he recognizes how far over his head he is. I expect lots more gaffes and relevlations before the convention.

  45. DanceswithPumas, that is AWESOME! I’ll try to catch it, I should be up at that time.

  46. me too wigwag….who’d of ever thunk I’d be tivoing foxnews 🙂

  47. SM, I don’t think you’re crazy.

  48. Angry Chickin – tell them the Murphy acronym which is the OFFICIAL acronym, People United Means Action (but we also know it as Party Unity My Ass, hee hee!)

  49. Angry, PUMA stands for “People United Means Action,” please don’t tell people it stands for “Party Unity My Ass.” That’s an in-joke, not an official designation.

  50. Hey isn’t Nancy Pelosi on with Greta tonight?

  51. garychapelhill, so here’s what I’m asking myself. Was I crazy then or am I crazy now?

  52. Dear Angry Chicken types (you know who you are): Our antenna are tuned to high sensitivity these days. We are very good at detecting BS and psychological warfare. You will be spammed. And yes, there are more than one angry chicken types on this site and we are watching you. More of the same will get you spammed too.

  53. I don’t think Angry Chickin is for real. I think he/she is a sweetie.

  54. WigWag: No wonder you have Stender’s campaign calling every day. You’re right in the neighborhood. I’m in the 206 corridor between Princeton and Bridgewater.

  55. SweetieSue, thanks for the vote of confidence.

    I know that they are very tech-savvy (Mr. Facebook founder, hello???) and are THAT NUTS – look at all the pro-Hillary sites that have been hacked, the people who’ve been sabotaged, even the Larry Sinclair arrest. It freaks me out to know they are more evil than Neo-Cons at this point. Creepy Orwellian stuff.

    But we, the Rebel Alliance, will continue to fight the Clone Wars and defeat the Sith.

    PS; Where’s Captsfupf ?? Haven’t seen Capt. Picard post in a while.

  56. Great theme song– I picked up on that couple days ago and created my fundraising video:

    No Deal: 4th of July Fundraising w/ “You Don’t Own Me”

    A shorter version with just the call to action with improved lettering was created:

    PUMAs rock!

  57. Riverdaugter, I used to live real close to where you are (Basking Ridge). But if you live off 206 then you’re not in Stender’s district, you’re in Rush Holt’s district. No? Or maybe you’re in Rodney Frelinghausen’s district.?

  58. Larry King on CNN was just showing a live auction of 55 homes in Bakersfield, CA in foreclosure.

    I’m sad. We need Hillary now!

  59. gary – it looks like RD has found you out!

    Actually, if she could just “pooffffffff Obama” outta here, it would be great!

  60. I will hold good thoughts and prayers for Anglachel. Obama cultists were the first thing I thought about when reading about the break-in. BO’s scarry supporters are reason enough not to vote for him.

    On the lighter side, I feel the North American opossum (sometimes spelled opposum), the only marsupial in North America, has been agrieved by the latest Obama seal, or the other “O possumus”. Dawned on me that the original name for “possum” was opossum, as I learned in elementary school. Here’s a link: http://www.opossum.org/facts.htm

    Someone was right in their posting yesterday: they could be eaten by cats, including larger wildlife, according to the link (like pumas?).

    Again, Obama is not fair to opossums. Their species deserves better. So do we.

  61. Is there anything to the fact that Dean’s Presidential campaign was Dean for America (which morphed into Democracy for America) and Obama calls his Obama for America?

  62. Carol, Said: How can we see the interview?

    Carol, there’s a link to it on the blog.pumapac .org

  63. Anderson Cooper reporting that Obama will be paying off Hillary Clinton’s debt.

  64. Add me to the chorus, “Great job, Murphy.”

    As for the polls, fine. I find the Obama campaign & Obama himself very arrogant, and I hope they are even more careless and offensive than usual. I also hope it means they don’t think they need the Clintons & leave them alone. Then, either in August or November, Obama & Co get pounced upon!

  65. She will have to do toilets for all of his supporters!

    To hell with them, please donate for her pay off.

  66. Carol: Here’s another link:

  67. Has anybody noticed how all of Hillary’s plans have either been implemented by Bush or seem to suddenly be the order of the season. BO’s having to usurp them not to look like an out of touch novice. If he had it wrong in the first place, he shouldn’t have been nominated.

    She got it right the first time. Let’s nominate her.

  68. Geeklove08, I must say, THANK YOU for your videos – they are truly inspirational and keep us motivated to FIGHT.

  69. RD! that first wives club video clip — I can’t stop laughing! I was thinking that too… oh and you have to read Violet as she took on the Salon deal. You’ll love it. I am looking at Fiorina and feminism and have links to two of Violet’s pieces as regards the Lever……

    see you, sweeties all…………..

    the thing is, those are the “older sisters” compared to all of us!

  70. Katiebird,

    Have you read this? It answers your question about Dean/Obama.


  71. Katiebird – WOW. I never caught that Dean slogan = Obama’s slogan until you pointed it out.

    What a WEASEL!!! We must oust them all. In order to preserve our civil rights, our voter rights, our human rights.

    Fight on, PUMAs, we must keep roaring!

  72. SM– thanks for the compliments. I am glad to be able to help motivate people in my own small way.

    Is Anderson cooper really reporting the Obama is paying off the debts? How? I thought his supporters were reluctant to support Hillary.

    “But several Obama fundraisers have told The Times that they would be reluctant to help pay off Hillary’s debts, because they are being urged to raise money for Obama’s White House run and for the cash-strapped Democratic National Committee.”

  73. I liked when Murphy said, “The media let the dogs out”. They ate her alive (along with the Democratic party). And she still won!

    WigWag – I watched that golf game and for the first time ever I didn’t want Tiger to win – I so wanted the old guy – Rocco. The world has truly turned upside down when Fox becomes a Democrats news channel.

  74. Great video – Thanks.

  75. Valentine– you might light the video that I made then too, except the superimposition is a bit amateurish, I like the comedic effect.

    No Deal: 4th of July Fundraising w/ “You Don’t Own Me”

  76. Anderson Cooper is on in 2 minutes; 10:00 pm. He said he is calling on all his supporters to contribute to pay off Hillary’s campaign debt.

    What is the implication of this? I don’t know.

  77. Pelosi’s on Greta – Now!

  78. I don’t think there are any implications. He can call all he likes, doesn’t mean they will. He’s desperate because his numbers aren’t picking up. This is probably the cost of Bill’s tepid support.

  79. Candy Crowley says Obama went to his big money fundraisers and said if you’re so inclined you should help Clinton pay off her debt. Crowley said Obama wants his big money donors to give $10 million to pay off the public part of the debt but that the Clinton’s will be eating the $12 million she and Bill loaned the campaign.

  80. “Anderson Cooper is on in 2 minutes; 10:00 pm. He said he is calling on all his supporters to contribute to pay off Hillary’s campaign debt.”

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  81. I’m in Moderation. Get me out!

  82. Candy Crowley says Obama went to his big money fundraisers and said if you’re so inclined

    Is the latter part his words?

  83. Candy’s a hack. Hillary has already said that she doesn’t want her personal investment back. Why can’t CNN hire non-hacks?

  84. katiebird
    there’s a lot to dean for America into Obama for America – the same people created the 2 (I am still trying to figure out who pulls
    the strings on both)
    But all the evidence to that has been well researched here


  85. Actually, I heard yesterday that Obama needs her fundraisers on Thursday to give the $2300 for his GE. And in return, her people will clear part of her debt – maybe up to $300K.


  86. I’m sick of the Imus bull. He said nothing wrong and everyone wants him hung.

    Meanwhile, Obama and his friends are bunch of blatant racists and nobody will take them down.

    Hillary and Bill, please do not bow to these creeps!

  87. BB, I did read that. And I read something else a couple of weeks ago that was a timeline of the relationship. I’ll try to find it. It was maybe Savage Politics or CannonFire? Maybe an earlier Rezko Watch…..

  88. Murphy did great on her interview. This will lead to more publicity, I am sure. We do not have time for pity parties. We have a convention to get to. We need to pay that debt off. We need to keep a clear head and keep working together. I know we get down, but we need to nudge each other …puma style to get back to work and have that party on convention night! We can still do this….we can prove to Hillary that we are still standing ….I hear an Elton John song coming on……..we can do this we are Puma’s.

  89. Good for Murphy.

    Do others find sad/forced Hillary’s latest video to supporters….”help-elect-a-Dem/craked-ceiling-shines brighter” kind of cr*p?

    Sorry, I used to be a “regular” at the Confluence…then we got a dog….Maybe again in the future ?

    BB: In response to your question yesterday….she is a black lab.

  90. WigWag: Nope, I’m in Stender’s district but I’m not getting more specific.

  91. EdgeOfForever — I think that’s the post I was thinking of. I have got to get over to my parents house and get them reading this stuff.

  92. UpstateNY,

    Oh, that sounds nice. Is your son helping with her care? I don’t know how old he is.

  93. Upstate, you’ll always be a “regular” to me. Do you have a place to post a photo of your new dog?

  94. Yay!!! Ms. Murphy is looking good. The Lesley Gore song? Taught my daughter that when she was 2!! Go PUMA’s!!!

  95. I have to quote riverdaughter: HOLY HEMIOLA!

    You guys have to read Tom Carson’s portray of MessNBC over at GQ. Chris Matthews and Keith Obamaman take some serious beatings. I think the piece was written before the passing of Pumpkin Head doesn’t get off Scot free.


    Here is the spot on description of Keith Obamaman:

    Countdown’s host is one Democratic victory away from turning as insufferable—and compromised—as his right-wing counterparts.

    For my money, he’s halfway there already. Righteous wrath and smugness are not an ideal combo, and Olbermann’s delight in being Keith Olbermann has long since transformed anything genuine in his indignation into performance art. I prefer his politics to O’Reilly’s, and unlike Bill he’s genuinely droll. But when it comes to vanity getting its rocks off by posturing as moral outrage, I don’t see much daylight between them. That one is a bully and the other a scold is just a stylistic distinction that suits their constituencies.

    Here he touches on the cowardly fact that Keith always surrounds himself with a bunch of clowns who agree with him:

    Unlike O’Reilly, who thrives on badgering opponents face-to-face—yelling is his calling—Keith prefers to bellow at his targets in absentia while surrounding himself (once a sportscaster, always a sportscaster) with chummy kindred spirits. I’m a fairly supercilious, privileged sort of dude myself, but watching Olbermann play do-si-do with his favorite foil, WashPostie Dana Milbank, can ?ll me with dull peasant rage. Though Milbank is bright and amusing, his night job as the enabler to Keith’s plummy vanities doesn’t do much for his integrity—or virility.

    Here is his take on red faced screaming ranter Chris Matthews:

    But his initial enthusiasm for Obama was the best proof that Hillary’s candidacy was the more radical break with the past.

    Obama’s run will rightly look groundbreaking to historians. But from the start, it was easier to view through the nostalgic prism that pushes Matthews’s buttons—as a rerun of the Kennedy era’s promise. Never forget that Hardball’s blowhard was a Peace Corps volunteer. His dislike of Hillary is likely grounded in the maddening fact that he can’t think of anyone from 1962 to compare her to. She obviously ain’t Jackie, and that pretty much uses up his list of broads he’d be happy saluting.

    All the same, Matthews’s thirst for fanhood is his most engaging quality. He’s the only cable-news heavyweight who’s de?ned by what he loves instead of what he hates. SNL, which should have bigger ?sh to fry—namely, Tim Russert, a far more egregious Beltway clown—never tires of spoo?ng his egomania, but that’s misleading. Ego is purposeful. What Chris has is the spontaneous narcissism of a child. His bids for attention have no dignity, no real agenda, and no understanding that other modes of behavior exist. They’re also too gleeful to even seem self-serving, which is paradoxical but attractive.

    No matter how often his mouth gets him in trouble, he’s still better at off-the-cuff zingers than Olbermann, who needs scripted diatribes to make his orotund -delivery effective.

    It’s all around, a very interesting piece.

  96. Yes, BB, she is “his” dog. heh.

    My son is eight and autistic. This new addition to our family is presenting great opportunities to work on some of his “differences”.

    Son and dog are inseparable. He choose her from a litter of ten (I wanted a chocolate male, but noooo…..) and named her “Blacky”.

  97. kbird: I am not very savvy technologically (wife is though). When she comes back from Saratoga (she is there for a few day..work) I will ask me to help me upload something somewhere.

    Thank God for wife.

  98. Upstate, I’d love to see him. I’ve been thinking about dogs constantly. We’re planning to get a little poodle this summer. But I don’t even know where to begin looking….

    I want one from tiny baby hood. I’ve never had my own baby and this will be my only chance.

  99. UpstateNY,

    I’m glad you got the dog your son wanted. After awhile maybe it won’t take so much time. I’ve never had a dog, only cats, but I know dogs require a lot more attention. Cats come already trained and they don’t have to be walked. Plus, they nap all the time.

  100. WoW! Ms. Murphy makes us all proud. It is the unfairness, the injustice, the bias, the rigging, the fix for an unqualified, incompetent, inexperienced, unprincipled, stands for nothing, race-baiting, sexist candidate that we all object. It just so happened we had a wonderful alternative in Clinton and we still do.

  101. Save your energy…you’ll need it when you get your poodle… 😉

    I am fading out over here…left alone home with son and puppy (as God is my witness…wife will pay…bwahahahah!!!).

    See you all tomorrow…

  102. BB: our “first born” is a cat. She is not happy with the dog around, but so far they are keeping their distance….

    Now to bed.

  103. Did anyone see/talk about this today? (I got it from a NoQ post)

    Obama Aide Says Bill Clinton Will Play `Big Role’ in Campaign

    By Kristin Jensen


    June 24 (Bloomberg) — Democrat Barack Obama’s campaign welcomed former President Bill Clinton’s offer of support and said he will have a “big role” in the general election.

    Clinton released a statement through a spokesman saying he would do “whatever he can and is asked to do” to help Obama win the presidency.

    PLEASE SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!!!!!! Not the Big Dawg!

  104. g’night Upstate. It was good seeing you!

  105. Notice how it’s always an Obama aide said blah, blah, blah. Obama’s trying to pressure Clinton into helping.

    BC statement was generic at best.

    I’ll do whatever they ask me. Where’s the big ENDORSEMENT ceremony?

  106. fif: If I were Obama, the *last* thing I’d want is for the Big Dawg to be campaigning for me and if I were the Big Dawg, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just think of the two of them up there, the Big Dawg as the most successful two term Democratic president of my lifetime standing next to Barack Obama, arm around his shoulders saying, “You will be lucky to get Obama to work for you!”
    Oh, yeah, that is some kind of visual metaphor.
    If I were the Big Dawg I’d say, “Sure, I’ll campaign for you but ONLY if I can be at your campaign appearances so I can introduce you personally. I want to be by your side every step of the way. We will be like peas and carrots. 🙂 “

  107. Sorry to keep harping on this, but I want to make clear one last time for the evening that any money donated to Hillary–either via mail or her website–can and will go only to retiring Hillary’s primary campaign debt. Anyone who says otherwise is attempting to deceive you.

    Go here for constant updates on the state of fundraising in the campaign. The donation link will take you right past the home page, which is necessarily dedicated to Obama. The Contribution page is all Hillary, read the fine print: “Hillary for President” is what it says. That’s the only place it goes.

  108. hello everyone fuzzy is back after a nice dinner with his friends-the obamanator was missing he went to key west where he could forget his guys gaffes and bury his head in the sand? common problem obamaist have been suffering…

    Sorry about my rant on the last thread but still stands as to how I feel. Judge lest we be Judged as the karmic goddess says and othe leaders of all the great religions. Even if the guy is a putz….

    Love PUMA PAC and murphy is a gem look at all these strong women standing up for what is right and good in this world…I am so Glad they are on our side. RD I include you and the Hireheels Women too.

    With Women and Men like I see here under the PUMA umbrella we have to win.

    I thank the creator father mother God every night for you.


    Damn just got the Hiccups I hate it when that happens

  109. that new video is fun, but a little creepy he he….very South Park 🙂

  110. Again Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    okay here are the details:
    Unity NH, Unity Elementary School, 6/27/08, 12:00
    Unity is right off of I91 which makes it a reasonable trip from Springfield MA, Boston Ma, Hartford CT, Albany NY, and of course parts of NH and VT. You can map quest it and simply put in Unity Elementary School in place of “business” Unity is a town of only 1,700 so I doubt that there will be a crowd of 10,000. A couple hundred Puma’s would make the news and the place will be crawling with national media because this the first appearance of Hillary and Obama together. If only handful of us show up it will be dismissed, no doubt, as those disgruntled people, but if a few hundred show up……….
    So who’s up for this? Bring a pair of flip flops.

  111. With the collective dissatisfaction with msnbc and CNN, we need to hit them where it hurts, i.e., boycotting the offending arses tv sponsors and their viewership. Like what’s been happening similarly with Oprah. That would be one way of demonstrating PUMA power before the GE if Obama should be the nominee.

  112. getting rid of thes hiccups will take all night see you all in the morning-


  113. Looks like you guys have been busy tonight. When is rd doing her radio spot and can we all tune in?

  114. Me and mawm are planning on being there, this (time with videocamera in hand) now I just have to psych myself up for a 13 hr car ride…ufhh

  115. bonita is doubtless right.

    Even if turns out to be true, it won’t matter to me. Each day Obama does something more to convince me of his unfitness: the FISA capitulation, listing Cass Sunstein as his advisor, and parroting faux symbols of the presidency (not unlike the tinhorn dictator we have now).

    But the worst was reading Anabelle’s great (albeit terrifying) post on the Joshua movement. (See Peacocks and Lillies — I can’t link because I’m traveling with my phone. But maybe someone else can help.)

    If Bill does it that means the 20 million is in the bank. But I still don’t care.

    h/t to all the New Yorkers. You have a lovely City!

  116. RD! I just found this article, at one of the places I’ve been reading. It’s by a feminsit who was at Berkeley in the 60’s — anyway, she is also a journalist at the Repub and Dem conventions over a forty year period–since this is really the first year I have given much thought to Politics as very personal (because of wanting Hillary) — unlike some of you I have never been to conventions or done stuff other than put yard signs up over time— anyway — read this by her! It’s about the year 2004. It was really interesting to me to see what she had to say…

    Truly. In 2000 she had this article up called “Where are the women”
    Well, I guess here we are, this year, just a confluence of all of us in a way — anyway check this out RD & Co.


  117. If you haven’t seen the story that Savage Politics and Joe Cannon have up, about Obama claiming to have supported a bill to help fund veteran’s healthcare, get thee hence!


  118. ot, but it really creeps me out calling my boyfriend mawm….he he

  119. Lori, I wrote about that the other day, he claims it in the national ad he has running now, but he wasn’t even there for the vote

  120. Did anyone see Greta try to interrogate Pelosi? Pelosi is slithering snake. Even Greta could not pin her down.

    It is on Gretawire unedited if you want to see it.

    Pelosi played the Repub fear card. Sorry Pelosi, McCain is a lot less frightening than Obama.

  121. Carol: Was she batting her eyes along with the frozen smile? That woman makes me ill she is such phony baloney.

  122. Who watched Nancy on Greta tonight?

  123. If anybody wants to see the Through the Looking Glass derangement of the Obama Cult in full flower, check out this post on MyDD: http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/6/24/223952/516.

    Blaming the victim doesn’t get any better than this.

  124. falstaff: Wow, that’s pretty sick. It’s like, “It’s awful that she was raped but if her skirts hadn’t been so short and her sweaters so tight, it wouldn’t have happened at all. She brought it all on herself.”

  125. and did you notice he pre-emptively blamed her (and us) if Obama loses by dragging the primary on so long…what a tool

  126. “Obama Courts “Working Women” in ABQ, NM in Another Closed Event”


    About thirty commissary workers had an “intimate” discussion with the Chosen One. Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, former Hillary supporter showed up and said we were all “smart.”

  127. Wigwag and others, calm down.

    Think about it.

    Obama got in because of proportional delegate awarding and caucuses.

    What are there NONE OF in the general election.

    Proportional delegate awards and caucuses.

    Had they used a winner-take-all and no caucuses, Clinton’d be the winner by a mile. Obambi clearly can’t win using the general election rulebook.

    Sleep well!

  128. Holy %$#@, falstaff. It’s her fault because if she hadn’t had the nerve to run, then they wouldn’t have been forced to act like Republicans to get rid of her, and then no one would hate them.

    Oh yeah, angry chicken, you hold on to that 2% lead (to Kerry’s what, 10% and Dukakis’ 17% at this point), because you guys just can’t lose! As long as you stop talking between now and Nov and well, McCain dropping out would really help, too.

  129. I can’t stand to watch Nancy. I think she has done too much botox, it’s leaked into her brain. Every time I see BO on the tube I am either laughing at his missteps or dumb founded by how he lies. I do not understand how the MSM can continue to carry him.

  130. I’m sick of hearing about Obama’s great campaign. He gamed the system to get caucus votes in red states, played the you-know-what card hard (don’t want in moderation) to get the AA vote and had every media outlet there is pushing for him as hard as it could push.

    He certainly didn’t take Texas by votes, even though it was handed to him by spineless party leaders who didn’t have the guts to stand up to an archaic chaotic caucus system and Obama supporters.

    She WON despite everything. I have drummed this into my county chair husband’s ear until he is finally getting it.

  131. riverdaughter, on June 24th, 2008 at 10:47 pm Said:
    Agree with that. Both Clintons will upstage Obama and with Hillary it will be a reminder of what the voters missed out on. So to Obama people — be careful what you wish for.

  132. This is an interesting and funny, though questionably accurate, Q&A regarding the Clinton-Obama debt situation. It’s a Red State, but it is funny.

  133. I have watched FOX off and on today. I saw where Bill Clinton offered to help the fraud. Saw Lanny Davis, now Obama supporter wanting all Hillary’s supporters to get behind the fraud. Even Madeline Albright. What is wrong with these people. Has everybody gone crazy in the political world? There used to be a joke I heard years ago, maybe somebody else remembers how it went if you look around and everybody seems to be crazy, maybe it isn’t them, it’s you. Maybe I’ve gone crazy. I don’t know about the other PUMAs and/or Hillary supporters out there, but I have signed my pledge on so many websites to not vote for Obama, I don’t even remember all the sites I’ve went to and signed, but come November, I ain’t just saying it now because I’m mad, I mean it, I won’t vote for him. I will vote for McCain. I voted against Jimmy Carter and I can do it again. Repub for a day. Eat that Obama. PUMA

  134. Please, I like Botox. Botox is my friend. I am pretty sure Senator Clinton had a little bit of Botox and restyline also.

    She, Senator Clinton and I, look good with our Botox.

  135. i can’t believe this … just when you thought the lies coming out of the alternate universe that is obama’s campaign couldn’t get any more outrageous …


    couldn’t even wait for my premorning coffee usual rant for this one .. unbelievable … friggin UNBELIEVABLE

  136. BTW:

    Cindy McCain gave a VERY poignant, intimate interview on Univision (one of the top Spanish language channels in the US) – my mom was jumping hoops over her. I wish I saw it, I was working on a report – but I’m done for the day – McCain is super-courting Latinos and Cindy hit a home run.

    Again, McCain is not an “evil Republican” to Latinos. Does Hillary have it over McCain with regards to our community – OF COURSE!

    BUT, McCain supported Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and broke with the Repubs on this because it helped those that are already here in the in-between stage (that’s why they hate him).

    Hillary co-wrote the bill.

  137. RegencyG! My Scorpion sista of the Texas world!

    Is that the RedState redneck comedians? I must see that!

    I LOVE THEM. Ratboat. Still gives me the giggles fit of life!

  138. “DITTO JMAC”!!
    I’m on board for retiring Hillary’s campaign Debit.
    “Financially Independent by Independence Day”!!
    They all said Bill was “holding out” on his endorsement; I guess that’s why “Mr. Arrogant” came forth with helping out. No-one wants to admit that if Hillary was the nominee the DNC would have plenty of $$ ! It’s just Obama’s fundraising is all from Republicans & they “pissed-off” the loyal democrats that keep things going.

  139. “DITTO JMAC”!!
    I’m on board for retiring Hillary’s campaign Debit.
    “Financially Independent by Independence Day”!!
    They all said Bill was “holding out” on his endorsement; I guess that’s why “Mr. Arrogant” came forth with helping out. No-one wants to admit that if Hillary was the nominee the DNC would have plenty of $$ ! It’s just Obama’s fundraising is all from Republicans & they “pissed-off” the loyal democrats that keep things going.

  140. Regency, it wasn’t them. Oh well.

    I read it. Hillary and her PUMAs has the DNC & Obambi by the cojones. GOOD.

    I hope they get blue ones.

  141. People, I must prowl back to the PUMA cave.

    Rest well, PUMAs.

    Love to all!

  142. Night, SM! Sorry I missed you.

  143. For me it comes down to this: McCain as Prez will almost certainly be worse in the short run than Obama, but it is not at all clear the effects of a McCain presidency will be worse in the long run. (A failed Obama presidency could revive the Wingnut brand just as we had the opportunity to bury it for a generation; alternatively Obama could be the Trojan Horse for the Perot demographic to take over the Democratic Party and kill off any real liberal revival.)

    Who you vote for (or don’t vote for) should come down to how you judge the long term effects of an Obama vs. McCain win. None of us has a time machine or crystal ball here, we all have to use our best judgement, and I begrudge no one who (unlike myself) concludes in the long run Obama is the lesser evil than McCain.

    But I do hold a grudge against those who thought he was the lesser evil in the Democratic primaries, and stuck us with this choice. And obviously I’m hardly alone in that.

  144. SM:

    The one you are talking about is this one:


  145. What about Evelyn Pringle? I know nothing about her or this website. Is this Rense type stuff?


  146. Hi everyone,
    If PUMA makes their presence known as the two candidates begin to campaign together, alot of refugees to Obomba may rethink their GE alliegances.

  147. Puma is lucky to have a front-person like Murphy. I was quite impressed, and I tend to be crtical. My only objection was to the editing of interview, but that certainly wasn’t Murphy’s fault.

    Wow, impressive and amazing.

  148. This video says it all, still makes me wanna


  149. I found this as a comment on you tybe, have no idea if it is true, if it is it could be huge !!

    govspysonallchats (3 days ago) Show Hide

    George Soros uses 527s to support Obama-> Moveon. Soros began making purchases of Halliburton stock in the third quarter of 2005. He accelerated his buying in the fourth quarter of 2006, when the stock was trading near its low ($26.33) of the last four years. His purchase prices were between $27.62 and $33.53, with an estimated average price of $31.3. As of 12/31/06, Soros owned 1,999,450 shares, more than 2% of his total portfolio, making Halliburton his hedge funds’ biggest investment of 2006.

  150. Move On has either lost or surrendered it’s 527 status.

  151. orangepetal, the boyz on DKos were trying to say that Soros’s buying up of Halliburton was so that he could reform the corporation from the inside. It had nothing to do with war-profiteering.

    MoveOn lost any independence it ever had when it did that. I believe it’s change of status has to do with how closely it can coordiante with Obama campaign. As a 527 they are not allowed to have any contact.

  152. morning real quick-I love murphy gave some $ to her PAC am working on comming up with some cash to help Hillary retire her debt.

    I cant wait till she gives Obama here donor list I hope everyone on it justsaysnodeal…and it turns out to be a costly white elephant to aquire for Team Obama.

    Still hoping for a miracle in August The Big “O”‘s not getting the bump in the polls to bad for team Dean and Brazile.

    Just dont blame Hillary in November for your arrogance in August.

    Havent seen ol ‘Donna Brazile lately but dont watch much CNN.



  154. We have a troll named Kevin on “Monday Puma Power”

    Does anyone have any troll spray?

  155. That video was funny, DJ.

    Morning all.

  156. hey saw vid on hillaryspeaksforme.com the hireheels girls/guys are great all their vids are insiteful and humorous…and they are under the justsaynodeal/PUMA umbrella-check them out.


  157. I understand how down some of our folks are getting. I feel that way all too often. There is a continual onslaught whose intent is to do just that. Depressed people are easier to manipulate. The enemy, and I mean BOTH parties, would rather have us opt out than vote against their candidates.

    I have been a party loyalist all my life. I voted a straight party ticket most of my life. I thought the Democratic Party stood for most if not all of the things that I believe with all my heart. Did I think all politicians were straight-talkers or people of integrity? I said I was loyal, not stupid.

    There comes a time when you have to say no. Not this time folks. Not this candidate folks. Not this leadership or lack thereof and definitely, abso-damn-lutely not this DNC.

    If Obama wins at the convention and if he wins in November he will do it without PUMA types. He and his ilk haven’t convinced us or conned us or assimilated us.

    In less than a month P.U.M.A. has become a movement. We may lose some battles, movements always do. We must keep working to oust the buzzards that put our party and us in this place at this time.

    Obama may win, but I believe that the corrupt politicians and the media that belong heart and soul to the corporations fear people like us like nothing else. After all they’ve worked ceaselessly for decades to create an American Idol Population. Some of us refuse to be that. And so long as we do, they can never win the war.


  158. Murphy, I just wanted to say that you were fantastic!!! You represented us PUMA’s well! Thank you.

  159. You ROCKED it OUT yet again, Murphy !!

    Another A+ performance !!

  160. Great Interview and the song rocks!

  161. Here’s a great piece in the Washington Post, if you haven’t read it:


    I bet it killed him to write, “But as she returned in defeat to her old home in the Senate yesterday, she was received as if in triumph. And, in a sense, her stature had increased during the failed primary battle: She left as a legislator but returned as the leader of an 18 million-strong movement of women and working-class voters — a group whose support Clinton’s Democratic colleagues fervently desire.”

    I was so glad for the surprise ending – she went to her office to meet with Wesley Clark! I’ve been so afraid Obama would select him to be his running mate, and feared Clark might do it. Look like he is standing firm with us!

    WE are her weapons! Stand firm and take heart.

    And yes, thank you Murphy for the wonderful interview!

  162. Murphy was on Fox Morning show!!! You go girl!!!!

    Check it out at Larry Johnson’s No Quarter.


    I’m so proud Murphy & all the PUMAs who are speaking out!

  163. William Bowden will be on this great PUMA talk show


  164. Would purchasing Hillary posters, stickers, T-shirts, etc. from HIllary gearstore.com be of any help. We’ve ordered a number of items already!

  165. You sorry sacks of feminist shit. The GOP is taking the country into the toilet and you’d vote for them because you mad that Clinton lost. Clinton blew her campaign. She had money, the unions, endrosements, all the toys int he sandbox and she managed to fumble it and lose. Get over it

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