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Mr. Nobody

Some will hold him up to ridicule, while others may be moved to tears by the following letter from Democratic National Convention Delegate Marvin Wells, newly selected of Washington state.

Mr. Wells, as you will see, writes the English imperfect; he has no advanced degree; despite a life spent turning lemon pips into lemon orchards he has never attained membership in the Creative (Writing) Class; and to his further shame he is, “when Obama is in the same race”, a Hillary delegate.

Letter from Mr. Nobody

Letter from Mr. Nobody, cont\'d

91 Responses

  1. Heartbreaking.

  2. “DITTO-madamab”

  3. What is inside this human being is something we all share. A truly lovely tribute straight from the heart.

  4. Where did you get this? It’s beautiful.

  5. I can’t believe the comments on Wonkette about this. Really, really disrespectful.

  6. Wow. That is powerful.

  7. Dear Marvin: From another Washington state “nobody”, THANK YOU for so beautifully and brilliantly stating the case for Hillary.


    We need to make this letter into a national PUMA ad.

    I’ll contribute…will you?

  9. Those Wonkette commentors are sick f*cks.

  10. Ron, thanks for posting this heartfelt letter. Mr. Wells uses the words from a gospel song to describe Hillary. He has given her a wonderful compliment, recognizing that her life has been about helping others, and has always fought the good fight.

    I’m just a nobody
    Trying to tell everybody
    About somebody
    Who can help anybody

  11. I agree. This should become a national ad. I’d pony up to pay.

  12. I first encountered this in our local alt-weekly The Stranger, where prevailing attitudes are predictably too cool for school.

  13. I don’t know that Mr. Wells even shares PUMA sympathies … but the man sure can testify!

  14. I’m nobody! Who are you?
    Are you nobody, too?
    Then there’s a pair of us — don’t tell!
    They’d banish us, you know.

    (Emily Dickinson, and I would never argue with Emily.)

  15. wow, very moving.

    I don’t know about a national ad. some would get it, but sadly, many would ridicule it.

    she is a need, she is a want, she is a desire……what a beautiful expression of feeling. I love it. thanks for posting it.

  16. Language is the heartbeat of the soul.

  17. if nothing else, it would be great to be able to acknowledge Mr. Wells. he has left his “nobody” status behind.

    not that I believe he was ever really a nobody…..

  18. I hope it’s real. It’s truly poignant.

  19. RonK:

    *** email me ***


  20. wonkette is the nastiest site on the web….

  21. Is there any way we can write to this guy and tell him how he has touched our hearts?

  22. did anyone notice 1.05 million hits we could surpass 2 million hits by independence day ….Riverdaughter I love you- surely you were sent to us by an angel….

    Well tonight I am going to dream of all you my friends making a difference. Pat Johnson I dream of Hillary signing the ENDA and giving you the pen as a momemto in honor of your support of you gay son.

    To mawn she gives you the pen from the signing of the comprensive hate crimes bill that now covers LGBT community.

    Madamb I am sure there is something you would like hillary to sign into law please share it with us so we know your passion…..whatever it is I want her to give you a pen too.

    Bostonboomer I want her to appoint you to a special commission with riverdaughter kiki melanie and plukasiak this commission will have oversite on bias reporting in the media. You have been a good watchdogs here and keeping us from having to sift through all chaff to get good intel.

    Mr Wells is named poet laurete of the united states by President Hillary R Clinton and Joins the estemed Maya Algelou his words and his actions deserve the pen from that proclamation

    I will dream of my pen signing the science for a cure act that will focus our vast resources towards curing AIDS breast cancer heart disease and so many others….

    I will dream in peace tonight because I know out there Hillary is still working hard for all of us…

    fuzzybear goodnight

  23. Even before checking, I knew Wonkette would write some a–ho-ish comment on that. Typical fat ass creative class. Never had to really struggle, thanks to the Daddy and Mommy’s trust funds.

  24. this reminded me of one of my favorite videos:

  25. bostonboomer: link

  26. I can’t believe the comments on Wonkette about this. Really, really disrespectful.

    Yeah, all the commenters on there are generally trying to one up each other in snarkiness on the Internet, all day long. It’s kind of tedious and uncool IMHO. The more time I spend around people like this, the more I want to move back to small town Appalachia.

  27. Michael, have the sweetest dreams. if we’re gonna fight the good fight all day, we deserve peaceful and restful nights, don’t you think?

  28. dar1a g, I agree. there are places like Shakesville where they are kinda trendy and cool, and more than a little snarky, but they try not to cross the line into cruelty. that’s the difference I see at Wonkette, and I think they sacrifice humor for meanness. it’s pretty uncool.

  29. WOW!!
    I was just viewing videos @ PUMAPAC & JUSY SAY NO DEAL. Again the MORE I LEARN ABOUT OBAMA /
    the more frightened I become!
    Now I “new “name I didn’t know; Davis Franks. He was an Communist hiding out in Hawaii while being investigated by the CIA!
    According to this report he befriended the young BO.
    This was how he was introduced to Chicago.
    Now it makes sense; I often wondered “why move to Chicago”?Anyone want to “BET” that he knew Wright?

  30. Commenters on wonkette & politico seem particularly mean spirited. but then, I am friends w/someone who writes for one of those kind of sites, who I personally really like quite a lot & who is not a snob at all, and definitely does not have a trust fund. Maybe the Internets just turns all the commenters into jerks because they’re stuck at their day jobs and have to take it out on something.

  31. hlr,

    Thank you!

  32. Wow – yeah, I teared up . . .

    And then I read the Wonkette comments and got angry.

    You keep it up, Marvin. There are 17,999,999 other nobodies right behind you.

  33. thanks for posting RD, by the way. this letter tells a story and I like it very much.

    What is going to be interesting, by the way, is how too-cool-for-school Obama will appear the more he tries to run to the right for the general election and starts going back on whatever he said to his fans in the primaries.

    Anyone else see that item on Ben Smith’s Politico blog about the Obama biography about his faith, written by the same guy who wrote the one about Bush.. all targeted at evangelical Christians? I am tempted already to start asking the Obama fans I know what they think about this one..

  34. sing it, marvin. you’ve got a hell of a chorus backing you up.. . all 18 million of us.

  35. Reposting from downstairs…check out this satirical play:

    “Obama names Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and others to lead search for running mate”

    Imagine HRC at the job interview…


  36. Well, gee, Mr. Nobody, as he calls himself, sounds like more of a man and more prinicpled than Obama could ever hope to be, huh?

    Really, this should go viral. Us Clinton supporters need to see stuff like this. This is fuel.

    I love how he so eloquently puts Hillary into our perspective:

    “She is a want, she is a need, she is a desire.”

    Preach it, Marvin, preach it!

  37. Wonkette and her ilk will be very sad to watch their Messiah fulfill his karma and go down in total defeat against John McCain in November because of the way they hold Clinton supporters in contempt.

  38. what is this Joshua-something thing I heard about? Obama recruiting born again youths? wth??? how’s that sitting with the bots who hated Bush for the same thing?

  39. I was actually a poster at Wonkette a month or two ago when they were pretty equal opportunity (at least that’s how I started), but then they got visciously anti-Hillary. They went from snarky to just mean. It got so bad that I tried to be as horrible as I could to make a point to get banned, but it seems that literally anything goes. I finally sent them an email asking them to delete my account and left and haven’t looked back.

    Still, I don’t think they are anywhere as dangerous as the likes of Politico and Huffington Post, who are dangerous because they try to pass themselves off as credible news sources when all they really are are tabloid rags. At least Wonkette doesn’t take itself too seriously.

  40. Thank you for posting the Hillary delegate “Mr. Nobody”‘s letter. He is voting for his best interest and that of the country and the world.

    Mr. Nobody is what America is all about. I come from a long line of nobodies — who have left barely a trace as they joined the great migration and came to the “New World” and then moved further west. I come from a bunch of stubborn hard core Americans — who’ve fought in nearly every war from the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Cold War, Vietnam War.

    I detect no respect for the military personnel — the nobodies in the military — from Obama. As a military brat, born in a military hospital, raised on military bases — our military is asked to do a lot for their country, including giving their lives for their country.

    So I do know where Mr. Nobody is coming from.

    Thank you for sharing his letter with us.

  41. Wonkette’s pathetically nonserious review of Katha Pollitt’s book in the Times Book Review pretty much sums up her worldview, it’s along the lines of “I am ignorant and that’s so cool.”

    She’d actually make an excellent running mate for O.

  42. How touching. I am an unaffiliated voter, who supports Hillary and am disgusted by her treatment, and the unprecedented actions of the DNC.This letter from “Mr. Nobody” is just incredible. I agree it should “go viral”.

    I wanted to share somewhere the thoughts of my 10yo daughter, which she wrote for her homeschool group’s newspaper:

    “Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign not too long ago and now she is temporarily out of the race for president. I know that the reason she suspended her campaign is because she wasn’t being treated like a person, she was being treated like a woman with half the firghts as men. I found out that a woman a few years ago said “any woman that chooses to behave like a full human being should be warned that the armies of the status quo will treat her as somethin of a dirthy joke”. That is not fair because girls and women are people too! Tha’s why Hillary suspended her campaign. I say it’s not fair that women are treated like women and not like people.
    Girls need to stand up for their right to be treated equally.”

    Her closing was softened at my suggestion, because hers was “Girls should go to war”…she is so enamored of Hillary and a woman president. I comforted her when Hillary suspended her campaign by telling her Hillary would be back…if not this year then in 2012. I say to all of you PUMA’s…keep fighting, and good for you. I read many PUMA sites, and I (being an independent) support rebellion against the kind of crap being pulled by the DNC. It rememnds me of the RNC back in 2000 when Bush was “chosen” over McCain (which resulted in me voting for Gore).

  43. Sorry for the typos…proof reading is my friend.

  44. Strunk and White won’t like it, but screw them. I’m siding with Marvin. Awesome.

    Meanwhile, check out ABC for comic relief:

    Sen. Barack Obama has emerged from his bruising battle for the Democratic presidential nomination with only a six point lead over Sen. John McCain and claiming his Republican rival has been getting a “pass” from the media.



  45. Indy,

    Thank you for sharing your daughter’s essay. Good for her for seeing the truth about women’s treatment in our society. All the best to both of you.

    Meanwhile, I just read at No Quarter that Obama reads Maxim Magazine on his Campaign plane. Why am I not surprised?

  46. Wow. That’s some letter. I’m as fanatical about grammar and spelling as the next language fan, but I also know that quality and message trump technical perfection every time. I’m not even going to bother checking Wonkette because I’ve had more than my fill of hateful morons using the anonymity of the internet to be as bigoted as possible. I’m done with them *and* their messiah.

    I haven’t been commenting these past couple of weeks, though I’ve been reading along. I guess I’m still kind of depressed at the way this supposedly democratic election turned out to be a big sham. But I had to comment on this because not only did Mr. Wells’s heartfelt letter really get to me, so did the reports of the nasty comments about it elsewhere. I’m so struck by the differences in these two candidates and their supporters. Mr. Wells says of Hillary that “She is a want, she is a need, she is a desire.” Of himself, he says, “But I am just a nobody.” What does she say to anyone who has been made to feel that way? “You are not invisible to me.” What do we say to him? We say that his heartfelt words are beautiful and touching and we appreciate them. What do Obama supporters say? Apparently, nothing remotely civil. What would Obama himself say? Well, I don’t really care, but I’m guessing he’d direct Mr. Wells to his website and tell him not to be so bitter. People who want us to vote for Obama keep telling us how basically similar the candidates are (now that they don’t have to scream about how superior Obama is supposed to be). I don’t see it. They’re worlds apart in ways that really do matter, and every day there’s something new to prove it.

  47. I’m in tears. Thank you, Mr. Wells, from your south of the Columbia River neighbor. Keep up the fight.

  48. It’s a beautiful letter, and anyone who would decry it because of grammar or spelling errors is evil.

    But why am I not surprised that there are Obama supporters who would attack it for those reasons?

    With Obama, as long as the wrapping is pretty, it doesn’t matter how big the lump of trash inside of it.

    Marvin is a hero.

  49. bostonboomer-thank you! I’m a boomer as well (had my girl at 40). I tell my genXer hubby that I’m raising her right. 🙂 I saw that on No Quarter, big surprise (NOT). I was just there and they have a new YouTube video that is just great..check it out.

    FreakyBeaky-read that earlier today..lol. Yesterday I read an article titled “Where’s my bounce Dude?”. Think it was on Real Clear Politics.

    Early last year BO posted on evil orange and was mostly panned (to put it mildly). I went to his website and read his stuff and thought he didn’t deserve what they handed him. Then (after he started his run), I read in the Chicago Tribune that he had endorsed Daley. I then knew what he was (being a Chicagoland native) and he lost me right there. I can’t describe my horror as the primary season played out and he got a pass for everything and Hillary was hung out to dry. Like a nightmare you can’t wake up from.
    PUMAS rock.

  50. Phoenix, on June 18th, 2008 at 12:45 am Said:
    “Obama names Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and others to lead search for running mate”

    Imagine HRC at the job interview…


    That was hilarious. *snickers and toddles away*

  51. marisa-on No Quarter an Obot told me to go f*** myself for simply stating facts. Also corrected my spelling. That is their level of discourse…never why their candidate is the best, only trashing people who dont’ see him as the great hopey-changey guy.

    And yes, Marvin is a hero. And I hope he reads here to balance the avalanche of horse manure the Obots will pile upon him.

  52. Hillary lost because she voted to authorize George W. Bush’s illegal war against Iraq. It’s really as simple as that.

  53. Indy, Obots never let facts get in the way of their opinions.

    I am reminded again and again–what happened to the true progressives?

    The people I thought were concerned with the truth.

    True progressives did not criminalize a typo here or there. They did not criminalize someone whose writing was not at the level of a linguist.

    I used to consider myself a “progressive,” but now the term has such dreadful connotations.

  54. Sure cello, and when Obama was a US Senator (oh wait, no he wasn’t) and opposed the war (at least at the start, but then flip flopped and agreed with Bush’s policies regarding Iraq)…

    Oh wait, you don’t care about facts.

    Sorry for inconveniencing you.

  55. Not to pick nits or defend the Iraq war, or even Senator Clinton’s vote on the AUMF, but if it was authorized it wasn’t illegal. Not in this country anyway, more’s the pity.

  56. Senator Clinton ‘lost’ because Howard and Donna gave us a preview of what it would be like to live under Chicago style politics and decided to run this party 2000 GOP school with fingers on the scales. But if voting to authorize Bush’s illegal war was at the center of their shenanigans, does that mean they’re going to stop threatening CBC members who supported Clitnon and other Clinton loyalists, and start threatening Obama’s most loyal soldiers like Kerry instead? Or has Mommy paid for all of their sins and magically made them into anti-war crusaders with credentials as impeccable as Barack’s?

  57. Oh really ..Cello ..??? I think not .

    A Stolen Election

    She won the popular vote period . All those people who voted for her didn’t consider that to be an issue -if anything we thought she made the best decision with the information she received .. As all the other Senators etc.. did . I am hoping, if you really feel that way that you are financially supporting ORelly in MA . .as we all know Kerry voted right along with Hillary and all the rest of the Senators who voted the same should be voted OUT – with your logic .. It would only be fair .

    Obama showed very poor judgement by his little ‘speech’ ..When you don’t have the facts – it ‘s much wiser to wait until you do .. then – you are not bloviating – like the tee vee pundits do ..I certainly pray that he does not run his foreign policy in the same manner he has been running his campaign . We have all ready seen some very real gaffes .. so I am frightened of him . He is simply too much like Bush. . and unfortunately – the press is treating him exactly like they did Bush ..

  58. Marisa-I think of true progressives (or liberals, if you will) as the polar opposite of the likes of BO (and his minions). I respect thinking, independent people-and I think that is a liberal in the classical sense. And I love the PUMA movement for standing up for their values, and the candidate that just blows BO out of the water in every way. This year I envisioned Hillary as the best choice…she could hit the ground running, make the tough decisions without apology, instantly improve relations with US allies. But instead the empty suit…UNBELIEVABLE

  59. It’s unbelievable how stupid you all are.

  60. Don’t worry, nameless Obamabot. After all, it’s not like there are that many of us, anyway. Only about eighteen million. Nothing for you and your lord and savior to worry about.

    Indy, I share your disbelief and disgust. It should have been an easy win for Dems this year. Instead, we’re doomed. When my husband found out that Obama had claimed victory, he said, “Might as well just start calling McCain ‘President-Elect McCain” right now. He was furious.

  61. I have to admit, though, coming from voters who look at a politician with Bush’s level of policy expertise and engagement, less than Bush’s level of experience, and a slightly higher degree of corruption than Bush and swoon because zomg, he said CHANGE, it’s wounding.

  62. theseahag,

    I hope you keep posting, because you add a lot, here. Try to look at her suspension less as a goodbye, and that shouldn’t be hard because it was one of the most unconventional suspensions in primary history. Try to look at her suspension as an “I’ll be back” moment, because I think that is exactly how she meant it. In the mean time we must work to reform and purge the “good ole boy” culture that I’ve been surprised to find at the DNC. It seems the party that took up the banner of fairness and inclusiveness, it awfully unfair and exclusive, don’t you think?

  63. From an interesting article in NY magazine – just came out yesterday:

    Mrs. Clinton talks about her anger toward the media — and why she didn’t take up this cause more fully while she was a candidate:

    “I didn’t think I was in a position to take it on because it would have looked like it was just about me. And I didn’t think it was just about me. So the only time we took it on was in the thing about Chelsea, which was so far beyond the bounds, I mean, what planet are we living on? But nobody said anything until I made it an issue. So I just want everybody to really think hard about the larger lesson here. I know you can’t take me out of the equation, because I’m in the center of the storm. But it’s much bigger than me. And women know that.”


  64. Thanks, Damon. I’m trying to get past the…the disbelief, Ig guess, that this happened before the eyes of the whole world, yet so many either honestly didn’t notice or are pretending as hard as they can. Because ignoring incompetence and fixed races and media complicity in political corruption has worked SO well for us in the past. Ugh.

    I do hope that Hillary will run again. In the meantime, I am lucky enough to have her as my senator, so I’ll have to be happy with that. And I intend to keep donating whenever I can, and maybe send her a thank you card (I saw that suggestion floating around a week or so ago) to let her know how much my husband and I appreciate her. Don’t know if she’ll ever see it as I doubt she can read all the mail she gets, but why not?

    Re: that New Yorker article, I have to pick up a copy tomorrow, but I love that she’s finally able to really talk about the sexism. There were times during the past several months when the misogynistic filth being flung at her had me ranting, shouting, even crying. I can’t even imagine how it made *her* feel.

  65. theseahag – It”s from New York Magazine, not the New Yorker

  66. in another bit Hillary says:

    “There’s a reason for the resentment. The level of dismissive and condescending comments, not just about me—what do I care?—but about the people who support me and in particular the women who support me, has been shocking. Shocking to women and to fair-minded men. But what has really been more disappointing to me is how few voices that have a platform have spoken out against it. And that’s really why you seen this enormous grassroots outrage. There is no outlet. It is rare that you have anybody on these shows or in a position of responsibility at major publications who really says, ‘Wait a minute! What are we talking about here? I have a wife! I have a daughter! I want the best for them.”

  67. It’s hear – I posted it the other day but I think the spam filter picked it up because of the title .. so I’m not posting the title .. lol ..

    The Fall and Rise of Hillary Clinton

  68. Marvin’s heartfelt letter about Clinton is wonderful. The criticism of him reminds me of the few people who wrote into a newspaper blog when it reported the graduation of an 88 year old who got his MA degree. Some jeered that now he had to go out and find a job. Others complained he wasted taxpayers money. Some will find in Marvin just too much honesty, hard work, and sincerity, and they’ll want to mock it because deep down, they are afraid of people like Marvin. It makes them look so small.

  69. Marvin’s letter brought tears to my eyes.
    His story is more real than anything BO can manufacture for himself. He is certainly not a nobody. And as someone earlier said, “There are 117,999,999 other nobody’s” who have his back.

    As for the comments and questions re: how Obamabots can accept The Precious who embodies some of the same qualities of GWB… I know several of them. They just look at me with something akin to disgust when I point out to them the flip flops, the light resume’, the lack of empathy, and the manufactured history of BO. Not to mention the ugly connection to the Chicago political syndicate.

    And once again, I have to leave for work…

  70. I meant to add:

    PUMA !

  71. I’m in love.

    What a lovely tribute from a lovely man to a lovely lady.

    *hugs* to Mr. Wells.

  72. leslie,
    a lot of them are the same people who voted for Bush. They got burned by him on the war, so now they back Obama, but what attracts some of them is the same cavalier, frat-boyishness that made them want to have a beer with Bush.

  73. Marvin, you are somebody! Thank you.

  74. Mr. Wells, we intend to prove to the DNC and all of the thugs in the group that we are 18 million primary voting “nobody’s” and that there are many millions more that haven’t voted yet that will not let this injustice stand.

    Democracy 1st
    America 1st
    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 1st

  75. That is truly beautiful. The elitists, who have never had to struggle like that, have no clue about what people like Marvin see in Hillary. She genuinely wants to help, and she has the spirit and tools to do it.

    This quote from Hillary struck me:
    But what has really been more disappointing to me is how few voices that have a platform have spoken out against it. And that’s really why you see this enormous grassroots outrage.

    Indeed. Where were the women (and fair-minded men) who have a platform? Oprah has lost all credibility. Her entire “mission” has been about empowering women, and she watched that and said nothing. Where were Barbara Walters, Susan Sarandon, Madonna, Jane Fonda (who hates Hillary), and many more. Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver chose this male neophyte because their CHILDREN like him (because it is all the rage on Facebook and in school). Not that these are my heroines, but they have a certain celebrity stature that makes headlines, and they said nothing. And where were all the “newly enlightened, sensitive men” who could have spoken out forcefully for their wives, daughters, and mothers? Except for Gerry Ferraro, Maya Angelou, and the Congresswomen who came forward for Hillary, they left her out there on her own. Of course, she is a warrior, and kept walking, but it was extremely painful to witness. And I will not forget.

  76. Oh Yeah, I forgot.

    Mr. Wells, shut up the whining and get under the bus.

  77. I’m Nobody, who are you?

    Are you Nobody too?

    Then there’s a pair of us, don’t tell–they’ll advertise you know.

    How awful to be somebody, how public like a frog.

    To tell your name the livelong day–to an admiring bog.

    –Emily Dickinson

  78. I too am from WA state. Go Marvin!

    I was a delegate to the county convention, and I’ve got to say, I decided to not try and go on because of how awful the whole process was. We Clinton delegates were laughed at, booed, mocked and condescended to. At a stupid county convention! I’m over 40, female and not equipt for a floor fight, although I wish we’d raised more hell at the county convention. When it was over, the woman next to me asked me If I’d go to caucus ever again. I had to admit that I doubted I would. She said she never would, it was one of the most humilitating experiences she’d had.

    Anyway, I admire Marvin for going on, I wish I’d had it in me, but I did my best to make sure we elected delegates who were fighters. I think we managed.

    Being involved in this election was the worst political experience I’ve ever had. I would do it again though, even if the ending were the same. I have to stand up for what I believe in. All I know is, after 30 years of being a Democrat, if they want money or work from me in the future they are going to have to change the system. I’ll help them change it, but it’s got to be changed.

    Until there’s even a hint that they are going that way, I’ll remain a PUMA.

    Oh, and for those people who mock a man doing his best, I wipe them off my shoes, flick them off my shoulder, and scratch my cheek with my middle finger to them.

  79. You represent America more than Barack Obama ever could. You are not nobody; you are the embodiment of all those who fought to create this country; all of those who fought to keep it free and now you are fighting the greatest fight of all to keep our Democracy and I thank you.

    I have always believed and still believe in Martin Luther King’s philosophy that it is not the color of your skin but the content of your character and you are proof that King’s ideology is far superior to Obma’s religious mentors.

  80. For the last three months or so, and after becoming disillusioned with a blog that I’d felt glad to be a part of for at least 6-years (it went pro BO without any apparent solid reason & dished its since-very-early-on-the-race-enthusiastic endorsement of HC citing some untold bad things that she’d done, which I don’t know precisely when and neither how or to what degree), I’ve been lurking along the sidelines of this blog as well as Anglachel’s.

    Thanks all for helping to reassure me that the speed in which my antagonism for BO grew as this empty suit keep showing his true colors (drab golden laced with the shitty specks that playing without shame the pro-race and anti-women card at unison can highlight in all of its glory), was not just a figment of my imagination.

    Weird thing is that, to begin with, I was mad as hell at the “leaders” of my old blog for endorsing HC at such early point in the race and wildly enthusiastic about a newcomer BO whom, seemed to me, was going to be the answer for many ills…talk about delusional! Yep, by jumping into BO’s bandwagon without checking first—a must do for any candidate running for the most important job on earth, but most particularly when they get to the head of the race without anyone (including the candidate) being able to state clearly if solid deeds are, and this is at the very least, as perfected and carried out as the pitch of their flourishing rhetoric—I’d actually cheated myself.

    At some blessed point, well, right after starting to realize how empty even beautiful words can sound when they are not backed by real feelings (or they are “borrowed”, or they are only well delivered if studied, re-written to suit needs, plus edited to death first in order to make the jaws of the most gullible fall to the floor or, of course, read on a teleprompter), I began to listen to what HC had to say. Obviously by this time around doing the listening not just with my ears but also with my heart and everything I’ve got, and to my surprise I saw myself metamorphosing from a distant uh-hum spectator into an accidental admirer.

    As a result, today I’m facing that difficult to jump in with both feet cross-roads that many others in my situation seem to be facing as well—I’m seriously thinking that this time along I want my vote to have as much impact as possible and the two-for-one TKO of voting for Mc has started to solidify. Indeed, mainly since the ill thought carried out (and logistically speaking, nearly impossible?) move to Chicago.

    At any rate, though due to cash flow I’d not contributed a dime to any candidate during the very difficult to witness race, the day before HC was to deliver her “concession” speech I not only wrote to her (as she’d requested her followers to do) but actually sent as much as I could afford at the time while urging her to please not concede but suspend. Glad to see that this is what she did for, though apparently unceremoniously shut on her face by the blinded by the vile power of cash leaders of the party, the door is still ajar—if ever so slightly.

    Today I also plan to send more cash to the HC camp in order to wipe out her debt—which makes me think that if each of her 18,000,000 followers sent just 2-bucks to help with this she’ll be on the clear and, besides this important support which only helps her, the effect we would have on the “blinded” would also be twofold: We would show the “blinded” that,
    1) She’s still, and better than all of them put together (including their Messiah) at getting her “non-bitter, happy with their religiosity, and non-gun totters” every day followers to contribute—even when the door has been slammed on her, and,
    2) The “blinded” will not get the only thing that they want from us (and need to succeed since the poor “sweeties” have nothing else to offer but empty words from an even emptier suit)—our cash.

    As proven by the letter sent by this caring National Delegate named Marvin D. Wells (one of the most brilliant “nobody’s” that I’ve been lucky to come across in a long time—both my so missed parents would also fit the bill) words do matter. But, as aptly demonstrated via the words written in his poignant letter, these need to be backed by solid evidence that they are not only heartfelt but also backed by accountable deeds—as in the reasons and way he’s been helping to demonstrate how support for any particular candidate is not just given without thought but actually earned by the deeds made by the implicated.

    Not a doubt, Mr. Wells offers far, far more than the empty rhetoric that so many seem to be falling for lately, since he’s clearly stating that he backs Hillary Clinton because what she’d done for heath care, particularly for kids; he backs her because she’s clearly demonstrated that she’s a fighter for that which she believes in, and he also backs her because even when so many of “her friends” tried to tear her down “She kept coming back with wins, adding up to 18,000,000 votes, the most in US history.”

    For many reasons, thanks for sharing this powerful letter; so powerful that it has given me the courage to get out from behind the shadows and let you all know that you have another good friend on me.

    Go PUMA’s!

  81. I read the comments in reference to this letter at Wonkette…just shameful. A total lack of respect.

  82. Cello,

    Please read Hillary’s floor speech on the day congress voted
    ” to give the President of the United States authority to use force in Iraq should diplomatic efforts fail to dismantle Saddam Hussein’s chemical and biological weapons and his nuclear program.”


  83. Good morning all,

    Was reading the local paper this am – Mpls Star Trib & came across an article about a “bold award-winning house in Deephaven (burb) & in the context of the article the guy who built the house had this to say after an open house”several neighbors told him they were pleasantly surprised by the finished product – “they were amazed. Even LITTLE OLD LADIES who you wouldn’t think would like modern architecture really seem to like it.” This pushes my buttons in so many ways – did the little old men like it? Are OLD women & by inference – all women – too stupid to appreciate architecture? – Since all this shit has been thrown at Hillary & trickling down to all – I seem to be noticing more & more of this crap appearing everywhere – guess it has always been there but now am more aware of it.

    Anyway – if I could stomach watching “The View” anymore MO is appearing today as guest host – Cindy McCain was guest host back in April so guess turnabout is fair play in *61’s world.

    Proud PUMA

  84. Wow! I don’t know what to say. I know about the fight he had in the Navy. It was never easy for a woman. I faced a great deal of sexual harassment in my day. Eventually I ran a shop at my last command until the Navy didn’t need me anymore. I am not bitter but glad for those Navy days! They made me who I am today.

    Thank you for your service Mr. Wells in both the Navy and Merchant Marines. Seems we have much in common…my uncle was a merchant marine during Vietnam as serving in the Army in WWII.

    Welcome Home Mr. Wells…. For those of who do not know that is a customary greeting between veterans. So when you see a veteran please shake his or hand say thank you for your service. Know you will fill my heart with pride.

    I am a grassroots veteran activist with a group called Operation Firing For Effect (www.offe2008.org). I ran Hillary’s tour through Montana…Veterans for Hillary. My pictures can be seen at http://www.myspace.com/navyvet48.

  85. Hillary lost because she voted to authorize George W. Bush’s illegal war against Iraq. It’s really as simple as that.

    Cello, you mean the same vote that Kerry made and Obama praised at the 2004 Convention where, in the same speech, Obama said we needed more troops? There’s some sort of if/then synaptic leap that I’m missing here.

  86. Mr. Wells,
    You speak for a great many of us, who think we’re nobody too. You spoke from you heart and your soul has come thru.
    If an add were to be done in the NYTimes or Washington Post, I’d want this letter to represent us.
    God Bless..and if this could happen ,please, I would contribute.

  87. Thank you, Mr. Wells, for your service to our country and your BRILLIANT letter. You certainly aren’t a “nobody” to me – more like a hero.

    Thank you for having the courage of your convictions. Please don’t stop fighting.

  88. A courageous statement!

  89. Hillary for President
    Marvin Wells for VP

    While he is ineloquent, he has a pure heart. obama, supposedly eloquent, but deceitful in every way.

    Thank you Marvin Wells for sharing your passion, intellect, and your down-to-earth understanding of this situation, which too many still don’t or don’t want to get.

    God bless you Marvin…

    Tearing up again….powerful stuff.

  90. Great piece. Count me as another Mr. Nobody for Hillary.

  91. Marvin, we are so fortunate to have you as a national delegate for Hillary Clinton! Thank for this beautiful writing that has literally brought me to tears.

    A fellow Nobody for HRC
    Austin, Texas

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