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Dear Claire, save your breath

After all, you didn’t use it when it would actually, you know, count. From the NYTimes this am we have Clinton Bloc Becomes the Prize for Election Day:

The Obama campaign will fight back, after waiting a respectful beat or two. In conversations with Mr. Obama and his aides, “I’ve tried to make sure that everyone understood that these women have a right to feel frustrated and angry,” said Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, an important ally who is one of his leading emissaries to women. “To try to make that less than real is a huge mistake.”

As he declared himself the nominee on Tuesday, Mr. Obama cut a particularly woman-friendly figure on stage, dedicating his speech to his grandmother and affectionately bumping fists with his wife, Michelle.

Indeed, descriptions of those women, along with his mother and daughters, will be regular features of Mr. Obama’s speeches, Ms. Sebelius said. Women will ultimately choose Mr. Obama not because of symbolic overtures, she added, but because of his stances on health care, the economy and education, areas where his positions closely resemble Mrs. Clinton’s.

The key, Ms. McCaskill said, is approaching Mrs. Clinton’s supporters with utmost humility. And, Ms. Backus added, that is not always the strongest suit of the young people who are some of Mr. Obama’s most enthusiastic supporters.

“Not nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh,” Ms. McCaskill said, making a taunting sound. “We need them very, very badly, and we shouldn’t be able to be afraid to say that we need them.”

What is the Obama campaign saying here, Claire? It’s going to gives us a few days to get over it before it launches a new offensive at us? That we’re just another enemy that needs to be subdued? Do you think we don’t have the sweeties psychological warfare all figured out?

Jeez, Claire, where were you before now? I guess it was Ok to let all of the intimidation and caucus manipulation and voter suppression and misogyny go on while your guy was winning. You have allied yourself with a man whose enablers sat on Hillary Clinton’s delegates in Florida and Michigan. You are with the man who cut the voters’ voices in half in those two states and stole four of her delegates. The RBC gave him HER delegates using the most ridiculous rationale imaginable. We saw it. The whole country was watching this travesty that was played out like the antics of a high school student council handing the election over to the popular BMOC.

This isn’t high school, Claire. This is the most powerful nation in the world. The time to speak out, to get your forces under control, to listen to us was before it all went down. That was when it was important to behave responsibly, to act ethically with all voters in mind, to not piss off your biggest voting bloc.

You and the other Obama superdelegates have zero credibility with us. ZERO. We won’t listen to you. We can’t be “reasoned” with. We aren’t stupid people who need to now be soothed. We’re adults. You had your chance to make your case to us and you blew it. You and your media can have a summer long lovefest for all I care. I’m not listening to you. I have more important things to do that make sure your hollow prop of a candidate gets enough votes to push him over the finish line in November.

It’s my vote. You are not entitled to it and I am not giving it up to anyone I can not respect. And I don’t have to listen to you.

PUMAs, I’ve mentioned this before but it bears repeating: Turn off the media. Watch only CSPAN. Be careful what you read. If it feels like guilt, it’s probably David Axelrod upping the Haka. We have to stick together and not let anyone or anything get under our skin. Remember, this is the guy who wouldn’t campaign in Kentucky because he thought the Applacahian vote wasn’t worth his time of day. This is the guy who took delegates away from his opponent in order to “win”. This is the guy whose enablers have been screaming for Clinton to quit since Iowa. And most of all, this is the guy who LOST CA, NJ, NY, MA, PA, OH, TX, FL and MI. He LOST them. No other Democratic nominee has ever been allowed to fail so spectacularly. We do not reward failure. We do not reward sexism. We do not reward cheating. We do not reward disrespect.
Turn off the media. Turn off Claire McCaskill. Turn off Barack Obama.

116 Responses

  1. Behold the newest marketing campaign. I wonder if Axlelrod’s list is as follows:
    1. Women
    2. Old farts
    3. Latinos
    4. Smart hillbillies
    5. Dumb hillbillies
    6. the bitter
    7. Papists
    8. people living in cardboard boxes
    Or something like that. He is not called a marketing genius for nothing.

  2. Obamanation reminds me of domestic batterers/abusers. The classic cycle of abuse includes a “honeymoon” phase when they want to kiss and make up with their victims.

    But when the victims fall for it, the cycle starts over.

  3. I’m at a loss for words.
    Wait! On second thought, I’m not:
    Claire is an idiot.

  4. All the Obama campaign has ever offered is symbols. There has never been one ioata of substance to it.

    Now, McCaskill thinks that just saying “Sweetie” instead of “Bit**” will get women to fall in line.

    After about a couple sentences of buttering you up, expect them to guilt trip you on RoeVsWade.

  5. And Claire McSkill is the same Genius who, along with John Kerry, proclaimed that Barack Obama would be more effective with terrorists (because terrorists are Islamic), because Obama is black.

    W. T. F. I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or hang my head in shame that there were people as ill-informed and bigoted as these two, and running for public office in this country.

    (I can look for the video link somewhere, but I think I found it either on this site or on other Hillary sites after the Geraldine Ferraro uproar in March)

  6. The only way to “make it up” to us is to make Hillary the nominee. And I’m not sure even that would cover it. I’d have to see enthusiastic support from all corners, including former Obama campaign and the MSM.

  7. I suspect that unless Hillary allows herself to be publically stoned this morning, it won’t be enough for the obots.

    McCaskill can just shut up.

  8. This makes me remember something I saw posted on another blog -it’s like a rapist shwoing up the day after with flowers and candy. Outrageous and disgusting. I think anyone who has a daughter, a mother or a wife, anyone with a female in their life that they love should be beside themselves with fury.

  9. Claire can go Cheney herself…and BO if that’s what makes her happy.

  10. Moving my post up here:


    According to the conservative NRO blog Campaign Spot, the Repubs have a “confident” estimate that Obama has 46.5 million in the bank and the DNC has a measly 4.4 million. The McCain people have 31.5 million in the bank and the RNC has a whopping $53.6 million in the bank.

    They also said he had a huge burn rate in April (114%) which suggests to me that he has to spend a ton of money in states that are not his natural constituency. We’ll have to see what their quarterly intake is when they announce them. Obama’s money take has been going down (but still historically high) since his huge intake early in the year but will the new Clinton donors add a lot to his coffers or will they be tepid (I bet the polls will decide how enthusiastic they are to contribute).

    Other news from the other side:

    The McCain people think the political environment is their toughest hurdle. But they have polls that said that McCain’s political profile matches the electorate more than Obama does (55% said they thought Obama was liberal). I think they’ll copy the Bush strategy and make their opponent the issue just like they did with Kerry.

    On states, they said they would have lost to Hillary by 10 points in Arkansas but they would win by 10 against Obama, they will use Arnold in California and Lieberman in Connecticut, and New Hampshire is like his “second home.” They also said they will compete vigorously in Nevada and New Mexico and noted that he got 70% of the Hispanic vote in Arizona – his immigration stance helps more in the GE than in the primary and they consider blue states, Washington, Oregon, Maine, Wisconsin, and Michigan to be in play. In Pennsylvania, 12% of Democrats said they will not vote for BO.

    They expect a 10 point Obama bounce in June after Obama becomes the presumptive nominee but will come down after that.

    On Hillocrats, I’m quoting the actual blog post:

    “Later in the conversation, asked if he could be certain these individuals would really vote for McCain, he responded, “they’re talking about endorsing us, so I think they’ll vote for us.” Asked which states they were getting the calls from, they said all over, but specifically mentioned Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Maryland. “In almost every state, there’s a core that’s starting to build, and we’re putting names on paper.”

  11. Forgot to add that they consider New Jersey to be in play.

  12. WS: New Jersey will be a cinch for McCain to win if he has the right message and there is one message that reverberates with all New Jerseyans. TAXES.

  13. I cannot speak for women, but if Obama wants to turn his ticket from one I don’t care about to one I outright hate, let him keep putting Claire McCaskill in front of us.

    Talk about somebody who rubs who the wrong way.

  14. The Dem leadership seems to assume this year is a slam-dunk for whoever the nominee is. I think they are mistaken.

    The country is unhappy with Bush, but not as much with the GOP. McCain isn’t Bush, and his “maverick” reputation will help him with independents.

    The big Democratic tidal wave of 2006 was dependent on a few key races and scandals, such as “macaca” and Mark Foley, and the momentum has been squandered by the Dem leadership (“impeachment is off the table”)

  15. I don’t know where the smiley came from. That was supposed to be just a “end parentheses” symbol by itself.

  16. Clueless Claire, has it ever dawned on you that on May 31, 2008, you sealed the fate of your Presumptuous Nominee with millions of voters? That you stole an election in broad daylight? How does that make you better than “the other guy”? You may think I’m hurt and angry, but, actually, I’m fed up and disgusted. Nothing, repeat nothing you can say or do will ever make me vote for an illegitimate candidate or to continue to support an entire party that applauds sleazy, Chicago-style politics.

  17. I am a McCaskill constituent who wrote her numerous times about her misguided Obama cheerleading, and finally got the courtesy of a form letter reply.

    May 20, 2008

    Dear Friend,

    During the last few months, you contacted me at my Senate office to discuss the Presidential race and my endorsement of Senator Barack Obama.

    Senate rules do not allow me to utilize official resources to answer correspondence principally related to political campaigns. Thus, I am responding to you from my campaign to explain the thoughts and reasoning behind my endorsement of Senator Barack Obama’s campaign for the Presidency.

    This was not an easy decision. The Democratic Party has fielded several strong candidates for President of the United States this year, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I have the utmost respect for Sen. Clinton based on her role shaping public policy and her time in the United States Senate. And, electing a strong, capable woman to become President of the United States is a dream I hope to see come true in my lifetime.

    However, at this moment in history, we need a special person, with intellect and vision, who can stop the political games, unite our country, and bring fundamental change. I believe Barack Obama is that person. As a bonus, he has motivated a new generation to participate and has convinced many Americans that they need to be part of the changes we desperately need.

    As I said in an op-ed with Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius that appeared in the Wall Street Journal:

    Once in a generation, an opportunity comes along — not just for the Democratic Party, but for the United States of America — to build a new majority for change. Barack Obama’s candidacy offers us that opportunity … For the sake of our party and our country, we cannot let this opportunity pass. Now is the time to build a coalition of Democrats, independents and Republicans that finally stretches across Red States and Blue States. Now is the time for us to have the courage to choose to change. Now is the time for Barack Obama.

    There are rumors on the Internet calling into question Senator Obama’s patriotism and faith. I know Senator Obama well and know him to be a loving family man, a devout Christian and a man who is as proud of his country as he is of his own children. Rumor and innuendo always play a role in politics, a trend that has been magnified by the Internet, but I urge you to look past the lies that have been created by those who wish to maintain the status quo and see Senator Obama for the gifted leader that he truly is.

    When this primary election season is over, it will be time for us to come together as a party and I have no doubt that Democrats will unite behind our nominee. It is my belief that we will be joined by Independents and Republicans who are ready for a change, and I believe that Barack Obama will bring the change this country needs.

    If you are interested in learning more about Sen. Obama or wish to volunteer for his campaign, please visit his website at http://www.barackobama.com.


    Claire McCaskill

    Say WHAT? Maybe I’m dense, but I don’t see an explanation for her support in there anywhere. Just the assurance that we will all come together, kumbaya. And oh, would I like to volunteer for his campaign?

    I can’t wait to vote against Claire. She has been a huge disappointment to me.

  18. Some of my Obama supporting friends always ask me if its fair to hold what his supporters say against him. That question is so ridiculous I don’t even bother to answer it anymore.

  19. We should point up how, even now in “defeat”, the news articles and newscasters show their cruel, women-hating, woman-dissing attack on Hillary. She is given no credit for her amazing wins over the Annointed One, but instead “lose Clinton” is ridiculed and disgustingly chastised for her failed “power play”! We should keep track of ALL of these rants for presentation at the convention or in “hillary responder” articles. Perhaps the Democratic party (never mind that many of us will choose to opt out of it) is in need of some kind of vigilant hate-speech board to whom candidates can immediately appeal in order to have statements appraised by an apropriate standing committee for possible censure! It’s obvious that consciousnesses are NOT being raised IN THE LEAST when it comes to women! (In my judgment they have gotten worse, especially given women’s achievements.) We need to find a way to do for sexist speech what Blacks have done for racist speech. At the same time this imaginary board should rule on unfair “race card” or “sex card” attacks (as when Obamites construed as racist the mere existence of a demographic of white working people.

  20. LGBTs are another group of “sweeties” who are now receiving token overtures from Obama. See Sapphocrat’s post on Obama’s conference call to gays and lesbians. Appeals from Melissa Etheridge and other gay celebrities will not be enough to win me over.

  21. No wonder the Democratic Party created the famous expression “Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory”

    The Democratic Gamble


    How did I get myself into this party lead by professional losers?

  22. I’m moving my post here too ;)) –

    Good morning .. Does anyone have an article about how BO is gonna pay off Hillary’s debt ?? – I am posting on another board – with ’some’ people overloaded on sugar and they keep saying that ‘Hillary has to work for BO to pay off her debts ‘ .. Puleeez I need some article to put this to rest .. I have all ready told them that .. ‘he needs HER fundraisers , supporters money .. etc.. but an article would sure help addressing this issue .. also Is She allowed to legally pay off whatever we don’t .. ??

    t. You ..

    as if you didn’t all ready know NOBAMA ever for me

  23. Got tp hell Claire.
    Got to hell Obama.

    Like Katiebird, I spit on you .

  24. Reading the phrase “approaching Mrs. Clinton’s supporters with utmost humility” in that article made throw up in my mouth a little.

  25. “If this were the 1980s, the heyday of gender-specific self-help books, the bestseller of the year would be ‘Women Who Just Won’t Quit and the Men Who Shame Them.’ Thankfully, we’ve moved on. (Sorry, Chris Matthews, but we have.)”

    Read the rest:

    “Feminist Leader Says No to Obama”


  26. The Dem leadership seems to assume this year is a slam-dunk for whoever the nominee is. I think they are mistaken.
    It was.

  27. RD, I always thought Obama plays into the worst Democratic stereotypes (sanctimonious hypocrisy, diversity for diversity’s sake instead of looking at character, and out of touch/looking down at people who are not like them) just like Bush played into the worst Republican stereotypes.

    And yes, McCain would be wise to incite a tax revolt in New Jersey. They already have two tax issues to use, his proposal to lift the payroll cap and raising the capital gains tax to 28%. I remember Kos making fun of Republicans who always were pushing for New Jersey but never winning there. He doesn’t consider the reason why New Jersey is even flirting with Republicans and maybe they just haven’t found the right Republican.

  28. The question is who paid Obama to cut in line and ruin the Democratic Party’s chances in November?

  29. What has happened to this country, and the Democratic Party? Can someone explain to me why the Kennedys, the Kerry’s, the Edward’s, the Carter’s et.al.are supporting someone with basically 1 year domestic experience, and no foreign policy experience? With the mess Bushie has left our country in, and they are pushing this guy, just dumbfounds me. Is it Hillary hate, or what is it?

  30. A Missourian here. Yes, Claire has been a HUGE disappointment. If there wasn’t the backlash against the GOP in 2006, she would not be in the Senate today. I have also written to her office. It was a few months ago–nothing in response.

    Claire is about Claire. She sees Obama as a way to move up. Remember the botched Kerry joke about Bush and Iraq–the response should have been ‘hey it was a bad joke, get over it’. Claire, naturally, told everyone that ‘we don’t need stuff like that’, pretty much throwing Kerry under the bus.

  31. RD- Thank you, thank you for saying what most of us feel. I have stopped watching all “news” channels- I peek at Fox every now and then, but I see it too has been infiltrated by Barfy supporters. Every time I see a “Democratic Strategist” I know it’s one more nauseating hack pushing the empty suit down our throats. I don’t care if Hillary yells her support from the mountain tops, I will never support or vote for such a disgusting man. Claire, Kerry, Dean, Pelosi, and company repulse me, I rather 4 years of McCain.
    They call us a “fringe” minority unwilling to support their chosen one. A few idiots have actually said our tempers will die down and we will “get in line beyond their nominee” in November. I know that won’t be the case with me and people I know. Feedback anyone?

  32. Poll on CNN about if Hillary speech will unite the party. Hmmm.

  33. listening to CNN, I can tell the pundits are very nervous about what Hillary will say.

  34. Dear Claire,

    Are you really that clueless? Do you not know that Clinton Democrats pretty much loathe you as much as they loathe Prima Donna Brazile? You are going to bring the sides together? Cause one woman is just like another woman, right?

    Clinton Democrats are upset because of the rampant sexism from YOUR candidate? Think we didn’t notice?

    Clinton Democrats are upset because of the blatant corruption that the Democratic Party didn’t even bother to hide on May 31st? Think we didn’t notice?

    Clinton Democrats are upset because we sent a majority of Democrats of to Washington D.C. in 2006 to end the war. You were among the most vocal about that. And have since done nothing about it. Think we didn’t notice?

    Clinton Democrats are upset because we know that we are on our own because both parties and the media are corrupt. Think we didn’t notice?

    I’ll believe that the government of the United States is a government of the peple and for the people when ALL the people of this country have the same medical insurance as you as a Senator have courtesy of the people of this country. Till then, Claire, you and all the other corrupt politicians in what was once my party can kiss… my vote goodbye.


  35. “The wounds of sexism need to be the subject of a national discussion,” the chairman, Howard Dean, said in an interview

    No, Howard. A “discussion” is a consolation prize, and the PUMA movement is not contending for “Miss Congeniality”.

    And it’s not just “female problems”, Howard. As a post-racial, post-partisan, post-feminist red-blooded American male, I’m appalled at what I saw done to Mrs. Clinton, and what it means to my female friends and relatives of all generations, but especially the young ones.

    I’m also appalled at my former partys rejection of the candidate who could have demonstratively closed the gender gap — the candidate who best reflected guys’ perspectives — the one who is instinctively interested in how stuff works, and how to make stuff work, and not just how everybody feels about how everybody else feels about stuff.

    And I’m unalterably opposed to the people who by their action or inaction put us in this position of having no fit candidate for President on either major party ballot.

    The wheel turns, Howard, and it grinds exceeding fine.

  36. Denise W,
    My take is, the average person who is not too political, will most likely vote for Obama. But, there is a strong movement out there and I think WE can keep it alive, and help it grow. Once people know they are not alone, things start to snowball, hence, a movement is born..

  37. Video of Howard Dean’s speech this morning at the MN state DFL (Democratic Party) convention:

    “The Democratic National Committee and the Obama campaign are unified, and we’re working together to elect Senator Obama as president of the United States. This has been a hard-fought race, and at times there have been bitter disagreements. The time for those disagreements is over.”

    There’s that word “bitter” again.

  38. The idea that Hillary can “deliver” her supporters votes is ridiculous. There is no Hillary equivalent of Orange Kool-Aid. Hillary supporters have supported her *in spite* of being told what to do. Her supporters aren’t the just-tell-us-what-to-think-and-do types.

  39. I think myiq2xu has it exactly right: this is the classic cycle of violence used by batterers.

    If someone had told me a year ago that our household of two Southern California feminist lesbian social workers was planning to cast a vote for McCain for president (unless he puts Huckabee on the ticket), I would have told you that we had probably gone crazy.

    No, the Democratic party went crazy–not us.

    Now the McCain thing isn’t final. We may just sit it out. But the point is, we’re finished with the Democratic party.

  40. Well said, Riverdaughter. You have the pulse of 18 million strong.

  41. When Obama was jabbing her in the beginning he said words that will echo into November for me – “I can get her votes but she can’t get mine”.

    And if I waver, I only have to hear Donna Brazille and Nancy Pelosi to put me back on course.


  42. Candy Crowley’s “analysis” is making my stomach. Crowley, he lost the popular vote, disenfranchised two states, and the DNC played favorites.

  43. EDIT making my stomach turn

  44. The idea that Hillary can “deliver” her supporters votes is ridiculous. There is no Hillary equivalent of Orange Kool-Aid. Hillary supporters have supported her *in spite* of being told what to do. Her supporters aren’t the just-tell-us-what-to-think-and-do types.

    That is so true. We have supported Hillary inspire of being told that she is bad, a liar, whines, evil etc. How did Hillary manage to get this far while fighting five opponents.

  45. CNN has a live stream up of Hillary’s speech. The hall is packed. I haven’t been able to find a link to the stream on the HillaryClinton.com website, at least yet.

  46. looks like cspan will be carrying it

  47. marip, on June 7th, 2008 at 11:28 am Said:
    What has happened to this country, and the Democratic Party? Can someone explain to me why the Kennedys, the Kerry’s, the Edward’s, the Carter’s et.al.are supporting someone with basically 1 year domestic experience, and no foreign policy experience? With the mess Bushie has left our country in, and they are pushing this guy, just dumbfounds me. Is it Hillary hate, or what is it?


    marip – they are obviously politically tone deaf. Kerry and Gore lost because they couldn’t get the middle. They have completely ignored the book “What’s the Matter With Kansas”. Carter was on tv saying he doesn’t believe there are red states and blue states. Kerry and Kennedy ignored their own state primary result.

    They really do deserve to lose the general. They are not listening to the voters, only to media hype and looking at the money.

  48. In light of NARAL’s abandonment of HRC, I will be supporting Planned Parenthood from now on.

    “DFL” stands for “Democrat-Farmer-Labor,” i.e. the Democratic Party of Minnesota.

    Yes, it’s THAT Al Franken.

    “DFL U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken took another blow on Thursday with news that Planned Parenthood has gone on the offensive against the comedian for a comic soft-porn piece he once wrote for Playboy magazine.”

    “The discontent among women’s groups could be raised further with the revelation this morning that Franken was quoted in a 1995 New York magazine piece brainstorming a comedy skit for Saturday Night Live that involved drugging and raping former CBS reporter Leslie Stahl and raping CBS reporter Mike Wallace.”





  49. Four words for you McCatskill:

    P arty
    U nity
    M y
    A ss!

    The DNC & RBC CHEATED and you know, I know it – the whole world knows it.

    So fuck off and fuck you.

  50. It doesn’t matter what gets said now, it is too late. The last several months have been a real eye opening experience and it has shown me that there has been no real change to how women in general are treated. We are still considered to be second class and an after thought to any decision made. We have not really progressed beyond the ‘should be seen and not heard’ stage. Even worse we are often taken for granted as we generally in the past have given in and gone along.

    All the sucking up and faux concern over the misogyny and sexist behavior is not going to change how I will vote. If anything I have become more firm in my stance. Not a good thing, when I consider myself to be a quiet decision maker. I will not change my mind.

    Many years ago I decided I never shop at Walmart because of their predatory corporate behavior, nor would I every buy a Japanese car. Last week, I bought a new car. After almost 30 years, I broke my promise to myself and bought a Japanese car. I named it ‘Sweetie’, so I would remember everyday just how much we as a group we have not progressed and actually been lied to when the powers that be have said ‘don’t worry we’ll get to it’.

    No, I won’t be forgetting.

  51. A*** forwarded this to my Hillary group’s email list:

    Dr. Tyson is a brilliant, funny, and highly respected African American astrophysicist.

    Vote by Numbers

    Published: June 6, 2008
    IT appears that Hillary Clinton is going to suspend her presidential campaign this weekend, at the urging of Democratic Party leaders and superdelegates. Before that happens, Mrs. Clinton and the superdelegates might want to know this: if the general election were held today, Barack Obama would lose to John McCain, while Mr. McCain would lose to Mrs. Clinton.



  52. nope it isn’t gonna happen
    hearing obama voice is the same as bush…sorely full of shit
    nope….i will never vote for obama
    puma party solidarity
    they blew it big time….they will lose

  53. Can’t wait for Obama to say about us PUMAs:
    “I didn’t know they were like that”
    when we hand him that “landslide defeat”!

  54. Phoenix,

    Someone needs to do a psychological study of the women who support this unqualified, misogynistic, loser.

  55. You need us very badly? WE KNOW! That’s why we’re voting against BO, you fool!

    Not only is he the least qualified to be prez, his supporters and DC elite insiders have driven a irreparable wedge in the party. Is she really so stupid to think Hillary supporters are just “hurt” and “emotional?”

    Of all the BO supporters, McCaskill has been one of the WORST.

    Little does she know, her schmoozing us now is too little, too late. I DETEST that witch.

  56. ” the candidate who best reflected guys’ perspectives — the one who is instinctively interested in how stuff works, and how to make stuff work, and not just how everybody feels about how everybody else feels about stuff.”

    That’s sn icredibly sexist statement. So is supporting McCain.


  57. Barack Obama would lose to John McCain, while Mr. McCain would lose to Mrs. Clinton.

    So it will be in Nov. too! I reject Obama now and I will reject him in Nov. This ‘sweetie’ is just not going ‘to get over’ it in a ‘couple of days’.

  58. ginainkc — It’s simple. Claire thinks Obama is magic. He’s some kind of Lightsaber, or whatever that new-agey columnist in the SF Chron was babbling about.

  59. Right on, riverdaughter! Obama/Axelrod/Claire – none of them respect or value any of us and they do NOT deserve our respect or our votes!

  60. Tina — Deal with it.

  61. Laney-
    I think some who voted for Hillary will get in line and vote for the DNC’s choice, -BUT- many of her strong supporters will either vote McCain or stay home. I know of Hillary supporters that are not politically passionate as many of us here, their choices always were Hillary 1st, McCain 2nd. These people don’t blog or protest, but their decision will be clear in November.

  62. ronkseattle wrote: ”And I’m unalterably opposed to the people who by their action or inaction put us in this position of having no fit candidate for President on either major party ballot.”

    Yep, it’s Dumb vs. Dumber.

  63. jmac,

    thanks for answering my question. what really makes my blood boil, is that Bill Clinton went out, a few days after open heart surgery, and campaigned for john kerry, and then that bastard turned traitor on him.

    i hope the whole bunch of them lose their senate seats to a better person next election.

  64. Denise,

    I agree! My mind is made up. Not sure how much difference it will make in NC. McCain likely to carry my state anyway, but recent polls indicated HC could have turned this long time red state blue! More evidence of the stupidity of the SuperD’s who SELECTED our candidate.

    I also agree with whoever said those not paying a lot of attention will vote Democrat. Had two of those at my home this morning chastising me for considering voting for McCain. I gave them the Barack treatment – listing his weaknesses and sleazy relationships. Neither of them were aware of most of what I told them (they’re now on my email list.).

    And those who think for women it’s about sexism, it’s ALSO about competency. This Party has nominated the least qualified candidate.PERIOD. I would be just as outraged had they SELECTED Obama over Joe Biden! (although I doubt Joe would EVER have experienced such bias in the media.)

    But, until the convention votes in August, Obama is NOT my nominee – he’s only presumptive. IF he’s elected at that time, that’s when my registration goes from (Lifetime) Democrat to “unaffiliated”. and I WILL vote for John McCain. (a NO VOTE is the same as a vote for Obama.)

  65. Rangel up on cspan – introducing Hillary maybe.

  66. Obama’s going to use McCaskill and Sebelius to convince us to return to the fold? Hey, why not add Napalitano, Gregorie, Oprah, Pelosi and even Michelle to the Bring Women Back Task Force? At least that will put most of the prominent female asses in the same place; then we can ignore them all at once.

  67. Some a$$hole on C-span radio is telling us we are “silly” if we stay home or don’t vote for Obama because he “represents our values.” I guess he’s a mindreader. I’ve got news for him: Obama is so far from representing my values, he might as well be a Republican.

  68. Obama supporters on C-span just can’t let the Hill-hate go, even now. One AA woman talked of poor Chelsea having to put up with an immoral, lying mother [!], and says, like so many others, that if we can’t support Obama, well, then, we’re just not real Democrats.

    Very persuasive. You know, I think they’re right. Me, loyal Dem since 1968 is switching to Indy. The thing is, my hubby, adult daughter, sister, and brother-in-law are coming with me.

  69. Hillary is entering the hall.

  70. Claire doesn’t understand that I don’t vote for Obama because he is weak and inexperienced. With or without Hillary’s endorsement, he is still weak and inexperienced. Honoring his wife and grandma and daughters simply demonstrates his naive approach to issues. I never thought he was against women. (I don’t know yet if he is. Frankly, most of us know little to nothing about him.) It was the media, and some of his hysterical supporters who are against women. Get this! I voted for Hillary because she is intelligent and knowledgeable. If she is not a candidate, I will vote for McCain because he is knowledgeable, though not really intelligent.

  71. I agree- not voting is the same as a vote for Obama, the same thing as voting for a 3rd party, or writing in Hillary’s name ( doing this might even be cast for Obama!) – That is why I WILL be voting McCain -that is like 2 votes against Obama. I can never forgive how Hillary was savaged- by the media, by Barky and his supporters, and by the DNC- As I watch her now give her speech (with a gun to her head by the DNC and Obama) my heart is full of sadness and the only thing that gives me comfort is knowing I, like many of us, will never forgive…or forget. .

  72. Oh, no! She said “endorse.” Sorry, Hillary, but I won’t support Barry O.

  73. We all knew what Hillary was going to say. She had to. She is a smart and gracious lady. She will be ready and ACCEPTED when Obama goes down in flames. That may be soon or it may be in 2012 after 4 years of McCain. We will be here for her whenever it is..

    By the way she “suspended” her campaign. Is that different than conceding to him and ending her campaign? Was that a subtle message?

    NEVER Obama!!!!!

  74. I will be emailing Claire and letting her know that we hold her complicit in making us “less than real” and to please close her trap acting like she knows anything about women.

  75. NO NO NO -I will never support Obama! Hillary can throw roses all along his path- I will never accept this joke of a man. This incompetent, racist, sexist fool- That Hillary, an accomplished woman has to demean herself and carry his water is beyond the pale. Hillary must do what she must do- But I am not some mindless party loyalist. The DNC has demonstrated they are as despicable and disgusting as BUSH and company. Axelrod is Obama’s Rove (I wonder if Barky calls Axel Turd Blossom also?)

  76. Obamatrons really ARE retarded.

  77. They need “Mom” to explain everything, slowly.

  78. I’ve been lurking out here since I found your site a little while before WV. I’m a guy, my wife actually likes Barry. I can’t convince her otherwise, so it goes.

    What prompted me to write is the piece about how Barry would be “…approaching Mrs. Clinton’s supporters with utmost humility” It’s kind’a late for that tactic.

    Back in December, Hillary wasn’t even my second choice, it wasn’t until the Bamarhoids began saying that everyone who doesn’t support The Precious is a racist that I became a Hillary supporter.

    I”m not really connected to women’s issues. But the absolute vile comments from the Obamatrons was beyond the pale. That he didn’t silence them is what I’m PO’d about. And that Howard Dean allowed the RFK flap to reach the crescendo of insanity, pushed me out of the Dem party that I joined when I voted for McGovern.

    In the 80’s I swore I’d never vote for another Republican so I’ll be leaving the Presidential line blank this November. If McCain wins, then maybe Dean, Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy et al will have some time to contemplate their mistakes.

    Til then, all emails are automatically junked and all snail mail is round filed – unopened.

  79. Sorry, but I am at a loss to understand all of the bitterness and hatred toward Barack Obama here. There’s absolutely no support for the notion that he “stole” the nomination. It seems like people here take exception to to him gaving the gall to run in the first place because it was Hillary’s turn and she had some sort of entitlement to the nomination.

    And I really do not understand how supporting John McCain will advance the causes that Hillary holds dear — abortion rights, an end to the war, universal health care, etc. Doing so would be completely irrational.

  80. Dear Reason;

    I can only speak for myself, the other Conflucians will (I’m quite sure) tell you of their feelings.

    I am not claiming that Barry could not win the nomination on his own. I am bent out of shape because the RBC gave 4 delegates that Hillary had won to The Chosen One. He should have had to scrap and claw for every vote – it’s good practice for November. Stolen? I’m not claiming that.

    You’re typical of the Obamatrons who think that Hillary supporters are incensed because He chose to run in the first place. That’s not it at all. I, personally, am outraged at the treatment Hillary & Bill recieved by the Obama supporters (the media is insane with Clinton hatred and can’t help themselves). With one statement The Precious could have shut down the chants of “iron my shirts”, “monster”, “drive a stake through her heart”, “why won’t the stupid bitch quit” etc, etc, ad infinitum. But, he did not, that, to me, is unforgivable.

  81. Dear Runstadrey,

    Re: the four votes, the reports I’ve read from Donna Brazile and others say that the Obama campaign had the votes on the RBC to get a 50-50 split of delegates from Michigan, but instead conceded to the MI Dem party’s compromise to give her the win. Remember, up until that point, she had ZERO delegates. Instead she 60-some. I think you’re referring to the fact that if the MI primary had been counted as-is, without Obama on the ticket and with no campaign, then she would have gotten four more delegates. Fine, assuming that’s the case, those are a drop in the bucket compared to the 250+ delegates Obama won by. Those four votes had absolutely no impact on the overwhelming lead Obama had.

    Regarding sexist comments made by chauvinists on the campaign trail, these were of course not Obama emissaries. Trying to project them onto Obama and associate him with them is completely irrational.

    And yes, it seems that many Hillary supporters are upset that Obama ran in the first place. They say so explicitly on the Hilllary campaign blog. The notion is that he should have waited because he took away her opportunity to be the first president.

    It is time to move on and support the candidate that will champion women’s issues — Barack Obama. Supporting McCain would really be shooting yourself in the foot and would be a sort of sour grapes and self-hatred gone nuclear. Voting for the personal diametrically opposed to Hillary’s values to prove devotion to Hillary is absurd. I hope everyone here will take some time to think seriously about this and allow reason to prevail over raw emotions.

  82. Claire can go to hell, along with Obama and the women who “will be regular features of Mr. Obama’s speeches”. I don’t want to vote for a figure of speech, someone’s rhetorical device, someone’s tool, a rule, a script, a string of unscripted “uh’s” and “ah’s” and pregnant pauses. Isn’t it late to proclaim your need of us? You’re looking insincere and hypocritical and needy and clingy Claire and Obama and Donna and Howard and Nancy and….

  83. Dear Reason;

    Like I said, BHO would in all probabliity have been the winner without the underhanded tactics of the RBC. But, that he did so is not representative of MY Democratic party’s methods.

    When you excuse the misogyny by claiming they weren’t campaign emissaries, well, that is just a little incredulous. BHO could have shut that down with a single word. Websites were an integral part of his campaign strategy, that he would be powerless to influence what is allowed on them is just not believable. Members of MY Democratic party would not tolerate that kind of crap from anyone.

    Other Hillary supporters may be ready to move on, but I’m not ready to make nice. I’ve cancelled my membership in the Democratic party. The presidential candidate of MY Democratic party does not claim Social Security is in crisis, does not believe the 80’s were good and the 90’s were bad, and does not consider opt-in to be universal health care.

    If you succeed in beating McCain in Nov, congrats – but you will do so without me.

  84. “We need them very, very badly,”

    Yes, yes you do. Go blow.

  85. Reason Huh? Who are you to reason with anyone. You have a perfect right to your opinion. Beyond that you need to leave other people alone with theirs.

    I don’t need some Obamacrat to explain the campaign to me. I’ve been right here watching it. And the Democratic Nominee is a misogynist-race baiting, lying, empty suit and the DNC is as corrupt as the RNC. If you think you have any chance of making the people here into “collaborators” in the corruption of our party you are delusional.

    Others may find your post worth reading. This is my first and last response to anything you have to say. Much as I loathe Obama, I loathe his followers more.

  86. Looks like Obama is gradually painting himself into a very tight corner. Throughout his political career he won by skilfully adopted certain political stances, but at the same time he never embraced them wholeheartedly, so as to jettison them when it became convenient. That’s how he’d won elections, with Alice Palmer being an early “beneficiary” of his campaign style. But by now the baggage of jettisoned ideologies, positions, and political allies has become quite visible, severely limiting his freedom to maneuver. He’s not quite the “blank slate” he used to be. And we are all Alice Palmer now…

  87. Runstadrey,

    I certainly don’t excuse misogyny — not sure how you got that from my post. Obama did repudiate Fr. Whatshisname’s comments about Hillary because they had been broadcast across the airwaves, but would have been misguided to issue a press release about a heckler here or there — doing so would have given them a voice and attracted attention to them. Just because a candidate does not specifically comment on every bad thing that an individual says who is not connected with him does not mean that he doesn’t disagree with them.

    And yes, there are some subtle difference in policy between Obama and Clinton. But would you really prefer McCain to Obama? Do you think McCain will better represent your interests? I am sorry that you are disappointed about Hillary’s loss. But were you more interested in the cult of personality or effecting policy change? Would those changes be better supported by McCain?

  88. “And I really do not understand how supporting John McCain will advance the causes that Hillary holds dear — abortion rights, an end to the war, universal health care, etc. Doing so would be completely irrational.”

    Well now, Obama supporters evidently claim monopoly on rationality?

    Let me explain clearly: if McCain wins, it means an expanded Democratic majority in 2010, and an even better position from which to launch the Democratic comeback. The concept of McCain checked by a Dem congress does not scare me. If Obama wins, Dems likely lose Congress in 2010.

  89. “And yes, there are some subtle difference in policy between Obama and Clinton. But would you really prefer McCain to Obama? Do you think McCain will better represent your interests? I am sorry that you are disappointed about Hillary’s loss. But were you more interested in the cult of personality or effecting policy change? Would those changes be better supported by McCain?”

    The differences are not subtle. Hillary is for universal health care, Obama is not. I suspect Obama would be cool with privatizing Social Security and a whole manner of other conservative projects.

    Overall, Obama was not the “change” candidate in this election, Hillary was. Obama is the establishment candidate. I mean, do you really believe that Senator for Life Kennedy really endorsed Obama because he feels the ways of Washington need changing? And where’s his record of effecting change anywhere? Chicago and Illinois politics are none the better for having him as part of it, and he’s had no measurable impact on the US Senate. To quote the “racist” Bill Clinton, the whole thing is a fairy tale.

  90. Reason, the web masters he could have influenced were Markos, Aravosis, DeLong, and their ilk. They could have said that comments like ‘monster’, ‘stake through the heart’ were out of bounds and deleted them. Is that open discussion? Of course not. But they were de facto parts of the Obama campaign, integral parts. I can bet you next months pay that if Hillary supporters had said the obverse on their sites, it would have drawn a stern rebuke, maybe not public but effective none the less.

    It’s the ridiculous claim that ‘he had no control’ over the most important part of his strategy that is just — unbelievable. And finally, unforgivable.

    Nothing you say can convince me that he didn’t tacitly support these vile tactics.

  91. “Nothing you say can convince me…” This is the classic irrational response — refusal to adjust one’s views with new information.

    Mike, do you really believe that Obama was supporting a web campaign of sexism in order to win? Dignifying sexist comments with a response only draws more attention to them.

    And do you really think that supporting McCain will support a democratic majority. I don’t follow the reasoning.

    Again, it is time to step away from the cult of personality and to think reasonably about supporting a candidate that will best advance your goals and interests.

  92. The NYT article cheering Obama’s victory speech said that he dedicated the speech to his grandmother. Wrong. I watched it live. He thanked many people, including his wife and children. He mentioned his grandmother as an afterthought, evidenced by the “oops” pause in his delivery. Watch it-clearly he forgot and recovered at the last moment.
    Claire McCaskill making goo-goo eyes at Obama makes me sick. I think she believes he will reward her with a big promotion.

  93. “Mike, do you really believe that Obama was supporting a web campaign of sexism in order to win? Dignifying sexist comments with a response only draws more attention to them.”

    Yes, that is what I believe. Odd that Obama did not have a problem “dignifying” Wright and Pfleger with responses, when what they said hurt *him*.

    “And do you really think that supporting McCain will support a democratic majority. I don’t follow the reasoning.”

    American Government 101 time: Typically, the party that holds the White House loses seats in Congress in the mid-term election. McCain would have to be a stupendously popular president (you know, Bill Clinton-like) to reverse that pattern. The GOP did pick up seats in 2002, but that was thanks to 9/11 and Bush’s uptick in popularity.

    “Again, it is time to step away from the cult of personality and to think reasonably about supporting a candidate that will best advance your goals and interests.”

    Thank you, I have already done that. Since I know my goals and interests better than you do, I guess you’ll just have to accept my decision as being better grounded than your belief as to what would be best for me.

  94. How about this one REASON! Many of us don’t think he’s QUALIFIED period. Is that plain enough for you. Not one post here even mentions Clinton feeling entitled. You must have brought that crap from another board. Good talking point though.

    And what about this one. Do you recall everyone moaning and complaining when Obama had the popular vote lead and Clinton has the delegate lead the cry from Obama and surrogates about how if they STEAL this election from the will of the people… There was going to rioting in Denver if superdelegates when against the WILL of the people. Nice threat. Glad that once he passed Clinton in the delegate count it all went back to the candidate with the most delegates should be the nominee.

    In essence dear Reason, the process was FIXED. Just accept you backed the selected one and go about your business. You won’t be swaying anyone on this board. Maybe the Taylor Marsh board would be more appropriate for you.

    Oh, I forgot, you lost most of us when you used Brazile as your source of information. Read what Harold Ickes has to say and then get back to us.

    C ya! Is that the right way to say it?

  95. I just got a fund raising email from Howard Dean..

    sorry but my reply was very strong..and i cussed..i don’t care..i was a 2004 delegate for Florida..and i am mad..well even i would say angry beyond mere words..this was my reply on removing myself from their emails..
    strong language alert!!

    Fuck you Howard Dean ..you stole my VOTE ..now you will never get it..i am ripping up my dem registration card and i am going to re-register as a repig..i might as well ..they stole my vote first..and they did it better ..go straight to hell and take Alice Germond and the rest of the crooks with you!

    Donna Brazile said you didn’t need me so now go fuck yourselves! You will never have me again..hell will have to freeze over and the devil hand out ice cubes before i vote for your crook Obama! get the money from the college kids ..and the crooks who stole my country and my vote!

    never again..never again!

    I will never ever ever vote for that Chicago crook!

    Fuck you! There are consequences for your actions..I am an American before anything..you stole my vote..you will never get it again! You broke your own rules..you filth!

    My husband , Father and grandfather who served on the USS Arizona fought for that vote you stole..so go to hell!

    Unsubscribe Confirmation

    The email address xxxxxxxx@aol.com has been removed from all future mailings.

    It may take up to 12 hours for your unsubscribe to take effect.

    a very angry fly …

    who just learned that Donna Brazile said Obama may now..nowwwwwwwww seat the entire Florida delegation..

    ps..i was a 2004 elected delegate for the state of Florida..

    pss..i got this email last night from my counties DEC Chair..and i went off on her as well!

    Subject: Need Help Housing College Students

    We need assistance with housing college students from out of town who are volunteering for Obama.

    Monday, June 16th thru Saturday, July 26th.

    It can be a spare bedroom, a pullout couch, or just a space on the floor for an air mattress. They will be out of the house all day (normally from 9 until 9, 7 days a week), and they will provide their own food and transportation.

    Please e-mail me your contact info, how many students you can house, and the location of your residence by this Sunday 5pm. I will forward your information and someone will contact you about your generous offer.

  96. Mike,

    “Yes, that is what I believe. Odd that Obama did not have a problem “dignifying” Wright and Pfleger with responses, when what they said hurt *him*.”

    These were already broadcast in the media, forcing a response. It would be silly to draw attention to individual hecklers, this giving a platform for their chauvinist messages.

    “American Government 101 time: Typically, the party that holds the White House loses seats in Congress in the mid-term election. McCain would have to be a stupendously popular president (you know, Bill Clinton-like) to reverse that pattern. The GOP did pick up seats in 2002, but that was thanks to 9/11 and Bush’s uptick in popularity.”

    So, in general, your strategy is to vote for the opposite party for president of the one you’d like to see influence policy? Are you generally a Republican voter for president and democratic voter for Congress? This is indeed a bizarre strategy, given the power the president has in crafting the budget, vetoing legislation, starting wars, etc. Witness the current democratic congress’s limited ability to reverse Bush’s policies.

    I also do not understand Bonita’s reasoning that the process was “FIXED”. If it was, it was fixed by Clinton senior advisor Harold Ickes and Campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe who literally wrote the rules. She had the entire party establishment, Clinton fundraising machine, and name-recognition behind her. Claims that Obama, a first-term Senator had it “fixed” in the face of her well-established party machine are not credible. Before even the start of the primaries, she had a WIDE lead of party insider superdelegate support that Obama had to slowly whiddle away at through the course of the election.

  97. Pheeew, finally a site where I don’t have to read what a traitor I’m going to be for not voting for St. Obama.!

    Why any woman, after witnessing how the party threw us under the bus, allowed Hillary to be savaged and sat silently by and expect us to go out and vote for their illegitimate, behind closed doors brokered selected candidate and let bygone be bygone, can possibly think about legitimizing their actions by even considering voting for him.

    I refuse, even if I’m the last one standing! I will never let the party take my vote for granted! ever again!

  98. Mike,

    “These were already broadcast in the media, forcing a response. It would be silly to draw attention to individual hecklers, this giving a platform for their chauvinist messages.”

    Well, Chris Matthews and quite a few others broadcast misogyny throughout the campaign, with no push-back from Obama. He looked the other way because he benefited from it. Just as he looked the other way on Wright’s nonsense–as long as he benefited from it. You really want someone like this to be a Democratic Party president?

    “So, in general, your strategy is to vote for the opposite party for president of the one you’d like to see influence policy?”

    No, I was merely explaining the “rationality” behind not voting for Obama in order to stop McCain.

    “Are you generally a Republican voter for president and democratic voter for Congress?”

    No, I always vote straight party ticket. And I will do this November–except that I’ll write in Hillary.

    “Witness the current democratic congress’s limited ability to reverse Bush’s policies.”

    No, the problem is not limited ability, it’s limited willingness. The Democratic Party could impeach Bush, just as the GOP impeached Clinton. All it takes is a simple majority in the House, which the Dems possess. It’s just that they don’t want to.

    And, frankly, the same lack of willingness applies to Obama. His flag pin flip-flop shows he’ll quickly fold as soon as his national security credentials are impugned.

  99. Just to follow up on the rationality for not supporting Obama as a way to stop McCain: if we have to have a bad, weak, failed one-term president, I’d rather let it be a Republican. By all means, let Republicans reap the whirlwind from having invaded Iraq. But if Obama walks in there, it becomes his war, and if anything goes bad it will be his fault and, by extension, the fault of the Democratic Party. So you’d have a combination of a weak, indecisive, easily cowed president (putting on additional flag pins won’t change that) and a war whose ending demands bold and decisive and, frankly, politically risky decisions. I don’t see Obama making such decisions.

  100. We will remember when it’s time to vote for you, Claire.

    For the first time in my life, I’m voting for a GOP. I want McCain to win because it’s better to deal with him for four years, than Obama for eight.

  101. We KNOW about the Supreme Court and the judiciary. That’s why we wanted HRC as Prez. Maybe you should have thought about that when you backed this empty suit, Obama.

  102. “So the entire rationale for helping to elect McCain is that Obama was not strong enough in fighting off Hillary’s hecklers for her?”

    No, it’s that he’s a cynical opportunist with no discernible political principles other than pursuit of power for himself. He’s all about amassing more power. That’s all he’s ever done.

    “I still do not understand how voting in such a way that will support McCain will “stop McCain.”

    I never said anything about stopping McCain. As I wrote elsewhere, I’d rather have a failed Republican president than a failed Democratic president. I haven’t seen anything that would convince me Obama has got what it takes to reverse the excesses of the Bush era–rather the opposite.

    “It is extraordinary how the bitterness”

    Geez, what’s next? Are you going to accuse me of clinging to guns or religion?

    “in not having your first preference fuels your completely irrational choices — biting off your nose to spite your face.”

    Now, do you actually sincerely believe that leading off with accusations of bitterness and irrationality makes for a convincing argument? Do you respond positively to people who start off proclaiming you a moron?

    “The next president will likely make major choices like Supreme Court appointments and how many humans will continue to die in Iraq.”

    True. I already explained elsewhere why I believe McCain is more likely to end the war in Iraq than Obama (I apologize for my irrationality). As to the Court appointments, well, I guess it will be up to the Senate Democrats to exercise their Constitutional duty to advise and consent? If some retrograde idiot gets into the Court, it will be only because the Democratic Party let him through.

    “Will you really allow your egotism about not getting your first choice allow you to make a choice in the general election that will directly contravene your own values?”

    Please. This is not the first election where I haven’t gotten my first choice. My ego is not so big that it can’t be easily swallowed, if need be. And I would add egotism to the list of epithets that are unlikely to get a positive response from your interlocutor. So, to review: bitterness, irrationality, egotism–bad, bad rhetorical devices. Trust me.

  103. As I understand it, the rationale for helping to elect McCain is (1) to discredit and punish Obama’s campaign of misogyny and racial politics, (2) to resist the movement of the Democratic party away from Joe & Jane Six-Pack and towards Whole Foods shoppers, (3) to punish the overt favoritism show by the DNC towards Obama at Clinton’s expense (and Edwards’, and Biden’s, and …) I mean, Donna Brazille, impartial? Stop it.

    I’m sure Clinton in her speech today did not mean to damn Obama with faint praise referring to his work as a community organizer, state senator, and less than one term in the US Senate, but that’s the way it sounded to me, particularly contrasted with Clinton’s 40 years of public service. Obama does not cross a basic threshold of experience and credibility. That renders hand-wringing about the SCOTUS (which his already lost) or Iraq or what-have-you less than persuasive.

    We are now faced with a choice between probably the single least qualified candidate produced by either party in my adult life in Barack Obama, and the wrong man with the wrong ideas and the wrong experience at the wrong time in John McCain. It’s not a choice between the lesser of two evils; it’s an evil choice between two lessers.

    Unlike many here, I have not decided what to do in November. But I have decided that I’m not going to send money or ask friends and family to support Obama like I did for Clinton. I just don’t believe in the guy. Sorry.

  104. For God’s sake, what is it with smileys where close-parentheses are intended?

  105. I’m another Missouri voter who will never support Claire McCaskill or for that matter, Susan Montee, both of whom came out early for Obama on the recommendation of their teenage children.

    Get a load of this interview on our local NBC affiliate, where Claire says a Republican vice-president is a possibility. Gag me a thousand times.


  106. FreakyBeaky — There are stronger reasons than that … and the time is coming.

    “Reason” — In common with most posters who adopt similar names, you clearly have a limited grasp of the subject and no grasp of your limitations.

    Your scoldings here from an imaginary “rational” perspective are not well-formed or well-founded, they’re not amusing, and they’re taking up space. Move along now.

  107. What a vote for McCain does is create GRIDLOCK with a democratic congress if he wins the election.

    GRIDLOCK is what we want if an inexperienced, proven corrupt, proven racist, proven associations with those who wish to harm our country. proven dishonesty on the campaign and in his books, a wife who is racist and “isn’t proud of our country” becomes president.

  108. How do you think I feel? I live in missouri. This woman is my senator. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t backing Hillary to begin with. Ick.

  109. “As he declared himself the nominee on Tuesday, Mr. Obama cut a particularly woman-friendly figure on stage, dedicating his speech to his grandmother and affectionately bumping fists with his wife, Michelle.”

    What a laugh – affectionately bumping fists!!!

    I prefer the warm compassion the Clinton’s show by hugging each other with big, genuinely proud smiles on their faces.

  110. Actually maybe teh Dem ‘elders’ know that being prez for the next 4 years is a no win situation /whosever in that position is going to be blamed for the recession and the Iraq war) and indeed would cause the loss of the Dem majority in Congress and the loss of any near-future presidencies. They mighta shoved Barack across the line because they know Hillary had a better chance of winning. I’ve been asking myself why they are propping up the most-likely-to-lose-the-GE candidate (along with pissing off the Dem base) and someone’s comment above just triggered this (longwinded) thought. If this is the case, than people who won’t be voting Dem for prez ’08 will be doing what teh Dem Party wants. In essense, saving the Dem Party, in the long run, from certain destruction. I don’t know if this makes sense, but I’ll sure be watching what goes on in the next few months cuz I’m feeling really dismayed by my Senator Levin and everything that went on last Saturday to screw the voters and shove the limping Barack across the finish line.

  111. Claire McCaskill is actually one of the main reasons I will never vote for Barack Obama.

    After Hillary Clinton won Kentucky, Claire came out immediately and announced:
    “We don’t need Kentucky to win in November.”

    What she has since realized is that she DOES need our 18 million votes to win in November. What is the best way to punish the DNC for ignoring our voices?

    Ignore Claire McCaskill.

  112. “Reason”: Regarding sexist comments made by chauvinists on the campaign trail, these were of course not Obama emissaries. Trying to project them onto Obama and associate him with them is completely irrational.

    Uh, sorry “Reason”, but “sweetie” didn’t come out of an Obama emissary, it came straight from the horse’s mouth. Obama is a pig. His wife is equally vile and I do NOT want to see that woman representing the United States as First Lady. She is disgusting, with what flies out of her mouth.

  113. Sorry, but there is no other way to contact you, so I’m leaving this here, in hopes you will see it and respond. I have a message on my blog, http://pumas4change.wordpress.com, that claims you are ripping them off, that the PUMA name is theirs. Below is the comment and my reply. I can’t find David Kelsey anywhere online, nor can I find this guy on Facebook.


    a.g. // June 8, 2008 at 6:26 am (edit)

    I am the developer of the original PUMA group on Facebook. PUMA * Party Unity My Ass* was coined by David Kelsey. We are the original, and have sat idly by watching rip offs occur.
    PLEASE JOIN US ON FACEBOOK, OR OUR WEBSITE, http://www.swingcrats.org
    We are getting press, making a difference, and asking for nothing but your LOUD VOICES against our so called democratic process.

    pumas4change // June 8, 2008 at 4:43 pm (edit)

    A.G., I thought that someone else was the owner, riverdaughter her on wordpress. When you Google it, your site doesn’t come up at all.

    I’m not trying to rip you off, and as soon as you can show me some proof that you own it, I’ll give you credit here.

    As you can see by our name, we are PUMAS4CHANGE. I surely don’t want to steal anything from anyone, so email me and show me some proof, like a facebook post that was posted before riverdaughter’s, and I’ll be glad to acknowledge you and David as the starters of the movement.
    Since I want to be honest and fair, I would like to give credit where credit is due for the name. Can you prove to me without a doubt that you invented this name, and that you were the first one to post on it? I can’t find anyone else, and when I google “Party Unity My Ass”, you always come up.

    As an aside, I’ve asked you three times to please add me to your blogroll, and you don’t seem to want to, so I’m going to remove you from mine. Sorry, but tit for tat and all that.

    Also, the guy who runs PUMAPAC.ORG is an Obama supporter. Just thought you should know, since he is on your blogroll.


  114. I’ve been thinking about something long and hard. Everyone keeps singing praises about Obama’s faith. I come from a strong, Southern Baptist background. I went to church 3 times on Sunday, my mother’s church in the morning, my grandmothers church in the afternoon, and Sunday evening, back to my mother’s church for Training Union. Monday nights was prayer meeting and Bible study, Wednesday night was choir practice. Every summer was Bible school, and Girls Auxiliary, othewise known as the GA’s. We studied the Old and New Testament, had to write papers on what the Good Lord meant to me, and then we had coronation, where we dressed up in formal white gowns and we got our rewards according to the level. First you were a Lady in Waiting, then Queen, then Queen with a Septor, then Queen Regent. And on and on. Now, Obama loudly proclaims his religious convictions, yet he ridicules and marginalizes those bitter, gun-totin’, religion clinging blue collar voters in PA. What role does his faith play in his life, if he can make fun of people who “cling” to their religion? How pious and holy is a man really, that uses a persons religion to insult them and relegate them to a level where they are dehumanized and cast as desperate, illiterate, undedcated, unimportant? Everyone I know, that is a person of faith, use their faith every day to work, improve their lives, guide them to make right decisions that may be hard instead of the easier decisions that are wrong. They live their faith everyday to help their neighbors when they need it, to do the right thing and to live their lives with conviction and nobility of spirit. So, how does Obama reconcile his faith with his contempt for others of faith? How does he reconcile his faith to the cheap, shoddy, underhanded, crude, rude way that he has conducted this campaign? Stealing votes, inflaming the fires of racism, voter suppression, voter intimidation, rampant sexism, out right slander of President Bill Clinton and Senator Clinton’s records and legacy? The “she will do anything and say anything to win”. The Annie Oakley comment? The snub of her on national TV in the Senate at the State of the Union address? The middle finger single digit salute? The playing of “99 reasons but the bit** ain’t one of them”? Stealing her delegates from Michigan and Florida? Where was his faith and his Christian values when all of this was going on? Where was his Christian ideals when he sat in Jeremiah Wrights’ church and listened to a man cry racist, anti-American rhetoric? Where was his Christian ideals when Phlegar took the pulpit and criticized, dehumanized, insulted, and tried to humiliate Hillary Clinton? We saw for ourselves the kind of congregation Obama is a member of. Every single one of them were clapping their hands and crying Hallelujah and Amen as Phlegar continued his diatribe against Hillary as a greedy, power hungry racist. Those aren’t the Christian values I was raised with. I don’t even recognize the Word of God in those sermons, and I don’t recognize the Holy Spirit in that congregation. I don’t believe he is a Muslim, I never have believed that. What I do believe is that he is only religious, he is only Christian, when it becomes politically convenient for him to be. He is a performer, and a good one. He knows how to perform for the crowd that he is “preaching” to on any given day. He is quite a show man, and now it is time for him to perform for the hordes of angry Hillary Clinton supporters. The question is will we be an appreciative, captive audience?

  115. 2 questions:

    Thing 1: Is there a website that has the names of every single politician running for any office who supported Barry Obama?

    Thing 2: Is there a website that has the list of superdelegates who threw their support behind Obama despite the will of the voters in their state?


  116. Obama is an empty shell. Claire McCaskill is just another opportunistic politician hoping to gain power and influence by being someone to help fill the shell. Additionally, ACORN, was used to help get the black vote for her in St. Louis to defeat Talent, so she probably feels an obligation to pay back Obama for the favor. Politicians scratching the backs of each other. Yep, that’s change…not!

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