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Ready to Rumble?

For the past two days the Obamicans have been pushing the rumor that Hillary Clinton will concede the nomination on Tuesday night in New York.

Just a short time ago Clinton spokesman Mo Elleithee went to the back of the campaign plane to talk to reporters. According to ABC news, Elleithee said that’s not gonna happen. It looks like Hillary is ready to rumble!

“I think its pretty clear that she is not conceding.” Elleithee said, “I think its pretty clear that she is staying in this race. She is going, in the coming days, to be aggressively courting uncommitted superdelegates aggressively courting unpledged delegates, making the case to them that she is a candidate best ready to take on John McCain.”

When asked directly when Clinton will step aside, Elietthee told reporters, “as she has said dozens and dozens of times she is in this race until we have a nominee…Until there is a nominee she is going to try to win support.”

He continued “until there is a nominee we are going to still work to become that nominee. When asked when they would determine a nominee would be selected –- because the Clinton campaign has refused to accept fully the 2,118 number –- Elleithee said, “we’re exploring — she has said before she wants to have this to be resolved before the convention — we are reviewing our options.”

Jake Tapper is also reporting that Hillary has refused to accept the new “magic number” of 2118. He sends this message to Obamicans:

All of which is to say – Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, may reach 2,118 this week, but Clinton may assert that doesn’t mean anything.

Fasten your seatbelts.

I’m not surprised. Hillary is everything I’ve always wanted in a political candidate. She’s tough as nails and she knows her stuff! If you’re feeling generous, please donate what you can to support her campaign.

Use this as an open thread.

194 Responses

  1. Good for her.

  2. We are with her all the way. The PUMA Warriors!

  3. Am I the only one to note the resemblance between the alleged “Clinton conscession speech” rumors and the alleged “Michelle says ‘Whitey'” video rumors? In both cases, partisans desperately seek some indication that what they WANT to be true, IS true.

  4. Upstate,

    Isn’t it wonderful to have a candidate who doesn’t disappoint you back backing down in the face of attacks and rolling over for the competition at every turn? She is a real fighter.

  5. BB, could you add a link to Hillary’s donation page? I think the best way for Confluencians to encourage Hillary to stay in is More Donations.

  6. Onward Clinton soldiers, marching as to war!

    This woman brings tears to my eyes. I’m so proud of Hillary.

  7. Joseph, Yup.

    BTW, more breaking news, the jury in the Rezko case is close to finishing. They have decided all of the counts except one. Here’s hoping they’ve decided guilty on at least some of them. With Fitzgerald’s record of success, you have to think so.

  8. Katiebird,

    Do you mean one of those donate buttons that RD uses? I don’t know how. But I’ll put up a link right now. That’s a great idea.

  9. I meant: Onward Clinton Soldiers, Marching as to Denver.

    The Unsinkable Hillary Clinton!!!

  10. Joseph, I’m about as interested in the Michelle “whitey” video as I am in a freak show. Which is to say, “Not That Much” and “Wildly curious” in alternating hours.

  11. No, A link is fine!

  12. Katiebird,

    I just knew she wouldn’t throw in the towel when she has the momentum. I have more respect and admiration for her every single day.

  13. Hey I would like to see anything that really nails Michelle Obama for who she really is. So if it’s out there are certainly would like to see it. I won’t fool myself into thinking I wouldn;’t love to see it.

  14. {{bostonboomer}} Me too! Which is why I sent her a hundred bucks last night (which means A LOT to me)

  15. BB: yes, I want to see what happens in Denver. Probably by then, this war of attrition will have “killed” us all, but what the h*ll

  16. If the supers cannot see the fight in this woman it is beyond me. Can you imagine her in a meeting with people like Chavez or Ahmadinjad or Olmert? Then picture Mr. Brooks Bros suit doing the same. No comparison.

  17. Brit Hume just chimed in on “Harriet”. He and the other broadcaster were kind of smirking at her passion. Brit seems to assume that the women voters who are angry today will not be in November. Really, Brit? Aren’t you the same tool who predicted a tidy end to the Iraq mess and your devotion to Bush?

  18. bostonboomer: I love the title of your post. Hillary is, and so are we!

  19. Great post by Marc Rubin over at Taylor Marsh. Points out the stupidity of following Pelosi and Reid whose congressional ratings are lower than Bush. He is appealing to the supers to take another look at the viability of Hillary leading the ticket to beat McCain. Numbers are in her favor.

  20. Mama PUMA is calling us to action –

    P arty
    U nity
    M y
    A ss!!!!

    This is about Democracy and what’s right – the DNC and the RBC have cheated the Democratic party and Democracy itself by handing the nomination to a Chicago Thug Pawn who did not earn it fair & square.

    Mama PUMA, lead the way. You have 17.5 million PUMAs ready to snap necks.

  21. I have been trying to do my part and spreading the rumor that after victories in both South Dakota and Montana, Hillary will announce her Independence.

    Its interesting how quick that takes the smirky concession jubilee off their faces.

  22. I just saw a big announcement that James Clyburn has endorsed Obama. You mean to tell me Jim Clyburn was neutral all this time?

    Yeah! And there’s a diamond the size of TX buried in my backyard.

  23. lol,, MABlue. I thought he was waiting until Tuesday? Wonder why they moved that up?

  24. MABlue: I just saw a big announcement that James Clyburn has endorsed Obama.

    Yeah, earlier today in a gloom and doom article, I saw that a ‘major Democratic whip’ would come out for BO today. Like I didn’t know who that would be …

  25. Hillary has the HILL-MENTUM. She is the rumble in the superdelegate jungle!

  26. tabbycat — BO has been pressuring SDs to announce before the results are in tomorrow nite. so that he can declare victory tomorrow.

    How is puppy? Did I miss your report?

  27. Clyburn is an evil person. He is the main enabler of Obama’s race baiting in SC.

  28. I agree, there is no ligimate nominee using illegally asigned and stolen MI delegates.

  29. I have been trying to do my part and spreading the rumor that after victories in both South Dakota and Montana, Hillary will announce her Independence.

    That’s hilarious! Maybe we should all spend some time over at Daily Obama and HuffnPuff spreading that rumor like crazy.

  30. Hillary has to fight on. Accepting the MI theft is NOT an option.

    By the way, the MI theft is good for us. They guaranteed Obama an illegitimate nomination with that, and showed that their bank of SDs is weak. If he had overwhelming SD support, they would have never pushed for the extra 4. I can see this going to Denver and the vote being in the 4 margin. WTF would Obama do then? The credentials committe would have to give it to Hill.

  31. Jona,

    You’re no good at snark. Give it up. Have fun with the other trolls in the spam filter.

  32. Clyburn endorsed Obama? Wow!, what a shocker! Next thing you know Donna Brazile will endorse him too!

  33. tabbycat,

    Obama’s thugs have been telling SDs that if they don’t endorse before Tuesday they won’t get any of the goodies when Obama has full control of the graft machine.

  34. hlr…Puppy is better! His platelet count went from 133,000 to 369,000! I was so so happy. It helped me get through a bad Saturday with politics. He’ll be on medicine for several more months so we have to keep our fingers crossed. The relapse rate is really high so I’ll worry all the time but right now, I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you for thinking of us!

    I just heard on CNN that uncommitted SD’s are meeting right now. Are they going to announce so that a win by Hillary in South Dakota will be meaningless?

    Damn I’m so mad.

  35. Donna Brazile promised she would vote for Clinton in Denver if it would make us happy. I can’t to see her face when she is the one that puts Clinton over the top.

  36. I can’t wait I mean

  37. BB…it’s before Tuesday now? I thought first it was Tuesday and then even Wed. They must be worried.

  38. Jona, bostonboomer is right. Your snark is weak.

  39. I think I could get over the fact that the RBC assigned ALL the “Uncommitted” delegates to Obama. You could say it’s just in the spirit of moving forward.

    What really annoys the living sh*t out of me is taking away votes from Hillary, knowing full well that it didn’t really matter in the big scheme of things. It was just a way to purposefully crap on Hillary and her voters.

    There has never been such an arrogant display of “who’s yer daddy”?

  40. Mawm, I read your email to your fellow workers. It was terrific and I think that took lots of guts. Are you fired yet?

  41. Jona,

    We don’t have any need to converse with you. We’ve already heard all the talking points. We aren’t going to vote for The Precious. Get it through your head and move on to more fertile territory. Speaking of which, you have a fertile imagination if you think BHO is a progressive. He’s another GW Bush. And that ain’t progressive.

  42. Mawm, on June 2nd, 2008 at 6:02 pm Said:

    Donna Brazile promised she would vote for Clinton in Denver if it would make us happy. I can’t to see her face when she is the one that puts Clinton over the top.

    Hey Mr. “Lipstick on a Pig” Superstah! Thank you again & again for shouting that!

    I heard the same, Donna is a tool and a thug. Her actions in the RBC was complete and utter ghettoness in the worst degree. She talked about mama being against cheating, yet voted for it.

    We must bring down every SD or voted official that endorsed the rape of democracy.

    PUMA on you Donna Brazile!

  43. Wow, this is great! 2118 is not legitimate. MI is not legitimate. To accept MI is to forfeit democracy. Give us a revote and a new election or we will go to Denver.

  44. tabbycat, no not fired yet. I work for a VERY liberal University, UNC. I did get an email saying to knock it off, however, because there is a law that no state equipment can be used for political purposes.

    In that e-mail, I challenged Obama supporters to defend the decision. I told them to meet me in the courtyard at 5:00PM. I thought it kindof sounded like an after-school fight. Only 3 other people showed up, all Obama supporters. Their main argument is the RULZ trump voters. They did not like the RBC decision. They thought the original 0% representaion for FL and MI should have stood. I realized that I work with a bunch of eggheads.

    When I told them I was going to vote McCain if the nomination went to Obama, they looked at me like I had killed someone. I laughed to myself.

  45. Mawm,

    I’ve seen your “lipstick on a pig” reported in umpteen stories. You’re the greatest!

  46. Thanks, I guess I’ve used up a few minutes of my 15. What is funny to me is I have read on a few Obama blogs that my statement was a sexist dig on Alice Huffman. To me, that shows how STUPID and SEXIST the Obama supporters are.

  47. bostonboomer, on June 2nd, 2008 at 6:14 pm Said:

    I’ve seen your “lipstick on a pig” reported in umpteen stories. You’re the greatest!

    Me too! I saw it in the NY Times even. We have a celebrity in the house.

  48. Is Alice Huffman a pig? Nobody told me!

  49. “Hillary has refused to accept the new “magic number” of 2118”

    Good. Go Hillary!

  50. Actually, what I find disturbing are people who will vote for crooks who buy votes all in the name of…? um, oh, unity.

    I will be voting my values in November, and those values are that I will not support lying, cheating, defaming, bullying, or stealing.

  51. Just now on Fox: Hillary will not concede or drop out Tuesday night…

  52. Here’s a good YouTube of Hillary, it’s called Defiant

  53. Jona, will you please lead us out of our delusion. Please.

  54. Mawm,

    You’ve got to be kidding. Obama supporters are so young and ignorant, they aren’t even familiar with even the most familiar old sayings. They used to use that one a lot at DK–until they decided to buy the tarted up “pig.”

  55. Associated Press at Yahoo has article that is pretty biased towards Obama (can you imagine?). Hillary is pretty much dead… (even her financial co chair “says” so).

    munchkins are (again) cautiously celebrating.

    I hope she really stays.

  56. Jona, on behalf of boston boomer, along with the regulars and frequent visitors to this blog, I would ask that you refrain from referring to anyone as a “lunatic” simply because they do not agree with your views.

    You choose to support someone else. Fine. No one is stopping or denying you the right to pick your candidate. But on the other hand, if you do not appreciate what you read here, if you are unable to comprehend that this blog is devoted to the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, that you fail to recognize that getting whatever it is off your chest by way of insults will gain you an audience, if the camraderie and fellowship displayed here encourages demeaning other bloggers than the avenue available to you is to leave. None of us are “lunatics”. What you are witnessing is the passion and resolve of like minded people who share something of value.

    Please remove yourself from the blog and find a place that welcomes shouting and insults to play out. This is not the place for you.

  57. I think a pig wearing lipstick should be the PUMA mascot.

    We can call it a puma, and people will say “That’s no puma, that’s a pig with lipstick!”

    To which we reply “Exactly.”

  58. That was great, Katiebird. Thanks. I can’t believe she maintains her cool so well no matter how many times she has to answer the silly questions from the press corpse.

  59. Voting rights are more important than Roe V Wade
    Voting rights are more important than Iraq
    Voting rights are more important than ANYTHING in a Democracy, because when you lose them, you lose EVERYTHING else.

  60. Never got to read Jona’s comment… but you go Pat!!!!

  61. Turn to CNN. THere’s a Super Secret Super Delegate meeting happening.

    Once again I smell a fix. They aren’t even trying to hide the corruption anymore.

  62. This is totally twilight zone at this point. The corruption, the enabling is mind boggling.

  63. Hillary is daring them to do this. She knows they are going to do it anyway.

  64. I wonder how much Obama money is being stuffed in the pockets of superdelegates.

  65. I’d bet most anything Big Dawg’s in the vicinity. He is the chief SuperD as far as I see.

  66. Did the Founding Fathers sit around in Philadelphia calling each other, skanks, whores, racists, idiots, lunatics, dickheads, morons, nazis, and all the other hate ridden messages we have come across on the net? Some of these words I never heard until my wedding night!

  67. Mawm: You were even mentioned in the London press. You international superstar you!!!

  68. #
    Mawm, on June 2nd, 2008 at 6:27 pm Said:

    Voting rights are more important than Roe V Wade
    Voting rights are more important than Iraq
    Voting rights are more important than ANYTHING in a Democracy, because when you lose them, you lose EVERYTHING else.

    Very well said. Where would we be if it is not a democracy?

  69. How many times do you think the Obama people have denied the existence of the Whitey video even if they know it exists?

  70. Quitters never win and Winners never quit! Go Hillary!


  71. Mawm, on June 2nd, 2008 at 6:27 pm Said:
    Voting rights are more important than Roe V Wade
    Voting rights are more important than Iraq
    Voting rights are more important than ANYTHING in a Democracy, because when you lose them, you lose EVERYTHING else.

    Amen to MAWM!!

    That’s why we are PUMAs.

    “Voter rights are civil rights and civil rights are voter rights!”

  72. Pat,

    “Some of these words I never heard until my wedding night!”


    Pat, have you been baking brownies again? Exactly what do you put in those brownies?

  73. Ben, as many times, I imagine, as they’ve pretended they advocate real Universal Healthcare.

    These people; a dictionary would not be a bad Christmas gift.

  74. Upstate,

    Don’t worry. Jona isn’t an amusing troll, so you didn’t miss much. Boooorrrrrrinnnnggggg!

  75. Pat: heh.

  76. BB: I’ll take your word for it.

  77. CNN just said it was the undecided Senators having a powwow and that they won’t announce until post-SD & MT.

  78. Well that is what Nancy wanted, no?

  79. Jona we hate the fact that he CHEATED and the DNC is aiding him in the CHEATING.

    Obama is an illegitimate candidate. HE CHEATED.

    We believe in Democracy, where every vote is counted, not appointed by committee.

    Good bye, fascist supporter.

  80. Hillary is what we used to refer to as a “ballbuster”. She is tougher, smarter, and has the guts of 10 men put together. I have often found myself weeping on her behalf when unfair comments and derision was hurled her way. Yet she solders on, speaking for us. When someone is willing to take the heat for us, the least we can do is stand strong and straight for her. She has never waivered even in the darkest hour and forever and ever women for generations to come will revere her and the lessons she has taught us. Never give up when you know you are right.

  81. oh Lord Pat. I just got off the phone. Thank God I read that comment after I hung up! lol

  82. When will the Obamacons and the media realize that THE PEOPLE don’t care about super delegates.

  83. bb: I would never let my friends on this site be referred to in a nasty or demeaning way. My respect for the posters on this blog is immense. I have never seen such a warm community formed out of our respect for a candidate who we all love and admire and to have an intruder come in and personally attack people I respect is one step too far over the line.

  84. Upstate,

    Jona thinks we are “lunatics” because we put our candidate before our “values.” He/she clearly can’t read very well, because we have made it very clear that we can’t vote for Obama because he doesn’t represent our values. We can’t support the kind of corruption that Obama represents. We’ve already had 8 years of Bush corruption and don’t want to continue it with a corrupt Democrat.

  85. Who watches CNN anymore? That’s so 1989.

  86. (Huff & Puff) I’ve been catching up on all the comments since I left work. Wow — naming no names — there’ve been some excellent ones!

    I just watched the news. To no one’s surprise I’m sure there was no mention of the polls for tomorrows primaries. No mention of Hillary’s astonishing win in Puerto Rico, NO mention of the theft of the Michigan Delegation.

    It was ALL WWTSBQ. From one end of the segment to the other.


  87. Think about being on the Titanic and what Hillary would do in that situation and what The Precious would do? That crystallizes it for you.

  88. Who votes anymore? That’s so 2000.

    Now we just let committees decide the election.

  89. I don’t know the abbreviations that well, Katie. I can guess it isn’t good. You see, her victories now are merely ‘symbolic.” Meaningless, useless, much like her voters.

  90. From Politico, Terry McAuliffe hints that the Clinton campaign is calling superdelegates who may be wavering on their support for Obama:

    As for what Clinton would do Wednesday morning with no more primaries on the horizon, McAuliffe said he hopes she’ll call uncommitted superdelegates. “That’s what I’m doing,” he said.

    And he hinted that the campaign might be targeting some superdelegates committed to Obama.

    “We’re calling the uncommitted ones, primarily. But we’ve heard things. You know, you pick up stuff. So we’re following up on leads that we get,” he said. “Just remember: No superdelegate is bound until they vote at the convention.”

    McAuliffe wouldn’t comment on how much the campaign raised in May, except to say that he was insulted by a question about whether it had topped $10 million.


  91. BOTTOM LINE…DON’T PISS OFF THE BLACK COMMUNITY NO MATTER WHAT. The DNC is the party that is racist. They can easily categorize blacks into one group. Our group is too diverse for them to understand. We are a melting pot.

  92. I think I’ll leave this one comment from Jona up so everyone can see a good example of an Obamabot in the tantrum phase. Someday, people will be writing doctoral dissertations on this cult phenomenon.

  93. There are millions and millions of us, Jona. That is why Obama will never be POTUS.

  94. Oh please , please – voting for Barry would be like voting for Bush .. no experience at all . Voting present way too many times to not make a stand – totally unreliable on supreme court justices, he wanted to vote for Roberts , YIKES , puts social security on the table , praises republicans for all their great ideas , no universal health care .. he is not a progressive at all ,
    and then there are all those shady characters with him and in his background who he has funded and seen to it that they got funded in Chicago .

    I mean I could go on and on but there is just simply no way I will vote for BO . Jona – I must say that it is alarming to me to think that all these people Could vote for Bo .. how scary is that ..?? – Well , it’s pretty scary , but then we all remember that this was a country full of sheeple who voted for bush twice .. so No. I am not surprised . Society has been known to follow ‘others’ off a cliff … good luck with all that hope, change etc…

  95. It’s been an intense past couple of days, so I thought I’d share some humor, via Uppity Woman, that I saw on her blog this morning. She suggests calling the DNC to receive your own free delegate:

    “You too can get a free Michigan delegate, just like Barack Obama.

    Don’t worry that you weren’t on the ballot as a candidate or anything. It doesn’t matter! Get a couple of them! They’re small!

    The DNC can give you votes too! Even if nobody voted for you, even if nobody even wants to vote for you, the DNC knows how to calculate who might have voted for you if they had voted. Cool, huh? And if they don’t have any available delegates, they will just steal one from somebody else!”

    I appreciate someone who can fight back with humor, along with other available weapons.

  96. I haven’t read Jona’s comment. Where is it?

  97. Jona:: Haven’t you heard, since you obviously won’t take the hint to depart, it is the numbers that count, dear. Safety in numbers. Winning with numbers. Watch those numbers increase as you flit from blog to blog “convincing” us how much more enlightened you are than the rest of us. Now go try talking to your own mother in that same tone and attitude. She would be so proud!

  98. The funniest comment at NQ about the “Whitey” video was an Obot who simutaneously claimed the video did not exist and that Michelle was actually saying “Why’d he . . .”

  99. Jona, you are really bad at humor.

  100. I have a 13 yr old granddaughter who also includes “ha ha’s” into her e-mails. Of course she is only 13 but it illustrates the age. Jona is probably not much older and as soon as she gets her driving permit she will feel much better.

  101. tabbycat in tenn — Hooray for Puppy! Very happy to hear your good news.

  102. “God, how can such a large group of people be so misinformed and down right stupid?!?”

    Dunno, you Obamanation types are a mystery to us educated and intelligent types.

  103. Could Katie or someone help find a photo of a movie or TV character to put beside a photo of Senator Claire. She is the one in this who has galled me more than any other. Something like they did with the RBCwoman yesterday.

  104. She must be one of those McCain trolls sent to win us over. An Obama supporter couldn’t be that stupid. Could they??

    katie..amen on the TV coverage. I tried for half an hour and cut it off.

  105. hlr..thank you!

    ben, I agree on Claire. My mother and I have declared her the worst of all the Obama senate supporters. She’s been in the Senate one stinking year and she thinks she can come out as his most vocal female supporter? I will send money to anyone who runs against her in 2012.

  106. Ben — WWTSBQ It’s been a constant refrain since the Iowa Primary.

  107. Gary: That was humor?

  108. Just how many Dolores Umbridges can we have here?

  109. Here’s a good YouTube of Hillary, it’s called Defiant

    Yeah, I figured I would just circumvent all the pundits and watched that video myself. There are a lot of ways to interpret it. Personally I think next Tuesday’s primaries will conclude and then HRC will make her case to the SDs.

    Right now, BO probably needs at least a moderately convincing SD rush. I doubt he has it because I think he would have already brought them out if he had them. For example, most people here are probably familiar with Clyburn. I was under the impression that the BO camp was leaning on him hard, which tells me they needed him, which tells me they do not have a bunch of SDs in the wings.

    I guess I disagree with some here that she is definitely in it until Denver. If there is a lot of SD movement to BO after Tuesday I doubt she will stick it out. Just so I am clear, I think a BO delegate flood is far from certain. She is smart, she has good arguments, but she knows that she does need a pretty marked change in her favor among the SDs. Counting out a Clinton is a mistake. That’s my 2 cents.

  110. ben: You could be right about the DNC. But would you really want to see Donna B in one of her bad moods knocking on your door? I wouldn’t.

  111. I’ve never liked Clair McCaskill — she used to be the prosecutor for an adjacent county and on local TV all the time.

  112. Jona – Do your parents know you are playing on the internet again?

    Aren’t you supposed to be doing homework?

  113. We don’t have to hold that test for the Obama campaign. They’ve already proven that most of the time they aren’t telling the truth.

  114. I think many of the sweeties are outsourced. Have noticed both here and at TL that some of the sweeties use UK spelling; some barely communicate in English — thinking of the poster yesterday at TL who babbled about BO’s 50 straight strategy.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if a bunch are hiding behind proxies and working off of scripts in Punjab. A new assignment … perhaps a little more interesting than asking you to reboot your cable modem.

  115. Donna Brazile promised she would vote for Clinton in Denver if it would make us happy.

    I heard that comment.. it was so flip and just insulting. Really unnecessary.

  116. Oops, didn’t re-link in the blockquote; Here it is again for convience’s sake.

  117. Hillary has the big states. Hillary has the popular vote. Hillary has almost 18 million supporters. Only about 100 delegates separates two people who have been running for 16 months. What is the problem here?

  118. hir: lol

  119. ben and tabbycat — I do know some bigger donor types in MO that supported McCaskill in ’06 and are now FURIOUS. Something to talk about after things settle down a bit.

  120. Jona – We are tolerant here but didn’t your parents teach you not to interrupt grown-ups?

    Children should be seen and not heard.

  121. I’m off to Lowe’s to pick up windows. Since taking a sabbatical from the network and cable news I am on the net more often than ever. My fingers are flying over these keys like a sky diver. Sorry for all the posts. I just cannot take the nightly news.

  122. Afternoon my powerful, stealthy, gracious, glorious, neck-snapping PUMA’ranian friends,

    As for Aunt Claire, IMO she was a cheerleader in high school who always fawned over the BMOC, in this case it stands for Barry’s Misogynstic Ornery Camp. Her fawning ways will come to bite her from yet-to-be PUMAs and she shall have to bear it for all to see being from the “Show Me State.”

  123. Ryan, I think that a lot of Obama people don’t realize that we have dealt with this “Hillary’s planning to get out tomorrow” refrain for months. It just doesn’t have that old impact anymore.

  124. I am really enjoying your site. It is so comforting to read comments made by rational people! Even some of the sites I considered pro Clinton are becoming nasty! I just read a post on MyDD about how those of us who are considering voting McCain are being “played”, and many of the comments were typical Obama supporters persuasion – “do the right thing you stupid fools!”.

    Anyway, it’s good to be here. I have been laughing and enjoying the comradery while lurking, but would like to move into your neighborhood if there is room available…and how to I go about registering for the P.U.M.A. party?

  125. I’m a New Yorker. It’s not my responsibility to elect a candidate that states like South Carolina put forward even though they’re incapable of helping to get him into the white house. Not my job. Not after what they’ve done to my senator.

  126. Great to hear, Tabby. (((hugs))) (((smiles)))

    Tabby: An Obama supporter couldn’t be that stupid. Could they??

    Well, you’ve seen their candidate in action, haven’t you?

  127. Tabby??? Did I miss some news?

  128. I just sent Hillary another $100.00

    Stay strong everyone! Just like Hillary.

    And “F” the msm a-holes!

  129. I’m hoping the buzz around the “whitey” tape will force people to release it sooner rather than later (if it exists at all).

  130. WS – I’ll believe in the tape when I see it, and maybe not then even.

  131. Carolyn – no registration or RSVP necessary.

    Remember: Your vote belongs to you, and you don’t “owe” it to anyone or any party.

  132. I was a bit ambivalent about the “whitey” tape until Roger Stone mentioned it. I know he is scum, but he did have knowledge of the Spitzer story before it broke.

  133. Changing names… Wow, you fooled us. You are REAL smart

  134. This reminds me of Gary Larson’s “Spamalopes”

  135. God, how I love this! Have we ever seen a candidate like Hillary Clinton? I think not.

    It’s always been my contention that when the masses insist something is absolutely, positively certain then the chances are they’re completely wrong. Herd mentality has historically caused harm and ridiculous decisions/wrong thinking in the public arena and elsewhere.

    But occasionally, a real leader comes along, one who is not afraid of the public howl, ridicule or censor, one who fights on despite criticism or the call to quit.

    That candidate is Hillary Clinton. That’s why I’ll support her regardless of her decision now, or later.

    What a splendid candidate!

  136. Mawm – the half-wit troll actually thinks whatever it’s babbling will upset us.

  137. myig2xu, and that we’ll actually leave the dumb stuff up….

  138. Thanks, myiq2Xu. Good to be here.

  139. katiebird, would it be possible to have an accessible “dunce’s corner” where we could go see their salivating? Sorta like a sideshow area?

  140. Ryan, I think that a lot of Obama people don’t realize that we have dealt with this “Hillary’s planning to get out tomorrow” refrain for months. It just doesn’t have that old impact anymore.

    Yep, and it has not turned out to be true yet. I cannot pretend to understand the Clintons but here is my little rule; if the MSM is saying that Pres. Clinton said it, then it is probably not true. I do not mean to say that Pres. Clinton is a liar or anything. I have just noticed for some odd reason they just love to rumor monger about stuff “Bill said.” Maybe it is just easy to do, either way; the “what is Bill thinking” game seems to have zero predictive power.

    I forgot to ask before; did that aptana program work out?

  141. Wouldn’t that take an incredible amount of bandwidth? I mean, there is so much of it….

  142. Good point Carolyn.

  143. Isn’t it patheitc. He needed to close the deal in OH, TX, PA, IN and so on or he wasn’t going to be the nominee. He didn’t and they still want to crown him.

  144. If the trolls ever had something interesting and original to say, it might be worth it, but they never do.

  145. “did that aptana program work out?”

    I downloaded it and it looks good. But I’ve been so wrapped up in blogging that I haven’t dived into it like I thought.

    I was going to use it to work on my Summer Kids Pages, but I ended up getting it up at work.

  146. Please call Montana and South Dakota. Saddle up!

  147. Well, wonderful, I pick this year to move back to the U.S. after almost 2 decades, and I shall be residing in Florida, where I automatically become one-half a human being for voting purposes. The minute I step from the airplane onto Florida soil, I’d also better weigh 50% fewer pounds and be 27.5 years old as compensation.

  148. Does anyone here know what we can do to keep Obama from stealing these Montana and South Dakota? I see we let him, bring down the party in the general election, and then stage a coup and bring Hillary in as President for Life. Everyone will like that, she’s really ahead in the primary anyway.

  149. Thats funny Ms. Marple. The RBC should have seated Florida in full and revoted Michigan on Aug. 5th. They complain about him not being on the ballot, well, give him a chance to fight for Michigan.

  150. Senator Claire…I took a quick cat nap and was thinking of when she was up for re election and supporting any right wing tool who went against her. I ALWAYS THOUGHT THERE WAS A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL FOR MEMBERS OF THE CLARENCE THOMAS JUDICIARY COMMITTEE…They need to reserve some more room. Doesn’t this remind you of what was done to Anita Hill????

  151. LOL @ Ms. Marple. Welcome.

    btw – wouldn’t happen to be an AC fan, would you? 🙂

  152. McCain is working hard at sweet-talking us disaffected Democrats. Too bad Obama and his sweeties don’t know how to do that.

    From the NYT:

    Senator John McCain spent so much of his appearance here at the Ryman Auditorium – one of the ancestral homes of the Grand Ole Opry – hammering Senator Barack Obama that an audience member rose during the question-and-answer session to note that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was still in the race.

    That prompted some distinctly valedictory-sounding praise of Mrs. Clinton from Mr. McCain, as he noted how much he admired her despite their differences on issues.

    “She has inspired generations of American women to believe that they can reach the highest office in this nation,” Mr. McCain said.
    Then, lest it sound too much like a farewell, he added one of the McCain campaign’s standard caveats: that in 1992 they learned never to count a Clinton out.

  153. WS,

    Under the precident the RBC set, even a revote in MI wouldn’t have been needed. Based upon all the exit polls, not just those conducted after the “so called” bogus MI primary, a more sophisticated model could have been utilized and then apportion. He wouldn’t have gotten any where close to the 55 given him, not to speak of the four the RBC took.

  154. I think I will go to MYDD and piss some people off.

  155. did Gov. Rendell say that he support BO now ? I have someone from another board telling me this and I have googled and cannot find it .. do you know ??

    anyone ??

  156. Sp. PUMAs, howz it going today? I’ve been cut off at work and couldn’t even pick up a signal on my iPhone during breaks. It’s been MADDENING.
    It looks like Hillary is hanging in there. Good for her. They want so desperately for her to get out. The posters at MyDD says once she does, and joins their team, there won’t be any rancor. All the hostilities will cease. She will be welcomed with open arms, cheering and celebration. And she’ll bring all of her people with her and everyone will be one big happy family! It sounds like an episode of the Care Bears. Seriously deluded. It would be laughable except these people need help.
    But she’s not quitting and that’s just going to make their heads explode. And they can’t force her out, not while so many people are still voting for her. Not after that fiasco on Saturday that the whole world could see. I imagine that Donna B. is getting some mighy fine flak these days.
    Well, she can’t help it that she’s just a personal failure, bless her heart.

  157. Briana, Supposedly Rendell or someone said that she was thinking about quiting. NOT switching loyalty. Supposedly.

  158. Rendell’s still with us. He think a Unity ticket is best, but thinks that nominating BO would be nominating the weaker candidate and he doesn’t understand why they’d do that.


    Perhaps polling data such as that released by Rasmussen today explains why automatic delegate Chris Whittington, Chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party, endorsed Hillary Clinton today. I quote:
    > “There is no question that she is the strongest Democrat to go toe-to-toe with John McCain in a general election. It is our responsibility as automatic delegates to choose the candidate we believe best fit to beat Senator McCain. That candidate is Senator Clinton.”

    At least Whittington understands his responsibility to Louisiana Democrats and the Democratic Party. Will other superdelegates follow his lead? Will other superdelegates ensure Mary Landrieu is reelected? Will other superdelegates help Democrats compete in Louisiana? We won Louisiana in 1992 and 1996, and with Hillary Cinton on the ballot, we have a chance to win it again in 2008.


  160. Hill got two super ds today. BO got 4.

  161. Thanks Thanks Thanks .. I was shocked .. and I couldn’t find the article ..

    darn – I hate that ..

  162. I posted the Defiant video to a new thread….

  163. Thanks Charles ..

  164. I haven’t seen any announce for Obama.

    Reportedly, Clyburn has officially come out for BO. Hardly “breaking” news considering he’s been one of their camp’s biggest shills. Meh.

  165. Thank-you, edwardian. AC…?

  166. I just got off the phone after spending 2 hours making calls to South Dakota. The people I spoke with were generally in Hillary’s camp and had already voted for her or will be voting for her tomorrow.

    “This is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”
    – Winston Churchill

    GO HILLARY!!!!!!!!

  167. Ed Rendell On Face the Nation:

    Gov. Ed Rendell, D-Pa,, concurs that Clinton would not jeopardize the party, but continued to back her as the candidate best able to succeed in the key battleground states in November.

    “The polls make it clear that on the states that are necessary for us to win the Electoral College, Hillary Clinton is by far our strongest candidate in the fall,” Rendell said. “What are we doing nominating the weaker of our two fine candidates? It makes no sense to me.”

    Nonetheless, Rendell thinks a joint ticket would “sweep the country,” but it will only come about by Clinton and Obama coming together themselves.

    “No politicians are going to be able to broker it,” he told host Bob Schieffer. “The staffs, who have a little bit of animosity, as always is the case, can’t be involved. I think Senator Clinton and Senator Obama have to sit down together and talk about the future of this country and talk about whether that is a viable option. It’s up to the two of them.”


  168. OT, NoQuarter’s a mess. Larry needs a spam filter. Trying to wade through the muck there reminds me why my blog reading is reduced by about 95% these days.

  169. Thank-you, edwardian. AC…?

    Agatha Christie. 🙂

  170. Oh, riverdaughter — that would be so frustrating but, I’m glad you’re back.

    Weirdly, I don’t fall for the “Hillary’s Quitting” rants. But, they always take me by surprise. You’d think I’d learn: If Hillary wins a Primary, of course she’d be expected to quit the next day.

  171. I know, Ann On – but they get SO many comments. It takes a lot just to keep up with our trolls (sometimes anyway) Some of those blogs are swamped all the time…

  172. Two seconds later I made the connection, edwardian. I see the 50% reduction has already affected my brain.

  173. Prolix, don’t get me started on the Michigan fiasco. Can they try to be any more biased?

    I bet its the Giuliani campaign who got the video (if it exists). Then again Romney had a ton of money to spend on oppo. They should release it now.

  174. Riverdaughter sayeth: ” All the hostilities will cease. She will be welcomed with open arms, cheering and celebration. And she’ll bring all of her people with her and everyone will be one big happy family! It sounds like an episode of the Care Bears. Seriously deluded. It would be laughable except these people need help.”

    No no no no no no! There will be flowers being thrown – FLOWERS, Riverdaughter! Just like Iraq – mission accomplished. Flower, ya hear, flowers!

    I’m exhausted from this ordeal. BUT, as I’ve said before:

    Not this woman. Not tis time. Not this election.

    Hillary – rise.

  175. The Dem elders should broker a Clinton/Obama unity ticket. She’s older, has seniority, and more likely to win. Plus, his supporters are more willing to vote for her while her supporters aren’t. I think its because his supporters think he can run again in the future since he’s so relatively young. Obama gets to pick the next DNC head and says “ladies first.” That would heal the rift in the party.

  176. I’d settle for the C-D unity ticket. I don’t like it, but I’d take it.

  177. Shouldn’t the supers out themselves today?

  178. The Dem Elders are children, not elders. That’s the problem.

  179. Katiebird, do you filter spam manually? Ick.

  180. The supers are terrified. I don’t think they all wanna break for BO and they don’t like the idea of blacklash. At the same time some truly realize that the Clinton abandonment threat is very real.

    Cowardice, thy name is Democrat.

  181. Give a woman an inch, and she thinks she’s a human being or something.

  182. WS – you forget to mention that Hillary is the most QUALIFIED candidate, of all 3 candidates.

  183. Um, this is about me, not Hillary. Wine at dinner does that to me.

    “Not this woman. Not tis time. Not this election.” Refusing to vote for Obama.

  184. Delphyne, I understood you. 🙂

  185. edwardian…thank you for the puppy hugs!

    katie..no new news. hlr was asking about Puppy and I told her his new results.

  186. Thats right edwardian.

    If he forces a Presidential run, he’ll just become another has been Dukakis and Kerry. He needs time to get away from the Chicago scene especially when he just quit his church for obviously political reasons. Doesn’t see how that looks? He looks like a phony and betrays his central platform of moving beyond old politics. He also needs to recalibrate several positions of his like his tax proposals (that will be tarred and feathered by the Republicans) and he needs time to build a repertoire with white working class people who aren’t voting for him now.

  187. You want to sock-it to Obama and his cloying miscreants?
    Call Montana and South Dakota. Get some satisfaction. It feels sooooooo good.

  188. FYI:WomenCount and Committee to Count Every Vote ’08
    release statement on RBC decision

    Committee to Count Every Vote ’08
    Comments on Decision of RBC

    Thirty members of the Rules & Bylaws Committee of the Democratic National Committee came to Washington on Saturday, May 31, with a promise to fairly resolve a crisis that threatens the very legitimacy of our democratic electoral process. The Committee to Count Every Vote ’08 and its supporters came to Washington to ensure that the RBC lived up to that promise and its core democratic principle that every vote counts — and that every state’s delegate allocation accurately reflects the will of the voters.

    Count Every Vote ‘08 is particularly saddened for the 2.4 million voters in Michigan and Florida who went to the polls in good faith, in unprecedented numbers, to vote for whom they believed was the best candidate for President. Their votes have not been recognized and their voices have still not been heard. Counting every other vote falls far short of democracy.

    The RBC’s decision with respect to Michigan is especially egregious because the will of over 600,000 voters was intentionally thwarted by the RBC when it decided to ignore the actual vote count and instead re-allocate delegates won by Senator Clinton to Senator Obama, whose name did not even appear on the Michigan ballot. The basis of their decision to award Senator Obama four extra delegates—exit polls and uncounted write-in ballots—defies all reasonable logic and precedent. In so doing, the RBC has created a dangerous precedent that will most surely come back to haunt them.

    Senator Obama’s acceptance of this decision is especially troubling. How can a leader whose message is one of “unity” and “count every voice” agree to support a decision that strips Senator Clinton of delegates she rightfully earned at the ballot box? We wonder whether the price he will ultimately pay will be worth the four ill-gotten delegates.

    The RBC had a unique and historic opportunity this weekend to unite the Democratic Party. Instead, they deliberately chose to alienate the very people they claimed to appease, as well as millions of voters in Florida and Michigan.

    We applaud those members of the RBC who remained steadfast against enormous pressure to fight for the core principles of democracy and what we believed was the inalienable constitutional right of “one person, one vote”.

    Let us be clear on one more point. This decision does not change the fact that both of these states have already certified the popular vote of their primary elections. Despite this decision, the popular vote is irrefutable and stands as the truest reflection of the will of the people.

    WomenCount PAC was created to ensure that the 51 percent of American citizens who are women have their values and votes counted in the political process

    Count Every Vote ’08 Committee was founded in March 2008 by a group of politically active Democratic women who came together to advocate in support of the candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton and other qualified women candidates across the country. They firmly believe in the core democratic principle that every vote should count.

    WomenCount PAC Contacts:

    Stacy Mason
    Managing Director
    (650) 793-3556

  189. I just gave $200 more to Hillary, I just hope it’s part of her effort to continue! Bill’s saying that this may be the last time he’s ever involved in a campaign such as this does indicate her concession—it’s so WRONG! But what if a candidate does want to contest at the convention, what does she do for 2 months—would they both continue their campaigns? It’s devastating to think that the shenanigans of this party will prevent us, prevent the world, from seeing what ingenious and brilliant and novel and finally effective solutions Hillary would have managed to long unsolved problems….and for what? A candidate who, once his true leftist radical intentions are blazoned across every screen, as they will be, will become another “has been”?

  190. Thanks Bostonboomer … just slammed her with it .. I have a really hard time with outright liars .. lol

    thanks so much !! .Everyone !

    now she’s saying it about Tom Vilsak – I haven’t had a chance yet to google ..

  191. It’s “Give a woman an inch, and she thinks she’s a ruler.” So lets give Hillary that inch. Been calling South Dakota all afternoon. One lady told me there is space for one more President on Mount Rushmore, and they’ve been saving it for Hillary.

  192. why do my posts keep getting deleted? IS it because i said i’ll vote for mccain? I think it’s the only way to protest…i don’t care if he’s republican, i want to be heard!

    PLEASE don’t deliete my post???

  193. Just to be Mr. Obvious – I owe my vote to NO ONE, not even Hillary.

    She can’t tell me who I should vote for, though I will gladly vote for her.

    But is she isn’t the nominee, I will decided for myself who I choose to cast my vote for, if anyone.

    She is my candidate for President, she is not my “leader” whom I obey. God bless her, there are none like her, but PUMA.

  194. Somehow, Joe in DC’s evaded the Spam filter,but he is obviously trying to stir the pot. Can someone take a look?

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