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Denver asks Obama-nation to pay convention tab

Yesterday the Rocky Mountain News asked Senator Obama to “take Denver off the hook” and cover the 11 million shortfall in fund-raising for Denver’s share of expenses for the Democratic Convention.

Make the calls to your donors, Sen. Obama. Send the e-mails. Denver should no longer be on the hook for Democratic National Convention expenses. A few exhortations to your supporters could quickly retire the city’s remaining obligations.

After all, Denver is simply providing the venue for Barack Obama’s nomination. It’s his party. It’s only appropriate to ask his contributors to ensure that the celebration is a rousing success.

The presumptive nominee has raised a jaw-dropping $265 million for his fall campaign, smashing previous records. And reliable estimates say he might drum up that much more for the November race.

The Obama team could shake the sofa cushions at his headquarters, relatively speaking, and go a long way toward meeting the city’s goal. Think about it: Denver’s $11 million shortfall might be 2 percent of the money the senator will raise during the campaign.

Moreover, Obama’s decision Thursday to reject public financing will let him tap a wider range of donors, large and small. With public financing, Obama could spend a mere $84 million for the general election. Now, thousands of new donors can participate.

Oops! All those “creative class” donors to the unity pony cause might not be in quite the right mood for another solicitation at the moment, after their hero’s failure to respond to their pleas that he stand up to Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer and defend the Constitution. For example, take idealistic Obama supporter “thereisnospoon” at the Orange Cheeto (I won’t link, but you can search by user name there):

On June 19 at 5:42PM thereisnospoon wrote:

I just called Senator Obama’s office. A very courteous staffer answered the phone immediately.

I mentioned that I was a precinct captain for the Obama campaign in California, that I was a caucus captain in Nevada who broke the story about the caucus shenanigans by the Clinton campaign.

I explained that I was extremely concerned about the FISA compromise currently being rammed through the House, and that it was very, very important to me that Senator Obama use his leverage to make a public stand against this capitulation.

Obama’s office told this poor deluded soul:

“We hear you loud and clear. The staff are literally reviewing the FISA issue as we speak. You’ll be hearing from us soon.”

Here is thereisnospoon just a little over 24 hours later, June 20 at 9:16PM:

Today is a day of mourning for those of us who love our Constitution, our Country, and the commitment to Rule of Law. Whether on account of fear of Republican attacks, or of corruption in pandering to telecom interests, or fear of retribution for their own complicity in Constitutional crimes, a minority of House Democrats combined with the reprobate Republicans to pass through a travesty of legislation that allows the Bush Administration and their big telecom allies retroactive immunity and a free pass for gutting the 4th Amendment. There is still fighting to be done to remove some of the worst provisions of the bill in the Senate–and we fight we must.

Still, however, we are right to feel betrayed. Progressives and freedom-loving Americans of all stripes are justifiably upset. Furious. Disheartened. Depressed.

Oh wait a minute. Thereisnospoon says it’s not Barack’s fault after all, even though he made an “inadequate statement” on the troubling FISA bill that passed the House yesterday. Nooooooo, my goodness no. It’s Nancy Pelosi’s fault because she took impeachment off the table! And as putative head of the Democratic Party, how on earth could Barack Obama have even the slightest influence over Speaker Pelosi?

Thereisnospoon explains:

No law is safe or binding under a Unitary Executive–which is why Barack Obama’s inadequate statement on FISA makes the presumption that he will clean up the mess once he is elected President. Because he knows that nothing that Congress might put in the bill will matter to the current President, who will simply ignore whatever restrictions are placed in his way.

See, Bush would just ignore anything Congress does anyway. We have to wait until The Precious is in the White House. Then he in his infinite wisdom will reverse all that Bush and Cheney have done to strengthen the “unitary executive.” Barack would never abuse his powers, no, no, no. He will rule with an even hand and will see to it that all that is wrong with the world is healed and transformed.

That is why, try as I might, I can’t get too worked up about what should otherwise be a hair-rending shredding of our Constitutional principles by our supposedly Democratic-led House of Representatives: the end result of this fight was predetermined long ago–no matter what the result of the FISA fight might be.

Oh. Okay then. Carry on, Denver. The blogger boyz are still ripe for bamboozling and hoodwinking, even though Barack has already taken their money and then thrown them under the bus with the rest of us. I’m sure they’ll be willing to cough up 11 million more to make Barack’s coronation very very special.

104 Responses

  1. Denver better be careful, Obama has a big bus and the city may go under it! He has now throw the liberals a curve and under they go!

  2. TINS is so cute. I’ll bet he still believes in Santa Claus too….

  3. Fish gotta swim
    Birds gotta fly
    I gotta love that man till I die
    Can’t help lovin’ that man of mine.

    Tell me he’s lazy
    Tell me he’s slow
    Tell me I’m crazy
    Maybe I know

    Can’t help lovin that man of mine.

    Can’t find a link for it. Good song, though.

  4. Teresa,

    It’s amazing how the really committed Obama supporters rationalize his behavior again and again and again.

  5. I love that song! I haven’t seen Showboat in a long time. it used to be my favorite movie.

  6. That video is creepy.

    There must have been signal sent that I missed.

    Or I am miss a gene or I possess one that would make the attraction to OB possible. I just don’t see what make peole want to worship this guy.

    It is pure emotion on his followers part.

  7. Fish gotta swim
    Birds gotta fly
    I gotta love one man till I die
    Can’t help lovin’ than man of mine

    Tell me he’s lazy
    Tell me he’s slow
    Tell me I’m crazy
    Maybe I know
    Can’t help lovin’ that man of mine

  8. He says he’ll pay for the convention only if he can use his spiffy new seal. And also only if the name is changed from the Democratic Convention to “the anointing of The One”

  9. BB: I trust that someday TINS will finally figure out that

    “yes we can” dillute our koolaid with water!

    Until then, he’ll be a laugh a minute.

  10. Drat – sorry for the double post. I was trying to add a link.

    Fabulous song. Even though Ava didn’t sing it in the movie, she was so beautiful in it.

  11. TINS is probably dreaming of the cabinet position he’ll be offered. this whole FISA thing demonstrated his importance to Obama’s campaign – oh, not overtly, but in a clever political move that made it look like they were ignoring him, but of course they really weren’t. because he’s so important to them.

    this reminds me of the freepers, who at one time would rationalize every dumb thing W did as a clever political move. they kept it up for years, until it finally didn’t make sense even to them.

  12. That video is creepy.

    There must have been signal sent that I missed.

    Or I am missing a gene that would make the attraction to OB possible. I just don’t see what makes people want to worship this guy.

    It is pure emotion on his followers part.

  13. Fredster: You mean the CORONATION of the The One.

  14. Arabella – from Showboat.


  15. What are we supposed to be paying for in Denver? I can as easily sit home and watch the party implode on my own.

  16. Sorry for the multiple posts. I was trying to edit, but I guess I can’t.

  17. The Democrats thought the same thing about Howard Dean — that all his online supporters would contribute to the DNC.

    Good luck, Denver.

  18. Pat Johnson: Yep, they can photoshop the crowds in. No reason to bother actually having crowds.

    Hold the convention on the Rezko part of Obama’s lawn. Photoshop in the crowds, VOILA, King Flipflop coronated on a budget.

  19. One of my college professors had two statues in his lab office : two hummel-esqe cherubs sitting on toilets. One was happy and one was unhappy

    The happy cherub-on-a-toilet had “Can” inscribed on the base.

    The unhappy cherub-on-a-toilet had “Can’t” inscribed on the base.

  20. Lead, follow, or get the H*ll out of the way.

    Senator Obama certainly isn’t leading on the FISA issue. He’s got that following thing down pat considering how he follow’s Senator Clinton’s lead on ANY issue. Of course I’d love to see him get the heck out of her way for the nomination.

  21. Obama = Kerry with a tan.

  22. he isn’t going to lead on any issue. that would give voters a record to consider, and he is running on an empty slate so that he can be whatever you want him to be. and people are actually buying this.

  23. I envision him being carried in on a sedan chair on the shoulders of Sheila Jackson Lee and other Hillary supporters. He takes to the mic and waits 10 minutes for the howling to subside, also giving enough time for the paramedics to rescue those who have fainted or just gone out of their minds in his presence.

    The “seal” is then ceremoniously replaced with the presidential seal thus making the act official. Hillary and Bill come forward to resounding boos and Hill asks forgiveness for making him wait this long to receive the nomination. Bill slaps her upside the head because he too has now become a “believer”. The crowd goes wild.

    KO steps forward bearing the crown on a golden pillow while the rest of the MSM bow from the waist. Markos anoints and Ariana touches both of his shoulders with rolled up copies of the Constitution and the DNC bylaws. Chelsea takes a match and then burns both from each end.

    With that Obama makes a short 2 minute presentation as he has other things to do and Michele steps forward for the ring kissing ceremony. As a parting shot, Obama announces that he has flip flopped on another issue and John Kerry leads a cheer!

    Balloons and confetti fall from the rafters while the Secret Service parts the crowd with, “make way for Pres. Obama!” The band then strikes up a rousing rendition of a new song by Michael Jackson: “Bamboozled Again”.

    The emotion is far reaching and most of us are overcome with sheer joy! Unity, unity, we shout in unision. It is going to be a good year to be an Obamabot!

    It is then announced that President Elect Obama will now be unavailable for the next few months since he is on a long awaited and well deserved vacation and sees no need to continue to campaign. Supporters are asking for John McCain to get out of the race now as he is just standing in the way of the inevitable.

    The fading shot will be of Andrew Sullivan holding up an engagement ring he has purchased for Obama and hopes to deliver on this emotionally charged evening.

    Hillary will be seen trying to hail a cab with no luck.

    The End.

  24. The video was produced by Obamamessiah.com, so I know this one is a parody. Still, very creepy. After all, those are real quotes.

  25. LOL

    The Obama-Nation

    Prog Blog trolls are exploding!

    From Empty Wheel over Obama endorsement of FISA…

    PJEvans June 20th, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    How do we get through to ‘Mr Next President’ that he’s about to lose a whole lot of potential votes?

    (I haven’t sent him much money, but I’m inclined to ask for it back. I can use it. It’s two tanks of gas for my fuel-efficient car.)


  26. #
    Teresa, on June 21st, 2008 at 3:43 pm Said:

    Fredster: You mean the CORONATION of the The One.

    Teresa, yeah you’re right! LOL! But he still wants his seal too!

  27. Pat,

    That may be the funniest thing you have ever written! And that is saying a lot, because you are very very funny.

  28. I think it’s more likely that BO will get rid of the presidental seal and replace it with his own.

  29. Does this mean Denver’s under the bus too?

  30. Pat, that was kind of depressing. still funny though 🙂

    I wonder if anyone has explained to Obama that he can’t just call for McCain to drop out of the race, or try to find a loophole to maneuver him out. “yes Barack, it’s a great idea but the republicans will just put another candidate up”

    Obama likes to run unopposed. the odds are better.

  31. Woo…my comment just ended up in hyperspace. Try again. More succinctly. I refuse to share my choice under the bus space with OBots having a belated come-to-Jesus moment over Obama’s FISA fiasco. Y’all just get back there where the diesel fumes are the strongest and maybe it will clarify your thinking.

  32. In just a few short years the remaining OFB might be arguing that we need to reelect The Precious so that he will finally be free to use His awesum powers of persuasion and His Unity magic.

  33. I’m a bit disturbed by the Denver plea. The city of Denver bid for the convention. Not because they lean democratic or support either candidate, in fact the state will very possibly go republican in the GE. They did this for recognition, and the tourist/visitor money this event would bring in. This was a calculated risk the City of Denver took. It happens all the time for a variety of big events.

    If there are Democrats who are looking for a place to donate their money, I suggest they look for solid organizations that are working hard to help the people who have been flooded out of their homes and lost everything to the tornados and floods in the midwest.

  34. JavaCityPal,

    If you read the story at the link, you’ll see that candidates in teh past have often helped to pay for conventions. The Rocky Mt. News story appeared to be a bit tongue in cheek as well.

  35. salmonrising,

    I couldn’t find your comment, but wordpress was doing some housekeeping a little while ago. If your comment doesn’t show up, that could be the reason.

  36. JavaCityPal — on Denver — the DNC (or whatever subcommittee does the choosing) chose Denver, in part, I’m sure because they thought a convention in the state might push it over the line to blue. How many times have we heard that Obama’s going to flip Colorado? The benefits of the decision were not all on Denver’s side. All principles aside, it’s in the DNC’s and Obama’s best interests to show a bit of generosity here.

    On the other hand, I totally agree with you about the floods. I’m constantly bombarded with miraculous reports of Obama’s fundraising capabilities. And a large part of his base are the same people who, within hours of both the tsunami and Katrina, were sending millions to relief organizations over the Internet.

    I think a call from him to contribute would go much, much farther than moving sandbags for a photo op. And on the mercenary side, help him more than hurt him in fundraising down the line. His campaign is trumpeting a possible $500 million in fundraising by the GE — seems like he could spare a bit for flood victims AND Denver.

  37. This guy thereisnospoon wrote:

    “I mentioned that I was a precinct captain for the Obama campaign in California, that I was a caucus captain in Nevada who broke the story about the caucus shenanigans by the Clinton campaign.”

    Isn’t this a bit illegal to work like this in both states? In the old days, you had to be a citizen of Illinois to be a precinct captain in Illinois, and you definitely had to be a citizen of the state to work the state election. So how can this guy work two states?

    If any one knows, an answer would be appreciated. Thanks!

  38. The video is definitely creepy. I seem to be seeing more and more of these vids [finally], questioning the Messianic marketing that Axelrod chose for “The One” campaign. It’s what originally turned me off–the adoration element–and then provoked some research: Who is this man? What “does” he believe?

    Now we know.

    Obama’s not the Wizard of Oz or the Messiah or the Pied Piper. He’s whatever you want him to be. His beliefs and policy positions follow the same track. He’s the film that you project an image on. Doesn’t matter if it’s real or true. He is a Man for All Seasons, All People:

    I am the Shepherd and you are my devoted, bleating sheep.

    It becomes increasingly scary and dangerous.

    Wake up America.

  39. “So many suckers, so little time.”
    – – – Barack Obama, June 20, 2008.

  40. The DNC has $3.9 million by the end of May. This is down from $4.4 million at the end of April. Do Dean and the DNC fundraisers even go to work? And didn’t the DNC and the Obama campaign partner during April?

    The RNC has $53 million.

  41. Arabella, you might remember Ava sings that song in Showboat after a schmuck has abused her and dumped her. So it’s perfect.


    Si puma

  42. link to DNC and RNC numbers

  43. Oh, yeah…Colorado is in the bag…Not sure whose though….
    As for that video – i wondered for a while if it was parody or real. When it hit me it was real I got very scared,

  44. Jaime,

    I think TINS lives in Nevada and voted there. A precinct captain works directly for the Obama campaign to get out the vote. It’s different from working at the caucuses. He didn’t work in a voting place.

  45. LMBO @ Arabella’s song choice. Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  46. edgeofforever,

    The video is a parody, but it contains real quotes and scenes of Obama and his supporters. It is intended to be a warning to the rest of us. It was produced by the Obamamessiah blog:


  47. bostonboomer – thanks for the info.

    It was just that when I lived in Chicago, a precinct captain had to live in the precinct he worked in, but that was back in the 70’s when I was married to a democratic precinct captain!

  48. What is wrong with the “seal”?

    I had it tatooed on my left butt cheek, across my chest and a reverse image onto my forehead this afternoon. I’m thinking about shaving my head and having it placed onto the crown.

    You people had better get with the program!

    Donate, Donate, Donate………

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    (Your battery is low, Your battery is low, Your battery is low.)

  49. They would be asking Clinton to pay the tab if she were the nominee.

  50. The DNC wouldn’t have this problem is Hillary were the nominee.

  51. Saw this on another blog:

    Next time someone says we need to vote Obama for SCOTUS, tell them…

    “You’re saying we need to vote for Obama because you don’t trust Senate Leader Reid?”

    I like that angle.

  52. Jaime P.

    I could be wrong. You could go back and look at TINS’ diaries if you want to spend the time. He wrote a lot during the Nevada primary, and that is why I think he’s from Nevada.

  53. I’m just thinking that Obama led this whole election season into being the most decadent, uncontrolled spending fiasco in history. Over $500M total spent just to get close to having a democratic nominee.

    Now that he wants that amount again just for himself (if he is officially made the nominee), a big chunk of his and Hillary’s donors are reeling from the rapid rise of gas prices, food prices, and soon everything that is trucked will be rising. The timing is such that these leaders need to tighten their frivolous spending belts and Obama should have stayed with his promise to use public funding.

    I think his choice to go with a $500M budget is showing a lack of judgment considering what the working class democrats, and the students are experiencing budgetwise. He’s showing his selfishness knows no limits.

  54. His campaign is trumpeting a possible $500 million in fundraising by the GE — seems like he could spare a bit for flood victims AND Denver.

    Wishful thinking. He only raised $21 million in May, his worst month. I have a feeling it’s not going to get much better for him.

  55. Eleven million for a smokestack billowing white smoke — what kind of ponzi scheme is this? All you need is a stovepipe, about $39, and a couple of Sunday NYT, about $10, and there you have it.

  56. I have to post this to help get it out of my system, either that or take an acid bath to remove the slime.
    Okay, I haven’t been to TPM in maybe two years? I made the mistake of wondering in there today… big mistake. HUGE. (ala julia roberts)

    This post sums it up for me:
    “I support Obama, and you know why, even if he votes for the FISA bill, am I going to continue donating and supporting him? Because I CARE ABOUT FREEDOM, LIBERTY, JUSTICE AND THE CONSTITUTION.”

    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in great numbers.

  57. Write to the super delegates and request they change their position. Enough is enough with this weasel… I mean opossum.

  58. Yup. That’s pretty stupid all right. What is wrong with these people?

  59. His rabid supporters are unenlightened. They don’t read and have very little knowledge of history. All they offer are rants and insults to support him and validate their blind obsession. Some still insist he is going to change the world. Right.

    They will be lucky if he even shows up to work now and then.

  60. “The “Present” of the United States” ?

  61. Pat Johnson – sheer genius! Your delicious comment should be a diary.

  62. For your consideration……

    The bots are still Psych-O!
    Barack Obama can’t turn off his own hate machine.

    He belatedly issued a statement saying that he understood what Hillary meant to say. So did RFK Jr. So did Skinner of DU, albeit in a rather smarmy fashion. All responsible political writers understand that Hillary was not issuing any kind of “death threat.”

    But — and I cannot stress this enough — many Obama followers are mentally ill.

    I mean that literally, and I will never take it back. (Note that I said “followers,” not “supporters”: We are dealing with a cult.) From a purely tactical point of view, they should be mending fences with Hillary’s voters. But they refuse to do so. They would prefer to see half the Democratic Party leave — even if that mass exodus means the end of Obama’s chances in November.


  63. Everytime Obama lies, or deceives, his legion of lemmings makes his utterances synonymous with pragmatism.

    Roget must be somewhere laughing and shaking his head at the psychoactive ignorance.

  64. Hey guys. Anyone know who Hillary will choose as her VP? I’m hoping not Obama, for sure!

  65. It amazes me the hate that surrounds their posts. It is so unnatural. They interpret every criticism as if it were personal. No questioning or criticism allowed. I have never seen anything like it. As if you are invading their personal universe and upsetting the stars.

    I can understand loyalty to a candidate up to a point, but this gets totally out of hand. The F word, the C word, racist, is flung out like rice at a wedding. You can almost see the veins bulging. And they do not know this guy! He has no record, no background, nothing you can point to with any assurance.

    These people are in for a bigger letdown than Dean supporters. It is like they are defending the ugly boyfriend. They go absolutely insane.

  66. Prince: Elizabeth Edwards Bill Clinton Geraldine Ferraro

  67. Prince,

    Ala Chuck Norris, Hillary doesn’t need a vice president — she can shape up all the misdeeds and lawlessness of Bush/Cheney years ten days into the Administration and still have time for a long weekend in between.

  68. And repaint the Green Room while she is at it.

  69. Clinton /Ferraro 2008

    Clinton/Ferraro 2012

    A gal can dream can’t she?

  70. Prince, I say Evan Bayh. I would die. Perfect ticket.

  71. Pat,

    Do you ever wonder where all these droids have been until like War of the Worlds they were awakened from their not long enough slumber?

    Did all their playstation chairs go bad this season? Were their parents’ basements all flooded? Have they bested the “graAnimals” test and are now out wandering about amongst us as if they are magically socialized?

    It’s like their remote control cars have suddenly plugged into their brain stems and they believe they’re baby ducks who have seen BZero as their mama. This would account for their mindlessness, but it doesn’t explain their basic mean-spiritedness.

    Historians will have a field day with this primary where the hoards of adoring ducklings have been hypnotized by nothing more than John Tesh rocking out to Muzak.

  72. How about Clinton/Jackson Lee? That one might turn Texas blue.

  73. BB: No, no it won’t.

  74. regencyg,

    Bayh would be OK. I wonder if he was in the military. I’ll check on that. I remember when Evan’s dad was Senator from Indiana and then he ran for President against Carter in 1976. When he ran for the Senate in 1963, he had an award-winning commercial based on a tune from the Broadway musical, Wildcat. It went:

    Hey look him over,
    Give him the eye,
    His first name is Birch
    and his last name is Bayh

    That’s all I remember, but that part is burned in my memory forever. Birch was a nice guy too.

  75. regencyg,

    Why not? Is Jackson Lee unpopular? Or you just think TX can’t go blue this year?

  76. Jackson-Lee is still getting hell for standing by Hillary. I’m not sure she’s even going to be able to keep her seat this go-round. Living in her district, which is overwhelming for Obama and overwhelmingly black, I have doubts.

    I just don’t see her being enough.

  77. Of course you knew I wasn’t serious, right? It would be a shame if Jackson Lee does lose her seat. She has been treated shamefully during this campaign. I wish she would move to Massachusetts then and run against Kerry.

  78. BB: Yeah, I missed the snark. It would be a shame to lose Sheila because I’m almost positive that whoever unseated her would be incompetent. I’ve hated how she’s been treated and I wasn’t even a fan until now. If she moved to MA I might just move with her. She can run against Kennedy. Let Ed O’Reilly take down Kerry.

  79. HIllbuzz thinks the GOP are waiting until after the nomination/selection at the convention to attack:

    “It just seems like the GOP is playing a great game of high-stakes poker. With this much to lose, it seems like they’d be out swinging already, but instead, they are being unusually sedate.


    They’ve got something on Obama…something big…and they are playing a game of cat and mouse with the Democrats…waiting for them to formally nominate Obama…so they can hit him with what they’ve got.”

    Or could it be that the right is in disarray? Has the right lost their touch or are they waiting for the right time to strike?

    Electoral-vote.com on the RNC/DNC numbers:

    “Some of the committees have reported their May fundraising efforts. The RNC has $54 million cash on hand to the DNC’s paltry $4 million. The DNC has actually raised quite a bit of money, but it is spending it on Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy. The RNC is saving its pennies to help John McCain in the Fall.The DSCC has $39 million on hand to the NRSC’s $22 million. The NRCC has $7 million in the bank. The DCCC hasn’t reported yet.”

    From the article that was posted in electoral-vote.com, the RNC raised 24 million and spent very little while the DNC raised 10 million and spent a lot.

  80. W.S.,

    Why should the Republicans rush to destroy Obama? He’s doing a pretty good job of that himself. Now he has the blogger boyz mad at him. Isn’t Rove working for McCain? I doubt if he has lost his ability to produce nasty smears.

  81. Watched the video, was in a deep trance.

    I am okay now.

    That thing is freaking scary.

    One question: Just what the hell is going to happen when all these people come out of the trance and find out they got F^&ked without a kiss?

  82. Kim,

    I think they are starting to come out of the trance now. The totally mad love affair part never lasts more than about 18 months in my experience. Then reality starts to set it. The person you were so in love with has some nasy habits, he isn’t that sensitive to your needs, and he doesn’t pay much attention to what you say. You know what I mean?

  83. You know, until I watched that video, I never noticed that thing that Obama has on the side of his nose.

  84. I talked to an attorney I used to work with last night who has drunk the koolaid. She sent me an email this morning and said I just did not sound like myself when we were talking about the democratic primary.

    I was dumbfounded, speechless and I am rarely ever speechless.

  85. BB: So you seriously think, that all these bots now have a case of what we southerners call, the “can’t help its”?

    They see that they have made a collossal mistake, but they can’t help but to justify their actions?

    Then what?

  86. Who did she think you sounded like? It’s really hard to lose a friend over politics. Back in the 70s, I had a really close friend. We had been friends for a few years. In 1972, I voted for President for the first time. My friend started acting wierd, and wouldn’t go to vote with her husband. He confided that he was afraid she was going to vote for Nixon. What a shock.

    Then when Watergate started, we started arguing about it, because she defended Nixon no matter what came out about him. Finally, I just couldn’t be friends with her anymore. It was like I never knew her at all. A few years later, she wrote to me and shared that she had become a born-again Christian and was going to bible school.

    This was a woman who had always been a free spirit, very independent, used drugs, had her nose pierced long before anyone did that. Once she went to Morocco on the spur of the moment and stayed for months. She ended up voting for Nixon and being a fundamentalist. Unbelieveable.

  87. I wonder if the republicans are being careful. obviously they saw how easily the O campaign was able to paint the Clintons as racists. it would be easier, I think, to level those charges at the repub party and make them stick, and they have to know that.

    then again, they may just be waiting for Obama to self-destruct.

  88. Kim,

    I don’t really know because I don’t go to those blogs much except to get a laugh. But the orange place was really in turmoil yesterday. They are having to work really hard to justify the things Obama has been doing lately, like his about face on NAFTA and supporting the destruction of the 4th amendment. I could have told them months ago that this would happen. In fact, I tried to tell them–along with lots of other like me. It’s like when your friend falls in love with a rotten guy who doesn’t like you and tries to sabatage your friendship. You try to reason with your friend, but she just can’t hear you.

  89. Hey, RD put up a new post. Yay!

  90. I don’t know, she just said I did not sound like myself, I have never bought into conspiracy theories. But I really don’t feel this is a theory. The facts are right there in front of you. I don’t think our friendship is over, but this has divided people like crazy and it just scares me. And when I say scare, I mean scares me. People do not like buying into something that turns out to be a total fraud.

  91. BB, interesting story. you always have to wonder what makes people totally change like that.

    I’m hoping not to lose friends over this election. there are some people I simply do not discuss politics with at all these days.

  92. I have a new one up too. Might get a laugh out of it.

  93. Over at C&L they are asking why Republican pundits get away with lying.

    Several of the comments were along the theme of “that’s what happens when the Democrats sacrifice their own credibility”

  94. Magdalena –

    Si, soy PUMA?

  95. Hey, great. I’ll go read it right now. It is amazing how powerful politics can be though, isn’t it? People get really emotionally involved and committed. I always try to avoid talk about politics with people I know disagree with me. But if they keep talking, that makes it hard.

  96. TAKE A MOMENT FOR THE TROOPS….I just found this video on a Hillary Supporters site and …well, you will see…AN AMERICAN SOLDIER


  97. Here is what I posted at TALKLEFT regarding FISA (hopefully it’s not tacky to quote oneself!):


    This is not only Pelosi’s position, but also Obama’s position.

    You are naive if you think the compromise happened without the knowledge of Obama, and he is issuing a statement after the fact. That cannot be.

    An expolosive, controversial issue like this could hamper the nominee. Why would Pelosi bring it up now?
    FISA and immunity were the first thing delivered by Obama.

  98. “It would be a shame to lose Sheila because I’m almost positive that whoever unseated her would be incompetent.”

    This is what gets me. They talk about the Clinton machne, but Obama and Dean and all these people are out for themselves, forget what’s good for the party. So he’s running around trying to help that guy in Georgia who votes with Bush all the time, but yet he was out to get John Lewis and any Clinton supporter. Does he give a damn that the person running against Lewis wouldn’t do a good job? Hell no, because it’s all about Obama and he’s looking at everything in terms of political advantage and personal scores.

  99. Who let the blogwhore in?

  100. Check the Easter Egg at 3:38 into the video.

  101. Rats! 3:38 into the video.

  102. Took me a while MrMike, but I saw it. Sheep.

    How dare they denigrate sheep that way! 🙂

  103. NOBama!, on June 21st, 2008 at 8:58 pm Said:

    For your consideration……

    The bots are still Psych-O!
    Barack Obama can’t turn off his own hate machine.

    He belatedly issued a statement saying that he understood what Hillary meant to say.

    It was BO and his campaign that sent the media the clip of KO rating about Hillary and the RFK comment. They sent this to many people. If he didn’t want to make it into a bid deal, then he shouldn’t have done that. BO knew what he was doing.

  104. I love the title of this posting.

    Obama-nation sounds very close to abomination which describes what has been done to Hillary and the process of selecting a nominee.

    Obama won in caucus states and did not always win in the states in which registered voters went to the polls.

    I hope that by the time of the convention enough news about Obama shows a shift in the polls and Hillary will be the nominee.

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