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A final rant from an eternal Clinton supporter

I like to think that I have led my life with distinction. I was raised by a single mother with little help. We were even on public assistance for a time. I have excelled in school since the very first day and now stand to graduate an esteemed high school with the rank of Salutatorian. I have friends of every race, every religion—and lack thereof, every political ideology, and sexual orientation. Even for love of a few stale jokes, you couldn’t truly believe that I hated someone because they were different from me. I wouldn’t and I can’t. Before this Democratic Primary, I’d never had the honor and the pleasure of being called a racist, a crybaby, or anyone’s psycho ex-girlfriend a la Glenn Close out of “Fatal Attraction.” It’s been a season of firsts.

I turned 18 in November. My first thought? Oh God, I have to vote.I hadn’t listened to the pundits, I didn’t even know who was running. Some Hispanic guy, some black guy, and the former First Lady of the United States; oh, and some other white guys. The only one I recognized was Edwards and my heart did an awful large thump for what could’ve been in 2004. (I hadn’t forgiven John Kerry for conceding Ohio, I still haven’t and he’s invoked my ire ever since.) Yet, it wasn’t John Edwards and his invincible haircut that caught my attention; it was the woman I had never noticed and the history I’d never cared about.

For the first time ever, I noticed Hillary Rodham Clinton outside of Bill Clinton’s shadow. I noticed a woman who daredto stand side-by-side on a stage with a large group of men and consider them her equal. I saw a woman who had a mind like a mantrap, who could recall facts like the kids I know can Google. I saw her make fools out of her competitors when they just didn’t know answers that came naturally to her. I was more than impressed.

Then, the season truly began and I saw Hillary Clinton lose Iowa. Then, I saw her win New Hampshire. Then I saw her lose some and win some on Super Tuesday. Best of all I got to watch somebody play the race card and somebody else be framed for doing it. Reminds me of a shirt a lot my friends have. There’s a cute white bunny on it and beneath the bunny it reads: “I did it, but I’m blaming you.”

Yep, that sounds about right. Do you know why Hillary Rodham Clinton won New Hampshire? According to one “political analyst,” or those who get paid to regurgitate what the Washington Post says verbatim, it was the Bradley effect. The Bradley effect takes place when polled likely voters claim they will vote for a minority candidate but fail to do as much when they are in the voting booth. The insinuation: closeted racism. That was just the first indication that this primary wasn’t going to be fair, but it was far from the last.

South Carolina came and the biggest double-edged sword to be forged came out full force and he went by the name of William Jefferson Clinton. He was a gift on the stump. He was all charm and down home sweetness, but he was a wonk and there was no denying that East Coast education. He was an asset to Hillary Clinton that could not be denied. So he had to be neutralized—and best believe that he was.

By February 15th, Bill Clinton barely dared to stick his head in view of a camera lest he be misquoted and vilified for the nineteenth time. Suddenly, the “first black president,” as coined by Toni Morrison, was the first KKKlan President. He and his wife, both with a lifetime of civil rights advocacy and battles behind them were outcasts in a community that once revered them. For what reason? What could he and his wife possibly gain by espousing racism after all this time?




What had made Hillary Clinton so formidable was the sheer size of her coalition. She had African-Americans, one of the most dependable voting blocks in the Democratic Party, she had working Americans who remembered what life under a Clinton was like. She had her determination and she was in it to win it. Nobody else was of any real consequence. That is, until the first-term Senator from Illinois stood up to bat.

…And the pieces came tumbling down.

He showed up. He spoke out loud. The masses—though not the majority—fell to their knees in awe. I didn’t. I was neither impressed nor fooled. The media was. The party leaders loved what he brought to the game. He had style, had new voters, he had money. Oh, they had tingles up and down their legs. This was February, around the time that I realized that the fix was in. Naively, I still hoped that things could change. I think that even Hillary did.

A string of bare defeats and incredible victories later, here we are. It’s June 8th, the day after Hillary Rodham Clinton has suspended her campaign for the presidency in order to endorse Barack Obama. I and many thousands—perhaps millions—of others are left without a leader. It isn’t as easy as saying “let Democrats be Democrats” and vote Democrat. What we’ve seen these last two months was far from Democratic. I’ve seen so many minority cards played that I can’t stand the card game anymore.

I’ve seen a distinguished Senator and beloved First Lady verbally molested in a fashion I would never allow if I were a producer on network or cable television. I’ve seen death threats leveled against her. I’ve seen more than a single man <i>or</i> woman say that all it would take was a good “doing over” for Hillary to see the light, whatever that proverbial light was. I’ve seen men laugh at her laugh. I’ve seen the nutcracker and boys who call themselves men talking about the way they gird their loins when she comes anywhere near them. I’ve seen those same boys where the masks of saints when she deigns to entertain their company only to sneer at her back on exit.

I’ve seen a party that has claimed as its mantle the interests of the people turn their noses up at their expressed desires in direct violation of their very own written rules. They’ve said, “We must respect the rules.” Why thank you, Alice Germond. Sadly, those rules state that they also should’ve respected the voters. (Rule 13 A of the Democratic Party Rules & Bylaws, entitled Fair Reflection of Presidential Preference, if any can be bothered recall.) But those weren’t the rules they were interested in and so weren’t the rules they followed. Democracy didn’t die the day we allowed the best President we would’ve ever known to leave history with no impression; it died the day that 30 people decided that their desires were more pressing than the expressed wishes of 600,000 people in Michigan and 1.7 million in Florida.

Until the very last primary I prayed that someone in the party would see sense. I even prayed they’d defend my candidate against the harsh, uneven criticism leveled against her by the media and her opponents. The problem wasn’t that she couldn’t defend herself; the problem was that she had to defend both herself and her opponent with her hands tied behind her back. Any historical fact—from the most trivial and benign to those even minutely inflammatory—became a gaffe and sandstorm. The news cycle for her was lost time and again to media-made monsoons of Tuzla (never-ending, I recall), to LBJ & JFK (true, however, it was), to RFK and his assassination on the 6th of June. She couldn’t win the day for losing because if it was folly, it made her a fool and if it was true, it was anyone and everyone’s dog whistle.

Her opponent didn’t and hasn’t faced that. I imagine he won’t. Now that the media has picked him—and the party leaders have gone along with it—they’re gonna have to save him from himself. By not vetting him or questioning his many “misspeaks” or gaffes, they’ve left the country to choose between the lesser of who-cares and why-should-I. They’re gonna have to cover their bottom lines.

They had a brilliant mind and an iron will. They turned her away.

They had an unbeatable candidate and a popular, voter-driven mandate. They said, “No, thanks.”

They had the White House in November, like they promised. They decided they wanted the hot, red car instead, with the dollar signs on the hood, something they can drive home and show their kids.

They wanted to be rich and cool. They didn’t need those poor working-class people to cramp their style. They didn’t want those Latinos, or Asians, or LGBT people, or the disabled, or the elderly, or the Jewish, or the Catholic people reminding them of how things used to be. They didn’t want to be reminded of those horrid “old politics.” You know, the kind espoused by the foolhardy Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the lackluster Harry Truman, by that truly despicable John F. Kennedy, and even further still by that disgustingly traitorous American Lyndon B. Johnson who fought for the Civil Rights Acts, bent arms and bent ears to bring it to life. He lost the South forever for the Democrats but brought morality back to the American consciousness, that loathsome toad. And how ever will we forget Robert F. Kennedy, who lived and died on his ideals, the ideals embraced by a generation and that saw their completion decades after his own senseless end. Most of all, they didn’t want to be held to that tainted memory of the only two-term Democrat to inhabit the White House in 60 years.  Peace, triumph, prosperity.  Damn those old politics, nothing good ever came of them. Guess it’s time to try something new.

Hope and change. Those very words have lit the torches and the candles of a dozen movements that have carried this country forward to where it is and I imagine that those words will carry many others in the future. Nevertheless, what no ones wishes to address or be caught addressing is the fact that “just words” will never change the world. If there is no mind to a movement, it becomes chaos or worse. What we have now is a war of “just words” that without distinction will be interpreted in any way our opponents see fit. What we have now is an opponent that is not impressed with just words that are pretty, and words that are light. We have an opponent who laughs at our sonnets and our metaphors, whose spirit does not lift with a good hymn, and a chant makes him punchy. We have an adversary who is all about “straight-talk.”

Hope and change will not deter him. Hope never put a dollar into an empty bank account. Change is the thing a struggling mother is looking for when the food stamps don’t cover Pampers and milk. Hope is what that same mother has when she can’t get out of bed, but she can’t miss work today—she just can’t! Change is what happens when she has to take her kids and sneak away from her apartment in the middle of the night because the change she used to buy the Pampers isn’t there to pay the rent.

Everyday Americans will just have to keep holding on for another term more. Democrats aren’t gonna save them like they promised. How do I know? I know because the “Democrat” they picked has exactly one hope in the hell of being elected. I’ve met the Republicans, most of America has—John Kerry has certainly met them. Thanks to them and their fair friends, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, Senator Kerry hasn’t seen the inside of the White House save for on the Christmas tour, and he won’t ever again. That’s a common sentiment among Democrats—and no doubt will become familiar to the party’s “nominee.”

To quote the eminent Maxine Waters of California, “We don’t need hope, what we need is help.” Sadly, neither Representative Waters nor the rest of her Super Delegate compatriots are in any position to give us that help. They have done the politically expedient thing, they have spoken aloud and made themselves heard; they have covered their backs—and left us in the rain.

By 2012, most of them will still have their homes, unlike more than a million working-class Americans thanks to the foreclosure crisis.

Expect gas prices to get so expensive that working isn’t worth the cost anymore. Between gas, taxes, utilities, and—I don’t know—being alive, there’s just no sense in it. A living wage isn’t one if you can’t live on it, and everyday Americans can’t keep living like this.

Doctor? You don’t need no stinking doctor. You won’t have anything to live on during retirement anyway, so I wouldn’t plan to live that long. Haven’t you heard? Universal Healthcare Coverage is for other countries. Dying unnecessarily is an honor and a privilege in the United States. Get used to it.

As for global warming, I suggest you buy, in bulk, shorts and flip-flops. Don’t expect Al Gore to stick his neck out for you now. God knows there isn’t a Democrat left who will.

But what can I say? It’s evidently a great year to be a “Democratic” Party Leader. It’s just a really, really awful year to be a run-of-the-mill Democrat.

199 Responses

  1. It is a great year fro reading future Pulitzer winners.

    Thank you regency. I hope this gets picked up by blogs everywhere.


  2. But what can I say? It’s evidently a great year to be a “Democratic” Party Leader. It’s just a really, really awful year to be a run-of-the-mill Democrat.

    great ending to a great post.

  3. ah, transcendent truth spoken as only the young can. when i was that age, it was 1972 and certain candidates were taking similar liberties with the electoral process. i remember my sense of outrage.

    of course, the republicans were doing it back then. this is different. the democratic party has lost all moral authority to EVER complain about election fraud.

    hang in there, regency. bank the fires of that outrage, and keep it warm for when you get another shot at these people. you’re young, you will.

  4. “UNCLE!”, I cry That was bloody brilliant.

  5. Enjoyed reading your journey, regency. The first time I saw Hillary (gazing up at Bill and nodding her head when he was running), I didn’t like her. Then I heard her give a speech on C-Span and I was blown away. She captured me with that one speech. (It helped that they played a speech by Newt Gingrich after hers – he rambled and talked down to his audience of Kay Bailey Hutchinson look-alikes – so she clearly came out the winner).

    Just found this on Red State – Obama’s next move to morph completely into Dubya:

    Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is about to launch his latest outreach to religious voters, but the name of the group could land him in legal trouble.
    First reported on Friday by Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody, Obama’s “Joshua Generation” is designed to help the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee appeal to young evangelicals.

  6. This pretty much sum up the failure of the Democratic Party in this election. DNC abandoned its voters.

  7. Thanks everybody for the kind words and encouragement. It’s always nice to get a thrill up your leg and no it’s curable.

  8. “Uncle”


    RD, you’re now obsolete.


  9. What a great post summing up so eloquently what so many of us are feeling deep inside. Goldberry, you have a great site here. Love reading all this great material. Keep up the good work.


  10. (resting my head on my desk)

    regency, you’re a great writer. Your words broke my heart all over again. (not that it was healed in the first place)

  11. regency: excelente!!!!

  12. Wow. Excellent. You are very articulate for one so young. What do you plan on majoring in in college? Might we hope political science?

  13. Marvellous essay, regencyg.

  14. Jmac: The funny thing is that one of the reasons I voted for Bill was because of Hillary. I just saw something in her face that told me there was strength and intelligence there. I believed him when he said “buy one, get one free”.
    Over the years, even I succumbed to the despicable trashing of the Clintons. oh, never believed they were responsible for the scandals, er, until Bill met Monica. It was just an overall feeling of falling away, like rotting old southern mansions. And I don’t know how that crept into my psyche. But when I saw her in person at YearlyKos07, I realized that my first impressions were correct. She was something very special. There is an unquenchable internal energy in her.
    She will always be my Madame President.

  15. very nice Regency – thank you!

  16. Heh, reading this, I feel like this was almost the “Frontline” episode of the Hillary campaign…just throw in some background transition music, odd black and white photos, a few interviews, and you’re there…

  17. RD, Have I been booted from the cocktail party, I can’t get into the site?

  18. In college I’m doubling in Biology & Political Science.

  19. Kim, I think the problem started when you put the lampshade on your head 🙂

  20. wow regency, that was great!

  21. I’m with you. I tried to write this cheery post on MyDD suggesting Hillary for VP, in the hopes it would somehow sew the Party together again. And someone told me “It’s Barack’s Party now” and he’ll decide what’s best. Well, good luck with all that.

  22. regencyg:

    BRAVA!!! You get a standing O here.

    Yep, that sounds about right. Do you know why Hillary Rodham Clinton won New Hampshire? According to one “political analyst,” or those who get paid to regurgitate what the Washington Post says verbatim, it was the Bradley effect. The Bradley effect takes place when polled likely voters claim they will vote for a minority candidate but fail to do as much when they are in the voting booth. The insinuation: closeted racism.

    Let’s call a spade a spade. That was Eugene Robinson and I took it personal. I am black and I know there is racism. However, I get extreme annoyed when people cry racism where there is none, in an attempt to blackmail others.

  23. How eloquent coming from one so young! Maybe a future in politics like somewhere down the road running for president of the United State.

  24. Kim: I wouldn’t boot you. You’re a buddy of the site. Let me scout around for a missing post.

  25. Regency,

    That was truly amazing writing. Amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  26. Whatever you do, please keep writing!

  27. MABlue,

    Eugene Robinson is a sad case. Same with Bob Herbert. I hope they sleep off the Kool-aid eventually, but I’ll never be able read either of them again.

  28. Regency, you touched the heart of the Democratic party that I love so much. I worked in poverty law for quite a few years and it brought me so much joy. What I now see is a group of elitists who have no clue as to what our party (or my former party) is/was all about.

    I was in the corner with the lampshade

  29. Amazingly good post/rant. Just brilliant.

    This betrayal of the Democratic party is worse than anything I’ve experienced from the Republican party. I expect that from Republicans. I didn’t expect the Democratic party to do this to itself, to the best candidate they’ve had in 40 years, and to us. They have broken my heart.

    Now I need to see if I can summon what I can to vote against them, for their own good. Because if this cheating is rewarded, the party will have lost its soul forever.

  30. I am celebrating buying my first hybrid. Can I still get a Hillary bumper sticker somewhere? Mine went with the old car.

  31. KIm: congrats. Careful, it may get scratched with a key if they see a H bumper sticker.

  32. Today, when I was arguing with my boss about my refusal to vote for BO, I had to tell him that I couldn’t vote for him even if we took Hillary out of the equation, because this is the third election that I feel has robbed the voters. If we continue to allow this to happen, whats the damn use in voting? Just let them tell us, because we don’t need to decide.

  33. Regency – such wisdom from you – it gives me hope for the future which has been somewhat removed by BO youths. You display great depth. Look forward to reading more from you.

  34. Fuck em to quote Kathy Bates, I am older and I have better insurance.

  35. Kim, heh. I loved FGT

  36. She will always be my Madame President.

    Riverdaughter – I think she will be Madame President to all of us one day. Why not? If Richard Nixon could come back and win, then Hillary certainly can come back and win.

  37. Ohh, I read this last night when you posted it, Regency. Good work. Congrats on having it posted here.

  38. Regencyg:


    What an AMAZING, INSPIRING post!!!

    God, I have to read this again to re-digest and savor.

    Thank you Regency for sharing this part of you that lives in all of us.


  39. I’d like to digg this.

  40. Hey whatever happened to the Political Fortune Tellers at TM. Is any of you one of them? If so, what is in the stars for O?

  41. BB:

    I am surprised how much stuff I’ve cleaned out of my system. I actually tried to go on TPM, PuffPost, Balloonjuice and I couldn’t stay

    I used to put up with Keith Obamaman puffery

    I used to laugh at MoDo’s sophomoric sarcasm but now I skip her columns as if it were spam mail about penis extension

    I couldn’t wait to read Frank Rich on Saturday night, now I can’t tell you if he still writes for the NYTimes

    I used to be a premium member of Airhead America, I use to put up with the juvenile Stephanie Miller, the boorish Rush Limbaugh wanna-be Ed Schultz, now can honestly tell you if they are still on the air

    In short, I used to be a sucker for anything remotely “progressive” and send money everywhere, now I have become extremely selective.

    To my own surprise, I don’t miss anything.

    What is worrying me is that I am slowly moving away from TL and TM, although I still like those sites.

  42. MABlue: “as if it were spam mail about penis extension”

    What are you talking about…oh wait, you are right, it did not work.

  43. TL is still worth it.

  44. MABlue, you nailed it. I feel the same about those places. Except TL, I still like it and am hanging on for as long as I can.

  45. Kim, I may have a spare sticker at home…I’m at my brother’s place right now. Give me a holler at captsfufp@hotmail.com if you want it…

  46. MABlue:

    I’m with you. I can’t stand reading the bullshit lies and revisionist history. I can’t make it through an entire article.

    I prefer to believe my own lying eyes and ears.

  47. Wow, Jmac, well there’s the strategy. Who needs women when you can have all those idiot young evangelicals. And I’m telling you, they are ripe for the picking. I have some experience with them via band I follow, and they are exactly a demographic that Obama appeals to. Self-absorbed, uninformed, zealous about changing the world, especially saving the environment, even though they aren’t willing to give up a damn thing to that end, and worst, they see themselves as post-partisan because of their environmentalism. And they don’t care about abortion because they “buy” abstinence, so they think abortion will be unnecessary once they convince EVERYBODY to wait until marriage. I thought women and latinos couldn’t be replaced, but maybe I was wrong.

  48. Regency, you have exquisitely put into words what we all are feeling. You paint pictures with your words, and the pictures hurt so much because of the truth in them. Thank you for your gift to us. Have you considered sending this to newspapers as a “To the Editor” piece? Just a thought.

  49. MABlue,

    Me too. I don’t miss Air America and all, and I used to have it on practically 24/7. I don’t even miss Mike Malloy. I don’t miss DK or TPM.

    We have to trust our intuition. I always do. We are not the ones who have lost our rudders. There are so many of us. It’s amazing. People are posting on our old threads all the time now. And so many of them write things like “Thank goodness I found you. I’m so glad I’m not alone.” We are legion and we are the ones with the power right now.

  50. Regencyg,

    Thank You

  51. What is TM.com?

  52. Everyone has been incredible today. I don’t expect every post I make will always get this reception. Don’t hold back because I’m young. I can argue with the best of ’em. I’m a Scorpio, I love that stuff.

    Bring it on.

    That said, thank you again for the compliments–I can’t stand that word, oddly enough–I reciprocate all of them even though I don’t post about it as much. Every one of is an incredible commenter and blogger. It’s pretty awesome to share this space with you.

  53. Regencyg, that was a brilliant piece of writing. I have quoted you and pointed the folks over at my blog to your post. Thank you for saying all of the things I couldn’t quite get out!

  54. KB:

    It’s taylormarsh.com

  55. Ooo la la! Regency! Good work. I’m 53 and you’re 18 and you have shorted the distance between us to a glance. You have said so much that I want to say. Thank you for getting it down and on screen.

    I was just looking at the polls from several months ago when Hillary had 51 percent of the vote. It physically hurt to see those headlines. I thought this nation was going to make the kind of move forward that we did under FDR. Instead, we have squandered our resistance for a pocketful of mumbles – such are promises. All lies and jest. Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.

    It’s like they can’t figure out enough ways to insult us – that’s what I don’t understand. Why Elizabeth Edwards on healthcare? Clinton has spent her life working on it. Why be so dismissive?

    I don’t get it. I’ve never seen this before. How dare Hillary have challenged a man for the job – the fuckin’ bitch. Who does she think she is? Is that what the problem is? That Hillary had the temerity to run?

    This Elizabeth Edwards news has creeped me out. Y’know, the Edwards’ boy who died had been a guest at the White House a few weeks before his death. After he died, Clinton reached out to the Edwards’. I just don’t understand why they would betray her in this fashion – and yes, to me it looks like a betrayal. I don’t get any of it. I just don’t.

  56. Regency, beautiful.
    Really, beautiful.

    Couple of random thoughts.
    First, racism.
    Nov. – Michelle Obama – “Black people will wake up and get it.” MSNBC

    Bill and Hillary Clinton – John and Jackie Kennedy
    One president – despicable, the other – virile.

  57. I can not believe this loser the supers enominated. Everytime he opens his mouth, I realize I will never vote for him. You literally couldn’t pay me to.

  58. Regencyg, Scorpio x 2! So am I – and so is Hillary.

    Eagle, Scorpion and the Phoenix!

    Please, whatever you Regencyg, RISE. They will hate on you, but never forget to RISE.

    I would have NEVER guessed you were just 18, God bless you! You sound so mature – please know that what you feel now should NEVER change. DON’T CHANGE. Please!?

  59. scary black man? LOL. He’s an empty suit. Off with you trollie. We don’t like your kind here.

  60. Sweetie Software Alert!

    Itrollalot is past his bedtime.

  61. This Elizabeth Edwards news has creeped me out. Y’know, the Edwards’ boy who died had been a guest at the White House a few weeks before his death. After he died, Clinton reached out to the Edwards’. I just don’t understand why they would betray her in this fashion – and yes, to me it looks like a betrayal. I don’t get any of it. I just don’t.

    This makes me so sick I almost don’t even want to know anymore why it’s happening.

  62. “It’s like they can’t figure out enough ways to insult us – that’s what I don’t understand. Why Elizabeth Edwards on healthcare? Clinton has spent her life working on it. Why be so dismissive? ”

    Not they, he. He literally hates her. I think he see’s himself as a great man who, much like GWB.

  63. Lori, thanks for *The Boxer* – very fitting

  64. Superb, Never let anyone dampen the fire within you as you feel it now. Enlightment such as yours comes to most much later in thier lives and to many never at all. Your essay deserves a far brighter spotlight than the one provided on this off broadway back street venue. But I’ll be the first to say Thank You for your effort and with Ideals such as yours a more fitting forum is in your future.

    In the years ahead the drone of the real world will try to extinguish the passion inside, as it is far easier to go with the flow, not make waves and be compliant. When you are confronted by such, then pull out this your expose and read it to yourself and reignite the passion that is so beautifully contained within.


  65. Ahhh, I feel like a proud mama.!

  66. Remember, Obama is not the nominee, yet.

    The August convention will deicide.

  67. hi folks!!!

  68. Does Sugar know about this blog? She’d probably like it here.

  69. I’m a hillary supporter in exile from all the blogs I used to hang out at … I’ve been posting my action memos here … thought I’d stop by and meet every one

  70. Sugar has posted here

  71. BostonBoomer,
    I was also listening to Air America 24/7 up until Feb. when they all went whack-a-doodle. One by one I stopped, then there were none…
    This site has been a great replacement, don’t miss A.A. at all.
    Actually I’m pissed, I feel like I gave them 4 years of my time and over night they became the Obama Party and left the Dems behind.

  72. MA BLUE
    To me the “BRADLEY” thing ; WAS THE 1st INTRODUCTION OF RACE”!!!
    I am close to certain that it was:
    Roland Martin on CNN ( a Chicago Radio personalitry).
    Then the icing was Jesse Jackson Jr.camparing ,
    Hillary “tearing up” to the “lack of tears for Katrina victims!
    Later I found out it was Hillary that got the then NY GOV. to send the “1st” rescue helicopters!

  73. Thought I’d mention my first bachelor’s, completed in 1985 was in Poly Sci, my second bachelor’s, which I’ve almost completed is in Biology. Regency, you’re smart to work on both at the same time. It’s MUCH harder going back the second time.

  74. Laney,

    To show you how bad I was, I got Sirius radio just so I could hear Mike Malloy, because he wasn’t on the Boston AA station (now defunct). Then AA made an exclusive deal with XM radio. So I got XM radio too. Now I still have both. I need to get rid of one of them. I kept Sirius because I liked to listen to Michaelangelo Singorilie on Sirius OutQ. But now he has gone over to the darks side too, so I guess I’ll get rid of Sirius.

  75. Teresa:

    Great idea suggesting the post here.

  76. BB,
    Do you question how they all went the same way in their thinking? It has struck me funny how they all spoke of “just getting a Dem is the W.H., doesn’t matter who”, then all of a sudden it changed. I listened to Randi everyday and she turned on a dime. For awhile I thought I had the problem, but it did not last too long.
    I tried to listen to Mike M. the other night, just for fun, forget it!!!

  77. Patsy has a great new video up:


  78. Do you question how they all went the same way in their thinking? It has struck me funny how they all spoke of “just getting a Dem is the W.H., doesn’t matter who”, then all of a sudden it changed.

    I do.

  79. So he is going after the Republican Right – he will do anything and say anything to get into the White House. And I am disgusted with Edwards – Mr. and Mrs.

    I just hope Dean doesn’t win and take her advantage away and now allow her vote at the Convention in Denver in August.

    We can depend on BO to do nothing but bad for Hillary and for John McCain to do nothing but good. I have become a McCain Republican if not a Hillary Clinton Democrat.

    Clinton 09 or McCain 09

  80. just hope Dean doesn’t win and take her advantage away and NOT allow her vote at the Convention in Denver in August.

    Typo NOT not NOW

  81. Amazing, Regency,

    You captured the nomination cycle, and understood what was going on better than the “pundits” ever could.

    I would suggest sending your essay to the New York Times, if it were still the Old Gray Lady. The fact that any paper would allow the psychopathic Hillary-obsession of Maureen Dowd to be printed more than once (and then print Frank Rich’s Clinton obsessions below it), tells me that you are too good for that rag.

  82. Is McCain advertising anywhere else? We’ve been getting a LOT of ads for him in Kansas City. It seems like an odd time for Presidential ads.

  83. CB and Regency — NPR has people read essays sometimes too. Regency, I think this would read well aloud.

  84. Teresa, on June 10th, 2008 at 12:19 am Said: Edit Comment
    Thought I’d mention my first bachelor’s, completed in 1985 was in Poly Sci, my second bachelor’s, which I’ve almost completed is in Biology. Regency, you’re smart to work on both at the same time. It’s MUCH harder going back the second time.

    My mom’s a testament to that. She’s a nurse and she’s been struggling to complete her AA for 7 years now. Doing it with literally no help is damned hard but she doesn’t give up. Inspired me first.

  85. ^^^ Oh, god, someone delete this! Dude, no one has time to read your 1000 word cut and paste job.

  86. Geeeez, it just hurts so fucking bad. Every insult against Clinton hurts me. I just think I’ve never encountered so much misogyny before, and it is so demeaning. I am so stunned.

    Tonight, I’m having a rough time. Is this just boys playing rough because a girl dared to run? Is alll this misogyny our punishment for not supporting the boy? are they gonna rub our faces in this shit everytime a woman attempts the run?

    I know Clinton knew what was coming. Goddess bless her with peace and long life as a reward for her trail blazing.

  87. Regency, what a wonderful, well written post.

    I have been reading this and other blogs since I got my laptop and new DSL working here in the country. Just in time to help me deal with the emotions I have been trying to handle with some kind of direction. You have all been so helpful to me. I stay at home a lot for health reasons and have been addicted for years to the political shows and have watched all the channels to get multiple points of view from which to test my opinions.

    I was a Hillary and Bill fan from the time they announced their candidacy in the 90s. His speeches touched me emotionally and intellectually, but I was most impressed that he was strong enough to partner with a strong, capable woman and be proud of it.

    My family has teased me for years about waiting for Hillary to be the first female President, but I carefully considered all the candidates because the election was so important and the issues were so big. She blew the competition away and made me so proud as a woman and an American. She was born for this time and I won’t give up until the convention.

    One of my sons initially supported Obama until he watched a couple of debates with me and realized he wasn’t saying anything. My other son who leans Republican turned to Hillary after his candidate lost in SC. My mother-in-law read my copy of Hillary’s bio and she votes Republican. My husband is in the healthcare industry and stood on the corner with a Hillary sign and walked up and down our downtown area distributing signs and bumper stickers for the first time in his life and I made phone calls as soon as I could get hold of the information. This may not seem like much to those of you that did so much more but for us it was a big change. In the past our support of candidates had been more private but both my sons spoke with their friends and coworkers about the importance of voting and Hillary’s solutions.

    Having raised sons in the south, I was that much more upset with the sexism and racism of this election and would have been devastated if they had supported any candidate and been part of that. With each week I was more and more shocked and appalled and could not believe what I was hearing. Just tonight on Chris Matthews (I know he is the worst but I seem compelled to find out the BS being distributed to the oblivious public) and Margaret Carlson made a remark about the Clintons “won’t leave the building” and Michelle Bernard said Hillary lost because “she ran like a man” initially supporting the war. When Phil Bronstein from the San Francisco Chronicle said something about getting whiplash from the difference in the coverage after Hillary’s speech and it made it wonder about the conspiracy theory he had not believed before, he was blasted.

    Lori, like you I am so disturbed about the news about Elizabeth Edwards and healthcare. I know she cares about it passionately and was pleased when she did not endorse Obama when John did. I guess now we know what was in the works. I also saw that the governor was there. Everyone is jumping ship so quickly.

    Why are we surprised that the Clinton’s are not rewarded for what they do (re: reaching out to the Edwards in their grief), after all Clinton was recovering from surgery when Kerry asked him to come to Pennsylvania(?) to give a speech and then there is Richardson. I know politics is a rough game but this has taken it to a whole new level.

    For the first time I am waiting to see what the Republicans have in mind. They will probably hold their big ammunition until after the convention. I hope they are watching O’s games too. There were remarks made by some of his supporters when I was working the polls for Hillary that made me question what might be going on.

    Thank you all again for giving me a place to vent and feel sane.

  88. Sweetie Software Alert!

    Owen 4 Obama forgot his “enter” key!

  89. I watched news anchors on one network say they will havs Hillary speak the day before and also read some bloggers heard that her name will not be put up for nomination. They are basically blacklisting Hillary and the Obama camp will use her and Bill for their own means. Then if Obama doesn;t win they will blame Hillary too. The DNC has lost it and is only being run by a few people who are out for their own good. Like a phoenix, the DNC must burn to ashes so it can rise again as a new better party. I have enjoyed this site very much….is such a pleasure to know we have such sensible young people still left in this country. The fight for the rest of use is just beginning and we will fight on and WIN.


  90. I apologize. I had no idea I had been so long winded. I guess a lot had built up.

  91. Another Sweetie Software Alert!

    Llort Gib thinks we are misogynist fools like he/she is!

    (Am I the bouncer tonight? Fock it, it feels like home anyways.)

  92. Lori, it’s not that she dared to run. It’s that she dared to basically win. They rigged the game so that there could be win for her, but few can deny that had things been equal, she would’ve emerged victorious. Some boys don’t like being beaten by a girl.

    I can name several: Howie, Bambi, George, Gary, John, John, Teddy, and David Axelrove.

  93. Thank you, Regency. You speak with an eloquence beyond your years.

    On a different topic — it’s nice to see so many familiar faces here 🙂

    Jane in Ca by way of Talkleft

  94. Phala in NC, you are at home here. We have all come to the same “WTF is going on” moments.

    When you have time, sit and read through the archives of this fine place. You will see that what you are feeling is not in vain.

  95. It’s all right Phala. Here we all get to speak.

    By the way, I wanna hear from Elizabeth Edwards herself that this is going down. BO has a tendency to name drop like a 14-year old trying to get into a night club. He did it to Al Gore, who still hasn’t endorsed him, and I imagine this is similar to that.

  96. Owens 4 obama —— I think you have been playing with your OBAMA to much.

  97. regencyg, on June 10th, 2008 at 12:48 am Said:
    Lori, it’s not that she dared to run. It’s that she dared to basically win. They rigged the game so that there could be win for her, but few can deny that had things been equal, she would’ve emerged victorious. Some boys don’t like being beaten by a girl.

    I can name several: Howie, Bambi, George, Gary, John, John, Teddy, and David Axelrove.

    A.K.A. all LOSERS. RIght on Regencyg!

  98. Lort has been here before and has been asked not to return. It’s very rude to crash parties you’re not invited to.

  99. Regency, that was an incredible essay! You said it all to perfection. I remember after Obama lost NH, and brought out what would become his “ace”, the race card, my blood boiled. Hillary had made a statement which was historically correct concerning MLK and LBJ, and the passing of the Civil Rights Bill, and the next day Mr Audacity , said the folowing..”It was an ill conceived comment” I knew at that very moment his goal was to win the AA voters in the next primary coming up in SC. The MSM picked up on his cue, and by weeks end, Hillary and Bill were branded “racists” This egregious lie, created by Obama and his surrogates was the turning point in the primaries and I think we all saw who she was really running against. A fraud who preached he was a uniter, when in fact he was and has been the most divisive candidate to ever run for office of these (not so) United States.

  100. Laney,

    I guess the on air talent thought they were “creative class.” Mark Green was a Hillary supporter. I don’t know why he let it get so out of hand. They need all the listeners they can get and now they’ve lost more than half of Democrats. Leave it to “progressives” to do the stupidest thing they can to for their own business. You have to figure the same thing has happened to Olbermann. I know his ratings have taken a dive.
    But he’s a true believer.

  101. Bostonboomer, you are the “official” bouncer and I’m the rat.

    Couldn’t be in better company.

    Rico, a Grandma Special for Bostonboomer! (Grand Marnier, Peach Schnapps and a splash of Club Soda).

  102. BOSTON wait, you are the Dr. Pepper, right!

    SORRY. Cancel Rico. Dr. Pepper Virgin for Boston.

  103. It bugs me when the same trolls show up again and again–like they think we aren’t going to remember a name like lort?

  104. Pacific_John: I agree, it was a good idea to have Regency post this.

  105. This must really be the cool place to be, cuz the trolls are always sneaking in, even after they’ve been tossed out.

  106. Owens,

    They’ll vote for McCain because your candidate ran an angry, hateful, anti-human, misogynistic campaign and didn’t have the minimum of level of human decency to back his supporters away from the extremes in rhetoric.

    You want to know why people will vote for McCain. Go watch the Randi Rhodes video where Obama supporters, at an event organized by obama supporters and advertised on Obama’s site laugh uproariously at the while a nationally syndicated talk show host calls Clinton a “fucking whore” – and your candidate didn’t have the common human decency to apologize to Clinton.

    There is no thing you can say that will make me vote for Obama. I’m as afraid of him and his creepy supporters as I am of McCain. Now,. I, personally am writing in Clinton’s name. But what I want is for your candidate to lose and all of the people in the DNC who looked the other way at all the misogyny that was dished out to lose their fucking jobs.

    So, the next time you’re wondering why Clinton supporters would vote for McCain, just remember Randi Rhodes and ask why your candidate didn’t grab the first camera crew to make clear he didn’t appreciate that diatribe being unleashed in his name. Obama’s problem is that he thought that was legitimate campaign rhetoric.

    Misogyny is no more acceptable than racism. I didn’t hear Clinton supporters laughing uproariously at Obama being called a fucking nigger. I didn’t see website like Hullabaloo shut down because of Clinton supporters but Obama supporters called Digby a “cunt” so much, she shut comments down. Taylor Marsh was getting death threats.

    If the Supreme Court and ending the war is damned important to you (and I don’t believe it is), then you should have found a way to run a campaign that half the party wouldn’t have found so unbelievably hurtful. But you guys didn’t run that kind of campaign. You have piled on and engaged in the most vile rhetoric imaginable and used it against a woman with an outstanding record of actual progressive accomplishment.

    I’m not a McCain fan but I’d rather run against him in four years and have a shot at universal healthcare than have your candidate in the White House ruining our chance for universal healthcare.

    You guys have fucked up. You had lots of fun ganging up on Clinton supporters and now it’s going to bite you in the ass because we now want to see your candidate lose. And we may very well have the numbers to ensure that he does. You may be assured that I will be working very hard to persuade as many Dems as i can to not vote for him and there are a lot of people like me.

    Fucking whore, indeed.

  107. SM,

    I’d better lay off the Dr. Pepper. Any more caffeine and I’ll never get to sleep. Us old postmenopausal women have trouble sleeping. We’re dead enders, but we’re plotting while everyone else is sleeping.

  108. Bostonboomer:

    Lady Macbeth and Lucretia Borgia are charter members of the club, no?

  109. Good night everybody. Thanks for the welcome.

    Sleep well, drink well, and leave your keys with Rico.

  110. myiq2xu,

    What are you suggesting? My plots do not rise to their level. I prefer more underhanded methods and of course the voting booth.

  111. Fantastic post.

    We need to get these out a to wider audience — i.e. beyond the blogosphere.

    I do it through emails to friends less obsessed with the election. Hopefully some forward as well.

  112. Boston, STOP IT! You know I’ll never forget from now on.

    Sorry, it was all the troll infestations. You know that I do this in exchange for drinks. I’m a lush, at least, still.

    I love you guys and you know that, yeah, I’m a loud mouth.

    Good night & see you tomorrow.

    Rico, put all the drinks on my Amex BLACK. Yeah. That card over there sticking out.

  113. Lori, on June 10th, 2008 at 1:03 am Said:

    Everything I have been thinking but was to “shy” to say it. I did not get to read the post you are responding to but have seen more than enough. I have written such posts but never posted them – walked away from the computer.

    Thank you.

  114. This is not a debating society, owens. We don’t have to listen to your lectures or answer your questions. Try daily kos. They will welcome you with open arms.

  115. Rico, I need something really stron. So this bot tells me at MyDD that Hill has to work fher ass off for Obama. These people are f*cking nutz.

  116. Obama is not the nominee. He doesn’t have the delegates.

  117. Great post, regency! You give me hope.

  118. Melanie,

    Tell them to read this.


    And ask them why Obama got on a plane and flew to DC to meet with Hillary on her terms. These Obama fans know nothing about politics. But Obama knows that Hillary has all the power right now. They pushed her out, but now they have to figure out how to get her help.

  119. Regency: Congratulations to your mother for raising such a young woman such as yourself.

    Your post was wonderful and a perfect summation of what most of us would have like to articulate but lacked the resources in giving it life.

    Your future is awaiting, my dear; grab it.

  120. omg, what an awesome post! Regency, that was amazing. I loved it all, especially the last two lines…perfect! Great job!

  121. I don’t care what she got. I hope he loses.

  122. Hi Pat,

    It’s good to see you. What are you reading?

  123. Melanie,

    I don’t care either unless it means she ends up with the nomination, which is still possible. But Obamabots need to start understanding that their candidate will not win by abusing the prospective voters.

    Okay, never mind. You have a point. Let them continue on in their ignorance. I want to see him lose too. I hope Patrick Fizgerald indicts him just before the convention.

  124. bb: Has it reached 100 out there yet? It got to 98 in Spfld today and was horrible. Same tomorrow.

    Am currently trying to finish a Michael White book and started another one, the latest James Frey novel. Don’t ask why I read two at once. Must be the heat.

  125. If someone would guarantee that Olbermann’s ratings are going down it would make my day! If no one else deserves it, he does.

  126. Pat,

    It got up to about 93 here. It’s probably hotter where you are, further away from the ocean. Tomorrow it is supposed to be hotter. I’m usually reading several books at once.

  127. I plan on remaining indoors. The a/c is running well.

  128. I have to get my hair done at 1, and then I’m going to come back home and sit in front of my fans. I think it’s supposed to cool down later in the week, I think.

  129. Cooler toward the end of the week but humid over the weekend. Going to sit by my daughter’s pool to cool off.

    Off to bed.

  130. now this post gives me “hope” I can believe in! Really, great writing here, really!

  131. Question? Did I read somewhere that O hired someone whose role was to label anything racist? Just wondering if the craziness started with their campaign and was picked up by MSM or the MSM just wanted a story line.

    Thanks everyone.

  132. I’ve noticed that the average number of comments is down significantly at Balloon Juice now that they don’t have Hillary to hate on anymore.

    The CDS posts always got the most action.

  133. Oh, Trollopop, don’t even think you can sneak in here after-hours to post crap like that.

  134. Great read….I see that the hope is alive and well over here..Let’s surprise them all and not drink the koolaid!

  135. It’s late. But I had a work deadline.

    I read your post regency and loved it. So much that I copied it with your name of course and credited it as the guest post on Riverdaughter’s blog and I emailed it to the DNC Rules Committee and to Ann Lewis at Hillary Clinton in response to the email that came asking me to endorse Jr. (my name for him).
    Thank you for a beautiful post.
    I’ll have another shot of crown royal whiskey, Rico, in Hill’s honor…

  136. Oh, and thank you Riverdaughter for introducing me to Eva Cassidy. I can’t get enough of her beautiful voice.

  137. Most righteous rant! You captured well the reason I became emotionally invested in this race:
    “Suddenly, the “first black president,” as coined by Toni Morrison, was the first KKKlan President. He and his wife, both with a lifetime of civil rights advocacy and battles behind them were outcasts in a community that once revered them.”

    Don’t forget: erasing the Clinton legacy was part of the deal (the 100
    million paid by Bushie pioneers to B0 against the promise to take a dive in the GE after taking out Hillary for them.
    It’s called a stalking horse.

  138. So Trollop pop:

    Who do you work for? Axelrod?

    I’m guessing you’re young, because you display the kind of stupid we associate with youth. Do your parents know you’re online right now?

    Your comments may last until morning, but not longer, because we don’t tolerate your kind around here.

    “Your kind” being liars

  139. Wonderful, thoughful essay – thank you!

    For months I have been writing to Donna Brazile to address, say something, anything, about the vicious, vile attacks on Senator Clinton from the media, the web and elsewhere. She has never replied.

    Yesterday, I wrote and asked when she was going to make good on her public promise to resign if the election was decided by super delegates. Almost immediately came this reply:-

    “Go back and read my statement. Perhaps you owe me an apology. Also, post my response on those hate filled websites and ask them to stop the hate. It’s terrible. They are not Democrats, but Dividers.Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile. Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors.”

    Lesson: Unity means that when one of your own is attacked, say nothing. When YOU are perceived as being under attack, respond immediately! I needed to know that and at this time.

  140. No Trollop,

    We can’t “wish” you away.

    But RD or whoever the first person with Site Admin privileges that gets here in the morning will delete your dumb ass out of existence.

    I wish I could do it myself, but I will have to be content with calling bullshit.

  141. Thank you Regency for an amazing essay. You restore my faith in the young people of this country. We’ve heard so much vile b.s. from the Obamatots that we forget about the wonderful and amazing young people that are not about to climb on just any old band wagon.

    Ya done your momma proud Regency.

  142. regencyg,

    brilliant essay, I mean, one of the best I’ve read this season. I hope you stick around; I hope you keep speaking out; I hope for however disheartened you may be that we channel this energy into something pro-active. Us young people need to keep at this.

    Again, brilliant.

  143. Stunningly brilliant !! I cried reading that .. I am so proud of the people here and grateful to be among you . You are a truly gifted writer . That is far better than anything i have read in any major media newpaper or website.

  144. Did someon say Eva Cassidy ?? I play her on my radio show Goddess Radio ( the Show that Celebrates the Women of Independent Music ) every saturday 🙂 I start every show with a solid block of Eva 🙂

    ps just a suggestion from my years of net experience “don’t feed the trolls” 😉

  145. Regency you are eloquent in your summation of this primary season. I was reminded yesterday that sexism is invisible while racism is visible. My shock has been in realising how very misogynistic this country still is. Apparently America still likes it’s women to be losers so they can see them as victims. Only then can they say nice things about them. But when we are strong and winning, that’s not okay and we are “bitches”. I hope your piece gets published elsewhere as well. The DNC have acknoweldged being afraid of losing the youth vote if they didn’t support Obama, what they didn’t know is that Hillary also had a brilliant youth following that has seen them act without integrity. So what about those youth? Where do they turn now? Thank you again for a brilliant piece of writing and insight.

  146. regencyg,

    You are brilliant, wise beyond your years. Please do not let the mysogyny of this race dissuade you from reaching your highest potential. Hillary is blazing the way for you, but as we have all seen there are miles to go before we sleep. You will still have unfair hurdles to get over, but you are poised ready to meet them head on. Do not let the negative forces of this world distract you.

  147. “PHYLISE”
    I’m on your side!!
    It would be helpful to see “both” sides of the exchange.
    DONNA BRAZILE seems to have forgotten this is the,
    Free-flowing thoughts & opinions is “what we’re all about”!!
    Remember “it’s the republican that “fall in line”.
    This might sound “over the top”; but I believe this is “our” Iraq war vote-replayed.
    “WE” the people are screaming, “DON’T DO IT”, to our
    public officials !!

  148. That was great Regency. Remember, they had to stifle the voices of two of the largest states in the Union to “win.”

  149. Beautiful, brilliant rant, regency. Thank you.

    Have you considered sending this to Hillary through the e mail Ann Lewis sent yesterday?

  150. Interesting. As someone who admires both Clinton and Obama, and ultimately decided Obama would be the better candidate, I have nothing but respect for Clinton and her supporters. I understand that it was a hard fought campaign, but I fail to understand the emotion on both sides — Hillary supporters who can’t accept that Obama is a really excellent candidate, perhaps the Democratic Reagan, or Obama supporters who want to diss Hillary and those she inspired. I really hope that progressives can put aside those emotions and actually work together for common cause — because, quite frankly, the issues are greater than the individuals.
    http://scotterb.wordpress.com/ (My blog entry today, June 10th is “Ageism, Sexism and Racism,” which may be relevant).

  151. scotterb: Obama isn’t an excellent candidate. All the pundits and all the party leaders bloviating that he is doesn’t make it so. His record (or lack thereof), his platform, and his behaviour throughout this campaign suggest that he’s an awful candidate that’s been shoved down our throats by party leaders, which is why so many people here refuse to vote for him and some will actively work against him in November.

  152. Much, much more eloquent than the keynote address by what’s his name at the 2004 Democratic convention.

    You have something he will never have; the ability to translate feelings into words that can inspire a nation.

  153. Regency –

    Wow! Absolutely stellar post!

    You reflect more depth, wisdom, insight and integrity in your relatively few18 years than most of our so-called “Democractic” leaders.

    You go, girl!

  154. “the issues are greater than the individuals”

    scotterb –

    I would counter that “the end does not justify the means”.

    Issues are important, but how (the means) we go about selecting a Democratic nominee to deal with the issues as President is every bit as important. Throughout the primaries, Democratic party leadership and the media collectively sanctioned a sickening display of gang-banging, misogyny, race-baiting, distortion and unethical behavior against Sen. Hillary Clinton. And *now* after she has been burned at the stake, we are to be concerned about “the issues”?

    Sorry, if you rape and pillage all along the way to dealing with “the issues”, you’ve lost your credibility – “you’ve” in this case referring to the Democratic party and Sen. Obama. In this case, the end, “the issues”, will never justify “the means”.

  155. Wow. Just posted praise for regency and right above it was scotterb’s comment that Obama was an excellent candidate because he was a Democratic Reagan!

    Having lived through that era, the idea of another Reagan sent chills down my spine (rather than a tingle up my leg) because his “legacy” included the downfall of the Savings and Loan banking system that began in the 1800s, the Iran Contra scandal, the shameful invasion of death squads from a Latin American country who assassinated political refugees on the streets of both New York City and LA and then just left our country! (Lot of information on the web about the U.S. Army School of the Americas (SOA) training Latin American dictators in the 1980s)

    Plus, two of the Bush brothers were involved in the S&L scandals but never punished and one became governor of Florida. Corporate raiding made millions homeless, family farmers were driven out of business and many committed suicide and much, much more that all contributed to the bad economy we have today.

    That alone, being a “Democratic Reagan”, would keep me from voting for him.

  156. Regency, you have set a standard for excellency! Please continue on and raise the bar. I would be extremely pleased to see you enter the world of politics when you have completed aquiring your degrees!

  157. Regency-
    Well written. I was also raised along with 5 other by a single Mom with little help. Back when they didn’t have food stamps instead they had food comodities. To your mother and your influences a job well done. It is refreshing to hear a young person so informed. I am sure we have not heard the last from you. I hope not. You will be a stong force to be reckoned with. God Bless you.

  158. Regency – great job! I truly enjoyed reading your thoughts on this race. Thank you.

    I noticed a comment that Al Gore has not endorsed yet. What’s up with that? Why bother waiting anymore…

  159. I can’t for the life of me understand what makes Obama such an excellent candidate.

    I watch him speak without the teleprompter and he can hardly formulate a sentence. He’s a puppet short and simple, out of the same mold as GWB. Obama = Bush.

    I laughed my arse off watching the videos of the town hall meeting he did in VA.

    I sent the clips to the DNC and told them to get their persumptuous nominee some help.

  160. Just want to join in the applause for Regency.

    A terrific piece of writing, thank you.

  161. Regency, terrific writing. Thank you for your thoughts.

  162. Scotterb,

    Show us your contemporaneous post descrying Randi Rhodes assaults on Clinton and the media assaults on Clinton, and the Obama campaign’s misogynistic assaults on Clinton and you’ll have some credibility. However, June 10th essays after the deal is done just look like you trying to assauge righteously angry people that not all Obama supporters are misogynist trolls.

  163. Lori, I am trying to understand your perspective; I don’t know who Randi Rhodes is, so I can’t comment on that, but I really didn’t see the misogyny from the Obama campaign (and I also don’t see the racism many attribute to the Clinton campaign). Can you point it out? I can tell you are honest in having perceived and felt it, I’m not at all questioning how you experienced it. I just don’t yet understand.

    BTW, I came to this site via a WordPress generated link, and agree that the writing from Regency is excellent, and find this a very interesting website. It is helping me understand a different perspective, which is why I read blogs.
    -scott (http://scotterb.wordpress.com)

  164. scotterb — Failing to understand does NOT make you interesting.

  165. Regency:

    All I can say is WOW and thank you. I have an 18 year old son I would love you to meet.

  166. Great post! Those supporters of Clinton may find this to be an interesting take. A Clinton Requiem details the disaster that was the Clinton campaign and the hateful rhetoric (such as that from Rick James above) that helped to put Obama over the top, and demonize and demoralize the supporters of Hillary. Ultimately, the creation of this blog is one such result of the hatemongering of the Kossacks and the far left. Hillary supporters can tolerate those that support Obama but isn’t is strange that the hard left Obama supporters have done nothing to unite the party?

  167. You’re no longer talking.–Regencyg

  168. Regency,
    Unbelievable, that one so young has such depth and insight..my, my…don’t stop writing and never give up…all of us cannot be wrong!! Any word on a march in Denver yet? I’m on PUMA, but can’t get on to comment ,so I’m looking for sights that I can go to and like this one and reply.
    Thanks for that thoughtful take on the the media, the pundits and the selling out of the DP ,and all for a shining red car!!

  169. I’m scared. First I couldn’t access Something …Scream… I can’t remember the title.
    Then I commented on Tuesday post I couldn’t access Something but comment wouldn’t go through and now the Something and the Tuesday posts are gone from the front page.
    Where is everybody?????

  170. Everything seems to have disappeared.

    Could be WordPress problem, could be that the site was hacked. I don’t know.

  171. Ohioana:

    It’s like deja vu all over again.

    Smells like Obamanation to me.

  172. I thought it was just me cuz I am new here.

  173. Hi Teresa and myiq2xu,
    I’m glad I’m not alone.
    Do you think rd and kb know about this?

  174. uncoolstuff:

    Florida and Michigan!

    Florida and Michigan!

    Florida and Michigan!

    Neener neener neener, Cheaters never win and winners never cheat.

    Obama = cheater

    Hillary = winner

    Deal with it.

  175. It’s been unpublished and I don’t know why.

  176. Methinks me smells the stench of the roaming Obami.

  177. I’m sure admin knows and is woking on it.

  178. can anything be done about this hijacking??
    are the posts lost forever?

  179. They’re back. See above.

  180. The posts are back up, but all the comments have gone the way of the dodo.

  181. Funny how stuff like this never used to happen, isn’t it?

  182. We’re fine without dodos 😉

  183. It was us, not trolls. Katiebird was fixing the problem with blogroll and other stuff on the right side of the page.

  184. To those who want to hold HRC accountable for her war vote, read what she said about casting it.

    “…And finally, on another personal note, I come to this decision from the perspective of a Senator from New York who has seen all too closely the consequences of last year’s terrible attacks on our nation. In balancing the risks of action versus inaction, I think New Yorkers who have gone through the fires of hell may be more attuned to the risk of not acting. I know that I am.

    So it is with conviction that I support this resolution as being in the best interests of our nation. A vote for it is not a vote to rush to war; it is a vote that puts awesome responsibility in the hands of our President and we say to him – use these powers wisely and as a last resort. And it is a vote that says clearly to Saddam Hussein – this is your last chance – disarm or be disarmed. ”

    Thank you, Mr. President.
    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    October 10, 2002

  185. OMG, who let these trolls in? Someone, raise the bridge and block the moat! Fire up the torches because trolls are afraid of the light! Feed them the truth because we all know that they cannot stomach it and then they will crawl back to their caves to lick their wounds!

  186. I hope you don’t think I’m a troll.
    I’m a staunch HRC supporter.
    My post was my attempt to shine a little truth on the trolls, so to speak.

  187. josgirl, when I typed that, several trolls had entered and made several posts in the few minutes after you posted yours. By the time I typed my post and hit “submit”, all the other posts disappeared. Believe me, it was not directed at you. I am truly sorry.

  188. No problem.
    We’re all in this together.

  189. Regency, thank you for this wonderful essay! If you ever think to change your name, make it “Anglachel’s Daughter”. You would do the name proud!

  190. Regencyc… OhMiDog!!! … I’m sorry I only came upon your post tonite… It is prolific and heartbreaking… tears welled up in my eyes as I read… I would give anything to see this as a ‘voice-over’ to a Flineo crafted video ~
    I guarantee you IT would be noticed!!!

    I hope this is reposted. everywhere possible.. and that it evenutally reaches Hillary… she would be extremely touched. You are a brilliant writer and I am certain you make your mother proud every day.

    I know *I* am proud to know you… and all these wonderful bloggers whose spirits and energy keep me sane every single day!

  191. I’ve read this several times now, and I cannot believe that an 18 year old has such insight and depth. Regency, you said what I have tried to express, many times, so much more eloquently than I ever could.

    You’re one of those young women that Hillary was talking to..never give up .and use your way with words, to fight on for justice , and to raise the spirits of the less fortunates of this world.
    And from what you wrote today, you’ve begun your journey. God Bless!!

  192. Thanks, everybody. Regencyg has anchored a chord for all of us to climb. Out of these dumps we inspire each other to remain faithful to that which has brought us here: a need to decide whether to make Rosemary’s decision and take this “baby” as our own or become, together, a party that stands for that which Hillary has come to represent – our self respect.

  193. You’re stealing my thunder here — Regencyg

  194. Now, I’m being a fascist about it. Seriously. Have this discussion elsewhere. — Regencyg

  195. First, kudo’s to regencyb for a beutifully written, substantive post.
    It is not surprising to me that young people exist who can discern between smoke/mirrors and what is really happening.

    This race has been a serious topic of discussion in our home for a long time.

    My mother, who lives with us, raised us alone during a time when women were faced with serious difficulty in finding jobs that would allow the support of a family. At one point, although she had an MBA, she had to try to get assistance. She was refused and told that women of her background could get a job. I have never seen her so defeated. But she got up the next day, went to work, and I began working with her at her second job. I was 13.

    My children have a single mother also, although their relationship with their father is quite friendly. Having a second family does not permit him to provide much financial support. We struggle so much and sometimes I have to cry in (almost) defeat like my mother, but I get up every day and move forward. A generation later women still struggle to receive equal treatment.

    My children, male and female, see what I go through every day. They are astute, intelligent and recognize this campaign for what it is.

    Both were liberal democrats. Both are disgusted with the DNP. My daughter just completed her second year in poli sci. and international relations. Beginning next week she will be working to get McCain elected. Why I ask. Well, mom – he won’t be able to do much harm, certainly not as much as Obama, due to the democrats in congress. The next four years will be quiet and allow both parties to analyze where they have gone wrong because they will have heard the voice of the people, and the people say NO MORE, and make changes. We know what and who Obama is (I will leave her discourse out since we have had it anaylized eloquently by many) and we cannot vote for him. We have not become that which we despise.

    My son refuses to discuss politics at school because of the repercussions that occur. The harassment and physical threats that were not evident when Bush ran. He says he keeps quet at school but when the kids who are in the tank for Obama discuss his chances they are muted in their praise and the consensus is that McCain will win. He ventured to ask why, and the response was that “too much bad stuff has happened”.

    Both felt that Clinton was the best candidate. We had done a lot of research on the candidates, their voting records their speeches, their books and articles, their lifework previous to politics.

    What they took away from the media – mirror image of countires like China or the Russian Federation.

    Phala in NC

    Obama has instituted and official “war room” to label anything racist etc.. There are a number of articles. Just google, Obama, war room.

  196. Regency, thank you. You’ve written an absolutely amazing piece and speak so well for so many; every word sadly too true. And, thanks to you, I *finally* had a good, hard cry. The dam broke and this ‘tough old white woman’ cried like a baby.

    I imagine peer pressure would be tremendous for you to just go along and support Obama; that says a lot about you. Your mama did a good job raising an independent thinker; please tell her thank you as well. Good luck and may an awesome, bright future be yours for the taking!

  197. Regency, Well done and I hope to be reading more from you. You are both talented and wise. We lost an opportunity to really make history with Hillary. I do hope that one day she rises above all this and finds her way.

    Good job. I will remember this post for a long time.

  198. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

  199. […] posts and tell people you’re only 18, they’ll think you’re […]

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