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To Barack Obama: If You Won It, Win It!

All right, Barack, you’ve got your tiara and you’re prancing down winners’ row like Miss America. We get it, you’re happy. Sadly for you, the rest of us are damned pissed off and you’re the target of our rage.

You see, our girl, Miss Universe came “second” to you. Yeah, I know Miss Universe is superior to Miss America, but I consider that analogous to the popular vote and the delegate totals, respectively. She won with the people of the country she would like to represent, but you scored big with the judges. Here in pageant country, Texas, we call that an upset. In simple words: we’re just not that into you.

Here’s one way you might change our minds a little. Leave Miss Universe alone. I mean it. Get your blondies, your Heathers, and your frakkin’ Grease Lightenin’ fan club out of her face. That’s not making me giddy over you and it isn’t inspiring my inner sunshine, mkay? The more you antagonize Hillary, even in absentia, the more I begin to actively detest you and let me tell, you don’t want another Scorpio hating on you. You will not recover from it. Trust me.

The “pundits and the party leaders” have determined that you will be John McCain’s opponent in November, or at least until you go ‘splody in a great big ball of Howard Dean-scented flames. So be it. I believe that was an ill-made (see ethically- and monetarily-handicapped) decision. I have also decided that because of the way you’ve behaved, you juvenile, cheek-scratching, dirt-off-your-shoulder swatting, arugula-sucking, Spanish-ham nipping, policy-stealing, under-the-bus-throwing hack, that I can’t vote for you. I know, I know, you don’t care about me. I’m dirt on your shoulder and all that rubbish. Fine, fine, stop your kvetching.

You’re lucky right now. Many, many people who have decided not to vote for you have also decided not to vote for John McCain. That’s good for you. Here’s a chance that just might win you the election in November if you listen. Tell them how wonderful Hillary is, and how smart. Talk about the fact that you stole all of her old ideas because even the old ones were brilliant, just not as brilliant as the new ones. Tell them how you’ll call her every night to ask her advice because she’s infinitely more knowledgeable than you. Tell them how you really wish the SDs had picked her because even you would’ve slept better at night knowing that she was the one with her finger on the big red button since button literacy was one of the many things they didn’t give remedial classes on at Harvard. (And, we know you were in the remedial classes. Be honest.)

Once you’ve done all that, do the truly good thing and tell her to go back on vacation—whenever she comes back. You know that you—and your robber barons—are the reason the entire party establishment decided to stab a tried and true elder in the back. You know that, I know that, Hillary and Bill know that, but I think we’d all feel much better if it was said aloud, near a microphone and assembled press. Really, I think it’s time. Then, after that’s done, I want you to say, “I intend to win this on my own. I’m not gonna stand on the backs of black people and rich folks’ hired help to win this one. I’m gonna stand on my own two feet. Not on Hillary feet, or President Clinton’s. I will campaign in all 50 states in my campaign for the Presidency…But not today.”

Why not today, you may ask. I’ll tell you why, darling. It isn’t your time. You have a very long time to run for President. (Try 2016 on for size.) This isn’t a matter of entitlement on the part of the Clinton faction; it’s called practicality on the part of people in need. Wake up and smell the doom. The “paranoid holdouts” smell it something awful.

The country is in a tailspin of economic and cultural conflict. We are struggling to consume scarce resources, because the resources are, in fact, scarce and because money is even more so. Average people—who work for a living, who balance their checkbooks every other day in case a dollar’s gotten out of check, who mend clothes instead of replace them, who can afford to have air-conditioning in their homes but know damn well they can’t afford to turn it on during the worse days of summer—don’t have time for your brand of Hope-y Charms. Average people, when they aren’t toiling under the weight of an upside down mortgage for which there seems to be no remedy, are trying to decide if they can afford to live in a country where abortion is no longer an option—when for many of the poorest, it may be the only one. They are trying to decide how badly they want alienate their child who has just admitted for the first time the boy she’s been too embarrassed to bring home is really her childhood best friend, who’s lived next door all along. Can they see her in love and say they never want her to know the joy of a real wedding? They don’t know, but they’re trying so hard to decide.

Now, of all times, we can ill-afford someone who is only tepidly devoted to the vital needs of people in this country. That means you, Barack. You don’t care about these people. Don’t deny that. You are indeed caught up in the concept of yourself as President. You want to be the figurehead but you have no desire to do the work. You don’t care if you are another Jimmy Carter; you’re the first Black President, no matter what. They can’t take that away from you, can they? No, they can’t.

But we can.

And we have every intention in the world of ensuring that you never see the inside of the Oval Office.

You have insulted every one of us, if not with your actions, with your silence when our duly-chosen representative, our leader, was savaged in your name. You looked down like a boy-king as your regent was drawn-and-quartered when you had finally decided to ascend to your throne. You have no sympathy—certainly no empathy—and you couldn’t spare even a moment to sincerely defend her. There isn’t a second of this travesty that isn’t engrained in my memory, and that my future children won’t hear of as I think back on the greatness of one woman, and of the mightiest of glass ceilings that stands, more undead than intact, above our heads. There won’t be another like her, Barack, this woman who you’ve stopped with a brick wall when a historic bullet wouldn’t do.

And if there is, some woman who is so enormously prepared, she won’t run. Who would subject themselves to these months of endless torment just to serve a bunch of poor, starving, uninsured, commoners? I can name a woman, but I find myself hard-pressed to name another. Can you? It certainly isn’t Michelle.

It’s you, not us, who have stopped history from being made this year. Hillary would’ve been President without question. Not a byte of data refutes it. You, however, have an alternate destiny. You see, because it is our moral responsibility to keep you away from the White House. The country would never recover from four years of your brand of Democratic corruption in Washington. Eight years of fraudulent, criminal right-wing hucksters have nearly done the nation in, but you, you would be the death of it. So, while you sit there and contemplate the number of new registered voters you’ve got and all that mythical—somewhere someplace—money, remember that there is no amount of “kissing” or flashing your Ba-Rocks at us that will make us vote for you. It’s not the size of your Ba-Rocks or the capacity of your bank account; it’s the depth of your compassion and the breadth of your character.

That, sweetheart, is where you come up so short that you shouldn’t be allowed to be a Salvation Army volunteer, much less be elected President. Partly for those reasons, you won’t be.

The point of this long trip to why I’ll never vote for you is this: If you want me to keep being good and not be a McCain Democrat, you and your thugs—yeah, I said it, thugs—will begin to leave Hillary alone, starting now. Every time you bring her up and insult her, I send out an email. Every time you laugh about angry, “typical white wom[e]n,” a voter that I know personally will lose their will to vote. Every time you offend another state or another demographic that you “won’t need to win in November,” I’ll write another post like this.

Be nice to Hillary, be nice to Bill, and most importantly, shut the hell up. Accept your defeat as imminent, but bask in the notion that you have made “more history” than Hillary. Feel free to ignore that pain in your leg, that’s just me and my voodoo doll.

You say you’ve won this nomination and that you don’t need me—or my 18 million closest friends. All right then. Win without us. However, that means, you have to win without Hillary, too. She, no doubt, voted for herself. Therefore, she’s one more of those over-forty white broads you can do without.

For the first time in my adult life, I’m not proud to be black in America. And frankly, I’m hoping to leave.

Post-script: I don’t think I committed any character assassination in there. If I did, sorry, for any accidental shootings!

154 Responses

  1. but …how do you really feel?

  2. I agree, regencyg, I will never, ever vote for that man. It is just a question of how long and how completely to leave the Democratic [ha] Party.

  3. Powerful! Regencyg-thank you!

  4. I have left the Party. I will be voting for McCain (really weird for me to write this) and for several down ticket Republicans. I will work against any Obama supporters and for Hillary supporters. So, I will have a split ticket. I am on the local and state Democratic committees, but, I will be working for those Democrats that uphold the Party’s values, and not the sell outs.

  5. “You see, because it is our moral responsibility to keep you away from the White House. The country would never recover from four years of your brand of Democratic corruption in Washington. Eight years of fraudulent, criminal right-wing hucksters have nearly done the nation in, but you, you would be the death of it. ”

    Laughter with RD, now fury with regencyg. Now I feel prepared to face the day with the proper spirit. The quote above fits my opinion like a glove.

    There are no depths for the fire in my belly over this man.

  6. Two little videos to watch!

  7. regencyg , this is just incredible. The writers here have me in awe. Thanks, this is just how I feel. Oh well, back to my French books. I think I hear Quebec calling.

  8. regencyg – that was some fine piece of writing!
    And you said it – every time they make Hillary “do ” things for him,
    every time Wolf Btitzer wonders when is Bill Clinton going to
    endorse and when is Chelsea going to campaign, I hit the ceiling. Again.
    I wasn’t exactly calm when Michelle said on the View that Hillary got hit hard in order of her daughters to have it easier. Some day, Michelle,
    your daughters will find out how much of a role YOU played in those hard hits…

  9. Even Mika this morning did not dare to question Joe and Pat as to whether or not Obama had any character after his BaraaaaaaaaaaaaaccccFlip from yesterday!

    All I have to say to Barack for the day is, “Go home little boy and grow up – get some integrity and character. We might let you play with us again another day.)

  10. Bravo! Feeling the same way. Just waiting to see what BO/MO and the DNC do now. This has been way too orchestrated to finally all of a sudden be walking in the light. I am wondering what the next chess move is (i.e. let’s move the headquarters to Chicago in two days).
    Had a darn good reason for not voting for him the first time, not voting for him in november.
    Just Say No Deal!

  11. Thank you, regencyg, brilliant! Beautifully stated!

  12. Regencyg – I love reading your posts. You show the sort of passion that the Democratic party leaders should be trying to cultivate, not alienate.

    I personally have voted for Democratic nominee for the Presidency in every election since 1984, after voting for a third party candidate (John Anderson) my first election ever in 1980 . In 1980 I voted third party because the DNC seemed to be broken, Carter seemed to be too damaged, and Reagan and his creepy disciples scared the bejesus out of me. It was my way of saying “none of the above”. Fat lotta good it did, with the worse of two evils – Reagan – elected to office that year.

    Since then, I’ve held my nose and voted for inadequate or bumbling Democrats because I believed that supporting a third party candidate benefited Republicans more than Democrats.

    But then, the New Jersey Dem primaries before this year and my primary vote never made any difference to outcome anyway. This year I proudly and enthusiastically cast my primary vote for Hillary Clinton. Fat lot of good it did, with the current delegate system stacked the way it is.

    This is the year I say – enough is enough. The DNC is every bit as bad as the RNC and this year’s nominee is every bit as weak as most previous Democratic nominees (save Bill Clinton).

    I might have towed the line and held my nose as usual, if I hadn’t seen the willful negligence and failure of the DNC “leadership” aiding and abetting the scorched earth tactics of the Obama campaign bullies and the media frat boys.

    Hillary Clinton was savaged by self-identified Democrats and progressives and the DNC turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to it… until she was safely out of the race and they could suddenly crawl out from under their rocks only to be shocked, shocked to discover “ZOMG icky sexism!” Too little, too late.

    All that said, I can’t and won’t vote for John McCain, but right now I can’t and won’t vote for Barack Obama. I find myself back at where I started in 1980, voting for a third party candidate, presumptive nominee, Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party. It may be a protest vote, but it’s a truly progressive platform (unlike McCain’s).

    Since I’ve been told personally in comments at the orange Cheeto (before I quit that insanity) by his supporters, that Obama doesn’t need my “selfish”, Baby-boomer, middle-aged white woman vote to win… well, okay then. If Obama can’t win NJ without my vote he’s got bigger problems than just l’il ol’ me.

  13. Way to go Alexei. I’ve had it with the DNC!
    I’ll be doing the same.

  14. Cindy McCain in Vietnam vs. MO on the view “fist bumping” – I’ll take Cindy anyday if it comes down to it.


  15. David Brooks’ op ed in the NYT today is fantastic. Don’t know how to pull in the link–I just Googled David Brooks. In “The Two Obamas” He detailes just how Obama is throwing people, principles, and more under the truck, and how that quality may be exactly what’s needed to deal with some other world leaders. Brooks has a clear eye! I name him Honorary Puma for the Day! Don’t miss the op ed.

  16. Regencyg, as a feelow Scorpio, you m ake me proud!

  17. Marla, I didn’t exactly agree with this “and how that quality may be exactly what’s needed to deal with some other world leaders.”

  18. UGH! Darn old keyboard, I need a hammer to type in these letters.

    Again, Regencyg, as a fellow Scorpio, you make me proud!

  19. Marla:

    What are you talking about (David Brooks’ article)?
    Are you saying that Brooks’ assessment was favorable as regards to America and American voters?
    What’s your point?

  20. Melanie, me too. That last line is trouble. I used to read a lot of diarists in the days before the purge that used to lament that Democrats weren’t as dirty as the Republicans and wasn’t that a shame, because it was the reason we always lost.

    I reject that. I believe that standing up on principle is a much more effective way to deal with our advessaries than deception, backstabbing, and going against our word.

  21. I wonder what put me in moderation. Was it dirty ,backstabbing, or purge?

  22. Could be purge.

  23. backstabbing?

  24. Ok I get it. You can’t say dirty.

  25. Why are my posts not going through? Have the Obama people hacked this site?

  26. Beautiful post, regencyg, and I’m with you all the way!

    I keep having this picture of Obama as a little boy standing on the front seat in the car moving the steering wheel back and forth pretending he’s driving like daddy. He has no idea how to turn the car on or what makes it work. He doesn’t realize that his legs aren’t long enough to actually drive it. Nor does he know what the rules of the road are. He just wants everyone to look at him and admire him because he’s in the drivers seat.

  27. Carol, I watched a small bit of Morning Joe as well and could hear the Mika snorting when Pat B. was saying that the republicans might be able to win by calling Obama’s character into question. The high moment for me was when Dan Rather disagreed with Joe who said the Dems and Obama would be winning big this Fall. Rather said: hold on a minute, I actually think there’s a chance for McCain to win. That was a sweet moment. Not because I really want another repub prez but because I dont’ want an Obama in the WH.

    Maria I agree that Brooks’ article is powerful. He really does a good job of pointing out the two faces of Obama – the one most of his swooners see and talk about – and the one that is subtely hidden from view but packs a back-handed punch. That’s the face that did the race-baiting and allowed and encouraged the misogyny .

  28. Regency,

    Bravo! That was a righteous rant. I feel you, especially here:

    For the first time in my adult life, I’m not proud to be black in America.

    I was at a meeting of black folks last night, and, of course, was pilloried for not supporting Obama. I was called a black Republican and then a feminist (whatever). When asked point blank if I was going to vote for McCain, I said “The DNC rigged the system and then broke its own rules to make Obama the presumptive nominee. If Hillary’s not on the top of the ballot in November, I’m voting for McCain because Obama is unqualified, unprepared and unfit.”

    Lord have mercy, what an uproar ensued. They cried, “The rules! The rules!” I just shook my head because this pathetic response to what I said only strengthened my resolve against The Pretender.

  29. I read the Brooks op-ed this morning. Thought it was very good.–never underestimate a split-personality!

    But even Brooks [who I rarely agree with on policy issues] was taken with the Obama phenom earlier. I remember hearing his commentary on PBS and thinking: Gads, the Kool-Aide is incredibly strong when someone like this is dripping with awe.

    We can only hope the trance continually unravels as the election gets closer. This recent flip on public financing has unsettled a number of devotees. It’s a crack in the veneer, and it’s not about financing per se. It’s about Obama stating publically and writing down his vow to honor public financing, and then doing a 180.

    If a family member or friend did this, what would you think? Can’t trust this person.

    We’re watching a fraud extraordinaire, propped up with every marketing scheme in the book.

    Wake up America.

  30. Excellent post. We need to get our reasons for not supporting Obama out there instead of having the Obamedia spin that we are bitter, old feminists hold outs that will eventually come around. I say — piss off boyz and girlz you can kiss my PUMA.

    Help spread the word…

    Miami, FL protest – Let’s make some noise when Obama comes to speak at the US Mayor Conference tomorrow.

    Tomorrow, Saturday, June 21 10 AM
    Intercontinental Hotel
    Biscayne Blvd @ 1st ST Chopin Plaza
    Miami, FL

  31. sonya, on June 20th, 2008 at 1:22 pm Said: [snip]

    Lord have mercy, what an uproar ensued. They cried, “The rules! The rules!” I just shook my head because this pathetic response to what I said only strengthened my resolve against The Pretender.

    What’s so silly about that is that they’re the ones that broke the rules! Why should I feel sympathy for them and their pathetic rules? I don’t–I feel sympathy for the country.

  32. Rasmussen – McCain up 6 points in Florida, When told he was for off-shore drilling – McCain went up 11 points.

    Do you see what is happening you st%*id DNC and Super Idiots?

    Make your switch now, while you have any integrity left………..Pelosi, Dean, Donna – need not apply!

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  33. President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

    I just had to write that again, I just love seeing it in print!

  34. YUCK – she is suppose to campaign with him next Friday! Maybe he will get a stomach ache and need to stay home.

  35. Fox Poll has it at 45-41 but with Nader and Barr included its 42-39 BO. I think Nader takes more Dem votes than Barr does Repub votes. And I don’t think the general public are excited (other than hardcore supporters which Obama has) about both of the candidates.

  36. I don’t want any of the Clintons to campaign for BO. They need to speak up about what is going on in our already battered democracy. May Bill find the way to say exactly why BO and his supporters are such a threat to all of us. It’s now or never.

    The Blitzers are the neighborhood bullies knocking on the Clinton’s door begging them to come out and “play” so they can continue spewing their lies and venom about the Clintons and never be held accountable for any of it. If only Senator Clinton when she takes the stage with BO would tell it like it is. She promised not to forget us.

  37. The Blitzers know the “news” is booooooorrrrring without the Clintons.

  38. This post is extraordinarily eloquent and extraordinarily brave. I am running to spread the word – it is a must read.

  39. I’m banking on the sheer tonnage of Barry lies to finally wake folks up. Because no one can possibly keep up with what is operational or no longer operational in Bambie land. The lie fatigue is seeping even into the MSM . How does Russ Feingold feel today? Rather toolish I’d say. Dean really must stop voting at the convention because by then even the Dems will grow a spine . It’s just late June, what will it be like in late Aug ? They will be running to Hill is my guess.

  40. I just got a very encouraging call from a friend who works in Palm Beach County. Exact first words:

    “Obama doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the election in Florida!”

    Apparently, everywhere, everyone is talking about him, and the things being said are NOT pretty.


  41. Regencyg, Thank you for that excellent post!

    I sorta kinda understand the reasons Senator Clinton has to campaign with Obumma, but it echoes and reinforces the abuse cycle and sets a poor example. Then again, she’s damned if she doesn’t and damned if she does. When Obiteme loses in November, it’ll be Senator Clinton’s fault.

  42. Down with the Anti-Democrat, Obama!

  43. Just felt like shouting that, sorry.

  44. Zookz, it wil be Sen. Clinton’s fault and I will send her flowers in my gratitude. She will be thoroughly confused by the gesture but she’ll take them. I imagine I won’t be the only one sending them.

  45. Fellow Scorpio…you make me PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Right on girl…….d*mn!!! I hope you send this to his campaign headquarters, to the DNC’s headquarters, and “cc” Hillary Clinton at her Senate office. That was EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. regencyg

    What a wonderful post.

  47. Amber, did you know Hillary is a scorpio too?

  48. ~zookz, it wil be Sen. Clinton’s fault and I will send her flowers in my gratitude. ~

    Aah, nice. For now I will continue sending Senator Clinton bi-weekly “pay down your debt” checks, but come November, I will be on the gratitude train right along with you. Save me a seat. Pleasethankyou.

  49. regencyg-
    Thanks for a wonderful post. I am so upset over this primary- have lost all faith in the Democratic Party- a party I had believed in and supported all my life.
    I am writing Hillary’s name in- in Texas I can do that.
    Texas is going to go for McCain–the only hope we had of turning it blue was Hillary. But Texas doesn’t seem to matter much to the DNC or to Jr.

  50. zookz – it ain’t gonna happen in November – it is our job to make sure we are done with Obarmeggedon in August.

  51. I’m in Dallas, Texas and a lot of people posting are in Texas.

    Obarmeggedon will soon be gone – Yeppee.

  52. Is this a Scorpio subsite? Me, too.

  53. Texan here, obviously, but I didn’t know we could write-in. We can? Awesome!

    Texas is Hill-Country. The DNC if full of idiots.

  54. Hi, everybody.
    A few questions maybe somebody can answer.
    What is Democracy For America?
    What has been their influence in this election?
    Was this a DFA (rather than DNC) vs. DLC contest?
    Lastly, just how “progressive” is Barack Obama?

    BTW, Sonya, there was a black people’s meeting last night?
    How come I wasn’t invited?

  55. Josgirl, only the post-racial black folks wer invited.

    Somehow it must’ve gotten caught in my spam filter.

  56. Obama does not understand Thou Shalt Not Steal … maybe he should go back and have a good discussion with Rev. Wright … after 20 years, he didn’t get that memo from his God, i guess…

    I’ve so had it with the DNC, we need to turn PUMA into a genuine third party movement … bring back the progressive party!


  57. Regency and Josgirl,

    It was one of those groups where blackness is the only thing I really have in common with them. I didn’t know until this primary season that they were so heavily into group think when it comes to supporting The Pretender but not so much when it comes to building something positive.

    I don’t want to be around them anymore.

  58. Sonya, I think I have an advantage in that whole blackness thing. I’ve rarely been apart of the “black group.” Not necessarily by choice, but I attended school with hispanic kids for the most part. Black kids were rarer and white kids even more so. I get really uncomfy a lot because of that I find.

    IMakes sense then that my father and his family would be for BO and my mom and me are for Hillary. That’s our life experience, not theirs.

  59. Regencyg, I’ve probably been black a whole lot longer than you and what I find most disappointing in all this is the perpetuation of the myth that black people are some monolithic, multi-limbed entity sharing a single brain.

  60. Josgirl, that is the saddest part. When this venture fails, think of how much credibility we’ve lost as a group. I think that’s a big deal. We’ve backed the worst possible candidate and the entire ethnic group will be harmed in the end.

  61. Regencyg and Josgirl, Sugar wrote a post called The Eulogy of the Black Vote. There’s a video of Pastor Manning — in one of his less outrageous moments — making some good points.

  62. “When this venture fails, think of how much credibility we’ve lost as a group.”

    No, I don’t think so. All of you, who have “probably been black a whole lot longer than you” regency and josgirl, I think that it is understandable to trust someone who looks like you. Of all his coalition, you are the least to blame…don’t feel gulity on their behalf.

    I’m “creative class” as a designer, but yet I am not embarrassed at the idiocy of “my” groups groupthink.

    Interestingly, the ‘creative class” over at dailykos seems to be waking up from the koolaid dreamZ today, as he has displeased them on FISA not sure why that issue put them over the edge, while voting for the Cheney oil bill didn’t…:


  63. they’ve been v interested in FISA for a long time.. only recently did Alist bloggers start asking “where’s Obama” on the issue, but, at least they did.

  64. Regency, another great article, I am always amazed when I think of your age, I always think you will go very far.

  65. wow, that post by sugar is amazing …

  66. seems a massive logical dilemma over there!

    a) We have grounds to criticize Obama on this
    b) Obama cannot be criticized, for anything, ever

    ergo.. implosion??

  67. Whew. regency. you. just. said. it all.

    I love you guys, you know that?

    Someday we’ll have a little convention and tea party of our own, no?

    The remedy for all of this?

    John McCain makes Hillary the vice President in the new progressive Teddy Roosevelt style, Jane Adams style, revolt. It’s time!

    It’s time for a redux of the New Progressive Party of 1912!
    let’s insure that it happens…

  68. “did you know Hillary is a scorpio too?”

    Hillary and I share a birthday (different year) so I knew that! She is my favorite of my birthday-sharing celebs!!

  69. This is off-topic, but most urgent.

    At corrente, there is an effort to encourage other weblogs to publish something in keeping with each weblogs particular “mission” on the impending telecom immunity “compromise” which will the congress will probably vote on today.

    this link explains the idea
    …fourth amendment defense day.

    Thank you.

  70. Carol:
    “zookz – it ain’t gonna happen in November – it is our job to make sure we are done with Obarmeggedon in August.”
    You’re right! I’ve lapsed. Thanks for the reminder and WAKE UP call. 😉

    PUMA Democrat

  71. “In that private meeting she had with Obama, I am absolutely certain a deal was made for a major Clinton role in an Obama administration.”

    I sincerely doubt that. Hillary’s a trooper. She’s doing what she’s expected to do. I’m just a voter. I’ll do what I want.

  72. Joe Max,
    We can’t stand a waffler who won’t commit to anything either.
    I don’t think Clinton on the Supreme court makes any sense at all, and I also think she told Obama to take his vp slot and stick it.
    Seems to me, Obama isn’t racking up the bucks like he used to, he hasn’t reported for May yet and when Clinton did that, it was because she had a shortfall.
    Anyway, whatever HRC recommends, my decision, like my vote is my own.
    How I’ll exercise it remains to be seen.
    So far, Obama is still lacking in my book.

  73. What I have found really disturbing this primary is that I and people like me have been lumped in with the raci.sts of this country.

    I grew up with AA folks & my best friend in high school was AA. As a gay man, I was always friends with a lot of gay men who were AAs. One of my best friends in the world is AA, and I’m really enjoying him being in NC now. He just came back from CA. I have also lived in almost completely AA neighborhoods in urban areas.

    I swear to God. I am not a raci.st! The fact that I have to say all of that is testament to the damage Obama has done.

    What I find really sad is that the coalition that Obama has built includes a lot of these white egg-head liberals who propbably have never had a best friend who was black, or ever lived in an AA neighborhood. They want to tell me that I am a racist because I won’t vote for Obama.

    I pray that Obama does not continue down the destructive divisive path he has walked this year. I am not at all optimistic about what race relations will look like come this fall. Republicans will not take as kindly to the race-baiting and accusations of racism as we Democrats have been. I know how angry I have been, and I shudder to think what will happen when Obama gets the real raci..sts blood boiling.

    Maybe that is his plan. We need to blow up the country to save it. It is the logic he is currently using to justify his flip-flop on public financing. I just hope there is something left after Obama’s scorches the earth on his way to Nov.

  74. can someone get me out of moderation please. I said rac…ist sorry

  75. I doubt it too.

  76. It is not the issues. It is the experience, character, integrity, and loyalty. Obama has none of these.

  77. ~John McCain makes Hillary the vice President in the new progressive Teddy Roosevelt style, Jane Adams style, revolt. It’s time!~

    How demeaning to think that teh superior candidate should take a second seat to the likes of the supremely lackwitted McCain and Obama.

    If Senator Clinton agreed to the VP position of either candidate (ain’t gonna happen… but still) IF, I wouldn’t vote for either candidate.

  78. Regencyg — powerful post.

    Here’s a picture of our Miss Universe on the 6/23 issue of New York Magazine:


    She looks stunning. I leafed through the interview and articles about her. Not sure I would recommend buying it because of what I perceived to be continued bias against her. On the other hand, Hillary does say some interesting things about the misogyny of recent months.

  79. ~If Clinton is out there in public urging those who voted for her in the primary to vote for Obama in the general, how can you not go along with her? ~

    Most of us aren’t Hillary-bots. We don’t follow blindly. We can think for ourselves. Obama is no sustitute for Senator Clinton. For me it is a matter of principles over party, experience, character, integrity, policies. I’ve heard Obama’s talk, but I’ve also seen his walk. Nobama for me.

    -But the country can’t stand another four years of GOP criminality, and that’s a fact,
    The GOP doesn’t hold exclsuive rights to criminality, in any of its manifestations (see: 2008 Democratic Primary Selections).

  80. Way to go regencyg! I think O should also make sure his wife stays silent on Hillary. Did she really say this?

    “Let’s not elect somebody who has been there and hasn’t done it,” Michelle Obama said in a fairly clear reference to Clinton. She said education was the issue that most concerns parents and her husband is the only one who can make changes there.


    Does she mean vouchers? Not sure what he did in Illinois for the school system. And why take a swing at Hillary?


  81. One of my real clear moments against Obama was when he excused Wright as an…”uncle.” Back in the 60s, white folks would sometimes say, “but that’s just the way my grandpa talks, that’s how my uncle grew up..” and the like. The civil rights movement people said that was completely unacceptable, there’s no excuse for that, we can’t wait for that to simply die out of our culture in time. We had to denounce our family now.

    And we did. We called out our uncles, etc. So to hear this as an excuse now from a black man was just an Uh-Oh moment for me

  82. josgirl,

    the MSM (and often the politicians themselves) do that with all the groups. there is often an exception for straight white males who, after-all vote as individuals with brains, not as a special interest group. we bitter old women, Hispanics, APIA, LGBT, disabled, and others are just special interest groups. (we aren’t really fully human like the straight white male pundits.) within each group, all of us think and vote alike. (never mind that many of us are in more than one group.) because if we didn’t all think alike, the straight white male pundits wouldn’t have anything stupid to say about us and would probably lose their jobs.

  83. OMG, the little sh*t just made a new shield for the front of his podium and it looks like the one for the President. Someone stop the little dictator!

  84. Melanie, I thought Brook’s last thought about using those skills against other heads of states was tongue-in-cheek and ludicrous in order to lighten the piece. A kind of editorial twist away from all the harsh realities he’d been writing about.

    Pragmatist, I didn’t get from the article that there was any assessment of America or its people. Don’t know what to say.

    Peggie Sue, Brooks has frustrated me so regularly on the McNeil Newshour that I was just elated to read something by him that made some sense to me. I didn’t realize he’d written other articles about Obama. I heard about the article on (I believe) Fox this morning in a comment. When I read it, I was incredulous that Brooks would say what so many of us have seen ad nauseum; then thrilled!

    Marsha, I liked the way Brooks handled the whole thing. “Under the truck” is great. Just as catchy as “under the bus.” If enough media pick up on it, the term may become a mantra. Ahhh, yes!

    Miami, good luck tomorrow! Raise those banners high for all of us!

    Josgirl, in my mind, this candidate does not represent any ethnic group. Or anybody, for that matter. Just himself and raw ambition. I hope the whole country will see it as summer unrolls and we understand, as Hillary pointed out, that it’s one thing to give speeches and another thing to govern (my paraphrase entirely) .

    One other thing for sure: We, the voters, don’t have to back him. We have the power.

  85. Marla, on June 20th, 2008 at 4:24 pm Said:
    Melanie, I thought Brook’s last thought about using those skills against other heads of states was tongue-in-cheek and ludicrous in order to lighten the piece. A kind of editorial twist away from all the harsh realities he’d been writing about.

    Oh, ok, Marla. That makes some sense.

  86. With Obama supporting the FISA bill, can we now assume he’s thrown old netroots under the bus?

  87. Sorry Joe Max

    We’re thinking for ourselves, as we have all along. We grew to truely love Hillary because of her ideas, her brilliance, her obvious concern and caring for others –
    all things totally missing in BO, who I really expected to like. In his case, familiarity bred contempt. Sorry.

  88. Gary, we need a house dropping on ailse two…stat.

  89. Did anyone feel this way after the 04 primary? I know I didn’t, but this time its different, and I don’t relish this feeling…

  90. owens 4 obama, on June 20th, 2008 at 4:48 pm Said:
    “…Come one are you for real are you really believing your BS LOL she lost because she ran the nixion southern strategy “Hard working whites folks ” did her in get over it cry babies if the country stays fucked up because you wanted to vote for Mccain fine go ahead but don’t complain about shit just realize how fucking stupid and childesh some of you are and tothe supposedly black person that wrote this if you are not proud to be black because a white woman lost to a black man then please leave most people especially our people will not miss you self hating punk…”


    Typical Obama supporter…

    we’ve come to expect nothing less…

  91. hmmm, saw the tennessee guerilla woman blog discussing a NY Post [yeah, I know] article that Olbermann will quit if he doesn’t get Tim’s job.

    I say, there’s your out, MSNBC. Give the man his wish.

  92. Gary, where are you with those houses? We’ve got a mess here.

  93. Blah, Blah, Blah
    We are they here?

  94. Where is Fuzzy? We need him here – major infestation

  95. McCain 08!

  96. Keisha dear
    here’s one about policies which is very important to me:
    Hillary was going to withdraw from Iraq.
    Mr “Anti-war” OTOH – already assured the Iraqi prime minister we’d stay put
    and my undying anger here is beyond policy anyway. It has to do with
    the popular vote, the more pledged delegates – in other words
    stolen election. It ain’t any prettier when Dems do it than when the GOP-ers did it.
    And it’s just as immoral for you to benefit from a crime against
    Democracy as it was for the Republicans

  97. First of all, Keisha and owens 4 obama, show me where Obama is “progressive” and I’ll show you where he’s not.
    Won’t be hard since he waffles on every position he takes.
    Secondly, the amount of vitriol spewed from camp Obama toward HRC supporters is legendary.
    Third, if he is indeed an “empty suit” why do you support him?
    Fourth, when did you develop this overwhelming need to see a black man elected?
    Fifth, going on with this argument is pointless.
    Lastly, why are you here?
    Your arguments don’t make your candidate seem any more supportable, and if he can’t make his own case to the other half of the Democratic party, shame on him.

  98. melanie, sorry, houses dropped…

  99. josgirl

    Don’t even bother engaging in a battle of wits- they are unarmed opponents.

  100. they are here because they are sad excuses for human beings. Their low self worth causes them to lash out at others. very sad. hopefully they will get the help they need.

  101. Thanks, Gary. You are such a good witch, dear. 🙂

  102. As much as I detest Obama, I would never write such hateful things on the Obama supporting blogs. It really creeps me out that they are so violent.

  103. ..now where are those slippers? 🙂

  104. mawm, i’m leaving work now, s o you get to play glenda while i’m not here, ok?

  105. And it is a real pattern. What does that say about the crowd he has gathered?

  106. Melanie and
    d g @ 3:24 pm re Obama throws dailykos under the bus on FISA

    “seems a massive logical dilemma over there!

    a) We have grounds to criticize Obama on this
    b) Obama cannot be criticized, for anything, ever

    ergo.. implosion??”

    indeed…its almost like a turning point…

  107. Denise W,
    I know.
    But still…
    …sometimes you just gotta.

  108. gary, do you have magic disapearing powers?

  109. Jmac, what he did a lot of nothing for the Illinois school system. He helped spend a lot of money(Chicago Annenburg Challenge Fund), but scores haven’t gone up.

  110. ~Lets be clear, this is all about personality for you NOT policy since 95% of their policies are identical.~

    Are you basing that statement on Senator Obama’s responses: “Yeah. What Hillary said.”? Or, are you basing that statement on Senator Obama’s flip-flops, or that he has appropriated Senator Clinton’s policies as his own? You really have to provide the exact day and time of day, when you speak to Senator Obama’s positions.
    Senator Obama’s healthcare plan is to the right of Senator Clinton’s; his Iraq policy is exactly the same as Senator McCain’s. I knew where he stood on public election financing, until he flip-flopped. I knew where he stood on NAFTA, until he flip-flopped, and I knew where he stood on FISA, but I don’t know how he voted: yes-no-present (present to GW Bush, et al).
    So really, your “95% of their policies are identical” is just smoke and… well, just smoke.

    That reminds me. I wasn’t on the ballot in MI so the DNC owes me some delegates, preferably taken from the ones Senator Clinton earned.

  111. Mawm, on June 20th, 2008 at 5:19 pm Said:
    As much as I detest Obama, I would never write such hateful things on the Obama supporting blogs. It really creeps me out that they are so violent.

    Mawm, on June 20th, 2008 at 5:20 pm Said:
    And it is a real pattern. What does that say about the crowd he has gathered?

    It means that they are doughy basement dwellers who vent their pornographic hatred by spewing vitriol from the safety of their xbox chairs? Just a guess…

  112. For what?

  113. josgirl, don’t get into a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

  114. What is Hillary’s position on the FISA bill?

  115. Mawm, the policy is to not feed the trolls, right?

  116. Statement of Senator Clinton:
    Today, I will vote against Republican efforts to shortchange the debate on the FISA Amendments Act, important legislation that would modernize our surveillance laws and give our nation’s intelligence professionals the tools they need to fight terrorism and make our country more secure. Rather than allow the Senate the opportunity to consider important amendments to this vital legislation, Republicans are instead blocking meaningful debate on this bill by playing procedural games, choosing instead to score cheap political points at the expense of our Homeland Security.
    This legislation deserves a thorough debate. Several provisions – including those which would have a profound impact on the civil liberties of Americans – need to be the subject of careful deliberation. For example, the bill under consideration gives telecommunication companies blanket retroactive immunity for their alleged cooperation in the administration’s warrantless wiretapping program. I continue to believe that a grant of retroactive immunity is wrong, and I have cosponsored Senator Dodd’s amendment to remove that provision from the bill. The Bush Administration has blatantly disregarded Americans’ civil liberties over the past seven years, and I simply will not trust them to protect Americans’ privacy rights. With the temporary Protect America Act set to expire on February 1st, I strongly believe that we need to pass balanced legislation that protects our civil liberties and the rule of law while giving our law enforcement and intelligence agencies the tools they need to protect our country.

  117. I don’t want him to “be nice” to HRC. Too late for that. McCain’s got my vote this time around, then 2012 – Hillary!

  118. If Obama loses, Obama is toast.
    Thank you for playing.
    I’m done.

  119. owens 4 obama, on June 20th, 2008 at 6:11 pm Said:

    Obama continues to be a spineless, unqualified, incompetent, ethically-challenged, unintelligent fool . . . and more and more Americans are finding out the truth of this! Thank goodness! Maybe one day you too will see the light (put down that glass of Kool-aid firist).

  120. Owens:

    Your freedom of sppech does not obligate us to listen, nor does it require Riverdaughter to provide you a forum.

    You are the weakest link – Goodbye!

  121. This is Riverdaughter’s place and you are an unwanted guest here.

    Start your own blog if you want a soapbox

  122. josgirl: Thank you.

  123. I don’t know regency, this post kind of flew past me. I don’t always follow your metaphors, I guess.

  124. Very well written article.
    Sadly, a very true article.

    McCain 2008.

  125. Pretty bad when Obama backs President Bush on the Warrantless spy bill..what a flip-flop this was! How many are for the warrantspy bill?
    Obama is backing President Bush and his warrantless spy bill..what you think about that?

  126. I get everything you said, regencyg. Hey Angela, I AM one of the other 18 million, and you can take YOUR attitude and stick it where the sun don’t shine, sugar.

  127. That was spooky-my response to a obamabot named Angela does not make sense now because her stupid comment is now gone. Whew, I feel better.

  128. its ok, she can still read it 🙂

  129. “Pretty bad when Obama backs President Bush on the Warrantless spy bill”

    Why not? Bush seems to be Obama’s role model, plus he sees a lot of his personal hero, Reagan, in him. Bush doesn’t scare him by reminding him of the evil President Clinton, either. And he’s not one of those gross, nasty, unwashed, bitter, gun toting religious dupe Democrats, so it’s all good.

    “Lets be clear, this is all about personality for you NOT policy since 95% of their policies are identical”

    Seriously, this is the worst talking point you idiots have ever come up with. If they are identical, then what the hell were the last 6+ months about? Why was she demonized, accused of trying to assassinate the jerk, and every other scurrilous accusation you could drag out of your asses if you don’t think there’s any damn difference between them? Why did we have to watch as you tore this party apart with your insane viciousness, crossing the line beyond anything that’s ever been done to any other Democrat in a primary as far as I know? We did we have to give up any commitment to democracy and become more unprincipled and more committed to disenfrachisment than Republicans if it didn’t matter at all which identical candidate prevailed? Because we just enjoy acting like Chicago style thugs and hacks?

    Trust me, that talking point is truly the nadir. Its not going to placate anyone. You might just as well say, “Well, they’re identical, but we had to try to completely obliterate her, because, well, you know, she’s a filthy, dirty *girl* and we can’t have her kind getting above themselves in this party.” Because if there’s no difference between them, then that’s a pretty obvious conclusion to draw as to your motivation for going so far over the top and condoning tactics and rhetoric that have no place in this party.

  130. Can someone bounce me from moderation please?

  131. Justin,

    When you call people “facists,” they tend to tune you out and want to be rid of you. Why is that so hard for you to understand? Are you just plain stupid or deliberately obtuse? Don’t answer. That was a rhetorical question.

  132. all that mythical—somewhere someplace—money

    Great post. For all the talk about his fundraising abilities, he raised 270 million, she raised 220 million. And that’s only after she asked for it in February.

  133. Well written article Regencyg – I for onwe will NEVER vote for *61, i will support our girl tillthe convention, then I will b a Repub for a day. Dem no more.

  134. you don’t want another Scorpio hating on you. You will not recover from it. Trust me.

    Damn straight.

  135. Amen! Obama will NEVER receive a vote from me as long as I draw breath in this world… and I intend to live a long and full life… And I’ve a list of Obama supporters who will also never earn another vote from me. What has happened during this 2008 election will not be forgotten or forgiven… we will remember and we will react… the DNC has lost all credibility and relevancy.

  136. That is some writing. I can almost hear her.
    Thank you!

  137. regencyg, I love it when a Scorpio tells it like it is. You rock.

  138. I do not believe that Obama is good for this country. Too self-serving, arrogant, inexperience, etc.

    I will not vote for him but will vote for McCain if that is my only choice.

  139. I hope that Hillary overdose on the Peptobismol, before campaining with Barry next week.

    She may also have to hold her nose in addition, in order to get through those naseous days with him on the campain trail.

  140. The paragraph starting with “You have insulted every one of us, if not with your actions, with your silence…” was primo. The smiling boy king image really resonated with me.

  141. strong writing, good job regencyg….made my morning.
    Still a Dem, but not for long.
    As with any job up for grabs, candidates with previously proven work experience, integrity, values and credentials have been the ones to climb the rungs of the corporate ladder. Qualifications for the position of President should be no different.
    We had just that candidate. Yes she was a woman. But more important, she had the experience, the compassion and the tenacity to do the job required.
    My husband and I will not vote for an inexperienced, supercilious
    job-seeker. NoObama. No way.

    PUMA Pac

  142. regencyg and Josgirl:
    your comment re: all blacks being grouped as one in being of the same OBmindset. As long as you both stand up and speak out, believe me, there are those of us out here that know better and hear you loud and clear. I’d even been called a racist by a once “best” friend, just by not voting for *61 in the Primary. Now that’s audacity in my book. This whole thing has gotten way out’ta hand.
    I only wish there were more of you with your same guts that would follow your lead. Keep writing. Keep standing up for what’s right. Thanks you two.

    PUMA Pac

  143. Powerful article. The only good news is that day by day Obama infuriates more people with his arrogance–how about his new presidential seal??

    For those of you interested in helping Hillary pay down her debt:

    I created a shirt over at zazzle.com. Go there and in the search box put this product id number:


    You’ll find a shirt that says, “Hillary, Thanks a million for those 18 million cracks.” 25% of the sale price (that’s the entire profit) will be donated to help retire Hillary’s debt. Please spread the word and we can show Hillary our love and appreciation!

  144. It is my belief that BO was selected by the DNC before the campaign began. He was “packaged and promoted” by the DNC and groomed to be the “next coming” of the Democratic party. The DNC had no choice when HRC’s campaign took off but to denigrate and smear her … they had spent too much time and money trying to push BO to the forefront of the pack to allow HRC to win. It’s pretty typical “good ol’ boy” tactics, but it is going to backfire on the DNC this time. I have never voted for a Repub candidate for President before … and I’m not sure I can do it this time, but one thing is sure – I will NOT vote for BO.

    I am a 61-year-old unemployed woman who lives in Michigan. I am one of 18 million people who cannot stomach what my political party has become and how it is treating me. I will not be told how to vote by a party that has informed me that my vote isn’t important and that I must fall into line and be a “good Democrat” and support my party’s candidate … even though he isn’t qualified for the immense job he wants. I don’t care whether he is A/A, white or green and pink … he is not qualified. The DNC has managed to do something that I never thought would be possible … I will not vote for the Democratic candidate for President. I am standing up and putting my foot down, DNC – you have pushed, and now I am pushing back.

  145. On November 4th, we will hit Ohno where it hurts most.

    And it is not in in the groin.

  146. I’m not sure where to start on this… the hipocracy of sounding just like what you say you detest in Obama, or the inaccurracy in claiming that Hillary won the popular vote (I guess maybe, only if you add the states where Obama did not participate.)

    What strikes me most, if I understand this rambling and poorly articulated post, is that anyone that voted for Clinton would think that giving the Republicans a vote or not voting for a Democrat is in their or this country’s best interest. Shame on you and the commenters that agree with you.

  147. You could start by learning to spell properly and try lessons in etiquette, after that? It’s not polite to show up at someone’s home and insult them.

  148. I wouldn’t worry much about John. He reminds me of my deadbeat dad who tried to learn me discipline for the first time when I was 12. He looks about as stupid as John.

    *shrugs* Such is life.

  149. John:

    Yeah, yeah , yeah, shame on us.

    Blah, blah, blah.

    Thanks for showing up to set us on the right path.

    We’re all bitter bigots here too. Got any advice for that?

  150. Funny how the Johns don’t seem to read what regencyg, commenters and other bloggers and writers are actually saying. The Johns say “we sound just like what we are complaining about.” *61 is not qualified. No one can legitimately say that about HRC. *61’s comments and comments of those connected to him are sexist and misogynistic. I do not know of one thing HRC or anyone connected to her said that was racist. I have looked at the stuff in the press and the criticisms, and it is just like Ferraro and Harriet Christian suggested – one cannot say anything about an inadequate black male without sounding racist.

  151. he may be in for a big surprise in nov. clinton or mccain

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