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Congratulations to gqmartinez- *PhD*!

Looky here, all you Obamaphiles, we got one of them smart people on our side now. Commenter gqmartinez gave his(her?) FPO today and is now one of the creative class. We’re not quite sure what he(she?) was studying but electrophysiology was mentioned (HERG! Damn graphs are hard to read but so QT. Thanks for taking one for the team, gqm)

So far, gqmartinez has not submitted his(her?) resignation from Working Class Uneducated Elderly Sino-Peruvian Lesbians for Clinton in order to join Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models with PhDs in {insert incredibly sexy creative field}} for Obama.

Anyway, congratulations, gqmartinez and thanks for raising the collective IQ on Hillary’s side of the party.

51 Responses

  1. Dr. GG – congratulations !!! .. hope you are having a great time celebrating .. relaxing or whatever you are doing .

    so pleased for you ..:)

  2. Congratulations! Our “Dr. Daughter” should be done in a year…hope hope hope.

  3. Congratulations, gq! Well done.

  4. rd: It has been a great day all around! Gary got his “golden ticket”. Several Confucians are about to join up with him this weekend. murphy submitted a wonderful piece over at Corrente. Alegre made a visit to the Confluence. ggmartinez showed her smarts. Lou Dobbs came out against Obama. Much to celebrate!

  5. Congratulations gqmartinez. It was nice to know you before you went over to the dark side (creative class).


  6. Congratulations again to GQM!

    What good vibes there are here. I love this place!

  7. Really Charles? I did not know that!
    Not surprised. My 2nd favorite college professors were History PhD’s.

  8. Congrats GQM, from one New Mexican to another.

  9. Congrats Dr. Martinez!!!!

    I’m on track for mine in urban planning in ’09!

    At that point I plan to join Smart Women for Hillary!! 🙂


  10. Felicidades Martinez!!!!!! 🙂

  11. Whoa! Redstar, we can’t have too much of that gray matter on our side. That would blow our reputation as being non-elitists. We might lose that common touch.
    Ehhh, fuck it. Get your damn degree and we can rub their faces in it.

  12. Congrats gqm! Yer bona fide, now!

  13. Sorry, this a bit off topic, but I’m livid. Right now topping Halperin’s The Page is an image that evokes a gruesome and violent end to Hillary’s (life?) campaign. Not to mention the image’s sexist referencing of the classic film cliche of the “damsel in distress” tied to railroad tracks and waiting for the “MY HERO!” man to save her. Would Obama or McCain ever be depicted in such a way? I’d bet not.


  14. JJH: Yeah, the picture is pretty reprehensible. But underneath it, I saw a teeny, tiny sliver of hope gleaming through the darkness: She got one of her superdelegates back. He switched to Obama and now, he’s switched back to Clinton. SOMEBODY’S paying attention. Very good news.

  15. I stopped reading The Page ever so long ago. He is hateful and superdelegate obsessed. Her campaign isn’t over until she says it’s over and frankly she can’t keep it going as a third party candidate if she wanted. They can say whatever they want, but she is the one in control. Frankly, after what happened with the RFK incident we need to start mobilizing donations for McCain. I think IF…and I say IF the nomination is stolen from Hillary, we should start a movement to raise immediate money for McCain. He can then report a huge boon right after Obama became the nominee.

    And congrats on your PHd G.

  16. Meant to say “can” keep it going…

  17. OHHH…a SuperD switched back? Who was it? Where from?

  18. riverdaughter: definitely hope. All the sweeties are dazed that Hillary is +2 today. Gee, and they tried so darn hard.

  19. GQ:

    We’re looking forward.

    Now my question: Why are you guys trying to shred our reputation?
    No Hillary supporter graduated from high school.

  20. It said the Super D was from the Virgin Islands.

  21. MABlue,

    I’ll have you know that I graduated from high school.

  22. Dr. Martinez, welcome to the club. Many many years ago when I got mine, they didn’t accept me to the creative class. So stay a card carrying member of the redneck club. I’m.

    Good luck and Bon Voyage wherever you go.

  23. Congratulations, GQM!

    O/T: I wonder why FOX “News” has continued attacking HRC . They’re still attacking Obama but it seems odd that they’re not doing more to butter up Clinton voters if they think Obama is the nominee (Someone on their channel said that Obama is such a lock that everything right now is just a “distraction”).

  24. gq, I hope I’ll have my Ph.D. by Christmas. I hope, I hope…

  25. Charles, did you see this? Bostonboomer posted the link earlier and it got me pretty excited. Not in a good way.

  26. Davidson,

    Candy Crowley and Anderson Cooper have been very busy explaining away all of Obama’s gaffes. After all Hillary’s “lie” about Bosnia was so much worse. Poor Barry, why is everyone picking on him? What is wrong with these people?

  27. Congrats, GQM, PhD … as they say in the whole Creative Writing Class demographic — “write if ya get work”. 🙂

  28. Charles has another interesting post up at No Quarter. It’s a must-read!

  29. {{gqmartinez}} I said this in the earlier thread, but I’m very happy and excited for you (and still hoping that you’re out celebrating)

  30. Charles, I agree with historians being fact-based. They also, by definition, as I’m sure you agree, take the long view. Most of us have a hard time keeping track of or understanding what’s happened in the last five years. Historians, of course, are the ones who actually keep the track. They know what happened; they study, analyze and debate the hows and the whys and the what-ifs.

    Historians are wonderful. They can offer insights into almost any field and guidance for almost any pressing social question. I regret the Balkanization of the Humanities immensely.

    Whatever field GQM is in, they are wonderful too!

  31. @BB: They’re so absurdly obvious, I wonder if they even realize it? I remember sadly watching CNN initially report Reverend Wright’s public outbursts at the Press Club as a “home run” and then within a day or so loudly condemning him.

    This is all creating a massive tinderbox of anti-Obama resentment just waiting for someone to light a match. The media is already setting up the narrative to turn on Obama (if he’s the nominee).

  32. BostonBoomer — you will, most definitely. Keep posting here and the good vibes will help keep you going! We can give you encouragement when you’re down and feeling unproductive.

  33. bostonboomer, on May 27th, 2008 at 10:18 pm Said:

    I’ll have you know that I graduated from high school.


    With that, you are what we Hillary supporters call an academic.

  34. Murphy,

    Thanks. It’s not easy for us “older women.” GQMartinez is just a young whippersnapper. But I’ll get it done eventually.

  35. I’m so glad I’m a Hillary supporter. You guys are the greatest–not at all bitter and clinging!

  36. Charles,

    I’m in psych, and Obama is one of the most passive aggressive, narcissistic people I’ve ever encountered.

  37. one was from virgin islands, who was the other one? I can’t bring myself to look at the page.

  38. Congrats GQMartinez,

    Such a nice feeling to finally reach that goal, doesn’t it?
    Thanks for adding to our discussion here, we’re better for it.

    BTW, I posted on another thread that I’ve found a ride to the DC Rally leaving Boston on Friday evening. There’s room for a few more if anyone from the Boston area wants to join in. Let me know.

  39. gq, I said this elsewhere, but congratulations again!

    you’ve done us proud 🙂

  40. I’m getting tired of hearing how educated the Obamatrons are. They’re not. They fell for Obama’s shallow rhetoric. They were too dense to see to recognize the Clinton’s vast knowledge and flawless reasoning, or to see through the media’s smear campaign.

    The last thing the media want is a competent president. And it’s almost frightening how easily corporate experts can mold the public. The media’s social scientists knew exactly how gross and ignorant the far left can be. And they went right to that level: with name calling, childish insults, false accusations, and nonstop, hateful sneers.

    The Obama crowd ate it with a shovel. In two seconds they were flooding the blogosphere with this trash. The campaign also understood the media’s low tone and set about remaking the democratic party into something all too recognizable. Republican smear tactics replaced high democratic values, and traditional democrats were pushed aside in favor of rubes that knew zilch about our culture and history.

    The main tactic was race baiting, with age and gender baiting thrown in for good measure. And no lie was too outrageous. The Clinton’s were called racists nonstop. Their governing record, the greatest of our time, was no different than Reagan’s. Hillary was called every name in to book. Accusations straight from the republican play book were recycled on a regular basis.

    And that was just the smear campaign. They also played sleazy electoral games. When it was clear Obama would loose FL and MI, the States were simply excluded. Caucus State delegates were given to Obama that he didn’t win. And media demands for Hillary to drop out have been nonstop for most of the campaign. It’s like the Supreme Court and Rove himself have been holding seminars on how to steal an election.

    It used to be the party valued knowledge, hard work, honesty, experience, facts, and logical argument. No more. In less than a year, educated democrats have been completely shut out. If Obama gets the nomination, we’ll have to vote for him, because the alternative is unspeakable. But this is no longer our party. It’s a republican creep fest that core democrats wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

  41. I just read the Krugman article and all I can say is that if he should get the nomination, regardless of what Hillary says about working on his behalf, I cannot vote for him. As much as I admire and esteem her there is no way in hell he will get my vote.

  42. Sorry RD, I disagree about one point.

    When a Hillary supporter switches to the Obama side, the average EQ increases on both sides.

  43. Congratulations to gqmartinez! All the best, and do not join the elites!

  44. Delurking.
    Congratulations GQM. Well deserved for a lot of hard work. Hate to tell you, that was only the beginning, but you’ll do great things!

  45. BB, delurking again to write that I have no doubt about the success of your thesis. You will be a PhD Hmmm, Dr bostonboomer.

  46. Congrats gqmartinez!

    Far as The Page goes.. write letters@time.com and let them know what you think about that, I already wrote to them..

  47. Congrats GQ! Whoa, you’re GQ and PhD – what a combo.

  48. Congratulations, Dr. Martinez!

  49. GQ Martinez’ comments and posts have been worth reading – please keep up the great work and wish you a world of success in your new PhD life!

    Please, whatever you do, DON’T CHANGE.

  50. Wow. Thanks, RD and everyone else for your kind words. You all kept me sane and energized over the last months.

    For the record I have a “Y” chromosome. And if you’re worried about a sudden change in my priorities, I’ll repeat what my little brother always says: you can take the boy out of the trailer, but you can’t take the trailer out of the boy.

    I formally decline acceptance into the “creative class”. I don’t have to think twice about that one.

  51. Congratulations, DrGQ!

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