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A note about spam filtering

To whom it may concern (you know who you are):
I found 239 comments in the spam filter today. Some of you are having a great deal of difficulty understanding how you ended up here and can not accept it (just walk away, Renee). Others ended up in spam through no effort at all and I have despammed the harmless comments. Still others were the unfortunate victims of a very clever spam filter but deserve it nonetheless. Here are the basic criteria for ending up in the sludge:

1.) You intentionally repeat Obama talking points. Some of these talking points are intended to intimidate and instill a sense of hopelessness in the reader. Others repeat character assassinating memes and self-serving misinterpretations. For example: the RFK remark from Clinton during her Argus interview was mistwisted to imply that she hoped for assassination so that she could step into the frontrunner’s spot. Only the most cynical of political operatives would spin her statement that way and we know it was false. When a meme like this starts to propagate, it is our job to act as weedkiller and stop it from going further. Therefore, the comment gets sent to spam and the commenter’s address is added to the filter.

2.) Your comment contains character assassinating, racist or Republican talking points about Barack Obama. No one here believes he is a Muslim. We don’t believe in racial stereotypes. We don’t reprint rumors about Rezko without proof. There is no reason to take the low road when his campaign is doing such a brilliant job of making him revolting to us just by being themselves. Prejudice is unwelcome here and we don’t tolerate it.

As for censorship, we don’t censor here. Censorship is something the government does to stifle dissent. Your dissent is not stifled. There are plenty of places on the web to post your opinion. But if your comment violates one of the two things above, your comment will be deleted or spammed. If you had nowhere else to go, I would feel obligated to let you post here. Fortunately for both parties, this is not the case.

We appreciate that you have a choice of blogs to register your comment. We encourage discourse violators to exercise that choice. Do not be worry about offending us. I assure you that the insult to our sensibilities will be slight if you decide to go elsewhere.

75 Responses

  1. Thank G*d for the Spam Filter. This is one of the few places on the net that I can come without having to endure overwhelming large numbers of condescending Obama drones. I’m so sick of it.

  2. I love the way they are pursuing our votes. They so do want us to see it their way. If they were grownups, they might even know how to go about it.

  3. Nancy Pelosi is such an evil hack. She really is. No one in this Party seems to give a shit about the nearly 18 million people who voted for Hillary.

  4. From yesterday’s INDEPENDENT:

    “Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul who has a history of subordinating his conservative instincts to pragmatism when it comes to choosing sides in national elections, has spoken up for Barack Obama, terming him a “rock star” who is “likely to win” the White House in November.”

    Conservative instincts, pragmatism–my ass. The fix is in. Murdoch owns a huge chunk of the international media, including Facebook and THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. He’s William Randolph Hearst on steroids, and he says Barky O will win.

    As I said before and intend to keep saying, I will welcome our new corporate overlords from America, Inc.

  5. Good work. I just ‘read off’ the estiamable Kid Oakland who couldn’t understand why I was commenting on Bloggers United 06 about the complaints I was seeing there regarding local bloggers not being given what they were promised by the DNC as far as access at the convention…..

    Was that I wondered supposed to be some surprise? The Kid was…

    Surprised the DNC could care less about ‘local bloggers’.

    I used the metaphor of MDM reporters being ’embedded’ in with the troops as a way of pointing out that I, if I had the time, would have loved to have gone the convention and blogged from there; but, I would not have taken anything from the DNC.

    This did not go down well. Well…

    Tough shit Kid. I don’t blog to become one of the ‘Kewl Dudes’ like The Kid and ‘Bonehead’ Bowers or the Great Orange Satan.

    I am supporting Bowers’s current ‘GoogleBomb McCain Ver 2.0’ because it’s a good idea…maybe a great one, but his way and my way and the Kid’s way all diverge when they start telling me:

    What I can or cannot say.

    That just ain’t gonna fly with this Boomer ex-Army Conscientious Objector from 1968, there’s that year again, who faced jail to tell the War Mongers of the day ‘Hell NO! I won’t go.’

    No one is gonna tell me what to say or think and giving me a chance to repent, as the Kid did, just infuriates me as unlike him and the rest of the Obama fascistii….

    I am not a believer.

    Except in the principle the Founders laid down and the body of thought they left for us.

    Think for yourself.

    Fight Back!

  6. RD, The Press in CA is trying to do a number on “our girl” — the fightback begins. Hugs and that spam filter? I can’t imagine what it looks like over here. It must be hell managing it.

  7. You know, I wish there were some way for us to compare deleted comments. The ones I get are weird and disturbing. They positively drip with psychosis. Some of these comments are so schizy, I can’t easily tell if they are pro- or anti-Obama.

    I’ve reached the point where I’d be relieved to see a letter that simply repeated all the usual anti-Hillary cliches.

    I can’t believe that people actually think that these bizarre and insulting screeds are actually going to turn me around on Obama!

  8. I want to stay focused and upbeat but it is difficult to maintain. I keep asking myself what happens to those sites like No Quarter, Talk Left, Taylor Marsh, etc., who have no use for Obama. Will they just turn off the spigot and hop aboard the Obama bus without looking back? Already I see a shift, we must support the Democratic candidate to save the nation. But why?

    We had opportunities in 2006 to turn some of this around and the people who could have made a difference chose not to. Impeachment was taken off the table. The funding for the troops could have been cut and possibly saved a few hundred lives. No energy initatives saw the light of day. So many times we sat and waited for the promised “change” that was urged upon us in 2006 and nothing happened.

    I saw in Hillary, as did all of you on this blog, as someone who I felt could turn that tide. It is being snatched from her as we speak. We all know that. But I will not, cannot, vote for someone with such shallow values, such indecency, such a lack of substance, for the “good of the party”. The party is no longer good in my view.

    Requiring my vote for Obama would be akin to my marrying the ring bearer because the groom failed to show for the wedding.

  9. Just walk away Renee,
    You won’t see us follow you back home.

  10. @Pat J: I think No Quarter will be the only holdout of the three you mentioned. Taylor has already said she will not support Obama but will work against McCain. Jeralyn has also said TL will support the Democratic nominee. The question is: Will those two sites consider a “presumptive nominee” as the nominee? After all, the convention isn’t until August, and a lot can happen between now and August.

  11. Pat – Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof.

    You will still be here, and I will still be here and the conflucians will still be here. We are together. We will find our way.

    And yes, Hillary will be here. As CIC.

    Sweet dreams, lovely ones.

  12. Thank you! I have been troubled by sites or people supporting Hillary because of this or that incorrect trope – BHO is Muslim (No. Just. No.), BHO is “too liberal” (actually, it is his social conservatism that bothers me), Michelle Obama is too to be First Lady (which usually combines both sexist and racist tropes into one offensive package) and on and on.

    As you say, there are plenty of completely legitimate reasons to support Hillary over Obama, and plenty of completely legitimate reasons to not support Obama in the general, but none of the things in paragraph 1 apply.

    On a side note – wtf is it with Obama supporters who, after finding out I’m for HIllary, end our encounter hours, sometimes days later, with a triumphalist “H. sux!” or “your candidate’s going to lose!” when we part? This has happened twice recently – first with an in-law, and second with a local professor (of women’s history!). It’s weird, but feels of-a-piece with the mood and tone or the campaign. I never know what to say in response – it’s so shocking and such shitty behavior – but I was wondering if it’s happened to anyone else here.

    (Please feel free to delete paragraph 3 or move it to somewhere more appropriate – I know it’s off topic)

  13. Pat Johnson

    I sometimes wonder about TalkLeft post-nomination but Jeralyn is very fair, so I’m inclined to believe that a spirited discussion will still be allowed; especially with Armando posting.

  14. holy crap Pat! the ring bearer????? that made me lol

  15. Pat, I do know what you’re saying. that just caught me by surprise. I was thinking….marry the best man or an usher! isn’t the ring bearer…like…..five? 🙂

  16. This blog, and maybe one or two others, may be the only ones left who feel disenfranchised. If there is no opposition to Obama allowed at this point in time, there will be no opposition allowed going forward. We must keep in mind that those blogs have gone out on a limb in their support of Obama. They will not back down now to allow any dissent which would weaken their stance.

    Going forward, the MSM will follow suit. McCain will be mocked for every utterance (and he may well deserve it) but Obama will be elevated and quoted because they too have gone out on a limb and would hesitate in backing down. He will get their support unequivocally for fear of being labeled as we were. They want to congratulate themselves for their support of the first black candidate and their corporate masters will herald the acclaim.

    We have been royally duped and there is not a damn thing we can do about it. Seventeen million voices will be swept into the netherworld due to this travesty.

  17. kiki: It was to be a small wedding.

  18. It’s friday nite – no rest for the wicked – lol .. listening to Hannity – o . m . g. are they ever having tons of fun .

    shaking my head and more will be coming . BO the gift that will not stop giving all through the summer and into the fall .

    I think I will leave the country now just so I do not have to hear this crap . I’ve had it !! I feel like it’s G.Wallace time in America again … I’m sick of this Big Ugly that has descended on my country .

  19. Jack: Yes, I get that crap too….so high school. It just shows how young and immature politically some Obama supporters are. They think this campaign is like a pep rally.

  20. Wow, almost 700K. I can still remember the good old days….It must be all the spammers 🙂

    Some of the O supporters who come visit us lately remind me of the Mac/PC wars predating Windows.

    Oh well.

    PS: by the way, and I know I am late. Congrats gqmartinez!!!

  21. Briana: I hear you. But we probably could not afford the rates since everything is so damn expensive.

  22. Pat, if it’s Obama vs. McCain, I think you’ll be surprised by how the MSM suddenly discovers Obama’s clay feet… and begins relieving them selves on them.

    Just look at the last five days. McCain is up, Obama is down, in terms of boot-licking news.

    Obama may come closer to residing in the white house in Joliette than in the White House in D.C.

  23. I think the spam filter is a good thing. I really like the Tennessee Guerilla Women blog but I rarely read the comments because there are just so many obnoxious people there. literally ‘regulars’ who are just there to badmouth Hillary, her supporters and all the TGW. it’s tiresome. Egalia is very patient and nice. I guess I’m not cause I’d be deleting them if it was my blog.

    a few years ago I was unemployed and amused myself every so often by making snarky comments on Free Republic. one of those *too much time on your hands* activities. my comments all got removed and eventually I got banned. I never expected to change anyone’s mind, and I never resented that my comments were thrown away, nor did I consider it a violation of my “rights”…. that’s somebody’s website, and they get to make the rules. looking back, I feel like maybe I was actually rude for posting there. hopefully they got some kind of joy from deleting my comments and eventually deleting me.

  24. Whoa folks. It’s easy to get down with all the Obamaphile attacks and seeming (emphasize seeming) desertion of certain blogs. But again nothing is changing with this folks who count (i.e. voters). Only in the virtual worlds of the blogosphere, MSM, and DNC is Obama taken seriously.

    Of course the really dirty secret is that might be enough for Obama to win not only the nomination but also the presidency. However, it doesn’t matter because between him and McCain it will be a one term presidency. The incompetency won’t continue given that all fo Bush’s karmic debts are coming due.

    We have to be in this for the long haul. As someone noted earlier, we are looking at either August 2008 or 2012. Moreover, we will have plenty of work to do DURING their presidencies.

    Here are the interim steps that I propose (but only for sake of conversation — I’m not saying they are perfect):

    1. Fight like hell every step of the way until the balloons drop in August. If nothing else, let’s leave a record that some (well really most) democrats fought this takeover.

    2. Start keeping track of names of who has been “naughty” and “nice” for the next set of elections. This is not Baltimore or Chicago, where people can turn off your heat or water for voting the wrong way. (Nod to Nancy & Obama). Nor are we beholden to either one of them for money and patronage, unlike the Super Delegates.

    3. Inflict as much damage during the election not only with our votes but our voices. We have to reach out to folks who have lack access to the net and will therefore feel particularly bereft.

    4. Remember that it’s far more important to be able to look oneself i the mirror than to be “liked.”

  25. Pat – you are absolutely right , I have dear friends from Peru one is staying with me now . She was there for three months, just got back about 3 weeks ago and of course the dollar buys less , however she tells me we can still do better there, much better – so I don’t know . Have tossed it around a bit, off and on over the years .. 🙂

    just words … :))

    Greta’s on now playing the pfl guy tape ..

  26. Hey Conflucians:

    You guys think HRC will be stopping here on of these days? Clearly she is one of us:

    Clinton solidifies front-running position as candidate to have cocktails with

    She might be lacking in delegates, money and avenues to the Democratic nomination, but if nothing else, Hillary Rodham Clinton has clearly solidified her front-running position as the presidential candidate to have cocktails with.

    After an event Wednesday night in Rapid City, Senator Clinton added a notch to her belt on the drinking-war front when she strode to the back of her plane nursing a generous tumbler of amber-colored liquid. The substance was the subject of much debate among the press corps, but no one had the nerve to ask the candidate directly.

    Bourbon, it turned out.

    That. Is. My. Candidate.
    We are clearly her people.

  27. Thanks riverdaughter for the spam filter! it works! I’ve left Taylor Marsh because I cant stand the obama talking points repeated ad nauseum!

  28. Thank you Senator McCain for defending Senator Clinton. It may be a pander but you are a better man than Obama could ever imagine being.

  29. Ben , I may be very naive again , however I believe McCain . This may sound weird but in my whole life I have never , ever been called a racist by anyone – Never – that is until now – by dems . Not one repub ever called me that , not 1 . I don’t ‘recall’ McCain being a butt head in the 90s – I could very well be wrong – he just doesn’t stand out in my memories , of course there were so many stand outs … tsk.

    He is a better man than BO will ever be . Amen.

  30. Riverdaughter, if, God forbid, BO is awarded the nomination, I wil look to you for advice on how to vote in November.
    I’m sure that I’m old enough to be your mother, but you’ve been such a beacon and straight shooter that, truly, I would value your direction.
    At this point, you wouldn’t tell me to vote for Obama or McCain because that’s more Sophie’s Choice than Hobson’s.

  31. Thanks MaBlue for the Great Story .. I needed that .


  32. ben, I think McCain and Hillary made peace with one another a long time ago. I think sticking up for her was genuine and not just pander.

    If it is pander, what does that say about Obama. He doesn’t even care enough about Hillary’s supporters to pander to us much less do the right thing.

  33. p/s where are katie and bostonboomer today? I haven’t seen either of them.

  34. I styled you as Riverdaughter because it was the start of the sentence-I know you’re riverdaughter! I’m so thankful for your site.

  35. If you want baloney, go to MyDD and read the comments. At least the haters at DKos have some verbal skills. Those people are pathetic.

  36. SweetSue: You have to vote your conscience. Be careful tho. I followed a pingback to a site that was clearly Republican where the linker was citing us as prime McCain recruitment territory. If you don’t have to, don’t vote for McCain.

  37. Thanks for the story, MABlue – I would’ve been glad to have a drink with Hillary anyway, but the fact that she drinks bourbon makes it that much better in my imagination! I don’t demand that people drink, but asceticism doesn’t do it for me either. The only issue that bugs me about the story is the implication that she now chooses bourbon to “connect” with working class voters; that it’s a “new” thing for her. Bourbon is not a drink you choose unless you honestly like it – and your face will always give it away if you don’t!

  38. Llort: We’re vegetarians. Nothing but tofu served here.

  39. I think a lot of us (myself included) have been getting way too caught up in the “what ifs”.

    It’s been mentioned many times that a lot can happen between now and August. If Hillary suspends, the white hot spotlight of the MSM will be trained on Obama alone between now and the convention. I think it’s safe to predict that he’ll make a few spectacular gaffes along the way, and with Hill laying low, the media will have a heyday.

    There really is plenty of time for the Supers to have a change of heart and decide the White House is important this year. If he stumbles to the nomination anyway, I am serenely confident he will lose to McCain. And Hill will be 45.

    Meanwhile, I hope The Confluence will be here. I for one will be happy to chip in to keep the lights on, and I would bet many others feel the same way. Quality trumps quantity anytime in my blogosphere.

  40. To give you an example of what the Obamabots think of us, just for a little fun I sent a portion of Riverdaughter’s blog this morning to my old college friend Hans who is a democratic activist in DC. I sent the section about how it was Hillary who ran the good campaign and Obama the bad one and that he is an affirmative action candidate. I was just testing the waters to see what his response would be. He was such a feminist in college, almost overboard. I never bought into all the politically correct stuff. But he was SOOO pro-choice and soooo liberal. And now he is sooo gay and all about gay rights. I’m gay too but you know what i mean. His response back from that email was his asking if this was written by “Brie Van de kamp,” the prim conservative housewife on Desperate Housewives. He was completely dismissive and is obviously willing to overlook the mysogyny and hate if it serves his purpose. That is today’s DNC.

  41. I hope you all understand that I’ve loved hillary since 1992. But maybe I’m a bit more vindictive so i will vote for McCain. That die is cast. But I also live in Ohio and my vote can make a difference. I refuse to give Obama even a half of my vote. The whole thing is going to McCain. But I think the good thing about us is that we understand where we are all coming from. I’m going to suggest going all the way and voting for McCain. Others, I understand that you just can’t.

  42. I ‘ve thought that some of the commentors, here and at other pro-Hillary sites, are Republican moles,
    I will never vote for McCain or any other Republican.
    I still think the Democratic Party could snap to and allow the winner of the popular vote, who happens to be the qualified candidate, be the nominee.
    If they disenfranchise Michigan and Florida and annoint Obama, I’ll have to leave a blank or stay home.
    But I’ll need riverdaughter and katiebird and all of you for guidance.
    I’ve never not voted and never not voted Democratic.

  43. Cdalygo,

    Sounds like a plan, I’ve always thought the idea of being part of a resistance movement was kind of romantic. A poster here recently mentioned that they were working on “Operation Poison Coattails” project to target the election or reelection of all the Dems who have endorsed Obama. Do we Conflucians have any other thoughts?

    I’m trying not to despair but if the fix is in my only hope will be to come up with some sort of plan for taking the party back (however long that will take.)

  44. I’m at the point of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And the best way I can serve Hillary (if she doesn’t get the nomination) is to prove her right and all of us right and help elect McCain. She will then be the leader of the party for the next four years.

  45. hey! we made it to DC. everybody needs to cheer up. it seems pretty mellow in here. The partner and I are in the Omni hotel across the street from the marriott. we tried to get a room there but its booked solid (hopefully lots of hillary supporters). There is lots of press over there, and it looks like a lot of unhappy women 🙂 We’re sitting in the room making signs as we speak. We’re going to go over to the marriott bar and see if we can get a feel for whats going on over there. I have heard the talk of 1/2 votes for all delegates. It seems to me that they want them all there so they can then fight for them to have full votes. anyway, we’re going to the bar now. I’ll check back later to see if anyone’s still awake….If you’re in DC, come meet us at the bar at the marriott! My partner is wearing his Hillary t-shirt.

  46. I’m waiting for the debates in the fall. right now i wont vote in the GE but it may change in the fall depending on what happens in the debates.

  47. Frankly , we have all said this before – We did not leave this dem party – the dem party seems to have thrown us under the bus with grandma , wright , pflieger , Hs, working class and the ‘uneducated’ – who have I missed ??? No .

    I didn’t leave !! .. somebody snuck in my house and burned it down. .

  48. I don’t really care about taking the party back. the party sucks. they were elected in 2006 for a very specific purpose and it wasn’t enabling bush and his war. but ya woulda thought so……..

    who needs them? the best thing I can say about the democratic party these days is……they’re not the republican party. I don’t think. they may just all be the republicrats or the demoplicans. whatever. there was a time when their values seemed aligned with mine, but that was a long time ago. I’m currently trying to quit smoking (oy – not easy!) and I might as well try to give up all my bad habits while I’m at it. bye bye democratic party. you could’a been a contender…….

  49. Gary thanks for the cheerful update .. needed that one too … >:D<

  50. Duh .. there was supposed to be a big hug there Gary . oh well .

  51. oh Gary, glad you made it! be well, do good work and keep in touch! I’m looking forward to your reports

  52. SweetieSue! But I’ll need riverdaughter and katiebird and all of you for guidance.

    No you don’t. You should think about what’s important to you. It’s your vote.

    shane: Operation Poison Coattails

    I missed that. Speaking for myself, I’m not interested in anything that’s not very well-organized. I’m not filled w/ piss and vinegar.

    For me, this isn’t really about Hillary v Obama any longer (and honestly, that’s been the case for a while). I’m more shocked by the manner in which the media took over this primary. I’m startled by the lack of channels/avenues for alternative expression. I’m dismayed by the lack of leadership by women politicians and so-called “women’s groups.” I’m tired of the harassment by the likes of Pfleger and the sickos from BO’s internet response goonies. I see increasingly hate-filled messages left all over the place about “white women.” Pelosi and all the Democratic strategists who talk about all of us ‘returning to the fold’ or ‘falling in line’ can kiss my a** (trying to avoid moderation).

    I respect Doug Wilder and his little threats way back — and Black voters for backing him up. That’s called leveraging political power — something women don’t seem to know how to do. Part of it is the very weak leadership. There was a Dionne piece in the WP today w/ my state treasurer (and Hillary endorser) murmering something about “looking for signs of understanding and respect.” WTF? *Now* you are looking for soft reassurances? *After* the primary? Wow, too late. Compare that to how Clyburn et al jumped to Obama’s side whenever they thought he was getting dissed (whether we agree or not).

    What’s needed in my view is new infrastructure that’s separate from what is called ‘progressive’ (but really is not!)

  53. kiki — giving up the Dem party will be easier than quitting smoking!

  54. Llort Gib (Big trolL), a.k.a. Cinderella, OBT, KaylaB, …

  55. Thanks for the update, Gary! This left coaster is so grateful for your presence in DC!

  56. Obama has alienated groups that he will definitely need. What puzzles me are people like Rachel Maddow, a strong defender of the gay alliance, who is supporting this non entity. He made his position clear by not wanting his picture taken with Gavin Newsom in SF, he had that loathesome Mullen who has been “cured” by his side, and he has an antipathy towards women.

    By any standard, and Rachel is a Rhodes scholar, I am unable to comprehend her selection. You would think she would be backing a candidate who supports gay rights and is female.

  57. There really is nothing good to say about today’s Democratic Party. They have let us down since 2006 when they had the power to at least make the effort to stop this war. They allowed Alito and Roberts to be confirmed. They voted on behalf of Mukasey. They never really went after the bad guys who aided and abetted Abramoff. They folded on Rove. They rubber stamped Bush. What good are they Pelosi is power hungry and Reid is a wimp. They are in the process of forging an Obama onto the rest of us while abandoning a smart, dedicated, fearless woman leader.

    I long for my party of old but certainly not the current group who have been there way too long.

  58. After the scramble, there will be two major parties. The more progressive one will probably the Democrats. We may have occasion to come in from the outside like the Mighty Obamites did, as insurgent reformers.

    The youth and the netroots will bail on him first, in waves, with the first waves coming before the election, and major waves coming before inauguration. Every step he takes in the direction of specificity will leave hordes of current supporters “betrayed”.

    If he makes it into office, African-Americans aren’t going to cut him much slack – and he’s got nothing for them.

    His supporters of the Creative Writing Class? They’re the last to catch on, the suspension of disbelief being their only marketable skill. They will make lots of frictional noises though, as they note with consternation that he’s making the “wrong” moves … but they’ll be quick with conspiracy theories to account for those.

  59. ron: He is a piece of clay. He can be bent and molded to fit whatever criteria that awaits. The MSM will not criticize since they are largely responsible for getting him to where he is. The critics will be silent since the label racist is hard to overcome. He will get a pass all the way around because he is black and hand selected. The meanest thing I can think of is that he trips up pretty bad the next few months and his inexperience is showcased. Or another ranting tape is produced. Either way, he is going to the WH. I can feel it.

  60. hlr, no kiddiing! I have had a horrible year so far health-wise. I’m one of those people who are never sick, or never were, and in 2008 I’ve been diagnosed with pneumonia 4 times, the flu twice, asthma as a new chronic thing…..yeah I smoke so it’s my own fault, but a little bronchitis or something could have warned me before this barrage. I’ve been hospitalized for the first time in my life for something other than being born or giving birth – in other words, for actually being ill. I’m not liking 2008 so far. and I am so much more sympathetic to people with chronic health problems than I was before.

    and I always said of course I’d quit smoking if I actually had a health problem (like being admitted to the hospital for an asthma attack)….well, guess what? that’s easier said than done. it’s true. quitting the democratic party will be easier than quitting this other stuff. I don’t even like them anymore.

  61. kiki: I don’t even like them anymore.

    The Dems or cigs?

  62. ronkseattle: Creative Writing Class? They’re the last to catch on

    Ain’t that the truth!

  63. HIr .. You Rock !!! – you said it perfectly and what you said is perfectly true .. t.you.

  64. Are we even sure he’ll be the nominee? With Pfleger all over the news I’m certainly wondering how many more shoes will drop between now and August.

  65. ronkseattle @ 11:46

    You have to think on their bright side; the staunch ‘our time’ supporters will get to vilify something or somebody. Markos and his cohorts will receive more hits than prior to the general election. ‘Blogad’ revenue will skyrocket…all by accident, of course.

    Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  66. Constantly having to hear “both sides” of an argument gets so tedious after a time. It is so refreshing to come here and to be able to read pure, unadulterated baloney (in sharp contrast to that horrible spam!) Baloney VS Spam.

    You get one side at the pro-Obama blogs, and one side here.

    This approach is better than “loudest one shouting wins” when one is dealing with certain types of people. (Examples: science isn’t real, the earth is flat, the Holocaust never happened, and Barack Obama would make a fine President – in other words, people who believe in fairy tales and scary stories).

  67. daria – No, nothing is a done deal yet. A summer in quiet mode might be the best thing for us, as it puts Obama in the spotlight he’s been able to avoid thus far by inciting faux outrages around Hillary.

  68. daria – No, nothing is a done deal yet. A summer in quiet mode might be the best thing for us, as it puts Obama in the spotlight he’s been able to avoid thus far by inciting faux outrages around Hillary.

  69. daria – No, nothing is a done deal yet. A summer in quiet mode might be the best thing for us, as it puts Obama in the spotlight he’s been able to avoid thus far by inciting faux outrages around Hillary.

  70. daria – No, nothing is a done deal yet. A summer in quiet mode might be the best thing for us, as it puts Obama in the spotlight he’s been able to avoid thus far by inciting faux outrages around Hillary.

  71. Maybe Rachel Maddow knows which side her bread is buttered. As a gay woman in the tank for Bama, she gets much more publicity and $$. A gay woman I know says that Rachel must really hate herself.

    Kind of like how Donna Brazile pretended to be undeclared or undecided or whatever for $$$. She does Obama proud.

    John McCain and Hillary bonded on the Armed Services Committee.

    Hillary would be much more fun to have a drink with than Mr. Prim Precious with his pinkie in the air. He does had the jones for a smoke.

    I can’t wait to see what the media does to Precious. He’s ready for prime time coverage!

    McCain is the man for the corporate-consolidated media. Obama’s Wall St. and Chicago machine ties show he is no progressive, but he would be terribly incompetent in terms of fulfilling his masters’ agenda. Not that interested in policy. Will be good for the Annie Liebowitz photo shoots, however.

    I have gone over to the other side. If McCain was good enough for Kerry and Daschle to ask him to be Kerry’s VP in 2004, he is good enough for me. I morally cannot vote for Bama. My visceral response to him based on what I know places him lower than Bush, whom I think is ignorant about what he has wrought. Bama and Axelrod are bosom buddies.

    Hillary is the Martin Luther King of her time, but it will be a long time before a qualified woman can be given the chance of an unqualified male, even one who has studied a black identity (raised by whites in Hawaii, Obama needed to create an identify–and to be preternaturally sensitive to every slight afforded Americans whose ancestors were slaves). I bet he doesn’t know that his white ancestors owned a few slaves themselves.

    If Obama is the nominee, I look forward to a landslide victory by McCain. McCain and the Republican Party can inherit the Iraq fiasco and the economic downturn. Nancy and the Pips–in the Democratic majority Congress–can be as incompetent as ever, but the Republicans will take the heat.

    Keeping someone who has no idea what he is doing (and whose judgment is very very very substandard) out of the White House is more than commitment to a party. Nancy Pelosi is as inept as the candidate she is foisting upon us. I guess she doesn’t want to be compared to Hillary because there is no comparison!

    Susan Sontag in the early 70s said it really didn’t matter if you voted Democratic or Republican, it was basically a question of voting for Big Corporation X versus Big Corporation Y. (The ones she cited aren’t even significant anymore–multinationals have taken over.) In the 70s the Democratic Party sold out to the corporations in order to have the funds to run campaigns, which is just to give money to the five or so corporations that control the publics’ airwaves so that 30-second ads for candidates can further their bottom lines.

    The interest in this election cycle has been good for the bottom lines of the corporations that own TV (and Obama is supposed to be very good for General Electric’s nuclear interests).

    Although I loathed Nader for bringing us Bush, what he has to say about both parties is spot on. Rent the movie “An Unreasonable Man.”

    We need a third party! One that can bypass the corporate-consolidated media and the corporate parties.

  72. daria – No, nothing is a done deal yet. A summer in quiet mode might be the best thing for us, as it puts Obama in the spotlight he’s been able to avoid thus far by inciting faux outrages around Hillary.

  73. daria – No, nothing is a done deal yet. A summer in quiet mode might be the best thing for us, as it puts Obama in the spotlight he’s been able to avoid thus far by inciting faux outrages around Hillary.

  74. If Obama is the nominee, and if Hillary cannot be persuaded to mount an independent challenge, please consider Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party.

    I have a number of problems with Cynthia, not lest among them her friendly attitude toward the 9/11 “twoof” kooks. But she has many admirable points in her resume, including her efforts to impeach Bush and her exemplary work to help Katrina victims.

    Moreover, if the Dean/Brazile/Moulitsas/Huffington folks continue to dominate the Democratic Party, we may just need to build up another party. The Greens are already on the ballot.

    Besides — Cynthia is a genuinely good speaker, much better than is Mr. Uh Uh ummm Barack uh Slow-bama:


  75. for Hillary:

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