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Some other folks who didn’t get the memo…

So Hillary is out of the race now, supposedly. I have no idea where she is. I hope she is on vacation somewhere far away, completely insulated from the media’s continuing attacks. And they are continuing, even though the media and the DNC have supposedly ended Hillary’s presidential bid. Here are just a couple of examples.

A couple of days ago, the lovely and talented Monica Crowley of MSNBO, while she was guest-hosting The Laura Ingraham Show. talked about what Hillary would do to political enemies who backed Barack Obama.

You know, if you’re backing the “hope” guy, well, that’s too bad for you, and it will be too bad for you because girlfriend will cut you. She will strap you into the electric chair. Then she will waterboard you. Then she will slowly and methodically pull off each one of your toenails. Then she will deprive you of sleep by blasting “The Best of the ’80s Hair Bands” at you, and then she will cut off your manhood, and then she will throw the switch. This is what Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Bill Richardson, Oprah, and Maria Shriver all have to look forward to. None of them should be starting their personal cars in the morning.

There is lots more of Crowley’s rantings against both Clintons at Media Matters.

And then there’s this charming column from long-time Clinton hater Sally Quinn. Quinn advises Hillary to go away for awhile (one gets the feeling she would like it to be a very long time) on a mindfulness retreat where she can find herself, which Quinn condescendingly claims Hillary has never had the chance to do.

She gave up a promising career as a Washington lawyer to move with him to Arkansas. She changed her name. She married him knowing about the other women in his life.

She helped him run for president, first as the “buy-one-get-one free” co-president who wasn’t going to spend time having teas and baking cookies, then as the “stand-by-your-man” little woman on “60 Minutes” after the Gennifer Flowers story broke.

Once in the White House she changed her hairdo, her style of dressing and her mannerisms so often that it seemed to some that she was suffering from multiple personality disorder. She was the health care maven, then the hostess, then, after Monica, the victimized wife again, standing by her man.

When she ran for Senate and won it was largely because of her marriage to Bill Clinton. When she ran for President she had the same problem. It was never just Hillary Clinton.

The incomparable Bob Sommerby eviscerated Quinn here.

If you have other examples, please share them in the comments, or use this as an open thread.

168 Responses

  1. Tim Russert died. What the hell?

  2. Obama wins by division. He race-baited in SC to divide black people from white people. He has used ageism to divide young women from older ones.

  3. I think that people should stay away from movies that depict violence against women. It is sad when women are coming up with this hateful imagery on their own.

  4. BB – this was fascinating it seems to me like Monica Crowley was trying to refer to Clinton as some sort of terrorist. There were also the rumors this week about a Clinton “enemies list.” LIke i said to Gary on his post today, we don’t agree on much of anything but these characterizations you’ve pointed out are asinine and seem to derive much less scrutiny than analagous statements made about Obama (like the lady from fox referring to the Barak/Michelle fist bump as a “terrorist jab”). Very interesting post (again – no snark intended).

    In a related note, i noticed in some places folks were very frustrated with Tim Russert. Would someone mind identifying some statements/tactics he used which were uniquely biased. My impressoin of his coverage (as a diligent Meet the Press fanatatic) is that he generally antagonizes whomever his guest is and that he rarely pulls a punch (his evisceration of Giuliani comes to mind).

  5. RegencyG,

    I just commented on another thread that may God & the readers forgive me, but God don’t like UGLY. Ted Kennedy’s sudden illness, Tim Russert’s dying, Robert Byrd’s illness. There’s a pattern here that I call Karma.

    Again, just my opinion and please excuse the rant, but I don’t feel moved by it.

    Tim Russert was an excellent policital analyst up until he gave up being that and went the ways of bad journalism in the past 8 years. I feel bad for the his family that lost a husband, a son, a brother, a father, a friend. But he was none of those to me and he did not serve his profession honorably in the past 8 years.

    When Peter Jennings died, I cried because he was the LAST of the pure ones, he was the LAST of the unbiased, give the truth even if it hurts journalists. I’m not exactly crying for Tim.

  6. Nathan, just google “Tim russert sexism” you’ll find a lot of links. This came up right away:


  7. http://yikes101.blogspot.com/

    Came across this blog via a comment at Digby’s–blogger notes the photo used by the NYTImes to illustrate its story on whether there was sexism in the media coverage of Hillary’s run for the nomination.

    Second story on site right now. The photo will blow your mind–and confrim your worst thoughts about the MCM.

    Is it snark? Disrespect? Their idea of supporting the story?

    Wow and sheesh.

  8. I really have no idea what issues Quinn and Crowley have but they are big ones. The sheer magnitude of their hatred and vitriol says a whole lot more about them then it says about Senator Clinton.

    These poor sick females need to get some counseling. One thing I learned a long time ago is that beauty really is only skin deep. The ugly inside can’t be fixed with make-up, botox or plastic surgery. That kind of ugly, like that kind of stupid is a lifelong affliction. Too bad that the media in this country encourages this kind of shameful commentary.

    I might almost feel sorry for them and others like Peggy Noonan and Modo is they didn’t do so much damage. All that hate and those negative vibes just toxic up the atmosphere, doncha think?

  9. SM, my mom woke me up to tell me about Russert and I said the same thing. I know it’s horrible, but I thought, what goes around comes around.

  10. Monica Crowley was a research person for Richard Nixon. She should know about political enemies lists.

  11. That NY Times photo is a stunner, isn’t it?

  12. It’s against some rule right for Obama to replace Hillary’s pledged delegates with his own, right? Because that’s what I’m hearing, and I just want to know if this really isn’t America, but Soviet Russia dressed like America.

  13. I have a feeling that RD would really get a kick out of this. It is pretty funny; basically the jist of it is, prepare to be courted women voters. Target Women: Suffrage

  14. If anything happened to any of you guys I’d cry. Even though I’ve never met you, don’t know anything personal about most of you, don’t know if you’re sick or well, young or old, tall or short, brown or white, male or female. You are all great.

    You all give inspiration, determination, hope, laughter, stress relief, energy. So I’ll take a moment to pay tribute to YOU ALL for all you’ve done for me. Thank you so much.

    On the other hand, the memory of someone I never knew and didn’t much like what I knew is goint to fade pretty fast. It’s tragic for his family, though, and I get that. May their grief pass quickly. I think we’ll be renting movies tonight rather than watching TV. He wasn’t the Mother Theresa, but they’re acting like he was.

    One conclusion I’ve formed in my mind: God is either a woman or a rabid feminist. Did I just say that?

  15. I wonder if social doyenne Sally Quinn will be pleased that the new political power center will be in Chicago. When Bill was elected Sally, queen of the Villager social set, was shocked that Hillary didn’t want her advice about how to entertain. Such low a low life.

    But the Obamas, my dear! They’re just like Jack and Jacky Kennedy. We’ll have elegant partys at the White House. We’ll wear opera gloves, We’ll dance the twist while we listen to the hifi. DC will enjoy a Renaissance.

    Heh. Not hardly, Sally. The party’s in Chi Town now.

  16. Yeah, I think the NYTimes photo should make anyone’s sexism list–Shakespeare’s Sister, Media Matters (maybe), a list someone at either TL or Corrente wanted to start so this egregious behavior is memorialized (used that word sarcastically).

    regencyg, where are you hearing about Hillary delegates being replaced by Obama picks? First hand, second, reports? I think that’s a huge no-no.

  17. Of course, who thought a candidate would move the DNC to Chicago?

  18. I just cannot understand the core of people’s extreme hatred for Hillary. I understand how those at the top vying for power and money want to stop her because she does not quit, and she it not controllable, and her education, intelligence & effectiveness make her a threat to their various personal agendas. But I can’t understand how working class people, especially other women, are so judgmental and vicious toward her.

    Misogyny? Jealousy? Fear that with her strength, she will break that ultimate glass cieling and there will be NO going back?

  19. You know, I never thought I’d feel like a member of the Rebel Alliance for supporting Clinton. It seemed like a pretty safe, mainstream position to take. Now I find myself wondering how Obama and his ilk will exact their revenge on us for not having supported him in the first place.

    As for Quinn and Crowley, they remind me of second wives hammering the first to turn over custody of the kids or give up on child support. They align themselves with men at the expnse of other women. They’ve always been around. Read Euripides.

  20. Sally Quinn, who owes her status to her husband, Ben Bradley, complains about Hillary, who could won her Senate seat on her own! Talk about chutzpah!

  21. regencyg, on June 13th, 2008 at 7:11 pm Said:
    It’s against some rule right for Obama to replace Hillary’s pledged delegates with his own, right? Because that’s what I’m hearing, and I just want to know if this really isn’t America, but Soviet Russia dressed like America.

    Go to No Quarter and read this exchange between Jon Ausman (from the RBC meeting) and an Obama financial head, it’s AWFUL. I twas published in the Orlando Sentinel (very important FL newspaper).

    I’d post the link, but I get spammed everytime.

    They KNOW Hillary has more pledged delegates from FL but the Obama campaign/DNC doesn’t want to pay for their travel.

  22. According to someone at another site, they read on the LA Times that BO was doing so in Florida. It’s either because he CAN or because they may or may not be voting McCain. Check the Times website, it may be there.

  23. Teresa, on June 13th, 2008 at 7:12 pm Said:

    On the other hand, the memory of someone I never knew and didn’t much like what I knew is goint to fade pretty fast. It’s tragic for his family, though, and I get that. May their grief pass quickly. I think we’ll be renting movies tonight rather than watching TV. He wasn’t the Mother Theresa, but they’re acting like he was.

    One conclusion I’ve formed in my mind: God is either a woman or a rabid feminist. Did I just say that?

    Amen and a Hallelujiah to that one!

  24. I’ll be respectful about this: I won’t miss Russert one bit.

    Back on topic: I just love it when women ooze sexist talking points. Monica Crowley is so weird. She’s overly hostile and aggressive when she appears on the news.

  25. jawbone – I think it’s funny that the Villagers, who think that DC is the center of the universe, have to deal with the DNC moving to – Chicago!

    The Villagers seemed to have been in love with Obama and his sophisticated glamour. Michelle looks (to them anyway) moldable. We can teach her how to do seating plans and how to write place cards. We can help her with the linens and the flower arrangements. She’s a diamond in the rough. We simplu must get rid of those tacky pop-it beads …

    Dream on girls.

    Obama is going to p*ss off everybody one way or another.

  26. I’ve been praying for the hand of Kali to intervene in this rotten season of political skulduggery. Draw your own conclusions.

  27. Hello Arabella and all- I was going to go their about Ms Crowley and Nixon but Plural beat me to it -good on you.-

    So our Hillary is being sent away to Siberia while the powers that be gut the remains of the Democratic party and women are again reduced to second class citizenship with “the gays” and Latino’s and other non essential americans.

    Other wise has anything else happened?

    Love Fuzzybeargville

  28. Cspan 2 just showed a ghastly press conference with a Howard Dean and a bunch of smug “Democrats,” Pelosi et al. They were bragging about how all their states would go blue this November.

    Pelosi might want to check with her governor on that one.

    And as usual with the insider Dems, they didn’t seem to think the voters would be a factor.

  29. And don’t forget Dowd. She tore Hillary up week after week. She mentioned the “nuclear option” of seating Florida and Michigan that was later picked up by the NY Times editorial. Her first sentence last Sunday was an attack on Hillary (making her enemies list) even though the article was about Michelle.

    Monica Crowley stated on McLaughlin that, “The Clinton war machine has bull dozed everybody and everything in its path for 20 years.” I recall Newt Gingrich’s mom calling Hillary a bitch on tape and Hillary invited her and Newt to tea. They came. That’s destroying someone?

    I think it was also Monica who mentioned on Fox that it’s too bad Barbara Olsen didn’t live to see the end of the Clintons.

    What end? She’ll be back. She’s stronger than ever.

  30. They call them Dimocrats for a reason. There’s some kind of light on but there’s nobody home.

  31. arabella, it is the lure of elitism. The Clinton’s never fit with their picture. The village treated them terribly for being “hicks from Arkansas”, and once in Washington, they brought all the riff raff with them.

  32. “Monica who mentioned on Fox that it’s too bad Barbara Olsen didn’t live to see the end of the Clintons.”

    OMG did she really?

    Talk about shameless.

  33. Hi fuzzybear!

    I prefer to think that Hillary is in seclusion, strong and graceful in repose. It’s a smart move for her to step out of the scene for now. Obama can shine in the spotlight. Everyone can really get a good look at him.

    It’s no coincidence that his bots have to be given busy work like setting up websites to Fite the Smeerz. No Hillary, no hate target.

    You wait, grasshoppers. Hillary is a tai chi player.

  34. jawbone,

    Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn’t seen it yet. It’s also interesting that the photo they used of Keith Olberman is from before he gained about 50 pounds.

  35. Lori welcome to the rebel alliance-“Tarkin (DR DEAN) I wondered who would be holding vaders(axelfraud)leash?-The tighter you grip your fingers the more star systems will slip though them” Leia’s(Hillary) words to live by…

    Regencyn-Karma is at work and magic is afoot-

    I cnat help being happy because the Le Resistance lives on.


  36. “It’s against some rule right for Obama to replace Hillary’s pledged delegates with his own, right? Because that’s what I’m hearing, and I just want to know if this really isn’t America, but Soviet Russia dressed like America.”


    Where did you hear this? That makes no sense. Please link to the source.

  37. Mawm – That’s true. Those trashy Clintons.

    The Villagers will get buyer’s remorse more quickly than other Obama fans will. They thought that they were getting jazz music, and Josephine Baker and Chubby Checker. They are not only going to get the gospel styling of Reverend Wright, they are going to have to schlep to Chicago.

    Michelle Obama is not going to attend tea parties with Sally Quinn and her pals.

  38. I haven;t seen the NY Times photo I’m hearing about, Is there a link, please?

  39. About Russert.. my condolences to his family. it is very sad to hear all his colleagues speaking about him, on MSNBC and other networks.

    And yet.. I can’t help but remember how, last fall, a key turning point in the campaign was the October debate he moderated along with Brian Williams, in which question after question after question was a “gotcha” attack on Hillary directly, or a clear invitation for another candidate to attack Hillary. The bias was astonishing. She did fine but finally near the end muddled the answer on drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants, and that was grabbed and run with by the rest of the media, and it was just nonstop negative coverage from then until.. well, IMHO it never let up. The next day her campaign put out a response about the debate “pile on” and she happened to have scheduled a speech at Wellesley in which she referenced the “all boys club” of presidential politics. The media went nuts, saying she was playing the victim, playing the gender card, whining, etc.

    From that debate, Brian Williams (opening question): Specifically, what are the issues where you, Senator Obama, and Senator Clinton have differed, where you think she has sounded or voted like a Republican?
    It got worse from there. And.. here we are.


    Subject obama’s explanation

    Comments Obama Explains National Anthem Stance

    Hot on the heels of his explanation for why he no longer wears a flag pin, presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama was forced to explain why he doesn’t follow protocol when the National Anthem is played.

    According to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171, During rendition of the national anthem when the flag is displayed, all present except those in uniform are expected to stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart.

    ‘As I’ve said about the flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides,’ Obama said. ‘There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression. And the anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all. It should be swapped for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song ‘I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.’ If that were our anthem, then I might salute it.’


    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this could possibly be our next president. I, for once, am speechless

  41. Plural,

    Not only that, but Sally Quinn got involved with Ben Bradlee, her boss and now husband, when he was married to another woman and broke up the marriage. What right does she have to criticize Hillary’s relationship?

  42. Seclusion- actually maybe she is in her box seat? The DNC circus is in town and she might want to watch a good comic farce every now and then?

    Boston watch the wieght jokes Fuzzybear is a big guy too, I love to eat just a little less than I love you guys and Hillary.

    So who got thrown under the bus today? My news feed was down at work.


  43. Savage Politics hits another home run:


    When a candidate feels the need to dedicate an entire internet location to combat rumors, it should automatically put into question the viability of said individual to win a general election.

    Good take on the Smears Busters Website.

  44. Mawm: that article only cited one instance of russert’s problematic reporting

    “The only one who will not say “I made a mistake,” because she is afraid that if she acknowledges a mistake, it will show a lack of surefootedness in national security and foreign policy, and, for a woman candidate, that can be a real detriment.”

    He actually seems to be making a point that sexism puts Clinton in a tough corner vis-a-vis admitting mistakes on iraq. I’m not entirely sure he’s saying she’s a woman ergo she’s not surfooted on foreign policy, just pointing out that clinton has the burden of sexism to overcome when it comes to her strategic decision making.

    Chris Matthews – a sexist bastard, no arguments from me. But i’m really struggling to find the instances on Tim’s part. I’m not trying to argue with you, i’m literally just trying to identify the facts you have based your conclusions on.

  45. DJ,

    I never put my hand over my heart during the national anthem. I’ve never heard of that rule before. I’ve only heard of doing it during the pledge of allegiance. I have to say, I agree with Obama about the warlike nature of the anthem. I think we should use “America the Beautiful”–or better still Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land.”

  46. Didn’t Russert have a leadership role over Matthews? I know he did during the Valerie Plame travesty.

  47. Regency,

    Where did you hear this? That makes no sense. Please link to the source.

    I think this is one source: Here.

    Oh, and this one.

    Think those are the right ones.

  48. Teresa,
    This from you caught my eye: “One conclusion I’ve formed in my mind: God is either a woman or a rabid feminist. Did I just say that?”

    I was thinking something similar: “Boy would he be surprised to find out that ‘I am that I am’ is a she!

  49. My problem with Quinn’s piece, besides the obvious, is that it just re-hashes old information. We all know this stuff and how long can people just keep writing the same thing over and over. The Nina Totenbergs, Sally Quinns, and Andrea Mitchell’s of Washington have a warped view of womanhood. They’ve succeeded because they were new women on the scene and married well. I can’t really put my finger on it, but they just resent that Hillary wanted more. I think Cokie Roberts treated Hillary a little better because she comes from a political family and her own mother was in Congress.

  50. That picture everybody talks about is here at this blogspot.

    It’s annoying and definitely trained on tits, but I mostly noticed the outfit because I loved that outfit.

  51. I thought delegates could switch anytime they wanted – even pledged delegates. Someone just told me that two Hillary supporters at the Texas convention switched and signed in as Obama supporters.

    The national convention will be a dog and pony unity show. The RBC sent a clear message that Obama is our nominee and they will make sure it runs smoothly, even if they have to change the rules. For instance, I’ve heard the first vote is suppose to be in secret and now Dean wants it to be an open roll call vote (but don’t quote me on that – I could be wrong).

  52. In the national anthem-originally a poem by Francis Scott Key set to the tune of an old english drinking song-we were being attacked “the bombs busrting in air were British mortar fire on Fort McHenry. I think it is a most appropiate anthem considering the 9/11 attacks.

    and a second favorite is America the Beautiful-written by an american lesbian I believe-and sung by Kate Smith -I could go for that maybe?

    Biut I like to teach the world to sing? a barry Manalowe Jingle for Coke a Cola?


  53. From No Quarter
    Obama’s Ambassador of “Love”

    “…Number 2, I fundamentally believe that the Obama campaign should be able to send the delegates that most deserve it to the convention and because that the campaign did not participate in the process and strike anyone, people who knew the system were able to get a slate passed of people that were important to them and their local politics. There is nothing untoward about those individuals putting forth a slate in the absence of the Obama campaign participating. I do not think it is appropriate that that slate stands unchallenged now that the DNC RBC has ruled on Jon’s appeal, but that is MY opinion, not of the campaign. I have great respect for both Dianne Glasser and Bret Berlin and consider Bret a good friend. I would have done exactly what they did. My point has always been that I personally don’t think that it should be binding on a campaign that did not participate and now that there is an opportunity to at least try to fix the situation, we should. “

  54. DJ –

    I like the song ‘I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.’ If that were our anthem, then I might salute it.’

    So they’ll sing the Coca Cola commercial at the start of the Democratic Convention in Denver instead of singing the National Anthem. The DNC is going to make money any way it can.

  55. DJ

    That can’t be a true comment from Obama about our National Anthem.

  56. Kate Smith sang God Bless America…she didn’t write it.

  57. regencyg,

    Thanks for the links. The delegates Obama is replacing are pledged to him, not Hillary. In the second link the Obama person is complaining because Ausman outed what the Obama campaign was doing to those delegates. Obama has been doing this all over. It has happened in Texas and he tried to do it in CA, but again someone outed him. He is trying to give the delegate positions to his big donors and other favored people rather than the grass roots supporters.

  58. Regency are you spamming ??

  59. Media Matters is now coming out in force against the sexism against Hillary. They sure weren’t there when it counted, though. I emailed them constantly asking why they were sitting quiet, and not a sound came back.

    What Obama and the DNC are doing right now makes it look like they are stacking all the heavy pieces of furniture against the door to make sure Hillary can’t get back in.

    It was not the democratic party I would have expected to mastermind the destruction of democracy.

  60. Me, spamming? Mmm, I don’t think so. Why do you ask?

  61. JavaCityPal: I think they’re doing this damage control to protect Michelle against future attacks. They realize now that their complacency will come back and bite them so it’s time to be less complacent.

  62. Nathan-

    Reporters like Mr Russert love the loaded question-where any answer will put the rone questioned in a bad light.

    “do you cheat on your wife often mr president/Senator/congressman?”

    Comes to mind…


  63. If the media is still hounding Hillary, that must mean they don’t believe she’s down and finished. Good news!

  64. I think that somw people hate Hillary because she ‘stood by her man’ and didn’tngive them an opportunity to hate even MORE on Bill Clinton (since impeachment didn’work for them).

  65. I know she didnt write it she sang it but the writer was a lesbian- got that from Harvey Fierstein himself on In the Life on NPR.

    “….next time you sing America the Beautiful look at your neighbor and say ‘ I love a good Lesbian Spiritual’ and see the response you get…”


  66. Ah, Teresa – You are brilliant. Of course sexism is bad now that Michelle Obama may get the crap cannon aimed at her.

    Obama will not tolerate the media picking on his wife.

    All first ladies are subject to scrutiny and snark. It’s a job requirement.

  67. Obama’s down 3% in the Gallup daily tracking poll:


  68. A nice story here about Hillary and John and stuff they did plus friendship—-


    McCain seems quite the gentleman to me, of late. I would like to see some honor restores to the position of highest office in the land myself — after the last 8 years — sad about Russert passing. American Journalism is a lost art— here is an obit:


  69. Harvey is a little wacky but I do love him-and he is quite insightful, but like most I am sure he has drank the Kool aid too

    I am doing my best for global warming but I gotta turn on the A/C- now its like August here in the Sunshine State.

    FYI at gaydays in Orlando didn’t see as many Obama buttons as I saw Kerry buttons in 2004. Mmmmm

  70. “Reporters like Mr. Russert.” Mike i’m not really sure what you mean by this. Quite frankly, this seems to be an example of someone stretching the facts. Look, only an idiot would suggest the msm isn’t sexist, particularly if you break down specific reporters and find specific instances where it happesn (C. Matthews has literally too many “gaffes” for me to count). But to suggest that Tim’s sudden heart attack was an act of Karma or a vengeful god seems asinine and offensive. Maybe its just because of similary circumstances which happend in my life recently, but i think that to even begin to substantiate a claim like that would require AN Argument. Shucks, at this point i’m not even looking for a patter of Russert’s sexism just AN instance which indicates his reporting had been overwhelmed with sexism.

  71. McCain is like the one-night-stand gentleman. We know he’s out to get something. However, any gentlemanly behavior is welcome in this climate.

  72. Java City – I complained on Left Coaster about Media Matters now standing up for Michelle when they were silent about Hillary and this is what someone wrote:

    Hello, I work at Media Matters and Media Matters was among the most prominent of voices discussing the coverage – particularly at MSNBC – attacking Sen. Clinton. See here or here. Also numerous action alerts were sent out. It was largely because of Media Matters why Chris Matthews apologized on air.

    Posted by Oliver Willis at June 11, 2008 07:36 PM

    They might have listed the hits against Hillary on their web page, but i didn’t get an email from them about sexism and Hillary but did receive one when the MSM took up the Fox report on Pastor Wright. They wanted everyone to write and complain – that’s when I unsubscribed to their emails – I’d never gotten one complaining about the MSM and Hillary hits.

  73. I can’t get over that the NY Times published an article on sexism in the media during this campaign and accompanied it with a headless photo of Hillary focused on her breasts. Are you fucking kidding me?!!!

  74. JavaCityPal, on June 13th, 2008 at 7:56 pm Said:
    Media Matters is now coming out in force against the sexism against Hillary. They sure weren’t there when it counted, though.

    Exactly! Too little and waaaay too late! In fact, that they waited until Hillary suspended her campaign is even MORE of an insult to women as far as I’m concerned.

  75. Yeah Loved the article this guy knows a smart cookie when he see’s one. If more articles like this had come out in February we would not be here now.

    Hillary looks so human in the story Hillary the friend, Hillary the confidant, Hillary the person to bad america never got to know that Hillary.

    Thanks MediaInc


  76. I don’t know that I have ever recalled Russert making sexist comments, to be honest. He seemed to treat the Clintons the same as most mainstream media, eg unfairly and with much hostility, but I did not think he was a sexist. I think he did take an activist role in the debates instead of moderating and was extremely antagonistic toward Hillary and did not press Obama nearly as much. Not exceptional in today’s media for this to have been the case.

    Maybe I have forgotten things, but actually my impression of Russert was that yes, he was the head of a boys’ club, and was so much about his roles in a very traditional patriarchal family – as father, son, husband. But IMHO he was able to be proud of that and value it, without lashing out against women or obsessing over suitable roles for women, or making piggish comments about women. He seems like the type who would treat female colleagues like they’re one of the boys – I heard Andrea Mitchell say he called her “Mitch,” for instance. He didn’t seem to be the type who would ever sit around and revel in dishing out petty insults like Matthews or Olbermann or Carlson or Fineman. I do think Hillary did not get fair coverage from Russert on his show or fair treatment in the debates he moderated, but I don’t think it was sexist.

  77. those polls are really interesting. neither can get over 50. obama is getting no bounce. mccain is weighed down by bush…he has room to grow.

  78. jmac,

    Media Matters did write about Chris Matthews and others on MSNBC. But they left Keith Olberman alone, unless they started writing about him later on. I wrote to complain, but got no response.

  79. “they waited until Hillary suspended her campaign”

    Everybody did — they waited until Dr. Dean gave the word.

    Now it’s all over the media. Coincidence? Ha.

  80. d g .. Remember the debate ?? .. ohhhh .. He was soo nasty to Hillary .. he was red faced and all most stuttering .. he was very very ugly to her .. they all were that night . If I had to pick the one as the worst it would be him ..

    Having said that .. I have all the feelings in the world for his family ..

  81. Russert’s crimes involving the iraq war and the valerie plame affair far outweigh any sexism he may have exhibited (and I think he did just like all the boys at NBC). But his claim to infamy will be that he helped bush snooker this country into a war with iraq and then lied to cover him up when his administration outed a CIA agent.

  82. Look I never said that Mr Russerts Death was an act of Karma and I dont buy the the Vengeful God theory- Sown to many NAMES Panels to believe in a hateful God(dess)/Creator. Lost a good partner to “Gods Judgement on Gay Men.”

    I do believe in hateful men and the parisites who feed off them and promote the Tim russert was the visible face of that cadre of men. Maybe he did not deserve it but he did little to deflect the critsism he seem to relish in it. Just my Opinion.


  83. The whole crew over at NBC is one big Frat boy club. They are ALL culpable.

  84. I’ve made a guide for HTML comments (it’s at my own blog), it should help people format links among other things:

    Avoiding the SPAM Filter: HTML for Comments.

    If you format your links they NEVER get caught in the spam filter.

  85. The thing about Olbermann is that progressives can get airtime on his show, so they aren’t inclined to go after him, because there are so few shows that have them on. I’m disappointed because he was more vicious and negative than the conservatives when it came to Hillary.

  86. Thank you Gary. It is Russert’s propaganda that helped the Bush administration push us to war that he will be known for. Hopefully. Hopefully he will be remembered that way, if he is remembered at all. I hold him responsible for the war in a big way. He never let on that he knew it was all bullshit. Then he wants to rake Hillary over the coals for her vote knowing she was being fed bogus intel.

  87. Now they’re playing old clips of Hillary’s appearances on Meet the Press. They really wish they could find her, don’t they?

    I’m waiting for somebody to start HillaryWatch: Where in the World is Hillary Clinton?

  88. sorry typos in the dark and hot I am really turning on the A?C sorry Riverdaughter I have done my share for mother earth as long as I could here comes the cool breeze.


  89. Gary i think (*sigh* and i hope this doens’t become a pattern) that you’re making a good point here about TR’s role with the Plame/Iraq debacle. I’m mostly trying to differentiate these criticisms about his reporting from those which indicated that he was uniquely horrible to clinton. Some people cite the debate, but unless my memory fails me the only debate he moderated which was particularly nasty was the debate in which Clinton offered two answers to the same question about immigration (which was mostly Spitzer’s fault). She gaffed in that debate and he capitalized on it. A tactic which he took every sunday with his guests.

  90. All the parting with all the dc people etc.. then they come on your program and you are gonna get direct with someone who has hosted you and your wife .. regularly ..??

    no .. I don’t think so .

  91. They should be showing him with Cheney…..lets not forget that it was Russert who allowed dick cheney to come on his show, week after week, and spread lies about weapons of mass destruction and never once call bullshit on him. He was their personal mouthpiece to lead the drumbeat to war, and his reward was to be the king of the hill (or the village), which he was right up until his death. Like I said earlier, I feel tremendously sorry for his family, but he did a horrible thing to this country and that can’t be forgotten, not even now.

  92. Nathan, Tim Russert’s hate of all things Clinton is well documented over the past 15 years. What planet are you from?

  93. Color me “not bereaved.’

  94. Quinn and Crowley. When women do this to other women, why should we be surprised when men feel free to jump on the same bandwagon?

  95. So often in the world people get linked to things that are so ancillary to what the bulk of their life was about.

    For Bill Clinton it will be Monica Lewinsky. Unfair when compared to all the good accomplished in hs years of public service.

    For Tim Russert its going to be sexism and media bias toward Barak Obama over Hillary Clinton. This will surely be true when Senator Obama goes down in Flames in November when the 57 states go to the poles.


  96. Love the Iowa Hillary co-chair now endorsing McCain. They posted a terrific statement :

  97. Nathan – sure, the immigration response was problematic. That came at the end of the debate and up to that point it had been pretty relentlessly negative toward her. here’s the transcript. Check the questions where Russert or Williams openly invite the other candidates to attack Clinton. There’s a second debate around February this year but I’m honestly too tired to dig through it right now..

  98. Wow Charles, sounds like someone needs a therapist.

  99. Good god.

  100. (shaking my head) Charles, I really wonder how some people live with themselves.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s ok to say a lot of things at home that are TOTALLY inappropriate for the public. You can’t say it here and you can’t say it on TV.

    Why is knowing that so difficult for some people?

  101. Hello LAMusing-I knew my fellow Iowans would wake up eventually. My aunt 70 year old in Gutenburg said the caucus was a mess up there. Gutenburg, its a sleepy little town, with lots of blue collar workers and blue hair ladies(my aunts words) their caucus is always a neighborly affair and the few obama supports we quite roudy.

    Nathan is my aunts eye witness report a good enough source for you. I would give you here ph# but the rosrary is being recited on EWTN right now and she is busy. She goes to bed right after.


  102. Michael, Lambert at Corrente is working on a project of documenting caucus experiences. Is there anyway you could get him and your aunt together? Maybe she could write out her experience?

  103. Sounds like we’re now “healed” enough to make truthful comments about what we view as Timmeh’s legacy, so here’s my nomination for his place in the Hall of Infamy.

    Wednesday, November 8, 2000, early morning: Tim Russert of NBC urges President-elect Al Gore to be “gracious, gracious, gracious” about letting the Bush crime family steal the electoral votes of Florida, Florida, Florida, and with them his lawful presidency.

    Mercy on your soul, Mr. Russert.

  104. Does anyone think that Nathan’s being just a little bit, I mean this with respect, to focused on the details and sources of our facts and such?

    I was wondering are you a librarian? I have great respect for librarians but they really love details. He seems to spend to much time demanding we provide source material for any assertions even some that have been documented on previous threads.

    Maybe he is doing a research paper on this blog for school in witch case we should not help him with his source material footnotes.


  105. Palomino- “Hand of Kali” Rock on!

    like you I believe the laws of the universe catch up eventually- I had posted earlier Karma is a bitch – aint it ?

  106. As a librarian myself, I don’t get how “Nathan” thinks he can come in our house and (sigh) force his style of conversation on us.

    Sure being able to cite sources is important (especially on the front page) but if every blog comment had to be footnoted — well there wouldn’t be posts with 300+ comments, would there?

    Nathan? Don’t be a pill. The site administrators are in the house and we’ve got a heavy hand when we’re irritated.

  107. On Tim Russert,

    I’m sure that Tim Russert believed he was practicing good journalism. Many of us saw it differently, especially in the recent Clinton-Obama nomination contest where, In my opinion, he was a victim of his own preconception.

    Anyway, my heart is with his immediate family right now.

  108. Now, I guess I should actually go back and review the conversation since I left for dinner.

  109. I told you she was 70 year old “roudy in her mind could hve been they didnt like her sprizt cookies” (just kidding Nathan) I will ask her and her daughters if they would be willing to talk about their caucus experience.

    But rememeber in these small rural towns it really is a family type enviroment at these events and any thing that would not be acceptable at the table would be thought rude. Now my cuz’s live in the city of Dubuque totally different atomsphere roudy is normal there.

    My youngest cuz, she had kids, so she could not caucus its to hard to find a baby sitter especially on jan 3rd right after new years. I think it is sad that her voice and other mothers could not be heard because of family obligations.


  110. Should anyone want to send a note to the NY Times for it’s tasteful headless photo focused on Hillary’s breasts that they used to accompany their article on sexism:

    Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Chairman & Publisher:
    Scott H. Heekin-Canedy, President, General Manager

  111. Charles,

    I was hoping people would go read the whole thing. But I’m glad you posted the rest. I just was over reading your blog. I still can’t long in. I’m already logged in to wordpress, so why doesn’t it remember me? Do you have any advice about what I should do so I can comment on your posts?

  112. Hm, thought I’d take advantage of the open thread to say —

    Why is it acceptable for Obama to buy into Muslim hate by assuring the world that he is not now, nor ever has been, a Muslim? Who cares what school he went to, what religion his family members were, what a portion of his cultural upbringing was? Why doesn’t he just, you know, scratch his nose at the lot of them? (‘Cause he’s so good at that.)

    And if the answer is: well, it’s because no one with a Muslim background of any kind could be president…. then how is that any better than the argument that no black men could be electable in the US? I happen to disagree with both those statements, but it’s hypocritical to subscribe to one if the other is is bigoted hate.

    Why does he need to stress that he’s never been a Muslim and is A Committed Awesome Christian on his silly anti-smear site? Why does it matter?

  113. Denise & Palomino:

    I know that I am one tough bitch, I know that my words have insulted and have inspired, but FUCK Tim Russert. I feel bad for his wife who lost a husband, his son who lost a father, his dad & mom who lost a lost, and to the close people who considered him a true friend.

    Aside from my PUMA stance, in the past 8 years, Tim banged the drum of the Bush wars. He drove the narrative of “Gore, quit it already.”

    Then, banged the drum again for the “Hillary, quit it already.” F*ck him – he will not be remembered as a journalist – but a propagandist.

  114. The Caucus system is very unfair I think caucusing is great for party building,but only a portion of the delegates should be determined by caucusing. say no more than 50% the rest should be selected by a primary vote system.

    Texas proved the anonimity (sic) of the ballot can often bring a different outcome to a primary race. Also like in the general election primarys should be winner take all. If obama loses by 1% in kew states he gets 0 electors to the electorial college.

    Alexrod cant game the apportionment system in November.


  115. Campbell Brown finished her show on CNN with a very moving tribute, Russert hired her to one of her first jobs, over at NBC, and she talked about how he was a great boss, sent news tips her way, always gave her credit, and when there were complaints about coverage, Russert always stood up for his people.

  116. Alice,

    I often wonder the same thing. I don’t care about anyone’s religion as long as they don’t try to push it on me or tell me what I can do in private. I’d like to see Obama stand up for something once instead of doing the politically expedient thing. I would have respect him if he had defended his church. And he certainly isn’t responsible for the kind of school he attended as a child. Why not stand up and say that being a muslim shouldn’t justify descrimination any more than membership in any other religion?

  117. SM

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Amen

  118. I can see Obama v McCain comming, and no Donna Brazile on the Supreme Court? what to do what to do?

    Palimino-watch it we know what MSNBC does to tough Bitches….we love them here though


  119. “Campbell Brown….talked about how he was a great boss, sent news tips her way, always gave her credit, and when there were complaints about coverage, Russert always stood up for his people.”

    As a journalist, Russert’s job was to inform the public fairly, not protect his employees from accountability.

  120. Sorry, I should have been more specific. Complaints by the subject of the coverage – she was a White House reporter.

  121. In other words the White House would call him up complaining about NBC stories and he would back up his staff. (I assume this is the Bush White House that Brown was reporting on.)

  122. Tim russert thread just opened up

  123. Oh Lawd, McCain is sliming the SC over the detainee decision. Obama is talking the social security “crisis” and touting his Bush voting record. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. How did we get here?

  124. Boston, EXACTLY.

    Denis, I said ealier, when Peter Jennings died, it was like jounalism died with him. Tim Russert was no Peter Jennings by a long shot.

  125. Im Barak Obama and Im a Compassionate Conservative -errr-Liberal-err-Progressive hey Dave what am I today I forgot?

  126. d g,

    I see. One has to wonder why the WH would complain about Campbell Brown, who is married to a former Bush admin. employee and is extremely biased. See her treatment of Hillary in the debate questioning. But I stand corrected.

  127. I have a crappy keyboard, sorry for all the typos. I literally have to bang with a stick some letters in order for them to appear.

  128. Melanie, on June 13th, 2008 at 9:13 pm Said:
    [snip] Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. How did we get here?

    Someone through the centrist out the frat party

  129. She was a White House reporter in the 90s.

  130. I see the administrators are conjuring patronus. quite successfully tonight…..buh-bye dementors.

  131. Nathan my friends call me fuzzybear-We here are not implying that Obama is a Muslim-would it make any diff to me if he was? Islam is not a well understood faith in this land. I for one would not disqualify a person for president because of his religion or lack there of.

    Its like on westwing where CJ Cregg is hounded by the press that she is a lesbian-a rumor started by some religious right organization Im sure- she agonizes about it. She even in so many words says if I say I am not then it may be construded that I am anti gay/lesbian(read throwing them under the bus). In the end she takes the “high Road” and tells her press corp that its none of their business and she isn’t going to adress the problem anymore.

    Thats what we are saying Senator Obama should have done.


  132. A storm is coming our way. Goodie.

  133. Regencyg, I was over on bartcop earlier and he had printed a note from a guy named Bill in TX that wants to hire you because he loved your last rant for Hillary. Bart says he knows him and the guy had helped his site.

  134. When I woke up this morning NPR was still obsessing on how Bill ruined Hillary’s chances.

    This evening, from beyond the grave, I hear clips of Tim Russert scolding Bill Clinton.

  135. UpstateNY: buh-bye dementors

    Is someone getting on your last nerve? Do you mean a literal storm or a figurative one?

  136. RonK,

    I left you a couple of things in the moderation file.

  137. Here’s another, from one of the most vicious nutjobs out there: http://www.salon.com/opinion/paglia/2008/06/11/hillary/

  138. Also I would like to stress I try to address the people by there titles as a sign of respect for their office. Senator Obama is never Obama- we do not bowl together so I am uncomfortable with calling him by name w/out title. Dr Dean or Chairman Dean same same.

    Hillary is a seperate case I have genuine affection for her and he signs in my window (still upside down) are covered Hillary for President-not Clinton. I do use Senator Clinton when comaring her to her peers. example here is Senator Clinton’s grasp of our current energy situation is far superior to Senator Obama and Senator McCain because….

    fuzzybear gville

    I am very respectfull

  139. Denverpuma, sounds interesting.

  140. I don,t let anyone tell me that CLINTONS were racist .
    I just tell them ,okay lets assume that they are and thats why she only got 7%black vote in SC, but were EDWARDS racist too that they only got 2% black vote in SC when they had won this state in 2004.
    So pls tell me what did edwards do wrong to get 2% vote in SC?

    Then they tell me “`well blacks are proud of OBAMA.“ So i tell them ,okay ,you should be proud of obama and if you were feeling guilty by not vting for hillary why blame them with race card just to make u feel justified on why you guys (AA) voted for OBAMA.

    I mean why create so much drama ,so they say “we did not “

  141. BB: nobody in particular, just the usual suspects “demanding” links/prove and accusing everyone of showing asinine judgement…

    The storm is for real, but I am not concerned, we have had temperatures in the 90’s today and it has been quite humid…It is just a summer storm and little by little you can hear it approaching our place…

    I love storms. We are fine.

  142. Lamenting the press’ treatment of our candidate is well and good but how do we change things?

  143. Upstate we are sweltering down here to…doesnot bode well for the summer hurricane season? hugh?

    Maybe V-Pres Al Gore has something on this climate change thing? even McCain thinks so.


  144. Nathan — The MSM consensus records it as a gaffe, but there was no inconsistency. Russert prefaced his question on a falsehood (that Clinton favored Spitzer’s program), and then invited the other candidates to vouch for his lie (which most of them did). The Edwards campaign then cut, rearranged and pasted her responses to produce the appearance of inconsistencies, and the MSM never called him on it.

    Such was Russert’s contribution to journalism.

    From her place of repose, my mother bids me say nothing at all. Keep stirring this pot at this most inappropriate time, and you will be saying nothing here

  145. The bit is under Subject: One Last Clinton Rant with incredible style and excellent writing at bartcop dot com. Bart backed Hillary though he is going with the “good dem” thing.

  146. Denverpuma, I’m looking right now. What should I do, contact Bart?

  147. Fuzzybear: it remains a mistery to me why anybody would live in FL in the Summer, then again, I ask myself that same question every Winter here in NY…

  148. I think I would. There’s an e-mail link right at the botton of each entry. Bart says the guy isn’t a kook, but be reasonably cautious anyway.

  149. We should have a new bumper sticker which should read

    “ For the first time in my adult life ,i am really ashamed be part of the democratic country“`


    Hey Pedro!


    We just hit another bump.


    (bus continues down the road)

    Hey, Pedro!


    We just hit another Obama campaign associate!

    How come you know he was from Obama?

    Cause when we run him over he said, “I hope this isn’t the kind of change we’re all in for!”

  151. faye: unfortunately for me it is not the first time in my adult life. The lack of leadership shown by D’s in congress the last few years has given me previous opportunities….

    Now, cocktail party anybody?

  152. an old friend from dailykos has made a great video of Hillary v DNC here: geeklove


  153. Bostonboomer, me too, I find myself wondering if she and Bill are on vacation or did she just turn up in the Senate the next day…?
    How hard it mucst be to be going “a hundred miles an hour to a dead stop” like that.

    “I have no idea where she is. I hope she is on vacation somewhere far away, completely insulated from the media’s continuing attacks. And they are continuing”

  154. M-media

  155. C-cult

  156. katiebird, on June 13th, 2008 at 8:22 pm Said:
    good reference page for people — how about adding block quote to the list.

  157. UpstateNY,

    I hope you get the storm and that it cools the temperature down. Our heat waved ended and we have had two gorgeous days in a row. You really seem to be stuck with that heat. I hope it breaks soon.

  158. At 11:09 pm EDT tonight, Friday, June 13, C-span2 is airing a forum titled Role of Women in Politics, taped at/sponsored by New School University, Milano The New School for Management and Urban Politics. It was taped “Monday” so I’m assuming it was last Monday.

    It is, from c-span.org, “A panel of female professionals talked about the strides women have made in pursuit of leadership roles and the challenge they still face.”

    This program is titled Sen. Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, New School-New York City.

    The panelists are Ellen Malcolm, Emily’s List Founder; Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America; DeeDee Myers, Former White House Press Secretary in the Clinton Administration, 1993-94; and moderator Andrea Bernstein, WNYC Radio, New York City, reporter.

    I caught this program starting at 8:30 CT, so it must have been about a half hour in; watched the last 45 minutes just riveted to see, right before my eyes, the very same things y’all have been talking about here.

    From Ellen Malcolm, her take on how we women who are hurting so much will really come around in the end to Obama, oh, yes, we are all in the anger cycle of mourning.

    From Cecile Richards, definitely trying to hold a center between Republican and Democratic women re: who will go to Obama and who to McCain.

    DeeDee Myers, well, to my totally untrained eye, she is very conflicted about Hillary Clinton and I did not feel that she could open herself up to be real clear about her feelings.

    Andrea Bernstein, the reporter, was a fine example of the media we have come to see as it really is.

    There was a Q&A period after the session. The women who took the mike were passionate, calm, reminded me so much of you. To a person, their questions were side-stepped; at one point, Bernstein, when asked about the role of the media in the mysogynism toward Clinton, gave the questioner short rift and moved on to another questioner. Rude.

    I was so angry. And then, to read in one of the links above that Ellen Malcolm said “We’re certainly not going to take this lying down,” I was furious. According to these “female professionals,” including Ms Malcolm, yes, we are.

    So I had to tell you about this c-span2 program. There seems to be a video in their library file. You’ll find it under Role of Women in Politics. Or if you just click on their schedule for today, you”ll find it in the evening hours.

    Please take a look! The Questions from the audience alone are worth watching and listening to. I think the panel knew they were being challenged by their audience and carefully ignored them.

    Tell me I’m wrong…

  159. No, BB, it actually became cooler, but today went back up…oy. The storm just came and went (we got a little bit or rain, but saw lighting and heard thunder in the distance.

    Son has fallen sleep in front of the TV (we are watching Star Wars, a New Hope)

    Since there is no cocktail party tonight, and the only other available thread is the TR one (not good vibes over there) I may call it quits for today.

  160. We’ve had a couple of slow news days, haven’t we? I’m depressed about the folks at Corrente “endorsing”…. him. We are a little island of sanity here. Tomorrow is another day. Take care.

  161. I know this is way off topic but I’ll post it here:

    Jerusalem Post

    Sorry if rumormongering but I am only posting this because of the political implications of it. The Jerusalem Post is saying that Malik Obama, Obama’s half brother, said that Obama has a Muslim background but will be a friend to Jews. The web page doesn’t say much but it says:

    “Barack Obama’s half brother Malik said Thursday that if elected his brother will be a good president for the Jewish people, despite his Muslim background.

    In an interview with Army Radio he expressed a special salutation from the Obamas of Kenya.”

    Did Malik Obama say in the interview that said he had a Muslim background? What did he say exactly? Was the interview in English? Couldn’t the right make 527 ads about this using Malik’s own words? (apologies to Muslim people. Political reality right now though is that Muslim associations can be damaging politically)

  162. Wow, even Corrente has gone to the dark side? This is certainly a little island, isn’t it? Its very depressing to know another group gone for the Democratic Party over the good of the Country.

  163. For anyone interested in getting unfiltered information about McCain, he is holding a “tele-town hall” on Saturday. The more I read about and hear McCain, the more I like and respect him. Here’s a link if you’d like to participate. http://cityhall.johnmccain.com/

  164. They are not satisfied that they thwarted Hillary’s presidential ambitions. Even though they got what they wanted, they still can’t just simply leave the Clintons alone already. The media elite won’t be fully satisfied until they burn Hillary at the stake. It has confounded me for years this obsessive hatred the media has for Hillary, I think more so than they have for Bill.

  165. I miss Hillary. The fire and inspiration of her campaign – and the odds she faced, and still faces. I think she performed with strength, honor, and grace under pressure, like no presidential candidate I’ve ever seen. The fact that much of the media still obsesses about her is telling. It says to me that they know, deep inside, that HIllary is still a force to be reckoned with. The irony of it – it is Hillary who actually became the candidate of hope and change, in the end – and I refuse to give up that hope.

    Having a choice between Obama and McCain is just a tragedy for this country – when we had a chance to have the fighter, the work horse, the woman who stands up for her core principles.

  166. The misogynists can say all they want about Hillary. They make empty claims. On the other hand, Obama is an empty suit. McCain has him on the run, fleeing from debates. He can’t bear it if he doesn’t have the questions in advance. He looks so CHICKEN! I hope McCain keeps up the pressure. McCain is saying he is holding his town meetings without Obama–BO is welcome to show if he has the nerve! I love this. Hillary was a great debater, and my guess is McCain would have been the one stalling if it had been the other way around. Good going Republicans. You got the Democrats all messed up. Why was I ever a member of this lame party?

  167. Jawbone – thanks for posting the link to Yikes!


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