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SHAME! This is a day that will live in infamy.

The DNC Rules and Bylaws committee should be ashamed of themselves. This has been an disreputable example of a kangaroo court, the outcome predetermined and motions written in such a way as to force that outcome.

We have heard the word UNITY used as a weapon of mass destruction, directed at one candidate’s campaign in order to force her into a compromise against her own best interests.

We have heard the RULZ cited as a skimpy figleaf to cover the dishonor of awarding another candidate delegates he neither earned or deserved. Indeed, his intention in Michigan was clear: by taking his name off of the ballot, he set in motion this very outcome. He “flawed” the process and was rewarded for this strategy by a panel whose intent is clear.

The purpose of this meeting was to further level the playing field for a candidate of insufficient qualification. He lacks experience, knowledge, respect for the voters and the support of the voters. Therefore, they will award him points from the other candidate.

He is the affirmative action candidate.

The Republicans will use this meeting today as a warning to voters. They will hold it up as an example. “All politicians are dishonest. All parties are the same. They are indistinguishable. Look at what the Democrats have done to their own voters. What makes you think that you will do any better under them? They took the best, strongest candidate they had and they handicapped her to give you the weakest candidate. Now, watch us destroy him.”

Unity is a hollow word and after today, it is certainly something that the Democratic party will not get. Alice Huffman and Alexis Herman should not pay lip service to such notions. They do not know how deeply the wedge has been thrust into the Democratic body politic by the likes of Donna Brazile and Howard Dean. They have been insulated, content with the process, becalmed by their ability to reach compromise. Regardless, their attempts to unify will not survive the boundaries of the ballroom of the Marriott hotel.

We will support Hillary Clinton to the end. If they want unity, they’re going to have to walk it back and kiss our asses.

One more thing: I would like to thank garychapelhill and Mawm for doing an excellent job of covering the hearing. They have spent their own funds to travel from North Carolina and put themselves up in a hotel in Washington, DC. Please consider a donation to help them defray their travel expenses. I thank you very much on their behalf.

garychapelhill and Mawm’s RBC Adventure Fund


138 Responses

  1. gary and mawm’s imbed is funky…

    and an excellent job on their parts!

  2. I fixed it

  3. There was a big fight outside the hotel. Clinton supporters said they never agreed to support anything but 100% representation. This is going to get ugly. Good!!


  4. beeyouteefull!

    wexler on cnn… hope him spinning furiously on NOT wanting to seat the full FL delegation makes the utube top 10 list. what a joker…

  5. I can not believe they actually stole votes from Hillary.

  6. Yeah but Wexler is on CNN pronouncing us unified.

  7. bb – that news is from much earlier today…

  8. Yes, well Wexler said he was going to impeach Cheney too. His word is worth nothing.

  9. They agreed to Florida but not to MI.

  10. Yeah and he also said that Obama/Clinton would be “an exciting ticket.” Now some other Obama supporter is saying that it is possible. WTF? They change their tune on a dime.

  11. And he likes cocaine and hookers. I heard him say so on TV.

  12. Thanks so much for the coverage gary and mawm — you two did a great job.

  13. I am wondering if the unity ticket is part of the back room enticement.

  14. jjm, based on Ickes anger, I don’t think so.

  15. There were no RULZ that justified taking those delegates from Hillary and awarding Obama the uncommitted. None.

    There is no rule in place that allows the Democratic party to overturn an election and instead come up with their own metric on what voters really wanted which just so happens to favour their chosen candidate.

    Utterly disgraceful and what a precedent they have set.

  16. Oh no – I don’t think the Clinton delegation likes that idea, I think they got some of voting members to consider it to get this meeting over today or something.

    CNN was folks were talking as if they always thought it was a great idea. Too strange…

  17. they seem so mystified on CNN as to why all those people might be angry!

  18. anne – I agree. I can’t believe they pulled that on live tv.

  19. Wexler had a reality program on the Sundance Channel a few years ago. It was boring. It essentially showed the staff doing most of the work while he paid visits to nursing homes since the district he represents is largely home to the elderly retirees. He is a grandstander and Matthews today declared him the “star” of the hearings.

    Gary/Mawm: Yours was great coverage. Can’t wait to hear more of what happened after the cameras turned off.

  20. Is it just me or have the Obama talking heads started talking unity ticket. They are full of it. I think that they are just spinning this, even though they know it won’t happen, so that they will seem like the reasonable ones.

  21. All of that speechifying was a useless farce. They just went through the motions because the elites knew exactly what they were going to do ahead of time.

    Unity only on “their terms” just doesn’t cut it with me.

  22. Hey peeps, we knew supers were going to decide this no matter what happened in FL and MI. Nothing changes that.

    As I said in the last thread, we won the popular vote. The Obama camp can claim victory, but they have to do so under a system that allowed Obama to receive delegates despite not receiving a single vote. Further, the committee stole votes from Hillary–the STOLE votes. This is the moral ground on which ObamaCo are standing. We now have a strong case for Hillary to take to the SuperDs and the American People.

  23. Can I get a pledge that we never use the word “unity” ever again?

  24. gqmartinez: Thank you for making this point.

  25. 700k and growing rapidly. Keep growin’, showin’ and goin, RD! 🙂

  26. GQ Martinez, could you plese show some of your PhD knowledge and post the current popular votes & delegates as they stand today???

    Right now, I’m so disgusted.

    I don’t even think that Hillary having more popular vote will even count as a plus for her nomination since the popular vote was disregarded in the delegate spread.

  27. Thank you again Riverdaughter & Confluence team. You guys are phenomenal and if it weren’t for you, I’d be smashing windows and knocking over trash cans.

  28. Why can’t Obama just fucking be a MAN and apologize for his “friends” taking ridiculous, offensive remarks against Clinton and her supporters?

    Every time, he turns it into why HE & MICHELLE are the victims or his CHURCH is the victim.

    Good God this man is a moron beyond belief.

    Why doesn’t he & Michelle…UH… pray for some balls to do the right thing for once?

  29. SM, here.

  30. dar1a g,

    By pretending that Hillary agreed. Remember? Both Candidates were supposed to approve.


  31. Obviously when Dean said that both candidates had to approve, he meant that Obama had to approve.

    That’s all.

  32. We’re under the faulty assumption that supers care about legitimacy, the popular vote, the future of the Party, or winning in November when that’s obviously not the case. When the supers continue to choose Obama, an inevitable landslide loser, over Clinton, who would destroy McCain, it couldn’t be any clearer that they’re hellbent on suicide. I want to be wrong here, but I have not seen one hint of common sense from the Democratic “leadership.”

    Can you believe that the candidate who stole votes, overturned the will of the people, and made backroom deals is…Obama? Hilarious. I’m sure the GOP very much appreciates the DNC’s early Christmas gift.

  33. (sorry if I’m OT) — watching The Holy One on Fox and steam coming out ears for his unbelievable self-absorption and his unending quest to make himself a harmless basket of puppies.

    He just wants to be left alone to go to Sunday brunch now.

  34. Exactly KB, Dean didn’t ding Obama for his Michigan revote block because both candidates had to agree for “changing the rules midstream.” Here, Clinton disagreed with Obama stealing her delegates, and they pass it anyway.

    And, BTD mentioned that the RBC doesn’t have the power to reallocate delegates not based on vote totals. They just broke their own rules.

  35. Koa: He would have to ask Michele if he could borrow hers and she does not appear to be a lady you can easily approach.

  36. The reassuring aspect of all this is that they cannot give Obama our votes.

    We own those, they cannot be “awarded’ to anyone.

    Though some may call it sour grapes or whatever, if he is the nominee, I shall use mine to defeat him.

    I call it pragmatism. I know Hillary Clinton is the only real choice to turn this nation around.

    However, if it comes down to a choice between Obama and McCain, I will go with the known devil and hope he governs to the center as HRC would.

    I will choose real over ephemeral.

  37. “Obviously when Dean said that both candidates had to approve, he meant that Obama had to approve.”

    Amen katiebird. What a farce.

    (p/s I got great vet news. Puppy’s platelet count nearly tripled. yay! For that I’m so grateful and happy. The rest of this weekend stinks.)

  38. Koa: He is on Fox now, hemming and hawing his way through an interview. I cannot watch it.

  39. {{tabbycat}} I’m so glad to hear that. I’ve been so worried. This is the best news!


  40. tabby: Great news! What a relief for you.

  41. Tabbycat,

    Wonderful news. I’ve been thinking about you. This is terrific!

  42. Thank you GQ!

    Ok, so let me get this straight, now with MI & FL reinstated* , we now have Hillary at 162K more popular votes that Obambi.

    Now in your analytical mind, do you think the arguement that Hillary has more popular votes will fly with SDs considering the debauchery of democracy we just witnessed from the RBC?

  43. Thank you guys. We have a long road of medicine ahead of us and a huge relapse chance but I’ve got lots of hope now. He’s a fighter like someone else we know. 🙂

    If anyone sees either Clinton on TV regarding the vote today, please let me know. Katie is exactly right. Dean said both parties needed to agree to whatever decision was made and this was a sham today. I hope it backfires big time on them.

  44. If I was asking Obama questions I’d ask: “Do you feel like you wasted the tens of thousands of dollars you’ve given Trinity?”

  45. WTF is wrong with Obama and his supporters?

    He removed his name from the ballot. He refused to allow a revote. And they talk about her “sense of entitlement”? He’s not entitled to a single delegate from MI. Oddly, that’s usually what happens when you remove your name. Giving him half the uncommitteds would have been more than fair, to the point of questionable considering three people took their names off. Giving more than 50% of uncommitted is ridiculous. He wants the potential benefits of a revote with fewer remaining candidates without the risks of a revote, and more. So he gets all of them and some of hers…and he STILL won’t permit delegates a full vote. And he argues about FL that counting votes is inherently unfair to non voters. We’ve come full circle with the crazy.

    “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” no, “we have become the ones we feared and disparaged in 2000 and we’re uinbelievably proud, brazen, and entitled about it.”

  46. tabbycat: -Dean to Hillary: Fuck You-

  47. Tabbycat, Hillary is in PR campaigning – I saw some footage on Taylor Marsh’s blog.

    Glad to hear your puppy is better.

  48. Pat…you’re right on Precious having to borrow Michelle’s cojones. But even though he has NONE, he’d permanently take 1 & 1/2 because she doesn’t deserve 2. Because he wants a unified marriage.

    He’s such a flippin PHONY. He said he & Michelle and the new pastor all prayed over the issue and since a letter was leaked to CNN, he decided to conveniently time his whole “leaving church response” right after the RBC vote.


    What a shmuck! Can’t he just say, “I want to apologize to Senator Clinton for MY friends and MY church being disrespectful towards her. I don’t represent that and I don’t want that in MY name.” I guess you could assume the opposite.

    How anyone could find this guy “presidential” is beyond me. He’s such a teeny, tiny man…tsk, tsk…

  49. Hip-hip-hooray! for Tabby’s babe; a real fighter. Sending loads of positive vibes and well wishes. xoxo

  50. He is such a pandering weinie! I can’t bring myself to go back downstairs and watch tv since it will be all about how much he has going for him with these rulings. To have to sit back and watch a qualified candidate be trampled on for the sake of this nobody is maddening. If he had gravitas, if he had credentials, if he had a paper trail, I suppose I would consider him. But he has nothing to offer besides his ethnicity and a good speech.

  51. Sean Hannity is shredding Obama. Totally shredding.

    Talking about other radical associations. And Pastor Moss

  52. I honestly think the man is unelectable. I can’t imagine what rational Democrats are doing to push his nomination.

  53. I am from Michigan and I am so mad. I have words, that I never use, bouncing around inside my head.

    This meeting should have been about voters not candidates.

    I am finished with the Democratic party.

  54. When Obama prays and asks God’s help, he hears a voice that sounds suspiciously like his own, and that agrees with everything Obama wants.

  55. Can we start a National Write-In for Hillary?

    I plan to write her name in no matter what!

  56. riverdaughter,

    I agree with you that Obama is now, without a doubt, the affirmative action candidate. Beltway affirmative action.

    This is a sickening perversion of AA. The DNC has picked THE MOST UNQUALIFIED SLACKER candidate they could find in order to try to prevent the election of Hillary, a brilliant public servant.

    How sad that the DNC has used the self-destructive influence of the likes of Donna Brazile and other African Americans who are professional victims, including Obama, in order to provide cover as they act out their irrational jealousy and hatred of Hillary Clinton.

    This thing ain’t over, and even if at the conclusion of this “process” Hillary is denied the opportunity to run for president, I take comfort in knowing that it will be the end of this sorry excuse for a party, and Obama will join the ranks of the other losers where he surely deserves to be.

  57. Sean Hannity has been speaking by phone and he’s ALL OVER Obama — You should hear this.

    Dang, it’s over.

  58. It ain’t over until the balloons fall in Denver. Hillary will prevail.

    My 81 year old Lithuanian mother has pronounced Obama “too tired” to be president. He’s finished.

  59. Did anyone else imagine you’d start June of ’08 watching Fox News, shredding your DNC cards, cheering for PR returns and ready to tear eyeballs out in Denver?

    Kbird–at least Hannity/Fox are asking REAL questions of BO–what other stink is on this guy?


  61. To fully understand his “religious” commitment you have to examine his life.

    Until he was about 28 yrs of age he was an atheist as was his mother and grandparents. It was not until he got to Chicago that he joined the Wright congregation. We all suspect that this was done more for political connections than for any religious conversion. Those people formed his base. How he really feels is probably more in line with Michele’s commitment to that church than what he actually believes deep down. So walking away, except for the political fall out, does not affect his religious commitment if any.

  62. sorry guys but this is fair, check out Poblano’s simulations of Michigan at fivethirtyeight.com, the race would have been a dead heat if Obama had been on the ballot, maybe even going to Obama

  63. Koa: A year ago I would have said you were nuts.

  64. How ironic — now that it actually IS almost over, they’re not asking WWTSBQ.

  65. Oh sure, Avinash_Tyagi — that’s why he took his name off the ballot. (snort) Take it someplace else. Voters vote cheaters take votes from voters.

  66. Avinash,

    Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Nobody made Obama take his name off the ballot. He did it because he knew he would lose by 20 points.

  67. So Pablono votes for all the people of MI now? What part of the voters voted don’t you understand. You can’t rewind the clock and vote on later polls. I wish to hell we could because it is obvious now who the stronger candidate is. You want a do over? Well, so do I.

  68. tabbycat, I’m still secretly smiling ’cause your little guy is doing better. My heart is heavy but your news made the day worthwhile. I’m so happy for you. Here’s a {{hug}} just for him.

  69. Definitely Bizarro World, Pat…unreal.

    But my initial reaction a year ago to BO running for president, when I knew NOTHING about him was, “Really? This soon? What the Hell has he done to be a presidential candidate?”

    That part hasn’t changed. Except how amazed I am at the level of proud, overt sexism and how little the DNC thinks of its loyal base.

    Heard them LOUD & CLEAR today.

  70. Seriously my droogs – I wish I could send my mom to visit each of you. She’d cheer you up. She’s one tough lady. I’m ready to go to bed after following her around all day.

  71. Sure, Avinash. Obama removed his name from the ballot and refused revotes, but I see no problem with substituting poll data that may or may not be completely inaccurate for an actual election. If he “may” have won but refused to allow the race to happen at all to ensure he could game the process, that’s good enough for me.

    Do you see the slightest problem with doing everything in your power to impede an election, then really declaring no worries about legitimacy, if I hadn’t torpedoed the process, I would have won anyway? This isn’t a banana republic.

  72. You know–you guys have always been a voice of reason. Balloons haven’t dropped, yet. Long, HOT summer coming up. You never know where the world will be come Aug. You just never know.

    So phttttttt to the DNC–enjoy the good stuff for the rest of the day. Have a shot or 2 and I DO look forward to Puerto Rico tomorrow.

    tcat–didn’t hear about your puppy but ALWAYS take that good news.

    There are brighter days ahead. There will be justice, Donna.

  73. Arabella Trefoil, I read what your mom said to mister: it gave us both a smile. I wish you could send her too me. MY mom just keeps asking me why I don’t like Obama. She says she supports Hillary. But, I bet if it wasn’t for my Dad and Brother and me she’d be all over Obama.

  74. Avinash, we could have a revote on Aug. 5th and find out. Also, why did Obama block revotes if he was so confident of a dead heat in Michigan.

    Lastly, on poblano, here’s what pollster Dick Bennett thinks of poblano and his “simulations:”


    “Adjusting his model after missing the turnout in Pennsylvania by over 38% and by over 37% in Indiana, Poblano of fivethirtyeight.com confidently predicted Hillary Clinton would win West Virginia by “39 points, 105,000 votes.”

    Hillary Clinton won by 41 points and she out polled Barack Obama by over 147,000 votes, making Poblano’s prediction of a 105,000 vote win off by over 40%.

    Poblano’s new model not only underestimated the actual turnout by over 84,000 votes, it also underestimated votes for Clinton by over 31%, votes for Obama by over 14%, and votes for Edwards by over 42%.

    As for Poblano’s snark, our West Virginia poll was closer to predicting the final results for Clinton, Obama, and Edwards, even with 6% undecided.”

  75. What the fuck happened here?

    Just got home and I saw Riverdaughter’s post. I knew immediately the RBC has just kicked me out of the party and turned me into an Obama opponent with conviction.

    Let’s see what LJ@NoQuarter has:

    New and dramatic developments. This is a heads up. I’ll post the news Monday morning by 0900 hours. Now I know why people who have seen the videotape say it is stunning. Barack’s headaches are only starting.

    I can help my schadenfreude. I’ll enjoy this on the sidelines.

  76. Maybe someone can explain this compromise to me where each Florida delegate gets 50 percent of the vote of all the other delegates at the convention in Denver. If I remember, this was tried once before in American history. It was called the three fifths compromise and it was spelled out in Article 1, Section 2, paragraph 3 of the U.S. constitution. Basically slaves were counted as three fifths of a person for the purpose of enumerating seats in the House of Representatives. So let’s see, slaves were counted as only 60 percent as human as the rest of Americans. Now we have Florida voters who will be counted as only fifty percent as human as the rest of America. For voting purposes, Floridians are being treated worse than slaves.

    My God, what has this country come to?

  77. MABlue — whew — I’m actually dizzy.

  78. katie, I’m going to hug him right now for you.

    To all of you who have lifted my spirits over my dog, I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I’m so proud to share a political view with all of you (even if we are in exile or under a bus somewhere).

  79. WigWag, we will be slaves, unles we REVOLT.

  80. Obama get 59 delegates from MI?

    Where he earned exactly 0?

    Hillary Clinton gets punished?

    Why is the Clinton camp even happy with FL? They got royally screwed.

    It’s official:
    In the GE, I won’t be neutral. I WILL BE AGAINST OBAMA.

  81. MABlue, is that the Michelle tape?

    I feel bad for Michelle since I think spouses should be off limits, though I know she’s attacked Hill inappropriately. However…after Obama’s scorched earth campaign, I am going to enjoy watching him on the wrong end of the politics of personal destruction.

  82. MABlue: So glad you’re back. i missed you.

  83. First, BO08 jettisons TUCC. Next, Michelle is replaced by a department store mannequin. And they’re already auditioning midgets for the parts of Malia and Sasha.

  84. I wonder if Pelosi or the like told B.O. they’d manage to get the 50% for him today so long as he quit the church so that they would avoid further embarassments (or so they think)? Note that B.O.’s stated grounds for leaving the church were SOLELY in order to spare the church continuous scrutiny as he runs for president!!! He repeated that (a) he saw nothing unacceptably controversial about the church (just a healthy sprinking of controversial remarks) and (b) that he was NOT denouncing the church!!!!!! Someone should ask him—well do you denounce those parish-goers who ecstatically agreed with the most hateful and divisive remarks? Does he not consider that at least as “low class” as those who criticize Michelle (his term)?

  85. I think on Florida, they got the popular vote margin legitimized. As for Michigan, the state will have asterisks next to it since Obama was not on the ballot. A revote would help.

  86. Little Sister:

    Michelle is vicious.

    I’m glad there is a tape. I don’t want her in the vicinity of the White House.

  87. Today was an atrocity. Fight it. Michigan may be lost even with HRC on top of the ticket. Florida will only come back with her. I sincerely believe that.

  88. BTW, we can claim 325,000 votes for Hillary and 0 for Obama in Michigan since the election was certified by Michigan insuring that we will have the majority of actual votes cast in all the contests. The asterisk will remain there though and a revote would show Obama supporters how much of a loss he really would have gotten in Michigan.

  89. As Riverdaughter said:

    This has been an disreputable example of a kangaroo court, the outcome predetermined and motions written in such a way as to force that outcome.

    No kidding!

    I don’t know if it’s still online, but yesterday, Chuck Todd told Bryan Williams in the NBC news what the outcome was. He said the new number of delegates we should be looking for is now 2118.

    That’s exactly the new number. It means, Obama was already awarded 59 (!) MI delegates based on some exit polls and anecdotes.

    This is the most shameful day in the history of the Democratic Party. How is it even different from the Communist Party in China?

  90. My bet is that next week they announce that Obama can’t get the security clearance needed to be CIC.

    I’m serious.

  91. Do you all trust Larry? I did at DKos but I’m not totally sure now. I believe that he believes what he has been told, I just don’t know if he tellers are telling the truth.

  92. Unity only on “their terms” just doesn’t cut it with me.

    unity = submission

    I will not submit voluntarily.

  93. Who remains on B.O.s African American religious (or spiritual) leadership committee? We’ve got two down (Wright, and Pfleger, or whatever his name is)—it’s a good bet that the others represent more of the same…we ought to have a look at them! Can we ask for a list of members?

  94. If I hear the word “Unity” one more time, I’m gonna smash something.

  95. Hatsepshut, I hate to cite Hannity but there are more controversial pastors in his spiritual leadership committee.

  96. “Unity” sounds like something disgusting that grown ups do with the lights out.

    Ewww. Gross. You and dad never did that.

  97. If BO can’t stand up to Pfleger and say shut the hell up, then turns tail and runs, what’s he going to do with Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Castro or Michelle?

  98. Ok…what’s the deal with this new video/

  99. Why would Obama stand up to Pfleger? He agrees with him.

    He has been hanging around these people at Trinity Church for 20 yrs. He is resigning from there now because the rest of the country is seeing who these people are and he is embarrassed.

  100. WS, one has little choice but look to the “critical of Democrats” press when other news sources prove they are prepared to cherry pick what they will and will not report according as the information supports their cult leader. In this connection, the most dangerous and horrifying upshot of the whole Obamanation movement is really the level of anti-science and refusal to take empirical evidence at all seriously that it promotes. The hypothesis of the govt. deliberately spreading AIDS or the like should have been, and still should be, taken up seriously and refuted. Let the mush-minds be shown for what they are. Or what about this: B.O. hopes to instill more effective educational practices, right. Well what kind of evidence will he accept? Is there not abundent support (from his own circles) that being fed a weekly diet of scapegoating, victimhood, and suspending ordinary appraisals of evidence is causally correlated with producing the very hate and bias of which he purports to be opposed? If so, then he must denounce the church’s teachings (as inculcating rancor), as he would any dangerous educational policy. If he will not, then what is his defense of ignoring the strong correlations and evidence of causal connections? Why should we elect as President someone so oblivious to norms of evidence!!!!

  101. They have no shame, they have Donna Brazile.

  102. Check out this lady:

  103. Unity = rape

  104. does anyone doubt now that we MUST vote for McCain????

  105. Supposedly a former PLO employee held a fundraiser for him in 2000. BO’s excuse, our children went to the same school when he lived in Chicago.

    He goes to church and represents the south side of Chicago by having his opponents kicked off the ballot. He’s elected to the Senate and he moves out of his neighborhood through dealing with Rezko. He runs for President and he quits the church. He takes delegates for voters who don’t exist.

    He’s going to unzip his empty suit and guess who’s there — the reincarnation of Nixon.

  106. Richard Nixon is a saint compared to this guy.

  107. Ben,

    I’m totally convinced that all Confluencians will happily vote for the Democratic Nominee: Hillary Clinton. She’s a sticker and by the end of summer she’ll be the winner.

    Keep your chin up — it’s going to be a fun summer. And we’ll win in November, too.

  108. Do you guys realize some of the gumption it takes to support Obama?

    – You have to argue that a job must be given the the least qualified of all applicants

    – You have to be a committed “progressive” who embraces the least progressive among your candidates

    – You have to be an elected official for a State who argues for the suppression of his own constituency

    – You have to be someone who ignores the people who went out and cast their ballot, but forcefully argue for those who didn’t, those who may have, and those who could have

  109. Ok Katiebird…I will be praying there is a tape out there….

  110. So do we just wait? Has anything come out of her camp as to her plans?? I feel like I should do somthing, mail the DNC something to show my disgust and that I am not unified.

  111. Ben–nice to be so sanguine but my guess is that Pelosi will “step in” and ensure sufficient numbers of superdelegates pledge allegience to B,O. to avoid having it go to the convention. Only men like Ted Kennedy are permitted to take their challenge* to the DNC convention* Women (never mind if they are superior candidates) are supposed to know it’s their place to cave…
    *against Carter, who ultimately won the presidency

  112. MABlue, My dad and I just had that exact conversation. We were trying to figure out how we got left behind when all our old allies hitched up with Obama. It’s incomprehensible.

    Charles, My password doesn’t work… (sniff)

  113. Once again another great article by Anglachel



    “The solution for Michigan is thoroughly bad news for Obama. The state’s popular vote is legitmated, allowing Hillary to claim it, the 50% penalty removes “teh rulz!” as a talking point weapon (as it does with Florida) (note to FITH Obama trolls – the rulz have officially changed so you can stfu now), and the squabble over a mere 4 pledged delegates indicates that they are worried about the delegate count, enough so that they would reassign votes to try to force their way through.”

    “Doffing the poli sci hat, the joint announcement of the decsion of the RBC and of Obama’s resignation from TUCC says put a fork in him, he’s done. The question for me was whether he hoped the attention on the committee would keep people from noticing the church announcement (if yes, it failed), or whether the church announcement was a distraction from the committee announcement, which sounds more likely to me. Better a focus on the scandal which the campaign will try to spin as a strength, than on the committee hearings, which exposed to the full light of day the manipulation of delegates to favor a candidate in decline.”

    “The Obamacan faction of the party has made its decision today: it is more important to claim the nomination than to win in November. That is where their priorities lie. Hillary may or may not be able to convince enough super delegates to give her the nomination, but it is clear what the decision before the party is.

    Do we retreat and allow the coup to roll on, or do we fight back for the future of the party?”

    Go read the entire article.

  114. Also, I agree with Anglachel that Affirmative Action will be the weapon of choice for Republicans in the Fall should Obama be the nominee.

  115. A tape out there? The damage is done, as far as I am concerned and most voters will not vote for him, except for the frat boys. That is a given, I honestly believe a tape of him at the pulpit screaming the hate would not matter. The DNC obviously wants to send Denver the first AA candidate. They cannot possibly believe he will win. Unity, my ass, they are patting themselves and having a shot right now.

  116. Donna Brazile set up a system wherein Black votes counted more than any other votes. That’s why Hillary kept winning big states and only getting a few more delegates; because the AA districts got more delegates. And she wanted South Carolina to have a key spot in the process, despite the fact that the Democrats never come close to winning there. And when Florida and MIchigan moved up, she saw a chance to both keep SC in its key role and to disenfranchise two big Hillary states. Of course, Dean had his hand in there, too. So not only was Hillary cheated out of votes, she was robbed of the narrative that the two big wins would have given her. In essence, the nomination was stolen right then, when the DNC wouldn’t count or certify the votes.

    But there is some good news here. The DNC is so corrupt and arrogant that rather than give Clinton a fairly reasonable allocation of delegates, they actually stole delegates from her, thus forever delegitimizing themselves, and giving her a perfect floor challenge if she chooses to use it.. She wins the popular vote; she is behind in delegates because of undemocratic and gamed caucuses and because of Brazile;s “one AA, two votes” allocation of delegates. They’ve lost the moral high ground forever; they’ve lost millions in funds. All they’ve got left is their own naked ambition and the compliance of the media. Maybe it won’t be enough.

  117. I agree, too.

  118. You are so right William, she would win a big state and he would come out of it with just as many delegates.

  119. Who would have thought?

    The Party of Civil Rights is now on the records for certifying that certain citizen only count as half.

    Be very proud DNC.

  120. We are finally seeing the democrat party for what it really is. This has always been about pleasing the black community and nothing more.

  121. I also agree that even if there is the michelle “whitey” tape it won’t change anything for the democrats. THEY JUST DON’T GET IT!!!!

  122. Wiiliam:

    You got a great point.

    Notice that Hispanic Dems are now complaining in TX and elsewhere because they were not awarded the same privilege. Most of their district PD were actually watered down.

  123. Well here’s a possibility of something to do ASAP: We have heard that we must scrupulously follow the “rules”—never mind that part of the “rules” stipulates just these sorts of appeals. O.K., then, let’s follow the rules when it comes to the very existence of Superdelegates, and ensure that they scrupulously perform their job. They exist for one reason only: to determine who would be most likely to win in the GE, QUITE ASIDE FROM who won the most (automatic) delegates. Therefore, it is their OBLIGATION to engage in thorough and reliable fact-finding missions, studies, analyses, to demonstrate—as against any and all arguments and evidence to the contrary—that B.O. (and not Hillary) has the highest capability of winning the presidency. They must subject their work to critical controls, respond adequately to any criticisms or data-gaps raised by those holding to conflicting hypotheses (showing that Hillary has a greater chance of defeating McCain), and if they do not succeed in convincing a group of INDEPENDENT peer reviewers, it must be declared that they are not doing their intended job, and are changing the rules, breaking the rules,…and therefore are guilty of (as Brazille’s mom would declare) “cheating”!

  124. ben:

    This has always been about pleasing the black community and nothing more.

    That’s actually not true. They made accommodations to please Obama, that’s not all of us.

    The Party itself has never really done that much for us, but they think by pleasing Obama, it should be good for all of us.

  125. @Arabellal: ***When Obama prays and asks God’s help, he hears a voice that sounds suspiciously like his own, and that agrees with everything Obama wants.***

    Hee — okay, you made me laugh out loud. I’m going to remember this. It’s so very, very… apt.

  126. yeah I agree wih MABlue here. I don’t think the democraic party gives a crap about AAs except as they can be manipulated as voting blocks. I don’t think Obama gives a crap about them either, except for the same reason. the good news for our AA brohers and sisters, if it can be called good news, is that they really don’t seem to give a crap about any of us, so a least we’re in this boat together…..kind of adrift, out in the open ocean, but together. the democratic party isn’t what we thought, or hoped, or fooled ourselves into believing. they’re not that different from the republicans. in fact, the biggest difference may be that the republicans are upfront about their assholism. and the dems try to hide it, or did until today.

  127. The irony is that Hillary probably could have done more for black folk. Anything Obama tried would be seen as favoritism.
    But the party is hopelessly corrupt, and it started when they first stole FL amd MI. Add Obama and his supporter’s low tactics, and it’s all over. The democratic party is no more.
    I may still vote for him in the ge, but the party is now a republican sleaze fest that I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

  128. Democrats = progress
    Republicans = fake reasons for deadly wars that even their press secretaries can’t stomach

  129. I’m not at all satisfied with this result in MI. Fl is what it is and is at least fair in terms of apportionment. MI is a disgrace for more than one reason.

    But looking at the delegate numbers going in, HIllary could have gotten all the MI vote with all the rest as undecided and halved and she still would not catch Obama unless she gets almost all the SDs. LEss would be needed but it would still be a hard task.

    I assume Obama will make some grander gesture if he wraps up a safe margin as to make any Clinton camp proposal to credentials not even matter. IT sucks but the media might play along with this “unifying” meme.

    But what always has had to happen is to convince delegates on electability and the EV map. They can all vote for Hillary if they want (even Obama pledged delegates as Roolz concede). So that’s the fight.

    Obviously that is a hard fight to win. But winning the GE with the Ickes proposal of zero from Detroit to Obama was also a bad strategy in my opinion. Like it or not that would have tainted the AA vote across the country and probably for more years than the party would risk. In my opinion winning the nomination on the back of a ballotless Obama in MI was the only way Hillary could lose the general. ANd she still had to get Sds so that route was doubly broken down in my view.

    This has been where we are in reality for some time regardless of FL and MI as they were going to be halved. Convince Sds to switch , convince pledged delegates to switch and surpise the nation with the first ballot in Denver. WHo knows O might implode by then so it could still work.

  130. Its like 1968 all over again. I hope McCain will be a better President than Nixon because he will win against Obama should he be the nominee. His unfavorables are already higher than Clinton’s, which is shocking, but the prospects of Republicans attacks will just eviscerate a guy who can’t articulate his points except in front of a teleprompter. And the bully like nature of his supporters who become enraged any time they find a critic will just turn a lot of people off to a campaign supposedly based on bringing people together. The Republicans will certainly ask “If he can’t unify his own party, how can he unify the country?”

    Just like Bush was a Republican who fit all the negative Republican stereotypes, Obama is the Democrat is the Democrat who fit all the negative Democratic stereotypes.

  131. ——————————————————————————–

    I thought our party was fair minded?…The party who yelled”count every vote”.Where is that party now?

    Half the delegates.

    My Fl vote counted for 1/2…….freaking 1/2 for my delegates…..

    Half the delegates.

    DNC apparently supports the idea that a woman only earns half what a man makes.

    My vote in November will count as a full vote….if not Hillary..then McCain……

  132. […] SHAME! This is a day that will live in infamy. (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) The purpose of this meeting was to further level the playing field for a candidate of insufficient qualification. He lacks experience, knowledge, respect for the voters and the support of the voters. Therefore, they will award him points from the other candidate. He is the affirmative action candidate. […]

  133. Bully: The reason why she can’t catch up is because despite the greater number of votes and the bigger states that she has won, the delegate allocation process has been skewed towards African-American voters and Sparsely populated Western states from the very beginning. This is the pernicious part of the Democratic party. It bends over backwards to be value diversity for diversity’s sake. It completely ignores political reality. This year, they have taken things too far. Now, they are about to be recalibrated. Good-bye, Democratic party.

  134. Its not over by a long shot. I am a Florida voter. We know who really broke the rules by advertising on TV here before the primary. That should result in zero delegates for Obama from Florida. But alas, I bet Obama implodes and they have to beg Hillary to take him as her vice president and I hope she says NO. Otherwise, John McCain will win the Presidency. He’s not Bush and I could vote for him and be satisfied with a Dem majority in Congress. I think its best if no single party is in charge of gov’t , its not healthy.

  135. I’m not trying to be sarcastic, but I’m finding ti very hard to understand the fuss.
    1) Didn’t FL and MI know that they were not suppose to hold their primaries so early? Didn’t they know the repercussions?

    2) Didn’t all the Dem. candidates running at that time agree that any state that holds their primaries too earlier would not have their votes counted?

    3) Obama wrongfully released an ad campaign in FL, but then he didn’t have his name on the ballot in MI. Isn’t that a wash?

    There HAS to be something I’m missing here as to why the DNC even considered going back against something that was fully agreed upon by all parties (the DNC, the candidates and the states.

    Can someone kindly point out what I’m overlooking?

  136. No, because you are not relying on facts, rather, on Obama camp spin. Your disingenuous mien is as phony as your candidate. What you’re ‘missing” are facts, basic facts, and until you get those right (do your own damn research), you shouldn’t be joining a discussion of a subject on which you are so woefully uninformed. I know it hasn’t stopped your candidate, who is completely uninformed about everything not on a teleprompter but we have higher standards here.

    Take your wide-eyed OMGs to the Orange site where you can bask in the same smug ignorance.

  137. Dancing,

    I was not rude in the least and I honestly thought I would get a kindhearted answer.

    As a matter of fact… I refuse to take your rudeness as being any representation of the other people on this blog. I’m sure and wholeheartedly believe that someone on this blog can tactfully point out my oversight ,despite how obnoxiously you responded.

  138. Can anyone tell me why Hillary originally agreed that FL and Mi would not be counted?

    And can anyone tell me why the Obama supporters were also NOT disenfranchised during the Mi Primary (see North Korea, et al)?

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