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      I actually appreciate this, from the HSBC AM Global Head of Responsible Investing, Stuart Kirk: “At a big bank like ours, what do people think the average loan length is?” he asked. “It is six years. What happens to the planet in year seven is actually irrelevant to our loan book. For coal, what happens in year seven is actually irrelevant.” That’s honesty. […]
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Rocky Mountain High: What happens in Denver if Hillary wins tomorrow?

American Research Group (ARG) just posted the (very encouraging) results of polls for Montana and South Dakota:


Democrats May 31-June 1
Clinton 44%
Obama 48%
Undecided 8%
South Dakota

Democrats May 31-June 1
Clinton 60%
Obama 34%
Undecided 6%

I know it’s extremely unlikely for Hillary to win both these states — but, HEY! If we don’t have a dream, what else is there?

Let’s all make calls for Hillary tonight and keep our dreams alive.

This is an Open Thread.

94 Responses

  1. Montana:

    Sample Size: 600 completed telephone interviews among a random sample of likely Democratic primary voters living in Montana (389 self-described Democrats and 211 self-described Republicans and independents).

    Sample Dates: May 31-June 1, 2008

    Margin of Error: ± 4 percentage points, 95% of the time, on questions where opinion is evenly split.

    South Dakota:

    Sample Size: 600 completed telephone interviews among a random sample of likely Democratic primary voters living in South Dakota (600 Democrats).

    Sample Dates: May 31-June 1, 2008

    Margin of Error: ± 4 percentage points, 95% of the time, on questions where opinion is evenly split.

  2. Just a reminder, ARG got Kentucky right.

    (And BTW, my theory in SD is it’s the Daschle effect 😉 (Yes, I know Daschle is an Obama supporter, LOL!)

  3. Very interesting. Montana is a funny state. They have conservatives of the Idaho stripe and PC liberals sharing the same university community. Lots of California transplants. I’m surprised this poll does so well by Hillary but gratified that so many realists crawled out of the woodwork.

  4. (with a sad smile) Time for my visit to St. Jude?

  5. Clinton’s lead is 34.5 million voters in Primaries; Obama’s lead is from 1.1 million voters in Caucuses! Is this democratic or Democratic even?

    Please study this and get it out to any functional Fourth Estate that still exists in the country.


    Direct quotes below:

    Hot off the press and only available at TalkLeft: Peniel Cronin’s Caucus v. Primary report with numbers updated to today, showing how the caucuses, compared to primaries, have unfairly disenfranchised voters. (Background and original report here.)

    I want this report to get as much exposure as possible. Thus, this post will stay at the top of Talk

    Some Findings:

    35.6 million people have voted
    What if votes for each candidate were truly representational? Clinton’s lead is from 34.5 million voters in primaries. Obama’s from 1.1 million voters in caucuses. Study the report and get the word out to what remains of our 4th Estate (and all of the super delegates).

    Hot off the press and only available at TalkLeft: Peniel Cronin’s Caucus v. Primary report with numbers updated to today, showing how the caucuses, compared to primaries, have unfairly disenfranchised voters. (Background and original report here.)

    The 37 primary states account for 97% of the vote.
    The 13 caucus states account for 3% of the vote.
    Bottom line: Clinton’s lead is from 34.5 million voters (97%) in Primaries. Obama’s lead is from 1.1 million voters (3%) in caucuses.


    The report itself:

    Click to access 2008caucusreport.pdf

  6. I predict lots of good news this week!

  7. Montana is very upset at what Halliburton has done with CBM mining, which trashes their land.

    Obama voted for Cheney’s energy bill, which was written behind closed doors by lobbyists. Hillary did not.

    Of course, on the campaign trail, Obama castigates the bill so that voters think he voted against it! He’s the true Progressive out of the Chicago political machine–Rezko #2 bagman.

    With a compliant “press” who knows anything?

  8. Please forgive me if I’m posting something everyone knows already. I don’t see mention of the PR voting here, but since I’m on the other side of the planet (and have worked a 16 hour day on little sleep today) I get out of sync at times. I just set aside my work, opened a window to the world at 1:00 a.m., and found this report:

    Clinton Sweeps Puerto Rico

    “June 1, 2008 (LPAC)–With 49% of the vote counted Hillary Clinton had 108,612 votes (68%) to Barack Obama’s 51,411 votes (32%). Clinton campaign chairman Terence McAuliffe said the Puerto Rico result underscores Clinton’s strength among Hispanic voters who will be crucial to Democratic chances in November. “Hillary’s proven once again here that she wins it 2-to-1,” he said.

    Hillary Clinton has now won 8 of the last 13 contests, starting with the March 4 primaries.

    The demographic breakdown of the vote reported by CNN and FOX TV shows that Hillary Clinton won all categories. She won 66% of those who earn less than $30,000 per year. She also won those who had higher income. She won women, seniors and she also won 61% of the men and 54% of young people. She won 60% of those with university degrees, 65% of those who considered the economy the most pressing issue. She also won those who were opposed the war in Iraq. Finally, she won the majority of those who wanted change, but not Obama’s version of change.”

  9. UpStateNY — yes, visit St. Jude, St. Christopher & every other saint you can think of — I will be! I’m very encouraged by this and my candle will be lit!

  10. PS — don’t forget — these states are “Obama’s turf” — if she wins on his turf that is a very in-your-face move, which can’t be dismissed like KY, WV & PR.

  11. So if Hill wins SD tomorrow and BO wins MT, Hill will have won 9 of the final 15 contests. Unbelievable.

  12. “Bottom line: Clinton’s lead is from 34.5 million voters (97%) in Primaries. Obama’s lead is from 1.1 million voters (3%) in caucuses. ”

    Is this because of the unequal distribution of delegates in relation to population?

  13. The haka is very strong today. Stronger than I’ve seen in quite a while.

  14. Arabella: And the Haka-ers are so ANGRY. You’d think since they are winning, they wouldn’t be so mad about it, wouldn’t you?

  15. Arabella, that’s for sure. I figure it means things are going badly for Obama, and the usual suspects are throwing up the usual smokescreen.

  16. I’ve been hoping all day that her big win in Puerto Rico yesterday might influence some undecided voters in Montana and South Dakota. I have my fingers crossed and my toes.

  17. No, plural, I believe that Saturday’s decision and a lower than expected amount of voters in PR has emboldened the O base.

    Teresa: O’s supporters are mad because they cannot understand how this race is still going on and believe Hillary has damaged their candidate and the D party.

    Just my opinion, but who knows what really is going on.

  18. Haka is 4 on the safir simpson scale. Rumors abound that Hillary is about to concede! That there is a big sex scandal! That Defeato-Crat Taylor Marsh is hosting a blogger-rehab for Hillary supporters!

    Why such strong haka? The tape exists, that’s why.

    But there’s other stuff going on too. Something to do with Rezco? Can’t tell yet.

  19. blogger-rehab…heh. That is a good one Arabella

  20. Wow, Hillary’s numbers look great! Is she really up 26 points in SD?

  21. It could be that a growing awareness of the inherent unfairness of the media and the DNC towards Clinton, coupled with the growing perception that Obama “Will Do Anything To Win” is beginning to sink in far beyond this little corner of the blogosphere.

  22. Arabella:

    Why is Taylor a “Defeato-Crat”?

  23. MABlue – Because in my opinion, she calls Hillary down for the count prematurely. OK, she did it once before, and today is only the second time. Her blog, her rules.

    But I can’t look at her blog any more. Miss the people there, though.

  24. Arabella–nice summary and some good guesswork regarding the haka. However, the haka could be nothing more than the continued bully tactics of the Obamacrats. They always seem to reach a new crescendo anytime Hillary has an electoral victory. It remains a mystery to me why anyone watching what is going on can continue to either remain or call themselves a Democrat. That brand died about 6 months ago, although it seems that the funeral was officially held on Saturday.

  25. ARG is about the least reliable of polls, but we should take what we can get. I think SD is an older demographic. Montana seems a bit more granola in those university areas.

  26. Here’s a RUMOR from a commenter named “jack”:

    Hillary Clinton has summoned top donors and backers to attend her speech tomorrow night in an unusual move that is being widely interpreted to mean she plans to suspend her campaign and endorse Barack Obama.

    Obama and Clinton spoke Sunday night and agreed that their staffs should begin negotiations over post-primary activities. In addition to help raising money to pay off some $20 million-plus in debts, Clinton is known to want Obama to help out black officials who endorsed her and are now taking constituent heat, including, in some cases, primary challenges from pro-Obama politicians.

    “This has never happened before,” one donor said, referring to the personalized request by email to attend the event in New York Tuesday night.

    Obama is expected to claim enough delegates to put him over the top that night at a separate event in Minneapolis.

    Earlier in the day it was reported that Clinton staffers were being urged by the campaign’s finance department “to turn in their outstanding expense receipts by the end of the week,” another sign that the run at the White House was nearing an end. In addition, Politico wrote that members of Clinton’s advance staff had received calls and emails Sunday night, summoning them to New York City and telling them their roles on the campaign are ending.


    Now that’s what I call haka!

  27. http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2008/06/02/1096272.aspx

    Bill Clinton says today may be the last day of campaigning for him. Just look at the comments to this post in first read. thats why i’m not sure i can vote for obama in the fall. i believe in the opposite of what his supporters do. i believe that Bill Clinton was one of the best american presidents ever and i respect him a lot. its obvious that obama’s supporters hate bill clinton’s guts. can they win without him? ask gore?

  28. ben:

    I think they got WV & KY right. I know they have been less reliable overall but could they miss SD so badly?

  29. I have never seen so much crazy haka lunatic nonsense in all my born days. All the planets must be in retrograde.

    Topic: I love being a PUMA.

  30. Ben is right about Montana. Missoula (home of UM) probably is Obama land. Bozeman (home of Moo U) is more conservative; however, a year ago a real estate agent told me a lot of “trust funders” live in the Bozeman area. I bet they support Barry O.

  31. Bill Clinton is a great man and loves to get nostalgic.

  32. Not much hope.
    I think it started months ago when Dean, Brazile, and Obama colluded in electoral fraud by granting waivers to some States but not FL and MI, where Hillary won big, and when Obama took his name off the MI ballot to further muddy the waters. Add to that the caucus madness, and you have the sleaziest democratic campaign of our time.
    But they have powerful allies in the media and elswhere, and they’ll probably get away with it.

  33. I am wondering what they mean about “top donors.” No one can give more than the personal max of $2300. Do they mean fundraisers?

  34. Damn Arabella, does anyone have a list of Black Clinton backers who need our financial support? Least we can do is help them out. Profiles in courage, IMHO.

  35. Don’t listen to the noise. It is meant to suppress us.

  36. The Clinton campaign is denying that Hillary will drop out. Keep in mind that the Obamicans have been saying she was ready to drop out since New Hampshire. Marc Ambinder:

    Everywhere, there are rumors of an imminent drop-out by Sen. Hillary Clinton, and I have indeed fanned some of those flames. But there’s no real evidence that tomorrow night’s speech will be the moment.

    Maybe it will, maybe it won’t — who knows how the reality of the results tomorrow will factor into Clinton’s thinking at 6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm Tuesday night.

    (1) Senior staffers swear that Clinton has not told them she will drop out and that she has not hinted to them that she will drop out.

    (2) The idea to invite major donors and allies to New York was generated by a senior staffer and not by the Clintons.

    (3) Donors are being asked to come up; they’re not being urged; they’re not being pressured; they’re not being given information to suggest that tomorrow is a last hurrah.

    (4) Tomorrow night’s speech is being billed as a celebration of Clinton’s campaign and what it and its 17 million supporters have accomplished.

    What happens beyond Tuesday is unknowable. Aides are prudently and predictably preparing to leave, but none have been told to. Expense receipts are being gathered by the finance department, which is something that a smart finance department would do in this case


  37. You guys – this is a rumor. She’s having a fund raiser in NY. Big deal. She could be announcing that she intends to take the fight to Denver. She could be declaring victory! The enemy is spinning a tale of trash about Hillary.

    She is not going to quit.

    But this is strong haka.


  38. That’s pretty sick suggesting that Hillary has to drop out to protect the black politicians who have supported her. That is tantamount to blackmail and extortion.

    And the idea that she would accept help from Obama to pay her debts. Tantamount to bribery. Hillary and Bill are RICH. I seriously doubt that they’d accept a handout from Barack. It might be dirty money from Rezko or Auchi.

  39. Haka indeed.

  40. I’m Making Phone Calls To Montana Right Now. Lets see who can get a vote for HRC first!

  41. plural,

    Top donors are probably bundlers who raise big sums by tapping all their rich friends. George Bush had plenty of them. Obama has more than Hillary. Don’t believe the lie that most of Obama’s money is from small donors. Not true.

  42. Bundlers = fundraisers.

    Just a dirty sounding word for something politically normal.

    I don’t believe any of it. That’s my point.

  43. Still LMBO @ Dean’s comments on the sexism which has plagued this contest. FOS, you are, Dr. Dean. F. O. S.!!!!!!

  44. A win in one of those states would be significant. But, I think he could lose both by wide margins and the DNC wouldn’t even think twice about it. Saw Senator Claire on TV today (didn’t hear her voice) but she had that glassy-eyed look about her. I’m serious. She looked like she had just shot up with the Kool Aid.

  45. Don’t give my home state to O yet…I heard die hard GOP voters stating they were going to have to vote for Hillary…words I never thought I would hear from these farmers/ranchers. President Clinton represented his wife well yesterday…Montana needs Hillary!

  46. Asking people to turn receipts in on time – a sure sign of the end days!

    This is the Rumpelstiltskin level haka. Remember the fairy tale of the creature who could spin straw into gold?

  47. Sounds like SD is wrapped up. The thing about Montana is its open, and the Rep. only had a caucus in Feb. It seems like there would be a lot of Republicans who might want a piece of the action. Who this helps I am unclear.

  48. dobarah: Where in Montana are you from? I’m a Missoula girl.

  49. Come on guys put your money where your mouth is and start making calls Ok-Ok

  50. If the media is going into overdrive with news of Clinton’s demise, you know they are scared. If she really were going to quit, they would call her the nicest things, and say what a great race she ran. The media turns on a dime, and acts as if they have no memory.

    Hang tough. If Hillary hasn’t quit yet, she ain’t gonna quit now. Remember, she is the popular choice of all voters.

  51. People in Motana are a tough crowd so far!

  52. So you think this is all haka? good to hear. My husband just walked in and slammed me with this news and it threw me. I told him to not tell me stuff like this.

  53. Laura, what do you mean tough?

  54. I doubt she would win SD. Real Democrats don’t win red states like that.

    Gore was the one most like her: competent,intelligent, wonky, strong on foreign policy/strong on domestic policy.

    He lost 30 60 to the dirty industry puppet. So will she.
    Its an oil state, now. So Obama will win.


  55. she doesn’t need to win it anyway, as she still shows a 100% chance to beat McCain.


    Obama – so-so – withing the rethug vote stealing chance

  56. plural,

    Yes they are fund-raisers, but they commit to a specific amount, like $100K, $250K, etc. They are on the hook for that amount. I don’t really think “bundlers” is a dirty name.

  57. I haven’t been able to get a conformation vote for Hillary. I’m leaving a lot of voicemails. And the actual people so far wont confirm or deny. But I’ve made calls before my favorites were the sweet old ladies in Texas.

  58. They must be afraid that she could win in SD and MT and are doing their best to stop the voters from going to vote for her. Otherwise, why the high energy about her dropping out today?

  59. Maybe we should shut out the MSM today although I know it’s hard to do. Make calls if you can. I’m using up all my free minutes. I have to take a break because my cells really getting hot.

  60. Yea! I hope the SD’s keep coming!!!! How many today 2 or 3?

  61. Hillary4ever: Terry was good.

  62. Does anyone have the video of Harriet Christian’s interview on Fox News today?

  63. Mika is such a dingbat. She and Contessa are the MSNBC frat boyz bimbos. Terry just plays her like the airhead she is.

  64. “Harriet” was just on Neil Cavuto and she is still mad. Fred Thompson followed her and says that he thinks there is interest coming from Hillary supporters to cross over to McCain since Obama’s inexperience may be a bigger problem.

  65. bostonboomer: That’s pretty sick suggesting that Hillary has to drop out to protect the black politicians who have supported her.

    No it’s not, it’s perfectly plausible. Not saying it’s true, just plausible. In my state, I guarantee you that Cardin, Hoyer and Van Hollen (remaining elected SDs) will support BO — they have no choice as about 40% of the Dem primary vote is AA. In states like MD/VA/PA/NJ/OH/MO, all politicians are dependent on the AA vote.

    AA districts have overwhelmingly voted BO. That AA politicians supporting Hillary are under extreme pressure is an understatement. Let me ask the following: imagine a convention fight with a close SD vote. Would you want to be an AA politician voting against the potential first AA president? Not me!

    I respect that AAs in the Dem party have organized to express their strong preference. That’s the way it works in America and good for them. It’s political leverage, and if you don’t get what you want, then someone must pay if you want to show that you’re serious. I’m sure Rep Sheila Jackson-Lee is quite nervous about the heckling she received at the TX caucuses in Houston.

    The real issue for us Hill supporters is not what the AA voters are doing, but rather, the free pass politicians like Kerry, Kennedy in your state, or the WV politicians or the KY politicians, etc have received from us. That’s the real issue in my view — that there’s been no counter-organization.

  66. I was just thinking. Any word on Gore?

  67. I heard Harriet Christian’s name on my news station in Chicago. After a reference to her, the newsperson said that to turn on youtube for the rest of her statement. (At least he didn’t call it a tantrum.

    I also heard “Reverend Pfleger’s Apology”, It was another one of those …”If YOU felt disrespected, then I am sorry”, apologies. You know, the kind that really says, “I am not responsible for what comes out of my mouth. You are responsible for listening to it and for taking offense”.
    What program was Harriet on?

  68. Gore will endorse Obama at that dinner with the DNC Wednesday is my guess.

  69. You think? Yikes

  70. lyn5, I grew up around Missoula! Now I’m over in North Central Montana…prime wind generator country!

  71. hlr,

    I’m well aware of the threats that black Hillary supporters have gotten from the Obama campaign and supporters. That’s what I think is sick. It’s blackmail in my opinion, and it’s dispicable.

    Kerry will not get a free pass from me. I vowed not to ever vote for him again after 2004, and I won’t. His support of Obama makes me determined to take him down. It won’t happen this year, unfortunately, but he does have a progressive challenger. I’ll vote for him if he’s on the ballot and if not, I’ll vote for the Republican.

  72. Gore will never support Hillary. Too much bad blood between them. If he is smart he will keep it to himself. Remember, he came out for Dean in that early primary and it proved worthless.
    HuffPo is posting that she is ready to make a concession speech tomorrow night. Take that for what it is worth.

    I need a refresher: Can someone itemize the reasons why Obama cannot win in November again for me? thanks

  73. oops, I just read Harriet was on Neil Cavuto. Must have been posted while I was writing.

    Neil Cavuto’s wife had worked on the bush campaign. I wonder if she is now working for McCain.

  74. Melanie,

    I have heard all along that Gore supports Obama. I’m not one of his fawning fans, but I have admired his work on global warming. If he does endorse Obama, I’ll have to wonder if I can trust anything else he has supported.

  75. From comments over at No Quarter –

    “Comment by jim aaron | 2008-06-02 10:56:50

    I live in the Banana Republic of Michigan where Party Bosses will assign your vote to someone else. If you live in this State please call the Party Bosses and give them your thoughts, I did. The DNC can be reached at 1-202-863-8000 and the Michigan DEMS at 1-517-371-5410”

  76. MABlue,

    I’m curious about the ARG polls. They don’t always get the turnout models correct, which is part of the reason they have been wrong. But I don’t see how SD could be that difficult to predict. It’s pretty homogeneous so you should be able to get a good idea who’s going to vote.

    Two things make me question Obama’s strength in MT and SD (though I expect him to win both): Universities are either out for the summer or about to have finals. That will depress turnout from that age group significantly (I know, I’ve done college GOTV for years). Second, Obama has been crowned the winner so there will be more motivation for Hillary supporters to cast a protest vote.

    I know that Hillary callers have done really well calling SD so I expect that to be close, along the lines of the recent NE primary. MT will probably be like Oregon and Idaho primaries. Although crowning of Obama may depress his turnout, which is what ARG might be seeing.

  77. Gore has said he will stay out of it and I believe him.

    Elaine Kamarck, who was his very close advisor in the 90s, is a Hillary-supporting SD.

  78. Donna B, also a Gore adviser, supports Obama.

  79. Donna was a campaign manager in 2000. Kamarck was a policy person throughout the 90s. Different, IMO.

    But I like to look on the bright side.

  80. I thought Hillary’s big party tomorrow night was to roll out Gore’s endorsement. Silly me.

    [NOTE: I have no reason to make the statement above, I just thought I’d say something to cause a stir.]

  81. gqmartinez: heh

  82. bostonboomer: but he does have a progressive challenger.

    When is the primary?

    Let’s be honest — the Kerry/Kennedy axis did a lot of damage on SuperTues.

    Problem w/ Kerry is that if he retains his seat this year, he’s got it for another six.

  83. hir — I’m in Maryland also. There is no way I will ever vote for Cardin or Sarbanes again, if they go for Obama. Last time I looked Maryland Dem primary voters were 50+ women and 60 white. I expect my Dem representatives to be smart enough to see that Hillary will be the best choice in november. I figure I may be disappointed, but lots of Maryland Dem leaders (OMalley, Mukulski,etc.) have come out for Hillary and I don’t think that they will be in trouble next election.

  84. I just put some breaking Hillary news up in a new post, if anyone is interested.

  85. I’m new to your blog, but I’ve been lurking for a long while.

    I want Hillary to take this to the convention. At this point its not about the party for me, it’s about the presidency.

    Her decison to make her speech in NY tomorrow night concerns me? What is this about?

  86. Honora — oh yeah, I forgot Sarbanes. Him too.

    I predict Kweisi Mfume will challenge again for the next senate race (2010 Mikulski or open seat). Ben Cardin only managed to get past him by 2pts in ’06 w/ low turnout, remember?

    I’m noticing some interesting things happening in MD. Women are losing representation in the state house, for example.

  87. Tomorrow night all the votes will be in. She will have her popular vote lead and will likely announce the next steps.

    Why on earth would she drop out with a popular vote lead?

  88. Welcome ncHillary, Please join us on our new thread if you haven’t already. Hillary is not quitting.

  89. hir–If you are corrrect and Mfume will challenge Cardin again, then I hope that Cardin has learned a valuable lesson from the Clintons. No matter how strongly you support the AA community, if you are not black if does not do you any good in a Dem primary against an AA. Cardin may as well strengthen his ‘typical white people’ support.

  90. hlr, I’m sure that Clinton is sympathetic to the problems her black supporters are facing in terms of being primaried, but she also knows there are larger issues at stake. Obama could put the House and Senate in jeopardy as well as lose the White House. There’s no way she’s going to drop out, she’s the only one with the future of the party in mind.

  91. Montana is not simply Missoula and Bozeman. The largest county in Montana by good measure is Yellowstone County (Billings), which is in the eastern part of the state that has little in common with what is often called The People’s Republic of Missoula. Hillary could well clean up in the east, and also in such old time Democratic strongholds as Butte and Great Falls. We’ll see. I suspect that if Obama does prevail, it will be on the strength of absentee ballots already cast by students at UM and MSU. I am hoping cross-over votes by Republican and Independent women will actually carry the day for Hillary. This is as open a primary as is possible — you get handed a Democraic and Republican ballot, and decide in secret in the voting booth which ballot to vote. Montana is still more red than blue, particularly for presidential elections, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. If Hillary does manage to pull out Montana, I suspect the exit polls will show she did so with the help of Republican women. Wouldn’t that be a nice selling point to the super delegates? Wish us luck in Montana tomorrow, and if you have some time to spare, make some calls (from HillaryClinton.com) to South Dakota and Montana to GOTV. Thanks!

  92. No Carol, because it’s not true. You have been conned. Obama will do anything to win and he already has. Good luck to him in the GE. Now run along. Any further comments by you will be deleted.

  93. In response to femB4dem, of course there will be crossover vote for Hillary in Montana. There may be cross-over votes for Obama. Face it-there’s nothing exciting going on in the Republican primary this year, so if Republicans want to make a difference, they’ll vote in the Democratic primary. That doesn’t mean that’s the way they’ll vote in the general election. For example, did you know that the only reason John McCain is the Republican nominee is because Democrats voted for him in open primaries? And that Rush Limbaugh and his evil forces have told the little Rushies to vote for Hillary in the primaries because they think she’ll be the easiest to beat.

  94. So pro-Hillary people are against free speech? Do you think that’s what Senator Clinton would expect of her followers? If you don’t listen to both sides of any argument, you won’t be doing her any favors.

    I noticed how you failed to respond to anything I brought up–that’s called an ad hominem argument–attack the messenger, not the message. I checked out your website to find out the arguments in favor of Hillary, because I want to find reasons to support her, and you’re not giving very good ones yet. I want a woman president at least as much as you do, but my blind loyalty will not help her out. Critically evaluating the arguments is the only way to be of service. I think her husband is sabotaging her campaign and I wish he would back off.

    I think either of them would be OK for president, but the attacks against each other should stop. The more she attacks, the worse and more desperate she looks. He finally figured that out and stopped doing it. She needs to out-Obama Obama in terms of conciliatory language.

    I just want a Democrat in office. Justices Stevens and Ginzburg are old and sick and liberal, and I REALLY don’t want

    Also, most of my African American students were pro-Hillary–until she and Bill started talking about how they didn’t need to impress black voters because they’d vote Democratic anyway. African Americans were solidly Republican until Franklin Roosevelt got into office, and if the keep getting dissed,

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