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Quitting? She’s WINNING — Why would she quit?

And (thanks Charles!) Here’s a new ad….

168 Responses

  1. I love when she rather laughs at them. she will decide when it’s over.

  2. I just posted this on the last one, but it bears repeating –

    I just got off the phone after spending 2 hours making calls to South Dakota. The people I spoke with were generally in Hillary’s camp and had already voted for her or will be voting for her tomorrow.

    “This is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”
    – Winston Churchill

    GO HILLARY!!!!!!!!

  3. Katiebird,

    I’m glad you put that video up. Hillary is so cool, calm, and collected. That would be great to have in a POTUS.

  4. BostonBoomer, I just love her. She makes all this worthwhile. And I really hope that it IS worthwhile for her.

  5. Remember this folks: a special shout out to Hillary and Eva Longoria, who did it for us in Texas

  6. Thanks Charles, I added it to the post.

  7. If she wins in SD does this mean that Tom Daschle will have his veep hopes dashed. That would be sweet.

  8. I don’t go around spreading rumors but Larry Johnson is now saying that as pre-damage control to the release of some mysterious videotape of Michelle with Louis Farrakhan, the Obama campaign is now handing out a transcript of the even that was caught on tape.
    Apparently, she said “why’d he” not “whitey”. I suppose we’ll only know if we hear it in context, if the video actually exists.
    But what is worse?
    a.) That she said Whitey (allegedly)?
    b.) That she was on a panel with Louis Farrakhan?
    c.) That she said Whitey (allegedly) while sitting on a panel with Louis Farrakhan?
    Can he survive, a, b, c or none of the above?

  9. RD–

    I don’t understand how Obama has already survived his connection with Farrakhan. He couldn’t have been elected in his district without Farrakhan’s support.

    I don’t know if you saw it, but Jerelyn posted that the Rezko jury is close to concluding. They are hung up on one count. What if they come back tomorrow or Wednesday?

  10. I was channel surfing the political shows, and Chuck Todd was on Keith Obamamann. Todd claims that the Obama campaign is pressuring its ‘banked’ superdelegates to come out for him before Hillary speaks tomorrow night, so that he can claim that he has the delegates sufficient to claim victory and preempt her speech.

    KO then said “Then we can all go home?”

    My thought is: Yes Keith, both you and Obama can go home in November to lick your wounds.

  11. RD, this is something you missed by not having access today.

    The first I heard was from Booman and he had a whole script. This was pretty shocking to me because Booman would ordinarily be THE FIRST to totally dismiss the video as a lie.

    Then that “why’d he” stuff starting showing up in trollish comments at TalkLeft and other sites.

    Within an hour or two it was all over the place.

    Charles said in a comment to an earlier post that the tape was made in the mid 1990s. Does it matter that it was 12 years ago? Can she pretend she was a child then?

    Does the video really exist?

    If it does, this is the first one that shows one of the Obamas in a compromising situation.

    I happen to think the tide is turning against the Obama campaign even without these videos. They sure can’t help.

  12. RD,

    Something else interesting about the Larry Johnson thing. Apparently the Obama campaign did send out that “transcript” to friendly bloggers. I saw it on Booman Tribune this morning, and another site as well. I guess the press is asking them about it.

  13. RD:

    What is worse, a, b, or c?

    Here is what my Mama told me: “If you give people a multiple choice without THE choice, you are cheating”.

    Why didn’t you include the answer, which is d: ALL OF THE ABOVE

    Can he survive a, b, or c

    That should be the question and the answer is NO.

    Any more stuff to make me look like Isaac Newton? I’m on a roll.

  14. Jules: I’ll bet you’re one of those English majors, aren’t you?
    You people make me nervous.

  15. I have read on some blogs that the MoveOn petition to the SDs is “favorable” to Hillary. Comments urging HRC supporters to sign..

    I looked at it, not so sure.

    Find it hard to believe MoveOn would do anything remotely favorable to HRC.

    Wonder if it is a Trojan horse for us?

    Would appreciate any info regarding such.

    Thanks! Not paranoid, just pragmatic.

  16. BB, was bostonboomer your username at BoomanTribune? I used to hang out there 2 or 3 years ago.

  17. MC,

    Do you have a link to the petition?

  18. RD, the whole thing is very odd. On one hand.. not that I’m super familiar with what Larry Johnson’s blogged about until recently, but it doesn’t seem like he’d want to ruin his reputation over this. On the other, it would be a brilliant Rovian dirty trick to somehow get Johnson to spread these kinds of rumors. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    I’m still astonished that the Pfleger “America is the greatest sin against God” video hasn’t (if it hasn’t, I guess I don’t know) thrown a serious roadblock in front of Obama’s path to the nomination. Can you imagine the shitstorm if a close associate of Hillary’s for 20 years and campaign surrogate went on a rant like that? They sent this guy to Iowa to hold forums for the campaign, for crying out loud. I mean, this stuff is every right-wing smear attack on Democrats and liberals for the past two decades all wrapped up into a neat little video clip for the GOP to play over and over and over.

  19. Kbird: You mean that was like so five minutes ago?
    Damn IT Nazis!

  20. katiebird,

    It’s been my username since I signed up at DK in early 2004. I was registered at Booman, but didn’t comment all that often.

  21. THIS is why we love hillary! calm, cool, collected — and laughing. what a great video!

  22. Ok, Booman’s supposed transcript has Katrina and Iraq in it but didn’t Charles say the tape was from the mid 1990s? Someone’s got to be wrong then.

  23. NO, (shhhhhh) NO! It’s just that you would have enjoyed watching it spread. Like a virus.

    It’s pretty cool reading Larry’s interpretation. My first exposure to Larry was when Susan asked him to Front Page at Booman’s site.

  24. This “transcript” and a rumor that it was from the 1990s can’t both be true – Jena didn’t happen until last year.

    You know, I think it’s crap. Maybe an ingenious dirty trick – get the Clinton supporters hyped over it, and get the Obama supporters worried and angry, and get a whisper campaign all over the place.

  25. Hannity is digging into the Trinity story right now.

  26. Charles, what do you think about the “transcript” and you saying the tape from the mid 1990’s? Its ok if you don’t want to answer .

  27. Hey, RD — you math people make *me* nervous.

    I can’t get over to Booman to read the transcript. Anyone else having that problem? Wonder if it’s like what happened at NQ today with tons of traffic.

  28. I’m sorry. I meant you (Charles) hearing that it was from the mid 1990s.

  29. I have read on some blogs that the MoveOn petition to the SDs is “favorable” to Hillary

    Well they endorsed BO, and the active campaign directed at SDs is quite hostile to Hillary.

    Of course, they do want to harvest email addresses.

  30. Charles: He talks a great deal about it and maybe this is very clever of him. Because the content of the video is getting released first. He has primed the audience to think about Michelle, together again for the first time, with Louis Farrakhan. And this is something that the Obama campaign is not denying. She *was* at this event. So, we now have confirmation of the possible existence of a video tape AND we have evidence that something she said sounds very politically incorrect. This is not the first time for Michelle but it is somewhat worse. So, really, the damage is being done right now without us having to see the tape. Larry escapes the “kerning” crisis that befell Dan Rather. Who’s going to give a fuck whether it’s doctored? It exists, she’s there, with Farrakhan being her normal Michelle self.
    The whole thing reminds me of the debate where Clinton schooled Obama on rejecting and denouncing Louis Farrakhan’s endorsement. Did she know about the videotape when she said it? And is that why Pelosi et al are trying to wrap this baby up as quickly as possible?

  31. Well, if the tape is circa Katrina, I can see where it might be a powderkeg if Farrakhan was involved. Just googled Farr. and Katrina and found that Farr. was saying that the levees were deliberately blown up to kill the AAs in N.O. I wouldn’t want to be in a video with L. Farr. if that’s the way he was talking about Katrina.

    Also, I strongly suspect that the so-called “friendly transcript” is intended as a feint. If it’s out there on the web, and Larry J. is able to read it, he can easily say, one way or another, no, that’s not what I heard about, or yes, that is what I heard about.

  32. I’d be appalled if a doctored video was put together. IMHO Larry Johnson really needs to put up or shut up with this business. There’s enough true information already out there that makes Obama unelectable.

  33. Wow, riverdaughter, I hadn’t thought about this in the context of the debate comments. You are sharp.

  34. RD & Charles, the Booman thing wasn’t presented as an actual Transcript: it was a what-if. It was later through the day that the trolls presented it as more-or-less factual.

  35. Wouldn’t faking a video of more than a syllable or two be very, very difficult? Assuming the camera is held steadily on the speaker (as it probably would be at a forum)?

  36. Charles,

    Obama has been photographed with Farrakhan. There is plenty of information about Obama’s relationship with him in the Chicago papers. Why isn’t Pelosi bothered by that? She is utterly loyal to the Israel lobby.

  37. Van Morrison’s “Glad Tidings from New York” has been going through my head all day.

    Hillary ain’t gonna quit. The PUMAs are prowling and growling.

    And we’ll send you glad tidings from New York
    Open up your eyes sa you may see
    Ask you not to read between the lines
    Hope that you will come in right on time
    And they’ll talk to you while you’re in trances
    And you’ll visualize not taking any chances
    But meet them halfway with love, peace and persuasion
    And expect them to rise for the occasion
    Don’t it gratify when you see it materialize
    Right in front of your eyes
    That surprise

  38. There’s apparently another version of the “transcript” with MO saying “What’s up with Whitey. Why’d he or whitey let….” and then talking about the “white man”


    Reported verbiage from Michelle Obama’s tape

    “Once again, the white man keeps us down, what’s up with Whitey, Why’d he attack Iraq, Why’d he let Katrina happen, Why’d he leave millions of children behind. This is the legacy the white man gives us”

    Got it from No Quarter commentor. Take with grain of salt?

  39. Thanks, hir, others

    Had to search for the link:


    This is not the same one you posted , apparently this one is new.

    Felt it was possibly negative, as all else is re HRC.

    I read much , blog little, so when I saw posters touting it as good for Hillary, came here to seek info.

    All of you on RD’s blog do Hillary proud.

  40. Katiebird,

    I saw the “transcript” on another site quite early this morning. I can’t remember where it was, because I got there from a link. I don’t think there is any doubt that the Obama campaign distributed it. As RD said, now we know there is a tape that they are worried about. If it were innocuous, wouldn’t they just release it immediately?

  41. That blogger did say he got an email so we know the “transcript” is orchestrated because it spread like wildfire.

  42. Thanks for the link, MC. That is interesting. They want the supers to hold off from endorsing and “let the people decide.” It does sound like they are getting a little bit of buyer’s remorse. However, I’m done with Move on. I’m not doing anything to help them period.

  43. (shaking my head) BB: I’m so confused. I just went back and re-read the Booman thing. He wrote it as if he just came up with it himself. Certainly no attribution.

    I wonder how long long Obama Bloggers have been writing from a script?

  44. So, Booman is one of the 400? Who else?

  45. Obama “Talking Points Memo” ??

  46. I agree KB. They’ve been getting their marching orders from the Obama campaign.

  47. Katiebird,

    The Obama bloggers have been getting talking points from Obama’s campaign for months. You can tell, because Open Left, DK, and the rest all have the same info and post about it at the same time. Even D-day at Digby’s blog seems to get the same stuff. They also get plenty of ads from Obama. They are at least partially in it for the money. That is especially true of Markos, IMO, because I don’t think he has any core political philosophy or values.

  48. Boston,

    My problem is trying to discern what they are really saying.

    Are they doing a back-handed thing re “pledged delegates, or are they actually referring to popular vote?

    I find the latter a bit far-fetched considering their Obama stance.

    Unless, as you said, buyer’s remorse is a factor re electability.

    Still hard to believe that anything they do is not counter to HRC.

  49. Charles, I think the near total collapse of the Obama campaign since the Wright tapes were revealed shows that you’re right.

    A “presumed nominee” should be a lot more popular with voters than Obama is. I’m not saying he should have Kerry’s level of primary support but, he should be winning states.

  50. Riverdaughter:

    “The whole thing reminds me of the debate where Clinton schooled Obama on rejecting and denouncing Louis Farrakhan’s endorsement. Did she know about the videotape when she said it? And is that why Pelosi et al are trying to wrap this baby up as quickly as possible?”

    Yes to all.

  51. MC,

    I don’t know. To me, it sounds like they are asking the SD’s to hold off. But if they do, then it would have to be decided at the convention. I have no idea what they are up to, but I don’t trust Move on anymore, so I don’t really care that much.

  52. BB, I stopped going to all those places when I came here. I check in at Booman’s place to get an opposition quote for a post now and then, but that’s it.

    So I had no idea they were so coordinated.

  53. And what happens when a GOP 527 or state party splice the Pfelger “America is the greatest sin…” comments and Wright’s “G-D America” together into one unholy attack ad? Most people will think that Obama hangs out with America haters. Then there’s the Farakhan issue if its true.

  54. Katiebird,

    In the latest Gallup poll, Obama’s disapproval rating was greater than 50%. How do they think they are going to turn that around? Hillary has high negatives, but they aren’t going to get worse. If anything, people get to like her more when they are exposed to her. She isn’t anything like the “monster” the right wing–and now the Dems–try to paint her as. So when people actually meet her or see her in a debate, they realize they have been conned.

  55. The tape must be real if Booman has heard it and is cleaning up the language for distribution. They float it out there with the supposition that “whitey” and “why’d he’ could be interchangable. It depends on the context of the entire tape. But if it is merely as innocuous as “why’d he” then shouldn’t the Obama campaign put it out there for us to see the mischaracterization of those words? They appear to be using surrogates as a trial balloon so that when it finally comes out we will have already argued and settled on the actual meaning.

    As with an e-mail, the correct tone is often mistaken. But I am now convinced the tape in some form does exist. Just what it means remains to be seen. However, I concur that any association with Farrakhan is troubling, or should be. Imagine if this were Hillary instead of Michele. The press would be calling for her scalp.

  56. My only concern Boston is that perhaps HRC supporters are being sucker- punched.

    Can only hope that is not the case, and that all referred to it are wary and avoid it.

    Thanks again.

  57. MC & BB, is that a new petition or something from months ago. Because they were doing a petition thing back in February.

    I quit their mailing list after their endorsement, so I don’t know.

  58. WS – Not to mention that La Belle Michelle will be saying those words in her own special way while seated on the dais with Farakhan. Heck, you could watch the 527 commercial with the sound off and still get scared silly.

  59. Not sure, katiebird

    Today is the first time I saw the link and posters encouraging participation.

    Again, my first impression was a “Trojan” re us.

  60. Obama said Wright was from a certain generation and the bitterness remains. What about Pfelger? People aren’t stupid and put two and two together. And if the video exists, his wife is into this?

  61. Do we have enough space here under the bus? Michelle Obama may be joining us soon.

  62. Here is a piece from Politico a couple of days ago.


    From the sound of it, the move on petition may be the one from February. However I did see this mentioned on Talk Left today.

  63. Taylor Marsh has a post up showing an e-mail she received threatening to lift her credentials at the Denver convention and filled with expletives. I wonder if Taylor will still be insisting on party “unity” after this should he grab the nomination. The e-mail is pretty scuzzy.

  64. Who is this disgusting Bubba ?

  65. Strangers may not be aware that Confluence is a bit of a refuge from the aggression of Obama-centric blogs. As such, we don’t have a lot of patience for the nastiness regulars at those sites take for granted.

    The Level of abusive comments has increased to the point that sometimes, BAM we just delete them. No explanation. No apology.

    This may be your only warning.

  66. Bubba: GET LOST. We don’t allow that kind of language here. We support Clinton because she is an experienced, accomplished woman who would make an outstanding POTUS. If you don’t like it, lump it.

  67. Katiebird,

    I take it as a sign that the Obamabots are very very nervous. And they should be.

  68. I’m so glad that everyone here seems to be asking questions about anything suspicious, such as MoveOn, Booman’s “transcript” and even the existence of the Michelle tape. Personally, I believe Larry Johnson, but I wouldn’t trust MoveOn or Booman farther than I could throw them. Booman is just another Obamablog. Like Katiebird, I stopped reading those months ago. They are all in the tank for Obama–even the ones that try to pretend that they’re not. As for MoveOn, they initially supported Edwards. After Edwards dropped out, they claimed they sent out a member poll asking who the members wanted them to support. They then came out for Obama, but I remember those people who were members of MoveOn saying that they’d never received a questionnaire. So it’s as well to be skeptical of everything these days.

  69. Booman’s readership is very small, as far as I can tell. He gets only a few comments on most posts. Yet he had the gall to write to Taylor Marsh and Jerelyn threatening them with being kicked out of the progressive blogging “community” because they supported Hillary.

  70. Taylor folded on Hillary some time back. She said something along the lines of “gee, I hate to tell you, but Obama is the nominee. So let’s start working together.
    I suspected it was because she was threatened about not getting credentials. Just a guess.

    Then she kind of back peddled and became sort of Hillary’s friend. Then today she went into anti-Hillary mode again today.

    Her blog, her rules. But I got tired off all the whip-sawing around.

  71. “Well, if the tape is circa Katrina, I can see where it might be a powderkeg if Farrakhan was involved. Just googled Farr. and Katrina and found that Farr. was saying that the levees were deliberately blown up to kill the AAs in N.O. I wouldn’t want to be in a video with L. Farr. if that’s the way he was talking about Katrina.”

    Brava, grayslady.

  72. MC, all

    If you go to MoveOn’s site, the link MC provided is not listed under active campaigns. Hence, I think it’s just email harvesting for BO.

  73. Arabella, that has been my point all along. Those blogs friendly to Hillary expressed the same concerns and more so over Obama and his hideous campaign. How do you backtrack now? Saying we need to “unite” for the sake of what party? Not the one we have been members of for years.

    A party composing of the likes of Pelosi and Reid who did nothing since 2006 regarding war funding, impeachment, the easy appointment of Mukasey as AG, who genuflected to Bush’s every whim, who did little investigation of the wrongs done in his name, who stood by while food and gas prices rose dramatically only to scoff at the little guy trying to get to work, who allowed this hijacking to take place, who stood by and kept silent when Bill and Hillary were unfairly labeled racists? This party, the same party who champions a nefarious candidate with no experience or solid qualifications to assume the role of Commander in Chief while dissing a competent, strong, capable candidate?

    No, I do not wish to submit to this party or this candidate in the name of “unity”. Like it or not, I too have principles and there is no room for forgive and forget in my current frame of mind.

  74. While driving I heard two “experts” on NPR saying that the Clinton’s (plural) have a “tarnished” reputation among Dems and the Media, therefore the best way to redeem themselves is to campaign for Obama in places like rural PA and OH and convince (“sincerely”) Hillary supporters to vote for Barack.

    Soooo, I guess that the 17 Million Dems that have voted for Clinton do not count as Dems…(it is the “real” Dems and the Media who have a problem with the Clinton’s “tarnished” image these day)

    Do these so called “experts” ever listen to what they say?

  75. did not mean the emoticon.

  76. I’m watching HRC in SD. She doesn’t sound like someone who’s about to concede anything.

    She’s going through what she would do as POTUS, and she’s very energetic. Nothing like the lackluster performances BO has been phoning in pretty much since the end of February.

    Go Hill go!

  77. Arabella,

    Taylor hasn’t “folded” on Hillary. She has continued to support her. She just says she will work against McCain in the general election if Obama wins the nom (meaning, not for O, just against McCain).

  78. Pat Johnson – I think I agree with you. Anglachel has a great post on Obamanaut contradictory thinking. They want to win by purging the party of non-believers.

    Taylor Marsh is a special case. I’ve just given up reading her because she seems to be wanting to have it both ways. I’ll leave off her now because I know she has a lot of loyal followers.

    I can’t call myself a Democrat after what has just happened. I’m a PUMA.

  79. MABlue – Yes, that was my impression too. it looks as though he is already bored with running for president.

  80. Thanks, hir.

  81. MC: Your warning is correct. We don’t want to be lured into something that is false and makes us look bad. We don’t engage in character assassination here. It was merely speculative pondering on my part. Nothing more.
    But if such a thing did exist, sort of like a horcrux, it would be a very bad thing.

  82. Hillary just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

  83. Oh my. Larry Johnson has a new post up about Booman–calling him out by his real name. Larry says Booman blew it by posting the “transcript” from the Obama campaign e-mail before Larry posted his update this morning, proving there is a video of some kind that Obama is worried about.

  84. We are P.U.M.A.s to the core. I will not suck the peacepipe for Obama and minions. This guy should not get near Pennsylvania Ave let alone reside in it. Why is the press, with the exception of Hannity, letting these associations slide? At the least they raise concerns.

  85. Arabella:

    I also think you are being too hard on Taylor, unless I’m missing a particular episode between her and the HRC hardliners, the group I belong to.

    I’m with BB on this one.

  86. Hillary in SD 60 Obama 34
    Obama in MT 44 Hillary 40

  87. Yowza! BB! — That’s a heck of a post!

  88. Pat (nodding) That’s the ARG poll, right?

  89. That’s right. Larry never mentioned Farakhan until this morning.

  90. Obama says he does not share the crazy views of Rev Wright or the other wackados that are lurking around him these past 20 years.

    Maybe that’s true, but we just don’t know that for sure. If Obama had more political experience we could look over his voting record and deduce something from that history. The only thing we learn from Obama’s voting record is that he has good attendance.

    Who is the real Obama? Is he an innocent dupe that had no idea his friends and spiritual mentors for 20 years were nuts? Or is he a liar trying to hide his true views from the voting public? Either way, it’s bad.

    Thank God for Hillary still hanging in this race!

  91. riverdaughter – horcrux is a perfect example.

    I’m most interested in Obama & Co.’s reaction to the rumor of such a tape existing. This is telling me a lot, and none of it good.

    Take off the locket, Booman!

    You PUMA’s keep me strong. And Hillary keeps finding new ways to inspire. She is once in century kind of candidate.

  92. Oops, never mind. Booman did not mention Farakhan in his post. Still, he posted a transcript before Larry’s update.

  93. katiebird: I pulled that off T. Marsh blog. Those are the poll numbers as of now. She is closing in on him in MT. Not sure what the difference was last week but she is narrowing the gap there. But SD is huge!

  94. LOL! Some bloggers just don’t know how to keep a secret.

  95. KB:

    Thanks for the info about Larry’s post. He may be on to something.

  96. MABlue, I think it came from Bostonboomer….

  97. Riverdaughter, do you know if the fundraiser for Gary & Mawm was successful?

  98. The one good thing about the mystery tape is the Clinton campaign hasn’t used it.

  99. I just got back from the gym and it seems there’s been a healthy debate about the tape. Also, why is it that the men ( I assume they are men) seem more willing to go immediately to McCain. Yet, there is a “stay home” message from the women? It’s an interesting contrast.

    I’m a prosecutor and I imagine the Obama campaign staff grilling Michelle like they are preparing her for trial, “are you absolutely certain there is nothing out there that could damage us?” “are you certain this is not true?”

  100. Kbird: We got some donations. I am very grateful to everyone who pitched in. The money is sitting in a paypal account. I’ve sent gary an email asking where to send the check but haven’t heard back from him yet.

  101. I’d like to make another small donation. Is it too late?

  102. Alleged transcript:

    “Once again, the white man keeps us down, what’s up with Whitey, Why’d he attack Iraq, Why’d he let Katrina happen, Why’d he leave millions of children behind. This is the legacy the white man gives us”

    I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that, if anything, there’s missing punctuation which makes “Why’d he” actually make sense, as the pro-Obama folks have been claimig out of thin air. . Suggested punctuation:

    what’s up with, why’d he, Why’d he attack Iraq, Why’d he let Katrina happen,

    A simple verbal stammer. And a lack of those little marks which use their influence to help a sentence make more sense.

    However, the wingnuts are going to have a gutcheck before running this if it’s anything close to true, because it seems to itemize W’s colossal crimes and failures, and generalizes them to the “legacy of the white man”. What are the wingnuts going to say?

    “That’s not _all_ white men! Just one particularly bad one!”

  103. Re the earlier comments related to Obama posters, the following may be of interest. If it is merely an intrusion, I apologize.

    I had heard from a friend that the Obama campaign was actually hiring and using foreign bloggers.

    I had also received an intercepted copy of a circulating memo called “Clog the Blogs” from a god-son in college.

    It urged Obama posters to use different names, be women, be vets, be active duty, spouses of such, be “white” men and women of any age, Republicans switching to Obama, from another country praising “our choice” of Obama, etc.

    It also urged them to try to crash HRC blogs, Counter positive news for HRC, bolster negative, and of course do the opposite re Obama.

    Then I started paying attention to syntax and phrasing when they swarmed a blog . Many are very good at posting, but all is basically scripted or pasted, even rebuttals.

    Several weeks ago I encountered many in a blog and awakened a friend with an IP checker.

    He entered blog, found 4 non-US IPs and time-zones. One was a poster using the name Kizeem.

    He also later found many, over a number of days, with duplicate Ips posting simultaneously. He said they were using computers like a call center operation.

    Below 2 examples of confrontation:

    Just for the record: Kizeem is not posting from a US ip., nor US time zone.

    Probably not a US voter. Just “an out-sourced” Obama “harasser” as mentioned in the comment about the Obama “clog the blogs” posters.

    Guess he/she works the mid-night shift!

    Posted by: MC| Apr 5, 2008 7:25:28 AM

    To MC,

    You make me laugh. There is nothing like Obama outsource ‘harasser’, whatever you mean. For your info, I am going to be in PA on 4/22/08.

    So, see you there.

    Posted by: Kizeem | Apr 5, 2008 7:32:00 AM

    Kizeem then left the blog along with the 3 others.

    They crawl all over blogs, especially those of news sources. Can be encountered, at any hour, but primarily after midnight.

    I truly believe the Obama campaign finds nothing too low to engage in.

  104. I’m not worried about my vote in November because I think Hillary will win the nom. We’ll have our work cut out defeating McCain. It will be a tough race, but a winnable race.

    I will never vote for Obama. I’m sure PUMA s will come up with ways to deal with the situation.

    And no matter who is nominated, I want to be sure the cowardly DNC and SD’s who supported Obama’s coup pay dearly for their sins.

  105. oceancity: There is no secret to Obama. He is whatever you want him to be. He was raised in two different households by two different “mothers”, he is not from the ghetto so his ethnic experiences are more white than black. He is adaptable. Coming to Chicago he was a Rezko protege, raised in the culture of Chicago politics. Rev Wright mentored more of his social leanings through the sermons and the “audacity of hope”. Actually, he is more middle class than anything else.

    I think his wife’s militancy is part of who he is but does he embrace it, that I do not know. He surrounds himself with people who can assist him but how much of their associations have seeped into his formulation of self is still not known.

    He wears of mantle of entitlement and is ruthless enough to obliterate the past achievements of people like the Clinton’s. But does he really believe it, I have no idea. He comes to the stage with very few principles but the ability to charm.

  106. “The one good thing about the mystery tape is the Clinton campaign hasn’t used it.”

    You are on a hot streak tonight, rd. Hillary has amazing discipline. She is not taking the low road although it may have been easier. She thinks long term. Tough doesn’t begin to describe it.

  107. I think Fox is starting to turn on Hillary again because they know they have a ratings BONANZA if Obama is the candidate.

  108. riverdaughter:

    The one good thing about the mystery tape is the Clinton campaign hasn’t used it.

    Do you know there was actually an article in the WSJ stating that Hillary’s biggest mistake in this campaign was that she wasn’t vicious? It ask us to imaging what would have happened, had Hillary pushed Rev Wright into the public sphere right before IA. She would have finished him off right there.

    Everybody knew in both camps that Wright would be trouble for Obama once the rest of us found out who this guy was.

    I think the title of the article was “Hillary’s biggest mistake”.

  109. ben: How can you tell? Is Hannity backing away?


    A shout-out to Michelle Obama for making me LMAO today.

    “The way this campaign has been run is the way we need to be forever,” Obama said. “Don’t trust bloggers or someone else’s opinion, because people lie.”

    Ya gotta admit, she has a point.

  111. Excellent, Pat. Why I was at the gym I was thinking about Hillary and how proud I am of her. I’ve thought of all the moments where she has shown such personal courage, when she has put herself and her reputation on the line. That’s why her support runs so deep. I realize I may be in an echo chamber on this blog, but I just couldn’t find one moment when Obama did anything that showed courage. It’s all the opposite. When we look at Hillary we see a human being, a real woman. What do they see when they see Obama? He is nothing. He’s done nothing. He’s using his supporters and his supporters are using him for whatever purpose they have. The link between Hillary and us is real. She may not know us. but we know who she is and we like it. Obama represents some sort of movement that can fizzle out so very easily.

  112. Interesting blog war with No Quarter and Booman. I’ve never really read either of them before. It does seem strange that Booman knows what she said in a tape that supposedly doesn’t exist.

    I’ve watched CNN the last few hours. The Clinton bashing (both Clintons) is out of control tonight. There will never be unity with people who are really involved in politics. When you can turn people like my family into non-voters it’s beyond bad. We just don’t do that but we will this time.

    I’m going to bed. Let’s dream of a good win in SD and an upset in Montana.

  113. MA Blue – I remember that article. Hillary plays out long term strategies. Very few leaders can do this well.

    That is why she’ll be a great president. She plans for every contingency. She never shuts a door if she can avoid it.

    She’s my Senator and I’ve seen her in action. I would walk through hell with that woman.

  114. I guess this is an echochamber. I saw something on fox that said Hillary’s withdrawal imminent. Of course, that little prick Dick Morris was on there. I just sense they want Obama.

  115. You gotta admit she is certainly disingenuous! This woman should not ever step foot in Washington, DC let alone the Pennsylvania Avenue. Is she saying in effect that the blogs favoring Hillary are lies while the blogs favoring Obama are truthful? Sounds like it is time for somebody to Windex those blinkers she has been wearing.

  116. No Quarter has a really shocking tape up right now. I gather it came from a Repub. site, so this is the kind of thing we can look forward to in the fall if Obama is the nominee.

  117. My Dad tells me that never has the DNC awarded uncommitteds to a specific candidate.

  118. BB…i just watched it. You know the Wright thing doesnt bother me as much as Pfleger. That man is unhinged. There is no fucking way you wouldnt know what a freak he is.

  119. Melanie, it’s so shocking. Probably worthy of a walk-out by the Hillary’s delegates.

  120. Seriously, you could not have a conversation with that man and not know how out there he is. The superDs have to be thinking about this and that possible tape. If they aren’t they are committing some form of malpractice.

  121. Charles

    I appreciate your incites.


  122. This is interesting ..


  123. Ben,

    What bothers me is that these three men were Obama’s “spiritual advisors.” It’s not that a lot of what Wright says isn’t true, it’s the enraged tone they all have. I grew up in the Indiana. When I was a kid I used to like listening to Black preachers on the radio on Sunday. The music was wonderful and the preaching was stimulating. I never remember hearing this kind of hatred and rage though.

  124. I just can’t do polls much anymore.

  125. Ironically, those chickens are coming home to roost for Barack. We had the Eight Belles analogy for Hillary. I think the Chickens will be in Barack’s camp.

  126. I have an idea for all of us who can’t decide what we will do in November if Obama is the nominee. Why don’t we vote “present”?

  127. I know Ben .. I feel that way too ..I posted it casue a Guy I know on line predicted the last election with the exact numbers from this site … also – Nate Silver is every interesting “He has to be good to survive in his chosen profession of making sense out of baseball stats, where a “pretender” would quickly fall by the wayside”



  128. Ooops here it is if you are interested .. he is discerning in his analysis and the way that he gathers & thinks imo .. different from most .

    NY post – Nate Silver

  129. Charles, when i typed that I thought it just didn’t look right 🙂

  130. That is all either one needs is the 51%. As for those preachers, their combined message is the same: we are victims and it is all whitey’s fault.

  131. Briana;

    I went to that site a couple of times but here we mostly go with http://hominidviews.com

    He runs tons of montecarlo simulations and that’s the most reliable tool in risk modeling and analysis.

  132. There is a story now of fox about trinity church getting 15 million dollars of tax payer money over 15 years . .

    that will proll upset quite a few people

  133. I think each major polling organization has predicted a few states right and predicted other states completely wrong. After New Hampshire I wait for the final tally.

  134. I got this at Taylor Marsh. Mayhill Fowler (the woman who outed Obama’s “bitter” remarks in SF) got some quotes from Bill Clinton on the Vanity Fair article. Look at what he said about Barack:

    They had all these people standing up in this church cheering, calling Hillary a white racist, and he didn’t do anything about it. The first day he said ‘Ah, ah, ah well.’ Because that’s what they do– he gets other people to slime her. So then they saw the movie they thought this is a great ad for John McCain– maybe I better quit the church. It’s all politics. It’s all about the bias of the media for Obama. Don’t think anything about it.”

    “But I’m telling ya, all it’s doing is driving her supporters further and further away– because they know exactly what it is– this has been the most rigged press coverage in modern history

    Something tells me Bill is not going to be campaigning for Ol’ Barack no matter how hard Howard and Donna beg him.

  135. Briana: And they are preaching that we must give up our 401ks and trust funds, etc., while Rev Wright has retired to a multi million dollar mansion in a closed gated community. Go figure.
    No such thing as practice what you preach I guess. Bet the three are driving late model cars as well.

  136. I dont think they fucking care what he does. They want him cleansed.

  137. Bill must feel some sense of relief to say exactly what we all know to be true. He must be ready to eat nails.

  138. He has no need to do anyting for the Obamas. IFFFFFF…and it is a huge IFFF obama (gag) would become president, they are stuck with the Clintons. Every official gathering they are there. She is the former First Lady her portrait will be hanging right there. But he won’t see it becuase he will never win.

  139. Ben,

    They may be eating their words against Bill and Hillary if they go with Obama. Frankly, I think Gore would have won big in 2000 if he had let Clinton campaign for him. How the heck did we end up with this prissy batch of mean spirited idiots in the Democratic Party anyway. They need to be cleansed. The party either needs some serious housecleaning or needs to be shut down and replaced.

  140. I just sent that Bill quote to a friend and he simply replied: “True dat.”

  141. Bill could do sooo much damage to him and he has nothing to lose.

  142. my partner is an elected official, and I know that the candidate’s spouse takes it much, much harder than the candidate him/herself. The spouse never forgets and never forgives.

  143. What is especially ironic is some of these progressive blogs are not instructing Obama on what he needs to say and do to gain back the constituencies he seems to have lost.

    That’s a lot like saying thank you to the guy who is bringing over the raw steak for your black eye after he was the one who delivered the blow in the first place. Not buying it.

  144. I just checked NQ, it’s still going nuts. Obamation is spinning like crazy.

    Axelrod wouldn’t have his paid bloggers working this hard unless the tape was real.

  145. wonder what Michelle is doing tonight?

  146. I would just love it if Bill and Hillary had a scheduling conflict and didn’t show up at the convention….and Dean would have to call them and beg them to come so that Hillary could accept the nomination on the 15th ballot.

  147. Evening folks,

    The Mayhill Fowler article, the HuffPo cretans have lots of chutzpah — they vilified her after the “O’bitter” article — called her everything but a chocolate mousse producing milk cow and now with the Pres. Bill article she is a hero.

    I can’t fault Mayhill, but in my book, Huffpo will always be Huffpoop.

  148. Charles: how do you know that Romney and Giuliani have this alleged tape?

  149. I cannot in good conscience vote for Mr. Obama. This election has disenfranchised so many voters again. The Supreme Court decided the ‘2000 election and now the DNC and biased media is deciding the ‘2008 election.

    It’s unfortunate that the media cannot be fair to all candidates.

  150. Charles,

    Did you read the whole article? It’s about the Vanity Fair story that claims Bill has been sleeping around on the campaign trail. Um…like I’m supposed to be surprised? Most guys like that never stop. But what does it have to do with Hillary? I’d rather have a womanizer as first spouse than a POTUS with ties to so many nutjobs and criminals.

    I didn’t realize that the author of the VF piece is married to Dee Dee Meyers. I had always thought she was loyal to the Clintons. There sure are a lot of backstabbers in DC.

  151. $$$$$$$$$

  152. Marcia Garcia: I would just love it if Bill and Hillary had a scheduling conflict and didn’t show up at the convention….

    Yes. Yes. YES! The very thought of it all has me in stitches.

  153. There was an episode of MASH when Hawkeye said “There are four basic human emotions: love, hate, greed, and greed” If greed can be an emotion.

  154. They are only “intimating” that he was sleeping around. You know, this source says that this source says that this source says. Like the McCain thing. Remember when KO interrupted the show before his and devoted one whole hour to analyzing the report out of the NYT? Sources who had sources were telling other sources that McCain had a “problem” with the lady lobbyist. Went nowhere fast but not in time for KO to make a big deal before the story had even been vetted. The press corp at work.

  155. But Huckabee was the preacher.

  156. Pat: “Aahhhh, Baaach.”

  157. they said something at No Quarter that Obama’s big donors wanted answers about the “tape.” He he. Just ask Michelle. She will tell you.

  158. Thanks everyone for everything .. btw –

    I read the article in vf – honestly to me it was a yawn – all the innuendo .. top unnamed aids etc.. – I also read Bill’s piece at rcp… he detailed out how extremely unreliable vf is .. actually he detailed out everything – I mean the man is a wonk .. lol – communicating , detailing has never been a problem to him from my knowledge ..

    now that I think about this – I all most forgot – I really did not want Hillary to run – it’s silly but I knew they would tear her /him up again – and I would ‘have to hear it all again’ – .. and wince . I voted for JE – and then you know the rest of that story . What I never ever imagined though was that dems would be swift boating the Clintons and in my wildest , wildest imagination I would have bet everything I have to say that No. Simply not possible for dems to call me racist . LoL – well Hello . – of course at that point I had not done much research on him – so when I got into that omg .. then I knew – simple as that –

    Yes , btw .. I read Hominid Views – – I read a lot of them – .. Like Ben , I think everything will be different in Nov – and I do not bank on anything ..

    Bill & Hillary really do not need this crap – sometimes I fantasize that they would just leave politics and have some fun .. 😉 say whatever they want – go to a tropical beach – hey – in PR .. 😉

    dreams – I have great dreams for them .. 😉

  159. I wonder if the Rezko jury will come in tomorrow. They have reached verdicts in 23 our of 24 charges. Been out since the middle of May.

  160. Pat – sorry to be so ignorant but how does the Rezko verdict effect him ? is it the guilty by association thing or ??

    Someone said today – maybe Charles – “He is Teflon” everything just slides off .. I believe that too – I remember us all saying the same thing about bush .. things like .. ” If we had a photo of him doing something despicable on the wh steps” – they would STILL vote for him ” .. etc… etc.. etc..

  161. Briana: Merely the association and how Rezko got his money and then funneled it into elections. Some are thinking (hoping) that if Rezko gets a huge sentence out of this he may want to cut a deal with Fitzgerald. Wishful thinking I suppose. The common theory is that Rezko may want to name names.

  162. Thanks again Pat .. we can always hope .

  163. Anglachel is rockin’ as usual:

    “That suits me,” clarioned the interrupter. “My question is this: Didn’t you say at the Louisville convention not four weeks ago that if the Democrats of Kentucky, in convention assembled, nominated a yaller dog for governor you would vote for him?”

    “I did,” said Hallam calmly.

    “Well, then,” whooped the heckler, eager now to press his seeming advantage, “in the face of that statement, why do you now repudiate the nominee of that convention, the Honorable William Goebel?”

    For his part Hallam waited for perfect quiet and at length got it.

    “I admit,” he stated blandly, “that I said then what I now repeat, namely, that when the Democratic party of Kentucky, in convention assembled, sees fit in its wisdom to nominate a yaller dog for the governorship of this great state, I will support him — but lower than that ye shall not drag me!”

    Lower than that, ye shall not drag me.

  164. Fitzgerald’s MO is to go after the smaller fish (Rezko) and then cut a deal if they squeal. Fitz is after Gov. Blagjovich (a Democrat) who took over for Republican Gov. Ryan who is now serving a jail term for influence peddling.

    All 6 Evelyn Pringle investigative reports can be reached from here


    The Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act had to be passed–and this is where Obama, Rezko’s #2 man, played a role.

    As discussed fully in Curtain Time Part II, Obama was the inside guy in the senate who pushed through the legislation that resulted in the Act.
    Obama was appointed chairman of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. The minute the bill was introduced, it was referred to his committee for review. The sponsors of the bill also served on this committee with Obama. Within a month, Chairman Obama sent word to the full senate that the legislation should be passed.

    On May 31, 2003, Senate Bill 1332 passed and specified that the “Board shall be appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate.” The legislation reduced the number of members from 15 to 9, paving the way for the appointment of a five-bloc majority to rig the votes.
    The corrupt members appointed included three doctors who contributed to Obama. Michel Malek gave Obama $10,000 on June 30, 2003 and donated $25,000 to Blagojevich on July 25, 2003. Malek also gave Obama another $500 in September 2003.

  165. Absolutely, just ask the Phillies . . . . . They do not give up that’s why they can they the fightins. See ya in Philly!!

  166. I think i know why she would’ve been on a panel with Farrakhan (sp?) When she first got out of law school, she defended in alot opf child abuse cases, the Black Panthers, and other liberal stuff. It’s neither here nor there to me (I’m goin’ back to the Socialist Party–these blueb,oods are too much for me-they pick on low-hanging fruit–poor people) I was an Edwards supporter ( he quirt way too quick!), Hillary voter I I WANT FULL HEALTH CARE! 20,000 will DIE this yr. alone and its bankrupted me) and prob. wouldve considered OBama more, if his apostles werent busy calling people like me white trash–it comes in all colors. If Obama loses, its his “supporters” fault. Oh, I didnt read all the letters, but WHY would she say “whitey” (???) and what the hell would be meant by it? These people are wierd, or , lat the least, very immature. Good luck taking on the big guys–

  167. If Michelle Obama said “whitey”, she’s talking about her in-laws, also…and I dont appreciate being called whitey anymore than Af._Am.s like being called racial slurs. It always says more about the person saying it than the target….

  168. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

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