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Sunday: Stop Digging

I am watching C-Span this morning with Mitchell Ceasar, DNC Executive Board Member and Uncommitted Superdelegate.

Mitch is the typical glassy eyed DNC-bot. “We’re all going to be unified. Everyone will come together in the end. McCain is sooo much worse than Obama. People will realize this in the end. Their really completely exchangeable with one another. No, I haven’t said who I will endorse. But we have to move on to the general election against McCain. So, I will make a decision on Tuesday. Supreme court, Blah, blah, blah.” In other words, Mitch is a sweetie.

Frankly, I am at a loss as to how to get through to these morons. Now, Martha Fuller Clark, an Obama supporter from the RBC is on, admitting that the committee hashed it all out in private so their dirty laundry wouldn’t be aired in front of the world. So much for letting the whole country see everything. Martha Fuller Clark reminds me of the Ministry of Magic’s Dolores Umbrage, a party apparachik, determined to quash dissent in the most vicious way possible, only thinly disguised by soft, sweet voice and frolicking kitty plates. What I wouldn’t give right now for a herd of pissed off centaurs.

BTW, If you would like to contact Ms. Fuller Clark, you can send her a Thank You card to the address below:

Contact Information:

Senate Office:
State House
107 N. Main St., Room 106
Concord, N.H. 03301
(603) 271-6933

147 Middle St.
Portsmouth, N.H. 03801-4306
(603) 436-2464

Ok, they are clearly not paying any attention. They are going to shove Obama down our throat for our own good, sort of cod liver oil without a spoonful of sugar.

I will say this for sure though. If we keep hearing “unity” without any effort to really, like, you know, “unify”, McCain’s redecoration of the Oval Office will be all but assured.

We know why the RBC did what they did. They have completely disgraced themselves. The DNC lost. They are in a hole for November. If they don’t want it to be a total blowout for McCain, it would behoove them to stop digging.

One other thing: It is pretty clear to me that the way the DNC intends to wrap this up on Tuesday is to scream “UNITY!!” until everyone falls into line. Like I said, it is the WMD directed at one candidate and her supporters. If we resist the pre-ordained outcome, we are opposed to UNITY and want the party to lose in the fall. We have to come up with an effective meme in the next couple of days that will put a stop to this crap and give the DNC and Obamaphiles a wedgie they will never forget. I like, “You want unity? Well, I’m not a party member anymore. I’m an independent. I don’t need to ‘Unify’. So, you’d better start kissing my ass” but that’s just me. In any case, Hillary represents more people that Obama does at this particular time and she should not cede a nanometer in the interest of UNITY. At this point, UNITY is an artificial concept that has no solid foundation underneath it. A pronouncement by the RBC or the presumptuous nominee does not make it official. We are not UNIFIED. They’d better start working for it.

One MORE more thing: People, protect yourself. There is going to be some intense psychological warfare headed our way. Expect the UNITY haka to get really nauseating. But it won’t work if we don’t let it. We will be much more powerful and effective if we stick together and close our ears to it. Follow our simple action plan:

1.) Reregister as an independent or unaffiliated. You can’t be coerced to come together in the party if you are no longer a member of it. Remember, YOU have something THEY are desperate to get their hands on- your vote. Guard it jealously. Do not give it to them. Make them earn it.

2.) Shut off the media except for unfiltered sources such as CSPAN. Go outside, go to the shore, plant your tomatoes, meet your neighbors, get involved in some trashy mini-series, have more sex, learn Indian cooking, take Tango lessons, have a life. Leave CNN and the talking heads to talk amongst themselves. Tell all of your friends to do the same. When the ad revenue starts to dry up, the corporate media might start to change. Don’t count on it but it’s possible.

3.) Let Hillary know she still has your support no matter how far she wants to take it. Tell her that you know she is the best candidate and you stand on her side in solidarity. Your resolve will never waiver. Send her money if you have it.

Finally, here is our dear Mawm who along with garychapelhill were credentialed guest bloggers for us yesterday:

Unfortunately, some votes are worth more than others and apparently, imaginary voters in Michigan are worth more than the voters that actually turned up to vote. So, you *could* say that they counted every vote. Even the ones who registered as Republicans in MI to vote for Romney. See, they got their votes counted twice! That cancels out the votes that were only worth 1/2. It’s new math squared to the 10th power all divided by zero. In other words, a better way to count votes does not exist. I hope that clears it up.

66 Responses

  1. Everyone that watch the RBC decision on Michigan were witnesses to election fraud

    Election Fraud: misrepresentation or alteration of the true results of an election
    intentional deception resulting in injury to another person

  2. If what I am reading this morning is true and they actually allocated votes according to exit polls, they will never hear the end of it from the Republicans.

  3. Just sent:

    Dear Ms. Fuller,

    This lifelong Dem, her husband and daughter will be voting for John McCain in November.

    Thank you for all you’ve done.

  4. FL 2000 is officially exorcised.

    Now we have FL and MI 2008, so much worse.

    After all, not counting votes is old political trickery.

    But allocating votes by exit polls, now there’s a new one. A can of worms with no bottom.

  5. So that is what we are, eh? mudbloods, not quite as magical as other Dems.

  6. UNITY? The DNC thinks there’s actually something they can do to create the almighty Unity? I’ve got news for them. I’m no longer a member of the Democratic Party. I don’t care anymore what they try to do to create Unity. I’m not buying it. Obama can kiss my ass all he wants. It’s not going to buy my vote. Let them spend all their time and money and energy trying to figure out how to bring me back into the fold. It’ll be a waste of their time and money and energy. It’s over.

    They can take their Unity, fold it in quarters, and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  7. Upstate: Yup, we are mudbloods

  8. Riverdaughter

    There will be no unifying. Even if they stop digging, it’s done. I’m done. They dye is cast. I still think Hillary can become the nominee, but other than that happening my McCain bumper sticker will go right up beside the Hillary one.

  9. Mystic4hill: Yes, all they need to do is use the Unity spell and it will be done.

  10. I don’t get why they didn’t allow an Aug. 5th Michigan revote. If they can make up rules out of thin air, they can allow revotes and find out exactly how many voters would vote in an election especially when they complain that he wasn’t on the ballot.

    On This Week, Dean said they did what Michigan wanted but Michigan wanted a revote back in April and they didn’t punish Obama for blocking a revote. They can authorize a new one and appease Clinton supporters. Its better than giving him votes that he didn’t get.

  11. RD: I’m using the Protego Horribilis spell for protection. Let’s all use it to protect ourselves from the Unity spell!

  12. Dear Ms. Fuller-Clark,

    I want to thank you for considering the will of those people who didn’t vote. I want to to also thank you for cleansing our party of the uneducated, the unenlightened, angry middle-aged women, gay people, and those who don’t support quotas and affirmative action, and of course the working class. I think you have really taken the democratic party in a positive direction.

    I and all my friends and family who voted for Hillary in Ohio and elsewhere appreciate that you have now liberated us from the chains of the Democratic party. We now are free to vote for whom you’ve always thought we’ve wanted to vote for anyway: John McCain.

  13. If I read correctly Fuller is from NH. My question then is did she vote against the NH waiver.

    Not only exit polls, but also “write in” votes that can’t be verified, and Donna’s favorite measure – non voters.

    Then, this morn, Dean had the audacity to say Hillary was the only one on the ballot. I am convinced now that Dean was part of this disenfranchisement from the very beginning.

    Now, my vote is not taken as a matter of fact, but must be interpreted by Donna and CO.

  14. Hermione for President!

  15. Did I hear Bonier right on Fox. He defended the Michigan allocation as “it just depends on how you count the votes”. Hmm, how you count the votes.

  16. There’s another aspect that has to be considered and might make a proper response, and that is, the way things are going, something could come out between now and the convention that truly destroys the Obama candidacy and allows the superdelegates to do what they should be doing anyways, vote for Clinton. And that’s the reply, we settle this thing in a democracy by counting the votes at the time they’re supposed to be cast. This would seem necessary if we consider the best outcome for the party, since the die aren’t truly cast until the convention. And sticking to this would seem to be the most judicious way to proceed, if we value the future of the party.

  17. Is there a Green Party candidate for president we might support this year?

  18. Actually, I am opposed to unity. Unity is for dictatorships. Democracies have to balance competing interests. What I saw happen yesterday were the actions of a dictatorship, not the actions of a democracy. Sorry, no unity for me.

  19. According to Chuck Todd at First Read, Obama had the votes for a 50/50 split by a vote or two, but they went with 69-59 to get the 19-8 decision.

  20. Hey guys. Taylor Marsh linked to a video of me at the rally yesterday on her last post. This is it.

    This is me in full raving lunatic mode.

    The ones who took this video were really young people. I knidof assumed they were Obama supporters because of the questions, but I was pleased with the way they edited it. It really captures the bottom line of how I feel about the situation.

  21. Great Job. Was that Mitt Romney walking past you?

  22. I may be hard of hearing but I am not deaf. For the past several months I continued to think I was hearing the DNC / SDs were saying they no longer cared what blue collar workers are saying. Now, I have received the message loud and clear/ They don’t give a damn, they wrote the script long ago, and regardless what the majority are saying they will not deviate from the script. Never mind that it means screwing the American people at a time when we need a fighter in the WH.
    I have heard their message, so I reply never will I unite behind Obama.
    It sickens me to think Hillary will endorse him, actually makes me want to puke.

  23. Yay Mawm! You were great!

    I wish I could reach that ranting place. I’m still in a stunned state of shock. The only thing I know for sure is that I’ll support Hillary in whatever she decides to do. I don’t want her to be VP, but if she decides to do it, I’ll listen to her rationale. I won’t vote for Obama, no matter what, but I respect what Hillary has done in this campaign enough to at least listen. She has gone through the fires of hell and come out smiling. I’m looking foward to her next moves.

  24. WS: Obama had the votes for a 50/50 split by a vote or two, but they went with 69-59 to get the 19-8 decision

    Rught, further undermining the >i>they must be really worried if they had to give BO 4 extra delegates theory. Look, they’re saying We could have given him more. Hillary should feel grateful for scraps out of FL/MI. Taunting.

    With respect to unity — The Dem party has never been unified. For example, Black voters routinely refuse to support initiatives popular w/ white liberals concerning social issues. Women and minorities still are not at wage parity in unions. Is there anyone here who remembers the ’76 election? I’ve read that Carter lost about 25% of the Democrats — do you recall these UNITY demands?

  25. “No justice, no unity”

  26. Hillary will endorse him because she has no other choice if she wants her political career to survive. Right now she is up against monumental odds because of the fools who are making the rules and have succeeded in hijacking this race in favor of Mr. Unqualified. But when she endorses that does not mean I have to follow suit. None of us do.

    It used to be we sometimes held our noses when going into the voting booth to back candidates we really did not like but at this juncture I would have to wear a Hazmat suit to cast a vote for Obama. I am not going to do that. They completely lost me yesterday.

  27. I find it interesting that the Dems are always saying that the party can’t ‘disappoint’ AAs and the youth vote, while demanding UNITY out of everyone else.

  28. Pat: Nope, she can keep her seat in NY indefinitely as long as she doesn’t endorse until Denver. Then she can do some lip service and get the hell out of the way. They’re going down and she doesn’t want to get caught in the fallout.

  29. Good point, Andre. In this year of the instantaneous transmission of embarassment via YouTube, anything that happens will be everywhere right away.

    The sort of thing that happened to George H. W. Bush when he got sick at at a dinner in Japan in 1992 could happen to any candidate that’s travelling a lot on a campaign.

    Or if a candidate is addressing an outdoor rally and gets hit straight in the face with seagull poo, in one hour they could become a national laughing stock instead of a serious competitor, through no fault of their own. That’s just the way things are now.

    Until the convention, the democrats might be wise to treat whichever candidate is in ‘second place’ the way a football team treats it’s backup quarterback, not in the way a TV game show treats its looo-sers.

  30. Dudes, they can demand all they want. Ain’t going to happen. People are making their mind up very quickly about Obama. And don’t underestimate the Michelle effect. I remember in 2004 that Teresa Heinz was as big a problem for Kerry as his flip flops.

  31. Pat Johnson: Hillary will endorse him because she has no other choice if she wants her political career to survive.

    I read another one of those comical AP articles speculating on NY-Gov for Hillary and stating that it would give her ‘executive experience.’ RIght there is the reason I would never rubber-stamp BO — this idea that women need executive experience but men don’t for the presidential sweepstakes.

  32. No unity without legitimacy.

  33. If we want to be as shrewd and smart about political power and reap the rewards, it will take some time and it will take holding fast.

    But to vote for Obama after the abuse in this election would be a set back. As Dr. Phil would say “going along and coming around….how’s that working for you?” Point blank, it would be voting in agreement to the effectiveness of sexism and hatred of women. We would only get more of it if they see it works with no punishment.

    African Americans are clear on unity. They did not wring their hands about whether their vote was racist for voting for a black man – yet I saw a lot of young feminists calling voters for Clinton sexist. How mind-screwed did they have to be?

    I believe we can look back on the posts that will be cached for history and see who was biased. These folks will live a long life and will see how they were destructive they are and perhaps even historians will indict them.

    However, that core of political activist. Women with money. Women with time to volunteer. Women who vote. The Democrats have lost a big chunk of that group. It’s time they left the party to build another one. That’s the only way they will get political power. By not being taken for granted. By not “coming around” for free. We have to hold fast and sit this election out or vote for another candidate.

  34. Great Job Mawm. I thought counting every vote was a Democratic value.

    Obama has severe problems with seniors and white working class people. He’s seeing erosion in all other age groups except perhaps for those under 30. He is losing white women to McCain right now and his unfavoralbes are over 50% even before the Republicans attack.

    He has no chance to win Florida and with the right Republican Noise Machine attack, Ohio/Michigan and perhaps Pennsylvania will fall to McCain. Colorado and Virginia will also come home to the Republicans once they activate their machines there and after they attack Obama.

    What the heck is the DNC thinking? County every vote!

  35. Mawm,

    You are very articulate and passionate in your defense of the Democratic

    It’s all over for me. I’m registering as an Independent and voting
    for McCain unless Hillary is the nominee. Finally, a nominee who can win, and what does the Democratic “leadership” (DNC) do? Prop up an unqualified,
    unvetted candidate whose skeletons are crawling out almost daily.

    The “leadership” allowed the Clintons (and any non-Obama voters) to be portrayed as racists and gave the media
    free reign for a sexist, Republican right-wing attack on Hillary Clinton.
    They have created a martyr.

    The new voters who fall for Axelrod’s ad campaign and empty platitudes –the rerun of Hope+Change(TM)– and the rallies/concerts (free Decemberists concert in Portland) need to equal the loyal Dems who are fleeing.

    And exactly why is McCain so awful? Didn’t Kerry and Daschle ask him to be Kerry’s VP in 2004? He’s qualified. He can take the brunt of the Republican war. Obama is about as qualified as most of us are to do the job of president, and he’s less qualified than W. Bush was much more of a uniter. Obama has ripped “his” party apart. I am missing the supposed brilliance that attributed to this Hope+Change speech reader.

    No Quarter has been hacked. Guess the Obamarots were worried about the latest video. It will take a crushing defeat in November for the “leadership” to realize what a loser they have propped up.
    I’m looking forward to sitting this one out, but will derive a pleasure in seeing Mr. Obama take down the party as it now stands.

    If McCain picks Carly Fiorina for VP, there could be a transformation of the Republican Party from the top down.

  36. […] brings word that the entire public process was a sham, as Martha Clark of the DNC’s RBC admitted that […]

  37. Mawm– Oh my God. I was right outside the Marriott with you yesterday. I loved your ‘Voting Rights are Civil Rights’ sign . I told you it was great and then I started the crowd chant of “voting rights are civil rights” I went on for a few minutes, but you know how we Democrats, err sorry Independents are, we lose interest. I wish I had known that it was you. Here is a belated <>

  38. I’m about to go enjoy the day but keep in mind that many people have already made up their mind on Obama. I have friends who, when I tell them about more atrocities from Obama Nation, they aren’t that interested. Why? Because they’ve already written him off. They have decided they will vote for McCain. So, don’t get too frustrated. People want to enjoy their summer and not think about Barry and Michi’s wild racist ride.

  39. Howard Dean, after crying a couple of crocodile tears about sexism, actually had the nerve to say that it is required of Hillary to campaign heavily for BO. He understands, you see, as someone who has lost an election. It’s almost funny. Unbelievable.

  40. http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalradar/2008/05/obama-wont-wait.html

    “The Obama campaign is not worried bout the tempest that erupted at a Washington, D.C., hotel on Saturday when Clinton advisor Harold Ickes threatened to take the fight over Michigan’s delegates all the way to the convention.”

    Obama has rented the convention hall in St. Paul where McCain is going to be nominated at the Republican Convention. There among his adoring horde he will anoint himself the nominee.

    Obama is not going to wait by the phone for Hillary to call with her concession
    “like a high-school girl waiting for a date. That’s not Barack Obama.”

    “After Tuesday,” Obama advisor Anita Dunn added, Clinton “can decided how united SHE wants this party to be.” [Wait, I heard Obama say he was a uniter…that and his character and father’s genes are why he deserves our vote.]

    It’s all in Clinton’s court, you see.

    The Republican Attack Machine will start to ramp up (saving the best for October, of course). Clinton should lie low. The delegates don’t vote until the end of August, and is past is prelude there are more freaks backstage who perform on Omaba’s behalf.

  41. Nell: However, that core of political activist. Women with money. Women with time to volunteer. Women who vote. The Democrats have lost a big chunk of that group. It’s time they left the party to build another one. That’s the only way they will get political power. By not being taken for granted. By not “coming around” for free. We have to hold fast and sit this election out or vote for another candidate.

    In my area, the women who have always volunteered to do the Dem party scut work skew for Hillary. Today’s ‘youth voters’ should pay attention: they have an expiration date.

  42. like a high-school girl waiting for a date.

    These are the people who will discuss sexism? Excuse me, while I put them on ignore.

  43. Unity my ass!
    How on Earth can I support a party that subverts democracy.
    I’m voting McCain. At least he believes in democracy.

  44. If you take a trip around the blogosphere this morning there is hardly any mention of the Puerto Rico primary and almost nothing about Hillary. It is all Obama and his inevitability. Not much mentioning the effect that his candidacy has left a very deep wound in the psyches of female voters. All vanished.

    He is being lauded for leaving the hate filled church, as if he were some ordinary bystander who just wandered into the congregation and realized almost immediately the incendiary message being “preached”.

    Many of the editorials are preaching the “unity” theme, much like the battering husband who pleads “take me back, it will never happen again”. They seem to believe that this festering wound will just heal in time for the November elections and we will do an about face and fall in line. It is absolutely disgusting to watch.

    Depending on how close the polls are in November, I am just sit it out. But if there is a chance that Obama will be the official designee, I will vote McCain. The Irish have an expression: “better the devil you know”.

  45. I change my party registration tomorrow and as an almost Independent I feel free. I no longer have to defend the indefensible acts that my party has tolerated. from Impeachment is off the table to Amnesty for spying on Americans to an illegal war for oil and profit and the Democrats have not even put the brakes on, actually working to approve the treasonous activity. Now taking delagates away from a candidate is something I cannot condone. I look forward to my freedom.
    HILLARY 08 !!!!

  46. Robin: it is required of Hillary to campaign heavily for BO.

    Sheesh. I hope she 1) suspends her campaign w/o conceding, 2) takes a nice vacation w/ her family 3) serves out her Senate term to be followed by a lucrative private practice. In fact, I recommend lobbying for BigPharma for maximum squawking from the netroots phonies.

  47. I, too, am in complete shock and as you know, I was originally an Obamabot. I can’t backtrack, I won’t. It was almost an epiphany for me, There was Hillary right in front of me and I will not go back, never. A part of me will want ot vote if she is on the ticket as VP, but why should we always, as women, be considered “support staff?” I can’t do it, I won’t do it, but I have to ask, what now? I have been asking that question since yesterday and for the first time today, posted my first blog. I always felt you guys were much more eloquent, but I had to get these feelings of betrayal out.

  48. I just signed up for a wordpress acount. I’m no longer Mawm that name was taken already. Now I am mawminc.

    Thanks everyone for your support. Gary and I are heading out now. I wish we could have organized to meet people from the Confluence who went to the rally. Maybe we will get another chance, because this is NOT over. We should stage some more protests over the summer. Maybe the confluence could be part of organizing one.

    riverdaughter, could you give me(mawminc) the power to do a post? I would really like to write about what happened yesterday. There were so many little things that happened that were incrdibly powerful, and I would like to express them.


  49. “like a high-school girl waiting for a date.”

    They just can’ resist an insult.

  50. kim: You are eloquent. You have studied the candidates and your reversal of position indicates someone who has thought out long and hard about the choices you make. Some of us here are diehard Hillary supporters. For us there has been no other choice. So do not apologize for your sentiments because you have wrestled with a decision. We are about to make one come November based on our feelings and our desires to forward a message. For some of us this won’t be any easier than your decision. But your voice counts as much as any other on this blog. We each share the pain.

  51. mawminc: I would be delighted to have you post for us. Stand by for an invitation.

  52. Thank you Pat, I think I was for Obama in the beginning for my grandson. He is bi-racial and I so wanted to show him that he can be the President some day.

    But, Hillary was for me. After the fiasco in ’00, I needed inspiration, she gave it to me. Yesterday, the DNC took it away.

  53. River and others, I have a different suggestion for what to do next: nothing. It’s over. Obama won. Hillary lost. Now it’s time to start archiving your posts to see if you were right. Right about Obama’s conservatism, right about his campaign’s use of the race card, right about his inability to beat McCain in November, and so on.

    Obama may be everything his supporters say he is. Or, he way win and turn out to be a complete failure, or not a true progressive, despite his supporters’ insistense to the contrary. Or he may lose to McCain like the polls said he would, despite his supporters’ insistense to the contrary. Or, his supporters may discover you can’t disenfranchise half the party and expect them to come back with nothing but “McCain is worse!”. That’s what the republicans thought in 2006. How’d that work out for them?

    Hillary’s side will either be proven right or wrong this November. If you’re wrong then bravo to Barack and his supporters for seeing what we could not. But if you’re proven right and Obama is a failure, there will be a lot of questions about what went wrong. Prior posts will be reviewed. Previous assumptions will be analysed. These posts by people like you and Anglagel will be vitally important to the chronology of this campaign and the runup to the election.

    Let them win. Let them give Obama the nomination. Let them run his election campaign the way they think it should be run. Let them play out their little fantasies. They’ve long stopped listening to the other half of the party. It’s fruitless at this point. The only thing that’s going to get through to them is losing. Nothing else is. Maybe a McCain presidency is all that’s left.

  54. Pat: Many of the editorials are preaching the “unity” theme, much like the battering husband who pleads “take me back, it will never happen again”.

    I feel like the tone is along the lines of “Get back here b@#$% or you’ll be sorry.” or “No-one wants you anyway”

    Unity. Why??

  55. Sheesh, at least I could like Imelda Staunton (the lady who played Umbrage), but this woman is just in the wrong. They all were.

    Message to the DNC: When you find yourself in a whole, stop digging — Molly Ivins.

  56. Dear Ms. Fuller:
    Thank you for making realize how stupid I was voting Democratic for the last 28 years.

    (I didn’t realize that I left off “Clark” when I sent her the e-mail. I guess I subconsciously thought she was half a person.)

    And Barry will be declaring “victory” on Tuesday at the GOP’s convention site, Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN. His arrogance knows no bounds. Is he marking his territory like a dog?

  57. After this fiasco, I’m doing my bit to help the Democrats “unify.” I’m now an Independent, so there is one less un-unified voice in my former party. I just wish I could find that silly card to send back to the Dean and Donna duo.

  58. JR:
    I have to respond, this is not over. At least not for me, people were robbed of their votes. They were stolen and it we don’t do something, it will continue.

    And as for me, I was an Obamabot for all the wrong reasons, I thought I would show my grandson something. But the joke was on me. Evidently, is is easier for an inexperienced black man to get the job, than an overqualified woman. SO i am supposed to just say okay? Hell, no!

    The media has shown that if blacks are oppressed, women are disposable and have no merit or place and that I will not stand for.

  59. Mawm, YOU ROCKED IT!!

    “LIPSTICK ON A PIG!!!” That is being quoted everywhere, I saw the quote from AP’s Nedra “I heart Obama” Pickler.

    “The Democratic party cannot stant for voter rights and civil rights if it doesn’t count the votes!”




    McCain for president.

  60. “Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

    myiq posted this as a sig line quote over at Corrente.

    Would make a nice comment in emails to the members of the Roolz Committee.

    Not much more would need to be said, maybe make it the subject line, bcz they probably won’t open our emails.

  61. And Barry will be declaring “victory” on Tuesday at the GOP’s convention site, Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN. His arrogance knows no bounds.

    Yeah I don’t think that’s going to play well. It seems childish and tacky to me and I can’t stand the Republican Party. It reminds me of George W Bush, and somehow in the back of my mind the more Obama’s behavior keeps doing that, the more I distinguish the rest of the Republicans from BushCo., because I can’t picture McCain being a jerk like that for no reason. (He probably is one off-camera, but keeps it out of public life, and there’s something to be said for the potential president not insulting people publicly.)

    I bet that sounds crazy and convoluted to the rest of you.. but if McCain doesn’t quite fit with the horribly negative Republican brand, and Obama happens to remind folks of Bush.. that’s trouble.

  62. Morning All,

    Being the junkie that I am, I subjected myself to all the morning babbling heads — each overly coiffed and pancaked one of them. By the way, this digital stuff is for the birds if you don’t like spelunking in pre-Cromagnon pores.

    Scorecard time: Biggest Loser — Bertholletea Excelsa or as she is known around these parts, Brazile Nut on This Week with George. She lost for, “We hammered it out until about 2:00 a.m. while drinking and we only did what the state democratic parties in Michigan and Florida asked us to do. It was fair thing to do and by Wednesday I and lots of other SDs will be declaring.”

    Biggest Winner — Harold “Give ‘Em Hell and then Torture Them” Ickes. He won for his julienning of Tater Russert. In response to Tater’s question about the big deal of 4 delegates, my new superhero Harold said, “They took 4 and turned around and gave 55 more delegates to Obama who wasn’t on the ballot. Why stop there?”

    Superhero Harold gets extra stars for doing all of this with Daschle sitting 4 feet from him across the table — the irony of it — a foot for each delegate that team BO juntaed away.

    Tater did grow some eyes and actually asked Dashle bedecked in his brown gangster suit about the convenient timing of BO’s announcement that he was leaving that place where he went to be deaf every Sunday morning for 20 years. Tater was the only spud who caught the convenience of it leaking to Roland “the Rotunda” Martin on Saturday evening after the papers had gone to press with the big RBC meeting just ending.

    Honorable Mention — Mike’s boy over at Fox who after playing Fr. Pfelger’s red assed monkey clip asked David Bonoir, in essence, “How’s that going over in the union halls since Sen. Clinton overwhelmingly wins working class voters?”

    Just the highlights and for the record, each and every one of Hillary’s representatives held the line that they are in it to win it and they didn’t give an inch.

  63. ***Obama is not going to wait by the phone for Hillary to call with her concession
    “like a high-school girl waiting for a date. That’s not Barack Obama.”***

    Mmm, I feel positively won over to unity!

    I am also amused: if the OFB has it in the bag, why the trolling, trawling and hijacking of sites? You’d think, as the Beautiful People who had purged the party of the commoners, they’d be out painting the town. How terribly intriguing!

  64. thank you, mawm, you are loved beyond compare.

  65. Some time ago I ommented I wished I could vote for Obama; tt would be great for the black kids that were in the crowds around him and how it would make them feel about their future. However, I had googled Obama and was unable to swallow his association with Rezko and that whole thing about his home purchase, as well as the slum landlord who did not heat the underpriviledged housing, in winter, in Chicago.. I also did not like the bill he only was able to get passed re the nuclear company Excelon (whom Axelrod just happened to be a lobbyist for) *after* it was so watered down, the company would have been delighted to see passed. His work in taking the seat away from Alice Palmer in Chicago did not exactly inspire me. That was before the black racist preacher appeared on the scene, which was just one more part of Obama that made no sense with how he presented himself. Let me see now, on the plus side, he can give one heck of a speech; ah, no, doesn’t cut it for me. I no more approve of a black racist than I do of a white racist.

    I have never heard before of either of the Clintons being racist before this campaign and everything else had certainly been thrown at them. I kept listening to the clip that apparently convinced so many people that to compare how one AA candidate did in a state to the current AA candidate did in the same state was code for racism. Wow, what a high bar to prove someone a racist!

    After Bill Moyer’s interview with Rev. Wright, I was still willing to give Obama the benefit of a doubt. Then I saw his whole performance for all three venues; Rev Wright was asked a question and he said that Bill Moyers had cut and edited some of what he had said. Apparently Bill Moyers decided against letting everyone see exactly what this man was so that it would not hurt Obama so much (how disappointing that Bill Moyers made that decision). Anyway, when I viewed the whole spectrum of his performances, as far as I was concerned, that was Obama’s “Macaca Moment”. Sorry, a racist is a racist and that was on view in all it’s glory. I shall never vote for Obama, ever!

  66. thank you, mawm, you are loved beyond compare.

    Yes! MAWM I just saw the video clip, you were wonderful. Thanks for being there, for caring, for fighting for what you believe in! (I wish I could have gone but $$$ is the limiter for me right now.)

    You and Gary are both so awesome!

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