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Saturday: Summer Is Icumen In

Summer in the city…

Svmer is icumen in
Lhude sing cuccu!
Groweþ sed and bloweþ med
and springþ þe wde nu.
Sing cuccu!
Summer is a-coming in
Loudly sing cuckoo
Groweth seed and bloweth mead
and springs the wood anew
Sing cuckoo!
Awe bleteþ after lomb,
lhouþ after calue cu,
Bulluc sterteþ, bucke uerteþ.
Murie sing cuccu!
Cuccu, cuccu,
Wel singes þu cuccu.
ne swik þu nauer nu!
Sing cuccu nu, Sing cuccu!
Ewe bleateth aft-er lamb,
Calf loweth after cow,
Bullock starteth, buck farteth,
Merry sing cuckoo!
Cuckoo, cuckoo!
Well singest thou cuckoo,
Nor cease thou never now!
Sing cuckoo now, Sing cuckoo!
Sing cuccu, Sing cuccu nu!
Foot (or Bass)
Sing cuckoo, Sing cuckoo now!

Go outside and play!

This is an open thread.

One more thing:
Alegre sent me the following email last night. You will find this amusing.

A friend ventured over to that great orange cesspool (DailyKos) to see how they’re taking the latest statement from their hero. Apparently, they’re not impressed and a few are actually mentioning Hillary’s name without lying or attacking her – at least in this sampling.

(Remember, Markos Molitsas (site owner) declared that anyone who supported this FISA bill would be “primaried”)


— On Fri, 6/20/08, Gabriele Drozdowski wrote:

From: GabrieleDroz Subject: Cheetoh Samples below. This is NOT going over well,
Date: Friday, June 20, 2008, 5:11 PM

and may have some serious consequences for Obama.

The day the magic died n/t (2+ / 0-)

Sigh…Change we almost believed in

That does it. I’m going back to Hillary. NT (0+ / 0-

That’s it – I’m staying home in November n/t (3+ / 0-)

this isn’t a farm bill (1+ / 0-)

it’s the 4th Amendment.
What is more important right here and now?
Campaigning, I guess.

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road (0 / 0)

The Love Affair of Obama (1+ / 0-)

is coming to an end. He knew it would be so soon. You guys better contact the pro-Hillary campaign soon, maybe you can somehow get her back on the ticket. I didn’t think I would hear, “I’m not voting for Obama on KOS”. Who knew? Is it too late for him to accept public financing?
We must now join Rev. Wright… Under the bus. (0+ / 0-)

The Obama magic fades. We’re fucked. n/t

I just told Obama “NO MORE MONEY FROM ME” (6+ / 0-)

I said that I will still vote for him, but that excitement I had – the feeling I would finally get to vote FOR someone is gone.
I asked how a Constitutional lawyer can kill the 4th Amendment… and that my Nader supporting friend was right all along.
And then I unsubbed from his email list.

So Obama supports undermining the Constitution. .. (1+ / 0-)

film at 11.
So now we know, absolutely NOTHING will be done by Obama on the issue.
If he can’t stand up to protect the 4th amendment, I can’t stand up for him.

“Those who would take away our civil liberties”.. (7+ / 0-)

… now includes Barack Obama.
Domestic spying started before 9/11, remember? This has never, ever, been about the “grave threat” that has killed fewer Americans than has George W. Bush.

If Obama thinks he needs to promote the bullshit GOP framing on this issue to get elected, he’s probably right. But it removes whatever reason I had to root for his success.
I’m still voting for him – because McCain would be worse. But he’s seen the last cent he’ll ever get from me.

It was a nice dream while it lasted.

I suppose the Hillary supporters are entitled to whatever schadenfreude they’ll be enjoying today.

You can find more schadenfreude at Alegre’sCorner.


163 Responses

  1. Obama promised to filibuster FISA telco immunity late last year, but now he says its a “good” compromise.

    Another Obama promise under the bus?

  2. WS: Yes. This has been another “simple answers to simple questions”

  3. Moving up my post here:

    Hillbuzz suggests BO’s seal could be against the law. She cites a federal law that says any actual use of the Presidential or other governmental seal or the likeness of a Presidential/governmental seal that suggests endorsement by the US government would be subject to a fine.

    Will the right make this an issue? Then again, they haven’t been firing on all cylinders lately.

    The Republican site NRO Campaign Spot blog speculates a clever, Chicagoesque way Obama could have raised all that money last year and this year:

    “If the campaign isn’t able to keep up, and donors don’t have to report a donation of less than $200 to the FEC, what is to stop someone from working around the $2,300 per candidate per race limit by donating, say, $19,900 in a hundred donations of $199?”

    According to the AP, Obama raised $22 million in May (Clinton raised $16 million). McCain has $32 million in the bank and Obama has $43 million in the bank at the start of June. We’ll see how much BO gets in June and how much the Clinton donors and other sources will add to his coffers.

    Maybe that’s why the party “leaders” wanted to end it in June. The BO fundraising machine was running out of steam and he couldn’t handle an extra 2 months of campaigning for an Aug. 5th revote in Michigan. Obama has a slight lead right now, but what will the situation be like in the fall. Is Obama a long distance runner?

  4. Yes, he just threw his adoring fans of Cheetopia straight under the bus, along with the us little people who still believe in the right to privacy.

    I just can not get over that he accused Hill of the muslim thing again. Why on earth is she campaigning with this guy? She should cancel.

  5. go outside and play…?
    here in the SF Bay Area we are having a heatwave – this is the only cool part of the day…I’m definitely basking about today

  6. Some Obamites are arguing that FISA was a strategic move on the part of The Precious.

    It was to avoid alienating members of the Democratic Caucus who supported the bill and so that the GOP wouldn’t have an issue to claim he was weak on defense. Besides, the “numbers weren’t there” as far as votes to defeat the bill.

    They got mad when I pointed out that those very arguments applied to Hillary’s vote on the AUMF.

    Not only that, but the AUMF was politically popular at the time, FISA (w/Telco immunity) is not.

  7. melanie – where is the new muslim accusation?

  8. dot: Go to Bostonboomer’s post below for all the juicy details of BO with the congressional black caucus. The media won’t have to savage him. It looks like we’re doing a pretty good job all on our own.

  9. dot, it’s in boomer’s thread. At the same meeting he told the CBC that women would “get over it”, he also congratulates himself for not demanding Hillary apologize for suggesting he’s a muslim. The Chutzpah. I tell you.

  10. Thats 3: NAFTA, FISA, and public financing, Obama flip flops in the last couple of weeks.

  11. damn, I was just there, thought I read every comment, when are we gunna get some goddamn amenities round this ere joint – like threaded searchable reccable comments?

  12. The backflips Obama’s bloggerboyz are going through to justify the FISA thing is just audacious.

  13. RD, I have a small suggestion as you go forward, something I think would be fun and different for the blogs. It’s just an idea but please consider. I was thinking a book club, with a weekly thread. Just a thought.

  14. Via the ”Tom in Paine” website I learned of a new Pac that is just getting up and running. “The Denver Group” is a Pac being formed to “insure that the Democratic National Committee respect and carry out the democratic process at the convention in Denver this August by meeting certain specific goals:

    An open convention;
    Senator Clinton’s name on the ballot;
    Speeches allowed by supporters of Senator Clinton on behalf of her candidacy;
    A roll call vote;
    No coronation.”

    They are just getting started and are not accepting donations yet, but for me these are excellent goals that I will be willing to support. Keep an eye on this group:


  15. Melanie: I’d love a book club! Do we have to do political books? Firedoglake seems to have that corner.

    BTW, has anyone checked out the video clip in Gary’s thread? Hysterical, especially if you appreciate Monty Python. But funny and topical nonetheless even if you don’t.

  16. No, I don’t think we should do political books.

  17. It’s about time Obama supporters start to open their eyes and join the rest of us under the bus.

    This man and MO are a walking nightmare.

    I kept waking up all night remembering that “Russert and Andrea” said they kept saying it was over after the caucus bull because they had already heard it from the super’s they were not going to move away from the black candidate for any reason.

    That’s why I think we have a legitimate case against them that the fix was in and they continued to solicit money, time, hope from us that Hillary could win.

    What say yeeeeeeeeeee?

  18. Melanie: check your email (the one you use to post here).

  19. he he, thanks RD. I love the grafitti tag they’re painting–“make tea, not love”. as for the book thing, how bout sci-fi?….seems to be a lot of trekkies and the like around here.

  20. So good to be able to say, “I told you so!”. The Obamobots are having a meltdown. Like when they discovered there is no Santa Claus. If this guy refuses to guard the 4th amendment what makes anyone think the will guard any other attack on the Constitution.

    The amusing part to all this is that the 20 somethings, who have no idea what is contained in the Constitution since they never bothered to read it are now up in arms that their privacy has been further violated. This could apply to reviewing their medical records in future along with any other private information that could be against them in the name of “freedom”.

    Wake up you idiots! Much more is at stake than just terrorism.

  21. Pat – there is a Santa Clause, and I am expecting him and the Easter Bunny to still deliver in August.

    Christmas and Easter in August!

    That’s my plan.

  22. how about something by Ursula K LeGuin. I loved The Left Hand of Darkness but its been years since I read it…..I think sci-fi from a feminist perspective would be appropriate..

  23. Oh, I love Ursula.

  24. RD, I am checking for the email. Still not here.

  25. I love the book idea Melanie and Riverdaughter. I might have a hard time doing the reading some weeks, but I’d try to keep up.

    RD–thanks for “Summer is acummin in.” I just love those old English ballads. They are the foundation for a lot of folk and bluegrass music. I guess it’s my Scots-Irish heritage coming through. That may be why I can see through Obama’s smokescreen so clearly too.

  26. Gary,

    “Make tea, not love” was hilarious. Obama’s hopey changey, transformational thing kinda reminds me of my hippie days. Maybe that’s another reason I can’t buy into it now….

  27. BB: I have a great version of Summer is Icumen In my iTunes library that I own but I can’t figure out how to uplaod it without creating a youtube video. It is off of the Dufay Collective’s CD “Miri It Is”.

  28. myiq2xu, on June 21st, 2008 at 9:38 am Said:
    Some Obamites are arguing that FISA was a strategic move on the part of The Precious.
    It was to avoid alienating members of the Democratic Caucus who supported the bill and so that the GOP wouldn’t have an issue to claim he was weak on defense. Besides, the “numbers weren’t there” as far as votes to defeat the bill.

    Yes. Their ability to justify like fawning pretzels gives me the creeps. I actually checked in at my old online “home”, where I haven’t gone in months, out of curiosity. One sweetie said it was okay. Said…. get this…. “I trust Obama.” Holy damn, I just stared at the screen. That’s great. This fan “trusts” the dear Leader with Fourth Amendment, so it’s all good.

    Did these Tiger Beat fans ever take a civics class??

    The rationalizations will keep on coming.

  29. alice, I posted this comment below, but thought it was very illustrative of their herd mindset, even though they protest they are “independent” thinkers..

    I don’t think this will help (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:sarakandel
    What makes us, progressives, unique is the ability to disagree and argue about issues not just follow. Now having said that and read what is written in the diary, I think it is wise to leave the decision to Barack.

    See, if he eventually decides to not back the bill the MSM and the thugs are going to come out and say he succumb to his base. Yes we know that but that is not the point. I think it would be great if it comes from him directly, without us forcing him to. I read siome comments here that go overboard and I think we need to balance things here. Yes this is constitutional issue and deserve to have BIG debate, but I think we shouldn’t lose sight the fact that this is an election time and the wolf are circling just to jump on him whichever position he takes eventually. My point is, let us leave the decision to him. We are perfectly right to point out why he could be wrong and we ought to listen to his reasoning. It appears as if ANY decision he take at this point looks political (despite the fact that he may just truely not see it that way) and that is not what we want. We don’t want to write the pugs talking point for next week though unintentionally.

    “allow nothing to be in your life that you cannot walk out of in 30 seconds if you spot the heat around the corner”. – movie HEAT

    by HEAT on Fri Jun 20, 2008 at 07:02:14 PM PDT

    [ Parent ]

  30. gary: I think you can count on a fairly high number of geeks in this crowd. The original ST has some of the campier stuff, IMHO, but there is a lot of material to mine there.

  31. He actually is making the argument that Obama should throw them under the bus. like homer simpson said, “its funny and sad at the same time, like when a clown dies”

  32. I agree on something like a bookclub thread. Good idea! I was wishing for a non-political thread the other day. I had a Work Situation and I thought, hmmm, I bet I’d get good advice from Conflucians.

    Book thread, music thread, anything like that. That was part of what made the cocktail hour threads so much fun — they went all over the place and sometimes that’s just the thing. I could use a little Rico time.

    RD: Robert Frost, Monty Python’s the Holy Grail, Summer is a-coming in… you’re the best!

  33. I do not believe for a minute the Newsweek poll showing the King ahead by 15 points. Come on! Most other polls are between 2-4 points Obama.

    Pat Buchanan just said that this shows the Clinton supporters are getting onboard. I find that hard to believe.

    Having been disheartened the last few days I am now fired up again. Pissed off to be precise. They are now saying that Hillary will urge us to vote and contribute to his campaign now that the dust has settled. No way in hell.

    Scrutiny is what is going to make the difference between now and August and it cannot all be left up to No Quarter. The MSM has got to start digging and questioning this possum in sheep’s clothing.

  34. RD,

    Thanks for the music info. Your taste in music is excellent. I’ll see if I can find it. It’s not on Amazon, surprisingly.

  35. When they chose the anti-Clinton Obama over Clinton, they got less than nothing: they got someone a hell of a lot worse, someone who will be such a disaster for the country and the Democratic Party that him winning the GE will quite likely be the worst outcome.

    This man stands for nothing but himself and his quest for power (with none of the responsibility). I am terrified of him having all that executive power that Bush/Cheney will leave behind in addition to a compliant Democratic Congress, especially since he’s shaping the DNC into a top-down political machine that obeys him and only him.

  36. BTW, if anyone has XM radio, they are playing summer songs all day long on channel 120. I plan to keep in on today to keep my spirits up. I’m getting up my hopes again than BO will implode and Hillary will be the nominee in August.

  37. that comment is also an excellent example of their elitism. They understand that he has to do this to “trick” the uneducated masses into believing he’s a tough guy.

  38. Gary: Agreed.

    “I think it is wise to leave the decision to Barack.”

    *bangs head against wall*

    Yep, it’s that kind of thing exactly. I read the same kind of comment on BO’s throwing of Muslims under the bus and playing to anti-Muslim bigotry. “Barack has no choice!”

    And they were positively celebrating BO’s rejection of public financing.

    This is the crowd that’s selling us down the river. Actually, BO is selling progressives down the river while they’ve set up tailgate parties all along the bank to cheer him on as he sails. Whee!

  39. Pat, did you see the pics I linked to below?

    the possum king:

    and this one, well, you write the caption…

  40. Pat: If it’s a Newsweek poll, it’s just wishful thinking on their part. There are a lot of us out here. Not everyone is jumping onboard the Obama express. But they’re not about to tell you that because it slows down their narrative. They want to move to the next phase.
    Anyway, why are you watching them? They *want* to demoralize you.

  41. Halperin on the Page says the Newsweek poll is an outlier. I think that is what the Village will consider the Newsweek poll to be.

    Halperin didn’t say that about another outlier Newsweek poll that showed BO over Hillary by 19 points.

  42. Summer started last night at 7:50 EST.
    We continue celebrations today

  43. gary: I did. I am so angry this morning that my eyes are popping out of my head! Just seeing Katherine Harris again makes me lethal. It is time for some in depth questioning of the King. I call him that now since the “seal” episode.

    My biggest hope is that he takes his “toys” and toddles back to Chicago. I seriously loathe this man and all those who visited this travesty upon us. Hope I am making some coherent sense because that is how deeply offensive I find him. More today than yesterday.

  44. Riverdaughter–I know we are mainly geeks, get fuzzybear and arabella together and this turns into an ST/SW fan thread in 2 secs…. 🙂 (not that i’m criticizing, i’m right there with them)

  45. OMG, Gary, those pics are great–especially the one of Katherine Harris bagging the possum. I’m saving that for posterity.

  46. Good question as to why I put on the news. We all agreed to the blackout way back a few months ago.

    I just keep hoping that sometime, somewhere, other than our blog friendly outlets, someone begins to unravel that narrative and questions what we have here.

    So far, the silence is deafening. Today I am dealing with my Irish temper and woe be it to anyone who gets between me and it. The way I see it, I should be able to finish my weeding in about 10 minutes tops!

  47. Pat,

    I never thought I could loathe the sight of sound of a politician more than I do George W. Bush. But Obama has topped him for me, and he isn’t even the nominee yet, much less the President. If he wins, I won’t be able to watch any news for 4 years.

  48. RD? looks like the ol’ king of the combover tries a new target marketing trick, the best headline off LAT — ummmmm?

    It’s leaving me a little, dunno.


    talk about jumping the ol’ gun or?

    I am going outside — geez. Riverdaughter & Co? Do you think things are ever going to return to normal here anytime soon….
    I mean like, our country will be normal?

  49. bb: Same here. I thought Bush was the epitome of loathesome but this guy is equally as bad. And those who excuse and exonerate him, just like with the Bushies, are no better. What is this country coming to?

    And anyone who thinks he will support women’s issues, civil rights, social security, Iraq departure, or any other upcoming issues that apply to “we the people” need to have their heads examined.

    I would rather see 4 years of a stifled McCain than 4 minutes of an Obama administration.

  50. Normal was during the Clinton years. Since Bush took office we have gotten as far from normal as one can get. Our constitution has been shredded and though the King said he would topple all those “signing orders” the day he took office, don’t bet on it. He wants power and Bush and Company have merely paved the way to an out an out authoritarian state.

    We never expected 9/11. Imagine handing that kind of power over to Obama should something as drastic as that occurred again. It chills the soul.

  51. Is anyone here a lawyer? Is what Hillbuzz says about the BO sealing possibly violating a federal law true (and subject to a fine)?

  52. EDIT: BO seal

  53. Yeah, Pat, especially since Obama thinks no one predicted something like 9/11 would happen.


  54. he…maybe next he’ll have jay-z write a new version of “hail to the chief” for him too…

  55. i’m having schadenfreude on my pancakes this morning.

    as i said over at alegre’s, it reminds me of “the man who would be king”. once they realize you’re merely human, they do you in. obama’s worshipers have a lot of excess energy that’s poorly directed, and that’s not good.

    if you think back to the moveon censure vote,there’s all the information you need to predict this behavior.

    remember that vote? in the face of the right-wing demagoguery to censure moveon.org for the “general betrayus” ad, a certain female senator from new york stood tall for moveon and the netroots, and a certain senator from illinois went and hid in the bathroom. in return for this support, moveon and the netroots trashed the senator from new york, and idolized the senator from illinois.

    i mean, what did they THINK he was going to do? take a principled stand? he’s the same man who ducked the moveon vote. always will be.

  56. vbonnaire: that seal looks like he using the eagle for target practice, which I’m pretty sure is a felony. But then, his whole campaign has been criminal.

  57. What is ironic is that freedom of speech seems to be making a comeback on some of the blogs. Before if you deigned to criticize his Nibs you were driven out by his rabid supporters. I see now where some are sneaking back in to offer their comments which today seem to outnumber the Obamabots.

    If enough doubters, more so those who unquestionably supported Obama, start howling perhaps it will eventually find its way into the MSM.

    According to Politico, a lot of editorials are eating him up today about FISA. And with good reason.

  58. RD, got your email. Thanks so much. I am in.

  59. Does he get to wear a crown as well?

  60. Gary – don’t you mean “Hail to the Chief and f*#K all you white b*tches out there that didn’t get on board!”

  61. Pat, I don’t think it needs to find its way to the MSM. I think they know it but don’t want to show it The MSM is actively trying to promote and shield him. That is what scares me. They have it in to destroy McCain now. When have we ever seen the MSM protect the Democratic candidate? The CNN talking head show last night with Blizter and Crowley show how they will continue to use race as a Shield for Obama. Obama uses accusations of racism to shield himself from any scrutiny, and last night they signalled they will continue to use it only this time on McCain.
    Why does he garner such outrageous support from the Media, if he isn’t bought and paid for?

  62. I want all Diebold voting machines thoroughly checked before November. If he assumes he can win without Hillary supporters and the other constituencies that he has poked in the eye, what is the plan after all?

    We know he gamed the caucuses but what is really amusing is that those devoted 20 somethings he has based his wins on are maybe not as clingfast as he counted on. From the sounds coming from their disappointment, don’t expect them to rise early the morning of November 4th and rush out to the polls on his behalf.

    Nothing spells indifference faster than that ‘sure thing” date who refused to “put out” the night before.

  63. BB, Pat

    I can’t stand to watch the “news” now. His face, voice -everything about him turns my stomach. I thought there was nothing worse than Bush. I was wrong.

  64. i’m having schadenfreude on my pancakes this morning.

    Ha ha – with lots of syrup. Yum

  65. Mawm: The boy can only cry “wolf” once too often. None of us want to be labeled with that offensive title and after awhile it gets old.

    Not voting Obama has nothing to do with race as much as the fact he is a moron.

    When Kerry, Dukakis, Mondale, Gore, were the nominees I had to hold my nose in the voting booth but one thing I was certain of: these guys had background and experience. They were essentially qualified. Clinton was the only one I voted for with a lot of enthusiasm. He had it all.

    But this guy has nothing, nada, zip. I am less comfortable voting him than McCain to be truthful.

  66. Pat, I think they think it hasn’t been played on the General election crowd yet.

  67. Hi Guys/Gals @ Riverdaughter!
    This is the BEST site for communication!!
    The “Black Cacus” entry was so telling!
    It sounds like the same “bitter” type attitude as he had
    with Gov. Rendel of PA!
    Listen I know it’s late but I think “AC360 ” on CNN is starting to “GET IT”!!
    He reported last nite questioning the validity of Obama’s “warning” of the Republicans will use race & fear tactics ;without any “facts 1st”!
    I’m going to write him how I thought the Obama camp did this to Hillary.
    Can’t blame a girl for trying?
    fear tactics

  68. Slick Barry shows up after the Messiah steals the nomination.

    That Kool-Aid just went rancid.

  69. Well, one thing’s for sure…the BO supporters can never say they didn’t know, no one ever told them BO is a fraud or he will say and do anything to win. We told them. They knew and didn’t care.

    Funny how this FISA BILL came up for a vote AFTER BO was anointed the “presumptive nominee.” Gee…..do you think this was all planned out months ago? And people wonder why I’m so cynical?

  70. @Mawm: Yes, I agree: the media coverage will continue to be horrible–in favor of Obama (Although I doubt it’ll be as severe as during the primary race). I will have to change my previous declarations that Obama would be toast in November. I seriously doubt that now.

  71. Boston – I share your sentiments. Am trying to program the TV to go mute at the first voiceprint of BO. Right now I just hit the remote.

  72. The “toilet” has replaced the “bus”.

    Campaign Finance Reform – In the toilet.
    FISA – In the toilet.
    Nafta Reform – In the toilet.
    Hillary Supporters – In the toilet.
    Women’s Issues – In the toilet.

    Plan on flushing social security, universal healthcare, Iraq withdrawal while you are at it. This guy ain’t going to deliver.

  73. I think it’s significant that he equates accusations that he’s a Muslim with accusations that he is unqualified.

    He’s trying to discredit the legitimate serious charge by lumping it in with the racism charge.

  74. I just deleted several bookmarked Anti-Bush websites. Jeez, I hate this; there’s just no fun anymore in Backwards Bush & the like.

    It is a beautiful 80 degree day here in KY and I go to garden. However, I will be on the careful lookout for possums, particularly the royal kind, i. e., Possum-in-Chief [Prolix yesterday] or the Unity Possum Train [thanks, BB for that one].

  75. I sound like a raving lunatic today! His candidacy has me so worked up I am near irrational. Need to direct my energies elsewhere, like maybe cleaning as this is just driving up my bile and there is little space left in the toilet.

  76. Obama thinks he is going to be president. He has a lot of plans for the domestic spying division. With it the Chicago Combine can control our government from lowliest county commissioner to POUS for ever.

    Do they call it combine because both Democrats and Republicans are members – is that the unity he was talking about.

  77. Pat J — I, too, detest him more today than yesterday. The seal, FISA, the Black Caucus. What next??

    This morning I was up very early and decided to turn on Fox. I caught Laura Ingraham in for O’Reilly – I think it was a repeat of last night’s Factor. Anyway, she was talking about the “Fairness Act,” which would allow equal airtime for Left and Right radio stations. Of course, her objections to it are probably not based on any real concern for Freedom of Speech. However, it made me speculate about how Obama could, conceivably, find a way to control the airwaves, if something like that were to go through. Am I getting paranoid?

  78. I just now realized why everyone is talking about possums. Took a while for the caffeine to kick in & I could make sense of it… 🙂

  79. jules: Anything is possible with this crowd. They managed to strongarm and steal the nomination. They got the MSM to buy in. Their Obamabots are everywhere on the net. We recognize that some deals had to be made with the supers for them to jump ship from Hillary. We have seen what he did in Chicago to Alice Palmer.

    No, I don’t think you are paranoid and have every reason to be concerned. Bush got away with murder for 8 years so what would make you think this would be any different?

    Our freedoms are fast disappearing and the constitution is in shatters. If you feel paranoid you are not alone.

  80. damn! i had a possum in the tree by the front door night before last. it was one of this year’s baby crop.. .still kinda cute. well, as cute as a possum will ever be.

    maybe it was a sign….

  81. dar1a g: If we have nothing else, we at least have coffee…..

  82. Pat Johnson: But Obama didn’t want to do that to Alice Palmer (LOL!).

  83. riverdaughter, 10:56 am

    “vbonnaire: that seal looks like he using the eagle for target practice, ”

    doesn’t it? It suggests (approporately) the hostile takeover: first he came for the core Dems, and you GE voters didn’t care,…now its the General, and the JUGGERNAUT moves on you, America!

  84. Pat Johnson: It’s thanks to you and everyone else here that I don’t feel alone. This is such a frightening, almost surrealistic situation. Your humor (and that of Riverdaughter, et al) helps to keep me balanced.

  85. Great article over at No Quarter by LisaB on the print media’s reaction to the BaRRRRkFlips.

    Anyone know what’s going on in Florida this morning with BO and the Jewish community?

    Hopefully, no one showed up – the BO camp probably already has the “card board audience” displays ready!

  86. From WomenCountPAC:

    We need your help because we think our next ad is so important. We’ve updated the content to react to some recent news and also to respond to so much of your feedback.

    It has been nearly two weeks since Senator Obama became the presumptive Democratic nominee. During this time, the 18 million voters who supported Hillary Clinton have continued to ask questions and raise important issues but there is in general a lack of satisfaction with the response.

    The new headline now says, “Join our movement,” and advocates for the Democratic Party and its nominee to address the following issues: gender bias in the campaign, reform of the nominating process, health care for everyone, a plan to increase the number of women in elected office, and representing the 18 million voters who supported Hillary.

    It is so critical that we send our message powerfully in the next few days. We are hoping to run the ad in the New York Times just as soon as we raise the necessary funds. We’re about three-quarters of the way there. Please help us cross the finish line.

    We’re also excited to tell you that you can now register as an official supporter of WomenCount PAC. Just go to our web site to register or to contribute to this next ad campaign — http://www.womencountpac.com.

    Join Our Movement!

    The WomenCount PAC Team

  87. AM I the only one noticing that every other day a tragedy takes place to take the emphasis off of BO?

    He really is the anti-Christ!

  88. fuzzy was real nackered last night and so wnt to bed early to catch up on sleep-to much posting and research-oh and kathy griffins new season just started on Bravo….but I am still here with you all…afternoon carol, Mawm and pat J.
    Lots of new posts its heard for me to keep up. So the CBC has a few dissenters and Sen Obama is to busy compromising on his principles to come to us hat in hand?
    He feels we should crawl back to him?

    is that it in a nut shell?


  89. BO is telling the jewish community that it is in their best interest to work with hamas, Islamic Jihad, and give Jerusalem back to the Palestinians.

    I here he is serving Kool aide with the kosher bagels before the little mixer-of course that is just rumor-haven’t turned O”tv” on in weeks-


  90. Morning Conflucians!

    Pat Johnson – I have a really juicy role for you as Speaker Pelosi in my new play, What the FISA???!!!


  91. I also hear he dint want anyone in “traditional jewish garb” in the pictures


  92. Can someone clue me in on the possum thingy? I don’t get it. (picture RD with stoopid expression and finger up nose)

  93. It’s still morning in Texas. Good Morning.

    A compromise would mean that the original principle was different from the newest position he has taken.

    I leave my knee pads in the garage for working in the yard. And I won’t compromise their functionality.
    They refuse to go under the bus.

  94. I want to play in your play madamb is there a role for me?


    (maybe I could play a fuzzier discusted Lou Dobbs giving narative commentary-a la “our town” style)

  95. Someone said the latin in his newest shield said possum.

  96. carol we are getting much needed rain so I will not be in the garden “with the taomato’s) and I have stopped planting arugula….


    swiss chard is so much better

  97. its supposed to roughly translate into “yes we can”

    I think in actually means “I will gladly feast on the entrails of those who do not drink the koolaid”


  98. Boy, that was a nice dose of hippie culture.

  99. at least with the hippie’s their hearts were in the right place…more than I can say for the big “O”


  100. Carol, I don’t agree with the anti-christ stuff. Obama is just a machine pol from Chicago, let’s not bring Christ into it.

  101. Madamab,

    Wonderful one act — I was rolling on the floor with the hobbit line. Just one production note, shouldn’t Nance have orange stained lipstick — just saying. Otherwise, it is ready for Broadway.

  102. madamab – good play – purely fiction, I’m sure.

  103. The devil is at work! I know, I know him personally.

  104. Riverdaughter,

    The Great Seal of Obama says in Latin above the eagle, “vero pussumus,” which, loosely translated, means “yes we can.”


  105. Last night everyone started joking about that and we ended up with a lot of variations on the possum theme.

  106. Madamab,

    I think you’ve topped yourself. You are destined for the stage.

  107. There’s a latin motto on the pre-presidential shield, Vero Possumus.

    That’s latin for “it is truly possible”, i.e., “Yes We Can”, for the Harvard constituency.

    But to the “common man” Democrat? If it looks like a possum, smells like a possum, and lays in the middle of the road incubating maggots like a possum — it’s a possum.

    Carpe Pogo!

  108. The McCain campaign seems to be drifting a bit. He really should call out Obama on his race baiting and say he did the same to the Clintons.

  109. CNN is streaming BO in Miami with the Mayors.

  110. thanks everyone! glad you liked it. 🙂

    Michael P – you can be Steny. You gotta get in touch with your inner sleazeball though. 🙂

    BB – Well, I must “out” myself a little – I’ve been acting and singing since I was about five. So hopefully some of the experience has rubbed off. 🙂

  111. Madamb,WS, Carol, ronk,

    I have a question Is McCain “Right Gaurd” for BO?

    I wonder if all those little old retiree’s are going to be parting with their checks for project BO?

    Also possums generally hang upsidedown it tree’s sleeping during the day, they are nocternal(sic) that is why so many of them end up squished in the road-like bambi they freeze up when caught in the headlight of oncomming buses cars and trucks. We should live to be so lucky


  112. Ohhh, I completely missed the pretentious but perfectly suitable for snark latin phraseology.
    Gawd, this stuff just writes itself somedays.

  113. Pat Johnson, on June 21st, 2008 at 10:26 am Said:

    I do not believe for a minute the Newsweek poll showing the King ahead by 15 points. Come on! Most other polls are between 2-4 points Obama.

    with in-the-tank contributors like jonathan alter, markos moulitsas, richard wolffe and “Newsweek” appearing subliminally along with anti-Clinton message in campaign ads – Newsweek has less than zero credibility.

  114. You may know some one with UNDER THE BUS DENIAL

    You may wish to see this site for help:


    Anger could possibly be the next stage. Remember, we’re here to help you through this difficult time.

    If you or any of your relatives have been experiencing UNDER THE BUS denial,
    be certain to visit this site to determine if your symptoms are serious. If you’re convinced that you are now and have been UNDER THE BUS for some time…
    here is a list of sites that can help you:


    Remember this may be NEW to you if you’ve been spending too much time on various other blogs like HuffPoop or Daily Kampf. We’re here to help you through your ordeal. Just look for the PUMA label. There is help!

    The sooner we get these folks through Under the BUS denial the faster we can get hillary back on track in Denver!!!!

    (this has been a public service announcement)

  115. Since I have cancelled most of my mag subscriptions, barely watch cable which only brings out my lunatic ravings, stopped visiting a lot of old blogs, I am only left rereading East of Eden.

    How he gained a 15 point lead is mystifying. McCain may be a slug but this guy is hardly worth a 15 point lead. In my lifetime I have never seen the DNC behaving this outrageous. Nancy P needs to go along with the many other Dem sellouts that allowed this along with FISA to happen.

    She is another Lady Macbeth.

  116. Oo!, Oo! I found a latin translator! I’ve come up with some very impressive latin sounding mottos that go perfectly with the presumptuous nominee.
    For example:
    “piscis piscis caput capitis , piscis piscis caput capitis eat lemma sursum yum”
    Which means:
    “Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up, yum!”
    or how about:
    “quispiam left meus laganum sicco in pluvia”
    which translates to:
    “Someone left my cake out in the rain”
    and here’s a good one:
    “adepto super is”
    which is:
    “get over it”

  117. Book club…Yes!!

  118. riverdaughter … how do you say …. Party Unity My ASSS!!!!!!

    maybe that should be on obammy’s seal

  119. RD,

    We’ve had some good suggestions for a “Latin” motto for the PUMA Unparty. Maybe we should run a contest.

    Ronkseattle: E Pluribus Pluribum

    xdemocrat: E Pluribus Pumum

    myq2xu: illegitimati non carborundum

    I’ve got another good one for Barack. Does anyone know how to say “Get over it” in Latin?

  120. Hey, wait a minute, RD. You read my mind.

  121. “secui iunctum meus puga pyga” = party unity my ass

  122. So is E pluribus pluribum translating to “out of many, many”?

  123. Yes! Let’s have the seal made up immediately. We can have a snarling puma in the middle with “The Confluence” above and the riverdaughter address at the bottom.

  124. Or: ” Unity happens when my monstrous ego matches my supercilious arrogant ass!”

  125. “Carpe diem” = seize the day (the party, the votes, the caucuses, the agenda, the DNC).

  126. I think so. That one is ronk’s. I kind of liked “E Pluribus Pumum” myself. But I don’t know if Pumum is a real Latin word.

  127. Actually, I think “victum is” is closer to “get over it”

  128. roflmao, pat

  129. Obama’s motto could be steal the delegates … what carpe delgates?

  130. How about translate “Thrown under the bus” into latin


    Ok Newsweek’s poll is outrageous-maybe katherine grahams team has come down with dementia

  131. Pat: That would be: “Iunctum venio ut meus ingens ego compositus meus supercilious tumidus puga pyga”

    A little long but it certainly *sounds* important

  132. For those of us illiterate in Latin:

    Obamanum Hubris

    which translates to ‘someone is full of it’

  133. I 1st grade latin teacher at Cathederal of St John the Devine Roman Catholic School Sister Babtista would be so proud of our renewed interest in this dead language….oh my dead language for a brain dead candidate? and brain dead campaign?


  134. under the bus = “sub bus”

  135. Pat Johnson, on June 21st, 2008 at 11:56 am Said:
    jules: Anything is possible with this crowd. They managed to strongarm and steal the nomination. . .


    Our freedoms are fast disappearing and the constitution is in shatters. If you feel paranoid you are not alone.

    With our constitution in tatters, The Precious will be able to teach what he knows best when her returns to U of Chicago . . . flushing toilets and driving buses.

    I need to go turn off the radio. Precious One is bloviating again on the gnews.

  136. “carpo suffragium”=seize the votes…

  137. If Vero Possumus translates to The Possum Speaks Truthfully then he forgot the un – Unvero Possumus

    Truly We’re Able – Not

  138. How about “senile delinquents” or “make tea not love”?

    For Obama: Hoodwinkin’ and bamboozlin’ or
    the old okey-doke

  139. We could go into Obamaspeak as well:

    “Too tired.”
    “Come on guys, I already answered about 6 questions already.”
    “Can I finish my waffle?”
    “She can stay in as long as she wants.”
    “You’re likable enough, Hillary.”
    “I hardly knew him.”
    “I did not know him as well as I thought.”
    “We are who we have been waiting for.”
    “It is my party now.”
    “I do not believe I have the experience to run as yet.”
    “The Republican Party has had some great ideas.”
    “Make way for Sen. Obama.”
    “Leave my wife alone.”

    Translation: idiot

  140. I think under the bus is proicio conculco plaustrum for the record…

  141. The Newsweek Poll via Mark Hemingway:

    Looking at the the pollster.com and RCP polling averages I see that not a single other poll has Obama up by anything more than six. That’s quite the outlier. And Newsweek’s methodology here seems highly suspect — 1010 people polled, and the bulk of that is 896 registered voters, comprised of 324 Democrats vs.231 Republicans, with the remainder indpendent.

    Compare that to the latest reults from other polls. USA TODAY/Gallup poll of 1310 likely voters (a higher pollster standard than registered voters) which has Obama up by six. Rasmussen polled 3000 likely voters and has Obama up by four.

    This Newsweek poll sure looks aberrant, and for other Newsweek and especially other organizations like Reuters to parrot the results sans context is ridiculous.

  142. though that’s technically a wagon, not a bus. Buss were not in use when Latin was a spoken language, but wagons were. 🙂

  143. All right, I posted about all the dudes no it’s not “All the Young Dudes” but all the little dudes and dudettes I could find in the wiki — I think two of them had this sewn up a long time ago. They never helped Hillary Clinton and they had no plans to. What has backfired on them is us as Dems of the old order.

    I did see a page with all the big Huffie, Fluffy names and now I can’t find it, but they are all on there together. The go to something called “rootscamp” — ? I mean this was a totally planned deal, which ironically none of us knew about, so RD, when they booted you off that place, it was because they had NO intention of giving our candidate any good press. The press is so powerful, opinions can be swayed in an instant.

    Put that together with the target marketing — plus a gen addicted to this box, many of who are on big pharma and I think you are seeing what happens in the troll sector? Non-logic, non-polite discourse and ? Who knows what else. The whole thing is sickening.

    It is a huge heat wave out here, OMG. The climate temps can shift 30 degrees in one day. To me? All this parading around, and fundraising is so bogus. I’d respect the candidate who actually was into helping this country. The money alone would have rebuilt new Orleans — wouldn’t it?

    Well, you can tell my mood and I’m sorry I took up all this space, but, gee thanks for being there all. I’m telling you….this election is insane isn’t it?

  144. No way in hell is he up 15 points. The only bounce he got was when he “reached across the aisle” and fell on his ass.

  145. E Pluribus Pumum

    I vote for this one. It’s funny, and anyone can understand it (I tried to take Latin once and hated it so much I quit after 2 class sessions).

  146. Don’t forget that most people aren’t thinking of the presidential election yet. The MSM may be cooing over Obama now, but that won’t last.

    I hope that Obama, like the Pharaoh, will stay hard-hearted. And the people will be let go.


  147. Sitting by my daughter’s pool, laptop and a gin and tonic by my side. The roses are blooming and the day is brilliant. Just what I need to elevate my mood and relax while thinking of ways to bring Hillary back.

  148. Wow – I’ve been too busy to comment the past few days working on a report and I missed all the schadenfreudy fun!

    Ha-ha! (like Raphy on the Simpsons) We have the O-bots whining that their hero let them down on FISA (of course, we knew that was coming), and possumus (or possumi?) for hungry PUMAs to lunch on!

    But really Conflucians, I never thought that Obama would be against FISA. He’s salivating on the chance to use to all the Bush signing statement habit,, FISA, Patriot Act to his full and dangerous advantage.

  149. Rainy day in Caracas.

    My work this morning has been to attend to my HRC withdrawal. Here is a list of videos that I enjoy.

    I Need Hillary (by iwillforhill)

    Hillary’s Wins West Virginia!! (sic) (by v4hill)

    One Hillary (by hillacrat)

    Hillary Clinton’s Accomplishments (by iLEwoman)

    Hillary Clinton – Worth Fighting For (Rocky Theme Song) (by HPF83)

    Hillary Clinton Will Stand by You! (by Iknowthesecret)

    Hillary Clinton for President. Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol (by sirrom2)

    White House Photography – Clinton (by wvasta)

  150. sorry gotta go some major construction going on upstairs-

  151. How about a special on Animal Planet for the presumptive Possum-in-Chief? Show him running with his pack of Wright, Pfleger, Rezko, Brazile Nut and Axelrude. Show him munching on the carcuses of the RBC with a voice over saying, “Thems the Rulz of nature.” Show him being tamed at the circus doing back flips. Show him in his natural habitat of Chicago’s sewers. Show him running when the lights are turned on. Show him always running in the middle of the road until he comes to a crossroads where he’s stumped and frozen in mid-possum step. The possibilities are endless.

  152. Now that the Latin is all the rage, I found these beauties at the NYTimes Caucus thread yesterday:

    113. “Hypocriticus Maximus” must have been copyrighted.
    With Obama’s FISA flip flop today, he may want to try Hoodwinkus The Kosterdus.

    Bonus: this is funny:

    99. “Vero Possumus.” Indeed, the very voice of the average American.

  153. Nobody should be giving up now. Time is on our side.

    Obama is moving into self-destruct mode faster than I thought.

    Possum or no possum, he’s not the nominee yet.


  154. Perhaps, RD could choose the best Latin slogans and rotate them at some corner of the page daily. Sort of latin slogan of the day.

  155. Oh, McCain’s camp answered. Good for them.

    Courtesy of Taylor Marsh. NY Daily News:

    Snarked John McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds, “I think we can all agree that we need presidential candidates that are serious enough not to play make-believe on the campaign trail.”

    “It’s laughable, ridiculous, preposterous and revealing all at the same time,” Bounds said.

  156. Apparently Obama is running commercials aimed at Superdelegates in Washington DC. Link:


    To me, this suggests that some of our rhetoric is working. At the very least they are obviously less than confident. I think we should keep up the pressure and should write a few SDs, just telling our story, and enumerating why we can’t vote for Obama. Here’s a tool that can help if you are so inclined:


  157. Awesome, ghost2! That’s pretty real. I wrote about the land of make believe yesterday.

  158. “It’s laughable, ridiculous, preposterous and revealing all at the same time.”

    oooh! burn.

    Good one.

    This is how you handle pompous frauds. You call them ‘laughable and ridiculous.’

  159. annabellep – Oh, they are so-o-o-o not confident.

  160. Prolix – pretty funny.

  161. Prolix,

    You are hilarious!

  162. Good lurking today. Thanks to all for the laughs, smiles and Latin. As long as we can laugh all is not lost. They are more likely to hear us when aren’t angry.
    My question–In the last month 4 possums have been caught under my house. Could they be spies? Should I worry abut the one I heard under the loo last night?

    Also, alliteration is good—pusillanimous pussumus:
    very presumptious presumptive possumus king :
    [something to amuse myself with–better than sleeping pills! ] Sorry. I’m feeling silly tonight.

  163. Spiritof76,

    Hey those are good!

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