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Saturday: 1 MILLION Visitors

It *could* happen today but you’re probably all planning to weed your gardens or go to the shore or something like that. So, tomorrow for sure.

This morning, I’d like to address something that has been bugging me for a few days now. I haven’t been able to write about much of anything since my access to the page has been disabled at work. I don’t think The Confluence was singled out. The IT Nazis have been disabling everything that has “wordpress” or “blogpsot” or “typepad” in the domain name so as you might imagine I’m restricted to reading TaylorMarsh and TalkLeft. And it was TaylorMarsh that has my dander up this week.

One of the first things she did after she did her 180 was to write her renunciation of everything Clinton. This is fairly typical of people who want desperately to belong to the winning team. I understand the human nature element of it and to be fair, she wasn’t the only one writing pieces like this. But I thought I would set the record straight: Barack Obama did not run a brilliant winning campaign. He was carried across the finish line by his friends.

In fact, Barack Obama is the weakest candidate we have ever presumed to have nominated. Why? Because by February 5, Clinton’s wins had put her solidly in the lead. It was only by sitting on those two states that Obama was able to pull ahead of her. His claims of victory based on winning 11 straight caucuses and primaries in February would have looked like silly boasting had Florida and Michigan been counted properly. By February 5, Clinton had won, MI, NH, NV, FL, NY, NJ, CA, MA, AZ, TN, AR and some other little states. In any other primary year, that would have been enough to secure her the victory in terms of momentum. It wasn’t what happened after February 5 that mattered; it’s what came before.

If Donna Brazile and the RBC hadn’t decided last year to take FL and MI out of contention, Hillary would be the presumptive nominee. No one can credibly argue that with those two states under her belt that the caucus states would have made a damn bit of difference. The public would have looked at those wins though the lens of reality. They were sparsely populated Republican states that didn’t add up to a hill of beans in the end.

The fact that Obama won them is his triumph and will also be his undoing. Because he was unable to seal the deal in the other big D and swing states, he is going to have to fight the same battle for them in the fall. Come to think of it, why should he bother visiting Idaho ever again? It’s a waste of campaign funds to spend more than a few minutes on the tarmac in Boise. No, it’s going to be the Central Valley and Orange County of California where he is going to fight his toughest battles. Or the Ohio Valley starting in Pittsburgh down to Cinncinnatti. Or the suburbs of NJ, not that far from the World Trade Center and the busiest port on the East coast. He didn’t win there before and he’s going to have to bust his tail to win them in November.

And let’s not forget that despite all of his presumed lead, generously given to him by the Rules and Bylaws committee by sitting on Florida and Michigan, Clinton was winning states right up to the last day of primaries. Yep, even when the nation was screaming for her to get out, Puerto Ricans and South Dakotans voted for her. My friends, that is not the sign of a loser. Hillary was a winner in every sense of the word. She ran a brilliant campaign. What she couldn’t overcome was the betrayal of her own party.

I’m off to clean. Brook has invited several of her friends over to swim and she’s sensitive about what 6 months of blogging has done to the state of my house. Later taters.

One more thing:
I was asked to post this and normally I wouldn’t because, after all, “Friends don’t let Friends vote Republican”, but over the past few days, I’ve been wondering if the Democratic party can survive 4 years of Obama. I’m beginning to think that it can’t, or at least, it will not resemble the party of FDR. It will be the center right party composed of Libertarians and Moderate Republicans who didn’t have power in their own party so they parasitically took over ours, pushing the true Democrats out. Anyway, it’s been on my mind a lot lately so even though I do not plan to vote for McCain, I can’t stop any of you from following your consciences in the voting booth. You may prefer to split your vote and go for 4 years of divided government by voting for downticket Dems. The convention is two months away but we must be prepared to carry out a plan to take back our party. The best way time to take it back is before the convention and that’s what we should work on. But afterwards?

Here’s the mail I received from Paulie:

Hi Everyone:

I need to let those of you who may be interested know that there is a teleconference
scheduled for Saturday, June 14th (Bastille Day!) with John McCain for HRC
supporters at 3:30.
Here is the access info to register for the call:
email: teletownhall@johnmccain.com
OR http://cityhall.johnmccain.com

If you can’t participate in the call, but want to submit a question, please send it to MKforhillary@gmail.com


146 Responses

  1. Thought this was funny. If it caught on it could be rely problematic.


  2. Riverdaughter,

    Thank you for putting it all back in perspective for me. For the past two days, I’ve been feeling a little depressed. I think what really got to me was seeing Lambert and Vastleft “endorse” the presumtuous nominee and the Obama people there not really gloating, but….something. I read your comments over there RD, and I appreciated them so much! Thank for for standing for up for truth and justice!

    Plus I really miss Hillary. I miss her a lot. I want to know where she is and what she is thinking. Anyway, I’m going to be out today too–babysitting for my little nephews–ages 3 and 5. That usually does wonders for my mood, so I hope I’ll be back to my usually optimistic though cynical self by dinnertime.

    Have a great day with your daughter and her friends.

  3. Read Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine if you read anything this year. Oh, and Milton Friedman’s son just loves him some Obama.

    Obama’s Chicago Boys

    By Naomi Klein

    Barack Obama waited just three days after Hillary Clinton pulled out of the race to declare, on CNBC, “Look. I am a pro-growth, free-market guy. I love the market.”


  4. YAY Conflucians!

    I tried posting this on the old thread, but I messed up the link.

    Obama Dissed the “New Rochelle Train” and Commuting Life
    By Jeralyn, Section Elections 2008
    Posted on Sat Jun 14, 2008 at 01:19:00 AM EST

    David Mendell’s Obama: From Promise to Power, p. 148-149:

    “[Obama] always talked about the New Rochelle train, the trains that took commuters to and from New York City, and he didn’t want to be on one of those trains every day,” said Jerry Kellman, the community organizer who enticed Obama to Chicago from his Manhattan office job. “The image of a life, not a dynamic life, of going through the motions… that was scary to him.”

    Jeralyn grew up in the Queen City of the Sound, and she calls Obama out on his diss, in a friendly, Proustian way.

    Her childhood memories, fondly recalled in a comment, are obviously a deliberate attack on Obama, as the trolls will tell you.

    Rob and Laura Petrie are now under the bus.

    Got to go and spend the day with my mom.

    Congrats to all!

  5. Thanks for this post, RD. So true. The media and the DNC had two thumbs on the scale for him.

    What’s wrong with taking the train? I love trains. And now they’re more essential than ever.

    BB, I miss Hillary too. She makes me feel that someone cares about people and what happens to them — not just about insider games and advancements.

  6. June 14 is Flag Day, not Bastille Day.

  7. That’s what I keep saying: Clinton ran an extraordinary campaign. She actually won the nomination, in spite of the early disenfranchisement of MI/FL, absolutely horrid media coverage, being cash-strapped, and bigotry being exploited against her. It took the RBC decision and supers to steal the nomination from her and carry Obama across the finish line!

  8. Did you see the NY Daily News article yesterday on the PUMA’s? The actual article had a much less flattering pix of Hillary, next to a pix of Barry that made him look like Il Duce.


  9. I’ll be working on the fixeruppers most of the day.

    Tomorrow, wife will take me out for lunch (father’s day)

    Have a good one and don’t let the pixies bug you.

  10. Delegate’s reversal stuns party
    Wisconsin Democrat now publicly supports McCain

    Washington – As an avid supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic primaries, Debra Bartoshevich is not alone in her frustration over Clinton’s defeat.
    98161Election 2008
    Today’s Coverage
    Delegate�s reversal stuns party: Wisconsin Democrat now publicly supports McCain
    Feingold touts Obama : Victory not assured, senator warns party
    More Coverage

    * * * *

    THIS is what I call a turning point in this fight to ensure that obama loses! GO P.U.M.A.!

  11. Yep, he had to be CARRIED across the finish line. But that really didn’t matter -the primaries were a show – He could have stayed home, the fix was in- Dean, Pelosi and Brazilla had already decided who the nominee would be: a weak, incompetent empty suit
    that benefited from a racist, sexist media determined to damage the Clintons. Jeralyn and TM are typical of media hacks- anything for a buck. I’m sure Obama and his will use them hard and well, and then wipe his feet on their face before throwing them under the bus.

  12. It’s divided government for me! To those who think that the current integrity-challenged crop of Democrats should have all the power in Washington, I say, “what, are you crazy?”

    It’s checks and balances for me.

  13. That’s funny about O not wanting to ride a train everyday. I’m pissed that General Motors in its infinite wisdom ages ago squashed Detroit’s streetcar system.
    I truly believe that if people rode public transit, feelings of “community belonging” and responsibility for fellow ‘men’ would blossom again.

  14. Spot on, riverdaughter. While I’d love to believe that we can influence the Democratic Party to see the light prior to convention time, I think that the more realistic approach is how do we reassemble it afterwards. The signs are there – no money for the convention, moving the operations to Chicago, letting the states flounder on their own-that things are not going as planned. We wait and see. I’m off to water the geraniums in the meantime.

  15. First, Good morning, RD! Here’s a link to setting up a blog with it’s own URL in WordPress. I did it with eat4today and it was totally simple. Would you be able to get past your filters if you did this?

    Also, I’d like to echo everything bostonboomer said — in every way.

    On the McCain thing. I’m fascinated that the Republican candidate is more interested in wooing Hillary supporters than the supposed Democratic candidate. Still, I’m no where near ready to give him my email address. So, I’ll be missing the call.

    I’m overwhelmed by curiosity about it though.

  16. bmc: I will chuckle as those who thought Obama was everything they ever wanted find out that he’s (as Riverdaughter said) a center-right politician. Of course, his cheerleades in the media and the blogosphere (KOS, Arianna, Aravosis) already knew that, but they also knew they could fool the masses.

  17. riverdaughter , congratulations ! Also I can’t thank you enough for this post. One of the worse aspects of the current lock step is the rewriting of history . It makes one feel crazy as well as depressed . It’s great to see someone point out the reality of the relentless, broad day light cheating, strong arming and down right stealing needed for BO to “win” . Plus I believe your projection of where he will campaign and why is spot on.
    Even if BO imploded between now and Aug , at this point, this Dem cabal would insist on installing someone, anyone else but Hillary. I believe things will be different in four years…and not for the better. To get her in and be effective, I think things do have be worse believe it or not . This crowd ( the Dems ) would just keep sand bagging Hillary all along the way, aligning even more openly with the GOP in congress against her , if she got in now IMO . Even so I’m hoping til the balloons drop. I can’t believe it’s just a week since she supended, seems like a month.

    bmc, on June 14th, 2008 at 8:44 am Said
    thanks for the link. I have been waiting for Naomi Klein to say something. BO is the ultimate shock and awe candidate . His backers love the race riot
    potential and being able to answer any protest with “you’re a racist” Social Security looks like a juicy steak to them now . A Dem would have to be the one to give it to Wall St. .The GOP has been ready to do so for a long time. oh and a draft too, lots of goodies for them to gobble . I have often said Iraq is their model and post Katrina illustrates that as well .

  18. katiebird: You could sign up for another gmail or yahoo account and give McCain THAT email address….although you probably aren’t missing much. I watched some of his townhall on Faux and it was my insomnia cure.

    I signed up for McCain’s mailing list with my normal email address. It’s no big deal. What it showed me, though, is that I am not, nor will I ever be, a Republican.

    But, divided government person that I am, he’ll likely get my vote.

  19. Nothing better illustrates the corruption of the Democratic Party leadership than the period starting around March 1.

    Obama’s ‘string’ of victories were not at all significant — they were a reflection of a campaign strategy that was focussed on setting up the conditions for a win in November that proved “flawed” when confronted with a strategy that ignored the need for long term planning, and focussed solely on delegate harvesting.

    What Obama did was a neat trick — and political professionals were (and should have been) impressed with it. His strategy provided him with all possible advantages by mid-February — far more money, strong momentum, and a media that was slavishly devoted to promoting his candidacy…

    and it made perfect sense for super-delegates to move toward him at that point. All that Obama had to do was beat Clinton in a significant race, and the nomination would be his.

    But for all of his advantages, Obama had one serious disadvantage — himself.

    Absent corruption, the flow of superdelegates to Obama would have been halted as of March 4, because the results of March 4 should have raised serious questions about Obama’s candidacy.

    Clinton had managed to fix what was wrong with her campaign in a little over a month, and emerge victorious in Texas and Ohio. Obama had seven weeks to address the deficiencies in his campaign, and prove that he could win in a crucial swing state like Pennsylvania.

    Obama’s loss in Pennsylvania demonstrated that the problems that lead to his loss in Texas and Ohio were intrinsic to his campaign — while Clinton was able to make the necessary adjustments in her campaign, PA revealed that Obama could not — and absent corruption, super-delegates should have been flowing toward Clinton….

    Instead, they continued to flow toward Obama, and with each new primary, as more of Obama’s weaknesses were exposed, they still went toward Obama.

    And, when Obama refused to campaign in West Virginia, that should have been it — the signal to super-delegates that here was a candidate who, rather than try and deal with his weaknesses, chose to ignore those who did not buy into his candidacy, and alienate a huge and crucial segment of the electorate in the process.

    By every available rational metric, Obama lost the nomination — he showed that he was a one-trick pony… an empty suit controlled by a campaign strategist who specialized not in winning elections, but merely in harvesting delegates.

    No superdelegate exercising his/her best judgement and acting in good faith could have endorsed Obama after the last three months of the primary season. Instead, the superdelegates acted like what they were — self-interested politicians for whom the good of the party and the nation is far less of a priority than the maintenance and enhancement of their own positions, power, and prestige.

  20. Sharon: I truly believe that if people rode public transit, feelings of “community belonging” and responsibility for fellow ‘men’ would blossom again.

    bostonboomer: Hmmm….I don’t know. It would be better for the environment, but my many years of experiences on the MBTA in Boston don’t support the community and responsibility hypothesis.

  21. I have held my nose and voted for several Democrats before. This time, it’s different because the DNC has made it crystal clear that women (and GLBT folks) are not important. Our issues are last on the agenda. The DNC also believes that we will just fall in line because we have no other options. I am now an independent, and any candidate must earn my vote. However, I believe the Republican Party is even worse in regards to women’s issues. That is why I’m seriously considering casting a vote in the Presidential race for a progressive third-party.

    I would love to see a third party arise that embraces a platform of true equality for everyone. The sad fact is that US politics, particularly in the presidential race, is designed for a two-party system. So I’m torn. If women repudiate both parties, casting third-party and write-in votes, or completely skipping the race, will there be a large enough trend that the pundits and both major parties will be forced to recognize it? On the other hand, if we vote for McCain, aren’t we giving our votes to a party with an even worse record on women’s issues?

    I know I will not be voting for Obama, but I don’t know which voting method would be most powerful. I’m beginning to feel that the write-in option for Hillary would make the strongest statement, even though it might not count in many states. Any thoughts from the rest of you?

  22. RiverDaughter, yes. My husband and I often commented that Obama just wanted to “limp across the line”, and that’s exactly what he did. And the DNC thinks that he’s a winner? Give me a break. Winners don’t try to bend the rules (FL and MI), push their opponents out of the way, and then hang on by their fingernails in the hopes they will flop over the line before their opponent does. Winners fight strongly to the end and beyond.

    Do you have a plan for taking back the Dem party before the convention? If so, I”m in.

  23. Paul: that was bloody brilliant. I wish I’d written it. I agree that Clinton’s campaign adapted to its environment and finished strong. Obama’s was incapable of adapting, that’s why he threw in the towel in Appalachia.

  24. Paul,

    I’m so glad you haven’t gone over to the dark side like your compatriots at Corrente. I wish that L and VL and held off their tepid endorsements until August. I just don’t understand the rush. And thank you for your brilliant comment which should be a front page post.

  25. Excellent assessment, plukasiak @9:20.

  26. Is the modest bounce wearing off? A new Diageo Hotline poll has Obama up just 2 points 44-42%.

    Another article has me wondering what Obama sees in people.

    USA Today

    “Rendell, who plans to campaign on Obama’s behalf and raise money for him, said tonight’s event in Philadelphia is a joint fundraiser for Obama and the cash-strapped Democratic National Committee.

    But in a sign of the urgency to raise campaign cash, Rendell said Obama didn’t want to reschedule tonight’s fundraiser, even though the governor warned him that many Philadelphia donors were headed to the New Jersey shore for the weekend. Rendell said Obama told him: “We don’t need the people. We just need the checks.”

  27. I’m just going to follow BB around all day nodding: “What she said…

  28. I know I will not be voting for Obama, but I don’t know which voting method would be most powerful. I’m beginning to feel that the write-in option for Hillary would make the strongest statement, even though it might not count in many states. Any thoughts from the rest of you?

    its june. there is no need at this point to decide how you are not going to vote for Obama — and the specific mechanism for a protest vote will have to vary with each state. So, stop worrying about that right now, go out and buy the ingredients for pina coladas, and precisely at noon get out that blender, make up a batch, and spend the afternoon relaxing.

  29. stunned Obama doesn’t need people? Just checks?

  30. I guessed 11:32 today to hit a million. guess I was a little early…

  31. I agree it is a myth that Obama ran an excellent campaign. There were many missteps that would have brought any candidate down but the media was not interested in bringing this guy down. Media and party elders (and some bloggers like TM) will of course say Hillary ran an awful campaign — where else would they put their blame? They (media or the elders) are not going to accept responsibility. The lesser people have to rationalize and they will by pointing the finger at Hillary. Not only did she not get recognized for the things she did remarkably well but she will also got blamed for things she did not do. If this does not disgust people enough to vote for McCain so that Obama is sure to lose, I don’t know what will?

    Carly Fiorina has a video for women supporters of Hillary’s. There is no one who can say what she said in the video on Obama campaign or the party. PUMA, indeed.

  32. WS,

    Is that for real? Following your link now.

  33. {{{ Katiebird }}}

    (Waving and smiling broadly at you)

  34. RD,
    Please check your email at embarqmail dot com.
    From me, subject header, MOUNTAIN LIONS.

    As to your stating above, “I’ve been wondering if the Democratic party can survive 4 years of Obama,” The U.S.A. would be hard put to survive it. But I don’t think he will be president, he’s just being used to push the only candidate who respects FDR and what he did and planned to do, had he not passed away at the close of the war. Lots of things will change before November. Lots of surprises we can’t foresee yet. The economy, war, V.P.s, possibly new candidate, … I don’t pretend to know what, but our world will look different, I’m pretty sure.

  35. WS, that quote gives us even more insight into why Obama didn’t seem to connect with the core of the democratic party (or a lot of others). I think that Rendell is doing all of this with clinched teeth.

  36. I too get up-set when people try to say he “BEAT HER FAIR & SQUARE”! Republicans “always win more states / BIG DEAL”! That means “NOTHING” in the Electoral college map. It’s just another Obama “talking point” they bought into!
    They “GAVE” it to him,”YES”,that’s more to the point!
    So sad about Mr. Russert,I’m sure he was troubled by what was going on around him @ his station.
    It reminds us all how “short & precious” life is!
    I saw the part about CNBC & Obama.
    “RD” or someone else; if you can get the tape of Obama with Maria B. it’s “shocking”!
    It was around Easter time & he was “babbling” about
    capitol gains taxes.Maria B_ _ _ sounded as if she was going to “JUMP” out of her skin!
    Keep Faith Hill-Fam!
    This site has been a “REAL COMFORT”;but “BOY” I miss “HOME” @ Hillary’s site!
    Toni T.

  37. so when are we going to hit 100 billion mwaahaahahaaa!

  38. ~sigh~ Not that we’re surprised, but I wonder what the Obamabots have to say about this so-called new kind of politics approach we see below?

    From Wire ReportsComment on this story
    Democrat Barack Obama on Friday rejected Republican rival John McCain’s proposal for 10 joint town hall appearances, offering instead to have just one on July 4.

    Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said he offered to meet McCain in five joint appearances between now and the election Nov. 4, but only one of those was a town hall meeting, plus three traditional debates and an in-depth debate on foreign policy.

    The McCain campaign said Obama’s offer was to hold the single town hall meeting on Independence Day, which likely would have resulted in less attention while Americans are on holiday. McCain told reporters traveling with him in New Jersey that was “a very disappointing response.”

  39. Of course I will vote Republican….for the first time in my life. Otherwise, no message is sent. If the mass defection is noted now, maybe there is still time for the DNC to reconsider Hillary. If the forces of evil think you will get over it, they will continue as it is now.

  40. Thanks, Paul.

    I’m so angry at my former party. I want to make a powerful statement, but just the thought of voting for McCain makes me nauseous.

  41. I’m so glad you haven’t gone over to the dark side like your compatriots at Corrente. I wish that L and VL and held off their tepid endorsements until August.

    BB, Lambert has always said that he would support the Democrat. He’s one of the good guys, like BTD, who despite his support for Obama, was unwavering in his willingness to criticize Obama and provide honest critiques of what happened during the campaign.

    VL, however, was a huge disappointment — but more than that, what he did made me angry. The appropriation of the PUMA symbol was DEAD WRONG — and it was the use of that symbol (one of grace and strength) in an effort to have it both ways (a sign of craveness and weakness) that made me do a post on the subject, rather than just respond to VL in the comments.

  42. ‘morning… while it might be neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things but in the interest of ‘getting it right’ : Note to Paulie: June 14 (today) is Flag Day… July 14 is “Bastille Day”… the French are very picky about that one… just thought you’d like to know!

    HopeforHillary ’08 ~

  43. Okay now I have read the Naomi Klein article and I’m
    chilled with the kid gloves treatment someone as knowledable as Klein gives to the warning signs .
    Even I see Obamais the corporations bid to operate without even an GOP middleman. ..and that his is the ultimate Shock and Awe candidate

    .Now is the time to worry about Obama’s Chicago Boys and their commitment to fending off serious attempts at regulation…..

    Now?? No that time was almost a year ago. Now is too late. The compliance of the Left Press in pushing the Obama myth has been appalling .

    ” ….The news is not all bad,,…”

    ……yes NK, it is I bought my first gold coin the other day. It wont be my last. But thanks for the warnings after it’s too late.

  44. #
    plukasiak, on June 14th, 2008 at 9:38 am Said:

    VL, however, was a huge disappointment — but more than that, what he did made me angry. The appropriation of the PUMA symbol was DEAD WRONG —
    I agree. I don’t go there often but went there to read this guy. The first I noticed was how he hijacked the symbol and mocked it as if he/she knows better. The arrogance of it was breathtaking.

  45. You have to LOVE Ed Rendell, and I do

    ” Rendell said Obama told him: “We don’t need the people. We just need the checks.””

    LOL!! Who else in the Dem party would repete Obama’s quote like that? GO BIG ED.!

  46. RiverDaughter —- would LOVE to feature your post on JUSTSAYNODEAL WEBSITE TODAY!!!

    And would like to know if you’d like to join the Coalition Conference Call Sunday 5PM EST….

    Please email me … editor@hireheels.com

  47. With any write-in vote you must know the rules your state applies. It may invalidate your entire ballot if you don’t do it correctly. I know I have said this before, but really, every state is different. Some will not allow write-in candidates for those who have not submitted paperwork to become write-in candidates.

    I have been thinking more about voting for Cindy McKinney rather than a complete Sit Out, but I will Sit Out either McCain or Obama. I can’t in good conscience vote for him, because that says “yes” to the Republicans. We were all praising the habeas corpus vote the other day, a vote McCain called one of the worst in America’s history.

    I think now is the time to consider a third party; why wait til Halloween? I think this could be a collective PUMA decision that could carry weight if the bloc were big enough.

  48. All I can say about VastLeft and the hijacking of the PUMA symbol is YICK. What a mockery he’s made of himself and it.

    I won’t be giving them my hits anymore.

  49. well the laundry is done-the apartment is next – this place is like DNC HQ in Chicago-A Dump- then maybe some relaxing in front of the tube a Logo/House and garden after noon- SKYY Vodka OJ and a splash of cranberry Juice-and of course a peek at this blog-

    Well is day 2 of the Russert love/mournfest- MSNBC has suspended the news for a whole weekend retorspective -what was it that was said about when the reporter ceases to report the news and instead becomese the news….

    I agree Hillary was able to adapt to the climate around her-she was Evolution in Action-Darwinism on Steroids- if the RBC had not dropped a comet on her on May 31st, we would have a raptor caring our parties banner and not some cream puff.

    In November when Obama looses-and my Obamist friends ask what happened?

    My response “…consider it Evolution in Action!”

    Now going to see if bravo is runing a Kathy Griffin “My life om the D list marathon”

    Jeezzz sometimes I am soooo gay…..

    Love Fuzzybeargville

  50. plukasiak, on June 14th, 2008 at 9:20 am Said:

    Nothing better illustrates the corruption of the Democratic Party leadership than the period starting around March 1.

    This should be post on the front page, provides an excellent summary of what happened.

    I have thought about this too — here is the irony: Candidate Clinton won despite all the disadvantages, the media, money, campaign staff and candidate Obama could not win despite all the advantages.

  51. From the USA Today story WS linked above:

    Not everyone, though, is getting behind Obama.

    Tim Bellisario, a court reporter in Federal Way, Wash., who contributed more than $1,000 to Clinton in $100 and $150 increments over the Internet, said he’s not likely to give to Obama. Clinton “was the best candidate,” he said. “Now that she’s gone, I don’t like McCain and I don’t like Obama either.”

    In addition, Obama “doesn’t need my money,” Bellisario said. “He has raised millions and millions.”

  52. Great post, RD. I’d just add that if you look at the entirety of the campaign season, Obama had lost momentum and Clinton had gained momentum in the final three months. He banked a lead early in the game and then relied on the Umps to call the game for him, which they were all too willing to do. The Umps in this case are the RBC members, various DNC honchos, and the media, of course. Don’t forget, btw, that it was Tim Russert who called the race for Obama and pushed for this bullshit the night of Indiana.

  53. “……Philadelphia donors were headed to the New Jersey shore for the weekend. Rendell said Obama told him: “We don’t need the people. We just need the checks.”…”
    (from USA TODAY upthread)
    What is interesting to me is that Rendell chose to repeat this for the paper (one cheeky guy, ha? I like him.)

  54. In the interests of honesty…..

    (unlike the blogs that pushed all of us out)

    – I would like to give kudos where kudos is due:

    Obama was specific (check),
    progressive (check)
    brave (check)
    sensible (check)
    and, in short, full of good progressive Clinton FDR Democratic goodness in his tax policy proposal:

    Here’s how the average tax bill could change in 2009 if either John McCain’s or Barack Obama’s tax proposals were fully in place.
    Income Avg. tax bill Avg. tax bill
    Over $2.9M (top .1%) – $269,364 +$701,885
    $603K and up (top 1%) – $45,361 +$115,974
    $227K-$603K (95-99%) – $7,871 +$12
    $161K-$227K (90-95%) – $4,380 -$2,789
    $112K-$161K (80-90%) – $2,614 -$2,204
    $66K-$112K (60-80%) – $1,009 -$1,290
    $38K-$66K (41-60%) – $319 -$1,042
    $19K-$38K (21-40%) – $113 -$892
    Under $19K (0-20%) – $19 -$567”

    quoting OpenLeft


  55. Paul,

    Don’t get me wrong. I still adore Lambert, and I was aware that he always planned to vote for the Democratic nominee. I was only expressing my emotional reaction. On the logical level, I understand it (sometimes).

  56. MCCAIN
    Income Avg. tax bill

    Over $2.9M (top .1%) – $269,364
    $603K and up (top 1%) – $45,361
    $227K-$603K (95-99%) – $7,871
    $161K-$227K (90-95%) – $4,380
    $112K-$161K (80-90%) – $2,614
    $66K-$112K (60-80%) – $1,009
    $38K-$66K (41-60%) – $319
    $19K-$38K (21-40%) – $113
    Under $19K (0-20%) – $19

    Income Avg. tax bill

    Over $2.9M (top .1%) +$701,885
    $603K and up (top 1%) +$115,974
    $227K-$603K (95-99%) +$12
    $161K-$227K (90-95%) -$2,789
    $112K-$161K (80-90%) -$2,204
    $66K-$112K (60-80%) -$1,290
    $38K-$66K (41-60%) -$1,042
    $19K-$38K (21-40%) -$892
    Under $19K (0-20%) -$567

    easier to read version:

    (we need preview)

  57. BTW, the reason the Rethugs say “top 1%” all the time, is polling shows most people think they are in the top 1%!

    Not many realize that the top 1% is the few (duh: 1%) people making over a half million dollars a year!

  58. Dotcom-
    Senator Obam was specific? he was full of flowery language no specifics.

    The expiring of the bush tax cut is all that is going to happen here and that will raise taxes on those in the higest brackets that will happen regardless of who is elected-The bush tax cut was given a exp date for a reason.
    A taxe cut of $ 567.00 for the poorest americans?and for $ 2204.00 for those with “taxable” income 121-161k yeah some good policy!

    Give me a break-

    Love Fuzzybeargville

  59. Riverdaughter,
    Thank you for this. “Barack Obama did not run a brilliant winning campaign. He was carried across the finish line by his friends. “

  60. I love Ed Rendell. He’s the anti-Obama, a blunt-spoken politician with an earthy sense of humor and the common touch. I loved when he took on MSNBC and Keith Obamaman.

    Great post, RD. Never has a candidate reaped more benefits from a fawning, misogynistic media and corrupt party than Barack Obama. I thought the 2000 election and the lead-up to the Iraq War were bad, but the media has truly outdone itself in 2008.

    I hate the meme that he’s such an outstanding politician. I hate what the DNC has done to Hillary and Bill Clinton. I haven’t changed my registration and will probably not do so since NY has closed primaries, but I no longer consider myself a Democrat. I’m a Clinton Democrat. The rest of the party can kiss my a**.

    I’m off to a late start today. I went to see Hamlet (Shakespeare in the Park) last night. Fantastic production, but loooong. Didn’t get home till after midnight and stayed up till 3. I was with a Clinton-supporting friend who used to visit TM’s site and is disgusted by what she reads there now. I recommended this blog to her – hopefully, she’ll visit and help push the number up to 1 million.

    Oh, and I will be listening in on that John McCain call this afternoon. I’ll have pen and paper at hand.

  61. Dotcom, he’s used a lot of double speak about taxes, saying just two days ago that any tax hikes would depend on the economy. He isn’t brave. Democrats expect taxes to go up on the rich.

  62. I think holding my nose and voting for McCain is still the lesser of 2 evils. Let McCain clean up the mess Bush has created… If we can create a stronger Down ticket, I do not think McCain can get too much done, at least we will have checks & balances. Maybe by then the Dems will have learned something (am i asking too much?), and we can get a strong person, hopefully Hillary in.

    If Obama gets in, I think he will go down in flames and the Dems will lose the W. House in 2012. I do not think he has the capability to be a good POTUS. And, the Co. he keeps STINKS in so many ways… The Repubs will have had time to get strong and who knows when a Dem can get back in.

    Now in saying and thinking this, I still do not know if I can actually vote for McCain. I think it is too early to know, I do know that I will not vote for Barry. He and his associates frighten me and we do not know the half of it… If we had some decent investigative reporters and a decent MSM, maybe just maybe, we could be at ease.

  63. I agree with McCain about one thing. it was God awful to subsidize corn ethanol.

  64. well, this was a pleasant surprise.

    I was able to submit a question for the McCain Town Hall WITHOUT giving them my phone number, email address, and mailing address!

    Not that I expect it to be answered, but here is my question…

    Dear Senator McCain —
    Right now, my plan is to sit out November — as an American, I cannot in good conscience vote for Obama…but as a life-long Democrat, the idea of supporting the GOP nominee is, well, unthinkable. But I know that there are a lot of former Clinton supporters who will consider voting for you, but are extremely concerned about your statements regarding the kind of judges you would nominate — judges like Scalia, that are the authoritarian equivalent of “liberal activist” judges. What can you say to those of us who value the Bill of Rights, who don’t think that the government should hold secret trials, don’t think the government should spy on Americans without warrants, and don’t think that invoking the words “National Security” is a sufficient excuse to run roughshod over every principle that makes me proud to be an American?

  65. […] you’re finished, you might wander over to The Confluence to check out riverdaughter’s Saturday morning post, wherein she explains: Barack Obama did not run a brilliant winning campaign. He was carried across […]

  66. dotcom: Good policy is a Democratic Party that runs a fair primary. If we don’t have that, how can we figure they aren’t lying about every single promise?

  67. I love reading Paul Krugman and nearly always find myself nodding my head in agreement. However one thing I don’t understand with Paul Krugman and some other real Progressives, is why they think it proper to point out how horrible the left and the Democratic Leadership and the DNC has behaved but find it unthinkable that we won’t vote for Obama.

    Yes, yes, children they did bad, horrible, evil, undemocratic things, but the other guy is worse. There’s a real vote-getting campaign slogan for ya.

    “This is no time for a protest vote”, Krugman says. “When is it”, I ask in all humility. Do you not enable corruption by voting for the corruption? Color me Goshwoggled.

    Sexism, who, us?

  68. I consider voting for McCain my nuclear response. That would be my last option but it’s not completely off the table. It will be interesting to brainstrom all of our November options with you brilliant people.
    With all due respect, I very much doubt that Tim Russert was dismayed by what was going on at NBC/MSNBC. In fact, as Political Bureau Chief, he set the tone. Olbamaman and Tweety were following his lead.
    Russert was a total p***k to Hillarty Clinton from the start. His and Rick Lasio’s behavior toward Hillary at a debate went a long way to electing Hillary to the Senate. There was a Timmy effect long before there was a Tweety effect.
    Just because we shouldn’t speak ill of the dead (oops) doesn’t mean we need to rewrite history.
    Tim Russert was the prime example of everything that is so very wrong with our national press.

  69. Also, they are both pandering. McCain isn’t going to be able to make the Bush tax cuts permanent(frankly, I don’t even believe he wants to. He voted against them to begin with), and no Democrat is going to be able to usher in all these new tax cuts for less wealthy people when the country is broke. Ultimately, we’ll have a phasing out of the AMT(which both support) and the retirement of the Bush tax cuts(which Congress is agreed upon).

  70. WOO-HOO


    C’mon 1 MILLION HITS!

    I say between 5-8 PM.

    Today is Flag day not Bastille Day (July 14).

    And it’s like you said RD, the O-bots were too busy running for the primary and at the same time destroying their GE chances. Already the down ticket Dems are feeling the lack of support and apathy by the Obama controlled DNC.

  71. I agree, Sweetie Sue, voting for McCain is also my nuclear option, but not off the table. Great way to put it too. Too bad you weren’t advising Pelosi on impeachment.

    Also, who pimped my blog in comments? (the peacocks and lilies quote is from my blog, but I didn’t post it.)

  72. plukasiak, I submitted a similar question but it was brief and not as well-worded as yours. The gist of it was: “Will you use an ideological litmus test for SCOTUS appointments?” I think it’s very likely that he will get quite a few questions in that vein, since SCOTUS is the main argument being used by Obama supporters to get us to fall into line.

  73. Thanks for the great post. I’m holding my nose and voting for McCain, because no way do I want BO to get control of the party. They must be defeated. Unfortunately, we have to destroy the party in order to save it.

  74. RD, did you see the Rham Emanuel quote about us Hillary hold outs? Someone posted it in the last thread.

  75. Hey guys, am I caught in the spam filter, struggling for breath and hanging on to the edge?

    I don’t want to double comment again like I sometimes do. I can bore people enough without repetition.

  76. I know what you mean about the house RD…lets not go there. Today I was thinking about what those 6 months have meant in an era of diminished journalism. You’re FAB!

    Last night I watched PBS– I only get 2 channels — that’s okay, I rent films– but that PBS doc was on how poor America really is in an era of the Robber Baron. It was really something— it may be up over at PBS.org but try and spread that if you can, among friends. Hillary wanted to work to fix this shattered corrupt system. I watched a video about Fiorino in the web—she is 53–a dumped exec–talking, it was great–I hope she says a lot more, after reading what I just looked at in the NYT about something called USB– hmmm— looks like the Robber Barons don’t pay taxes…..this is exactly like 1912.

  77. No one needs to consult their consciences. We dear friends understood that Obama was a disaster, unlike the naiive college students who turned this thing on its head in Iowa. Obama will lose, with or without us.
    You have it dead to rights: he’s the weakest possible candidate, for a hundred good reasons.
    I was and am an Edwards, and then a Clinton supporter, and my support stops there. Obama will never make it, and we and our children will pay for the hubris of Donna and Dean for decades. Damn them.

  78. Oops, Rick Lazio. Hillary buried his career so deep that I couldn’t even remember how to spell the little bully’s name.
    Like I said, annabellep, we will all explore our options come November. Thank goodness, there are so many brilliant people here to brainstorm.

  79. cc–My thoughts exactly. The FL and MI fiasco was bad enough, but the continuing vile treatment of Hillary by the party tells me everything I need to know about the corruption within the party.

    What is still remarkable to me is that in spite of poor press, in spite of huge amounts of money spent by Obama, Hillary still continued winning primary after primary–by huge margins. The voters were sending a really loud message to the Beltway Democrats; they chose not to listen. I don’t have high hopes for the party going forward unless Obama is firmly repudiated, and, even then, I’m sure that the DNC crowd will find a way to rationalize the loss to try to cover up their mistakes.

  80. Rendell said Obama told him: “We don’t need the people. We just need the checks.”

    Oh yuck…that really says it all about BO doesn’t it? It’s never about the people. WHERE IS HILLARY?????? I miss her too.

  81. Off-topic, my apologies, looking for information. I’m asking this on various blogs, trying to get a good solid answer:
    What is BHO’s position on activating a draft?
    I assume that McCain would do so, if necessary, to keep a continuing presence in the Middle East (which seems to be his position.)
    Source links would be great, if you have them. Thanks much.

  82. Riverdaughter- excellent post. ‘Follow your conscience’ in the voting booth is great advice. I’m determined to vote my personal truth in Nov.

  83. Who is Obama? Is He a liberal, a radical, or a conservative?

    His advisers on the economy are Republican Lite. Brzenski runs the foreign policy whose previous policies are the basis of our current problems.

    The new coalition of upwardly mobile latte drinking “liberal elites” are simply clueless as to the real conditions on the ground. This is the “new lefts definition of liberalism is totally in sync with Obama’s attitude:

    Obama and the Latte Liberals want us to stop eating as much, stop driving our SUV’s and take the train so they can drive his SUV and eat more arugula and complain about how the weak dollar has inflated the price of butter imported from France.

  84. I love Ed Rendell! He was a great mayor [I was living in Philly at the time] and a very popular Gov. He’s a true blue Dem and though he’s vowed to work for Obama, I think it’s clear what he thinks. That’s an incredible quote in USA Today. And make no mistake, Ed Rendell knew exactly what he was saying because “words matter.”

    As for voting. I’ve made my decision. I will never vote for BO. His whole campaign has been a disgraceful sham, his associates make me gag, and his words have been consistently vague and empty. I will never forgive the Democratic leadership for throwing Senator Clinton under the bus. They all need to go! And the Obamatrons? They need immediate medical intervention.

    Very thoughtful commentary, Riverdaughter. Keep up the great work.


  85. Only Congress can enact a draft, and that isn’t going to happen. For the record, the only member of Congress who supports a draft is Charlie Rangel.

    Linda C., on June 14th, 2008 at 11:31 am Said:
    Who is Obama? Is He a liberal, a radical, or a conservative?

    None of the above. He simply lacks principles. He’s an empty suit.

  86. White America Heres A Wake Up Call For You Time To Stand UP
    Please View This Video And Pass It Along

  87. sorry popped back in:

    My Senator Obama vs Senator McCain pediction in the General Election:

    Senator McCain 312 electorial votes

    Senator Obama 223 electorial votes

    with Ron Paul Out now and no third party run by him then my prediction could be wrong with McCain picking up a few more electorial votes….

    Oh my math assumes 85% of Hillary supporters will vote Obama or more likely stay home. I am trying to be conservative here. I believe as November approaches more than 15% of us will defect in the end. THen it would be a landslide.

  88. I did my last visit to Corrente to read Paul’s post. I won’t say who said so in comments (initials are VL) but the whole idea of using Hillary’s endorsement of Obama as a reason to endorse Obama is just disingenuous.

    Please! Does anyone think Hillary’s Obama endorsement was made under anything but duress?

    Many people who feel compulsion to be on the side of the winner also supported Iraq and also supported Bush. I know that “joining” is human nature, but sometimes the winner isn’t right.

  89. I have a simple question that is probably quite naive, but would appreciate explanation from the more politically astute folks here:

    If Obama is going to obviously have a difficult time with conservatives, and 1/4 of Hillary’s supporters say they will not vote for him (including working class, women and Latinos), why are his numbers still above McCain’s? I know national polling does not reflect the electoral college, and Dukakis was up by 17% at this time during that election, but why are his numbers even as good as they are with his inability to connect with so many core Dems?

  90. Obama didn’t run a “brilliant” campaign. He ran one of the vilest, filthiest campaigns in memory. He put Karl Rove to shame.

    As usual, Michelle Marshall is full of it. But she’s out for herself and her desire for some kind of career, not speaking out of “loyalty” to the party.

    If Obama didn’t exist, the Republicans would have invented him. How could anybody like this possibly rise as far as he has if it weren’t for GOP/media manipulation?

  91. The DNC and Superdelegates decided to support Obama because they believed (knew) that down ballot Democrats would get Hillary’s votes anyway and with the additional votes that Obama would bring to the election, down ballot Democrats have a much better chance of winning than they would with Hillary as the candidate because Obama’s voters would not bother to vote if he was not on the ballot. I do not believe either the DNC or the Superdelegates care whether Obama wins; they care about getting electing or re-elected themselves. Because of this, to split vote– one for McCain and the rest for down ballot Democrats– actually rewards the cynical conduct of these people. The best punishment is a straight ticket Republican vote, or not vote at all.

  92. Fif-
    polling lags behind what I call the lemming effect. A 44% to 42% lead is not a lead it is a statistical tie. Also Hillary people probably do not get selected in the poles or refuse to answer. I dont take calls if I dont know the number on my caller Id.

    The fact Senator Obama’s 47%t o 42% bump has tighted so soon may be the beginnings of the lemming effect toward McCain.

    Remember even a week on days before the 2004 election Kerry was up by 5%.

    that lead evaperated like water in the Saraha. A close race is bad for Senator Obama. It prevents a lemming effect toward him. With so much doubt about Senator Obama’s ability to lead.

    Remember there are alot of americans who think Colin Powel (me included) would be a better candidate for president than Senator Obama. I wish McCain would put him on the ticket. Colin has even come around on DADT.


  93. fif, because it’s a God awful year to be a Republican. Nothing more.

    Have you all seen the new celeb video for Obama? WTH is wrong with these people? It’s an election, not a Gap ad.

  94. Thanks Michael. I am just amazed that he even has enough support at this point to poll even with McCain. I want to see him go down in a landslide.

  95. fif, we’d have to look at the state-by-state polls (Hominid Views, for example) to see the actual picture.

  96. Michael Varvel, I’m interested in your electoral college prediction. What states did you give Obama?

  97. (( Barack Obama did not run a brilliant winning campaign. He was carried across the finish line by his friends.))

    He was indeed, RD. He gamed the system and then his friends (especially Brazile, Pelosi and Dean took over with the help of the blogs and the MSM.

    Carl Leubsdorf today in the Dallas Morning News wrote that Tim Russert “was sometimes controversial; just week ago there were complaints from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign when he proclaimed the Democratic race over after the Indiana and North Carolina primaries. But he was essentially correct.”

    Hillary WON Indiana and the exit polling out of North Carolina compared to the exit polling months earlier from Virginia was devastating, but Russert, Pelosi, the big Orange head and others had decided that you win the Democratic nomination with 1/2 the pledged delegates plus one.

    Well, they drug him across the line, and now they have no money and a candidate who might or might not eek this thing out. And in the process of doing it they took their strong, articulate, female who was capable of taking the middle class and threw her under that huge steel diesel gas-guzzling diesel bus. But the good thing is – PUMA’s arose and hopefully we won’t shut up and we won’t cave.

  98. Cindy, I will only vote for the Democrat who endorsed Clinton. I will vote against any Democrat who endorsed Obama.

  99. I’m with you peggy sue.

  100. Annetoo, on June 14th, 2008 at 9:44 am Said:

    …Now?? No that time was almost a year ago. Now is too late. The compliance of the Left Press in pushing the Obama myth has been appalling .


    It’s not just appalling, it’s selling us down the river. Another way to write that: it is betrayal. Increasingly, I’m feeling fury at all the opportunists who caved in without a peep, a promise, a policy. I actually don’t think Obama will lose — the corporate media is still in the tank, selling him like a plastic brand name, and this is all about big, big money. Our health care, our future, our opposition to corporate culture are being sold down river for rule by big money and cult of personality. When the corporate policies start drifting down from an Obama administration, ***and everyone STILL gives Obama a pass***, those who sold us down river will be to blame. They jumped on the trendy, brand name train without asking for a single thing in return. No accountability, media fawning, big money, and rule by a chosen personality who spouts meaningless slogans like “be the change!!”

    What the HELL kind of governance do these opportunists think that toxic mix will produce?

    I swear to god, I feel like I’m in an alternate universe.

  101. With ya there Mawm @ 12:17

  102. I am with Alice on this. Now pass the chocolate. It has been designated as a breakfast food for those of us living in the alternative universe. Not only does it taste good but is guaranteed to keep the weight off!

  103. Curious? Not so much. After all, those of us who will vote for McCain are “Democrats Who Don’t Like McCain for McCain”.

    Me? The puppy-throwing Marine will get my vote before Obama does.

  104. Alice

    Then we should do our best to stop him. We must be aggressive with our vote and vote against him. Staying home, writing in Hillary’s name or going 3rd party is not going to do it. I will be voting McCain, and you know what? It gets easier and easier. I have made peace with that decision I can’t let perfect be the enemy of good. The way I see it McCain is a decent honorable man that has paid his dues and will do the best to serve his country
    I may not agree with him 100%, but my options are limited. Let a Republican clean up the mess for four years and have a Dem congress for balance. It’s the only way, we can’t let this takeover have all control, -and House, Senate, WH and the Media- God know what will happen!

  105. fif,

    First, I agree with Michael, that both candidates are in a statistical tie which given the aftermath of W is a bad omen for BZero.

    Second, some of the polling houses have changed their “weighting” formulas for their samples. These changes are based on best estimates and have no scientific validity outside of modeling.

    Third, typically samples are heavily weighted to urban/suburband areas due to the sociological aspect of getting people to answer the phone without a high rate of recalling.

    Fourth, there are only a handful of services that sell sample so in essence all polling houses start with the same eggs, flour and butter to bake the cake of a survey.

    Fifth, and this depends upon the survey house, the construct of the survey itself. Where did the money question come, was it influenced by survey prejudice, etc.

    Sixth, and this goes to weighting, given the non-traditional draw of BZero, I believe that many polls are weighting their surveys for cell phone users and AA voters who traditionally don’t have land lines.

    Seventh, there is a tendency of a certain segment of society that will answer in accordance with social desirability, the instance you have heard it talked about is the Bradley Effect, but it can also be seen in the methodology around survey construct.

    Eighth, this far out from the election, no poll is really worth much of anything other than Sen. McCain is a known quantity. In that BZero isn’t, his numbers should be higher and I would think his numbers are much softer. People who have settled at this point on Sen. McCain know what they are buying, not so much for BZero.

  106. bostonboomer, on June 14th, 2008 at 8:44 am Said:
    For the past two days, I’ve been feeling a little depressed. I think what really got to me was seeing Lambert and Vastleft “endorse” the presumtuous nominee and the Obama people there not really gloating, but….something.


    Hi BB: I missed that, because I stopped going to Corrente awhile ago. Lambert was consistent all along, though VL was kind of surprising — more in the way he did it, I think, than the fact that he did it, but oh well. In any case, I just started getting a vibe so I found myself going there less and less. I think it was that… something you mention. It’s like a quiet vibe (mentioned specifically in a controversial thread there a few weeks ago) that they wanted the “old Corrente” back and the new folks were an annoying, vulgar rabble. So, I think a bunch of folks there got what they wanted and really, I wish ’em luck. I guess I’m just too common, hee. I hope I can read Paul Lukasiak crossposted here, because his writing always makes my day. And he tells me to drink pina coladas.

    They can endorse Obama all they want. The whole world can endorse Barack Obama, I don’t give a flying fig. Okay, I do give a flying fig, because the fewer checks and balances on the Dear Leader, the worse it will be on all of us. All the more reason to hang out here!

  107. To those looking for a progressive option, please consider the Green Party.

    Thank you.

    I am not now and have never been a member of the Democratic Party.

  108. A link? Did not go through above; must have mistyped.

    Green Party

    She deserves to be on the ballot; so please continue to keep the faith. no talk of 2012 when 2008 is still up and running…

  110. Senator Clinton, don’t forget, WON so many states when she was outspent by a large ratio. That in itself says something about the quality of her EXTRAORDINARY campaign.

  111. Thanks temporarypassenger. PUMA is organizing. Hillary must be the nominee, or the party falls apart.

  112. It’s like a quiet vibe (mentioned specifically in a controversial thread there a few weeks ago) that they wanted the “old Corrente” back and the new folks were an annoying, vulgar rabble.

    as one of the people that wanted the ‘old corrente’ back, and was slightly responsible for the change at corrente, i really feel compelled to come to its defense.

    Corrente has always represented an electic assemblage of blogging styles and philosophies — but during the last couple of primary months, essentially became a “Hillary blog” by default. Lambert is the most frequent poster there, and was solidly behind Clinton, and the other “senior fellows” were for various personal reasons posting less frequently that they ordinarily would.

    Corrente, like Taylor Marsh, and Talkleft, were among the very few established blogs where the Oborg were not allowed to dominate the discourse — and both Corrente and TL saw their traffic go way up, and their essential character change as a result of the emergence of the fauxgressive blogosphere.

    People who write as if what is happening at Correcte represents some kind of betrayal don’t understand what Corrente was about in the first place — and rather than be angry with them, PUMAistas should be grateful to them for providing a safe harbor for us while sites like Confluence established and built themselves.

    So please stop trash-talking Corrente — while I have no problem with people who don’t like the mix of opinion there, its just wrong to act as if the return to the status quo ante at Corrente is something to be condemned.

  113. Hillary is doing the smart thing. She’s lying low so that Obama has to take all the heat. The “muslim” thing is going to blow up next week, thanks to Obama’s big mouthed half-brother.

    Plus, buyer’s remorse is setting in.

    Stay strong and peaceful in repose, PUMAs.

  114. plukasiak is correct, it is way too early to obsess over how to vote in which state.

    When the time comes, I will lay out a strong case for the progressive’s civic obligation to support McCain (despite his being unfit to hold the office).

    That time is not yet. Now is the time to keep lifting the lid on what Obama stands for, who he is, and how he weaseled his way to “presumptive” status.

    It’s NEVER the time for smears and slurs aimed at Obama’s religion, patriotism, and so on. Peddle it here, and you’re asking for a one-way trip to the spam filter.

    Our target is Obama the political animal, and that’s target enough.

  115. I was appalled that despite the way that Taylor Marsh was treated by Obama supporters in the past and what she saw as the campaign unfolded, that she capitulated so quickly and completely, then began to insult those who wrote responses that did not agree with her by calling them “deadenders”. Very offensive. I have written her site off and will not visit it again — there are so many others out there who have it right and will not fold at the drop of a hat.

  116. My anger has nothing to do with the change in Corrente. My anger has to do with co-opting the PUMA logo and using it as a symbol of assimilation when the logo stands for just the opposite.

    Take away the logo, which, to me represents country over party, and I have no problem with anything anyone is doing. People should vote how they want. It’s their right. If they want to tell the world, that is also their right. But using the PUMA logo is a travesty.

  117. also, re corrente “old” style preference, it was chicago dyke speaking for herself, not vastleft.
    And she is now ruminating on how dispirited and tired she feels in the aftermath… I think it is good to encourage sites where a variety of views are aired and diaried. God forbid we all go the way of dailykos, where nary a discouraging word is heard. (Till after the election)

  118. And it was TaylorMarsh that has my dander up this week.

    One of the first things she did after she did her 180 was to write her renunciation of everything Clinton…

    Last night I was in a pissy mood; a dear friend lost her father yesterday. So I was over at Marsh’s website and she was going on and on about how “she supported Hillary 111% by now backing Obama” or some crap and I let her have it.

    As a result when I replied to her comment, my comment was put on “moderator hold”. Well, she can blow it out her backside. I called it as I saw it and she can get over it. I donated money to her thru a 3rd party link for Hillary and the poster was matching for Taylor. That won’t happen anymore.

    She doesn’t like being called for what she did with her flip for Obie.

  119. Thanks for the defense of Corrente, Paul.

    As one of the newbies, I did indeed feel attacked by that post deploring the loss of the “Old Corrente” because it was, well, quite insulting, and also, I thought, unfair (if there were rules and standards for writing at Corrente, then, we, newbies, should have been told ahead of time).

    So, I took a break from it, but then decided to go back because withdrawal is pointless. I will still post what I want to discuss.

    Despite VL disappointing endorsement (and Conflucians, read the comments to that thread, Correntians are not giving VL an easy time), it is still a great non-Koolaid soaked blog.

    IF anything, read PLuk and my posts!! 🙂

  120. VL should be advised that his use of the PUMA tm might be
    a trademark infringement. Trademark rights in the US acquired through use — no registration is necessary (although it does not cost much, can be done electronically and is not a bad idea).
    VL might say that his is a fair use, but in that case, he
    should keep his/her use of the mark very limited. It did not
    appear to be a fair use to me — more an attempt to
    misappropriate the mark.
    Click Trademarks on the right hand side.

  121. RD, am using your corking insight “Barack Obama did not run a brilliant winning campaign. He was carried across the finish line by his friends.” as the PumaPAC daily talking point over at pumapac,org (with link here, natch)

    did you hit a million yet?

    I’m sure someone has mentioned that Dailykos is calling for our murder? This site gets v special mention.

  122. I disagree with McCain 100%. I would have voted for Senator Obama had he won the nomination “fair and square”, but he didn’t so I won’t.

    Unless something drastic happens to change the outcome of the DNC abominable nomination result, this urban, green, feminist, kucinich supporting, lifelong knee-jerk liberal Democrat, who also enjoys the occasional latte, will vote for John McCain.

    My vote is the equivalent of two votes: one vote less for Senator Obama, and one more vote for Senator McCain that Obama has to match and exceed.

    I’m voting against the DNC/RBC/Obama, who seemed to believe that we’d all be between a rock and a hard place after 8 years of Bush’s disasterous policies, and that we’d be hardpressed to not vote for the Democrat selectee. I’m not willing to support their manipulations and off-putting expectations.

    I also think corporate media supported Obama (by trashing Senator Clinton) to ensure a weaker opponent against their weak candidate, $enataor McCain.

    Nonetheless, I’ll still vote for McCain.

  123. Thank you RD. It is so nice that someone sees things the way I do. Hillary ran a good campaign. She spent her money in places she knew she would make a difference. Even though she had campaigned in those red caucus states she still wouldn’t have won them because we all know what Obama and his gang did to win caucuses, second Hillary’s coalition consists of the elderly and working class who can’t afford to spend hours caucussing. For someone who was campaigning against Obama, the DNC, MSM, Republicans for a Day and Obama surrogates who called her a racist whenever they felt like it, Hillary did a fantastic job. Infact I am surprised she came this far.
    I also don’t think that Obama and the DNC anticipated Hillary to continue fighting despite everything. They underestimated Hillary and her supporters.

  124. I think Lambert and Vast Left are part of netroots 2.0. Their endorsements were more against McCain than for Obama. They are not kool-aid drinkers and will stay within the reality based community. Therefore I would say they are decidedly PUMA. But that’s just my opinion. I don’t want a second echo chamber like netroots 1.0.

  125. dotcommodity, on June 14th, 2008 at 10:07 am Said:

    In the interests of honesty…..

    (unlike the blogs that pushed all of us out)

    – I would like to give kudos where kudos is due:

    Obama was specific (check),
    progressive (check)
    brave (check)
    sensible (check)
    and, in short, full of good progressive Clinton FDR Democratic goodness in his tax policy proposal:

    Are you serious???? Obama brave:) He is so weak. He refused to debate Hillary after the PA debate because he was scared of her. He has now refused to debate McCain. He has no progressive ideas. It was Hillary who did. He is not sensible. He is a flip-flopper. He was never specific.

  126. Murphy, love the link. the kos boys don’t know what to do, do they? Should they laugh or be afraid. loved this comment. The sweeties really don’t get us do they?:

    Most of this is first and foremost Republican dirty tricks.

    Some of this may be moderate to conservative democrats (Joe Lieberman Democrats) who for various reasons (including, but probably not limited to race) found Hillary acceptable but not Obama.

    A lesser portion is some very naive, confused “feminists” who really do genuinely believe, contrary to all evidence, that Hillary was steamrolled by a coalition of misogynist media pundits, DNC insiders and Obama’s campaign. This isn’t rational politics-this is symbolic politics where people’s every hope, grievance, etc. was projected onto Hillary.

  127. So I ventured over to Kos to read the link Murphy provided. They honestly believe PUMA is a REPUBLICAN operation. It is so funny. Oh I can’t get over it– they think it’s like 90% conservatives and 10% “die-hard” Clinton supporters. And they keep saying that the reason we won’t support Obama is because we are racist. Too funny. I guess you must keep repeating a lie to make it ring true.
    So effing hillarious, wait till november b******!

  128. Paul: I still go to corrente and since i don’t know what “before” looked like, now is not so bad. I understand why some of them jumped to Obama and I also know that it wouldn’t take much to swing them back.

  129. gary: Yes, that comment was priceless. Funny how I went to canvass for Lamont, twice, and now I am a Lieberman lover. How did that happen? And I’ve never voted for Republicans for anything more than county sherriff.
    But I must be these things because pissed and determined would make them very nervous.

  130. Riverdaughter, Sister Katiebird, Arabella, Ronk, Mawm, , Gary, Pat—everybody.

    I have just been reading for the last week. I haven’t known how to write in the face of such discouragement. On top of the depressing (except Ed Rendell) political landscape, I got laid off this week too.
    But I still spent a bit of money to buy a PUMA jacket on sale, even though I am scared ****less about keeping my house, feeding the kids, and staying afloat right now. The greatest support I feel right now is to be here amoung friends and surrounded by such intelligence and integrity. The world has been so dark.

    It means everything to me right now that we PUMAs stay strong and organized. That we have a pre-convention plan, that we are prepared to step in as Obama falls. I may be alone in this, but I still don’t mind doing anything I can to assist that pre-convention fall. I just haven’t given up hope. My hope is all that I have right now.

    I have a picture of FDR up in my livingroom (mark of political junky), and I’ve been looking at it daily with tears. I just can’t give up on his legacy.

    I am here in Seattle ready to do my part in whatever action we PUMAs need to take. I am ready. I will spend half my days as an active PUMA while I am looking for a job. Lets plan our course of action for these two months ahead. There is still time

  131. Wow, that diary – “Kill the PUMAs”?

    Dearest Daily K0s, it’s a free country – this obsession with crushing dissent is undemocratic and unAmerican.

  132. Oh, Joanie, I’m so sorry. I hope you company gave you a bit of a parachute and access to career counselors. My ex was laid off and eventually waited things out in a temp position. That saved everyone’s sanity. Eventually, he got another job and is now doing great. So, hang in there. We are here for you.

  133. dar1a-g: If only there were a way to get that message to them…

  134. Thank you Riverdaughter. It would probably help if I could type (smile). Small company, no parachute. But I am smart and determined. The company was insane anyway, like most of the world seems to at this time. I think when you close the door on insanity or unhealthiness, then the right door opens.

    I think we PUMAS need to remember that. Lets close the door on the insanity. Lets stay together and grow. We will change things, I know it. I will not give up.

    I agreed when it was said above that the election is months away, and we can figure out how we will vote then. Right now, we still have work to do to change things as they are.

    Thak you so much for this wonderful place! I need it so much.

  135. regarding corrente, i used to enjoy it a lot. they do seem to have some basic problems with the way they run the site though. i applied for an account and waited for weeks to have it activated. they sent the email with the url to login and it didn’t work. it doesn’t seem that they’re too keen on having new users.

  136. Londonamerican,

    there is no censorship at Corrente. What happened is that Corrente experienced a strong influx of new readers / commenters and there is only one person doing the approval thing.

    It’s as simple as that. There is no deep dark conspiracy here.

  137. Above some one asked what states I gave Obama in my 312/223 McCain Wins senario-sorry it was a kathy Griffin 1st episode rerun of her new season on bravo.

    My math was simple gave each pretty much there base states gave McCain Missouri(theats really the deal breaker here) and Ohio and Florida sorry but the trend is not good and Senator Obama can out spend Senator McCain 3 to 1 and still not take those states.

    Pensylvannia giving it to McCain sorry ER telegraphed a big message to the reagan/Casey Dems with his statement about “…we need the checks…” but I put pennsylvannia in McCains coloumn before the statement.

    New Mexico-sorry Senator Obama Gov Richardson cant save you there-at all. even so by the time NM comes on line with its electorial college votes it will be game over.

    I say 312/223 McCain in November-this of course discounts Califirnia and the Big Marriage amendment and I am also giving Senator Obama Michigan-I am not convinced that he can really take the state without spending a lot of money there-but again I am a generous man.

    Is my logic corrent? also I believe a Hillary Top of the Ticket vs McCain produces and almost oposite result. Except McCain Keep Forida of all the states I awarded him above. In the Clinton/McCain option still available McCain has to spend lots of dollare to keep Florida.


  138. I posted the following comment to VL’s post running away from Hillary and subverting PUMA :

    If what pushed you over the edge, VL,,
    Submitted by AM5 on Fri, 2008-06-13 21:29.

    “Was seeing the comment threads on No Quarter, where people are standing on their heads to portray McCain as an innocent.”

    well, then, you wanted to go there to begin with, probably.


  139. “one of the worst decisions in the history of this country.”
    That’s what McCain said about the Supreme Court decision about granting certain Habeas Corpus rights to detainees. That is what you are voting for.

  140. RD: I’m not even remotely curious about McCain, but thanks for asking!

    I don’t disagree with you (collectively) about Obama. I just disagree about McCain.

  141. Paul,

    My comment this morning was not meant to trash Corrente at all. I hope you realize that. I was talking about my own feelings. My sadness about Lambert and Vastleft wasn’t meant to be a criticism of them or of Corrente. I wasn’t even objecting to the PUMA thing. I was just talking about my own feelings of loss that things will change. For so long, I’ve counted on those two to raise my spirits and make me laugh out loud. They will still do that. It will just be different now, and that was making me a little sad. No trashing meant!

  142. You’re an excellent writer, and very thoughtful and analytical!

    Too bad about your 2-party paradigm, though… for such an intelligent person I had hoped that you could have thought out of the political box. Both parties are owned by vested interests.

    Ron Paul’s your guy. Write his name in on your ballot in November. I’m going to. It’s the Constitution, stupid (no offense, just a play off of Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign).


    Hugs, kisses and all that shit.


  143. a friendly FYI: JULY 14th is Bastille Day 🙂

  144. I’ve heard many reasons for voting for this issue and that, Obama and not McCain, but my main issue now is to see Obama not get elected as Potus.

    Off-topic: posting on Dem PartyBuilder is at your own risk. Mindless Obamatrons are everywhere. Most but not all speak national control. Oil companies especially, which I can understand, but all this talk sounds Socialistic.

  145. There is one reason and one reason only to support Obama-the Supreme Court. Whether that is enough of a reason is, of course, for each of us to decide.


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