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Sunday: When they say it’s not about money, it’s about money

Anglachel has a new post up, Representation. (Be patient, Conflucians, Anglachel has more important stuff on her plate right now) where she says she thinks we are watching the decomposition of the Democratic party. I have to agree. And some of it definitely smacks of nefarious activity. No doubt about it. But I think at the bottom of all of it is – money.

We turned off the spigots which caused Dean et al to hold their breath and vow to not budge and inch until we capitulated. And we won’t capitulate because we are demanding fairness, by historical precedent and in process so we withhold *more* money. Which causes the DNC to rely more heavily on the Obama donors. But even the Obama donors are restricted by law to a certain donation amount and no more. So, no matter what the Obama money asks for, there is only so much leverage they can use. They’ve gotten just about everything now anyway. But it’s not enough to feed the downticket dems, who are really starting to hurt. Now, the whole party infrastructure, from the top of the ticket to the lowliest dogcatcher is at the mercy of Howard Dean’s tyrannical rule and Obama’s money. It is a vicious cycle and it is all starting to unravel, bit by bit.

My local congressional candidate, Linda Stender, came within 4000 votes of beating Santorum wannabe, Mike Ferguson. This year, she doesn’t have Mikey to kick around anymore but Kate Whitman, the daughter of former governor Christie Todd Whitman, is her new rival. I thought Stender was a shoe-in this season but Kate has name recognition and a moderate Republican pedigree that could put this district in play again. Stender, as progressive a Democrat as you would ever hope to find, is in need of campaign funds and when the cost benefit analysis of the DNC starts to be played out on the balance sheet, NJ is going to be the last place they are going to want to spend money. They *think* NJ is reliably blue so even when the DNC is flush with cash, NJ gets little of it.

That’s a crying shame. Stender’s campaign would have been a whole lot easier had Clinton been at the top of the ticket. She would have had moderate suburban NJ women eating out of her hand. It could have been a landslide. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. So many opportunities now imperiled by Dean’s megalomaniacal 50 state strategy and testosterone poisoned election year atmosphere. Can Pelosi be so stupid as to sign on to this willingly? If so, she needs a serious primary challenger.

Anyway, if the rumors are true that now GLBT delegates for Obama are being systematically purged and replaced with loyalists, then the Dean-Obama machine must be in an even deeper hole than we think. That plus the other rumor that Clinton’s name will not be on the first ballot suggests Dean is not quite sure that the pledged delegates, now waking up from their rohypnol induced psychogenic fugue and seeing the horror of their Party imploding, wlll honor their pledges. Can anyone even imagine such a thing in their lifetime? A woman candidate who got more than half of the votes in the primaries is deliberately left off the ballot? That those of us who voted for her would have our votes not counted at all? That we mean even less than Florida and Michigan? We are nothing?

Well, no money for the DNC then. And the cycle begins again. Some people never learn.

One other thing: We are about to hit the millionth hit. Please join me in celebration and help Hillary retire her campaign debt. You can do this to her directly but visiting the page that Heidi Li has set up for this purpose: Heidi Li’s Potpourri Retire the Debt! Her campaign terminated my monthly contributions earlier this week, so I’ll be sending her the balance in a lump sum. And if you have a little bit extra, consider sending it to the congressional candidate of your choice who needs your support more than ever. For NJ, here’s my recommendation: Linda Stender for NJ-07.

206 Responses

  1. Apparently the Democratic Convention is $15 million short of their fundraising goal too, and people in Denver are worried that Colorado taxpayers will have to foot the bill.

    On another note, Frank Rich discussed disaffected Hillary supporters today. Apparently he doesn’t think McCain is doing a good job of pulling us away.

  2. Meeting with Religious Right = Purging Gay and Lesbian Delegates. Wow. Politico and it’s historians say it’s impossible for Obama to lose. They cite the Nixon/Humphrey race. Hmmm…I remember that wasn’t a shoo in. Also, they cite Roosevelt/Hoover….uhhh…no. And then there’s Carter/Reagan….well Michelle aint no Nancy Reagan.

    We can stop him folks. Let’s go down in the history books as the movement that stopped barack obama.

  3. RD, you are the best. Every day you inspire and motivate me. Thank you very very much.

    Off to contribute to Heidi Li’s potpourri!

  4. Give to state campaigns and state DNC organization or the local candidate of your choice. Send them a note with your contribution explaining your position.

    Help Clinton retire her debt. Remember who the battle happens to be with and who it is not.

    I really don’t know how the election will turn out. That is five months away and much can happen.

  5. I too would like real information about the LGBT purging rumors as it becomes available.

    After the McClurkin episode, I realized that the Obama’s campaign attitude was, “bitches fuck off and take the fags with you.” This is why I am doubly angry with my straight white male fauxgressive poseur friends and family. They are worse than conservatives to me at this point, because they are hypocrites.

  6. Green there is always a roll call vote at the convention. If they dont let Senator Clinton have her day then they know that many women and LGBT and working class Dems will walk. To keep peace they will let her have ballot.

    If the DNC did otherwise, it would be excersizing the DNC’s “KamiKazi Option” its like the Nuclear Option but instead the Damage is purely inflicted on the pilot flying the plane. With a Nuclear Option everyone takes the hit.


  7. Green: 1.) Give me one rational reason why she should be left off the ballot in Denver when I can’t remember anything every occurring before.
    2.) It’s called honoring your opponent and her supporters. It’s good public relations.
    3.) There is no unity and the impending implosion is evidence of it. You can’t run campaigns without cash. There’s no cash coming in. The more insulting and offensive they are, the worse it’s going to get.

    You really are pretty clueless aren’t you? This isn’t the Republican party. We don’t just fall into line. That has been the biggest mistake the DNC has made this campaign season. They have completely forgotten who their base is and are only now waking up to find their party 50% thinner. Either it pays attention to us now or it surely will hear from us in November. If you don’t want a collapse of the party I suggest you stop hanging out here wasting our time and go tell Howard Dean that he’d better start grovelling toot sweet.

    Now, off you go and don’t come back until you deliver our message.

  8. saorry had a mental picture of KamiKazi Dean flying into the side of the mountain with “Hillary for President: We shall Not be Moved” etched into it.

    Cant stop giggling -sorry


  9. Green is the New Democrat Oborg troll? of course he could Join the DNC on its KamiKazi run….at the end of the day it would look like bugs slpattered on a windshield…

    We just clean them off tomorrow is another day.


  10. Obama’s team stressed all the millions of ‘new voters’ he has brought into the process. But when my daughter saw him in Boston she was asked to give a small donation via computer to assure a seat up front. She didn’t pay, but a lot of people probably shelled out the small donation. My daughter ended up voting for Clinton. Those lookey-louers who gave a few bucks might have done the same, or simply not voted at all.

    Obama hoodwinked the party with the help of the media. And now the media is telling us he can’t possibly lose. They have a stake in this, because they put all their power and influence behind this man. They wrote off John McCain as the Republican nominee – very few thought he could eek it out.

    So it’s encouraging to see the party have money problems. They didn’t listen, they’re still not listening, and they’ve dug themselves into a huge hole.

  11. Its either time for a new party or for us to take back the democratic party that the terrorists have hijacked!!!!



  12. Crazy for them to leave her name off the ballot. Insulting. What else is new.

  13. I am very concerned about two things. First, a new poll shows Obama with a huge lead over McCain with wommen voters…larger than the lead that Gore or Kerry had. How can this be? Second, although I cancelled my NY Times months ago, someone showed me Frank Rich’s column today, which basically said that angry Clinton supporters are a miniscule number who barely exist.
    I find that hard to believe. I have never known so many committed democrats who say they will not vote for Obama.

  14. It is indeed symbolic to abruptly shove a candidate who received 18 million votes out of sight.

  15. KendallJ, they aren’t terrorists. Ruthless politicians, yes. Terrorists, no. The facts are enough, no need to embellish.

  16. They don’t want her on the ballot at the convention because they are afraid delegates will switch or that the strong show of support for Clinton gets registered on a national scale directly from the delegates and everyone gets to see it unfiltered by the media bias. This is one more way to humiliate her. But I am not going to hold my breath. So far they have done everything at their own peril and they are in peril. Look at the supporters they have — this nincompoop Green is a good example. They have no sense of history, tradition and pure and plain human dignity in not humiliating the loser. May be they do this because they are not sure they are the winners.

  17. allow me to dissent on the ‘retiring the debt’ stuff.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton have a LOT more money than we do — and have the capacity to earn a LOT more in the next year or two than we do. The Clinton’s won’t be forced to eat Ramen noodles if we don’t pay off her debt.

    At this point, we should be establishing some kind of fund that will go toward paying off Clinton’s debt if she stands up for her supporters, and makes it clear that her statement of support for Obama was done in the name of “party unity” — and his actions since that time have not been about unifying the party, but consolidating his own power over it.

    I mean, how many Obama loyalists do you think will be laid off by the DNC when “some operations” will be transferred to Chicago? How many Clinton loyalists will lose their jobs in DC because of this move? And how many Daley-machine patronage hacks will wind up with DNC jobs in Chicago?

    I understood why Clinton did what she did — but its clear that willingness to sacrifice her own ambitions for party unity have NOT been treated with an effort by Team Obama to achieve party unity. I think right now, we should be calling on Hillary to stand up for THE PARTY, and make it clear that “Democrat” means something more than “another lemming for Barack Obama”.

    BTW, here’s a link to the GLBT purge… http://www.topix.net/forum/source/south-florida-sun-sentinel/T5AM9F7MC889BPRL4)

  18. do you have a link artist? I hadn’t hear that. In fact the last poll I saw showed that he was weaker than Kerry with women.

  19. 1. Has the DNC ever been located out of DC before?
    2. Some of the DNC will “stay” in DC while another part will move…how is that effective or efficient?
    3. It will be interesting to see what part goes to Chicago so that it can be closely monitors/controlled by Obama and Friends.
    4. Any word on what the DNC employees are thinking/saying?
    5. We definitely need to starve them out of their rat hole.

  20. someone showed me Frank Rich’s column today, which basically said that angry Clinton supporters are a miniscule number who barely exist.

    Rich is probably right — there probably aren’t that many “angry Clinton supporters.” But ‘angry Clinton supporters’ are a subset of the relatively small subset of ‘lifelong straight-ticket voting democrats’ — its the ‘not angry Clinton voters who have rejected Obama’ that the Democrats have to worry about.

    Most people aren’t passionate about politics — they just consider their options, and vote. And there are millions of ‘not angry’ Clinton supporters who will not support Obama.

  21. These are the same polls that told me on election Morning John Kerry would be the Next President?

    Polls are Irrelivant to the Rebel Alliance-

    Many are what are called “push poles” where the framer of the question is trying to illicit a specific response.

    Pollster: Did you know John McCain is a supports Pro-Life Justices as appointements to the SCOTUS?

    The Pollee: No I did not…

    Pollester: Do you support a womans right to choose?

    The Pollee: Yes

    Pollster: Would you support John McCain for president based on his desire to place judges on the SCOTUS that would overturn Roe V Wade?

    The Pollee: No I would not…

    And so it goes 1 mopre pro-choice woman get marked for Obama…whether she really supports him or not.


  22. I found the story. our press really sucks, this article says support is up, 13 pt. lead for obama;


    I had to go to the Chinese media to get the real numbers 51% to 38%. I’m guessing the other 11% are undecided or voting someone else (that number sounds about right for us, don’t you think?). 51% support among women is NOT good for a dem candidate. here’s the Chinese link:


  23. plukasiak, on June 15th, 2008 at 10:24 am Said:

    allow me to dissent on the ‘retiring the debt’ stuff.

    I heed your call to stand up for the party. I think if it comes from Hillary alone, it will not be as effective — they will label that as sore loser and go on about their business. She held out as long as she could — running the whole length of the primary as they were trying to shove her out was a show of resistance in the name of all that is good for the party. Even her final speech was a warning to the party. So if it is not Hillary who else should do this — standing up to these bastards? Who is minding the store? Where are the party bigwigs who find what is going on objectionable?

  24. Artist- Who took this poll? Its hard to believe he is ahead of Kerry with the womens vote…

  25. Jmac: “And now the media is telling us he can’t possibly lose”

    I have noticed…some in the media are already creating another “stolen” election narrative…just this time it is O vs. Mc.

  26. RD: I totally agree with your down-ticket observations. I may have ranted about this before, but I’m furious that Kentucky will be stuck with Mitch McConnell again if Obama is the nominee. I think Hillary on the top could have taken the state, and Mitch’s approval ratings are down. No way Obama is taking KY. I’d say Mitch is the happiest person in KY right now.

  27. what a frickin’ mess…

  28. of course the above example is an oversimplification of what really happens in push polls-

    these polls ar designed by the same people who write the scripts for tellemarketers.


  29. and with women over 50, he can’t even hit 50%;


  30. Yes, and this poll was taken during his bounce. It was taken before he dropped 3 in the daily tracking poll.

    I’ve noticed that Gallup has been trying extremely hard lately to make him look good. It’s as if there’s something in it for them to do so 😉 .

  31. Exit polls of the 2004 election show that Kerry took 51% of the woman’s vote to bush’s 48. And we all know how that turned out for him. Seriously, I think that 11% that is neither Bush nor McCain is probably a lot of PUMA’s and they don’t know where to put them (or don’t want to publicize how big a voice we are. here’s the link to the exit poll:


  32. and with women over 50, he can’t even hit 50%;

    I’m 56. My demographic stands firm in the Rebel Alliance.

  33. plukasiak: I’m only going by what Heidi Li has reported. Whether or not she has the means to rake in the bucks in the future or not, she has a very limited time to pay off the debt to herself and the manner in which she can access the money set aside for her GE campaign is limited by FEC rules.

  34. Riverdaughter, I think that your premise here (“it’s about money”) hits the nail on the head as far as the big picture is concerned as well. MONEY is the reason Obama is being pushed by Dean et al.

    Conspiracy theories seem hysterical and ridiculous, but I have come to a conclusion about them since the idiocy of the 2000 election; the top global financial echelon have networks (of course) and everyone in those networks have one common agenda—keeping and expanding their wealth and power.

    The only sure way to do this is to globally implement fascism, not “DEMOCRACY” but “FASCISM.” Under the guise of democracy, of course.

    And when the top global financial echelon and the top echelon wannabes work fervently to expand their own wealth and power, fascism occurs…”naturally.” No fuss, no muss. Just a few millions of dollars placed strategically here and there, watch what happens, and, PRESTO, out of the hat, there’s another step toward a world without love.

    IMO, Obama was strategically placed to knock Hillary out of the race, and then to be knocked out himself. A Republican (although I don’t think McCain was the one desired) would then automatically remain in the White House.

    See…IMO the problem for the top echelon is not that Hillary is a woman. It’s that Hillary can’t be controlled, and might actually be another FDR. Another FDR like the one the top echelon, two-generations back, could NOT control…and hated.

    IMO, Dean’s job was to make sure that all went smoothly. But that annoying bitch Hillary wouldn’t budge, and threw the whole project out of whack. In comes Pelosi, etc. to help finish the job off.

    Crazy thinking?

  35. We nned to get out to women voters, the message must be:

    “Obama’s Buss: Plenty of Room under it for you to Ladies”

    I guess a lot of women are falling for the Party Unity stuff?

    Still there is time to change minds-


  36. in my earlier comment, substitute obama for bush. freudian slip I guess.. 🙂

  37. in my earlier comment, substitute obama for bush. freudian slip I guess.. 🙂

  38. sorry slow finngers fast brain this morning – We to get this message out to the women in this country, and the message should be:

    “Obama’s Buss: Plenty of Room under it for you to Ladies”

    I guess a lot of women are falling for the Party Unity stuff?

    Still there is time to change minds-


  39. If the sound is coming from the rear of the tank or the front of the seat area, it could be your fuel pump cycling or the fuel pressure regulator. When you are riding your bike the fuel pump is turning off and on, often in very short increments.

    If the bike has been worked on recently, the Motronic may be trying to reset to the new values. This will take a week or two of riding to take care of itself.

    oops, wrong blog

  40. So, were the GLBT comments purged, too? 😉 I scanned both the article and comments for the usual strings (“gay”, GLBT, etc.) and couldn’t find anything at the Sun-Sentinel site.

    I did gather that 8 delegates were purged, two of them from South Florida, and those 2 were named in the article. If there was any indication of an orientation-oriented purge at some point, it’s either gone, or I’m too dumb to find it..

  41. Thanks…I feel a little better now. The poll re the womens’ vote was announced on CNN and mentioned by Rich…both suspect…I agree. Fox news said yesterday that a new Poll showed Obama’s bounce had been cut in half and he was now up nationally only 3 points.
    I used the phrase “angry Clinton supporters” and I could have chosen my words better. I am also a lifelong democrat and former committeewoman and for the first time in my life, I will not vote for the democrat if Obama is the nominee. I suppose that I have this fantasy that if Obama’s support plummets before the convention, there is still hope for Clinton. I just wish I had a realistic assessment of how many of us there are and if there are as many as I believe…..how do we make more noise.

  42. 2K, 1K…..

    I know, I know, I made a mistake in the previous thread, but numbers and me do not mix well, all right?

  43. Regarding the million hits, I thought I’d mention, it takes some — even fairly popular — blogs nearly a year to hit that milestone.

    Of course, this is an election season, but still!

    Anyway, congratulations on nearing a million.

  44. PSwan, me too.

  45. TonyRz: “If there was any indication of an orientation-oriented purge at some point, it’s either gone, or I’m too dumb to find it..”

    Never, Tony, nobody here thinks you are too dumb…

  46. Most people aren’t into the presidential race now.

    I’m watching everything that’s going on so we all know what’s really happening. If I weren’t on the blogs, I wouldn’t know anything.

    Dean & Co. think they now have what they’ve always envied in the Republicans: An endless supply of money and party discipline.

    They are so wrong. They have to keep believing they have their magic party. It’s too horrifying to think they have nothing. Worse than nothing.

    Stay strong.

  47. Arabella: that is what I am afraid of. Come August it will be a new ball game.

  48. Holy Hemiola! 1600 hits away from the big 1 x 10^6!

  49. McCain is certainly making an effort to reach out to disaffected Clinton supporters. I listened in to his Town Hall meeting yesterday. I liked some of what I heard, other things not so much. I didn’t have a problem with his answers re: the Iraq War, b/c I don’t believe that any President would be able to bring the troops home on a specific date. I liked his answers on creating green jobs and stem cell research, but was not reassured about SCOTUS appointments. However, I don’t have much faith in Obama’s judgment on SCOTUS appointments, so that’s not a deal-breaker to me. He stressed how he has always worked across the aisle, while Obama has no history of doing so.

    I was impressed by the fact that McCain is reaching out to Clinton voters, which is more than Obama has deigned to do. We’re just supposed to get over it, sweetie, and fall in line. I also liked the fact that he seemed to enjoy answering questions. When the moderator guy said, “We have time for one more question”, McCain said, “No – three more!”

    I can’t say I’m sold on him as a candidate, but I don’t rule him out as I have Obama. This whole business of moving DNC headquarters to Chicago was the last straw for me.

    As for the polls, I think it’s an attempt by the MSM to minimize the discontent out there. I know a few Hillary supporters who are voting for Obama in November, but far more who are not.

  50. One thing that has been cheering me up this week (besides reading this website when I’m able to), has been the fact that the European Lisbon Treaty was defeated in Ireland Thursday.

    The Lisbon Treaty is a step toward implementing aforementioned “fascism” under the guise of global democracy (i.e., like NAFTA), I believe.

    The reason that the referendum did NOT go through in Ireland was that the LOWER FINANCIAL 80% came out and voted “No” to it. They were made aware that it was not an idea that would never benefit them and their families.

    Hillary has the support of the lower financial 80% here. We CAN get her in. As many of you said, many things can happen before Denver.

  51. Pat B’s “hit me with your best shot” comes to mind here. Psycological warfare is in use the media ist rying to shut us down before the convention

    Riverdaughter on the confrence call today make sure all partisipants who will be later interviewed answer when asked how many partisipated on the call thay say not the numberof people on the call, but say, ” leaders representing X-number of groups united to discuss plans…”

    “Leaders representing” sounds more impressive than 80 some people….if the media see’s leaders thay will know we are organized and mean business.

    Let them figure out how many people are in each group? 80,000? 800,000? 8,000,000. Like the freemen in Dune we shall hide our numbers let them under estimate our strength!


  52. UpstateNY – Yes, it will be a new ball game. It’s always a new ball game. Endurance is the key.

    My 82 year old mother (not into politics, but she always votes) provides me with excellent commentary. She’s Lithuanian and grew up in Chicago. She has had a hard life and is tough as an old shoe.

    Her comments on Obama so far:
    “He can’t take it but he can dish it out. Too thin skinned”
    “He’s a baby.”
    “He’s too tired to be president.”

    She usually votes for the Democrat, but not this year. My wonderful 70+ year old friends are not fools. Obama is disrespecting their generation when he implies that McCain is “too old.”

  53. Fuzzy: “Like the freemen in Dune we shall hide our numbers let them under estimate our strength!”


    Most in the blogosphere/media do not think much of our numbers/strength anyway….

    deadenders, we are now…

  54. Congratulations on your first million, RD! I started lurking on this blog when you were at only 250,000 or so. that was all of … what? Three months ago? Ah yes, I knew you when.

  55. Sorry RD, you may be uncomfortable calling yourself a leader, but thats what you are-you have to go with the cards you were dealt. We here could not expect a better leader to stand up for us.

    Princess Amadalla we await your orders.


  56. Arabella: “Obama is disrespecting their generation when he implies that McCain is “too old.”

    Yes, I feel the same way…out with the old….

  57. You know this money problem of the DNC does not add up. First the talk is that Dean et al latched on to Obama for his big money making ability. Well if that is the case shouldn’t the DNC be flush with cash? What gives? It does not add up. Second how on earth do we even know what is real anymore? The BOTV tells us one thing the blogs say another. What garbage we have to sift through to get to any semblance of reality. I fear I am getting lost in the muck.

  58. Arabella, I did mean to agree with YOU, not O (just in case I was not clear) heh.

  59. UpstateNY – OK!

  60. 1.4K…oh the suspense…I feel like count dracula (or whatever his name is) in Sesame Street….

  61. Messed up a sentence:

    “They were made aware that it was not an idea that would never benefit them and their families.”

    is supposed to be

    “They were made aware that it was an idea that would NEVER benefit them and their families.”

  62. 998k+ hits and only 7,920 spammers blocked-this is the beat the Obamanation can do?

    It like watching the crystal ball drop an new years eve-


  63. It is very hard for me to believe these polls. In 38 years of voting Democratic I don’t remember another time when so many people I have talked to ,who are active Dems ,who do not support the party’s nominee and are outraged with the party.

    Is the opposition magnified by sites like this? Are we really small in number? I don’t think so but it is so hard to get anything reliable in terms of numbers.

    We are living in very scary times. Is there only a small minority who realize this?

  64. sorry best the obamanation can do? 998,725 closer closer closer-

    Fuzzybeargville the wookie is impressed

  65. I think the most important thing that we can do, is, get the message out to ALL of the people who do not get on the computer. Let them know their not the only ones feeling disenfranchised, angry, confused etc. etc. etc… If I did not come here everyday, I would feel ALONE. When you feel alone, you tend to go along with the crowd. In my eyes, the crowd is the MSM.
    Older women, blue collar workers, they do not have the time or the means to get the info we get on a couple of great blogs. Somehow we need to reach them.

  66. upstate I think he was just “the count”

  67. As for the polls, every poll can be spun differently. If Obama is doing so well and picking up so many republicans and all the Hillary voters why is he still under 50%? Why did he basically get no bounce? Why in the “swing states” on RealClear politics is only one candidate at 48% in any of those states: John McCain in Florida. When you start seeing Obama or McCain routinely at 52-53% then you will realize something is happening. McCain is a turtle. He and his campaign i think like coming from behind.

  68. show me, they are doing everything they can to make you feel exactly what you are feeling now. Resist!

  69. bluedawgdem:

    “You know this money problem of the DNC does not add up. First the talk is that Dean et al latched on to Obama for his big money making ability. Well if that is the case shouldn’t the DNC be flush with cash? What gives? It does not add up.”

    IMO, Obama was massively funded by someone (George Soros, supposedly), who will now be funding the Republicans. This would have been for what I said before:

    “IMO, Obama was strategically placed to knock Hillary out of the race, and then to be knocked out himself. A Republican (although I don’t think McCain was the one desired) would then automatically remain in the White House.”

  70. Karolina – I agree.

  71. where are katiebird, bboomer, ronk, et al? I hope they make it for 1million…

  72. bluedawgdem: Take everything with a grain of salt. If it sounds a little too shrill or like a conspiracy theory, act suspiciously. Use direct sources, like OpenSecrets for real information.

    Here’s a picture of the national and congressional committees fundraising and cash on hand:


  73. c’mon, 1,000,000
    it’s been a crappy week
    I want a PARTY – no, I NEED a party!!!!!

  74. Arabell T. “YOUR MOTHER GOT-IT-RIGHT”!
    As far as the $$ thing goes… the DNC sold the party out to the HIGHEST BIDDER!! Obama -backed by Soros!
    My husband doesn’t seem to understand that what we are doing is ,”trying to SAVE the party NOT RUIN

  75. Ah my very non-controversial comment made it into the spam filter. I guess I’m off to the races.

    Have a great day.

  76. 1.1K….

    Yes, where are kbird and BB et al…I think they had enough of us, and frankly, who can blame them….

  77. How many hits does Confluence get per day? (Guestimate)

  78. michael P Varvel,
    “Obama’s Buss: Plenty of Room under it for you to Ladies”
    I thought you were referring to him “kissing” us off

  79. Let’s see, Arabella…at least it gest 50.000 from me….

  80. Oh, Garychapelhill, Don’t worry I am completely dug in, I just wish there was a good way to estimate our numbers.

    The fact that this site is about to hit one million says something. Does it not?

  81. How are those balloons looking RD?

  82. .8K…

    All right, all right, I will stop….

  83. OT, but any idea where Hill is? I miss her. This election is tre boring without her.

  84. please remember whin ingaging Obamanation bots that the following has worked for me:

    My response to the Obamabot harange for “Party Unity”:

    “I am sorry my refusal to support Senator Obama in the Genaral Election is not up for discussion. I cannot be cajoled, harrassed, or guilted into changing my mind. If you would like to discuss us working on down ticket support of the party to increase democratic control of the congress I am open and look forward to such a discussion.”

    Their response: dumb looks are still free

    Love from your fav Wookie-Fuzzybeargville

  85. speaking of $$, is there any updated info about Barry’s Hope Fund contributions to superdelegates, etc.? This is as of March and only includes current US congresspeople –


  86. Maybe kbird and bboomer are doing what I am getting ready to do…go out in the garden and enjoy the sunshine for a while.

    I’ll be back later.

    Love this site!:)

  87. UpstateNY –

    Keep the countdown going. I love numbers.

    I’m trying to get Obama’s Spread Sheet Guy to join us and give us a hit.

  88. the Obama Buss comment should be:

    “the Obama Buss: Plenty of room under it for all you sweeties”

    is that better Ohioana?


  89. show me…you mean there is a world out there?

  90. I will be on the conference call today, and one of the things I want to ask the group is to see if we can get some funding to get our own poll done, so that we can get an accurate estimation of our numbers. I don’t trust the media one iota to tell us how strong we are.

    If any of you have questions for the conference call today, let me know and I will try to get it asked.

  91. 999 to go… in the word of julia roberts in Pretty Woman…” I’m so excited -I could just Pee…”


  92. michael P Varvel,

  93. UpstateNY – Yes, there is a world out there. Sometimes the lights are off and you can only see little pin pricks of light. Sometimes the lights are on and there’s a big bright circle on the ceiling called “the sun.”

  94. To: Howard Dean and the DNC


  95. I already did the world out there this morning by mowing the grass before it gets tooooo hot today.
    When will it cool off? It’s too early to be this hot, isn’t it????

  96. “1” more thought on this day of the media remembering Tim Russert. I know some are up-set with some of the events involving Hillary but he was
    “tough on all”!
    Maybe when he reported it ,”Obama’s” he was stating the obvious that the democratic leaders were “giving”
    it to him / no matter what!
    He said of his DAD that he can ALWAYS tell when someone’s a “PHONEY”!!
    I can’t imagine the Russert’s were the only “IRISH – Catholic / blue colar based / up-state NY family; that
    “DIDN’T see THRU Obama”??
    His “BITTER” comments hit hard for this group!!
    Just a thought!

  97. Arabella –
    Her comments on Obama so far:
    “He can’t take it but he can dish it out. Too thin skinned”
    “He’s a baby.”
    “He’s too tired to be president.”


    I saw Dennis Miller one evening say about Obama, “I don’t notice the color of his skin, but it sure is obvious how thin it is.”

    Your mom is a wise lady.

  98. My partner’s dad is polled all the time. He lives in an upscale retirement community in South Carolina and is 84. I have never been polled. His enclave is white and highly educated for the most part. The “self-made” ones are Republican, but he’s a registered Dem, a former aerospace engineer. He says he’ll vote the Dem nominee. So it seems to me the pollsters are not randomly selecting at all. He’s had over a dozen poll calls.

    I need a new party. I don’t want to save the Dems anymore. I have been thinking hard about this. In the last 30 years, my vote for President has been “enthusiastic” only twice, and the last time was for Gore. I love my local state rep, who’s a Dem and will vote for her forever. But what has the party done for us? Did they help Gore? NO. Have they done anything to remedy the chipping away of Roe (the decision they now all think we should care about and vote for Obama to “keep”)? NO. Did they stop the Patriot Act? NO. Why is it we need Democrats? Not that I am for Republicans. I will never vote Republican again in my life. But I am happy I left the party. At first it was hard and painful. Now, I want CHANGE–you know, the kind of change where you don’t vote for the Dem for Prez b/c you think you must.

  99. tpt/ny:

    My husband doesn’t seem to understand that what we are doing is, ”trying to SAVE the party NOT RUIN IT”!!

    How about “SAVE the nation, starting with saving the party”?

  100. I never noticed this before. There’s a little smile face at the bottom of the page in the gray border. Is that in prep for the party today?

  101. They still memorializing Tim Russert? I hope no other talking heads die any time soon.

  102. Ohioana: “It’s too early to be this hot, isn’t it????”

    It is all H’s fault….

  103. Mawn-Just give them my suggestion about saying leaders representing x-number of groups it sounds so much better tha just the raw number of people on the call.

    We need a two track strategy-what to do up to the convention and what our response will be after the convention-if its the Big Oh nO for democratic nominee.-sorry if i am stating the obvious

    Also Please thank them for their good work, I am always amazed by how when our country needs hero’s she is able to create them-Geo Washington, Abe Lincoln, Gen. Pershing, FDR and now you guys.


  104. If it looks to me like Obama is polling as though he can’t lose, my efforts will be to give him a Republican congress. He’s so good at crossing the aisle, it won’t bother him, but I’m sure not going to give him a blank check to do whatever he wants.

  105. RD,

    I think you’re so right-as the saying goes-FOLLOW THE MONEY!

  106. Laney and show me…I couldn’t agree with you more.

    As for the conference call. I would suggest to McCain that he reccommend a national refendum on woman’s right to chose….to refect the national will and take the issue out of partisan ploitics. He needs to go back to his inital reaction that tax breaks for the rich are not affordable. I will be voting Obama even though I dislike him and find his policies all wrong and bad for the country. I just feel that the danger of Obama and a fascist undemocratic party are worse. Only a defeat in November will unseat the lousy power elite of the party.

  107. Is it only me? Is my head screwed on wrong? The polls count likely voters, or who will vote for whom. Right? However, in the POTUS election, it’s the Electoral College that determines the winner and that’s based on who won the most electoral votes in each state…………and the states are winner takes all. So, looking at poll stats is like comparing apples to orangutans. One is a fruit and the other is an animal. So, IMHO, poll numbers mean squat.

  108. angry artist,
    I’m confused. You’re voting FOR Obama does not square with the rest of what you wrote.

  109. ARRGGGHHH, Those last 666 hits are driving me crazy! I want to get on with the party already.

  110. angry, I don’t understand you. You will vote for Obama, but you want him to be defeated?

  111. yeah, c’mon, 1,000,000!
    let’s get it started…

  112. Me too, RD, wife is taking me out for lunch (father’s day and all)….I need to get ready, but noooooooo…..

  113. Sorry…I am VOTING against obama…I willl never vote for Obama!

  114. 523 now, I think.

  115. angry artist did you really mean to say “…I will be voting Obama even though i dislike him….Only defeat in November will unseat the lousy power elite of the party?”

    I is easier to consentrate on defeating one candidate (for president) than to unseat 25 congressmen and 3 senators to give the congress back to the republicans.

    Please reconsider


  116. connie, you’re right. I think Mondale lost the pop vote by around 20% (yeah, that’s really bad), but he lost the EC vote by like 90%

  117. lol, thanks for clearing that up, angry artist!

  118. Connie, gary…it will not matter, because, O and the DNC will insist in changing the EC rules if he gets the popular vote….

  119. sorry forgive me angry artist….It was a tpyo in your post-I have made my share- so forgive my last-

    Your humble wookie servant


  120. Thanks for the response, Gary. I was beginning to feel invisible, with nary a response to any of my few posts. Ooooh, validation feels good.

  121. upstate, I said something similar a couple days ago. my prediction; Obama will lose the electoral vote, but will claim the presidency because he has more pledged delegates than mccain….

  122. less than 500 yeah-I feel like Luke flying in to distroy the death star-almost there almost there almost there….


  123. P.S. – especially to half a voter in FL

  124. Hi, Connie Graham!

  125. Fuzzy: “Your humble wookie servant”…Tha is soooo wrong….;)

  126. BTW, are you all aware that Dean is from a banking family, is “kissing cousins” with the Bush family, and somewhere in his political beginnings was also funded by Soros.

    Hmmm…what’s Pelosi’s story, I wonder? Not really familiar w/ her background.

  127. gary: Even better, Carter lost the popular vote by a mere 10% but lost the electoral college vote by 90% in 1980. AND in the primaries, it was Kennedy who won most of the Big D and swing states. That’s probably why he felt confident enough to challenge Carter at the convention.
    If history is any predictor, Obama is in deep, deep trouble.

  128. Pelosi grew up in Baltimore. Her father (?) was part of the Baltimore political machine.

  129. ROLF -Gary-

    Connie-sorry you post is valid and and its the state polls that matter-they do not look so good for the big Oh nO so the media is ignoring them.


  130. no problem connie, I don’t think a lot of us are used to having all of you new friends here,(I remember when most posts didn’t get more than 20 comments) it’s harder to keep up with the conversation, but we are hearing (reading) you, so keep contributing, I for one value everyone’s input. It really is amazing how this place has grown 🙂

  131. Obama is, indeed, in big big trouble.

    He’s a tulip craze, a ponzi scam a flop…

    (Sung to “You’re the Top”)

  132. I am going out to dinner soon and want so much to see the million mark reached. For those of us who have been here from day one this is soooooooooooo exciting!! Maybe if a few Obamabots got through the number could be reached faster. Or is that “cheating”.

  133. Nancy pelosi’s father was the longtime mayor of Baltimore, Tommy D’ellesandro (sp?). I think he went on to represent Maryland in congress also. Her brother was also politically involved.

  134. Wife is urging me to get ready….I must leave for a short while…don’t you dare hit 1M while I am gone.

  135. 358…. be back soon.

  136. 999,541- if the were who wants to be a millionth hitter I would phone a friend now-


  137. OT, but it relates to the subject of disgruntled Clinton supporters. I just got back from the corner deli and a young guy with a slight accent was ranting to the counter guy, who spoke very little English and probably couldn’t understand half of it. The ranty young guy said he wanted to leave this country because his candidate was no longer in the race and he just didn’t care anymore. I said, I feel the same way! And we talked about Hillary for a bit. His cellphone rang and he said, “It’s Hillary calling!” He thought that she wasn’t nominated b/c she’s a woman. He said the country where he was born, Latvia, had had a woman President but America was just not ready. Now, he thinks, we’re going to get McCain which will be four more years of Bush.

    I didn’t agree with all of his opinions, but it sure was heartening to have a random encounter with another angry Clinton supporter.

  138. Good Wonderful Morning Everyone .. 😉

  139. Angry I am beyond angry I am motivated-


  140. morning briana welcome to the pre 1,000,000 hit party


  141. Here is a piece written by John Pilger – third paragraph from the last

    “Again, Obama went further than Bush. He said the United States had “lost Latin America”. He described the democratically elected governments in Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua as a “vacuum” to be filled. He raised the nonsense of Iranian influence in Latin America, and he endorsed Colombia’s “right to strike terrorists who seek safe-havens across its borders”. Translated, this means the “right” of a regime, whose president and leading politicians are linked to death squads, to invade its neighbours on behalf of Washington. He also endorsed the so-called Merida Initiative, which Amnesty International and others have condemned as the US bringing the “Colombian solution” to Mexico. He did not stop there. “We must press further south as well,” he said. Not even Bush has said that.”


  142. good morning briana. are you on the west coast or just a late riser? 🙂

  143. rd,
    I’m pretty computer illiterate.
    Will you be able to tell who takes us over the 1,000,000 mark?

  144. Hi brianna – Thanks for sharing that link.

  145. ohioana–it would be funny if it was a sweetie pie. like connie or ‘woman with a brain stem” (i can’t even type that one without chuckling”) Hey Obamabots! Thanks, couldn’t have done it without ya!

  146. D’oh, not the connie who is here now…there was another one who was truly concerned for us a couple days back, sorry new connie

  147. angry artist,
    is that from a web site?

  148. Obama & the Equal Rights Amendment

    Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States


  149. yeah, what gary said, “thanks, sweeties.”

  150. Fuzzy, when I click on your name I am taken to our Hillary’s web-site. You do know that that base has been taken over by the empire, right?

  151. I am back…have I missed any hip gyrations at the pulpit?

  152. oh my god here it comes!!!! get your noisemakers out

  153. Someone had sent it to me and then I googled Aaron Klein. You can find all his articles and lots of info about him. He claimed to be unjustly criticized for one of his reports on Isreal. However, he also wrote that he submitted this article to a friend at a major medi and was told that the word from the top was not to publicize.
    The NY Times mentioned Obama’s friendship with Abunimah, but did not give any details.

  154. 286…

  155. Isn’t there a song about bottles of beer? Where were they?

  156. All the counters are slightly different weird. I’ve got 170

  157. 133

  158. When you factor in Obama’s close relationship with Wright, and his statemnet that “no one has suffered more than the Palestinian people”…it is not that surprising, but still shocking if true. Klein mentions names,dates and places…what do you think?

  159. I have asserted Senator Obama affection for the Palestinian cause was more than just what I ansd many like me support a two state solution with Isreali security gauranted. If such a proposition is actually achievable I do not know.

    Obama seems to take that one step further in your post.


  160. mawm,
    today maybe we can have bottles of champagne to celebrate?

  161. All the counters are slightly different weird. I’ve got 170

    The DNC is handling the counters, so the numbers don’t match up.

  162. Arabella, heh.

  163. in honor of the 1,000,000th visitor happening on Sunday morning, mimosas all around!

  164. I will not criticize Obama’s efforts to assure a two state peace agreement in the Middle East. Bill Clinton worked very hard to achieve that goal. But Bill Clinton was not cozy with these terrorist leaders. Obama has too many “radical” friends for me to be certain exactly where his aims are directed or how he would go about achieving that end.

  165. C’mom…reservations are for 1:00

  166. 133 to go-waitin waiting waiting tapping his big wookie foot


    Mawn I cant seem to get her old sit to goway when my name is clicked I chalk that you to my computer illiteracy.sorry abt that

  167. Thanks for the clarification -Karolina NYC.
    “Country before Party”!

  168. Do I dare open my frosted bottle of readymade Cosmos? It must be cocktail hour somewhere in the world.

  169. Any guttural screams….Fuzzy?

  170. while we’re waiting, let me take this time to wish UpstateNY and all you dads a Happy Fathers Day.

  171. Thanks Ohioana.

    Where are kbird and BB and all the others?

  172. Happy Fathers’ Day!

  173. Pat Johnson, My fear is selling out Israel for cheap Oil.

  174. Havent been to Hillary Clinton.com in a long time they will not post my “anti-Obama rasist tripe”


  175. maybe kb and bb are gettting the party things ready?

  176. Happy 1,000,000 !!!!!!!

  177. It could be, Ohioana. All right, here arrives the baby sitter (sister in law)……I may have to leave early….save me a beer.

  178. an 82 no less

  179. I can feel the crystal ball in times square begin its long desent-


  180. There’s more on the gay delegates purged here in the Broward blogs:


    The at-large delegates and other lists, stats on gay support for Clinton, Obama are here: http://www.floridaglbtdemocrats.org/

  181. Mawn, is that in Sidney???

  182. I feel like I’m awaiting a ketchup bottle to pour — anticipation!

  183. Yeay…..happy new year………

  184. I also endorse a two state policy as do most Israelis. However, supporting terrorism is an entirely different issue. I abhor it and see Obama’s past actions as either ignorant or anti semitic.
    Perhaps because I am Jewish, I am particularly sensitive. However, the vast majority of Jewish voters I know will not vote for Obama and find him unacceptable on so many levels.
    Still, I would think that many Americans would be appalled at his acceptance of terrorism.

  185. over 149…yey…

  186. mine says 1mil+ too yeah!!!!!

  187. Party thread started – Come on up and dance!

  188. Oh my God! One million strong!! Congratulations to rd and all her daily diarists and supporters! Feel very, very proud!

  189. Gays Lesbians ect surely overwelmingly supported the Clintons as they have earned our support-Obama has not.


  190. Mawm, agreed, it looks like BO is supporting a one state solution.

  191. UpstateNY,
    we’ll save you beer and champagne (you can take your pick when you get back)
    have a wonder lunch

  192. New thread above. see you all later.

  193. finaly mine says a 1,000,149 also!

    The Dom is out

    lets go for 2,000,0000

  194. Off to new thread


  195. angry artist —
    1. Do not post full copies of published works. Brief excerpt, link, and short description of why you think it’s of interest.

    2. If you must go around spouting about Obama’s “acceptance of terrorism”, take it somewhere else. That’s crazy talk.

  196. Briana, on June 15th, 2008 at 12:02 pm Said:
    …He also endorsed the so-called Merida Initiative, which Amnesty International and others have condemned as the US bringing the “Colombian solution” to Mexico. He did not stop there. “We must press further south as well,” he said. Not even Bush has said that.”



    Hmmm… I hadn’t heard the “lost Latin America” or “vacuum” comments. If they were reported, I missed them. Interesting.

  197. Hi everyone.

    The information in the Rich article is being repeated by Obama supporters on the news programs. I am waiting for someone to talk about the bump (if there is any). That is what I would want to know if I was Obama. That is what I would want to know if I was McCain. That is something you hope the media would want to know. That would tell me how many women supporting Hillary Clinton switched over. I think even before he got the nomination, in an Obama vs. McCain comparison, Obama had a big lead. Is my memory incorrect? So if it is 13% now, who cares. Did he get a bump is the question I want to know. Why is no one in the media asking that question?

    The 3% lead Obama has on McCain is much lower than the historically predicted bump. This means people are very lukewarm on him.

    I said this before, the media keeps on trying to characterize the opposition to Obama as older white women. They are an important part of the opposition against Obama, but there are many others. Rich should practice what he writes. Things being reported on the news over and over doesn’t make it true.

    Congratulations Riverdaughter. I am headed out in a few minutes but I know you will cross the mark today. Cheers!

  198. Reread what I wrote and I saw that I was not clear. When I said bump, I meant among women. The 13% they keep mentioning, is that higher, lower, and by how much when you compare it to the lead Obama had among women in comparison to McCain 2 weeks ago.

    Someone mentioned this in here and I agree with it. The questions they ask can skew the poll. Another point someone made that I agreed with is that the poll was taken at the same time that the general poll was showing a 7% Obama advantage over McCain. If that has shrunk to 3%, the Obama advantage might have shrunk to. There has been no poll to measure that yet.

    What I hope they do is look at Hillary Clinton supporters if they are going to vote for Obama. Do not use women as an indirect indicator of this.

  199. Congradulations! What do you say to 2 million by August 1st,l I’m a new lurker/reader, and feel so at home here,inspired,motivated,and thankful for this opportunity to be counted.

  200. I’m so proud to be even a tiny little part of this place.

    Here’s my little message to the Democratic Party:

    You Don’t Own Me

  201. The offhanded remarks that the women will “come home” is true in my case. Afterall I am a democrat. However, it won’t be a joyful homecoming and I won’t be contributing to the holiday meal or doing the clean up. I have always been an enthusiastic democrat. I have supported the likes of Kerry, Dean and Pelosi to the folks on the loony left that they ended up pandering to. Not participating with money, yard sign or volunteer work isn’t gonna make or break the DNC. However, I hope it sends a little message that they are going to have to work harder because a lot of the people that were disrespected during this campaign have for the first time lost their respect for the party.

  202. Green sweetie,

    Denying a roll call vote to the ONLY woman to EVER run a serious campaign for President would be political suicide for the Democrats. A final nail in their coffin, which they will not soon recover from. I for one, would dance on their grave.

  203. Karolina NYC, I agree.

    RD, you are our leader. Thanks from a million strong who can come here for sanity and comfort. I so appreciate what you and the regulars and all the bloggers do to support us and give us a home. Thank you!

  204. This display of misogyny by the democratic party will distroy it. I too will dance on its grave.


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