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“If 795 of my collegues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party.”

Those are the words of superdelegate and Party honcho, Donna Brazile.

On February 11, 2008, a few days after Super Tuesday, Donna Brazile gave an interview to National Public Radio. You can listen to the whole thing here. I have transcribed the relevant portions of this interview below.

NPR: You said on CNN, “if 795 of my collegues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party”….Would you really quit the party?

Brazile: Oh, absolutely. I would quit the position I am currently holding as a superdelegate…as well as the chair of the Voting Rights Institute.

NOTE: I’ll omit a long dissertation by Brazile on why she feels so strongly about this, since we now know that she apparently didn’t mean what she said anyway.

Brazile: Tomorrow I will cast a vote in the District of Columbia. That vote is my vote. But the vote that I cast as a superdelegate, since I’m uncommitted, should reflect the will of the people, should also uh help the party decide who is the best candidate uh to become president, if we end up in a tie.

Brazile next went on to argue persuasively that other “uncommitted” superdelegates should hold off and let the remaining primaries play out, so that the people could choose the candidate rather than superdelegates. Then she said:

“I trust the voters to decide this election. I saw an election stopped by the [unintelligible] the Supreme Court. I know how that feels when all the votes are not counted. That’s why I am also raising concerns about how we address the situation in both Florida and Michigan.”

Finally Donna said that the Democratic Party believes in fairness and equality and justice for all. That is why the process should not be stopped. She expected that one of the two remaining candidates would pull ahead.

Um….Donna? Hello? What happened?

I don’t see you following through on your vow to resign as a superdelegate if the supers decided the nominee. Are you just waiting until the Convention to resign with a flourish? Or have you somehow forgotten how very “strongly” you felt about “the people” and “the voters” choosing the candidate. How could you, the chairman of the Voter Rights Institute, countenance the kangaroo court that took place at the RBC meeting on May 31? Since Hillary Clinton received more popular votes than the presumtuous nominee (thanks to DNC shenanigans), Barack Obama, why haven’t you resigned in disgust?

Please Donna, help me–a lowly voter–understand the apparent disconnect between your words and your actions. I’m so confused.

In case we don’t hear from Donna, commenter Fred has provided the following contact information for us.

Donna Brazile or Brazile and Associates
or P.O. Box 15369, Washington, DC 20003.

I’ve heard that Donna does respond to voter e-mails, so please share any replies you get with The Confluence. Fred, thank you so much for the NPR link and the addresses.

190 Responses

  1. I wish I understood how the Super Delegates think Obama can win in November. And why they think I should vote for a man who’s hardly held a full time job in his life.

    Considering the fact that voters were more and more dissatisfied with him and his campaign through the spring what will they do differently?

    I keep asking, but no one will answer.


  2. Well the Gallup tracking poll is giving him a big bump. Of course, note that they had to change their methodology from a 5-day rolling average to a 3-day rolling average to provide this bump.

  3. Don’t be discouraged by the bump . .. it’s going to be a long, hot summer for him.

  4. Well, it’s just IMO, but I wish people would stay away from polls. He was bound to get a bump, and maybe that will get them off Hillary’s back about it.

    But the election is still five months away.

  5. That wasn’t a bump, that was fuzzy math.

  6. I still say I don’t trust those polls I swear NO one I know ever gets called for those polls I think like so many others those polls are pro-obama.

  7. So bostonboomer what you want us to do is write Donna and ask her about this? I will and I can get about 5 others to do the same.

  8. If she keeps her promise and quits the Democratic Party, I don’t want her as a PUMA

  9. Thank you, bostonboomer! I am astonished to hear what she said back then. She sounded like a populist Democrat!

    I guess she forgot to add the asterisk:*

    *populism need not apply if my candidate is selected


  10. They are talking about PUMA on Fox right now!!! National exposure!!!!

  11. I am so pissed. Now he’s “partnering” with Elizabeth Edwards on health care? Not Hillary. What a total jerk.

  12. I think it’s time we write her a letter and remind her of her promise.

    I just bought my tickets for Denver and I can’t wait.

  13. So, why is fine if Donna leaves the party if her candidate doesn’t triumph, but we who think the nomination was stolen from Hillary by the likes of Donna Brazile and want to leave the party are now vilified? The Democratic party has become all but unrecognizable to me–a registered D for 47 years.

  14. From: Donna Brazile
    Subject: RE: Switching to Republican Party – I’m a Hillary supporter
    Date: May 7, 2008 7:48 PM

    Honestly, this is the 9th email today, so I believe you’re ready to not only
    destroy Roe versus Wade, voting rights, civil liberties and civil rights.
    Perhaps adding trillions more to the deficits through non stop tax cuts to
    the wealthy and 100 more years in Iraq.

    Yes, please join Rush and McCain asap. The train has left. Catch it.

    Please don’t send these emails to working people like myself. Notice you
    sent it to my campus address. I am a working class person. Can you find
    someone who drinks latte?

    Message to the base: stay home.

    alice | 05.07.2008 – 11:47 pm | #

    Email from lil isis

    There’s a sweet soul who has a lovely little blog, Little Isis, who had the temerity to write to Miss Donna Brazile. Her polite note included:
    Hi Donna!!!!
    I am emailing you on behalf of many people. I am, as you may know, a Hillary Clinton Supporter. You have probably gotten a lot of emails from her supporters, and I understand from the blogs I often frequent that you have responded to many of them.
    I want you to know that I read bits and pieces of your autobiography, Cooking With Grease, and thought it was wonderful and well written. I came to understand from your book and from a lot of what I have witnessed in this election cycle that to simply put groups of people in Demographics and Exit polls is a misunderstanding of both America and the Democratic Party. …

    Response from Brazile

    Thanks Natalie,
    As of today, I am not going to respond to any more anti American, Anti Democratic emails. Have a nice day.
    I am sorry because you are sincere, but the Hillary forces are uncivil, repugnant and vile. When you come up for air and would like to email a person who cares about America and not just a personality, I will respond.
    Thanks for your time and your interest.

    The day after Super Tuesday, on the February 6, 2008, edition of CNN’s Situation Room, Democratic political consultant, Super-delegate-at-Large and DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee member Donna Brazile said:

    “If 795 of my colleagues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party. I feel very strongly about this. … There’s no reason why we should decide this election. I feel very strongly.”

    This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen…”
    Donna Brazile Lashed Into Bill Clinton For Comparing Obama To A “Fairy Tale”
    And Said “It’s An Insult… As An African-American” And That His Tone And
    Words Are “Very Depressing.” Donna Brazile lit into Bill Clinton over his
    insulting comments of Obama, where he called him a “fairy tale” and said “I
    could understand his frustration at this moment. But, look, he shouldn’t
    take out all his pain on Barack Obama. It’s time that they regroup. Figure
    out what Hillary needs to do to get her campaign back on track. It sounds
    like sour grapes coming from the former commander in chief. Someone that
    many Democrats hold in high esteem. For him to go after Obama, using a fairy
    tale, calling him as he did last week. It’s an insult. And I will tell you,
    as an African-American, I find his tone and his words to be very depressing.
    … I think his tone, I think calling Barack Obama a kid, he is a United
    States senator.” [Politico, 1/8/08]

  15. OT: But, as a delegate, I’ll be on a conference call tonight with SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE … Sen. Clinton and Harold Ickes!!! I’ll try not to jump up and down too much whilst I’m on the phone! But I’ll let you know if there’s anything worth sharing.

  16. @miriam – The difference is, principled people no longer belong in the Democratic Party.

    Donna Brazile has no principles, so she can stay.

  17. The day that Donna Brazile resigns is the day that I will re-register as a Democrat. (I changed my registration earlier this year to Independent or NPA in FL) No more hyopcrisy!

  18. Donna Brazile bravely strikes a blow for the idea that one should leave one’s party on principle if the process take a truly unacceptable turn.

    I’m with Donna … P.U.M.A.!

  19. Watch Donna Brazile in the video found at


    listen to what she says about Florida and Michigan, she will not support a party that shut down the votes!

  20. Donna apparently has a friend in Andrea Mitchell. Apparently Andrea called Virginians “rednecks”. The money quote:

    You might be a gold digger if you marry a Fed chairman older than your daddy.

    You’ll have to read the rest yourself here:

  21. Well, if we want the answer to this and other questions, we really ought to go to the source:

    Dear Ms. Brazile,

    This long and arduous primary season is nearly over and one would think that the blogosphere would be happy to see it over. This appears not to be the case. We bloggers are busily writing the post mortem on the various aspects and strategies of the two campaigns. Who really won? Who made fatal mistakes? Is winning the west and the deep south enough? Why was Obama’s campaign of a more historic nature than Hillary’s? And what is the rationale behind the RBC’s decisions on MI and FL?

    You were at the epicenter of many of those controversies and episodes. So, we would very much like to talk to you directly. This would give you a opportunity to clear the air and correct the record. Would you be interested in an interactive dialog with our very active community at The Confluence?

    Please let us know if you would like to discuss the primary season and how we can best accomomdate you.

    Riverdaughter @ The Confluence

    I hope she takes us up on it. 🙂


    … I discovered if you try spell-checking Barack Obama’s name, you could mistakenly call him “Bark Opium” or “Breach Puma.”

  23. Riverdaughter: How long would it take for her to lapse into insults?

  24. Katiebird, I honestly think that nobody in the party “elite” thinks Obama will win in November. They also don’t care.

    All they see is those so-called new voters he turned out and his endless money tree. If Howie can get his hands on those to help the down ticket races he’ll be happy.

    If Obama loses it will be Obama’s loss, but if the party had turned him away they would be abandoning him and all his followers. They as usual want the easy way out.

    My other belief is that they really don’t want responsibility for Bushes war. Why should dems get the fallout from what will be bad no matter what we do? Let the repubs have their war and we get the WH in 2012. Only problem is I also think the repubs don’t really want to win either. The real powers would like to stick the dems with the war so they can come riding into town to save the day in 2012.

    It seems the only one who really wants to win is Hillary and they just can’t have that.

  25. If Obama loses it will be Obama’s loss, but if the party had turned him away they would be abandoning him and all his followers. They as usual want the easy way out.

    You’re onto something.

  26. too funny Ronkseatlle .. thanks.

  27. Kos put up a post on june 7th bragging about the “new” Democratic party – the “Libertarian Democrat”. (I won’t link it but if you google “Kos Libertarian” it comes right up).

    It’s no secret that I look to the Mountain West for the future of the Democratic Party, people like Brian Schweitzer and Jon Tester. But I also look to candidates like Jim Webb in Virginia and Paul Hackett in Ohio.

    And what is the common thread amongst these candidates?

    They are all Libertarian Democrats.

    Of course there is already a Libertarian party but that party isn’t full of the accumulated assets from all those people volunteering to make the world a better place. The existing Libertarian party is just an empty place where stuff would go if anyone were un-selfish enough to volunteer to build anything.

    Just makes me so mad that they have to lie and deceive their way into the nomination – if their ideas were really great and popular they could have just been honest about what they were doing and why it’s a good idea and people could have voted.

    Oh but their adoration of “personal freedom” apparently only extends to the elite.

  28. Great letter Riverdaughter! I think Donna is another person with hypergraphia. She seems to respond to a lot of the people who write to her. Maybe we can get her to do a guest post and answer our questions in the comments.

  29. wow my apologies that was in 2006


  30. so why didn’t they talk about what a Libertarian Democrat IS, if this is the future of the party?

    When are us “low information” voters allowed to know what is in store for us?

  31. Jacilyn,

    It’s disgusting. Kos and Ariana have moved in and taken over the Democratic Party and turned it into a branch of the Republican Party.

  32. I noticed Obama’s point “boost” is incredibly small for a man who just delcared himself a Nominee.. Even McGovern had a 17 point bump when he got nominated. We all know how well that worked out for him though. lol.

    Now, August seems a long way off. I would hate to see one of his skeletons fall out of his closet between now and then, wouldn’t you? That would be just awful…….

  33. jacilyn: It looks like this was in the works for a while.

    There is a part of me that would like nothing better than to have the voters hand obama his ass in November. Then I’d like to see the leadership at the DNC join all the little people – and collect the unemployment they’ve paid into all these years.

  34. Jacilyn,

    It means the Party will dump the social programs of the New Deal, the New Frontier, and the Great Society, and privatize social security and medicare and continue turning the government over to the corporations. The libertarian part is things like legalizing marijuana.

  35. Donna Brazile also said on CNN talking to Wolf Blitzer, saying she’d quit if it was decided by superdelegates.


    Hey, what’s this on Fox PUMA coverage?? Let me know!

  36. Libertarian Democrats = NeoCons with Laptops & Birkenstocks

  37. I’m from another site…just found this one and am enjoying the read.

  38. OT: But, gary, I didn’t know if you noticed that your Puerto Rico post on here is linked on Hillary’s website? If you go to HillaryHUB, it’s on the bottom right.

    It’s kinda funny to go there…big thing about Obama on the top, but on the bottom, still has all the good campaign stories about why she’s a better candidate…

  39. captsfufp,

    Be sure to tell us everything you can about the conference call, OK? I’m dying to know what they’ll say. I hope it won’t be all hopey and changey.

  40. Sorry to be O/T but have you see the two ladies (Cynthia Ruccia is one) that founded
    Women for Fair Politcs ( I think in Ohio?) being recently interviewed at Fox: they said Howard Dean called each of them twice asking what he could do to bring them “under the tent” LOL !!! Watch here

  41. A blogger has decided to send action memos. Number one is to contact D. Brazile and remind her of her promise to quit the party if superdelegates chose the nominee.

    Here is the link (in a hurry so no tinyurl):


  42. I think Donna has her technical loophole here which is it wasn’t 795 of her colleagues that decided the election, but 29 of her cohorts on the RBC commitee that went into a backroom and made an illegal allocation of Clinton and Uncommitted delegates to Obama.

    So, that way, I guess that’s fine with Donna.

  43. I think the Democratic party really thinks it can win with Obama. Yesterday Huffington had a map of the US all in blue – Dean and his 50-state strategy are in their dreams. They keep mentioning all the new voters that registered and voted in the primaries.

    They fail to mention that half those voters voted for Clinton. Plus the last election had tons of new voters – and Bush won. But they are in knee deep now. Even if he tanks and tanks hard before the convention, I don’t think they would take it away from Barack on the anniversary of MLK’s speech.

  44. Cool, nice to see some thinking caps being used. I’ve been talking about the neoliberals for about three months now. I still can’t believe it took me that long to put it together.

    Conservatives are so freaking stealth sometimes. I saw all the little land mines they planted in the the government proper throughout the 90’s and the last 8 years, but I failed to see the land mines they planted in my own party. And we even had Nixon, so we should have known they’d try to fight us from the inside out. But better late than never, I guess. At least now I can do everything I can to purge the party of this kind of authoritarianism, or help build a new party.

  45. Check it out–

    PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) has been reported on in the UAE.

    A Clinton supporter and contributor for whom voting Democratic comes as natural as breathing, Mr Bower very nearly refused to attend the announcement. He knew Mrs Clinton was going to ask him to do what he considered unthinkable: support Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee.

    “I don’t want to hear her say that, and I know she will,” he said before the event, which was held in the National Building Museum in Washington. “I don’t want to be told to vote for Obama.”

    “I love her, and I would do 95 per cent of what she’d ask,” Mr Bower said. But not that.

    How many Democrats there are like Mr Bower is Mr Obama’s newest worry after a passionate primary that, while bringing out millions of new Democrats, also split the party in two. Both Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton each got nearly 18 million votes.

  46. Ha! Rod, that is great, thank you for posting it. Cynthia Ruccia is a P.U.M.A. High Priestess!

    What I would love to see is for them to talk about the RBC ruling, not just the unfair sexism topic.

    Numbers don’t lie, as Paul Lukasiak has posted in his spreads, Barack Obama is the illegitimate candidate and will lose against John McCain.

    I WOULD LOVE it if Howard Dean called me. He’d have to go to the Hair Club for Men after I’m through with him.

  47. RD, Maybe Captsfufp, a delegate, could write a post about his/her conference call with HRC and Ickes.

  48. I agree Elixir, Catsfufp (what does your name mean?) please post the details!

  49. We are in the Guardian too.


    They are suggesting we might be looking at a lawsuit from Puma over the logo.

  50. @Jmac: That’s what I’m thinking: they won’t take the nomination back from the first black nominee.

  51. If Howard Dean had called me like he called Cynthia Ruccia, I would’ve said to him, you’ll be taking a step in the right direction if you enthusiastically and publicly support bi-partisan congressional hearings on the actions of the RBC and congressional hearings on the collusion of the media to support BO’s nomination.

  52. FYI — PUMA mention has brought new visitors to the Jun 2 Monday: PUMA Power post.

  53. Boston, WTF???? Is this crazy or what? I can’t believe what one insignificant comment has spurned all of this. Is this Chaos theory in action or what?

    When the O-borg drags me from my little house in Tampa, just know that my last words will be “Party Unity My Ass!”

  54. Epicurious, ditto. Except that I would have used lots of monosyllabic four-letter words.

  55. I just send a letter to Donna and I sent her the page where she said it (it said email to person so I emailed to the address provided) so she can read her own words. I’ll let you know if I hear from her.

  56. Look at this cute picture:


    Yeah, the post is good too.


  57. SM, We’ve gone viral. I just saw that Murphy’s site is almost to 100K hits and The Confluence could easily hit 1M by the end of the week.

  58. It’s probably too late for Obama to make amends on the subject of misogyny — even if he were so inclined. But I think he could do some good for his campaign and for the Party by creating a Sister Soujah moment here by publicly denouncing Donna Brazile, and urging the party to
    remove her from a position of power. If he had one-tenth of Bill Clinton’s political savvy, that’s what he’d do. It would also signal that the party is now his.

    Two months ago, he could have done that vis a vis misogyny by denouncing Randi Rhodes. Political-manna-from-heaven moments like that don’t get dumped in a candidate’s lap every day.

    Now, to be sure, a symbolic act of leadership isn’t itself leadership — but it would have been earnest of his recognition of the leadership required, of the need to show that the Democratic Party Will Not Tolerate Misogyny. And even now, he could still send the signal that, now that he’s in charge, the failed leadership of the DNC will be called to account — especially the hypocritical, deceitful and bullying Brazile.

    I prefer some symbolic firing like this — Axelrod might work, too… also Markos — to some heartfelt expression of self-reflection-cum-mea culpa. I don’t think anybody would believe the latter, and fingering a fall guy would be a lot more effective theatrically. Hell, it would make him look tough, which he sorely needs.

    Anybody want to bet when we’ll see anything like this?

  59. Well all, we are really getting to Donna Brazile. See a copy of my email exchange below.

    From: Donna Brazile
    To: terrirobin
    Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2008 4:46 pm

    Sorry for your loss. Why me? Why now? It appears today is Hate Democrats day.
    Why? I am sick of the hate mail. Starting to delete them now and not sure if you
    really wanted a response. See my new column. I am not sure why the hate and it’s
    not good.
    Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile. Please excuse any typos or
    grammatical errors.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: terrirobin

    Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2008 16:36:26
    Subject: I am now ready

    I have waited a while to send you this email because I make it a practice not to
    react in anger. This is about as calm as I will get.

    I have just left the Democratic Party after over 30 years and registered as an
    Independent. My new personal slogan is “I joined the Democratic Party & became
    half a person”.

    Am I bitter? Yes, with you and the Democratic Party.

    Do I cling to my religion? Yes, I am proud of it.

    Am I a Typical white female? You bet your unethical (picture of Democratic “donkey”)
    Am I a cheater? According to you I am for wanting my vote to count.

    You represent a candidate that has been allowed to continue with racist
    “mentor’s and spiritual advisors, a wife who is anti-American and close
    associates like Rezko and Ayers. His campaign site has had anti-Semitic garbage
    since April on it and was only removed yesterday when many bloggers exposed
    Obama, once again. You have given him a pass with each scandal. We all know
    that just one of these incidents would have torpedoed the Clinton or McCain

    You are a racists Ms. Brazile, born and bred in the DNC. You are the worst of
    what the Democratic Party has to offer. May your life now be filled with a
    lifetime of defeats.

    This ex-Democrat is voting for McCain!!!

  60. SM – Now you belong to the ages.

  61. Is “Puma” a registered trademark? Or just the logo?

  62. I wonder if Donna’s Blackberry has a diary somewhere in the blogosphere. It would probalby sound like a combination of “The Nanny Diaries” and “The Devil Wears Prada.”

  63. Dear Donna Brazile,

    I’m so honored that you are a woman of your word and will be quitting
    the DNC.

    I must say I had doubts as to your integrity because you didn’t seem
    that neutral. Of course, if you weren’t some media’ s “undeclared” or
    “undecided” or whatever you called yourself when you were selling
    Obama, how would the average viewer be able to totally discount all of
    the right-wing Clinton hatred that your network was spewing? How would
    you have claimed that income from them if you had not pretended to be
    open to both candidates?

    I find the fact that the DNC rigged the election so disgusting that
    this lifelong Democrat won’t vote for Obama and is inclined to vote
    for McCain.

    I will respect you for honoring your word. The DNC is a putrid place
    these days. Fair play was why I was I was a Democrat instead of a
    Republican. Can you imagine how successful Hillary Clinton would have
    been if she hadn’t been trashed by an “indolent” (RFK, Jr.’s word) and
    negligent media? What if we had a real Fourth Estate in this country?



    Lifelong Democrat who thinks the man in the box looks pretty good
    compared to the company Obama has kept.

  64. Boston, I’m in SHOCK over this – and I’m happy that the MSM is noticing that yellow dog democrats have morphed into angry PUMAs.

    But the PUMA company should not have any beef because PUMA Pac isn’t using their logo. However, RD should change the photo on the PUMA un-party pages, IMHO.

  65. falstaff (Love your blog, BTW) –

    Brazile is going to wind up under the bus for sure. I have a feeling some of her e-mails are going to be fed to MSNBC. Maybe to Keith Olberman.

    Obama will be saddened by Donna Brazile’s e-mails. She is not the Donna Brazile he knew.

    GO PUMA!

  66. Arabella Trefoil, on June 9th, 2008 at 6:21 pm Said:

    SM – Now you belong to the ages.

    STOP IT. I’m very happy and SHOCKED that it went viral this fast and that our “joke” motivated people to get angry and TOUGH.

    Hey, BTW, where are the PUMA uniforms? You have any big butt sizes for me?

  67. There’s a diary of interest over at MyDD
    Alegre’s not there yet; do you know why?
    with a video some of you may not have seen.

  68. Sm- Don’t worry PUMAs stand with their own. An army of PUMAs will protect your house. Do you think Pat can bring some of those cookies and brownies she is always talking about?? I mean a PUMA has to eat.

  69. I emailed Donn A a few days ago with the top 10 reasons why I won’t support Obama. She wrote me back that she would send me her top 15 reasons about being vile or something to that effect.

    I wrote her back and addressed her as Katherine Harris and told her to bring it. She threatened to expose my email to the media and said something about hate filled rant etc.

    My emails to her are always respectful. I told her that if she published my email, I would sue her as I had a disclaimer emebedded in the email. I also told her that maybe publishing our communications would be a great idea so all can see how disrespectful, unprofessional and mean spirited she is to Democrats.

    Good luck with your emails although I have noticed that she is not being so vile now that her guy is over the top.

  70. Hailing from the Sandhills of NC.

    Know that we too have an e-mail list for local HRC supporters who will not support the Democratic Party on this issue. We agree that there comes a time … in order to form a more perfect union …

    Lifelong Democrats in our area are walking from the party. They refuse to support Senator Barack Obama.

    Kadok out.

  71. Here’s a copy of my email to Donna:


    I know you have been receiving some emails asking for your resignation from the DNC per your comment about “if 795 of my colleagues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party.”

    I hope you DO NOT heed their request. You will be our biggest assest in November. Stay strong.

    Good luck,


  72. P.S. I didn’t use my real name on my letter because I thought she might get me:-( She scares me.

  73. Hey team – I have been blogging over on McCain’s site for the past two days – the Clinton supporters are turning up there in MASSIVE NUMBERS. The Republicans were a little suprised, having had their blog to themselves all this time, but have reacted quickly and laid out the welcome mats, group hugs and everything. Are these wild times or what???? The Obama trolls have turned up and stunned the Republicans with their vitriol, but the Repubs can give it back as good as they get. They have an ‘adopt a troll’ program – every troll that posts, someone sends McCain a $1 in the trolls’ name. I’ve been looking at other Clinton-to-McCain conversion sites – they’re springing up like mushrooms. Checked Obama’s site – no onrush of Clinton supporters turning up…so I guess that’s why they’re trolling McCain sites…cause they’re panicked.

    I think we can take this thing, I really do! Let’s jump the Obama train off its tracks! It’s freaking the trolls out to see us stampeding Mccain sites!

    Didn’t think you needed us in November? Think your new coalition of arrogant college kids and latte liberals was going to carry you across that finish line?


  74. Prediction: Keith Olberman does an exclusive report on Donna Brazile’s e-mails. Donna UTB (Under the Bus) within 48 hrs. of the broadcast.

    Time: Soon. Two to three weeks.

    She can be sacrificed because she’s a woman. Bro’s before Ho’s and all that. Plus Michelle would not be sorry to see Brazille UTB. Michelle wants to be the only woman in the inner circle.

    Donna Brazille will sing “And I tell you I am not leaving” on American Idol.

  75. Honora, absolutely! Pat Johnson’s cookies! And brownies and popcorn!

    To Bonita: Was that reverse psychology there?

  76. And I am teeeeeeeeling YOU-a.

    I-I-I-I-I-I’m not going-a…..

    Cuz Obama’s the best man I ever known-a…

    Arabella, YOU KILL ME.

  77. Guys, I just got to talk on the Corbett show! It was so fantastic.

  78. Operation turndown is very, very real.

  79. SM: Absolutely!!!!!

    I think if she stays she will continue to ffeed the fire and make us more hardened during the summer.

    I look forward to her trying to pander to Clinton supporters and the giving her the big finger.

  80. “Libertarian Democrats” are the only kind of Democrats that would be elected in those states.

    This isn’t about changing the Democratic Party, this is about getting blue dogs into positions that Repubicans would ordinarily change.

    KOS needs to make his head a little smaller, else it will explode like Keiths.

  81. Oh, Donna B – hypocrite is thy name.

  82. Oops, I meant to say “that Repubilcans would ordinarily win” (not change)

  83. okay feed the fire and then giving her the finger. I got so excited.

  84. Sharonevolving, I’m not ready to become a McCain convert, but I can see how some PUMAs wll.

    I’m not even sure what I’ll do yet, I’m like in Democratic Purgatory right now, but whatever it is, I’m 1,000,000 to the google power percent SURE that I’m not voting for the Precious in the GE.

  85. For the first time in 23 years John kerry has a challenger in the democratic primary in MA.

    “Gloucester attorney Edward O’Reilly received about 23 percent of the vote of delegates at the annual state Democratic convention yesterday, well over the 15 percent needed to earn a spot on the ballot.
    The 1,994 to 580 vote in favor of Kerry came despite lobbying by Kerry’s campaign, including contacting individual delegates, to keep O’Reilly from meeting the 15 percent threshold.”

    I am supporting Ed O’riley and just made a contribution to his campaign. I hope you will too…

    I hope ed o’riley takes a page out the obama campaign that kerry supported and lambasts kerry endlessly on his ‘lack of judgement’ for his iraq vote and for his ineffectiveness in not passing a single legislation in the last 9 years.

    voter kerry OUT !!!!!!!


    I got this from a poster at TM today. I would love to donate to Kerry’s challenger especially as per Kerry, UHC is a non-starter in the Senate.

  86. Bonita, that’s wonderful – I’m hoping she writes back, if she does, PLEASE TELL US!

  87. For those who want to send a message, donate to this guy, Ed O Reilly and put in the memo section of your check, ‘This is for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: We will never forget!’

    I will do this and this is another way to do something concrete to register your displeasure with the DNC/Kerry/Dean/Pelosi/Brazile and the Obama campaign.

    Get Empowered.

  88. Tiburones (love the name, shark, nice!) – that is a goal I hope PUMAs will achieve.

    We have to do a Corbett Operation Turndown on EVERY superdelegate/public endorser of the Precious.

  89. Sharonevolving – What’s the url for the McCain website you referenced?

    GO PUMA!

  90. Regency! Why didn’t you tell us you were going on???

    I would have listened – so what did you say?

  91. I have been lurking for a few days now. This blog is a comfort for the way I am feeling right now. Thanks.

    I didn’t know until I saw this article
    that some superdelegates have been given campaign contributions. The candidates could not give money to the primary voters or to the delegates pledged to represent the will of the voters, but they could give money to the elected officials serving as superdelegates.

    Obama has given more then $700,000 to superdelegates through his PAC, Hope Fund, or his campaign committee. 43% of his superdelegates received money. Only 9% of HRC’s superdelegates were given campaign funds.

    I was thinking that HRC lost because she was a woman, but now I am thinking that Obama bought his superdelegates. I am new at this, so please correct my thinking if I am way off base.

    Is there affirmative action in the party rules? I ask because of this article:


    Maybe, it’s just a joke site.

  92. Ronk, BTW, I saw the MyDD post and he’s such a flagrant orifice.

    It’s the “oh, sorry that we were such jerks, but get over it and vote for our guy, OR ELSE.”

    Bish, plz.

  93. The PUMA voter segment was on Cavuto’s show this afternoon, they interviewed someone who was a PUMA voter.. does he have video on his site?

  94. Scarlett, if you look back at the Confluence archives, you’ll see that Robert Byrd was one of the biggest benefactors of the O-borg.

  95. P.U.M.A. also noted at UK Guardian.

  96. dar1a-g, WHAT??? When? I want to see! Who did they interview?

  97. Hi, scarlett –

    Take off your shoes and sit a while.


  98. […] tired of the tough talk you folks think you can lay down. You complain, whine, and bitch about how the Democratic Party has […]

  99. Thanks, Arabella. That sounds like the tone he would adopt, if he ever figured out he needed to dump her. His more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger thing. He just doesn’t have visceral passion in him. In fact, that’s his whole persona — the emotionally cool (in a McCluhan sense) guy who’s gonna get us past the “divisiveness of the ’60s” (i.e., our parents’ fighting). What Bill Clinton has in spades — a theatrically brilliant emotional intelligence — Obama doesn’t have it in him to reveal. That’s one reason why these guys are underestimating McCain… because they have very little emotional intelligence. All they can see is the awkwardness, and the (R). They’re missing the fact that McCain actually seems authentic to most people. He is a formidable contender, and the trajectory of rejection of Obama over the past two months has a very good chance of picking up again, once the election begins in earnest.

  100. The Obama people over at Talk Left sound confident he is going to win and Kevin Drum said that he bets Obama will always be five points ahead against McCain from now until election day.

    I don’t think they’re taking into account the right wing attacks that will inevitably come his way and the right wing have so much stuff they can use right now not to mention the stuff they are saving in their 1000 page dossier. On conservative blogs (NRO), they’re thinking that as election day nears the public will become wary of the new guy and go with the safer alternative (I’m thinking there is going to be “threats” or “chatter” from Al Qaeda or Iran in October).

    So who’s going to be right on election day?

  101. On the conservative NRO (I know I know, I’m bad – I promise I’m not going to join the dark side), in a conference call, they said the McCain people were expecting a 10 point Obama lead because of the “nomination” bounce and then come down after that.

  102. WS – The people at Talk Left have booked passage on the Titanic, the unsinkable ship. The science proves that the Titanic can’t sink. Mr. Isme himself is on board.

    Talk Lefters, I hope you remember to die like gentlemen, holding aloft your brandy snifters.

  103. I sent the following to Ms Brazile:
    I hope it was respectful, I was trying to get a response from her heart and explain my position with out pushing any of her buttons:

    Ms Brazile,

    As a Florida Democrat, at least for now, I did not understand you quoting your mother about rules are rules and you have to play by the rules. Using that logic I would be drinking from a separate drinking fountain from you, not be able to marry a person of a different race, and could have my right to vote denied by the color of my skin, among other things. My Great grandmother said “…if the rules are wrong…” (she was born in Indiana) and she was talking about segregation, “…then you have every right to ignore the rules…”, this was an important discussion because we were moving from progressive California to Mississippi in 1974 and she wanted to make sure we did not succumb to the remnants of segregation that were rampant in the Philadelphia-Meridian area where my father was just stationed.

    I understand that you have received several emails from people that have been rude and I am truly sorry this happened. I would hope that you would indulge me a little as you and I are part of the same party though like the Roman and Anglican Communions separated by a wide and growing schism; I understand the above was probably said in a moment of great passion and in the spirit of justice. Also people make mistakes sometimes when passion governs, because passion never governs wisely as the great American Benjamin Franklin said. He also said to paraphrase; that we should each doubt our own infallibility…in matters of politics (the phase was taken from his speech on signing the constitution at the convention in 1787).

    I understand you passion for Senator Obama and the excitement we all felt as spoke at the convention in 2004 he made me believe John Kerry could win in November of that year. Imagine my disappointment when Kerry lost in November. I began to doubt my infallibility, as this primary progressed I watched I blogged and I saw your presumptive nominee campaign, I compared his accomplishments and resume to each of the other candidates, I watched his speaking ability when he was off the teleprompter, and I compared him to the other candidates still in the race.

    I also listened to my heart too and as endearing as Senator Obama is, I could not get past this one thing, he has no more experience on June 4th than he did on May 31st. If I changed my support from Hillary Clinton to Barak Obama, then it would simply mean the whole primary process was nothing more than a beauty contest or who was more popular. Both you and I know as serious people that is not the case. I cannot support Senator Obama in the general election, because the reasons that I did not support him in the nomination process have not changed. I would expect the same from you, had the situation been reversed.

    I would ask that you would please listen to the better angels of your nature, and not lump all the people who supported Hillary Clinton into the same category, again passion never governs one’s own conscience wisely. I have edited this letter several times because I did not want this to be accusatory nor take the low road.

    We can respect people who have differing opinions than ours. I have a wonderful group of family and friends of every political, religious and ethnic background and we don’t agree. I respect their opinions. If you would consider that the supporters on both sides have the vile and contemptuous members then at least we can start a discourse of respect. A civil war in the party is to no one’s advantage.

    Since I do not think for a moment that I can convince you that you should support the only candidate I believe will win in November. Can you at least use your platform in the media, to acknowledge that there are people in this party who will not support your candidate in the general, but still vote democrat down ticket, and that those votes are important too, so that we can build a stronger majority in the house and senate. Because when you read the constitution, the executive branch is the one with the least power. Should we not hedge our bets in November should we not doubt the infallibility of our own candidate and ensure that no matter who wins our legislative hand is stronger? That would do as much to ensure Roe v Wade, Affirmative Action, and yes even advance the case for Universal Healthcare. Maybe we should concentrate on the things we divided democrats can do for ourselves and our country and let the electoral math fall where it may.

    Very Respectfully,

    Michael P Varvel


  104. katiebird, bostonboomer and co. RD!

    told ya so! the backlash from the sophisticated feminist set just joined us pumas my darlings! wild hugs and cheers all round! and virtual confetti!


  105. This is Donna Brazile’s direct email:

  106. Brazile Nut is mad — she wrote me back saying her usual spin – stop being hateful and you’re hurting Hillary. I told her to leave Hillary out of this and she should honor her statement.

    BTW – Fuzzybear – great letter.

  107. Thanks SM & Arabrella (my favorite name). My shoes are off & I have been reading and learning. Wow!

  108. Arabella, I can already think of a very bad (and wrong) 527 attack ad against Obama in swing states using the issue of driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, a position that Obama supports but is very unpopular with Americans as a whole. I don’t want negative karma on me so I won’t say it, but I don’t think the Republicans care about karma and only care about winning so they may be thinking what I am thinking.

  109. Wow Michael, that was a very nice letter.

    I doubt she’ll see how gracious you were.

  110. scarlett — Is there affirmative action in the party rules? I ask because of this article:

    Yes in the *selection* of pledged delegates (a gender balance, etc) but not in the *allocation* of pledged delegates.

    Rewarding Democratic loyalty is not the same thing as affirmative action. The district-level allocation is based on Democratic strength and majority-minority districts are among the most loyal.

    I can do an extended post on this, or you can just believe me now.

  111. vbonnaire — who is the author of that piece to decide that ‘an apology will do?’

    Could care less about an apology after the fact.

  112. Yeah NoQ has the Cavuto thing up actually..

  113. SM, on June 9th, 2008 at 6:59 pm Said:
    Regency! Why didn’t you tell us you were going on???

    I would have listened – so what did you say?

    We talked about how the DNC’s making a big mistake. How many of Hillary’s supports really are considering McCain, given the way that McCain’s treated us with such respect lately. We talked about Roe. v. Wade. I made the point that if it was going to be overturned, it would’ve been by now. That if the young women were so concerned about it, they could march on it. I told him that I was 18 but I’d always known what I was looking for and Hillary was it. Between the two, there had been no question of who was the rookie and who was the pro. I made the biggest point in saying, we tried to warn you, but it’s not our fault what happens in November. It was cool.

    I would’ve told everyone had I known it was going to happen. I just called and that was it. I didn’t know how long I had to wait so I didn’t wanna put the phone down.

  114. dar1a-g: I thought the speakers were only somewhat effective. More talk about the reason for those who would potentially vote for John McCain would have helped.


    A lot of us Hillary-supporters (especially those who are active online) are aware of the absolute hitjob the media has done on Hillary. Except for George W. Bush, I can’t think of anyone else who’s got a treatment quite like her (and let’s just say there are 2 wars, a big economic mess and about 50 IQ-points seperating those two)…

    I was thinking that maybe it could be helpful for us to group all the things where the media has been unfair to her in one place.

    I created a wiki-page for that purpose:


    I’ve already put a LOT of pundit-quotes on there to get us started. If any of you can think of something else, PLEASE add it. I need your help.

    I think many people can think of at least 1 or 2 instances where comments against Hillary had an blatantly sexist undertone, but we need to bring them all together. It would be a very powerful way to show there’s a pattern, not just 1 or 2 unfortunate comments (like many people who didn’t follow the campaign as closely seem to think).

    In the future, I also plan to add some kind of campaign chronology and point to the times the media has completely twisted Hillary’s words (I’m thinking about the “not Muslim, as far as I know” as an example).

    I’m want as many people as possible to contribute things. Together, I think we could come up with a fairly comprehensive list.
    Please spread the word!

    Once we’ve got them bundled, I’m gonna edit all this info to make it into a more coherent effort. I’ve just finished my exams, so I’ve got some time to spare 🙂

    Then, once the page is finalized, we could share it with as many people as possible. I think even a lot of people in the media and the DNC would be surprised. And maybe some people would start to realize that the image they have of Hillary Clinton has been fed to them by the media…
    So in short, I want this to be a) an attempt to restore Hillary’s image with some people b) a wake-up call. People need to realize how the media uses its power to push us into a certain direction.

    Maybe it’s an ambitious goal, but I think it’s worth a try. Will you help me?


    P.S. As you can see, I don’t know how to work on a wiki that well…Someone helping me with the design would be awesome.

  116. I already got a response from Donna B it wasn’t nasty but it was short and didn’t really say much I can share if anyone wants to hear it.

  117. Donna and I have been penpals for awhile now – and for some reason it seems to be a one-way street.

    Donna is one of the worst offenders pretending to be neutral on CNN all the while in the BO pocket.

    I am SO very proud of everyone on this site – not willing to become one of the sheep they expected us to be.

    For me, until that final gavel hits the podium announcing the candidate there is still hope – and if the Democrats don’t want us – we’ll take our voices and money and go elsewhere. I wish there was a way to convince Hillary to go Independent – that would shake this whole thing up.

    Thanks for making me feel at home here – nice to know I’m not the only one yelling at my TV night after night!

  118. I leave for a few hours and listen to you all. What happened today? It must be the heat.

    It is only day three (after H’s endorsement speech) and I see a lot of energy surging back…..


  119. question for all ya’ll emailing donna…. what’s her email address?

  120. Gary: I think someone posted it above.

  121. c’mon upstate, you gonna make me look? 🙂

  122. Gary:

    tiburones, on June 9th, 2008 at 7:15 pm Said:
    This is Donna Brazile’s direct email:

  123. nevermind, found it

  124. I just want to thank everyone out there, I have a home here-you are all so wonderful- as a protest in my town I have turned my Hillary for President signs upside down in my window.

    When a ship at sea is in distress at sea and has lost its communications flying the flag upside down is a means of communicating distress. In our case it is a visible means of letting everyone around know that something is wrong.

    Any one willing to join me in this?

    Again Love you all


  125. Nah, I have way too much class for that. Yeah right.

  126. “I have turned my Hillary for President signs upside down in my window. ”

    Good for you Fuzzyb.

  127. […] party. Who can blame them? Personally, I was wondering when someone was going to notice that the superdelegate system was set up for precisely that purpose. You know, if the party elite doesn’t like the way the […]

  128. Been babysitting my two granddaughters the last two days (someone make me a nice, tall gin and tonic, please) and have not been tuned into either the news or my beloved PUMAs.

    Did I hear a speech on the radio by Obama where he fluffed all over himself? Sounded like Bush? Not sure if this was recent since these kids had me running but it was played on Howie Carr’s Show in Boston and he sounded like an idiot. (Howie too.) Wonder if it was recent or something Howie dug up to rub it in our faces but either way it was pretty bad. Anybody else know anything?

  129. Donna Brazile GRRRRRRRR hear my PUMA roar! She only intended to quit if she did not get her way- like a child threatening a parent- only the parent (the DNC) caved and now we will forever have a willful, disrespectful child on our hands.

  130. Teresa, I agree, the speakers did OK but.. I’m thinking the only page we’re all on is, not voting for Barack Obama. But.. some may consider it if Hillary is VP (I say no), some may sit out the election, some may vote McCain, some may write in a candidate. At least that’s what folks are saying now. Do we need to make a case for voting McCain as a vote against Obama? Do we focus on what was done to Florida and Michigan and the mass of superdelegates rushing to anoint the candidate who’s been losing since early March? Not sure. After all the superD votes that actually count aren’t cast until August.

    Hoping after all this gets hashed out we can all get on the same page for next steps and goals..

  131. Pat, I think RD needs to open the bar.

  132. My e-mail to Donna, short and sweet:

    Dear Donna:


  133. Riverdaughter, Someone with name of AnninCA at NoQuarter posted a comment that Dean was forcing Hillary to give up her delegates now. Is this true or is this a troll pretending to be AnninCA. I’ve not seen this anywhere else on any of the websites or blogs. I know alot of trolls are stealing peoples blog names and posting crap in disguise of that person. Just wanted to know if this is really true. If it’s true I hope Hillary tells him to shove the Democratic party, and everyone in it that has backstabbed her where the sun don’t shine.

  134. Pat, that was short and to the point.

  135. Upstate: I no longer have the energy I once had. Someone needs to tell these kids that Grandma needs a rest!

  136. Pat Johnson:

    I believe it was about Obama talking about Asthma in Bristol, VA a few days ago.

    He did not have a teleprompter or prepared notes and sounded like a dummy. Lots of ummm,ahhhs, hold on, I’m glad that you are fired up and ready to go but ummm, the reason why it would cost more, it would cost more than if we just would treat them, ummm, ahhhs, wait a minute, if we give them a breathalyzyer, nooo, I mean an inhalator etc

    Rush skewered him on this…Breathalyzer has to do with being drunk and no such thing as an inhalator. He meant inhaler.

    Of course, you won’t hear the MSM highlight this latest, embarassing gaffe.

    This is in the realm of Jeanine Pirro who tried to run against Hillary in NYC and stammered all over the place when trying to make an off the cutt speech. She was skewered but crickets for Obama.

  137. Sofie, there was one where Roger Stone made a PAC that is a derogatory name for women that starts with C.

  138. Charles, Murphy and I were talking about that in private emails when he formed it, we joke but acknowledge that People United Means Action is the “official” name and the other is the “unofficial.”

  139. Thanks Regency for the update!

    I’m glad that you got the chance to talk. A few of us here had called when he had “Operation Turndown.”

  140. my email to donna:

    Ms. Brazile,

    You are a disgrace to the Democratic Party. I hope that you intend to abide by your promise to resign if the primary were to be decided by the Superdelegates. You should be ashamed of yourself for the back door shenanigans that made Barack Obama the illegitimate candidate of the Democratic Party. I guess that’s why you had to do it behind closed doors (which is against the rules by the way). You have been quoted as saying that including gays and lesbians in affirmative action guidelines is an “affront to the civil rights movement”. You, Ms Brazile, are an affront to democracy. I hope you’re ready for the same disappointment you felt in 2000 when your lousy leadership cost the Democrats the White House. Because as my momma always said, “two wrongs don’t make a right”. Enjoy your retirement.

    A REAL Democrat

    Oh, and Ron, when I write “obama” in word, spell checker always tells me it should be “Osama” no lie…..

  141. In my local KY newspaper today, Obama SD waxes eloquently about Obama wonderful nomination and says,” We may not win KY in November, but it won’t be for lack of trying.” How’s that for optimism?

  142. tiburones; That’s the one! I only caught about 15 minutes of it but he sounded like a total moron! Is this the “eloquence” we are about to have delivered? Christ, the 3 yr old I was chasing all over to hell and back this weekend is more articulate. She said: “I wove Hillowy Cwinton”!

  143. Gary, you know that letter is not going to get you any….goodies….right?

  144. Mister saw an interview with a woman and man talking about PUMA on Fox with Neil Cavuto today. He didn’t notice who they were. But he did hear Cavuto say that they shouldn’t use the word “Ass” — So, even THAT’s starting to take hold.

    Are we getting more international attention than attention here?

    I think someone at Corrente said Larry King was talking about it.

  145. what kind of goodies?

  146. Regency wrote an amazing essay and posted it on the Draft_Hillary list. Please, Regency, and please, Riverdaughter, can we post it here? It needs exposure.

    It is truly a writing that encompasses all that this election was, in a way that many of us could not. I don’t know if the messages are private there so I won’t post a link. (I also fear the O-bot factor). But ask Regency to post it. It’s really, really worth reading.

  147. you know….no roses, no dinners, no movies….

  148. Pat Johnson. I caught the tail end of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show because I kept turning the volume up and down when he was blasting Bill and Hillary. Said that he was speaking about health care and made a hyperbole about if your child has an asthma attack and as to be taken to the E.R. and would have to be put into a room and might need a get this, breathalizer or (I think he said) an inhalant. Rush Limbaugh said what the Hell was he talking about. Obama went on to say he hadn’t had much sleep in the past 48 hours. Duh. Remind us of anyone GW

  149. ahhh…I guess I’ll just have to rough it 🙂

  150. Tiburones: Welcome to the Confluence! I’m familiar with your posts on TM. I wondered (and hoped) you’d find your way here. Good times! 🙂

  151. Aw, Teresa. Thanks!

    If anybody wants to read it, just click my name. It’s a direct link.

  152. Riverdaughter/Goldberry 2008.

  153. Interesting Jay Cost Article

    A Frame of Reference for the General Election


    He says Republicans chose McCain because they may not like him but he’s their best chance to win. I think that maybe McCain is more popular with the Republican rank and file likes McCain more than the party elites and movement conservatives do. That or they just didn’t have the conservative candidate that caught their eye.

    For Democrats, it was more or less a tie (but we won the popular vote) and the superdelegates chose Obama because they liked him more combined with Clinton fatigue even though he is not as likely to win as she is.

    Here’s my favorite part of the article and what may be an ominous sign for Obama in November.

    “In the last seventy-five years, there has been a method by which Democrats have won. Victorious Democrats have succeeded by making (whom we inefficiently refer to as) “working class whites” comfortable that the party was “on their side.” Even Kennedy did this. That is why his primary victory in West Virginia was so important. Rarely have victorious Democrats won white voters outright. Instead, they split them with the Republicans. This has been a crucial component of Democratic victory.

    This year, the Democrats nominated a candidate who seems less able to do this than his former opponent. Obama lost the white vote in most primaries, often by lopsided margins. In light of the history of the party, he seemed not to be the safer candidate.”

  154. The Reverend James Manning has a new video out.
    He is stating what I have written about in several of my articles.
    If you are an Obama supporter, do you have the moral compass
    to watch?

  155. Thank you Riverdaughter,
    This site is a great comfort. I went back to Hillary’s
    site; and it was un-recognizable!
    As far as people like Donna Brazile,Roland Martin
    (both of CNN), Nancy Pelosi Howard Dean… their ALL phoney’s! If you’ve clearly “picked a side” then JUST
    COME OUT & SAY SO!! Don’t forget Richardson,James Clyburn & the last switches Rangel & now even Schumer.
    But to me the KING of KINGS; Rahm Emanuel!!
    Not only do I now believe he secretly ALWAYS SUPPORTED OBAMA!! I ‘m 99% sure he is responible for bringing him to us!! Both from Chicago & he’s the “puppet-master” of the current Democratic party. Any doubt if you can find it check out a picture
    of him looking @ Obama during the Olympic thing in
    IL !
    Listen I refuse to let Obama & crew do to McCain & his
    wonderful Mrs. what they did to “OUR” Clintons! PERIOD!

  156. The clip of these 2 people talking with Cavuto about PUMA is at NQ.

    It is very disturbing b/c they said the DNC & Obama want HRC OFF the BALLOT in August and take all her delegates away.

    I got very upset about this… They might coerce her b/c of her debt?

    Typical Obama to take people off the ballot; just as he started with Palmer.

  157. Meant : “I second…”

  158. wow-we may get the high and mighties attention in August and also in November. How after Obama’s surely ample loss do we ensure that real change comes to the democratic party? They could renew Howard Deans lease on the Office at DNC HQ. Or they could give the chairmanship to Donna Brazile? or even Michelle Obama….Maybe Mr Wexler the Congressman from West Palm Beach/Broward County could be Chairman of the rules committee…does anyone have any ideas?


    And how do we keep BO from comming back in 2012 and running again?

  159. They want to make sure the nomination is unanimous with no dissent.

    Their insecurities and their need to suppress differing opinions make it impossible for them to understand why they need to treat Hillary with respect and mollify her supporters (not that that would be easy or even possible).

  160. Charles / Rod FOR THE RECORD:

    On June 1st, 22008 Party Unity My Ass was a snarky comment I made on Riverdaughter’s “Looking Fine thread. We joked about it, as we speak Arabella is designing PUMA uniforms, in a word, all in good fun.

    Then Riverdaughter made her great PUMA un-Party is born thread – which is what made the PUMA concept so powerful, God bless you and your hypergraphia, Riverdaughter!

    Then Murphy took it higher, he formed PUMA Pac and changed the meaning of the acronym to make it more legit. We all agree that was a great move on Murphy’s behalf so that it can actually grow legs (and it has!)

    The bozos that were on FOX are the fake Facebook people that “claimed” the PUMA creation.

    That’s the timeline.

  161. #
    edwardian, on June 9th, 2008 at 8:10 pm Said:

    Tiburones: Welcome to the Confluence! I’m familiar with your posts on TM. I wondered (and hoped) you’d find your way here. Good times! 🙂

    Thanks Edwardian. I’ve always read RD on and off but never posted. REgarding TM, I don’t want to give up over there but the Obots are getting a bit ridiculous.

  162. I made a post a few days ago about how the “shoes” related are looking at a goldmine — in advertising — that company we are related to? — it’s a little like that campaign Dove soap has been doing? — a feminist ad designer is behind that and P is now owned I think by Gucci? But, to sponsor something that millions will buy, mothers and daughters and ? It’s so huge it boggles the mind RD and CO!

    The ads practically write themselves — all about feminism, sisterhood — we’d all buy a pair, no?

  163. Libertarian is contra to all Democratic values — no wonder we split down the middle.

  164. bostonboomer, on June 9th, 2008 at 9:16 pm Said:
    Hey wait a minute. That rant that riverdaughter linked to mentions me! WTF! I’ve made the bigtime.

    Oh wait. It’s just some candy ass blogger on wordpress that nobody reads.

    Oh well…..


  165. God, I am in such distress over the entire loss of Hillary’s campaign and her concession speech. It moved me to tears (literally) about her fight as a woman, about the need to come back together “as a family”…but I don’t feel that the Democratic Party I have loved for so long is a family anymore.

    My partner is a die hard Obama fan. I don’t “hate” Obama, but I do feel he is largely where he is today because he basically stole all of Clinton’s long, hard-thought policy platforms and used his lovely deep tenor voice to make them sound original and to brainwash the uninitiated into thinking that his ideas were “new” and would somehow amount to “change”, when in fact those ideas and policies were Hillary’s very own and long-fought for, but that because they came from her, “that woman” or any “woman” that those very ideas were less respectable. My partner says he can’t take Hillary because “she voted for the war and He didn’t”, but we all know where He was when the voting time came a calling (not a US Senator).

    So what do I do?

  166. Michael, let it be, he’s assimilated into the O-borg. But just for arguement’s sake, Kerry voted, Edwards voted, as did a grand majority of the senate and House of Reps.

  167. I think I want to see Obama lose, but I wouldn’t be too sure of it. First, because November is a long way off and we don’t know how things will play out. McCain has lots of vulnerabilities too, and it’s really impossible to predict what’s going to happen.

    Second, because Obama is a ruthless and dirty campaigner. We haven’t seen Democratic candidates for President willing to do the low things that Republicans do for a long time now, but that has changed. For all we know, Obama may become a very effective Swiftboater, dirty trickster and vote suppressor himself – he’s certainly shown himself capable smearing, lying and vote suppression.

    Stay tuned.

  168. SM..

    I know, right?

    I feel like Hillary was damned either way no matter how she voted on the war.

    If she voted “against” the war, then a substantial amount of voters would have said “see, she’s not strong enough to be a Commander in Chief; she’s weak on defense”. But she voted her conscience at the time, based on the information available, but now that Bush and his neo-con’s so F’d up the actual war effort, she’s being lumped in the “blame” for how horrible that actual execution of the war effort has been executed.

    And god forbid if she actually said she was “sorry” for her vote ( a la Edwards), because that would have made look even weaker in some Sexists’ eyes.

    I just don’t get Obama’s appeal. I see thousands of patients (read: PEOPLE) a year. I know how to read “personality”. I think Obama is essentially, at heart, a “good” person. But I just don’t see how he ends up making an excellent leader of the free world based on the information he’s shown to us. I just don’t “get it”.

    During the debates, Hillary cinched her vote for me. You can see her thinking very deeply about a response to a question–you can see it in her eyes, the way you can tell when someone’s brain is rapidly rolling through a difficult process, through difficult problems and propostions, before she comes up with a careful, measured response to a hypothetical situation. She “gets it”. I just don’t yet see that in Obama.

    This whole process has been very, very difficult for me. I am a true Democrat at heart. I’ve never put my name out on a blog. I’m just looking for some advice in this difficult struggle of voting my mind, but saving my heart.

  169. Went to HC.com-couldnt believe it it is ObamaInc well I’m home here. Has Hillary really released her delegates to Obama? well that is to bad the party looks mor Stalinist everyday we will all soon be shipped of to Siberia-and me without a winter coat here in florida? what will I do?(shaking in flipflops)

    love Fuzzybeargville

  170. Riverdaughter:

    Seems like the most effective thing to do about Ms. Brazile is to narrow the focus of your questions to the RBC decision to award delegates to someone who was not on the ballot. Ask her what DNC rule allowed them that option. That is the only question that she will not be able to answer, and nobody is talking about it anywhere as it’s being swept under the rug by the media.

    Unfortunately, everything else that has happened in this primary, as much as it may be horrendous GE strategy, can be justified as being within the DNC rules. They’re allowed to cut primary date jumpers delegates by 50%, they’re allowed to have undemocratic caucuses, and they’re allowed to have superdelegates vote for any reason they want.

    But because Obama couldn’t rack up 2118 pledged delegates by the end of the primaries despite all the advantages he had, and because the DNC wanted it to end on June 2, the RBC was forced to break its own rules and award delegates in a procedure not specified in their rules, knowing that the media would ignore it and start talking immediately about the historic import of the nomination.

    So my suggestion for everyone is to keep hammering that against-the-rules decision, and keep asking people like Donna Brazile which DNC rule allowed them that option. They will not be able to answer that because there is no such rule. I’ve called the DNC three times on this matter and found this to be the case.

    Obama would very likely (or maybe not) have gotten the required delegate total at the convention, but he surely did not have 2118 legitimate delegates on June 2. He had 2140, including the illegitmate 29-1/2 from Michigan. Do the math and ask Donna which DNC rules allowed it.

    Thanks for this site and the great work you all do.

  171. I got my email and Brazile’s reply up at my place and HIK.

    I feel like I just egged a rock stars house. And it’s awesome.

  172. Red Queen,

    That is hilarious. That women has too much time on her hands. Quite a few people have been e-mailing her today and gotten answers. Doesn’t she wonder what’s up?

  173. Mike Marks,

    Hillary hasn’t released her delegates. She may still put her name in for the nomination. It all depends on what Obama is willing to concede. She is in a very powerful position right now, and believe me, she knows how to use that power. Why do you think Obama jumped on a plane on Friday and came to HER? Because she has the power.

  174. Owens, that “honest debate” ended when the DNC and RBC cheated for Obama.

    He is an illegitimate candidate.

    WE here at this little tiny blog that seems to be getting lots of attention from the O-Borg-Matrix, believe in ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE.

    That was denied to us and to DEMOCRACY.

    Therefore, your candidate is ILLEGITIMATE. HE CHEATED.

    The DNC Cheated.

    The RBC Cheated.

    Howard Dean Cheated.

    The Democratic Party and their powers-that-be, CHEATED.

    Obama is illegitimate to us. GOODBYE. Win without us.

  175. owens,

    This isn’t a site for Obama supporters. We aren’t interested in debating. Please leave and don’t come back. You’re going into the spam filter now.

  176. Michael Longo MD, don’t give up your stance.

    You are one of the 18 million. Your partner, as much as you love him, is on the other side of the fence.

    People who desperately need and want rational, thought out solutions saw Hillary as their candidate. And she GOT IT.

    Don’t give up how you feel. We are here feeling everything you do.

  177. Mike Marks,
    Thank you so much for providing the math behind the decision. I knew there was a “reason” for the numbers but haven’t had a chance to sit down and do the calculation. With Hillary positioned to win in Daschle’s playground, they had to make sure they had control of the headlines even with delegates that can’t vote until August. Even then they started declaring a winner so early on Tuesday that I immediately started making more phone calls into SD to feel like I was doing something before I had to call EMS or the police or something.

    Also, that you for the clear suggestion for the email to Brazille. I think it is so much more effective to be calm and rational and intelligent like the woman I so admire and rant in private which I do regularly

    Will follow your suggestion.. thanks muchly. Didn’t feel this militant even as a young woman in the 60’s-70’s.

  178. Jesus, I love you people.

    Well all, we are really getting to Donna Brazile. See a copy of my email exchange below.
    From: Donna Brazile
    To: terrirobin
    Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2008 4:46 pm
    Sorry for your loss. Why me? Why now? It appears today is Hate Democrats day.
    Why? I am sick of the hate mail. Starting to delete them now and not sure if you
    really wanted a response. See my new column. I am not sure why the hate and it’s
    not good.
    Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile. Please excuse any typos or
    grammatical errors.

    “Not sure why the hate”. HA!

    I think we really ARE getting to them.

  179. RE: Mike Marks
    I remember reading a post at TL a day or so before the RBC meeting about the DNC rule which states if a candidate voluntarily takes their name off the ballot they they receive no delegates. Later somewhere on TL it was said that particular argument would have to go to the Credentials Committee. I looked over those posts and can’t find it. It may have even been in the comments but I’m pretty sure it was BTDs comment. (don’t remember if it was his post) Considering the general public is unaware of this and thinks Obama won “fair and square” does anyone think she’ll actually argue this? I can only trust that Hillary knows what she’s doing but the backlash (for doing what she has every right to do)would be tremendous. Plus, the SDs are already in the fix.

  180. […] “If 795 of my collegues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party.” (by bostonboomer at The Confluence) Those are the words of superdelegate and Party honcho, Donna Brazile … [on] February 11, 2008, a few days after Super Tuesday… Um….Donna? Hello? What happened? I don’t see you following through on your vow to resign as a superdelegate if the supers decided the nominee. Are you just waiting until the Convention to resign with a flourish? Or have you somehow forgotten how very “strongly” you felt about “the people” and “the voters” choosing the candidate. How could you, the chairman of the Voter Rights Institute, countenance the kangaroo court that took place at the RBC meeting on May 31? Since Hillary Clinton received more popular votes than the presumtuous nominee (thanks to DNC shenanigans), Barack Obama, why haven’t you resigned in disgust? Click through for contact information to ask Donna yourself. […]

  181. I just emailed the address you suggested, and here is what I got back:

    The original message was received at Tue, 10 Jun 2008 10:50:56 -0700
    from 208-106-99-38.adsl.dynamic.pacific.net []

    —– The following addresses had permanent fatal errors —–

    (reason: 550 No such user here)

  182. Maxx, you and the DNC & RBC and the General Electric Candidate who STOLE VOTES and DELEGATES are what’s wrecking the country.

    We will NEVER vote for a candidate who does not believe in democracy and in one person, one Vote.

    Go back to the O-borg and report that mission to recruit has failed.

  183. […] “If 795 of my collegues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party.” (by bostonboomer at The Confluence) Those are the words of superdelegate and Party honcho, Donna Brazile … [on] February 11, 2008, a few days after Super Tuesday… Um….Donna? Hello? What happened? I don’t see you following through on your vow to resign as a superdelegate if the supers decided the nominee. Are you just waiting until the Convention to resign with a flourish? Or have you somehow forgotten how very “strongly” you felt about “the people” and “the voters” choosing the candidate. How could you, the chairman of the Voter Rights Institute, countenance the kangaroo court that took place at the RBC meeting on May 31? Since Hillary Clinton received more popular votes than the presumtuous nominee (thanks to DNC shenanigans), Barack Obama, why haven’t you resigned in disgust? Click through for contact information to ask Donna yourself. […]

  184. After all is said and done and we have another Republican in the White House we can blame the DNC for not listening to Hillary. She was righ Obama is not trustworthy. He only wants to help the very very poor with these taxes like if the poor don’t get tax breaks with all the welfare programs. I am fed up with this idea. I am voting for McCain if Hillary is not on the ticket. After all she is the winner in my eyes.

  185. I havent heard back From Ms Brazile and my letter I feel slighted-look up post to see the letter I sent I dont think I was mean or hateful…I just asked her to acknowledge in the media that since we the Hillacrats and Obamakins work together on ensuring a democratic majority in the house and senate since we cannot work together on electing Obama for President.

    I thought this was a reasonable proposal as we both need to ensure a democratic majority no matter who is elected.

    Is this not a reasonable request?

    Love you all

  186. Here is my video DNC:Fractured Fairy Tales with Donna stating she will quit the party.

  187. Spite is so ugly, let it go

  188. I’m a healing Hillary supporter who has been reading here for the last few days to get information and comfort. The first day I arrived I got Donna Brazile’s address here and immediately sent an e-mail off to her. She e-mailed me back with a few sentences that I found insulting and that, since they made no sense, seemed like a form letter she was sending just to get rid of the e-mails or signs of hysteria. I decided to take speak my mind anyway and answer her, and, of course I never got anything back.

    Oh well, it was a closure thing, venting and sending of to one of the ones who actually participated in the giant act of betrayal.

    Jun 9 8:39 PM

    Dear Ms. Brazile:

    I have been a fan of yours for the several years that I have seen you on CNN. I remember your passion several months back about the importance of the delegates following the will of the people in this election. I heard that especially on your National Public Radio interview after super Tuesday.

    Please do not let me feel even more betrayed than I already do by the Democratic Party. Clinton was clearly the people’s choice, and clearly won the popular vote.

    Please, Donna, quit the Democratic Party out of protest as you promised to. I don’t want to see you as another hypocrite.

    Jun 9 9:00 PM

    Your facts are not accurate. The fight is over. What more do you want? And why do you write me? I have received hate mail, vile emails from so called sites that are clearly part of the so-called right wing conspiracy of jerks who want more division.

    Stop the hate!!!!! Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. Stop spreading hate!!!!
    Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile. Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors.

    Jun 10 1:12 AM

    Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your respect.

    The facts are accurate. Nonetheless, the person who had the strength, knowledge and experience to potentially save this country (and the world) from the downward spiral it’s been sailing down (with ever-increasing speed) will not have the chance to do so. I have no “weeping” for myself. I will be fine. I am sad for the youth and their long-range financial, educational, healthcare, civil rights, etc., future.

    For those who feel cheated, and muscled, the fight will not be over. The 1/2 disenfranchised and the ignored will find no joy in those feelings and that reality.

    This was not meant as hate mail, but I do see that you meant that you were going to quit the party if the young man that you apparently supported was not voted in by your colleagues as the Democratic candidate, and NOT if the “will of the people” was not followed. Perhaps you made that statement when you had a subconscious fear of being cheated and muscled.

  189. Have we moved from identity politics to spitefulness politics? This trend of people voting for president out of spite rather than the issues has got to be one of the most stupid things to come out of 2008.

  190. I am still trying to figure out HOW the election was “stolen” from HRC? Or what in Donna Braizile’s stance is hypocritical? I believe she said superdelegates should help “the party decide who is the best candidate uh to become president, if we end up in a tie.” There wasn’t a tie. BHO had a delegate lead over HRC – small percentage-wise, but significant. Respecting the will of the people meant NOT overturning that lead in pledged delegates, or am I missing something? As for the “popular vote,” that was a statistical dead heat (if you totally ignore caucus states), but the nomination is not decided by popular vote. These are the DNC rules, not Obama’s or anyone else.

    And speaking of rules, why was HRC’s stance on this such a moving target throughout the primary? Hillary Clinton, before the MI primary: “I personally did not think it made any difference whether my name was on the ballot. You know, it’s clear this election they are having is not going to count for anything.”

    Look, I have a lot of respect for the policies and leadership of HRC, but BHO won the nomination, according to the rules established by the national party. I hope that other Clinton supporters will vote their conscience and the issues, and not from anger or spite.

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