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Open Thread – Idaho Primary Results

In tonight’s early returns, Obama has a 10-point lead. (Contrast with his 62.3% margin in the Idaho caucuses.)

What else is on your minds?

31 Responses

  1. Elsewhere, AmericaOnLine Election News is apparently accumulating the primary votes on top of the caucus preference results, to produce a very different result.

    Only in America.

  2. The Democrats’ way of choosing a nominee is a farce.

    Had I known it from the start, I wouldn’t have invested so much energy and emotion in this pathetic excuse of a process.

  3. With the media selling of BO and trashing of Hilllary, this is amazing. Of course, we know he gamed the caucuses. Idaho is one of those dominant Republican states that will go for McCain in the General.

  4. Oh my god. David Archuleta lost American Idol, so I guess he decided to run for governor of Idaho. And He’s winning. 🙂 see link above

  5. no wait…he’s losing …twice in one week. 😦 he he

  6. and it’s senator, not governor. Sheesh I need to go to bed….

  7. I am confused. The Idaho AOL link shows him with a wide margin. the state link still says 10 points. Weird. She did a lot better in Nebraska.

  8. Ron, doesn’t the super-duper-dupering of the primaries in February and March have the desired effect of making the early caucuses more and more irrelevant? It seems like in the last few cycles, the events in Iowa and New Hampshire had become almost quaint in the popular imagination. As if everyone enjoyed the tea-leaf reading, small town charm, and quixotic boosts that were the by-products of IA and NH, but that the real, serious attention was being held for the super-dupers.

    It’s like, we have these pre-show entertainments in IA and NH to get our appetites whetted and then the main events on the two Super Tuesdays, and finally some big and little encores to tie up any loose ends.

    Obviously, my understanding of the primary process is primitive, I know! But I welcome elucidation!

  9. OMG…that is so weird about david archuleta. i had not idea there was an Idaho primary….why doesnt this count? That is insane.




    Subject: Hold Keith Olbermann Accountable

    Dear Mr. Foser,

    While Media Matters has made a significant effort to hold many MSNBC commentators, such as Chris Matthews and Tucker Carlson, responsible for their often biased, sexist, and irresponsible coverage, you have failed to take on one of the most egregious violators of balanced journalism at MSNBC – Keith Olbermann. Mr. Olbermann may be a liberal, but he is no better than Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh.

    Mr. Olbermann presents himself as a credible journalist, in the tradition of the esteemed Edward R. Murrow, while in the same breath he goes off into fits of rage (often sexist in tone) against Senator Hillary Clinton. Mr. Olbermann’s rants are too often based on nothing more than his own fantastical deranged Hillary hate. See below for just three examples (of many):

    March 12th, Olbermann likens Hillary Clinton to David Duke in a scathing, spittle scattering, fit of rage.

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/taylor-marsh/keith-olbermann-is-no-edw_ b_91351.html

    April 23rd, Olbermann suggests a superdelegate take Hillary into a back room and the superdelegate should be the only person who comes out.

    http://anglachelg.blogspot.com/2008/04/olberman-calls-for-clintons-mu rder.html

    May 23rd, Olbermann actually has the audacity to suggest that in Senator Clinton’s perhaps poorly worded, but benign, remarks about Robert F. Kennedy tragic passing, she was calling for the unthinkable against Senator Obama.


    Keith Olbermann has gone too far during this primary election – he is a threat to responsible journalism. I am asking Media Matters to help us hold Olbermann accountable.

  11. Melanie — Yeah, she did better in NE, but here she’s running against not just Obama, but TX prison inmate Keith Russell Judd (who’ll be incarcerated for the duration of his term of office) and None of the Above.

    Don’t be confused – ignore the AOL results.

  12. Ron, I just read your reply to my other question downstairs. You managed to answer two questions with one response. Nice!

    thank you. The three-act season is exactly how I was thinking of it. Your explanation of the hows and the whys of which act different states want to appear in makes a lot of sense.

  13. He’s up by 18. Seems odd. I expected Nebraska like results.

  14. Could be mostly Cour d’ Alene is in… there isn’t a color coded map for this one.

  15. Actually, Ron Paul is beating them both by a hefty margin, but Idaho is going blue in November. Heh.

  16. @Melanie: He’s probably up by that high a number because everyone and their mother has been told “It’s over! Obama is the nominee!”

  17. True, Davidson, but that worries me about the rest of the primaries. Still, the Ron Paul thing is hysterical.

  18. Actually, if you add up all the dem votes is less than Ron Paul + Republican none of the above. Heh.

  19. @Melanie: Yeah, I’m getting anxious about PR especially. I want to fast forward to Denver already.

  20. He has an 18 point lead. Looks unlikely to change. Does anyone know how many people caucused in Idaho?

  21. Melanie: If Idaho goes blue, I’ll paint myself blue and run screaming through a Seattle Mariner’s game.

    And of course, I’ll send y’all pictures.

  22. I expect there will be many-many stories on TV tomorrow about how sexist Idaho is, right?

    And BTW, Idaho is home of the Aryan Nations, a white separatist group. Not exactly a race-friendly state — the AA population is less than 1% — so I’d love to see the “Orange” explanation for this win. If racism was such a factor in Kentucky, why not Idaho?

  23. JJ,

    I wrote to Media Matters about Keith Olbermann a month ago. They ignored me. I think they must be in the bag for Obama too, even though they are supposedly unbiased.

  24. Isabelle, You’re going in the spam filter. Run along back to your Cheetos.

  25. Comparing the faux outrage and manufactured hysteria over Hillary’s RFK remarks with Obama’s latest tale about his family…

    If Hillary supporters wanted to play the same game that Obamamites and Obamedia play – there would be screeds and diaries headlining – “Obama hates Jews!”

    It’s just as absurd as their twisted interpretations of Hillary’s remarks.

  26. Fox’s morning show is talking about the Obama tale (and wondering if other mainstream media will ignore it). I don’t know that I care so much about the gaffe as I do about the fact that Obama’s talking about his family’s biography again like it’s any compelling reason to vote for him today.

  27. I think it was absolutely rediculous for Obama to try to recount a “family story” he obviously knew little if anything about, just to try to court the Jewish voters. If he thinks they didn’t see through it, he is really out of touch. By not knowing his facts, he looks like he was just making it all up for their benefit.

  28. My aunt works for the VA, she is a psychiatrist there treating soldiers with PTSD, and she said that Hillary has been instrumental in making sure reservists as well as full time service members have sufficient benefits to cover mental health benefits, so they can get the help they need when they get home.

  29. Idaho is typical of the states Obama won: red.
    Kerry lost it to Bush by 40 points.
    Obama is losing it to McCain by less than Clinton would lose it to McCain, true.

    But he would not win Idaho:


  30. By the way,

    electoral-vote.com is now showing Hillary winning the White House with 327 to McCains 194

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