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Thursday: Mitchellism, part “Duh!”

What is it about free speech and free will that Andrea doesn’t get?  Taylor Marsh’s latest podcast has an extended clip of Andrea and Howard Wolfson going at it again.  I’m not sure what is more annoying, the fact that Andrea finds the thought of thousands of protesters are the RBC meeting gauche or that she repeatedly asked Wolfson what number of delegates he’s be willing to settle for.  To be fair, she wasn’t the only one asking this question.  James Carville got a similar set of mind numbing questions from Diane Sawyer at Good Morning America yesterday.  It’s almost as if they need to be reassured over and over again that Obama is going to be the nominee and they need to hear it from the Clinton people directly.  We are not allowed to have any hope.

Well, Andrea, if you know something or if you are so certain that the fix is in, we have a little message we wish to convey to Howard Dean and Donna Brazile and the rest of you: “The Whole World is Watching”  Yes, if this RBC meeting is nothing but Kabuki, don’t expect the Clinton supporters and the Floridians and Wolverines to just suck it up and go about their lives afterwards, loyalties instantly transferred to the precious.  I’m fairly certain we’ll be more PO’d about it afterwards, especially because there seems to be no reason to penalize these two states in the first place.   No, we will not be very happy.  We will not get over it.  We will not change our minds before November.

Just think what kind of message it sends to the independents and swing voters who the DNC wants to attract in November.  What kind of party disses 2,3 Million voters and why should a non-party member accept that?

141 Responses

  1. Good Morning, Riverdaughter. I’m really looking forward to Saturday’s meeting. And like you, I wonder if it’ll just be a public ritual for decisions they’ve already made. Or if we’ll see some truth.

    I’m still deeply involved with a huge work project so I won’t be around much (if at all) today.

    Was the field trip fun?

  2. Proof, if anyone needed it that only the Obama female dogs are allowed air time. Andrea Mitchell has been an embarrassment to good reporting for years. But year in and year out there she is pontificating, speculating, bloviating and spinningfor all she’s worth. How predictable that a woman like Andrea, who knows how to suck up to the boyz has a nice cushy, well paying, job.

    Same for Sawyer. I have loathed this twit since she did the Hit Job on Judy Dean back when Howard Dean was running. She made a big deal out of the fact that Judy Dean wasn’t campaigning with her husband like a good little wifey-poo should. For those that don’t remember Judith Dean is an M.D. and didn’t want to leave her patients in the lurch. Barely mentioned in passing was that Judith Dean still makes house calls. You would have thought that worth an entire program in and of itself. But not for Sawyer.

    She’s also the one the did the nice little hit interview with the Dixie Chicks. At least she tried to. But the Chicks managed to out-manuer her fairly well.

    These two, along with Rachel Maddow, Gloria Borger, Eleanor Clifton and other women in the media illustrate the woman on woman hate that I find frightening.

    Have a beef with a female candidate? Fine with me. State it with facts and honesty. Otherwise STFU and quit embarrassing yourselves and us. Or are these women trying to emulate the repulsive MoDo?

  3. I think the decision has been made. We all have to know that the DNC is filled with activist “young people” who are Obama supporters. Just a quick look through Face Book on friends of the DNC could tell me that. i love what you said that Andrea and Diane have to be constantly told that Obama is the nominee to reassure themselves. I’m thinking they will go with a 50/50 split of delegates that will then be halved for FL and MI. That way they can say they weren’t seated by popular vote results. If we don’t get what we want all we have to say is “No.” That’s very easy to do according to Nancy Reagan.

  4. Excellent, Marge. I will say the only female commentator back in the day who said something good about Judith Dean was Cokie Roberts who found her “refreshing.” And Cokie was right at the time. As for Mitchell she probably hasn’t gotten over having to be Candace Bergen’s roommate at Penn. Talk about feeling inadequate.

  5. That call yesterday was a riot. I listened to it on the radio last night. There was a reporter from FL who was really strange. He kept demanding to know how many delegates Hillary would settle for from FL. He finally flew into a rage and revealed that he had voted for Kucinich. But Andrea Mitchell is the worst. She comes across as so above it all, so superior–like she knows exactly what is going to happen.

    What I took from the call is that Hillary is nowhere near to giving up. Regardless of what happens, I hope she fights all the way to the convention.

  6. She should demand full delegations for these two states. In Michigan, they should revote on Aug. 5th or Obama gets 0 votes. The people of Michigan and Florida deserve to have their voices heard in a meaningful way.

  7. These nattering nay-sayers are getting more pissed at this point because Hillary is making them look stupid. They are so used to being able to bully every politician in Washington. And it’s not working. They step back, spin their heads around, and regroup with something more hateful and more arrogant each time.

  8. Has there ever been a primary season where a presumed nominee declared himself the winner based on Super Delegate support?

    I thought that Presumed Nominees ALWAYS gained that status based on Delegates won through Primaries and Caucuses.

    Conventions are where the Super Delegates play their hand for real.

    Since NEITHER candidate has won a majority of delegates through the primaries and caucuses this MUST play out through the summer.

    Democratic leadership can whine all they want — they were the ones to set the calendar. If they wanted this over quickly, they should have called the convention for the end of June.

    Dang! I wish I didn’t have to run off to work, I sense a post in there someplace.

  9. Yes, the brainlessness of Diane Sawyer’s questions and whole manner in that Carville interview is an embarrassment. But I don’t watch any “news” related tv at this point, so maybe I’m just not used to it.

  10. Time is on our side. Hillary is strong, and so are we.

    I’m not listening to a bunch of babies hopped up on high fructose corn syrup.

  11. Good Morning. Just reading through the comments and wondering, if they give her half and after the primaries, she does what the pundits are praying for and concedes (please no), do we just give up? Drop it and forget about it, or do we fight on for the cause, because for me, yes I want Hillary Clinton as my President, but I also want to know that the next woman is not treated in the same manner.

  12. Whatever they “give” her in delegates, she will still have the popular vote majority, the most anyone has ever got in primaries, I believe.

    I don’t know where this is going, but she’s not a quitter

  13. Kim

    “giving up” is not an option. We will not “appease” the DNC or the Obama campaign. We will continue to fight. We will not give in.

  14. Oh, I would never vote for Obama, never, as Dobbs said, put a fork in it, he’s done. But, if she does concede, I think the fight should go on for us. We have been ignored . Any vote after the disenfranshisement of FL and MI, just didn’t matter. After Super Tuesday, any votes for Hillary and Hillary, herself, were thrown out with the bathwater. Obama was considered the nominee and as to the rest of us, we were supposed to quietly go away. I am tired of quietly going away.

  15. I looked for the comments by Dobbs–anyone have a link?

  16. Guaranteed another woman will not be treated this way. The next time a woman runs the press will annoint her, no matter how qualified or unqualified she is, because by that time they will feel some “guilt” over how they treated Hillary. This time they are making up to the black candidate for past sins. Next time they will make it up to the woman.

  17. Obamedia omits so many facts about FL & MI – and even Howard Dean goes along with the media narrative that it’s not right (for Hillary) to suggest changing the rules.

    Obama has always opposed counting the votes in FL & MI and seating their delegates!
    Prior to FL & MI primaries – Hillary promised to fight for all votes and all delegates to be seated.
    So no – she didn’t just begin seeking to have the votes counted and delegates seated!

  18. “Facebook on friends of the DNC”?

    Oh gawd. What awesome rebels they are.

  19. RD, you say friends don’t let friends vote Republican.

    Well, I’m so pissed off that I sure as hell won’t vote for the Democrat Obama.

    I’m voting against Obama in November if he is the nominee.

    Godzilla could be running and I’d vote for that monster. I’ll vote for the monster McCain.

    Obama must be stopped.

  20. We’ve voted for candidates of all races and genders, but we won’t vote for Obama.
    We wouldn’t attend a church where racist rants are common nor would we vote for a candidate that sat in a pew for 20 years listening to hatemongering for America, Jews, Catholics, whites…in an effort to advance AAs as “victims.”

    And Wright’s ideology is consistently reflected in Obama’s race-baiting, character assassination of the Clintons, and calling Democrats “racists” for not supporting him.

    Obama is an Empty Suit and has consistently played the Race Card to deflect his lack of substance and experience.
    There is nothing to indicate he would discontinue playing the Race Card in the WH – and damaging the reputations of other good people.

    Obama is too dangerous to be president.

  21. I don’t know about you Sarah, but, I don’t feel that the Democratic Party I am seeing, is the party I felt so honored to be a part of, disenfranching voters, allowing someone like Hillary Clinton to be bashed, after she has dedicated most of her life to the party, allowing total states to be considered redneck, racist hillbillies. This is not my party anymore.

  22. joanie, I think the Dobbs comment came from his radio show.

  23. Ben,

    Forget it. There is no other woman who is as qualified as Hillary and has the political power to be a viable candidate for President. If she doesn’t win the presidency, I guarantee it will be many, probably decades before another woman steps up.

  24. Hey folks, it’s off topic. Still it might be relevant to Saturday and future conversations with SDs.

    Go check out the video currently up at Talk Left. Shows white Catholic priest bashing Hillary as part of his rant for reparations. (She only cried because she was losing nomination to which she felt “entitled.”)

    (Yes, this guy is a one of Obama’s “advisors.”)


  25. The echo chamber at the DNC consists of young turk Obamabots.

  26. Not sure why the smiles showed up.

    Okay, I guess it’s the closing paren.

  27. Hillary Rapid Responders are requesting rebuttals. Seems Pelosi gave an interview yesterday stating she would step in if Hillary decides to take it to the convention.

  28. Morning all!

    bostonboomer – I completely agree with your statement.


    Forget it. There is no other woman who is as qualified as Hillary and has the political power to be a viable candidate for President. If she doesn’t win the presidency, I guarantee it will be many, probably decades before another woman steps up.

    Not only is there no one nearly as qualified, but who the hell else would want to put herself through this woodchipper?

    Every day I marvel at Hillary’s incredible strength and willpower. Rise, Hillary, Rise!

  29. Could you imagine what the GOP can do with that video! OMG, Reparations!!!

    The media may not cover Trinity videos like this now but they will when the GOP runs attack ads using it.

  30. @Kim, 10:35 AM

    “… Pelosi gave an interview yesterday stating she would step in if Hillary decides to take it to the convention.”

    Step in and do what? As far as I’m concerned, she’s already stepped in it, and I’m not referring to the primary.

  31. She gave an interview, I believe to the San Francisco Chronicle, stating she wil not allow Hillary to take it to the convention and she will step in to stop it if necessary. She also stated it will be over next week.

  32. Here is another excerpt from the interview:

    “But the speaker said that activist women who make up Clinton’s supporters, blue-collar voters and Obama backers will come together when they realize they “have the most to lose by a Democratic defeat.”

  33. Whatever happens Sat, of course Hill will take this to the convention. If Bambie had this sewed up , Fla and Mi would be seated and the likes of Andrea would not be pressing for soft spots. This whole thing reminds me of the impeachment crap. Just like this, they kept asking what it will take for Bill to step down? How about bite me? If nothing else ,Hill forces the crimes into board day light….and it will be a long hot summer for Ogaffy . There is no nominee until Aug. Even If she was imprisoned, Hill should do no more than suspend…but I don’t see her doing even that. Hillary will do the right thing. She knows Democracy is in the balance.

  34. The reason why the MSM and dolts like Andrea Mitchell are seething is because they are failing to sell the Obama propaganda the same way the sold the Iraq war.

    Jessica Yellin from CNN (who used to work for MSNBC & ABC) had reported that she was criticized by her superiors & corporate sponsors whenever she presented a critique piece on the Bush Admin.

    Now, WE THE PEOPLE, are demanding Obama to be vetted and investigated, and Andrea Mitchell’s attitude proves that most of the press corp is in on the fix.

  35. That video from Talk Left is disturbing since it was coming from a church. The “priest” is revolting trying to act like a black preacher and behaving in that manner. Shame on him.

  36. Pelosi has apparently forgotten that Reagan was elected twice with a lot of Democratic votes.

  37. But the speaker said that activist women who make up Clinton’s supporters, blue-collar voters and Obama backers will come together when they realize they “have the most to lose by a Democratic defeat.

    WHAT is Nancy smoking?? I think the last botox treatment missed her forehead and went directly into her brain. If that’s what she is selling to the top .999 rich people ….she better look into her bag. it’s empty

  38. Oh yes we will come together Madam Speaker. We are well aware of what we will lose if Barack Obama becomes the President of the United States. That is why we will come together and work to defeat him.

  39. I checked out the article. Nancy doesn’t look too good.
    She thinks she’s Madame President….HA! What ever the hell she thinks she’ll do next week , I just have to laugh. Impeachment for Bush was off the table , but people having a vote MUST BE STOPP!!! I ‘ll step in!! If this is the brain behind BO, the Dems will be begging Hill to take the nomination by August.

  40. Guys, this is so funny. Check it out:


  41. Has Pelosi seen that new Trinity video?

  42. All I have to say regarding Pelosi is…if she wanted to be President so badly, why didn’t she freaking impeach Bush and Cheney?


  43. I think not losing our dignity and self respect is a lot more important than Roe v Wade at this point.

  44. I just watched that video. It is so disturbing. One normal American would not simply walk out.

  45. Agreed, Ben. I can not support Senator Empty Suit. He’s ill prepared to be President.

  46. Things are happening folks.
    Arabella is right: “Time is on our side. Hillary is strong, and so are we.
    I’m not listening to a bunch of babies hopped up on high fructose corn syrup.”

    I must turn off the laptop and start getting the minivan ready for our trip to DC in the morning. There are signs to be made, oil to be changed, and laundry to be folded. I’m bringing my 3 daughters, my niece, and my father to DC to do what we can, and to bear witness to this hijacking.

    @Kim and others who are still feeling bewildered, please go read VastLeft’s post at corrente-wire about what the HELL is going on. The comments are mind-expanding — troubling, but essential reading.


    There are a bunch of other new great posts up there too — from Sarah’s FLDS saga to Paul_L’s latest data analysis.

    Sorry if this is inappropriate cross-blogging, but I really think the posts there are quite on-topic for what’s being discussed here.

  47. WTF! Nancy is going to “step in” and stop the process? What gives her the power to do that? For heaven’s sake, she can’t even stand up to Bush, Cheney, and Rove, and she thinks she’s going to tell Hillary what to do?

  48. Because my head was spinning after watching that video from the church I screwed up. I meant to say “WHAT normal American would not simply walk out” of that church.

    That was an interesting email from the Hillary responders. It emphasizes she is going to the convention. I haven’t seen that language before today from her campaign.

  49. You know how they say everything comes back to the Godfather movie? When it comes to Nancy I think of that moment in the car with Brando and Duvall where
    Brando says ” But I didn’t know until this day it was Barzini all along ” The problem for those like Pelosi and the other Dem elite is they have done nothing but help Bush and look down on the Dem vote base for 8 years. What was even Kerry’s campaign but going though the motions? There too many examples of Dem elite roll over and helping Bush to list here. Space wise , It would need its own web server. Now, at last, with the Dem elite’s treatment of the voters and Hillary, the fiction that they give a damn and really, really will fight next time is completely exposed. They hate their voter base like they hate the Clintons. They want to be the cooler GOP. Well there is a GOP and they are better at it than these LOSERS. Who but the over forgiving Dem base would put up with these losers for a moment?? That’s the funny part. The Dem egg head losers are finally trashing themselves with the only voter base that gives passes for not doing what they voted for….in that the Dem elite have finally found a success! LOL!! No more Nancy, you will have to find yourself a new corner to hawk that shit.

  50. I think we are more likely to lose Roe v. Wade if they think that it is OK to disrespect and disregard women’s interests and get away with it. They should understand that they abuse women and their vote at their peril.

  51. I haven’t seen the new video, is the link posted?

  52. Nancy can’t even stand up to Harry Reid. She can’t even stand up to Steny Hoyer, and she’s supposedly above him in the Congressional hierarchy!

    I can’t wait to see if Nancy stands up for Barack when the Republicans play all those Trinity Church videos 24 hours a day. Nancy needs to STFU, or she is going to lose her speakership and her seat in the House.

  53. joaniebone— the quote is this:

    DOBBS: This is the third time, Wilmer, he’s attacked me, third time and I got to tell you, the man, as far as I’m concerned, stick the fork in, he’s done. I have no use for the man.

    transcript here:


  54. Melanie, I LOVE the Red State politics guys, I loved the RatBoat video.

    “Oregon smells like patchouli and foot.” I can’t stop laughing at that!

  55. Kim,

    The video is at Talk Left and at No Quarter. Father Pfelger is in Obama’s inner circle of advisors.


  56. These Democrats who are pushing Obama now are going to be in trouble with the right wing Israel lobby eventually. They are in for a world of hurt if Obama wins. What a bunch of morons.

  57. WTF? That video is disturbing. Very disturbing. It leaves you somewhat speechless.

  58. The video makes nauseous, and I thought I was pretty immune to shock at this point.

  59. Boston Boomer: My favorite line from Speilberg’s Munich describes this to a tee:

    “Don’t f-ck with the Jews.”

    The GOP & AIPAC is silent on this so far because that October suprise will come in mid-late June if he’s coronated as the nominee.

  60. Speaker Pelosi never quite seems to “get” it. She is in her position of power because the citizens of this country wanted an end to the war in Iraq. How’s that little thing coming along Madam Speaker?

    Speaker Pelosi is her in her position of power because a whole lot of Democrats, Independents and even some Republicans wanted to see the Bush Administration held responsible for it’s crimes? Speaker Pelosi decided to take that off the table. Nice move Madam Speaker. Perhaps that explains the fact that as unpopular as Bush is the Congress is even more so. Ya had your chance to be a contender, and ya blew it.

    But now, Madam Speaker, you are gonna step in and stop the primary election process from going to the convention? How ya gonna do that? More disenfranchising of voters ala FL and MI?

    The Democrats have now proven that disenfranchisement is now longer just for Republicans. Is this what is meant by bi-partisanship? And if both parties are equally corrupt and one is stronger, if evil and the other is wimpy but evil, just who should we vote for Madam Speaker?

    Cause it is only in YOUR fevered dreams that we are all gonna get in line and climb on the Obama bandwagon. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

  61. @Robin: Exactly right. Obama’s core base is deeply bigoted against women (and, by extension, girls). As a Latino the hell I would trust a candidate who courts a fervently racist base and yet many women in absolute denial about Obama.

    I say if Clinton is denied the nomination, vote against Obama, vote McCain. It’s the best way to maximize punishment. With regards to down ticket Democrats, I plan on not voting for Obama supporters but I won’t vote for the GOP.

  62. I know this is off topic, it took me a few minutes to compose myself after the video. First let my say again, I am half Native American and I haven’t received squat and I haven’t asked for anything. But, Is this reparation thing for real? You all know I am from the South, and being from there, I have heard it all, but the biggest one is paying Civil War reparations. Is there some evidence somewhere that this is coming?

  63. FYI FOlks – double your contribution today on HRC’s site


  64. Already sent mine in.

  65. “FYI FOlks – double your contribution today on HRC’s site


  66. After watching the Trinity video I am beginning to believe this is just an example of what is coming next. You don’t spend 20 yrs in a church listening to that hate speech and not begin to adapt to its leanings. It doesn’t matter that he disavowed the Rev. That was political expediency.

    I am beginning to be more convinced there is a video out there with Michele excorciating “whitey”. It fits into the agenda. And if that priest considers himself “a man of God” I do not.

  67. What rights to democrats have to defend if our vote is not respected in the first place? Sorry, I fail to see the logic here.

  68. Her dissertation isn’t exactly gleaming with beauty towards the white race.

  69. Unfortunately, women with Queen Bee Syndrome, like Nancy Pelosi, cannot be trusted.

  70. I love how these stupid Democratic leaders talk tough about fellow Democrats, but they cannot be tough with Republicans. OK, Nancy, try to stop Hillary before the convention. You won’t see your Democratic base running away from the fight. We will SPIT in your face and take your power away with our votes!

  71. What’s the history of this video? Has it ever been played on television or is this just something being saved for later?

  72. I repeat, this has NOTHING to do with Barack Obama, but there is clearly something wrong at Trinity Church in Chicago.

    That statement was right under the video in the original article.

    this does have something to do with Obama. How much do we need to see of the “circle of hate” that surrounds Obama and Michelle? They take their children to this church to listen to these hate messages.

    That was the first comment.

    The video is at Talk Left and at No Quarter. Father Pfelger is in Obama’s inner circle of advisors.

    Now he is in the “inner circle?” Can somebody help me connect the dots here? How did it go from no association to inner advisor and is there any evidence?

    I do not know what the word for all this Trinity Church bashing is. At the very least it seems indicative of no attempt to understand another’s viewpoint. For example, here I often hear about HRC being pushed out within the context of a “boys club” or “male privilege/entitlement.” I think the “boys club” explanation is not only real but the idea is helpful for understanding how HRC is being treated in the party and the media.

    However, god forbid that anybody suggest that there is such thing as white entitlement or white privilege (sarcasm). As soon as somebody does the language used to describe them/it switches to racist, hate-mongering, vitriol, outrageous, and etc… Like I said, I do not know what the word for this phenomenon is but the hypocrisy really rubs me the wrong way.

  73. I know this may or may not matter much, but yesterday one of the news outlets reported that Oprah had lost nealry 50% of her viewing audience since becoming involved with politics. Now, if her viewing audience is made up of mainly women who are at home that time of day, and there are nearly double that amount that are at work, wouldn’t that say something about the power in numbers, we have. And that does not include, the men that are Hillary supporters, Reagan Dems, blue collar workers, etc.

  74. I think Oprah is on around 4pm PST, but still…

  75. It’s hard for us to complain about sexism and throw around terms like “Queen Bee Syndrome.”

  76. in the case against Oprah’s judgment…. my first piece of evidence would be Dr, Phil. I mean if she could see how phony he is…WTF! lol! ….I don’t think it’s an accident both she and BO are from Chicago. Oprah was acking for a mid life crisis anyway. For years she’s been acting like she’s jesus…or in BO case, john the baptist

  77. I understand the usage of the term in this instance, because I have heard so many women say that Pelosi does not want to be undermined by Hillary and she would lose top spot or that she is intimidated. I have to say though that if Hillary makes it, there will be a lot of people doing the backstroke and I would love to see it.

  78. Well I can tell you in South Carolina, her appearance in Columbia, turned the tide. She is on here at 4:00 EST and most are still at work until 5:00.

  79. Oprah is a big fat phony. If her ratings are dropping so be it. People who “idolize” other people can always take that idolization elsewhere. That phoniness was on display when she kept dramatically repeating, “he is the one” about a hundred times. Many, like me, didn’t think so. She has built an aura around herself of a “benefactress”, giving away cars and such. It is just another block in the Oprah myth.

  80. power does shit to people.
    Nancy …we hardly knew ye. I f they had done ONE thing the base voted them in for, we could have something to hang a hope on. But there is nothing.

    The dem base voter will take a lot of shit ( unlike the GOP voter who is swift in their displeasure) We usually stand by the loser Dems elite who doesn’t do what we want …understanding they just can’t fight the GOP and after complaining , we fall in . Usually . But what is different this time is we cannot take the certain , in your face knowledge we aren’t thanked or appreciated for taking the shit, we are in fact hated. They hate us. We embarrass them. We are like the older female relative who takes care of everything and when it’s imagined they aren’t needed anymore , are kicked to the curb. Well we’ll take just about everything, but not that. They then realized they needed dinner or a button sewn on and came to the curb looking for us, But we were on the bus to Denver already. See ya on the floor suckers!

  81. Anyone read AP and Reuters today? Both sound unusually positive about Hillary. I thought I woke up in an alternative universe!

  82. Terry Mac was just on with Mrs. Greenspan! She was blinded by the sunshine that just radiates off that guy. She tried to make all those same points and he just clobbered her! He is just so energetic that you just can’t argue with him. She could barely say anything before he would overwhelm her with positivity.

    In contrast, Michelle Odrama was busy fanning the assasination flames again. Somebody at TL had a link to her latest doom and smear remarks. Probably in the open thread if anyone wants it.

  83. That video was vile. Am I right that this was just this past Sunday?

  84. “Michelle Odrama was busy fanning the assasination flames again.” Are you fricken serious???

  85. newsflash terrific new post from Paul Luziak –

    Educated Voters Gradually Getting Clue!

    With all his usual detailed polling graphs to sock it to ya with data –

    [Your link corrected — and that’s “Lukasiak” — RonK]

  86. ben, the Queen Bee Syndrome is also a form of misogyny, only, in this case, it’s a woman being misogynistic towards other women. Nothing wrong with using that term, IMO, to describe the problem. If that is indeed part of Nancy Pelosi’s problem, she isn’t alone in that: look at all the women reporters who seem to find it acceptable to pretend that sexism isn’t a problem. They, too, are suffering from the same syndrome.

  87. I am a Catholic and deeply resent what this priest was screeching from the altar. Is this a church or a political organization? Obama must not be elected. He and his associates are menacing people.

  88. everyone says it can’t be done. If Nancy had tried, that would been something. But just like when Kerry says UHC is a non starter…well does that mean you don’t even try??? See that doesn’t cut it with Hill. It’s right , so she does it. It’s a completly diffrence mind set

  89. ben: I do not take the Queen Bee syndrome description as sexist. It is just a way of describing someone, and I have also been accused of it by my own family, as someone who weilds the power. Nancy P certainly displays this syndrome. No room for any other female who may threaten her authority.

  90. Annetoo, on May 29th, 2008 at 2:12 pm Said:
    everyone says it can’t be done. If Nancy had tried, that would been something. But just like when Kerry says UHC is a non starter…well does that mean you don’t even try??? See that doesn’t cut it with Hill. It’s right , so she does it. It’s a completly diffrence mind set

    Opps , sorry that escaped unfinished ! Sorry!

  91. Can Paul Luziak send this to the DNC or do they give a crap? SO, unless the DNC listens, the election is in the tank.

  92. Just read BTD over at TL and he is again throwing out the
    “unity” partnership with Hillary as VP. He is freaking nuts! She is supposed to “help” this inexperienced candidate achieve the presidency by taking second place on the ticket? I know he is trying to attempt some sort of balance with this suggestion but I wholeheartedly disagree with the premise. Just another example of a qualified person “propping” up the no nothing and making him look good.

    The train carrying “party unity” has already left the station. Should have been considered a long way back when “the One” thought he had only to show up and be sworn in without us. Screw ’em.

  93. Kim: The DNC could give two hoots about us. They pretty much know what the outcome of all this is to be and could not care less. What they are banking on is that whatever outcry is issued in May/June will pretty much disappear by November and we will all come home and defeat McCain. That is how they think.

    What they don’t realize is that many of us are angry at the way this has been conducted and don’t feel that the likes of Pelosi and Dean have ever benefited us in any way. They fail to grasp that some of us really mean what we say. They have encapsulated us as the “female” voter who will sulk up until the end but come to realize our error in time for the November election. Just another example of their not listening and indifference to how we judge this tragedy about to unfold.

  94. pat–

    yeah, I guest the whole “queen bee” thing makes sense. There is no “King Bee”, so queen is the head honcho, for all genders. it’s almost kind of sexist to think that its sexist. he he 🙂

  95. of course context is everything…

  96. gary: Queen Bee kind of describes my “authority” within the boundaries of my family. To tell you the truth, it is somewhat appropriate. It is good to be me!

  97. Seems Pelosi gave an interview yesterday stating she would step in if Hillary decides to take it to the convention.

    Wait a minute. This is the woman who couldn’t act aggressively against Bush? Can’t stop the reckless lawbreaking, can’t follow through on demanding people actually show up and testify….NOW she can act aggressively?

    Because, you know, whether America remains a free and Democratic nation is not an important question…but how could we have a (gasp) Clinton in the WH!

  98. jacilyn: You nailed it!

  99. I am a Catholic and deeply resent what this priest was screeching from the altar.

    Pat, this is another reason why Obama won’t win. The Catholics have had this guy in their radar for at least two months.

    I first read about this guy from a Catholic blog. They were really outraged.

    I also read about him from gun rights blogs. I do not normally read gun rights blogs but that was what came up when i searched. They were really mad about what this guy said about needing to “off” gun store owners.

  100. Something I found upsetting about the video is that the guy is almost caricaturing black ministers. I would be insulted, if I were a black parishoner. His intonation, his gestures were almost buffoonish.

  101. jacilyn: This is not a church but a political organization. They have an agenda. That agenda is going to come through Obama. Here is one disturbing feature of his “liberalism”.

    Deval Patrick is our governor here in MA. He ran with the same words and the same platform. Vagueness. However, one of his reform themes is to eliminate background checks on potential hires since he sees this as a form of “discrimination”.
    I was a recruiter in a hospital. We relied on background checks. It was not in our best interests to have druggies, thieves, pedophiles, wife beaters, DUIs, etc., working in our institution. I am sure you would agree.

    But if this gets passed into law, those checks go out the window and the hospital will be forced to step back for fear of lawsuits and retaliation. I need go no further in defending the necessity of the current law as it applies to a hospital. This is what some of the agenda could look like.

  102. Nathan’s comment should be taken down. Must be a troll.

  103. Salon has a post about Obama’s youth vote and kinda shoots the youth thing down.

  104. This is what that complete hack Michelle Obama said:

    When asked about her husband’s security in the White House and Clinton’s RFK remarks at a Phoenix fundraiser Tuesday, she reassures the crowd saying:

    “Send us good vibes. Pray for us. Think positive thoughts. But most of all, be vigilant. Be vigilant about stopping this kind of talk. It’s not funny. You don’t have to like Barack to dislike that kind of talk. Be vigilant about stopping that kind of talk.”

    I am voting for McCain, at this point. This woman belongs no where near the white house.

  105. Anyone who hears the comment Hillary made should be ashamed to throw anything regarding assassination into this context. She was only saying that Kennedy was still campaigning when unfortunately. . . The question was about campaigning. It is nauseating the spin that is put on anything she says.

    But from what you just posted about Michelle’s remarks, it sounds to me like someone else is playing the victim, poor me, card.

  106. Michelle Obama is a repugnant asshole.

  107. RE Michelle’s comments: This must be what Axelrod meant when he told George Stephanopolous, “We’ve put all that behind us.” Apparently, Michelle didn’t get the message.

  108. I just heard on Hannity that he will be playing the new video tonight from Obama’s church. That sermon was given last Sunday.

  109. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d agree with Lou Dobbs, given his immigration BS, but this quote is from No Quarter covering Lou Dobbs’ radio show:

    “I have to tell you Senator Obama: you’ve just become my hobby. You are a dangerous, illogical, inaccurate, and, I think soulless, pandering fool.”

    – Lou Dobbs 2008-05-27

  110. ben: ABC News has it posted on their front page website as well. Good. Time people saw this “church” for what it is.

  111. Awesome. Just shows you how stupid it would be to have him as a general election candidate. This is such an important week for Obama and then this happens. Can you imagine what will happen come November?

  112. I’m going through some crap with my family right now. I always give in to their demands in order to keep the peace, but now, because of the circumstances, I do not have a choice and can’t give them what they want. So, they have turned on me, and are accusing me of the worst things just to guilt trip me into doing what they want even though I have told them that I can’t do anything about it. It has really opened my eyes to the many times in the past that I was guilt tripped, and manipulated into doing something I really didn’t want to.

    I started thinking about this in terms of the Democratic party, and I think there are parallels. For many years the party has used us. They have guilt tripped us into voting for them so many times, and they are trying to do it now using RoeVWade, Iraq and other issues.
    What I have learned over the years with my family is that giving in only makes matters WORSE. For me it is time to take a stand even if people I love try to tear me down because they are so used to getting their way like that. Only through, I hate to use the term, “tough love”, will I have a truly healthy relationship with my family, and I believe so it goes with the Democratic party. Unless we stand up to the party now, we will only have ourselves to blame later when they pull the same old “Okie Dokie” on us again.

  113. This is all Barry can say about this??? He’s such a coward. You just lost another 100,000 Hillary votes today.

    In response to the sermon, Obama issued a statement saying: “As I have traveled this country, I’ve been impressed not by what divides us, but by all that that unites us. That is why I am deeply disappointed in Father Pfleger’s divisive, backward-looking rhetoric, which doesn’t reflect the country I see or the desire of people across America to come together in common cause.”

  114. I can’t believe it!! CNN online has a a story about Obamas dirty Chicago politics. It’s about how he used the rules to get rid of the competition. Yea!!!!


  115. Ben, this should of happened WAY BEFORE he even considered running for president.

    This is what kills me: each time one of these videos come out, Democrats look worse and worse everyday – because of course, the MSM & DNC higher-ups declared Obama as the presumptive nominee.

    The good thing is that WE THE PEOPLE, rank-and-file, working class, everyday Democrats are fighting back and finally, somebody is listening.

  116. The interesting aspect of this new video today is that aside from a few blogs, the bigger ones who we know to be in support of Obama, are silent. ABC has it up on their site but other than that I have not seen it anywhere else. What is it going to take for the public to become so enraged by this that they make it their business to protest this candidate? Are we so guilt ridden by past mistakes involving race that we are willing to let this ride? We have no idea what this man stands for and coming out each time and expressing “disappointment” at another yahoo who rants about “whitey” is a sure sign of his disengenuosness.

    The premise that he is “electable” keeps fading daily yet there seems to be little introspection on just what and where this candidate stands.

  117. This is all Barry can say about this??? He’s such a coward. You just lost another 100,000 Hillary votes today.

    In response to the sermon, Obama issued a statement saying: “As I have traveled this country, I’ve been impressed not by what divides us, but by all that that unites us. That is why I am deeply disappointed in Father Pfleger’s divisive, backward-looking rhetoric, which doesn’t reflect the country I see or the desire of people across America to come together in common cause.”

    F-U Obama, this is the second “spiritual adviser” you now distance yourself from.

    God I’m so happy I went with my gut instinct and stuck by Hillary. And I’m going to stand by her to the end, and IF she decides it’s over, I’m still going to bat for her like all of you.

    Because of the DNC’s cowardice, we lost Gore and I’m not about to let it happen again. Screw the DNC and screw Obama.

    Like Riverdaughter & Katiebird say: I SPIT ON YOU!

  118. Pat, Sean Hannity is going to air on Fox News – and it’s going to blow major. This is a Catholic priest we are talking about, not a fringe element of the Black church. Father Pflegler is the pastor of St. Sabina’s in Chicago.

  119. Obama has to be delusional because he is acting like a leader of a cult. Backward looking rhetoric? How ’bout downright hateful, offensive, and bizarre. But I guess if you are used to hearing that every Sunday you get immune to it. Hillary can take care of herself that’s while I’ve always liked her so I doubt this will bother her. But to sit up there and spit such vile at a former first lady and a presidential candidate who is supported by 17 millions Americans is just fucking crazy. And for Barry to act like it’s no big deal…is also fucking crazy.

  120. I’m back, baby, I’m baaaaaack. After a few short days of excess and relaxation, I’ve joined the world of the living once again.

    I think we all need to take a deep breath and relax a little. We are going to have to be nice to the DNC and Obama supporters so that they will vote for Hillary in November. They put up a good fight, even if it was disgusting and offensive. But not all of Obama’s supporters are bad and it’s time we start healing the wounds so that we can count on their support in November.

  121. It’s the left-wing version of fundamentalist right-wing Christianists that pollute the separation of church & state principle.

  122. At this point i’m fearful for our country that this charlatan could become president.

  123. Nathan…don’t think we are stupid enough to click on your link.

  124. Hi Ben, I did – and it appears to confirm that obama and Hillary have, in fact, received roughly the same positive/negative press coverage through the primary cycle!

    Wow! I really hadn’t noticed that at all! But, gee, what would I know…

  125. Mentions of “pfleger” at TPM: 0
    at Great Orange Satan (front pages): 0
    Washington Monthly: 0
    MyDD: 0
    PoliticalWire: 0
    HuffingtonPost: 2 mentions (May 1 Pfleger plays marriage counselor to Obama & Wright’s broken relationship; Oct 25 Pfleger listed as signatory on religious leaders’ letter supporting Obama in the McClurkin flap)

  126. AmericaBlog: 0
    Eschaton: 0
    Firedoglake: 0
    Crooksandliars: 0
    TAPPED: 0

  127. After I watched the video, my big question is: Are there any exorcists in Chicago?

  128. In a previous episode

    … CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports Obama felt betrayed and Wright felt sand-bagged. Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Church said he has been speaking to both men as the events of the past 24 hours unfolded.

    He counseled Obama Tuesday morning, and while CBS 2 talked to him Tuesday evening, Rev. Wright called his cell phone.

    “I don’t think he had any intention to hurt Barack. He loves Barack,” Pfleger said. “I think the pain and the moment took over.”

    That moment was in a place Pfleger called “a lion’s den” – The National Press Club. …

  129. Pfleger will be a household name after GOP 527’s run Reparation attack ads using the video.

  130. Wow.

    There is one far corner of the nation that is evading the zombie brainswap – one lone journalist with a neutral stance on Clinton’s candidacy: you might like to read it for a change:

    the award winning Gene Lyons, The Arkansas Gazette.

  131. NRO’s Stanley Kurtz, May 20:

    During his 2004 senate race, Cathleen Falsani of the Chicao Sun-Times interviewed Obama … the future presidential candidate cited “the Rev. Michael Pfleger, pastor of St. Sabina Roman Catholic Church in the Auburn-Gresham community on the South Side, who has known Obama for the better part of 20 years,” as a key source of spiritual guidance. The piece also includes words from Pfleger himself, praising Obama. …

    Pfleger’s influence over Obama … is second only to that of Wright. Obama has worked on a great many political causes with Pfleger, and Pfleger was a key early backer of Obama’s failed 2000 bid for a seat in Congress.

  132. I can’t believe that Pfleger would attack Hillary’s run in racial terms. The GOP will not only use it to alienate Hillary supporters from Obama (should he be the nominee) but will also use it alienate white people from Obama even more.

    The GOP have so much ammunition to use against Obama to make him unelectable and his poll numbers are sagging right now (especially in key swing states) before they attack.

    And I’ve heard from many people that McCain “isn’t that bad.” McCain is really seen as a different kind of Republican.

  133. I actually don’t believe that Obama’s campaign can survive the summer. At some point it will become obvious to the most stubborn (well, not Dean or Pelosi or Obama himself) Delegate AND Super Delegate that Obama is unelectable and a waste of a perfectly good nomination.

    The fear is that it turns into a gingham dog and calico cat situation.

  134. Thanks for the Dobbs link, Gary! I just got home from work, and am going to check it out. Katiebird, that’s a cliche that I never heard from you!

  135. Joanie, is it a cliche? (hanging head)

  136. or analogy? what is it? I know I’m really, really tired, but I don’t know the meaning. 🙂

  137. I read the Dobbs transcript– I have to say, I’ll cut him slack on many things now that he will become such a fervent anti-Obama crusader. I first loved it when he asked someone if they had ever seen anything like this outrageously biased media coverage for Obama. But now? His new hobby to expose him! Delicious!

    “I have to tell you Senator Obama: you’ve just become my hobby. You are a dangerous, illogical, inaccurate, and, I think soulless, pandering fool.”

    – Lou Dobbs 2008-05-27

  138. Joanie, I love that Dobbs quote — I hope his hobby is successful.

  139. My link actually confirms an argument you folks make about media bias favoring Obama (although slightly). And rather than blind assertion it actually uses some legitimate research (unfathomable, I know).

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