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Thursday: Ya’ gives gives em books and gives em books

but all they do is chew on the covers.

The party elders must have their way. Now there is rumor that Charlie Rangel has decided to throw in the towel. Well, Congressman Rangel, I know what you think you are trying to accomplish. You *think* that if she bows out gracefully and her supporters realize they no longer have a choice that somehow we will come to accept this and transfer our loyalties to Senator Obama and all will be ticketyboo by November.

And who can blame the idiots in charge for thinking this? It’s been true of nearly every other primary that they’ve ever experienced. But they don’t realize that this one is different. And here is why:

  • Senator Obama has practiced scorched earth warfare against half of his own party. Even James Clyburn is getting in on the act. We’re not racists and we’re not immature and we really resent this crap. What we are is 18 million people that the Democrats have decided to cut loose but still need our votes. Insulting us is not the best way to get them.
  • We are witnesses to a very flagrant and public vote rigging scheme. It started by dampening Hillary’s momentum by taking her wins in Florida and Michigan away, continued to a seriously corrupt vote count in Gary, Indiana and finished with that travesty at the RBC meeting last Saturday. Telling people to suck it up and vote is unbelievable chutzpah.
  • Hillary is the stronger, more experienced candidate and we;ve known all along that the media and Republicans would like nothing so much as to sideline her-permanently. They are gleeful and incredulous that we would actually fall for it.

Getting Hillary to drop out and forcing her to humiliate herself by campaigning for Obama is not going to work Our anger must be acknowledged. We can’t be hustled without a resolution to what is important to us. We must have an accounting for why it was so important to dump Hillary and leave us open to the possibility of losing in the fall.

The problem we have with Obama is much bigger than Hillary is able to fix because she is not responsible for it. Our anger is directed to Mr. Obama and the party itself. We know that the Republicans are no good but right now, our prospects with either party are pretty bleak. The Republicans just want to win; the Democrats are more interested in committing political suicide by jettisoning its base and lecturing *US* about race.

If you guys want party unity, there is only one way to get it: Let’s go to Denver and have a fair fight on the convention floor. Let’s stop the bleeding of the superdelegates to Obama like cowardly rats abandoning a ship that isn’t even close to sinking. We have to witness for ourselves that she lost legitimately and that Obama has won legitimately. Otherwise, you will be in danger of suffering another sobering defeat this fall.

By the way, I can’t find any recent examples where a candidate has not won the majority of the large D and swing states and won the election. The last candidate who failed to capture the majority of them in the primaries was Jimmy Carter in 1980. He lost the popular vote by 10% and lost the Electoral College by 90% to Ronald Reagan. The final EV tally was a humiliating 489 for Reagan to 49 for Carter. Just 10% could swing this election to McCain.

Now you may resume chewing on the covers.


bringiton at Corrente says Hillary Clinton should continue her campaign

174 Responses

  1. As I said in the previous thread. Lots of new faces. Welcome.

    No, no, no, RD, you are wrong….obedience is a virtue.

  2. Just putting my armchair strategist hat on, but as for the Latino demographic, the Republicans will air Wright and Pfelger’s anti-American diatribes in Latino media. They know people or seen/read the reports of their brethren literally dying to get into this country and to have a Presidential candidate’s spiritual mentors cursing out America will cause them to at least take a look at McCain. Latinos have a natural home in the Dem Party, but stuff like that can be damaging.

  3. EDIT: will probably air Wright and Pfelger’s…

  4. “If you guys want party unity, there is only one way to get it: Let’s go to Denver and have a fair fight on the convention floor.”

    Just setting aside the positive and negative merits of this strategy for one minute; nobody but HRC has the power to do this.

  5. The Chicago crowd –check out Rev. Anthony Williams…this is REALLY upsetting me now….

    “A Party Held HOSTAGE: Michele Obama Wasn’t Alone in Her Hostility at the Rainbow/PUSH Conference in 2004–Protests Against Jesse Jackson, Threats Against Democrats/Kerry By Ministers in an Eerie Preview of the Rev. Wright Episode”


    PLEASE READ this whole piece!
    We are in big trouble…find out why this Obama enabling is all about APPEASEMENT by the Democratic Party.

    What I have found out is really disturbing!

    Have women been thrown over out of a move to appease blacks? And these blacks aren’t even real Democrats??

  6. I don’t know WS, remember that immigration is to “Latino issues” what abortion is to “women issues”. The DNC will stress that angle and everything will be fine, plus we have Richardson, right? LOL

  7. Considering how obsessed the country has been with terrorism for the last 8 years, I just don’t see how we run Obama against McCain.

    But, based on what few interviews I’ve seen, the Dem Leadership and blabber-mouths think this is such an overwhelming year — anything goes!

    Well, I just don’t see it.

    I think running Obama against McCain is insane. The Republican ads just write themselves!

  8. Katiebird: And when the Republican ads don’t write themselves, Obama writes them instead!

    Obama is a walking-talking 527 ad.

  9. You speak for me on this one RD. The line in the sand has been drawn. This is going to be a very interesting summer. You are right, Hillary did not break the Democratic Party. It is not her responsibility to fix it.


  10. well, Obama is on his own now… he doesn’t have Hillary to attract all the fire.

    something tells me he’s not going to deal with it very well.

    Good luck with all that, bo!

  11. Letters to the Editors

    Can we vow to each write a letter to the editor of at least one local newspaper today, voicing our opinion about the election and about voting for the Messiah?

  12. Absolutely:

    “Senator Obama has practiced scorched earth warfare against half of his own party. Even James Clyburn is getting in on the act. We’re not racists and we’re not immature and we really resent this crap. What we are is 18 million people that the Democrats have decided to cut loose but still need our votes. Insulting us is not the best way to get them.”

    You said it, RD.

  13. I am just a bitter Asian American who does not clinch to either the bible or gun. As a Hillary supporter, I will do everything in my power to defeat waffles and his enabler!

    I just bookmarked this site.’

  14. Instead of mellowing, I am getting angrier.

    Texas sent a clear message to the DNC that a caucus doesn’t reflect the will of the people. They have decided to ignore one hundred thousand voters in Texas in their rush to get the media-obsessed Obama anointed.

    If they are that dumb, they have no business running the country.

  15. Heh, sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.

    Today in one of our HS groups someone sent info on some bike ride that included the following

    “It’s Patriotic to Be Green!”

    I know, I know….I will now go (quietly) back to my dunce corner.

  16. I agree with this post in every respect. Obama broke it and he’s going to have to fix it.

    Of course, he doesn’t want to. That’s going to be kind of a problem for him. 😉

    My respect and admiration for HRC do not automatically transfer to Senator Obama. He gets no pass from me for his race-baiting and misogyny, which are not liberal values. He also has stolen and intimidated votes and delegates in his mad pursuit of a nomination he is not qualified to earn.

    Hillary Clinton is a Democrat. Barack Obama is not. That’s why he does not get my vote. Ever.

  17. In trying to resolve my feelings and accept that Hillary is not going to be our President. I can’t decide if I’m more disgusted with the Party, Obama’s supporters, or Obama himself. What I do know is that the next few months will be interesting to watch. I don’t think I can vote for McCain but if it will help keep Obama and his “people” from taking over this country I most certainly will.

  18. Sorry Folks,

    No way is a President McCain better than a President Obama.

    Think about it: Health Care, Iraq War, Supreme Court judges picks, environment, education, etc.

    We have too much to lose.

    Sorry. I just can’t ever vote for McCain.

  19. Let me ammend my post to clarify that Obama’s “people” are the MSM, the scary church friends, and his illegal buddies that continue to come out of the wood work !

  20. Is the sky falling, Downriver?

  21. Teresa, the letter to the editor sounds good, but I think we have to take it a step further. Maybe we should send thousands of letters to the media, more specifically, Hannity. He seems to be the only person out there willing to pounce on (stealing someone’s word for ‘O’) the “Precious”. And state in each letter, emphatically, “we will not vote for him, we will not fall in line.”

    Writing to the editor is in one town, we need to be seen and heard.

  22. I am so sad … depressed even.
    I try to console myself with the thought that now that the MSM & the DNC have killed Hillary’s candidacy, they will now move on to Obama VS McCain. In other words, it’s finally open season on Obama.

    Pass the popcorn.

  23. Glad to be here! I hope that in the days ahead, the democratic party will know how angry many of us are. As I have said in another site, “not even if Hillary herself stood by my door to ask, would I vote for a nominee who is the product of such a corrupt and unfair process. It is Hillary or McCain for me definitely!

  24. I will not vote for a candidate who depends on brownshirts and haters for support.

  25. I hear Oprah may stand by your door, felizarte. C’mon, not even for Oprah?

  26. Last night on Charlie Rose, female talking head Connie Schultz said Obama must acknowledge the pain from the women who voted for Hillary. Pain?! It’s not pain but anger toward Obama and the Dumbocratic Party.

  27. Pain? What a patronizing word.

    It’s rage, and each time they patronize us, it gets worse.

  28. Obama will go to every nook and cranny to register AA voters, he will go to the High schools and colleges to prey on young voters, and they will fall for the hype and not bother with anything of substance.
    People better wake up and STOP assuming he cannot win. I know it seems absolutely ridiculous that someone so corrupt could win but here we are. We better come up with a better way to counteract his preying on the youth vote.

  29. Plural, forgive me. Rage is perfect.

  30. Okay, I read the article from the above link. Does this mean that 51% of the population of the United States were ignored because the Democratic Party was afraid they might lose the votes of the AA community?

    Does this mean that they think women are so damn docile and timid that we will not say Go F#!k yourselves to the DNC!?

    So my vote is not as important?

    I am not falling in line, but getting more pissed off as time goes by.

  31. DownriverDem,

    I’ll go reread Riverdaughter’s post, but I don’t recall her recommending that anyone vote for McCain. At this point, Obama has zero chance of winning in November. The number of people on these blogs is miniscule compared the the Democrats who simply will not vote for Obama because he has insulted nearly every important group in the party’s base and stolen delegates and votes in order to win the nomination.

  32. E-Mail from Hillary:
    I wanted you to be one of the first to know: on Saturday, I will hold an event in Washington D.C. to thank everyone who has supported my campaign. Over the course of the last 16 months, I have been privileged and touched to witness the incredible dedication and sacrifice of so many people working for our campaign. Every minute you put into helping us win, every dollar you gave to keep up the fight meant more to me than I can ever possibly tell you.

    On Saturday, I will extend my congratulations to Senator Obama and my support for his candidacy. This has been a long and hard-fought campaign, but as I have always said, my differences with Senator Obama are small compared to the differences we have with Senator McCain and the Republicans.

    I have said throughout the campaign that I would strongly support Senator Obama if he were the Democratic Party’s nominee, and I intend to deliver on that promise.

    When I decided to run for president, I knew exactly why I was getting into this race: to work hard every day for the millions of Americans who need a voice in the White House.

    I made you — and everyone who supported me — a promise: to stand up for our shared values and to never back down. I’m going to keep that promise today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life.

    I will be speaking on Saturday about how together we can rally the party behind Senator Obama. The stakes are too high and the task before us too important to do otherwise.

    I know as I continue my lifelong work for a stronger America and a better world, I will turn to you for the support, the strength, and the commitment that you have shown me in the past 16 months. And I will always keep faith with the issues and causes that are important to you.

    In the past few days, you have shown that support once again with hundreds of thousands of messages to the campaign, and again, I am touched by your thoughtfulness and kindness.

    I can never possibly express my gratitude, so let me say simply, thank you.


    Hillary Rodham Clinton

  33. It’s funny to watch the pundit class and the Obama politicians soothe their own ruffled feathers by talking about unity. Apparently if Hillary supporting politicians come to the Obama side, that means that grassroots will tooo.

    Sorry to them, but you can’t insult 18 million voters then turn around and expect them to vote for you. People like Hillary, however, that doesn’t mean we’re a bunch of authoritarian followers who do her bidding just because she says so. Obama’s BS has surpassed what’s happened to Hillary, and it’s still doing so. This Clyburn nonsense, intended to guilt all of us into assimilating to the borg isn’t going to work.

    True Democrats don’t assmilate to the borg. Maybe politicians do, WE don’t

  34. swanny: That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve read. Almost the entire african-american voting population voted for Obama in the primaries and he barely (some might say he actually didn’t) squeaked by. The AA population in the US is about 13%. It is concentrated in southern states that are primarily Republican and in urban areas. When it comes time for the General Election, that 13% that made up such a crucial part of the Democratic voting electorate is going to be further diluted so that it will barely make a difference to Obama. AND the *real* racists will be able to vote against him.

  35. See, that’s the thing, Downriver Dem. I don’t see any evidence whatsoever that Obama will have better policies on health care, the Iraq war, Supreme Court and other judicial picks, the environment, education, etc.

    – This is the guy who thought Roberts was a great SCOTUS pick till he learned voting for him would hurt his prez aspirations.
    – He ran an incredibly misogynistic campaign.
    – He’s thrown gays under the bus several time.
    – He insists that women should be sensitive to the feelings of those who’d dictate what we can do with our bodies.
    – He has proposed an inadequate health insurance plan, and one of his main supporters (Kerry) said even that won’t be pushed.
    – His environmental/energy policies – “clean” coal, ethanol and nukes – are bad.
    – His economic advisors are libertarians. The libertarian philosophy is summed up: I have mine, f**k you.

    Right now I can’t see how it matters which of those two clueless, sexist, homophobic men climbs out of the presidential clown car on inauguration day.

  36. I really resent when people talk about our “pain” and “bitterness”.

    Next they’ll start saying we’re clinging to our guns and religion.

  37. lyn5,

    I’m not in pain. I’m not feeling “sensitive” or “hurt.” I could see a long time ago to what the DNC was doing, and I’m over being “hurt” about it. I’m furious, I’m enranged, but I’m calm and I’m not crying. Far from it.

    I’ve watched how Hillary has handled the abuse and I’m going to follow her example. I know I could never be as strong and as gracious as she has been, but I have a steely determination to exacty revenge for what the DNC and the Village Democrats have done to Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea, and to us, her supporters. I’m not gonna take it anymore period.

  38. Sister: I think it matters which of the two clueless, sexist, homophobic men climbs out of the presidential clown car. I think it has to be McCain. Hey Downriverdem, I’m waving at you!

    If it’s Obama, the ugly course that the Democratic Party is taking, via disenfranchising voters, yata, yata, yata will continue — and it JUST CAN’T.

    So let McCain win by a landslide. Let Dean, Brazille, Pelosi, Reid and Obama lose their power and let’s go snatch that Democrat Party back, so we can call it the Democratic Party once again.

  39. Riverdaughter,

    Have you seen the calculations of where Hillary would have been if the Democrats assigned delegates the same way the Repubs do (and the Dems used to do)? It used to be winner-take-all instead of this ridiculous proportional assignment of Delegates. So Obama has gotten hundreds of delegates in states where he lost in a landslide. If Dems counted like the Repubs, Hillary would have crushed Obama long ago and would now be ahead by about 500 delegates. The fix was in from day one.

    I’ll have to search for where I read this, but you may already know about it.

  40. BB, I totally agree with you. I can’t even cry about this; I am so enraged! Hillary is a much better person than I am if she can put all the hate that was directed toward her aside and campaign for the party and person who stole the presidency from her.

  41. lyn5,

    Who knows what Hillary has up her sleeve? She is a very savvy politician, and they have done everything they could to diminish and humiliate her. It’s going to be very interesting to watch. Of course I would much prefer to have a Democrat in the White House, but I think Howard, Donna, and Nancy P. have already made sure that isn’t going to happen. So I’ll wait and watch.

  42. Bostonboomer:
    Totally agree with you!. I am just out of love with the Democratic Party right now. Whether I will totally devolve into indifference, I can’t tell yet. But for the moment, I am an unwavering American who appreciates the idea of checks and balances in the govt.

    “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  43. Teresa, your last paragraph is the key. The object now is to deliver a knockout blow to the faux Democrats who think they can hijack the party. (These are the people, by the way, who have done such a sterling job since 2006 that they now have a lower approval rating than Bush!)

    Hillary will never file to be a write-in candidate, and, in almost all but about two states, unless a write-in candidate is formally registered, a write-in vote will simply be tossed out. Period. Revolution will not occur with a write-in vote. A vote for McCain means that Obama needs two votes from Obamacrats to overcome the shortfall. That’s why, like it or not, if you’re serious about taking the party back over the next four years, a vote for McCain is the way to start. You can still vote down ticket races any way you like, but the top of the ticket absolutely cannot be Obama.

  44. BB,
    From Hillary’s e-mail her “support” doesn’t mean endorse or concede. Besides the rage, I still have the hope that she can pull it off in August.

  45. DownriverDem, on June 5th, 2008 at 9:28 am Said:
    “Sorry Folks,

    No way is a President McCain better than a President Obama.

    Think about it: Health Care, Iraq War, Supreme Court judges picks, environment, education, etc.

    We have too much to lose.

    Sorry. I just can’t ever vote for McCain.”

    Think about it, Obama voted for the energy bill, he doesn’t believe in Universal health Care, he has no clear policies on Iraq, Sex education to 6 year olds etc.

    Obama is no better than McCain.

  46. I am way passed the pain. That occurred when I watched the nightly bashing of her coming from the MSM and established press. When her laugh,clapping, legs, cleavage, age, and all things Hillary were demeaned and diminished for the sake of the frat boys.

    I am way past the hurt when I saw her votes stolen and handed over to a lying politician pretending to be somebody he is not just because of the color of his skin.

    I am way past the anger when she was told to “get out” because she was standing in the way of an inexperienced and unqualified bozo who could never rise to her level of competence.

    I am way past the disgust I felt at my own party for choosing this insignificant man over a woman who offers so much to this country and stood a more than even chance of winning in the general.

    All this pain, anger, hurt, disgust has been replaced with a white hot resolve to stick it firmly to my former beloved party who has chosen possibly one of the most electable candidates to grace the stage.

    The “unity” they seek has rapidly been substituted with a cold shoulder of indifference. Too late for me.

  47. meant unelectable sorry

  48. Teresa,
    Yeah! It’s got to be McCain to teach the Dem party what rage means and drive out the hijackers and false leaders. Hillary can’t do what we can. It’s like playing bridge: the supporting play must be instinctive and insightful.

  49. Well Pat Johnson:
    We will show how unelectable the dem nominee is come November.

  50. Just came back from a visit to the internets.

    TM has moved on fast, hasn’t she.
    Jeralyn, level headed and class act.
    BTD, me like.

    Their sites, their rules. Fine with me.

  51. Today’s local Ohio paper headline Can he win Ohio? Can he win without it? And describes the States republican glee at the O being nominated. I am moving past this stage the DNC and Party leadership fixed the race for Obama that part is over and we were the group scammed. IMO that’s a clear loss in Nov, actually I have no doubt but I believe it is also a break similar to the 60’s where the Social Justice Liberal wing of the party put their head so far up their arses and here they go again they have betrayed their Base believing they will rally. And the backlash is worse then they imagine. Anyway I have joined McCain’s team now and I am switching to the Republican in our District, as well, for the open seat a good candidate I can support. This Dem con and Pelosi’s, Clyburn, Bradley, Kennedy leadership is IMO the threat of another Bush term by a minority fringe who without mandate would control all three Branches, unacceptable, their purge to drive out centrist economic policies of the Clinton era are a warning sign to me. They, Dem Leadership are beyond out of touch with the Country as to the People our needs and wants; we need an empowered nation not a bunch of victims walling in their victim hood wanting the pony to fix their problems.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do not want Republicans in power, but I also do want balance not a rabid leftist social agenda with continued corporate welfare running this country and further funded by an already burden populace. If Hillary becomes the nominee I will be there voting for her in 08 or in 12 if she is at the top of the ticket, but under no circumstance will I ever trust the Dem Party any more than I do the Republicans in fact maybe less now, if you have to cheat your own Base then what’s that say about your ethics your ability to govern wisely for all, not much in my view. I’m wasting no more energy and turning off the Dem drama pity party poor Obama mean Hill Btch, Bill, McCain racist faucet but I relish a new activism by women in the political arena that understand their true power and are wedgie and Party free or at least that’s not the glue and will participate.

  52. Hey everyone. I’m in th CLE airport. I knowthey walk amongst us. I’m ever watchful. I think i lok like them so tey leave me alone. I’m going to be staying at a PUMA safe house on silve spring,md.

  53. I’m emotionally drained right now. I’m likely not even going to the state convention now so that’s at least one alternate lost to HRC in the August.

    I’m disgusted with the DNC but quite resolved never to vote for their nominee unless the nominee is a different person than it is today.

    I think I’ll go watch a movie or take a nap. I now have a whole lot of time on my hands and money.

  54. Ben, whatever you do, show NO emotion!!!

    Oy, PUMA logo at NQ.

  55. Our work now should be working to pesuade the “stay at home” peopl to vote for mccain. this i a heealhty debbate for us. we have a common enemy. we are TheResistance. We won’t be assimilated.

  56. RegencyI “now have a whole lot of time on my hands and money”

    I am OK in the time dept. (obviously, otherwise I would not be here) the money part though….brother/sister, can you share?

  57. Ben Carlson – my mother-in-law lives in Silver Spring! Maryland rocks. 🙂

  58. Ooops, Regency=Regencyl

  59. I now want to watch Star Trek Voyager.

  60. Ah yes, capt. Janeway. She rocks!!! We have a Hallmark ornament with her at the helm. Cool.

  61. Just for perspective, it’s interesting to see what is happening at the great Orange Cheeto. They are all over there patting themselves on the back and saying what a great unifier Obama is. They are also making it absolutely clear that they won’t accept Hillary as VP. They think she is pushing for it.

    Frankly, I think Hillary is very likely trying to antagonize Obama enough so he won’t ask her to do it. Then she can just go back to the Senate and watch the clusterf%$k go down.

    Anyway the O-borg is busy reassuring themselves the everything is just fine and McCain’s number will tank soon. Talk about pain. They are going to be the ones crying in the end. At least we aren’t deluding ourseves.

  62. I think i’ve seen a few of them. i watch their reactins whentey pick up a newspaper. their lookis quite easy to detect. I’m in ohio, too. family’s been here 9 generations now. i kow this state. it isn’t goign to obama. we will have to fight hard here.

  63. Janeway=Laura Roslin=Hillary Rodham Clinton

  64. no, no, no, Ben. Repeat after me…. McCain BAD….

  65. I am asking permission to be allowed to turn my tv back on. I need to see the Dem Party equivalent of a Nascar event.

    katiebird, bb ??

  66. BB: do you need fish scales for your eyes. I am sure that Sylvia 1 and Sylvia 2 (our gold fish) wouldn’t mind to share.

  67. Good luck Ben! Remember, resist all efforts as assimilation, and do not drink the kool-aid.

  68. Pat, “Crash, burn, flames, commemorative plates”?

  69. Remember 7 of 9 on Voyager was part BORG. she was played by jeri ryan…who was O’s first senate rival before th sex scandal

  70. I’m with you Pat. “Too late for me.”

  71. Indy my ass, I might be a liberal Republican is all said and done.

  72. If McCain could not be cowed by the vietnemese these obamaborgs wil not stop us.

  73. If I am allowed…7 was (is) hot. Wife rolls her eyes everytime I say something nice about 7 though….

  74. Great piece, RD. I don’t usually comment, no time, but linked onto here from noquarterusa. I also got the above e-mail from Clinton and wrote her back that as much as we love and appreciate her, there is no way that I could vote for Obama. My vote is valuable to me and I have never seen a more divisive, repellent campaign than Obamas. Also, I have written numerous times to MSNBC and CNN about their biased coverage (again this am)-but to no avail.

    I cannot sit back and take this anymore. Add me to the PUMA Party please. I am beyond anger-yes, rage is the word.

  75. bostonboomer, on June 5th, 2008 at 10:01 am Said:


    Who knows what Hillary has up her sleeve? She is a very savvy politician, and they have done everything they could to diminish and humiliate her. It’s going to be very interesting to watch.

    You’re right, bb – Hillary is one person, along with Fitz, with whom you take your chances when playing chess. Both are brilliant.

    I do wish the Obots would read the story about the scorpion and the turtle/frog – they might see the true nature of Obama. He will take the party down with him as it is his nature.

  76. Janeway was hot to me. I loves the short smart womens. Or tall smart women. (Hello, Laura Roslin & CJ Cregg.)

    The West Wing set me on this path and I kind of resent them for it. That was government as it should be–that was Clinton government.

  77. i think ohio has not been infiltrated yet. but tey will descend on us soon. pennsylvanians will also have to be vigilant.

  78. Actually a really good movement to get going would be for everyone to one convert to Indy or Rep tomorrow as well as send a message to the DNC saying “not today, not in November.”

    They would probably still ignore us but man would they be scared.

  79. BostonBoomer: I think the cheeto gang is over-estimating the power of Mr. Unity.

    Yes, it’ll be fun to watch.

  80. in ohio w cant change affiiation unless it’s a primary.

  81. downriverdem said…[ Think about it: Health Care, Iraq War, Supreme Court judges picks, environment, education, etc. ]

    HEALTH CARE: Obama’s ties to the health care industry, and his opposition to true UNIVERSAL health care, may be worse than McCain’s position. McCain’s constituents in AZ are very concerned about health care. He understands the problem.

    IRAQ: I believe McCain can get us out BETTER than Obama. There is no easy way out.

    SUPREME COURT: I see nothing in Obama’s character or choice of associates that makes me think I want him using his famous “judgment” for the SCOTUS. Earl Warren was a moderate Republican.

    ENVIRONMENT: McCain’s from Arizona. He does understand the fragile nature of our environment. He’s no tree hugger, but neither is he an environmental-rapist like W.

    EDUCATION: Billy Ayers for Secretary of Education? No thank you.

    McCain’s positions on these issues are second best among the last three POTUS candidates we had. With Hillary out, McCain’s are now the best.

  82. We have no affiliation in Texas.

  83. 7 smart, for ever!

  84. we need to slowly unite behind mccain and his betty ford-esque wife.

  85. ok i have to go. BE WATCHFUL AND VIGILANT.

  86. Ben, ben, ben, c’mon, you are better than that, si?


  88. Cindy.


  90. When you are 20 something you do not read. Your life up to now is consists of posters and slogans. You are “cool”, no need to familiarize yourself with issues and policies, too much work. You fall for the latest fad. I did at that age, it just goes with the territory. It is customarily called the “right of passage”.

    It begins to fade when paying the rent or the mortgage becomes due. When balancing a budget to include a night at the movies won’t break the bank. When your health insurance won’t cover the full cost of treatment. When your whole way of living depends on whether or not your boss is in the mood to give you a decent evaluation. Up until then life is sunny and you can afford to support a candidate who offers solutions with those one word slogans that have defined your life so far.

    Issues, policies, experience? Who cares. It will all work out. Until life reaches up and hits you square in the eye. Oops!

  91. “Regency, on June 5th, 2008 at 10:34 am Said:

    We have no affiliation in Texas.”

    …just that nasty little rubber stamp that says “SUCKER-03-03-08”.

  92. Make that “SUCKER-03-04-08”.

  93. Ben, heh.

    Now, look after yourself at the airport. The pods can tell who are those withholding assent.

  94. The Dems (like Downriver Dem) are going to play the Iraq card but the odds Obama will have the guts to pull us out – not likely. Last night on Lehrer David Brooks and Mark Shields said that Obama can’t offer Hill the VP slot because then he wouldn’t look tough!

    He has a Kerry problem and it’s not going away. So right on , Sister of Ye.

  95. I’m with Riverdaughter in believing that “Friends don’t let Friends Vote Republican”

    That’s a step I cannot imagine taking. As P.U.M.A.s we’re still working out the details of our mission.

    But, MINE (I think) is to help educate the country about Obama’s weaknesses.

    I’m still hopeful the Democratic Party will come to its senses.

  96. I made the huge mistake of looking at the letters to the editor in the Seattle Times.

    The opinion article: “Wasn’t it great that we elected the black man?” (while that crash you heard was all women hitting the glass ceiling)

    The LTE’s: How could that stupid bitch walk all over this historic moment?

    I may be sending my LTE tomorrow when all the jackasses cool their stuff.

  97. Yo Regency!
    Resistance is not futile! I too won’t be assimilated by the O’Borg! YES! Janeway +Seven o’nine +B’lana = Hillary!

  98. Katiebird: If Hillary were by some chance to take the nomination, of course, I’d back her.

    However, I’m not so sure that Obama isn’t a Republican-lite. Do you want to steer the Democrats to the right by electing him? Or do you want to ensure he needs two votes to counteract a vote for McCain.

    I’m saying all of this as someone who has never voted for a Republican in the last 30 years.

    With all of the hype about the “hYstoric moment” (hysterical moment 😉 I am starting to think Mr Barky O is actually going to win in a landslide. We have to do everything we can to stop it.

  99. I wonder how fast those DNC coffers will begin to fill when all they have left of the potential donors are the under 30 crowd who have to borrow lunch money from Mom and Dad? Bet they will start to miss us then.

  100. Does anyone know: do all the Supers have to officially stone the Spawn Of Satan together now?

    Or can they stay mum till the convention? What ARE the RoolZ?

  101. Salty,

    I feel the same way. I am a centrist. I feel like the wing-nut left are staging a coup on the party, and trying to purge it of Clinton centrists.

    I am also equally afraid of members of the Nation of Islam being anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    Generally, I am no conspiracy theorist, but just scratching the surface on Obama reveals some really troubling facts about his connections to Hamas, Farrakhan, radical left wing politics. I don’t care what lies he told at AIPAC yesterday.

  102. Pat, the Oborg is rich wealthy Libertarians + Republicans (who don’t want to look uncool now that Bush made that the uncool party) , so unfortunately, the DNC will have plenty of money from their side…

  103. Ah B’lana, talk about smart. Can she please fix my car next time she travels to the past?

    Now, as the ferengi would say…. “clothed human females”…the nerve.

    All right, treckies, (“my friends”…sorry could not help myself) must go now.

    Keep your spirts high. and remember, this is not the end…just a new page that we are going to help write.

  104. My feeling is they never wanted riots just in Denver.Bambie’s handlers want them everywhere when Bambie goes down in the fall. As has been said before, they think we, the Dem base, are racist?LOL! ..wait till the GE when other voters will be voting. Only if Bambie is forced to step down will the IDJIT Dem elite run to Hillary. They want the Clintons out. If they have to lose in the fall to do that , they don’t mind at all….hell they are used to it! Meanwhile Hill can rest up and wait in events. It’s gonna be fun.

  105. Oh the sweet irony…

    The DNC has just announced they are following the Preciouses’ lead, and will not longer accept any of that tainted Lobbyist and PAC money.

    Again, where Hillary couldn’t really attack BO, the GOP will be on this hypocrisy like a dog on a bone.

  106. Mawm: I worry about that as well. More and more is coming out showing a stronger link to Farrakhan than was previously noted. I remember Hillary in a debate asking Obama about Farrakhan that was flubbed off. She must have had a deeper inkling of that tie. The Rev. Wright issue had not surfaced prior to that debate.

    These people are scary. Very cultists. I would think the Jewish voter would be wary since Farrakhan has never hid his hatred of them from the public. Let’s see how the media handles this one.

  107. Here is a very interesting article that appeared today in the paper, thought I would share it.


  108. Kariebird, I agree. If we keep making noise and standing firm against Obama I believe she will be the nominee.

    Has Hillary said if she is releasing her delegates to Obama on Saturday? If not, then all we need to do is sit tight and keep making noise.

    Last Puma shill of the day, 😉

    New action alert for Pumas to let the DNC who we are and where we stand.


  109. Oh, this is funny.

    Someone on Hilary_Clinton_In_2008 suggested signing up to phone bank for Obama. Instead of schilling for him that person suggested calling to say what a sucky president he would be.

    Now THAT’s funny.

  110. I believe that Hillary Clinton has done more than we could ever have expected, now that we know how badly she was undercut and handicapped by the Democratic party. All the coulda’ shoulda’ woulda’s in the world aren’t going to unwrite this story. I have not one doubt that she has tried in every possible way to determine any possibility of prevailing against this onslaught of money and corruption that has overtaken the party. A lesser mortal would have folded under all this pressure. Instead she has been Tuesday’s child in circumstances that, had the tables been turned, her Democratic opponent could never equal. Indeed, grace is not a quality that he possesses in any identifiable quantity.

    I do not have it in me to fault Hillary for doing what she has said all along that she would do, and that is to support whichever candidate the party nominates. She just has to do it without me.

  111. Katiebird, does this mean you will vote for Barry in Nov., just curios? Right now I’m so mad I say that I will, but I don’t know if I can actually pull the trigger for him. I do know I will not vote for Barry, vote the down ticket, try to get as many Dems in the House and Senate as possible. But they, Pelosi and Reid have been weaklings, so not much help there either. We’re screwed…
    And now of course its all coming down to the money and lists Barry has hanging over their heads. I really feel that the Supers are worried about themselves, not the next Pres…

  112. Mawm,

    There may be some rich “liberals” supporting Obama, but no true leftist would. I’m as left as it gets, believe me. I am starting to reevaluate some of the concepts I have accepted uncritically in the past, though. The O-blogs are mostly run by ex-Republicans like Avrosis, Huffington, and Markos M. They are really liberatarians and do not really care about social issues at all. They would stab the AA community in the back with no problems or regrets. The rich suburban and Hollywood liberals who have supported Obama probably haven’t really looked closely at who and what he really is. The AA community is supporting him because he is one of them. I can’t really criticize that.

  113. Why did I ever like Carter? Or any of them, RD. I want her to leave the Party. Completely. She doesn’t have to do a damn thing for this brand o’ patriarchy. Funny. I had 4 searches for “puma clinton” just today — perhaps the only good thing about all this is going to be a resurgence of feminism by those of us who have seen the wrongs.


    and I’ve had a ton of searches for feminism/feminists over the last months.

    They would like to see her crucified, no? It will just make us angrier to watch her be humiliated. She should do nothing except break from the ranks RD. And we? We should reread or rent Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” Right about now

  114. As I just posted at Talk Left, let’s keep in mind the lower level dem officeholders brave enough to stand with Hillary. I especially think back to the letter recently sent by new congress people.
    We need to reward those folks in upcoming election because the Party will cream them.

    Most of all we need to keep in mind Achlangel’s brilliant post on why this election most resembles 1976. http://anglachelg.blogspot.com/2008/05/1968-or-1976.html

    Like Reagan, Hillary is playing the good soldier. This way we can return to her in 2012. Again that means supporting those who supported her. (Neither Obama nor McCain will govern past 2012.)

  115. Kim: Great piece. What is troubling is that someone like Clyburn can accuse whites of racism but the fact that over 90% of blacks voting for Obama is not. What this says is that blacks do vote in a monolith without full knowledge of where this candidate stands, simply that he is black. Reverse racism as its best.

  116. The Dems are now a party for Obama, Clyburn, Rangel, and Sharpton. Not a party for the average American!

  117. dotcommodity—–I think the repubs will have to start giving some of their obama loot to McCain now. They really don’t want the O-man to win, just wanted the real contender, Hillary, to not be in the battle.

    We really do need the word somehow to get out to the MSS (mainstream stenographers) that it is not Hillary’s fault that we are not falling in line. Of course, that will not stop them from blaming her–but it will make me feel better. E mails have not worked so far, and most of us are no longer giving them ratings (tvnewser.com) . But no real hurt on them yet. Do not watch a channel for more that 6 minutes-5 to be safe. In 6 minutes, they get the rating on cable–my daughter used to do PR for Dobbs on CNN and she said that is the quickest way to hurt them. Boycotting sponsors takes a while-I do love boycotts though.

  118. RD, great piece! Send to Charlie R and to Hillary. By the way, I don’t really like the new logo for PUMAs. I like the old one better, with the PUMA attacking. The one at Noquarter.

    I’m ready for the T-shirt, baby!

    VBonnaire, HandMaid’s Tale is a great book. I haven’t seen the movie.

  119. bostonboomer,

    You are right. Obama is not “left” on every issue. For example, he does not support Universal Health care. In fact, it is hard to tell what his politics really are.

    What I am reacting to, however, is his employment of several members of the Nation of Islam, the anti-Israel statements by his foreign policy people(Price, Powers, McPeak), and his long standing connections to radical politics in Chicago(Farrakhan, Ayers, Wright).

    I don’t think he cares a whip about the main issues of the left, social justice, the plight of the poor, but I do think his Foreign politics are pretty lefty scary.

  120. Hello, I have learned about this blog from Corbett, the radio dude who is on my local radio. I am in Northeast PA.

    Right now I am a bit scared that too many women will crawl back in the end. I have seen it too often in battering cases, watched often stunned and in disbelief. And now I am hearing woman calling the local radio shows and saying things like “Yeah well, you know, in the end I am a Democrat, and I cannot vote for McCain, so Obama it must be, I have no choice”.

    This is the same as if some battered women say “You know, he is not that bad, and I think he didn’t mean it. It was probably my fault anyway. And he promised to change”.

    I feel the rage, and in my case, it will not go away.

    Unfortunately I cannot vote. I am not a citizen, only a resident (immigrant of 2004), and I am watching this desaster helplessly in desperation. I am slipping into a depression…

  121. It’s The Process, Stupid!

    Hi All: As you know, I left the Democrats on March 25. I have been a passionate Hillary supporter and continue to be a Hillary supporter. However, people just don’t get it, when it comes to me….

    I will say this as loudly and as clearly as I can — IT’S THE PROCESS, STUPID!

    We have had a process that has allowed very unequal rules of engagement. Not enough people were pushing back against the never-ending and clearly biased diminishment of Clinton as a person, not just as a candidate. We all know the tools of diminishment that were used. The DNC did not object. Neither did Obama or his campaign.

    We have had a primary that has been filled with anti-democratic processes. Caucuses have been clearly shown to be unrepresentative of the will of the people. States that go early have an unequal effect on outcomes, exploiting their “early” power and diminishing democracy. We have a DNC that has just let their version of the Electoral College take away the will of the people as determined by the popular vote. Ummm… 2000 deja vu. In other words, the DNC could not do a better job of insulting the intelligence of its voters.

    So, please listen to my words (not your biases).

    The PROCESS MATTERS MORE TO ME THAN THE OUTCOME. I am only a little sad and ticked that Senator Clinton will not be the nominee. I AM MORE THAN TICKED AND ANGRY that the DNC has not promised to reform its ways.

    I left the Democrats because the DNC was clearly delaying its resolution of the Florida and Michigan primaries out of either ignorance, need for power, or partisanship. None of those were acceptable to me then.

    GET THIS CLEAR. The only way I will declare a vote for a Democrat nominee at this point in my life is when the DNC reforms its ways. Ditch the early primaries. Do advisory caucuses early, but not binding. Commit to a one day, nationwide primary. Exclude independents and Republicans. (Or a reasonable facsimile of the above — you know what I am talking about.)

    I guess the symbol, donkey, works really well. Stubborn and willing to stick with an outdated concept of democracy and an undemocratic need to exert centralized power.

    Memo to DNC: If you really wanted to exert centralized power and not just be a wuss about it, why didn’t you do that in the very beginning. Exert your power to ask Obama to wait. Create the 16-year strategy. You know what I am talking about.

    Memo to DNC: You want to get most current Democrats in exile back to the party? For me, and hundreds of thousands of other exiles, the issue is the process, not the outcome. If the process had not been so tainted, the results would be more acceptable. In this case, not even close to acceptable.

    Memo to DNC: You want to unify the party? You want to bring back the Democrats in exile? Don’t just talk about fixing the process. Between now and the convention, fix the process. Make reforms. Don’t promise reforms. Otherwise, quite frankly, I don’t ever want to be part of such an anti-democratic party. Ever.


    “Unification” of the party? Bring back the exiles? Making it possible for Hillary Clinton to be vice-president won’t cut it for me or many, many people like me. If you want unification, you need to stand up for democracy and say to we, the people, you will reform the process.

    You will not let this happen again. You will not let the candidate who wins the popular vote be defeated by the process of your backwards delegate apportionment and your need for centralized power. Can you do that? If not, count me out.

  122. Call to PUMA in a different way!


    This election IS crucial, and it will deal with the heart and soul of this Nation. The error of following the party line behind an incompetent fool without any credentials has led us to 8 years of George W. Bush. Today, a minority of the Democratic base, along with their elite puppet masters, have chosen their own Politically Correct version of Bush, and want everyone to fall in line to help him get elected. But I believe it will indeed be the Democratic base (and independents) who will truly save this Country from the last years we have survived of blatant inexperience and arrogance. It will be the newly formed coalition of Reagan (McCain?) Democrats who will thankfully negate the presidency to a man who truly represents 4 more years of foolishness and Bush-like egocentrics: Barack Hussein Obama.

    Republicans did not listen to McCain’s pleads in the year 2000, when he told his supporters (and his party) that Bush’s rhetoric was complete nonsense and dangerously naive. They nonetheless did listen to his suggestions after he was defeated by Bush and was forced to concede and endorse him. Now, in an almost eerie similarity, Democrats did not listen to Hillary Clinton when she warned them about Obama’s dangerous inexperience, and now they might be tempted to listen to her when she does her ‘walk of shame’ towards endorsing Obama. But history can not only change, IT HAS TO CHANGE.

  123. The Dem Party and Obama followers are dismissing Obama’s 20 year indoctrination of Black Liberation Theology which he consistently demonstrates!
    There’s a big donkey in the room – but it’s not being discussed!

    BLT is radical and not mainstream in Black churches – but its beliefs are conveyed by Obama’s followers and they don’t even know it.


    Forget the Marxism component. That’s nothing compared to BLT belief that focuses on salvation through politics and theology – and less on the spiritual.

  124. Cindy, my new BFF!

  125. albgardis,

    Hang in there, and please keep commenting. Each of us individually have only the power of one person. As a group, we have much more power. The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. We have no way of knowing what will happen next. I say we hang together and trust our intuition on this one. For me, it would be a denial of everything I believe in to vote for Obama. I will stand strong and trust that somehow this will work out for the best.

  126. Mawm,

    One of the things that will bring Obama down is his history of opposition to Israel. It just hasn’t been publicized enough, but McCain’s backers will see to that.

  127. Who McCain chooses as a vp could be the dealbreaker. He needs someone who displays youth, energy, intelligence, charisma to offset his own liabilities. I’m thinking Bobby Jindal. He has a great narrative, born to parents from India, a Roman Catholic, newly elected governor of LA, appears to be a media darling. If we have to vote that ticket, and believe me, I hold not quarter with any Repub, we could at least feel a little less turned off by the ageism of McCain.

    Either way, however I go, Barky will not be getting my vote. Whoever he puts on the ticket is surely going to raise my ire even more so.

  128. zazzle,

    BLT was created to sell marxism to the Latinos. It used to be called just Liberation Theology, or Latin American Liberation theology.

    It is marxist. It was founded as marxist propoganda, and it continues to promote such today.

    Obama’s politics are hard to divine, but his 20 year brainwash of BLT is very very troubling to me, and should be dissected for the American public.

    It is radical.

  129. I second bostons statement. We need to stay together. We will be the group that turns the election in the fall if Obozo is the nominee. Both McCain and Obama will be courting us heavily. We need to show we are united as PUMA.

  130. Laney,

    I won’t speak for Katiebird, but I have seen her say repeatedly that she won’t vote for McCain. I don’t think she has decided what to do yet.

    Personally, I’m in recovery and I live one day at a time. I don’t know what I’ll do in November yet, but I do know I cannot vote for Obama. That won’t change, because everything about him is counter to every value I treasure. To vote for him would be deny my own essential self. Just his misogyny is enough for me to know I can’t possibly support him. When I consider everything else he represents, I’m doubly sure of that decision.

  131. For awhile, back in the early 70s, some clergy in the Catholic Church were quietly introducing that brand of theology into the congregations. The Vatican stepped in and squashed it. Since then it appears every now and then within a few holdouts but the church as a whole has banned it from its teachings because of the subversion it espouses. The central theme is the overthrow of governance.

  132. Albigardis, You’ll feel at home here!

    This place is crawling 🙂 with women (and men!) who will NOT be crawling back to the Democrats this summer and fall.

    Stick around! your blood pressure will go down and your mood will go up.

  133. Mawm, you said –Obama’s politics are hard to divine,

    Exactly. I think of his as a chameleon with no real center or sense of self. I cant believe I’m saying it, but he really does seem more and more like a Manchurian candidate.

    Wait . . . did you say brainwash?


    One million women can make a difference today and tomorrow and the next day. Donate $11.44 to Hillary’s campaign to retire her campaign debt. That way she can spend her time working for us in the Senate rather than having to rely on Obama to organize and accompany her on fundraising events to retire her campaign debt.

    At least she will not have to be campaigning for him out of financial need. It may be that she wants to keep herself out there to further the cause of her lifelong commitment to service for the American family. Heck, the Democrats could nominate anyone–even Gore–in August if the heir apparent is not obviously not a viable candidate. It ain’t over til the balloons fall.

    From Bloomberg:


    Obama Campaign Open to Helping Clinton Pay Off $20 Million Debt

    Money for Clinton to retire her campaign debt — $11.4 million of which is owed to herself — may help smooth relations between the two camps following a 16-month primary campaign where the candidates at times exchanged personal attacks. The urgency for Clinton, 60, is she has until the Aug. 25-28 Democratic convention to pay off her $11.4 million personal loan. Otherwise, by law she can recoup no more than $250,000.

  135. Albigardis: Stick around. This blog consists of male, female, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, all voices from coast to coast. We say what we believe and we stick to what we say. We have been strong Hillary supporters but our anger is based more on what the party has done by way of shoving an unqualified phony down our throats than anything else. If the party loses, we don’t much care since they abandoned us and our principles long ago and the “untiy” they are selling has gone way beyond its past due date.

    Your presence here is welcomed and we invite you to stay. We are on an unchartered journey and it may be fun at times. Don’t despair. We haven’t.

  136. Good one!

    Democrats in Exile=DIE

    I think that letting Hannity know about this is crucial-granted, he is no friend of liberals, but, he is the only voice with a megaphone that we have now.

    I have e-mailed him recently and will do it again now that 1) we are not voting the Borg 2) the DNC, media, and Borg campaign has forced us to this, and 3) Hillary may try but she is not responsible for our actions.

  137. If you want to read about how Blacks feel, blackagendareport.com has the best writers— the scarier stuff to be had over at race and history dot com or you could search for black demagogues to get an op ed off the NYT — I think what all of us did not realize all these years is that anyone white is considered the “ice peoples” seriously — they have rewritten history — kind of like how the religious right does not believe in evolution and darwinism? I do not blame poor black people for needing black nationalism, but, where the hell has all the money gone that was supposed to be creating social programs? Glen Ford, the editor at Black Agenda Report is going to open your eyes. He’s a great writer, RD. & Co. He has really unpacked a lot of the corruption and ties as well

  138. Mawn and bostonboomer, I find the new uber-Democrats and their goosestepping O-jugen genuinely scary. The apparent ease of their abuse of women, gays, older people, Latinos, the “working class”, unchecked by the media, is shocking. We have to resist them.

  139. Guys we need PUMA bumper stickers. It would kinda be a secret code so that we could find fellow resistance members. Maybe PUMA pins or rings or trinkets, Obots would not even notice them, but we would be able to communicate with each other. We could use Brook’s graphic instead of the letters.

  140. Okay, my friend decided to say the words “Whitewater”, when I mentioned Rezko.

    I am officially single again.

  141. Maybe someone should take the lead and coordinate with different grassroots efforts (judging by the number of sites like this one here) and figure out what is the best strategy going forward.
    1. how to get Hillary the nomination, if not this time, in 2012 (does anyone have an inside track to know what her plan is?)
    2. how to make sure Obami is not elected? There are a lot of rumors floating around about bombshells ready to be dropped but so far nothing has materialized.

  142. Thank you. You were able to verbalize what I couldn’t. I knew there was no way I could vote for Obama, but I didn’t know what would make it better. And yes, if the “party” allowed Hillary to fight fair and square all the way to Denver, and Obama won on his merit, that would make it better. But that won’t happen. I changed my voter registration yesterday. It’ won’t matter because CA will go Democratic, but those states that are going Republican because the Democrats have put another loser, will have their say.

    “No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her. sex” – S.B.Anthony

  143. Honora is right about merchandise. Someone here must know how to do it.. cafepress?

  144. CB: If everyone who voted for Hillary would contribute $1, she wouldn’t need any help from Obama. I would love to see a blog effort to help her pay off that debt and tell Obama to take his help and shove it.

    Love the posts here. Riverdaughter, you have a brilliant way with words.

    All are so right, and I get more irritated every time I hear a TV talkinghead claim we are just “mourning” our candidate’s loss. They, the DNC, and that arrogant, violent group around Obama simply refuse to listen and believe that we will not vote for Obama for very substantial reasons. He isn’t qualified to lead this country, and it is no place for amateurs to learn about a work ethic. We’ve had enough of that over the past 7+ years.

    His campaign has been an embarrassment of bullies, liars, and thieves. Obama uses people, and then tosses them overboard when they no longer serve him well. He tossed the base of the party when he thought he replaced them with his newbies. Well, those newbies were nothing more than the youth voters coming of age to register. The PA polls showed they didn’t vote there.

    Not only is he proving to us that he isn’t listening, he is proving he doesn’t care.

  145. Honora: The pink puma would make a fabulous lapel pin. That infamous lapel pin 🙂 A message in itself.

  146. I’m fine with it as long as we don’t incorporate thongs into the outfit.

  147. Pat, LOL!

  148. As much as I am mourning my candidate’s loss, I am also mourning the loss of my party. How do we vote now? Who do we vote for? It is like the Democratic Party has gone over the edge of reason. The thought that the fix was in many, many months ago, has me reeling.

    Don’t know about the rest of you, but I am also faced with my own worth as a woman. If this can be done to one of the greatest women of our time, are we insignificant? After 50, is it okay to just toss us overboard?

    This is troubling in so many ways, that MSM and the DNC do not grasp. I have had my candidate lose before, but the way this was done is what is so damn hard to muster.

  149. Cafe press can do anything you ask, but shouldn’t we start with donations to PUMA PAC?

  150. rojo7449, The pink puma is Puma’s copyright logo. So, it’s most likely illegal to produce merchandise with that on it. You all have to create a logo and decide on one.

    Heh, maybe all of you can start a logo competition and vote on it. 🙂

  151. If we start with donations to PumaPAC, they can sell and distribute the merchandise on their site.

  152. alee21—-good point. There is strength in numbers.

    Without diluting the agenda, of course.

  153. A commenter on noquarter does merchandise–bumper stickers, etc…

    I actually checked out her site–poster name was_something with the word ‘giggles’ in it.

    I will check.

  154. Here’s a direct quote (thank god for the DVR pause function on my TV) from the Charlie Rose show last night with political talking heads including Mark Halperin.

    Halperin quote: “They (Obama camp) are more open to thinking about it (HRC as VP) then they were before…they’re hearing from more people than they thought they would. And I also think they have come to the conclusion that they misjudged the intense support that she had. They see their own intense support, I think they didn’t fully appreciate how intensely her supporters feel and in the abstract combing them is very powerful. They see how many votes she got, they see the constituency she appeals to, they see what a warrior she is…”

    Everyone has been focused on the Obama excitement, they never saw the Hillary passion! It’s not just the Obama camp that missed it, the DNC missed it too. They are in for a very rude awakening.

  155. Hi Teresa!

    I’m planning to vote McCain if I have to. Washington is supposed to be big for obama so I want to do what I can to stop him. I always liked McCain for a Republican, that is.

    I’m eyeing Rossi for gov too! I just like to remember I own my vote and I have the power to do whatever I want with it.

  156. Just to clarify, Halperin and the other talking heads were not advocating Hillary as VP. They all thought Obama should look for someone else instead. Phew! If Hillary were VP, it would be harder to reject Obama, I’d still do it, but it would be harder.

  157. oceancitygirl: oops!

    It’s not like it wasn’t OBVIOUS that Hillary had support, lots of support. They had to CHEAT MI/FL to make teh delegate *math* work.

    Maybe the pundits were so into CDS that THEY missed it, but I am sure the DNC and obama were figuring out how to stack the deck all along.

  158. SwannyJ

    I agree. The electoral maps predict a stunning blowout for Hillary vs. McCain, and a victory for McCain vs. Obama, but I will not be sitting around assuming that Obama will face certain defeat.

    After the election manipulation we have seen by our own party and the lack of courage and integrity exhibited by our so-called leaders, we must know and never forget that anything could happen.

    If my child behaved like the DNC has–lying, cheating, and stealing–she would be on a time out so fast she wouldn’t even know what had happened. Followed by logical consequences. Well, I think our Party needs one big time out. An unmistakable, impossible to misinterpret, out-with-the-crooked-in with-the-honest Party cleansing time out. And the logical consequence: Obama loses in November, and Dems have 4 years to get our acts together for 2012.

    But don’t think we have this in the bag. I plan to work and work hard to achieve this outcome. I’ll spend this next block of time figuring out how. Thoughts and suggestions welcome.

  159. I can’t wait until the new numbers start rolling in (thru focus groups, polls and surveys) showing how little support Obama has among Dems.

    Until now, I really believe the DNC and Obama camp were so focused on their own agenda along with false expectation that Hillary supporters would all fall in line, they don’t see our defection from the partyline.

    When the reality plays out in the next few weeks and the numbers will show it, they are in for the shock of their lives.

    Oh, the sweet satisfaction!

  160. EricaLeigh,

    You are right underestimating Obama and the Chicago machine is a mistake. We need to fight to defeat him and the dirty politics that brought him to where he is.

  161. Interesting note from So. FL: Rep. Wasserman-Schultz, Meek, Hastings and state Sen. Geller have been meeting with local residents and have admitted that there are huge numbers who will not vote for Obama. Rep. Wexler, an early committment to Obama, was all but chased out of the Cypress Creek community center by enraged senior citizens who reminded Rep. Wexler that he had been elected to represent them, not him. I am told that two elderly women called him selfish. He is a 6 term representative who must stand for re-election. We have our fair share of folks down here who just aren’t getting over it.

  162. Just pretend your a character in the book “A Scanner Darkly” or The Matrix. All the world is an alternate universe and you, and a select 18 million, are aware of the goals and will not be distracted from them by the others. That’s what we’re doing, keeping our eye on the prize and ignoring the Haka – screaming heads that would rather talk about WWTSBQ then the Presumptuous Nominee.

  163. chatblu, you’ve made my day!

    “…chased out of the Cypress Creek community center by enraged senior citizens…” LOL!

    The ‘chickens are coming home to roost’ for the DNC and the Obama surrogates who suppressed the will of the voters.

  164. EricaLeigh–Exactly. We are truly the battered women here, and to say we will return to an abusive spouse is suicidal. We need to remake the Democratic party into a safe place for women, for older voters and for others feeling disenfranchised. That means stepping away for 4 years while we, the disenfranchised, begin the rebuilding process. The Democrats will never regain my vote with promises–only with action.

  165. Thank you, oceancitygirl. The local news here has become really amusing, and God knows, I need a laugh these days.

  166. A part of me is starting to wonder now if we were “stabbed in the back.” It especially makes you wonder when you read accounts of the campaign that say that Maggie Willims tried to downplay the Jeremiah Wright connection.

  167. This is a comment I wrote to HRC:
    “Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, thank you for standing up for us. We will continue to stand up for you, whatever you decide. I am still hoping that Sen. Obama will do the right thing. If this election is about our country and its people, then Sen. Obama has to know that he is not ready or prepared for the toughest job in the land. I know that you would be an amazing POTUS, a president of the people and for the people. Your strength has continued to motivate me to strive for more and to continue to do good. This is definitely NOT GOOD-BYE! We love you Hillary!!!!”

  168. Is there any evidence of “a seriously corrupt vote count in Gary, Indiana?”

    I’m working on a research paper re: precinct/county voter reports and would like to review your sources. Thank-you

  169. Houston, you have a problem.

  170. Is Hillary talking in code? She has a video up on her site.

    “I want to thank you. I could not have made THIS PART OF THE JOURNEY without you.”

    Are going onto phase two Hillary?

  171. “Maryland rocks.”

    Yes, madamab, yes it does. 🙂

    We have a hottie-tottie Dem. governor, just for starters. And best of all, a town named “Clinton”!

  172. Hey! That’s my line!

  173. I wish somebody would stop me before I watch the MSM again. (If you could also stop me before I have that brownie, that would be nice). I made the mistake of watching MSNBC and some CNN tonight. If I hear one more person say that Hillary is running for vice president, my head may explode. I believe that Hillary is running for president and will be running for president even if she suspends her campaign. When she gets tired of running, we’ll carry her. It’s an insult to Hillary to talk about her being Obama’s vice president (although he would be lucky to have her). The MSM would like nothing better than to have Hillary in a subservient role. I just can’t imagine she would consider it for one minute. If she agreed to do to run with him it would only be because of her love of country. Can you imagine having to spend 4 years explaining things to Obama and hoping that he didn’t screw something up the minute you had your back turned? I’m hoping he doesn’t ask and if he does, she says no. If the Democratic party wants us back, it’ll have to do better than offering Hillary cold biscuits. I think an apology signed by all members of the D-N-C plus the nomination is a good start.

  174. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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