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The friends who support him

There is no question that Obama is by far one of the best backroom politicians we’ll ever live to see. From the early caucuses through yesterday’s meeting he knows how to position himself so that a compromise gets him more than any reasonable person could expect. Certainly yesterday’s session of the DNC Rules & Bylaws committee was brilliantly managed by Team Obama.

(Thinking: How hard is it to manage 30 people when you have the votes in the first place?)

The day’s outcome was telegraphed right at the beginning with Howard Dean’s instructions to the group:

As you work to find a resolution, I ask that you keep three key principles in mind to guide your discussion and deliberation:

— Respect the voters of Florida and Michigan — not only those who turned out to vote, but also those who did not,

— Respect our two candidates and their campaigns who followed the rules this body set forward over two years ago, and,

— Respect the 48 states who did not violate the rules.

Understandably, the compromise that you discuss here today will not make anyone completely satisfied.

We could have saved ourselves a lot of grief — well not grief but, surely some surprises if we’d only realized that he was speaking quite literally. Obviously point one was a dominant theme through the day. And it’s good that Democrats are developing theories for counting the votes that never happened. I’m guessing they’ll be putting that talent to good use this fall.

And I won’t belabor point number two but, it seems the committee might have misheard Dean on this one. A careful reading he’s saying that neither campaign cheated. But, I’m pretty sure Donna B. heard him say that one campaign cheated and it was her job to announce it. Also? The whole part about “respect our two candidates” — that part didn’t exactly happen either.

(shaking my head) And then there is Dean’s third point. By now we all see that in Dean’s eyes at least, yesterday’s meeting had very little to do with giving the voters of Florida and Michigan a voice at our convention. That concept didn’t make Dean’s List — it was (looking at his third point) deliberately left out.

Dean’s List goes a long way to explain what Obama and the DNC were thinking by overturning the results of the Michigan primary. But, here’s another hint — possibly a secret fourth point:

Celebrating the ouster of “the Clintons” from the halls of power, Booman summarizes yesterday’s meeting for his fellow Obamabots:

Well…a remarkable thing just happened. We just discovered that the Clintons no longer control the Democratic National Committee. They were unable to win a single argument today. The Obama campaign joined both the Florida and Michigan Democratic Party’s proposals, and both proposals prevailed. In Florida, the delegation was restored but given only half votes. In Michigan, the delegation was also restored, but given only half votes. But the Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC) chucked out the results of the Michigan primary and instead used a formula awarding Obama all Uncommitted delegates plus four delegates the election results would have awarded to Clinton.

Emphasis mine.

15 Responses

  1. Words do not describe the loathing I have for the DNC, Brazille, Pelosi,Alexis Hermann, and the entire Obama campaign and all their delegates. I will not even vote down ticket, except locally.

    The RBC are not democrats, they are neo-aristocrats with neo-liberalism written all over them. Mark my words, these guys threw the middle class under the bus years ago. We’re just now seeing their true colors (OMG-was that racist?) come shining through. UHC is a carrot they dangle that they never mean to enact. Kerry bragged that he and Kennedy had “forty years!!!” of experience that has gotten them votes and us nothing.

    They have demonized HRC for years for fear, I am now convinced, that she would actually deliver this perennial campaign promise of UHC that is now nothing but a dry, shriveled up, inedible root vegetable.

  2. I don’t think he’s a brilliant backroom politician.

    I think the backroom is using him as a front man.

  3. Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

  4. stushie, your candidate is a con man. KMA.

  5. Someone at TalkLeft says that Dean told Stephanopolis This Morning that they gave Obama the uncommitted delegates AND Hillary’s 4 delegates because Michigan asked them to.


    Why couldn’t they let Michigan revote last month when they wanted to do that?

  6. Exactly KB. Michigan wanted a revote and the DNC said it was ok but Obama has his supporters in the MI legislature to block it (Tupac Hunter and his ilk).

    There is still time before the convention to revote on Aug. 5th. It solves all the problems about phantom voters, Obama not being on the ballot, and including MI in the process.

  7. plural: I think you are correct.
    As for the company the junior Senator from Illinois keeps, I recommend a look at http://heidilipotpourri.blogspot.com/2008/06/i-kid-you-not-senator-obamas-campaign.html

  8. I agree. I think he’s a front man too.

  9. RBC didn’t just chuck out the results. They chucked out the Rules.

    If any element of this admittedly difficult decision was ever tied to the Integrity of the Rules, that tie is severed — now and forever, unless the Credentials Committee steps up to reclaim its prerogatives.

  10. Harold Ickes was right when he said the DNC is hijacking the election.

    Look at Dean’s statement and it rings true – katiebird, thank you for catching that.

    People who did not vote mattered more than people who did.

    Hey but I’m a1/2 a vote, 1/2 a person now since I am an FL voter.

    Too bad they can’t and WON’T have my 1/2 vote in November.

  11. “Respecting the vote of voters who didn’t vote” says it all.

  12. Complete and utter farce! By the way, Obama ran ads in Fl, he was on the ballot, the voters still chose not to vote for him.


  13. Maybe the other 48 states would not have minded if MI and FL got their votes counted. The committee kept invoking the other states. If they did not feel slighted, why not count the votes? Did anyone even ask?

  14. Obama ran campaign ads in Florida against the rules, so there is no reason whatsoever not to count “full” Florida votes. He actually had more of an advantage than Hillary!

    Obama is the Democrat’s George Bush – arrogant, sneaky, never wrong, can’t stand it if he doesn’t get his own way, and has a temper if he doesn’t like a question that is being asked.

    I hope if Obama is nominated, that all Hillary voters will vote for McCain. That will count as two votes – one vote that Obama won’t get, and one vote that McCain will get. 🙂 That’s exactly what the DNC deserves after the way they have treated Hillary.

    I sure don’t want to see McCain become president, but it’s a better choice than an inexperienced Obama. Scary!

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