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    Beata on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
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    Propertius on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
    riverdaughter on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
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RBC Meeting: Morning Summary and Thanks to Garychapelhill

Use this thread to summarize your thoughts on the RBC meeting. Who made the best case for their state/candidate? Who did more harm than good? What arguments made the most sense, even if they were not favorable to your candidate? Will the outcome be fair to all parties?

Also, garychapelhill has done a wonderful job over the past couple of months capturing the North Carolina primary and the RBC meeting for us. He and his partner, John, have foot the bill for the trip to DC on our behalf. If you would like to thank them and help them defray their expenses (gas ain’t cheap and neither are hotels), any little donation would help so, please consider donating using the button below:

garychapelhill’s RBC Adventure fund:

47 Responses

  1. Obama now has 53% unfavorables according to Rasmussen. Now who’s divisive? Its very hard to tone down unfavorables once you’re in the national spotlight.

  2. Televising the inner workings of the DNC may go a long way with voters who are waivering or been sitting on the fence. To see Obama being pushed down our throats is an eye opener. The Hillary surrogates are speaking on behalf of the voter. The Obama people are speaking on behalf of the process. With 2000 still resonating with most of us I hope they consider the consequences of their actions in whatever form it takes. And with Obama supposedly slumping in the latest polls let’s hope that the remaining Supers take a very hard look at reality.

    And if I hear “unity” one more time I am throwing my tv out the door. Tuck their meaning of “unity”. (Donna B is a witch with a capital B.)

  3. Donna B is a witch with a capital B.

    Hey – it’s not OK when people do that to Hillary, and it’s not OK to do it to DB.

  4. Did you watch her call Hillary supporters cheaters? Voting is apparently cheating, if you don’t support her candidate.

    Now do you think she doesn’t deserve the witch (b) statement?

  5. I did watch it, and I think she’s in Obama’s pocket, and I think she’s a political hack who’s playing a large role in destroying the Democratic party with her willful blindness and short-sightedness.

    You still can’t use gendered slurs.

  6. gary: I just made a small donation in thanks for all you have done for the Confluence. Not much, but it may assist in your expenses.

    You have been such a great voice to us out here with your color and insights along with the great research you provide to those of us not quite as savvy. I am speaking for some of us who have come to appreciate everything you do and stand for and your passion for the truth is infectious.

    I don’t think we could have a better representative than you and I personally want you to know how much your contributions have meant to me. Thanks to both you and John.

  7. RKMK:

    I disagree!

    Donna Brazile is Bitch.

  8. No, RMK is right. That’s why Blanchard did so well in not losing his temper with her. It made him look like the grown up.

    Besides we own the term bitches this primary. It’s a compliment not a slur.

    Now I really must fly.

    (Gary — hope my donation helps. You deserved it.)

  9. *rubs eyes tiredly* Fine, go ahead, engage in the kind of sexist discourse that has been used on our candidate, the kind that dismisses her solely on her possession of a vagina.

    There are many names to use against Donna Brazile that do not rely on misogynist bigotry. I can criticize Ann Coulter without calling her a c*nt, and I can criticize Donna Brazile without calling her a bitch. Because my points of disagreement with them, and the flaws of their character, have nothing to do with their gender.

  10. RKMK:

    Not every slur to a black is racist and not every slur to a woman is misogynist.

    At that rate we will severely and unnecessarily curtail the language.

  11. Hey, guys, remember that we have owned the word “bitch” this primary season and have redefined it to mean tough, tenacious, smart, principled, dedicated and strong.
    I think we need to come up with another name for Brazile, like asshole. Yeah, I like, that. Asshole seems perfectly appropriate.

  12. I will not retract my impression of Donna B. She is what she is. And the look on her face was scary. This lady means business and she will let nothing stop her from getting what she wants even if it means calling Hillary supporters and surrogates “cheaters”. That is a pretty low blow even for her.

  13. Hi Gary, I just made a little donation. Thank you very much for being there and keeping us informed about what’s going on inside the hall. Also your insight and opinions are always enlightening.


    Riverdaughter, I’m so glad you thought of this!

  14. Guess I am going to have to rearrange some of the names I have put aside to describe some of the beauties we have to contend with out there. Asshole was the name I attributed to some in the MSM. Donna needs a stand alone in order to separate the good a**holes from the really bad.

  15. Donna Brazile is a nasty person!!!!

  16. I can sympathize with the argument that we, Hillary supporters proudly own “bitch” (even we the men in the group), just like we are proud to be “shrill”, but I don’t think we should refrain from using the word bitch because it’s misogynist.

  17. Pat, that is exactly the sort of shit that people say about Hillary, nearly word for word! “The look on her face was scary! [like the first wife outside probate court!] She’ll do anything to win! She’s a BITCH!” Do you not see the problem with engaging in that level of discourse?

    “Donna Brazile is a gerrymandering asshole who wants to disenfranchise Democratic voters in order to tip the election in favour of her preferred candidate. She has paraded the idea of ‘unity’ while engaging in mendacious statements against a member of her own party. She’s a hack who has destroyed her own credibility.” You see how easy that is to do, without calling her a bitch, or a c*nt?

  18. RKMK: I have to agree with you here. In fact, I couldn’t have said it better.

  19. Pat do you think anyone is watching who hasn’t made up their mind? I think people will tend to hear what they want to hear. ESPECIALLY Obama people.

    I wouldn’t say that Hillary supporters are smarter. But, I do think that we’re all so confused about what’s going on that we’re listening as hard as we can to what people are saying (and not saying).

  20. Gary, You are doing a great job. I stopped watching and started reading your observations. (The drinks tonight are on me.) Cheers!

  21. Looks as if Donna B is being completely raked over the coals at Talk Left.

    And sorry, RKMK, I won’t back down. While they may hurl that at Hillary, Donna exemplifies the true meaning of the word.

  22. “Donna Brazile is a gerrymandering asshole who wants to disenfranchise Democratic voters in order to tip the election in favour of her preferred candidate. She has paraded the idea of ‘unity’ while engaging in mendacious statements against a member of her own party. She’s a hack who has destroyed her own credibility.”

    That white paper could be replaced with one word, but out of courtesy to RKMK, I’ll refrain from writing it here.

    I still disagree with your larger point though.

  23. Pat J: “Looks as if Donna B is being completely raked over the coals at Talk Left. ” Well, she was a real horse’s ass today. I mean, uh, not that she was different from any other day.

  24. MABlue: And yet, it’s the kind of thing we want to get away from. She certainly is an unpleasant, abrasive, dishonest, nasty person. But if we give into the urge to use the word bitch to describe her, we give others permission to use it as a slur towards people they simply disagree with who are not keeping to societal norms in public.
    So, let’s think of something more colorful. I sympathize completely. But we are just falling back on the easy words when there are so many other entertaining ways to describe her. Wasn’t it you who said her name was making you think ill of the country Brazil? That was a classic.

  25. katiebird: I am not attesting to Hillary supporters being smarter but I think people who are watching this and who may begin to see an Obama nomination coming out of this will be having some serious thoughts about how this nomination has developed. Probably wishful thinking on my part. I just want people to wake up and see where this is all going.

  26. RD:

    What? You mean besides Bitch or in addition to it? LOL!

  27. Pat, I’m so glad someone said “It was a flawed strategy, not a flawed primary” — It’s the fact that couldn’t be said.

  28. MABlue: How about we say it silently and add to it.

  29. Having watched none of the proceedings, I am convinced that it was all a dog and pony show and that the decision was preordained.

    I’m just waiting for Diebold to announce the resultz.

  30. katiebird: I was just as surprised to hear that as well. I have labeled it a flawed primary but the flawed strategy is more of what I had in mind. The different perspectives are an awakening of sorts.

  31. “While they may hurl that at Hillary, Donna exemplifies the true meaning of the word.”

    That sounds awful familiar.

    “I can call Hillary Clinton a bitch because she is one! So there!”

    You’re still operating within sexist, misogynist frames, which are the exact same frames being used against Hillary Clinton when she ought to be the shoo-in candidate. Engaging in that shit is being part of the (larger cultural) problem. We need to stop labelling women we don’t agree with as bitches, witches, harpies, whores, and cunts. It is insulting and demeaning to all women. How is that so hard to understand???

  32. myiq2xu, I would be astonished if this doesn’t go to the Credentials Committee. If it doesn’t, it only means that Hillary has quit. And I just don’t see her doing that.

    It actually probably comes down to how The Summer of Revelations shakes out.

  33. Well, I think they discussed Fla. before the meeting…which is proper. I mean, it’s like any other decision (legislative committee, Supreme Court hearing). I mean, if they had just shown up, we’d be watching a week-long hearing as they tried to compromise.

    “Worst case” is half votes or half delegation for Fla pledged delegates, 100% superdelegates…

    “Worst case” as to Mich, 50% of the delegates, with the allocation based on the actual vote, giving full uncommitteds to Obama.

    In both of those worst case scenarios…they actually aren’t that bad. And, who knows, it may be better!

  34. Lets talk about Obama’s unfavorables instead! If he’s at 53% unfavorable now, what happens after the Republicans attack?

  35. I want an Aug. 5th primary for Michigan. Give them a chance to vote for the two candidates.

  36. Should we ban “bitch” from the vocabulary altogether?

  37. WS:

    On BO’s unfav, I made the same point in a previous thread. The RW Noise Machine is just warming up.

    On MI primary, there can be no primary so late in the process. That would be the end of the party because there will be vigorous campaigning from both sides.

    Who wants to put with 2 more months of the media piling on Hillary for every breath she takes?

  38. Look, let’s just agree she’s an asshole and move on.

  39. MABlue, I have a comment in moderation that has links to elaborate this, but, in short? Yes.

  40. RKMK:

    Why are you trying to kill me.

    I have spent my life in competitive sports, which make me a giant trashtalker.

    I CANNOT and REFUSE to survive without that word.

    Just kill me and let’s get it over with. My life has no more meaning.

  41. Apparently “scorched earth” is the new way to refer to the Clinton campaign…jeebs….

  42. Matthews has just anointed the star of the hearings: Wexler. Second runner up is Roosevelt for keeping them on focus.

  43. I’m sure she can take it. And on the lateness of a potential Michigan primary revote, we had an extraordinarily early Iowa and New Hampshire contests. In 2004, we had Super Tuesday in March.

  44. Ah, the art of the insult. Who better than William Shakespeare to look to for the ultimate put-down? There is such a wealth of words in English, such rich diversity, really any good thesaurus would suffice, but the Shakespearean insult is so satisfying.I myself favour “embossed carbuncle” as one of the greatest hits or at least in the top ten. It avoids the problems both of gender offensiveness and vain repetition, which inevitably arise when recycling the same few commonly used modern expletives. When in doubt, look to the classics. How satisfying to both score off an opponent and expand the vocabulary at the same time.

  45. I’ll describe Brazile as incompetent and divisive.

  46. WS: Now that I’ve seen the exchange in question, I tend to agree with MABlue. She certainly does tend to fulfill the requirements of being the archaic definition of the word bitch. I found it difficult to choke back the word as I nearly threw a pillow at the TV. She’s a bitter, angry person with a chip on her shoulder.

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