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For the record, I don’t care if Obama was raised a Muslim

The story being floated by the Israeli newspaper may or may not be true. It makes no difference to me. My opposition to Barack Obama is based on his and his campaign’s behavior during the campaign and the actions of the DNC in his favor. My opposition to Barack Obama is based on the fact that he can’t hold a candle to Hillary Clinton in terms of policy, experience, qualifications, strength, dedication and sheer guts in the face of overwhelming odds.

I expect Obama will once again run from this accusation, deny it, and throw Muslims under a bus, along with the rest of us who are already there. It’s getting might crowded under the bus these days. But this will not make him more presidential. This will only make him the craven empty suit we know he is.

As a Muslim role model, he sucks.

76 Responses

  1. It’s so depressing. Without Hillary in the race, I wanted to support John McCain to make a point. But he’s just as bad as BO; now McCain’s refusing to give back money from an oilman who thinks rape is funny.


    It seems like both sides take us for granted now that Hillary’s gone. BO thinks we’ll side with him just because he’s a pro-choice Democrat, and McCain thinks we’ll side with him just because BO was unfair to Hillary. We need a way to make these men pay attention and EARN out votes!

  2. Just got home to this gem from RD:

    I expect Obama will once again run from this accusation, deny it, and throw Muslims under a bus, along with the rest of us who are already there. It’s getting might crowded under the bus these days.


    That was a good one.

  3. RD I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t know who they are trying to appeal to with this Muslim meme. Who cares if he is or is not a Muslim. Muslim does not automatically mean something sinister. Give it a rest already. There are far too many legitimate reasons for not voting for him. No experience is number 1 in my book.

  4. Agree 102%

    Who cares if he is/was/will be a Muslim. That is entirely his business. Whatever happened to the liberal Democrat?

    Now I would be concerned if he was a Scientologist. Tom Cruise is a BAD influence.

    However, considering that a significant portion of Republicans have been taught to fear Muslims (my family included), it is a problem for the cross-over vote.

  5. MABlue: yep, we just make a thump-thump-thump sound as he drives right over us.

  6. McCain and Obama suck. I cannot vote for either. I cannot write-in Hillary. I do not want to not vote, but that may be my only option now. This whole election sucks.

  7. Teresa: I don’t know, what if he is a Clear Level 5 or something? Maybe having a president who is completely free of engrams is a good thing.

  8. Being raised a Muslim is something that can be verified, and if it’s true, and Senator Obama is lying about it, then there’s the lie, the insult to the intelligence of those to whom the lie was told, and the insult to the religious community from which he seeks to distance himself by lying. It serves no useful purpose. Whatever the risks, of course, people do lie about the most obvious and foolish things. Would not part of a campaign based on change be the declaration with pride of one’s heritage, rather than a denial of one’s roots? If the senator really wishes to end the rumours and doubts about his past, perhaps a straightforward history rather than a fictionalized memoir would be the easiest way out of a ridiculous situation he has created for himself.

  9. Yeah just because Tom Cruise is a little nutty doesn’t mean all Scientologists are bad or that there is no value in the belief system.

  10. Instead of courting the women’s vote, expect a lot of accusations about what a sexist John McCain is.

  11. I don’t care either but I do care that he lied about from the beginning anf his ‘followers’ have kept denying it. THAT’s why it matters . . . NOT the fact that he was raised a muslim.

  12. I’m so sick of the fixation on this. I have a number of friends and colleagues who are Muslim, first and second generation immigrants to this country. I can only imagine how upsetting it must be for their religion to be portrayed as some kind of damaging smear attack.

  13. Dar1a–g: I hear ya’. There are muslims all over New Jersey. That’s life around here. We live, eat, work, and go to school with them. Heck, the BFF lives across the street from a brand new mosque. We can’t flip out over it any more. It isn’t fair to the vast majority of perfectly ordinary citizens who just want to live in peace.

  14. D.C.4Hillary!!,

    My vote against Obama is NOT about him being unfair to Hillary. It is about him trashing every Democratic principle there is. A vote against Obama is a vote to take the party back from George Soros and Obama’s backers, the corrupt Daly Machine.

    This has been a coup of the party. Taking the DNC to Chicago is the latest sign in Obama’s corrupting influence on the party.

  15. Obama makes being a muslim sound like the worst thing in the world. How can he call himself progressive when he uses race-baiting, sexism, and now disparages an entire religion.

  16. You may find this interesting….


  17. It’s just another straw man opportunity to portray people who don’t vote for him as xenophobic bigots, not as people with rational objections to him.

  18. The point is (AGAIN) that he has denied this (ever being a Muslim). THAT is the point. He has lied about it. We are entitled to know WHY.

  19. As an Independent voter (who has tended to vote Democratic), John McCain’s exhortation to put “country before political party” really resonates with me. Looking past the parties and evaluating the candidates individually, there really is only one choice for me for President, and that’s John McCain.

  20. RD I just read the greatest thing from Violet, over at Reclusive Leftist–she has nailed my reasons to a T. I swear! God she is such a fabulous writer–

    anyway–click the link at Confluence and go reat that if you are po’d as a feminist! it was all about the glass effing ceiling but also I wanted her to fix all the wrongs, damn. Hillary has only been working on all of that for? How many years? Geez. Plus she was the “toppest” of the top I could have voted in—- damn.

  21. It actually does make a difference, because being raised a Muslim can have a lot to do with one’s view of women and may explain BO’s put-downs of Hillary (in one of the debates — when he sneered dismissively, “you’re all right”, the brushing her off like dandruff, etc.), of women generally (the “sweetie” comment, etc.) — especially of any woman in a position of power or aspiring to one — and his complete avoidance of any comment on his surrogates’ and media allies’ misogynist attacks on Hillary.

    BO spent the very formative years of his childhood, ages 6-10 or 11, in an affluent Indonesian neighborhood, and participated in all aspects of local society — attending school, belonging to clubs, etc.

    In Muslim societies, men and boys ALWAYS come first, and grown women, including mothers, are only slightly higher in status than underrage girls (who are at the very bottom of the social heap). The sole legitimate function of females in these societies is to serve the needs of males of whatever age. If they do this well enough and humbly enough, they may receive the reward of certain freedoms otherwise denied them.

    Whatever the dynamic in BO’s own family, there is no question that he would have had full exposure to and been heavily influenced by these social norms, through his friends, school life and other neighborhood interactions.

    There are certainly some Muslims who escape these patterns, particularly when they emigrate to more open societies. But even in the Europe & America, many Muslim girls are still made to undergo clitorectomies, and many teenage and young adult women are still murdered in honor killings. For women in Muslim societies, these fates can often be the norm.

    So this story may matter a lot. It certainly may explain a lot.

  22. Pragmatist, the why is that their calculus said that the USA will not elect a muslim, so they had to quash any talk of it. Sometimes, however, the more you deny something, the more people focus on it.

    I think it is really sad that he is distancing himself from his heritage and essentially saying that being a Muslim is bad. It is so against what the Democratic party should be about.

  23. Pragmatist: *If* it is true, it’s pretty obvious why he did it. Being muslim is tantamount to being a terrorist. But once again, Obama seizes the opportunity to remain fixed in the fearosphere. Courage? Compassion? Transcendence? ehhhh, not so much.

  24. BO’s father was Muslim and according to Isalmic tradition the children of a Muslim man are automatically Muslim (patrilineal succession). This is a fact.

    BO should have made it clear that because of this tradition he was born a Muslim but that this does not mean that he is a practicing Muslim. He is a Christian. Being designated a Muslim at birth is only a religious convention, it is an artificial label based on tradition that has no reflection on his actual beliefs. I think most Americans would have been satisfied by this explanation. However by not being honest and by not addressing the issue he has found himself in a bind of his own making.

  25. JB in VA, it does seem that Muslim cultures are a lot more sexist than western ones. Who knows exactly where Obama’s sexism comes from though, but you may be on to something. There still seems to be enough sexism in the USA to go around even if you aren’t a follower of Islam.

  26. I don’t have a problem with Obama’s brother saying that he was raised a Muslim.

    I do have problem with the fact that Obama blatantly lies about it.

    It’s the LIE that’s the problem.

  27. The Jerusalem Post (is that a credible source?) said Malik Obama gave an interview on Israeli Army Radio and that is where he supposedly said Obama would be a friend to Jews even though he had a Muslim background.

    Now, I do think Malik Obama was referring to the patrilineal connection but I haven’t heard the interview. And I also don’t care if he was raised a Muslim, but the right cares and is using it to sow seeds of doubt in Obama.

    If the interview can be found and was spoken in English, wouldn’t the right be able to use in a 527 ad that Obama’s brother (half brother actually but they’ll gloss over that) that he was raised a Muslim and frame it as an “Obama lies” piece?

  28. Hey, why shouldn’t he disparage an entire religion? he stood by as the media disparaged entire states as racists on his behalf.
    It’s the lying that’s lame in all this story – more than anything.

  29. I do care if he were a Muslim especially if he is only masquerading as a Christian. That reflects on his true character.

    This country and system of govt. is based on Judeo-Christian beliefs. And although the constitution prescribes separation of Church and State, still Christian ethics and philosophy permeate the govt. system. I will not adhere to a system of beliefs that automatically designate women as an inferior class.

    Call me unevolved; but I feel very strongly about this.

  30. felizarte said :

    “I will not adhere to a system of beliefs that automatically designate women as an inferior class.”

    I completely agree with you!

  31. Does everyone remember when HRC’s 3 a.m. ad was labelled as scare-mongering? Isn’t Obama doing the same when he continues to deny any connection with Muslims? Isn’t he really saying “they are terrorists and I’m not”? Who needs this guy? The more he tries to align himself with Christianity, the more worried I become. I truly believe in separation of church and state and do not want another President wearing their religion, of whatever faith, on their sleeve.

  32. I don’t give a darn if he’s a Muslim, a Scientologist or worships the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Religion is a personal thing and so long as no one is cramming it down my throat I simply do not care.

    I don’t like liars though. And I don’t like cheaters. And I don’t like people who use race and misogyny to divide their own party. I don’t like people that corrupt their own party in order to win and even then have to be pushed across the finish line to win a flawed primary.

    Is he a Muslim? I don’t know and I don’t care. That has nothing to do with why I will not vote for this empty suit the DNC and Democratic Leadership (oxymoron warning) has foisted on us.

  33. Sorry if this was posted already, but here’s a link to Sen. Obama’s “gun” comment:


  34. …and, for the record, I’m not sure he wants to be quoting from the “Untouchables.” If I was the GOP, I would be working on the “Chicago-style politics” ad right now…

  35. Mawm I agree wholeheartedly. Whether a muslim or not does not count. They are as diverse as christians and jews – some are fundamentalist and should be fought whatever faith. The main thing is the money trail, Soros is important. He said in an interview on the BBC worldservice that he supports Obama now but chooses to stay in the background since he considers himself a ‘controversial character’. He gave more than 20 mill $ to the 2004 Democratic campaign, in his own words in the interview. Can someone please try and find out how much (more) this time? Love to you all from a very different time zone

  36. sorry was on last thread: answering a post about my
    prediction for 312/223 in November for McCain check my logic below:

    Above some one asked what states I gave Obama in my 312/223 McCain Wins senario-sorry it was a kathy Griffin 1st episode rerun of her new season on bravo.

    My math was simple gave each pretty much there base states gave McCain Missouri(theats really the deal breaker here) and Ohio and Florida sorry but the trend is not good and Senator Obama can out spend Senator McCain 3 to 1 and still not take those states.

    Pensylvannia giving it to McCain sorry ER telegraphed a big message to the reagan/Casey Dems with his statement about “…we need the checks…” but I put pennsylvannia in McCains coloumn before the statement.

    New Mexico-sorry Senator Obama Gov Richardson cant save you there-at all. even so by the time NM comes on line with its electorial college votes it will be game over.

    I say 312/223 McCain in November-this of course discounts Califirnia and the Big Marriage amendment and I am also giving Senator Obama Michigan-I am not convinced that he can really take the state without spending a lot of money there-but again I am a generous man.

    Is my logic corrent? also I believe a Hillary Top of the Ticket vs McCain produces and almost oposite result. Except McCain Keep Forida of all the states I awarded him above. In the Clinton/McCain option still available McCain has to spend lots of dollare to keep Florida.


  37. I agree completely, RD. I don’t care and last I checked the constitution, there was no religious test for taking public office.

    It’s the anti-Muslim bigotry behind the denials that bugs me — which is pretty rich, given that any opposition of Obama is dismissed as r*cism. I remain disgusted by how quickly Obama runs like brave Sir Robin from the very suggestion of Such A Shocking Accusation. I guess it hurts his political ambition. I don’t need him to declare what a devout Christian he is, in particular. I am tired of religion in my politics. Unlike chocolate and peanut butter, it does not make for a tasty peanut butter cup combination.

  38. It really is obvious that he was raised in a Muslim society. My problem with this whole thing is that, as I have always said, he joined the Christian church after he met and married Michelle, when they moved to Chicago. That church is a huge networking church. As we have seen Oparah , and a lot of other “influential” people belong to that church. I believe he used his so called Christianity as a stepping stone to his political career. I have a huge problem with his lies. He has shown over and over he is a poor judge of character, and it is coming back to haunt him. He is causing all of this himself. I wouldn’t care if he was Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Black, White, Yellow or Brown…I have a problem with his lack of ability to tell the truth. He is a sexist, condescending, arrogant being. I do not trust him and will not trust him to run our country.

  39. Big deal if Obama is a muslim or not ones religion does not disqualify one as a candidate for president.

    end of story….this religion thing is such a distraction


  40. its important to note that muslims do not take kindly to muslims that are born muslim (their fathers are muslim) grow up muslims and then change their religion.

    check this interesting article


  41. I agree.

    I care not a turd for this awful person, not to mention his charming wife.

  42. Check Muslims-another group thrown under the bus by Senator Obama.


  43. That gun comment sure sounds a lot like Bush when he said bring em on. We all know where that got us. *61 better go back to his plagiarized speeches.

  44. The reason he is adamantly proclaiming that he’s not a Muslim is because the issue hurts him among Independents, Republican crossovers, and Evangelical Christians he covets so much.

  45. Excellent article in todays Seattle Times! Help spread this wonderful piece.


    Now for the topic at hand 😀 I’ve known some nice Muslims, had some deep conversations when I was in Yemen while in the Navy. I don’t have an issue with the religion, radicals in it yes…lies and cover ups about it yes…Senator Obama has too many ties to the radical elements in the Muslim religion such as his cousin Odingo, and several members on his election committee as well as his senate committee that are members of NOI. I would honestly prefer a candidate that was not a follower of any organized religion.

    Those you see following the Obamessiah are not Democrats, though the species may try to look similar. They are in fact nothing but JACKASSES!

  46. Charles:

    How do you get those Euro2008 widgets on your blog?

    Great blog btw, very rich. I thought I was The man with 1000 interests but you beat me.

  47. Riverdaughter,

    I want to thank youfor your suggestion to get away from the blogs in “1 million visitors” I reconnected with H&G TV and Bravo-I am so happy to see Kathy Griffin back on for her 4th season. Also called a few family and friends was hoping the rain wold let me nap but no rain today- maybe tommorrow.

    I am suprised to see so much focus on the faith of Senator Obama as a child its the faith candidates practice as adults that get them into trouble. Look at Bush, he was a mainline protestant as a child went evangelical as an adult due to his wife. (a pattern here) But in Georges case it got him sober and off the powder(alledgedly)

    We need to move beyond his religion he is unqualified because he has held nothing but part time jobs all his life.


  48. For all who say they don’t care if Barack is a Muslim: 1. Do you care if he misrepresented his religious training for political purposes?

    2. Do you care about the fact that Hillary Clinton was excoriated for saying (after first saying that of course she did not believe he was a Muslim) that he was not a Muslim as far as she knew?

  49. Sorry forgot Reagan proved the Presidency can be a part time job if you do not care if the country goes to hell in a hand basket.-

    Memory lapse – still glowing from Kathy Griffin this afternoon


    Oh and Diane @ hireheels rocks- and their videos on Utube are a must see for Hillary supporters good message and humor its seditious to watch.

  50. mistfit:

    Here are my answers:

    1- No!

    2- No as far as candidate Obama is concerned.

    That’s not what makes him mediocre.

    I know, I know, I’m not RD but what the hell…

  51. Yes I think the point of “is he or is he not a Muslim” is his pattern of lies and the way he distances himself from things that might be controversal. As in we are not allowed to say his middle name. (It’s the 11th commandment you know!) Bottom line is this pattern erodes confidence in his character, judgement, honesty and trustworthiness.

  52. I expect Obama will once again run from this accusation, deny it, and throw Muslims under a bus, along with the rest of us who are already there. It’s getting might crowded under the bus these days.

    I’ve calculated that there are now enough of us under that bus to turn it over. Let’s heave, folks!

  53. fuzzy, we are banned from Bravo here in my part of NC. The cable companies will not provide it. It upsets me greatly, as I have to get my Mom to record shows, and only get to watch them when I visit her.

  54. You know, this magical, mystical bus better be tricked out and have 4-wheel drive or it isn’t going to get over all of us under it.

    I really don’t care if he wears heels and a burqa while he does housework, for me it ends up being what he’s not.

    Not experienced, not for UHC, not for pre-conditions, not for honest debate, not for owing up to his surrogates scurrilous attacks — I’ll give him all of that, but I won’t give him my vote.

    It’s not racial. It’s “why were you sitting in that church”!!
    Michelle ” MOCKED HILLARY”!!
    We “feel” that & that’s WHY WE GO THRU -FIRE FOR THEM!!
    I was blessed to meet Chelsea / “she’s got her parent’s GIFT!!

  56. misfit: I know why he might have lied about or mischaracterized his upbringing. Because Ted Bundy is probably viewed higher in this country than is a Muslim man. (as sad as that may be).

    And to whoever talked about the Muslim faith and women: I’m not fond of how the Muslim faith views women. However, I’m also not fond of how some sects of the Christian faith view women. Few religions have clean hands in that matter. Nasty things are done in certain countries in the names of various religions.

    And BTW, I was half-kidding about Scientology. However, considering that it utilizes things like work camps, tells women they can’t make noice during childbirth, etc. I find it more of a cult than a religion, so I was only half-kidding.

  57. noice=noise.

  58. Muhammad Ali is a Muslim.
    People came to like him okay.

  59. I realize this comes from his brother .. but where ??

    I don’t care either .. never have . But .. is this a rumour or has this been posted somewhere with a link?

    Sorry , If I missed it .. & you all ready did ..

  60. [a href=”http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1212659716936&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull”>Over here at The Jerusalem Post

  61. I like most Moslems I know. And the ones I know who can vote voted for Hillary in the primary. They are Yugoslavian and they think she was brave to fly into Tuzla at all. And there were snipers in the hills that day. My Yugoslavian friends said so. Hillary just had it wrong because they were Government snipers to make sure the First Lady was safe. But with the language barrier I could see her misunderstanding.
    Barky being a Muslim wouldn’t bother me. Him being a lying phony sack of shit does bother me.

  62. We don’t pick our religion as children. You are assigned our religion as children by our parents.People really need to get a grip and Obama needs to be straightforward on this. But like in so many instances he doesn’t seem to have that capacity.

  63. Re: the “bring a knife” comment – an expression everyone’s heard a million times, of course. But as for the use of it – what happened to post-partisanship and no Red America and Blue America?

  64. Are there GOOD muslim role models? I can’t think of any. I would be bothered if obama were a muslim, as islam is incompatable with western culture. Although this may be politically incorrect to say, it is nonetheless true. For example, when you have 40% of muslims residing in Britain say they want England to be under sharia law, it pretty much speaks for itself. So let’s dispense with political correctness please and not pretend islam is no different than being Christian or Jewish.

  65. “However, considering that a significant portion of Republicans have been taught to fear Muslims (my family included), ”
    No one need be “taught” to fear muslims. All one has to do is look at the behavior of muslims themselves and see what is occurring on a global scale, where muslims are committing bloodshed from the Middle East to African, Europe, Asia. Muslims are slaughtering Jews in Israel, muslims are slaughtering Christians in Africa, muslims are slaughtering Hindus in India and Kashmir, muslims are slaughtering Buddhists in Thailand and muslims are slaughtering Catholics in the philippines. Again, enough with political correctness in pretending that muslims are not especially violent and threatening. Why does islam, far more than any other religion inspire such widespread hatred and violence on an unprecedented level? There is no equivalent in any other religion.

  66. I’d like all the “nobama” posters here to prove to me, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you were never muslim. That’s what’s so lame about this “controversy”, you can’t prove a negative! Religeon isn’t a genetic trait, get over it already. When has a candidate ever been put to the “are you really a christian” test? you folks make me laugh, then cry. God help us.

  67. Fred, Fred, you are so misinformed.

    Anyone with a Jewish mother is a Jew, by birth. That’s
    Jewish law.

    Anyone with a Muslim father is a Muslim, by birth. ‘That’s
    Muslim law.

    Barack Obama’s father was a Muslim, so Barack, Jr.,
    was born a Muslim.

    He lies when he says he was never a Muslim.

    Why not just tell the truth and say “I was born a Muslim”?

    Family and friends say he practiced Islam as a child.
    His school records say he was a Muslim, and a
    teacher remembers that he was learning to recite the
    Koran, which most Muslim children don’t learn.

    Why not just say “I practiced Islam as a child in Indonesia,
    which is a Muslim country, but now I am a Christian”?

    Lying is always stupid.

  68. Gee,

    My dad was born a Presbyterian and he converted to Catholicism as a young man. Now he doesn’t go to any church. Is he still a Presbyterian because he was brought up as one?

    KG, you make no sense.

  69. Who is Malik Obama?? Huh?

    I’m confused, I just got done reading Dreams of my Father and nowhere is a this “Malik Obama” mentioned?

    As far as his memoir is concerned this is his family tree:

    He has 4 half brothers and one sister from Sr. Obama’s first marriage to a Kenyan woman Kezia.

    Abongo (Roy) Obama oldest
    Auma sister
    Abo brother
    Bernard brother

    He also has 2 other half brother’s from Sr Obama’s third marriage to another American woman named Ruth. He fathered Mark and David whom later changed their names to their Zimbambwe’s step-fathers name after their’s mother bitter divorce from Obama Sr. The younger one, David died in a car crash. In his book he describes meeting Mark the older one and is stunned at their physical similarities. Mark is attending Stanford and when they meet it seems Obama is quite dissapointed at Mark’s non-Afrocentrism mentality.

    Finally, he describes an even younger younger brother that his Obama Sr fathered with a 4th woman the same year he was killed in a car crash. The boy’s name is George and Barack meets him briefly in a school classroom.

    Here is the family tree.. I’m still puzzled as to who this Malik person is..


  70. Oops and I forgot to add his sister Maya who was born to his mother Ann when she was married to Lolo Soetoro.

    Quite the complicated family..

  71. Okay nevermind, I went back and did some page flipping.. On one of the very last pages of the book Barack describes: Abongo (Roy) Obama converting to Islam and taking the Muslim convert name Malik. As he used to be Christian and then converted to Islam..

    I really think everyone should read the book that answered a lot of questions I had about him. He clearly describes early on not really embracing Islam or Christianity.. Almost sounds a little agnostic in this next excerpt.


    “In Indonesia, I’d spent 2 years at a Muslim school, 2 years at a Catholic school. In the Muslim school, the teacher wrote to tell mother I made faces during Koranic studies. In the Catholic school, when it came time to pray, I’d pretend to close my eyes, then peek around the room. Nothing happened. No angels descended. Just a parched old nun and 30 brown children, muttering words. Sometimes the nun would catch me, and her stern look would force my lids back shut. But that didn’t change how I felt inside.”

  72. Hatred is the word. denounce all your evil saying and move on. i am catholic man from Alabama.
    i will never vote for mccain.

  73. Obama is not moslem but if he is.
    nobody cares.
    i just found my self on this strange site.
    i bet you are more of haters not jewish

  74. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

  75. […] will not make him more presidential. This will only make him the craven empty suit we know he is. # This entry was written by Danny, posted on June 14, 2008 at 6:37 pm, filed under Asides, Politics […]

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