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Late Night: The Remains of the Day

It was a gorgeous day in NJ today so the BFF and I went to Lambertville, which is right across the Delaware River from New Hope. There are lots of high quality craftsmen in the area and antique shops, but, alas, the tiger maple high boy that the BFF had his eye on was nowhere to be found.

We had a delicious dinner at Marsha Brown’s, a Louisiana cuisine restaurant in a converted Methodist Church on the New Hope side. After a bottle of Semillion, we walked back to Lambertville over the bridge. Here is the Delaware at Dusk looking downstream towards the place where George Washington made his historic crossing.

The river is wide…

And now for something completely different. Just before we crossed the bridge, this tableau caught my eye. Well, this just *screamed* Caption Contest to me. So, go to it Conflucians:

95 Responses

  1. My entry: “Mandatory Manikin Sentence”

  2. My entry: “Obama unveils strategy to win over Hillary supporters.”

    We’ll get over it!

  3. My entry: Obama supporters awake to find they’ve been robbed of more than their money.

  4. Obama supporters plot to replace Hillary supporters with Stepford duplicates. Fortunately a sharp-eyed puma spots the evidence and calls the authorities.

  5. 2013-
    The remains of women after enduring four years of ^ Barack Obama…
    (it pains me to write Pres. in front of his name…)

  6. Ok, how did I get the happy face?
    Also, President is suppose to be above the arrow.

  7. BB: Ah, so *that’s* where they come from. They’ve just shed their pods.

    I’m trying to find the perfect quote from The Big Dollhouse from Hairspray…

  8. Are those Obama’s VP candidates?

  9. spare parts for the bus….

  10. Haven’t got a caption, but I do have a coinage to offer:

    ¡Si, soy PUMA!

  11. The remainder of Obama’s base after four years.

  12. Americans Stripped by FISA: Pelosi’s Cover-up Denied

  13. yo tambien!

  14. Gary,

    I’m afraid to go to sleep tonight. I don’t want to have nightmares about that poor little girl pulling the “Obama bus” down the street with that crazy guy interrogating her.

  15. Without Hillary, We Crumble

  16. Britney Spears did it again!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hey, the PUMAs are on the prowl again! They are nocturnal animals, after all. Watch out possums!

  18. In other developments …

    Yoda places in “World’s Ugliest Dog” contest.

  19. these gates don’t look pearly to me…..

  20. RD,

    I only saw the original John Waters Hairspray. Was the musical remake good?

  21. My entry – Obamazoid Meltdown!

  22. My other entry: “Obama’s likely voters!”

    BB: the remake is prize. I love it. Have the soundtrack.

  23. In order to secure the support of fellow primary rivals and other leading democrats, Senator Obama has announced that Tipper, the two Elizabeths, Grace, Barbara, and Whitney were sent to an undisclosed location to help Michelle Obama improve her First Wife image.

  24. RonK: That picture is ugly, ugly, ugly.

  25. “Oborg trolls on a cigarette break”

  26. To Obama supporters: “You didn’t have to literally prove The Emperor has No Clothes”.

  27. Oh, I”ve walked that bridge across the Delaware so many times! I loved going to Lambertivlle/New Hope!

    I lived even closer to Washington’s Crossing State Park. Crossing over that bridge to the PA side was awesome. I loved imaging that Christmas Eve crossing.

    Sigh! There ARE things I miss about my lifelong home, New Jersey, although I’m thoroughly glad to be in Las Cruces for the past 8 years…


  28. Sorry for the typos….Lambertville….imagining….

  29. dak: LOL!!

    BB: I saw it a couple of years ago on Broadway with Harvey Fierstein as Edna. It was probably one of the best plays I’ve seen on Broadway in a long time. Fierstein was a riot. I loved it when the giant hairspray can sprang open in the end and there he was in drag with the over the top ruffled gown looking like a cross between Carmen Miranda and Diana Ross on steroids. Too, too, good!

  30. Friends of the Great Pretender!

    Quote from Obama, “Poser’s”

  31. That must have been wonderful, RD.

    I couldn’t face seeing the movie with John Travolta in the role made famous by Divine. Ricki Lake was adorable in that movie too.

  32. At Reclusive Leftist Dr. Socks asks if Obama will start printing his own make-believe money, now that he has his own make-believe Presidential seal?

  33. Barack is sitting for a sketch for his placement on Mount Rushmore. He decided to go without the crown.

  34. Carol:

    LOL – they are “posers” aren’t they?

  35. Pat:

    Not even the tiara?

  36. Tiara’s are tacky and so yesterday. Besides, he did not want to be confused with Camilla. Good call.

  37. I’m not clever enough tonight but I’m thinking of something with Stepford Wives and Claire, Amy, Kathleen, Maria and the rest. You know at the end of Stepford Wives Katherine Ross discovers they are all robots. These are like the spare parts.

  38. Pat – I really think he should design his own Crown and rename it.

  39. The “Bowler” perhaps?

  40. Atrios appears to have had some second thoughts. But Obama had me on my first.

  41. I just saw Hillary and Bill at Russert’s funeral on CNN.

    I think they were talking to Joe.

    I miss her. I love her. She will be our President!

  42. Some fool in my neighborhood has been setting off fireworks for the last couple of nights around this time. Probably an Obamabot who does not realize we celebrate the 4th on the 4th.

  43. My caption:

    Punishment of the Obama-ites.

  44. Pat: Not in my town. It NEVER does fireworks on the fourth. They always do them a week to 10 days before. Depressing actually. I don’t know how we got stuck with this tradition.

  45. the arms embargo proved quite effective, but sadly, had tragic consequences.

  46. Pat – those are not July 4th fireworks. It is the build up to the terrorist attacks if BO makes it to the WH as anything other than a bathroom janitor.

  47. Pat:

    Impatience is a fixture in Obots.

    They take after The Precious

  48. Well it is either premature celebration of the 4th or some husband has been getting home much later than expected. This will go on for about 15 minutes. Have no idea where they purchased these since they are banned in MA.

  49. Pat,

    The people down the street from me own a Chinese restaurant, and someone down there–probably their kids–used ot set off fireworks all summer. Thank goodness, their kids must have grown up and moved away, because they haven’t been doing it this year.

  50. rd: These must be your people.

  51. Pat, they can get them in NH, can’t they? And in Chinatown they are always available.

  52. bostonboomer, on June 21st, 2008 at 11:35 pm Said:

    Hey, the PUMAs are on the prowl again! They are nocturnal animals, after all. Watch out possums!

    PUMAs versus possums. Perfect.

  53. Women making great strides in the war against sexism got shut down, shut out, and cut off at the knees. Wecome to 2008, the year time went backwards.

  54. bb: I will be in Boston for the fireworks on the 4th. Look for me in the crowd.

  55. What I have missed since January 3, 2008: My Life!

    What I have missed since June 7, 2008: Our Hillary!

    Booooooooooo HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    I miss Hillary – this is not fun!

  56. Sharon: Looks like we have another whole millenium to go.

  57. Carol: I hear you. We would normally be taking potshots at Bush and McCain. Instead we reserve our snarks for our own “presumptious presumptive” nominee. Go figure.

  58. Pat,

    Good luck. I don’t go anywhere near crowds like that. Once I watched the fireworks from across the Charles and that was too many people for me. Actually I can hear them from here sometimes, and I can see them from the top of the hill. But it even gets pretty crowded up there. I am not a crowd person.

  59. The Democratic Party has been storing these lovely and compliant women in the DNC storage locker since the late 60s. Happily, they will be brought back just in time for the 2008 convention.

  60. bb: I am spending time with my son and family in Reading. That would be the only reason I would be there. And the Big Dig scares me.

  61. I find it amazing that Russert’s wife works for Vanity Fair, and Obama had a hit piece done on Bill the weekend before Hillary’s last win!

  62. it’s possible it’s because it’s buddha’s birthday boston …

  63. “the first two to arrive at the convention are the half delegates from Florida and Michigan”

  64. Carol, DeeDee Meyer’s hubby wrote it. Maybe they conspired?

  65. was it a hit piece? I heard a little bit about it but I never read VF

  66. Sorry Gary – wrong halves for this convention!

  67. “GLORIA”
    Please..Please.. send this link to “AC360”.
    Anderson Copper is “starting” to catch on to the Obama “injecting racism” & the “blaming” his opponent!
    “IF” he “beats” McCain it won’t be the way he “THINKS” he beat Hillary!!
    Keep the Faith!
    LET’S “Retire the Debit” & Hillary will be, “INDEPENDENT by INDEPENENCE DAY”!!

  68. Gary lol!!! the half delegates….

  69. Russert’s wife only contributes once or twice yearly to Vanity Fair. Dee Dee for quite awhile did speak up in Hillary’s defense.

  70. “Sorting thru the body parts to make a new Obama that responds a bit better to the media”…..

  71. kiki: It was.

  72. “Sorting thru the body parts to make a new Obama that responds a bit better to the media”…..

    I kind of like this one.

  73. riverdaughter … actually I think I see Kos there in the middle, he and the folks on HuffPoop and FireDawgFlake must be waiting to talk to Obambi about that FISA thing … he’s evidently put them in that undisclosed location too!!!! Wow, what a few hours with Michelle can do to a person!

  74. no surprise, I guess. VF is pretty trashy

  75. I’m sure they did. VF – just unsubstantiated reports from unnamed sources that Bill was prowling around. All they think they have to do is insinuate and that’s good enough.

    Don’t buy their magazine.

    By the way – when is the officicial boycott of products on MSNBC, CNN etc.

  76. Sorry for the spelling error!
    Good Night to All!

  77. I stayed up to see if MO was going to hit Obama on the seal, FISA and campaign finance. She wrote a hit piece on Carla Sarkozy.

    If Hillary had a seal two weeks after being the presumptive nominee, Mo would have had a field day.

  78. RD,

    could we have a poll for the caption contest? There are so many good ones.

  79. How about:

    “The Naked Truth about Obama”

  80. My entry:

    Lay back and think of the Supreme Court

  81. If I had known the bus was leaving I would have gotten dressed.

  82. I finally had to go read MoDo for the first time in.. over a year? I’m not sure what her point was.. although I’m a little dismayed by how it seems Mme Sarko is suddenly so highly regarded for nothing more than being well mannered and stylish. (And she is very stylish!) I didn’t find anything she’s said all that shocking or remarkable. Her first album is *very* good, haven’t heard the second yet.

  83. Caption: Chicago’s special voters…

  84. I just watched Joy B. from the “View” on Larry King.
    She’s another “Kool-aide” drinker that is “CERTAIN”
    “we”,Hillary’s supporters will “come around”!
    Guess why…Roe v Wade, BIG SURPRISE!!
    Did they read about the “girls” in MA & the pregnancy
    “pack”? Education is something we can work on now!
    I am starting to feel what others have already expressed comparing “our” treatment to that of the “ABUSIVE” partner.”Come on baby..where else do you have to go…”! My answer…”Any where BUT here”!

  85. I cast my vote for kiki, half delegates,lol,but there all great!
    thanks you all,I needed that.

  86. How do you know you spend too much time on political blogs? When you see a reference to “Lambertviille” and immediately think “Correntewire.” ;(

  87. I’m with Jimbo, that’s what I thought :).

    And Gary’s caption made me lol, as did Kiki’s.

  88. My entry:

    The US Senate Ladies Auxiliary Luncheon after the cameras are gone and the tea was spiked.

    Not nearly as good as most of you guys came up with but I did want to play too.

  89. Obama’s phase 2 of the “Stepford project” is now complete

  90. Loved the pic we always go to the Logan Inn at Christmas time and then a walk through Peddlers Village. Come to Medford sometime for antiques

  91. Millions of women sighted at Obama rally: Party Unity Imminent, Say Democrats.

  92. “Puma’s on the rebound, in a fierce assemblage…”

    ps: RD! & Co… oh those pumadelicious searches going on behind the scenes chez moi, every day, and getting stronger! Very few for guess who, only for all things P related. Did you say desperation? I would. They just can’t get seem to get inside or understand the puma mindset! Poor things. It’s too late, pal.
    That “great seal” — I’m afraid that move just sealed the fate, indeed.
    No end is going to be made of that one….. plus I’m certain males both Repub, Dem, and Indy really didn’t like that move —

    It looks so pretty there, along that river — charming!

    pss—on your lead story that part about the unethical enron types — all the bad guys love that little monster — but, good guys always triumph! They do! It’s time!

  93. The urgency of NEVER

  94. DNC
    yes we are your worst nightmare

  95. tpt/ny
    Spot on.

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