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Virtual Memorial Day Barbeque

barbecueThe BFF is already at the bike race and I’m dawdling. I have to leave in a few. But when the race is over, ew’re having a barbeque for two. Here’s out menu:


King crab legs

Boiled New Potatoes with Baba ganouj

Peppadews, cornichons and olives

Main Menu

Smokehouse barbequed salmon with grilled onions on cialbatta rolls

Roasted corn

Caprese salad

Cole slaw


Chocolate chunk cookies with macadamia nuts

To drink: Sangria in a box, Pinot Grigio

The potatoe appetizer couldn’t be easier. To make, boil some small new potatoes until tender. Cut in half. Top with a gollop of baba ganouj (purchased from the storae).

What are you having today?

25 Responses

  1. I walked in a Memorial Day parade for my boss. So it was just a quick trip through Wendy’s for me and then off to the golf course later.

  2. That’s a lot of food.

  3. There will be a lot of leftovers.

  4. I’ll be having shrimp jambalaya.

  5. Riverdaughter, you work so hard for us, you deserve a feast. With gratitude — to your Father and to mine (WW II) and to the millions of others of men and women who have helped us preserve representative democracy, relatively new and fragile, in the world.

    And yes, I sent some shoes — won’t take “no” for an answer!

  6. Hard crabs and cold beer.

  7. Does caprese salad go with scotch? If not, I shall make it so!!!

  8. Grilled sweet Italian sausage (made by a local meat processor with hog purchased from the 4-H market auction) with wild onions from the yard. Asparagus, fresh from the garden lightly grilled with olive oil. Potato sald from my dad’s recipe.
    Sun tea with fresh mint that grows wild all over my yard!

  9. We’re having a sneak Obama attack in Las Cruces today…

    Obama Holds Memorial Day Vet Visit in Secret….McCain visits ABQ in PUBLIC

    Engineered by Bill Richardson, of course….who loves secret events..

    Check out the local poll in the post as well….McCain all the way, but Hillary shouldn’t get out of the race…

  10. Hillary having a beer in PR .. photo

    “Fox embed reporter: “It was one of the happiest days we’ve seen her spend on the campaign trail in weeks.”


    this makes me Happy – she so deserves some great times ..

  11. My DH has to work today (he’s an energy conservation consultant and business is BOOMING right now).

    So I’ll make potato salad and we’ll barbecue burgers.

    And this afternoon, I’ll fight the good fight against our wild blackberry bushes. If anyone knows any great techniques for killing blackberries, I’m all ears.

  12. [URL=http://img132.imageshack.us/my.php?image=p5260007rz8.jpg][IMG]http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/7841/p5260007rz8.th.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

    Three racks of ribs, Ranch beans, native beer.

  13. Three racks of ribs, ranch beans, plenty of native beers.

  14. If anyone knows any great techniques for killing blackberries, I’m all ears.
    Pick all the berries and mail them to me here in DC where you can’t buy them for less than, eh, say 8-9 dollars a pound? 🙂

    Also impossible to grill out where I live.. I think I’ll go to a Vietnamese place out in the burbs and get some pho later if it’s open. Just had a small cake from the Chinese market, mung bean/durian flavor, and if I don’t go out will prob cook fresh greens with Thai basil/hot chili paste and steam some dumplings.

  15. Darl1a g:

    LOL, we have only blooms so far, no berries yet. However, for $8-9/lb, it might behoove you to visit Western Washington in August and come pick your own. Blackberries grow EVERYWHERE here and you can visit parks and roadsides and pick more than you would ever need or want.

    BTW: I see your name and it reminds me of my beloved yellow Labrador named Darla. Here she is doing dishes: http://teepics.blogspot.com/2006/06/girl-dog-does-dishes.html

  16. Dick Morris and Barack Obama’s Orange Revolution (BOOR)

    I have been using my Memorial Day weekend trying to understand the election and how to fight on. I am so inspired by riverdaughter and all the others who are fighting on so tirelessly. This is not the time to go wobbly, in the immortal words of Margaret Thatcher.

    To understand our own election, I became fascinated by the comparison of the recent Kenyan presidential election and the familiar roles that BO and Dick Morris played in it. (The same Dick Morris who, as Hillary’s most vicious relentless critic, exhibits the pure vitriolic obsession of a dangerous stalker.) There are striking similarities in the tactics of BO’s “distant cousin” Railia Odinga’s unsuccessful campaign (“Orange Democracy Movement – ODM) for presidency of Kenya. (BO was in contact with Odinga throughout the process. Not denied by his campaign, I believe.)

    BO appeared playing his usual role as the inspirational speaker calling for change, while Dick Morris worked behind the scenes, advising Odinga in the divisive techniques of negative campaigning. When Odinga’s campaign was faltering and it was being regarded, not as the “Agent of Change” (really), but rather the politics of divide and conquer with a potentially dictatorial twist, in swoops Dick Morris to work his magic, offering to work “pro bono” for the Odinga campaign.
    (For more details, there is a lot of thoughtful analysis and commentary in the Kenyan newspapers and blogs; recommended reading and gives a creepy feeling of deja vu; supporters called “agents for change” by Odinga and “ODM drones” by critics, supporters told to “Blog for Change” and on and on.)

    Dick Morris techniques, used in the various campaigns that he has consulted for, including the Ukrainian Orange Revolution, typically follow the same familiar pattern:

    1) Find various reasons to call into question the legitimacy of the vote and condition the electorate to accept only one outcome as legitimate.

    Predict that the only way that your opponent can win is by cheating.

    Start prematurely talking about a handover of power.

    2) Forcefully suggest that your candidate is the darling of the masses, oppressed by the other side.

    Define haves vs. have nots. Divide and conquer.

    BO participated in this aspect by publicly lecturing the sitting government about corruption at the University of Nairobi in 2006, essentially telling the crowd to reject the destructive politics of the past… He also made appearances with Odinga where he spoke inspiringly about noble issues that touch the Kenyans’ idealistic wishes.

    3) Use a no holds barred approach, no slur too great.

    4) Use “people power”, set up blogs, distribute orange t-shirts, baseball caps and banners (look for this here). In Raila’s case, get thugs lined up to go on a rampage if the vote doesn’t go your way and call it a revolution. (Blogger Boyz attacks, in our case)

    BO responded after horrible violence erupted following the elections, with belated taped messages calling for peace after the damage was done. Too little too late. Sound familiar?

    What is Dick Morris’ end game? I don’t know. What we know is that he has no particular allegiances except to himself and makes his business out of creating destruction to the benefit of whoever hires him. Maybe he works for BO today, if that doesn’t work, maybe John McCain tomorrow. Who knows?
    Who is paying Dick Morris right now? Wouldn’t you love to know.

  17. hi, riverdaughter, it seems like my comment was filtered, but I don’t know why? please let me know, I don’t want to do anything wrong. I really value your blog!

  18. Hey Teresa- those things are worth $$$$! you have a cash crop! Seriously, I live in NW PA and the things do grow wild around here and they are very yummy, but pesky- they do take over.
    Salt water will kill just about anything and it is non toxic. Still think you should just pick them and open a little roadside stand!

  19. Barbecued troll, seething behind the scenes…of comments area over at my pad. Ummm, haven’t planned it out yet, but, champagne and something or other more than likely on the grill.

    Something chocolate, probably gelato, for dessert. My husband is irritated with the amount of time I spend on this. Too bad.

    what is a pappadew RD?

  20. oh, there it is again. Thanks! 🙂

  21. Robin,

    I found it in the spam filter. It sometimes happens when you include a lot of links.

  22. thanks, bostonboomer! 🙂

  23. Riverdaughter spells potato just like Dan Quayle, with an “e” at the end. LOL

  24. ummmhhh? potato (sing.) potatoes (plural) Am I missing something?

    We had macaroni salad, baked beans, tomato salad, Polish sausage, barbecued pork and beef (marinated) and lime pie. Lemonade and iced tea, of course.

    We had it at my sister in law’s. I had to mow the grass in exchange. A fair deal.

  25. Oh, I see. I would give my left hand (figurative speech) to be able to write like RD does. 🙂

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