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Hmmm, this is not a good way to achieve Unity

From NewHampster, who got it from Politico, we get this take of complete and utter takeover of the DNC by the Obama campaign:

Obama moves DNC operations to Chicago

In a major shakeup at the Democratic National Committee — and a departure from tradition — large parts of the committee’s operations are relocating to Chicago to be fully integrated with the Obama campaign.

The DNC’s political department, housed in Washington, D.C., will be dramatically rebuilt, with staffers offered a choice of moving to Chicago, joining state operations, or staying in Washington, DNC spokeswoman Karen Finney said.

But the power will clearly be shifting to a centralized Chicago hub.

The DNC’s key role in coordinating political operations with state parties is expected to largely be taken over and overseen by Obama’s senior staff in Chicago, state party officials said.

“This is part of the implementation of the plans Paul [Tewes] discussed last week with the state party chairs,” Finney said. “As part of the efforts to fully integrate DNC operations with the Obama campaign here in Washington, in Chicago and in the states, political, field and constituency operations are moving to Chicago to work in the Obama headquarters. The goal is to consolidate these efforts into one operation and effectively drive one national strategy.”

People familiar with the plan said that state party staffers paid for under Howard Dean’s 50 State Program would be shifted to working for the presidential campaign, at least in targeted battleground states.

The move reflects Obama’s desire to maintain an unusually streamlined campaign, as well as his swift and complete takeover of a Democratic Party that isn’t always known for its unity. The move may also save the campaign money, as the Obama campaign can use DNC salaries and staff to pay for elements of its organizing campaign and avoid some of the duplication that has often dogged presidential efforts.

What are we to make of this? Well, from what I read, there is a clever use of words that reminds me of a real estate add. For a house, “cozy” means “small”. In the above passage, I’m guessing that “streamlined” means “pared to the bone for cost reasons”. “Consolidate” means “have Obama hire the staff because the DNC can’t pay them”. Is it that Obama has highjacked the DNC or is it that the DNC is forced to go this route because the fundraising machine has dried up over the outrageous treatment of Hillary Clinton? And if it is the latter, how long will it take before it cries “Uncle” and ceases to exist as a party apparatus at all?

My take is that Howard Dean’s single minded determination to remake the party in his image and his tying the DNC so completely with Obama means that when Obama goes down this November, Dean will go down with him.


285 Responses

  1. I hear Rezko has an unused parcel of land, going cheap.

  2. The sooner Dean exists the national stage and returns to Vermont, the happier I’ll be. I never had any idea Dean was such a megalomanic. I have started to wonder if Dean created the Obama monster in order to destroy the Democratic Party as revenge against those who took him down in 2004. Like Dr. Frankenstein, Dean will soon be destroyed by his creation.

  3. Athena,

    Maybe we could raise the money to buy that land next to Obama’s mansion and throw wild parties whenever he and Michelle are home.

  4. This is starting to get really frightening. WTF has happened to the Democratic Party?

  5. Welcome to the resistance!

  6. What do I take of it?

    Chicago corrupt politico-thugged Fascism.

    There is no Democracy in the 2008 Democratic Party.

    We must stop them!!!!

    PUMA, PUMA and friggin PUMA till my lungs turn blue!

  7. Oprah is based in Chicago…

  8. What. The. Fuck?

  9. I beginning to think that Obama was Al Capone in a previous life. Obviously made Dean and Co and offer they couldn’t refuse.

  10. bostonboomer, on June 12th, 2008 at 9:51 pm Said:
    The sooner Dean exists the national stage and returns to Vermont, the happier I’ll be. I never had any idea Dean was such a megalomanic. I have started to wonder if Dean created the Obama monster in order to destroy the Democratic Party as revenge against those who took him down in 2004. Like Dr. Frankenstein, Dean will soon be destroyed by his creation.

    I disagree – I think that Dean’s days are numbered but he doesn’t know it yet.

    Moving the DNC to Chicago is Obama’s way of patting shortie Howard on his wittle head saying: “No need for you to stay around, run along now and get me some lower class white voters in the swing states. Hope and change, sweetie.”

  11. Wanna bet Donna Brazile was the first to sign up for an office in Chi-town?

  12. Well, this proves it. That Obama and Dean are in cahoots. I used to like Dean because he was a physician (I am a physician too – goes to show).
    I find the whole mess scary and am not sure I like where this is heading.

    Definitely shades of The Manchurian Candidate.

    What should we do?

  13. Robert Mugabe would be proud-Now if they would just change the name of the Party to ZANU-PF they could start cutting off peopls hands and feet before throwing them into there burning houses.

    Well as Lord Acton said ” Power tends to Corrupt…Absolute power corrupts absolutly”

    Ladies and Gentlemen were are in the presence of utter despotism I am truly appalled


  14. newhorizon, on June 12th, 2008 at 10:00 pm Said:
    Wanna bet Donna Brazile was the first to sign up for an office in Chi-town?

    With a deeee-luxe apartment in the sky-hi-hi….

    OOh, moving on up!

    To the South Side!

    We finally got a piece of the pie-e-e-e-e-ee…

  15. Dean hoping for the VP position?

    My first thought was similar to SM’s. It’s easier to hide the Chicago corruption in Chicago. Plus, Obama wants to be able to spent a lot more time at home.

    Newt Gingrich made a funny comment today…he suggested Obama get back to work in the Senate and start putting some of his rhetoric to getting changes made and proving he can reach across the aisle successfully.

    Can you image that? I think he’s running for President just so he doesn’t have to work his current Senate job he’s in so far over his head.

  16. Dang. I wanted to show everyone this awesome image.

  17. WTF is Obama going to do next, move the White House & Capital Building to Chicago too?

  18. SM. What I said the other day. Cancel the useless convention and hold a rally at Soldier’s Field instead.

  19. Is anyone “watching the store”??
    How can the long time Democratic “leaders” just,hand the party to this”un-known”??
    Toni T.

  20. Talk about invasion of the body snatchers.

  21. We are the O-borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. Is there any Democrat who can tell Barry to stop hoodwinking America?

  22. NewHapster, loved the image & yep. No convention, just a big ole rally.

  23. ok, i am going to make what is probably a really lame and off-point post here, but today after having to listen to one of my colleagues go on re “the unnecessary divorce” in the dem party (so I was already irritated), i happened to noticed a catalog in our incoming office mail. it was the Potpourri gift catalog — some of you have probably seen it. it contains kind of flowery conventional stuff. well, on the back cover it displayed a hillary nutcracker. i am so furious. when i am feeling up to it i am writing a letter of complaint. i am amazed that they would even think that this would be 1) appropriate and 2) in line with their typical product offerings. it’s like women are the only safe targets today.

    check it out


  24. SM,

    That was my point of saying Dean is like Dr. Frankenstein and will be destroyed by his monster–Obama. It’s an age old story…

  25. I am now convinced that Obama is more psychopathic than Dubya & Cheney & Ray-gun & Nixon all rolled up in a big Cheeto ball of Hope & Change, Inc.

  26. Newhampster love it love it-

    Riverdaughter what can we do?

    Prencess Leia (Hillary) is held hostage by the evil emporer Palpatine (you no who) and the grand moff tarkin(Dr Dean) – and they have distroyed Aldaran (the Democratic Party) these are dark days for the rebellion but our Jedi Master Riverdaughter will show us the way-I know she will-

    As Princess Ardalla (sic) said “so this is how democracy dies?”

    Is there anyway we can stop this?

  27. Boston, gotcha, sorry if I misread it wrong – too pissed about this to read straight.

  28. Words fail to express my disappointment…on so many levels. I guess I’m still numb from Hillary being pushed/shoved out of this race but I had harbored a small hope that she might regroup/reinvent herself and rise in August. At this point I can’t have that hope, there’s no way she can rise above a party mortgaged to Barack Obama and his Chicago machine. This is shocking and frightening. The only comfort is in knowing that this dangerous “consolidation” of the party will takedown everyone within a 5 mile radius of the plan. Fortunately, that does not include Clinton and us. I would love to know what the Clinton campaign is saying.

  29. New Hampster,

    “The Obamos.” Funny.

  30. SM,

    No problem. We think alike.

  31. Chicago politics at it again…lets see…Jessie Jackson, Rainbow Push…Jessie Jackson Jr. up ^61’s jock….Oprah…Daily….Rev Wright….Father Pleiger…..Rezko……..Now we will have …Brizille…Dean….Birds of a feather flock together…….

  32. There will be riots at the convention! This cannot stand! Obama for Obama-you have turned our party into your own personal bananna republic(and I dont me the retailer)

    Is there anything we can do?


  33. I’m going to guess when we hit a million— I say Saturday at 11:32am

  34. oh then across the state line…we have pimp daddy Mayor Rudy Clay…….who thinks obama is really going to help the city of Gary………

  35. Speaking of hoping for VP, apparently John Kerry is angling for it.

    “U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry, who was the Democratic nominee for president in 2004, is leaving the door open – a crack – that he would accept his party’s nomination for vice president this year.

    “The answer is probably not, but if the right definition were given to the job, then you’d be foolish not to say that you would think about it or consider it. And you’d be dishonest,” Kerry said yesterday on a Cable News Network program.”

    It sounds like Kerry is thinking he could be Obama’s Cheney.

  36. The Clinton campaign is buying can goods and fortifying the bunker. They do not want their fingerprints on this party when it goes the way of Ozone layer.

    I imagine that while we’ll start seeing Big Dawg again next week (he’s got a speech in NYC) it may be longer before Hillary peeks her head out again. Anyone asks she’s visiting her cousin Angelina.

  37. fuzzybear– I love your comments. banana republic–good with clothes, bad with governing….

  38. I did read a comment on another site today where the person said they had read the DNC is considering reducing the number of days of the convention to save money, not take a vote, just celebrate Obama’s nomination.

    I have no idea if it’s true, but the way things have been playing during this democratic primary, nothing would surprise me.

  39. insanity

    just like in the 90’s the lunatic fringe took over the gop (arianna’s book is quite funny) the lunatic fringe has taken over the dem party..

  40. Can we have the convention in Chicago too?

  41. Hillary run independent please-If Ellected he will move the capital to Chicago…I fear for my country-


  42. rojo7449, on June 12th, 2008 at 10:17 pm Said:
    I did read a comment on another site today where the person said they had read the DNC is considering reducing the number of days of the convention to save money, not take a vote, just celebrate Obama’s nomination.


    If they try this, I hope the Clintons raise holy hell.

  43. “People familiar with the plan said that state party staffers paid for under Howard Dean’s 50 State Program would be shifted to working for the presidential campaign”–does that mean no more work on state elections, all resources going to elect Obama? Are they jettisoning everyone down ticket?

  44. I personally have been boycotting anything to do with Oprah….products, books, magazines movies….I unsubscribed to her website….we have got to hit these people where it hurts their pockets….anything and everthing we can do to protest….I am one pissed off PUMA

  45. Well, this will certainly take care of the floor fight in Denver — there won’t be any. This ensures he will be the nominee even if there are doubts all over and to the convention. Can somebody give us the historical perspective on all of this? What it means?

  46. regencyg, on June 12th, 2008 at 10:17 pm Said:
    The Clinton campaign is buying can goods and fortifying the bunker. They do not want their fingerprints on this party when it goes the way of Ozone layer.

    I imagine that while we’ll start seeing Big Dawg again next week (he’s got a speech in NYC) it may be longer before Hillary peeks her head out again. Anyone asks she’s visiting her cousin Angelina.

    I love it that Angelina Jolie and Hillary Clinton are related.

    I hope that Hillary’s getting her spa treatment, microdermabrasion, mani/pedis, hourly Shiatsu massages, the works.

    Because she’ll be back very very soon.

  47. So, everyone’s asking the question: what do we do now? Sure we can protest at the convention in August but that’s too late to make a difference.

    What can PUMA power do now to change the momentum?

  48. bostonboomer – I’d love to see Kerry get the VP slot.

    He’ll then be to Obama what Edwards was to him…

    I do not believe anyone with strong political sense could possibly want to be connected to Obama. The number of people who are coming out to say NO WAY are making that job look like it’s for the loser. Kerry does that role beautifully.

  49. Somebody wrote an onion-like comment yesterday and I think it went like this:

    In order to save money, Howard Dean and the DNC have decided to cancel the convention.

  50. pm317, on June 12th, 2008 at 10:21 pm Said:
    Can somebody give us the historical perspective on all of this? What it means?

    Like I wrote up above:

    Chicago corrupt politico-thugged Fascism.

  51. elixir, on June 12th, 2008 at 10:21 pm Said:
    So, everyone’s asking the question: what do we do now? [snip]

    What can PUMA power do now to change the momentum?

    I say make it clear to the downticket dems that they will be getting none of the advantage of an Obama nomination. He’s taken the entire DNC to get himself elected. There won’t be any staff or effort left for them. Remember, politicians look out for numero uno. Everybody else is secondary.

  52. elixir, I would like to get Super delegates on video explaining why they won’t vote for the winner of the popular vote.

  53. elixir…mawm is working on a website that people can meet up on and plan events. I agree we have to be out there and visible as much as possible. if the national media won’t talk about it, maybe local media will. its our turn to haka, and we need to be as loud as we can. I wondered about having a presence at gay pride events. DC’s is this weekend. I ca’t make it, but june is gay pride in just about every major city in the country, and we’re with Hillary (most of us anyway). Hopefully we can get the site up and running this weekend….stay tuned

  54. MABlue, on June 12th, 2008 at 10:22 pm

    I think they might’ve been serious. That’s a real rumor. BO’s idea.

  55. I agree with Joseph Cannon (he posted on an earlier thread)


    I expect Patrick Fitzgerald to keep gunning for Obama. I’d like to see him get indicted in the middle of the Democratic convention.

  56. Regencyg, you’re right. Any local/state rep will get ZERO campaign support because all the power is now the Anti-Chri-, oops, Obama’s.

  57. Mawm,

    If we raise the money, maybe you could travel around and get the supers on video and post them. That would be a terrific way to fight Obama virally.

  58. Abycat – I’ve been wondering the same thing. At first I was angry about what the DNC did in this primary election. Now I’m finding it scary. The Democratic Party looks more corrupt now than the Republican Party and I can’t believe I’m saying that.

  59. Start demanding all public records be released on him. Senate records, dealings with Rezko…we need to connect the money trail. Get Michelle’s thesis from college released…any thing we can dig up. The repubs should help on that side. Any ideas? There has got to be a money trail…with all the “associates he has dealings with on his house, countrywide, trinity church, oprah etc. Something has got to be out there.

  60. what do the rest of you think Kerry never moved DNC HQ to Boston? Gore never tried to move it to Tennessee? Even clinton didnot move it to little rock?

    could be Obama wanting to keep his hand on the party even after he loses?

  61. Denver is right around the corner. People need to start planning how they will get there, and where they will stay.

  62. I think if Obama manages to get into the WH, he is going to be scarier and more authoritarion than Bush/Cheney.

  63. Bston, I read that Fitzgerald is going for the gold. Did you read Rezko’s letter to the judge before the verdict? It was kind of the non-denial denial that Blagelovicth (sp?) and Obama had noooooothing to do with his non-wrong doing.

  64. MABlue – that would have been me 😉

    There’s a rumor circulating that team Obama and Howard Dean are negotiating the cancellation of the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver.

    The logic makes sense. Since the nominee has already been selected, the party can cancel the expensive 4 day event and put the budgeted monies towards the fall campaign. As part of the deal, all delegates and State funded delegations must deposit their budgeted cost of plane fare and hotel rooms into the Obama for America account. Deposits must be made before September 1, 2008. The party will lose a deposit placed with the Denver convention authority.

    Senator Obama is well aware that the people need to see and hear him formally accept the nomination therefore a prime time event is to be scheduled on the evening of what would have been the final day of the convention. This event, with a series of speeches leading up to the big moment, will be held at Chicago’s very own Soldiers Field. It is expected that close to 100,000 adoring fans will be present to hear him accept the nomination of the Democratic Party and to say those awe inspiring words, “I love you back”.

    Republican Party officials are quite upset that the Democrats have found a way to save millions of dollars and still hold a unifying event.

  65. Buenas noches, “mis amigos”. Hasta maNana.

  66. bostonboomer, It would be better if we could locate people in all the states that would volunteer to go do it. A lot of people have video cameras today. I am putting up a web-site this weekend to coordinate it.

  67. Boston, I said the same thing above. He’s a sicker psychopath than the Neo-Cons.

  68. They don’t want the convention because they know millions of us are going to show up to protest. They want it to look like a friggin Unity party for the chosen one. They do not want a role call ….because they know what the outcome will be……Hillary would win! It boils down to we are having an impact….they will stop at nothing to stop us.

  69. rojo,

    I just think it’s pathetic that Kerry would really consider VP. Of course he knows he’d still have his Senate seat. Too bad he is going to have to campaign in MA now that he has a primary challenger. That is going to throw a wrench into his plans for the summer.

  70. Adios UpstateNY!

  71. As I mentioned in the other thread — 1) the key issue is that an individual may contribute up to $28,500 to the DNC. No pesky $2300 limit. Obama plans on buying the election. 2) Chicago = coordination with his campaign w/ the added benefit of no pesky Clinton people around.

  72. If Kerry couldn’t carry the country on his own ticket, what’s he gonna do for BO’s ticket?

  73. Kathy Sullivan in NH says she’s seriously worried that resources will be pulled from the down ticket races the party has been working on. Those same people (the 50 staters) are the ones being assimilated into team bambi.

    I agree with Elwood that the DC bubble can suffocate, but this leaps out:

    People familiar with the plan said that state party staffers paid for under Howard Dean’s 50 State Program would be shifted to working for the presidential campaign, at least in targeted battleground states.

    The deal with the 50 state strategy was that the state parties utilized staff to build the state party and elect Democrats up and down the ticket across the country. This is a fundamental change, shifting direction and oversight from the state parties to the Obama campaign, and taking state staff off the other races (like congress and state legislatures). Not saying this latest deal is good or bad, but it is a fundamental change.

  74. SM,

    Fitzgerald always gets the little guys first and then uses them to get the big guys. Keep in mind that Rezko letter was written BEFORE he was convicted. His memory might improve after he sits in prison for awhile.

  75. Wanna bet Donna Brazile was the first to sign up for an office in Chi-town?

    If I see her, I’ll be forced to do something that will get me arrested……..Please don’t let me see her.

  76. Good night, UpstateNY.

    Maum–that is a great idea (getting locals to videotape supers).

  77. is this the political equlivant of a land grab?


  78. BB,
    Did you EVER think another administration could be scarier than Bush/Cheney? Its hard to believe, I feel as though I’m in a dream sequence and I can’t wake up. This Chicago news is very disturbing…

  79. If BO needs to suffocate all the other democrats to get elected, chances are they’re gonna start revolting and suffocate him.*

    *note: no this was not a threat, please do not call the secret service. K, thanks, bye.

  80. Any candidate who is this great a danger to the democratic workings of his own party is an even greater danger to the republic he seeks to rule. This is a dress rehearsal for dictatorship.

  81. Speaking of “Unity”, wasn’t every conflict, every difference of opinion disappear at the mere appearance of Obama? His awesomeness?

    Why is there even a campaign? I thought we had to accept Obama’s emptiness because his “unique ability” to “heal” the world, end the “bitterness” and the “divisions” among us.

    How come the Republican Noise Machine is trashing him up and down, many of his fellow Democrats viscerally oppose him? I thought this was reserved exclusively for that vile witch Hillary Clinton.

    What went wrong or better, what the fuck is wrong with US?

  82. NewHampster, on June 12th, 2008 at 10:32 pm Said:
    Kathy Sullivan in NH says she’s seriously worried that resources will be pulled from the down ticket races the party has been working on. Those same people (the 50 staters) are the ones being assimilated into team bambi.

    Meanwhile, local & state reps have to fend for themselves and the Republicans will cream them up & down the local/state tickets.

    Goodbye Democratic majority congress.

  83. They are not worried about protests. The route is already planned and approved by the CO-ACLU. Frankly, there’s little access to delegates.

    Protests are now completely sanitized.

    Oh, and for some reason, CodePink is upset that there’s no visibility. What a joke — their leader is a bundler for BO. This is just a sham.

    Puppet theater. Potemkin Village.

  84. i was looking over at real clear politics and saw the BO still has this high favorability rating. you know,,,i think america really isn’t paying attention to all of this yet. america certainly doesnt care about where dnc is located. there’s also an article that says this race will be all about obama. mccain will be an afterthought. BO is either going to be reagan or goldwater.

  85. regencyg,

    An Obama/Kerry ticket would be a sure loser and very funny to watch from our point of view. Kerry would provide foreign policy and military experience, but Obama probably thinks he’ll carry MA without help. Actually, if Kerry were on the ticket, he might be even less likely to carry MA. But I don’t think he’ll carry it anyway. Let’s say 20% of Dems are furious with Kerry/Kennedy/Patrick. That would probably be enough to hand the state to McCain.

  86. kerry thing aint happening. i would bet decent $ on that.

  87. michael P Varvel – It begs the question of whether or not the democratic politicians never go to the DNC HQ when they are in DC. Obama seems to be stealing the party for himself. But, that’s where his friends are and maybe he promised them jobs.

    When he loses the presidency, he can certainly mess more with the party. It’s already looking like he wants to make it into an annex of the TUCC.

    It’s making it easier and easier to say I can’t vote for him since he is the nominee for a party I could never belong to.

    Is Patrick Fitzgerald really after him?

  88. Ben, I know. That’s why I think Kerry angling for it is so pathetic. If he wanted to be prez, he should have fought for it in 2004. What a loser.

  89. here we go again with the rumor mongering. this is like the cheetos were during Fitzmas. no presidential candidate is going to be indicted during the election season. that’s just silly thinking.

  90. ben carlson – like the cheetos were during Fitzmas.

    yeah, that was ridiculous.

  91. rojo,

    Fitzgerald mentioned Obama, though not by name, in his indictment of Rezko. Of course he’s after Obama. Obama is the second biggest fish in “Operation Board Games.” It’s crazy to nominate him. Maybe Obama wants to get elected so he can get rid of Fitzgerald?

  92. Ben, it looks like it may happen. Fitzgerald was quoted today saying that he’s open to defendant cooperation.

  93. Yes, Fitzgerald is after him. His buddy Rezko just got convicted and is facing a lot of time. Hopefully, they will crack him, but Rezko is remaining defiant. He even requested to start serving his sentence before it is handed down. This looks like a fake show of resolve to me. I believe he is petrified.

  94. This is just one more attempt to mess with the PUMA democrats. Obama is taking over our party and we had better jump on the Obama train. Yeah, Right Like That’s Going To Happen! I heard Donna Brazile, on CNN, state that she expected Obama to take over the DNC asap. Wow! She wasn’t kidding! They just keep poking us with sticks, all the while thinking we will support Obama and like it! We don’t have to take this crap! They are so screwed!

  95. Also, Rezko’s letter to the judge read like a kid who stole cookies from the cookie jar and hid them in their pockets.

    “Oh nooo mom, I did not take any cookies from the cookie jar and they are not in my pockets, Nope. Wasn’t me.”

  96. ben~
    America isn’t really paying attention to it because no one is reporting it. And if it were reported, my guess is that most people wold think it is pure spin and would write it off.

    Who would believe the DNC would completely ignore the downticket? Would you in a normal election year?
    Plus the Obamatrons can’t see anything their Chosen One does is wrong.

    It is truly disheartening.

  97. This unification of the DNC and the Obama campaign seems to be the first step in a scary process in which dissent will be squashed, worse than anything
    I have seen from Bush/Cheney.

    What is happening in our country? When the media is corrupted too and sucked into the Obama vortex….

    What hope do we have?

    Send this to friends and family….we are in a fight for our country here……

  98. bostonboomer,

    I think that was the idea all along, but it was supposed to be Blagojevich to be president. The race is on to be elected President for Obama. He has to get rid of Fitzgerald before it is too late.

  99. Around here, the thought is that Fitz is going after Blagojevich. The Rs want the Dem governonr out of the picture. (Heck, half the Dems wanat him gone as well) It would open the door to another R governor. Something the Rethugs have long wanted, ever since George Ryan & co.left

  100. Kerry might be the only one stupid enough to accept the VP.

  101. Ben,

    It isn’t rumormongering to discuss something Patrick Fizgerald told the Chicago papers and put in an indictment. You have a strange definition of “rumor.”

  102. well everyone a few threads back I said “tonight I will dream sweet dreams” well dispite the DNC’s last gasps of independence we have the great SCOTUS ruling to give us hope….
    Tonights sweet dreams- Hillary will be President and the world will be at peace-
    Universal Healthcare for all americans signed into law with again me getting the pen as I am still selfish that way….
    The 2009 Big Green Clean Air and Water Act removing the threat of Global warming on our childrens world-River daughter getting the pen from Hillary after she signs that law-

    Our troops comming home from Iraq, as the Hero’s they are, with laws on the books protecting their GIBill of rights-with the wounded heros not forgotten for there service.

    The Stemcell Research Act so we can live in a world where science is free to cure cancer heart disease diabetes…

    And a cure for AiDs so no longer will there be orphans in Africa and so I will no more have to watch friends die.

    yes I will dream sweet dreams tonight and I wish you all the same

    Love always


  103. If it looks like the polls are calling him the winner, the emphasis needs to be on giving him a Republican house and senate.

    I cannot believe how easily he leads people. He’s nothing more than a Pied Piper.

    There’s a post on his web site tonight that gives Obama’s response to the Court decision today. At the time I looked at it, there were some 800 comments to the post. His followers are absolutely blind, deaf, and dumb to this guy.

    I sure wish the Republicans would start doing their serious vetting earlier rather than later. Someone needs to get a full disclosure of the people, the recipients and the activities of that Wood Fund while Obama was associated.

  104. Ok, I have to say it:

    P arty
    U nity
    M y
    A ss!!!!!

    We are strong defiant PUMAs! We have over 80 websites dedicated to fight the MONSTER of the O-Borg!

    Our resistance is only 12 days old!



    And look how far we have gotten!!1

    Be proud and stand tall with the fact that there are millions who are fed up just like we are.


  105. Leslie,

    Fitzgerald works his way up to the big fish. He might need Obama to get to Blago, or Obama may just get caught in the net. But it’s pretty obvious that Obama was an important cog in the machine–at least it is to anyone who has been reading the Chicago papers. Ben apparently doesnt.

  106. Sweet Dreams, Fuzzybeargville

    I will dream sweet dreams too.

    Hillary pulling the nomination out of the jaws of satan.

    OK. I may have to work on sweet.

  107. But Leslie, Fitzgerald is the one who brought down Ryan too, isn’t he?

  108. ALERT: Redesignation/reclassification of HRC debt may change debts to cash in the bank.


    This may be the positive boost HRCs campaign needs, much needed campaign dollars that give her leverage.

  109. bostonboomer, on June 12th, 2008 at 10:56 pm Said:

    Fitzgerald works his way up to the big fish. He might need Obama to get to Blago, or Obama may just get caught in the net. But it’s pretty obvious that Obama was an important cog in the machine–at least it is to anyone who has been reading the Chicago papers.

    Maybe that’s why they’re moving to Chicago, to steer attention away from the Rezko mess and instead focus on glitzy shiny new DNC offices in Chicago.

  110. bostonboomer,

    Obama is the one who introduced the completely random? useless? conspiratorial? legislation that reduced the Hospital panning board from 15 members to 7, thereby making it easier to stack the board with cronies. All part of “Operation Board Games”.

  111. SERIOUSLY-What do we do now? For some reason,I feel physically sickened by this. Like a “knowing” that it is not good. “Something wicked this way comes”. I am actually afraid of what this all means for our country. We need to protest in the millions in Denver.

    Is it really a possibility that a convention will not be held? And whose decision is that anyway? I want to know what gave the DNC the legal right to move to Chicago? And how long has this been in the works?

    Somebody help understand this. I am just sitting here stunned. Let’s get organized. PUMA power…….Just saying we are the “resistance” terrifies me-but it does feel that way.

  112. Well, it seems apparent that the reason Obama isn’t going to do anything to embrace the women, working class, Latinos and baby boomers. Those are the groups that won’t sit still for what he is trying to do.

    His new followers will allow him to do whatever he wants. They don’t understand it, anyway.


  113. HallieAnn, there is no way they are calling off the convention. I don’t know where that rumor started, but it is not true.

  114. I think because I have a good job, money in the bank, health insurance and I live close to work I must be out of touch with the public. I voted for hillary and am now going to go to mccain. but are things that bad out there that people will just blindly go to obama? things were really bad in 80 when reagan swept it to office. i’m thinking i just dont understand the public any more

  115. This gets creepier!

    Norma Flores forwarded this to me a little bit ago. Unbelievable alright.

    Check this out! Unbelievable! But true!


    From: Carl Whitmarsh
    Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2008 12:37 PM
    To: Yellow Dog
    Subject: Message from David Van Os regarding State Party and its intentions

    —–Original Message—–

    Sent: Monday, June 09, 2008 12:34 AM
    To: ‘David Van Os’;
    Subject: Reply from David Van Os

    Hello all, this is David Van Os speaking.

    It is no fun being the bearer of bad news, but I am going to tell you the truth because you have a right to know and you won’t get it from the spin doctors at the state party. Please don’t shoot me as the messenger, I’m just trying to tell you the truth; and the truth is that the decision has already been made by the Texas Democratic Party’s controlling elite in collaboration with the Obama campaign not to put Texas in play for the Obama presidential ticket.

    Since the Obama campaign openly endorsed Richie for re-election as party chair through the nominating speech by Ron Kirk touting his position as Obama campaign chairman for Texas, obviously as the tradeoff for Richie’s pledge of his superdelegate vote to Obama, maybe the decision not to put Texas in play was part of that package.

    The control clique of the TDP is determined to pursue an incrementalist approach, determined that the agenda for 2008 will be only to pick up 5 seats in the Texas House rather than try to carry the state. Their agenda is not to try to carry the state until 2010. One might suspect that waiting until the state elections in 2010 gives them the opportunity to control the top of the ticket to make sure that a preferred Big Business-crat candidate for governor is who they carry the state with – whereas if they were to work to carry the state in 2008 with Obama as the standard-bearer they would create an expanded Democratic base that would be more populist and thus make it more difficult for their preferred Big Business-crat to win the Democratic primary for governor in 2010. Whatever the reason, the Obama campaign leadership has acquiesced to the 2010 strategy of the Texas Democratic control clique.

    The control clique will exhaust every effort to hoodwink the grassroots Democrats of Texas about this once again, just as they did in 2006 and 2004. In the party chair election this weekend I told the truth to the delegates, Richie spoke after me and denied the truth once again, and so here we are again, exactly where we were in 2006 when the blue wave that swept the country stopped at the Texas border.

    Yeah, I would like to see Democrats pick up 5 seats in the Texas House too, but it should be a product of a sweep campaign that includes the top of the ticket, not an end in itself. Concentrating on 5 Texas House districts doesn’t do much to motivate turnout in the other 145 Texas House districts, consequently not much for Noriega either.

    Anybody who has ever lived through a presidential election knows that in presidential election years it is the top of the ticket that drives turnout; not the legislative races, not the U.S. Senate races, but the presidential election. This is what the record-shattering 2.9 million turned out to vote for in the Texas Democratic Primary – the presidential election. They didn’t turn out in those numbers because they were excited about picking up 5 seats in one chamber of the Texas legislature. (and please note, at the same time as the 5-seat Texas House strategy the TDP is also conceding the Texas Senate to David Dewhurst and the Republicans; and please note, how many chambers does the Texas Legislature have, and can one of the chambers pass legislation on its own?)Those 2.9 million turned out because they were excited and inspired by the fact that finally for once in their lives Texas mattered in Presidential election politics, thus finally their vote mattered. The Texas Democratic Party with the willing collaboration of the Obama campaign has decided to squander that outpouring of voting and go back to the defeatism of business as usual. It is so sad.

    Why, you might say, why? Simple. Because to carry the state for a progressive candidate like Barack Obama would by definition mean that a greatly expanded Texas Democratic base finally arose from decades of slumber. And by definition that would mean that at the next state Democratic convention a greatly more progressive grassroots mass of Texas Democrats would sweep the Big Business-crats out of their control of the Texas Democratic Party. Again I hate to be the bearer of the ugly truth, but the clique that runs the Texas Democratic Party would much rather preserve their control of the party machinery than let Texas turn truly blue at the ballot box. Been there up close, seen it, know it.

    What can we do? Only one solution. Somehow we, the grassroots Democrats, who care about uplifting the lives of the people instead of petty self-interests, we have to find a way to carry Texas anyway in spite of the institutional party hacks. I am only one person and I do not have the answer as to how to do it specifically. But it is something we have to do nonetheless. The future of the world may be at stake. If Texas’ electoral votes go to McBush, he has a chance at the White House. If Texas’ electoral votes go to Obama, he is assured the White House, and the nation and the world may have a chance to breathe again.


    David Van Os


    Carl Whitmarsh
    Houston, Harris County, Texas

  116. good call MAWN. I think we really degrade the influence and crediblity of this blog when we traffic in things like “canceling conventions” or “whitey tapes” or “obama indictments.” we are the people who live in reality.

  117. Hallie Ann,

    PUMA movement is only 12 days old and look at all the press coverage & people that have signed on to fight the O-borg.

    12 days old!

    Look at what’s being accomplished! Protest marches in DNC (hopefully), letter writing campaigns to senators, delegates, reps, etc., media exposure to Obama’s inadequacy as a leader.

    Larry Johnson was mentioned on CNN tonight on the Larry King show, people are flocking to sites like Confluence..

    12 days!

    Can you image in a month? Two months?

  118. One thing we can certainly count on is that the Republicans are not going to allow a democrat to mess too much with the government. So, if these guys are up to anything really sinister, we aren’t alone, the Republicans will be on our side in force.

  119. Really, every time I think I cannot be more repulsed by the hapless Dr. Dean and the selfish Senator Obama, they manage to outdo themselves.

    Just what we need: a D.N.C. centered in a city renowned for crooked politics, backroom deals, and machine politics. Oh wait – such a city is quite apt for this year’s version of the D.N.C.

  120. Today when I read this news I first blogged about it, then downloaded a voter registration form, changed my party affiliation from Democrat to Unaffiliated, and sent it to county elections.

    I also wrote my friends in the state Democratic Party and from my U.S. Senator’s office (and a Democratic Senator challenging our Republican incumbent) and let them know that I will not be making any more contributions to -any- Democratic candidate as long as the corrupt cartel in Chicago owns the party that should be owned by the people, 18 million of whom did not support his take-over.

    If you feel the same, don’t save your comments for friends here – write to your local or state Democratic party office and your Democratic congressmen and let them know this is a show-stopper.

  121. I wonder if they are already creating a new logo for the Party. They have already stolen the donkey so why not replace that too while they are at it.

  122. ben, I think things are bad, and there is an incredible amount of uncertainty right now. I think anything is possible in this climate, and if it gets worse before November, all bets are off.

  123. BB & SM~
    Yes, it was Fitz who brought down Ryan. And I think the plan was to get Blago once he made it to the office, because Blago wanted to be the Pres. (But god only knows who’d have voted for him). I don’t think he’s the “big” one now. And I think it may now be that Blago is the small fish that leads to BO. (these are my own thoughts)
    The way things are going, it seems like Blago will self destruct. Lisa Madigan is waiting in the wings – her father is Speaker of the House here. The incest and corruption in IL gov’t is simply overwhelming.

  124. I’ve been over to John McCain’s blog, and the Republicans are not united right now. There is a lot of talk about defecting to barr, criticism of McCain for his refusal to support drilling on the coast and in anwar, and this is all on his own web-site.
    I don’t think anyone can know what the dynamic will be in November.

  125. mawm. i guess i’m living in a bubble. newt had some good ideas on oil prices that i saw on fox. the one thing about oil prices is that i dont think the public thinks either party has a solution. and obama telling us to turn our heat down from 72 and get smaller cars is so insulting. as if, i can’t figure out if i turn my thermostat down my heating bill will be lower.

  126. I wish people would stop addressing Obama as a “progressive”. He is not. He is a corporate shill with an agenda that is more overreaching than known.

  127. both parties are splintered at this point it seems. thats probably why both hang around in the 40s in the polls. mccain is walking a tight rope but he has got to do something really BOLD with his VP pick. I think his pick will actually mean something.

  128. Cole a bright light in our see of darkness. Please Cole show me to the light.

  129. I would love to see Democratic and Moderate Republican women work together in a third party.

  130. I wonder if Cole is 2old4Maxim.

  131. BostonB – count me in:

    All-nighters for the PUMAs at Tony Rezko’s!

    How fitting that the DNC is moving to a city that is equally corrupt as DC! That’s “change.”

  132. Yes, we have two crappy choices. I have to agree with McCain about impoting sugar ethanol from Brazile and not subsidizing corn ethanol. That was a huge mistake.

  133. Ben,

    I’m not sure why you are equating discussion of Obama being a target of Patrick Fitzgerald interest (something that has been reported widely) with “whitey tapes” and “cancelling the convention,” neither of which I have ever pushed. But I’m starting to take it personally. Just so you know. In fact I may have to excuse myself if you do it again.

  134. Pat,
    I don’t know where I saw it, initially, but the site
    shows BO as #41 out of the 100 senators and Hillary is #29 out of 100 for “progressive-ness”

  135. Cole,

    No name calling please.

  136. Hi Pat,

    I’m glad you’re back. I feel the need of a friend right now.

  137. This entire scenario is disgusting. I am going to call my Senator’s office tomorrow morning. This party has been hijacked. Sometimes, I think, I am in a bad dream, but I am not waking up.

  138. Pat’s back! yeah!!!

  139. bb: Me too. I am investing too much emotion into this campaign and not in a good way. I get angry and I don’t want to be a downer. Took a break and had dinner with my daughter and son in law down the street. We sat by the pool fo awhile. Needed to regroup. When I loose my “snark” I know I need to detach for awhile.

  140. Gosh, this is funny. The McCain supporters are pissed because he said the oil companies haven’t done their part re:alternative fuel.

  141. I am asking for silence. Cole is here to initiate me and I don’t want to miss one spectacular word he has to say. Cole, the mic is yours. Convince away.

  142. I had my computer off most of the day. I went to the garden center and blew a lot of money. It was fun. I bought myself a beautiful hydrangea bush with pink and green blossoms. I have a lot of shade in my yard and this one loves shade. I’m glad your roses are doing well.

  143. bb: I am looking at some of them right now. Took a few cuttings and placed them by the framed copy of your “Hillary letter” my daughter in law made me. They are beautiful. This weather is making them bloom to perfection.

  144. I keep thinking of the old “New Coke” debacle from the late 80’s. Remember how it bombed? Then they scurried around and brought out Coke Classic.

    The “new” DNC = New Coke

    We need a third party. We can call it DNC Classic.

  145. gary; Like I said, when I start running out of “snark” I know I need to pause and regroup. Nobody wants a to hear my rendition of Debbie Downer. Got out of the house, read another chapter of my book and feel more in a fighting spirit. As I told bb, I am investing a lot emotionally in this campaign but I do not like the signs I am seeing in the last few days.

    But through all this you guys, one and all, have been my touchstones.

  146. Personally, I like the idea of the New Progressive Party. Wasn’t there a Progressive Party in the past?

  147. What the hell?

    hlr has it right:

    hlr, on June 12th, 2008 at 10:31 pm Said:
    “1) the key issue is that an individual may contribute up to $28,500 to the DNC. No pesky $2300 limit. Obama plans on buying the election.”

    This is the key. He’s buying the election. Damn.

  148. What are these people thinking, seriously? Every time they make yet another Republicanesque power grab, they make it that much easier for party loyalists to start getting really dubious–and for those who already are to avoid backsliding. The best thing they could do would be to do actual grassroots outreach and end these backroom tactics, but then, that’s the antithesis of what they stand for.

    Remmember when Clinton was President and every time he sneezed, half the Congressional Democrats would jump all over him? I miss those days of accountability.

  149. glad to hear it pat. wouldn’t be the same here without you. I often find myself thinking of some of your snark long after reading it and laughing out lout–at work–which makes me look like a crazy person

  150. I can not believe the Democrat’s have nominated a guy who sends out mailers complaining about “re-fighting the fights of the 90s” and telling we “we are the change we’ve been waiting for”. Honestly, could this campaign lack anymore substance?

  151. Someone had posted Sen.Arlene Spector’s # about investigating “concerns” about fairness(or something like that), involving the DNC ,on HRC’S site a couple of weeks ago.
    I spoke with his assistant & he said @ that time they were “gathering information”.
    Maybe it’s time we “FLOOD THEM”!!

  152. What threw me under the bus this afternoon was someone mentioning that Ferraro had climbed aboard. It was as if someone let the air out of the tires. The tactics of this campaign are criminal. Imagine reaching for the prize on the back and reputation of another human being. Disgusting. Or maybe I suffer from an overripe gland that demands equality and fairness above personal ambition. There are so few heroes left to emulate.

  153. Jerelyn has a post up to discuss the smears of Obama, including the “Michelle tape” rumor. She says that now that Obama himself has discussed the issue on his website, there is no point in banning discussion of it on hers. Interesting…..

  154. Pat,

    Is there any evidence for Ferraro being on the Obama express? I find it hard to believe. I *know* she isn’t going to vote for him in the privacy of the voting both after what he did to her.

  155. (Writing from Chimera’s computer–not trolling, if you are looking at ISPs):

    I cannot believe the DNC is moving to Chicago b/c a person who is only the presumptive nominee says to do so! The cult of personality has gotten completely out of control in the DNC. What has he got on them?

    I feel like Tommy Lee Jones in No Country for Old Men. I just don’t know WTF is happening anymore. I can’t explain what I am seeing, even though I am supposed to, by training and profession, be able to explain it.

  156. NO DEAL: Hillary Clinton’s Not for Sale-Help Retire Her Debt
    Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpwYu_-2jQw

  157. Not sure who posted the Ferraro assertion but it was in a previous post today. The one prior to this. About mid afternoon I think.

  158. Melanie – no, this campaign could not lack any more substance. Its rise is the final proof that the educational system has collapsed and produced hypnotized groupies who want to be part of a mass phenomenon. It could be Idol, or a band, or a movie star, or a political candidate. It just needs to be “cool” and – utterly conformist.

    My theory of Ted and Kerry and the retreads is that this is a desperate attempt to be young and hip again. God, the image of Ted as a shrieking teenager at those rallies – unseemly and bizarre. And Caroline as the Stepford daughter.

    And – I do not believe that Ferraro will endorse Obama – ever. She’s PUMA all the way.

  159. What does he mean by “the battles of the 90s”? The Clintons had to battle the right wing smears which most ended up as being one big nothing. We had a pretty good time in the 90s otherwise. Bill Clinton left office, even following the Monica debacle, with a 70% favorable rating. Not bad! Obama cannot even bring himself to credit those years. The same years he was taking advantage of the Affirmative Action program and getting a decent education. Another whining Clarence Thomas all over again.

  160. I saw thisin a foreign paper awhile back (well, on the 6th) and it unnerved me:

    As Clinton prepared to formally endorse his candidacy on Saturday, Obama said the Democratic National Committee would no longer accept donations from federal lobbyists or political action committees. He said he would keep Howard Dean as the national chairman, but was deploying his own advisers to oversee party operations.

    welcome to the Obama Party

  161. err not foreign paper – global edition of the NYTimes

    got thrown by the word Americas

  162. Pat,

    I saw the comment but there wasn’t a link. I have searched and searched and can’t find a news story that says she has changed her mind. The last I heard, she said she probably wouldn’t vote for Obama if he was the nominee.

  163. I hope that whoever posted the Ferraro assertion shows up to talk about it. I rarely am able to do more than take a peek from work. There is just no time.

    (It is such a mind-boggling concept to think GF would jump ship)

  164. Melanie, when you said Obama’s flyer said “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, we are the change we seek”

    That was snark, right? You were joking?

  165. athena said :

    It could be Idol, or a band, or a movie star, or a political candidate. It just needs to be “cool” and – utterly conformist.

    ain’t that the truth!!!!

  166. I didn’t mean that I thought GF would get on board the BO bandwagon. I really meant that it would be mindboggling to even entertain that thought.

  167. I spent a good hour at work yesterday trying to find contact info for ferraro and couldn’t come up with squat. It would be great if we could get her to be involved…or even just did an interview here at the confluence. If anyone has free time on their hands and can find an email contact for her , i”d love to get it. 🙂

  168. These kids who rah rah for Obama have no conception of history. Along with the disrespect they show toward anyone holding an opposite view, or who dare to criticize or question, is remarkable. If I knew my kid was behaving this way online or otherwise he would be spending time picking his teeth up off the floor.

    They have never had responsibilities, only privilege. Bet very few of them ever had a paper route or collected bottles or worked on a community sponsored activity. They seem to be the product of what has been referred to as “helicopter parents”, those who hover and refuse to accept responsibility for their offspring’s behavior. It is all good.

    You see it all the time now. The bar has been lowered to a degree that anyone who can correctly spell their own name by the age of 9 is rewarded. The computer has replace the Tonka toy.

  169. I just went and looked at Obama’s new smear fighting website. It’s pretty weak if you ask me. I didn’t see anything about Rezko, Auchi, or Ayers either.

  170. Seriously, on June 13th, 2008 at 12:02 am Said:
    Melanie, when you said Obama’s flyer said “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, we are the change we seek”

    That was snark, right? You were joking?

    No, I am dead serious. It’s awful. It’s on the check return form.

  171. So, the 50 state strategy isn’t going to operate anymore?? I thought that was the goal and go hang those big industrial states, etc. etc.

    WTF is going on?????

  172. Gary,

    Ferarro is a superdelegate, according to this column by her. Does that help?


  173. He also is aparently not running as Democrat. He never refers to himself as a Democrat or even the Democratic Party. He refers to Democrats and Republicans. John Kennedy he’s not.

  174. Okay, I’m only seen the screenshot from the BO website, but does he really have a frickin’ American eagle (as in the Great Seal) branded with an Obama trademark?

    I’m trying to decide: creepy… hilarious… creepy… hilarious… Right now, hilarious is winning out, but I may change my mind tomorrow.

  175. Man. If I’m going to be assimilated into the Borg, can’t they change the slogan up to one of those funny novelty bumper stckers? I don’t want to be mistaken for a member of the Unification Church while out canvassing.

  176. Gary,

    Blank Rome Public Relations, NY and D.C.

    Geraldine A. Ferraro Principal New York 212.885.5000

    No e-mail and her v-card also has no e-mail although everyone else at Blank Rome goes by last name @blankrome.com.

    Given the volume of her e-mails, I bet her account was disabled for a period of time.

  177. I would like to see a great third party (women and men) develop from all of this mess.

  178. That slogan he uses is not an original. I think I said the same thing to my ex husband when I was young and dewy eyed. “We are the ones we have been waiting for” has got to go down as one of the stupidest tags ever written for a presidential campaign. More ready made for a Hallmark card.

  179. thanks prolix

  180. Someone posted that comment about Gerry F earlier today on one of the two diaries we were posting in. Sometime around mid afternoon. After reading that I became totally depressed.

    First was the DNC announcement of relocating to Chicago.
    Then the posting by Reclusive Leftist saying that Dean does not want Hillary on the first ballot.
    Then the awful posting bashing Gary from some idiot who ended his missive with a slur.
    Then I read the Gerry post.

    At that point I folded.

  181. Pat—it also sets up several existenial conundrums…… my biggest question” has always been “what the hell have we been doing all this time, and why did we make ourselves wait? We should have shown up to meet us when we were supposed to.”

  182. It’s from a Morrison novel. It’s ludicrous. It felt like I was being solicited by the 700 club. I really have to laugh at the liberals who voted BO. This guy ain’t a liberal. Do you know I still have BO supporters telling me he’s going to usher in single payer health care? From his letter: “Change is a health care plan that guarentees insurnace to every American who wants it”.

  183. I think if Ferraro changed to obama – this one would not have been quiet and the news outfits would have been hounding her for a statement.

  184. gary: I’ll let you wrestle with the conundrum; you are way too smart for me! “Don’t Squeeze the Charmin” made sense. This begs the question: waiting for what? I’ve often greeted the mailman with those same words.

  185. It just boggles my mind, most of Obama’s supporters are highly educated academic, wealthy types. Really, he rhetorically validates your wish to pretend you’re part of something without having to put in any of the hard work that comes with social change, and you overlook the fact the he’s a total fraud who doesn’t even share your professed core beliefs and promises only a fat lot of nothing? Oh, you get insurance through teh university and kind of don’t care? Okay then.

    It’s like a mass exercise in group therapy.

    gary, lol What if I walk through the door and I’m not that happy to meet me? Can I make an excuse and send myself away? Can send a telegram to my best self and ask her to come instead?

  186. Ferraro has a site on Facebook.

  187. Melanie — how did you mom react to this mailer?

  188. jjm is correct. That previous posting claiming Gerry jumped aboard could have easily been a plant. And knowing I was in a state of dejection, probably did this on purpose to put the final nail into the coffin. I retreated. I need to take that foil hat off my head when I am online.

  189. hlr,

    I just put my blog back up: http://make-it-plain.blogspot.com/

    This is truly Winter in America.

  190. Hey hlr,

    I put my blog back up.

    This is truly Winter in America.

  191. Seriously: Am I expected to buy myself birthday gifts too? These questions need to be answered for inquiring minds.

  192. Seriously, on June 13th, 2008 at 12:29 am Said:
    ***Really, he rhetorically validates your wish to pretend you’re part of something without having to put in any of the hard work that comes with social change, and you overlook the fact the he’s a total fraud who doesn’t even share your professed core beliefs and promises only a fat lot of nothing?***

    Seriously, seriously! Nail, you just got hit on the head.

  193. He doesn’t refer to his opposition as the Republicans or the Republican Party. Itstead, the “opposition”, the “other side”. What is happening here?

  194. We are all turning into Sybil.

  195. seriously– He is the one I got a restraining order against, and he still keeps coming . instead of being the ones we’ve been wating for, he’s the one we’ve been trying to ditch…

  196. hlr, on June 13th, 2008 at 12:30 am Said:
    Melanie — how did you mom react to this mailer?

    My mother doesn’t like Obama. She was not going to open it at all. I just ook it to have a look.

  197. pat, maybe we are sybil…all just split up. What was that movie where they’re all in a hotel and it turns out they’re really all just seperate personalities in the same man???

  198. “We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For” is the title of a book by Alice Walker.


    I don’t think BO has ever had an original thought. He certainly didn’t put any into his book “The Audacity of Hope”

  199. I always buy myself birthday gifts and I never return them or re-gift them.

  200. Gary,

    That was a creepy movie. I don’t remember the name of it.

  201. Srry, that’s right. Walker not Morrison.

  202. bboomer, he can’t even write a thank you note, much less a book

  203. I have not yet read through all of the responses here, but can I add my “WTF?!” to this? Seriously, we knew the DNC was in Obama’s pocket, but for them so blatantly show this is stunning and I’ve been stunned about very little through out this process.

    Yes, this is starting to get very scary.

  204. The Democratic Party is up for sale. And BO backers just snap it.

  205. Gary,

    You have me laughing out loud here. And I’m all alone.

  206. If I’m the one I’ve been waiting for (poor English by the way) I’m sorely disappointed. Hell, if I had known I’d been awaiting me, I’d left by now leaving no forwarding address.

    I can’t help but get a little crossways at the egocentric bent of the whole premise. No, we aren’t awaiting Mother Theresa, not Jonas Salk, not a cure for AIDS or worldwide malaria relief, or clean water or a little common tolerance from the post-racial, post-party, post-political, post-constituency and for all I know, post-menopausal candidate, we are awaiting ourselves.

    I guess BZero being all “post” and all, it means he’s over it all — what a coincidence, so am I.

  207. What movie are you talking about? Is it old?

  208. Melanie,

    Morrison might have written it first and Alice Walker used it. I’m not sure.

  209. BB: It’s better if you are all alone, because if you weren’t people would wonder…

  210. If you buy gifts and your alter hides them for you, do you still know what they are? And if you get arrested for violating a restraining order against yourself, do you have to share a cell?

  211. If it’s the movie I’m thinking of, John Cusack was in it.

  212. JJ,

    If anyone else were here, I’d be reading Gary’s comments out loud to them.

  213. bb–nothing wrong with laughing, even if you are all by yourself. Melanie, it had john cusack in it, was a couple years back. it was called “Identity” (thank you imdb)

  214. Bulletin:

    “It has been reported that Sen. Barack Obama was officially thrown off the bus manned by a contingent of Confucians reportedly members of the PUMA campaign.

    He was left by the side of the road and told to find his way back to Chicago. The site and location has not been made official but it is in one of the 57 states and does not appear on any known map.

    The bus then traveled onward to Denver.”

    It happened when Sen Obama kept asking “are we there yet?” just once to often. His whining got on the nerves of the other bus passengers who were all carrying Hillary signs.

    As a side note, he was also joined under the bus by Donna B who kept advising the other passengers that she “did not need them”. As a result, they took a vote and the majority ruled that they felt the same.”

  215. I’m not sure if that is the right movie. Was it called 1408?

  216. Pat,

    I’m glad you found your snark. LOL!

  217. It doesn’t matter where the DNSeeya goes.

    It matters where we go.

  218. sonya — excellent news.

    your blog is the one I’ve been waiting for

  219. that was another horror movie he did, also set in a hotel. had morgan freeman in it as the hotel manager/satan….real lemon!!

  220. we are the ones they didn’t expect to show up!

  221. I never thought I would say this, but we need the Repubs to start their smear campaign NOW. This guy is gaining too much power.
    Wheres Carl Rove when you need him? Oy, I’ve stooped to the lowest of lows

  222. Identity–that’t it. 1408 was also about a hotel room and had John Cusak in it, but it didn’t seem like the right movie to me. Well that solves that little problem.

  223. laney, they have no interest in helping us. Why not wait until after the campaign when there is nothing we can do about it, then start the full fledge smear assault

  224. Laney,

    They are doing it, don’t worry. But they have to make sure Obama really gets the nomination before they destroy him. Otherwise they might have to beat Hillary in November and she would blow them away.

  225. Ohhh, that movie was creepy.

    Pat, that bulletin is hysterical.

  226. “Seriously, on June 13th, 2008 at 12:29 am Said:
    ***Really, he rhetorically validates your wish to pretend you’re part of something without having to put in any of the hard work that comes with social change, and you overlook the fact the he’s a total fraud who doesn’t even share your professed core beliefs and promises only a fat lot of nothing?***

    Seriously, seriously! Nail, you just got hit on the head.”

    What you said! I see a lot of people who are enamored by Obama because they feel good about themselves while listening to him. But you said it better than me!

  227. Gary,

    Samuel L. Jackson was the hotel mgr. I think. I will watch anything that he is in.

  228. Somebody gave me Obama’s first book as a gift, and I’ve never read it. I just couldn’t see anything special enough about him to make me want to invest the time.

    I never thought I’d say this, but Debra Dickerson was right about Obama when she said he wasn’t black. I say this because of his exploitation of racism to get African Americans to vote for him while he keeps the black community at arm’s length.

  229. I have a feeling that whatever they have out there it is not enough to completely make a case. Something tells me he was a little too crafty in covering up his tracks.

  230. BB: my son (age 18) just wandered in and I read Gary’s post to him. He gave me a polite ‘hmmft’ and wandered off while I was reading the responses…

    I’m thinking he had to be there?

  231. Gary, BB,
    I know, but a girl can wish, hope and OK, not religious, but PRAY!!!

  232. #
    hlr, on June 13th, 2008 at 12:45 am Said:

    sonya — excellent news.

    your blog is the one I’ve been waiting for

    Girl, you are too funny!

  233. we are the ones they didn’t expect to show up!


  234. should read: age 18… it showed up as a smiley face…

  235. Everyone sounds as tired as me.

    Ultimately this is a good thing in all its awfulness. As someone above noted it puts him farther away from the American people (voters). Obviously, he feels in an off year with nobody excited about the campaign (given two nominees), he doesn’t need a lot of folks.

    But once again he underestimates the average voter. They really DON’T like him as shown by last several primaries. Others are having buyer’s remorse, as shown by polls. His opponent is going to smear Chicago big time, as home of Farrakhan, Daley, Wright, and Pfleger.

    I see NO OPTION but Hillary going independent at this point. There is NOTHING and NO ONE left for her to protect.

  236. I found a picture I wanted to share with you guys, so I created a late night open thread.

  237. Folks,

    I have to get some rest. Thanks for the laughs and the companionship. I’ll be back in the fight tomorrow.

  238. So somebody explain, “yes we can!” Another sophomoric attempt at sloganism. Yes We Can what??????

  239. he stole that one from the United Farm Workers (Cesar Chavez) it was Si, se puede

  240. My point, if they wait too long, I’m afraid he gains too much power. The Repubs might have underestimated him and the people behind his campaign. I’m Jewish, I’m a worrier…

  241. pat i love that one too.. Yes we can, but we won’t promise we will!

  242. The “pony unity” group and the “Post Turtle” are shutting us out, and at the same time shutting themselves in, and will therefore, implode.

  243. I case you missed the funny: “Turtle Post”

    While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old Texas rancher, whose hand was caught in a gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man. Eventually the topic got around to Obama and his bid to be our President.

    The old rancher said, ‘Well, ya know, Obama is a ‘post turtle’.’
    Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a ‘post turtle’ was. The old rancher said, ‘When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a ‘post turtle’.’

    The old rancher saw a puzzled look on the doctor’s face, so he continued to explain. ‘You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he is up there, and you just wonder what kind of a dumb a– put him up there to begin with.’


  244. or how about “yes we can! (but we proably won’t)….”
    these would make good bumper stickers!

  245. I think that the white males for whom Axelrod’s candidate represented a “two-fer”–they would never vote for a woman but could applaud themselves for
    voting for a male who had a Kenyan father but was raised in a white mileau were a big part of the Obama victory, as was voting along racial lines 9 to 1.

    The “followers” I’ve known don’t seem to be very political savvy, but can
    fall for Axelrod’s speech delivered by a good motivational speaker. The politically alert people I know saw through Obama and were shocked by his lack of experience before they became aware of his even more shocking friends and associates.

    Obama’s campaign to smear the Clinton’s character and to make them appear as racist in order to win AA votes was despicable. Obama cared more for Rezko than any poor black in his district.

  246. Pat Johnson
    Yes we can hoodwink you! That is what it means.

  247. Pat,

    The chants are part of the haka. “Fired up, ready to go” is another one. What does that mean? I’ve been reading about the haka in Crowds and Power. Part of the intimidation is that everyone does things in unison and in rhythm. The chants are part of that.

  248. Gary,

    That would be a great bumper sticker!

  249. This really ticks me off. The speed of this take-over is so that opposition won’t have time to form. Remember Bush kept doing one outrageous thing after another and by the time we reacted to one, he had moved on to the next. I don’t know if this makes sense–but, it’s like people are too stunned to react quickly.

    Also, the GOP being in such a mess and cash short is helping them.

  250. “Yes we can!” was Axelrod’s slogan for Obama, and even Obama thought it was too hokey at first. This slogan was an evolution of Deval Patrick’s campaign for the Governor of Mass., which was Axelrod’s first run of the Hope+Change(TM) ad campaign. Patrick’s slogan was “Together we can.”

    BTW, the voters of Mass. didn’t fall for the campaign the second time around. Patrick is a black man with a Harvard education (and served as a deputy attorney in the Clinton administration). He seems like an honorable person, just wasn’t qualified for the job. Even Teddy and Kerry couldn’t deliver Mass. to Obama.

  251. How about “Yes, we can be pathetic, mindless sheep, willingly led to our own demise, and taking the country along with us”.

    Maybe a bit too harsh>

  252. CB: Tell me about it. I voted for Deval. A poster for the Empty Suit. Talk about unqualified; he hasn’t a clue. But he does take a nice picture.

    Karoline: Not harsh at all.

  253. Yes We Can: steal the votes, alienate half the electorate, move the DNC headquarters, cheat at caucuses, slime our opponent, beef up our resume, declare oneself a winner.

    Guess I answered my own question.

  254. You know what comes next after the DNC moves to Chicago. They will change Chicago to the nations capital. Why not that’s where the real evil lies these days. They’ll probably build a new White House next to Rev. Wright’s mansion.

  255. And Rezko will do the financing. Perfect.

  256. I hope I’m doing this right. Got an e-mail forwarded to me today from a friend who works with our local Dem party. She was outraged about this, so am I and need to share.

    11 June 2008

    Honorable Allan Katz, Obama Florida Representative

    Honorable Kirk Wagar, Obama National Finance Chair


    We have an historic opportunity to unite behind Senator Barack Obama and to put Florida in play. To do that we need to take every opportunity to promote unity and to bring the type of change Senator Obama has spoken about throughout our nation.

    Every single contender (Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Kucinich and Richardson) has united behind Senator Obama. Most of their supporters also have unified behind Senator Obama. Some are still grieving that their candidate has lost but they will come around.

    Thanks to our working together Florida has 211 delegates who will be casting half votes at the Democratic National Convention to be held in Denver in late August. These delegates were elected by Democratic voters and local Democratic Party leaders.

    Prior to their election each Presidential campaign had an opportunity to prohibit any delegate candidate from running. No campaign, including the Obama campaign, chose to do so.

    Now, after all the delegates were chosen, the Obama campaign has decided to summarily remove ten to thirty of their sixty-seven delegates so others can take their place.

    Every person you are about to remove has a story to tell and a reason why they were chosen. For example, elected Leon County School Superintendent is the only elected educator chosen among Florida 211 delegates. There is not a single other Florida County School Superintendent or School Board member among the 211 delegates.

    Yet, because he once liked John Edwards you are going to strike him even though he signed an oath to support Obama. As I recall John Edwards endorsed Senator Obama. It is fortunate Edwards is not from Florida because if he was an Obama delegate you would strike him.

    Likewise, Leon County Chair Rick Minor is about to be summarily removed by the two of you. You plan to say he once liked Bill Richardson.

    Your wanting purity would make sense if there was a competition going on. But there is not a competition going on. Instead, there is a striving for unity that this purge you plan is going to harm.

    I have offered to work to find convention floor passes for you to help take care of the ten to thirty persons you are going to remove so you can put in your friends and allies.

    For example, I have discovered:

    The Florida Democratic Party Chair will get 25 floor passes each day and we should ask for some of them to unify our party.
    The Florida Delegate Chair will get 25 floor passes each day and we could get some of them.
    Each of Florida’s 11 DNC Members get one extra floor pass for a guest and we could get some of them.
    I have offered my personal pass for Monday’s and Tuesday’s sessions to you can get folks on the floor even though I cannot get on the floor those two days if I give them up.
    My wife Donna, a Clinton delegates, has also offered her personal pass on Monday and Tuesday so we can heal this breach.
    The Obama campaign will be issued many passes, more that 100, which could be used as well.

    In short, there are at least 63 floor passes available to help get the Obama supporters you want to take care of onto the floor. In addition, at previous conventions – as previous convention participants know – I have a reputation for getting another 50 persons onto the floor even though they are neither a delegate nor an alternate.

    I want us to work together just as we did to heal Florida’s delegate issue by crafting a solution which resulted in 211 delegates with half votes.

    Let us work together and resolve this in a positive, constructive way (just as we did on May 31st in Washington before the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee).

    I am asking you to give me the opportunity to get all your people you feel obligated on the floor on the floor without you having to remove persons from the delegation. Such a remove will disrupt our effort to win in November.

    The nomination has been won. Before we can govern we have to win the election. To win, we have to all work together.

    With respect, I am,

    Jon M. Ausman, Member

    Democratic National Committee


  257. BTW, it’s my understanding that George Soros had a lot to do with getting the turtle up on the post.

  258. KC,

    That’s exactly what occurred to me driving home tonight!

    This feels just the same as when Bush started doing it – “nobody has done anything this outrageous before, it must be okay somehow or they wouldn’t do it?” And it isn’t but as you say, by the time anyone realizes the enoromity of what’s been done, they’re on to the next thing.

  259. Lexia,

    We must be the night owls around here. By the time I read the comments, it’s past midnight and I am working on my second wind.

    My sister and I used to talk about the Bush horrors the way you described them. We would say, “he can’t do that”, give stunned, jaw dropped looks, begin to discuss and lo and behold, the next jaw dropper hit.

  260. yes, looks like the Obama is gonna be ‘jaw dropper,jr.’ or ‘son of jaw dropper.’

    I’m getting punchy-need to go to bed.

  261. I just don’t “get it”….??

    What’s with the saving money line when BO had $100 Mill recently??

  262. What saving money line?

  263. Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
    Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
    Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
    The darkness drops again; but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

  264. The Democratic Party has been taken over completely! It is
    a dictatorship now…it is no longer the party of the people.
    He will have access to the data bank and all the
    information of donors. He sure figured out a way to get
    around the financing laws…make the DNC your campaign

    Perhaps PUMA needs to organize a meeting as they are not
    going to listen to us and it is now about “personality” and not
    the party nor its values. I never signed on to the OBAMA
    Party, with his faith advisors…

    I hadn’t thought of re-registering but now I will have to give
    it some serious thought.

    Keep us posted…

  265. How about:

    “Yes, We Can! (sees distraction) But, oooo, look! A pretty butterfly!”

    I’ve said it before, but Obama is to politics what Scientology is to religion. Obama (the brand) is tailored-made for lackies and folks with ADHD.

    Obama is Magic!

    Folks, pop your tops on your Jesus Juice! Have a sip, and take a trip…

  266. Remember Bush kept doing one outrageous thing after another and by the time we reacted to one, he had moved on to the next. I don’t know if this makes sense–but, it’s like people are too stunned to react quickly.

    It makes perfect sense, kc. And there’s a term for it: SHOCK DOCTRINE (from Naomi Klein, who really ought to know better but is backing Obama).

  267. Check this out…IS TRULY AWEWSOME….byDEMS4MCCAIN

  268. From Carl Sandberg’s poem, “Chicago”:

    HOG Butcher for the World,
    Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat,
    Player with Railroads and the Nation’s Freight Handler;
    Stormy, husky, brawling,
    City of the Big Shoulders:

    They tell me you are wicked and I believe them, for I
    have seen your painted women under the gas lamps
    luring the farm boys.
    And they tell me you are crooked and I answer: Yes, it
    is true I have seen the gunman kill and go free to
    kill again.
    And they tell me you are brutal and my reply is: On the
    faces of women and children I have seen the marks
    of wanton hunger.

  269. Look folks, the way I see it, and I am probably wrong, is that we have to make sure to stop Obama and his men should he get Prez, which I don’t think he will, BUT the way I see it is we need to vote a straight Rep tickets….all the way down. That way he would have his hands tied some…what do you all think..It is really getting creepy now. Is there anyway Larry could find out something on him? I am just stunned that all the Dems in Congress are going along with this, can’t they see what is going on?

  270. I saw this quote:

    “The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don’t alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit their views. Which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering.” (The Face of Evil)

    We the People are the “facts that need altering” and the process has already begun. Fortunately, political parties have no Constitutional standing and their candidate endorsement is not binding under the Constitution.

    The political party is lost and I doubt it can be taken back; however, we CAN use the Constitution to stop the Obama takeover with Article 1, Section 4, Clause 1 and by use of Amendment 10 ratified Dec. 15, 1791 that states that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    I’m not a Constitutional lawyer but it appears that the two political parties can NOT overturn the Will of the People by designating ANY candidate as the nominee — all this has been allowed by the consent of the governed and that is We the People. If you truly want to stop this Obama takeover, we need some help from a Constitutional scholar who can tell us exactly how to legally prevent what is happening.

    It will be a tough battle but the democracy appears to be at stake and I don’t know about you, but my pioneer ancestors who fought and died to create this country seem to be saying to me what do we have to loose? P.U.M.A. power can be the catalyst to save our nation.

  271. Seriously: He said that in one of his speeches too. My husband remarked on that statement the minute he heard it. That was several months ago. My husbands immediate response was “I think he is the anti-christ”

  272. my last post was in regards to the statment “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, we are the change we seek”

  273. […] which Riverdaughter replies, about this “complete and utter takeover of the DNC by the Obama campaign”: […]

  274. […] well worth checking out. Also, check out the continuing power grab by Dean and Obama over at The Confluence. […]

  275. Have the so called supper delegates lost their collective minds? Obama is not even the “official candidate” until after the convention, yet he now controls the entire party. He is hiring and firing people?

    Now he is moving the party of the Chicago Black Racists cult?

    Well can I here a “God Damn America. amen Brothers and Sisters”?

    Thank God I have not sent the national Party any money this year! I am ashamed to say I was ever a democrat.

  276. All of this illegal. Obama is not the nominee, he didn’t get enough pledged delegates, and superdelegates can’t vote until August. It’s pretty simple to figure out. The DNC punished Florida/Michigan for breaking the rules but can break the rules themselves? Don’t think so…

    Why aren’t we protesting this unlawful coup de tat with full page ads in the newspapers? We have PACS now. People will contribute the cash. So where is the organization? Why is nobody holding Clinton accountable for promising to stay in the race “until there’s a nominee”? “I won;t quit on you if you don’t quit on me.” Remember that? Both she and the DNC should be publicly shamed for their actions on June 4th, coincidentally the 40th anniversary of the RFK assassination.

    Enough of the this psycho B.S. folks. If you want democracy, we have to roll up our sleeves, here. (I know, I’ve listened to too many Clinton speeches.) Chicago, by the way, is the center of the Bush/G.O.P./ IRAQ War corruption. The former minister of electricity is hiding out here. He’s a close friend of Tony Rezko’s and Obama backer who stole $650 million in reconstruction funds. I wonder what MoveOn.org has to say about that.

    (Please click on my screen name for an article I’ve posted about this.)

  277. I am so beyond mad and disgusted – it has been one huge nightmare. I now know what a coup feels like. This is America. How are we going to stop it?

  278. hmmmm…to to the system are we?

  279. I am more disappointed reading this than I was when I finally allowed myself to admit that America had re-elected George Bush. I wanted to care about this election. I wanted to support the Democratic Party until the very end. But I don’t care any more and I can’t support them. I vowed for eight years that I would never vote for Hillary Clinton for anything. But I voted for her in the PA primary because I can’t stand Obama. If only that had meant something – anything.

  280. […] Hmmm, this is not a good way to achieve Unity […]

  281. Actually , I have to say this is perhaps one of Obamas best moves …since the election willbe taking place in November , no one who is forced to move there will have to overwinter except native Chicagoans and perhaps he is simply using his foresight and anticipating that he and his family will not moving back to DC after all .. 😉

  282. […] there seems to be a consensus that the entire Democratic Party itself has been seized in a hostile takeover.When Ben Smith broke the news that the DNC was moving to Chicago only days after Hillary suspended […]

  283. […] But don’t worry, there’s more: But that’s only the beginning of the shock and distrust now apparent in millions of (former) Democrats, the infamous 18 million Hillary-supporters. Among the great majority, there seems to be a consensus that the entire Democratic Party itself has been seized in a hostile takeover…. […]

  284. I am a die-hard Hillary supporter, and I understand the mistrust and dislike of Obama. Hillary won just like Gore won in 2000.

    Obama wasn’t my candidate and nothing written above eases my anxiety.

    The only thing that scares me more is a McCain/Palin presidency, followed by a Palin presendency.

    Nothing in the Obama campaign sinks as low as the Karl Rove tactic of smearing McCain’s character by saying his adopted black daughter was really an illigitmate bastard back in 2000.

    Pick the lesser of two evils does not seem noble and does not make my heart swell with pride and glory. Swallowing my ire and voting to keep McCain out of the White House is a bitter dose. But the issues that will be affecting generations of women demand some self restraint. I know! That’s what we women always do!! The world would be even worse off than it is now if we didn’t.

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