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There is a THERE there: Just Say No Deal!

Ladies and Gents, you’ve all been waiting for a call to action, something to do.  You’ve got this resolve, this intestinal fortitude- your vote.  What are you going to do with it?

There is an answer.  We are now a member of a Rogue Coalition of PUMAs, NOBAMA websites, disaffected Clintonistas.  The name of our coalition is Just Say No Deal.

Go.  Join.  Spread the word.

92 Responses

  1. I think we all need to stay focused on what real voters are doing and thinking. At this point, it’s hard to get a feel for the electorate. People are enjoying their summers now.

  2. ben carlson: I think we all need to stay focused on what real voters are doing and thinking.

    This will be won/lost on the ground, not the internet.

  3. The focus of Just Say No Deal is to FIRST, let the public know that we are not rolling over. The site is getting a lot of media attention. This is important to stop the hemorrhaging to Obama. There is a strength in numbers. People have to know they are not alone. We will be adding actions as we go along. It is organizing rapidly.

  4. So what do you propose we do? I have given up hope that Clinton will somehow gain the Democratic nomination. And the more I read about McCain, the more it becomes clear that he’s unacceptable. He’s an anti-choice social conservative who wants to appoint more Scalias to the Supreme Court, for crying out loud!

    Obama may be a weaker and less worthy candidate than Hillary Clinton, but at least he’ll stand up for the things Hillary believes in.

  5. riverdaughter, do you have a plan to get Hillary on the ticket? What’s the ultimate goal?

  6. RD, I tried to join, but after entering my email and clicking “submit” got a page to enter my Yahoo password. When I entered my password, I got a page that told me the form was entered in error. Someone needs to do some work on this. It would also be nice if were told we would be joining a Yahoo group (if that’s what we’re doing). I think some more work needs to be done here.

  7. PUMA – Will Bowen on MSNBC Monday 11:30 Eastern

    Marching Orders.

    We Can and Will take back our Election!

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  8. D.C4Hillary!! – keep the faith – we will have Hillary as our nominee!

  9. Carol, you’re right., I shouldn’t give up hope. Hill still has her delegates and a few superdelegates could shift the tide. I’m just disturbed by all the pro-McCain talk–McCain is NOT the answer.

  10. Sign up a couple days ago. Go PUMAs!

  11. Thanks for the heads up, riverdaughter. Joining together like this does make a difference in shaping the narrative leading up to the convention in Denver.

    make it plain

  12. RD — under ‘media’ the site offers focus group studies.

    There are only two entities that would be interested in focus group studies of disaffected Clinton supporters: the BO campaign or the McCain campaign.

    CognitiveDissonance: I think some more work needs to be done here.

    That’s my feeling about this. I don’t see much of an agenda and am not interested in participating in focus group studies.

    To each his/her own. I’m pretty jaded after the primary.

  13. Never give up. Ever.

    I’m now a proud member of JUST SAY NO DEAL!!!

  14. Who the F is Will Bowen?

  15. D.C4Hillary


  16. absolutely, Hillary’s supporters are busy with so many other things than reading blogs. But all I can say is that I know so many people, personally, who voted for hillary in Ohio and are going for McCain. But that’s the nature of my friends and family. We don’t even think of writing in or staying home. The didn’t even think twice. No deal. Period.

  17. Ben

    Likewise here

  18. I agree. There’s absolutely no reason to hold a “focus group” unless the purpose is some form of targeted marketing.

    I’m highly suspicious.

  19. DC4Hillary: So what IS the answer, rolling over and letting the corrupt DNC take control. That may be YOUR answer, but it isn’t mine.

  20. No offense RD, we can muse about not letting friends vote republican but that’s not how the general public thinks. They think they have two options. Unless there is a viable third party candidate like Perot.

  21. Sorry, Bower – and how did he get to be “Founder of PUMA”? And what is Bower’s PUMA – a “group”? What kind of group? A Yahoo group? A club? A corporation

  22. Riverdaughter,

    What happened on the conference call? Are we going to be added to the blogroll? Who is in charge of this network?

  23. ben carlson: absolutely, Hillary’s supporters are busy with so many other things than reading blogs.

    I worked on caucus gotv for the campaign. I am realistic about the barriers.

  24. You go Diane, the Media thinks it can talk to us the way they talked to Senator Clinton – I also say, “DO SO AT YOUR OWN PERIL.”


  25. ronkseattle, I’m wondering the same thing. The Just Say No Deal site I’ve went to a number of times, and thought it was basically a page of links to sites that aren’t supporting Obama, such as the Puma Pac and other sites. I don’t see much else there, except the join button, and since it didn’t work for me, I have no idea what you’re joining or what their ideas are. RD, please tell us more about this conference call and what is planned.

  26. D.C.4Hillary!!, on June 15th, 2008 at 7:12 pm Said:

    He’s [McCain] an anti-choice social conservative who wants to appoint more Scalias to the Supreme Court, for crying out loud!

    Let’s not forget that Obama was/is pro-Roberts and Scalia. Besides, it’s the job of the Congress to confirm/not confirm Supreme Court nominees.

    Obama may be a weaker and less worthy candidate than Hillary Clinton, but at least he’ll stand up for the things Hillary believes in.

    You’re joking, right?

  27. Joined “Just Say No Deal” on your recommendation. I’d also be interested to hear more about the conference call and how you see this new coalition working. Thanks for all your efforts.

  28. OK, I see it on the blogroll now. I was looking for The Confluence.

  29. hlr, on June 15th, 2008 at 7:22 pm Said:

    RD — under ‘media’ the site offers focus group studies.

    There are only two entities that would be interested in focus group studies of disaffected Clinton supporters: the BO campaign or the McCain campaign.
    agreed. I’m suspicious too…but this group did a great job in television interviews…

  30. RonK

    Will Bower apparently writes for Huffpo off the bus. Since Kim (Kirafa’s Revolt) also worked there, may she knows him or knows about him.

  31. Sorry, I guess it’s Will Bowen? I’m confused. I need more information.

  32. Other than disrupting the convention, I’m not sure what the options are at this point … I think we’re making our presence known but Dean and Donna and Harry and Nancy don’t think we’re necessary. They think all their newly registered Dems are going to help in the fall. They’re moving huge chunks of the DNC to chicago to be with Axelrod (re: obama’s brain) and they are trying to erase any trace of Hillary on the first ballot. Re-igniting the Progressive Party and take up the Bull Moose thing or reconstituting the same kind of energy into PUMA or something new is going take more than 6 months. Heck, it takes longer than that to get an independent candidate on ballots in all 50 states if it’s not recognized party in that state. There’s some chaos afoot right now, but what really makes the change happen?

  33. We need to get it out to normal hard working americans that we exist. But as i said earlier, the general public may be more ahead of the curve on this issue than we are. Most Americans, espcially Hillary supporters, don’t switch loyalties so easily.

  34. According to this it is Will Bower (the Huffpo guy?) not Bowen.

    Just say NO DEAL! Mega coalition against Obama
    by Patti W.
    June 11, 2008 09:29 AM EDT views: 320 | rating: 7.5/10 (11 votes) | comments: 17
    Spokespersons -Just Say No Deal:

    East Coast:

    Will Bower PUMA (202) 365-2536
    Cristi Adkins Clintons4McCain.com
    Diane Mantouvalos HireHeels.com

    West Coast:

    Robin Carlson HillaryGrassRootsCampaign.com
    Thuc Nguyen GoPumaParty.com

    To Arrange Interviews or Focus Groups Please Contact:
    Allen Media Strategies: (703) 589-8960
    Andonia Public Relations: (617) 416-4897 *****MEDIA ALERT*****


    Explosion of rogue grassroots organizations coalesces overnight to form Mega-Coalition: JustSayNoDeal.com

    My question: are RD and SM going to get credit for starting it all? I certainly hope so.

  35. Dakinat, at this point we need to just make as much noise as we can so they can’t say later that they didn’t hear us. If they ignore us, then we take our principles and our votes elsewhere.

  36. My questions include “What kind of entity is (Bower’s) PUMA?”, “In what sense did Bower ‘found’ it?”, and “What are his intentions with it?”.

    I’m more than a little suspect of somebody who hops a freight train and starts calling himself the engineer.

  37. I’m with those who want to see more information on the composition and aims of this group before signing on.

    I was somewhat alarmed to see that something calling itself PUMAPAC had formed within days of PUMA being mentioned here. Are we sure that this isn’t just someone who decided to co-opt the slogan for their own gain or to further their own political goals? Is is really a PAC/527, registered with the FEC? Where is the money they are soliciting going, who controls is and what is it being used for? Also, why was the meaning of PUMA rapidly changed from “Party Unity My Ass” to the wimpier and less meaningful “People United Means Action”?

    It’s going to be impossible for me to get on board with this group and really trust its direction without some answers to these and other questions. The absolute worst thing we could do is get involved in something that ends up being moved in a direction we do not support by people whose aims and motives we are not privy to. I’ve seen that happen too many times in the past to just walk into this blindly.

  38. ronkseattle” I’m more than a little suspect of somebody who hops a freight train and starts calling himself the engineer.

    and collects emails while offering nothing more than other people’s posts and focus group studies.

  39. I thought Pumapac was the site that Murphy started. If I recall corectly, he/she asked riverdaughter for permission before using the name. This other group just took the name without asking as far as I know.

  40. Xeno: Is is really a PAC/527, registered with the FEC?

    You can find the statement of organization by going to fec.gov. Use ‘People United Means Action’ as your search string.

    Where is the money they are soliciting going, who controls is and what is it being used for?

    The ‘who’ you will find in the statement of organization. The ‘where’ and the ‘what’ remains a mystery to me.

  41. Anglachel’s latest post really worried me. I don’t want the Democratic Party turning into Obama’s patronage machine where he gets to control members through the purse strings and punish enemies by starving them of funds or funding a primary opponent.

    The national Democratic Party becoming a mirror image of corrupt Chicago politics (as evidenced by the investigations into the Chicago Combine).

  42. There seem to be 2 PUMA organizations,
    1- P.U.M.A. = People United Means Action
    They’re at http://www.PUMApac.org;

    2. PUMA = People United My Ass
    (This is the Bower org)
    I don’t know what the realtionship between the two, if any, aside from being part of the coallition.

    P.U.M.A. pac

  43. I’d check the credentials of any site that says it’s a PAC/527 and is taking money before I’d actually give them money. Just mho, I do my homework before I place my resources, probably why I liked and still like HIllary.

  44. Gary, I’m trying to make a lot of noise, believe me. I feel like I’m standing on the roof top waving a sign “Help” down here in New Orleans once again. What does it take to get the DNC to realize they’ve sold on the democratic part of their name? I’m posting those action memos every where! Email Donna. Write and send hands to Howard. Write Super delegates. They seem hellbent on ignoring us.

  45. If Hillary doesn’t get reinstated as the candidate, those Democrats who are reluctant to vote for McCain instead of Obama, should check out Stuart Rothenberg’s article
    “Why a McCain Win May Be Bad for GOP, Good for Democrats”. (It’s at Real Clear Politics.com or just google the title.)

    It’s a real eye-opener and a possible way to send a message to the DNC and get rid of BO while still keeping the progressive philosophy alive.

  46. I mentioned the other day that my bud Piper from SeatOurDelegates.com (that I’m a co-admin with on the site and blog) has already brought it up to that group that PUMA started here at the Confluence and needs to be credited with it. She also blogs at Hireheels and I believe one of those ladies helped build the JustSayNoDeal site. It’s the same template as Hireheels. Websites take time to build, and they are adding things by the day for only being a week old.

    (Cognitive: and built with Yahoo web building tools according to the source code, perhaps there is a temp error in the form input code that wasn’t there when I signed up a few days ago that caused what you experienced?)

    Since PUMA went viral from here so swiftly I’m thinking this Will guy that has a Facebook group saw an unsourced comment there, liked it a lot and ran with the idea. He probably had no clue PUMAPac.org was formed immediately either, at the time. Plus Murphy’s pac language was cleaned up to register it.

    I think it will all get straightened out but it is exasperating to see news articles with Will claiming to be a “co-founder”. [Edit: Reading zookz comment about 2 orgs or pacs.. the Bower group did stick with the original acronym words, but they still need to cease claiming full credit with the original idea and name. Way too many people know it started here.]

    At the least we are all getting aggregated and strengthening our numbers and message. I do trust the Hireheels ladies and they also formed the proHill blogger meetup in Philly if you recall. They are also working hard on the march in Denver. Not sure how they hooked up with these other groups and people yet. As far as I know Hireheels isn’t claiming to be a co-founder but only part of the originating coalition.

  47. I was at the Philly Amtrak station and watched three Obamites work the huge room asking everyone if they were registered to vote. I saw two speak to the children with their parents and the parents thought is cute and funny… ugh. What surprised me was they didn’t pass out Kids for Obama lit.

    So they purge the Party formerly known as Democratic
    of 18 million voters , (who actully vote) and are now filling this new party with Potemkin ” voters” to justify
    the claim Obama will bring in new voters!!?


  48. I think a lot of this netroots stuff is good…but there are tons of ways to get our voices heard. The little ways are to write letters to the editor to your local paper (or for the more prolific writers, actual op-eds), calling in to radio shows, make YouTube videos, writing letters/e-mails to your local/state democratic party leaders and elected officials, letting elected officials know you will NOT campaign for them unless they listen to you, trying to contact your state superdelegates and elected delegates (Clinton ones, specifically!) about what they plan on doing in Denver, organizing local PUMA clubs (or whatever you want to call it) in your area and having press events where you go to your local board of elections to change your party registration en masse, making yard signs for your house, placing bumper stickers on your car, donating to pro-Clinton elected officials…

    Of course, for those choosing to remain Democrats (like me), you can be even more “radical” and try running for leadership positions in your local Dem party. I mean, we’re electing ACTUAL DNC members at my state convention this coming up weekend. I was tempted to run myself, but I just can’t at this moment in time. But you can bet I’ll be looking to recruit/supporting people who I think will actually do their job!

    This is all just off the top of my head…I’m sure there’s lots more we can do!

  49. “dakinikat” ** suggestion-“cc” your contacts to them
    to “friendly media” sources. The DNC-e-lites have “tuned-us-out”!
    Your personal sacrifices are greatly APPRECIATED !!
    **Diane – I believe your right about McCain. He has one main characteristic in common with Hillary.
    They “both”, are driven by what’s “BEST” for the country “BEFORE” their respective parties!

  50. I was on the call until the end about 8:00pm. There were a lot of things discussed. The bottom line is that JustSayNoDeal is a coalition of people who will not vote for Obama in November.

    There are other groups to ensure that Hillary’s name is on the ballot in Denver, that the delegates remain hers, and that we continue to lobby super-delegates to vote for the people’s choice.

  51. Already there with my blog!
    Also, I just had the pleasure of telling Robert Wexler (election stealer, D, Fla) a few choice words when he asked my help to defend him. I hope he loses his seat! There’s only Florida 13 left for me of the heroes of 2000!

  52. capt

    your last paragraph is a great idea. How do you do that? As you know I live in NC. Where is the convention? how do I attend? and how do I run for a position? (sorry to ask so many questions, if you know a website you can direct me to that would be great!)

  53. Charles,

    Do you know who is in charge of this coalition? Do you know any more about them than the info at that website? If you do, please share.

  54. edgeforever — tell us about the indy challenger to Wexler. Does he stand a chance?

  55. Will Bowers said that when he appears on MSNBC he is going to make it clear that his vote will be going to McCain, some people thought we really have to be upfront and vocal about supporting McCain as leverage. Others didn’t want to focus on supporting McCain or not voting, Green, or any other strategy, but to keep it simple with saying no to Obama.

  56. Look for a lot of activist sites to pop up. JustSayNoDeal wants to be a portal for different Obama no vote Pro-Hillary, and pro-Democracy sites

  57. I should say Bowers said he would be clear on MSNBC that his vote for McCain was a personal choice and did not represent everyone in the coalition. I was clear about that in the previous comment.

  58. Gary:

    New Bern, this weekend…be there or be square! The actual election is on Sunday morning…so much for trying to win over faith voters…lousy party, making me miss church!! 🙂


    Anyway, here’s some good info on being a DNC Member from a current DNC guy I know (~sigh~ he’s a SD who has finally come out for Sen. Obama, but…all in all, he’s still all right, IMHO. I think he’s actually for Clinton, but feared a backlash if he came out).


    Technically, this is the State Executive Committee meeting. According to the Rulez I have, it’s nominations from the floor (nominating and seconding speeches may be given),, nominees can address the convention, there are 5 seats available (2 must be male, 2 must be female, and one wild card), and winner must get majority vote (not to insult your intelligence, but that’s 50% plus one).

    You should check w/ your local county party to see if any SEC people in your county aren’t going…b/c, if not, they can give you their proxy. For more information, call your local (Orange?) party or the state party…

    I know people are doing their own thing, but I’ve always believed you can only win by taking over an organization from within.

  59. capt. I actually live in durham county (but inside the city limits of chapel hill–i know, its weird) , but I’ll see what I can do. I may ask you some more questions after I check out the websites. thanks for the info.

  60. Hillary won’t be the Democratic nominee, but we don’t live in a one party state. I urge you all to do the unthinkable, and vote for the opposition. Freeing our party of this cult is more important than propping up the arrogant little punk that will be the Democratic nominee. And there’s always 2012.

  61. This is very exciting. I know the movement is in its infancy, but I am sure that we will get organized and when we do, HoDo & Co. will HAVE TO LISTEN!

    My stepmother is now heading up the Prince William County GOTV office for Obama. Two things made me laugh:

    1) This 67-year-old woman is staying at a DORM to be trained for her duties; and
    2) My dad (who also likes Obama) said that Obama is targeting 17 states where he “has to win.” His strategy is to “mobilize the grassroots.” LOL! The grassroots voted for HILLARY, not Obama!

    Lord, these idiots that call themselves Party Leaders have certainly backed the wrong horse…and have sold themselves down the river to make it happen.

  62. The plan is to make sure Obama does not get elected!!!! He will marginalize women and is no better than McCain. If McCain gets in this time, Hillary Clinton can come back in 2012.

    I will not vote for Obama and any self respecting woman will reject the DNC and the democratic party’s “prescious one”!!! They have rigged an election and treated the first viable woman candidate for president like crap. They have degraded her and all of us. Vote the green party or stay home, but whatever you do, don’t let them degrade women this way and then take us for granted like battered women.

  63. madamab: get organized and when we do, HoDo & Co. will HAVE TO LISTEN!

    They won’t listen unless we are organized to gotv.

    I do agree w/ your dad. If there’s one lesson from the primary, it is that a lot of things can be said person-to-person to bypass the media and other hostile forces.

  64. I can’t remember — maybe some of you might now — if such a strong, negative reaction to a supposed nominee has ever occurred. To me, it’s unprecedented. That in itself should be a splash of cold water to the DNC.

    Riverdaughter and Mawm: perhaps you could write a post summarizing the call? It would also be great to know more about the various, legitimate groups out there.

  65. POW McCain, War Hero McCain, will be drilled into people’s heads by November and when the undecided go into the voting booth, they’ll go with a man who bravely served his country over a guy who has a creepy cult following, little experience with the economy or foreign affairs, and questionable loyalties and associations (due to right wing attacks).

    We still have August. We can still nominate Hillary and save 2008.

  66. fuzzybear is back…

    .I see alot of skeptisism on the part of some conflu members but I say that we need to run with this Justsaynodeal. As to who gets credit that just the petty infighting that could distract us from have real positive impact. We will soon se the trolls out again to try to sink this thing (thinkDC4Hill in one.)

    I had a nice email from Diane at hireheels and if you have any doubt that they are against the Nomination of Senator Obama look at their site. I loved the Hireheels videos on Hillaryspeaksforme sight that is now dead(no new vids since 31may2007.)

    I always say to paraphrase Ben Franklin “…..Ladies(i added that) gentelmen let us doubt our own infalibility and put our names to it…” when he said that it was during the final debate of the consitutional convention 1787. Look what doubting ones own infalibility has wrought? the longest living constitutional republic on the earth.

    Just a thought-Fuzzybeargville

  67. jules — if such a strong, negative reaction to a supposed nominee has ever occurred.

    Carter, 1976.

    He won with 77% D, 43% I, 9% R
    26% of self-described liberals voted for Ford.

  68. Jules, I have to agree. I cannot ever in my lifetime remember when half of the Democratic Party ever had this type of kneejerk reaction to the nominee. I didn’t like John Kerry, but I didn’t feel this down to the soul type of total rejection. I laughed at Dukakis in his helmet, but I voted for him anyway. There are so many questions about Obama, where did he come from, how did he get where he is after only being in the Senate for a couple of years, how can his followers be so brainwashed that they follow him like the Pied Piper. There is something so surreal about all this that I can’t help but feel this is unnatural. Its just right down scary.

  69. McGovern? I couldn’t stand Carter myself, but I don’t know how organized the Dem opposition to him was. McGovern seems like the apt comparison, since he was the candidate of the you and elites and turned of the grass roots base of the party.

  70. Thanks for the updates Mawm. I wasn’t there for the conference call but hope to be on the next one. We just know this coalition list growing by the day is scaring the pants off the Obama & DNC crews. It’s also going to help me rebuild up my blogrolls that I cleaned out to bare bones because of the Obamaphile sites I want nothing to do with and deleted.

    The more activist sites, new blogs, or a webpage popping up for ‘no vote for BO’ and proHillary the better. I like to help people get new blogs & sites started. If anyone needs some help getting one up to have a presence or a page online for the coalition just shoot me an email please. I’m retired and have all the time in the world to help you get the basics set up and give you some quick tips.

  71. bostonboomer: I couldn’t stand Carter myself, but I don’t know how organized the Dem opposition to him was.

    You think Dem opposition is organized now?

    Don’t remember the ’76 election (I was alive, but a kid). I have read that liberals couldn’t stand him.

  72. Just say No Deal

    I think that web siste is great as is. Black and white and to the point.

    A great, great idea.

  73. (raising hand) hlr, ME! I couldn’t stand him. He kept telling us about how he was born again (which I’d never heard of before) and the importance of the line item veto..

  74. k-bird — LOL. Hey, I can’t stand him NOW.

  75. ….and in 1980 the anti-ford republicans who were spanked at their convention in 1976 came back to retake their party and have not looked back.

    Remember Reagan took it to the Republican convention in 1976 Ford won the convention but lost the election. I see a historical parallel here with us.


  76. K-bird who was born again McCain or Obama?


  77. This is completely OT, but I saw a wonderful story on CNN a little while ago (during my daily half hour with the TV on while exercising). It was about a 59 year old man who works in a marriage bureau, issues marriage licenses, and performs marriage ceremonies. He has lived with his partner for 18 years and they are going to be the first couple married in his office under the new law. It was a really touching story. Did anyone else see it? I wish I could find the video, but I haven’t been able to.

  78. hlr,

    No, I don’t think the opposition is particularly organized so far, but we didn’t have the internet then so there might be a better chance of for it to happen. In 1976, it seemed like Carter came out of nowhere just like Obama did. Carter had a really insipid advertising campaign that really turned me off. I didn’t vote for him in either 1976 or 1980.

  79. DC for Hillary-

    here’s what you do….write your friends and family….write the DNC…let them know you will not be voting for Obama….vote for Downticket Dems, but not Obama….write in Hillary…some will vote for McCain….oh well….

    Supreme Court and Roe v Wade threats are meaningless without congressional approval


  80. hir- you are right but the parallel is ont carter it is Reagan – Ford in 1976 and Reagan 1980 his people went to work the day the nomination was lost for reagan at the 1976 convention. We need to be ready to do the same thing.

    Even though we have the Internet we do not have watergate on the presumptive nominee of our party its going to be hard but we can triumph by Senator Obama Losing in November.


  81. the only thing that the dems can do is say if J McCain is elected and you Hillacrats dont get on board then we the Democratic controled Senate will sink RoevWade by allowing Pres. McCain to appoint pro-life justices to the SCOTUS.

    They would not dare….


  82. What do you suggest we do to organize, hlr? First off, we’re divided on writing in, voting Green, or voting Republican. I don’t think it matters at this point. The national Democrats will interpret an Obama loss the way they choose to, what’s important is that he loses. We don’t have time to organize beyond that in 5 months, but once that first step is over with we can try to make our voices heard on issues of substance.


    Watch for Obama’s team to organize a Jackie and JFK tour in Europe, with adoring crowds. They are basically going to repeat the marketing strategy here over there. Don’t get fooled that this is building foreign policy credentials. It’s not.

    It’s a huge distraction made for media to lap it up and broadcast it, resulting in free advertising.


  84. Little Sister — one of the key groups in this election will be ‘white blue-collar women’ — those who are registered and those who are not, single and married. Most of them don’t spend much time online or following the political media.

    There’s a reason Hillary’s share on dkos was sub-10%.

  85. ghost2 — Sadly, I agree w/ your prediction.

  86. This is likely to be dismissed, but there’s one way we can prevent B.O. and the DNC from dangling the promise of paying off Hillary’s ten million in campaign debts, and thereby tantalizingly luring her to obedience—namely START A FUND TO RAISE 10 MILLION! That gives us a concrete and not extreme goal, and, it lets us signal to Hillary, in very concrete terms, what we’re about—what elements we agree on. So, if one million people give 10 dollars, we’re done. If 100,000 give 100, likewise..and various combinations thereof. I’m prepared to give $1,000—are there 500 others willing? (that’s a start, half a million)–even if we raise 5 million, that gives a public unified goal and emboldens Hillary to make demands rather than be cowed or felt abandoned by us too! Just an idea.

  87. BB: The posts and comments are timestamped. We can trace PUMA back to its origins. But does it matter?

  88. Guys you are all so excited and writing so fast, all i can do is lurk.

  89. I put my blog on there twice, and they still haven’t posted it.

  90. Hatseput, absolutely. Must. Retire. Her. Debt. This should be an enormous first priority. It will show our power immediately. And it’ll help her big time: Not beholden! Not beholden to the DNC, not beholden to Obama’s whim. Donate through Heidi Li to show solidarity and to make sure the money is getting to her and not the DNC.
    (In the non-obligatory address line I put PUMA, USA)


    Can you still buy HRC merchandise?
    I saw a post about PUMA’s showing up at McCain events with HRC signs, gotta love it.

    Everyone, please keep reposting debt retirement reminders.

  91. It’s still no deal for me. Anyone going to join the million woman march in Denver? If possible, anyone who can go should join the march. I’m standing firm behind Hillary or it’s McCain unfortunately.

    Are donations still getting to Hillary through Heidi Li?

  92. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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