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Wretched and Bitter Hags Hold Votes Hostage


Yes, I have been called many names by the Obamaphiles out there.  Bitter is probably the mildest.  I have been told that I will be responsible for back alley abortions, the death of thousands of soldiers in Iraq, floods, famines, earthquakes, dogs and cats living together.  Yes it will be all my fault.

Wow!  I have a lot of power.  I’m beginning to feel divine.

I just can’t figure out why if it is soooo important for the Democrats to win that the fingerpointers don’t pick the Democrat most likely to actually win.  I mean, they still have a choice.  If they are so concerned , they can petition the party to have a fair and transparent convention and let’s see who persuades the largest number of superdelegates.    So what if the signs for the fall have already been made?  It’s just stationary.  Surely it is more important to pick the right Democrat, right?

Anyway, the noise is starting to pick up.  They have noticed us after 6 months.  We’re now on the radar.  And the nasty names and predictions of doom are likely to increase.  But I don’t care what they call me.  I have my vote.  My precioussssss vote.  And they want it.


136 Responses

  1. I’m sorry. I’m up for being responsible for everything on your list with the exception of cats and dogs co-mingling!

    I will now have to vote for Obama.

  2. I just got off the HRC Women’s Finance Committee conference call. It was so good to hear Hillary’s voice again! The purpose of the call was two-fold: to reiterate her support for BO and urge us to do the same (fat chance) and to help her retire her campaign debt. She also mentioned the misogyny in the campaign from the media and “other places” and said she will continue to “focus on it, bring it to light, and change some attitudes. It’s not right and it should not go unnoticed.” That should be interesting, considering she’ll be stumping for Mr. Misogyny himself!

  3. If we are holding votes hostage we should be hearing from a hostage negotiator soon. One of the “sweeties” that will share our pain and understand how we’re feeling.

    Okay, Mr. Negotiator, this wretched and bitter hag wants a plane, a pilot, preferably a good looking one with six pack abs and baby blue eyes and a gazillion dollars in small unmarked bills. (Better make that a really big plane)

    For that I might be convinced to vote for Obama.

    No, on second thought that ain’t nearly enough to betray my conscience, my country and my own ethical standards. (But the pilot would have been nice.)

  4. Boring. So many of your posts are hyping (from ever-changing angles) why you are so “powerful”. Here’s the thing: you’re not. Your entire movement is a bit of a sideshow to the political spectrum at the moment, but you’re not actually a staple in any coverage or conversation. Yes, the PUMA thing got some play, but people will also air videos of bears falling asleep. It’s all under the umbrella of offbeat, would-you-look-at-that distractions.

    Your vote counts just as much as mine does, no more. Place your vote wherever you’d like, but at this point the “I’m so powwwerful! You’re jus’ jealous!” crowing is coming across as more than a little insane.

  5. RD – where did you get that picture of me?

    Oh, I’m sorry, that is Obama’s “typical white grandmother” after 3 months under the bus!

  6. Them dems is really ignant. If they be thinkin they could whap us on the heads (repeatedly) out there on the playground and then come with tears in their eyes to ask “why we don’t like them?”– then I really think that they need to be held back to do third grade over again. I will be delighted to help them have their
    “time out.”

  7. Miriam -thanks for the visit! Now, drop dead and take your lot with you!

  8. I’m a an old male member of the side show. We’re the magicians– we’re going to make our votes disappear while the clowns are playing with the elephants.

  9. I like the focus on it’s just one vote that each of us has. Individually, we are insignificant. The question is whether we represent something bigger out there or just thousands, millions of others who don’t blog. Are we that important? I don’t know. Do I, personally, care what the Obama camp thinks of me or us? Not really. Is it so wrong for us to have a place to go to commisurate? I wouldn’t think so. So really why all the trolls? Maybe we are just a blip on the media and internet radar. As I said last night, our power will be demonstrated in the sanctity of a private booth on election day. It’s our vote. It’s our choice. We now have freedom.

  10. Stillife- Did Hillary say how she wanted the debt retired? Where should we give? I heard that she is giving a few of her big fundraisers to Obama. Did that come up?

  11. The only way to retire Hillary’s debt is for those who haven’t maxed out to give. Her maxed donors are probably the ones at Hill’s Obi fundraisers.

  12. Wow, a new insult! Racist, dumb, old, redneck, bitter, naive, hags, and typical white evidently are not enough; we are now “more than a little insane.”

    Hey, I don’t go to the A-list, why do they bother coming here? We sure didn’t ask them.

  13. My husband laughs every time I tell him that he’s a bitter old white woman. He had no idea. He could have sworn he was a progressive, thirty-something man of color who wouldn’t vote for Obama if you paid him because he thinks the guy is an empty suit who ran a nasty, old-politics campaign. A liar, in other words.

    Seriously, Obama trolls, you need to look beyond skin color and genitalia and ask yourself why so many PEOPLE are angry, disgusted, and don’t trust The Precious or the pitiful cowpt that’s all that remains of Democratic party leadership.

    Oh, but wait. Looking at others as human beings and not labeling them based on their gender or race/ethnicity (or socioeconomic class, or sexual orientation, or religion) is something only TRUE progressives do. Sorry. Carry on, then.

  14. Sorry I fed the trolls; it’s just that they’re so needy.

    As to real dialogue, I’ve continued sending money to retire Hillary’s debt, but I have friends who haven’t been sure this is okay and will go to Hillary. I’m glad to have first-hand confirmation that money will go to her.

  15. Oh, don’t worry, RD. They plan to get our vote by having all the other women in the Senate lift Hill’s agenda and convince us it’s something they just came up with.

  16. She asked us to help her with the debt but not what she personally borrowed from herself for the campaign. She said that was her investment.

  17. Hey everyone. I think this song and video will bring a smile to your face. The choreography of the guy’s dancing seems symbolic of Hillary’s campaign (even though the song is about boys/men).

  18. Heh. Not cowpt, cowpat. I should have just said poop, but I was trying to be a teensy bit ladylike.

  19. What are Hill’s Obi fundraisers?

  20. I just wanted to thank this blog for existing. You are the first place I check every day. Riverdaughter is breathtakingly eloquent and accurate in everything she says. I find Michelle Obama even more arrogant and offensive than her husband…on the View she said she had no opinion on the VP pick. Neither Bill Clinton nor Elizabeth Edwards would have ever made such a statement because their marriages are true partnerships.

  21. Hey, what happened to my post?

  22. If we’re so boring, Miriam, why do you and your ilk show up here? Seems you might have more exciting places to visit and people to see. Why don’t you?

    Stilllife – what does Hillary say, if anything, when her supporters say they won’t support Obama?

  23. Miriam:

    “More than a little insane” works for me.

    I can do “deranged” too.

    Reality is overrated anyway.

  24. Lizgranny, she didn’t specify but we will be getting e-mails from Jonathan Mantz in the next few days.

    Delphyne, she didn’t say anything about those of us who won’t support Obama. I was hoping there would be a Q&A, but it was just a short talk. She just said it was important to elect a Dem in the fall.

  25. I’m shocked — shocked — that our votes are so important to the continuation of life as we know it. Why, just a short time ago various obama operatives were telling us to stay home and not vote at all, or even vote McCain if we wanted. We were to be purged from the party and replaced by newer, better, purer voters. Voters a new, better, purer candidate like barky could be proud of.

    I, for one, am happy to oblige the obamabots and refrain from voting for their wonderful messiah, even though I am neither old, nor white, nor bitter. (I am female, however, which puts me directly in their targeted “stay home” demographic.) Now they’re trying to convince us that we have the power to destroy civilization with the very votes they rejected in the past and still refuse to ask us for respectfully. Well, that suits me just fine. The fundamentalists obama now courts have been predicting the end of the world for longer than I have been alive. It’s about time they made good on those promises, if you ask me. (Though if eight years of Shrub couldn’t destroy the world, I doubt that either barky or McCain can manage the feat.)

  26. ~Your vote counts just as much as mine does, no more~
    No, actually, some Democrat’s votes are worth two votes. The one vote Obummer loses and must replace, and one more that he needs to pull ahead.

    If we PUMAs are so inconsequential why waste your time, attentiona and energy on us?

    PUMA Democrat

  27. Jesus! Where do you get these pictures? Wait–I know–it’s a digital composite of all of our faces. Brilliant!

  28. That’s because they know they are going to LOOOSE….and don’t want to be the one’s responsible for the scam they pulled blowing up in there faces. I’m done with these folks, McCain for four years and the Dems clean house or something else like maybe a really strong brave capable candidate and former successful President could create a new Party for 2012 either way electing a candidate and Party that conned their own Base is not a Party I want in power. Of course I am not a Dem well maybe a Clinton Dem.

  29. Riverdaughter, for a bitter hag, you are just lovely. Heh. Kidding. I know that’s not you.

    Look at this. The Congressional Black Caucus wants Nunn or Edwards? Come on, now. That doesn’t sound right, does it?

    Edwards and Nunn, because nothing says change like the guy who ran last time, or some dude from the last century:


  30. Sorry to be somewhat contrary. I love the post (Riverdaughter is invariably brilliant and I am sure she will cure whatever disease her company is working on) but using the picture in this way is offensive. The lady in the picture doesn’t look like a hag to me; I think she looks just fine.

  31. My comment didn’t show up.

  32. An Obama supporter told me that voting for McCain would be like cuttingoff your nose to spite your face.

    I told him I never liked my nose very much anyway

  33. Churl–ha! Don’t know if images are allowed here, but this one is so good, and goes right along with your clown comment:

  34. This is for litigatormom if she shows this evening: (It is tangentially related to the topic so I refuse to have any guilt posting it. Others are invited to comment, but I am leaving the computer now and won’t return until tomorrow morning.)

    This is in reply to your post on one of the threads with SCOTUS and Roe discussions. You wrote that you came to the conclusion that the Supreme Court was important for multiple reasons and had to think through your position with respect to your vote.

    I think a frequent error people commit is falling into the “what have you done for me lately” type of thinking and forget (or ignore) decades, if not centuries, of history. The overt policitization of Supreme Court nominees is a fairly recent occurrence, but the politics of the nomination process is not (treating politics as a singular noun here). The following is a blurb I wrote for another blog site apropo a similar discussion–note an edit, “fairness” was originally “compassion” in the final sentence.

    The notion that only a Democratic president will put forth worthy SCOTUS nominees is not supported by historical evidence. Learn who it was who recommended Warren, Burger, Marshall, and Stevens. Recall that other nominees put forth by presidents have not automatically been approved by the Senate, e.g., Bork. Who gets on the Supreme Court depends upon the President AND the Senate. Also, if you review the record of the “strict-constructionist” Burger’s tenure as Chief Justice, more than one landmark, progressive, ruling came during this period. The nominees must be considered as individuals, and whether or not they have demonstrated integrity, critical thinking, and fairness during their careers prior to nomination.

    Also, considering concerns about stare decisis et non…, many use that as a test for whether or not the Roe v. Wade decision will be upheld. If the stare decisis precept were rigid and put forth as some mistakenly take it to mean, that once a decision is made, it can not be undone, we would still be a society operating under Plessy v. Ferguson and not Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka.

    Sorry for being off topic with this post, but for those of us who check in two or three times a day, keeping up with every thread is not possible.

  35. Stilllife

    Did Obama bring a gun or a knife to the unity call?

  36. I don’t know how many of us there are. I don’t care. What’s right is right and BO is so wrong!

  37. Stillife,

    Did Hillary say anything about what her plans were in the future? Is she going to the convention with her delegates? Anything about being on the ballot for first roll call?

  38. The bots are desperate because our little side show has resulted in a june 18th rassmussen pole showing Sen McCain 44% to Obama 43%. It also shows a big pick up in John McCains favorables to 58%. More Americans say John McCain loves his country than Sen. Obama.

    The thesbomians are frothing at the mouth and its not their lattes…girls and boys..its the rabid mad dog type of frothing. It is not a pretty picture.

    They had a script for the next 12 weeks it said “the bitch exits stage left” and we bask in the glorious light of our god/hero the big “O”. Oh, and her supporters, they fall in line like the hot little pony girls they are. Something happened in the second act? There are to many of us adlibing and and not following our blocking…

    They are worried, it appears their broadway baby is not the sell out promised by the producers. The investers are restless and ther is dissent in the balcony and the box seats….

    who knows what will happen after intermission in august?


  39. I’ll bet Thomas Paine got fed up with King George’s trolls saying that taxation without representation was better than going to war.

    I love the Democratic party so much that I’ll help destroy it rather than see it corrupted and perverted.

  40. myiq2xu, on June 19th, 2008 at 6:33 pm Said:
    An Obama supporter told me that voting for McCain would be like cuttingoff your nose to spite your face.
    I told him I never liked my nose very much anyway

    myiq: Do you have a nose as big as mine?

  41. I just want to say, thank goodness for this site and all of you!

  42. Now everyone knows what it’s like to be a gay Democrat — we’ve been blamed by the rest of the party for every election loss since 2000 (and probably before, when I wasn’t paying as much attention).

    IF ONLY we had the power they ascribe to us…!

    Come to think of it… If we had the power they ascribe to us, Hillary wouldn’t have been the first female POTUS — Shirley Chisholm would have. 😀

  43. MABlue:

    Not anymore

  44. I love coming here — cheers me up !!!

  45. just a little fun since we are talking about how sexy it is the way obamabots are now wooing us all…..
    my comment on hireheels:

    girls! girls! girls!-I feel like facts of life matron Mrs Garrett- see what you do to these men….look what you have made them stoop to, since the old Roe v wade proposition didnt work to get you in line.

    The O’boymas club just doesnt deal well with rejection, they think they are a bunch of sexy wild men. they thought they could woo you with promises of supreme court justices, all they really wanted was for you to put out….to put out good, for their big Obamian on campus.

    He was going to tag and tell on you, and in the morning to show your appreciation….you would fix him breakfast and give him your vote. he would leave his number and with a sexy whisper that “you should really give him a call soon we could do wonderful hot things together. ”

    He wanted you to rock and change the world with him….of course when you did make that call all you get …”.this is the chicago zoo our operations are monday thru friday 10 am …..”

    You have been there before, I have been there before too, yes even fuzzy the sexy bear he is has gotten the “…the number you have reached is not in service..” message.

    We know what to do with guys like that dont we girls….and gays….we know how to make them pay….make them wish their outie was an innie…and we are going to really let them have it, are we not in november?….when it comes to getting the big “o”… we are keeping our leggs crossed this november-

    with apoligies to lady chaterly and her lover

  46. maybe miriam likes the new flavor…brazille just said on cnn obama was the flavor….oh i will take bland any old day thank you…trying real hard to unite the party…well i don’t think its gonna happen! 😦

  47. I am being ignored by the DNC again have had no appeals for cash or unity since monday when ol’ Ali G sent a request


  48. Hey, you think YOU get it bad from the O-Borg? Recently, one anonymous Obama supporter accused me trafficking in kiddie porn. Another anonymous coward came right out and said that he wanted to kill me — preferably in an old-fashioned duel. Since he bragged about living in the same town, I asked him for his name and contract info so we could discuss the matter mano-a-mano. As you might guess, the coward has refused.

    The amazing thing is, these bastards think that they will CONVERT people using these tactics.

  49. LOL, Denise W. Obama wouldn’t waste a gun or a knife on a bunch of bitter old hags. He’d just call us “sweetie” and show us his vibrating cellphone.

    Kendall J, she said nothing about the convention or her delegates. That’s why I wish there had been a Q&A. This was strictly about retiring her debt and getting on the Unity Pony.

    She did say that she would continue to fight for the issues that are important to her.

  50. Joseph, were you showing them the Obama for kids web-site?

  51. Fuzzybear, I wish I would receive a request from the DNC so I could send them a nasty e-mail. However, I did see a heartwarming sight today – the DNC had people panhandling on the street when I went out to lunch.

  52. Us old hags are used to keeping our legs crossed. November is just another month with our legs crossed!!!

  53. “Let’s not elect somebody who has been there and hasn’t done it,” Michelle Obama said in a fairly clear reference to Clinton. She said education was the issue that most concerns parents and her husband is the only one who can make changes there.


    Wonder if Michelle means vouchers? Obama has said he’s open to looking at them. It might not be so hard for me to leave this party after all if it’s going the way of religion and vouchers and who knows what on social security.

  54. Stillife, Michael P,

    Maybe Obama should give out vibrating cell phones to all us old hags. By November, mayby we’ll stop crossing our legs !!!!!

  55. You are divine! And this picture, I’m still laughing my whatever off.
    Riverdaughter the fabulous, and her friends kbird, bboomer, gary, all those from corrente and well, just way to many to just adore over here!

    I don’t think I’ve heard neeener neeeeener neeeeener in years — but, you crack me up–so does Arabella!

  56. kendall with regard to obama I hope we can all keep our legs crossed….fuzzybeargvile

  57. arabella did you read my comment about the obamians pornin’ for our votes

  58. well off to bowl with my bear friends…again say a prayer I beat obams score


  59. I had to chuckle, reading this from WKJM:

    As of a couple weeks ago, Barack Obama is the leader of the Democratic party. By definition and in fact.

    What does he think about the FISA deal? As far as I know he has not weighed in publicly over the question. And I’m hearing that the sachems on Capitol Hill are in the dark as well.

    When does he show his cards?

    Excuse me but I thought that was the point of selecting Obama as a nominee: He has never done anything, has never said anything consequential, and has never taken any position on any issue.
    I thought Obama’s strength was the fact that he is such a blank, he cannot be attacked on anything.

    What did WKJM think? Obama will start taking position on issues that matter?

    Glenzilla is kinda surprised too:

    Meanwhile, has anyone seen Barack Obama?

    The two presumptive presidential nominees have differed over the issue. A senior aide to Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., recently indicated the senator would support granting immunity to the phone companies. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., was among the most vocal opponents of immunity in the Senate debate last year. . . .

    A spokesman for the Obama campaign didn’t return phone calls or emails seeking comment for this article.

    If Obama remains missing much longer, it may be necessary to issue an Amber Alert for him.

    We’re up to a very good start here.

  60. Lou Dobbs is giving Obama another whupping over on CNN. Says he is breaking promises. Someone mentioned his “movement” and Dobbs said, “movement? I thought this was a campaign?” Dobbs is so anti Obama.

  61. My hairdresser, (a big Obamabot) asked me today who I will vote for , Obama or McCain, now that my girl, Hillary is out of the race (who said Hillary was out of the race?).

    I told her I don’t know, I don’t really like either of them. I did tell her I registered Independent (she knows I was a Democrat). Maybe I’ll vote for Nader, I said, or some green party candidate.

    Probably trying to say something nice she said, “She really gave him a run for his money at the end.”

    I did tell her it was probably best not to discuss it, because I am still angry and I’ll most likely never get over it. So the conversation stopped. She wisely said “OK”.

    There was so much I could have said – like why do you like that two faced liar, scum sucking weasel Obama, but kept my cool.

    After all, she was working on my hair at the time….

  62. Obama is a republicrat!!!! He’ll gut social security and public schools in the name of bipartisonship. So how is he progressive and inclusive and thoughful? And they want to talk shit about Bill Clintons compromises. This A** isn’t even in the White House yet and he’s giving away the store!!

  63. Miriam is charming, isn’t she? She says she’s not upset, but she sure does sound bitter.

  64. I really hate that picture of the old lady.

  65. There is a reason the Oborg are afraid of us…

    they understand that November is going to be decided on the basis of the least objectionable candidate — that Team Obama plans to go hyper-negative on McCain, and Team McCain is planning on doing the same.

    And WE — the loyal Democrats who are saying “NOBAMA” — are the people that other people will be listening too — because most of us aren’t saying “McCain” either.

    Our power lies in the fact that we’re credible, because most of us are lifelong democrats. And when our friends and families — the people who have been talking about how important it is to support Democratic candidates for years on end — hear us say “NOBAMA” it especially meaningful.

    The Oborg know that if WE are saying “NOBAMA”, everyone who knows us will get the message that there has got to be something seriously wrong with voting for Obama.

    The other thing is that right now, our message is especially powerful. Because of the way that Obama ran his primary campaign, there is no ‘positive’ case to make for him — just a negative case against McCain. Most of us (those who are not saying that they will vote for McCain) represent a welcome alternative to the ‘lesser of two evils”. We are saying “you don’t have to choose”.

  66. LOL, Sarah. Definitely wait until she finishes with your hair before you start insulting Obama.

    While I was at my brother’s house today, a young kid–well to me he looked like kid–came to the door and said he was trying to raise money for “the DNC and Obama.” I told him I was pretty angry with the DNC right now, but my brother and sister-in-law are voting for BO. But it was votes he wanted. He wanted money, so he’s coming back. I could have really given him a hard time, but he was so pathetic looking that I took pity on him.

  67. I just need to say it. I hate the picture of the old lady.

  68. Did the blogger boyz expect him Obama to be a Fighting Democrat? What the heck did they think the whole unity schtick was for?

  69. Seriously, are we in the twilight zone? And why are so many people falling for this crap? It is propaganda at a supreme level. Obama isn’t a movement. Movements start from the ground and work themselves up. Obama is nothing but corporate branding and these sheep are just following like fools.

    I am furious at Boxer, McCaskill, Mikulski et al. How dare the have the audacity to claim Hillary’s “Checklist for Change” as their own. Where were they when she was being attacked? Why didn’t they stand up for her?

    We need to show these women that we mean business. Please give them a call and let them know how you feel.

  70. Yeah, I agree with Pat. Put up someone like Betty White.

  71. MABlue – I know I am pasting a picture of Obama on my Milk Carton as we speak!

  72. Pat – then you need to leave your spot under the bus. We need the room anyway!

  73. While maybe Betty White is under the bus. They can just trade places.

  74. Watching fox news today – the fox polls show that Obama is ahead and that most clinton voters are supporting Obama. I don’t know how good the polls are but it seems that even fox is giving Obama a free ride. They are harder on McCain.

    I just don’t get it. With all the knowledge out there regarding his record, his positions (or non-positions depending on how the wind is blowing that day) etc. how can intelligent people who care about this country support such a candidate?

    One interesting interview – Cavuto with a Hillary supporter who will not support Obama until after August if he is the formal nominee. He kept asking her if she knew something he doesn’t know…I hope she does.

  75. sarah, you can’t be faulted for holding your tongue when someone is cutting your hair.

  76. Bitter Hag here! and PROUD OF IT!

    They can’t pry a BO vote from my Cold Dead Hands!

  77. Hey, my power makes me look like this:
    (at least in my own mind)

  78. I think that picture is cool. I am contemplating printing it, cutting it out and pasting it on my back in November as I go to vote. I will put the words “bitter, Hillary Hag – how much is my vote worth to you?”
    And then I’m going to laugh, and be a pleasant as I can be….gotta make ’em wonder!!!

  79. RD you make my day. I too check this site daily and though I don’t post often you guys sure do lift my spirits. I have to say I agree with you sarah, it still hurts!!

  80. I will wait for another diary to come out because I must admit I find the picture slightly offensive.

  81. Rasmussen was on just a few minutes ago, and he said the new poll in Florida shows McCain is now ahead. 67% of American’s approve of off-shore drilling – even the Floridian’s. American’s are approving of McCain’s stance on drilling. (Watch your back McCain, Obama will declare it was his position by week’s end.)

    One of my professors in college in the 1970’s said his brother in MA could freeze to death in the dark if they didn’t want off-shore drilling. (We are in Texas). I agree.

  82. I expect the trolls to tell us very soon that we never loved them and they hate, they hate us. Then they run down the hall crying and slam a door.

  83. OMG – Look what just showed up on YaHoo! I swear I thought it said Osama when I first looked at it.

    I guess are some Muslims over at Yahoo that didn’t like what happened on Monday night!


  84. done4


    Who knows what the numbers REALLY are.
    Polls this far out don’t mean much, especially when it’s only a 4-6 point difference. McCain/Obama isn’t an exciting race; people are blah about the whole thing. Come Sept we might have a better idea.

  85. Miriam dear, are you one of the paid 400 or are you giving it for free?

  86. What I think really frustrates the DC Elite, especially the women, is that they can’t take a way Hillary’s rank as a former first lady. I was thinking of Russert’s state funeral, which I didn’t think to watch or read about, and how President and Mrs. Clinton showed up for it. They will always be lead to the front at all events. They will always be front row. She will always walk right by the Sally Quinns of this world and will always have precedence over them no matter how they treat her. What do they plan to do with the Clintons at the Convention? not invite them? Ban the former President? The Clintons will be always higher ranking than Gore, Kerry, and the Obamas, and the Greenspans and so on..

  87. Exactly Ben

    They will always be center stage.

  88. well i am now gone from talk left. it was very good while it lasted. but to live blog michelle’s appearance on the view was just too much. i however thank jeralyn for her hard work and support leading up to the selection of obama.

  89. RD–Time for the bouncer to oust these two. I want to be able to enjoy the cocktail hour with friends in peace. Thanks.

  90. It’s flattering all the attention the bots pay us, considering they are *winning* and don’t need us.

  91. please ignore larry he is using multiple names under the same IP we will save them for ronk to deal with. I hear he’s good at bringing the heat to assholes like that.

  92. Gary – please remove my last 2 posts seeing as how Larry has gone poofffffffffffffff!

    Now, if we could get O to go pooffffffffffffff!

  93. there you go carol. larry is probably a 12 year old boy, just ignore it, i’m having fun knocking him out…its like a video game 🙂

  94. somebody didn’t get their nap today bless his heart…

  95. bwahahahahhaaaaah! INDEED!

    And the “We Love Hillary” Pander Fest is also reaching new levels. I just read at NoQ that Michelle O was quite complimentary, recognizing the sexism in the campaign, because “strong women make people uncomfortable” and “she took the hits so my girls won’t have to in the future.” Now, where did some of those hits come from Michelle? Perhaps from you and your man-child husband? Audacity is right.

    But we’re just dumb rubes who can’t see through this transparent seduction dance to persuade us to vote for Precious right?

    They make it soooooo easy to reject him.

    Love the new NAFTA and public finance flip-flops this week too. How how how does he keep getting away with this stuff? His media posse shields him through all the lies and hypocrisy. It’s amazing to watch it unfold.

  96. Seems like you are the one harrassing, Larry

  97. keep diggin that hole deeper lar….

  98. Do you guys have any idea how big a joke you are to everybody else?

    That’s what I live for: pleasing everyone else and making sure I am acceptable to the masses. That is why I join big rallies with no substance and vote for an empty suit, because all the other sheep are doing the same thing and I want to fit in.

    Do I look okay??????

  99. you can come out now….she’s gone, that wicked old witch is gone…..lol I can just keith olbermann sitting in his boxers frothing at the mouth banging on the keyboard…pathetic

  100. just *see*..

  101. She will always walk right by the Sally Quinns of this world and will always have precedence over them no matter how they treat her.

    Wasn’t that piece by Sally Quinn, giving Hillary spiritual advice now that her campaign is over, priceless? That’s exactly what I wanted to say to her and all the other venomous critics: What have YOU done with your lives that is so impressive? Can you persuade 18 million people to vote for you to be the leader of the free world? Have you worked for almost 40 years to empower women, children, workers, veterans and the disabled? Do you really think Hillary, who has walked through fire and not only survived, but thrives–do you think she needs your sanctimonious advice on “finding herself?”

    They are small, petty people.

  102. Why believe any of Obama’s promises?

    He said he didn’t like NAFTA and sent anti-NAFTA flyers in Ohio, but now he likes it.

    He says he would take public financing and now he won’t.

    He says he wants to get out of Iraq but an Iraqi official said Obama and McCain’s plans for Iraq are similar to one another.

    He says his health care plan is UHC but its clearly not.

    Why trust Obama on Roe if he changes his tune to suit the circumstances?

  103. Pat, if your still here. Your right, the picture is not cool.

  104. MSNBC was 26th in ratings last week! Go down you devil worshippers!

  105. 26th!!! below what? cspan3?

  106. O’Reilly said behind the Lithwanian station! (Did I spell that correctly – I support Senator Clinton so I am pretty ignorant.)

  107. they might have a mob, but they’re all in dark rooms, hunched over monitors spitting cheeto dust at the screen.

  108. Stop about the picture!!! ugly people count to!!!!

  109. I don’t at all mind being called a “hag” because I haven’t bought into the patriarchal definition and common usage of the term. If anything being called a hag/witch/crone serves to remind me, that as a woman, I come from a long lineage of profound women from whom I derive my power.

    The Hag is the crone aspect of the Triple Goddess. She represents the Spirit of Night, the Earth in Winter. She is more androgynous than her summer counterpart. She is described as an old woman in a black hooded cloak with pure white hair and white skin. Crowned with nine blue stars, she carries a silver sickle.

    The Triple Goddess – The goddess could constantly change her form sometimes “splitting” into Maiden, Woman and Hag, other times Earth, Moon and sea. Three of her famous names were Blodeuwedd(Maiden), Morrigu(Woman) and Ceridwen (Hag ).

    PUMA Hag Democrat

  110. Please reconsider and donate to O and the DNC!


  111. I believe it’s Lithuanian.

  112. Ben Carson – that was a very astute observation!
    it reminded me of Arlen Specter who wanted to impeach Bill Clinton all over again (Mark Rich bs) – in 2001.
    “It can still have an effect” – he was trying to justify this – he could lose his Secret service”

  113. […] Posted on June 19, 2008 by Dan (Fitness) I’m an Obama supporter.  I’m no PUMA: I just can’t figure out why if it is soooo important for the Democrats to win that the […]

  114. Okay, I’m a sucker for punishment, but I watched Hannity and Colmes to see how they handled the infallibility of BZero on his back half-gainer on public financing.

    The guest was Geraldine Ferraro and for the life of me she was purring like a PUMA. They asked her about being “over” the primary. When pressed she said she was a Hillary Clinton voter and she had not decided for whom to vote and she was not yet over the primary. Hannity said he was going to send her to Hilary rehab, but pressed again on how she would vote she said, “How do you vote, I go into the voting booth alone and I haven’t decided,” or words to that effect.

    She said that the sexism of this campaign was the greatest thing that American politics had to overcome.

    Sounds like a PUMA to me.

  115. Miriam,

    The real point is not that I have one vote, you have one vote or RD has one vote, it is that Sen. Clinton has assembled an 18 million strong voting bloc which is going to scatter to the four winds unless Sen. Obama makes an effort to draw in its members. So far he has done the opposite.

  116. You know, it has been hard to even find a site that has been friendly to Hillary during this primary. Why are these crazy Obama people monitoring and disrespectfully replying to those of us who want to have a conversation about the unfairness of this election, etc. We can’t even communicate here without the crazies commenting.

    They tell us we are hormonal (or racist) if we disagree with them. They tell us that we will be responsible for the overturning of Roe v Wade (not going to happen; didn’t happen under Bush, you know).

    Don’t they understand that it is the MSM and crazy Obama supporters that have created this situation in the first place? Disrespect and bias comments.

    Some of us will never vote for Obama and it’s not because we are racist. He’s unvetted and his wife is scarry … really is a white racist!!!

    You people have lost the 2008 election simply by trying to cram a candidate down our throats. But we know that you cannot accompany us in the voting booth. We still have the voting power.

    So, you just made McCain the next Pres., rather that giving our country a real qualified person. Hillary.

  117. done 4
    I had the same thoughts and concerns. But I will not waver. Every nobama committed democrat I know is not changing their position.
    When people accuse me of cutting off my nose to spite my face, I tell them I am not just not voting for Obama, I am voting against him and the DNC.
    This site sustains me. I know we are not alone.

  118. Hannity was great tonight. Geraldine Ferraro was on and she would not say that she would vote for Obama. She is truly becoming heroic. Yeah!

  119. “If they are so concerned , they can petition the party to have a fair and transparent convention and let’s see who persuades the largest number of superdelegates.”

    But see, they would have to really care about the election. They don’t. It is all about demonizing Hillary and insulting, denegrating Hillary supporters.

    And all I have to say about mass hysteria is … my dog and cats live together JUST FINE.

  120. It seems the Canadian press has figured out what Obama is all about. And it sure does not give a great impression of what the Democratic Party has become, and to be truthful it is actually scary. I do not want to vote straight Republican as there is good and bad in all parties, but when I read stuff like this I am more convinced we have to clean house. Getting rid of Obama will not be enough because they will just find someone to take his place. I want to ask all of you to look at your Senators and Congressmen, see what they have voted on or voted for. I think we should compile a list of the GOOD guys and one for the bad guys. I think the decision of what is good and what is bad should be based on how they are voting on the economic future of our country…is anyone willing to help put a list together. If you are, then we could all basically vote on the list and then once the list is done we could start a campaign against the bad ones too. Here is the article from the Canadian press…I found this at the



  121. “I just can’t figure out why if it is soooo important for the Democrats to win that the fingerpointers don’t pick the Democrat most likely to actually win. ”

    Because the Democrat most likely to actually win is the same Democrat who would have cleaned house so that the Democrats can mostly likely win in years to come. The “democrat” THEY picked will keep the same losing team in place.

    I am glad I am not a Democrat anymore.


  122. Will Remember In November!, on June 19th, 2008 at 11:08 pm Said:
    “I just can’t figure out why if it is soooo important for the Democrats to win that the fingerpointers don’t pick the Democrat most likely to actually win. ”

    Because the Democrat most likely to actually win is the same Democrat who would have cleaned house so that the Democrats can mostly likely win in years to come. The “democrat” THEY picked will keep the same losing team in place.

    I am glad I am not a Democrat anymore.


    DING DING DING! RIght answer.

    Follow the money.

    Is it wrong for me to not appreciate the picture posted? That woman is someone’s mother/sister/daughter.

    jus sayin

  123. KendallJ, on June 19th, 2008 at 9:04 pm Said:
    Stop about the picture!!! ugly people count to!!!!

    She’s not “ugly”, she’s elderly…and as much as I love RiverDaughter, I don’t appreciate the picture of this elderly woman associated with the word “hag”.

    It lends justification that it’s ok to call older people “hags”.

    I’m not *sensitive* but I have a mother, sisters etc…and I just hate that connotation associated with any woman who doesn’t have green skin, and flies on a broom.

  124. Destardi,

    You are right!

  125. Obama is back peddling on NAFTA..the Canadians were telling the truth.

    He is starting to back peddle on Iraq.

    He loves the free market

    He has switched on the good things about participating in public funding for elections..now it all of a sudden got broken since he has more money than god.

    By the time we get to the convention he will sound just like John MCain.

  126. sarah, on June 19th, 2008 at 7:31 pm Said:
    I am in kool-aide country, SF for a conference and at lunch today I had two swedes and a guy from Notredame — he told them Obama was a good candidate (earlier I and those others had laughed at how inexperienced he was especially after Bush) and I had to quickly get up and leave for fear of confrontation. He was one of those Obama demographic, meaning low-information voter with a Ph.D., even though that sounds like an oxymoron.

  127. Beware of Canadian opinion columnists decrying “socialism” in reference to Democrats. CFP is a piece of shit. Go back to picking on the Liberal Party or the NDP, hosers!

    (In fact, beware of *anybody* decrying “Socialism” in reference to Democrats, especially the milquetoast U of Chicago-lite centrism of Barack Obama. Word up – he’s to HRC’s *right* on domestic policy – it’s one of the reasons I don’t like him).

    I just don’t get it. With all the knowledge out there regarding his record, his positions (or non-positions depending on how the wind is blowing that day) etc. how can intelligent people who care about this country support such a candidate?

    You could ask almost the same question in reference to McCain, in my opinion, and I think much of the answer in both cases is that people don’t care. They’ve either had it with Republicans or had it with Obama, and they’re ready to go nuclear.

    The one thing Obama’s got going for him that could yet deliver him the election is, as some Republican recently said, If the Republican Party were dog food, they’d take it off the shelves because it’s not selling. (Actually, if the Republican Party were dog food, it would poison your dog, but I digress.) This is shaping up to be a test of just how discredited the Republican Party is. Enough that anybody else will do, record and positions be damned? Not a bet I care to take, but you have to wonder.

  128. Hey–where in the WORLD did you get a picture of my 90-year-old grandmother?? Uppity OLD HAGS unite!!! Heeheeheeheehee. Hey-check out Anna Quindlan’s back page article in Newsweek. SHE gets it, too. Carry on, riverdaughter.

  129. About the pic, I’m pretty sure it is manufactured

  130. I got here because this was a Hawt post.

    Many here use the initials BO for Mr Obama. Does it only read smelly to me? 🙂

  131. No, Shefaly, others have found it equally odiferous.

  132. Someone needs to relay the information to the Democratic Party that we wretched and bitter hags would gladly release our hostage vote if we had a worthy nominee.

    Instead they continue to insult and/or dismiss us as unnecessary. Very strange hostage negotiation tactics IMHO.

  133. heh. If we lose this go round it won’t be MY fault. It will be the fault of the morons who decided it would be a good idea to gift the nomination for their selectee. The same folks now cap[itulating on FISA and responsible for the troops still in Iraq. Nope. This travesty ain’t on me. The Democratic leadership can put the loss squarely on their front door.

  134. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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