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Late Night Dead-Enders


What do these two have in common?

Obomba on bike

midlife crisis

Open thread.

90 Responses

  1. This is sooo funny!


  2. What do they have in common?
    They’re both losers?

  3. Sharon — you were too quick!

  4. OK, now I’m awake again. I don’t know if I’ll ever sleep again. I’m afraid of the nightmares those pictures may bring on. What about one of GWB too?

  5. Funny. Obama’s bike shot looks like a photo-op though. he was smart enough no to wear the shorts.

  6. That picture of Obama is so dorky. He doesn’t look good in jeans either.

  7. Melanie,

    If he were smart, he wouldn’t have worn the dorky helmet.

  8. bostonboomer: He doesn’t look good in jeans either.

    I was thinking that the lady journalists who went ga-ga need to get around a bit …

  9. I don’t know what the deal is where the name on the post is a site name and then the first sentence of the original post is the body… is that another blog picking up content and linking back?

    Anyway, I followed one and saw the name ‘Brazillezebub” used for DB in the post. I thought it was a funny enough name to share…

  10. Answer: Morons

  11. They both get on my nerves just by me looking at them.

  12. Is that a pack of smokes in his back pocket? Kidding.

  13. Oh, doncha know? This is the new environmental plan for the DNC. Everybody rides a bike (complete with nifty helmet – safety first!) for a photo-op.

  14. They’re both spinning their wheels?

  15. Toni: Good one!

  16. You don’t go out on a leisure bike ride in jeans, period. Dude’s in “dad” jeans, too. lol And, really, I don’t care much about fashion, at all.

  17. Oh, yeah. What do they have in common? They are both douche bags. Really, I wish I could be more creative, but I can’t.

  18. Both are missing their bike seats thus simulating what they would do to the country.

  19. How did Barry get the helmet on over his ears?

  20. Prolix: I can go to bed now since you just once again have sent me into hysterics at this late hour. My day is complete.

  21. CTTom: Hysterical!

  22. I said EW when I saw the first pic.

    I said EW when I saw the second pic.

    Ergo, they are both EW!

  23. As an aside, Kerry went to a lot of trouble to coordinate the color scheme of his wuss outfit with the color scheme of his bike.

    I don’t quite know what to make of that fact, but it unnerves me.

  24. marisa: I don’t quite know what to make of that fact,

    Rule of thumb is to use bright colors when biking in urban areas, esp orange and yellow.

    Barry is a sitting duck.

  25. Pat,

    My pleasure.

  26. This picture of Obama is so funny. Could he look
    any dorkier? I’m surprised Michelle let him go out in public looking so bad.

  27. Based simply on his well chosen color coordination I am surprised Kerry lost.

  28. Actually, Kerry is worse. Much worse.

  29. woo-hoo, toni.good one.


    they’re both tir(e)ing me out with their theatrics?
    they’re both riding on pumped-up air?
    they’ve both run out of gas?
    they’re ridin’ high for now?
    they’re one sharp jab away from a flat?
    there’s no real engine or fuel in both – they’re running on their own ‘power’?
    they won’t really go too fast, or go too far, or last too long?
    they’ll only stay in the right-most lane?

  30. HLR–ROFL!!

  31. Pat Johnson: Based simply on his well chosen color coordination I am surprised Kerry lost.

    That ensemble screams “run my ass off the road” in a red state.

  32. Blech……….Gross, I can’t stand those weird creepy dudes in their power bar outifts and dumb bike shorts. Ugh, I can’t believe I was so dedicated to that pantywaste Kerry who couldn’t even stand up to the swiftboat bottom feaders…..The DNC has gotten caught with their pants down and it’s not pretty. As a matter of fact it’s downright brazile ian…….

  33. one more off an old forward:

    Does Barry know what the hardest part of learning to ride a bike is?

    A. The pavement.

    {evil laughter}

  34. Over at Bitterpoliticz they’ve found more pics of BO on the bike. They been showing a series of them.

    Here’s the latest called: You won’t believe this

    Heh, who knew….

  35. I have to ask:

    Is the PUMA group over at PUMAPac separate from the PUMA group associated with Just Say No Deal and Dems4McCain.info and PumaParty.com? I’m trying to figure out the PUMA universe…

  36. Shez — Taylor Marsh in the car is genius.

  37. DaveO — I think a bunch of different people jumped on the concept, for different reasons …

    The JustSayNoDeal ppl look like they’re trying to act like aggregators — it’s a small group of people who also have blogs up.

    They also have hired a PR firm and are looking for media opportunities and are offering ‘focus groups.’

    IMO, that’s not political organizing/activism … YMMV

    Before getting involved in anything, I’d vet it first.

  38. There’s got to be something to say about training wheels. Am I right?

  39. Back to the photos.

    Obama is clearly taking a very important bike ride, involved in very important work going to a very important place. A very important man in a very important activity.

    Kerry is insecure because he subconsciously knows that people are laughing at his outfit. He is waving at the photographer, hoping to get some reassuring approval back.

  40. Horse laugh and truly awesome.

  41. Is there something hanging on the the back of BO’s bike?

  42. Yes, I believe that he is pulling some very important attachment behind him. Also, the sunglasses signal him out as one to be admired.

  43. Are we paying for his secret service detail (operative in auto behind the wonder kid) to accommodate this photo op?

    I did not approve this expense!

  44. Look at the logo on Kerry’s shirt! Milwaukee Panthers! You mean he’s a PUMA too??? Who knew??

  45. They are both total losers.

  46. There’s gotta be a better reason to be down on these dudes than a love for the two-wheelers. Though I kept it way more real than them commuting to my job up the Chicago lakefront in the winter.

  47. O’s not much of a family man, is he?

    First he goes golfing on family day, then out riding bike all alone. You suppose the secret service had to borrow his youngest daughter’s trike so he could protect his majesty? It looks like he’s riding really slow, either for the photo op or so the trike can keep up.

  48. We’ve got to find that picture of him “on vacation”. I hope they don’t use that gas that makes us poop our pants.

  49. Lauraincall: It’s not a woman’s job to mind her man’s outfit. Sorry, I’m a tad sensitive to that, because my in-laws hassle me that way.

  50. Curious…are there attachments for bikes to pull your kids alongbehind you?

    Kerry’s looks like a racer. BO’s looks like my first Schwinn two-wheeler in 1968.

  51. i really didn’t want to vote for kerry

  52. A fish doesn’t need either one of their bicycles?

  53. Okay guys. This is a joke right? Everybody looking at this picture of Barry knows he is wearing his helmet backwards. All of you know this, correct? Do I win the prize for “What is wrong with this picture”? LOL

  54. At least Kerry has the proper clothing for biking on.

    Is there nothing Barry can’t get wrong?

  55. KarolinaNYC: Curious…are there attachments for bikes to pull your kids alongbehind you?


    What’s on his bike looks like one of those mud flaps that attach to the seat post — but it’s too high.

    Doubt it’s actually his bike — it’s not sized right and the back tire could use a little air.

  56. Rojo,

    To be fair, he was on a bike ride with one of this daughters. She’s simply out of the picture frame in this particular picture. The connection on the back of his bike is connected to her bike.

    Wait, is the helmut really backwards?! lol

  57. Kerry for VP? Gag me with a spoon.

  58. Daisy Daisy,
    Give me your answer do!
    I’m half crazy,
    All for the love of you!
    It won’t be a stylish marriage,
    I can’t afford a carriage,
    But you’ll look sweet on the seat
    Of a bicycle built for two !

  59. Political bycycle, that is…

  60. Y’know, the Larry Johnson/Michelle Obama story looks a lot like a reconnaisance mission to me. What does Barry do when confronted with a particularly egregious smear that validates racist perceptions?

    Just like John Kerry, he ignores them. The Michelle Obama tape story has turned into a tale that will be told around bar room tables and campfires for years to come because Barack didn’t feel he needed to rebut it. The GOP knows how to launch racist attacks. Barry just doesn’t take them seriously,

    It seems that it should be obvious – when a former CIA agent with a national platform starts telling lies about you, step up to the plate quickly. There is no upside to waiting,. Kerry learned the hard way. I suspect Obama will as well.

  61. This video is on the Hillary Clinton Forum….I WAS STUNNED….You need to get this out there because I DON’T THINK PEOPLE WILL BE TOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus is gay and run through the mall in a diaper and then gets hit by bus. The professor that made it works for Obama campaign and was his professor at college!!! USAPROUD


  62. DJ,

    What relevance does that have to anything we are discussing? Seriously, spam.

    BTW, where can I find out how to quote and format posts?

  63. He’s about to have a flat rear tire (it’s underinflated, which will lead to flat at the first bump).

    His ego must suck the air out of everything around him.

  64. DJ
    As a gay man and a christian even I was offended-by the stereo-typical depiction of gay men as always effeminate-otherwise that video is just a joke. I doubt anyone in Obamaland cares.

    But in september Fox News will pick it up and the good Senator will throw Lessig under the bus too.

    Good morning all Ole’f uzzybear is up and getting caught up on the blog-

    And my dear pagan friends dont let the christian part scare you I spell it with a small “c”. I love and respect all the non-violent religious people and hold their beliefs and traditions with the utmost respect.

    Good morning everyone I am off to work and I know it is going to be a great day-TGIF my dear friends

    Love Fuzzybeargville

  65. That they are peddling it around town?

  66. Maybe if Senators spent more time in the SENATE and less time pedaling their asses around town something that actually benefits the people of this country might happen. Or not. The Democrats have had a majority in both houses for nearly 2 years and what have they done for us lately?

    Ooooo look another investigation into something is happening over there. Plus we have Telecon immunity raising its ugly head again and again. Talk and more talk and no action. Reminds me of a husband I used to have.

    Buffoons come in both red and blue. The two pictured above? Color them lacking credibility, integrity and honesty. Just like another famous bike rider we know. Maybe the Obamanable One could borrow some bike shorts from GWB?

  67. Fuzzybeargville, I look forward to hearing from you today.

    I’m a fuzzybeargville fan.

  68. Good morning.

    hlr: heh.

  69. Good morning, Conflucians.

    When will we hit the One Million mark?


  70. hlr,

    You’re right, the bike isn’t tall enough for him.

    Good morning everyone!

  71. What cheezy dorks! What in the world provokes people to say that Barky is cool?? I just don’t see it.

  72. Oh. My. God. I was apparently too sleepy last night to see that B.O.’s helmut is backwards!


  73. First the Obama/Tractor (shaded of Dukakis/Tank) and now Obama/Bike. Do we dare up for the Obama/Segway (shades of Bush/Segway) – to round things off.

  74. Why did I waste so many hours volunteering for this guy (Kerry) … I could’ve had a V8.
    He’s like the old boyfriend I’m too embarrassed to admit I dated.

    Does anybody have any creative ideas for my old Dem voter card – I was considering cutting it into an H or Senator Clinton’s profile before I send it to the DNC. Any suggestion would be appreciated

    “a newly Independent woman!”

  75. Party Unity: How about cutting the card into a thin, long, accurate inward swirl, starting at the edges, going around and around, and ending in the center of the card.

    To a sized window cut into a larger blue card, with the words “The Current Direction of the Democratic Party” written on it, glue the edges of your voter card.

    When they pick the blue card up, the center of your voter card will fall down in a downward spiral.

  76. think they both are wearing custom-made helmets to cover their swollen-ego heads.

  77. They were both featured on the new cable show,What NOT to wear when your’e biking.

  78. There are cooler bikes on earth. They don´t show the whole scene.
    Here is a video related to the O-pic http://tinyurl.com/56l7hs

  79. Hmmmm……Aren’t dead-enders what Cheyney called those folks in Baghdad who were not feeling the love???

  80. marisa owes me a new computer screen 🙂

  81. They don’t have anything in common. Kerry, an expert cyclist, knows what to wear cycling while Obama does not.

  82. Oh, c’mon – not ONE reaction for my genius-level humor? People, people, I’m not feelin’ the luuuuvv (like chatblu above):

    they’re both tir(e)ing me out with their theatrics?

    they’re both riding on pumped-up air?

    they’ve both run out of gas?

    they’re ridin’ high for now?

    they’re one sharp jab away from a flat?

    there’s no real engine or fuel in both – they’re running on their own ‘power’?

    they won’t really go too fast, or go too far, or last too long?

    they’ll only stay in the right-most lane?

  83. Come on, people – aren’t we better than this?

    I’m as anti-Obama as anyone, but I also ride a bike.

    NOT wearing a helmet is what makes anyone look like an idiot. You know what they call people who are “too cool” for bike helmets? Organ donors. WEAR A HELMET.

    His helmet is NOT on backwards.

    He’s riding what is called a city bike, or a hybrid. They may not be cool, but they’re perfect for what he’s doing – riding in the city, towing a child.

    And seriously, what is wrong with jeans, a polo shirt and sneakers?

    Surely we can find more serious reasons to dislike him other than for looking like a typical urban dad on a bike ride with his kids. This is as bad as capping on Hillary for her “cankles” or her pantsuits.

  84. I’m sorry if you object to a little very late night silliness. Feel free not to read late night threads.

    I’m not sure what “cankles” are and I think I’d rather not find out.

  85. They’re both riding bikes because the REAL Democratic donkey bucked both their asses into the dirt….

  86. “I’m sorry if you object to a little very late night silliness. Feel free not to read late night threads.”

    And how would you have reacted if someone had said to you, “I’m sorry if you object to a little very late night silliness. Feel free not to read late night threads.” when you objected to hatred, sexism and misogyny against Hillary?

    It’s silencing. It’s never OK. I object to demeaning people for “uncoolness” no matter what form it takes and no matter who it is.

    Sorry if that destroys your enjoyment of demeaning people – but like Hillary said when people would boo Obama during her speeches, “We don’t do that.”

    I would hope we don’t.

  87. OMG, If I’d been drinking milk it would be coming out of my nose right now. Thx for the laugh.

  88. What do they have in common? let’s see: they both try to pretend that they want to win the race against the GOP-er when they were both induced to take a dive. What do I win?

  89. When I first saw the photo of Barry on his Bike in my daily newspaper, all I could think of was seeing it in a RNC ad with the caption…Commander-in-Chief.
    Cost of my daily newspaper- 50 cents, cost of Barry on the Bike photo- priceless.

  90. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

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    Gretchen Glasscock,

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