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Wednesday: Live by the sword… yada-yada-yada

Dayum, it sure is easy to become cynical this season. Everyone seems to be double crossing everyone else with a “nudge, nudge, say not more, a wink’s as good as a nod to a blind man, eh, governor?”.

The Blogger boyz who were supposed to keep the media in check were coopted by it. Joe Lieberman, the Wormtongue and bane of our existence, is suddenly worthy of pity as his camp tries to outfox Obama’s camp who is trying to nail down the coffin of the Clinton campaign that just wants to get their damn delegates counted like every other candidate we have ever known while Howard Dean tries to rewrite history, “No, we’ve NEVER had the loser’s delegates counted at a convention.”

Has the whole world gone out of it’s frickin’ minds?

We know the media lied its ass off.

We know the blogger boyz propagated those lies because they were having kids and the college funds needed filling and, “Jeez, it’s just a presidential campaign, all the candidates are the same, They’re the SAME, you stupid, old, uneducated, Sino-Peruvian lesbians, I swear, why do I even bother talking to you broads?”

We know the DNC rigged the delegate count. We saw it with out own lying eyes on channel 210, CSPAN 1, while Donna Brazile, who has provoked unwanted negative feelings towards the country in us, screamed about the RULZ that were selectively applied.

We know that Lieberman is a double crossing. mean spirited Iago and no saint and without question set up that abominable Kyl-Lieberman amendment as a political wedgie because no matter how the Democrat voted for it, he/she was screwed.

And we know that just like every frickin’ controversial and politically tricky vote that he has ever been confronted with, Sir Obama bravely ran away.

The only refreshing thing about this primary season is that Clinton was forbidden to behave cynically during this primary season. Oh, she certainly tried to slip a few cynical jabs in there but on nearly every occasion, she was caught, flogged, stripped of all dignity, had each example paraded before a national audience and ridiculed. Well, *that’ll* learn her. Yep, cynicism was definitely off the table for Hillary. She was forced to play a clean game and she nearly won. Some of us would cynically say that she actually *did* win. And this bodes well for future candidates. You can run a relatively clean campaign and win even if every breath you take is jumped on by the media and the blogger boyz as one you had no right to inhale.

But what of Obama?

Well, I’ve been saying all season that the best way to take down the poisonous media’s ability to choose our nominee every four years would be to elect Hillary. But instead of sapping their powers, we have cynically seen everything they were up to and given in to it while barely uttering a discouraging word. Now, the media beast has grown and it’s going to start focusing its laser like attention on the presumptuous nominee. And since the blogger boyz have lost all credibility, they will not be able to walk it back. The media monster roars with delight and toys with its food before biting off each limb.

I would laugh cynically about this except that it’s a sad, sad day when the place I hungrily turn to for news is my own blog.

(This not to denigrate any of the efforts of my worthy cobloggers. It’s just that, well, there’s not much else out there that we can trust anymore.)

In the meantime, PUMAs, put your cynicism away for the morning. Gird your loins for another battle.

Silly video; great song.

Note to Kbird and ronk: I cleaned out the moderation queue and have documented the atrocities in a Word file for future reference.

158 Responses

  1. ‘morning riverdaughter… yes, it certainly feels like living in bizarro land… coffee? hold out your cup…

  2. Hope you don’t mind if I have my coffee over ice this am. Ahhh, that hits the spot. Thanks.

  3. Good morning.

    Blog stats looking good. Lots of new faces and contributors, long threads too. Exploring new format for site (nested comments, and so on)?

    Nothing else to say. Have a good one.

  4. If you want a Warrior’s reference …

    Obamatrolls … Come out to play-ay …

  5. Do you really think the media is now going to go after Obama? I don’t. I think they will go on putting two thumbs on the scale for him.

    They’re in love, as they were with GWB.

  6. Thanks for your wisdom each day. We will have to build a new citizenship for ourselves out of cynicism — so little is trustworthy anymore. I think we need to rewrite some laws about the (corporate) use of means to educate and inform citizens. And I hope the lawsuits against the DNC are upheld. Theft of the Democratic Party will not do.

  7. Red/Swing State Dems like Mahoney and Boren running away from Obama should be called the Childers effect.

  8. hlr: that was a disturbing video, heh.

    Was that a pre-enhanced version of Angelina?

  9. So, What’s Obama Going to Give Away to Conservative Religious Leaders and Consitutional Law Profs Who Work with Ken Starr??


    Just asking….with research on the 2 “big names”….

  10. I feel optimistic and energized. And strong. Like a puma, – powerful, yet graceful in repose.

    Morning, Conflucians and PUMAs!

  11. UpstateNY: Was that a pre-enhanced version of Angelina?

    LOL … she’s actually appeared next in an awful 80s show called ‘Too Close for Comfort.’ I’m embarrased to say that I remember the show.

    The clip is from the classic cult film revolving around gang rivalries in nyc — The Warriors.

  12. RD, I think something got screwed up, and a couple of Gary’s posts have “RiverDaughter” as the byline.

  13. If Barry stay the media darling with all the majors, do you not wonder what he has promised them???

  14. Laney, that is the scariest thing for me. When both the Republican party and Democrats are in cahoots with the media, you know we are in trouble.

  15. Mawm,
    DITTO… I so hope someone starts following a money trail. This guy has not received this much money from grass root contributions. Do they think we are stupid? Oh yeah, they do! This is such a redo of 2000 and half of the Dem party can not see it. It just boggles my mind.
    My problem, I crossed off people who voted for Idiot Boy the 2nd time (gave them some slack for the 1st), now I find I have no patience for the people who are gaga over Barry. I have no friends… Oh well, I have my computer…

  16. From the internets:

    NQ: Obama’s “missing documents” (why do I even go to NQ? Good question)

    TL: VP cocktail/chimera. BTD doesn’t get it, H is not going to be in the ticket.

    TM: cheese video attacking McCain (yesterday it was the McCain oath thingy) & more “we need to unite or O is in trouble” stuff.

  17. Laney: Join the club.

  18. Laney,
    I feel that I have no friends, too. But I am at peace with my convictions.
    So, I received a Move-On e-mail invitation to contribute to a (I kid you not) bake sale for Barry, to “raise some dough” going forward. I thought he had millions!

  19. Pat, Laney, heh.

  20. BTW, I am not a member of Move-On! I like to know what the opposition is doing.

  21. dwwenz, Bake sale?….astroturfy enough for you?

  22. I think all the time the bloggers and Democrats were denouncing the media bias, what they REALLY wanted was the bias to be on their side. So sad…

  23. UpstateNY – really!

  24. Morning PUMAs! Great post, RD.

    I am so loving the “Sino-Peruvian lesbians” meme. Heh. Here I thought I was just a banjo-twanging, dentally-challenged Bubba, but now it appears I need to shave my head, divorce my husband and move to China in order to be a Hillary supporter!

    Meanwhile, today I am finding it very hard to believe that the delegates will really nominate our very own George W. in August. Theocracy is theocracy, whether it be of the Democratic or Republican variety.

  25. Lets see, sleepovers, bake sales….where do I get my O patch for my vest?

  26. It was nice to see Strickland saying I do not wish to be on the O’s ticket. Kind of a slap in the face and Webb can’t with the confederate crap going on, so who is next for his messiahness?

  27. I finally got my blog all set up, but I still cannot figure out how to link and add to my blogroll.

  28. It seems pretty clear what happened this election season.

    Obama knew he was going to be fighting Hillary in the primary. His whole “change” “different kind of politician” act was all part of his smear Clinton campaign. He created a racial atmosphere. He was magnificent in his sliming of her. It worked perfectly.

    However, where he went wrong was to assume that any democrat could win in November just by having D next to his name. He thought that making someone into a racist (when they are really not) wouldn’t divide the party. He thought that supporting a bend of the rules that steals votes from your opponent wouldn’t divide the party. He thought that making false claims of grandeur and moral purity wouldn’t come back to haunt him.

    He did a great job in the primary, but those very tools he used to present Clinton as unelectable are now causing irreparable harm to the party and to his candidacy.

  29. madamab: I do not know if I would call it theocracy, but all this spiritual pandering repells me.

  30. dwwenz, Bake sale?….astroturfy enough for you?

    Upstate – yeah, really. I’ll bet Colleen will be making a batch of the special oatmeal-raisin cookies that her son likes so much.

    GO PUMA!

  31. I kept my GWBush friends. They probably need some kind of serious assistance in the future, because they lack common sense, especially the ones who voted for him in 2004. I stuck with them out of charity.

    Obama people on the other hand? For me, being a Democrat meant having MORE common sense, not less than the Republicans.

    That’s right. Obama will NOT choose Hillary as his runningmate. BTD needs to abandon that pipe dream….although he further lives in a fairytale world because he thinks that would actually make disaffected voters happy. I don’t think it will. And I suspect he’s polled and found that it won’t.

  32. repels=repells

  33. Theocracy and Doug Kmiec. Ugh.

    He gets more like GWB all the time.

  34. Kim,

    I love that Strickland was forceful in his rejection of the VP spot on the ticket. It definitely sent a message!
    I don’t believe that Barack can win the GE without Ohio, and without Strickland, he’s going to struggle here for sure. (May I add, “yay!”)

  35. Remind me, Arabella. Is Colleen the one with the secret”finger cookies” recipe?, because if so, that would be, oh-so-appropriate….heh

  36. A friend who is an O-bot said that he could not chose Hillary because Bill would be across the street, running things behind his back, a shadow government. I said that did not sound half bad. But I dont want her as the VP, want her as the real thing DAMMIT.

  37. And since the blogger boyz have lost all credibility, they will not be able to walk it back. The media monster roars with delight and toys with its food before biting off each limb

    That isn’t going to stop them from trying and they’ll be effective with the same audience they have now.

    If you haven’t noticed, their own hypocrisy doesn’t bother them.

  38. dwwenz,
    A also am very at piece with my convictions. I am assuming this is why we all have found this wonderful outlet. I really do not feel badly about becoming a hermit, actually like it…
    I just think its sad that I have such little respect for my peers. Unfortunately, we had a caucus in Wa. State, so, I know who went for Barry, EVERYBODY!!! I can’t even look at my neighbors…
    I go to the market, my eyes are shooting daggers at people. LOL

  39. If Hillary and Bill were around, at least that would make two competent people available.

    But we can’t have competence, can we?

  40. Upstate NY – It’s not just spiritual pandering. It’s very specific to evangelical Christians on the left and the right. And what they want, among other things, is to break down the walls between church and state.

    I’m really getting very afraid of Obama. He seems to be taking GWB’s ball and running with it.

  41. Laney: “I go to the market, my eyes are shooting daggers at people. LOL”

    Don’t worry that too will pass when we all convert.

  42. The only news I watch is Fox, (can you freaking believe that, I watch Fox, it even sounds weird) and there was a report that without Ohio and Florida, he has serious problems. Think Floridians like him?

  43. UpState – No.”Colleen” was the military mom who made a plea (on at least five blogs) that we reconsider voting for McCain because of the war. “The horrible things my son has seen… etc.”

    Fortunately everyone recognized the fraud. For me the give- away was her/its name. Colleen is a nice Catholc name.

    The astroturf is looking a bit old.

  44. I do not know, madamab. To me is just a strategy.

    Nothing is going to change, remember how D’s had a mandate to get the US out of the Middle East?

    I call it pandering.

  45. Laney,

    Thanks for letting me know that I am not the only one. I live in a very Republican area. However, I have for years been part of a small group of Dems that GOTV etc. All of them are in the tank. I have my computer, though!

  46. Kim – I saw a story yesterday on how Obama will have a lot of problems with Ohio and Pennsylvania. A Clinton campaign staffer was quoted as saying that he absolutely would not win Ohio.

    Of course, the story blamed it on racism. [bangs head on desk]

  47. Madamab-I wonder if it is because he has lost a sizeable percentage of Clinton Dems, that he is now pandering to evangelicals. I am sure they loved the Rev. Wright and Pfegler.

  48. I swear to God if I hear the word racism again, I will scream. Why is it that with this candidate, if you don’t like him, it is your fault and your ignorance? Not his, oh no.

  49. Upstate NY – I hope you’re right that it’s just pandering, but even so, I think it’s absolutely wrongheaded.

    I’ve read here and there that evangelicals are starting to come around to the Democratic side because of environmental issues. Why can’t we court them by finding issues where they agree with us, instead of trying to become more like them? This seems like a much more long-term and successful strategy to me.

  50. Kim, would you please post the link to your blog again? I think it got lost during the upheaval last night.

  51. Kim – that’s absolutely it.

    He’s throwing away millions of Clinton Dems with both hands so that he can maybe possibly get a few evangelicals to vote for him.

    I’m not seeing the logic here.

  52. Kim,
    Its crazy, for 7 years I baned my husband from Fox News and the voice of Idiot Boy. Now I told him, Fox O.K., NO more CNN or MSNBC or the voice of OBAMA… He looks at me, says, “you better write this down, the list is getting too long. We had a good laugh, which I needed after all this aggravation..
    Upstate- from your mouth to g@ds ears…

  53. I remember now, Arabella. Thanks. Yeah, Colleen was one of the Dune Reverend Mothers trying to convert the natives…

  54. It has been really nice to among like-minded people this morning. Wednesday is my day off, so it’s time for yard and house work.
    Hope everyone has a great day!

  55. Kim I sent you an email about your blogroll.

  56. Upstate:

    “Don’t worry that too will pass when we all convert.”

    Watch out for any pods that turn up in your basement or back yard. We don’t want you to be assimilated into the borg.

  57. Bye dwwenz, have a nice day.

  58. Well, if you think about it, he lost 18,000.000 votes and the 400+ caucus people he had employed are not getting unemployment. Maybe the chosen one has discovered, he might actually have to do something. But, I live in Bob Jones territory and it ain’t gonna happen.

    BB: Let me get the link

  59. I am so confused. I know what I feel, but then my kids (obama heads) hit me with the folowing Pew studies. Arrrrgh! Help!




    Sorry, about my first attempt w/the email typo-never been part of anything like this. Hello, riverdaughter and thanks for this place It’s good to know I am not alone.

  60. I have only posted twice on it, too busy here.

  61. hlr,

    Thanks for that clip from “The Warriers.” That is a great movie.

  62. I just got an email from “Just Say No Deal To Obama‏”

    I guess these were the guys on FOX the other day.

    Here is the email

    Spokespersons 13 Just Say No Deal:

    East Coast:

    Will Bower PUMA (202) 365-2536
    Cristi Adkins Clintons4McCain.com
    Diane Mantouvalos HireHeels.com

    West Coast:

    Robin Carlson HillaryGrassRootsCampaign.com
    Thuc Nguyen GoPumaParty.com

    To Arrange Interviews or Focus Groups
    Please Contact:
    Allen Media Strategies: (703) 589-8960
    Andonia Public Relations: (617) 416-4897

    *****MEDIA ALERT*****


    Explosion of rogue grassroots organizations coalesces overnight to form Mega-Coalition: JustSayNoDeal.com

    – Online, in Washington D.C. and Nationwide– Growing exponentially — individually, but infinitely together in one unifying mission — they are Senator Barack Obama’s gravest concern. On the evening of June 8, 2008, dozens of grassroots organizations and political activists convened a conference call and formed a coalition: Just Say No Deal. Its goal? : To turn the current race on its head and remind voters that all options are on the table this November.

    Just Say No Deal is an umbrella organization giving voice to over 80 grassroots organizations, blogs and millions of self- professed PUMAs (Party Unity My A_ _) intent on one mission: NOBAMA! Coalition members are pushing varying agendas and voting strategies, but the factions are united in their unwavering decision to not 1Cfall in line 1D by supporting Barack Obama.

    Concerned citizens have come out of the woodwork to express their distaste for and frustration with party leaders and the outcome of the nominating process. The Just Say No Deal website offers those voters an array of choices to assist in their decision-making process. The coalition will continue to organize in pursuit of its mission of keeping another unqualified candidate from inheriting the Oval Office.


  63. morning RD and all,

    just nobly pledged this AM at Correntewire not to rumourmong …myself,

    yet most schadenfreudianly enjoyed your –

    “The media monster roars with delight and toys with its food before biting off each limb”

  64. Thanks for the link Kim. I bookmarked it. I look forward to reading your work.

  65. IzzieB: Nothing pissed me of more than hearing Claire McCaskill stating she switched her support from Hillary to Obama because of her kids. This woman is an elected official, she is supposed to do what is best for her constituency. I can see switching to decaf or from coke to pepsi.

    My kids were leaning his way as well and I sat them down and told them Santa was not coming and neither was their allowance. My kids are 25 and 23 but they sure do like calling home for $$$. But I was really being honest, if our country continues on the path it is on, we are in for a helluva mess.

  66. Thanks, just me ranting.

  67. Katiebird,

    Have you been reading Marc Rubin at Tom in Paine? He has a new post up and this paragraph reminded me of your interest in Obama’s [lack of a] resume.

    “…Pelosi, Reid, Dean and the Obama wing of the party are trying to sell a candidate with a resume and a list of accomplishments that you can read faster than a value meal menu and they didn’t think Obama could stand up to 2 more months of Hillary Clinton. Given the way Clinton finished and Obama limped to the finish line they might have been right.”


  68. izzyb,

    I’d like to know who those people are who think the news coverage of the campaign has NOT been biased. WTF? What are they watching/listening to/reading?

  69. FYI-
    Good post at NQ on MSM… I think everybody is a little pissed off…
    Thanks for the cup of coffee.

  70. what is wrong with this pick my friends?
    off reuters re huff&something or other deciding for Hillary?


  71. From the WaPo: Democrats Still Struggling With Whole ‘Party Unity’ Thing


    All the usual suspects are present and accounted for: Dean, Pelosi and Reid.

    A few quotes for your amusement:

    That strategy left the leaders making, well, ballpark generalizations about Obama. “He is truly an all-star,” Reid submitted. “If we were talking about baseball, this man can run the bases, he hits for the long ball, he’s really good at picking out singles, he’s somebody that’s a team player.”

    In her eagerness to praise Clinton, Pelosi lost track of what day it was. “Today, in case you didn’t know it, June 2nd, is the 45th anniversary of the signing of the Equal Pay Act,” she said.

    I suppose it’s easy to lose track of the days when you’re busy blocking out the voices of 18 million Hillary supporters. Yesterday’s date was indeed really June 10th and sadly not June 2nd. Better luck next time Nancy.

  72. bostonboomer, I missed that. I’m reading it now. Thanks!

  73. QUOTE

    Upstate NY – It’s not just spiritual pandering. It’s very specific to evangelical Christians on the left and the right. And what they want, among other things, is to break down the walls between church and state.

    I’m really getting very afraid of Obama. He seems to be taking GWB’s ball and running with it.


    I’ve been afraid of Senator Obama’s movement for a long time now. This outreach to faith leaders brings religion and politics together in a way Democrats have always criticized the Republicans for.

    If the Democrats have to become Republicans to win an election, then we no longer have two major parties and the country will suffer for it.

    And that Obama Youth (“Joshua Generation”) project reminds me of nothing so much as another “Youth” organization that Germany had back in the 1930s and 40s.

  74. Thank-you for providing this oasis

  75. A. Huff: BITE ME

  76. Huffington thinks Obama has a better chance to beat McCain than Clinton??!! Has she actually looked at an electoral map?

  77. yeah, one of the major precipitating developments of dKos strike was when we dKos hillary supporters realized that we were up against people who knowingly promulgate information they know to be false. a la drudge. they’re not discussing ANYTHINGG – tey’re putting out propaganda.

    and then the calculated slanders began. Alegre was a “prominent poster on Hillaryis44”, when she had never posted anything there. Alegre “went on Bill O’Reilly’s show and trashed dKos”, when she never did any such thing.

    they just flat out make shit up. just like the obama campaign.

  78. WS – You mean this?

    Obama now, pre-Swift-Boating – Barely beating McCain with 276 EV

    HRC after 16 years of rightwing media attacks – Destroying McCain with 323 EV

  79. Did anyone else think it was a deliberate taunt to HRC when Obama announced that Elizabeth Edwards would be working on healthcare?

  80. Ariana goes to prove that when you have more money that God you can purchase a blog and set up house with the intent of shaping the political landscape. Never forget that Ariana was once an adviser to Newt Gingrich of all people and had her place in the Repub circle.

    Her motives are suspect and should not be confused with anything near patriotism. This woman seeks power for its own ends and chooses the path that is easiest to get there. Her remarkable censoring of postings that disagreed with her agenda is an example of one who is not comfortable with opposing points of view.

    She selected her candidate and damn anyone who tried to interferere. Ariana lacks judgment but her money tree trumps.

  81. Kim-What Confederate crap re: Webb?

  82. Is Just Say No Deal legit? I don’t remember the folks involved in that. Yes, I saw them on TV, but aren’t they the Facebook group that stole the PUMA idea?


    A commenter on Michelle Malkin’s site brought up and interesting fact. Do you all remember “Passportgate” – people broke in to Obama’s documents and then Hillary’s and Chaney’s. Condoleeza put a kabosh on it and the state dept. has been silent. However at the time the break-in was instigated by Obama supporters. Obviously there is something wrong with his documents – just what is not known.

    The comments are copied onto HQ’site

  84. I really dislike Arianna Huffington, can’t even look at her face.

    But what does she mean about Hillary in 2012. Doesn’t she want her candidate to win? Or was it that she was really rooting for McCain.

  85. Have you see the Yahoo headline: Obama vows 50 state strategy to go after Independent, GOP voters

    Or something like that. Apparently, he’s skipping right over the half the Party that can’t stand him.

  86. Huffbo didn’t endorse anyone? Yeah, just like Brazille.

    She voted for Dubya. Nothing out of her mouth would surprise me. The bottom line is it’s all about her and money. (Another Taylor)

  87. Melanie – Obama is delusional. The Independents and Republicans are going to vote for McCain.

    He just simply can’t admit he’s doing anything wrong. The Clinton Dems are just racist idiots because they don’t understand His Greatness. I mean, what can you do about it? Better to go after the non-racist Republicans in the South.


  88. Hear,Hear!!!!

    I love this-this really is grassroots stuff. Not the Axelrod manufactured grassroots. Check out the online Business Week of Mar. 3, 2008—The Secret Life of David Axelrod. An interesting read and he is a lobbyist-ironic, no?

  89. Venting: The places I can visit just keep getting fewer and fewer, smaller and smaller. Is that because we’re all raging lepers?

    I have to keep in mind that “the minority” was right about Bush and right about the Iraq war. That is the only thing keeping me sane.

    I went and visited a site that, post-Hillary, I originally shunned, but that I visit occasionally because I still find a few interesting posts there. I posted a comment that the blog owner disagreed with. On that particular blog, if the blog owner disagrees with your post, you get out of there, because he’ll start harrassing you. I’ve seen it over and over.

    So even in places where I still can enjoy the reading, I don’t enjoy posting. It’s sad. Really, really sad.

    How long before this site is destroyed, or turns into a place where you can’t be against “the Chosen One”? (shaking head)

  90. HuffPo is not arguing that they didn’t endorse anyone, are they?

  91. I live in Jacksonville, Florida and NE Forida is definitely GOP territory, although it went for O-man in the primary because of a large AA population.

    Our local Dem party has been assimilated by the Borg from out of state. I have been called twice by them–relentless bunch. They have Hillary’s donor list–told them it wasn’t gonna happen, sweetie.

    Interesting tactic though, the first call was (according to my husband who told them I wasn’t interested) a young, eager voice. The second call, the next morning-which I answered-was an older female-perky-voice. I figure the next call (which I’m sure will come) will be Wilford Brimley voice or something similar.

    They think we are idiots.

  92. Hannabanana: You mean party insiders like John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Teddy Keddy?

    Hon, the insiders went for Obama. Someday you’ll wake and realize that you were thrown a con job. Your Obama (D-Countrywide) is just as married to the insiders and to the corporate interests as you think others are.

  93. kc – Obama’s cult followers are idiots. Why shouldn’t HRC’s low-information, vaginally-endowed supporters be idiots too?

  94. Melanie – here is the beginning of the Reuters article linked to above:

    Nationally syndicated columnist and Huffingtonpost.com co-founder/editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington may not have been a personal supporter of Hillary Clinton for the Democratic party nomination (HuffPost didn’t endorse a candidate), but she has kind words for the New York senator and former first lady all the same.

  95. Jmac: People like Huff-poo are trying their damndest to rectify what they’ve broken, aren’t they?

    Wow, what a bunch of integrity-free shills.

  96. Joan: There was something on about Webb being sympathetic to the confederate flag deal in SC. We still have the stupid thing flying.

  97. Teresa: There are more and more spots than you think that seem to crop up daily. They feeel the same way we do. Or do what I did, make your own, (KB helped). I rant and rail, no one reads it yet, but it makes me feel better.

  98. I don’t think Hillary should campaign with Obama. Gallop has him way up. He doesn’t need her, and watching her campaign for him would make me hurl.

  99. Avoid the calls, I have a land line that has never been plugged in, I have it for the discount on cable. It is on the Do Not Call list. We use our cells for everything and if they call on it, I demand they take the number off the list because they are using up my minutes.

  100. madamab—-because we have critical thinking skills.

    I believe the quote, “those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” (Santayana), applies here.

  101. Melanie: Gallup actually changed their method of averaging to give him that “bounce”. Had they not, his “bounce” would have about matched some of his previous increases — that were then matched by some of McCain’s increases.

    He really didn’t have much of a bounce. He should be kicking McCain’s hiney with as bad as things are going. But instead, he’s stagnating.

  102. gotta go–work to do. This is so addictive, I need blog rehab or something.

  103. I have little blogs for other things, but I find that I don’t keep up with them when life gets in the way. I am always amazed at the energy that people invest in blogging.

  104. hannabanana: Then who ARE you for?

  105. All the huffing and puffing is for show. Lust like the male of a species needs to preen to attract a mate, the Obamoids need to bluster and pose to coerce Clinton supporters to their side of the barnyard. Ain’t gonna appen. Huff-poo, MessNBC, et al can cry and whine until they’re blue but this Clinton supporter is sitting out this election.

    Bottom line: he can’t win, she can.

  106. Why do Obama’s supporters need to believe he and Michelle were poor? I tried to explain last night to one that MO was middle income. Her father worked for the water department(wink, wink). He was a ward leader for the Daley machine. They were middle income. And, Obama clearly comes from an upper middle class background. My God, he lived on Mercer Island and then Hawaii. His grandmother was VP of a Bank and his grandfather owned a furniture store. They were not poor. Yet I was accused of being a troll because I simply said MO was middle income. Why do they need to believe either of the two were poor? What gives?

  107. Melanie – Obamans are invested in Obama’s personal story. That’s why they love him. He is a brand that they are cool enough to buy.

    If they hear that their product doesn’t contain the “right” ingredients, they get all huffy.

  108. (rolling eyes) Melanie, ALL black people are poor. That’s so obviously true that to say anything else is obviously a lie.

    Never mind the black dentist I babysat for in high school. They had a swimming pool and his daughter eventually married and divorced Sinbad….

  109. P_Lukasiak over the mighty corrente some of the participants at Obama faith-based meeting:

    TD Jakes – One of those mega-church preachers who enriches himself (he lives in a $1.7 million mansion) while “saving souls”
    Doug Kmiec – anti-choice “Constitutional” law professor and former Reagan administration official

    Rich Cizik – anti-choice, anti-gay rights evangelical best know for “green evangelicalism”

    Max Lucado –anti-choice, anti gay-rights author of more than 50 books

    Paul Corts – Currently head of the right wing Council for Christian Churches and Universities – former associate and participant in Monica Goodling’s efforts to put more right-wing Christians in the DoJ

    Rev. Stephen Thurston – head of the anti-gay rights National Baptist Convention

    Glen Palmberg – President of the anti-gay Evangelical Covenant Church of America

    Are these the people he would consult for the SCOTUS? You guys really think this is the liberal we have been waiting for don’t you?

  110. Melanie,

    If the Obots could erase a history of zoning regulations and the discovery of plumbing, they would have BZero being born in a log cabin.

    They can’t quite accomplish that so they do the next best thing — not asking any questions that would lead to the uncovering of the truth.

  111. I owned a Pinto car at one time. It was a piece of crapola. But I would not give in when people made fun of it. I clung hard to the storyline that it was the best car I ever owned. I knew differently but was not about to give in. Same with the Obamabots. When the cracks begin to appear in the facade, hold tight to your original thoughts since you do not want to appear wrong. Therefore, no room for criticism or dissent.

  112. hannabanana,

    Why are you here? This blog has a specific purpose and it has nothing to do with Kucinich or voting for the presumptuous Democratic nominee. We are not interested in debating you. If you have some purpose in mind, please get to the point.

  113. MABlue, Ack!!!

  114. MABlue,

    Now that’s one fine bunch of christians — wow, I bet they pray and take communion before they burn someone at the stake.

  115. I am going to repost this article because I think it really shows what a sorry lot of losers the Democratic leadership are:

    Democrats Still Struggling With Whole ‘Party Unity’ Thing
    By Dana Milbank
    Wednesday, June 11, 2008; A03

    It was billed as a post-primary unity event at Democratic National Committee headquarters yesterday. But the unity fell apart before the opening “thank you all for coming.”

    As 18 elected Democrats filed into the party’s conference room for the show of force, DNC Chairman Howard Dean, evidently not realizing the microphone was picking up his words, took a swipe at Sen. Chuck Schumer, the loquacious leader of the Senate Democrats’ campaign effort.

    “Wait until Schumer stops talking,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid suggested to Dean.

    “That’ll be a long wait,” Dean replied. Then began the meeting.

    It seems that nothing can stop the Democrats from taking the White House and expanding their congressional majorities in November. But give them time. They’re Democrats, after all.

    The famously fractious party is trying to apply wallpaper to the foundational cracks left by the Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton saga. But if yesterday’s unity kickoff is any indication, the party is less interested in rallying around its own nominee than in rallying against John McCain.

    “We have as a Republican nominee a flawed candidate,” Reid proclaimed. “His temperament is wrong, he’s wrong on the war, he’s wrong on the economy.”

    “Today we stand united as a Democratic Party focused on putting an end to the idea of a third Bush term, which we would get with John McCain,” said Dean.

    “In Iraq we have a war without end,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi added, “and John McCain says ‘100 more years.’ ”

    In their opening remarks, Dean, Pelosi and Reid mentioned the Republican Party’s candidate by name 17 times, more than they did their own party’s likely nominee.

    But perhaps this should not be surprising. Walk toward the entrance to the DNC headquarters from South Capitol Street and the first thing you see is a McCain campaign poster (closer inspection reveals that it says “Lobbyists for McCain”). Hanging over the entrance is a banner mentioning not Obama but his opponent: “John McCain = 3rd Bush Term.”

    The negative strategy may have something to do with the need to win over the 18 million people who voted for Clinton. They may not have fallen for Obama’s charms during the primary — but perhaps they can be convinced that McCain is the greater evil.

    That strategy left the leaders making, well, ballpark generalizations about Obama. “He is truly an all-star,” Reid submitted. “If we were talking about baseball, this man can run the bases, he hits for the long ball, he’s really good at picking out singles, he’s somebody that’s a team player.”

    “We can be such an integral part of this team,” offered West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin.

    “We’re all on the same team,” announced Sen. Patty Murray (Wash.).

    The Democrats treaded gingerly around Clinton. Each time her name was praised, the group broke into applause, with the exception of Rep. Jim Clyburn (S.C.), who held a newspaper in one hand and thumbed his BlackBerry with the other.

    “Her knowledge, her eloquence, her stamina, her commitment to the future made us all very proud,” Pelosi gushed. In her eagerness to praise Clinton, Pelosi lost track of what day it was. “Today, in case you didn’t know it, June 2nd, is the 45th anniversary of the signing of the Equal Pay Act,” she said. “We want all of those women who came out for Hillary Clinton — and for Barack Obama, but those especially for Hillary Clinton — to know that the work goes on.”

    But happy words alone may not be enough to win over the disaffected Clinton crowd: women and blue-collar white voters. Hence the need to raise the Bush-McCain specter. Pelosi argued that “women and blue-collar workers, whatever their race, have the most to gain by the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States and the most to lose by the election of John McCain.”

    Dean opened with the theme: “Senator McCain represents more of the same failed Bush policies. . . . Senator McCain has been one of Bush’s staunchest allies. .. . . He makes President Bush look like the model of fiscal discipline.”

    Pelosi followed that with a call-and-response routine. “On George Bush’s watch we have lost 325,000 jobs just this year, and John McCain says four more years. On Bush’s watch, gas prices have skyrocketed above $4 a gallon, and John McCain says four more years. On Bush’s watch one in 10 Americans are at risk of losing their homes. . . . John McCain says four more years.”

    Reid followed that with a discussion of “this surreal world that John McCain has signed on to,” where gas prices are high and torture is kept hush-hush.

    CNN’s Kathleen Koch pointed out the difficulty in wooing Clinton voters, who “may stay home and not vote, or they may vote for Senator McCain.”

    “This is not just about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton,” Dean answered. “This is about undoing the incredible damage of eight years of Bush-McCain policies, Bush-McCain economic policies . . . Bush-McCain environmental policies . . . Bush-McCain foreign policies.”

    Dean followed that run with a prediction: “I have every confidence we will be united by the fall election.” Against McCain, if not for Obama.

  116. Oh, and please forgive my manners, may this be a fine and wonderful morning for all.

  117. I think Obama will be consulting with Pat Robertson should he need Justice Department officials.

    Some Liberal.

  118. One thing I’ll never do is sacrifice who I am as a human being to vote for a Democrat. Won’t happen ever.

  119. Check out BO’s top econ advisor:


  120. Hannabanan: Obviously YOU’RE right and everyone else is wrong. LOL.

    If you ARE truly not an Obama supporter (and I doubt this highly) then I would think that your interest in voting integrity would steer you away from the Democrats in this election.

    I hope that you’re over at the DailyKOS doing exactly what you’re doing here. If not, then why not?

  121. hannabanana, Sen. Clinton won the popular vote against Obama, sweetie.

  122. Apparently just like everybody else, the DNC thinks the only good thing about Obama is he isn’t McCain.

    As for me, the best thing about McCain is that he isn’t Obama. Otherwise they’re all the same.

    As corrupt as the DNC and the RNC both are, divided government is the very best way to go.

  123. “The media monster roars with delight and toys with its food before biting off each limb.”
    I am waiting for that with baited breath…but starting to get worried: what if TPTB decided to pick their front man from the other party? What if B0 is IT?
    The future behavior of the media will answer this question.
    And I – as always will do the opposite they want me to.
    If it becomes clear the deal is in place for B0. voting for McCain will not be iffy anymore. It’ll be my strike for democracy!(irony is abounding lately)

  124. The voting integrity I’m speaking of is what the RBC did. They essentially chose the candidate themselves, rather than letting the voters do it. This election was a fraud.

    Apparently you didn’t get that memo being the high minded neutral party that you are in all of this.

    Show your own integrity and out yourself as an Obama supporter.

    Then, and only then, will I respond to any of your future posts.

  125. Hi, I have been lurking, but after reading some of the comments this a.m., I would just like to say, ignore the trolls. They are trying to disrupt and distract the discussion. They come in many guises. The more they are fed, the worse they become.

  126. Hi birdgal, If the trolls start to bore us, we just weed them out. This is our space and we aren’t interested in arguing with them.

  127. hannabanana, Leave now please. You have nothing to say that is of interest to this blog.

  128. Just want to say, I have recently discovered this site, and really enjoy the cogent discussions. Nice to find somewhere, that feels good.

  129. It’s nice to have you here, birdgal. I heard there is a new post up. Come right up and join us if you have some free time.

  130. RD, this is the most empowering space on the internet for Hill supporters. I really love that. I think Obama is an empty suit, and one good thing about this election is I don’t have to pretend any differently.

  131. regarding campskunk (hi there!) comments above, I noticed myself the deliberate spreading of disinformation – a diary asking Alegre/other Clinton folks to return to the cheeto blog had a number of comments insisting she’d gone on Fox News to attack Obama/that blog, which is a total and complete lie. She has never had any connection to His44 either. It’s astonishing.. the same person kept posting the lies, others would respond asking for evidence, get no response, and the lies continued. It was like interacting with IBSlim who is a shameless and persistent liar.

  132. Hi everyone, I have been a lurker. I am a McCain supporter (full disclosure and all that)

    I just wanted to comment on a few things I have read in here in the past few days.

    izzb, I just quickly skimmed the two Reports. I am not sure what your children are trying to say. It looks like the reports are saying that people perceived that Obama received more positive coverage and that there were more positive character stories about Obama than Hillary. There are several things the report fails to address or ignores. It ignores the internet media, it focuses on the candidates only and not attacks on their surrogates. A lot of the attack on Senator Clinton was done indirectly through attacks on President Clinton. Second, it does not put into consideration the timing of the negative stories. If you look at the second study, Obama had overwhelmingly positive character coverage in the first two months of this year. This helped him him win in the early primaries and created momentum he might not have had if stories about Reverend Wright had come out (the media sat on the story). It has the same effect that giving Senator Clinton Florida votes at the end of the contest. If those votes had been counted at the time of the Florida primary, the momentum would have switched to her and the narrative of the contest would have been different. Third, the second report only looks at narratives. Most of the bias occurred during commentaries. You also have to consider who made those comments. A negative comment about Senator Clinton from Donna Brazile holds much more weight than one from Ed Rollins who people assume is biased. It also ignores the internet media. The cable channels all have websites with blogs, an example is the Cafferty Files, what comments get selected to be read or posted matters. I am sure there are a lot more holes in these reports. I don’t want to attack Pew. They are trying to look at an important issue, but you have to take the results with a grain of salt.

    On the issue of the bake sale and the creation of a coalition of cyber Obama kids. I think the bake sales is not for the purpose of raising money but to create photo-ops that gives the appearance that working class moms are supporting Senator Obama. This is one of his new strategies. You see that yesterday when he shadowed a nurse at work. The same is true with his meeting with mainstream religious leaders and his campaign’s comparing him to Ronald Reagan. It is part of an outreach to the middle class, Reagan Democrats, and Independents that he alienated during the primaries. As for the child outreach program, my opinion is that it reflects a view largely held by organizations like Moveon that the world’s solutions can be solved if people are taught and pressured into doing the right thing. When they imagine preK education, it is a certain type of pre-K education. When they talk about public schooling, it is of a certain type of curriculum. Look at the candidates they support, the legislation they support, and their communication methods. There is a reason why they are so excited about the youth vote and why they are so focused on the internet, with the cyber war room and such, in this election.

    Anyway, sorry for the long-winded rant. I I have thought the media was lazy and bias for many years, and outside of my family, the people I work with and my friends are all Obama-type liberals who I never talk to about politics. It has been a joy to find others with similar feelings even though politically we might disagree.

  133. #
    campskunk, on June 11th, 2008 at 11:12 am Said:

    and then the calculated slanders began. Alegre was a “prominent poster on Hillaryis44″, when she had never posted anything there. Alegre “went on Bill O’Reilly’s show and trashed dKos”, when she never did any such thing.

    they just flat out make shit up. just like the obama campaign.
    Since I did not go to any of the fancy bloggers like DKos and others, I don’t know what went on. But reading some of the posts here, it looks like they were successful in creating a myth that ,i> hillaryis44 site was somehow beneath you and I. Sure, that site may not be the intellectual powerhouse of the highest order but those people are real and they care about democracy and doing things right. I think their steadfast, unconditional support to Hillary was a threat to these bloggerboyz that they were made fun of and ridiculed. At one point they even hijacked many of the users names and their comments and rewrote them in other places to smear them. But I started with that blog and I know many of those regular commenters and they are all nice and decent people like you and me. There is no shame in going there and having an occasional conversation. So Allegre would have found a worthy audience for her blogs there too.

  134. I agree with pm317. Some of the commentors there have done immense amounts of work for Hill’s campaign. For instance an african american woman who campaigned in her home state of OH, then went to PA, and then IN. The folks there are good people, if unconventional, why put them down?

  135. Melanie I hear you, I think the trouble is.. some commenters did get out of hand with rumor mongering about stuff that was just not reality based.. and that kind of fed itself unchecked.. I’m just saying.. it’s one thing for them to be following closely issues like rezko.. it’s another when some there are allowed to push that larry s. smear, unchecked/unmoderated – that doesn’t help anyone! that’s exactly the problem – some of the negative stuff gets out of hand and then it’s easy for others to try and discredit the entire site.

  136. d g,

    If rumormongering that feeds itself unchecked could discredit an entire site, Dkos, Americablog, and TPM would be utterly discredited.

  137. HRC has been great in supporting equal pay for women (Darcy Burner’s legislation). Obama also supports, but here’s McCain’s take: women don’t deserve equal pay. They just need more training and education to be equal:


  138. mowich: We don’t need you to tell us that McCain is bad. We know he is. It’s just that the Demos have become just as bad. And they’re our (previous) party so we need to fix them.

    No repair will occur if Bambi wins.

  139. PesfB: Our country needs divided government right now. The two sides need to check themselves.

    It is YOU, who support Obama(D-Countrywide) that have an issue with integrity. Is your ego and your win more important than our country? It must be.

  140. mowich,

    Your candidate Barack Obama has the resume of a 27 year old man. I can’t imagine how we Democrats let this happen: The Presidency isn’t an entry level position.

    George Bush had pretend experience: and look where that has left us.

    Obama? He doesn’t even have that.

    What full-time job experience has he had and WHAT were his major accomplishments in those positions.

    Tell me, I beg you.

  141. hannabanana,

    Feel free to answer the question I casked mowich above. I’m dying to know the answer.

  142. Katiebird: Aren’t Obama supporters angry today?

  143. mowich,

    This site doesn’t support McCain. Individual commenters can use their precious voting rights however they want. This site opposed Barack Obama. We have done our research and we aren’t going to argue with trolls about it.

  144. d g, on June 11th, 2008 at 1:39 pm Said:
    Again I have to disagree. They were not the sole perpetrators of any rumormongering — as is the case in other places people brought info from different sources. The comments were not moderated but it was self policed by the participants much like it is done everywhere else (like TM for instance). Some troll related problems were there. But the vast majority has formed a community to conduct a civil discourse. The negative stuff may have been the trolls hijacking comments and rewriting them to discredit them. Come on give them a break — these are people who have volunteered and worked on the campaign and had Hillary’s best interest on their minds.

  145. hannabanana,

    I asked you in a nice way to leave. Your posts are being monitored and your ISP being identified.

  146. Fellow Confluence supporters: Isn’t it funny how O-bots try and coerce and bully us to vote a certain way and then complain that deleting their comments is undemocratic?

    Makes me laugh. They are as hypocritical as their Obama (D-Countrywide).

  147. You have to give them credit for tenacity. But ask the trolls to please cite facts and they slink away.

  148. #
    bostonboomer, on June 11th, 2008 at 2:11 pm Said:


    I asked you in a nice way to leave. Your posts are being monitored and your ISP being identified.

    Don’t let her slip on her peel. 🙂
    (sorry, could not resist.)

  149. let me know if I should shut up since this seems to be a debate between Democrats.


    I know some people don’t bother to learn history or do any research but please look up Title VII (http://www.eeoc.gov/policy/vii.html) and the 1963 Equal Pay Act (http://www.eeoc.gov/policy/epa.html). The new legislation you are talking about was proposed in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Ledbetter v. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Inc. (2007) I will take a stab at discussing the ruling. You should look the case up for yourself. The issue tested the statute of limitations for a claim of pay discrimination under Title VII. Title VII requires proof of discriminatory intent. This raised the issue of when does such intent occur in a pay discrimination case. Is it a recurring offense that takes place with each paycheck or is it a discreet occurrence, therefore subject to a statue of limitation. The majority and minority disagreed on this. A discreet violation is something like promotion or termination whereas a continuous violation is similar to a hostile working environment. The majority decided it was a discreet violation, therefore the suit had exceeded the statue of limitations. The majority said this interpretation served the public interest to be free of stale claims, encourages timely resolution of employment discrimination cases, and protects the accuracy and freshness of the evidence presented in these cases. They also said that her claim could have been brought under the Equal Pay Act which does not require proof of discriminatory intent. The minority favored the continuous violation view, and urged legislation to correct it. I got all this information on the internet. None of these ideas are mine.

    Senator McCain can explain for himself why he voted against the legislation in question, but to look at it as a solely a women’s right issue is not fair. The issue of timely lawsuits and good evidence to assure fair trials is an issue many women care about also. In addition some women don’t want excessive legislation. If the 1963 EPA sufficiently addresses the facts presented in the Ledbetter case, then additional legislation would be repetitive. Also, many businesses are now owned or managed by women., so many women have an interest in not being subject to lawsuits by their employees that are 10 30 years old.

    The way I interpret Senator McCain’s position is that he did not want to create a law that was not necessary given the existence of Title VII and the 1963 EPA. He felt it would be more effective if legislature looked at other barriers to disparate pay such as education and training since discrimination is adequately addressed by current law.

    You can disagree with him, with his judgment, but to accuse of not caring about discrimination of women in the workplace or equal pay is unfair. You cannot make a claim, be lazy about understanding what you are talking about, and then spread your ignorance all over the internet. T

    I think this is my last post. I feel I am pushing my way into a private party. I just could not let this one go. I did a Google search with the terms “McCain” and “Equal Pay” and all I got was a lot of fringe sites spreading the same misinformation you posted here. I guess your cyber war room is doing its job. Maybe not job since some of you are volunteers and are not “working” for the campaign.

    Thank you though for pushing into committing to become a McCain volunteer. I had been thinking about doing that for awhile, now that see what he is up against, I am going to lend whatever assistance I can to his campaign.

  150. Okay, really this is it. Just one last post because hannabanana is really getting on my last nerve.


    This is America not Burma. This is 2008 not 1808. We are people not sheep. This is not one of those fansites like you the ones for Hannah Montana. We are not 12 year old girls who blindly imitate or follow everything someone we admire does or say. Try doing that some time..

    Okay, I am leaving before I get kicked out or before I go bananas from these Banatics’s idiocy.

  151. Well, this is where I get my news as well. I cannot bare to to go my usual hang outs now. Get rid of the banana.

  152. Once again the Obots are out in force. They obviously didn’t receive the same message we did– they don’t need us.

    We accepted the advice and have moved on and we are using our vote as we see fit. I suggest you do the same.

    No one here is trying to sway your stance so go back to the BO website and TM site and blog there.

  153. The FBI released recently that it was Team Lieberman who sabotaged Lieberman’s web page in 2006. He gets no pity from me. Once a worm, always a worm. LOL!

    As far as Little Lord Obama’s merry minions…they seem a bit out of sorts today. Boo f*cking hoo.

    Actions have consequences. Deal with it.

  154. hanna,

    18 million and COUNTING, baby. Don’t ever forget it.

    Little Lord Obama has given the phrase “buyer’s remorse” new meaning.

  155. Im sad that they started moderating comments here, I wont be able to call up the whambulance anymore . No debate only stifling ignorance and hatred will be allowed. I guess Ill have to make painfully obvious fake pro hillary comments but they wouldnt even post one of those yesterday :(. What am I supposed to do when I cant poke fun at how pathetic you all sound…

  156. Howard’s delegates were counted at the convention!

    “A Clinton aide said there’s no power play here: Clinton just wants to make sure her supporters are slated in state delegates and sent to Denver. Her camp pointed to precedent: Bradley in 2000 and Dean in 2004 didn’t formally release their delegates until the convention itself.”

    http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith /

  157. Riverdaughter~
    I caught your comments on Taylor Marsh. I would love for you to do a post on the turn she has taken. Calling us “deadenders” I was really disappointed that she would resort to bullying.

    She is disappointed that none of the Obama people have contacted her? They don’t care about her, they have much bigger fish working for them on the web.

    They don’t care about her old fashioned working class values.

    I think this blindly following the message in Hillary’s speech is a cop out. She had to try to unify. She is worried about her voters and the party.

    Just wondering what you think about Taylor?

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