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      Why would they? Hypocrisy is no big deal. Owning the libs is what counts! NEWS: Sources inside @HerschelWalker #GASEN campaign confirm to @dcexaminer: The Georgia Republican had "record-breaking" fundraising day after @thedailybeast story broke: Walker raised $182K, inclu $50K during his @seanhannity interview on @FoxNews — David M. Drucker (@David […]
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Hit the DNC where it hurts most

I’m with Heidi Li on this one:

Believe you me, nobody but nobody is more disgusted with the current D.N.C., particularly with the hapless Dr. Dean. As with all corrupt institutions, I am refraining from having ANYTHING to do with the D.N.C. They make me sick.

Ok, that said, let me explain the following.

A Donation to Retire the Debt = A Slap in the Face to the D.N.C.

The D.N.C. is in real trouble right now. They can’t raise money. Senator Clinton’s most powerful fundraisers are not going to help them – at least not based on what I have heard them saying – even if Senator Clinton would like the D.N.C. to receive help (Senator Clinton is thinking of the downstream Democrats who rely on the party for assistance in their upcoming elections).

And in case you missed it, she was in on an intense phone call yesterday…..

371 Responses

  1. i have requested a refund from the dnc for my Democracy Bond contributions. somewhere in their bylaws is a requirement that they refund contributions within a certain time period if requested.

    i need to write them back and tell them what i’m gonna do with the money.

  2. OK, everyone. Let’s think through this rationally. Did the DNC make some BIG mistakes by screwing up on Michigan and Florida? IMHO, they did. But is that reason to punish all the state parties and downticket candidates who depend on the DNC for help? IMHO, NO!

    There are ways to reform the party for the better. The best way, I think, is to become the party. Did the Deaniacs run away to help Bush in 2004 after Howard Dean lost the primary then? No, they came back stronger to take over the party. After all, look who’s the DNC Chairman now.

    We can do the same, but only if we stay engaged and be a part of the process. By defecting to the GOP (or even becoming Indy), we’re not doing anything to “save” the party. We’re just making sure McBush has an easier job and grows coattails that downticket CReeps can hang onto.

    Do we really want to do that?

  3. atdleft: There were RBC irregularities in this election, there were nasty, horrible, awful campaign tactics (calling the Clintons racists?) that were fully condoned by the DNC. There was severe misogyny, also loved by the DNC as long as it helps their guy. And the list goes on.

    My eyes are open. The DNC is just as corrupt as the RNC, they just pretend to support different issues.

    I think divided government is important right now. The two parties need to be checks on one another. It’s important that Obama does not win.

    If Obama wins, how will the party change? They won’t. They’ll just continue their power grab as their doing now, with the more corrupt Obama (D-Countrywide) at the helm.

    No thanks.

  4. atdleft (rolling on the floor crying with laughter)

    Oh, my God, you fool — WE are the Democratic Party. We are precinct people and contributors and volunteers and hold-our-noses-and-voters!!

    Rational? My very first election 35 years ago, I voted for a former Nazi just ’cause he was a Democrat.

    ALSO? I’m a former Deaniac (and not the only one either) who was (I’m humiliated to say it) in support of him as DNC chairman.

    Rational? It sure as heck isn’t rational to support a guy who’s never had a full time job as President of the United States. I just can’t get past that. Even his website can’t pump his resume up to a respectable level.

    I’m. Not. Voting. For. Obama.

    (reeling in laughter at the very thought)

  5. Also? I’m not voting for anyone currently supporting The Precious. So voting down ticket isn’t big on my list either.

  6. You can always donate directly to the downticket Dems who supported Hillary.

  7. Katie, you rock!

  8. Just read Heidi’s words about the “intense phone call” yesterday. Great to hear news, any news, of HRC and her closest advisors. Also good to hear that we are in good company feeling the abuse by the media and the oppositiion and the DNC towards our candidate. I will certainly, based on Heidi’s information, consider giving more money to help HRC retire her debt. I will need some reassurance, however, that not one penny will go to BHO or the DNC. Still holding out hope for Denver!

  9. Katiebird,

    I’m with you. I thought adtleft used to be Hillary supporter. Maybe I’ve mixed him/her up with someone else. I’m still going to back Hillary until the convention. If her pledged and superdelegates can do that, I certainly can. And I’ll focus my donations on helping to retire her debt.

  10. Donating money to Hillary now to pay down her debt would surely send her a message that we are still here supporting her.

  11. It is times like this that I wish that I was not so cheap. I have never given any money to the DNC, so I guess I can not demand that they give my money back to me.

  12. Donate directly to the candidates you support and ONLY the ones that supported Hillary. Bypass the DNC. If they’re in a world of hurt, it’s no one’s fault but their own.

    I canceled my DNC membership, wrote them a nasty note on their fund raiser letter and sent it back to them..on THEIR dime.

    DO NOT donate directly to the DNC. Donate to the candidate directly. Make them pay for what they have done.

    Let BO fund them. Isn’t that why he is the DNC’s “Chosen One?” Isn’t he suppose to bring in BIG BUCKS for the party? Fine then…let HIM do it. I’m finished with throwing my money away.

  13. I have voted Democratic in every election since 1988. I do not recognize this party right now. They are NOT Democrats. The best thing we can do is completely repudiate them.

    To help them suceed while they trash every Democratic principle would be the worst thing for our Democracy.

    The line in the sand has been drawn for me. Democrats must come back to their base. If it takes a 2008 mega defeat to make it happen, so be it. The alternative is dirty Chicago politics in the white house, and no way party to challenge it.

  14. bostonboomer: you are right- adleft used to be a hillary supporter, but no more. adleft’s an OK person, but i disagree with him on this one.

  15. That’s what I thought, campskunk. Thanks. I don’t think there is much point in trying to reform the party from within right now. The Obamanuts have taken over completely, and even before that happend, apparently Howard Dean was a mole for Obama. The DNC is rotten to the core. I will stick with the Democrats who stick with Hillary, like Strickland and Boren.

  16. I love what Strickland said yesterday. That was like a “one” finger face scratch aimed at *61

  17. Thanks for the tip, kb. I donated $25 to Hillary today. I’m about to donate another $25 to Ed O’Reilly, John Kerry’s first ever primary challenger. http://www.actblue.com/entity/fundraisers/18072

  18. Amen katiebird! Neither I nor 20 of my closest relatives will vote for Obama under any circumstances — an Obama “win” in November will only increase his stranglehold on the DNC, which, under his leadership is already looking way to fundie to me; an Obama loss in November makes HRC the strongest Dem in the country — in order to take back the Party as atdleft suggests, we have to be willing to burn the village to save it. I’m willing.

  19. Is E. O’Reilly a dem?

  20. Marsha, I think a lot of people share your concerns.

    If you give money to Hillary, it will go to her and will not go to anyone else.

    If you are not maxed out for the primary, it will go to pay down her debt.

  21. you gotta love this from Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (from over at NoQuarter):


    Asked on NPR’s “All Things Considered” if he is auditioning to be Obama’s running mate, Strickland said, “Absolutely not. If drafted I will not run, if nominated I will not accept and if elected I will not serve. [Listen to the full NPR interview.]

    So, I don’t know how more crystal clear I can be.”

  22. …and I think we may need ohio in november, just sayin’….

  23. gch, That is a fabulous quote. I love it!

  24. I wish more Hillary SDs would be as outspoken. You know BO’s SDs sure didn’t hold their tongue when any opportunity arose to slam Hillary.

  25. This might not be the time or the place, but I’ve a bent for thinking down the chess game. The interesting fight will come when BZero reprises McGovern in the fall.

    Of course, it will be the fault of all those HRC’ers who didn’t work hard enough or contribute heavily enough or dammit, just weren’t pretty enough.

    The O’s and the Screamers will contend they should continue to lead the party. Hell, they might even put the Brazile Nut in front of the doors and there’s no way short of C4 that we can move that immovable object.

    Of course history will once again be rewritten — they will go back to Wm. Jennings Bryan or old Adlai to say that they should automatically be given another shot in 2012 since they already have their mechanism in place.

    Well, once bitten shame on you, twice bitten shame on me — I, for one, ain’t having my fat posterior bitten again by these thugs.

    Just something to think about.

  26. There’s an interesting piece in the WSJ today about Barry’s friends in the mortgage industry–pretty snarky too.

    Friends of Barack:


  27. Prolix,

    If Obama loses, I think the Clintons will be back on top. It certainly appears they have more steadfast supporters in the party and among their contributors than Dean and Obama were expecting.

  28. bluedawndem, yes O’Reilly is a dem. That’s why he’s registered at ActBlue and why he’s running against Kerry in the Dem primary. Apparently it’s a pretty short campaign season in MA, so he needs all the help he can get.

  29. bostonboomer — that is because Dumb & Dumber (Dean & Obama) thought everyone hated HRC as much as they do — plus, don’t forget, those two egomaniacs firmly believe that “to know [Obama] is to love him.” blech!

  30. BB,

    I would hope you are correct and that would indeed be my hope, but it’s not going to happen without a fight, a huge fight because it’s like the story about the two dogs and the bone. Let the big one have it because in the end he’s going to get it anyway.

    The Opods will not be gracious and don’t ever mistake them for people who want to do the right thing. They will not go without a fight. My self-appointed job between now and then is to warn everyone what’s coming.

  31. angie,

    I is quite the opposite with me. At first I thought BO was ok but he just didn’t have any experience to qualify him to get my vote for the most important job in this country. Then the more I learn of him the more I think he should “NEVER” be president.

  32. Of course history will once again be rewritten — they will go back to Wm. Jennings Bryan or old Adlai to say that they should automatically be given another shot in 2012 since they already have their mechanism in place.

    But an indictment from Fitzgerald would certainly put a crimp in those plans, wouldn’t it? Ol’ Barry would look great in prison orange, just like the Big Cheeto….

  33. Xeno,

    From your typing fingers to God’s ear…

  34. I am getting DNC solicitations – they’ve got our emails, darn it. I am telling them what they can do with those solicitations. BUT I AM voting down ticket AGAINST my congress people that supported Obama. Why should I support a party that eviscerated the best candidate we’ve ever had??? Lois Capps is my house rep – wrote her that I would actively work against her. Boxer is my Senator – she went with Hillary, as did Feinstein. Now, I have been hanging out on McCain’s blog site. Interesting over there. The Republicans are totally unprepared for the O-trolls, but they’re waking up to what we’ve been dealing with. And they’re worried. Though many of us HRCers flocked over there, and got a warm welcome, they fret the Republican brand is too damaged to beat Obie. I saw the Republican strategy…very interesting. DNC has $4m in the kitty. Obama is bringing them $40m. RNC has $17m in kitty. JMC is bringing them another $17m.

    No wonder they wanted Clinton out. This race is ALL about the money, and since the DNC has so little, against the RNC, they’re panicked. Holding your purse strings tight is EXACTLY the thing to do.

  35. Please help Hillary retire her debt. We don’t want Obama having anything to hold over her head: Retire teh Debt.

  36. Thanks, Katiebird and Heidi. This was very eye-opening news for me. And very good to hear that our objections are drawing attention.

  37. Obama’s supporters have pushed the idea that he could help down-ticket Dems with all the new people he’s registered. The problem with that is many of those supporters have already proven they don’t vote down ticket. They want to see that one name and mark that one ballot.

    I’m not voting down ticket because the state leadership in Texas ignored 100,000 voters and endorsed Obama and gave him delegates in a zoo of a caucus. My vote doesn’t matter anyway since my county will still be blood red. Maybe it will send a message that votes should count, not media hysteria and party leadership.

  38. I’m a democrat and have been one all my life, but the democratic party has went to the far left nuts like move on.org group! People at one time the democratic party was for the poor class, but no more as just about all the congressmen are RICH not poor and most everyone of them have investments in big companies and yes oil companies so do you think they will vote in the poor people’s favor! NO! Obama used the race card against the Clinton’s this total election but holler each time they could that racist were being used against Obama! Non-sense!
    Yes theis is all about money and money talks!

  39. i’ve been through too many election cycles to say i’m through with the democratic party. trust me, we’ll get our party back – on november 5th. we’ll get it back like you get your stolen car back – the fender caved in, the engine missing, and wheels and tires gone. i’ve been through this before – 1968, 1972, 1980, 1984, 1988, 2000, 2004…. the REAL democrats are the ones who show up the second week of november, to help rebuild the party and learn from mistakes like the DNC and obama are making now.

  40. I just made a donation to Retire the Debt. The DNC can go to hell and take Obama with them.

  41. About those new voters:

    In Virginia yesterday there was a primary for the congressional election.

    The turnout was two percent.

    It is true that primary turnouts are historically low, but that has to set some kind of record.

  42. Go away, keep it real(an ironic name for an Obaman). We are not McCain supporters here.

  43. I know there aren’t Obamacrats talking about principles. They don’t know the meaning of the word.

    Literally, the only books they read are “the Audicity of Hope,” and “My Guess About the Dreams of My Father.” Dictionaries are verboten.

  44. They seem to be really nervous. I just noticed an article in latimesblog that talks about a “secret friendship” (secret, seriously?) between Hillary and McCain with the suggestion that there is a secret deal between them. Interestingly, the comments are mostly pro-Hillary and calling the insinuation BS.


  45. They are already making excuses about why he will lose in November. 🙂

  46. Remember tben from a couple of threads ago? It just showed up, all innocence and “y’all”, at TalkLeft. I called it out.

    These trollies never learn.

  47. Rege,

    Don’t they have another book handy at all times, “How to Build Your Resume from Nothing.”

  48. By “they” I mean BO supporters/campaign and “he” I mean BO. sorry.


  50. Okay so today my hero is Strickland, you gotta admit, that took some cojones.

  51. I enjoyed what Gov. Ted said, but methinks he might be doing the smart thing. He knows that BZero is going down and doesn’t have a chance in OH this fall.

  52. I’m throwing ribbons and confetti at Strickland. *smooches for the Ohio gov* Hillary does have some good friends left.

  53. No, the PUMA Party site lifted the name from here. That is all.

    “Keep your votes to American Idol.” LOL, the irony.

  54. Sharonevolving- I thought that Clinton had a fair amount of money that was GE money, but that Obama did not have as much pledged for the GE. Do you think that those amounts are ‘real’ numbers or what they project he will have?

  55. keep it real, it’s always nice hearing from folks who believe their special, different, morally superior votes are worth more than the votes of those of us in the unenlightened masses. Unfortunately for you, we still live in a democracy.

  56. The Puma did originate here, but we respect each other and are endorsing no candidate other than Hillary Rodham Clinton. If we chose to vote McCain, it will be our decision, some of us may stay home; but none of us will vote Barack Obama.

  57. I find it hilarious that the DNC is so short of money and they don’t seem capable of figuring out why. It’s because all of us long-time democrats stopped giving them money because they wouldn’t solve the FL/MI mess. Then when they pulled their RBC coup, none of us would endorse it. Isn’t it ironic that they chose Gutter Ball because he would supposedly bring them in so much money, and these people have contributed nothing? So they are getting absolutely nothing for their betrayal. Poetic justice.

  58. Ew, hate American Idol. I have better things to do than watch untalented people exercise their vocal chords on national television. You, clearly, are transferring your inadequacies onto me and that’s a shame.


  59. And, keep it real, you’re here to lecture, and to demonstrate you haven’t a clue about how to talk to anyone who doesn’t already agree with you.

    Are you, by chance, that guy in a bar who just keeps talking and talking and talking because he knows he’s right about everything? Are you, by chance, that guy on the bus last week who delivered a rambling, interminable address on the state of the nation, while the rest of us put our headphones on and ignored him?

  60. The thing I find so troubling, is that these trolls do not understand that we have made our decision. As most of them are frat boys and girls, I can’t understand why they can’t seem to recall that arguing with someone who has made a decision, only makes them more focused on that decision and resolute in making it.

  61. Boy, the O-borg must be really nervous today. Try to resist engaging with the trolls. I am putting them in moderation so Ron can trace their ISP’s and report them.

  62. CognitiveDissonance –

    I find it hilarious that the DNC is so short of money and they don’t seem capable of figuring out why. It’s because all of us long-time democrats stopped giving them money because they wouldn’t solve the FL/MI mess. Then when they pulled their RBC coup, none of us would endorse it.


    We are not a bunch of easily swayed children; we are FDR Democrats. Either you stand for true Democratic values or you don’t get our time, money or votes.

  63. The last time the issues meant anything was when Hillary Clinton was the candidate and was offering real solutions. Now the DNC and the Obama campaign are scurrying around trying to prop up the votes since they have alienated anybody who counts in the Democratic Party. And when was the last time the MSM gave you any real insight as to what was happening on the ground in Iraq? Answer: a long time. They too are fixated on Obama.

  64. Keep it Real,

    How’s the weather in Portland? Get up from your cubicle, take a walk, take a pill, drink a beer — we will like you much better afterward and believe me, you’ll like us a lot better too.

  65. Thanks, I’m sorry. Sometimes they start out seeming rational. But then the reality hits.

  66. Prolix,

    We are going to give them one hell of a fight. I just know it. And it looks like we may have some help from the elected classes, judging by Strickland and Boren and whoever those House members are who are threatening to boycott the convention.

  67. Pat: Dana Milbank has a fun read about this in the Washington Post. Apparently the DNC’s strategy for selling Obama is that he’s not Bush. Me, I disagree with that premise…..


  68. BB, is Ronk collecting data from other places (like NoQuarter or TalkLeft)?

  69. Went shopping and had the car radio playing. On comes Rush. Interesting tidbit he gave though: Dean was speaking at some meeting trying to raise money for the DNC(good luck with that). In speaking before this group he said that the Dems were worried about November. Really, Howard???

    Take it for what it is worth because it came from Rush. But he was having a real good time laughing about the Obama choice.
    Said it was no surprise since Obama was lagging in the last few primaries and could not close the deal until the DNC crowned him with votes a few weeks ago. So even the GOP is aware of the hijacking. Rush was loving it!

  70. Kim,

    Thank you. They come here as if the primary hadn’t happened. They pretend that Obama didn’t trash every Democratic princple we had.

    He race-baited in SC.
    He condoned the mysogyny.
    He blocked re-votes.(Why does he hate Democracy?)

    Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Every Democrat should be supporteing the people’s choice.

  71. Regency: Hey, be nice to American Idol. I actually like the show, although I’ll agree that talent there is pretty lacking.

  72. Dana Milbank’s column was revealing. At last the disaffection is going mainstream. They know they have a dud on their hands. And Harry Reid’s comments about Obama just made me sick to my stomache.

    The more of this pile of manure they throw out there the more intransient I become. Save it boys! I expect a better bargain at the Dollar Store.

  73. No problem, Mawm and BTW, Gary had offered to let me ride with you guys to DC, but my car had issues. Yesterday, I bought a new one, not a hybrid, we have a Civic Hybrid, but still a Honda. So, If you want to go to Denver, I have a new car and we will hit the road in it.

  74. bb,

    It just takes a few of the strong elected ones to break with the party and then the lemmings get their groove on and follow. It will be fun to watch especially after the convention when they have all been inducted into the mile high club without protection.

    I’m betting there are quite a few convention goers who won’t work very hard this fall.

  75. BB: Which house members are threatening to boycott, did I miss something?

  76. Try to assuage us with “be nice Democrats” posts, next will be the fear-mongering posts – if you don’t vote Democrat then…..can the color chart be far behind – sounds a bit too familiar for me.

    They made their dirty bed with the theft on May 31st – they made their dirty bed with the hateful, disrespectful way Senator Clinton was treated and robbed of the nomination.

    Let them know we are not going away or falling into line this time – we saw what it was to be a fighter – to never give in or give up. We are following the lead of our candidate – the only hope for the Democratic Party – I hope their not too stupid or corrupt to see it before it’s too late –

  77. “Lemmings get their groove on”. Love it!

  78. Johnson is resigning from Obama’s VP search committee. He does not want to distract from ‘Obama’s historic run’ (<>)

  79. Pat, I hate to admit this, but if I’m in the car while Rush is on, I listen to him too. I have to hear what the enemy is saying and I figure at any point he might be giving away free Oxy samplers.

  80. I know. The DNC says don’t vote for the Republican. Instead vote for the “Democrat” who courts the nastiest of evangelicals, isn’t for universal healthcare and praises Reagan (this is an incomplete list of his philosophies).

    And I thought only the primary was through the looking glass…

  81. Prolix: You are so baddddddd!!! I only had him on for a few minutes between here and the grocery store but he was just reveling! Apparently they too know a loser when they see one.

    How in the world could they let Hillary go? Amazing.

  82. Well bless Old Johnson’s heart, you know for the good of the party and all. But can you resign if you are not working there. Isn’t that what the annointed one said. He did not work there?

  83. Pat,

    A fun fact to know and tell about Rush’s listenership — his average listener only listens for something in the neighborhood of 3 – 7 minutes or so — just enough time to run to the grocery store.

  84. Kim,

    Love the “bless his heart”.

    For all of you who don’t speak Southern that means “What an idiot”.

  85. Yep, you are in Chapel Hill.

  86. I asked this before, but how do you guys feel about BO, asking Elizabeth Edwards to assist with healthcare? I like Elizabeth Edwards and I think she was leaning toward Hillary, simply because of health care. Do you think this was part of the endorsement deal?

  87. BO hasn’t asked Elizabeth anything. I don’t have the link but his spokesperson has since said that there have been no talks of Elizabeth working wit h him. It’s name dropping, Kim. Just like with Al Gore.

  88. If the party doesn’t fix their problem and Obama loses in November, of course they’ll blame it on the Hillary supporters. When that time comes, Hillary supporters should just say YES! WE DID! and THAT SHOULD TEACH YOU A LESSON! GO PUMA!

  89. Kim. I think it effing sucks. Why wouldn’t he partner with Hillary on health care? It’s her signature issue. I took it as a slap in the face.

  90. Kim,

    Bless BZero’s heart, but he would ask Typhoid Mary to serve tea and cookies if he thought it would help him with women.

    I too like Betsy, but I think she is too smart to be used by the One.

  91. Phew! Clean up is hard work. That hannabanana troll just won’t quit. I think we are getting to them.

  92. Another one just got thrown under the bus! Fox is reporting that Jim Johnson has resigned from the VP search committee. It must be getting crowded under there.

  93. We have now upgraded to a doubledecker bus to accomodate all the people BO has thrown out.

  94. Prolix: I cannot stand Rush! However, if I find he is agreeing with me on this issue he has just this minute become my media fave.

  95. regencyg,

    I think it is a magic bus. It’s like baba yaga’s hut. There is super-naturally more room down there than would be physically possible.

  96. The constant use of the word “rational” by Obamabots is ironic.

  97. Obama should change the lyrics to the Jay Z song he played at one of him victory celebrations from:

    “I ain’t dumb I got 99 problems but a b***h ain’t one”


    “I ain’t am dumb, I got 99 problems and them b***hes are at the root of em.”

    Can I get a fist pump or a chest bump people?

  98. dm, since you are so concerned, write super-delegates and urge them to switch to the winner of the popular vote, Hillary Clinton.

  99. It’s the Harry Potter bus of course. Because He is the one. He who shall not be president.

  100. Wow!

    Didn’t we joke yesterday about the proverbial bus?

    Jim Johnson Out As Obama VP Vetter

    That bus has to be the size of the Titanic.

  101. dm: Thank you so much for bringing me to my senses. I cannot begin to tell you how much I needed to hear those words you so eloquently sent out. The error of my ways has been identified and I may now go forward, heart in hand, to support Obama. Funny how I have been so dense these last few months but you, in your wisdom, have brought me to Obama and made me see the light.

    In case anyone is looking for me this weekend, I will be spending time with my new 11 yr old pen pal Ashley. We are making Obama signs in the backyard. This is part of the Kids for Obama campaign so I am starting from the bottom up.

    I owe it all to dm.

  102. BB: You should be flattered. This site is scaring them.

    And I apologize again. I think 11 days of rain is making me really cranky.

  103. like baba yaga’s hut. lol.

  104. Hey dm-:twisted:

  105. ¡OJO! bostonboomer,

    I think you mixed Boren up with someone else. I am almost positive that he is NOT a Clinton supporter. Please double check. Oh, and correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you.

  106. LOL

  107. Boren’s father is an Obama supporter. Boren has never endorsed either candidate.

  108. Sometimes you just have to throw them a bone.

  109. This site is just the tip of the ice-berg. A lot of Hillary’s Supporters are not online all the time. That is why Obama had a big advantage there. His supporters are younger, and have more free time.

    The growing wave of righteous indignation pointed at the DNC will become a tsunami come November.

  110. Pat,

    He’s running around the cubicle farm right now screaming, “I got one, I got one.”

    Bless his heart.

  111. for Sharonevolving

    On another website Boxer is listed as a target because she went against “the will of the people”. There is so much stuff out there, I do not know of a reliable source for presidential endorsements.


  112. Dan Boren of Oklahoma said he won’t support Obama


  113. He can sleep well tonight and Mommy and Daddy will he so proud!

  114. clarification: won’t endorse, but will vote for

  115. Boxer was going to give her vote to Hillary because Hillary won CA, but she refused to endorse. When it became clear that the party leaders had chosen Obama she couldn’t wait to switch. And she didn’t wait.

  116. So apparently Jim Johnson is not the Jim Johnson Barack knew….

    We will soon be seeing him here under the bus.

  117. Here is the link saying that Elizabeth Edwards will join BO to assist with healthcare plan:


  118. honora – I don’t know about Clinton and the GE. Those figures were from the Republicans campaign strategy on McCain’s blog site. It was interesting to see how little funding the DNC had against the RNC. And clearly the DNC is counting on Obama’s $40m to shore up their paltry $4m against the RNC’s combined $34m.

  119. I repeat Obama = GW Bush

    For Immediate Release
    June 11, 2008 Contact: Press Office
    ICYMI: Barack Obama Says He Voted With President Bush “For The Most Part”

    “And the truth of the matter is that the only bills that I voted for, for the most part, since I’ve been in the Senate were introduced by Republicans with George Bush.” – Barack Obama

    Barack Obama
    KMOV [St. Louis, MO] Interview
    June 10, 2008

    Reporter: “For a couple of days, they’ve been saying you voted to raise taxes something like 94 times. That seems to be the drumbeat that’s going to happen during this campaign. Are you going to raise taxes in a big way for average Americans?”

    Senator Obama: “I mean this is the standard fare of politics. And the truth of the matter is that the only bills that I voted for, for the most part, since I’ve been in the Senate were introduced by Republicans with George Bush. You know, they were the majority for a big chunk of the time I was here.”

    Watch Barack Obama’s KMOV Interview

  120. Whoa, this guy will say or do anything to get to Pennsylvania Avenue.

  121. “I mean this is the standard fare of politics.”

    His standard evasion: If he can’t blame Hillary, he blames “politics.”

  122. Kim: Note the questionmark on the headline. They don’t have an agreement, he just dropped her name.

    I suppose Ms. Edwards has extra bonus integrity since she’s living with cancer.

  123. sharonevolving: Agreed, not exactly un unbiased source of information. I noticed that several of their polls were out of date too….of course, they picked the polls — even if out of date — that fit the narrative.

  124. I respect Elizabeth Edwards, even though I feel this is an intentional slap to Hillary. I really believe this was part of the deal for Edwards endorsement.

  125. I know that Obama is accustomed to voting present, but really, voting no is indeed an option.

    For instance, I’m voting no on Obama.

  126. RD & Co –got a little concert for you at my place 3 songs Prentenders Chrissie Hynde doing Kid, Brass in Pocket and Talk o the Town

    I’m now IndyPuma’s concert pix — I guess that is what you get when you cross my three careers –art/advertising–psychotherapist–writer

    I’m tagging for the ad world puma = soccer mom & kids
    puma + sex and the city ‘cept we are indy gen also danced to village people, prince et all, remember?

    this is goldmine for PUMA shoes — I will give them concept — also–
    gary “gaysocialites,com” has noticed us— ping it kiddos — we know who were are and were, no? hahahahahaha!

    IndyPuma aka Valentine Bonnaire –! vbonnaire.wordpress.com
    lambert & corrente kids lets dance!

  127. Melanie

    Thank you. More than one Boren? I was thinking ¿Tom? Boren, former Senator from Oklahoma, was presidential candidate in 1992 (against WJC), left Senate for a university, right?

  128. Dan Boren is not a Clinton supporter but his constituency voted Clinton so he doesn’t feel he can endorse Obama. However, he will cast his vote for him at the convention.

    In today’s political climate staying “true to yourself”;
    and the core democratic principals is very difficult.
    WAY TO GO!!
    The public are “BEGGING TO BE HEARD” “DON’T DO THIS”; and they’re

  130. I just confirmed Boxer went for Obama before June 6 on rollcall. That’s it – I am voting against her. She and Lois Capps are on my ‘turn down’ slate.

  131. I was amused to see that there was no press release when Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell went for Obama. Me thinks the women were pressuring them (I was) but they had to go suck at the ATM teet anyway. They did so quietly.

  132. There is a diary over at Crooks and Liars that speculates the VP choice for Obama.

    Naturally the comments are just bursting with love at the mention of his name. But one comment caught my eye: a woman referring to the fact that he should never choose Hillary since she is sick of looking at her and her 16 million angry dykes. So we now have another title.

    Don’t know where this leaves you guys who post here. But speaking as another female, I am only too happy to share the spot with “16 million angry dykes”. Jesus, will these people ever quit?

  133. Saw this link on another blog.

    In honor of Jim Johnson:

  134. Ellen Moran of Emily’s List will be on the tweety show tonight discussing women voters and their role.

  135. This went into the comments box on the DNC’s unsubscribe form that I filled out earlier today:

    “I fished your email out of my spam filter for the sole purpose of letting you know that all my support will go to downticket Democrats who have backed Clinton in the face of the DNC’s disgusting behavior over the past several months. I will be voting for McCain in November.”

  136. madamab,

    Remember tben from a couple of threads ago? It just showed up, all innocence and “y’all”, at TalkLeft. I called it out.

    What thread was he on?

  137. OMG,

    LOL- Uppity has a funny video clip of a sick, loser Barfy supporter trashing Senator Clinton, her supporters and McCain- Pathetic. This just shows how “uniting” and reaching across party lines an Obama presidency would be. Jeeesus- just when I think I can’t throw up anymore…

  138. Have you noticed that people seem to be getting a little braver, or maybe brazen, about coming out for Hillary. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this is a “surge” that works and continues.

  139. BB: Which house members are threatening to boycott, did I miss something?

    Kim, I don’t know. It was reported that there were several, but they weren’t named. Jake Tapper had it and someone else I can’t recall.

  140. There should be a list of all the people who Obama threw under the bus:

    Off the top of my head. there’s

    Gerry Ferraro
    The Clintons
    8000 member Trinity
    Rev. Wright
    Jim Johnson
    Farakhan (wink wink)
    Samantha Power
    Assorted Obama staffers

    If he treats his friends this way, I wonder how he is going to treat the American people.

  141. The Cantwell and Murray switch is so quiet there isn’t a release anywhere!

    RonK figured they would be switching pretty soon, I guess most if not all the other WA supers already did. I can’t claim to understand the super delegate endorsement/vote process. It seems flakey.

  142. As this is the currently active thread…

    I sent this out some weeks (¿months?) ago on a couple of other sites, before I found The Confluence. It was a call out to any cartoonists. The cartoonist who responded was already loaded with work and hadn’t yet settled upon a satisfactory Clinton figure. I recall a graphic artist posting on this site. Any syndicated cartoonists? The idea…

    Presidential Campaign Cartoon Idea:

    Three rows of panels: top with John McCain, middle with Barack Obama, bottom with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    1. First frame of each panel shows the person standing on a bluff, discovering the United States (large USA-shaped block) teetering on the edge of a precipice.
    2. Second frame shows the person running off to get something.
    3. Third frame shows each individual’s action and new prop:
    a. McCain with helmet, standing atop the USA in a “full steam ahead” pose
    b. Obama with a sledge hammer breaking off the eastern part of the country so that it falls over the edge
    c. Clinton pulling on a rope tied around the middle of the country, dragging the entire country back onto safe ground.

    Also, since this thread originally started with fundraising, someone on another site thought the Hillary in the Rain photo–signed, would make a great fundraiser.

  143. Ellen Moran on Tweety’s show? Ick, talk about compromising your standards.

  144. ea,

    From Jake Tapper

    Democratic Congressman Won’t Endorse Obama
    June 10, 2008 3:55 PM

    Rep. Dan Boren, D-Okla., told the Associated Press today that he has no intention of endorsing Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois.

    And Democratic officials do not expect Boren to be the last to refrain from making a show of not backing his party’s presumptive presidential nominee — though Boren says he will vote for Obama for president in November. [NOTE: He will vote for the nominee in NOVEMBER, not at the Convention. To me that is what counts.]

    Other House Democrats from swing districts — Democrats who eked out victories in traditionally GOP districts, whom House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., calls her “majority makers” — may refrain from even attending their party’s convention in Denver in August.

    Boren noted that Obama had earned the National Journal’s controversial rating as “Most Liberal” U.S. Senator in 2007, and saying though he talks a good game on working with Republicans, “unfortunately, his record does not reflect working in a bipartisan fashion.”

    Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-Illinois, won Boren’s congressional district with 66% of the vote during the Oklahoma primary in February. “Our nominee is not my first choice,” Boren says.

    I don’t really care who his candidate is, he is not endorsing Obama and he said so publicly. That is why I lauded him.


    BLOG.PUMAPAC.ORG members are sending “thank you” cards to Senator Clinton at her Senate Address. We are enclosing $1 or whatever we can spare inside the card, with a note that this is to retire her campaign debt. (since we can’t trust the DNC or the HRC.COM site to actually give her the $.

    Come on over and become a PUMA. (We are the People United Means Action, NOT Party Unity My A$$, another legit site. Beware pumaparty.com and pumas4change.com as we believe they are impostor websites. We have links to legit Clinton supporter websites.)

    Maryland PUMA

  146. We already are PUMAs, the originals.

  147. Robin, on June 11th, 2008 at 3:35 pm Said:
    clarification: won’t endorse, but will vote for

    * * *
    Don’t believe it! He has to say that but you can best believe that he won’t! Once he gets in the voting booth or gets that ballot hom he will do the right thing (and NOT the Wright thing) and vote McCain.
    Hillary or McCain 2008!

  148. Nujood is the kind of girl that Hillary would and probably will advocate for. We need to stand for her.

  149. Charles, I first heard and read of Nujood’s plight a couple months ago. And I haven’t forgotten her since.

  150. Have you all seen “Just Say No Deal” ? Go to the website.
    Grassroots PUMA’s and others forming a group.

  151. Well, we all now where PUMA got its start. Go Conflucians! I, just out of curiousity googled Puma Clinton Election, got 205,000 hits.

  152. Kenya Elections Held Today (June 11) After All…With Fears of Ethnic Violence (5pm EDT Update)


  153. Has anyone read this today?


    I’m speechless… just speechless…..

  154. If you or anyone that you know are a Delegate comitted to voting for Hillary, PLEASE drop me a note at HillarysBloggers@yahoo.com.

    I know someone who’s setting up something to organize folks.

    Thanks! Alegre 🙂

  155. I just put up a new post on my blog here on word press …

    my dogma Karma eats trolls but likes comments from bitter women, etc …


  156. Alegre, go to camille’s site.. bitter politicz… texas democrat is a Delegate committed to voting for hillary if she’s there she’ll answer

  157. http://camille424.wordpress.com/

    she’s out there usually around evening

  158. Couldn’t read all of it Charly

  159. National Press Club

    Larry Sinclair on Obama
    Time: 3:00 PM
    Event Type: News Conference
    Sponsored by: Veritas Federal Media
    Event Location: Lisagor Room
    Larry reveals the truth about Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama.
    Contact: Montgomery Sibley

  160. Don’t they think that voters will tire of the insults before the election. The little bubbles on the ballot don’t call you names…

  161. dakinikat — I feel really uncomfortable having the name Larry Sinclair even mentioned on this blog…..

  162. Katiebird, I know how you feel, he is a joke and most probably a liar. But think about what Vanity Fair did to Bill in this month’s issue. All unsubstantiated bullshit.

  163. Rumors are sweeping the obamanation that the Denver police are going to use a “crap cannon” that will issue a sonic “brown note” which will cause protesters to involuntarily defecate on themselves. No, I am not shitting you! These folks don’t need tinfoil hats, they need friggin’ tinfoil body armor.

    Activists Preparing Against Use of ‘Brown Note’ at Dem Convention

    I love a good conspiracy theory, but this one takes the cake.

  164. Holy heck! I just posted this in last night’s thread. Long day at the office:

    I had an interesting “discussion” with an Obamabot this afternoon right after Jim Johnson’s resignation hit the news.

    The Obamabot was complaining about how Hillary’s supporters were making it tough for Obama. The poor kid kept stuttering and stammering. Finally he said, “It’s not fair. All they have to do is just sit there.”

    I guess the implication is Obama and his supporters have to toil away like stevedores to win the election. So not fair. Obamabrats actually having to work for something.

    GO PUMA!

  165. Per RD’s request I’m posting this from Heid’s website:

    Possibly the most intense phone conversation I have ever had

    Many people have been waiting to hear what Senator Clinton and her campaign’s immediate plans are. I have just got off a call with Terry McCauliffe, Senate Clinton’s National Campaign Director and Jonathan Mantz, her National Finance Director. The other participants were top fundraisers in the midatlantic region.

    First some key information:

    * Senator Clinton does indeed have enormous primary debt that she must retire and that is a key focus for her staff right now.

    * Any money donated to Senator Clinton’s campaign at her website goes to that retire the debt, so long as those funds are coming from people not already maxed out to the primary.

    * If you are maxed out to the primary, and you donate to the website, you will be asked, eventually, if that money can be reallocated to Senator Clinton’s campaign fund for reelection to the U.S. Senate in 2012. The campaign’s legal team says that money cannot go to retire the debt but it means that Senator Clinton and her supporters can focus on the debt and free her from worry about funds for that Senate race, which itself would cost at $20 million. (A note from me, NOT the campaign: should Senator Clinton end up running for President, either this election year or in 2012, she could ask donors if she could use funds from her Senate campaign war chest for that purpose.

    Now to the rest of the call’s substance: Rest assured, neither Terry nor Jonathan nor any of the people who spoke on the call (including me) are happy with the D.N.C.’s treatment of Senator Clinton. However as always on calls like this, Jonathan started by thanking us for our help and for being on the call today; he and Terry noted major goals achieved during the past eighteen months. And then they opened the call to questions.

    This is when things got as intense as I have heard on almost any phone call I have participated on in my life, professional or personal.

    Many commented that Senator Obama had not said a word to stop the abusive treatment she received during this campaign season. Much bigger fish than I who were on the call explained that neither they nor their “networks” would contribute a dime to the D.N.C. any time soon and nobody I heard was stepping up to raise money for Senator Obama. Speaker after speaker made it crystal clear that they and their contacts simply will not accept the current state of affairs regarding the D.N.C. and Senator Obama’s treatment of Senator Clinton.

    As always, Terry and Jonathan really listened. Terry McAuliffe himself said that he has never seen a major candidate treated so disgracefully – “like dirt” – by the media, and he is well aware that Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Obama did not raise a finger to object.

    Terry encouraged those of us still willing to work to put a Democrat in the White House to work “with and through” Senator Clinton, to stick with her. He and Jonathan put no pressure on people not to work with PACs or even with McCain, but they made it clear that if one’s priority is to empower Senator Clinton than anything one does for the general election should be done via events she will sponsor.

    For myself, after the call I communicated to the campaign the following three points:

    * I am going to get Senator Clinton’s debt retired, singlehandedly if I have to.

    * I would urge Senator Clinton not to be careless with the political support she has accrued with voters by jumping in too quickly to raise money for either Senator Obama or the D.N.C.; I will respect her choices no matter what, but my network cannot be counted upon to do so.

    * The Clinton staff should always feel free to call upon me any time to ask me to do anything for Senator Clinton. I am always willing to be asked, even if I cannot say yes. I have already booked a stay in Denver for the convention week to be there “live” come what may.

    As for what may come, it is clear that much is up in the air. Senator Clinton is NOT releasing her delegates. She and Senator Obama have not broached the topic of the vice-presidency; indeed, the two campaigns have just begun trying to find a time to schedule a joint appearance by Senator Obama and Senator Clinton. There will be such a joint appearance.

    Senator Clinton does remain firm in her conviction that it is best for the country and best for her politically to have a Democrat in the White House. She will act on that conviction. Furthermore, she will campaign for downstream Democrats who supported her during the primary season. Of these measures, all I can say is that I would expect nothing less from a person of Senator Clinton’s integrity, grace, and loyalty

  166. Okay that one is funny! They want us to s!&t our pants if we arent for “he who incites the masses”!

  167. Shannon Rains: BLOG.PUMAPAC.ORG members are sending “thank you” cards to Senator Clinton at her Senate Address.

    1. Why to her senate address? All mail gets hazmat’d there, which means long delays and damage. Why would anyone put cash in an envelope that will get undergo special processing before it arrives at its destination?

    2. Where is the Statement of Organization at the fec for this PAC?

  168. Donna Brazile said that there would be blood on the streets. Now that Obama’s got the nom locked up, there will be sh** on the streets.

  169. Xeno: “crap cannon” that will issue a sonic “brown note” which will cause protesters to involuntarily defecate on themselves

    The enema strategy, eh?

  170. That has me laughing my ass off. People running around Denver with poopie pants. WE are supposed to be angry old white women, should we get some Depends? Are the cops gonna have big pooper scoopers?

  171. Kim: I was going to say, “don’t we ‘elderly’ low information voters wear Depends every day anyway?”

    They can’t scare us!

  172. Kim — this is for you:

    Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki said there are no “formal” plans to connect with Edwards. But, Psaki added, Obama “looks forward to seeking Elizabeth Edwards’ advice” on health care policy.

    Elizabeth Edwards is a potential bridge to the disappointed voters – many of them women – who backed Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful bid

  173. charley: Oh. My. God. That has got to be one of sickest arguments I’ve ever seen. This guy Tim Wise sets up a straw man and then calls everyone who doesn’t want to vote for Obama a white female racist. I’ve got news for Tim Wise. We aren’t all women and we aren’t all white. What an a$$hole!

    That is the ugliest thing I’ve seen during this campaign, and that is saying a lot.

  174. I read this today and found it a little disturbing.

    From JohnMcCain.com:


    Human Dignity and the Sanctity of Life

    Overturning Roe v. Wade

    John McCain believes Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision that must be overturned, and as president he will nominate judges who understand that courts should not be in the business of legislating from the bench.

    Constitutional balance would be restored by the reversal of Roe v. Wade, returning the abortion question to the individual states. The difficult issue of abortion should not be decided by judicial fiat.

    However, the reversal of Roe v. Wade represents only one step in the long path toward ending abortion….

  175. There was a great thing on NPR yesterday about overturning roe v. wade and basically the speaker said that a SCOTUS appointment was a red herring at this point because there already was basically the 5-4 vote to overturn it now

  176. thank (GOD) you are still here and for the most part haven’t drank the coolaid yet.!!! I am about $1100 over on the contribution to Hillary for pres. cam. Got carried away. but if one red cent is put to that obamination camp. or the dnc i will sue anyone involved. p.s. i have at least 500 too a 1000 tele. #s i called on my OWN nickle, from ca. to montana. We the people, hold these truths that all mankind are created equal!!!!!!!@@@(GOD )is in charge.com. not the dnc. so with a little help from my friends!!!! 18 million of them at 5 or 10 dollars each. you do the math. p.s. how do you spell relief. GRASSROOTS!!!!!!!=== MAJORITY RULES= AMERICA FOR ALL AMERICAINS*******

  177. Taylor Marsh has a new column where in she defends her decision to support Obama.

    Last paragraph:

    “On another note, I’ve received zero reach out from the Obama team, which is their prerogative to do or not, but it’s a mistake. I can only hope this isn’t a signal of the way Obama and his team will treat Clinton’s supporters on the whole. It would be a disaster of election shifting proportions; one that the country can ill afford. ”

    The Oborg infesting her blog counsel patience. Obama will surely get around to reaching out to Taylor soon.

    GO PUMA!

  178. Shannon Rains — Sending political mail to a Senate office is bad.

    Sending money is worse.

    Sending money in small denominations that will cost the campaign more than face value to handle is just horrible/

    Are you trying to give us original PUMAs a bad name?

  179. ronkseattle: Are you trying to give us original PUMAs a bad name?

    You have to wonder.

  180. I think some people just don’t know any better as far as sending mail to a Senate Office.

  181. I wonder what it is exactly that TM is looking for from the BO camp. Wine and roses?

  182. People definitely don’t know what the guidelines are as far as where you can send mail and what is going to be a headache for staff. I didn’t know myself, not that I ever snail mail anything these days..
    But honestly they really just don’t know, and are only trying to do something positive.

  183. bluedawgdem,

    I wonder what it is exactly that TM is looking for from the BO camp. Wine and roses?

    I’m guessing the answer is heavy duty ad money. They’d better come through or Taylor might just turn on a dime again.

  184. Ok I’ll bite since I have never sent mail to the Senate. What happens? What is the process?

  185. dakinikat, what I find disturbing is that those are his official positions on those issues.

    Shouldn’t we be examining McCain on the issues too, or does he get a free pass because our brains can only do so much critical thinking at once?

  186. Arabella- Doesn’t Taylor know that Obama has already thrown all of the bloggers that have been supporting him all along under the bus? How can she expect better treatment when she used to be the enemy. She may like the kook aid now, but M&BO do not strike me as the forgiving kind.

  187. Phoebe

    Some of us will vote for McCain and others will go somewhere else. I think everyone here knows where McCain stands on these issues.

  188. I hate to just put blame on people, but it’s Taylor’s doing for not clarifying who that message was from before she posted it. Most thought it was from Terry Mc and so of course thought it was a great idea. Now that they know it isn’t from him it still seems like a nice idea. They really just don’t know the reality of it.

  189. Shannon Rains — Sent to Moderation for now. No contact apparent at pumapac, a dubious proposal, and apparanet drive-by posting.

  190. bluedawgdem — Here’s what Hillary’s senate site has to say:

    Although mail delivery to the United States Capitol offices has resumed, the delivery process is still very slow and not yet back to normal. Until the mail process is more timely, the best way to contact me or my Washington, DC staff remains either by fax ,,,,

    Senator Clinton’s office wants to be certain that her constituents are aware that all items mailed to the United States Senate, including … undergo an extensive and rigorous processing before being delivered to Senate offices. Unfortunately, this process can, and often does, result in irreversible damage to items sent

    This has been the case since envelopes containing anthrax were sent post 9/11.

  191. I had no clue. Of course it makes sense that they would go over the mail with a fine tooth comb but it didn’t register in my head so I sent a thank you card , I saw the post at TM and did think that was a good idea. I feel like an idiot now.

  192. But at least I didn’t fall for the “crap cannon”.

  193. Arabella — The first time I heard of TM’s site is when she was complaining loudly that she was not included in Clinton’s blogad buy.

  194. ADT has a post up at MyDD and he and linfar are sliming riverdaughter.

  195. I don’t know anyone who would send thank you notes to the Senate. Senators don’t even read emails if it’s political in nature or if it’s not from a constituent.

  196. The DNC MUST be in a panic.

    Just 5 minutes ago I had a call from a telemarketing firm, trying to raise cash for the DNC. “AHA”, I thought to myself — “I am soooo very, very pleased to be speaking with the DNC on this very day.” They gave me their schpeil on the need to rally the troops for November, etc. and asked if I could donate $100.
    I told them no, I am a Hillary Clinton delegate and after what the DNC did to her (and democracy!) in this primary, I have no intention of giving money to the DNC. He asked me if I would consider donating “a more affordable amount of $25.” Again, I said NO, I am a Hillary Clinton delegate and any money I have for contribution purposes will go toward getting her elected and retiring her campaign debt.

    The caller was a little flustered but said thanks and quickly hung up.

    Ohhhh man, that felt wonderful.
    It’s good to be free!

  197. bluedawgdem — don’t worry about it. There are other factors — I’m quite certain the campaign would prefer $5 donations thru the site due to the hassle of processing cash anyway …

    I live in the dc area, so I’m ‘in tune’ with the heightened security. There’s a small airstrip by my house for aviation enthusiasts that’s shuttered due to its proximity to the WH. Not sure things will ever be ‘back to normal.’

  198. I used to work for Homeland Security I should have known better. Oh well live and learn.

  199. Hello all you wondrful people tonight and my favorites riverdaughter, and all the rest of you I am so glad to tell you my Hillary signs are getting attention people are asking why are they upside down?

    I tell them it is to protest the hijacking of the democratic party by the obama-dean-pelosi-et all axis. you have given me great talking points.

    At dinner an Obamabot actually backed me into a corner Lieberman style. Am I insane for supporting Senator McCain? he left in a huff. I suggested that we work on increasing the democratic congressional strength in the next congress.

    Me and my bear buddies are going out again tonight yeah-I like them and respect our differences.

    Bit I really love Hillary Clinton and you folks


  200. Yes it is good to be free. It’s good to not have our vote taken for granted any more. It’s good to believe in someone and to stick with it. It’s good that we have all found each other because we are the rational ones out there.

  201. Heidi Li // June 11, 2008 at 6:10 pm

    Hello all!
    It has been some day, and I’m in haste now, since I have a 7 p.m. appointment, but I simply had to stop in here to mention some incredible developments that would never, ever be happening without the support, encouragement, and direct assistance of this group of people.

    RETIRE THE DEBT is taking off. Both RiverDaughter and PumaPac were kind enough to give it a plug. Meanwhile, I am working with some people on one or two coordinated efforts to get this 30 million raised.

    I can absolutely assure you from the emails and the comments I am reading that women – and men – do not plan to simply fall in line with the D.N.C. regardless of who the nominee is.

    Have no fear.

    More later –

  202. charles,

    keep your eye on Heath Shuler from here in NC. He is another one I suspect won’t want anything to do with the precious. he endorsed clinton on may 8th after she lost NC. I just looked at his website and their is nothing about the election o there. here’s the link:


  203. Comment at Taylor Marsh:

    “Many Obama supporters to not feel comfortable here yet. We would love to have your support and welcome it. But many of the posts are very Anti-Obama, and contain the words: Obamabot, kool-aid, Bambi, ect…so it makes it hard to come here and offer the olive branch.”

    This stuff is fun- nee.

    GO PUMA!

  204. thank (GOD) you are still here and for the most part haven’t drank the coolaid yet.!!! I am about $1100 over on the contribution to Hillary for pres. cam. Got carried away. but if one red cent is put to that obamination camp. or the dnc I will sue anyone involved. p.s. I have at least 500 too a 1000 ph #s I called on my OWN nickle, from Ca. to Montana. We the people, hold these truths that all mankind and womankind are created equal!!!!!!!@@@(GOD )is in charge.com. not the dnc. so with a little help from my friends!!!! 18 million of them at 5 or 10 dollars each. you do the math. p.s. how do you spell relief. GRASSROOTS!!!!!!!=== MAJORITY RULES= AMERICA FOR ALL AMERICAINS*******p.s. let me know what you think. It goes like this you call 7 Hillary supporters and each one of those 7 call 7 each and 7+7+7&&&&&&&&&&& & thousands of 7’s more.Why 7 it is the # of perfection in the bible.

  205. Yes, I really want to do it, atdleft. I have no intention of ever supporting an organization that is practicing the behavior for which it supposedly stands against. The misogyny at the top is atrocious. If the Media Maulings had been conducted against Obama with “coon”, “nigger”, “jig”, “watermelon man”, etc., how fast do you think they would have been in front of cameras to defend him? How fast do you think they would have called for the rolling heads of those who slandered him? Yet, with smug silence they refused to even issue a statement on behalf of Senator Clinton, and all women, stating that perhaps, “enough is enough, boys”. There silence not only encouraged them, it condoned their behavior. Yes, do I want to cut off my funds to the DNC. YOU BET!! I encourage everyone to do the same. What have they ever done for me?

  206. Forgive me for going off topic, but I received an email today from Emily’s List stating that they will be representing the women’s vote on some of the news casts today. Sorry for late notice. Info from email follows:

    The hot topic in the news today is women voters and who will win them in the general election. EMILY’s List is in the center of the debate. Ellen Moran, executive director of EMILY’s List, will discuss the role of women voters in this year’s election on the following news programs:

    The Situation Room, CNN
    WHEN: Today, June 11, 4 p.m.

    Hardball with Chris Matthews, MSNBC News
    WHEN: Today, June 11, 5 p.m.

    Good Morning America, ABC News
    WHEN: Tomorrow, June 12, 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.

    Check your local listings for more details and please encourage your friends and family to watch these shows to learn more about the roles of EMILY’s List and women voters in this unprecedented election.

  207. Eileen – nice Irish Catholic name. Do you have a sister named “Coleen”?

  208. Sorry for second post – I should have added my commentary there. I am curious to see how well these gals toe the line. Thought you all would be interested too. My hunch is it will be a kumbaya representation.

  209. Arabella, no, but some folks call me Irene.

  210. Really,guys, they are completely sliming her. It’s disgusting.

  211. I’m half Irish, half Lithuanian. Lots of Eileens in the family, but no Coleens. Irene is the Greek goddess of peace.

    GO PUMA!

  212. This is what some female former Clinton supporters are saying about us:

    Wasserman-Schultz admitted that many Clinton supporters are still in a “period of mourning.” According to Malcolm, “There is a lot of anger about sexism in the media, and the ongoing unwillingness to say anything positive about Clinton and her campaign. But that is about the media, and I dont think that transfers to Senator Obama.”

    Oh really?

  213. Melanie – What are they saying? (The gist)

    Go, River Daughter!

  214. It just gets me so angry that they get these people on to talk about “us” and these people are not “us”. They have no clue what is driving us. Not one person has even mentioned what happened at that RBC meeting. They do not even scratch the surface on the terrible media coverage and yet they smile and pat us on the head and say Oh well they will come around. Oh hell no I won’t. Can anyone in here honestly say thta anyone so far is speaking for you? The only person I know who was speaking for me was Hillary.

  215. bb – Now the media is getting thrown under the bus.

    GO Confluence!

  216. Here, read it for yourself. Not the post, which is fine, the comments:


  217. bb, rd, kb,
    I just asked a question and it didn’t show up.

  218. bluedawgdem – Holy heck, Obama doesn’t need us. All we are doing is sitting here. Why do they care?

    Thank goodness for River Daughter. She is cool, calm and collected. Like a puma, strong yet graceful in repose.

    GO PUMA!

  219. Fuzzybeargville, I LOVE that idea! I’ll take my window ones and upside down them as soon as I return home.

  220. You are justifiably upset at the DNC, I can understand that. I didn’t like their Michigan ruling either (And I am what you would refer to as an Obot…). However the DNC has done really good work on the state level. I was watching my state convention and the DNC helped put staff into the field in every congressional district in my state. This resulted in My Senator winning really big and a rep from the southern part of my state knocking off a incumbent. The new rep isn’t perfect but he is a lot better than the incumbent and I adore my new Senator (Amy Klobuchar). There has to be a more effective way to show your anger to the DNC and get them to recognize it.

  221. bluedawgdem – Holy heck, Obama doesn’t need us. All we are doing is sitting here. Why do they care?

    Thank goodness for River Daughter. She is cool, calm and collected. Like a puma, strong yet graceful in repose.

  222. bostonboomer — well, that’s the party line, of course. The wimmenz are mad at the media, but BO has nothing to do w/ it.

    They have to say it. Some are getting threatened. Some are climbers. Some go along to get along.

  223. Melanie — really, who cares what some blogger at mydd has to say?

  224. The only way to deal with bad behavior is to stop rewarding it. I withhold my financial support from the DNC because they need to be consequenced.

    I don’t speak out of anger. I speak based on logic.

    I can support local candidates directly.

  225. Uppity woman has another repeated spammer comment up at her site, and it sounds familiar to me. Did anyone see this today?

    Phoebe said…
    I read this today and found it
    a little disturbing.From JohnMcCain.com:

    Human Dignity and the Sanctity of LifeOverturning Roe v. WadeJohn McCain believes Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision that must be overturned, and as president he will nominate
    judges who understand that courts should not be in the business of legislating from the bench.Constitutional balance would be restored by the reversal of Roe v. Wade, returning the abortion question to the individual states.

    The difficult issue of abortion should not be decided by judicial fiat.However, the reversal of Roe v. Wade represents only one step in the long path toward ending abortion….
    June 11, 2008 5:59 PM


  226. Well, I was friends with adt. It’s disappointing and hurtful to see him slime riverdaughter.

  227. hlr,

    Yeah, I know. But I’m embarrassed for Debbie Wasserman-Shultz. She should be fighting for her state.

  228. PLEASE READ THIS: They know they have big problems. I received my second call in two days from the Ohio democratic party trying to raise money and gain support for Obama. This guy actually debated me for about ten minutes. On some issues he made sense. But he said he is hearing it from so many of her voters that they feel the same way. He tried to tell me all the bad things about McCain. I said that I was the least of Obama’s problems. I said “god bless you if you are going to try and change our vote one person at a time.” I also told him that there is a chance Hillary can be the nominee and if we were to give in now and say we support Obama then we would lose that. I’D SAY THEY GOT TROUBLE.

  229. Melanie,

    He put up the entire thread that he posted in earlier today. I think that is slimy. If he comes back here, he won’t be welcome.

  230. Phoebe is a busy little bee.

  231. Good for you Ben. They are definitely very nervous. I think there are more of us than even WE thought. I think it is well into the millions, personally. And they are very likely clustered in swing states.

  232. Forget about Boxer. I saw her on Morning Joe a while back . She was going on about the “glass ceiling” thing & how difficult of a time she had years ago in her corporate type job.Then “glowed” how she feels none of that in the Senate.
    Well, happy for you!
    Hillary was trying to “BREAK THE BIGGEST GLASS CEILING”!
    Also she seemed up-set with Hillary’s Iraq vote.
    To her credit she did stay neutral!

  233. As I told Pelosi in my letter to her:

    We aren’t mad, hurt, or angry any longer. What we are is much worse– DETERMINED!

  234. ben, I couldn’t resist considering where you live:

    I’D SAY THEY GOT TROUBLE, right here in River City!

  235. Student Guy,

    Give it up. We don’t care. Your candidate is a loser. Deal with it. And if you start lecturing and haranguing us, you’re gone. I’m done arguing with trolls for the day.

  236. You go, ben! The only way to keep our power is to stand firm. The Obama Party must think we are really stupid.

    Time is on our side, yes it is.

  237. Melanie: I was friends with adt. It’s disappointing and hurtful

    Perhaps he/she was never your friend. I see that an Obama supporter has posted that he understands how ppl feel and agrees w/ some of the grievances. Yet, none of these people stepped forward in a non-partisan way when it counted. So now they are going to lecture on how people should feel and what their priorities should be?

  238. tpt/ny, Boxer has never been neutral. She previously announced that she’d give Hillary her support because she won her state but would not endorse her. She didn’t wait until the polls closed to switch her support to Obama on Tuesday. She was never neutral.

  239. BB

    you should have heard this guy. he was saying that obama can’t win any states in the south and that he will lose florida…it was so odd. he said everyone knew the FL and MI primaries wouldn’t count. And i said well why did SC get preferential treatment. He (was a Kucinich supporter) said well maybe they picked the wrong candidate in the smoke filled room but still what we have is better than McCain. Then I hit him with Obama doesn’t share my values. he said the Resko thing bothered him. I saw Bill Ayers really bothered me.

  240. Bonita – Yes! Yes! “DETERMINED.”

    I am not angry, sad, mourning, grieving etc. I am determined. I am a stone cold thinking woman.

    I am not afraid of bullying.

  241. boston boomer, she spammed me with the same cut and paste comment


  243. I had an interesting evening on Monday. Spent time with the ‘sort of’ in-laws in Mass., all who voted for HRC in the primary. You know, the state where 3 well known supers placed their support for the losing candidate.

    Anyway, I polled them, and although I know it is not a scientific poll, out of the 8 of us in the room, I found the results telling.

    4 will vote Obama
    3 will write in HRC if possible or just not vote
    1 (an 83 year old Reagan Dem) said she’s voting for McCain

    In that one room, they lost half of the party vote. My guess is this is the standard around the nation, not just in Mass.

    BTW, they all gave me lovely quotes to send to HRC in the form of Thank You notes.

  244. This entire thing is beginning to remind me of how dubya used to say 9-11 when ever he was ASKED any question. It’s like they thought they’d scare us with that. The Obama scare tactic for women is to bring up roe v. wade.

    there’s already a 5-4 split on this against roe … it could happen anyday, Obama was off voting PRESENT when all of it went down, i don’t expect him to do anything differently now.

  245. Amen Sister! I’ve been through the five stages of grief. I am in the last stage- Acceptance. It’s a great place to be because now the commentators and pundits don’t bother me.

    They make me more resolute to stand my ground. No amount of coaxing or cajoling will work on me. It’s great that my husband feels the same way. That’s what the trolls don’t get. We are determined to make change. We understand the consequences may be hard in the short term but it is the long term we are fighting for.

    DETERMINED- you bet cha!

  246. Phoebe posted that same comment at No Quarter as well.

  247. If you watch that video from the Music Man…it so applies to this situation: especially the idea that senators are listening to their children on whom to endorse.

  248. Thanks Ben, that was a fun viewing.

    Also a tad ironic that pool is someone’s best ‘sport.’

  249. OT, looks like the Divine One may have a birth certificate problem:


  250. I’m thinking places like Mass. will be much closer than people think.

  251. I read some troll somewhere today who said sarcastically that Clinton’s 18 million supporters could each send a dollar and retire her debt, but of course we wouldn’t do it. I thought it was a pretty good idea. Of course online is easier so I will probably do another $5.

  252. Joe — Wayne Madsen is not credible. That being said, BO should just release his Hawaiian birth certificate and be done with this line of investigation.

  253. ARABELLA.. I’m still angry, still grieving, but I’m more determined than ever to make changes in the DP. And I think that ALL of us, should just “say no” to the DNC, when it comes calling for money!! And when Obama’s people call, let them rant for 10 sec. and hang up on them. They don’t deserve or warrant a word from us!!

  254. bostonboomer — it is certainly pathetic that the handmaidens of the Democratic party are running around doing all of BO’s work while he meets “in private” with the religious right.

  255. From this moment onward, I will only donate directly to candidates I support. No more sending $$ to the DNC.

  256. I find it very odd that McCain is trying to court our votes and BO is courting religious conservative votes. Is this backward or what?

  257. that lady who spoke on NPR about why she won’t vote for Obama was quite eloquent. She said he was a ‘blank slate’ and that she was putting the economy and security over the supreme court which could overturn roe v wade if they wanted to anyway.

  258. Mary Beth – They don’t deserve anything from us.

    I won’t give them the sweat out of my arm pits.

    They will pay for what they did. And now they are starting to realize this.

  259. snark!

  260. obama is trying a psychological play on mccain. he thinks he can take part of the R base because he can’t lock up his own. please….those people won’t vote for him. i will say this: obama may be very bbeholden to the AA community and they are not traditional supporters of choice or gay rights.

  261. lillianjane- the trolls may laugh now, but we’ll wipe that smirk from their faces once Hillary’s debt is retired. Paid in full by Hillary supporters! Even just saying it now feels so good!

  262. Bonita-

    Yes, Determined.
    Just like when they say our threats are empty, that given time we will come around. Yeeah, right. Were not making threats- the obamabots do that, we make PROMISES, and keep them.

  263. I think so too, Ben.

    A salesperson friend (now in SF) and I were lamenting Hillary’s treatment today and a woman overheard our conversation. She was so kind to offer, “It’s okay, Obama will do fine.” The salesperson (actually, the owner of the establishment) couldn’t say much as she didn’t want to lose this woman’s business, but I had no problem speaking up. She claimed it was Hillary who ran a nasty campaign, that Obama was above that. I pointed out,”I believe it was Obama who was demanding the Clinton tax records.” She couldn’t reply to that. I went off about how dare his campaign insinuate the RFK assassination rhetoric, and that when Robert Kennedy spoke in reference to the comment, that barely noted a footnote with the network news. I informed her that many people are angry, that he will not get the rural votes, etc. She told me that the attitude I had was not helpful toward that end. I told her to step into reality and get out of denial.

    I firmly believe these folks think everyone will fall in line, that McCain being old/senile will keep him from being elected. What’s with these folks? We’re talking about the same people that voted for Bush, and heck, they put Reagan into office and we all know his mind was on permanent vacation. DENIAL.

  264. ms manitee: i appreciate your enthusiasm but I don’t think we “hate” him. my Sunday school teacher taught me not to hate anyone. We just don’t like him as a candidate for president. he is unqualified.

  265. bluedawgdem, on June 11th, 2008 at 7:50 pm Said:
    I find it very odd that McCain is trying to court our votes and BO is courting religious conservative votes. Is this backward or what?

    It’s been opposite day for months now. Up is down, down is up, and we’re stuck in the middle.

  266. Exactly my No-vote for BO is not a threat. It is just a plain and simple matter of fact. No amount of cajoling and certainly no amount of guilt will make me change my mind.

  267. I’ve notice a new tactic from the Obambots. They comment on a site posing as a Hillary supporter. They are Military Moms who beg us to reconsider voting for McCain because of the war. They are young women who are scared of a Supreme court because of Roe.

    They also park on blogs for a while to establish their creds. But then they start acting “emotional” and start ranting. They also start slipping in ethnic slurs. I’ll bet the next step is to copy and paste their own comments and post them elsewhere under a different name.

    “You see what Mrs. Average White Woman said!”

    They keep stooping lower and lower.

  268. Mrs.Manitee is a troll. “black man” is the giveaway.

  269. ” i will say this: obama may be very bbeholden to the AA community and they are not traditional supporters of choice or gay rights.”

    hit nail on head ben. we have nothing to gain with him in the WH.

  270. NoQuarter got HACKED!


  271. Melanie — You mean it wasn’t the user name?

  272. In this Dr. Suess nightmare we are living through I am not so sure that BO is the Dem candidate.

  273. You called it, melanie.

  274. I thought she was a trolll, too. She was quoting Harriet Christian.

    I need to get to they gym but there was one more thing I told the guy from the Ohio Democratic Party that I thought was important: I told him that I never really liked Bill Clinton that much but I always kept faith with Hillary. I always liked her better than her husband. Since she was attacked by Pat “what does Hillary believe?” Buchanan at the 92 R Convention, I knew I would always stand by her. And I won’t support a party that allowed her to be destroyed.

  275. What woman would call herself Mrs. Manatee and say that she’s fat?

  276. ben carlson, on June 11th, 2008 at 8:04 pm Said:

    “And I won’t support a party that allowed her to be destroyed.”

    I could not agree more.

  277. ben, I’m with you again.

    The odd thing for me the past few weeks (in this opposite world state we’re in) has been sometimes agreeing with Pat Buchanan and watching FOX. Never thought I see the day I would watch a FOX show, then I started recording them.

    Like I said, it’s opposite time!

  278. Lovely, hlr. I never heard that one.

  279. Arabella Trefoil, on June 11th, 2008 at 8:06 pm Said:
    What woman would call herself Mrs. Manatee and say that she’s fat?

    A man and a troll.

  280. MY snark @ 7:52 was in response to Mrs. Manitee

    The line about giving Hillary all of the votes in Fla and Mi, only fair, was the give away for me.

  281. Gotta run. It’s been great finding this site and I’m already feeling at home.

    Thanks Riverdaughter!

  282. Melanie — if it’s racial and gendered, it’s a BO supporter. If I were a hard-core Dem, I’d be worried that the campaign seems to be running on these toxic fumes.

  283. isn’t barbara boxer Hillary’s sister-in-law? I thought she was married to her brother. maybe I just dreamt it 😉

  284. I think the right’s fixation with his birth certificate is to lay the groundwork that Obama is foreign.

  285. ooh. I guess they’re divorced. wonder if there is bad blood there.

  286. Barbara Boxer’s daughter used to be married to one of Hillary’s brothers. They divorced years ago and the brother remarried.

  287. gary — Hillary’s brother was married to Boxer’s daughter. It ended badly, IIRC.

  288. hlr…ok, i knew it was something complicated

  289. WS-Isn’t that something that would have been addressed before he even started running for President. I mean that is the one big rule that you must be a natural born citizen to be President. So I can’t see how this meme goes anywhere.

  290. WS — I understand, which is why BO should just release his birth certificate and get this silliness out of the way.

    Many Americans have ‘funny sounding’ names, so I find this line of attack offensive and xenophobic.

  291. bluedawgdem: WS-Isn’t that something that would have been addressed before he even started running for President.

    or when he got his driver’s license, LOL.

  292. Well if it about his name they won’t find his current name on the birth certificate because he changed his name. So what else are they looking for?

  293. WS – I think there is something to the birth certificate story. Why won’t Obama release his gift certificate? Or his medical records? Or his records when he was in state senate?

    I think there may possibly be something on the birth certificate that embarasses Obama. Maybe his religion is noted on a document. Maybe is name is really “Sue.”

    Medical records – Maybe a mention that he smokes. Something trivial, probably.

    State Senate records – Wouldn’t that cover the period of time when he was involved with Rezco?

    The Obamanauts complained about Hillary not releasing her tax records ( which she did do by the deadline.)

    Why won’t Obama just release the records? There may be nothing there, but why not just show the records and remove all doubt.

  294. I don’t think the right cares. They just want to get it out there that he’s foreign and can’t be trusted. They’ll say that If he says anything different, don’t believe him and he has divided and mysterious motives.

  295. Yeah, I agree. He attacked Hillary for not wanting to release her tax returns when he demanded it and impugned her character. What goes around comes around. What are you hiding Obama?

  296. Well for me its a moot point. I have already heard enough about BO to determine that he is unqualified, on experience alone, to be President.

  297. I find it hard to believe his birth certificate isn’t highly available. It’s a publi document. You can go to town hall and get a copy of anyone’s birth certificate. This story is just a hoax.

  298. Gary– I think there was a divorce there. I am not gossiping, just setting the record straight. In addition, I think that it was Boxer’s daughter and Hillary’s brother, so there may be age issues there as well.

  299. Maybe it is just payback since McCain’s citizenship was questioned.

  300. Arabella: I think there may possibly be something on the birth certificate that embarasses Obama. Maybe his religion is noted on a document. Maybe is name is really “Sue.”

    That’s probably more like it — of course, the Dems vetted BO and have a plan of action, right? Right? Or perhaps they are applying the ‘white-out’ to the birth certificate at DNC HQ right now as I type …

  301. Gary, Honora — the issue is that bro Rodham is a deadbeat dad.

  302. Aside from his complete and total lack of experience (which is a rock-solid deal breaker as far as I’m concerned) this:

    hlr, on June 11th, 2008 at 7:46 pm Said

    Joe — Wayne Madsen is not credible. That being said, BO should just release his Hawaiian birth certificate and be done with this line of investigation.

    Is one of the things that makes me really distrust Obama’s electability.

    For heaven’s sake — he could have posted the dang thing to his website a year ago. blah, blah, blah….

    I’m NOT going to commit to defending a guy who won’t defend himself. I DID that with Kerry — I hated doing it then. But, at least Kerry was qualified for the job.

  303. The Dem Party must have gotten a case of stupid. At HuffPo they are quoting James Carville suggesting that Al Gore be picked for VP. It tells me they are running scared if they are looking at Gore to pull them over the finish line.

  304. isn’t it time for cocktail hour?

  305. Ben,

    Trust me, BO will not carry MA. It’s not going to happen. You did great talking to that guy. I’ll bet you are going to be getting more calls. That is going to get back to the powers that be. And I’m sure you’re not alone, especially in Ohio.

    As Arabella Trefoil said,

    Time is on our side, yes it is.

  306. How do you add a smiley to the post because I want to add the LMAO one at hlr’s last post.

  307. k-bird — see my comment about the Dems huddled around the birth certificate w/ a bottle of white-out 🙂

  308. just to clarify the post for the LMAO was the white out post by hlr.

  309. The “I’m not your sweetie” t-shirt I ordered came in my mail today. I know it won’t make a difference but I love it. Maybe I should wear it everyday.

    On the back it says

    History Made
    1 of 18 million

    on the sleeve it says

    1 of 18 mil.

    lol, gotta do something with my disappointment in the DNC. i was glad to see that it was made in Pennsylvania…HRC territory! 🙂

  310. i thought it was harder to get birth certificates now with identify theft?

  311. I wonder if the birth certificate problem is the reason BO’s passport file was hacked? And then they hacked Hillary’s and McCain’s to make it look like it wasn’t about BO?

  312. An unrelated person can not usually get a birth certificate unless you can show a need for it. It is not usually public information, because it can be used for fraudulent purposes. I think that the problem with Obama’s birth certificate is that it shows that his parents were not married or that the marriage was after conception. Even if they were married, it has been shown that Obama’s father was married and not divorced already in Kenya. Obama is illegitimate either because the marriage did not occur or because the marriage was not valid.

  313. indigo, where did you get it? link?

  314. grey, it’s cocktail hour down here in new orleans, but that’s not say much, it’s always cocktail hour down here … however, i do have a glass of red wine …

    it’s wine thirty here in the ninth ward

  315. dakinikat,

    I got my birth certificate recently over the internet. I don’t think I had to do anything special. Just gave my date of birth and where I was born.

  316. I got a copy of my birth certificate by mail with no ID, just my ss# and mother’s info. it’s not that hard….

  317. bluedawgdem — here

  318. Why is the DNC calling all of us uneducated white working people to contribute…They said they didn’t need us so tell Dean, Pelosi, Brazile, etc. to cofer up.
    Obama has cash let them use his only I hear he is running on debt even though they are thinking he’ll
    raise 100 million this month..only they don’t say from where. I sure will be watching to see how they fix this one….they really boxed themselves into a bad corner because they wanted to play the race card and now no matter what they do race will cause a major break in this party…all for what. Obama..a nominee who wasn’t veted.

  319. Or maybe the father of record is not the father he claims. Oh now I am beginnng to wonder……

  320. hlr (snort)

    I mean the guy has real problems — that Ayers stuff is toxic in a campaign against McCain (who, by the way has run an ad in every prime time hour since at least Sunday in Kansas City.. Why?)

    So, why did he allow as much a single night go by without INSISTING this be cleared up. Look how he jumped all over Hillary for the (fake-ish) Muslim comment.

  321. Obama is giving out strong hints that he too will be receptive to a closed press administration. What is on that birth certificate that he won’t reveal it? What’s the big deal?

  322. honora – Obama is illegitimate either because the marriage did not occur or because the marriage was not valid.

    Opinions, please. Does this matter in this day and age? I don’t think anyone has Paw Obama confused w/ a model parent.

  323. Pat,

    Carville must be pulling their legs. Can you just imagine Gore accepting VP under the lest qualified presidential candidate in history? A Nobel Prize winner running under BO? Yeah right. Maybe if they reversed positions, but then I’d be even angrier than I am now. I think Hillary is better than Gore.

  324. http://www.spreadshirt.com/us/US/T-Shirt/Spreadshirt-1342/

    i customized it. A little pricey for one shirt, but I don’t care. i used font similar to that used on Hillary’s campaign garb, the brown/blue shirts.

  325. wow, no wonder identity theft is so prevalent …

  326. I think it’s interesting Gore has been quiet through all of this primary (sic) season.

  327. Just had O’Reilly on for a few minutes. He had a guy, David Bossie, who is doing a film about Obama which they are planning on releasing at convention time. Bossie is a Repub. He wrote a scathing book about Hillary years ago.

    O’Reilly asked, if you had the choice of voting for Obama or Hillary, who would be your pick? Bossie answered, Hillary. Says she is smart, experienced, prepared. And even though he does not agree with her policies, he has come to respect her. O’Reilly agreed.

    This is what the Right thinks of Obama. A Big Nothing.

  328. hir- I almost put my non-interest in the story in my post. However, we may well be liberal and cool with it all, but I think that is the reason that his birth certificate is not out there.

  329. @bostonboomer, 7:18 PM

    ‘ ‘ The difficult issue of abortion should not be decided by judicial fiat.However, the reversal of Roe v. Wade represents only one step in the long path toward ending abortion…. ‘ ”

    I know this isn’t your POV, bostonboomer, but let me just say …

    Nothing and no one is going to “end abortion.” I will grant you that access to abortion is uneven across the country, let alone across the globe. But In some form or another, abortion is here to stay as one of many means to control human fertility. The reason? Human fertility has to be controlled. Necessity always, always, always leads to some social apparatus to do what is needed, c.f. W.G. Sumner.

    Just sayin’.

  330. Gore would be absolutely insane to take up the offer. But to me it is a telling signal that they are running scared. Why would you consider a running mate who would outshine you at every turn? At least the others are kind of bland.

  331. Obama is having one problem after another. Now the Congressional Latino Caucus is telling him to put up or shut up. Now is he going to slime them as racists too?

    Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) must commit to helping illegal immigrants achieve citizenship or else risk losing the vital Latino vote in the general election, Hispanic Democratic lawmakers are warning.

    If he does not promise so-called comprehensive immigration reform, the lawmakers say, the only other way to win over Hispanic supporters of his erstwhile rival, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.), may be to pick her as his running mate.

    They carefully avoided calling explicitly for Clinton’s selection as the party’s vice presidential nominee, but some indicated that her bond with Latino voters will get them to the polls in November, just as it drew them into the primaries.


    “Hillary holds the entire Latino community in the palm of her hand,” said. Rep. José Serrano (D-N.Y.), whose district went heavily for Clinton.


  332. Ann On: You are correct. Roe v Wade is a moneymaker for the GOP. They just have to wave it in front of the Religious Right and they go crazy. It may be modified by state but never overturned.

  333. Posted this yesterday but sent it to a few democratic Senators and Representatives like Boxer and Murray.

    Dear :

    Please listen to the voices of the PEOPLE who are rejecting your selected nominee. It’s been a week and according to you, I should be returning to the fold soon. Well, I am not. Neither is my husband, two sister-in-laws, two sisters, two colleagues and their parents. You have sold middle class Americans down the river and more importantly were complicit in stealing our votes.

    Let your new base, as Donna Brazile called it, bring you victory in November. We are taking her advice and staying home (well not really- we are voting by not for the INEXPERIENCED one).

    Plus, you need to talk to Obama about the kid page on his website. It is eerie and many people in the bloggesphere are equating it to Hitler.

    I would say good luck but I wouldn’t mean it. And like Brazile likes to quote her mother, the rulez is the rulez, I will quote Susan B. Anthony:

    I shall earnestly and persistently continue to urge all women to the practical recognition of the old Revolutionary maxim. Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.
    Susan B. Anthony

    We aren’t mad, angry, hurt any longer– we are much worse—DETERMINED!

    I am one of 18,000,000.


  334. Ann On,

    I don’t think you read that comment very carefully. I didn’t write that. An Obot troll has been posting that on Hillary blogs today. I’m not worried about abortion. I don’t know where you got that idea. I’m way past menopause.

  335. Pat,

    Hillary would outshine him even more.

  336. BB, I meant to go back and delete that but, I guess I got distracted. I KNEW it wasn’t you.

  337. Honora,

    I don’t get that though. We already know that Obama is illegitimate. His father was married when he married Obama’s mom. Everyone knows he’s illegitimate. That can’t be the reason.
    And even if Obama was born in Indonesia, he would still be an American citizen.

  338. Katiebird,

    Delete what? Did I miss something?

  339. Honora — However, we may well be liberal and cool with it all,

    As Maryland goes, so goes the nation! Or not. You’re probably right.

    bostonboomer — I am sick and tired of these Hillary surrogates pushing for VP.

  340. bostonboomer: And even if Obama was born in Indonesia, he would still be an American citizen.

    but not eligible to run for pres.

  341. bb- We know that he is illegitimate, but I am not so sure all those Evangelicals that he is trying to cozy up to know it.

  342. Maybe obs name was Barry, changed by the white grandmother changed to Barack Hussein Obama when his mom and stepfather lived in Indonesia.His step dad was Indondesian. That is a Muslim country. Don’t they change their names after taking on the Muslim faith? He probably wants to hide that he really is a Muslim. After proclaiming he really is a Christian. He probably joined the church just to get money and connection in Chicago for the senate. It was just a stepping stone to get what he wanted.

  343. Would the Evangelicals even care, I mean come on we are in the 21st century.

  344. They are reporting that McCain is having trouble with the Southern Baptists. Like they are going to rush out and vote Obama. Don’t imagine Rev Wright, Meeks and Pfleger go over too big down there.

  345. hlr,

    Why not. As long as one of your parents is an American citizen, it doesn’t matter where you are born.

    Honora, No, I agree with you about that. What I meant is everyone knows he’s illegitimate already, so that can’t be the problem he’s having with the birth certificate. Maybe he doesn’t have a birth certificate? I don’t know….

  346. I do not even care what his name is now or what it used to be. Why does this keep coming up. Who cares what his frikken name is he is still not qualified to be President. His name could be Donald Duck it still would not give him the experience to be President.

  347. This election is beginning to sound like a big wash for all concerned. All of Bo’s support is concentrated in blood red states. Some of the swings are rejecting him and all it takes is a few hundred to stay home to turn ’em red. Ohio’s rejecting him. I really don’t think he’s got FL in the bag. After that horrendous ruling last week, I’m not convinced he’s got MI either. He needs to get Latinos. It’s starting to look like Hillary’s his only hope.

    Still not voting for him though.

  348. That comment Ann On quoted .. from the 0bot troll.

  349. If McCain picks Romney for his Veep MI will most certainly go red.

  350. The birth certificate fixation is peculiar. I noticed that this issue came up with McCain as well, who was born in the Panama Canal Zone (over which the US had sovereignty) on a US military base. The Senate unanimously passed a resolution that there was no issue to this (not that this affects what the Constitution says, and “natural born” citizenship is not 100% clear).. the resolution was sponsored by McCaskill and Leahy.

  351. Hey, bostonboomer–I knew that wasn’t your POV, and tried to make that clear. I was merely quoting it from your post. Peace.

  352. Lets get back to the thread topic and work on getting Hillary’s debt paid down. I for one am on board with that idea.

  353. regencyg,
    Your Right!
    I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt!
    I feel like we “can’t trust any of them”!

  354. Read some legal jargon somewhere (NoQuarter, I think) that if your dad is not American, your mom has to be 5 years beyond the age of 16 (???) for her child to be American. She would need to have been 21 and she was not.

    For all I know, this legal tidbit was a mere hoax, so please don’t hold me to this.

    Just checked this clip out from my main page news:


    The reporter stated that even some supers are saying they will not support BO and will not go to the convention. Yet they have a former Clintonite saying we’ll come around. Not this year, not this time.

  355. bluedawg == Good idea! I was at work when I posted this so I couldn’t make my donation then. I’ll do it now.

  356. bostonboomer: Why not. As long as one of your parents

    It’s never been clearly <a href=”http://www.iht.com/articles/2004/06/02/expats_ed3_.php’.established:

    It took Congress until 1790 to pass the Immigration and Naturalization Act, he said, which gave citizenship to children born overseas — but only when the father was a U.S. citizen. In 1934, it was extended to include the children of mothers who were American citizens.

    But whether people born in those circumstances can serve as president has never been set in legal concrete because it has never been challenged, said Aleinikoff, who specializes in citizenship issues.

    Could you imagine all the screaming and hollering about tthis all summer?

  357. dar 1a-g- You are right. The Supremes have never ruled on this. McCain is in a legal limbo, but I guess the RNC thinks it is a safe bet. Would his Republican VP become President if the RNC is wrong and McCain was not allowed to assume office? I guess so,so maybe the RNC does not really care. If I wore a tin hat, I would be thinking that McCaskill and Leahy were up to something. Someday, this election cycle will make a great movie. Honora better be the one that blows the whole mystery open and I better be played by someone really hot.

  358. “Hillary holds the entire Latino community in the palm of her hand,” said. Rep. José Serrano (D-N.Y.), whose district went heavily for Clinton.
    She holds the white working class voters, white women and men in the palm of her hand in swing states, big states…

    The DNC and party elites are idiots.

  359. McCain was born on a military base, which I believe, is considered U.S. territory. It is a non-issue for him.

  360. New thread

  361. There’s a new Post from Paul upstream!

  362. I wish I had donated to the DNC so I could ask for it back, but I didn’t. I did reregister yesterday as an independent to spite them though. The Democrats will now have to beg for my vote in the fall. That will be fun..

  363. The questions about the birth certificate are out there because people want to make sure he was born, and not hatched.

  364. […] hath no fury like a bunch of women scorned If you want to see some fun, read this, which I found through WordPress dashboard, and all the comments. Hillary supporters who are pissed […]

  365. I’ve read only some of the comments here–and agree with most of them, whole-heartedly. I just want to point out that “adtleft” is not the same “adleft”, who was a bonafide Hillary supporter, and who used to post on Taylor Marsh.

    This “adtleft” (notice the “t” inbetween ad and left), has been posting pro-Obama, anti-McCain comments and links since Taylor decided to become a DNC-credentialed blog.

  366. Is it possible BO birth certificate states his race as other than black? …like white?

  367. Ann on,

    Sorry, I noticed that after the fact. After I said you didn’t read my comment carefully. ooops! Please forgive me.

  368. Nicole, actually atdleft is the same one, at least as the one who posts on mydd, and he used to post on TM, too. But he has had some kind of conversion. Or an alien has taken over his mind, but it’s him alright. Whatever it was that happened has been horrific.

  369. bluedawgdem, on June 11th, 2008 at 9:06 pm
    If McCain picks Romney for his Veep MI will most certainly go red.

    It’s been years since George Romney was governor here and then moved his family out-of-state. Ol’ Mit didn’t have a lot of support here during the primary season before he dropped out, and I don’t think his perhaps being McCain’s VP would excite a lot of voter response. I think those who believe in McCain are going to vote for him, and the person he selects as a running mate won’t make much difference. Of course, that’s just my opinion.



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  371. […] another example, a Heidi Li (seconded by RiverDaughter) has written a very popular blogpost that asks her readers to “slap the face of the […]

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