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The RBC Violation of DNC “Sunshine” Rules

The “Magic Number” is still 2025, or 2209. But its not 2118.

That’s because, in violation of the DNC charter, a secret meeting was held, and secret votes were taken — violations of specific Charter “sunshine rules” provisions. A deal was struck among Obama supporters on the committee to completely ignore what is known as the “fair reflection” rule (see note below), and to treat the constituency groups that had provided Hillary Clinton with considerable margins in two states (Hispanic/Latino voters, older voters, women, Jewish voters in Florida, older voters, working class voters, rural voters, and women in Michigan) as “half voters”.

These violations occurred with the direct knowledge and involvement of Party Secretary Alice Germond, and Co-chairs James Roosevelt and Alexis Herman. Because of their knowing and willful violation of Party rules, they should be stripped of all authority in the Party organization, and removed from the DNC entirely. And if Howard Dean or any other party official was cognizant of the violation of the Rules, they too should lose their jobs.

The Democratic Party Charter (Article 9, section 12) states “All meetings of…official party committees…shall be open to the public and votes shall not be taken by secret ballot.” Yet a two hour closed meeting in which business before the committee was discussed was held, and secret votes were taken during that meeting.

Here is the sequence of events:

  1. When the morning session was begun, an agenda for the afternoon session was announced. That agenda was not followed, but no vote was taken in public to change the agenda – that vote had to have been taken in secret, in violation of the rules.
  2. Throughout the morning session, members were admonished to use their time to focus on questions to those who made presentations because there would be time for discussion of the issues raised during the afternoon session. (At one point, after letting Donna Brazile make an extended statement that had no question, the chairs cut off Harold Ickes when he began to respond with his own statement, because it was not a question.
  3. When the meeting was reconvened, co-chair James Roosevelt announced that “Members over lunch have reviewed the testimony and oral arguments that were made/given this morning and are ready to proceed to motions….” No public vote was taken to proceed to motions, which means that a vote had to have been taken in secret for Roosevelt to make that announcement
  4. One member of the committee noted in regard to Michigan that “this resolution was not my first choice.” This is significant, because the challenge brought before the committee by the State of Michigan was for full voter representation, yet there was no discussion whatsoever of that aspect of the actual challenge brought forth by Michigan. A vote of some kind had to have been taken to not consider the “first choice” resolution, which was consistent with the challenge brought before the committee.
  5. Co-Chair Alexis Herman announced that three resolutions would be offered, and debate limited to 10 minutes on each resolution. No vote was taken in public to limit the number of resolutions to be offered, or to limit debate. A secret vote had to have been taken to allow that to happen.
  6. At the end of the morning session, a one hour lunch period was announced, the time for the meeting to reconvene was announced, and the public, which has a right to be present for all meetings, was instructed to be back in their seats in an hour.
  7. The public showed up on time. Neither Party Secretary Germond, nor Co-Chairs Roosevelt or Herman, showed up to reconvene at the appointed time. It was their responsibility as party officials to reconvene the meeting as announced. Their failure to show up is ndisputable evidence that they were active participants in the violation of the DNC Charter provisions.
  8. According to various news reports, and a personal conversation I had with Germond, business before the committee was discussed in the two hour period after lunch, and before the meeting reconvened. (Note that there is nothing wrong with discussions held during the one hour lunch period – it is the two hour period after the announced one hour lunch that violated the Charter.
  9. When the meeting was finally reconvened, the agenda was ignored, and resolutions and debate were restricted by executive fiat in violation of Roberts Rules of Order, which is the guide for how meetings are supposed to proceed.
  10. Herman stated that she was “really ready to go home” even before any discussion of the first motion was permitted.
  11. Herman announced the people who would be permitted to speak to the first motion, and announced it will be time for a vote.
  12. When asked why there was no extended discussion in the afternoon, Germond told me that the extended morning session had resolved the members’ questions. Yet, Germond also acknowledges that business before the committee was discussed during the two hour period between the end of lunch, and the reconvening of the meeting. Germond is clearly prevaricating, because both statements cannot be true.
  13. During the afternoon session various members of the committee made it clear that votes had been taken, and the results predetermined before the afternoon session had convened. One member knew that her resolution “has no chance of passing this body”. Another stated “there is no deal.” Neither statement could have been made absent some kind of vote in private.
  14. After the meeting, one member (Katz) of the RBC stated that Obama “had the votes” to impose his 50-50 split in Michigan. Clearly, some kind of secret vote had been taken at the secret meeting.

What all this adds up to is that the resolutions passed at the afternoon session can have no effect because the decisions themselves were made in secret in a corrupt manner that Obama’s supporters could not have done in public. The corruption of Alice Germond, James Roosevelt, and Alexis Herman, all of whom had a responsibility to stop the private “illegal” meeting and reconvene in public as scheduled, disqualifies them from any further participation in Democratic Party affairs.

Barack Obama and his supporters on the committee engineered a deal in secret to disenfranchise constituency groups that have consistently supported Democrats – and who have consistently supported Hillary Clinton during this primary season. These key constituencies were treated as “half citizens” in Florida and Michigan solely to benefit Obama.

And there can be no question that it was the intent of Barack Obama to provide different treatment to different voters. In Michigan, Obama had his representative demand that the delegates in Michigan be provided with full voting power, (while completely ignoring their votes, and demanding a 50-50 split) while demanding that Floridians – a state with large number of Jewish voters, Latino/Hispanic voters, and older voters –were to be given only half-representation. Obama’s position was so internally inconsistent that it can only be seen as an effort to disenfranchise those constituencies that have consistently supported Hillary Clinton, and provided her with a considerable margin in Florida among both delegates and the popular vote.

And “the rules” is no excuse. If “the rules” compel you to treat some Americans as being unequal to all other Americans, then there is something wrong with the rules. Anyone with an ounce of human dignity would recognize this, and take the easy and appropriate step of resigning from the RBC rather than enforce a provision of the rules that is an insult to human dignity.

Indeed, resignation wasn’t necessary – any member of that committee that truly believed in equality had another option. The vote was 12-15 against full enfranchisement of Flroida voters — if just three of the “rules are rules” contingent had left the room, those who were willing to treat Jewish, Latino, and women voters as deserving of full human rights would have prevailed. (A quorum call may have been necessary to establish a new ‘wroking majority’.)

The impact of the contempt displayed by Barack Obama toward not merely Hillary Clinton voters in general, but the women, Jewish voters, Hispanic/Latino voters, and older voters who have consistently provided far greater support to Clinton, cannot be underestimated. These voters are key to victory in November, and by insisting that these voters be treated as second class citizens, Barack Obama and the Rules and Bylaws Committee have signaled to those voters that the Democratic Party is more concerned with power politics than with representing their interests.


It should be noted that the concept of “fair reflection” is related to the actions of the voter – it is not, and cannot be interpreted as, “what the voter wished he could have done under other circumstances”. Rather, it is a requirement that delegates be apportioned by states based on the votes as they were cast.

Rule 13 A of the “Delegate Selection Rules” is entitled “FAIR REFLECTION OF PRSIDENTIAL PREFERENCESand it states:

Delegates shall be allocated in a fashion that fairly reflects the expressed presidential preference or uncommitted status of the primary voters or, if there is no binding primary, the convention and/or caucus participants. [emphasis added]

The rest of Rule 13 provides detailed information as to how to allocate delegates based on the results of the primary election. In no way can it be interpreted as being about “who people would have voted for if other peoples names were on the ballot”. The RBC had two choices – either accept the Michigan primary as a “fair reflection of the expressed presidential preferences” of the voters in Michigan, or deny Michigan any delegates whatsoever.

Obama’s supporters talked a lot about how important “the rules” were when disenfranchising Jewish, Latino/Hispanic, seniors, and women voters, but felt free to completely ignore the rules when it came to Michigan by literally stealing delegates that Michigan voters has awarded to Hillary Clinton, and giving them to Barack Obama. There is no greater evidence that it was not “the rules” that governed the RBC; instead, it was simply a power play designed to ensure that Barack Obama could declare victory on June 2.

This could not have been accomplished in public – the gross hypocrisy of the Donna Brazile and the rest of Obama’s corrupt supporters could not have withstood the “sunlight” that the “open meetings” provisions demand. This kind of corruption can only occur behind closed doors.

Finally,a personal note: it would be intellectually dishonest to pretend that the corruption is merely among Obama’s supporters – Harold Ickes and other Clinton supporters had an obligation to not merely go on the record in opposition to this corruption, but to be impassioned advocates for open and honest governance of the Democratic Party. Obama and his supporters are corrupt, but Harold Ickes and the Clinton supporters acted as enablers of this corruption, and cannot be held blameless for what happened. It may have been the “politically expedient” thing to do at the time, but “collegiality” and “unity” should never trump principles. Thus, personally, if Barack Obama is the nominee, I will leave the Democratic Party with no regrets.


205 Responses

  1. Wow, excellent info. Thanks so much for your hard work on this. I’m entirely with you. The way this went down leads me to one conclusion and one conclusion only–while I am still a democrat, the party is not. As such, they will lose my support this year, and for every year they continue to allow this authoritarian faction to rule.

  2. Good to see you here, Paul, and GREAT work as usual.

  3. Welcome to Confluence, plukasiak! And thank you for sharing this important story. Many of us watched in horror as the events of that day unfolded. And whatever the legal results — we’ll never go back to the relationships we had with the DNC before that.

    I’ve been a part of such meetings and I know how exactly the rules are followed — how an understanding of Roberts Rules of Order makes you powerful.

    It was bizarre to see those rules ignored. And now? I’m even more upset.

  4. There has been zero ethics – zero accountability for so long in politics (if I hear “pols do what pols do” one more time – I’m going to vomit) – the media lies for its own monetary reasons – welcome to chaos. Coup d’etat and it is not the Rethugs.

    What can we do? I will not accept a Rethug party in my name. They bully – no one was reading or comprehending the emails, phone calls – no one. That is the attitude across the board. Right now I am beyond words – but that will pass.

  5. I will join you in leaving the party with no regrets.

    This is an excellent post. Thank you for all of the research and work that went into it.

    It’s so difficult to understand the thinking that led the Democratic party to this point. It seems that the party leaders have been led to believe that they have to rig the rules or the Obama supporters will not support the party, but they assume that Clinton supporters will fall in line despite being cheated by the party. I think they underestimate us.

  6. I’m with Boo, what do we do, is someone going to file suit? As a member, shouldn’t a suit filed as a member be recognized using bad faith as a principle?

  7. What can we do?

    well, what I’d like to do is find ONE delegate to the convention that will submit a credentials challenge for Germond, Roosevelt, and Herman, based on their willful violation of DNC charter provisions.

  8. Boo Radly: “if I hear “pols do what pols do” one more time – I’m going to vomit”

    You won’t hear that phrase here. Because I feel the same way and, I don’t want to have to replace my keyboard.

    I’m not going to places that use that phrase.

  9. Great post! This is all too reminiscent of the 1968 convention, where a backroom deal robbed McGovern of the nomination. They say they’re trying to avoid that again, so they just did it BEFORE the convention. Bastards.

  10. pumas4change — I knew that some Kennedy delegates were supporting McGovern in 1968. But I didn’t remember that he ever had close to enough support to become the nominee.

    Could you recommend a book or article about it?

  11. So we need to contact our state delegates to the convention and see if they submit a credentials challenge?

  12. One question, do any of them have the balls to do it?

  13. re: a lawsuit —
    I think one could be done — DNC policy is that contributions to the DNC are refundable only if they are from the last three months. But the charter provisions I cited have been in effect far longer than that, and anyone who has given money to the DNC in the last four years should be able to demand a refund —

    I think that the refusal to refund contributions would be a cause for action as either “fraud” to “failure to perform under contract” provisions of civil law.==but I’m not a lawyer.

    And while I would hope that such a lawsuit would succeed, the very threat of being able to depose under oath people like Brazile would send shivers down the collective spine of the Dem leadership (let alone force them to give public testimony) ..

  14. Over 10,000 + Hillary Supporters United Under Common Caused Have Join Together To Stop The DNC and Their Violations Of The People

  15. Yeah, but my bet is that there is a binding arbitration clause in their somewhere

  16. sorry there somewhere

  17. Just checked some case law, Robert’s Rules of Order are not considered to be legally binding. Bad faith and duty of care may work in a suit.

  18. What are your chances of finding that one delegate, Paul? Surely there is one who is as pissed as we are…you’d hope.

  19. Paul – you are the MAN!!

    I knew that there was a reason WHY I felt like something wrong was going down after 4:15pm, none of the committee came out.

    Then I said, OH, it could be that they are waiting for the Shuttle launch at 5:00pm.

    But then after that happened, nothing.



  20. I am sure that there is one delegate, but is that “one” willing to piss off the entire DNC, because this would be one nasty, bloody fight?

  21. But in duty of care, the care would be the care given to honor the registered voters of the entire dem party.

  22. In the beginning – it was the thugishness, the total disregard for vetting that was amazing to me at first, then I just could not tolerate the abuse. The why of it is clear – like little children, using magical thinking and convoluted reasoning/arm twisting………it convinces no one with any principles to go along with the idgets.

    It is so stark – ravingly clear – this primary has not been legal, moral or just. The people’s votes do not count. Who will stand up for the voters?

    I no longer go to “those places” – I, like millions and millions of other voters want action. Of course, I would never vote for BO – duh.

  23. Boo Radly: “if I hear “pols do what pols do” one more time – I’m going to vomit”

    This is the most corrupting influence on Democracies. By that statement, a whole set of injustices is allowed to continue.


    Pols do what we demand of them. We the people.

  24. We cannot afford to wait eight years for 2008’s version of “Recount – This Time It’s The Democrats”. We need an immediate visual product that documents the laws broken, who broke them, who stood by and who didn’t. Even if it only turned out to be a viral Youtube type offering, it must be available so that it can be discussed by those who know the truth and those who are fighting against it. What happened in Florida and Michigan is criminal behavior that should be punishable by suspensions, expulsions, jail time and, of course, counting each vote and only assigning delegates who were actually earned. It’s sad that the vote counting would be considered by some Democrats as punishment but, since it seems to be what they are most afraid of, count away.

  25. Laken that is my fear, that we will sit idly by typing and not take action. Hillary Clinton will most likely never run again. This is her moment in history to be the first woman president.

    I love blogging and connecting to souls who feel my pain, but I am a firm believer in taking action, if we don’t this time, in four years will they just handpick and tell us voting at all isn’t necessary.

    I understand that is what has happened this cycle, but we were allowed to vote, it just didn’t count.

    There will be no other time like this time, to take action.

  26. Thanks for this timeline, RD. Of course, it appears nowhere in the MSM.

    Roberts’ Rules of Order don’t have the force of law, but they are supposed to keep the process transparent. Obviously, transparency was not the order of the day on Saturday, at least not as far as the DNC was concerned. To them, all they wanted was for the process to be OVER. Forget about whether they were choosing the best candidate, or the one most likely to beat McCain — better a weaker candidate now than a better candidate later.

    The Democratic Party: snatching defeat from the jaws of victory since the last millenium.

  27. It should be noted that James Roosevelt, in public, on-the-record Q&A in advance of the meeting, assured the Party membership that disputed representations would be debated in open public session with proposals and votes taken in open public session.

  28. Cool, Plukasiak. Thanks.

  29. This is a portion of the email I received from Mr. Ausman, who represented all of us half people in Florida. As you can see BO continues his political purge. What do you think???????

    Allan Katz, the representative for the Barack Obama campaign, has said the Obama campaign will be removing delegates and alternates so they can be replaced by others the campaign prefers.

    I do not know what the John Edwards campaign will be doing at this point.

    So, at immediate risk are the sixty-seven (67) persons chosen as Obama delegates and the alternates chosen to support Obama.

    I have strongly urged Commissioner Katz NOT to remove any delegates or alternates because I believe the news stories in the hometown papers of those removed would be detrimental to the unifying and healing process our Party needs as we make plans to promote Senator Obama’s campaign.

    I have also stated that since Senator Obama will control the floor passes and credentials of the Convention. Thus it would easy for the campaign to get those it feels need to be taken care of onto the floor of the Convention.

    These words have fallen on deaf ears. Whatever the reason, Commissioner Katz is going to use the power granted by the DNC RBC to remove persons already elected as delegates.

    All Obama delegates and alternates should contact the Obama campaign representatives and ask to be spared the pending purge.

    There are ways around this problem but I suspect this purge is personal rather than political.

    I have asked the DNC Delegate Staff Director, Phil McNamara, for directions on whether the delegation is replacing purged delegates (which means the full delegation votes on the replacement) or whether we are re-selecting delegates (which means the FDP SEC would select – with at least three candidates per position – replacements for the at-large and PLEO delegates while new Congressional District caucuses would need to be held for those selected at that level.

    The likelihood of Credentials Challenges being filed before the Credentials Committee of the Convention is sky high once the purge is announced.

    With respect, I am,

    Jon M. Ausman, Member

    Democratic National Committee


    PS I am sharing information about the DNC RBC vote. The likelihood of a purge is not something I asked for in my appeal but was something solely created by the DNC RBC.

  30. Kim….you’re right it would be one nasty bloody fight….but s/he would become an instant hero to millions! (Well, at least me!)

  31. Just checked some case law, Robert’s Rules of Order are not considered to be legally binding. Bad faith and duty of care may work in a suit.

    well, there is a charter provision (Art 9, Section 14) that states…

    “In the absense of other provisions, Roberts Rules of Order (as most recently revised) SHALL govern the conduct of all Democratic Party meetings” (emphasis added)

    The use of the word “shall” means that its mandatory as far as the Democratic Party is concerned — and members and contributors should be able to rely on proper conduct of meetings.

    I mean, RULES ARE RULES… right Donna Brazile? 😉

  32. No it was Donna’s mama with rules

  33. I don’t get this “purge” business, are they replacing chosen delegates with delegates of their choice?

  34. Hey,
    Just a note to say that I sent SD’s a letter last night and got a reply from one today saying:

    “Thank you for your message. I am a super delegate pledged to support Hillary Clinton. I am doing everything in my power to get her elected. I will stay with her until she releases her delegates.

    I am receiving 40 to 50 e-mails daily in support of Hillary. I try to answer them all if only briefly. If every delegate reads and pays attention to the letters that I am receiving, it should bring them over to Hillary’s side. Thank you for your work on behalf of Hillary Clinton. ”

    It is still important to contact the SD’s.

  35. re: finding a delegate….

    is anyone from Kentucky? I understand that their district/county meetings will be held this week, and that is where delegates are actually selected.

    The Ausman stuff is really scary — I’ll have to check the rules, because there are provisions that allow candidates to submit the names of people eligible to serve as delegates — but I think a credentials challenge could be mounted if they tired to replace any delegates elected at the district level.

    “Fair Reflection” also must mean that voters have a voice in the PLATFORM as well — and replacing delegates from district conventions so that Obama can impose his own platform would (I think) be a violation of the rules.

  36. Kim — don’t get this “purge” business

    Despite all formal positions to the contrary from ‘party leaders,’ the party is anything but ‘united.’

    P.U.M.A. is everywhere, even in places you wouldn’t expect.

    So, yeah, team BO wants to replace w/ loyalists.

  37. I posted this on the thread below but wanted to post it again here. I think one way we PUMA can start acting is to call out people like Rep. Andrews of New Jersey.

    Here is my post:

    Okay now I’m really angry. I went to clean the house and the whole article about the Rep. from New Jersey , Andrews, making that quote in the paper pissed me off about Hillary race baiting Jews against blacks in PA..

    I e-mailed him to name NAMES!!

    I think we should all call him out. If it’s true, then we can use that information however we see fit in the coming months to make our decision. But if it is false, all it does is perpetuate the race baiting. Someone needs to say enough is enough. Otherwise, what penalty does Rep. Andrews pay for making such a claim?

    Please join me in emailing him to demand that he give a NAME or offer an apology.

  38. CaseyInFL: I don’t quite get your post about replacing delegates. Is Ausman saying that Obama is trying to replace his pledged delegates with ones he thinks are “stronger” supporters of him? That sounds similar to a
    purge that was announced in my state, Calif, several
    months ago. It caused an uproar and was abandoned. If he’s replacing his own delegates, does it mean he anticipates a fight at the convention and he’s trying to prevent delegate attrition on the floor?

    Or is he now trying to replace Clinton’s pledged delegates?

    I hope to heaven Hillary doesn’t release her delegates.

    Sarah, thanks for your message. I will keep contacting SDs then, too. I’ve send hundreds a respectful email and only got one response, from an eighty year old lady who said she was sticking by Hillary too. I sent that round on Monday prior to SD and Montana’s primarys. Your message made me at least a little hopeful that continued efforts may be useful.

  39. I think the key point is not the violation of Roberts Rules as such, but the lack of transparency shown by the change in agenda.

  40. No to Corruption! No to Cheating! No to Intimidation! No to Condescension! No to Invisibility! No to a Party that can’t follow their own rules!
    No to a lesser candidate
    No to Obama.

    GO P.U.M.A!

    There’s no way we can reform the party from the inside because we have been SHUT OUT!

  41. Bonita — I saw that this morning. My assumption is that this stuff is getting put out there in response to Clinton as VP. I gave it the attention it deserved since he wouldn’t name a name — I suspect most feel the same way.

  42. Damn it, I just had to cancel my trip the Austin state convention otherwise I would have gladly sent up the challenge to the state convention.

    Good news is that I do have the agenda for the convention and I can contact some of the people going.

    Tell me what to tell them.

    By the way I’ve applied to be a National Delegate, so if I get that chance expect that challenge to go up.

  43. P arty
    U nity
    M y
    A ss!!!!

    There is no democracy without dissent!

  44. Look, the only way the Dem party gets rid of Obama and his minions are by giving them the most resounding landslide loss since McGovern in 1972.

    It will after all, make the history books.

  45. I just posted an email that I got from a SD in reply to my email to her last nite. Well, I just got ANOTHER email from another SD saying she is also sticking by HRC.

    PLEASE take the time to send the SD’s a note. I did last nite via this link…(i sent a form letter which i copied and pasted every time):



  46. Paul, if you’re recommending a lawsuit the first consideration should be who has standing. In other words, who has been injured? Equally, you need to consider the exact nature of the injury. Finally, is the court in a position to provide a reward to the injured party or parties. Frankly, I’m not sure who the DNC is answerable to in terms of its actions, although I understand there is some case law applying to state primaries, and the ability by the states to bring suit, since primaries (unlike caucuses) are funded by state appropriations. Do you have any thoughts on these issues?

  47. Sarah – you got an answer – good for you! I wrote mine for WNC last Friday and then on Monday – no answer yet. He declared for Clinton right after the NC primary. Who knows what these people are threatened with – BUT, just the fact that they are being pressured says a lot.

    From the amount of bullying of officials and blog sites, it feels like Gestapo Germany. Ah, new hope and change is sure nasty.

  48. Ericaleigh- hey
    Hillary is retaining her delegates in Florida and J. Edwards has not released his either. The purge , to my understanding , is a way to pay back political friends of BO, those that gave more $$$$ or more “time”. To me it is a prime exaple of Chicago style politics- pay to play. Just my thoughts.
    Thanks again for giving us a place to share and vent RD, you are the best.

  49. hi guys..

    I left taylor’s a couple of days ago.. have not looked back.. I’m making this my new blogging home. I have already deregistered from the “Democratic” party..

    I will vote hillary or then mccain.. no exceptions…no substitutions!

    thank you for this site

  50. BTW.. EXCELLENT post!!

  51. So O can just go in and purge delegates he doesn’t feel are in his best interest and replace them and have a little obamarama?

  52. here is the letter i have sent the SD’s:

    I urge you to consider who is the best candidate to win in November. Many millions of us know it is Senator Clinton.
    This a letter I sent in response to an article which appeared today in the Boston Globe:

    Dear Ms. Vennochi,

    Thank you for bringing the attention to Senator Clinton’s powerful voting constituency.

    As I have been and am a supporter of hers for years, I have come to truly understand and appreciate the dynamic person within her in this last bit of the contest. Many were expecting her to bow down on June 3rd and get out post-haste. Her June 3rd post-primary and June 4th AIPAC speech clearly demonstrated her leadership qualities in the face of the ultimate roadblock: a symbolic, yet disputable, defeat. The last day of the primary, she won a commanding lead in South Dakota, once again proving her irrefutable viability and obvious preference by voters in an area she wasn’t supposed to win, particularly because the ‘presumptive nominee’ had already been known for over a month. Why would the presumptive nominee lose out so big in the endgame? As she noted in her speech on June 3rd, this fight to the finish engaged more voters and gave significance to the last of the primaries. She ended the primary season ahead in the popular vote. For these reasons, as she noted in her June 3rd speech, her supporters and the almost 18 million who voted for her deserve respect.

    To borrow a phrase, Hope and Change is all we Hillary supporters ever wanted after the destructive path George Bush, Jr led us onto. In a show of true leadership, she never ran on that phrase; she ran on the pragmatic goal of that phrase: SOLUTIONS. She wants to move forward, too, but with feet planted firmly on the ground. That is why we are so steadfastly supportive of her.

    If the most qualified candidate the Democratic party has had in decades with a sure path to the White House is not supported by the senior leadership of the DNC, then something is terribly awry. This primary season has shown us how flawed the nomination race is, how much power and corruption the DNC embodies, and how media can become the face of propaganda rather than the face of news 24 hours a day without blinking. The word on the street is: the game was never meant to be played by the people, but rather the game was over before it had begun. Fortunately, all is not lost…a new party rises from this reshuffling of the deck. As we chanted on May 31st in Washington DC during the Count the Vote rally: “We will remember… in November”.

    With best regards,
    Sarah Singh
    New York City

  53. I would be interested to know if anyone else has been contacted by the media looking for this information. I got a call this AM from a features reporter, Sam Hemmingway, at the Burlington Free Press [VT]. He called me after finding that I had been contributing to Senator Clinton’s campaign regularly and for some time.

    His main question was: “Do you regret spending all that money on a losing candidate?”

    I answered that it was the DNC and not the voters that say she lost and in any event, I did not regret supporting her. I went on to say that the election was illegal because —

    Given ALL instead of half of the votes she had won that were cast FOR HER by the voters in Florida and Michigan, and taking away from Obama the “UNCOMMITTED” votes plus 4 stolen from her in Michigan by the Rules Committee she would stand the winner today.

    We talked for some time concerning the sexism, media bias etc.

    One other thing of interest was that Sam offered the information that in looking through the contributions, it appeared that many people came in with monetary support for Hillary near the end of the campaign. He recognized that people were trending her way. Seems to me that explains the illegal actions of the Rules Committee.

    He also asked who I would vote for. Of course I said I would write in Senator Clinton and it is legal in my state to do this.

    On an other but related topic, this article is worth a read. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/06/opinion/06tyson.html

  54. graylady…

    Since I’m not a lawyer, what follows is just what I think could happen.

    In terms of who can sue — I’d go with anyone who gave money to the DNC in the last four years, asked for a refund, and was refused. Get a few of these people together, and you have a nice little “class action”

    Basically, they’d be suing to get their money back (with interest) under the theory that the DNC solicits funds under its charter, and that Charter represents a contract between donors and the party.

    There is also a potential to sue based on fraud — the Democratic Party is given privileged postions in terms of ballot access in most (if not all) states, and thatt privilege should incur an obligation to operate in a manner consistent with its own Charter provisions.

    My theory is that all ya gotta do is some jurisdiction shopping to find a judge who would be more than happy to consider a case of this nature. I’d leave the legal arguments to lawyers themselves…

  55. SM – AGREE! Landslide defeat is required!

  56. Would it be possible to put a little poll on the sidebar. I just would like to get a feel for how many people Obama will lose. Something like:

    Will you vote for Obama if he is the eventual nominee?

    And everyone can only vote once. I just wanna get a sense of the numbers.

  57. Where to start? You seem to have a misunderstanding of the sunshine law.

    Under the sunshine law, closed meetings may be held to set an agenda, this would include, but not limited to, determining what will be talked about, for how long, and under what conditions.

    Solutions to problems may be predecided, as long as no final solution is fully enforced before public debate and public vote. In other words, ten solutions can be put forward and 7 be thrown out before any public hearing is held – and yes it’s legal.

    In all honesty, you have a lot of conspiracy theory, but I see nothing that shows a law was broken, or that charter rules were violated.

    Predetermined agreements can be reached prior to any vote under the sunshine law.

    Yeah, it’s a fucked up system, but it’s not illegal.

  58. After months of being unable to figure out whether the DNC and elite Dems even wanted to win the GE or not , I finally realized what it’s been all about . It’s about making Bambie the nominee so he could make Donna Brazil head of the DNC…I wish I was kidding .

    Well if I am , it’s only by half. Or rather, by a MI & Fla vote.

    I think that’s it…what else could it be? Hillary could win going away against MaCain. Particularly since the economy will really be in the crapper by Nov.

    PS buy gold and can goods , before a can of carrots is 5.00

  59. I would think that judges wouldn’t touch something like this — they would rule that it was politics and has to be settled in the political system, not the legal system.

  60. Under the sunshine law, closed meetings may be held to set an agenda, this would include, but not limited to, determining what will be talked about, for how long, and under what conditions.

    this is about Democratic Party Charter provisions, not “laws”. I made a point of putting the word “illegal” in quotes to denote that.

    The question of whether it is “legal” for the Democratic Party to operate in violation of its Charter is an interesting one — especially given its privileged position in terms of ballot access.

    And I think it is pretty clear that an agenda was already set for the day’s meeting — this was ONE meeting with a one-hour lunch break — into which a 2 hour closed meeting was inserted in violation of the Charter of the DNC.

  61. Thanks so much for spelling this all out–over the past several days I’ve explained to probably five or six people what went down at the RBC meeting–all were clueless. One even suggested that HC should have had delegates taken from her because _she_ broke a rule in “not removing her name from Michigan’s ballot.” The utter cluelessness of many voters surrounding these issues astonishes me–but doesn’t astonish me quite as much as does the gall of the party leaders, who are so transparently trying to silence the voices of voters.

  62. Thanks, plukasiak!

    I see the Democratic Party being taken over by thugs, just like the ones who took over the Republican Party. My dad worked for the government for 22 years and counted many reasonable Republicans among his friends. This was before the Raygun Revolution, when they allowed the religious right into the Party. Now look at how wingnutty the Republicans are.

    Look at how intolerable the Obamans are. It’s the same freaking thing.

    I will not go quietly. A million-woman march sounds about right to me…except there may be a million men there too. 🙂

  63. I will not go quietly. A million-woman march sounds about right to me…except there may be a million men there too.

    thanks for including men in that march, because I’d have to show up for it, and I look REALLY bad in drag! 😉

  64. Juan William is insisting that Obama needs to come out and give another speech on race if he wants to win back the voters. Ridiculous. This man came out of Chicago politics. Are we to believe that he is the only one to escape with his hands clean from that den of inequity? Come on. They went to great lengths to assure he got the nomination. This tells me that favors are owed.

  65. If this reposts double, my apologies, but my screen is now blamk here 😀

    Excellent post!! Well done!!

    The decision by the RBC on saturday is in direct violation of the charter of the Democratic Party. But you don’t hear the media reporting this at all. They don’t want the truth to get out to the American people.

    I posted this downstairs later last night; reposing it again just in case anyone missed it:




    Learn more about what Barack “Mr. Unelectable” Obama, the DNC, and media in the tank for the presumptuous nominee do not want you to know about or read about or follow or share with others about:

    Geller v. Democratic National Committee

    Yes, indeed!


    Steven A. Geller, Barbara Effman, and Percy Johnson,



    The Democratic National Committee,


    CASE NO:


    Case Information
    Updated: June 5
    Current Court: U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida (Case 0:08-cv-60774)
    All Courts: U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida (Case 0:08-cv-60774)
    Topic(s): Selection of Presidential Electors
    State: Florida
    Date Filed: May 22, 2008

    Issue: Plaintiff is seeking injunctive relief in the form of an order requiring the DNC to honor votes that were cast in the Florida Democratic primary election. Plaintiff alleges constitutional violations and violations of the Voting Rights Act.

    Status: Complaint filed 5/22/08.
    District Court Documents

    COMPLAINT against Democratic National Committee (filed 5/22/08)

    Summons Issued as to Democratic National Committee (filed 5/22/08)

    Order Requiring Counsel to Confer (entered 5/27/08)

    This case has not been dismissed and is moving forward.

    And guess what, the DNC is going to lose this one.

    Outcome: FULL seating of Florida delegation with 100% voting rights at the convention!!

    Here is a link to where you can download a copy of the lawsuit (please read it for yourself) that is going to force the DNC to do their F’n job and seat the FULL Florida delegation with 100% voting rights!

    The Obama campaign does not want America to read what is in the lawsuit – it exposes what the DNC did – and rightfully lays the groundwork for the court to order the DNC to seat the delegations in full with 100% voting rights)

    Spread the word!!

    Follow this case!!

    Get involved!!


    The RBC and DNC are in DIRECT VIOLATION of the law and the charter of the Democratic Party with their actions concerning Michigan and Florida. And that is just the beginning.

    The DNC has been issued a summons.
    The DNC will be filing a response soon.

    I wonder what the Obama campaign thinks of this legal challenge? Will Mr. Unelectable and his attorneys be working twith the attorneys of the DNC to try and stop the lawsuit? You know they will! But those that oppose it will not prevail!

    NOW is the time to ACT!

    NOW is the time to STAND UP!


    The suit above will prevail.

    And just wait until all those Spartans and Wolverines up in Michigan learn about this!

    THE DNC and RBC violated the law!!

    The ObamaCONS and trollers should read the lawsuit before popping off your mouths and saying the suit will be dismissed.








    And we know how the likes of Donna BrazileNUT AND THE dnc AND rbc want to follw the rools.


    The media is in full blackout mode over this legal challenege to the DNC concernign the Florida delegation.

    Bot now you know!!








    I firmly believe this case will be upheld. And then you know what will happen, the required number of delegates to win the Democratic Nomination will increase.

    Then, with the Florida ruling, the penalty against Michigan will be immediately challeneged and they too will have to be seated in full with full voting rights as the voters VOTED!!



    NO DEALS!!




    If the suit against the DNC to seat the full delegation of Florida with full voting rights is upheld, then it will, IMO, mean much more than 19 delegates, it will be BREAKING NEWS, it will tell the public that what the DNC and RBC did for Obama was not only morally worng, but legally wrong, it will reset the number of delegates needed to win the nomination to 2209 or 2210, as I beleive such a ruling will lead to a legal challenge for the full delegation from Michigan being seated with full voting rights AS THEY VOTED, which will make the decision by the RBC (in violation of the charter of the Democratic Party and past precendent) to switch the 55 Uncommitted delegates and the theft by the RBC of 4 delegates from Hillary Clinton and delivery to Obama will be reversed by the court.

    Obama’s “delegate number” as he and the media cheerlesaders claim is BOGUS.

    I think the courts will agree, first in Florida, and then for Michigan.

    The media does not want the American people to get a hold of the lawsuit in Florida or to know about it now.

    Again, for those in need of a copy of the lawsuit, download a copy of the lawsuit here:


    The DNC has been issued a summons.

    The case is going forward.


    Question: Does anyone know if a similar legal challenge is being brought in the federal courts re: the DNC’s and RBC’s action son Michigan? I won’t hold my breath waiting for the media to report one.

    If the Geller lawsuit is upheld, and I believe it will be, then the media is going to have to report it b/c it will be BREAKING NEWS.

    Wonder how many attorneys for Obama are assisting the DNC to try and defeat the federal lawsuit downin Florida? What will their response (answer) to the summons be?

    Probably something like this:

    “Please let us continue to violate the law and the charter of the Democratic Party so Barry can win.”

    Please spread the word on the ongoing federal lawsuit in fForida:

    Steven A. Geller, Barbara Effman, and Percy Johnson,



    The Democratic National Committee,


    CASE NO: 08-cv-60774

  66. All the fucking MONEY I have given those bastards over the years….shit, I could buy a CAR with that dough.

    I hate those bastards. They’ve lost me and my entire family. How DARE they! I hope there are others half as pissed as I am. This should not be allowed to stand.

  67. As a former Village Clerk/Treasurer, a former Town Councilwoman and a legal assistant, even I know you are 100% correct about the rules and agenda.

    Now, if this old uneducated white woman knows this, how come the DNC didn’t know. Or, did they know? And if they knew, how come they think they can get away with it? And is any one is filing suit?

  68. twandx: it appeared that many people came in with monetary support for Hillary near the end of the campaign. He recognized that people were trending her way.

    Frankly, until it was too late, many Hillary supporters took it for granted that she would win the nomination. I remember that this cover was still on display when I returned home from IA.

  69. Pat Johnson: Juan William is insisting that Obama needs to come out and give another speech on race

    Is it just me? Why is the cure to all problems an Obama speech? I read an article yesterday at tnr that the perception he benefitted from misogny can be overcome by … a speech on misogyny. Ugh.

    A speech by a politician is not a conversation — it’s a one-way. Second, what makes him the authority on all things? Third, since when is ‘just words’ a substitute for action?

  70. Their selfish and criminal behavior cannot be rewarded. the only way to get the DNC et al to UNDERSTAND the reality of the situation is to:

    -change party affiiliation
    -not support/notvote for Mr BO
    -vote for mccain
    -stay home
    -not donate to either Mr BO or the DNC
    -rally, write, blog, and stay connected with a LOUD VOICE

    They are hoping with the passage of a little time, we will retreat and soften in our approach to Mr BO…

  71. how about sue them?

  72. I just started reading the comments.

    I gave to the DNC for over a year in the form of Democracy Bonds, at the rate of $25.00 per month, and stopped when I started backing Hillary for president, as I wanted my money to go directly to my candidate.

    I would be more than happy to be part of a class action.

  73. Well, here’s my letter to Hillary today:

    Dear Hillary,

    It has taken me a few days to sort out my thoughts on the matter. I want to let you know that I cannot vote for Obama this November, or any Democrat for that matter. The only thing that could possibly change my mind is if you were also on the ticket.

    The way I see it is that the Democratic party and the Obama campaign have acted in ways that directly conflict with core Democratic values, values such as inclusion, every vote counting, and standing strong for women and their issues. I am a Democrat because of these core values, and I find that in rejecting them, the party has to be rejected by the voters as a consequence. I will not be voting for any major party candidates this year as a result, Democrat or Republican.

    For almost 8 years I have been as disappointed with my party as I was outraged at Republican rule. Had I even a shred of evidence that Democrats had fought as hard as they could the last 7.5 years, but particularly since gaining the majority in 2006, I might not be in this place. It is the failure of the entire party for years and years that informs my decision to abandon the party, and to take the principled stand that the party decision to reject core values and core constituencies this primary season is just cause to do so in light of recent history.

    I know you are for party unity, and I understand your reasons for that. I cannot follow you, however, as much as I respect and admire you, unless you are on the ticket as well. Without you at the WH, I have no assurances the party will restore those core values or that any voice will be present supporting such. It is with sadness as a 20-years-yellow-dog Democrat that I inform you of my decision.

    Best of luck to you in the future.

    Anna Belle

  74. hey….there you all are!

    As the comments reflect, you are sick of the DNC/RBC/NBC, etc. I am too!! What is the most effective way to get these folks back in line? I am all for it…

    Also….how about some tips on commenting on here…all new to me….thanks in advance.

  75. Bonita, on June 6th, 2008 at 12:15 pm~~~

    Did you email Andrews’ House office? Or is there a campaign email address you used?

    He made his move against Lautenberg this year, I think, to prepare for a run in 6 years (statewide name recognition)–I don’t want him to think he can even try.

    Thnks for more info.

  76. What can be done about this? Is Harold Ickes working on it? Has a grievance or lawsuit been filed? I would truly like to know that they will be held accountable for this.

  77. I suggest a 17 million Clinton March.

  78. Do we know a delegate to Nation yet? If so they should be able to file a challenge with the Credentials committe.

  79. 17 million clinton march- I agree and I am ready to take part!!!!!

  80. I know getting together is tough, there were only a few thousand at the RBC meeting in DC and that is not enough. Is it possible to do a mass call at exactly the same time to jam phone lines? Or a mass email at the exact time? We could contact every Hillary site out there and jam the hell out of them including SD’s. Would that work?

  81. I don’t know if most of you were on here a few weeks ago, when I posted that a friend told me it was a done deal and it is time to bring the party together. He is an ardent Hillary supporter and a delegate, but he wants to ride the unity pony. I suppose I could call him and just see.

  82. This case in florida is pending :


    Steven A. Geller, Barbara Effman, and Percy Johnson – Plaintiffs,


    The Democratic National Committee – Defendant.

  83. It’s like every time you turn around, there’s something new. I couldn’t watch all of the D-N-C meeting but given how clear that rule is what were the Clinton people on that committee thinking? I saw the votes and not one of them stood up to protest the behind closed doors meeting! I hope someone with a legal turn of mind and the guts sues the pants off of the rules members.

  84. Kim I remember you telling us that .. if you feel o.k. with calling him – go ahead . If it makes you uncomfortable – wait a bit , the reason may be revealed to you with new information . ..

  85. I tivo’d the damn thing and watched, wanted to make sure that if anything was said, I could go right back to it.

  86. I’m no longer supporting EMILY’s List either.

    Not my problem anymore. If they were so damned concerned about beating McCain they should’ve chosen the candidate that could.

    They didn’t.

  87. Thats a rather elusive statement, does someone know something? Or has losing a party, a candidate and the GE made me a cynic lurking for spectors around every corner.

  88. I’m thinking it’s the second thing. I’m the same way now.

  89. And all they’ve got for me “Thank you, Hillary.”

    Thank you!

    Oh, fuck them and the Democratic Party.

    I’m going to watch Top Chef.

  90. Regency, Emily’s List was Hill’s largest bundler and Kim Gandy her most outspoken supporter.

  91. I know that, Melanie, I also know that “disappointed and sad” is not how I feel. I really hate having my feelings diminished.

    I now they supported her but I take greay issue with people telling me how I feel, even Ellen R. Malcolm.

  92. By the way, by “they” I was actualy referring to the DNP. I just wasn’t clear.

    EL is a good group but I really don’t need to be told that I should thank Hillary for doing so great and winning so many voters that she still didn’t become the nominee.

    I don’t wanna talk about my emotions with the people standing behind the person I can’t stand. They’re a dem organization and that’s fine, but please leave my feelings out of it because I don’t think you understand.

  93. Ha, did I ever mention that I’m a profession thread killer?

  94. Here is a partial post from Bitterpoliticz – someone has filed suit against the RNC. There is more over at that site – it is difficult to get in now for some reason.

    Thank you Pcmck:

    Let the Fun Begin

    For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The DNC is getting its first taste of the reactions from their decision to seat only half of Florida’s delegates, and they’ll have to answer to it in U.S. District Court in a suit filed by FL Senate Minority Leader Steven Geller. Interestingly, it looks like this suit has merit, and the decision by the RBC might just come back to bite them, after all. (Read the lawsuit here http://moritzlaw.osu.edu/electionlaw/litigation/GellervDNC.php )

    This is no surprise to most of us, who realized that the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee was playing a sneaky little game of making sure the rules were enforced in such a way that they’d support one candidate. The rumor mill has it that Hillary knew they weren’t playing fair, but she didn’t get confirmation of that fact until Tuesday. Busy calling superdelegates, Hillary found out that supporters and superdelegates had made a pact not to support her. Their actions were the death of any viable hope she had of becoming the Democratic nominee, but at the same time, they seriously injured any chance of a Democrat being elected President this year.

    Sorry I can’t provide the link for you right now.

  95. Just wanted to say hello, stop lurking on here, and tell you all that I agree with all of you completely. As I type, the paperwork to change my party affiliation to Independent sits on my desk, ready to be mailed. As someone suggested, I will send a copy to the DNC.

    I am just outraged at the turn of events in the last couple of weeks. And while I would support HRC to the ends of the earth, I WILL NOT heed whatever urgings for unity she speaks of tomorrow. The DNC has blown it and this “old, uneducated, lower socio-economic white woman” has had enough. I will not vote for the Democrat in November if it is not HRC and I may not vote for other Democrats on the ballot either. And I too have had it with Emily’s List. I already emailed them that I was sorry I ever gave them money to support candidates who turned around and supported Obama. Enough is enough.

  96. Sign, someone is suing RBC – I just posted some of the particulars – it is not here – got caught in spam filter??

    Check it out in toto at bitterpoliticz.

  97. I think this post is really valuable information, Paul. I’m sure I told you that on TL when you introduced this great post in the comment section. Have you sent it to “letters to the editor” at major newspapers, or to the Op Ed writers at the high circulation papers? Submit it to Newsweek, Time, and all the other “media” magazines, as well.

    I fear that the superdelegates will keep bailing him out of any problems he encounters right now. But, if the media starts vetting him, finally, that could still change the outcome of the convention.

  98. Join the boycott of MSNBC and NBC:

    womanboycottmsnbc (dot) com

  99. You know who I think you should contact? Sheldon Whitehouse. He was a Hillary supporter and knows the law like no one I’ve ever seen. I’m sure he would have some thoughts on this.

    This is a great piece you wrote! So full of information/facts. Now I’m REALLY, REALLY mad again!

  100. Anna Belle,

    Your letter captured my thoughts exactly.

    My lack of faith in the Dems began in 2000 when our leaders failed to push for a full accounting of the votes in Florida. I had the very uncomfortable feeling that they were more interested in not making waves than they were in standing up and fighting for our candidate and our country.

    My unease deepened as we gained political strength on the hill and proceeded to accomplish almost nothing. Pelosi and Reid have been non-starters in my opinion and I will investigate working to unseat Pelosi as she is local to me.

    And this–the primary after which we can proudly proclaim that our DNC and other Dem “leaders” have no compunction about standing by as an honorable American hero, Hillary Clinton, gets smeared by a daily spewing of the worst sort of vitriol; nor about manipulating an election in order to deliver an illegitimate nomination to an unqualified candidate–has sealed the deal for me.

    I cannot condone what occurred in this process and I will be considering the positions taken by Dem leaders when I vote.

  101. rojo…

    Been there, done that, and it doesn’t work…

    What I’ve found is that at best, when I write something like this, it slowly enters the collective consciousness –

    – If I really wanted it to have maximum impact, I’d send copies to every right-wing radio host and blogger and columnist around. People only want information that suits their agenda, and the only people who have access to the media who would actually pay attention to this are people that I don’t pay attention to.

    The other thing is that I hate doing self- promotion. I NEVER talk to anyone in the media on-the-record (I’m happy to explain what I write off the record) because I’m not an authority at anything, so my opinion shouldn’t matter — and I’ve already laid out the facts.

  102. Hi. I used to be a frequent blogger on TaylorMarsh. I had heard about this yesterday. I am not surprised. The DNC has turned corrupt just like the far-right wing Republicans. I have left the Democratic Party and am now an Independent. BO is in for a rude awakening if he thinks we are going to get in line and vote for him in November.

  103. We have had at least one person post here who was a Hillary delegate, I think from a Southern state. If that person is still here would you be willing to at least discuss the possibilities? What if some of us could be in Denver with you to provide support?

  104. Hi DocTS!

    Good to see a fellow Marshan.

    Welcome to one of the most intelligent blogs on the net.


  105. caseyinfl,

    Obama did the same thing in California quite awhile ago. His campaign contacted grass roots supporters who were delegates and informed them they would be replaced. The replacements were big donors and campaign staffers.

  106. I thought about Sheldon Whitehouse, also, since he is one of my senators. I just sent him an email with a link to this article. A call to his office would probably be more effective but with my kids home, serious phone calls are next to impossible. Here is his contact info if anyone wants to try:

    Providence Office:
    170 Westminster Street, Suite 1100
    Providence, RI 02903
    401-453-5294 phone
    401-453-5085 fax

    Washington Office:
    Hart Senate Office Building Room 502
    Washington, D.C. 20510
    202-224-2921 phone
    202-228-6362 fax

    His website is whitehouse.senate.gov

    Does anyone think it’s worth contacting delegates, as opposed to superdelegates?

  107. Paul,

    You should send it to Steve Corbett right away. He is a radio talker in PA who has had several shows on Democrats not voting for Obama. Here is his website:


    We could also send your piece to Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, and that Cavauto guy. Cavuto interviewed Harriet Christian. They have the interview posted at No Quarter.


    Why don’t we send it to all the right wing blogs? I’d be willing to help.

  108. As a defunct alternate to State (I didn’t go to the Convention last night) I say contact the actual pledged delegates. Do it.

    They feel how you feel.

  109. OT, I know. I am watching CNN (inlaws have cable) When asked if H would help, Reid said that she is is a very “good woman”.wtf?

  110. Regency, on June 6th, 2008 at 4:27 pm Said:

    As a defunct alternate to State (I didn’t go to the Convention last night) I say contact the actual pledged delegates. Do it.

    They feel how you feel.

    I wish you had gone. Hillary’s campaign had sent in more people to the convention.

  111. If you saw Reid, then you perhaps missed Cafferty talking about O would probably reject Bill’s offer to help & who could blame him? Seems that Bill Clinton has become “toxic” on the campaign.

    I just saw it at my sister’s [I cancelled my cable with angry letters]. My sister looked at me, and said, “just back away from the tv, you can’t smash my tv.”

    But, jeez, what the hell is wrong with this country? Our most popular living president is trashed by some jackass mouthpiece, and that passes for news? Awwwgggh [or some other sound of fever pitch rage], they couldn’t bring me back to this party, this media, this nominee if they threw money at me.

  112. Regency wrote:

    “I don’t wanna talk about my emotions with the people standing behind the person I can’t stand. They’re a dem organization and that’s fine, but please leave my feelings out of it because I don’t think you understand.”

    I could not possibly agree more with this. I’m sick and tired of read in the paper and hearing TV and radio that I’m “upset,” “grieving,” “disappointed,” and so on. None of those words comes close to the way I feel. I am enraged and determined not to let these thugs get away with this. I may never vote for any Democrat again if something isn’t done to hold them accountable. I’m much angrier with the Democratic “leaders” than Republicans at this point. Democrats are supposed to stand for something. My stomach literally turns now when I have to look at or listen to people like Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, or Harry Reid.

  113. parent, yes I saw. BTD has an interesting piece on Bill at TL.

  114. Agree. With TX delegate convention and more upcoming state conventions, we cannot lose delegates. If she keeps them, we need to stick together.

  115. off-topic, though on my mind. Good article, please read:

    Seven Ways Hillary Clinton Changed Our Politics


  116. Not to shirk responsibility but someone else had made our hotel arrangements and had given them up after hearing that Hill was gonna drop out. So, by the time we found out the truth it was too late to undo things.

    Thankfully there should be a delegate already going. *fingers crossed*

  117. Monday I’ll be stopping by the county registrar to de-register as a Democrat when I’m down in that part of town.

  118. I’ve taken great pleasure this morning in going through my spam emails from the Obama Party and hitting Reply, Paste:


    The “Democratic” Party is now officially the party who steals votes from one candidate to give to another. And officially now the party who IGNORES the POPULAR VOTE.

    The “Democratic” Party no longer represents me.



    Guess that should be “THIEVES” though!

  119. Some of the Prospect piece is good but check the last one (warning, it is infuriating). I can’t believe they ran it.

  120. This is the only time I’ve regretting WA state not requiring voters to register for a party. Alas, I have no re-registering as an Independent paperwork to send to the DNC. Maybe a torn-up voter ID card would do.

  121. LHinSeattle,
    I’m in Bellingham, feel the same way!!! I sooo wanted to tear up a card and mail it to the DNC, it would feel so liberating…

  122. As far as the media fawning over Obama, the right wingers are all running with mega outrage over that, how the “liberal” media adores him and is propping him up, etc. And the meme that the Democratic nominee was not selected in a Democratic process and is not legitimate. (Per the disgruntled dad email forwards I frequently receive from my disgruntled dad.)

    It’s hard for me to navigate because I actually agree with those two things.

  123. You should send it to Steve Corbett right away.

    okay, I’m going into cranky mode here…..

    in the time it took for you to tell me to send tt to Corbett (which I just did) you could have sent it to Corbett.

    And I don’t want to direct this at you — but everytime I write something, people tell ME where I should send this stuff. If THEY think its worth sending to someone, they should do it.

    What I write is something that anyone could write — just about everything I write about is glaringly obvious, and its just a question of pulling the information together. Now I make that effort because I LIKE doing it… but I just don’t understand why it become MY responsibility to promote it.

    /cranky mode off

  124. Hey, Taylor posted this, apparently from Terry Mac:

    We are trying to get a “Thank you card campaign” started. We want to flood Senator Clinton’s DC office with thank you cards. On the front of the envelope we are writing “WE ARE ONE OF 18 MILLION” and we are asking her to take it to Denver. We want to reach as many supporters as possible so it can be effective. THE ADDRESS:




    DC 20510-3202

  125. The Democrats have become the party that doesn’t count votes. They have rejected working people. Trade in the donkey for arugula. Secret deals and closed doors is as bad as Bush v. Gore.

  126. This was on TM – I’m a bit surprised as it says “let’s take it to denver” I assume Terry is Terri Mc.

    “Got an email from Terry about this campaign. I hope everyone gets involved. Let’s blanket her Senate office with 18 million cards! No one deserves it more.

    Terry has a specific message:

    We are trying to get a “Thank you card campaign” started. We want to flood Senator Clinton’s DC office with thank you cards. On the front of the envelope we are writing “WE ARE ONE OF 18 MILLION” and we are asking her to take it to Denver. We want to reach as many supporters as possible so it can be effective. THE ADDRESS:




    DC 20510-3202

    But a thank you card for all she’s done works too.

    Hillary fought for us. So let’s send a card to Senator Clinton. Then tell your friends to send one. Then get them to get their friends to send one.

    Pass it on.

  127. Over thne past 7yrs. We in Hilsborough county,and the city of Tampa have had thesame problem with the “Democratic” party. The leaders run meeting like they want. No rules, It is time to do something now Or end up like the other 50% of our citizens, who just do not care. Stand-up to our leaders

  128. Bloggers suggested that the cards be mailed to her campiagn HQ in NY or VA (?) and/or to the Denver convention center.

  129. A big thank you to whoever cleaned up/ added link to my posting regarding the lawsuit – sorry I did not read where it was already posted. Thanks!

    Sending card of thanks to Hillary but I have already offered to carry her to Denver on back if I have to.

  130. I find it interesting because I don’t think Bill Clinton wants to campaign for Obama. Do you guys remember when he said in South Dakota that that might be the last time he campaigns. Why would he say that if he was expecting to campaign for Obama encase Hillary didn’t win. I think they asked and he rejected them and now they don’t want people to know that so they make it seem like they are rejecting him.

  131. If that note is really from Terry M, I think he’s trying to convince the media and Hillary to go to Denver. The media is against her, the party is against her, but if she can get a big enough visible outpouring of support she might have the momentum it takes to do what she must to save the Party.

    He’s always been about Denver. He knows she needs cover. This may not be an officially sanctioned action so he wants to spread it by word of mouth. Taylor used to be our contact, now we are our own best conduits.

  132. Cafferty doesn’t know what he is talking about. Obama said that Bill could be very helpful, as in Obama wants his help. Yesterday, I believe.

  133. Common sense tells me that nobody associated w/ the campaign wants 18 million cards/letters sent to her senate office, or even 1 million.

    Regular snail mail is subjected to special processing and delays dating back to the anthrax scares.

    And the regional mail facility is the same as mine, so pls don’t try to flood …

  134. hlr, my thoughts are that if that really is Terry Mac., that’s why he didn’t send it via the mailing list.

    Otherwise, I don’t really know what the purpose would’ve been. I’m trying to give Taylor the benefit of the doubt.

  135. plukasiak, on June 6th, 2008 at 5:41 pm Said:

    You should send it to Steve Corbett right away.

    okay, I’m going into cranky mode here…..

    Agreed. But some people may think they need your permission to further disseminate it, I think.

  136. Straight from her senate site:

    Although mail delivery to the United States Capitol offices has resumed, the delivery process is still very slow and not yet back to normal. Until the mail process is more timely, the best way to contact me or my Washington, DC staff remains either by fax …

  137. Just send postcards
    I don’t care whose idea it was. I just like it.

  138. Again, we only have what Taylor has given us. We can take it or leave it.

  139. “This was an email sent by Terry”

    We are trying to get a “Thank you card campaign” started. We want to flood Senator Clinton’s DC office with thank you cards. On the front of the envelope we are writing “WE ARE ONE OF 18 MILLION” and we are asking her to take it to Denver. We want to reach as many supporters as possible so it can be effective. THE ADDRESS:

    DC 20510-3202

    [On the envelop it would be good to print
    “One of 18 Million”]

  140. Seems easy enough to call on Monday and ask the best place to direct a postcard.

  141. jmg —

    We want to flood Senator Clinton’s DC office with thank you cards. On the front of the envelope

    I guarantee this isn’t coming from the campaign.

  142. It should be to her Senate office. I want those SDs that abandoned her to see them

  143. Here are some interesting stats from the site: http://www.lobbydelegates.com (I got an email from them like perhaps many of you who used it. It will remain operational for some more time. You may still blanket them with your message on the presumed nominee and what you are going to do about it — show them you are a strong one of a 18 million!
    By the way, you may be interested to know the following LobbyDelegates.com statistics:

    * 61% of all users advocated for Hillary Clinton vs. 39% for Barack Obama.
    * Most users (55%) targeted only the Uncommitted Super Delegates
    * Each user corresponded with an average of 7 Super Delegates
    * 22% of referred visitors came from Pro-Clinton websites vs. 10% from Pro-Obama sites
    * 60% of users communicated by email, 32% by fax and 8% via mailed letters.

  144. Both McCain and BO are not perfect. Only HRC is the perfect candidate.

    But compared to BO, McCain looks like a saint. He had a proven record of speaking up against his own party for the best interest of the country. BO had a long proven record of association with people who hate America.

  145. Laney & LHinSeattle – I’ve asked RonK about voicing my outrage… not being a party activist limits my ability to complain and be heard or have standing. I am left only with my vote. These are the obama endorsing SDs in WA:

    Christine Gregoire
    Adam Smith
    Brian Baird
    Pat Notter
    Jim McDermott
    David T. McDonald
    Dwight Pelz

  146. hlr, then why would Taylor post the message? What’s the deal?

  147. This just came in from Maggie Williams, Campaign Manager, Hillary Clinton for President.

    Friday, June 06, 2008 5:13 pm
    Subject: Invite: Saturday’s event with Hillary

    I have been honored and privileged to work with so many dedicated people on Hillary’s historic campaig. your enthusiastic commitment to her campaign through the primaries has been inspirational.

    As you know, Hillary will be holding an event tomorrow in Washington D.C. to thank all of her supporters, to express her support for Senator Obama, and to talk about the issues that have been at the core of her public service, the issues she will continue fighting for.

    Hillary wanted to make sure her online supporters were a part of this special event, just as you have been a part of her campaign from the very beginning. So, we will be streaming it live over the website at HillaryClinton.com

    We invite you to visit our website tomorrow, Saturday June 7, at 12 pm EDT to watch Hillary speak live.

    Thank you for everything you have done for our campaing.


    Maggie Williams
    Campaign Manager
    Hillary Clinton for President

  148. I got one too, I won’t be able to see it – and really, I’m not sure I want to anyway.

    I feel like she has been forced to do this “event” as a public crow eating contest where she will win fer sure.

  149. Boo…
    Really interesting lawsuit… and they definitely have a case.

    The “preclearance” argument is a definite killer — the DNC demanded that the Florida Democratic Party act in violation of Federal Law, and then punished them because they failed to comply with their demand…

  150. Regency —

    Like I mentioned upthread, it’s simple enough to call her office on Monday and check that’s it’s ok to send something in an envelope as part of this campaign.

    It could be the case that special accommodation has been made w/ the postal center for Russell Senate Bldg — although I will definitely be surprised if that’s the case. It is, after all, for senate business, not campaign mail.

    In any case, a simple phone call from one of us should do it. I don’t mind calling.

    Why post it? Could be a spoof mail, of course. That’s why checking first is the smart thing to do.

  151. jjmtacoma: I feel like she has been forced to do this “event” as a public crow eating contest

    My feeling too. Wouldn’t surprise me if there’s more press types than actual supporters there.

    BTW, it won’t take too long. It’s schedule for noon and the museum re-opens at 1:00 pm.

  152. Down Listen,

    I’m going to remove your last comment to moderation until RD can look at it. We try to keep discussion of the more sensational conspiracy theories about Obama to a minumum here.

  153. You can still send message using the lobbydelegates site (my previous post with the link is n ot posting). I sent the following message to all my MD delegates, with a thank you to Clinton’s if they are still supporting her.

    I am one of the 18 million who voted for and supported Senator Clinton. I am very disappointed at how this primary was rigged by the DNC to anoint Obama as the nominee. I (and my husband) have changed our party affiliation and will not be voting Democratic if Clinton is not on the ballot at the top of the ticket. No, she is much too qualified to be VP. You may call it sour grapes, sore loser, whatever. But if you don’t take our concerns at what has transpired with the DNC, the party elders, and the character and the conduct of Obama campaign, and the media you will be the loser next time around. Some of us still have principles and convictions to protect and stand for.

    Also, some interesting stats from their email:

    * 61% of all users advocated for Hillary Clinton vs. 39% for Barack Obama.
    * Most users (55%) targeted only the Uncommitted Super Delegates
    * Each user corresponded with an average of 7 Super Delegates
    * 22% of referred visitors came from Pro-Clinton websites vs. 10% from Pro-Obama sites
    * 60% of users communicated by email, 32% by fax and 8% via mailed letters.

  154. Reading back my post, some clarification: the stats are from lobbydelegates site. I tried to blockquote my message but that did not work. I also have swallowed the word “seriously” as in take our concerns seriously.

  155. bostonboomer

    Ok, it was an article.

  156. DownListen,

    I know, and I meant no offense to you. We are not part of Clinton’s campaign, but she is aware of us, and we don’t want to do anything to embarrass her. We don’t use Obama’s middle name or discuss conspiracy theories about him. If he gets indicted for something, that will be different.

  157. done4 posted this article, and it got caught in the spam filter because it was so long. I’m copying just part of it with the link to avoid copyright violation. It looks very interesting and I’m off to read it as soon as I post this. Thanks done4.

    I had to paste this article in as an example of what we are up against. This guy is a well-known journalist. I could not read through the whole thing…

    Is Obama an enlightened being? Spiritual wise ones say: This sure ain’t no ordinary politician. You buying it?

    By Mark Morford, SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicle) Columnist Friday, June 6, 2008

    I find I’m having this discussion, this weird little debate, more and more, with colleagues, with readers, with liberals and moderates and miserable, deeply depressed Republicans and spiritually amped persons of all shapes and stripes and I’m having it in particular with those who seem confused, angry, unsure, thoroughly nonplussed, as they all ask me the same thing: What the hell’s the big deal about Obama?

    I, of course, have an answer. Sort of.

  158. Here is another thing that’s odd.

    The 9-digit zip in that post has always been used for Chuck Schumer, not Hillary. And he’s in the Hart Bldg. Hers is -3203 unless it changed very recently.

  159. bostonboomer, on June 6th, 2008 at 7:25 pm Said:
    Made the mistake of going beyond his fair warning and I was rolling my eyes and raising my eyebrows to high heaven. Where do they find these people?

  160. I read that Obama changed his web site to read “Faith, Hope, and Change”.
    I think that is their next move – to go after the Bush evangelicals.

  161. #
    Jmac, on June 6th, 2008 at 7:33 pm Said:

    I read that Obama changed his web site to read “Faith, Hope, and Change”.
    I think that is their next move – to go after the Bush evangelicals.

    20 years with all those crazy parsons, I am curious to see how this will fly..

  162. Everyone, Please read that article that done4 recommended. The link is in my previous comment. All I can say is, Oh. My. God. This Mark Morford character has drunk so much of the kool-aid that he need a couple of weeks in rehab. Look at this:

    Here’s where it gets gooey. Many spiritually advanced people I know (not coweringly religious, mind you, but deeply spiritual) identify Obama as a Lightworker, that rare kind of attuned being who has the ability to lead us not merely to new foreign policies or health care plans or whatnot, but who can actually help usher in a new way of being on the planet, of relating and connecting and engaging with this bizarre earthly experiment. These kinds of people actually help us evolve. They are philosophers and peacemakers of a very high order, and they speak not just to reason or emotion, but to the soul.

    What the hell is wrong with these people? Obama is a corrupt politician with no experience, who has run the dirtiest campaign I’ve ever seen–worse than Nixon’s first campaign when he labeled his female opponent a communist. And they want to make him into a saint? Give me a break!

  163. jjmtacoma — At this point, all WA SD’s except our two senators have endorsed Obama, and the two of them can be expected to do it tomorrow (when Hillary presents her position). That’s how the game is played.

    It’s too early for SD’s to take BO’s loss potential seriously, or to take our threats of defection seriously. Allow time for both.

  164. BB: heh. I do not know what is worse, the “article” or the comments. Aura my *ss.

  165. ronkseattle — but we don’t exist, according to Peggy Noonan:

    But there’s reason to think, and some Democratic insiders do think it, that a lot of the supposed pro-Clinton furor is ginned up on Web sites by the Clinton campaign, and even manufactured by the Clinton campaign, to prove Clinton loyalists are real and their demands must be met.

    The truth is … ronk is BIll, and I’m Hillary.

  166. ronk: I really admire you. Have I ever told you that before?

  167. I just got an e-mail from Wespac, asking me to “unite behind Barack Obama.” I unsubscribed and wrote them a message saying that it’s not going to happen, I’m leaving the party because I don’t support corrupt politicans who have to rig the system to “win.”

  168. BB: did they ask you for $?

  169. Mail-flooding a US Senate office is NOT a friendly or supportive thing to do.

    Send to the campaign. And use postcards, not closed envelopes. (There’s probably some good puma postcards out there.)

  170. bostonboomer — I don’t even do that, because I don’t want to give them ammo to target non-unifying Dems.

    In fact, I’m staying clear of any send email/sign petition/send letter campaigns for a while.

  171. UpstateNY,

    The most interesting part of Morford’s hypothesis is that by definition, according to him, if you don’t recognize that Obama is a special, transcendant, “lightworker,” that means you are not spiritually tuned in and centered. The hypothesis is untestable. It’s a completely circular argument. If you disagree with Mark Morford, you are by definition a worthless slug. I’ve seen this type of argument a lot among Obamatrons, but this is the best example I’ve ever seen.

  172. I have sent the DNC a message. I have unsubscibed. When you unsubscribe. they ask you why? I said. “Obama, I will vote for McCain.

  173. bonstonboomer: If you disagree, you are by definition a worthless slug.

    Which is why I’m not bothering to voice my disagreement in response to anyone/where where I might be id-able . I do expect micro-targeting of Clinton Dems (even though we don’t exist).

    I’ll speak up in Nov.

  174. Also, IRL, I make sure to tell anyone I know how creeped out I am about the BO marketing campaign so they know they’re not alone. I find this effective.

  175. Hi RonK – what a nice display of unity.

  176. hlr: I will not be sending any cards. However, do you really care who “they” target anymore? What can “they” do at this point?

  177. BB -Regarding the article – I read too much of it.

    tooo dooooodooodooo toooodoooodoooo Twilight Zone?

    Too much cell phone usage is the politest thing I can say.

  178. BB, I always have known I am a worthless slug. Then again, I am an Atheist.

  179. Boo Radly: heh. You are so not a “lightworker”

  180. Wow, that Morford article!
    I guess I should stay on the East Coast.

    What kills me is the “I’m not saying he’s perfect” part (Obama himself uses the same phrase, which translates to: “I’m saying I’m perfect”).

    I’m not arguing some sort of utopian revolution, a big global group hug with Obama as some sort of happy hippie camp counselor. I’m not saying the man’s going to swoop in like a superhero messiah and stop all wars and make the flowers grow and birds sing and solve world hunger and bring puppies to schoolchildren.

    Uh, yes, actually he is arguing that – and saying anyone who disagrees is some kind of cynical bastard and lacks the capacity to be sufficiently enlightened – and this is scaring the hell out of me.

  181. Clinton is already targeting Clinton Dems. She handed over the list last night.

  182. Tina,

    Do you have a link for that?

    “Clinton is already targeting Clinton Dems. She handed over the list last night.”

  183. Those of you who are afraid of being targeted are morons. That is how the media is able to spin everything. Tell them, you were warned. And still you said, The dems won’t switch.

  184. UpstateNY — kind of the way Howard Dean called that woman in OH who was on FoxNews. Special campaigns via email/phone/mail for the unloyal. Perhaps a list of names to your block/precinct captain for that personal canvassing touch.

  185. Hey Zilla, I do not agree with you. Am I a moron too?

  186. hlr: I still do not give a sh*t but I see your point, though. Is this what the DNC has become?

  187. UpstateNY — I don’t give a sh*t, but I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to be bothered. I don’t accept anything that’s “free,” either.

    Oh, and the DNC is now boasting about having caught up w/ the RNC in micro-targeting ability, so yes.

  188. The fun thing about being targeted is my ability to write back and tell them about themselves or just hit delete.

  189. Agreed, Regency

  190. Should that be “light worker” as in not a “hard worker?”

  191. pm317, LOL!

  192. bostonboomer, on June 6th, 2008 at 7:37 pm Said:

    Everyone, Please read that article that done4 recommended. The link is in my previous comment. All I can say is, Oh. My. God. This Mark Morford character has drunk so much of the kool-aid that he need a couple of weeks in rehab. Look at this:
    He is in bad shape. Obama did all that with his plagiarized speeches and teleprompters? Latest is his lifting of Cuomo’s 1980 or 84 convention speech — there is a youtube video of it. He is a bigger conman than I gave him credit for.

  193. I all, I dont blog on here much, but you have alot of support, myself,and very large family are done with the dems, we will not change our minds and we will NOT vote for obama, he did nothing to earn it.

  194. “The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanction you give it”

  195. I feel I need to defend Mark Morford and Juan Wiliams.

    My reading of Mark Morford’s funny piece was that it was meant to be satirical.

    Juan’s piece struck me as tongue-in-cheek because what he recommends is basically an impossible confession of bad behavior, making fun of the idea of using a speech to deal with everything:

    quote:[To deal with this controversy effectively, Mr. Obama needs to give another speech. This time he has to admit to sins of using race for political expediency – by knowingly buying into divisive, mean messages being delivered from the pulpit. He has to say that, as a biracial young man with no community roots, attaching himself to Rev. Wright and the Trinity congregation was a shortcut to move up the ladder in the Chicago political scene. He has to call race-baiting what it is, whether it comes from a pulpit or calls itself progressive politics…snip…Mr. Obama needs to declare that he will refrain from playing the racial victim, because he understands such tactics will paralyze political debate and damage race relations.]

    That was my reading anyway.

  196. I recieved this email tonight from my local DEC Chari in Florida..it got me quite upset..as i housed the Kerry filed rep who ran our Kerry headquarters in 2004 and i was an elected dem Delegate in 2004..I have never seen this done and i sent it out to many Floridians i run an internet group with.

    I sent a reply to the DEC Chair that was none to nice or congenial about this.

    But i will not post my reply to her here.But i did send her this thread as i pointed out the DNC did not follow it’s own rules.

    What i want to know is ..why is Obama sending out of state college kids to my county in Florida????????

    To gang up on the senior citizens in my community????? Like they did at caucus’s?????????
    To intimidate the African American seniors?????????or other minorities???????

    this has me very angry!

    this was the email:

    Subject: Need Help Housing College Students

    We need assistance with housing college students from out of town who are volunteering for Obama.

    Monday, June 16th thru Saturday, July 26th.

    It can be a spare bedroom, a pullout couch, or just a space on the floor for an air mattress. They will be out of the house all day (normally from 9 until 9, 7 days a week), and they will provide their own food and transportation.

    Please e-mail me your contact info, how many students you can house, and the location of your residence by this Sunday 5pm. I will forward your information and someone will contact you about your generous offer.

    please pass this around..first they steal our votes and make us 1/2 americans..now they want us to put their kid thugs up in our homes..

    hell no i say..never!


  197. opps sorry about my typo’s i have very bad carpal tunnel and it is bad right now, having hard time typing.


  198. The truth is … ronk is BIll, and I’m Hillary.

    I knew there was something funny about that PUMA logo…. that’s really Socks the Cat!

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  201. Jet, Please unstick your caps lock key. No shouting please.

  202. So please tell us what can we do. I am so mad. Where can we put all this energy?

  203. I remember B0bots celebrating this with cries of “The party belongs to B0”. Not unlike the GOPers in 2000 with “we stole it fair and square”
    Thanks for this.

  204. PAUL: GREAT piece! Thank you. Just two questions, please…

    1. Would you concur with the following statement…?

    According to DNC rules, “uncommitted” is its own separate entity from which no delegates can be taken.

    2. If you agree that my statement is a correct expression of the rule, then what’s the proper redress for this usurpation of the vote?

    (The 4 affirmative-action delegates notwithstanding.)

    Thank you!

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