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Tuesday: In the filter, no one can hear you spam

The sweeties just never give up. The little darlings are evolving. First, they thought they could soften us up by appealing to our feminine side, until they found out that most of us are cold-blooded pragmatists and some of us aren’t female and wouldn’t give a damn anyway.

Then they tried reasoning with us. It was, “We’re adults here, we can discuss this calmly and rationally and you will come to see that you are all a bunch of F^*(ing idiots.” (Ok, they didn’t actually write the last part but the condescension was fairly obvious.)

No matter, we see through the sweeties. They fairly drip with treacly flattery but *we* know that they’re really sitting at their keyboards wondering if we unsophisticated hicks are really worth all of the time they spend on us. To them, we have the mental capacity of carrots. There is a stereotypical view of us that we are uncultured, bigoted and simple minded. For example, myiq2xu found this at Balloon Juice from one of the sweeties who was hanging out here last night:

lola Says:

the scary thing is just how much this endless stream of bs is in fact poisoning the well. i was over perusing a pro-clinton site and i tried to make the point that um, hello hillary signed the dnc agreement and that camp clinton pretty much wrote the rule book on this, and they were not hearing any of it. i wasn’t raising my virtual voice or anything and they booted me! hillary and bill have manged to convince these yahoos that the election is getting stolen from them and there is no convincing them otherwise. scar, scary stuff

Yeah, we’re real scary. As if the promise to not campaign in Florida or Michigan has any real meaning when 2.3 Million people show up for their primaries. As if that promise has anything at all to do with keeping your name on the ballot. Whatever. We now know that “lola” thinks we’re yahoos after she made such a big deal about wanting to “debate” us. It hardly seems worthy of her effort.

Many have the misperception that we’re all going to vote for McCain. This is not true. Some people will but friends don’t let friends vote Republican. It’s just that at this point in time, we’d rather saw off our right arms than vote for Obama and the miserable shrunken party that is trying to shove him down our throats.

In any case, the sweeties have met with little progress. They’re easily identified, usually within the first couple of sentences of their comments. Once they start insisting on a debate, they are destined for the spam filter. Do they really believe that if we really listen to their dissent that they are going to present some fascinating or new detail that hasn’t already occured to us? Is this because they think us incapable of our own critical thought? They must spoon feed it to us?

Here’s the deal, sweeties: we are sick of losing and we don’t like Obama or his stupid strategy of writing off half of our party while expecting us to vote for him anyway. And despite the fact that I am in the creative class, I consider myself working class. In fact, we are *all* working class if we earn less than several million a year. Do you understand what I am saying, sweeties? There is nothing special about you to the people who have the money and the power. You are flattering yourself. The only way you have any influence in the world is if you stand in solidarity with the rest of us. That you choose not to do. So. we’re not interested in your dissent.

But that won’t stop them. The new low is that they claim to be former Hillary voters but they now see that her chances are zilch and it is time to face the music and work for Obama. Like they can’t wait another week to see how the primaries play out. We must all jump aboard the Obama express before the party gets ripped in half and Obama loses in the fall.

Too late for that sweeties. But thanks for playing. Enjoy the filter. Last time I looked, you had lots of company. Er, unless you are like lola, who is really caroline. In that case, enjoy talking to yourself.

One more thing: Don’t forget that there is a protest in Washington on Saturday, May 31. I’m thinking of taking the train. For you other mass transit afficianados, here’s my best guesstimate for how to get there by train: take Amtrak regional or Acela express to Union Station in Washington. Then, hop on the Metro Red Line towards Shady Grove. Get off at the Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan Station. The protest site is about .12 miles from the metro station. I calculated a round trip on the Amtrak regional for me is about $116. Given the cost of gas, I probably couldn’t do it more cheaply than that. According to the train schedule, the trip time is about 2 hours one way. I could do the whole thing in one day and have the BFF and Brook go to the Smithsonian while I’m “carrying signs and chanting slogans”.

DC Rally

197 Responses

  1. The best thing those POS “sweeties” could do right now is STFU and go away for a while. Trying to convert us is just deepening our resolve.

    If there is any chance of reconciliation (I ain’t promising shit) then Obama and his supporters need to do the following effective immediately:

    1. Stop all attacks on Hillary and her supporters. It comes from the top, and they could have stopped this shit anytime if they wanted to.

    2. Treat Hillary and her supporters with respect – not condenscension. That means both the way they talk to us and the way they talk about us.

    3. Leave us alone for a while – but that doesn’t mean ignore us or put a news blackout on Hillary (like the media did to Edwards.)

    4. Stop all this “presumptive nominee” bullshit, quit declaring victory on a daily basis, and get ready for the convention.

    5. Stop pressuring Hillary to quit

    6. Seat FL/MI according to the votes cast (that means no delegates for Obama in MI)

    7. Settle this at the convention, in public, with the input of all the delgates, and without anyone’s thumb on the scale.

    8. Tell Obama if he wants our votes, he’s got to ask us for them. That means ask nice (after we’ve cooled down) and making promises in exchange.

    If they do all that, I’ll think about it.

    But like I said, I ain’t promising shit.

  2. myiq: I suspect that it will never happen. This week we will watch the Democratic party sacrifice itself for this man who is obsessed with maintaining the perception that he is ahead and unbeatable. Ain’t no way, no how the Rules and Bylaws committee is going to seat Florida and Michigan unless Obama says so. And he’s not going to do it as long as there is the possibility that the superdelegates will reevaluate the candidates based on the final delegate count and the popular vote.
    At least, they won’t do it if they think no one is watching or cares much about it. Now is the time to turn up the heat.

  3. Do we really want another president who commits almost daily bloopers? It’s getting so there’s a new one every day from Obama. Yesterday (via Jerelyn at TL) in NM, he said this:

    “On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today — our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.”

    {{ sigh }}

    And then there was the appearance in Sunrise, FL, when he kept saying how happy he was to be in “Sunshine,” and the commencement speech at Wesleyan U. where he said “Wellsleyan.”

  4. I’ve noticed that lately Obama is making a lot of unfrorced errors, minor gaffes mostly.

    My question is this a new thing or is the media starting to turn on him?

    The media turned Jerry Ford into a clumsy oaf, based on a couple slip and near falls. We all mispeak from time to time. But they cover for McCain’s gaffes.

    When they turn on Obama (and they will) it’s gonna be disgusting to watch.

    He is not prepared for it, and he has no idea what’s gonna happen.

  5. myiq2xu,

    I think Obama is just not ready. He’s overwhelmed and tired at this point, so that probably leads to his making the mistakes more than he normally would–but he’ll be in over his head as GE candidate too. He’ll lose the GE, so we won’t have to find out how bad it would be if he were the president.

    But the press isn’t emphasizing this mistakes that much. Most of them come out because someone noticed them in the live speech or they were reported by local papers and then posted on blogs. Jerelyn got that one from Instapundit, so the right wingers are already doing their homework on him.

  6. riverdaughter — Good Morning! The sweeties are a fun loving group. One of them this weekend was asking me for an exact policy — just how much could he get away with saying. Why couldn’t/wouldn’t I tell him?

    Like we’re going to let people through just this || much trash on our floors before we kick them out. Weird….

    miq2xu, I suspect that Obama CAN’T give in on Florida and Michigan (I also suspect that Donna B and Dean (are they background-only players this weekend) aren’t ready to “cave-in”)

    Look at all the insulting solutions his team has suggested. None of them, not one grants the voters of Michigan any respect. And he offered any solutions for Florida?

    I truly believe that if he had agreed to bringing FL & MI back into the fold when he was on his February roll — if he’d made a big push by asking the DNC to call a special rules meeting THEN — I truly believe that he would actually have the nomination wrapped up at this point.

    I truly believe that his inability to do that, his inability to work with other peoples needs is what stalled his campaign.

    Florida and Michigan are symptoms of a broader problem for Barack Obama. If he can’t see an immediate advantage for himself, he’s not interested in taking action.

    So your list as impressive as it is, myiq, is useless to Barack. Why should you have to ask a candidate to treat ANY voters with respect?

    Why? ’cause Barack is a new kind of politician.

  7. Monday? Geeee, and I felt sorry for Caroline/Lola at one point…..

  8. Upstate, I totally missed that. It sure feels like Monday to me….

  9. Upstate: Thanks for the reminder. I’m still in holiday mode.

  10. Katiebird:

    When a “sweetie” asks you the rules, tell them:

    “You can say anything you want until you piss me off, then you’re outta here!”

    No matter how carefully you define a troll policy, they’ll be shithouse lawyers trying to find loopholes

  11. “You can say anything you want until you piss me off or bore me, then you’re outta here!”

    (nodding) With one tiny change….


    Smile deliberate

  12. OT but this cheered me up a lot when it happened yesterday.

    My partner and I were at the grocery store and he was wearing his Hillary shirt. We are in WA state, and surrounded by Obamaites. In fact, he catches a lot of crap for wearing his shirt, which, I’ve noticed, makes him wear it more :). He’s like that. Me, I’m scared to wear mine, unless I’m with him.

    Anyway, we were putting the groceries into the car and I noticed this lady walking towards us. She sees him and a big HUGE grin crosses her face. She tried to cover it up, but it kept peeking out like a ray of sunshine. She was just SO happy to see him. We didn’t know her at all.

    She walked past our car and called, ‘I LOVE your tshirt!’. And that started a little conversation, and we agreed Hillary was the best for the country and our time under Bill’s presidency had been good, and we couldn’t understand the insanity of some of those in our state…

    It was great. First time either of us have worn that shirt and gotten direct affirmation. I think there are more of us Hillary people here than expected. We just have to keep our heads low to avoid unpleasantness. And how sad is that? We aren’t lepers or evil, we just have a different political preference!

  13. 9. Stop blaming the voters who choose to vote for Hillary instead of your guy. Lay off the gross generalizations of working class voters and those of us from Appalachia.

  14. I know what you mean. The good thing is that Friday will be here before you know it (maybe).

    Well, I hope we do not get too many Lolas today. I must get ready now, so have a good one my “yahoo” friends. Will check up later.

  15. Jake Tapper noticed that lately Obama’s been a “one man gaffe machine” — What the FARC?

  16. Why can’t they capitalize the first letter of each sentence—or proper names for that matter? Is this some new type of rebellion against traditional English? I worked for my hometown newspaper for 21 years, so I can forgive typos. I know how they happen, and I’ve made plenty. However, I can’t take seriously anyone who won’t capitalize the first letter of a sentence.

  17. I was thinking about this this weekend, and I believe we will be able to tell if the FIX is in by looking at what happens May 31 when the rules committee meets and then looking at what happens right after the last primary.

    If Obama agrees to seat FL and MI 100%, I will be looking to the end of the primary to see if SDs flood to him. If they don’t, there is NO fix. They would have no reason left to wait. All the primary’s are over, FL and MI are resolved. The only reason they would have to wait is because they are still looking at Clinton.

    If, however, he does not seat FL and MI, I believe what is happening is a really tight fight among SDs(NOT a fix), because Obama feels like he has to hang on to as much advantage as he has. If there were a fix, he would not have to fight so hard.

    In my opinion, Obama has to seat the FL and MI delegation 100% or he wil lose the nomination. If Hillary has the awesome club of Voter disenfranchisement to hit Obama with all summer, along with the popular vote lead. Media darling or not, he is going to be beaten to a pulp. He cannot afford to be the one blocking Democracy to win, NOT in the Democratic party. The relentless bashing Hillary will give him will wear him down, and he won’t be able to do anything to erase her popular vote lead. SDs at the convention will look stupid if they vote for him by the time the convention rolls around.

    So, in my opinion, if Obama does not agree to seat the FL and MI delegates 100% on Saturday, it is a very GOOD sign for us.

  18. “So, in my opinion, if Obama does not agree to seat the FL and MI delegates 100% on Saturday, it is a very GOOD sign for us.”

    emphatic nodding

    Yes, yes, yes — I totally agree with everything.

  19. Jill Iscol has a couple of very interesting questions and I hope we will get an answer from the Democratic “leadership some day:

    How Dare You!

    We need to talk. How dare the leadership of the Democratic Party turn on Hillary Clinton! How dare they betray Bill Clinton! How dare they not speak out when Hillary is disrespected by words like bitch, whore and the “c” word! How dare they allow them both to be smeared as racists, playing the race card! Where was Howard Dean ? Where was Nancy Pelosi ? Where were Hillary’s colleagues in the Senate when the Clintons were being so unfairly accused and denigrated? The Democratic Party has a lot to answer for. If we had stood as a party with one voice and said, “no”, we will not allow one of our own to be so disturbingly maligned, we would now have a unified democratic party electorate at the end of a virtually tied primary race. Instead we are deeply divided. Now, since the party’s leaders have chosen again and again not to speak up, I will.

    I am a Hillary supporter and along with millions of Democrats throughout our country , I have been outraged by how the media have treated her throughout this primary season. But what is most disturbing is how my Party has stood by and allowed the demeaning and dishonest attacks on Hillary to continue. This is not the party I thought I belonged to. This is not the party that espouses fairness, justice and equality for all. This is not the party that elected Bill Clinton President in 1992 and 1996 and Hillary Clinton as Senator in 2000 and 2006. That party knew that it had benefited enormously from the Clinton administration as well as the incredible accomplishments of one of the most activist, hardworking First Ladies in our history. That Party stood proudly by a president who many called the first black president because both he and his wife had demonstrated a lifelong commitment to civil rights and human rights.

    Imagine if Democratic leaders had done what Hillary did when President Bush associated Barack Obama with terrorism in his much lauded speech in Israel. Remember, Hillary gave a heartfelt statement that Barack was one of our own and she would not stand by and allow him to be so denigrated ?

    Women are outraged. We are still fighting for her, and we are ashamed of how our candidate, a woman who has devoted her adult life to serving others, a woman who has been a distinguished First Lady, a woman who has helped her colleagues pass legislation and win races in their own states, a woman who has stood up for all of our rights, has been treated not just by the media but by her own Democratic Party. Throughout all this, Hillary has maintained her focus, her message and her dignity. This is truly courage under fire. This is what it takes to be a great president. It is not over until the lady in the pant suit says it is and I and millions of others are with her.

  20. 1. Stop all attacks on Hillary and her supporters. It comes from the top, and they could have stopped this shit anytime if they wanted to.

    This reminds me.. What struck me after they tried mightily to take down Hillary last Friday by blowing up that RFK comment.. on Saturday they sent around an email to reporters linking to the video of Keith Olbermann’s completely absurd, over-the-top Friday rant about it. Why? The only thing that made sense to me was that they really think she’s that evil. Anyone who didn’t wouldn’t be able to watch ten seconds of Olbermann without noticing that the man’s unprofessional and unhinged, much less call it to the attention of a bunch of cynical journalists.

    What if that’s what’s been going on all along? Not a cold-blooded and calculated strategy to accuse the Clintons of race baiting, but an actual conviction going to the top of the campaign that she and Bill are truly horrible and immoral people who’d actually do something that poisonous (and strategically idiotic). What if Axelrod and company sincerely believe she’s a “monster” who’d “literally do anything” to win the nomination. Maybe their entire inner circle is one big hothouse of crazy and they are that paranoid that they attribute the worst possible motive for every single thing Hillary does or says. And they so fervently believe in that, and in The Math, and that they’re entitled to the nomination no matter how the campaign’s final months play out. So scorched-earth tactics and personal insults are acceptable, and it’s just not right that Obama even has to try to win more votes now.

    I find this much scarier than the notion they’ve only attacked the Clintons’ character as part of a campaign strategy.

  21. myiq2xu,

    Thanks for the list, but there is nothing in Heaven or Hell that can get me to vote Obozo in November. NOTHING!

  22. dar1a g,

    They are not crazy. It is calculating politics all the way. They know the media will back them up with the most disingenuous of attacks, so they won’t be called out for it.

  23. This post calls to mind your “break-up” post from last week.

    At this point the split is permanent. The fauxgressives and the majority of democrats are not getting back together this election cycle. If the fauxgressives hold their breaths and turn blue collectively enough for the DNC to hand them their cookie (Obama) they will lose in November, just like the spoiled bullies that they are. If the DNC wakes up and allows Hillary to win fair and square, she will win in November.

    We are the base of the democratic party and a huge part of the tri-partisan majority that puts presidents in office. They are the lunatic fringe. Like a puffed up dragon, their shadow looms much larger than it really is because of the glare of the lights from the cameras who love to film unfolding disasters. As miq points out, once the cameras start focusing in cruel detail on Obama’s every little pimple, then the show goes into full clinton-gore-kerry theater of the absurd mode.

    If there are any non-lunatic obama supporters lurking here, don’t tell us we didnt warn you what would happen. Ask yourselves this, is Hillary Clinton such a horrible monster, would she be such a terrible democratic president that you will risk everything, every political principle you hold dear, to make sure she not be the nominee? Will you lose in a landslide even though you could have won easily? You claim to be high-information, educated voters. Read the polls and study them as if you had to take an exam on them. Look at the exit polls and electoral maps. Read the primary sources from the election cycles of 2000 and 2004. Ask yourselves how your deeply flawed and weakening candidate will be different from Al Gore and John Kerry, both of whom were 1000x stronger and more popular with democrats at this point in their campaigns.

    There are millions of people in this country, even if you and I are not two of them, who will suffer real pain under another republican presidency. There are hundreds of millions in countries around the world who will face more disease, starvation, violent death, and oppression if another republican gains the white house. Only you have the power to stop this tantrum, to bring your ball back to the game, and let a democrat win in November. We can win the white house for a democrat without your votes since you are such a small minority of the general electorate, but we can’t win it for you and the rest of the civilized world if you wont let us play. If you force our team out with tricks and cheating and bullying.

    The oranginas’ attempts to “debate” here remind me very much of a divorce, where one partner hasn’t been able to bring himself to understand that it’s OVER. He still wants to argue and fight the same old fights and revisit the old issues and incidents. They are acting as if we are still married and still have a responsibility to “talk” to them. We, to borrow a loaded phrase, have Moved On.

    When Lola/Caroline starts in with his “why can’t we just talk about this” routine it reminds me of everyone’s first husband calling in the middle of the night and demanding to talk things over just one more time.

  24. How many more Obama gaffes is it gonna take until we start seriously questioning this guy’s intelligence, part 1396674989035:

    via Jeralyn:

    Here’s Barack Obama in New Mexico on Memorial Day, opening his speech with:

    On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today — our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.

    As I said before, Dan Quayle had to misspell “potato” once. Aren’t we slowly but surely moving into George Bush’s territory?

    He’s been running a carbon copy of Bush’s campaign anyway.

  25. Good morning! I agree completely with Mawm and Katiebird. I woke up to a radio discussion with a Clinton-supporting rulz committee member, and what seems clear is that they are hell-bent on expecting a solution that won’t piss anyone off. Yeh–right! But fix?? No–just spinelessness. I think the stategy is perfect. Hammer hammer hammer. We have lots of time to plan noisy events everywhere.

    Sima, if you live in Seattle, you have me!!! I have a sizable Hillary crowd within reach. 🙂 There are LOTS in Magnolia, where I live.

  26. dar1a g

    I agree with Mawm — this is all politics. They’ll do anything to win, which is why they accuse Hillary of exactly that.

  27. Just to remind everyone. At 10:00AM Eastern, the DNC is going to open up the registration for the rules committee meeting on the 31st.

    I hope everyone who will be going this weekend will try and get a ticket for the actual meeting. If you decide you don’t want to go later, it is still better to have Clinton supporters getting the tickets.

    Here is the link to the registration page. I believe the form will go live at 10:00 (in about 45 minutes), so keep refreshing until the registration opens.


  28. thank you Mawm! I almost forgot!

    I have opened the link in my browser and will be refreshing furiously until I can register.

    If you can get to DC, get there! Dont worry about finding a place to stay if you’re low on funds. We’ll sort it out.

  29. everybody: amazingly, this essay MABlue @8.33 am


    is over at ZsaZsas HuffnPuff! and its “buzzed up” to second. I don’t want to sign up witht the loathesome yahoo, to “buzz” it up more, but if you can – go do it!

    The backlash begins!

    How Dare You!

  30. those who are going, I wish you could carry like cardboard cutout figures representing us who can’t go in person.

  31. dotcommodity, can you give a more specific link or pointer? sorry, I dont know what ZsaZsa’s HuffnPuff is. Assuming it’s Huffington Post, but that site is so big and ugly, I’m not sure where to begin to look.


  32. The registration page has changed. The new link is


    10:00 is almost here

  33. thanks again mawm.

    RD, I really hope you can come to Washington. Think of it as a blog tour, a chance to meet your readers in person!

  34. I want to go but no one in SC is going that I know of and my car has been giving me fits lately.

  35. re guest reg. at the meeting…..hey everybody, you have to open a partybuilder account to sign in to preregister. hurry up and do it now, it may save you time

  36. What is that? LINK?

  37. We have to expect that there will be a lame type of compromise that will be something like splitting delegates but popular vote has no meaning in this process.

  38. murphy the link is upthread on MABlue’s post (thanks MA!) @ 8:33

  39. I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Has anyone registered? I can’t get the page up

  41. mawm
    It’s crashing!!

    I cant get in.

    yay gary!

  42. This is scary — its Tuesday am and on the “progressive” radio stations .. the Obamatrons are still pushing the HRC calling for his assassination “in code” meme. According to some callers she’s been pushing this “coded message” since march.

    I have got to quit listening — its making my blood pressure high.
    I can’t believe they can continue to spew such hateful crap. I can’t believe that some of these callers and posters cannot recognize this is insanity.

  43. still can’t get in

  44. gary,

    I’m in too!


  45. did you register as a partybuilder. sorry, I didn’t see that until the last minute. you have to sign up to register

  46. they just emailed me my ticket….

  47. indigo girl. turn off the radio. Listen to slow jams, or bluegrass, or disco, or ANYTHING other than that crap.

    They only do it because it makes us cry. They are bullies, plain and simple. Giving a bully a pulpit, to mangle a phrase, gives him power. You can take his power away by turning him off.

    Dont do it to yourself!

    You wont miss them. I promise!

  48. I never got in, and when I did, it said they were at capacity

  49. mawm….did you get in?

  50. oh no 😦

  51. disappointed 😦

  52. I didn’t either, capacity. Gary do you still have Room for me?

  53. dar1a g,

    Did you read the comments on the Jake Tapper post you linked? It used to be his comments were very pro-Obama. Is the tide turning?

  54. Bookmark this for later everyone:

    Astoundingly graphic illustrations here in this thinktanky analysis of the undemocratic caucus system…it’s not just us.

    Click to access 2008caucusreport.pdf

  55. kim,
    we do, but we are leaving fri and staying with family in the area. Can you get to the Raleigh area, and do you have a place to stay?

    yay! glad someone else got in. I’m hoping I can take my laptop in so I can live blog it.

  56. wow! capacity in nine minutes?

    Dont feel bad Mawm and Kim. There’ll be more fun in the rally outside. They say we can come and go from the meeting if we have credentials. That means we can give updates, and/or share our credentials with people who want to get inside.

    This is going to be big!

    Kim, I hope you are still planning on coming. We’re planning a Confluence Cocktail Party for Friday night!

  57. I could get a hotel room, I suppose. I haven’t checked availability, because I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to go.

  58. I didn’t get into the meeting, so I get to wave signs, beat drums, and yell at the top of my lungs. Yeah!

  59. According to some callers she’s been pushing this “coded message” since march.

    Air America, Coast to Coast AM, what’s the difference?

  60. I suppose I could check flights but I wonder if just giving Hillary the cash for the flight and room wouldn’t be better.

  61. no way, Kim. take a train or a bus. Ride with Gary. There will be rooms and places to share. If worse comes to worst you can book a cheap room at the last minute or bunk up with someone.

    Youve been on campaigns — you know how once everyone is together all the little details that seemed so important from the perspective of the lonely living room fall into place and become completely trivial.

    get there. It will do you the world of good to be where the action is!

  62. I can fly to DC and get a hotel for around $300, so… go or donate the cash to the campaign?

  63. Hell it takes 4 hours to just meet up with Gary in Raleigh. Let me keep checking travel arrangements.

  64. 1. From Union Station, take the Red Line either to Shady *Grove* or Grosvenor. The Grosvenor train runs on the same rail but terminates earlier in MD, which shouldn’t be an issue for anyone.

    2. Cheapest hotel in downtown NW that’s reasonably close is Hotel Harrington (people ask me this all the time).

    3. If you’re dead broke and want to overnight, use the campgrounds at Greenbelt Park.

  65. I may be able to help house someone, but I need to ask my cousin first. I will be staying with her in Alexandria.

  66. mawm, speaking of beating drums and holding signs . . .

    I’m getting my posterboard and markers today. Any ideas for pithy signs that will draw the cameras?

    So far, I like:

    DNC: Democrats Lose
    When Florida isn’t Counted

    Donna Brazile,
    Be a Sweetie,
    Count FL and MI

    Not Counting Florida??
    It’s Deja Vu All Over Again!!

    Anyone with ideas for good signs, please comment.

  67. hlr, there is a hotel in Roslyn, right over the Key bridge from Georgetown that is economical and has free parking (at least it used to). It is right next to the Roslyn metro station. I think it is budget something.

  68. How about

    Hey Donna,
    Here’s another chance to count Florida!

    After 8 years Donna still can’t count!

    Democrats Count Votes!

    Democrats 4 Democracy

    Democrats Don’t Disenfranchise!

    Democrats believe in the people.

    Some Democrats want to be UnDemocratic

    Obama Blocked Revotes

    Obama Hates Democracy

    Brazile HATES Democracy

  69. This is so depressing. have you seen the list for I don’t know what they call it the people hosting the convention? Pelosi(Obama enabler), Sebelius(Obama enabler), Atlanta mayor(Obama enabler), and latino from CA(token Hillary supporter). The fix is in.

  70. If you can’t count Florida, You can count Florida out.

  71. Just because you host the convention doesn’t mean you can stop the tidal wave that is coming.

  72. Obama is illegitimate!

  73. Hooray for Gary!! Look forward to reading tyour updates!

    I can’t go to the FDR protest, small child, single mom, grandma is outta town & not coming until the day of the 31st.

    I’m bummed too because FDR had a protest planned today for the FL DNC lawsuit. Any news on that?

  74. Murphy & Mawm, here’s the one I would do:

    Obama Rulz:

    D on’t

    N ominate

    C linton

  75. Sitting here crying. Just got a call from the Dem party here in Greenville asking if I was coming to the breakfast Saturday. He said it was very important that I attend, because we would be working on uniting the party to accept Obama because it is a done deal and there is nothing we can do about it. He said he didn’t like it at all, but yella dawgs have to remain yella dawgs. I told him I didn’t think I could do it, after the way I had been treated and that I truly felt all the bad things had come from the Obama campaigners and that I felt he was truly unelectable.

    SOrry if I am rambling and not to coherent but god dammit to hell.

  76. gary — hlr, there is a hotel in Roslyn, right over the Key bridge from Georgetown that is economical

    Same price as the Harrington but on the other side of the river; different metro line. OTOH, it’s about availability right now, so all cheap options are good. I hope the weather is nice so that some can make a weekend of it — it was gorgeous this past weekend and Rolling Thunder was in town!

  77. Scary? This is scary to me…

    “As the ultimate outsider who belongs nowhere Obama has shown a great talent for repackaging himself into a dozen ethnic and racial identities. Obama can be white or black. He can be Christian or Muslim. He can be a wealthy Harvard educated professional or a street level community activist. Like an MC Escher picture, he’s a collection of impossibly intersecting levels that seem oddly out of perspective for reasons that aren’t apparent until you try to follow his contradictions.”

    Anyone remember the movie “The Picture of Dorian Grey”?

  78. Kim, your Dem party leader said that “it was a done deal and there was nothing we can do about it?”

    How so? Why is it a done deal?

  79. hlr—plus it has free parking. Any hotel in DC will add on another $25 or you can park on the street. I just checked the price it is 123.00. I can vouch for it having stayed there myself. It is within walking distance to the bridge, so as close to the city as you can get.

  80. Shainzona, he’s a shapeshifter – chameleon – or as I read in Talk Left in the comments section: a “multi-panderer.”

  81. Dear murphy –
    You are so right. I am now listening to my Harry Potter CDs and writing letters instead of listening to the fauxgressive crap and/or working…which I should be doing to earn more $$$s to donate to HRC. Also – anybody have the link for the mail your shoes to the DNC protest??? I am also spending my time this am writing a succinct tirade to email to all the uncommitted SDs from the email list posted yesterday. I may as use my anger as a positive source of energy. Watch out!

  82. This one’s hilarious, some of the comments are very slap stick. Wonder if they’re all men though!
    (apologise if it’s been refered to here before!)

  83. kim- could you call him back and specifically ask him how he knows it is a done deal? That’s a pretty outrageous statement, so he should have some backup. This whole thing just stinks and hardens my resolve to make sure “his illegitimacy” never becomes president…

  84. I asked why and he said, the DNC was backing him and that we had to get used to it. The backlash would be more than the DNC could stand, if we did not nominate him. I said she is ahead in the popular vote and he said it was too late. Not counting FL and MI put him ahead for too long and now it was too late. I feel like I felt 8 years ago, nauseated and disgusted and mad as hell. I tried to watch “Recount”, but it just hurt to watch it and feel that way all over again.

    I am so WTF mad right now. Why do the bigwigs in the Dem party insist on getting F!&ked without a kiss?

  85. Kim: He said he didn’t like it at all, but yella dawgs have to remain yella dawgs.

    That argument is not going to cut it …

  86. Everybody Counts, Sweetie!

  87. garychapelhill and Kim —

    Chris Van Hollen did an interview very recently w/ the WashPost –he was asked by a local Obama supporter about his SD vote. He said he would announce right after the primaries end, and that he would go with the pledged delegate leader to not “rupture the party.”

    They are assuming that everyone will be a good girl (or boy) and continue doing the party grunt work for nothing. From their point of view, women don’t understand power and how to use it.

  88. Kim, just do not succumb.

    Everybody, making signs to take: there are some great graphs on this to use on signs – they clearly show how illegitimate this primary delegate ‘win’ for the Axelrod astroturf candidate has been.

    Since signs may be seen in the media – take a look at these graphs and make a sign using one. Need any help getting the pdf image into a printout-able graphic – I can do.

    pick your graphic from here:

    Click to access 2008caucusreport.pdf

  89. kim, so he is saying the DNC is supporting Obama because they are afraid of the backlash?????? what a bunch of cowards. They don’t care about winning the election? or having a legitimate candidate? That is amazing if true. I would like to know who he means by “the DNC”

  90. Just because some local honcho says something doesn’t mean it’s true.

  91. Okay prepare to silence me. But how many GD times are we supposed to just bend over and take it. I mean WTF? She is ahead in the popular vote, women have been told to STFU, anyone and everyone who didn’t vote for him is racist or ignorant. I am so hopping mad, I am at my desk feeling sick and crying.

    The one thing the Dem leader asked is do I think the bad press originated from the Obama camp and why do I think this and can I be sure?

    I thought it was a odd question.

  92. Succumb? HELL NO! My vote counts, by God. I raised my children to beleive that voting may be all we have left and I am starting to think maybe I was wrong. WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH OUR OWN PARTY?

  93. Maybe I should log off. I am really pissed.

  94. I am an English major and I just misspelled believe and said “a odd question.” I just don’t get it.

  95. SM, mawm, and dotcommodity — thanks a million! I love the sign ideas. ‘After 8 Years Donna Still Can’t Count” heh!

    Damn SM I wish you could get there. Are you in the local area?

    Kim, seriously, they are wrong and you are right. Please dont let their insanity make YOU crazy.

  96. Hey all – this is the last time I’m going to do this, I swear!

    I have 215 signatures on my petition, which I am going to email directly to Howard Dean at the end of the day.

    (email address: howarddean@dnc.org)

    The petition states that Obama has won his lead in pledged delegates in a despicable and dishonest manner, by smearing the Clintons as racist, playing along with media sexism and encouraging it, and gaming the caucus system. It also insists that FL and MI should be counted. Finally, it states that should Obama become the nominee, he will not win the election.

    If you agree, please sign the petition. The more names the better! (I delete all the fakes, so don’t try any crap, Sweeties!)

    Thanks, Conflucians!

  97. Chris Van Hollen’s district went heavily for Obama in the Beltway primary.

  98. “the dude”, get lost

    as for your philosophy lesson: FAIL

    try to come up with something a little wittier to keep us entertained….

  99. As I said a few days ago, the question is whether HRC’s pledged delegates are strong enough to stand their ground against these forces. Like in golf, you have to assume your opponent will make the putt, in this we have to assume nothing good will come out of the DNC meeting, and we should be ready to make our putt.

  100. We were right in 2000, where did that get us, except in a damn war with 4000+ kids dead, gas prices rises faster that the waters from global warming. It is becoming increasingly obvious that it doesn’t matter what we think, feel or who the hell we voted for. They can put in whoever they want. Has that not become crystal clear. Please tell me if you think I am wrong, because I have come to the conclusion that we just do not matter.

  101. Kim: You are not wrong. We are in the hands of corporate America. The same corporate America that we have been warned about repeatedly. But as long as our attention was engaged in the Chandra Levi’s, Natalee Holloway’s, Michael Jackson’s, OJs, and other nonsensical items passing as “news” we probably deserve nothing better. We are a fast food, Instant Messaging, I got mine, to hell with you generation and as defeated as this may sound, we have reached the endzone.

  102. Need a smart retort to the Roe v Wade argument as to why we simply MUST vote for Obama?

    From Uppity on another blog:

    “If my younger sisters lose Roe Wade it will be their own fault for taking the rights they have for granted, because they didn’t fight for them. They are complacent and can take the time to swoon over a sexy empty suit who has already set gender relations back a minimum of 30 years, and we haven’t even gotten to the General Election campaign yet. Serves them right. Not my problem. I know how not to get pregnant.

    It’s my job to protect the rights I fought for that matter to me. This is a misogynist’s campaign and if younger women are too busy spawning over Leland Gaunt handing out Needful Things and discussing his vibrating phone when he leans on one of them, then they will have to learn to take the consequences of their own folly along with the consolations. Maybe then they will Get It. I have already done well in my life. Complacency is their enemy, not mine. Let em eat cell phones.”


  103. Kim, I am sorry to hear about your experience. I had a similarly frustrating conversation with a friend of mine who is an Obama supporter (not a Hillary hater, though) and he just kept trying to get me to “accept” that she cannot win and he just could understand why I wanted her to take it to the convention. It was just beyond his comprehension. No matter how many times I explained that if you believe, as I do, that Obama has no chance in November, then there is no unity to be preserved…HRC is the only one that has a chance, so nominate her or lose. That simple. But he just kept saying no, no, poll numbers change, he has too many pledged delegates, the party is going with him, the supers won’t go for her.

    He backed off when I talked about how disgusted I was with the sexism…I was nearly shaking with rage. I mean these people just DON’T GET IT. I am what my dad calls a bleeding heart liberal, but I WILL NOT LINE UP BEHIND THIS MAN. I WILL NOT. And when people who are as liberal as I am are saying that, people really need to start listening.

  104. “let them eat cell phone” love it…..

  105. “the dude”, get lost

    as for your philosophy lesson: FAIL

    try to come up with something a little wittier to keep us entertained….”

    The really ironic thing is tons of these comments (like a lot of yours) are focusing on coordinating and getting ready to attend the 5/31 DNC meeting. It is hard to imagine actually doing more to publicly/constructively voice one’s opinion. I guess the question should read, “If a tree falls in D.C. does anybody hear it?”

  106. Damn it, forgot to [/blockquote] :\

  107. I agree completely with Uppity. I honestly want Obama to lose. The shallowness of this standarbearer mirrors that of the Party he apparently will represent.

  108. Kim – can you give the name of the guy who called you – we need to speak to him – in calm reassuring tones – about Buyer’s Remorse!

  109. I know I am not wrong. Even if they disenfranchise Florida and Michigan, this is still a tight race and for the DNC to ignore us and the people that voted for her, and we are the heart of the Party is a slap in the face. I feel like someone is saying, “Now scoot along little darling, and play nice.”

  110. Could someone please explain to me how the super delegates votes would supercede those of the voters themselves? Their rushing to the microphones over the past 3 months to declare their “support” degraded the voting system in my opinion. Why did they not wait to announce their preference until after all votes are counted? And Joe Biden blasted Hillary over the weekend so we can probably assume he is for Obama as well. With his shared experience in congress along with that of Hillary it would be tantamount to a coup if he supports the empty suit who has no experience period.

  111. Shainoza: How about – my womb does not vote, I do!

  112. Via Ambinder:

    To prepare for that eventuality, the Obama campaign has, for the first time, really, begun to bank delegates. Sources close to the campaign estimate that as many as three dozen Democratic superdelegates have privately pledged to announce their support for Obama on June 4 or 5. The campaign is determined that Obama not end the first week in June without securing the support of delegates numbering 2026 — or 2210, as the case may be.

    http://marcambinder.theatlantic.com/archives/2008/05/obama_campaign_b anks_superdele.php

    But just remember, don’t lose hope until the balloons come down in November. I suspect he will falter badly during the summer. If one more scandal hits, I think HRC gets the nod in Denver, especially if she has the popular vote.

  113. Pat Johnson and Kim:
    Yes, it feels like we live in one big banana republic now. Watching “Recount” Sunday night reminded me…and over the next week we will be living through the sequel.

  114. Pat, what did Biden say about Hillary? I didn’t hear about that.

  115. Pat: Good retort…mind if I use at sometime?

    JJ: We need to figure out a way to keep our emotions in check and enthusiasm high throughout the summer. I agree – one more scandal and Obama will be toast – even to the SD’s.

    We have to keep HRC poised to take the convention and pray that one of the scandals that is lurking in Barry’s background just won’t stay hidden anymore.

  116. Biden did what? Screw these people.

  117. Oh, he doesn’t want to vote Obama, he told me so. But, he said, for the sake of unity, he had no choice. I told him how I felt and we are going to meet, because I am not going to the damn breakfast, I am trying to get to DC. He flirts with me every time we talk, maybe I should be a manipulative sweetie and get this ass to go to DC with me.

  118. Biden did an op ed piece for one of the big papers over the weekend chiding Hillary for the RFK reference. It was cited this morning on Mornin’ Joe. Not sure if it was in WaPo or NYT. Completely missing the point of her statement and framing it around “assassination”. Very discouraging. But then I had read somewhere that he is possibly on the Obama shortlist for VP.

  119. Man, why would any self respecting Hill supporter vote for these jokers? Biden is a piece of crap. Hillary was comparing herself to RFK not that hapless empty suit.

  120. Thank you Shainzona and you are right, my emotions are taking over. But, right now, being a total liberal in this southern state (I haven’t lived in the area long) has really limited me to friends and I feel this has made the difference to me.

    All the friends I had made here, think they are riding the “cool wave” to be southerners that like Obama. I feel almost like a pariah. If it were not for sites like this, I would have no outlet at all.

    Thank you all of you, I may not know you, but at least I can come here and vent.

  121. Kim,

    If yellow dog SDs cannot vote for Clinton because they are afraid of the backlash, maybe we just need to make them more afraid of something else.

    Maybe they might fear going against the popular vote winner, if we can make the case loud enough.

    We will have all summer before the convention to make noise, as long as Clinton doesn’t give up before then which I don’t think she will.

  122. Wow, well, that surprises me about Biden, and disappointes me frankly. He is so gaffe prone that he should understand, more than anyone, how it was taken out of context. We all remember his articulate and clean gaffe…of course Obama was quick to jump to his defense and tell everyone that Joe Biden is not a racist. Well, no sane person would assume from Biden’s statement that he was a racist, just as no sane person can assume from Hillary’s that she stays in because she wants Obama dead. You really have to wonder if Biden even watched the clip becuase if he did, he could not possibly have written such an op-ed with a straight face.

  123. The elite Washington establishment is forcing another flawed candidate on us – joining the list of Presidents Humphrey, McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry….

    Obama duped his supporters into thinking he was the “outsider” – but no newbie newly elected senator begins plotting a run for the WH during his FIRST month in office.
    And NO Dem candidate trashes a former Dem president’s administration! UNLESS, of course, they’re backed by the elite Washington establishment that has always detested the OUTSIDER Clintons.

    The Establishment that supports Obama has an advantage in rewarding SDs endorsing Obama – especially SDs in Congress that want higher level committee assignments, more earmarks, etc.

  124. Aren’t Obama supporters afraid of being the laughing stock of the WORLD?

  125. “Answer me
    these questions three,
    ere the other side ye see”.

    caroline/lola, like classic bridge trolls of old, presents herself and starts playing thread boss, with the decree that we must satisfy her questions before we may entertain ourselves with our own thoughts.

    (See Monty Python’s only slightly less classic version here.)

    caroline/lola, by the way, was probably in violation of her ISP’s TOS, both for imposture and for persisting after being notified that her presence was unwelcome here.

    He who would cross the Sea of Fate
    Must answer me these questions twenty-eight!

  126. JJ: They all need an adequate excuse to jump onboard the Obama express. If Biden can offer some hidden meaning than that frees him to cut her loose. Just like Clyburn in SC. Make it up that the Clinton’s are racists and you have found the hook to join the other side. It is as simple as that. Teddy was supposedly offended that Hillary did not fully credit JFK but rather Johnson in pointing out it took a president to sign the civil rights act into law. Just an excuse to jump ship as she did not denigrate JFK at all but merely pointed out that it took an executive order to achieve MLKs goal.

  127. Murphy, I’m in Tampa. Thanks for the well wishes, scream your heart out for all of us who can’t be there.

    Dotcommodity, I just saw your comments about the report on Talk Left. PLEASE DO A POST ON THIS. Wow.

    So basically in terms of delegates representation, Obama cacucus delegates equal about 1.1 million popular votes, while PRIMARY VOTERS were roughly 34 million popular votes of which Hillary won the majority.

    D on’t
    N ominate
    C linton

  128. Robin: Myopia will do that to you. Someone, somewhere told Paris Hilton she is a role model.

  129. Does it seem strange to you that the media and press usually or ALWAYS include Hillary’s middle name – Hillary Rodham Clinton – but NOT Obama’s?

    When anyone publishes or says Obama’s full name – Barack Hussein Obama – it’s deemed “offensive” or “inappropriate.”

    Will the history books also OMIT Obama’s middle name?

  130. I envy any of you guys who will be going. Like SM, we will be rooting long and loud for our side.

  131. I am curious about the statement that the DNC is afraid of Obama’s supporters but, apparently, not of Hillary’s.

    Afraid of what?

    Is it the threats of violence by Wilder and others? Or is it the Chicago money machine?

  132. sent an email to Hillary Reponders encouraging them to send around Biden’s article so we can respond respectfully to Biden and suggest that instead of also piling on and contributing to the MSM distortion, perhaps he should think clearly and recognize that it is sick for him to even suggest Hillary was suggesting the unthinkable. It is this piling on by other Democrats instead of defending one of their own from obviously disgusting smears that makes Clinton supporters so angry and so unlikely to unite behind the nominee come November.

  133. For clarification, Hillary Responders is a GRASS ROOTS group and is NOT affiliated in any way with the campaign.

  134. I cannot even go to the Democratic Meetings in my town anymore. The head of the Obama campaign in Greenville will be working to unite the Party and I cannot stand the thought of dealing with her. She continued to call me for months after I left his campaign to ask if I wanted to come back over to the winning side. I finally told her that I thought he was using dirty political strategies to hurt the first truly viable female candidate and that I thought Obama was completely and totally unelectable.

  135. Plural, I would say in response to your question, both.

  136. Plural, both. they think the African American community will riot if this is “stolen” from Obama. Really, I think it is the priveleged white blogger boyz who will be the only ones rioting. The rest of us NEED a Dem president who can a) get elected, b) actually get something done. If the DNC puts forth all the latest evidence that shows she wins in Nov. while he does not, I think people will understand that the supers are supposed to chose the candidate that can win in Nov. Will that happen? No. Why? I largely blame the media. In many ways it is AMAZING that Hillary has been able to handle the onslaught of the media and it has certainly engendered loyal with her supporters. The one place the media narrative has REALLY hurt her is with superdelegates who keep hearing, “How can you steal this from the first black man?” with no attention played to the opposite side, since Hillary has the popular vote, “How can you steal this from the first woman who has gotten the most votes?” Supers who endorse Hillary are ridiculed in the press, while those who endorse Obama receive accolades. Nobody wants to endure what Hillary has had to endure. In fact, i know a few people who actually voted for Obama because the disgusting way Hillary is treated by the press makes them feel really uncomfortable and sad and they don’t want to see that for the next several years. I suspect it is the same for some of the supers.

  137. >>>>Teddy was supposedly offended that Hillary did not fully credit JFK but rather Johnson in pointing out it took a president to sign the civil rights act into law.

    Yes – but now it’s obvious Teddy and the Establishment were supporting Obama all along – while Obama claimed he was the “outsider.” ha!

    When Edwards was asked about Kerry’s endorsement of Obama last Dec. – Edwards said Kerry told him early last summer he planned to endorse Obama.
    So – the Establishment didn’t just hop on the Obama express. They were supporting him all along – as he repeatedly trashed the Clinton administration.

  138. plural,


    Obama has a lot of money right now, and he is dolling it out just like old time Chicago patronage politics requires.

    We need to shame them this Summer. We need to shame them in proportion to their greed.

  139. Hi everyone,

    I just read all 140 of these comments. Have been busy today. I’m so excited that we will have a presence (a confluence?) at the meeting in DC. Gary, can’t wait for your liveblogging! Kim, I hope you can go, and tell that idiot to hang tough for Hillary. They’d better be very afraid of losing women and working class voters.

  140. JJ, I am not so sure that we would not see rioting, if he is not the nominee. I live in a pretty mixed area and I have been told by numerous people that if the nomination is “stolen” (from where I stand it was never his to stea), then it will be taken to the streets.

  141. Kim,

    You should tell the local Democrats you’re on strike! This is outrageous. They really are trying to force Obama on the voters and more than half of the voters are saying NO! WE DON’T WANT HIM!

    This is crazy.

  142. BB: re your question to dar1a g “Did you read the comments on the Jake Tapper post you linked? It used to be his comments were very pro-Obama. Is the tide turning?”

    I read the comments and was very surprised to see that most of them were pro-Hillary. And they commenters’ seemed to be lots of different people (at least their screen names were different.) I actually found it very heartening. Maybe the tide is turning.

  143. Boston, I am trying to figure it out. I feel like if I don’t I am hanging myself out to dry. However, it doesn’t look good, I haven’t been to Washington since I lived there as a child. I know nothing about the area and would have to fly in, get a taxi, find a room and get a taxi. This is starting to look like it is going to cost a fortune.

  144. Mawm, that’s my suspicion — that there is a lot of noise about rioting and violence as a cover for the real concern, money money money.

    After all, Dean was made head of the DNC because he supposedly had a big money stream at his disposal. That’s turned out to be a fiction, so now they are pursuing the next big apparent money pot.

  145. The only way our voices will be heard, even if it means cutting our noses off to spite our faces, is to vote McCain if Obama is forced on us. The “fix” has been in since the beginning. Can any one of you point to any established journalist, pundit, talking head, who has ever come to her defense?

    Can any of you point to any one time Obama has ever been criticized with the exception of Rev Wright and that was revealed through the efforts of Sean Hannity and it was established that this information had been out there for a full year?

    Can any one of you point to any true vetting of this candidate other than a few bloggers here and there who have made an attempt to crack the armor?

    It appears to be a collusion of sorts on the part of the DNC, the MSM, the supers. And they are taking it for granted that we will obediently fall into line come November. This is what they are counting on.

  146. plural

    I think you’re on to something there. Why are they afraid of Obama’s supporters and not Hillary’s? Could it be that they are just a little bit racist? They certainly aren’t afraid of a bunch of old women (how they see clinton supporters).

    Personally I think all this talk of “riots in the streets” is bs. I don’t see the critical mass. Just not enough people tuned in politically

  147. Jules, that scares me when I see it. I am very suspicious of some of the remarks on the sites. Was it just last week, Arianna did a post on Hillary’s stamina? I felt it was propaganda to make us lean towards their side and get us to unite. Maybe it is just the cynic in me, but until I am sure, I’m not buying into it.

  148. Kim, well, the problem is the media has created the stolen narrative. If supers go for Hillary, they are not stealing the nomination. Those are the rules, they can go for who they want to go for. If the media had done their jobs and made the rules clear, we would not have this “stealing” narrative for people to feel cheated. Now it has festered becuase of the media and becuase of people like Wilder who threaten riots…now of course everything is all messed up because of FL and MI so both sides feel angry about the way things have gone down so I think you will see the “stolen” feeling on both sides. I know I feel like Hillary didn’t get a fair try from the media or the DNC.

  149. gary, exactly. They are attributing self-control to Hillary’s supporters that they assume Obama’s supporters do not have.

  150. Pat, could you post the link to the Biden op-ed? I was posting about it at TM and I think people would like to see it for themselves. I, for one, can’t stomach reading it, but since people seem riled up about it, I figure I should give a link.

  151. JJ: I will look for it. I heard it on Morning Joe and they did have a newspaper held up so it does exist. Not sure if it was WaPo or NYT. Supposedly he did it over the weekend. Let me see if I can find it.

  152. I was afraid that the first time I said aloud that I was voting McCain, I would fell nauseated. But I said it this weekend, that my vote was important and if the DNC didn’t appreciate it, maybe the republicans would. Of course, I failed to mention that I hoped my vote for a Democratic Senate would gridlock the whole process.

  153. Thanks a lot Pat. I googled for it and couldn’t find it.

  154. You know the whole RFK statement made this past weekend by Hillary was blown so far out of proportion that it is ridiculous. As everyone on here knows, I was originally an Obama supporter and I can tell you first hand, that many of the AA’s I called on last May and June, stated that they could not vote for Obama unless they saw a real surge in his support because they feared for his safety. Why is it that anything and everything on the Hillary side is fair game, but we walk on eggshells around his campaign. I watched an episode of the view several months ago and it was stated that If Obama becomes the President, our language will have to change to be more supportive of AA’s.

    My god, see how politically correct we have become, I am worried that my above statement sounded racist and all I meant was that if I am not, why do I have to change my whole my entire way of speaking?

  155. Kim, I know what you mean about being sceptical. But the comments weren’t all nicey-nicey, let’s be friends now, but rather like this: “It is extremely unlikely Obama could point to Colombia on a map, much less discuss a coherent policy on FARC.” I even looked at the screen names to see if there were any from The Confluence, because of the strong anti-Obama sentiment.

  156. Pat, LOL, maybe he should try a pink phone.

  157. JJ: I just went to the WaPo and their weekend archives and it is not there. Did the same at NYT. This is what I saw this morning on Morning Joe: they were still going on about the Hillary/JFK gaffe. Mika held up a paper and quoted Joe Biden about a piece that appeared over the weekend where he took her to task. So she had a newspaper in her hand. Then they showed the graphics where the quotes were displayed, like Russert does with his guests. I am not sure what paper she was talking about as it was early and I was getting my coffee.

    I googled and what I saw was an appearance by Biden on Sunday with Fox. Now I am not sure if the quotes were taken out of someone else’s byline who may have been attributing them to Biden. All I can say at this point is that they exist because Mika held up the paper and MSNBC had the quotes on the screen. Other than that I am lost as to which direction to go in since I was not paying complete attention when they announced it. He did say those things however. That much was certain.

  158. I am seeing on TM comments that the Biden quotes were in a Bob Herbert column. Biden was not speaking of Hillary, but Herbert conflated the two.

  159. Oh, I believe the tide has turned quite a bit and I also believe that there a lot of voters out there, with I believe some one said earlier on the post, “Buyers remorse”, but how do we create a caveat emptor? SO that the SD’s start to realize exactly what they are buying into?

  160. I looked at NYTimes archives and there is no Biden piece over the weekend. I won’t click on WaPo, it gives me hives.

  161. Is Gary still on? If I can get to Raleigh, what time do I need to be there by and if I fly into Raleigh where do I meet you?

  162. Kim,

    We have all summer. The convention isn’t until the end of Aug. Can you imagine how many stupid mistakes Obama will make by then and what will come out about his Chicago machinations? No delegates vote for real until the convention.

    If you can’t go to DC on the 31, just come and hang up with us here. Gary will liveblog and maybe they’ll include us in their cocktail party somehow.

  163. Kim,

    Please don’t let some DNC Jerk-Off get to you.
    TO HELL with them! I live in NY and believe me, if it comes to that many Democrats have resigned themselves to vote McCain, (mind you this is NEW YORK I’m talking about)
    But until them, keep fighting! Don’t get discouraged and please don’t allow them to push you in line. Your vote is yours, no one can tell you what to do with it.
    Hillary is still out there fighting her heart out. Let’s rally on. Never Surrender

  164. We are naive to assume that the DNC is doing anything other than going through the motions. They know where all the superDs are going already. They “know” who will be the nominee. And there probably is this big # of SuperDs waiting to announce. IF they know Obama is safe with the SuperDs they will seat FL and MI in some odd way and hope that will finally shut up HRC. They will say that she can cry all she wants about the popular vote but the only reason she is in the lead is because of PR and MI where BO’s name wasn’t there. They will continue to deligitimize her at every turn. Look for her delegates to start to turn.

  165. I know, I keep going to travelocity and it just doesn’t look feasible. It isn’t the money, it is renting a car and finding everyone, I guess I am just tired of being taken for granted. I WANT TO SAY HELL NO!!! I AM MAD AS HELL! Pull a total Peter Finch on them.

  166. JJ: It makes sense if it was in a Bob Herbert column then because just before I turned off the tv he was a scheduled guest on Morning Joe. I just could not take another minute of the show so I tuned out.

  167. Ben,

    I’m not sure. Why didn’t the SDs come out when Howard Dean told them to last month? They could have shut this down, and avoided the embarrassment of WV and KY.
    It can’t be because they were afraid not to let everyone vote. They have to be afraid of letting Clinton get the popular vote.

    It seems to me there is still a battle going on between Obama’s inside forces and Clinton’s. I will be looking to see if he puts up a fight on FL and MI. If he doesn’t fight it, then I will be looking for SDs to flood to him on June 3rd.

    If he refuses to seat FL and MI, I KNOW this is still on.

  168. I think he knows what is going down and has for a while, if not, why is he in Florida. This has been a done deal for a while.

    I totally agree with Ben. But I won’t vote for him, be assured of that. I will not vote for him and neither will mainstream America. There have been too many gaffes and there will be an October surprise. I saw on one site that the Republicans have over a thousand page dossier just on the time he served on the hospital board with Blagojevich and Rezko.

    There is quite a bit of dirt out there and they are chomping at the bit to let it flow.

  169. I think the DNC Obamaphiles ignore millions of angry women at their peril…do they think we can’t “take it to the streets” Think again! I’ve fought for women’s rights all my life and I would have no problem taking it to the streets.

  170. I think we’re starting to let them get to us. Mawm said something really important. If the RBC does not seat FL/MI fully, there is no “fix” in. The only path to legitimacy for Obama and the superdelegates is if all votes are counted and then SD’s go to Obama.

  171. That is the problem, we are women. We have jobs, kids and hell, most like me, can’t even get to Washington on the 31st. But we can take our vote, we can switch to independent. We can take a stand with our vote.

  172. zazzle — “Rodham” is not Hillary’s middle name. It’s her maiden name, and part of the compound married name she’s been known by for many years.

    We deprecate references to Obama’s middle name here, because it’s not a name he goes by, it’s not needed to differentiate him from other Bark Obama’s, and because it’s a too-obvious appeal to a meritless argument (i.e., that he’s some sort of crypto-muslim), and we have no need of meritless arguments here.

  173. But Gary, truthfully, the oaf in office isn’t in there legitimately, so why do we think this is going to be any different.

    Yes, honestly it is getting to me. It is making me angrier by the moment, but getting to me.

  174. Pat Johnson – sure do appreciate your insight.

    >>>The “fix” has been in since the beginning. Can any one of you point to any established journalist, pundit, talking head, who has ever come to her defense?

    We are lifelong boomer Dems and will not vote for Oblahma – the candidate backed by the elite Washington establishment which includes the media.

  175. Kim, if the Democratic Party decides to go down that road, then at least I know for sure that they are no longer compatible with my values. At that point it is time to start building a new party, and hopefully the Clinton brand will be the base of that new party.

  176. Kim, if the Democratic Party decides to go down that road, then at least I know for sure that they are no longer compatible with my values. At that point it is time to start building a new party, and hopefully the Clinton brand will be the base of that new party.

  177. They seem to feel smugly confident that we will fall in line. It is not an empty threat ! There is NO WAY that I will vote for him.

  178. ronkseattle, I would almost disagree on that point. My name is Kimberly, as are most Kims. I, however, go by Kim. I have had people say, Kimberly has so much more flair, but I am a Kim. I am also southern, complete with the drawl, I have had professionals say I should lose the drawl, especially in other areas, but if a southerner is who I am, then why change? I will still be me. To me, someone who is born Baracka, then goes by Barry most of his life, then changes to Barack is a chameleon and I would have to ask, just who are you?

  179. Gary, does it not seem almost clear that this IS the path they are choosing?

    There should have been some sort of line drawn as to FL & MI long ago, instead of allowing people to think for months that he was the frontrunner. This assisted in clouding voters’ perceptions. Any Obamabot thinks he has always been the clear frontrunner and it paved the way for the media to do some of the things they have done.

    If the DNC had come out long ago and said hey wait a minute, she has more popular votes, and is the frontrunner, the MSM would have had to pull back somewhat. BUt no, the DNC has allowed this from the very beginning and have contributed as much as has Obama’s team. They are just as accountable for this fiasco as the Obamaniacs, if not more so.

  180. I’m not giving up on Hillary until she says it is over. PERIOD.

    I don’t care what some DNC official says. Politics is too fluid.

    Unless he comes up with 2210 he isn’t the legitimate nominee.

    If the DNC does not care about legitimacy then it really is time to start a new party, because without it, all we have left is a Banana Republic. They’re good for clothes, but they can’t run a nation.

  181. haha! Banana Republic, good with clothes. Running a nation? not so much. mawm should go into marketing

  182. MABlue, did you read the comments to that article?

    This one for instance:

    You certainly had me fooled. When I read your first paragraph I thought this was satire leading to a punch line.

    How outraged I became to read comments about Hillary’s mistreatment. First of all, I do not recall ever seeing or hearing any instances of the name calling you suggest she suffered.

    We really have lost our party to the young & the restless. They genuinely don’t see Hillary as deserving the same treatment that is standard fare for serious male candidates.

    This particular commenter probably thought Randi Rhodes shrieking about F– W– (and followers being ‘white trash’ )was hysterically funny stuff.

  183. You really have to step back and ask yourself why all this fuss over an unknown with no proven record. Possibly because the last 8 years have been so bad that they are absolutely assured of victory over the GOP they could run anyone up the Dem flagpole and we win. And why not a black guy with little or no experience to take on: the mideast, the Iraq war, the Iranian threat, social security, the economy, rising food and gas prices, the infrastructure, the SC, healthcare, job loss, etc. Yeah, my money is on him. (not)

    How else can you account for all this favoritism from all corners of the electorate? But they may be banking on something that is not there. Vagueness does not guarantee success. I may not be a political expert but I do possess commonsense. I go with the candidate who can approach these issues with loads of experience and grit. Hillary.

  184. Jacilyn:

    I don’t read ANY comment on the Puffpost. NONE. Especially not if there is a pro Hillary post.

  185. I’m not giving up on Hillary EVEN if she were to say it was over. I will never vote for Obama. He will never be legitimate to me.

  186. Since I know you can read this, I just wanted to be open about the fact that I am really upset…


    I know this won’t post and so this is meant to be directly to you and not your readers. Should you decide to post it, fine, but I feel the need to talk to you directly.

    I cannot understand for the life of me why you are pulling my comments. Even worse, the least you could do is pull ALL comments that respond to my comments so people don’t misunderstand what I actually did say based on erroneous characterizations by another commenter…

    I find this against all the protocols of blogging. You seem to have broken every courtesy bloggers give to each other…

    What is so bad about what I had to say anyway??? Why did you feel so strongly that I needed to be censored?

    I am really disturbed by this. As a democrat, I thought we were better people than this. You are making me lose faith in the basic goodness of us as Americans. Your fomenting the pure hatred and anger of your commenters out here has me convinced that since I don’t believe that even if you and your angry friends get your way and Hillary was the nominee that we could win. I am more convinced than ever that our next president will be John McCain, and you will have helped that process along by feeding into the game.

    The thought of John McCain as president makes me physically ill… I will not (and have not) call for Hillary to drop out of the race. I have said some pretty angry things (like I won’t vote for her, although I’ve taken that back… I will not WORK for her though and I am directly personally responsible for turning out over 5,000 votes in WI in 2004… we had a margin of 12,000 for Kerry and I was responsible for getting 5000 of those…) because she has insulted me so soundly as a woman and an African American, as a mixed race human being, my basic sense of dignity, as a democrat, and an American, but if your readers refuse to vote for Obama in November, if they would rather lose to Bush II and lose for example Roe v Wade in a Supreme Court that will certainly have more changes in the next four years than vote for a black progressive man for president because they did not get their way in a primary than I question their maturity, grasp of what’s truly at stake and specifically their commitment to the women’s rights movement.

    Hillary did not have the primaries taken from her. She lost them all on her own. She was poorly prepared for Iowa (she forgot about those 80,000 new voters…), and had no back up plan after it was over to recover. She did not take advantage of the internet properly, she did not speak to young people directly and her ground game (I’ve been a strategist for ground campaigns in Wisconsin for over 20 years) was miserable compared to the best ground campaign I’ve ever seen in a primary race in Wisconsin. These are the raw facts. She was completely unprepared for this run and if you are angry with anyone over Hillary losing this primary, it should be Hillary. In December this was her race to lose and she did so in stunningly inept fashion. Setting all the emotion and personal opinions on who is the best candidate to BE president aside, her campaign from a logistical and strategic perspective was pathetic and the results speak for themselves…

    All this to say, that thankfully, she is not the nominee yet, but if she somehow manages to pull this off in August and become the nominee, I hope to GOD she hires Obama’s campaign manager to run her fall campaign and listens to them closely…

    It may be the ONLY chance she has in November…

    No hard feelings, just so you know though, MY feelings are still hurt.

    If you wish to reply, please use my original address rcrwfd@gmail.com since my kids read the yahoo account or you are always WELCOME on my blog to post your replies and responses to my comments. I’ll even leave them on the site…

  187. Ignore the haka. It’s far from over.

    They are testing are mettle now. We won’t fold.

    There’s no quit in Hillary and there’s no quit in me.

  188. I am with you Arabella, she has shown women all over the world that you hold your head high and keep going and I follow her example.

  189. Good for you, Kim. That’s the way to be.

  190. Another Obama LIE – this time about his uncle – and will probably be ignored by Obamedia.

    But Fox isn’t ignoring it —

    When Hillary embellished her Tuzla landing, she apologized publicly.

    Obama went around the country spinning a tale about the Kennedys bringing his father to America. He even mentioned it when the Kennedys endorsed him.

    In March, the Washington Post exposed Obama’s LIE.
    The Kennedys had gone along with it too – eager to wrap Obama in Camelot.

    Obama’s response to his LIE?
    He simply issued a press release saying he had “erred.”

  191. We are naive to assume that the DNC is doing anything other than going through the motions. . . . They will continue to delegitimize her at every turn. Look for her delegates to start to turn.

    This is a rolling coup, and it needs to be slapped down–hard. The batshit-crazy neolibs and the cowardly party hacks will have their say, and we the voters will have ours.

  192. Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but another problem with Obama’s claims has poped up again. Another story from his memorial day speech…

    “Barack Obama is getting called out again for his knowledge of history, including his own family’s, after declaring to veterans on Memorial Day that his uncle helped liberate the Auschwitz death camp at the end of World War II.

    Two problems with the tale: Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviet Army, and Obama’s American mother was an only child”

    Obama really thinks he can say anything and no one will notice, or even better the MSM will come to his defense.

  193. “Many have the misperception that we’re all going to vote for McCain. This is not true. Some people will but friends don’t let friends vote Republican.”

    Sorry to be contrary, but I couldn’t disagree more. The Democratic Party establishment needs to pay a price for its sexism. The only price they will understand is losing the presidency yet again. If it’s not Hillary, it’s got to be McCain. Nothing else will get the message across that we mean business.

  194. Color me shocked. I subscribe to Google alerts on feral cats and guess what popped up in today’s alert? Yes, Tucker Carlson comparing Hillary to a feral cat! HFS, will it never f$#@ing stop? Here’s the link if you want to get pissed off: http://mediamatters.org/items/200805270001?f=h_latest

    Mea culpa to the reasonable men on this blog, but I firmly believe we need to add estrogen to the drinking water. The BOYZ are simply out of control. Welcome to the United States of the Taliban. Burkas anyone?

  195. Mawm, on May 27th, 2008 at 2:38 pm Said:
    I’m not giving up on Hillary until she says it is over. PERIOD.

    That’s what I say and It will be a long hot summer.

    The DNC may cheat to give Obama the nomination, but they cannot get me to vote for him. There is no way I will vote for this fraud ….After supporting every Dem egg head loser since ’72, I now see they have always looked down on me as Obama does. At least the fiction that they give a damn has been exploded . The truth is they detest the Dem base . Oh and this idea that we have to ” fall in line” is laughable. hmmm no, we don’t .

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