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      Few things make more more tired or contemptuous of someone than, when a masking mandate is removed, someone saying “well, you still have the choice to wear a mask, we’re not effecting you” or some variation. Masking is not primarily about protecting yourself. Only a respirator and a well-fitted N95 offer good protection from Covid if other people aren’t mask […]
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Arrogance, thy name is Obama

So I guess we’ve all heard by now that Barack Obama met with the Congressional Black Caucus on Thursday. About a third of the CBC supported Clinton, and Obama was supposedly there to promote “healing” and unity. But some CBC members received a different message.

Sources at the meeting said that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, a Clinton supporter, expressed the desire that Obama and his campaign would reach out the millions of women still aggrieved about what happened in the campaign and still disappointed that Clinton lost.

Obama agreed that a lot of work needs to be done to heal the Democratic Party, and that he hoped the Clinton supporters in the room would help as much as possible.

You see, it’s up to Hillary and her supporters to mend all the discord and unify the party. Barack is way too busy raising money and lording it over everyone to deal with such minor details as reaching out to the more than half of the party that didn’t vote for him in the primaries. They’re all just a bunch of silly older women, anyway, right?

According to Rep. Yvette Clarke, D-N.Y., Obama then said, “However, I need to make a decision in the next few months as to how I manage that since I’m running against John McCain, which takes a lot of time. If women take a moment to realize that on every issue important to women, John McCain is not in their corner, that would help them get over it.”

According to ABC News, Rep. Diane Watson (D-Calif.),

a longtime Clinton supporter, did not like those last three words — “Get over it.” She found them dismissive, off-putting. “Don’t use that terminology,” Watson told Obama.

The Hill reports that

Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) conciliatory tone turned sharp…when Rep. Diane Watson (D-Calif.) pressed him on how there needs to be healing in the Democratic Party.

“Look, Diane,” Obama said, according to a participant who attended the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) meeting. “John McCain, if he’s elected, is going to pick a Supreme Court that will roll back every gain women have made in the last 50 years.”

Noooooo! Can’t he come up with any other arguments for voting for him? I can’t take this for the next 4 months! I’m already so sick of hearing about the Supreme Court that I’m ready to run screaming into the street, tearing my hair and rending my garments. Please Barack, can’t your thousands of advisors come up with something–anything–else?!

Seeming frustrated, Obama started talking more bluntly about why women should be supporting him over Sen. McCain (R-Ariz.), whatever their feelings about the divisive Democratic primary campaign.

“He can be pretty direct,” said the CBC source. “It was a pretty lively meeting.”

Yeah, I’ll bet it was lively. If I were Diane Watson, it would have taken three strong men to hold me back from making it a lot more “lively.”

The direct approach has its risks. As a woman and a former supporter of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), Watson is one of the CBC members whom Obama needs to win over.

And her protests that the party still needs healing are a reminder of the lingering bitterness left over from a campaign that some say had sexist and racial overtones.

Some say? Some say??? Give me a break. Anyone who didn’t see the sexism perpetrated by the Obama campaign and his cheerleaders in the media has to be so hopped up on koolaid, hope, and “change we can believe in” that they need and intervention and 28 days of rehab.

According to “two sources at the meeting” Obama went on to say

that he’d held his tongue many times during the campaign against Clinton in the interest of party unity and sensitivity. Clinton and her allies had suggested he was a Muslim, had said he wasn’t qualified to be president.

Oh really? Well, actually, she never suggested you are a muslim. You’re the one who keeps whining about that over and over again like a broken record.  And you’re not qualified to be president.  I know it’s hard to hear that, Barack, but you know politics ain’t beanbag.

According to the sources, Obama suggested he bit his tongue every time. He could be asking for an apology, he could be asking for the Clintons to reconcile with him, but he chose to rise above it.

Yeah, I saw how you rose above it. You called both of the Clintons racists and liars. You trashed Bill Clinton’s presidency again and again and said that Hillary represented the “old politics” and couldn’t be trusted.  You talked about her “claws coming out” and how “periodically when she’s feeling down…”  And when she made you look silly in the PA debate, you gave her the finger and brushed her off your shoulders and shoes.  Yeah, you really rose above it, Barack.

Everyone involved agreed that most of the meeting was cordial, and that there is unanimity on the need to work hard to elect Obama.

But clearly tensions remain.

Gee, no kidding….

This guy is never going to ask for our votes, is he?

131 Responses

  1. Taking it to the streets…of Denver!
    Please Riverdaughter…let us know what’s going down with plans for the Denver Protest of the Dem Convention…
    Pumas need a strong showing in Denver in August..

  2. What a slimy, petty little man. Please, please, please, don’t let him win.

  3. AND BTW, Obama isn’t in our corner either.

  4. Teresa,

    He’s doing a pretty good job of defeating himself, if you ask me. Not only is he one of the most arrogant, narcissistic people I have ever encountered, he has already flip flopped on so many issues that he should go into the flip flopper’s hall of fame. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  5. Teresa,

    Did you hear that Chuck Hagel has said he would consider being Obama’s VP, if asked?


  6. Someone suggested that Obama is not qualified for the presidency? Next they’ll suggest that 2+2=4.

    Me personally, I’d never suggest that. I just say it.

  7. Maybe PUMAs need our own non-presidential seal.

    And a motto? E pluribus pluribum?

  8. Babyboomer: “I’ve never seen anything like it.”.. yes you have–look back at history and you have seen something like this again and again all over the world– and it is darn right creepy and stupid….

  9. The Flip-Flop sandal should be his emblem.

  10. BB: Obama thinks we have nowhere else to go this time. We’ll all vote for him no matter what he does. He has us all over a barrel.

    Chuck Hagel as VP? Is it too much to ask that we run a Democrat in the general election? If Hagel joins Obama, then Hillary should run as an independent. Hagel would take McCain votes, and Hillary would most likely win.

  11. I’m sorry, but what does he think ‘running against McCain’ entails if not, oh I dunno, voter outreach? Is he in training, does he think it’s an actual foot race or something?

    “Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) conciliatory tone turned sharp…when Rep. Diane Watson (D-Calif.) pressed him on how there needs to be healing in the Democratic Party.”

    Thin skinned and meglomanical, just how I like my Presidents.

    “Look, Diane,” Obama said, according to a participant who attended the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) meeting. “John McCain, if he’s elected, is going to pick a Supreme Court that will roll back every gain women have made in the last 50 years.”

    Yeah, thanks Obama. Did she say you could call her Diane? You might want to shove the condescending tone, sweetie, because chances are Representative Watson has been there a mite longer than you and has just as good a grasp on pretty basic concepts. She’s not one of those stupid voters, so show her a little respect.

  12. Birdgal: Exactly. Forget the eagle, use the flipflop! Love it!

  13. I laugh when I read how peeved people are on blogs about what Obama is doing all the while they are “supporting him,” and also rejecting those who won’t support him. If they dislike his policies so greatly, why are they supporting him? Reject him, reject him. Have they figured out yet that he doesn’t give a crap if they’re “mad” at him, as long as he has their vote?

    It’s plain ludicrous. He’s showing through and through that he’s exactly like Bush. It’s plain as day that these people are electing Bush all over again. So when he is elected and becomes Bush, they’ll be outraged?

    You get what you give. You get what you deserve.

  14. E Pluribus Pumum

  15. He’s not a presidential candidate.
    He just plays one on tv.

  16. xdemocrat,

    That is perfect!!

  17. Get over it? Seriously? Is he that dumb and arrogant?

    I know the answer.

  18. So he said: “If women take a moment to realize that on every issue important to women, John McCain is not in their corner, that would help them get over it.”

    Right, so, Mr. Obama, show me exactly how you are in my corner? My corner, you know the one that holds MY body, and MY right to choose, that one? Without a preacher, my family, and god knows who else telling me what to do?

    He’s such a slug. Such a sick slug. He’s like that one horrible slimey guy in the disco or club (dang I’m dating myself) who would say anything to get into your pants, then mock you in the morning with it. “I was just desperate, sweetie, get over it.”

    I don’t think he can make nice with women. I don’t think he knows how. Those of us females (and males) who fall for sleazy slime balls will fall for him. The rest of us will wonder how everyone else can be so stupid.

    I’m glad I quickly learned to recognize the sleazy slime balls…

  19. I don’t believe McCain will pick a Supreme Court that will roll back every gain that women have made during the past 50 years. That is what the Congress is for. If they do their jobs, they can moderate the choices.

    Truthfully, I believe BO has set back women’s rights, because of all the misogyny and sexism that has occurred during this campaign. He never, ever, said one word against it. Not only that, he used language towards Senator Clinton that was extremely sexist in nature. I think, he is more of a danger than McCain.

  20. “Have they figured out yet that he doesn’t give a crap if they’re “mad” at him, as long as he has their vote?”

    bostonboomer said earlier that this guy from Cheetoland, who put up a famous diary alleging ‘fraud’ at the NV caucuses (because he didn’t think a guy with a Noo Yawk accent could be either a NV resident or married to a Latina) has now announced that he called Obama’s offcie, announced that he’s the guy who wrote that diary, and demanded that they reverse their position.

    So no, inflated sense of self-importance still intact.

  21. “No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her” -Susan B Anthony, 1872

  22. illegitimati non carborundum

  23. The pathetic thing about him is that he can’t seem to come up with one positive reason why we should vote for him. If he can’t get people to believe his hopey changey tranformational candidate act, he’s dead in the water. He has no resume, no relevant accomplishments, and HE is like George W. Bush on steroids–far more so than McCain. If he can’t even stand up against illegal spying, why should I believe he’ll ever stand up for anything?

    And why does he assume that women only care about “women’s issues?” Don’t answer. I already know he’s a sexist pig.

  24. josgirl- that’s it exactly. I feel like I’m stuck in a really long very sad episode of the West Wing. I keep waiting for Tobey to call bullsh** on Obama.

    Obama will never ask for our vote. He’s now so bigheaded, he doesn’t think he needs us at all. He believes we’ll go towards him in the end because we have no where else to go. He is very wrong about that.

  25. I really, really hope President Clinton read these pieces. Because if Senator Clinton is trying to get him to campaign for BO and he starts weakening, seeing O continue to lie about his wife plus seeing him contnue to act as if the Clintons owe him an apology or anything else is going to change his mind pretty damn quick.

  26. Obama is a punk who thinks he can talk to women, especially black women, any way he wants. I’m glad I’m not voting for him.

  27. Wow, the Cheetos are flying out of the bag over there. LOL.

    That’s what blind adulation will get you – nothing. The guy has no principles, only disciples.

    They are all dressed up now with nowhere to go – and it’s only June. In Hillary, we still have a candidate we believe in.

  28. oceancitygirl, on June 21st, 2008 at 1:30 am Said:

    I wish Toby was real! I wonder if he’s based on James Carville or Howard Wolfson. Sam would be Terry Mac, I guess.

    The sad thing is that Santos (whom I didn’t support because I liked Vinnick) was based on Obama.

  29. What’s up with that faux seal? I hear that Bush has a used flight suit that Obama can wear.

  30. Athena,

    He’s starting to become a joke even outside of blogosphere 2.0. How on earth could his advisors let him do such a ludicrous thing? Have you ever seen anyone so impatient? First he can’t wait until the convention to be the nominee. He has to get his supporters and the media to scream at Hillary to drop out for three straight months. Now he wants to act like he’s already the President before he even gets the nomination.

  31. josgirl, on June 21st, 2008 at 1:21 am Said:
    He’s not a presidential candidate.
    He just plays one on tv.


    Hee. Perfect.

  32. I honestly think the seal will be his undoing. It’s his Dukakis in a tank moment.

    People won’t like that, and it’s ripe for late night humor — where most people get their news.

  33. It’s the Latin on the faux seal that really, really kills me. Somebody had to have sat down and dreamed that sh*t up.

    I can’t decide what’s the kicker: the pretension, the creepiness, or the comedy. I … just… can’t… decide.

  34. “….Get Over It”

    I’m going to love using this when arguing with the nutroots every single day they realize that Obama is not the Messiah they want him to be. As he said himself, and is proving everyday, now, “I’m bound to disappoint.” Yeah, no shit, Shirlock.

    Really, why do Dems feel so incredibly beholden to help him win? Why do they keep playing the “good little soldier” role? This isn’t like a primary that ended where one candidate comes out heads and above the other in delegates and votes, and thus has an unquenstioned leadership role. This guy got half the vote of the party, with another candidate (who was outspent God knows how many times) garnering the other half. Who the hell does he think he is, and who the hell do they think he is, for him to be demanding anything of anyone?

    Seriously, there is no amount of “unity” talk in the world that can explain why everyone feels so compelled to march to this shams beat.

    Barack “I Am The State” Obama: Building “Unity” One Hostile Takeover at a Time.

  35. Ok, this blog is so protected (thanks to the hard work of RD, Gary, KB, BB and others…) that i’m not noticing it here, but elsewhere.. where have the Obats gone?

    It’s like empty. Hello, Hello? I think they fled because of the FISA and finance thing and now the seal thing.. too much to take in one day. Time to retreat to the bag of cheetos and drown an Obat’s sorrows…

    Ohh well, I’m sure they’ll be back.

    Teresa, I think you have it right about the seal. It’s the Dukakis in the tank moment. A perfect summary of his hubris.

  36. Sima, they’re around. See NoQ. That whole “I’m a Clinton supporter” shpiel is getting old. “I’m a Clinton supporter and I don’t think Hillary would agree with what you said.” Um, Hillary’s not my high school principal. I’m allowed to feel how I like.

    It’s like there’s a totalitarian regime reigning in their heads.

  37. Teresa,

    LOL! @ his “Dukakis in a Tank Moment” moment.

    Athena was also right when she eluded to the Bush “Mission Accomplished” flight suit moment.

    Yes, Obama really does look like a kid who’s mom has just bought him a faux-presidential podium to play with.

  38. Another thought, about the motto…

    What the heck was wrong with the original spanish? If he’s going to steal his motto, at least leave it in the original.

    ‘Si se puede’ sounds so much better than the latin, and I like latin, I just detest made up slogans in latin, unless they are done well.

  39. Sima:

    Where are the Obots?

    They are all in shock cuz they just discovered that Barack has been pissing in the kool-aid.

  40. For a supposed “professor” of constitutional law, Obama is certainly vague on what those “gains women have made in the last 50 years” are that the Supreme Court will “roll back.” Let’s see, would that be our status as only a “semi-suspect” class under the 14th Amendment when it comes to gender discrimination? Oh yeah, race, religion, etc. are entitled to the full protection of the 14th Amendment, but we women? Kind of like those half-voters in Michigan and Florida, we get half protection. There is absolutely no reason to think this puny protection would be changed even by an entire court full of Scalias.

    Abortion — hmm, let’s see — no public funding for almost 30 years, and the current court now allows states to outlaw specific medical procedures because we women just can’t be allowed to make decisions that might traumatize us in the future. This can’t get much worse, particularly for poor and rural women. The reality is, abortion is not much more than a sympolic right for the women who need it most.

    Those are the two main constitutional issues. Everything else is statutory since we never did get the ERA passed. Title VII, Title IX — statutory rights can be fixed by Congress — they just haven’t done much lately, is all, because we’ve been content to be held hostage to Roe v. Wade and the Supreme Court.

    So tell us, Professor Obama, just what is this Supreme Court thing all about? Why should we women fall for it yet again? Please clarify. We’re dying to know What Obama Really Meant.

  41. Regency, you are right. I went over to NoQ though and on the threads where they are discussing the seal and FISA, not really a peep from the Obats. Maybe I’m not far enough down in the thread or something.

  42. Go up to my post, then up to the one about Paula Abeles. They’re in attendance. BobBolinksi and Curious.

    They’re at least two of them.

  43. “I’m a Clinton supporter and I don’t think Hillary would agree with what you said.”


  44. Unbelievable. He acts like woman are just going to have to get over it because he’s too busy campaigning for the “real” voters! If that doesn’t deserve a big slapdown at the polls, I don’t know what does.

  45. He probably thinks we women ought to consult with the father of our vote, our family, our conscience and our preacher before we vote.

    Just to be safe, ya know, we wouldn’t want to be ‘punished’ with a vote.

  46. He really owes Congresswoman Watson an apology for taking that tone with her, too. I know we have no one in our party who’s going to stand up and say so publicly, but it would be nice if we had one non-fool who could go to him privately and talk some sense into him. Of course he wouldn’t listen, but….

  47. All is not warm and fuzzy with the big donors that Clinton has asked to come to her meeting with Obama on June 26:

    Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton plan to meet with some of her top contributors next week in an effort to calm donors who remain frustrated with Obama’s presidential campaign.

    The meeting is set for June 26 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, several top Clinton fundraisers said Tuesday.

    Jonathan Mantz, Clinton’s national finance director, notified donors about the meeting by e-mail and urged them to attend.

    Two people closely involved with Clinton’s fundraising said the meeting had taken on added urgency after several of her money “bundlers” complained that Obama campaign manager David Plouffe and others had come across as arrogant in meetings with them last week in New York and Washington.


  48. i have read that some of the aa politicans and supporters who have been around obama have been replaced by the older dem types from the dnc on down to the pelosi/kennedy crowd. hmm, that bus has turned into a fleet of them it seems.

  49. Sima,

    maybe it finally dawned on him that he would be better off pandering to his elitist Latin-speaking supporters than pissing off the Hispanics. or maybe he’s hoping that since there are no Latin-language ballots, the pissed-off Latin speakers won’t vote. esp because John McCain is not in their corner and anyone McCain appoints to the Supreme Court will not protect the rights of those Americans who speak Latin. 😉

  50. Obama demonstrates once again how incompetent he is.

  51. Considering he is talking to people who have been public servants longer than he has, he sure takes a lofty and nasty tone. If he only knew…. He is so far beneath many of these members of Congress that it’s really scary that the DNC is permitting him to take it over and act as though he now some kind of “leader.”

    I still won’t vote for McCain, but I’ll never ever vote for Obama.

  52. Wow! He’s making it so easy to not vote for him. It sounds like he is beginning to believe his own propaganda. You know, that women who voted for Hillary aren’t too bright? How else could it be that he would pass that swill off at the CBC and expect Jackson-Lee and others to believe it?

  53. Sima wrote: “What the heck was wrong with the original spanish? If he’s going to steal his motto, at least leave it in the original. ‘Si se puede’ sounds so much better than the latin…”

    As I’m sure you know, the United Farm Workers, whose motto is “Sí, se puede,” endorsed Hillary, and the Latino community in general supported Hillary over Obama. I don’t think Obama could get away with using the original Spanish. As it was, I don’t think the United Farm Workers appreciated Obama appropriating their slogan, especially since he was not their candidate.

    Alternatively, I could be giving Obama and his strategists too much credit. It may be that he simply couldn’t pronounce the Spanish. Or, it came out like this, “Sí, uh, uh, uh, se, se, um, um, puede.”

  54. Prabhata! That’s it, that’s my constituency! I want a latin language ballot!
    🙂 🙂

    But I still won’t vote for BZero. It’s beneath all of use lofty dead language types.

    You know, as an aside, when Finland was head of the EU they had a weekly broadcast and email about the EU stuff, in latin. I really liked getting that for the 6 months they were EU head.

  55. I think Bill Clinton should take it upon himself to go around publicly apologizing to everyone Obama’s an a^%$^&* to. The press can’t hate him any more than they already do and it would forever cement his position as a Democratic folk hero. People would eat it up.

    Of course, Obama is such a prolific a^&*()_ the poor guy would be run ragged, but he can handle it.

  56. Hold your tounge? How charitable of you.
    I know Rep. Watson will not be voting for him in November!

  57. Former Seriously,

    That would be hilarious. You know, watching Bill go around making a total ass of Barack “Just Words” Obama. Not that Obama needs the help. lol

    I’d love to see Bill & Hill lay their praise on so thick of Obama that everyone got how sarcastic they were being.

  58. This guy is the biggest joke.

    Yeah, he held his tongue with the 4 page race-baiting memo, he held his tongue when he accused Hill in Mississippi of proliferating the Somali garb photo, he held his tongue when he called her Bush-Lite, he held his tongue when he said she was “all about deceit,” and of course he held his tongue when he accused her of the most disgusting motives with the RFK statement.

    He better bet I’m holding my tongue now, or else I might just drop the F-bomb.

  59. Yes, if that is what he calls “holding his tongue” I expect no less freedom to hold my tongue, as well.

  60. I never thought that there could be a politician, the very thought of whom would creep me out more than Bush, but this one takes the honored prize.

  61. In other words it is incumbent upon us, not him.


    Isn’t it always the voters’ fault? The bitter, gun-totin’ religion-clingin’ xenophobic voters?

  62. Clinton or McCain. Looks like the deal is “sealed.”

  63. I’ve suggested before that all the constant accusations of race baiting & utter contempt and loathing for the Clintons, the insistence that there are nefarious, calculating hidden motives to everything they do, all coming from the top levels of BHO’s campaign.. is not an act. They’re serious. They believe this garbage just as firmly as Bush’s tiny little inner circle believed that the way to respond after 9-11 was to fight the terrorists over there.. in Iraq. It scares me.

    Major LOLs here over the seal.. 🙂

  64. Exiled,

    Remember, in Obamaland, there are two kinds of voters, those that were pre-ordained to praise him, and are thus worthy, and those heathens and non-believers that are unworthy of his redemption, salvation, and saving grace.

    You see, to know him is to love him. If you don’t love him, or have the gall to deny him, well, under the bus for you, my friend.

    Obama doesn’t make mistakes. He makes promises, but no mistakes.

  65. He holds his forked tongue

  66. How can this a*&^%le actually be a potential candidate??? How would even the most evilly crafted conspiracies have been able to push this personality problem to this position???

    Well, at least his horns and tail are beginning to clearly appear in public. I just hope that by Denver, everyone will know his evtire persona.

  67. Media will keep trying to cover his gaffes but he’s making it damn hard on them. For a guy that’s supposed to be so damn smart he sure has his foot in his mouth a lot of the time. Could it be all that hubris getting in the way?

    The Presumptuous Possum-In-Chief to be needs to be protected from himself. You can make many kinds of mistakes that will be forgotten or glossed over. You cannot, as a politician, make yourself ridiculous. Once their laughing at you, you are in deep doo-doo. Couldn’t happen to a “nicer” guy.

    Pogo was right: “We have met the enemy and he is us” or them. The Democratic Party that is.

  68. ~The Flip-Flop sandal should be his emblem.~

    For the past couple of weeks or so, PUMApac has been working on a “flip-flop” action involving real flip-flop sandals. Check it out at their site.

    Its so offensive that the unity (unity isn’t necessarily inclusive) Opossum and his litter think only women voted for Senator Clinton. It’s another perception that is founded in sexism (and projection), just as thinking only African Americans are voting for Obumma. It’s just as offensive that Obiteme would think women are only concerned with so-called “women’s issues”. (Pssst, oh Bari Opossum, all issues are women’s issues).

    I think the lights must be going on for some of Oblow’s supporters. I can imagine their shock and dismay over his FISA vote. But, not to worry , have faithhopechange (TM) “when I’m President, I’ll review and oversee”… will he? and what about when is President?

    I hope to hear much much more from Barack-flip, because every time he opens his mouth, he digs the hole deeper.

    PUMA Democrat

  69. correction: and what about when is President?

  70. ugh…. when insert name here is President?

  71. Obama said ” You ladies go to the scrapbooking luncheon with the nice Senatorial ladies and send me a note, maybe on cute little paper with my seals pasted all over and I will have someone frame it for all to see( in Rezko’s gardener’s shack).”
    Personally, It is hard for me to get over condescending people. Rubs me wrong.

  72. I’ve never seen and couldn’t visualize U.S. Congresswoman Diane Watson, so I searched Google images. Here’s Google’s collection for anyone interested.


    Diane E. Watson (November 12, 1933 – )
    Congresswoman Watson has served as representative of California’s 33rd Congressional District since June 7, 2001 (107th Congress-present). Her committee assignments have included the Government Reform and International Relations Committees. Prior to her tenure in Congress, Congresswoman Watson was the first African American woman to serve on the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education. She also served the California State Senate for several years. Congresswoman Watson has been a tireless in her efforts to improve health care and the lives of women and children. Congressman Watson received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles and a Master’s degree from California State University, Los Angeles. She earned a Ph.D. in Educational Administration from Claremont Graduate University and has attended the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

  73. […] 21, 2008 · No Comments Riverdaughter chronicles the meeting of BO with CBC According to Rep. Yvette Clarke, D-N.Y., Obama then said, “However, I […]

  74. “We stole it fair and square – get over it”

    It’s what Bushie thugs were privately gloating in 2000. It has kept me politically active for 8 years.
    They are magic words.
    My grandchildren (which I’ll have some day) will be remembering those. From both election thieves.

  75. dar1ag
    There’s no guessing work about the source of the racial baiting and the other attacks against the Clintons – that was the official policy of the Obama campaign. Their own memos were published

  76. Cannon fire has a fox video clip of a Clinton supporter that has had it with the threats and ra*&%ist labeling for refusing to hop on the unity bus. She is calling out for Clinton supporters to reach out to her. Let’s e-mail her our support – she probably knows of The Confluence, but it wouldn’t hurt to make her aware of it- just in case.

  77. Oxford American Dictionary definition of possum–
    to pretend to be unaware of something…from the opossum’s habit of feigning…”

  78. Obama voted to give TeleComs IMMUNITY. He supports the Democrats “capitulation” on FISA. If there was ever any hope [not in my mind–ever] that Barack Obama was going to initiate any change in the political landscape of this country, it was erased with that vote. Barack Obama is, quite possibly, far WORSE than G.W. Bush in his arrogance, pretensions to moral principles, and bullying manner. WATCH OUT DEMOCRATS. You’ll rue the day you were so deluded as to think he was any different than BUSH.

    His arrogance is disgusting. I don’t care if he DOES ASK FOR MY VOTE. HE WON’T GET IT. NOT EVER.

  79. bb – Agreeance. Obama is doing everything he can to defeat himself. May his heart (like that of the Pharoah in the Old Testament) be hardened.

    So that people may know him for what he is.


  80. Obama is concerned women’s issues circa 1958.

    Example: Sanitary napkin disposal bags in public rest rooms.


  81. As usual, Riverdaughter sums it all up pefectly:

    “He’s making it so easy to not vote for him. It sounds like he is beginning to believe his own propaganda. You know, that women who voted for Hillary aren’t too bright? How else could it be that he would pass that swill off at the CBC and expect Jackson-Lee and others to believe it?”

  82. The power of the positive NO! I say yes to that inner voice that tells me to vote Democratic this year is BAD. I say NO to Obama! I say YES to abstaining if Hillary is not the nominee.

    This man is exhibiting totalitarian tendencies. I hope the CBC tells him where to get off. After the FISA vote won’t the kool aid wear off?

  83. What did Cheetopia say about Obama’s FISA’s vote?


  84. Arabella Trefoil,

    LOL! Thank goodness SCOTUS made sure we could have sanitary napkin disposal containers. Goodness me! I better vote for the possum king so they don’t take those away!

    Oh, wait. I’m long past menopause. Who cares!!!

  85. bb – Well, the young ladies don’t seem to need sanitary napkin dispensers in restrooms any longer. And a good thing it is, because I lost many a nickel in my day.

    Nowadays, the schools don’t gather girls into the auditorum to learn about “Their Special Time.” I request that Senator Obama make the Modess film presentations available on the internets.

    A lady

  86. possum king, I love it bb! 🙂

  87. My fantasy….

    Hillary Clinton shows up on the floor of the Senate, and says

    Three weeks ago, I endorsed Senator Obama in the name of party unity. Senator Obama has now said that he opposes telecom immunity — and as the presumptive nominee, he speaks for the Party on this. Many of my supporters, and many of Senator Obama’s supporters, also strenously oppose telecom immunity — in other words, right now Democrats here in the Senate are being tested — do we act in a united way in opposition to telecom immunity, or shall we each act however we like — and party unity be damned.

    Many of you who plan to vote for this bill were among those speaking most vorciferously about party unity — and in response to your demands, I suspended my campaign. So now I call on you to display the same level of party unity you demanded of me, and stop telecom immunity from proceding — and if we can’t be unified as a party on this issue, I can see no reason why my campaign should remain suspended….”

  88. Whoa, daddy-oh.

    Take a look at Big Tent Dem on TalkLeft this morning. In response to CTDem (who praises Obama’s ‘running to the center’) BTD says:

    I find it ironic and disingenuous that after a year of not just sucking it up but actively smearing Hillary Clinton and deifying Barack Obama, that post appears now. NOW there is an admission that Obama is just a pol. NOW there is an admission that all the talk of “new politics” was pure BS. It is a perfect example of why the Left blogs lost all credibility with their behavior during the primaries – their behavior towards Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama belied the belief that the Left blogs were truthtellers. It was a disgrace.

    Dear me.

  89. well, it took BTD long enough to realize it. we’ve been saying that for months. I could criticize him equally for pretending to sit on the fence all those months. what about his own disengenousness? (is that a word?)

  90. gary – I was surprised to see BTD finally saying this. Yes, “disingenuous’ is a word. It means insincere.

    This word had some power to it 15 years ago. It’s the kind of word that rolled out of William F. Buckley’s mouth, back in the day. But now you hear “disingenuous” on Court TV every other minute. Because the common folk use it so profligately, the coinage of the d word has been devalued.

    But that is all by the by.


  91. well, it took BTD long enough to realize it. we’ve been saying that for months. I could criticize him equally for pretending to sit on the fence all those months. what about his own disengenousness? (is that a word?)

    BTD has been the only honest Obama supporter out there.

    He was at the forefront in expressing outrage over the HBC, for example — and he has never shied away from criticizing Obama.

  92. paul – I agree.

  93. arabell, I meant disingenousness lol didn’t know if that was an actual word, but I think it actually is…

  94. Paul, I have always found BTD to be a bit condescending for my taste, but I respect your opinion. Your point that he was a harsh critic of Obama is kind of what I was referring to..he would criticize, but then always qualify with “but I still believe Obama to be the most viable candidate” or something like that. I just never bought that schtick…just my opinion

  95. gary – ha. That’s funny.

    I seem to be humor deficient today.


  96. The thread on TalkLeft is quite interesting. I enjoy reading this stuff as it’s unfolding.

    I’m going to visit my mother. I’ll check in later.

    We live in interesting times.


  97. Dear Puma’s,
    Going slightly off-topic, I am going to play the spoilsport and party-pooper here. Pumas here and in other blogs have been saying that BO will lose the GE because Pumas who voted Clinton will not vote for him. Right now that is just wistful thinking.

    Over at http://www.hominidviews.com they have been running monte-carlo simulations based on polls in the states. Right now BO has a 100% chance of winning the GE partly because based on the polls, he is taking Ohio and PA (41 EC votes). This is not news that I like to see but I cannot fault the methods.

    So it is really, really, really important that Pumas shore up the grassroot organization in PA and Ohio and reach out to the non-blogging community. BO is counting on the fact that the PUMA community is mainly web-based and is a few-thousands strong. A few thousand votes spread over several states will not hurt him any.

    Once BO starts his massive spending on publicity ads for the GEs there will not be much that PUMA can do with its limited budget.

    I am calling for active brainstorming about ways to organize at the grassroots and reach out to a non-blogging base everywhere … particularly in Ohio and PA

  98. BB, I’m steaming about this. That, “Look Diane” remark is “You’re likable enough, Hillary” all over again.

    Keep it up Barry — you’ll be lucky to break 20% nationally at this rate.

  99. S:

    I am sure that most Democrats are assuming that they would vote for Obama just as they do all other Democratic Nominees.

    Today it’s all about unity: Obama’s weaknesses are not yet ringing in their ears.

    You are absolutely right as good PUMAs it’s important that we send letters to our families and friends articulating our concerns with Obama as the Democratic Candidate.

    And then re-emphasize those concerns with updates as he commits new outrageous gaffes.

    I’m not at all concerned with current polls. Obama is unelectable (unless it’s possible to steal multiple states)

  100. Just a word to follow up on my previous post. McCain has opened/ is opening campaign offices in Ohio, PA and NJ. If these three states – just these three states went to McCain – he would win for sure.

    Not an easy thing for McCain to win these three … but as hlr says – anything worth fighting for involves a little fighting. And this is a limited area for Pumas to focus on for maximum leverage.

  101. Oh my gosh. I don’t even know where to begin. He has ignored the CBC for all of these months and now he wants “healing” after he lambasted Black men on Father’s Day in an attempt to pander to white conservatives. lmao He can go to hell for all I care. i hope Diane Watson stands her ground. This guy carries around a bushel of entitlement in a wheelbarrow!

  102. “Look, Diane,” Obama said, according to a participant who attended the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) meeting. “John McCain, if he’s elected, is going to pick a Supreme Court that will roll back every gain women have made in the last 50 years.”

    Well if that’s true, it’s because the Dem congress let two of George W. Bush’s appointments freaking SAIL in didn’t they? Did they even have a full day of hearings And Barry was about to vote for Roberts himself , but an aide with a brain stopped him . How would it look now if Mr. hope and change had voted for an appointment he is now warning us against? BO really needs to give that aide a raise( provided he wasn’t been thrown under the bus ) And like Obama gives a rat ass about women gains?!

    LOL!!! Stop!! My laugh lines/crows feet are hurting !
    Sell this swill to someone else

  103. Sugar,

    *He* wants “healing” from the beating he supposedly took from Hillary Clinton. The rest of us can “heal” on our own, but *he* has commanded us to do it quickly, preferably yesterday, “get over it,” and get on the unity possum train. Otherwise we’ll stay under the bus.

  104. Katiebird,

    At first I was steaming too, but now I think this is a gift to all of us who already know what this guy is. I hope he keeps right on alienating the voters he needs. We need to keep pounding this. It is right in line with his “bitter” comments. He used the scary black man line that time too, even though Candy Crowley and Wolf Blitzer have tried to push that down the memory hole.

  105. bboomer here’s a picture for you:

    …and what do you make of this one ???

  106. good morning everybody! nice to see you all…guess katiebird is not up yet?

    ronkseattle, 1:09 am – love your PUMA motto:
    E pluribus pluribum?


    Athena, 1:33 am

    “Wow, the Cheetos are flying out of the bag over there.”

    yep! too delicious, isnt it. What a feast!

    Teresa, 1:51 am

    I honestly think the seal will be his undoing. It’s his Dukakis in a tank moment.

    People won’t like that, and it’s ripe for late night humor — where most people get their news.

    Just love the: It’s his Dukakis in a tank moment.

    …and very true – late-nite humour: even I did, as recently as back in the (John Stewart ‘clusterf**k to the WH) 2004 primary between Kerry and Dean, I was not a political blog reader… between All Things Considered and Stephen Colbert, that was about it for me…

  107. man it takes so long to format that in the meantime I see katiebird HAS joined us: morning!

  108. Good Morning Dot! I’m here. In shock. But here. I can’t believe Obama’s busy week.

  109. Obama’s reasoning skills are that of a true abuser.

    “If you leave me, you will lose everything. So stay and take it from me.”

    Go away you sad, pathetic piece of crap!

  110. Someone tell me what “Cheetoh” reference is too. I heard Joe talking about it yesterday morning. I must have missed it along the way.

  111. Carol,

    The cheeto reference comes from a post by Lambert at Corrente awhile back. He posted a picture of the dailykos home page next to a picture of a bunch of cheetos–you know the bright orange snack by Frito-Lay?

  112. When you say “Joe” was talking about it, you don’t mean on MSNBC, do you? I wonder if he reads us?

  113. The SCOTUS, Roe v. Wade and women’s issues was the BO campaigns “ace in the hole” according to Chuck Todd from MSNBO network. The BO spokesperson told Todd that they would use any means necessary to beat Hillary and if women were offended, they would come back to the party during the GE because their plan was to “play the Roe v. Wade card.” THAT is a direct quote from the BO campaign via Todd.

    BOY DID THEY MISCALCULATE THAT ONE!! They obviously don’t know women very well.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and the BO campaign is about to find out how true that is. Fools.

    I’m surprised Diane Watson didn’t “scratch his eyes out” when he said women would “get over it.” It took a strong women to refrain from doing so!

  114. Re: “Anyone who didn’t see the sexism perpetrated by the Obama campaign and his cheerleaders in the media has to be so hopped up on koolaid, hope, and “change we can believe in” that they need and intervention and 28 days of rehab.”

    You should see the excuses they’re inventing for his flip flop on FISA and public campaign financing.

  115. Chuck Todd just said that? When?

  116. Has anyone noticed how many on the right in the press are singing Obama’s praises? Peggy Noonon was on Morning Joe, yesterday going on in her sickening saccrine way. One ( can’t remember his name)said that Obama is hoping that the left blogs will start screaming about him becuase it will help his move to the center.

    It will be fun to watch when it begins to dawn on them how they are being used.

  117. It’ll never dawn on them. Legions of jackasses who voted for Reagan in the 80s and lost their jobs still act like he was the fucking second coming.

  118. Everytime he starts a sentence with “look,” or “well, look”, which is very often, my shoulders tighten. That is the most condescending tone.

    He comes by his arrogance label through his disgusting behavior. I don’t know how people who were solid Clinton supporters can so easily take such a poor replacement.

    If there are campaign reforms in the future, they need to eliminate the “game” aspect of this and put some dignity back in. GWB made the presidency a joke, and that won’t change if Obama takes over.

  119. Janis,

    I didn’t realize BO had lost his job during the Reagan administration. But he certainly does adore Reagan, so maybe….

  120. @ dar1a g:

    Chuck Todd said that about a month or so ago. It was before Hillary dropped out. He had talked to the campaign about the sexism charges and how upset women were and was told the women would come back to the party because they were planning on “playing the Roe v. Wade card.”

  121. 2nd attempt:

    inspired by celticlass at shkesvill and contributors here

  122. This seems like the perfect place to reiterate some points that I’ve made previously, in various venues:

    A candidate (or political party) that has to threaten you in order to secure your vote deserves neither your vote nor your respect.

    The lesser of two evils is still evil.

    Being weighed on the scale of the general election, in my opinion, will be:

    On one side, (side A) a four year McCain Presidency – held in check by a Democratic Congress, hopefully – coupled with the break-up of the Obama faction of the Democratic Party and the return of the Party to its traditional base and values; a return to a Democratic Party that actually opposes the Republicans.

    On the other side (side B), a four year Obama Presidency; the consolidation of the Obama faction’s control of the Democratic Party; and the sanctioning of the abhorrent behavior of the Media, the DNC, and Senator Obama’s primary campaign tactics.

    Side A looks the best to me.


  123. […] Arrogance, thy name is Obama So I guess we’ve all heard by now that Barack Obama met with the Congressional Black Caucus on Thursday. About a […] […]

  124. Actually Bad, it’s not necessary to despise him at all to be offended by what he said, and the tone he said it in.

    Maybe you haven’t been put down in exactly that tone, using exactly those words, by some supercilious asshole before, but I have. I know what it means, I get the code.

    And because I get the code, and have gotten the code all along in this campaign, I despise BZero. Didn’t start out that way, was leaning more to him than to Clinton, but I got the code.

    And I reckon you are an Obat from the timing of your post.

  125. Poor widdow Obots must be lonely.

    They stalk us throughout the intertoobs so they can try to abuse us.

    How sick and twisted is that?

  126. Now it is Unity for Chang, gimme a break, when will it end. I wonder are most people falling for it ?

  127. Bush supporter? WTF are you talking about? Get lost, Kendall J, and don’t come back.

  128. That’s funny how they deleted my comments!! Just what I said “MOST AMERICANS ARE NOT CRITICAL THINKERS”? Don’t be upset by my words because bostonboomers your words don’t upset because I know that they are untrue! They way you talk-I think deep down you are a BUSH supporter because any supporter of MCCAIN supports BUSH? Its okay, just attempt it! 🙂

  129. Kenny G:

    Blah blah blah

  130. The place where optimism most flourishes is the lunatic asylum.HenryHavelockEllisHenry Havelock Ellis

  131. […] with the program. But something held me back. I just didn’t trust the man. To me Obama seemed arrogant and full of himself–almost like George W. Bush. And he had even less experience than Bush did when he ran in […]

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