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Friday: Snap out of it! (Plus Friday Fast)

Update: The South Dakota Argus Leader gives Hillary Clinton a glowing, rational and admiring endorsement. Let’s hope it leads to a victory there next Tuesday.

The trance-like march of the party over the cliff continues apace. Jeralyn at TalkLeft posts that WaPo reporter Paul Kane says that the superdelegates don’t care about the polls showing Hillary doing better than Obama against McCain. They still seem to be deluding themselves that we Clintonistas will all fall in line before November after being called white entitled bigots, stupid, unimportant working class and a being subjected to a whole host of misogynistic conversation. Yeah, we totally love that $%^@. We can’t wait until a spike heeled candidate totally dominate and piss on us. It’s what we live for.

But there’s something they seem to be forgetting. Clinton won CA, MA, NY, NJ, PA, OH, TX, KY, WV, AR, IN, MI and FL. Those are either very big or very important states for the Dems in the fall and there is a wee possibility that the voters of those states will feel a tinge of resentment due to the fact that many of them moved up their primaries to Feb. 5 in order to have an impact and now find out that they don’t. And this is the part that is so backwards here and makes me think that the game was rigged well in advance of the first vote being cast: Obama went for the low hanging fruit in caucus states. In fact, he didn’t really have to do much there. His wins were pretty much assured given the demographic he appeals to. The young and idealistic pretentious congregate in college towns where they provide the most critical mass.

I’ve read a lot of stuff on the web in the comments sections about how poorly Clinton ran her campaign. This is part of the circular firing squad that Democrats indulge in after every election cycle when they feel a candidate has failed to meet their exacting standards of performance. But the strange thing is that Clinton’s campaign performed very well. You can’t call the list of states that she’s won anything but a success. In normal primary years, the election would be over by now and she would have had this baby sewn up months ago.

It is *Obama* who has run a poor campaign. He lost all of those states despite the fact that he poured many times the amount of money than Clinton in each one. Over and over again, he couldn’t close the deal with the vast majority of Democratic voters. Primaries in big and swing states are very difficult to win and in each of the ones listed, he lost – decisively. By any reasonable metric, Obama is a failed candidate. He wins only by suppression in caucus states and by DNC assisted suppression of Florida and Michigan. Indeed, the only way he wins is with assistance. He can’t get there without the kindness of others who are willing to grant him votes he did not earn, as in Michigan, reduce the number of delegates he needs compared to his opponent’s requiremtn and award sparsely populated states more delegates than traditionally Democratic and swing states. He is the Affirmative Action candidate.

So, how is it that superdelegates are willing to overlook his failures and all of the voters in those states where he failed? F^&* if I know. But if the superdelegates think we won’t be mad as hell about the outcome, they’re crazy. THEY may not care about the polls. Their constituents may have quite different ideas. They are snatching victory from the jaws of their most successful candidate and handing it over to the candidate who has barely broken a sweat. “Here you go, Barry. Sorry about all of the trouble we put you through. Oh, and ladies? Get over it.”

Not this year, superdelegates. Take it from a scientist: the data never lies. You might not want to believe what it says or you might not understand it. The polls are telling you something you may not want to hear but if you don’t listen to it and pick the wrong candidate we’ll be singing this song to you come November.

For those of you following the Friday Fast, here are the instructions in Friday Fast and Call to action.

77 Responses

  1. Riverdaughter (Good Morning!), I too have read those comments about Hillary running a “bad campaign” — what a crock!

    From the moment she fired her campaign manager she’s had a string of successes that in any other year would have assured her of the nomination. Never before has a loser like Obama been protected by both the media and Democratic party officials.

    It’s been clear from the way his campaign talks about Hillary that he’s running under someone’s assurance of success. And that by nature he’s the very worst of “poor winners”

    “Poor Winner” — his is the campaign barely hanging on by it’s fingers. Not only has it performed poorly — losing states it expected to win (IN) but it hasn’t won any surprises. Not one.

    (shaking head) But his weirdest campaign strategy is the one where he doesn’t run at all. Taking his name off the Michigan ballot and convincing the world that’s the noble action? Walking away from WV and KY (but still outspending his opponent?)

    I’m stewing Did you see Lambert’s post about the RFK Lie?

    The RFK Lie and yesterday’s exposure of the priest’s rant — show me that Hillary is standing alone (with Bill.) That no one in the Democratic Leadership stands up screaming in rage against these slurs.

    I will never forget. As Lambert says: A line has been crossed.

  2. Yes, but I do wish Maggie Williams had been running the show the whole time. her motto, let Hillary be Hillary. It works. But really, when people say she’s run a “horrible campaign”, I respond, well, wow, what a winner she is then. Because she’s pretty much won the electoral map, despite her “horrible campaign”.

  3. Kbird: My point is that as bad as Mark Penn and as spendthrifty as Patty Solis Doyle might have been, they still won her some huge prizes before and on Super Tuesday. That is not the sign of a failed campaign. What happened after that was not a failure on their part either. The caucus states that Obama won were never going to go for her anyway. And the truth is, they shouldn’t have mattered all that much anyway. Dean’s 50 state strategy is an “idea” that has never been tested before and is unlikely to work this year either.
    But more than that, even if he was clear and away the winner of the nomination, which he isn’t, he is deliberately alienating us while expecting us to vote for him in the fall. I can’t figure out for the life of me how they possibly expect that strategy to work. Nothing, not guilt or fear, could make me vote for him. Nothing.

  4. Melanie, as I just pointed out to Kbird, I don’t think she could have won the caucus states not even if Jesus himself were running the campaign. The demographics were unfavorable to her with virtually the only Democrats in some of those states congregating in college towns. I think it would have been impossible, not to mention a waste of money.

  5. “The caucus states that Obama won were never going to go for her anyway. And the truth is, they shouldn’t have mattered all that much anyway.”

    Totally agree. I said this last night on TL. She’s won the big electorals, the swing states, and the swing groups. If her name were Henry Clinton, she’d be the nominee.

  6. (nodding quickly) Riverdaughter — I knew that’s what you meant, I was just (in a pre-coffee-state) thinking it through.

    As someone who lived through a horrific Super Tuesday Caucus, I can only say that if Hillary had organized in Kansas like Obama did — well the very idea is a nightmare. I don’t know what happened that night, but it wasn’t democracy.

    Am I ever going to think of that night without suffering flashbacks?

  7. I”m not going to engage in recriminations about Hillary’s campaign, but I will agree that Barack is the affirmative action candidate. Frankly, as I wrote last night I think they don’t expect us to comeback and vote for him. They are running Bush 2000 campaign. Excite the base and screw the rest. I have to get to work so I can’t do all the comparisons but it’s very clear that is what is happening here.

  8. I agree,affirmative action candidate. However, affirmative action recipients are typically qualified. Obama is unqualified.

  9. RD, my father is a political scientist(be education), he’s as liberal as they come, he’s a genius, and he says the same. Affirmative Action Candidate.

  10. In Summit County, Ohio, home of the city of Akron, Hillary won. Akron has a large AA community. They did a study and the demographics broke down like a microcosm. Hillary won lost AA wards and the one wealthy ward in Akron and she lost in the wealthiest of suburbs and villages. Every where else she won. His base is quite limited.

  11. I meant she lost AA wards and the wealthy ward in Akron. She lost the city but won the county.

  12. Melanie: Affirmative Action handicaps a more qualified individual in order to allow for an individual who may just barely clear the qualification threshold to have an equal footing. I understand why this has been done in the past and where the more qualified individual has an opportunity to go somewhere else, no harm done. But in this case, there is only one position open and no other country where the loser could become president. The country in question is the most powerful in the world and the way in which it conducts itself has world wide implications. I’m sorry, there is no room for Affirmative Action in this contest.

  13. Ben, you should see the map of MA for the primary. Obama only one the most elite MA towns. I have never seen anything like it. Except P town. Tip of the Cape. Very wealthy. Very gay. Hill creamed him there.

  14. I totally agree, RD. It’s an outrage.

  15. But whats even worse, in this case, the recipient couldn’t be less qualified. Apparently, the DNC thinks POTUS is a great first full time job.

  16. “Clinton’s campaign performed very well. You can’t call the list of states that she’s won anything but a success”

    Yes to this.

  17. ben carlson: We *ARE* the base. They’re screwing US. Obama’s constituency, as you pointed out, is very limited. Heck, we don’t even expect young voters and independents to turn out for us. They are not part of the Democratic base and despite all of the recruitment efforts, they will not be in the future. Meanwhile, they have abandoned the rest of us. We are now without a party. I almost can’t believe they’d be this incredibly stupid. They have tossed out most of their voters. Incredible.

  18. “And this is the part that is so backwards here and makes me think that the game was rigged well in advance of the first vote being cast: Obama went for the for the low hanging fruit in caucus states.”
    — Great metaphor. Why should he challenge himself or really work for something if he knew things were already being manipulated in his favor?

    “By any reasonable metric, Obama is a failed candidate.” — I agree with you completely. This should be so obvious that it makes me want to scream. Of course, the key word is “reasonable.” These people are not acting reasonably.

  19. OMG, I heart the Argus Leader. One of the best newspaper endorsements ever:

    Whenever a newspaper treats the endorsement as a job interview, she wins.

  20. I bought three tubs of cookie dough from a fundraiser yesterday. But is there any reason why I have to actually bake this stuff?

  21. Yeah, that cookie dough isn’t the best. I had to buy one so I kept it in the freezer and used it for a quick snack for the kids when the cupboard was bare.

  22. RD, do you have a neighbor who likes baking cookies? You could tell “her” you bought too many tubs and give them all to her….

    Melanie: WOW! That’s a wonderful endorsement — Amazing that it came from such a notorious interview. I’d quote the best lines, but it’s all great.

  23. Good morning everyone. Let’s not forget the news blackout of anything positive for Hillary as part of the effort to push the weaker candidate across the line. On my Yahoo home page this morning, I was pleased to see that an AP reporter had picked up the story of Obama having to distance himself from yet another “spiritual advisor.” Yet, lo and behold, no mention of the latest fracas in either the WaPo or the NYT. It’s going to be up to us, the voters, to keep up the fight.

  24. No, no, you misunderstand my question. The one I thawed out has huge chunks of chocolate in it and I sampled it yesterday with a spoon, er, as a QC test for freshness. And it was fresh, I just see no reason to bake it, if you catch my drift.

  25. Just made my reservation on Amtrak train 121 tomorrow morning. It arrives in DC at 9:05, is anyone else going to be on it?? RD- Eating raw cookie dough is the ‘green’ way to go, it saves all the oven energy.

  26. I cannot agree that Clinton’s early campaign was well-run. For heaven’s sake Mark Penn did not even know that primaries were not winner-take-all re delegates. Most likely a result of this ignorance was them betting the store on Super Tuesday, and then running out of cash when Obama showed some momentum. Penn also got significantly outsmarted by the Obama campaign who realized how many delegates they could get by gaming the caucuses. Penn also was the arcitech of the INevitability Strategy which tanked when it lost said Mo.

    Having said all that, once Clinton got Maggie Williams in there running things (TX/OH and onward), it’s been a fabulous campaign. Hillary has been able to relax and be herself and she has thrived.

    And the Obama camp has played it smart trying to run out the clock on MI/FL, aided greatly by DNC/Dean/Brazile et al.

    They ran a very savvy primary campaign, traded hugely on race-baiting, and will likely get the nomination at the cost of half their own party, and the general.

    But my take on the whole thing is – Mark Penn was staggeringly incompetent, and it’s too damn bad Clinton did not have Maggie Williams in there from Jump St. She goes way back with Williams, who’s a very trusted advisor. I just wonder why she waited so long.

  27. There was an article in Salon addressing the youth base you mentioned. The article speculates that the numbers in this base are similar to the numbers in the same demograhic for Reagan, Clinton and Bush and therefore, may not have the numbers everyone is cheering about.

  28. I know I agreed on many websites to boycott MSNBC, CNN and NBC, but I peak at Fox, (can’t believe I am watching Fox) but they didn’t black out the ranting guy. He led every story last night. BTW, according to Nielsons, Fox has overtaken MSNBC and CNN in ratings. I hate that but they are the only ones willing to call out Obama.

  29. Have to go to court, ttyl.

  30. Yeah I’m getting a list of all the Supers here in PA and I’m going to email that clip.

    This is the post-racial unity candidate? Please.

  31. Between yesterday’s rumor that Hill will drop out next week, Pelosi’s ego statement about taking charge of wrapping this up, and no encouragement popping up on my home page, I’m feeling a tinge of blue. It’s grey and cold here (Seattle-blah!!), and I am happy to have this home.

    We know that the committee will decide in Obama’s favor–what is Hill going to say to us next week? Does anyone have an angle on staying mentally strong? I feel wobbly-sometimes so certain, and sometimes (now) a bad sad feeling. I hope its just the weather.

    I keep meditating on Katie bird’s “Summer of Revelations”. I agree, its all going to come out. It CAN”T be to late!

  32. Once he loses, his cult followers will be gone in a flash. That’s the problem with a cult of personality.

  33. Joanie, i had the same feeling yesterday. Fortunately, RD picks up my spirits. Also, I listened to some conservative talk radio this morning. They were saying that Nancy is the Queen Bee (I don’t think it’s sexist anymore) and that Hillary will go to the convention and there’s nothing any of them can say to her to make her quit. So that helped.

  34. Morning All,

    RD, you have coined a wonderful phrase “Affirmative Action Candidate.” If that is picked up by the MSM it will run all the way through November.

    One of the societal justifications for Affirmative Action is a pre-ordained collective ethic. I’d suggest in this case, Pelosi, Reid and Dean have something else in mind — power loves a vacuum.

    It is their collective belief with a weak chief executive they will set the agenda for the country. Pelosi and Reid setting an agenda will last all of two years until the next congressional election. Dean wants to prove that his inane 50-state theory will work and he sees BO best fitting it.

    We, as a democratic voting bloc, have a perfect rejoinder to those who question us, “Country over party.” Who can argue?

  35. Thanks, Ben 🙂

    BO has excited the base alright … to vote for McCain. And he’ll do the same for the Republican base, too. He’s run a successful campaign … for the Republicans.

  36. It’s still not too late for the SDs, if they would just LISTEN. They seem to be in a sort of stupor.

  37. And Riverdaughter, your leadership and fighting spirit has been amazing. You give us such a sanctuary, and help us so much to keep our eyes on the prize, but what’s up with all these others? I guess that’s the part that is haunting me. What are they thinking, and HOW are they thinking this guy can –or should–win? It’s haunting me. I have such trouble accepting things I don’t understand. I drive myself crazy trying to figure it out.

  38. We are not alone. If you read some of the others comments on like minded blogs many are insisting that they will either stay home or vote McCain. These are serious charges that the DNC refuses to consider. Even if one fourth of those voters refuse to vote Obama in November his chances are still marginal.

    People are angry out there, it just isn’t those voices confined to this blog. They DNC is being held responsible and the tactics of the MSM, the Obama campaign along with them are resonating throughout the web.

    To be candid, I can never recollect in my years such a visceral repudiation of any possible candidate in the Dem Party. Ever. The disgust is growing.

  39. { RD– belated reply to pressing cookie dough inquiry, had to step out: I guess it’s OK to eat without baking. Bon appetit! However, if you feel sick afterwards, please let us know. 🙂 }

  40. Hi Pat,

    I didn’t mean to say that we are alone with our opinions on this blog, I meant those that are standing in the way of what is so obvious and reasonable. I do feel a shift in sentiment–a big one.

    I know there is a movement growing too. I just want to do my part to make sure that this movement has the power to get Hillary in office. Never, ever will I vote for Obama, but I can’t vote for a Republican. I can’t. If they manage to stuff this loser down our throats ( and I say only “IF”), can we mobilize our outraged masses to still vote for Hillary and win? Is it possible?

  41. What I find particularly odious is that Pelosi and Reid don’t really care about winning the White House. They want to increase their numbers in their respective Houses.

    Pelosi doesn’t want to deal with the Blue Dog Dems and Reid wants a 60+ cloture proof Senate. The White House is secondary to them. If they attain their primary goals, it doesn’t really matter if McCain wins in their world.

    Sen. Clinton is too much of a threat to their worlds — Pres. Clinton proved he could govern without Congress, they don’t want to risk that again.

  42. joanie: Each state has a different system. I would have to check mine, MA, to find out if it is possible to write in Hillary’s name. I am so angry and disillusioned as to why this is happening that I sometimes cannot think straight.

    Hillary is by and large the most qualified candidate who ran on either side this year. Yet they deliberately keep pushing this candidate with such a murky background into the forefront. This country is and will be in such a mess come January that it is going to take someone with experience to clean it up. He is not that person.

  43. He is the Affirmative Action candidate.
    I agree with this and the whole paragraph. It is a myth to say he has run a better campaign. His delegate count has been inflated due to voter suppression and due to unconditional over representation of a certain voting bloc in certain states; he has the full advantage of media, all unearned and undeserving; he has the money advantage. All he needed to do was show up somewhere and read his teleprompter — like one commenter said, moving his head side to side like watching a tennis match. Have you seen him work through his notes for a speech when there was non teleprompter? Even where he was called to show his intellectual prowess and originality fit for the leader of the free world, like in debates, press conferences he failed — he can’t think on the fly, nor on his feet. Everything about him is inflated, a myth, and a lie but for the advantage of his race. How is he not an affirmative action candidate? Dem party has a history of putting up with weaker candidates but the difference this time is that there is a stronger candidate that is being pushed out forcibly and with vile tricks and at least a majority of the people are taking note of it.

  44. This may be too simplistic, but it seems that if a majority of people today would vote for Hillary over Obama and McCain, then why can’t she just begin an independent campaign as soon as possible (stay with her momentum), and run all the way to the whitehouse?

    Call the party whatever she wants. I’ve been a proud democrat my WHOLE life, but this party no longer represents me or any of us that feel the same way. So why not leave it in the dust. How bout the PHOENIX party?

  45. Back from court. I know how you guys feel. I am dismayed and almost depressed at times. Then I go to the blog world and know that I am right. BO is not the annointed one. We have the right candidate, the problem is no one is listening. Watching recount this weekend, made me feel nauseated. To live it over again and know it is happening right now, by our own people, the ones we thought would pull for us.

    I don’t even fit into the Democrats new demographic anymore. So do I find a new party? Which one? Does anyone truly give a damn anymore and I am not talking about all the people in the blog world. Has our own party sold us down th river?

  46. I would support Hillary’s run as an independent. Majority of the Democratic base is with her anyway.

  47. Question is, would that split the party and give McCain the Presidency?

  48. I’m thinking we would pick up some repubs-a LOT of women.

  49. The other thing is, if Obama is the Demo candidate, we will be looking at president McCain anyway. And why not push for REAL change now?

  50. Why are we so attached to the Democratic Party that we get the jitters each time we approach the simple fact that this current ruling class of the Dem Party has forsaken us? By backing away, what are we actually leaving behind? I have been a proud supporter for many years, holding my signs, going door to door, phone banking, holding my nose more times than I care to count to ensure my party’s wins and now I am being told I no longer count, get out of the way, step aside a new day is coming.

    Let’s be realistic and admit out loud that the Party has deserted us. Since 2006 we have been waiting for “change”. It was promised. Have we seen any? Other than Nancy Pelosi in her designer outfits bowing and scraping to Bush’s every whim, no. Now she intends to assist in throwing this nomination over to a “do nothing” who will never live up to the hype and we are expected to just swallow our tears and line up. No, I refuse.

    To be called racist because I won’t support Obama is the highest insult one could hurl but I think of the Clinton’s being tarnished with that epithet and my outrage must pale in comparison.

  51. It’s become clear to me that the dem leaders would rather lose with Obama than win with Hillary. It just boggles the mind.

  52. #
    Kim, on May 30th, 2008 at 10:20 am Said:

    Question is, would that split the party and give McCain the Presidency?

    That is already going to happen, right? The party is already split and a majority of Clinton supporters are going to vote for McCain or stay home or write in. Her running as an Independent could actually be more than symbolic and I would venture to even say a win. She could frame her Independent run as a post partisan solution to partisan bickering. This would be the best answer to people who caricatured her as divisive. I bet a lot of republican women and even Indies will vote for her if she frames it well (which I think she is capable of).

  53. I agree, and it has to be a coordinated Independent run—not a write-in campaign. A well organized and branded Independen campaign, which is really how most voters see themselves.

  54. It appears to me that the DNC is TRYING to lose in November…there seems to be no other explanation. My father believes it is because a McCain administration would put enough distance from the Bush years and not requiring the Dems to do ANYTHING about the war and crimes that have been committed. I do know this — after being a loyal Dem for the last 25 year, I feel a grief like a death in the family. I cannot believe that I have actually been brought to tears multiple times during this primary season. It flies in the face of any logic out there what has gone on — how the msm has behaved, how the DNC has propped up this vacuous candidate and everyone but us turning a blind eye on so many “deal-breakers”…. how does this man survive these scandals when so fewer and so less scandalous events have brought down stronger more brilliant candidates.

  55. I have spoken with a lot of Repubs that were going her way. Reagan Dems. More that are just scared to death of McCain. But I just dont think she will do it.

  56. Good morning everyone! Thank you Riverdaughter for your energy and strength.

    I’m still in shock from yesterday–realizing that no matter how many “crazy uncles” (see http://www.cannonfire.com) our “affirmative action candidate” surrounds himself with, there seems to be no turning back for the Democratic party. They are going to follow The Precious over the cliff.

    At this point, the only way I can explain this apparent insanity to myself is to accept that the Democratic leadership do not want to win the presidency. I just can’t believe they are so stupid as to think that Obama can win. There must be some superdelegates who want to win in November, but most of them do seem to be in a stupor–not paying any attention to all the signs of impending doom for their party.

    Frankly, I can’t see how the Democratic Party can survive another horrendous loss. If Hillary decides to go independent, I’ll support her all the way. I don’t think she’ll do it, but who knows? I hope she fights all the way to the convention. If she loses and goes back to the Senate, I’ll continue to support her in any way I can, including helping her pay off her debt.

    But for now, I’m determined to fight on and believe that Hillary can still be President. We need her strength and fighting spirit.

  57. Anybody heard about a statement from the Chicago Cardinal about the so called father?

  58. I found the cardinal response:
    Chicago Sun-Times religion reporter Mike Thomas asked Cardinal Francis George’s office for a reaction, and his spokeswoman, Colleen Dolan said, ”The cardinal has made it clear to Father Pfleger in the past on more than one occasion that it’s inappropriate to speak about political issues from the pulpit and that his own personal opinions are his own personal opinions.”


    Not enough, Cardinal, not enough!

  59. I would join a third party in a heartbeat if it was founded by someone legit (like a Hillary or Bill Clinton leading the charge) with similar positions/beliefs of the dem party I used to respect.

    I doubt Hillary or Bill would ever do it, but if anyone wanted to establish a third party, I suspect now would be the right climate/time to go for it.

    Like many of you, I’m sticking with Hillary as long as she wants to keep going. If that means a dem convention floor fight, so be it. If Nancy Pelosi and others try to “step in” after Jun 3rd to force Hillary out, they’ll have to deal with the fallout come election time.

    I won’t blindly support an unqualified candidate just because Nancy Pelosi and other elite dems say I should.

  60. I am a lifelong Democrat and a dedicated Hillary supporter, and I feel like I am living in a parallel universe through all of this. It’s all very sad and scary.

    In the end, I don’t think it’s about Who Is More Electable, but it started out as a power struggle between two factions of the Democratic Party – the left wing vs. the rest of us.

    I don’t think the Left Wing cabal intended for the Takeover to go on so long, or to get so out of control (which explains why they have been so frantic to get Hillary to drop out); they didn’t intend to create a rift between the races or the genders. But they saw an opportunity to grab control of the party (it’s “now or never”), and they apparently are now willing to risk losing everything to grab power away from the center/right Democratic crowd. No more big tent! They don’t need us to win! We’ll see.

    And that may mean we Hillary supporters could be founding members of a new Party that will always value the American working class — regardless of race, ethnicity, age and gender. A party that values every citizen, every vote, and values the hard work ethic that Hillary symbolizes — The Democrat values that we have supported and lived by, all of our lives.

    There definitely looms a major split in the Democrat party – this will be momentous, ugly and sad. Hang on to your hats, and be ready to stand up for what you know is right.

  61. I’m with all of you who are questioning how Obama can keep weathering these scandels so easily. With Howard Dean, all it took was a scream. How can one scream cost someone all credibility while another less qualified candidate can survive all this stuff? Did Obama make a deal with the devil? LOL!

  62. Anyone read Bill Cosby’s editorial (re: Rev. Wright) in the Wall Street Journal?



    Rev. Wright epitomizes the thoughts and actions that have prevented and continue to prevent black America from moving ahead and achieving their potential as a people.

    He suggests that this United States of America made up of sons and daughters of immigrants (I’m talking of the millions of 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation immigrants in this country) of every race, creed, color and religion each and everyone of them who had nothing to do with slavery, some how owe something to a group of people who have never been slaves? Its amazing. It seems everyone is to blame for the shambles black society is in with its violence, drugs, high school drop out rates, misogyny, and a host of other real and virulent problems, except for the very people who engage in such behavior. Enough.

    As a society, culture or people, they should look within themselves and fix their problems. When did this man become the spokesman for the ‘black church’? And of course his church is different, but that doesn’t mean his message and philosophy is acceptable, or productive or non-offensive or not-racist or indicative or our greater cultural behaviors, values and norms Americans.

    And yes, the link between this man and Obama really does matter. At a very minimum, it provides insight into the political and philosophical strain that Obama adheres to.

    Comment by Bill Cosby

  63. That Pelosi and Reid have to step in ( and in it) so publicly is amazing. I think they are in panic mode. And if I were them I would be too. Down ticket Dems are starting to feel the heat. Everyday Hillary is in , it’s gumming things up for these losers….good! Thank you Hillary!

    I’m not leaving the Dem party until Hill does. And what I see is her rebuilding a new one from within. She would never leave her house to become Ross P. When you have pests in your house, you don’t move. You clean the pests out. Whether that’s in Aug of 2008 or 2012 that’s what Hillary is doing. Given it’s Pelosi and Reid she’s up against , I’m banking on Hill in August.

  64. If Hillary has this nomination stolen from her, then it makes sense to vote for McCain AND a Democratic Congress. Keep ourselves together for 2012, support Hillary early and with all our strength.

  65. Toby, I’ve decided ONLY to support those Dems who have/are supporting a democratic process taking place in this primary. Everyone else can, kindly, get bent.

  66. I believe letting down ticket Dems know there is a price to pay for BO support is vital . Other wise MaCain in the WH while they keep their jobs doesn’t look too bad. Their own jobs must face a threat in order to get their attention….and I think that is happening, other wise why would Nancy and Harry crack the whip?
    It’s actually funny to see them try and tell anyone what to do….they have had so little practice on Bush

  67. I just read the Argus endorsement, brought tears to my eyes, because she is the best candidate. I don’t want the rock star for my President, I want experience and dedication and the resolve of a pit bull.



  69. @Doris Shepherd, 11:23

    “But they saw an opportunity to grab control of the party (it’s “now or never”), and they apparently are now willing to risk losing everything to grab power away from the center/right Democratic crowd.”

    They’re using the AA demographic to do this. It’s probably their last chance to do so, as the Hispanic demographic is rapidly outstripping the AA demographic. And Hispanics are a whole different ball of wax; they’re too moderate/conservative to go en masse for the snake oil the New Politicians are selling. (Of course the Richardson endorsement is about Hispanic voters.)


    NOW IS the last chance to complain to DEAN


  71. Edwardian – Perhaps we should start a list called “Sinking with Obama”. Music to my ears!

  72. LOL what a skirt she’s got!

    I sang that song at an ex once. It was so priceless. “But-but-but I didn’t think you’d really LEAVE…”

    Cuz we all know women (and working class and powerless people in general) are always bluffing when they demand anything. Anything.

  73. BTW I could not find the Bill Cosby editorial. I think it might be an urban legend? Would like a link, if I am wrong.

  74. I live in Arkansas and this state will go for Hillary, or McCain. Forget Obama.

  75. Could be I‘m naïve. Could be politics are always this ugly. Even so I have seen an ugliness in this primary campaign that I cannot and will not just dismiss as “politics as usual”. To me accepting this ugliness says that it’s all right with me. It’s not.

    It is not all right with me that Obama and his campaign have slandered and painted a former Democratic President and his wife as racists. That is not all right with me.

    It is not all right with me that Obama and his campaign have run a misogynistic campaign with the assistance and participation of the media. That is not all right with me.

    It is not all right with me that Obama sat in church for 20 years listening to hate and divisive sermons where a man of integrity would have taken his family by the hand and walked out. That is not all right with me.

    When Obama uses “Harry and Louise” ads against another Democrat; that is not all right with me.

    It is not all right with me that the media and the DNC chooses our candidates and then chooses which candidate will be the nominee. That is not all right with me.

    It is not all right with me that Obama and his campaign have smeared and slimed their way through this campaign with a free pass while every word out of Senator Clinton’s mouth has been spun, twisted, and lied about to her disadvantage. That is not all right with me.

    It is not all right with me that the Washington Presstitutes decided that they are bored with the primary and so the much-hated Hillary must quit. That decision should not be theirs to make. Having them think they have that right is not all right with me.

    It is not all right with me that millions of good, long-time, Democrats are being told that we are not needed or wanted unless we climb on board the Obama bandwagon. That is not all right with me.

    That’s just a partial list of why my vote, which belongs to me, not any candidate or party, is most definitely NOT going to be cast for Barack Obama. Because voting for someone who has done all the things that I don’t think are right, would not be all right with me.

  76. Re SD Logic.
    My take: http://tinyurl.com/3edqft (why-super-delegates-have-little-choice)

    Short version: the cost of an Obama loss in Nov. is lower than the cost of a Hillary loss in Nov. And a Nov. win by Hillary would still anger the Obamabots.

  77. Florida Demands Representation (FDR)

    Position Document excerpts (my emphasis)…

    Florida voters turned out in record numbers. More than 1.7 million Florida Democrats cast a ballot that day, the highest turnout ever for a Democratic primary election.

    …all Democratic candidates were on the ballot…all candidates were well known to the voting populace.

    Of Florida’s 67 counties, Clinton won 48; Edwards won 11, while Obama won 8. The resulting number of delegates: 67 for Clinton, 41 for Obama, and 15 for Edwards.

    As Americans and voters in this great democracy, we believe that when called upon to vote, we do. We regard this right and the resulting outcome as sacred–that it counts! How often we hear public service announcements reinforcing the idea that every vote counts.

    Instead, we are subject to autocratic rules and insolence by Democratic Party leaders …their rules are more important than the voices of millions of voters.

    It is beyond comprehension that after spending more than $20 million in consort with 1.7 million voters who exercised their Constitutional right to vote the DNC continues to dig in its heels.

    Florida Demand Representation (FDR) is dedicated to one cause: protecting voters’ rights and civil liberties.

    We are not funded. We are not tied to any campaign.
    …our volunteers are from all political persuasions. Whether Democrat, Independent, Republican or member of a minor party.

    Over 230 years ago, 13 colonies, each with different charters, goals, and citizenry, banded together to fight for the principle of representation. While the odds were against them, their belief in their cause propelled them to victory. Today, their victory is ours to protect!

    Go to our website and download our petition. Forward our website to your friends and ask them to do the same.

    Attend one of our statewide rallies on May 31, 2008.

    We need your support and we need it quickly–our democracy is at stake.

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