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RBC Meeting Live Blog- Thread 3

This is a continuation of garychapelhill’s live blogging direct from the RBC meeting in Washington, DC. While we wait for Gary to look up from the previous thread and migrate here, feel free to update us with your own thoughts in the comments.

Have at it, Conflucians.

2:30–I see that there is a new thread. Hope I’m not too late. “Disenfranchising voters is not the American way!”. We should have questions coming up and then LUNCH, yeahhh! Question from Hines(sp?) Does Clinton support MI party proposal? No she does not. Does not agree that primary was flawed. Does say that they should not have been allowed to remove their names as Florida disallowed. Hines ask if there should be rules on timing. He says they should rotate the schedule. Hines says the rules are products of years of study, doesn’t he believe in the rules? Blanchard says rules shouldn’t disenfranchise voters. Clinton did not have anything to do with timing, so question “would you do it the same way” is not valid. I know you guys would love it here. I keep hearing people muttering “but what about the rooooolz????” Proposal of another allocation other than actual vote will “be a mountain to climb”. Clinton is pretty much giving him the uncommitted. “but some may switch back, you never know”. He meant SD’s. I haven’t heard anything about this, but is it a foregone conclusion that all SD’s will be restored? Now this guy says that it trivialized 2000 to compare this primary to it. Blanchard says the right of voters trumps all. It is not trivial. Again with the “what about the people who didn’t vote?”. That is truly embarrassing. Oh no, Donna Brazille. She doesn’t consider ignoring voter rights disenfranchisement. Didn’t he already answer that question about whether he supports the MI party plan? Maybe she fell asleep. “My momma said I’ll give you something to take home. to play by the rules”. what a hack. She is getting heckled by the audience.  Ickes is up last.  That’s it for now. We will pick up later, if there is going to be an afternoon session.  Thanks for everyone’s participation!  Now I’m going to eat lunch!!!!!!  We’ll be back at 4:15

84 Responses

  1. Right On!! Go Gov. B

  2. Gary, I don’t want to take away your lunch, but if you can take a moment to do some more behind-the-scenes, that would be great!

  3. Blanchard knows how to disagree with people while remaining gracious. Obama supporters, listen and learn.

  4. Wow, the hits counter appears to be going up at a rate well above 1k per hour.

  5. Ms Ignorant here: who is Alice Hoffman? Googling just led me to the novelist Alice Hoffman.

  6. Try Huffman

  7. gary: you are doing an amazing job. I hope John treats you right after this.

  8. Touchdown Blanchard

    Don’t disenfranchise voters

  9. I don’t suppose it’s my imagination that Clinton’s spokespeople are far more reasoned, composed, straightforward?

  10. Got it. Thanks, Pat Johnson.

  11. it is a great irony that if MI and FL were last it would be putting Hillary Clinton over the top.

  12. It is kind of ironic. More than anything else I think this whole situation really illustrates that no sane people anticipated this whole primary electoral spectacle.

    I kind of think that PA, NC, and IN really hit the sweet spot as far as timing went this primary season.

  13. I think it was a sabotaged primary — not flawed.

  14. It is Florida 2000 — stealing votes is stealing the election.

    Blanchard is being too nice here

  15. So we give 30,000 to Obama — guessing?

    Why not reading it?

  16. When did we start worrying so much about people who DID NOT vote?

    At the detriment of those who did?

  17. RKMK: It is much easier to sound reasoned and keep your temper when your position is the just and right one. When you are attempting to cheat or intimidate your way into getting something you don’t deserve, it’s just a whole lot of ugly to listen to.

  18. Shorter Obama camp:

    You ignore the actual result of the vote

    You take the exit poll

    You take the people who did not get the message

    You take the write-in

    You take some anecdotes of some people who didn’t show up

    And voila! Obama wins MI.

  19. This crap that Donna Brazile argues —> this can’t be voter disenfranchisement. Why? Because it happens to white voters?

  20. I am waiting for someone to say that unless we’re talking about dictatorships, it is very rare to get 100% turnout for any election in the US. There are always people who choose to stay home and not participate. There was no barrier to participation in either primary. Even if the voters thought it would be pointless, no one was forcing them to stay home. In fact, the only ones who were trying to invalidate the votes were those candidates who voluntarily took their names off the ballot.
    Just as in any election, the voter has free will to participate or not. Those who decline can’t complain about missing opportunities later.

  21. WTF Donna Brazile???

    [riverdaughter: Indeed! 😉 ]

  22. What a crock, Donna.

    You break rules at will to get your way. If you truly believed then you would have stripped the other states.

    Now she is calling the Clinton voters cheaters. She is splitting the party.

  23. All right that’s it!

    Donna says Hillary is cheating.

  24. OMG! Are you Kidding me . Brazile is a political hack!

  25. God bless Blanchard for answering Brazile’s coy unspoken accusation. He is a delight.

  26. Hillary did not cheat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. When these full delegations are seated and after the next three primaries Hillary will be ahead in the popular vote. The Obama people got played big time and they know it.

  28. God bless Blanchard for answering Brazile’s coy unspoken accusation. He is a delight.

    CNN cut off right after Donna Brazile ‘spoke’ – what did he say?

  29. Hillary can have her victory party next week.

  30. The votes of everybody who didn’t vote for Hillary should count (including people who never even made it to the voting booth!). The vote of anybody who did vote for Hlllary is illegitimate however.

  31. He just flat out put it into words…Hillary campaign did not cheat. So it made it clear to everyone that was what she was suggesting. She gets away with her little game far too much.

  32. I’m not watching now…damn, I need to get to the gym. You know us gay guys. What is the crux of the Brazile/Blanchard colloquy? Donna must not like how this is going?

  33. Let’s find all those people who couldn’t caucus. Do you really want to go down that road, obama?

  34. I find it fascinating that Donna Brazile is allowed to make long and snotty comments while Harold Ickes is told to STFU.

  35. All right…going to make a Target break….will come back soon!!

  36. Fucking CNN – I can’t believe they didn’t show his response to her charge -they just cut away to commercials, and came BACK to it as they dismissed for lunch! WTF?

  37. Donna Brazile – that was quite the accusation of cheating there. I like the Blanchard position that removing the names from the ballot was a flawed strategy. Why should Clinton be penalized for that? YES! I agree. I hope she comes out on top today!

  38. Donna f’d up Gore’s campaign. She’s a hack. She has a voice for television and that’s it. Seriously, has this woman ever held down a real job?

  39. Donna finally showed her true colors. Along with her very mean face and snotty attitude she has accused the HIllary campaign of cheating. Never, never, ever, ever,will I vote to keep these people in power. Was the whole room stacked with Obama supporters?

  40. Donna wants to count write ins and votes that never took place. Whose the queen of disenfranchisement?

  41. Donna Brazille’s meltdown just shows that she knows that she is on shaky moral ground with her position. She is looking desperate.

  42. Donna is quite insane. I just can’t cut her any slack. The amazing thing is that she has any sway over anybody. If I had to deal with her on a regular basis, I’d be a basket case.

  43. Thanks, Gary. Enjoy your lunch!

  44. They are forcing Hillary to go to Denver. what I saw presented on the BO side was slop. Who would want to join Donna in the “new” Dem party? By Aug super D’s will be begging Hill to save them.

  45. I can’t believe she just did that. Where’s your Unity Pony now, DB? WHERE IS IT NOW?

  46. You know — Brazile is not insane. She’s just like that and no one ever calls her on her BS. When they do she pulls out of one of her cards, race, gender, or orientation. (I say that as a lesbian, albeit a white one.)

    It’s infuriating.

    I wished she would have tried pulling that with State Senator Joyner.

  47. And who is that fathead Alan Katz? All het up over being compared to the 2000 Florida election, that is what this is all about – THE VOTERS! Who the hell is this guy to admonish any mention to a former tragedy. It was the Repubs in charge last time now it appears the Dems are taking lessons. Don’t count votes that may not be in your candidate’s favor.

  48. I thought Donna Brazile has reached so much disgraced herself that she could not infuriate me anymore.

    I was wrong.

  49. Dammit!

    My whole sentence was incoherent.

    Consider you are watching colliding angry thoughts.

  50. Oh, my GOD! We just got a call from a telemarketer. I picked up the phone to say put me on the Do Not Call list. But he said actually he’s calling from the DNC — The DNC just called!!

    I said OH, I’m so glad you called, I’ve been watching the proceedings in Washington. He said yes isn’t it interesting? I said, that Wow — I will not give another dime to the DNC for as long as Howard Dean and Donna B are involved with the Organization . And, I said, “write this down” I was a supporter of Dean 4 years ago. And a charter holder of a Democracy Bond — but I’m humiliated by my stupidity. My Husband is humiliated — everyday we crawl on the ground and wimper with our humiliation at that horrible mistake.

    And I think I might have lost control after that. And hung up.

    I can’t believe the DNC is fundraising today.

  51. As far as I am concerned, Gov Blanchard really spilled the beans. He sdid he did not think it was a flawed primary; he thought it was a failed political ploy — John Edwards (Bonier’s plot, apparently), Obama and Bill Richardson got together and decided to have their names removed from the Ballot, which ended up costing them votes. They, feel that votes that were not recorded should count (!), because they had been informed that the primary would not count and, thus, did not vote. Of course, the Obama supporters have been telling voters since February, that Hillary cannot possibly win, because Obama already has a solid lead, so they might as well not vote for her. Of course, to their dismay, Hillary’s supporters said “Stuff it!”; we are going to get out and vote for her to let people know our preference anyway! So, what do you think? Later on, can we give her a portion of Obama’s votes, because her supporters were told it was already over and they did not bother to vote. Think that will work? Yeah, right.

  52. There have been unsubstantiated rumors or Donna being a lesbian and that is her business. However, if true, how can she support an Obama who refused to be photographed with Gavin Newsom in SF and is openly seen with that lunatic Mullens (or whatever his name is) who claims to have been “cured”. Hypocrites.

  53. Cdalygo, damn woman….a white lesbian Hillary supporter. You know you are the devil, right? 🙂

  54. Has anyone heard from tabbycat today? Has her dog had his medical tests?

  55. Kbird: That is hysterical! Gawd, I wish you had recorded that call.

  56. @katiebird: “Everday we crawl on the ground and wimper with our humiliation at that horrible mistake.” Absolutely divine! You do have a way with words.

  57. Who has more gravitas than Arthenia Joyner?!

  58. Blanchard shot down Brazile’s accusation of cheating by stating :

    I’m glad you said that, I agree, and Hillary Clinton did follow the rules. She did not take her name off the ballot and did not campaign there.


  59. Pat, my gaydar tells me Donna would cringe looking at Kielbasa sausage at the deli counter.

  60. katiebird,

    Tabbycat posted earlier on one of the threads. I’ve been wondering about those tests too. Tabbycat, if you’re reading this, please give us an update!

    Katiebird, I’m glad you answered the phone and gave the DNC what for!

  61. >>Cdalygo, damn woman….a white lesbian Hillary supporter. You know you are the devil, right? :-)<<

    Damn straight — so to speak.

    Pat — my understanding is that Donna is “out.”

    Now I’m packing up pitchfork and tails for an important retirement party. Unfortunately it’s filled with Obama supporters. Hopefully, everyone will abide by the “don’t talk to Cathy rule.” I already told them why I was running late.

    But I’m so damned happy I tore up my membership card. My Asian-American partner will do the same after Tuesday’s election (she forgot to change in time before our election).

    Muttering off into the cold afternoon.

  62. Hillary’s case looks great.

    My take (hope to God so):

    I think the FL will get 100% full votes – but Obama’s MI case is very flawed, YET the primary “flawed case” is strong, so I do think that it’s important to watch deliberations.

  63. Pat,

    I’m sorry to say that for Donna, voting for the black man is more important than any political issue.

  64. katibird – I got a call from our state party yesterday, and I asked him if he could tell me who’s been ahead against McCain in the most recent national polls forecasting November. He: Um, I think that would be Obama. Me: Wrong. [many frustrated pro-Clinton arguments we all know and love, electoral college, caucus votes, redstates/bluestates, etc.] And it’s that shortsightedness and inattention to the will of the people that is EXACTLY why the Democratic party is not getting one cent from me. Thanks for your work,, I hope we can win in November – and we will if Hillary is the nominee, but I won’t support another losing strategy. Good luck.

  65. What’s weird is that I actually did say it. Mister and the guy both gasped when I said it. And since I did tell the guy to write it down, maybe he will? I used to work public service and I would actually remember certain things people said.

  66. Jack, I like what you said too. I’ll try to work some of that in if anyone calls me again.

  67. katiebird: I am so proud of you that you were able to think so quickly on your feet to tell that telemarketer to shove off! Bet you are not the only one who does that today. The DNC is a cesspool.

  68. Katiebird, awesome response, and if they cll me, I’d be as vehement as you.

  69. Hey question to all:

    Anyone know where there is coverage of the protest?

    I am searching and I can’t find any photos or links.


  70. The protest will not be televised….per orders of Andrea Mitchell.

  71. Has Gary said how many are there?

  72. Mraia, I’m not watching MSNBO or CNN for that purpose, I’m watching C-SPAN -so far so good, no commercials or dumb azz commentary.

    I had heard that there was inclement weather for the DC area, I just wanted to see photos of what was outside, but I don’t want to go to “blogger boiz” sites.

  73. *Maria – sorry!

  74. katiebird

    you speak for me!

  75. I found this article on the fighting that happened AFTER the FL presented their case as per Jake Tapper of ABC news (I’d post the link but I mostly get kicked to spam if I post an http) :

    A Clinton Hurricane Hits Outside the DNC Hearing Room
    May 31, 2008 2:05 PM

    There was a tornado watch outside the Democratic National Committee’s Rules & Bylaws Committee meeting at the Marriot Wardman Park Hotel Saturday afternoon. And there was a brewing storm inside the hotel as well.

    A group of public officials — allies of both Sens. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, and Barack Obama — walked out of the hearing room to discuss their willingness to come together on a plan to seat all their delegates, each voting at half-delegate status, but representatives of the Clinton campaign from outside Florida interrupted their press conference to dispute the idea that the Clinton campaign agreed with the plan.

    The “Florida unity” group, which included Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Florida, a Clinton supporter, Rep. Bob Wexler, D-Florida, am Obama supporter, and Florida Democratic National Committee member Jon Ausman of Tallahassee, who filed a challenge to the DNC’s decision to not recognize any of Florida’s delegates.

    They seemed to come around the idea that for now the DNC would agree to seat Florida’s entire 211-member delegation at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this August, though all the delegates — pledged and superdelegates — would have their vote count as half a delegate. The move would net Clinton 19 pledged delegates. Participants seemed to agree that the door was open to the eventual Democratic nominee seating them at full strength if he or she so chose.

    Clinton campaign surrogate Lanny Davis stood outside the circle and interrupted, raising his voice in protest that the Clinton campaign had agreed to anything less than a 100% seating of the delegates at 100% of their strength.

    Nelson noted that he was speaking “on behalf of the voters of Florida,” not on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

    “They’re misrepresenting our stance,” Davis said repeatedly.

    Then Arthenia L. Joyner, Clinton’s designated Florida representative, approached the circle.

    “The campaign is only for 100%,” Joyner said.

    Davis and Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, D-Ohio, a fiery supporter of Sen. Clinton’s, exchanged some heated words with Ausman after the Florida DNC member suggested they had no business speaking.

    Davis took issue with some from the Florida unity group saying the Obama campaign’s concession was “generous” since Clinton would net 19 delegates.

    “That is not generous when they take away 50%,” Davis said. “That is spin!”

    What’s wrong with netting 19 delegates? “It’s 19 less than the people of Florida voted,” Davis said.

    This was more than Florida DNC member Ausman could apparently take. “I can say they’re being generous,” Ausman said of the Obama campaign, “and I’m the one who filed the petition.”

    “Are you a paid staff member for Clinton?” Ausman asked Davis.

    “Actually I’m just a friend,” said Davis.

    “Are you a designated representative of the Clinton campaign?” Ausman, who may be a foot taller than Davis, asked.

    “I am not,” Davis said.

    “Why don’t you let the designated representative speak for Clinton and you be silent?” Ausman said, more a statement than a question. “Are you from Florida?”

    “Why don’t you go about your business?” Jones asked Ausman.

    “As a matter of fact I will not be silent,” Davis said, “you’re not going to silence me.”

    “You had your interview,” interjected Jones. “Why don’t you let someone else be interviewed? I am the designated representative for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. My name is Stephanie Tubbs Jones and I represent the great state of Ohio.

    “We don’t expect that the Obama campaign will be so ‘generous’ as to ‘give’ us the 19 delegates,” Jones continued. “It is in fact more generous and more appropriate to count all the votes as they were cast.”

    Jones would not comment on the Clinton campaign’s position that Obama be awarded zero delegates and zero popular votes from Michigan, where his name was not on the ballot.

    – jpt

  76. Back to C-SPAN – praying for a miracle!!!

  77. I’m in Baltimore and the sun is starting to come out here. Don’t know what that means for DC. Hopefully the protesters took shelter and regather once the rain passes, which I’m pretty sure it will.

  78. Wexler is being interviewed right now and was asked if someone made a motion for full representation, would he support fully seating all of FL’s delegates, he would not answer. This bum is not answering a question about seating all of his states delegates. He keeps saying well Sen. Obama, blah, blah, and is not standing up for Florida’s voters.

  79. Okay so some young Obama supporter just said on CNN that it wasn’t a fair primary in Florida because if it were held now the outcome might be different!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, can we have redos in all 50 states?????

  80. So there you go, CNN has proved that Florida supports Obama because they trotted out 2 Obama supporters. But of course, there are no Clinton supporters to be found, right?

  81. Redo’s would be great, there are a lot of people out there experiencing buyer’s remorse

  82. Redo’s would be great, there are a lot of people out there experiencing buyer’s remorse

    Kim, you can certainly speak from experience on that!

    5:44pm, no meeting yet. They are deciding in secret – I wonder WTF is going on in that room.

    I know this: if FL and MI are not represented as the voters had intended, it will be the day nown as “The day ‘The Party of the People’ died, and I am SPITTING on the DNC and going Independent – with ZERO vote and support for Barack Obama.

  83. I have already decided.
    If Obama gets the nomination, I will not throw away my vote to use as a blunt weapon by voting for McCain, Nor will I vote for Obama.
    I will however write in Hillary as my vote (Yes, I know the popular vote doesn’t count in the primary, however, if enough Hillary supporters write her in, the GOP and the DNC HAVE to stop and take notice!)

  84. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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