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      I was born in 1968, the year Wallerstein calls one of “world revolution”. It was a revolution that both failed and succeeded: women and minorities got more rights, often a lot more, but the end result was an oligarchy, where most people were equal in their lack of power, and where every year saw ordinary people becoming poorer, no matter what the official st […]
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Sunday Late Night

I got nuttin. Anybody have any news to report? Issues to discuss? Righteous rants? Good links? Music? You have the floor.

This is an open thread.

168 Responses

  1. Battlestar Galactica is really something for the last season. (Bill Adama & Laura Roslin=SciFi’s Bill & Hill.)

    Trekki Warning!

    Anybody else watching the reruns of The Next Generation on Mondays on SciFi. I love Picard. His voice melts me like a hot spoon in a stick o’ buttah.

  2. It was terrible, but nothing even close to what media and Obamabots have said about her.

    And if you note Sen. McCain demeanor, he didn’t really know what to do.

  3. Oh my…Barbara’s on the payroll.

    Don’t you think the people who were Hill supporters and have gone adamently pro-obama are weird?

  4. Barbara, that is offensive – I’d seen it before. It’s not as offensive as the constant and relentless WWTSBQ stuff from the Obama campaign, which came from her same party, and came from the top of the party.

  5. Yes I was very offended by that and I had not forgotten that remake either there has been several nasty remakes about her made from men in the media and her opponents like obama.

  6. One can’t forget that of late it’s been McCain defending her against the bullshit, not her fellow partymen.

    I’m all for McCain sort of faux-asking her to his ticket. It would be an extreme gesture on conciliaton. Sort of “If Hillary was still a Republican, I’d bring have her on my ticket in a second.” That would win me over. I know she’d never accept but it’s the principle of the thing.

  7. Has anyone heard about this newest thing about obama and his website I can copy the link it was picked up by little green football it was something about jewish people being the ones responsible for 911. It’s all over the internet today.

  8. While watching Hillary’s speech on Saturday, I saw Gloria Steinem among the crowd. Apparently she is going to be supporting Obama for president. I think we need to remind her and all our feminist friends that women need Barack like a fish needs a bicycle.

  9. Barbara, if you’re a Hillary supporter and that’s the most offensive thing you’ve seen lately, you haven’t been paying attention.

    that’s small potatoes.

    google “democratic national committee”

  10. Good one, Ms. Marple. It does seem like Gloria could have at least waited a few more days. After that column she wrote, I’m surprised she is willing to support him at all.

  11. Babs is totally on the payroll, less you all remeber my pro-McCain diatribes.

  12. Barbara,

    You are new here, and we have been attacked by the Obamatrons all day long. Is it really surprising that people are gunshy?

    That incident with McCain happened months ago. I think it was before the primaries even started. Of course we all remember it.

  13. Now I’m picturing a fish riding a bicycle. LOL. OK, it’s late and I’m punchy. Anyway, that’s a tricky situation. While I can’t see myself voting for Obama, I don’t think I’ll be surprised to see many vote for the party, though I’ll be disappointed and I wish they’d make sure they know what Obama really stands for first. Which of course is impossible because no one knows what he stands for.

  14. Melanie:

    Where do you perform?

    I’ll make sure to come and see you. You are a great comedian.

  15. Barbara: McCain is Chemotherapy for the dying Democratic Party. In other words, he is poison, yes, but may be the only kind of poison that will cure the fatal disease.

    If we reward what the Democrats have done, we stand to lose what our party has stood for since FDR.

  16. I mean Barbara.

  17. Babs: I’ve followed Hillary’s career from her beginnings in Arkansas, through her two terms as First Lady, and now through the issues she’s campaigned for during the primary.

    And after all these years you show up now to stump for BO. OK.

  18. No, Melanie, I don’t remember them, and I’ve been hanging around here a lot today.

  19. I can’t fathom how anyone would consider McCain’s reaction to a question (he was obviously taken aback for a minute, and immediately expressed respect for HRC) worse than Obama’s obvious campaign to paint Hillary as a racist and a bitch who won’t quit when he wants her to. C’mon Barbara. there’s no comparison. McCain isn’t even expected to show party loyalty to Hillary (they’re in different parties) but he’s still more of a decent person about it.

  20. I love how the Obamabots always start with they’ve followed Hillary’s career forever, etc. etc. Riiight. Kind of obvious don’t you think.

  21. Barbara,

    I do not have problem supporting McCain. I do have a problem convincing myself to vote for Obama. I know I am a democrat and I am supposed to stand in line, right? But nope….

    My eyes were open by Hillary’s candidacy. The party that my family chose when we came to this country remnds us of politics at home (third world country). It makes us sick

  22. So maybe people have ideas on killing my blackberry bushes? I don’t like toxic substances, but I’m at a point where it’s either them or me.

  23. Although I was never too sure about Gloria Steinem, I didn’t expect her to be a low-information voter in terms of Barack’s circle of friends and thin resume. Her fast switch
    speaks volumes about her values.

    Because of Steinem, I was highly aware of all the buttons that were pushed when the unqualified man who looks good in a suit is picked over the
    hard working, zillion times more qualified woman. In fact, I’ve seen no evidence, other than good teleprompter reading skills that Barack Obama would make even a mediocre President.

    Maybe he is better within the Chicago machine, although even Rezko ranked him second-place to Gov. Blagjovich, his choice for President.

  24. I just bought a Bill/Al campaign pin from the thrift store today. It was a gift from mom to cheer me up. We and the store owner talked about how things have turned up. She said she thought Hillary was VP would be good. I told her how not many people agreed. She said she thought it was a coincidence that the first woman and the first black man would run at the same time; me and ma told her it was no coincidence.

    We left after that but she looked intrigued.

  25. Teresa: So maybe people have ideas on killing my blackberry bushes? I don’t like toxic substances, but I’m at a point where it’s either them or me.

    Heh heh

  26. Here’s a tip on the blackberry bush problem. Sounds like chemicals are really the only way to go with those tough things.

  27. Just for your info Baba:

    I think McCain is a scumbag and wouldn’t vote for him.

    But BO is a scumbag too. Since I live in California, I don’t have to choose the less of two scumbags evils.

    But even if my vote in November mattered, I don’t owe my vote to anyone, including Hillary. I would gladly vote for her, but if she’s not an option, I have no obligation to vote for anyone else.

  28. The way I see it if Hillary has to convince someone to vote for Obama, then Obama was never worth voting for on his own.

    To quote Hillary on Greta’s show in March, “Hello???”

  29. Treat “Barbara” as suspect — do not interact.

  30. WHo is Barbara? I’m confused.

  31. Florence: WHo is Barbara?

    an ancient memory …

  32. Please review COMMUNITY ADVISORY below.

  33. myiq2xu,
    I’m in Kansas with a similar situation.

    I’m not letting myself get pushed into voting for McCain — he doesn’t stand for anything I believe in.

    Since all the Democrats around here support Obama now. I’m just going to stay home. I couldn’t care less if any of them win or not.

  34. Soory, ronk. I will not interact with that person again.

  35. hlr: I’ve seriously thought of that, but I don’t have big fields of blackberries. Instead they just pop up everywhere. I yank them, they like that they grow back stronger.

    But the goat is very cute. My labrador Darla would blow a gasket if we had a bunch of goats in the yard.

  36. hlr,

    Is Barbara a poster here? Or is she someone in the media?

  37. I don’t do guilt or shame very well.

    I’m self-righteous and shameless.

    For several days I’ve been seeing variations on “If you were a true Hillary supporter you would vote for Obama.”

    It’s like a domestic abuser telling the victim “If you really loved me, you would give me another chance.”

    It didn’t work the first time, and it’s annoying me now.

  38. Barbara,

    Most people here, dems or recently fired dems, that speak about either voting for McCain or not voting at all (for me, I’m either going to vote present, or accidentally hit the wrong button… LOL) are not doing it because McCain is a good choice. He will be an awful president. What I’m doing at least is choosing short term pain to try to fix something broken. If the dem party is rewarded for vote stealing, cheating, voter disenfranchisement, party machine selecting the lesser candidate for petty power reasons, etc., then what kind of party is it. How would it ever get any better. In fact, it would more likely continue to go down hill from there.

    So trying to sell us on how McCain isn’t great doesn’t work. We know he sucks. That’s not the point though. It’s short term pain to try to save the party we used to feel welcome in.

  39. Teresa — I loved goats as a kid. No pun intended.

    Florence — She was making a nuisance of herself here but is now away on other business.

  40. Florence,

    We have been having an infestation today. Barbara is one of part of that and has been deleted. If you look a couple posts down, you can read more about it.

  41. myiq2xu,

    I”m with you about the domestic abuser stuff. That’s why I can’t vote for Obama.

  42. I’ll go look for Barbara. It means we are doing something right, if the Obambi followers need to post here.

  43. Florence, I agree. Why on earth are they so scared, or feel the need to battle here. I thought they “won”. So what’s all this about. Hmm, maybe something’s not right with the shining light up high on the hill where the One resides. 🙂

  44. My suggestion to any PUMA member who lives in either a solid red or solid blue state is to simply abstain from voting for President and vote down-ticket.

    If you live in a swing state, you have a tougher decision to make.

    I know what my conscience tells me it can live with. I speak for no one else.

  45. myiq2xu,

    I would stay home, but I don’t want to miss the opportunity to vote against John Kerry. So I’ll probably go to the polls. I’ll decide what to do about the top of the ticket when the time comes.

  46. Strange, isn’t it, that they can’t even give us a few days.

    They have been on us like stink on shit since Tuesday.

    They reek of desperation.

  47. I’m in VA, I”ll vote dem down ticket, but McCain for pres. I’ll hold my nose. It’s a short term horrible choice to try to fix our broken party. I think it will be worth it.

    And actually I have a funny feeling because of how horribly bad things are economically, whoever the next president is will have a total failure because of that and be a one term president only. I think that’s true no matter who it would be. So in a funny way, it could be the best thing for Hillary. Well, I’m telling myself all of this anyway. So sue me.

  48. I’m starting a grass roots movement. I am going to start doing ACTION MEMOS. THIS IS MY PLEDGE:
    First, I will do the ACTION
    THEN, I WILL get FIVE other PEOPLE to do it
    THEN I will post that same information to FIVE WEBSITES of HILLARY SUPPORTERS asking them for the same commitment

    please JOIN Me


    Brazile: I’ll Quit DNC Position over Super Delegates

    Here’s an important link:


    It will show you exactly what Donna Brazile said back a few months ago. You can also listen. She said she would quit the DNC IF super delegates wound up choosing the nominee for the general election. Well, Miss Donna, it has happened. Super Delegates HAVE selected the nominee. He was not elected, he was selected. Now is the time for you to resign.
    Let’s all write Donna and remind her of her pledge. After all, I’m down here in Louisiana too, and my mama said you’re only as a good as your word. I’m sure Donna’s mama taught her that too.

    Donna Brazile or Brazile and Associates
    or P.O. Box 15369, Washington, DC 20003.



  49. Okay, I want to talk about Roosevelt’s Bill of Economic Rights from his inaugural address in 1944. It’s almost everything I want and is the definition of political sanity for Democrats. For those of you who have never seen it, here it is:

    The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the nation;

    The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation;

    The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and his family a decent living;

    The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad;

    The right of every family to a decent home;

    The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health;

    The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment;

    The right to a good education.

    All of these rights spell security. And after this war is won we must be prepared to move forward, in the implementation of these rights, to new goals of human happiness and well-being.

    America’s own rightful place in the world depends in large part upon how fully these and similar rights have been carried into practice for our citizens.

    Roosevelt defined those as “rights”! Not goals. Not privileges. Rights! He believes Americans have the right to demand and expect all of those things. How have we lost sight of this?

  50. Nice dakinikat. I’ll do it.

  51. The only thing that worries me about voting for McCain is that the Repugs might be able to keep him in for a second term. I’m saying Hillary 2012 or sooner 2008 if Obama self-destructs before the convention. Voting for a Republican makes me want to vomit, same for Obama. May be I’ll just stay home or write in Hillary’s name. I keep praying someone has a video of Obama giving Larry Sinclair a blow-job. But let’s face it, (no pun intended) the media would let him have a major speech throwing Larry under the bus, then we need not speak of it ever again…verboten, lest we disturb the Kool Aid drinkers from their self-induced high, they are know to turn nasty with the smallest dose of truth speak. Peace must reign in Obot Land where in The One deftly sways the masses to his bidding no matter the pain of true-blue Democrats mourning the loss of FDR’s legacy of shared responsibility and fairness to all.

  52. On the voting issue, if you think about it, we’re not the problem Obama has. We’re just the tip of the iceberg. It’s the millions of clingy blue collar works, women, latinos, seniors, and low information voters as they call them that don’t read the blogs. We should make noise, and not vote for Obama, but real issue is what all those people that TeamObama has nothing but disdain for do. I think they won’t vote for him. Time will tell.

  53. Is “bostonboomer” is still here?
    I would love some insite about the D. Patrick ‘s Mass. Governor race?
    In my local newspaper they had an article giving advice
    to McCain’s camp; mostly about the “racial” piece.
    What I found striking is Patrick’s Republican opponent
    was a more experienced , “white woman”.
    Remember this was Axelrod’s practice campaign run. NOW WE KNOW , RIGHT DOWN TO THE OPPOSITION!!
    Guess “CHANGE” was’nt all it was cracked up to be.
    After hearing about , ALICE PALMER, there’s even “MORE” under this “CARAVAN” of “BUSES”!!

  54. Lowdowndog – I’ve decided I’m voting for Hillary for president unless Obama makes her his VP with a guarantee of introducing her healthcare plan – which is what it would take to get her on the ticket. I don’t think she wants to be vp, but I think she’d do it in return for universal healthcare.

    I want FDR back. I want that platform. I want to stop hearing about healthcare as individual responsibility or a privilege or any of that shit – I want us to decide the everyone in this nation should have the ability to have a good job, live in a decent home (and that doesn’t mean 1500 square feet and a yard) they can afford, have healthcare and not worry about their retirment. We can afford that.

  55. Being depressed about politics, I needed to cheer myself up. So I just watched season 3 of Weeds on DVD. New season starts in 2 weeks. Of Clinton, Obama and McCain, whio is the most likely to legalize pot?

  56. I would like to draw attention to something that I am sure everybody already knows here. BO has never really done anything for African Americans. He gave that “Bamboozle you … hoodwink ya …” speech and that’s it. Clinton, on the other hand, was actively involved in the civil rights movement – going door to door to register AA voters. That is something young AA would not know. I wonder why the campaign did not highlight this more.

    Another, totally unrelated thing. If I were a republican (I am not) and I wanted to be a troublemaker ( I probably do :)) I would highlight the fact that BO is only 6.5% AA as compared with 43.5% Arabic.

  57. Patrick’s opponent was a flake and hardly experienced. She was an academic with zero experience aside from a short stint as Romney’s LT. But, you don’t have to wonder about the campaign. it was BO’s campaign. They cast her as the queen of mean. Patrick was the better version of Obama, and never had to stoop low at all. He’s been an ineffective Governor.

  58. tpt/ny –

    I think what Axelrod understands is that there are a lot of men who would just flat out prefer to vote for another guy. They feel exposed on their sexism if they’re just randomly voting for a white guy, so if you provide a male candidate of color, you give them an easy way out of voting for the chick. That way they “don’t have to vote for the white lady” as Chris Rock observed. They get to be good progressives and vote for the minority candidate while indulging their misogyny. It’s a two-fer, a win-win situation for them.

  59. Tracy – Rezko Watch has a long article on the Jewish issue. Obama’s website had a listing for an anti-Jewish organization. RW gives full details.

  60. Have you guys seen these clips of Obama not being able to complete his thoughts at his recent event in Virginia? Seriously? This guy is WAY more gaffe prone than even George Bush, I didn’t think I could ever say that about anyone. He is 47 years old, WHAT is going on with him? I realize he is running low on sleep, but I don’t exactly think being POTUS is the most restful job…who wants him taking the 3am call? NOT ME.


  61. Lori, totally agree.

  62. It drives Oborgs nuts to have any Hillary supporter say, “Hillary or McCain, period.”

  63. Thanks for the feedback, Lori.
    Obama just seems like a “PUPPET” that will say & do
    “anything” to get ahead.
    Axelrod , you know “closly” tied to Mayor Daley of Chicago’s politics.He mifgt be pure evil!!

  64. Here is something we all can do:

    We can prevent Left Blogistan from becoming an echo-chamber.

    Imagine if the right side of the blogosphere had spoken up about the clusterfuck in Iraq, domestic spying and torture?

    My brother-inlaw, who is a fundie and a member of the GOP, is disgusted with the things Bush has done. He doesn’t blog however.

    My idol is the boy who said “The emperor has no clothes.”

    Or in the case of Obama, “The clothes have no emperor.”

  65. Or in the case of Obama, “The clothes have no emperor.”

    Yes, mhmm. Yes.

  66. My problem with Rezko, Ayers, Rev. Wright, et. al, is not that I think Obama secretly shares their values and ideas.

    My problem is it demonstrates to me that Obama will ally himself with anyone if it helps his career. It tells me he has no defining moral principles.

  67. Just tell people that you take your cue from Michelle Obama. When asked if she would vote for Hillary, she said she’d have to think about it.

    In the time that remains before the Convention, the freak show needs to be kept in check. The rumors of this and that are getting ridiculous. What else of the 40% we don’t know about Obama can be that damning? Not Illinois Senate Bill 1332? Rezko sings? Michelle’s supposed rant against whitey? (“Why’d he” as the Obama material phrased it.)

    Could there be any more freaks? Could this man get an F.B.I. clearance? A lot of people will think that the man who lived in the box is less scary.

    By the rules, if the Supers make the decision, then the candidate must be the more electable one.

    I heard a man speaking on public radio today about how an Obama win was unlikely because McCain is not Bush, and there is no way that Barack Obama can be portrayed as a centrist Democrat. This kind of falling off the party line (Obama all the time) was verboten until Clinton was out.

    That “most liberal voting record” in the Senate is the kiss of death, and it is hard to know how Obama rated that record voting for Cheney’s energy bill, plus beginning his campaign after one only one year so being mostly absent. He wanted to vote for Roberts until he was told by an advisor that it wouldn’t look good for his Presidential run (might upset the sweeties).

    I’m glad that Hillary is not there to be bloodied anymore, although she can take it. Now that the media has chosen one contender, let’s see who they want to be president—they chose Bush over Gore and over Kerry.

    I’m hearing that Hillary is already missed—she upped the ratings to hold viewers to the next commercial. Maybe a freak show will be needed to up the ratings? Investigative journalism anybody?

  68. I hope this site or PUMA or something can make pins and buttons. I would love to have one ready for when Obama looses in November that says: “Don’t blame me, I voted for Hillary” Wouldn’t that be the best.

  69. myiq2xu,

    My problem with it is that it indicates that he does not take the Mighty Wurlitzer seriously. People running for president clean up their past – especially since Gary Hart’s calamitous fall from grace. Obama didn’t do that. he made that deal with rezko in 2005 at a time when he was considering running for president – not acceptable. He should have distanced himself from Wright when he ran for the Senate.

    If you’re gonna ask the Democratic party – the only instrument we have for progressive action in this nation – to invest their sole shot at the White house in your hands, you had best clean up your past and not make the opposition’s job any easier than necessary.

    Obama didn’t have sufficient respect for the media,. the Republican party or the Democrats to put his affairs in order before he ran. and he will have a tougher run for it.

  70. Oh thank you, BB! An open thread, so I can openly whore. Heh.

    I’ve got it up! I worked furiously on it for several hours tonight, and realized it was a multi-post discussion–the topic is just too big for one post. It’s gonna be at least two, maybe three. But it’s up and I hope it helps:

    Thanks to all the authors and admins here at the Confluence for being so tolerant of other voices, and also blatant pimping. I feel scummy if it helps! Heh.

  71. CB
    In 2004, according to the press and conventional wisdom, Kerry had the most liberal voting record in the senate. If Lieberman had been the nominee, he would have had the most liberal voting record. Obama is fairly liberal, though I think he will govern from the center right should he be elected.

    Check out his record at http://www.progressivepunch.org

  72. hi, i’m new here.

    just custom ordered online my “I’m not your sweetie” t-shirt. I also added “History Made” and “1 of 18 million” on the back.

    i’m trying so hard to not be angry. the statement on the shirt — at least for me — is directed to the DNC and media folks too. they won’t care, but it will make me feel better.

  73. More pins and buttons and bumper stickers… one more in addition to the above I just thought of (for when Obama looses): “Oh dear, did I accidentally hit the wrong button” and of course: “Don’t blame me, I voted present”

  74. I glanced over at Talkleft and someone said that since Obama won the nomination, we’re now post-racial and post-misogyny.

    If we ever do a protest, we (the women at least) should all go with giant bandages on our heads from smacking the glass ceiling so hard.

  75. I mentioned last night that Obama was going to have trouble with Hispanics. I talked to more today and the mood is worse than I thought. I talked to more Hispanics today and the mood is angry. Very angry. And the recent push by everyone to force Obama on them is only making things worse.

  76. Welcome to the fold, indigo. This is a great place to be.

    Teresa, I always imagined our protests might more resemble Lysistrata. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lysistrata) I mean, part of the real reason for our disunity as women is because we are sleeping with the enemy. I’d like to say that’s the vodka talking, but it feels so much more like the nail head.

  77. Teresa: I glanced over at Talkleft and someone said that since Obama won the nomination, we’re now post-racial and post-misogyny.

    Obama supporters are pushing this crap about ‘how Hillary broke barriers.’

    I don’t see any broken barriers. Hillary is back home baking cookies.

  78. Guys, I really think we should try to help that Ed O’Reilly. He’s a good guy, and wouldn’t it be sweet to boot Kerry.

  79. Broken barriers, my ass. When the unqualified candidate is chosen by the DNC over the highly qualified female candidate, I think we can safely say the barriers ain’t broke.

  80. gqmartinez: And the recent push by everyone to force Obama on them is only making things worse.

    BO overwhelmingly depends on surrogates to do all of his work, and it shows.

    And check this out:

    “If the Democrats don’t win the White House back this fall there will be a hard core contingent of young Obama supporters who will be extremely disappointed,” said Alexandra Acker, executive director of the Young Democrats of America. “They will be looking for someone to blame and some may look to the long primary.”

    Go clean your room. Sheesh.

  81. hlr: I really think they’re trying to make themselves feel better because of all the sh*t Obama pulled. It’s like waking up the next morning after a really crazy party and thinking “what did I do?” then having to justify it in your mind.

  82. Melanie,

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m going to give $50 dollars to his campaign later this week. That’ll match the $50 I was able to give Hillary this primary season, and is all I can afford. But I will continue to post on m blog in support of him, and offer links to his Actblue page. I can think of no more satisfying ending than Obama losing the election, and Kerry having to go live off his wife’s income. I think I might have an irony orgasm if that happened.

  83. I agree, broken, no. Hillary was very careful to say that she — we — cracked (not shattered) the ceiling, with 18 million cracks.

    What she may have done is refocus our nation’s attention on the continued existence of the ceiling and its subtle and no so subtle nuances. This may be the beginning of a 21st century women’s movement.

    I have my television on in the background right now and some awful show is covering the Glen Close — Fatal Attraction comments in connection with HRC. Unbelievable.

  84. “there will be a hard core contingent of young Obama supporters who will be extremely disappointed,”

    I can’t believe someone actually wrote this with a straight face. In other news, millions of children will learn for the first time that there is no Santa, and will be extremely disappointed. Like I could care. Sheesh.

  85. I’ve got a link to a great diary from Wes Clark’s CCN blog, which I think a lot of us can really relate to. I wrote my own Goodbye diary there today, but I’ll just link to the one Ms in LA wrote, a really great piece of writing, and appropriate analogy. Hillary supporters like me are leaving the blog, because since Clark’s endorsement of Obama, the Obots have arrived, many of them not sticking with Clark when he endorsed Hillary in Sept. of 1007 to join Obama. They of course had the right to make up their own minds, but now they and a slew of new ones are back to demand that the old-timers who supported Clark’s original choice, now immediately join them (since Clark endorsed Obama, which he HAD to do, just like Hillary, politically).

    Anyway, here’s the link:


    I think many here can relate.

  86. WTF do these people think rich college kids are more important than a soldeir in Iraq, a mom without health insurance, a senior facing foreclosure?

  87. I’ve been hearing this “blame Hillary” meme for quite a while. I heard Jeffery Tubin say the Clintons would have to make Chelsea campaign hard for Obama to prove they were doing all they could. I threw something at my TV. Well, they can say all that crap all the want, when Obama losses in November, we will be yelling louder than they can imagine with “I told you so” and well, things I probably can’t say here. This blame Hillary think is definitely one of my buttons. I better not hear anyone say that to me personally. If I do, I hope someone will bail me out of jail.

  88. Guys, listen, now folks are having to leave Wes’s blog. We can not let netroots 2.0 die. Hill has started an online movement, and as we go forward we need to keep it alive and growing. We need to think about candidates and issues we’ll support. Stuff like that. I never want to hang out in the Cheetosphere again.

  89. Chealsea will probably go back to her private life. LOL. She doesn’t owe Obama a damn thing.

  90. Melanie, I come out of this really respecting patrick. axlerod is the scum of the earth, and i’m sure he wanted patrick to get down in the gutter and go with the same kind of repulsive campaign obama has had to fall back on since he doesn’t have anything on the positive side to run on. but he didn’t, and he had no hesitation calling out his supporters for bad behavior when they got even the least bit angry or frustrated, he never cynically pretended to be so clean while encouraging and taking part in all this garbage.

    he seems decent, even sincere, if not an effective governor.

    I think it’s unfortunate that he gets lumped in with a complete opportunistic phony like obama, they’re just not alike.

  91. Seriously, he is a much better man than Obama. But he ran without an agenda. he ran on biography, and posture, and that’s why he hasn’t been very effective. I still have hope for him, but it hasn’t happened yet. Of course, he’s no Obama. He’s had prior full-time jobs. I will say though, when he tried to sell casinos as a jobs program, I was extremely disheartened, and I do think that bad idea came straight from the Chicago machine.

  92. Make chelsea campaign? these people are truly sick.

    however, i would like to see chelsea campaign. “I think you should vote for Senator Obama. He’ll bring world leaders to their knees by falsely accusing them of trying to kill him, just like he did with my mom. he can’t start nuclear wars by giving them the finger, as he did to my mom, because we have all the nukes. if they get out of line, he’ll send his thuggish supporters to harass their kids and ask them inhumane questions about their parents’ marriage, like he did with me. If Senator Obama is half as tough on the republicans as his take-no-prisoners war of villification against my family indicates, he can really play hardball. i envision him mocking sen. mccain’s war injuries, just to start. don’t forget enails, i checked them out after she talked about clawing my father’s eyes out….’

  93. I took Ronk’s post about false flags and along with Reclusive leftist (who had the identical post as someone posing here as uppity woman) Elizabitchez and Anglachel show we are under a psy-ops attack from the Obama campaign.

    Click on my name to see the post at corrente.

  94. Lori:

    During my life I’ve had shady friends and acquaintances. I was (usually) smart enough to realize that they would eventually get me in trouble and so I distanced myself from them.

    As the saying goes “If you lay down with dogs you’ll get fleas.”

  95. I just again listened to booktv.org presentation by the author Shelby Steele. In light of the election results, there was more to think about than was apparent the first time I watched it.
    A Bound Man: Why We Are Excited About Obama and Why He Can’t Win

  96. Not excited about him, myself, at all. It’s worth the time, though, to watch it.

  97. Seriously:

    Axelrod is the brains behind Obama. He is the equivilent of Karl Rove.

    I used to say that blaming George Bush for the mess we’re in is like blaming Ronald McDonald if you get a bad cheeseburger.

    Neither one is running the company.

  98. Seriously — nice post, it made me LOL. I got to meet Chelsea this past month. She’s a very impressive young woman. I can’t imagine her campaigning much, if at all, for Obama. Toobin is just another CNN Obamabot. Do you suppose they will ever get tired of beating up on Hillary and her family? My guess is no.

  99. I really can’t stand these trolls. If hill had been chosen by the supers, I’d be celebrating. I wouldn’t go near Obama blogs.

  100. VAcardinal, on June 9th, 2008 at 12:58 am Said:
    … I heard Jeffery Tubin say the Clintons would have to make Chelsea campaign hard for Obama to prove they were doing all they could…..

    They plan to keep bashing all things Clinton. They actully love that more than even Bambie. They can’t quit her!

  101. I have hope, and not the stupid fluffy BHO-Hope. After I read VAcardinal’s posting I see that she may have a point. I felt that way when Kerry lost (not that I liked Kerry, but I wanted something better than Bush). My thought was that the Iraq War was a loser no matter what, and if Kerry had won, the loss would hang around the Democrats for years. If Bush stayed, the war would hang around the neck of Repugs and the Democrats would benefit in the end. Now I see the economy is going into a tailspin that will be very difficult to fix. Hillary could have done a great job, but it might take more than a couple of years to get a turn around. People might get impatient and blame it all on her. Obama will be terrible for the economy because he is as ignorant about economic issues as McOld. The only problem is, if Obama were to win, Hillary might not run against a sitting president. We need McOld to win so Hillary can run in 2012.

    VAcardinal, on June 8th, 2008 at 11:47 pm Said:
    And actually I have a funny feeling because of how horribly bad things are economically, whoever the next president is will have a total failure because of that and be a one term president only. I think that’s true no matter who it would be. So in a funny way, it could be the best thing for Hillary.

  102. Femb4Dem:

    Did you know that Toobin was editor of the Harvard Law Review?

    Just like Obama.

  103. I wanted McGovern to win. I was heart broken when he lost, and so decisively. I couldn’t understand why the voters had rejected my candidate. To any disappointed young Obama-disciples, I say: Welcome to the real world, the one that manifests truth, not pie-in-the-sky-hope. And, oh, yeah, GET OVER IT!

  104. O-bot:

    My point is that G-dub wasn’t in charge of his administration.

    Rove and Cheney were.

    Who would be in charge of an Obama administration? Axelrod?

    Who else?

  105. o-bot had the usual roe v. wade deal a few posts ago. Funny username of course, at least honest I guess. But here’s a good answer to that meme. If you care about roe v. wade, you should have voted for Hillary, because there’s no way on earth Obama will win in November. And it isn’t us vocal bloggers you have to worry about, it’s the millions of potential voters already thrown under the bus. But good luck with that new democratic party and its new coalition.

    I for one am hoping these vapid yuppies get their comeuppance.

  106. myiq2xu — doesn’t say much for Harvard Law, does it?

    BTW, I’ve always thought it odd Obama didn’t write a student note, and didn’t take a federal clerkship after his stint as EIC of the Harvard law review. I wonder if anyone else with that particular credential did neither? In too much of a hurry to sign on with Rezko, i guess.

  107. I want to borrow your saying, myiq2xu. That’s the best saying ever. Bush is like Ronald McDonald. Perfect.

  108. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 75. What happens if she retires or falls ill in the next four years?

    I assume she’ll be replaced post haste by whomever is president. I also expect that Democrats in the Senate will hold the line and demand a moderate, but I expected that the last two times and I was disappointed. Then I got bitched at by Barack Obama because I was disappointed.

  109. mhmm, yes, o-bot. That’s my I like my presidential candidates to have prior full-time job experience.

  110. …and the other answer to the roe v. wade argument, um, why would you think Obama is pro choice. He said in one of the debates that he hasn’t decided if life begins at conception or not. That is every clear, he hasn’t really decided about being pro choice or pro life. Period. And how on earth can you be 47 and have not thought about that and have an opinion. And since this was the primary, either he was lying and is pro life (since saying pro choice would be the winning answer), or worse, he cares so little about women and women’s issues that he really hasn’t given it a thought. Either way, he’s not for me.

  111. Prabhata:

    My best comparison is sports.

    I am an Oakland Raiders and SF Giants fan.

    I’ve watched both of them lose in the playoffs in good years. In bad years they never got to the playoffs.

    I watched the Giants lose the World Series and a few months later saw the Raiders get blown-out in the Super Bowl.

    But they lost fair and square, so I didn’t blame the winners. Even when they have lost games on bad calls (like the “tuck-rule” game that led to the patriots first SB win) I didn’t believe the referees were cheating, so I wasn’t too upset.

    But this year’s campaing was clearly fixed so that Obama would be the winner. I will never, NEVER accept him as the legitimate nominee.

  112. myiq2xu, i fell in love with this sentence: “I’ve supported her so far, so there’s no reason for me to doubt her now.”

    Not only is that straight up idiotic, um….uppity woman tends to feel strongly about things and express herself in a forthright manner. LOL that sounds about as much like her as nothing. seriously, of all the usernames here, they pick UW? Typical competence level.

    Give up. if we were this susceptible to stupid talking points and blathering uselessly about nothing, we’d be with you guys on the floor screaming ecstatically about how he said change. you’ve already got all the hardcore tingle up the leggers you’re going to get.There was also a bot in here earlier warning sternly about how mccain people are going to come in to try and trick us and we should be wary. okay then. i was all ready to start advocating doing away with social Security in exchange for a smiley before that warning.

    “Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 75. What happens if she retires or falls ill in the next four years?”

    the dems refuse to fight a wackjob nominee, and we end up with another roberts and alito thanks to them? but it has no effect because….they already have a conservative majority that’s good for 2, 3 decades thanks to us. train has left the station.

    “You don’t just elect a president you elect an administration. Management style flows from the top down. Just look at the DoJ firings, the Plame leak case, VA and FEMA mismanagement and the like. They aren’t the direct actions by one man but a reverberation of his bad judgment throughout the executive branch.”

    So not helping your case here. the thought of Obama’s appointees and their ethics and ‘principles’ and tactics, mind boggles.

    FemB4Dem, i hope like hell Bill tells him to screw off too. i know he’ll do it if hillary asks, but i know he hates Obama’s guts, too. lOL

  113. VA Cardinal,

    We need to address this argument of Roe v Wade directly. Democrats have repeatedly failed to protect Roe v Wade despite constant assurances that they are the only protectors. I’ve begun a discussion about the politics of fear and the specter of Row v Wade at my blog. I posted the link earlier in the thread, but here it is for you, in case you missed it:


  114. By the way, Annabelle, that’s a great post you made on your blog. i bet it took some time!!!! Good work. I can’t wait to read parts II and III. 🙂

  115. Prabhata:

    Actually, the line belongs to Bobcat Goldwaith, who used it to refer to Ronald Reagan.

  116. I can’t sleep and it’s all your fault. Here I am, it’s quarter to two and I’m up reading comments. It’s just party, party, party around here. I turn my back for one minute and someone starts a thread. My director flies in from France tomorrow and I have to go over stuff with him and I’m fighting off some kind of viral infection and a headache and you guys are keeping me up with entertaining comments.
    Damn! This is fun!

  117. What is it with this preoccupation by the Obamabots with death wishes for Supreme Court justices? First it was JPS, now it’s RBG. Next thing you know they’ll be telling us Souter is on his death bed, Breyer has a terminal disease, and Kennedy plans to retire.

    Reality check — 75 is not old for a justice these days. Most presidents have very few opportunities to appoint more than one justice — Carter did not get to appoint any. The moderates will all likely stay right where they are during John McCain’s single term, waiting for Hillary to win in 2012. If something were to happen, the democratic Senate will have the power to prevent a troglodyte and insist on a moderate.

    I have little hope Obama would do better than McCain in this area. His supporters think he is so Kennedy-esque. Ok then, one of the worst troglodyte justices in recent times was Byron “Whizzer” White. History quiz — who appointed him? JFK.

  118. Thanks lori, for the comment, and for the link earlier to Progressive Punch. Also, thanks for the comment on my blog. I’m about to go to bead, so I’ll have to respond to you tomorrow there.

    And man, it did take some time. I worked on it for at least an hour, hour and a half on Saturday, and finished it up over about three hours this evening. A lot of research. But it’s necessary, and useful, I hope.

  119. RD, I should be in bed myself. This is nutz. It’s past my bedtime.

  120. Steele says that all Obama would accomplish, if elected, would to be the first A.A. president. Obviously, he has to remain vague because he can’t be elected as a simple figurehead that’s black and have policies at the same time. He can’t have any real substance outside of that image. He will not be elected.

  121. “What bothers me is the blatant support for a man that goes against principles”

    Welcome to our world, dude.

  122. J. John Paul Stevens is 88.

  123. annabellep, that is a great post. I’ll sign up and comment there.

    By the way, great blog here. I just joined. I’ve been over at TL and while I still like them quite a bit, I know I’m in for trouble sooner or later given my feelings about this primary and my vote in November.

  124. Seriously, on June 9th, 2008 at 2:04 am Said:
    “What bothers me is the blatant support for a man that goes against principles”

    Welcome to our world, dude.

    *snicker* LOL.

  125. Seriously, that was way funny. I think I’m going to start using that whenever I can.

  126. Nope. They had been edged out by O’Connor for many important rulings. I felt very very sad when she decided to retire (but she did it for her family which is understandable). With Anthony Kennedy now the “swing” vote the court has shifted to the right and you can research the recent rulings that reflect that. It’s highly unlikely that Ginsberg will fall ill but O’Connor retired at 78.

    Why were you sad when she retired? Where you too young or too unaware to remember that she cast this deciding vote that put Bush in office, and was perfectly okay with the ruling that included wording that the ruling was applicable only to the current case and set no precedent? Or maybe you skipped where she confessed upon retirement that she knew what she and the SCOTUS was doing with regard to Bush was wrong and not supported, but that she honestly, and erroneously, assumed the Republicans would govern better? You obviously think she left for her family, but I think she was too much of a coward to correct what had become painfully evident to a significant portion of the citizenship, which is that Bush and his cronies are criminal, put in office by a criminal decision by the SCOTUS. She should have tried to correct that, instead of cashing in and going home to hide her head in shame.

  127. Hey RD!

    We usually cross paths around 3-4 am PST, when you’re getting up and I’m battling insomnia.

  128. VACardinal,

    Thank you for your kind words. And you’ll love it here. The Confluence is an oasis in the Desert of the Obambi.

  129. “Nope. They had been edged out by O’Connor for many important rulings.”

    Um. Yes, thanks. But then..she left the Court. And was replaced by Alito thanks to our spinelessness. Game over.

    “With Anthony Kennedy now the “swing” vote the court has shifted to the right and you can research the recent rulings that reflect that.”

    um. Yes. Thanks. See, that’s what i just said. They have a majority, and they will have it for a long, long time to come.

    “What’s that expression about noses and spite?”

    Well, first off, few people here support Mccain, but what’s that expression, if you’re %$#^&* over by Republican policies and tactics, but you don’ call yourself a Republican, does it make a sound? If you wnat to rove you’re better than your opponent, well, demonstrate it. Don’t demonstrate how you’re running with their playbook and then expect us all to refuse to believe the evidence of our own eyes.

  130. Sometimes a Court out of step with the public is for the best. Then Congress has to act. My sister told me that someof our biggest reforms has been when the public scoffed at the Court.

  131. Real question.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 75. What happens if she retires or falls ill in the next four years?

    Real answer: She’ll either retire or she may get ill in the next four years.


  132. John Paul Stevens is a spry 101.

    He eats a lot of yogurt.

  133. Well, I’m not for this:
    McCain 2008

    But then, I thought this:
    Obama 08

    was a pretty fricken horrible idea as well.

    We are disaffected over here. Get used to it.

  134. o-bot — it’s called jury nullification.

  135. i’d say more power to them, because i am planning on voting for mccain. but i’m not the blog owner, and it doesn”t matter what i think. This is rd and katiebird and ronk’s blog, and bb and maybe a few others. they’ve made it clear that though most of them are not supporting mccain, they’re fine with the few of us who are. Do you now get to declare eminent domain?

  136. Isn’t it funny how the bots no longer see any policy differences. Didn’t they say Hillary was a corporate neocon? I could have sworn…

    o-bot’s worn down my last nerve. I’m off to bed.

  137. Lori: A two-fer. My phrase exactly. Here’s how I see the hipster fanboiz for Obama: they don’t mind their privilege one bit but they hate being dorks. To them, Hillary is Mom (and all those women who refused a date with them) while Obama is their hip new friend from the hood. By backing Obama, they burnish their street cred and kick those bitches in the teeth at the same time. Despicable hypocrisy.

  138. ‘I honestly don’t see the policy differences between Obama and Clinton being that great.”

    Do you think that’s an effective talking point? So, they’re virtually the same candidate, and yet one was annointed our messiah and one was designated as primordial evil, her reputation, integrity, family etc. were all fair game to be destroyed in the name of party unity. Wow, knowing she’s really not a cancer and there was apparently something else motivating all this hatred–random drawing? hard day at the office?makes me feel much better about this whole thing. Can you give me the secret password to avoid being one of two identical people who shares the same fate?

  139. o-bot: But the whole idea of changing parties that defy core beliefs is just… odd to me.

    Good grief, this was promoted heavily by the Obama campaign — ‘Dems for a Day.’

  140. “We’re going start a write-in campaign no matter what.” or “The DNC are spineless bastards.” or “Our nomination process sucks” is proper venting’

    Do you see the problem with requiring someone else’s venting to meet your seal of approval? No one asked for your imput.

  141. o-bot,

    last thought before I go to bed: I’m not into mob-style protection rackets like the Democrats are offering this year. I think we can help remake the Republican party. I mean, heck, y’all did it with the Democratic party. It can’t be that hard.

  142. Seriously – No one asked for your imput.

    It’s hilarious. The Obama campaign ran around recruiting Republicans who hate Hillary to be Dems for just one day to their benefit. So called ‘progressive’ bloggers pitched in w/ this effort. Now the lectures on not switching parties for one cycle?

  143. Annabellep — LOL.

  144. Man, excellent points hrl and seriously. I forgot the Dem for a Day campaign. I didn’t plan on voting for McCain (unless he runs with Palin), but maybe I could be a Rep for a day if it meant a lesson was learned, and certain power brokers were ousted.

  145. anabellep — even the bloggers at OpenLeft (haha) were running around philly to register Republicans to Stop! Hillary!

    What goes around, comes around.

  146. “No one asked for your imput.”

    This is the internet 99% of opinions aired are not requested. And 45% of all statistics are made up.

    “I think we can help remake the Republican party.”

    Yeah. The Republican party is just one big ol’ tent.

  147. lol annabellep

    “The Obama campaign ran around recruiting Republicans who hate Hillary to be Dems for just one day to their benefit. So called ‘progressive’ bloggers pitched in w/ this effort. Now the lectures on not switching parties for one cycle?”

    well, at least it’s a principled stand. the o’s can honestly say they weren’t in favor of disenfranchsing fl residents. only the democrats. they wanted Republicans to vote as many times as possible, it’s superenfranchisment.

  148. e-bot’s comment has been seen before!

    Welcome to our world, dude.

    I honestly don’t see the policy differences between Obama and Clinton being that great. Tell me what they are and I will feel “welcomed”.

  149. superenfranchisment! hysterical! That’s got to be the modern day equivalent of antidisestablishmentarianism.

  150. Action taken!

    Dear Donna Brazile,

    I’m so honored that you are a woman of your word and will be quitting the DNC.

    I must say I had doubts as to your integrity because you didn’t seem that neutral. Of course, if you weren’t some media’ s “undeclared” or “undecided” or whatever you called yourself when you were selling Obama, how would the average viewer be able to totally discount all of the right-wing Clinton hatred that your network was spewing? How would you have claimed that income from them if you had not pretended to be open to both candidates?

    I find the fact that the DNC rigged the election so disgusting that this lifelong Democrat won’t vote for Obama and is inclined to vote for McCain.

    I will respect you for honoring your word. The DNC is a putrid place these days. Fair play was why I was I was a Democrat instead of a Republican. Can you imagine how successful Hillary Clinton would have been if she hadn’t been trashed by an “indolent” (RFK, Jr.’s word) and negligent media? What if we had a real Fourth Estate in this country?



    Lifelong Democrat who thinks the man in the box looks pretty good compared to the company Obama has kept.

  151. “This is the internet 99% of opinions aired are not requested.”

    we were so lost without these tidbits. the point is, nobody cares what you think. if your intent is to persuade people to your position, expecting people to jump through hoops to ‘justify’ themselves to your satisfaction? really poor technique. you might try, probably not here but maybe in RL, ‘this is why you should consider doing this’ over ‘this is what i’m allowing you to do. this is what i will accept you saying. this is who you must vote for.’ Really, pass that on to the rest of the gang while they’re out alienating voters, it’ll really help. save, ‘your style of venting is unacceptable to me!’ to people who actually care about you, like your family and friends.

  152. Annabellep — Love it! Great idea — since all these loathsome “recovering republicans” like Kos and Arrianna took over our party, maybe we should make a run on their old party and change it for the better It wasn’t all that long ago that the republican party was the progressive party — Teddy Roosevelt anyone?

  153. Yeah. The Republican party is just one big ol’ tent.

    At least as big as the Democrats’ tent now that women, the elderly, working class, and latinos have been held at the gate.

    Look, here’s the bottom line. You have no control. Because you support Obama you have no credibility here, and your arguments will continue to fall on deaf ears. You’ll just have to wait and see if people come around, and that might be more likely if you Obama supporters would just SYFPHs already.

  154. “e-bot’s comment has been seen before!”

    oh dang, we’re not supposed to engage with them, right? sorry.

  155. NOW supported the hyper-qualified woman:”History, Legacy, and the Shame of Media,” unlike NARL, which went for the $$$, and Steinem whose quick jump for the unqualified man was disappointing, but maybe there was never anything to her.

    Thank you, NOW. There is some decency left in the world.


  156. Here’s the article:

    History, Legacy, and the Shame of Media

    Below the Belt: A Biweekly Column by NOW President Kim Gandy

    June 05, 2008

    My daughters don’t remember much about the 2004 presidential election, except for the “ReDefeat Bush” sign that decorated our lawn for two years. Now 12 and 15, they’ve been watching this long and unprecedented nomination battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the frontrunners for their party’s nod.

    What their mother sees as historic and groundbreaking, they see as normal and everyday, and I’m now realizing that they’ll never even remember a time when the only conceivable frontrunners were white and male. Hillary and Barack were their introduction to presidential politics, and that will be one of the great legacies of this primary season.

    Not to say that I’ve been entirely sanguine about their watching the television coverage. I had hoped they would be inspired to watch these historic campaigns unfold, but as the blight of unspeakable media sexism has grown stronger with each passing primary, I started turning off the “news.” The unprecedented level of misogyny unleashed by heretofore unlabeled sexists is another of the season’s legacies.

    Indeed, Hillary Clinton’s campaign inspired millions of women across the country, and the increased female voter turnout has helped many women running for Congress or local office in those primaries – but will those women candidates now face a media gauntlet that is more about their gender than their qualifications?

    Yes, Hillary Clinton persevered to win contest after contest, despite the ridicule, scorn and derision that was heaped on her by the frat-boy commentariat, and we salute her courage and determination not to allow the self-important pundit class to drum her out of the race with their endless name-calling. But will that treatment be the norm for women who run in the future? Has it become acceptable?

    Television commentary on her voice, her laugh, her clapping, her clothing, even her ankles – not to mention calling her a bitch and a she-devil, and comparing her to a crazed murderer, a hated ex-wife or a scolding mother – became so commonplace that we came to expect it. And Hillary rose above it, as we knew she would, but it took a toll on her campaign and on all of us. We should vow today, here and now, that we will not allow the media to do it to any woman ever again.

    The worst offenders, NBC and CNN, have been hearing from women who are fed up with their bias and sexism, but that’s not enough. For my next column, I’m working on the sexist media “Hall of Shame” – and yes, you’ll have an opportunity to weigh in with your own nominations.

    Until then, a salute to Hillary Clinton, who said on Tuesday: “I made you — and everyone who supported me — a promise: to stand up for our shared values and to never back down. I’m going to keep that promise today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life.”

    Hillary, you have made a mark on history for eternity, giving little girls and little boys the full knowledge that women can compete, take risks, take the heat, make hard decisions, and be strong leaders. Whether you are President, Vice President, on the Supreme Court, serving as the Senate Majority Leader or just plain being the best-ever senator for New York and for ALL of us, we will be with you — as we work together for equality for all, and a better, safer, more peaceful world for everyone, not just the privileged few. Yes, we will. Thank you, Hillary.

    Send a thank you card to Hillary!


  157. O-bot, seriously, this blog is not America. It is not a “free country.” We don’t care how you feel and we reserve the right to stop listening to you feel it.

    Please, go be confused elsewhere.

  158. CB,

    I’ve missed something — has the Brazile Nut gone the way of the dodo bird? Is she really taking a powder?

  159. I am not voting for McCain, I am voting against Obama and the Donna Brazile/Howard Dean DNC. It is that simple.

  160. From NQ via Hillbuzz:

    DNC = The boyz from Brazile

  161. Goog Morning, and welcome to another day of PsyOps brought to you by the Obama campaign of corruption.

    Obama = Nation of Islam

  162. The 15 states strategy
    Shrinking the electoral map.

    From now on, the great majority of Americans can be excused if they barely realize a presidential election is under way. They will see virtually no TV ads, visits by candidates or local news coverage.

    That’s because this campaign, like the last two, will focus on about 15 competitive states. Both parties see the other states as reliably in their camps and not needing attention, or totally out of reach and not worth the effort and expense of trying to win them. In either case, these states will largely be ignored.”
    I doubt McCain will be as lazy. After all, it’s not him, but BO who made the deal to take a dive.
    But this article informs us of our options. The 15 staters PUMAS go MCCain. The rest of us – have all the other options as well.

  163. O-bot is probably nowhere to be seen anymore, but I’d just like to tell him if he were to get my unsolicited opinion on why I won’t vote for Obama, we’d be here all day.

    Unsolicited opinion wars! Bring it on! My biggest issue is that thinking about all the reasons why I can’t stand Obama would raise my blood pressure.

    Donna Brazille: Don’t quit, Donna! She’ll be really helpful for the 527 ad in the states dominated by working class voters. When polls show they still don’t support her candidate, she’ll throw more hissy fits, she can’t help herself. I’m stocking up on popcorn.

  164. Obots start their vile character assassin attack on Mc. And Mc bloggers don’t know how to deal with Obots. Mc bloggers made decent comment like we did back in Jan-Feb. Obots called Mc a loser fought in the war for loser, the VC should have killed him, bla bla bla. They showed no respect for Mc’s services to the country.

    I have been giving Mc people some tips. Don’t defend. Attack! There are so many weaknesses that they can use, Wright, Rezko, Farrakhan, Father Freak, Odinga, Iran will wipe of Israel from the map, Hamas called voters for BO, etc.

  165. Did anyone catch today’s “SPIN” on CNN!
    NOW they are giving suggestions to OBAMA; to
    high-light his “BI-RACIAL” make-up. This might help him with the “BLUE-COLLAR” white working class vote. HOW INSULTING!!!
    He lost that vote for “2” reasons, NEITHER WERE ABOUT RACE!!
    1- “POOR JUDGEMENT” regarding REV. WRIGHT!!
    It was OBAMA who made this about race when he gave that “SPEECH”, instead of answering direct questions about judgement!
    ** He broke public trust @ that point & should have withdrawn.”IN MY OPINION”!
    2-“BIITER COMMENT”, when phone-banking for Hillary
    these 2 statements were repeated time & again. I also made calls “before” these things & the questions were about “experience” NOT TRUST!!
    Many of them may not have college degree’s ; but NEVER UNDER-ESTIMATE HOW SHARP THEIR “PEOPLE SKILLS ARE”!!

  166. My latest Righteous RANT:

    PUMAs v Fukwit Misogynists
    by wangmo | June 7, 2008 – 4:33pm

  167. I am in the swing state of Florida-I want every one to know I am a real democrat and I cant say that John McCain is a bad choice when compared to Senator Obama-specially when his leash will be held by a strong strong democrat majority in the house and senate.

    That said, I have seen a clip of this Naval Acedemy boy of a military Admiral jump out of a burning jet on the USS Forestal and roll through the flames grab a sailor and drag him to safety. Even while he was engulfed in a fireball he does not drop the sailor but gets him to safety.
    I do not see in Senator Obama’s character this same quality of risking your own life for your fellow man. I think in the same situation he would not have behaved in the same manner.

    Or am I missing something? He (Senator Obama)seems to throw everyone under a bus when he is finished with them. Or their presence becomes a barrier to his ultimate goal?

    Just wondring


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