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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
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Oh Yes! Wait a minute Mr. Postman!

While we are waiting for confirmation of the mysterious “Terry” in TaylorMarsh’s letter writing campaign before we do anything stupid, ronkseattle has a better idea.

Ronkseattle says we should send postcards to the DNC instead. Yeah, mail a postcard to Howard and Donna with the message “I AM ONE OF 18 MILLION!”, along with your voter’s registration card. That oughtta get Howard’s attention. Here’s the address:

Democratic National Committee
430 S. Capitol St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

Oh, yeah. 😉

Pass it on.

120 Responses

  1. I hate to seem skeptical but, if Terry M wanted to reach as many supporters as possible, why didn’t all of us who have contributed and volunteered get the e-mail?

    Why are they asking that the notes be sent to the Senate office?

    I’m still looking for some verification on this.

  2. RD, you are shameless indeed. I “still” like you though.

  3. Janican: Maybe the Terry that Taylor is refering to isn’y McAuliffe.
    Sending them to her senate office will get the attention of 535 of her neighbors.

  4. You can also collect cards from your loved ones and mail them all at once. So get 10-20 cards, stamps, envelops, and make it a family thing!! Then you and your little daughter/niece/granddaughter can mail 20 at once!!

  5. Can do, and will do.

  6. Yes. please do this. I know her staff will LOVE it.

  7. NO, please don’t do this.

    DO NOT mail-flood a Senate office. It’s not friendly or supportive.

    Flood the DNC, or the Denver convention, or even her campaign, but don’t flood her office.

  8. riverdaughter: Then, Terry who?

    And, could the fact that they are all being mailed to her Senate office be sending the message to her that we no longer think of her as a possible POTUS? That she’s now getting her mail at the Senate?

    I’m just a little skeptical of this. I haven’t heard from anyone that they got this e-mail except for the Taylor Marsh website, which has been bombarded by trolls and BO supporters lately.

    Are there any other pro-Hillary websites or supporters who have received this?

  9. Riverdaughter,

    I prefer the original version of Please, Mr. Postman by the Marvelettes–one of the girl groups of the early ’60s. It’s probably before your time. It came out when I was in Junior High.

    We should send postcards to Hillary, because I’ve heard snail mail takes about three weeks to process–war on terror, you know.

  10. And if you must, send postcards, not closed envelopes.

    Find one with a nice puma (cougar) in a nature collection, and have at it.

  11. Great idea!

  12. What if we all mail thank you notes to the DNC, or how about sympathy cards?

  13. JJM

    I like that idea a lot. I think I’ll find the goopiest, most lurid sympathy card and write on it, so sorry you decided to lose the election and drive away have of your base.

  14. BB: I’m doing that. Sympathy cards will be nice.

  15. RonK,

    Remember when hundreds of people sent roses to Barbara Boxer? Did they go to her Senate office?

  16. I’m suspicious of the request too. I have contributed and did not get an email.

  17. NO! Don’t send sympathy cards, remember the RFK nonsense. They’ll report it to the FBI as a ‘threat’ or some damn thing.

  18. When my little brother got married, I sent his new wife a sympathy card to be funny, but I discovered she has no sense of humor. She’s his ex-wife now. 8^) If the point is to thank Hillary, then I think her campaign HQ is the place to send them. if it’s to rub the DNC’s nose in it, then to them. Her senate office and her staff there might find 18,000,000 cards a bit much to handle with all that they have to do. One of my friends is a state senator, and her staff would be tickled if something like was done for her, but I don’t think they would be prepared to handle it. Just my $.02. Wow, inflation has hit my keyboard. No cent symbol anymore.

  19. I think it’s just a Internet rumor, there’s NO way Terry M would make that request – not to send anything to her Senate office. They’re not campaign staff there. RD maybe change the post, if people want to send, send to the campaign office?

    Someone should tell Taylor Marsh to change her post as well (I don’t have a log in there).

  20. What if we send Thank You cards to Senator Clinton and No Thank You cards to the DNC? Better yet! No Thank You postcards…why waste an envelope?

  21. Changing the post. I like Ronk’s idea better.

  22. I like that idea of “no thank you” cards to the DNC too. We could still put “one of 18 million Clinton supporters” on the envelope.

  23. They went to her office, and then to area hospitals.

    But that was only 400 parcels, tops, in probably a dozen delivery calls form area florists (or maybe all FTD routed to one Hill florist).

  24. Thank you! I’m sure her Senate office will thank you as well.

  25. Better, RD, that makes you much less shameless.


  26. For those who want to watch the Hillary event tomorrow, here is the e-mail I received from Maggie Williams:

    Dear (MABlue),

    I have been honored and privileged to work with so many dedicated people on Hillary’s historic campaign. Your enthusiastic commitment to her campaign through the primaries has been inspirational.

    As you know, Hillary will be holding an event tomorrow in Washington D.C. to thank all of her supporters, to express her support for Senator Obama, and to talk about the issues that have been at the core of her public service, the issues she will continue fighting for.

    Hillary wanted to make sure her online supporters were a part of this special event, just as you have been a part of her campaign from the very beginning. So, we will be streaming it live over the website at HillaryClinton.com.

    We invite you to visit our website tomorrow, Saturday June 7, at 12 p.m. EDT to watch Hillary speak live. http://links.hillaryclinton.com/ctt?kn=2&m=1098413&r=NDcxNjk2Mzk1MgS2&b=2&j=MTEwNTU5MzE3S0&mt=1

    Thank you for everything you have done for our campaign.

    Maggie Williams
    Campaign Manager
    Hillary Clinton for President

    Contribute: http://links.hillaryclinton.com/ctt?kn=1&m=1098413&r=NDcxNjk2Mzk1MgS2&b=2&j=MTEwNTU5MzE3S0&mt=1

    If you feel you have received this message in error, we apologize. You can unsubscribe at any time: http://links.hillaryclinton.com/servlet/OneClickOptOutServlet?m=1098413&r=NDcxNjk2Mzk1MgS2&b=0&j=MTEwNTU5MzE3S0&mt=1

    Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President

    Contributions to Hillary Clinton for President are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Corporate contributions are prohibited by law.

    All content copyright 2008 Hillary Clinton for President
    4420 North Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22203

  27. Hi,

    I think it would be nice, if the major blog supporters of Hillary, collected money from us and sent her roses. Roses from the bloggers at Confluence, Roses from the bloggers at Corrente, etc. One it wouldn’t so much as flood her office and cost her time and money to clean it up. Red roses for our love for her and our passion for her ideals. I would be willing to donate. It would also garner news in a focused way. MSM might be moved to interview the major Hillary supporting bloggers. It provides a point of focus which the lazy news media needs. It would also draw attention to the bloggers who are blogging for Hillary.

    I’d be willing to donate to the Confluence to do that.

  28. I didn’t even think about the JFK / RFK angle – seems like quantum leaps are common and THAT would probably get some kind of bad response.

    Thanks for having a clear head.

  29. I like this much better too. I heard it could take 6 weeks to get a letter through the Capitol mail room — what would happen with millions?

    Also? As a statement sending it to the DNC is a double-whammy.

  30. Good idea on the DNC, Ron, and will do. Also, just wanted to let you all know that if it’s postcards you want to send, they have these little kits for about $12 at your local Staples or Office Depot where you can make your own postcards on your printer. A PUMA design would be a nice touch, and you could personalize it any number of ways. I have some on hand already, so I’ll put mine together tonight.

    Also, I took the plunge, folks. I got a blog. Not sure if I have the stamina to keep it up, but stranger things have happened, and I am off work for the summer (I’m a teacher). Blogging was on the list of things we could do, so I did it. If you’re interested, I expanded and posted my open letter to Hillary as my first post. http://annabellep.wordpress.com/

  31. I remember the rose-sending campaign at the orange cheeto site. I’m always a bit thrown by people’s eagerness on some of these blogs to rush to spend money on something.. I guess that is the great invention of MoveOn, and some of the big blogs afterward – a big ATM machine as Bill put it. Where getting involved in politics IS being part of that giant ATM machine.. I mean, what’s going to happen as a disproportionately high degree of influence is wielded by folks who can afford to astroturf political forums and blogs all the time and donate chunks of money to their favorite candidate?

  32. Good idea.

    Are you all ready for tomorrow? I dread it so much. I know she’ll do a great job because she is a good Democrat but I’m not looking forward to this. I just pray she keeps her delegates.

    I followed a link to DKos by accident today. Kos says the MI primary was Soviet style. Funny how I remember him saying Hillary made the right decision and the delegations would be seated, way back in January. I wonder what the Soviets think about stealing votes/delegates?

    Visiting there for a minute and then MyDD just brings my anger right back. Every time I start to calm down or weaken, I’ll just watch a little TV and read a few blogs and then I’ll remember what this is like.

  33. We need to send RSVP cards to the November election marked- “thanks, but I will be unable to attend” to Howard Dean’s office

  34. Red Queen: I love THAT idea!

  35. I’m redoing my sympathy cards as RSVP responses. Heh.

  36. Another great idea. What will it be for me? Sympathy card, not thank you card, or RSVP. The RSVP one really appeals to me a lot. Maybe I’ll do all three.

  37. tabbycat,

    I’m definitely not ready. I don’t want to watch it. I might just wait for the you tube version. I just hope she isn’t going to accept VP. I want her to hold on to her pledged delegates.

  38. I’m feeling sort of crazy. I don’t understand at all how her campaign was shut down so dramatically. There was never a time when anyone acknowledged it was a tie.

    On Sunday and Tuesday she won by huge amounts. She’s been winning by huge amounts.

    And all — all she’s gotten is insults and a forced shut-down of her campaign. Maybe I’m exaggerating the situation but, I don’t see what else there is for us to do.

  39. Hillary has to know that VP is a no-go with many of her supporters. If she’s keeping faith with them that is not the way.

  40. bringiton has a great post at corrente about Hillary’s announcement tomorrow. He breaks down the reality of the situation, which is what most of us already know: It ain’t over until the convention, and Hillary is in the catbird seat.


  41. katiebird-I feel the same way! No acknowledgement that she received the popular vote, no celebration of that by her campaign staff that I can see. Has Terry or Maggie or anyone talked about the success since Tuesday? I admit, I don’t watch the MSM anymore, but I haven’t seen anything on the blogs. Still grieving here.

  42. KB, I’m still writing to the press when I can. I plan to call in when there’s a chance and make it clear that I am not sad or disappointed, but that I am quite disgusted. They will know that and understand.

    Next thing I’m doing is taking my cues from the Clintons. I will cease to care after Saturday, at least until early August. I’m going to college and I can only tolerate so much Obamabullsh** before I lose my temper.

  43. I love the RSVP idea!

    Yeah, I don’t really understand why she HAD to get out right away.

  44. The hardest thing for me….is that for the first time in many years, I had a presidential candidate that I could vote FOR, rather than holding my nose to vote AGAINST the other candidate.

    Now we have two (main) candidates, neither of which I could vote FOR. A vote for either of them is a vote AGAINST the other one. And it’s saddening.

    BTW: Obama is polling way better with Latinos than McCain is, right now, according to Gallup.

    And Gallup asked another question: How worried are you about Obama’s personal safety? That really smells to me like a push poll to garner sympathy. They never asked the same question about McCain. Maybe his safety is also at abnormal risk since he’s friendly with Bush…..

  45. BB, I don’t want her to take it either. It would make my decision this Nov hard because I’d hate not to vote for her. I am sick of her being whipped and smeared and I want her far away from them. I’d move out of the country if I were them. Go somewhere where you are respected. I swear I’m not normally vengeful but I wish something bad would happen to everyone in the media who has dissed her without knowing or trying to find out the truth. I don’t wish them physical harm but just some bad karma.

    katie, I wonder if we’ll ever know the whole story. I am positive she was not going to be allowed to win this from the start if they could help it.

  46. I saw a post about this on PumaPac.org this morning, but it read like an original idea from a blog member and didn’t mention any request for the campaign.

    I thought it was an interesting idea at the time, but I didn’t consider that it might be a hardship for Sen. Clinton’s office.

  47. Sorry off topic:

    In other news, Anglachel thinks the MO tape is a whisper campaign by the Republicans and had set Larry Johnson up. Larry did say his sources don’t know each other and one of them is a Democratic Obama supporter but that supporter only heard about it and not actually seen it.

    One of the more interesting whispers was from John Fund of I think the WSJ who said a tape about MO was coming out soon. Who knows if the tape is real, but I gotta say that the Republicans are great rumor-mongerers.

    On the McLaughlin Group, Eleanor Clift quotes Murdoch and thinks he could have a landslide win (keep dreaming Eleanor), Monica Crowley still hates the Clintons, an MSNBC lady gushes over Obama, and Pat Buchanan thinks if he can get 90% of Hillary Democrats, he wins but if he only gets 75-80% of Hillocrats, he loses.

    Buchanan also said the election will be about Obama. I’m reminded of a great analogy by one of the commenters here about marketing types who wouldn’t advise putting your name as the name of the company (a la Martha Stewart). He/She said the fate of the company is tied to the reputation of the name, and a tarnished name can sink a name-based company. I think the Republicans will try their darndest to tarnish Obama’s name.

    Lastly, McLaughlin mentioned Rezko and him cutting a deal with Fitz that could be a problem for Obama.

  48. #
    Red Queen, on June 6th, 2008 at 9:01 pm Said:

    We need to send RSVP cards to the November election marked- “thanks, but I will be unable to attend” to Howard Dean’s office.

    LOL! I love it! Mine will say:

    Regrets that I am unable to attend as I have a previous engagement with John McCain.

  49. kbird, Lakota: how could the DNC acknowledge popular vote and still nominate O? The only way the popular vote would have mattered is if it was the only way to favour O.

  50. katiebird,

    You’re not alone.

    However for me, the Democratic Party (and its presumptive nominee) have left me with such a distaste that striking back is a pleasingly natural reaction.

    I’m not holding anything back any longer and I don’t give a damn how the lemmings view my opinion. I’ll probably go ‘postal’ at one of my previous hang outs in the near future.

  51. She must be tired. She’s done enough.

    Let Howard Dean “unite” the party. HAHA.

  52. Let the Uniter try to do it. His supporters on the internet sure aren’t trying. They still think they don’t need us. Fine, I say.

  53. I wrote a post called, “Don’t tell me how to hold my nose”

    But, it’s so dark, I don’t think I can publish it.

  54. I don’t think I can watch tomorrow either. I have sent letters to super delegates and to Howard Dean. I signed the petition on Uppity’s blog. I contributed to PUMA. Now what? Can’t watch MSM and don’t want to clean house.

  55. I’m reading a post at Corrente where the author says that Obama might be considering Howard Dean as an awesome choice for VP

    I’m so beyond irony.

  56. kbird, why don’t you have RD, Ronk, BB, Litigator, Gary, et al. take a look and give you their opinion. Now I am curious.

  57. No, not yeeeeeeeeehhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa man. Yep, that is what we need.

  58. UpstateNY, the nice thing about it is that the “holding nose” issue won’t go away. I’ll look at it in the morning. It might work better with some jokes.

    (wild laughter)

  59. I wish we could attach sound to comments, Upstate.


  60. kbird: (wild laughter)….now I AM worried….

  61. Coldblue, having read your posts at DKos for years, plus MOBlue, who I have also always respected, I think the anger is much more real than anyone realizes.

    And bostonbommer…I remember back when she was undecided. I never dreamed this campaign season would turn her into a non-voter. And me, not that I posted too awful many comments but I was a TU at DKos for almost four years and now you couldn’t pay me to read it. Not to mention how loyal goldberry and katiebird were to our party/former party.

    Our party lost itself somewhere in their Clinton hatred and I just don’t understand.

  62. God the State Convention here in Tx is such bullshit. They mispresented the credentials.

    Ha, apparently the Obama people keep chanting “Unity” while the Clinton supporters keep looking at them like their functionally retarded. They’re also telling Hillary to go Indy. She’s got 18 million supporters, she can do it.

  63. Katiebird,

    Now I’m dying to read it. Maybe you can sleep on it and look at again tomorrow?

    I’m blown away by what has happened too. It feels like we are living in a banana republic where the bosses just do whatever they want and don’t even feel they have to justify it. That is what they did. I want revenge, I really do. I want them held accountable somehow–and not just by losing the election. It seems they don’t really care about winning it anyway.

  64. tabbycat, I’ll never support the people who ran last Saturday’s meeting. Nothing and no one can make me forget what they did that day.

  65. Tabbycat,

    I always liked Edwards, but now I can’t believe I fell for his poverty schtick. He sold out everything when endorsed Obama. And now he hasn’t been heard from since.

  66. katiebird,

    I’m looking forward to yor post.

    But I’ve been told that I’m ‘cutting off my nose to spite my face’; so I guess that isn’t going to be a problem for me…heh.

  67. I’m glad now that Edwards dropped out before Feb. 5, because I would have voted for him. I glad and proud that I voted for Hillary.

  68. There will be howls of laughter on the networks and editorial pages if the Dems lose 2008 as in Obama losing.

  69. BB,

    I feel the same way about Edwards. I can’t believe how badly I misjudged him.

  70. Katiebird: Howard Dean as VP? Yeah, I read that too, but would they really confirm all our conspiracy theories in such a blatant way? Oh, and the dean scream would be played after every poorly chosen statement to punctuate…

    Just think:
    bitter…guns – *dean scream*
    she’s likeable enough – *dean scream*
    white grandmother – *dean scream*

  71. tabbycat,

    The anger is real.

  72. Regency, I think Hillary Clinton would do anything to save this party from itself, though. She knows that Obama is toast, but having her on the ticket would sway some of her supporters. I think if he offered it she would take it. The good part is, I think he’s too arrogant and misogynistic to offer.

  73. I’m truly sorry that she is doing this. She earned admiration and respect from many of us. Repubs couldn’t even help but comment on how impressed they were with her. Hell, my brother (Republican) even wanted to vote for her. That’s a miracle in itself.

    IMO, honor, integrity and principle TRUMP party. This isn’t a game. Actions have consequences.

    I’ve been lurking for a few months. Thanks for being here. It’s good to know that I’m not alone.

    I love the postcard idea. I’m on it!

  74. I don’t know if you guys have seen it, but not only does the RNC have a lot of ads up attacking Obama on youtube, but they have a new website, meetbarackobama.com, with lots of stuff about his lacki of a resume, Rezko connections, etc. I wonder if he will respond to any of this stuff? If he doesn’t, it will be all over before the convention. The Repubs are salivating over Howard Dean’s sacrificial lamb.

  75. I know Coldblue. I have family that has never even read a blog before and they aren’t voting. They are mad as hell. We have never not voted. Never. I don’t have to worry about voting for McCain because he’ll win TN easily.

    katie…I feel the same way about those people from last Saturday. That was a setup done deal. How could Obama’s people argue to seat Mi at 100% but split the delegates after just arguing to seat Fl at 50%? What a sham that hearing was.

    BB, I actually sent my first donation to Edwards. I liked him and Hillary and he needed money so bad. I wish I had it back to send her!

  76. that website is pretty intense, BB

  77. I googled puma postcards, and there are places where you can order them.


  78. tabbycat in tenn – last Saturday was a travesty. The only comfort is watching Harriet Christian rage about it. She is awesome.

  79. Heather,

    I know. But this is what he is going to be dealing with, 24/7. He’s not ready. All he ever does is complain when he even gets asked a question about Rezko, etc.

  80. I’m wondering on who will be more aggressive in this cycle. In 2004, Bush pretty much put Kerry on the defensive for the entire cycle, same with Clinton against Dole in 1996.

    Obama doesn’t like getting into fights and gets flustered when he does. He does well when surrogates and/or the media protect him and do his attacks for him. I also think the GOP 527’s will do McCain’s job for him and attack Obama.

    The Obama people do have the race card to play and when the Republicans launch a racially coded attack, and get the race card dealt at them, I wonder how McCain will react. I think they can use the boy who cried wolf defense.

  81. BB/Heather: I went to the site. Did you notice they showed H in the Rezko ad? Talk about subliminal messages.

  82. Whoa. I checked out that website, BB.

    The republicans don’t play.

    This thing ain’t over.

  83. BB, I love the puma designs on zazzle when you do the google search you linked. Oh, and I did not mean to say the website was a bad thing. It’s stunning how he avoids answering questions (well, it’s very much a lawyer tactic, and I am one too, so I know how that works). You are right. He is not ready. I think it is because he lacks experience but I also think it is because he simply lacks the integrity required to withstand ordinary scrutiny.

  84. A shoutout to old pals from Kos. I’ve scattered to various places, as you have.

    We’re really seeing an intense renewal of consciousness-raising among many women. This is how the women’s movement of the 60’s picked up steam.

    Of course, if women were more advanced we’d have a woman President immediately because we’re more than half the population.

    Women need to develop the sense of pride in their own that ethnic groups have so readily.

  85. The Obama people do have the race card to play and when the Republicans launch a racially coded attack, and get the race card dealt at them, I wonder how McCain will react. I think they can use the boy who cried wolf defense.

    The republicans don’t give a shit about being called racists.

    And this time, they’ll just play Rev. Wright and Rev. Pfleger tapes over and over and over…

  86. Athena, that is hard to do with patriarchal cultural bias built into how we are educated and “nurtured.” But, rock on. I’m with you.

  87. Athena, I see what you mean, but cannot fully agree with the “sense of pride” part. I did not support Hillary because of her gender, but policies. The same way I could care less for Richardson and we both are Hispanic.

  88. I’ll be totally bummed if Hillary accepts the VP slot. seriously, I don’t want to vote for her if that’s the arrangement. I don’t think she’ll do it.

  89. the problem with women and the sense of pride thing is that we give birth to and nurture both genders, and in that sense they are all a part or us. and so we are proud of our daughters and our sons. it’s trickier to separate than other things that define people, imo.

  90. Please do not tell me she would even consider VP

  91. tabbycat in tenn, on June 6th, 2008 at 8:59 pm Said:

    I followed a link to DKos by accident today. Kos says the MI primary was Soviet style.


    So, was he disagreeing with the RBC and DNC on what they did with MI?

  92. Here’s a puma pic i kinda like.

    But it would be subject to the “taking your ball and going home” treatment.

  93. kiki, as mom to a son, I understand your point. I didn’t take Athena to mean that we should support Hillary because of gender or that we should take pride in being female to the point of favoring a daughter over a son, though. If I am understanding her right, the idea is this – we have to raise our sons to be feminists and we have to get beyond the patriarchal bullshit and not be good little girls.

  94. So sad what is happening over at TM. I did a little math and on Tues. her site had approx. 7,000 comments thru the day. On Wed. it was down to less than 5,000. Yesterday she had only 2,000 comments for the whole day, Today will be even less and most of them are Obama supporters who want to chase the last of the valient Hillary fans who haven’t quite yet left the site. (And those same Obama trolls will abandon TM and go back to DK as soon as their work there is finished.)

    Taylor abandoned us in a blink of an eye. After all those months of her enormous support of Hillary and her complete denounciation of Obama, she was able to turn on a dime. After we poured our hearts out to her about our feelings regarding Hillary, Obama, the media and the DNC, she posted this yesterday:

    “How [Clinton’s] supporters can ignore the foundation of her life, implementing Democratic Party ideals so that all Americans benefit in the good life, to vote for a Republican like John McCain, is beyond me.”

    Was she never listening to us?

  95. Heather,

    I was looking at the Zazzle one too. There is also an Eric Carle postcard of a puma.


  96. Cool pic ronkseattle and perfect slogan.

  97. No, pm, he was making his point that you can’t include the MI voters in the popular total. They don’t count according to him.

    It’s funny though that they aren’t turning down those delegates they were given, isn’t it?

  98. BB, I love that book. Great picture. Did you check out ronkseattle’s link?

  99. “I’m glad now that Edwards dropped out before Feb. 5, because I would have voted for him. I glad and proud that I voted for Hillary.”

    Me too, BB. I’ve been working more on that post. I think I will post it tomorrow.

    For now riverdaughter’s got a great video posted upstream. Make sure you’ve got a hankie though….

  100. OhVoter,

    You’d think some of these bloggers would notice what is happening. DK has very low quality writing now. Even the front pagers don’t write as good stuff as they used to. They are in an echo chamber and never challenge themselves to think outside the box. It doesn’t surprise me at all that TM is losing readers. A lot of Hillary bloggers have had to buy new servers to handle their traffic. If they start supporting Obama, I think they will find they don’t need those new servers any more.

  101. night, BB and all. must check out for now.

  102. Yes, I like the puma with the ball. I think that is related to soccer. But it’s a very relevant image.

  103. Heather, I agree. I only have a daughter so I haven’t faced the challenge of raising a son with feminist values. Seeing the 20 something Obama supporters, I’ve been relieved I didn’t have that challenge, and have wondered what values their parents tried or maybe didn’t try to instill. just having a daughter, it’s easy to go militant on women’s issues. I wonder how well I would have done with a boy, and respect those of you who are raising sons.

  104. tabbycat in tenn, on June 6th, 2008 at 10:12 pm Said:

    No, pm, he was making his point that you can’t include the MI voters in the popular total. They don’t count according to him.

    Thanks. That was my guess — a leopard does not change its spots (I asked because I don’t go there and I don’t know much about them other than the reputation heard from blogs like here and there.)

  105. …sigh….I originally supported Edwards. I liked that he was talking about poverty. I was actually a One Corps captain. I’ve been disappointed, but what else is new in politics?

  106. Thank you all for participating in this wonderful site.

    For those who are wondering how the DNC can honestly believe that it has a chance to win in November without Clinton’s supporters, I don’t think they really care if they lose. After all, they can rig a Democratic primary, but it’s not so easy to beat the Republicans at rigging the general. It seems from all their recent actions that this is a long-term project of realigning the base constituents, with the first order of business getting rid of the Clintons, followed by waiting for the rest of us to literally die off, and then who knows what the plan is. Delusional and illogical thinking, you say? Just look at their record for the last 40 years.

  107. I agree Mike. Winning in Nov is a lower priority than getting access to Obama’s money, youth vote (which will always let us down) and getting rid of the Clintons. I’m not sure if getting rid of the Clintons or the money comes first.

    pm, I wish you had visited DKos during the primary just for a little while. It is hard to describe the hate. I promise you, it’s not an exaggeration. Their hatred of all things Clinton is worse than listening to right wing radio hating on them.

  108. And remember,
    Cougars are pumas too. Same animal, different postcards.

    Who’s got skilz to do a graphic of a puma sinking her fangs into a donkey’s neck? Caption: “WE GOT YOUR BACK”

  109. By sense of pride I meant to suggest a little more organic identification with women – and recognizing the psychic gain when women achieve power. Not all women, of course – but progressive women such as Hillary. And the Presidency is not trivial.

  110. Neither the DNC nor the Obama campaign have any moral authority or past precedent to demand Hillary Clinton’s exit for the sake of party unity.

    Hillary Clinton has EARNED the right to suspend her campaign and retain her delegates for the convention, just like every man that has run before.

    How the hell can the DNC and the Obama campaign be pressuring her to QUIT and GIVE UP her EARNED delegates?

    Where was the demand for Ted Kennedy to quit in 1980?

    Where was the demand for gary Hart to quit in 1984?

    Oh no, no, no!

    Both of those men were encouraged to continue on and they did, with Kennedy, despite being BEHIND by over 700 delegates and against a sitting President (Jimmy Carter).

    The unconscionable bahavior by the DNC and the Obama campaign is the antithesis of party unity!

    And now they want Hillary Clinton to quit the race, give up her EARNED delegates, bow down before them and kiss their ring as if she owes it to those back stabbing bastards?

    Yeah, wright!


  111. *********************************************************
    Everyone, please have a look at this video of a mother puma standing her ground and defending her family.

    I have great appreciation for this comment:

    “u guys assume that just because a bear is bigger, he will win. WRONG. Bears cant fight. they just use their weight. COugars would own because they are fast, have amazing reflexes, and claws. so shutup. Cats pwn.”


    NO DEALS!!


  112. For those who liked the RSVP card idea- there is a little mock up over at my place, complete with a Go Hillary or Go Green stamp

  113. I know the post is about sending cards but I thought you night like a laugh. I received this email from my sister-in-law this morning.

    Here’s the email:
    While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old Texas rancher, whose hand was caught in a gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man. Eventually the topic got around to Obama and his bid to be our President. The old rancher said, ‘Well, ya know, Obama is a ‘post turtle’.’
    Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a ‘post turtle’ was.
    The old rancher said, ‘When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a ‘post turtle’.’ The old rancher saw a puzzled look on the doctor’s face, so he continued to explain. ‘You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he is up there, and you just wonder what kind of a dumb ass put him up there.

    I thought it kind of fit the whole situation with the DNC and RBC.

  114. Sorry my email above got messed up. I must have hit paste inthe name line and didn’t realize it. Sorry

  115. Nana: I LOVE it! That is so true. He’s a post turtle. In a way, he should be mad as hell about the way this turned out too. If it is true that he’s only being used by the party to make money, then there has been a great disservice done to African Americans as well. They deserve, *we* deserve, an African American candidate who has the qualifications, experience and knowledge that Hillary has. That candidate would have been unbeatable, as is Hillary.

  116. I have already done this on Monday – registration change dated may 31. Sent a xerox with cange of affiliation circled in red – and a note requesting a Mi delegate.

  117. Stay in Hillary-Denver.

    Obama will not get Hillary’s supporters as he said he will “I WILL GET HILLARY’S SUPPORTERS.THE QUESTION IS WILL SHE GET MINE”

    Well now I know why Obama said that…..Because Obama DNC-Donna B-Howard Dean- Nancy P and others in the democratic party leaders had their next step.And that is useing us after they finally take it all from Hillary. Hillay may have to support Obama-Why would they have closed talks-i know it was the Obama camp who wanted to sit her down and talk. Hilary we now want all of your 18 million supporters.And we want them now. Well let me say.I will not follow in the path Obama or the dnc wants us-me to!

    Donna B -We won’t forget what you had said.You were so much in the tank as well as taking away 1.7 peoples will away! As Howard Dean was as well

    Look at yourself Donna B.take a good look at yourself.

    Shame on you Donna B-Howard Dean-Nancy P.
    and all the rest of you democratic party leaders. We will not fall in your line.You can try and use Senator Hillary Clinton to beat McCain and sure you need us.But where were you all? not for the americvan people.You took from Florida-Michigan their will when you had the opition to.But you also took from many others who had voted in other states as well who supported Senator Hillary Clinton-by knowing that our votes were not going to matter as well. Why? Your plans in who you wanted and all the trouble you dnc-others have cause to one of the best candiates we have today.You did this to drive Hillary out-I know Media-MSNBC was helping you DNC out as well.

    Well we will not fall in your line.You will not use us to get our votes for Obama or support by thinking We will fall behind Hillary because you want us to>No DNC we will nopt fall in that line.You will not hold Hillary hostage in away to get us to fall in line. NO THANK YOU.
    We will not come around to your plans. Go away! We don’t want you DNC-Obama -or the democratic party who cheated on of their own and the people. Go to –blank blank-you figure that word Blank blank out.

    You will be getting my voters registration card for I am no longer on your side or will be a democrate.

  118. in case you missed it… this is from another blog… fits my feelings perfectly… so here it is…

    “Women have been messed over for many years by the Democrat Party and it appears that millions of “US” will be returning the favor, should this primary season continue on its current path. Hillary Clinton is clearly the best choice to be our party’s nominee for President. As a life-long Democrat, age 55, I think the way my party has hosed Hillary and their most loyal and largest voting block; women intolerable. I am confident the Democrat Party will pay a severe price for this blatant assault on women in November. Cry all you want about this being “sour grapes” but little good will result from your on-going efforts to rally Hillary’s staunch supporters around your chosen candidate instead of the people’s choice. Now, the Democrat Party leaders want women to get their pre- selected from the start, elite, wimp, Barack Obama elected in November. It will be cold day in hell before I comply and I also hope Hillary walks away from this Party. Most of the women, and many men as well, with whom I have contact are finished with the Democrat Party, now and forever. Also, many of “US” are starting a grassroots movement to insure these kind of sorry tactics employed by my now soon to be former party, never happen again. This clear favoring of Obama, making him the nominee because the party doesn’t want a woman, especially a Clinton woman, is more that I can tolerate. Of all the gall, the Democrat Party now expects “US” girls, including Hillary, to turn over our undying support to Obama. Sorry guys, this is not going to happen. Obama has no shot of winning in November without Hillary’s help and all of us, her supporters. Not on your life or in your wildest dreams is this going to happen. “

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