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One Million Agents of Change!

Whoo-hoo! We have a million hits! Now, I know that some of you are repeat offenders but a girl can dream, can’t she? Quite a feat and one I never expected that cold bleak January day when Markos Moulitsas suspended my privileges. Of course, I couldn’t have done it alone and I didn’t. Everyone who contributes to this blog is responsible for this (and you will be investigated by the DNC as soon as they can afford to hire the people to do the legwork). Thanks to:

ronkseattle, katiebird, bostonboomer, garychapelhill, litigatormom, dotcommodity, regencyg, hlr, plukasiak, mawm

and all of the many commenters, both old and new.

The party said they wanted Change! and we now have the leverage to give them what they wanted. Who’s in with me? This is our moment.

Now, everybody get up and dance. PAR-TAY!!!:

One more thing: We will be participating in a conference call with HireHeels (see them in the blogroll). So, I’m asking everyone here, what steps should we take going forward? What kind of message would you like to send? What ideas do you have for making our voices heard and spreading the word? You can put your suggestions in the comments.

205 Responses

  1. Yay!

  2. Hooray for The Confluence!!!!!

    Congratulations RD. Thanks a ‘mil’ for this fantastic piece of virtual real estate.


  3. Enhorabuena….Confluence…..

    Must go now.

  4. YEAH, count me in… Lets get to work.

  5. YAY! Congrats from the new kid at school.

  6. rd deserves a big fat hug!

  7. hooray!!!!!!

  8. congrats, rd!!!!!
    and here’s to many more!

  9. Congratulations!!

  10. Amazing!!!!! We are strong and powerful. We are the resistance! We can and will overcome!

    Congratulations Riverdaughter and all loyal Conflucians!

  11. great job,RD…when i first came here (many thanks to lambert for the link) you had some 12,000 hits and change.it’s been a great read,day after day,and even though i don’t paticipate i still enjoy the posts and the comments.

  12. RD, great song choice..

  13. yay! bb’s here! now where’s kb?

  14. RD,

    One of my favorite sayings is a Sherpa saying, “When the explorer is ready, the guide will appear.”

    You are that Guide — thank you and all the others who have contributed.

  15. Simply amazing! Like the Little Engine That Could!

  16. Yippie!!!!!!!!!!!! You go RD and the rest of the contributors and commenters here. All of you ROCK. Thank you for standing on principle and not backing down under tremendous pressure from all sides. Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

  17. Congrats to YOU River daughter -and chose Madonna- I love you more-1,000,000+ take that to the confrence call.

    Mawn, Arabella, and Pat glad you were heare have good lunch Upstate-food never mention food around a wookie hellos to bostonboomer and gary too you guys all rock

    Its a real “Ray of Light”

  18. cheers! Congrats!

  19. Pat,
    “Yes we did!”

  20. Si Se puede!


  21. hugh? rick james?


  22. Way to go, girl.

  23. Off to lunch with family. You ” Wonder of Wonders” enjoy a terrific day! I cannot begin to describe how thrilled I am to have witnessed this today. This community is an oasis in a sea of scorn but we are bonded. Raising a glass to us!!

  24. Julia Roberts Just pee’d her pants-



  25. Lunch again? mmmm


  26. can the bouncer get rid of rick james for us?

  27. Have a good Lunch Pat-


  28. Whoooohooo !!!

  29. gar is he one of those trolls I here tell about.


  30. Ain’t nothing gonna bring me down, ain’t nothing gonna break my stride!

  31. Our place of sanity ROCKS!!!

    Congratulations to ALL!

  32. May the Force be with you always!

  33. fuzzy—yeah, he is an obot who sometimes likes to tell us we’re all stupid old b#$*%, and other times likes to make racist comments to make it look like we’re racist. he’s a real class act…

  34. Now am celebrating by making Chicken Florentine with bowtie pasta and being a renegade I am serving it with a fine Buenas Ondas Organic Argentine Malbec!


  35. As Glenda the good Witch said…”be gone you have No powers here…before someone drops a house on you”


  36. Horray RD. I’m with you now and I was with you before the million. Shalll we go for 2 million? The more the msm say they are not worried about “us old women”, the more determined I/we are to show them our leverage. It’s actually fun being part of the resistance.

  37. Congratulations! I don’t post here much, but I visit multiple times a day and am proud to have contributed to the million hits. I’ve been coming here for several months and it’s wonderful to see how The Confluence has grown.

  38. Wow, congratulations riverdaughter. That is quite a feat. And well deserved. I love this place, and direct as many new people here as I can.

  39. 1,000,011th!

  40. Congrats!! Keep hitting ’em hard! On to 2 million!!! 🙂

  41. RD is your confrence call at 3 pm EDT today? we cant wait to hear about what happens yet

  42. !Felicitaciones!

  43. The first million is always the hardest! Congrats.

  44. There’s a conf call?

  45. Blue, blue, blue Confluence. A happy day – may you drown out that big ugly non-democratic-banning orange ball of ego!

  46. Congratulations on 1 million hits!

  47. CONGRATS RD !!
    This site is GREAT!

  48. Yes there is, RD hopefully will be one of many leaders on a confrence call with the Just say no deal group I heard about here and the Ladies are involved and Gents at Hireheels to Mawn is also on it….

    As I said Princess Amadalla we await your orders-

    Ole Wookie Fuzzybeargville

  49. ronkseattle it was mentioned a few threads back- I await the results-maybe we can get real organized about this-



    Riverdaughter & Confluence team – THANK YOU for giving us a Ray of Light in the blogosphere.

    Keep up the hypergraphia – Confluence is an oasis of reason in this awful series of tubez.

    Vive Le Resistance!

    PUMA all the way & God/Goddess/Flying Spaghetti Monster bless you all!

  51. Wow, that’s great news and very richly deserved. If you didn’t serve up real unsanitized truth to those of us who refuse to be assimilated, it would never have happened. So you deserve a lot of credit. Though I don’t always comment, I stop here several times a day to get the real news that the MSM hasn’t twisted beyond comprehension and feel the fellowship. May your next million be just around the corner! (I think we need to get the word out to the other 18 million that you are here).

  52. YEAH!


    (although Express Yourself might have been a better choice…

    Don’t go for second best, baby! )

  53. I love this site. When I can’t read it for myself I get regular updates from my partner. We support you and thank you!

  54. Congrats RD and team. This is always my first stop when checking the blogs during the day and remains my number one preferred spot. Great writing, great people, great job of keeping out the trolls. A pleasure to be here.

  55. Congratulations Riverdaughter and those of you who have been here a long time.

    I hope that the work that you do here will help to get Hillary into the White House and the country back in a positive direction.

  56. Wow, I go to church [where I tried really hard not to think of you know who] and come back to 1 Million hits!

    Two months ago, I was wandering lost around the Internet, no longer able to stomach the hate of the A-list. Thank you, RD, for making me feel home here. Thanks to all of you for sharing the intelligent, often funny, always thoughtful postings. My husband now gets a real hoot from you, too.

    Off to a cookout from our daughter for her dad.

  57. Yaaay!!! Long live the Rebel Alliance!

    Félicitations and THANK YOU for providing us with a home!

  58. Congratulations, River Daughter! Your Confluence is a wonderful thing (although I noticed that the cocktail hours have been reduced since our Hill was ousted by the Dean/Pelosi coup. I was finding myself drinking a few extra glasses of wine to cope, but have gone into training mode to prepare for the next phase.

    Meanwhile, Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, and Dorothy are at an undisclosed location. I’d like to be a fly on the wall. I bet they are checking out the Confluence.

    Seems like the Obama camp lifted the “Lincoln-Douglas Debate” challenge from Hillary (as part of its ditto campaign). The idea was to wear out McCain. But upon further consideration, the O camp must have realized he didn’t have enough policy under his belt sans teleprompter. Now they are down to one Town Hall (July 4th for the huge audience) and one debate (not sure when).

    The TV ratings must be taking a plunge. In the vacuum someone has to do some vetting.

    Next person to be thrown under the bus–Obama’s half brother? “Malik Obama confirms his half-brother Barack grew up Muslim.”


  59. Riverdaughter: You asked for suggestions regarding the “kind of message would you like to send.” My thought is that we should focus on the UNdemocratic things the Democratic Party has done. The disenfranchisement of voters; the stealing of delegates won by one candidate and handed over to the “chosen” candidate; the intimidation of superdelegates who were not voting for the “chosen” candidate; belittling and ignoring the voice of the people – the voters; ignoring and dismissing as unimportant the votes of the working class and rural voters; and ignoring and condoning sexism and mysogeny from the “chosen” candidate and the media.

    I think we should focus on the failures of the Democratic Party rather than on Hillary’s loss or on wanting Hillary to be the nominee. This is NOT about being sore losers. This is about wanting the Democratic Party to stand up for the principals it has always believed in – until now.

  60. By the way, have you all seen this old video about Obama’s accomplishments. It would be the perfect GOP ad for later in the summer and fall. It is 1 minute long and says it all.

    These things just write themselves. The GOP has a gold mine in Barack Obama.

  61. Congratulation Riverdaughter!

    Your blog has been a light in great darkness for many of us. There is no way to say how much you are appreciated.

    Just goes to show what happens when you piss off one smart and determined woman. Imagine what we can all do together.

  62. Also Tina Turners “Simply the Best” would have been good-and her legs -make a gay man str8-


  63. OhVoter, you are right.

    I had a conversation with a family member who is a “good” democrat and they were confused why I wan’t “onboard” yet, and said, “But Hillary lost, she’s out of the race, if you’re not for McCain, why do you hate Obama so much? What are fighting for?”

    I responded: “My main issue, is not about Obama, or Hillary, but about what happened on May 31st, 2008 RBC’s CHEATING and VOTE STEALING. They violated Democracy, they violated our sacred tenets of the Democratic Party: ‘One person, one vote.’ When they call for ‘Party Unity’ after what they did, I feel used and played. They assume we didn’t see what we saw and when we remind them of it, they say the RBC ruling was bringing ‘party unity’. Violating the rights of voters for ‘party unity’ is not a party I want to belong to.”

  64. Congrats, RD. I’m thinking of the famous words of another New Jerseyian right now..”I’ve seen a million faces, and I rocked em’ all.” 🙂

    Y’all have got to see this:


  65. Congratulations, Riverdaughter, and thanks to you and all the contributors. You have a wide-ranging influence, reaching even to this little island in the Bermuda Triangle.

  66. I honestly cannot remember when I found you, but I know it was early in the resistance, very soon after the mass defection from THE formerly Progressive site. So glad you, all of the regular contributors and commenters are here. Actual discussions of important topics, loads of terrific info (especially gary & Mawm at the RBC meeting!!!) and funny stuff too!

    Thanks to all and congratulations!

  67. Melanie: We told them so but did they listen? I find the other graph just as interesting. It looks like neither Obama or McCain is spiking. It looks like an exponential slope.

  68. have only been reading for a couple weeks. but still would like to say…congratulations!

  69. 44% to 42% you would have to be doing the white powder to call that a bump-any support from Hillary Clinton that Senator Obama is surely 2 feet wide and an inch deep the Hillacrats are just looking for areason to Jump to Senator McCain.


  70. Guess what, Riverdaughter? if we are i million politically active people, the “math people” should regard us as…2300 million dollars that’s not going to the DNC’s nominee…- or is the GE limit higher these days? (I don’t know for sure, being one of the “map people”)
    Anyway, keep up the good work! This place is an oasis in a manufactured reality world.

  71. RD is the call soon-sorry to be so obssessed but I am hoping for good things- you dont know how good it is to be part of the great movement.


  72. Charles, I have heard good things about you, yes many good things-you are doing good work I hear-


  73. Congratulations to riverdaughter and all Conflucians on this momentous milestone! I found you when you were newly-minted and have appreciated the intelligent commentary and troll-free haven here more than I can say. Through you, I have also been introduced to many other wonderful blogs/bloggers and my internet universe has expanded dramatically.

    Thank You!

  74. Anglachel has hit one out of the park again!


    The new name for the Democratic National Committee:

    Obama Idolaters National Committee

    All lined up at the trough, ready to scarf down whatever swill The Precious dumps in.

    Sunday, June 15, 2008


  75. Congratulations to Riverdaughter and all the great posters and commentators here at Confluence. You’ve created a wonderful space for independent thinkers to get together.

    On to the next million hits!

    make it plain

  76. I just went to the “PUMA” site. They are suggesting we all wish a “HAPPY FATHER’s DAY” to Bill!
    I think that’s great!
    I’m also going to send my “Retire the Debit” donation for Hillary ,”in HONOR of BILL “!!

  77. Mawm, on June 15th, 2008 at 12:40 pm Said:
    Ain’t nothing gonna bring me down, ain’t nothing gonna break my stride!

    She reminded me. The song from Rod Stewart is perfect.

    It’s been a long road
    Getting from there to here
    It’s been a long time
    Well my time is finally near

    And I can feel the change in the world right now
    Nothing’s in my way
    And they’re not gonna hold me down no more
    No there not gonna hold me down

    Cause I’ve got faith of the heart
    I’m going where my heart will take me
    I’ve got faith to believe
    I can do anything
    I’ve got strength of the soul
    And no one’s gonna bend or break me
    I can reach any star
    I’ve got faith
    I’ve got faith
    Faith of the heart

    It’s been a long night
    Trying to find my way
    And through the darkness
    Now I finally had my day
    And I will see my dream come alive at last
    I will touch the sky
    And they’re not gonna hold me down no more
    No there not gonna change my mind

    Cause I’ve got faith of the heart
    I’m going where my heart will take me
    I’ve got faith to believe
    I can do anything
    I’ve got strength of the soul
    And no one’s gonna bend or break me
    I can reach any star
    I’ve got faith
    Faith of the heart

    I’ve known a wind so cold and seen the darkest days
    But now the winds I feel, they’re only winds of change
    I’ve been through the fire and I’ve been through the rains
    But I’ll be fine (rather than I’ve be fine)

    I’ve got faith of the heart
    I’m going where my heart will take me
    I’ve got faith to believe
    I can do anything
    I’ve got strength of the soul
    And no one’s gonna bend or break me
    I can reach any star
    I’ve got faith

    I’ve got faith of the heart
    I’m going where my heart will take me
    I’ve got strength of the soul
    That no one’s gonna bend or break me
    I can reach any star
    I’ve got faith
    I’ve got faith
    Faith of the heart

    It’s been a long road

    Oh, it’s been long road

  78. Sorry, I think Mawn is a ‘he’?

  79. That Gallup poll is interesting – particularly the fact that 15% are undecided – the highest number of the year. Would that be the case if Clinton supporters were lining up behind Obama?

  80. yeah I think so to Mawn in a definite He…..


  81. Melanie, Riverdaughter;

    When thay really start to slam Obama into the proverbial dirt, he will sink like a rock even more. If he gets to that point by Hillary completely bowing out or finally being forced out.

  82. I don’t mean to ruin this congratulatory thread with stuff about …him, but just saw this RNC ad:

  83. Sorry, here:

  84. Congrats, Riverdaughter. I come here often when I feel blue about Hillary. I can’t stand to watch Cable news anymore without seeing her smiling pretty face all lit up giving her stump speech and givin em hell. Sure wish she could pull off a miracle come August. I enjoy reading you guys blogs alot. It keeps me sane. Thanks RD for this site.

  85. Way to go!!!! Congratulations!!!! Yes!!! That’ll teach Daily Kampf to try to muzzle an intelligent woman!!!!!

  86. Congratulations! Thank you God that we are starting to work together, please save America!

    #1 No Obama ever!
    #2 No Hillary for VP ever!

    #3 President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008!
    #4 Whatever it takes, however it needs to go down, if Obama wants to bring a gun, we will bring Nuclear!

    I love Democracy.
    I love America.
    I love Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (President and Chelsea are cool also)!

  87. Sorry, #2 is No Hillary for VP ever!

  88. capt: Why should that ruin our moment? Isn’t that what we’ve been saying all along?

  89. Carol, I fixed it for you.

  90. RD,

    What do you think of this new blog?

    Women For Fair Politics

  91. My Mom fell, had to go to NC, this is the first plac I cam when I got home. YAY!!!!!

    RD. count me in for anything you decide, because I just know we are going to make a differrence.

    Whatever you need, I am in for the long haul!!!!

    Oh, my mom is okay and she knows we are tying to make a difference, so she gve me her Hillary, “You Go Girl!” pin.

  92. Carol,

    Was that a typo on #2?

    And, maybe, a little bit of unneccessary imagery on #4? I think most people here are a little uncomfortable with that one.

  93. Oh, sorry.

  94. Kim sorry about your mom’s fall glad to here she is Ok


  95. Congratulations! and thank you!

  96. Do y’all realize neither Kerry or Edwards have ruled out the VP spot? How sad is that?

  97. melanie-its just the losers club circling like vultures over the carcass that was the Democratic party-


  98. Karolina NYC – #4 is a play on what Obama said yesterday in a speech – if Repubs bring a knife – he is going to bring a gun.

    Very poor choice of words on this part.

  99. I love that video and song! Riverdaughter, The Confluence had been a ray of light to me in this often very disappointing and shocking primary season.

    Though I haven’t been commenting much lately (lots of end-of-school-year stuff), I’ve been reading all the posts and doing my best to keep up with the insightful and pithy comments. I’m still in with you. Let’s continue to push the issues of illegitimacy, rule-breaking, unfair process, etc. I can’t wait to hear how the conference call went.

  100. Did any of you receive the em from this person, she is trying to bring together a coalition as well.

    Rosemary Regello, Publisher
    The City Edition of San Francisco
    News, Health, Arts and Marketplace
    239 – 16th Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94118
    (415) 762-3600

  101. Question for everyone here.

    Here is a (bad) spoof on Hillary and sexism. The video is worthless, except for one thing. Do you think the voice is that of Richard Wolfe of Newsweek?? He is in the tank for Obama and is really amusing if it’s him.



  102. P.S. Forgot to say….. CONGRATULATIONS!

  103. Carol, that’s a line from a movie. Either Godfather or Good Fella’s. I can’t remember which. Obama likes a good movie or book line.

  104. Congratulations RD! Your blog is an oasis of truth. Here’s to many millions more!

  105. A toast:

    To the blog
    To the cause
    To the community!

  106. RD: If you check out that same YouTube channel, you’ll find a MoveOn ad for Sen. Obama. If you can stomach watching it, have a barf bag nearby…

  107. Anna Quindlen on Newsweek:

    She is a bit like Taylor Marsh. She has voted for Hillary, but is now offering advice to Obama.

    This sentence was my favorite. I wish she had said it earlier:

    If [Senator Clinton]’d invented fire, [cable blah-blahgers] would have accused her of pyromania.

  108. As for going forward, I don’t necessarily think focusing on all the bad things the Democratic party did is our best message. I think we need to focus more on Obama and that he is clearly not qualified. That Georgia author who spoke in an interview on NPR said it best about Obama just not being qualified. I think we need to position ourselves as the reasonable, rational voices who value gravitas, character, and experience over blind partisanship. We don’t vote just on Roe v Wade. Majority of Americans don’t. We don’t blindly follow a party line. That’s why we aren’t elected officials.

    As for that Gallup poll…we take the polls we like. However, as I said earlier, if Obama is bringing in all those Republicans and all the Hillary voters shouldn’t he be at 55% or something like that?

  109. ghost2: Haven’t had a lot of time to investigate it but my gut feeling is that if McCain puts someone like Christie Todd Whitman on the ballot with him as VP, he’d be pretty near unbeatable. She’s a moderate pro-choice Republican who was a two term governor of a major state, who also disagreed with the Bush administration on environmental policy including global warming.
    Just let that concept sink in for a sec. She could be the one who actually manages to break that glass ceiling. Now, you and I would still say, “Ugh! A Republican”, but this year, the Democrats cannot creidbly run any woman besides Hillary and there are a lot of women who feel cheated enough who will seriously consider it. This was/is our year and either we put one in the VP spot via the GOP or we demolish the Democrats and remake them in OUR image. I’m not saying this is McCain’s plan but he’d be stupid not to consider it.

  110. Carol,

    Thanks for the information and I apologize for my misunderstanding. Now, #4 is funny.

    Just read a story that Presidential historians think the neck-in-neck between McCain & Obama will go in Obama’s favor.

    I guess we’ll just have to see what happens. Grrrrrr.

  111. Oh and another thing, I’ve been as guilty as others in espousing my preference for McCain. But why can’t we be like most Americans and keep out presidential preference close to our vest. Voting is a private matter and is no one else’s business. We should first encourage people to NOT stay home and to NOT support Obama, but we shouldn’t show our cards so quickly.

  112. Kerry said Bring it On and the Repubs did. He lost.

    Obama must realize the Repubs don’t bring knives to a fight, they bring bazookas.

    His biggest advantage is money, though. I read McCain will take 84 million in public financing after the Repub convention while Obama won’t. Still, Repubs tend to be more cost efficient with money (we Dems have got to be better at this), the RNC will be more of a help to McCain than the cash strapped DNC to Obama, and we have to see if the primary case where he outspent his opponents but still lost will be at play in the GE. Is it the case of, you can advertise all you want but a bad product is a bad product?

  113. I always thought a moderate republican would sweep the country because that is where the country is. McCain really needs a woman on the ticket. he really needs to shake it up and not have some white bread man standing there with him. Sara Palin of Alaska is pro life and good on gay issues, but is quite inexperienced. Some say that if he would put her on the ticket he couldnt argue about Obama’s inexperience. I say screw that. Intellectualy honesty was what doomed Al Gore. McCain has to make a decision about waht to do with the religious right. This is a change election, clearly, and he needs to show the country he is the reliable and less risky agent of change.

  114. RD-hello you make a good point. It was my father who said the first african american and woman president will be republican-the democrats will screw up their candidates chance to be first and or they will nominate someone so not up to the job no one will vote for him/her.
    In the 1970’s and 1980’s that seemed to be the conventional wisdom.


  115. Congrats Riverdaughter!!

    BTW, check out (if you can stomach it) Taylor Marsh’s post with this title:

    Democratic Storm Warnings: The Anti-Obama Vote

    She doesn’t quite get it, but she’s seeing the “no Obama” movement will have to be considered.

  116. ben: I’m not voting for McCain (unless I have to). I don’t think anyone should go that route but it might be necessary. All I’m saying is that McCain could easily win this by picking the right running mate and we wouldn’t necessarily have to vote for him. Moderate suburban women could find Whitman a very attractive alternative. Normally, the VP slot wouldn’t matter and with Democrats, I think this is true. Obama is going to have to carry the weight himself because anyone else will upstage him. But Republicans could definitely benefit from a makeover and adding a woman to the ticket is going to be a definite asset.

  117. Fredster: Yes, Taylor made a serious miscalculation. She should have allowed the site to mourn for a few days before throwing the switch. She rushed it before she knew which way the wind was blowing. Regrettable. As much as I think Taylor has screwed up, I still think she was a pretty powerful voice.

  118. RD: You and I completely agree. The Rs definitely need a makeover and McCain’s choice will really matter. And as for Obama, he is much like Martha Stewart was, prior to indictment, the brand will rise and fall on his name. This election is becoming all about Obama. McCain needs to make a bold decision. I’m thinking Obama will go with Tim Kaine of Virginia who is pro-life. Actually, I would put money on that.

  119. Whitman as VP would likely put NJ and NY in play for McCain (if they’re not already). McCain seems to be going for disaffected voters in PA and OH. I noticed in his Town Hall meeting yesterday, most of the online questions were from PA and OH.

  120. I’m not voting McCain either. But credit where credit is due, he was absolutely right about corn ethanol. It was a huge mistake to subsidize it. It’s driven up food prices, which has hurt the poor, and it’s bad for the environment. Too bad, he’s pro-nuclear(as is Obama). He’d have a real case to make on the environment.

  121. If he goes with Kaine there is no way in hell I vote for him.

  122. Doesn’t Whitman have the 9/11 Ground Zero air controversy to worry about?

  123. ghost2, thanks for the link to Anna’s latest article. I’ve read her for years, since she was working for the NYT. She’s always a refreshing voice and definitely not anything like Taylor Marsh. While I may not agree 100% with what Anna wrote this time, I think her tone was a bit reprimanding and certainly not “you go guy!” I cannot vote for McCain under any circumstances, so I’m still holding out that the landscape will be VERY different in August and Hillary will come riding in to save the day!

  124. TM is so full of “something.” How would a McCain presidency hurt her because, geez, defying the Democratic party has been such a bad thing for Joe Lieberman. Hillary will do her thing. Her supporters, and us, will do ours. We don’t face repercussions from the party. We are just normal voters. We are the mainstream.

  125. Even he (John McCain) knows he has Florida all sown up and wrapped in paper with a pretty bow-Charlie (big on tan/short on Ideas) Crist has that in the bag. If Mr McCain can wrap up Ohio and Pensylvannia its game over for the Democrats.


  126. There was a nasty piece on Whitman in Newsweek or people or something prior to her resigning. It was hard on her about wanting to stop at Borders and wanting classical music piped into the car that was driving her. VERY SEXIST….

  127. Yeah, I agree. Its probably Kaine or Sebelius.

    But wouldn’t it be weird to have Obama/Kaine, sort of sounds like cocaine. The Obots could go with the whole I’m addicted to ObamaKaine while the Repubs will dogwhistle or outright remind people he used to take cocaine.

  128. I love Borders. I managed a Borders once upon a time.

  129. CONGRATS RIVERDAUGHTER! Thank you all for your clear vision and dedication to truth. You’ve given me a new home since I fled TM. The troll infestation and Taylor’s sudden flip was stunningly swift. The calm, intelligent discussion here is a refuge.

    “I think we need to focus more on Obama and that he is clearly not qualified. That Georgia author who spoke in an interview on NPR said it best about Obama just not being qualified.”

    It’s odd. I’ve never understood why he was even considered beyond his announcement for this position. The more I listened to him, I became convinced he was profoundly unprepared. And then, of course, the arrogance, hypocrisy, and unethical behavior was exposed more and more. Still, for me his lack of experience is an immediate dealbreaker. However, Hillary tried to stress this, and it obviously didn’t seem to matter to a lot of voters. This a.m. I heard Newt say that McCain’s focus on Obama’s inexperience is a losing strategy. He made the common comparison to Lincoln (AS IF Obama is another Lincoln!?!), who only served one term in Congress, and said he is articulate (another description of Obama I find confounding, because he hems and haws like a donkey unless there’s a teleprompter in front of him) and extremely intelligent so he does not come off as unprepared.

    I really don’t understand it. After 8 years of one incompetent, we want to select another? If this was a corporation, and he was applying for CEO, would he get the job with a thin resume if he was “charming” (another quality I do not see in him) and talked about change a lot?

    I think it all goes back to demonizing Hillary. The only way he could win was to eliminate the AA support and continue to fuel the old right-wing characterizations of her. His campaign was based on: “I’m not Hillary (but I stole most of her policy ideas).”

  130. Obama to give full votes to Michigan, Florida delegates
    Now That Dean assure Hillary won’t get the roll call vote..This Guy is Slimey

  131. Missouri is not in play with a Obama/anyone ticket. That is just MSNBC Cnn wishfull thinking-


  132. Lincoln tried over 400 cases in court. He was an accomplished attorney. He was not inexperienced.

    Sebelius is another deal breaker for me.

  133. WS: Yes, she has to worry about that. But I think she can credibly argue that like a lot of the early Bush appointees, she came to see her role as symbolic. She was a mouthpiece and rubber stamp for the Bushies. From what I understand, she disagreed with them vigorously on stuff like Global Warming and eventually, she quit. Maybe her reputation is irreparably tarnished but I’m betting that most people will understand. She is like many who quit or were fired by the Bushies. They didn’t realize how corrupt they were until they got into office She’s be a good fit for McCain. She’s got executive experience. She’s pro-choice but so what? McCain can send a mixed message far more credibly than Obama can.
    I wasn’t crazy about having her for governor but the place didn’t fall apart while she was in office.

  134. I hope Hillary declines to campaign for Obama. His whole schtick is how God awful the Clintons are anyway.

  135. Ana Cruz, the head of Florida for Hillary was interviewed by our local NPR station on Friday. Although her group has gone for Obama, she said that as the head of the credentials committee what the O-man could and should do was fully seat FL & MI. That move would help cement his position as the Dem nominee (oh, isn’t he generous and magnanimous/look how he’s CHANGING the Dem Party——–my comment in parentheses). Apparently, based on the above link, that’s just what he’s going to do. And it’s probably been part of the design since before the RBC meeting. The average person doesn’t realize his operatives manipulated the RBC vote and he comes out of all this smelling like homemade cookies. YUM! Yeah, right. (end of snark) Non-aggravated, fence sitting Dems will fall into line. Are we anything more than pawns on a chessboard?

  136. Sen. Obama has truly cemented his position with this Floridian. All of that mess with replacing delegates just frosted it.

  137. Let Obama have his potemkin convention. He is going to lose. His numbers are in a dead stall. People are scared right now. They don’t want an inexperienced man at the helm.

    I’m not saying I’ll just sit back and watch. I continue to fight. But Obama and his croneys do not scare me.


  138. one million kudos

  139. Melanie: I really don’t think it will hurt Hillary if she declines to campaign for Obama. Could they hurt her more than they have aleady? I hope she doesn’t decline, but doesn’t bother campaigning either.

  140. Fredster: Yes, Taylor made a serious miscalculation. She should have allowed the site to mourn for a few days before throwing the switch. She rushed it before she knew which way the wind was blowing.

    Absolutely. She claims “I’m being a loyal Dem, supporting Obama.”, whereas she could have stood on principle by stating “The primaries/caucuses were screwed and we women aren’t taking it.”

    As a guy I’ve been aware of what has happened to women in the workplace for a long time. But during this primary cycle I was totally aghast at what took place in the MSM and blogs concerning Hillary and the comments that were made. I can only imagine how women feel about this.

  141. Here’s the link to the interview with Ana Cruz, if you’re interested: http://www.wmfe.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=8117

    RD: I totally agree that Whitman would be a good move for McCain. She, however, would keep the evangelicals or what she calls the social fundamentalists from voting for them. She wrote It’s My Party, Too: The Battle for the Heart of the GOP and the Future of America a couple of years ago.

  142. Charles,

    Thanks for sharing the KZero column. Him being worried about pandering is as assine as a hog being worried about getting muddy — he lives in it.

  143. BTW,

    Alegre has a blog finally. I think she just started it yesterday, but I could be wrong. Here’s the link:

  144. Arabella

    “People are scared right now. They don’t want an inexperienced man at the helm.

    I’m not saying I’ll just sit back and watch. I continue to fight. But Obama and his croneys do not scare me.”

    Amen to that.

  145. Melanie,

    I think that quote that Obama used about the knife and gun is from Sean Connery in The Untouchables. Remember when he used Denzel Washington’s lines form Malcolm X about bamboozling?

    Has Obama ever had an orginal thought?

  146. It’s a line from “The Untouchables.”
    “They bring a knife, you bring a gun.
    They put one of your men in the hospital, you put one of theirs in the morgue. That’s the Chicago way.”
    Sebelius is another deal breaker for me.
    He writes a heck of a Symphony.

  147. Boston, also “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”(Gag). That’s from an Alice Walker book. No, he’s never had an original thought.

  148. Hey bostonboomer, I didn’t see you’d already id’ed the film!

  149. BB: you’re right. Sean’s character told Eliot Ness, “if they bring a knife, you bring a gun.” Thanks, I knew I’d heard it in a film, but couldn’t think of which one. Ahh, the good old days in Chicago when the thugs (Capone) ran everything. Have things changed all that much??? And why not move the DNC to Chicago? After all the Dems have such a GOOD history in Chicago. Remember the good times just 40 years ago when Daley had his cops beat the crap out of the protestors? The Chicago 8, anyone???

  150. A Dem City Counsel member just came to my door for a signature. on a petition He’s out here working his butt off on a hot day (fathers’ day!) for his neighbors.

    I started bitching about the DNC, etc. He politely stopped me and shared my dismay over what is going on. I asked him what he was going do about it. He said, “I’ve got enought problems to take care of in White Plains.” I know that this guy, like all the other Westchester County NY Dems, is suffering for supporting Hilary.

    He has the right spirit. He hates what’s going on, but he’s out there working for his constituents. He inspired me, and I told him so.

  151. It’s happening here. We are regrouping and we will be counted. It doesn’t matter if our vote is for McCain or a “neither” or a write-in candidate. We are part of the equation.

  152. obama throws black men under the bus for father’s day:


  153. Re-Register as independent
    Unsubscribe to emails from the Democratic party. They’ll ask why. Tell them.
    Boycott all the Obamabot blogs and the products they advertise.
    Boycott MSNBC and the products they advertise
    Write to everybody.

  154. …and susan faludi says not to worry girls, Obama will be the first woman president (h/t to commenter dandelion)


  155. gary, it’s a pander to whites. Does the NYTimes have to act like Obama is so brave? LOL. This is such a transparent pander.

  156. Teresa, on June 15th, 2008 at 4:15 pm Said:

    Melanie: I really don’t think it will hurt Hillary if she declines to campaign for Obama. Could they hurt her more than they have aleady? I hope she doesn’t decline, but doesn’t bother campaigning either.

    Why should Obama let Hillary campaign for him? We already know how he feels about her. His pastors express it so well. If I were Hillary I would refuse to do anything for Obama and the DNC. Let them go down together. I still don’t understand why Hillary is still apart of the Democratic Party. After what they have done to her this primary she should leave it. These so called Democrats also didn’t back her when she was fighting for Universal Health Care back in the 90s. There is no loyalty there and whatever Hillary is holding on to doesn’t exist anymore. They hate her so I don’t understand why she can’t see it.

  157. melanie, when Bill Cosby said this he was thoroughly demonized by the black community. I wonder how they’ll react now?

  158. gary, I am so sick of women like susan faludi who insist Obama is some sort of feminist. I wish I had her email. Face it, ladies, the patriarchy lives. Obama used sexism against Hillary. How are these women so dopey they missed it?

  159. gary, they won’t care.

  160. Melanie, Faludi was quoting another woman who had called Obama “the first woman president.” What Faludi talked about in the article is that Obama hasn’t done the typical “macho” posturings that previous candidates have done (Kerry & the shotgun; Dukakis & the tank and so on). Faludi’s book, Backlash, was one of the best books I’ve read on feminism.

  161. Well, Connie, actually he has. Threatening to bomb Pakistan is one example.

  162. Garychapelhill, I had the same reaction to that article. I agree with Melanie that there will be no repercussions from the AA community.

    I was struck by his quote of Michelle saying “Every day is Father’s Day. You’re running for President.” Is she acknowledging that sexism played a part in Barack’s “win”? (gasp)

  163. It would seem that Obama slipped in his macho posturing about bringing a gun to the knife fight after Faludi’s print deadline. Oops!

  164. Congratulations. Yours is one of the few blogs that I can depend on to articulate many of the concerns for which I did not have very many good words. In addition, the ideas sparkle and they move me — and we can see they do the same for one million others.

    I like the idea of one million agents of change. I keep thinking — like, alegre, thanks for the link — that we are not finished yet about August and the Convention. What else to do besides PumaPac and bitterpoliticz and others? Keep the pressure on Dean and the other members of that steering committee. Keep watching trustworthy polls about BO’s sinking ratings and advertise them. Yell and scream about our party going to the Illinois Combine in Chicago. Tell party leaders that we are not satisfied with their idea that they can afford to lose the presidency with BO as nominee because he will bring in all sorts of “new people” and then he authoritarian leftists (loser-leaders) will be in power for the next twenty years.

    Find out how Hillary is. Is she really going to work for this idiot who is a pathological liar and who cannot even speak well on his own? She has every reason to reconsider — and we could help her with this. I am looking forward to what you have to tell us.

  165. In fact, he’s done worse than that. He played up gender stereotypes to gin up male votes, making a number of coded sexists statements about Hillary, including calling her “divisive”(code for bitch), which she is not. He also used the dog whistle about not “re-fighting the fights of the 90s”, which were largely the so-called culture wars.

  166. These pundits are so concerned about the misogyny they witnessed, and in some cases became a party to, that they insist on painting Obama as one who will eventually suffer an epiphany and “bring the ladies home”. Not so fast.

    His perpetual silence in this matter tells us all we need to know about his approach to the alienated women voters who have been so turned off. He does not need us. He and his campaign are counting on the thought that a McCain win will drive back segments of the voters, just enough to earn that 51% to carry him over the victory line.

    He is not going to do anything substantial to win us back, just hope and pray that the margin of victory will be eked out enough to override a GOP win. What can he say or do now to mend the rift? Nothing. That time is long gone. We are witnessing the measure of this man and ” it is what it is”. An arrogant opportunist whose ability to win is shaped in large party by his inability to judge the damage that lies directly at his feet.

  167. Arabella Trefoil, what ‘s his name? Maybe we can ask other Hillary supporters who might be in the same area to support him

  168. Obama can talk about guns as much as he wants but the fact is he is too afraid to debate McCain. He dared him to debate one on one but when McCain agrees, Obama turns him down.
    He is a wimp.

  169. DownListen – That’s so kind of you! I’ll keep his name out of it for now. He’s got a tough enough job as a City Councilman in a Republican City. I like the guy, and I vote for him, but he’s kind of a grumpy old man. He’s old school. Our support would send him into the witness protection program.

    Luckily, we’ve got some strong dems in my area.

  170. Big huge Congrats to the Confluence, Riverdaughter, and everyone here! I have always been so much more comfortable being with the proHillary blogs, and very proud that everyone’s Inner Strength is shining through. Keep up the great work and holding their feet to the fire. I know I’ll never back down and want all of you of beside me any day of the week.

  171. Wow RD, very cool!

  172. Power was off and on today. So, I missed the one millionth – Congratulations ! !

    I saw the link to riverdaughter either on no quarter or tom watson. No matter, I found a home. and a great big family.

    Happy million and happy Father’s Day.

  173. Charles, excellent essay on Olbermann. Reading between the lines from the New Yorker piece you can almost hear the dislike for this man bleed through as well. Although cautious, note there is little enthusiasm from his colleagues or the higher ups and the comments are tepid at best.

    Absent were his cohorts like Matthews, Maddow, Wolffe, Alterman, Fineman. Not sure if this was deliberate or the author preferred to quote only those who have been instrumental in his rise but for me it was telling. His act has not slipped into buffoonery and may soon wear off.

  174. It’s neat that we hit the Millon mark on Father’s Day. It’s an honor to the men who raised such wonderful daughters, And it’s a tribute the wonderful Conflucian men. Fathers or not, the best men are Conflucians.

    A toast to you!

  175. edit: Meant to say “now slipped into buffoonery.”

  176. Arabella, I also want to add a BIG HUG & Happy Dad Day to all the single moms on the Confluence (like myslef), who play both roles as mom/dad.

  177. *myself!

  178. SM: By all means. You do and I did. Not easy but it pays off. Believe me.

  179. Pat, Happy Dads Day to you too and that’s right, it ain’t easy, and from your mouth to God’s ears – we are broke like a joke right now, bubt we are happy.

  180. Now he is going to seat the full delegations. What a tool!! Is cousin Dick giving him advice on how to be the biggest prick possible.

  181. I’ve just noticed another “Carol” posting. I’ve been reading Confluence for some time now, but just started posting recently so I’m not sure if I need to change my name or not. (I’m a little hesitant visiting new sites because I, too, am a refugee from dailykos) but I wanted to say congratulations also.

    Your site is an inspiration and the power of one million united voices can’t be ignored.

    Here are two suggestions for action that have really concerned me this election year. I have always felt that both political parties thought they were invulnerable because the never seemed accountable to the laws governing elections that are ratified in our Constitution.

    The parties have no Constitutional protection and there are a multitude of so called 3rd parties out there that do not have the power of the Democratic and Republican parties but hold the same conventions and nominate candidates. The members of the Democratic party have every right to insist that Senator Clinton be a candidate for office of the president and they have every right to withdraw their support from the party if they do not comply. The party IS its members, not the administrators.

    What you need is a lawyer who can interpret the terms of the contract party members agreed to and whether or not the Rules Committee breached that contract by assigning Senator Clinton’s delegates to Obama and this may bring in the Article l section covering elections.

    Also, and this really concerns me, I had heard that Obama held dual citizenship which would be a very serious problem and possibly a violation of presidential qualifications. The U. S. government has a large section on dual citizenship and one warns: “Being a citizen of two countries means that you need to obey the laws of both countries, including paying taxes and serving in the military…”

    This is also a legal issue and dual citizenship will not appear on a birth certificate but would be from Obama’s Kenyan father, although we don’t have much information about the relationship of Obama and his Indonesian step-father either. It is important to know if he had dual citizenship and if he has renounced it because there is enough information on countries and dual citizenship available that says he probably did or does.

    May you keep fighting “the good fight” for several million more of us.

  182. Susan Faludi…shame on you! More white guilt in action.

  183. Will the double standards ever cease?? Now Obama can mention bringing a gun to fight the Republicans, and nobody says anything? Hillary mentions RFK, and it’s a veiled threat to assassinate Obama?


    The Obama people are taking over the DNC. Obama has made a practice out of clearing the field (by hook or by crook must be his motto) of competitors. At this rate, I woudn’t be surprised if Obama tried to disqualify McCain.

    Right now, I’m concerned with dead people being registered and voting in the GE. I’m also worried about electronic voting machines in places like Chicago.

    Maybe Obama is so smug because he thinks he’s going to cheat his way to yet another seat–this one just happens to be the most powerful position in the world.

    Sorry for the rant. I’m frustrated with the process.

    Congrats RD on 1 million visitors! Thanks for creating a site that has been such a comfort and respite.

    Happy Father’s Day to dads, and single moms who are moms and dads:)

  184. I don’t think corrupt voting machines in Chicago will be much of an issue since Obama will win Illinois.

  185. Only Obama would try to maneuver a decorated war hero out of the race.

  186. Pat

    re: New Yorker piece:

    ” But, just as Obama must work to win Clinton supporters for the fall campaign, Phil Griffin has to repair a fractured audience base, a portion of which saw sexism in his network’s Clinton coverage and vowed to boycott MSNBC. Griffin knows that some of that anger is aimed at his star anchor. “It was, like, you meet a guy and you fall in love with him, and he’s funny and he’s clever and he’s witty, and he’s all these great things,” Griffin said of the relationship between Olbermann and the Clinton supporters among his viewers. “And then you commit yourself to him, and he turns out to be a jerk and difficult and brutal. And that is how the Hillary viewers see him. It’s true. But I do think they’re going to come back. There’s nowhere else to go.”

    Isn’t it disgusting how similar Obama camp/DNC and MSNBO are in their assumption that we will be “going to come back” since we have “nowhere else to go” How typically presumptuous and arrogant ! I for one WILL NOT being going back – I haven’t watched MSNBO since Feb, watched a bit the other day for Russert’s elevation to sainthood, but that only confirmed how full of themselves these pundits are. Lately if I must watch “news” I give my traffic to Fox,
    of the three it has (shockingly) been the most fair.
    Of course they have an agenda, and some of the Dem hacks that comment are obamabots, but I least I don’t need a barf bag (except when I see or hear “The One”)

  187. I don’t know about many of you – but there is no wooing to be had. I will not fall in line – I will not vote Dem this year and I will not be watching CNN or MSMBo (yes, small o is deliberate)

  188. Isn’t it grand that Griffin doesn’t even try to argue that Olbermann was not sexist–instead, he is like the friend of the abusive husband that does not deny that the husband hit his wife, but instead pompously declares that nobody else would have her so who cares.

    Well, I have plenty of places to go, and MSNBC ain’t one of them.

    Boys Club much.

  189. Congratulations! Riverdaughter and all you who have made this an oasis of reason. Here’s to the next 1million hits! .

    As to moving forward: If our goal is to reconstitute the Democratic Party, and minimize the harm that the present leadership is doing, I would like to suggest the following for a start.

    Let us have volunteers from every county in all the 50 states and have state coordinators to (1) identify local democrats worthy of support, financially and public relations wise; In this day and age, teleconferencing is a simple thing.

  190. This idea that there is no where else to go is just silly. It’s not like we are getting kicked out of our apartments without a job. We will go into the voting booth and vote our conscience. Maybe i’m just missing something.

  191. Riverdaughter~ Congradulations! Thanks so much for being the daily balm. As a TM refugee I should have made this my first stop way before I did. Commentary is top notch.

    I think TM made a calculated career decision much like Josh Marshall did. I was very disappointed in the way she handled it. Even though she warned everyone all along. She handled it poorly.

    To take a bullyng tone calling us “deadenders'”and to accept the outrageous DNC behavior as “that’s politics” I think she did it that way to impress her new readers with her toughness. I lost a lot of respect for her and was disappointed in a fellow Misourian. McCaskill is another huge disappointment!

  192. Congratulations Riverdaughter- Not bad for a the product of exile! Kind of like the New School, and hey, they both have a Clinton supporter in charge who was slandered for not good reason.

    I don’t agree with the evolving strategy (hmm, I’d say the evolution is now complete, judging from the item above this one), and I’m trying to conjure enough discipline to stop posting here (really, I am), but it’s an enterprise I admire and you especially.

  193. Welcome Carol #2. Yes, please differentiate.


  194. One Million is amazing Riverdaughter. You built your own place, it’s amazing, and it will go on long after. You know, I’ve been thinking how much I miss seeing Press on Hillary. I saw one out of London– it’s kind of like a giant let down feeling in a way. After months of adrenaline. Well, one thing about this whole thing, so many issues have come to the fore, it sort of boggles the mind. You know what is the worst for me though? After what I saw happen to Hillary. I don’t know if I want to see that happen to the other two women. I don’t think I can stand seeing more of what I saw.

    So to go forward? I don’t know. Media Reform? That would be so nice. The way this whole thing feels, it has just torn up the Dems.
    Everything we thought was true about ourselves or something. And , the intensity for me is because of the last two elections and how they happened.

  195. Haven’t read more than a couple of the comments, so sorry if someone upthread has already said this:

    You wanted suggestions about what to do going forward: Can anybody compile an email database of the hitters on The Confluence and other likeminded sites? And then – send out an email blast to let everyone know what’s going on, with a subject line like “HILLARY VOTERS: TELL THE DEMS WHAT YOU THINK!” , and a link to Dean/DNC to threaten complete withholding of one’s funds if he doesn’t let Hillary’s name appear on the first Convention ballot.

    That content is just a suggestion – but I know that it’s best to keep e-mail appeals short and to the point. And if even a third or quarter of the recipients followed thru… well, don’t YOU think it might have leverage??

    I saw a comment from someone the other night – think it was here, but it might have been at Anglachel’s, or maybe Corrente, that they were thinking of starting an ActBlue-like site for Hillaristas and their concerns.

    Which could help people like the progressive NJ Dem Rep. Linda Stender mentioned by riverdaughter in her “It’s About Money” post.

    (Me Jerseyite too, btw)

  196. obama throws black men under the bus for father’s day:

    I just turned on CSPAN radio to hear Obama giving some lecture on teaching your kids, turning off the TV, reading a book to them, being responsible, all sorts of stuff – I was like, ugh, I don’t need a lecture from him. I didn’t realize it was a lecture exclusively aimed at black men, I was already pretty much troubled about Obama taking it upon himself to lecture anybody, sounding like a Republican. This is a very Republican speech IMHO.

  197. Can you imagine if Bill or Hillary gave this lecture about black men (and how their responsibiity does not “end with conception”)? They’d be charged as racists for sure!

  198. A very grateful THANK YOU. That’s all I can say


  199. Chiming in late to say Congrats! The Confluence has become a very good resource. Kudos to all the contributors and commentors.

  200. As an elected delegate to Denver (for Hillary) I suggest we go through all the other Hillary delegates to not only demand we get a ballot with her name, but that we demand rules changes in the DNC, i.e., no more caucuses, no more proportional votes but change to ‘winner take all’ rules when a candidate wins a state. Also we need to adopt a new schedule when states can hold their elections so that about 15 states are put into each group of A, B & C and go by groups to hold their primaries. Of course, the groups of states would need to be balanced geographically and demographically.
    Will vote for Hillary in Denver or bust!!!

  201. You got thrown off dKos?


    Thanks for the site. I thought I was alone. How nice to know I’m not.

  202. I don’t want McCain to win.

    But I want my party back. I have three solicitations for money on my desk; I’m packing them up together and sending them back where they came from with a list of my demands.

    Hillary on the ballot in Denver
    Formal apology for sexism
    Formal backing of ERA till it is passed
    No more caucuses

  203. I’m not sure I want this Party back..Women have always been second class citizens. This Dem. Party has become so money hungry ,and convoluted, that I don’t know it anymore.
    What about seriously thinking about the possibility of a 3rd Party? I think this is a perfect time to get this going. The 2 Party system is seriously flawed and doesn’t really work anymore. I know this is a long process, but I think it’s time to make it work.
    Next, I think we should go after the Dems. who allowed the the media, to cruxify Hillary and was never held accountable. I feel they should be outed.

  204. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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