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Jocularity! Jocularity!

Let it never be said that PUMAs and Conflucians don’t have a sense of humor.  Brook introduced me to Skippy Shorts the other day.  And so, I thought I would share one of his soothing bedtime stories *snort!* with you tonight.  Go get your jammies and your glass of scotch (hey, we’re old enough) and listen to Skippy tell us all about The Frog Princess.

44 Responses

  1. Where do I buy what Skippy is having?

  2. LOL
    Now that we’ve proven we have a sense of humor, it’s up to the ‘Bots to prove they have some brains or rationality & logic.

    Oh wait. Sorry I asked for so much. RIBBIT!

    “all dogs must fry”…..

  3. I don’t know but I recommend taking only half the dose to start.

  4. Glad Brook’s tastes are … developing?

  5. Interesting take on the RBC decision:

    Hillary Clinton Will Be the Democratic Nominee?
    Posted by YankeeConservative on Sunday, June 01, 2008 6:30:41 PM
    While the punditocracy is out there predicting Hillary’s resignation speech, I am officially declaring here that Clinton will rather make a large and spirited effort to win this nomination, and after Saturday, her chances are very, very good.

    The general consensus is that Obama scored a big victory Saturday after the rules and bylaws committee issued rulings on Michigan and Florida directly in accordance to Obama’s proposed solution – split the Florida votes evenly and split Michigan 69-59. However, upon deeper reflection one might reconsider who the committee was posturing to give the nomination. It seems clear the answer is Hillary, not Obama, since their absurd conclusion on MI has probably done more damage to Obama and party unity than anything throughout the entire election.

    The reason is that the result of the meeting established three important precedents. One, that the FL and MI elections count, except that the delegates get a half a vote instead of a full vote. This supports the idea that regardless of the delegate count, the Florida votes are fair game when calculating the popular vote, and by that I mean all of them. As hard as it is to justify penalizing delegates, its impossible to justify throwing away votes when gauging the “true” will of the people. Second, the decision suggests the Democratic party is corrupt and in the tank for Obama. There is no surer sign of this other than the fact that Hillary lost 4 delegates she won in MI, when the DNC decided for whatever reason to give them to Obama instead. This further supports the argument that the delegate count is not the reflection of the people’s will. Finally, and surprisingly the least relevant, the Democratic party is a deeply dysfunctional and undemocratic hypocrisy which has shamed many to call themselves democrats.

    I think Republicans should start reconsidering the notion that they may wake up one day to find themselves running against Clinton this fall, and not Obama.

    Why? Because all the relevant arguments have entirely shifted after Saturday. Neither candidate won enough votes, so now the super delegates decide. The main argument is that if the super-politicians overturn the will of the people, then that is a sham. However, after Saturday, it seems clear that supporting Obama, and not Clinton, is what would be guilty of that sham. Clinton now has the majority of votes, and the MI pledged delegates have been shadily re-distributed by party insiders. The case can now be strongly made that the delegate count is a ridiculous gauge of the voter’s preference.

    Given Obama’s embarrassing defeats in late primaries, the gift to Hillary by the rules committee, and the state polls which show Hillary as MUCH stronger against McCain, a lot of opinions are going to change, and the past few days of protests are what is going to stimulate that and justify Hillary’s late takeover.
    While Obama might feel good about Saturday, he shouldn’t, and should reconsider how many on that committee were truly his friends.

    UPDATED: Check out the South Dakota and Montana polls which show Clinton ahead by almost 30 in South Dakota and trailing by only 4 in Montana. http://www.pollster.com/. For those of us that remember how Obama had a tendency to “overpoll” in most states, while “underpolling” in southern states with large black populations, this means that Hillary might win both elections on Tuesday.

    Now where would that place the Democratic super-politicians in their decision making process?

  6. Is that the “Ask a Ninja” guy? His voice sounds familiar. if so, his reviews of Pirates of the Caribbean:

    and college:

    are classics in our house!

  7. These people aren’t smart enough to concoct something like this. They are dumb enough to consider “the will of those who didn’t vote.” However, something reminds me of the Terry Schiavo case. The Ds in the senate didn’t fight it but Senator Levin put something in the crazy resolution that screwed up the whole appeals process and led to the case being dismissed. And he was in the middle of this. But, nah, these hacks aren’t that smart.

  8. Jonas8,

    That is very interesting, but it doesn’t surprise me one bit. It fits right in with Obama’s basic MO. Awhile back he got rid of a lot of the “grass roots” delegates in CA and replaced them with big donors. Why anyone ever fell for his clean politics act, I’ll never understand. How long does it take to read the Chicago papers and find out what he is all about? A lot of people don’t bother to do any research, I guess. Well, he does treat people like “dishrags.” Just ask Alice Palmer and Jeremiah Wright. I wonder what will happen to Michelle if that tape is real and it comes out?

  9. Jonas, Thx!

    I just emailed that Texas story to my Congress person, Susan David in Calif. She is an undecided SD.

  10. riverdaughter – I just realized my question was a non-sequitur in between the serious discussion. It was related to your post…

  11. Ben,

    If you are replying to what Melanie posted, I didn’t see any claim there that the Democrats concocted anything. I got that the results of what they did is going to further piss off regular Democratic voters and that it now has become clear to even the most naive person that the fix has been in for Obama all along. I think Hillary could very well see this as her golden opportunity. And she is very articulate and convincing, while Obama is not.

    Obama gets what he wants through threats and bribery. But he doesn’t know when to back off. He just pushes and pushes until he starts to get on people’s nerves. He’s getting on a lot of voters nerves right now. I think the next week or two are going to be very interesting. There may be a few Superdelegates trying to find out about that tape right now too. They might not care about losing the election, but they don’t want to look like complete and utter fools (I know, they already do, but they don’t know that)

  12. according to Jeralyn and

    the senators meeting today DID NOT endorse Obama or Clinton.They couldnt agree on who to endorse

  13. This is a riot. Jack Tapper can’t understand why a Minneapolis feminist leader is sponsoring a campaign for women to write in Hillary in Nov. Poor Jake:

    What if that means Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., becomes president?

    “I don’t care,” Horbal said. “Let McCain clean it up for four years, and then we can have Hillary run again.”

    It’s fairly irrefutable that should there be a Supreme Court vacancy in the next four years, which there probably will be, McCain will appoint a Justice who in all likelihood will be the final vote to overturn Roe v Wade.

    I’m not making a value judgment here on that — it’s just a fact. It’s one of the reasons why many conservatives will vote for McCain, whom they dislike on several other issues.

    So how do these feminists reconcile that?

    Write in, friends, please explain.

    I’m aware of the disappointment by Clinton supporters, the sexist treatment of Clinton by many members of the media. I don’t dismiss any of that. But I thought abortion rights were an important part of the feminist movement.

    Would Ms. Horbal feel the same way if she were 21 instead of 71?

    Do they really think women are going to keep buying that old Roe v. Wade scare tactic? Sorry Jake, I see no reason to believe Barack would appoint liberals to SCOTUS. And yes, she might feel different if she were 21. But she already worked her ass off for reproductive rights back in the ’70s, just like I did. If the young girls want Barack, let them worry about Roe. There isn’t going to be any satisfactory substitute for Hillary being POTUS. Deal with it. We are not voting for Obama!

  14. Jonas8,

    That is really interesting. And I thought Harkin had already endorsed Obama. Very interesting. It seems the SDs in the Senate are getting nervous about The Precious.

  15. Tapper So how do these feminists reconcile that?

    Pretty simple.

    I can put up w/ a Repub pres for four years. The question is, can Democratic politicians live w/o their perks and cocktail weenies? Who will have a harder time?

    BTW, it’s the Dems that rubber-stamped Clarence Thomas.

  16. bostonboomer: But she already worked her ass off for reproductive rights back in the ’70s,

    And things seem to be moving backwards, particularly w/ all the pro-lifers the Dems are promoting, while pro-choicers who worked hard in the 70s aren’t seeing the rewards of their labor. Even women like to have new battles and projects, instead of getting stuck in a hamster wheel due to lack of allies. So it’s time to kick the ‘allies’ square in the pants.

  17. BostonBoomer

    Yes, the Dems can learn a little evolutionary lesson, that they are INDEED vertebrates. They can take themselves out of the invertebrate tree, and put themselves firmly in the vertebrate category.

    Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and all of their minions in the Kangaroo DNC made this bed. They can figure out how to either make it a nice soft Posturepedic or a bed of nails.

    Me, I could care less about Roe. We don’t have minimum rights as women. If we let the DNC get hijacked via the sexist pigs in the “leadership” then we lose everything.

    Obama’s loss is the only way to go.

  18. hlr wrote:
    BTW, it’s the Dems that rubber-stamped Clarence Thomas.

    And it’s the Dems who filled the room with Alitos so they could take delegates away from the voters who elected them. If there’s any difference between Democrats and Republicans, in many ways, Democrats are WORSE.

  19. I don’t care about Roe anymore either. They’ve been hacking away at it for years anyway. Let the younger women find out what it was like for women like me back in the ’60s and ’70s. I have no sympathy for any woman who supports Barack Obama.

    Teresa, I don’t think Nancy and Harry have any chance of becoming vertebrates. We’re going to have to replace them and all the rest of the faux Dems, beginning with Howard Dean.

  20. Teresa: If we let the DNC get hijacked via the sexist pigs in the “leadership” then we lose everything.


  21. Amen, the surest way to lose Roe v Wade is to let them get away with having contempt for women’s interests and votes.

  22. These morons in the DNC and the media have no idea what they have unleashed. We are their worst nightmare! You know, I don’t think a lot of us are going to warm up to Barack before November. This isn’t just happening on the blogs. It’s everywhere. I hope Hillary goes on to the convention no matter what. That way the anger could very well keep on building. They won’t even know what hit them.

  23. bostonboomer, it is everywhere. my mother and my (very progressive) feminist friends can’t stand Obama and will not vote for him. His campaign and his supporters seem to think they can treat us with absolute contempt and trash our candidate for months on end, and then get our votes by shrugging us off and threatening us over Roe v Wade? Hell no.

  24. dar1a g — what that article gets right is that it no longer matters what Hillary says or does — it’s gone beyond that.

    Obamba has been going around saying that he and Hillary ‘will be working together in November.’ Whatever dude, you mean in the senate, where you will return w/ Hillary?

  25. Ladies,

    Do you want to be in a party with Scoob?

    That’s what I thought.

  26. I think I’d better write the Obama campaign first thing in the morning and tell them to send us a better class of trolls. The ones we’ve been getting today aren’t even worth toying with.

  27. Darla g: GOOD article!

  28. Here’s a great quote from that piece –
    After mounting for months, female anger over the choreographed dumping on Hillary Clinton and her supporters has exploded — and party loyalty be damned. That the women are beginning to have a good time is an especially bad sign for Barack Obama’s campaign.

    True that. Let ’em come begging for our votes. Heck, let ’em try and stop those so inclined from going all over the Internets bashing Obama like they’ve been gleefully bashing Hillary since about last August. I don’t believe as a matter of principle in spreading lies, but there’s plenty of true information about Obama that is damaging enough. I mean, if the party’s self-destructive enough to nominate him, what do we have to lose? We’re better off with a weak McCain presidency and a Democratic Congress, who can block another Alito if it comes to that.

    I personally take great joy in reminding my “progressive” male friends that Obama and his obnoxious supporters have gone way, way, way too far with their scorched earth tactics and will need to do some serious ass-kissing to get enough women’s votes back to win the general election. They won’t be able to have any more fun with the mocking, name calling, rudeness, sexism, not if they want to win. Hah! And even so, it may be too late.

    I also take great joy in responding to the Obama supporters’ usual threats and bullying with.. “screw you guys.” They’re about to learn just how badly they’ve shot themselves in the foot.

  29. The Republicans love the fetus but hate the child. I suppose they do have some good values, no? Perhaps they just need a kick in the pants and we can sure give ’em that.

  30. Toni,

    This isn’t about Republicans. Some of us may end of voting for McCain, others will stay home, write in Hillary, or vote third party. The point is we are not voting for Obama. Period.

  31. At the end of the day, all of us who won’t vote for Barry under any circumstances, while being Hillary devotees, we can’t fathom turning over the keys to the last superpower on earth to someone who is nothing more than an ambition riddled self-aggrandizing shell who doesn’t have a clue to who he is or for what he might stand.

    I know it’s cliche, but he is an empty suit. He’s opportunistic and a shill for those who are piling on hoping against hope that he’s somehow in an alternate universe successful.

    What scares so many about Hillary is that she knows who she is, she knows the ins and outs of every major issue and most importantly, she won’t be pushed around. I’ve read articles and watched interviews where the Generals of the Joint Chiefs privately say that of all the Senators on the Dem side, she is the only one that gets it and understands the way they think.

  32. I really enjoyed the new David Brooks column in the NYTimes today.

    The abstract goes like this:

    So my role today is Dr. Doom — to break through unmerited confidence and raise the anxiety level in both camps.

    The part that I found real funny though was this:

    As research from the Republican pollster David Winston has shown, any policy becomes less popular when people learn that Republicans are supporting it. If the G.O.P. sponsored the sunrise, voters would prefer gloom.

    Oh and RD, thanks for that link. I subscribed to that channel, some of the stuff is pretty funny.

  33. But they just don’t get it and never will. My father, who is an Obama supporting academic, told his colleague in poly sci that he’s afraid (living with 5 daughters and a wife) that wmen will be so angry by Novemner they’ll vote for McCain if Obama is the nominee. The other guy replied, “Why would they do that?”

  34. If that guy wanted to know, first he would have to ask them, and then he would have to listen to their answers, and then he would have to try and understand why they gave them, and then he would have to respond in a civil manner and make it clear he understood their very real concerns.

    He should not threaten them, tell them good riddance, insult them, insult Hillary, demand that they agree with him, or accuse them of nothing more than sheer spite. Saying “bite me” is probably a bad plan as well. If he does these things they might choose not to argue with him, but will use their private ballot in November to vote McCain.

  35. Very funny…. thanks!

  36. Something for folks to consider. Obama supporters have said they’d vote for a woman, just not THAT woman.

    Do you think if any of the following had ben running for president instead of Hillary, they’d have treated her better?

    Nancy Pelosi
    Diane Feinstein
    Barbara Boxer
    Christine Gregoire
    Patty Murry

    Does anyone really think the media would have gotten on the side of any of those women over just about any man?

    If women don’t get minimum dignity rights in this country, then what’s the point of reproductive rights.

    We gotta fight. And the way we fight is to refuse them. Yes, it’s true, McCain is worse than a TRUE Democrat, but they aren’t running with a true Democrat, now are there.

    Fight, fight, fight.

    BTW, I read on a right wing source that Arlen Specter is considering holding hearings about the MI debacle. Apparently when the state pays for a primary the party can’t just come in and say who the voters chose and in what proportions. I’m sure nothing will happen for the primaries, but I suspect this will all heat up for the GE.

  37. Pardon the typos in my previous mail. I’m mad and can’t sleep and it’s late ;-). ben=been and one of my there’s should be a they.

    BTW Here’s a link to that right wing source:


  38. What is the world coming to … Republicans, defenders of Voting Rights?

    Thanks a lot DNC.

  39. I don’t know why I’m sitting here giggling like an idiot because that is the dumbest thing I have ever watched. Unless it was the DNC meeting on Saturday when Democracy had it’s head ripped off and was thrown down the well.

  40. When republicans start defending our rights while the DNC tramples away…

    Did the lipstick wearing pigs start flying yet?

  41. Teresa,hell no I don’t believe that. The good thing about the “a woman, just not that woman” trope is that it has an endless shelf life. You can pull it out again and again, and in fact, won’t even need to provided the woman stays down in the bottom of the pack where she belongs and never becomes a threat who has to be completely destroyed.

    Since I feel confident in saying it’ll be approximately 100 years, if ever, until the Dems have another first tier female candidate, it’s a very safe thing to say, isn’t it?

    And good for Arlen Specter.

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