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Hillary has fun in Puerto Rico, but she’s still at work

Impervious doesn’t begin to describe Hillary’s ability to campaign under adversity. She’s been in Puerto Rico since Saturday:

(I can’t figure out how to embed this video)

Hillary Dancing

And (from Jeralyn at TalkLeft)

Here is Hillary Clinton’s plan for Puerto Rico. Hillary, Bill and Chelsea have been actively campaigning there all weekend. Today, they attended a Memorial Day celebration in Capitolis. She also is hosting conversations with Puerto Rico families in Bayamon and Guayama. Later she will attend a union rally for civil servants in Ponce and another event in San Juan.

Hillary has accepted an invitation from Univision for a debate with Obama on issues of import to Puerto Rican voters.

Ah, now there’s a dream…..

While we wait for the debate that will never happen, let’s all have a beer and a dance with Hillary.

63 Responses

  1. I’m so depressed that I couldn’t embed that video in the post. It’s so cute.

  2. katie, I feel the same way. I’m totally depressed.

  3. Ah, {{{Melanie}}} — go watch that video. It’ll pick you up. I promise.

  4. Thanks Katiebird,

    Do you know if there is any video of Hillary in the pink top and white slacks?

    A commenter at TL suggested that they should have the debate anyway, with an empty suit on the other podium–or a cardboard cutout. LOL!

  5. I just wonder if the blogger boyz, the DNC, and the media realize that probably at least 20% of Hill’s supporters have been waiting for this election for 16 years.

  6. I’ll see if I can find something bostonboomer but, I’m heading out to the patio for a while now.

    Later, gators!

  7. Reposting this from the Recount thread…stand strong.

    So I was at lunch in my very, very Obama friendly city and we were sitting next to two African American women, one who was probably in her twenties, like me, and a woman who was probably closer to my mother’s age.

    Towards the end of our meal, I heard the younger one ask her older relative if she supports Obama and my ears perked up right away. I didn’t mean to listen, I know it was rude, but we were less than 3 feet from them. The woman responded no, I support Hillary. And then the other woman asked well, what will you do if Obama gets the nomination? And the Hillary supporter did not skip a beat, she said calmly I keep praying for a miracle, but if he gets it, I will write Hillary in.

    I looked up at my Obama supporting partner (he isn’t a Hillary hater, he is from Chicago and feels loyalty to Obama and doesn’t like the idea of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton but will vote for her in the general if she gets the nomination) across the table from me and my eyes just filled with tears. I had to stop myself from yelping, “Me too” and giving this woman a huge hug.

    We are not alone. This woman is not a blogger who sits in front of her computer all day, she is just a Hillary supporter out in the world. If the experiences I have been having with random Hillary supporters are any indication, we will not fall in line in November.

    When the other woman pressed her a bit more, she just explained that she doesn’t understand what Obama has actually done in his life to get the nomination and she talked about the many ways in which Hillary has already helped people – she said she feels certain that Hillary will fight for meaningful change.

    This is the SECOND such random encounter I have had in the last two weeks. About a week and a half ago I was in a cab talking to my partner about when I was going to be making calls for Hillary and the driver turned and told me he was so happy that I was working for Hillary and he just went on and on about how he and his wife love her so much and they cannot understand why people have been so horrible to her. We talked about how horrible the media is for awhile and about how we don’t have faith that Obama will actually do anything. And then he said without any prompting from me if she doesn’t get it, I won’t be voting, my whole family will just stay home. My partner then asked him well, what if she is VP, what then…and he just kind of shook his head sadly and said, no, it just hurts too much. And I knew exactly what he meant. She hasn’t been given a fair shake, and I deeply resent that.

    This has also been interesting, I think, for my partner to watch unfold because he has sort of assumed that most Hillary supporters would fall in line. He sees me as an extreme since I am so active on her behalf. But I think these two very random encounters from people who are in all likelihood not part of the online community or part of the fringe in any way have started to open his eyes….

    Stand strong. We are not alone. And if the DNC refuses to wake up and see who the true progressive is, while disenfranchising two states, they will pay in November with a huge loss.

  8. This is it for me too: “When the other woman pressed her a bit more, she just explained that she doesn’t understand what Obama has actually done in his life to get the nomination”

  9. If you click on the link, it’s to Fox news, but the best part:

    “While there, she ordered a Presidente, a Dominican beer, drinking a toast with her Puerto Rico advisers. ”

    The future President, drinking a Presidente!

    PS: The best beer you will ever taste IS Presidente beer. Please try it!

  10. BTW, this was at the meeting she had with leaders of the Dominican community living in PR, and also meeting with Cubans living in PR, as well as PR.

    Again, she is tying all her constituencies together with one trip: NYC/PR/DR/CUBA/FL/Latinos in the US.


  11. I know this is kind of off topic, but have you all seen the GOP ads that are up at No Quarter?


    I actually find the ads to be kind of tacky and thus not that effective, they could have done a better job with the editing, but these are all very valid issues they are hitting him on. These are not manufactured…

  12. JJ, what Obamabots don’t realize is that we are really out there – we are the regular everyday people you see on the street. And they can’t believe that we actually aren’t going to obey and march in lockstep mode with Obama.

    Your partner doesn’t believe that there are people who actually feel the way you do? Wait until May 31st & the Count our Vote protest happens.

  13. Did you try this wordpress code,

  14. I can’t get this line to a song out of my head…”clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right”. Who wrote that again?

  15. Melanie,

    Sounds like Bob Dylan lyrics.

  16. Stealers Wheel

  17. @JJ: And that’s before most people are made aware of what Obama and the Democratic establishment have actually done! Most people have no clue that the nomination has been rigged from the beginning or how ripe for widespread cheating caucuses are.

    The GOP will exploit that.

  18. Katiebird, this should cheer you up!

    Everybody Dance!!!


  19. FrenchDoc, there’s a Willie Colon video supporting Hillary, could you post that? It’s a really cool video with Hillary (obviously) and Willie Colon singing salsa/reggaeton thing going on.

    Everytime I post an http link, the comment disapperars.

  20. Count Our Votes Rally

    Vic DiMaio’s Lawsuit will be heard in Tampa! In Federal Court!!!



    Where: US Federal Court House
    801 N Florida Ave
    Tampa, FL

    We need volunteers to demonstrate:

    a. Tuesday evening from 4PM – 7PM (May 27th)
    b. Wednesday morning from 7AM – 9AM (May 28th)
    c. To be present in the court house during arguments (with FDR
    T-shirts) (9:30AM – May 28th)

  21. I have one thing to say about the Hilary video, Please!!!!!She is so fake and Phony, and to all of you Hilary supporters who say you will not vote for Obama if Hilary does not win the nomination, this is not a game, and it’s sounds so immature, and to think, people who think like you are able to vote, that is a scary thought.

  22. Right back atcha, Monique.

    Does anyone know any polling numbers for the states with primaries this week?

  23. Hey, I live in Tampa!

    CC, where are they meeting, right in front of the courthouse?

  24. Frenchdoc: I am dancing in my chair over here!!!! Thanks

  25. @Monique: You know what’s even more frightening? You’ll need us if you want Obama to win. Keep up your projection-based hysteria, Monique.

  26. Monique; Come back when you are able to string a complete, cohesive sentence together.

  27. Monique, our votes belong to us, not the DNC.

    I’m not voting for a candidate who does not respect Democracy. He lost my vote a long time ago, but what made me REALLY lose it was when he said no to re-vote both FL & MI.

    No more appointed candidates & presidents, COUNT OUR VOTES!

  28. Monique: Exactly. It’s NOT a game and that’s why we can’t vote for an empty suit for PREZ of the UNITED STATES.

  29. RKMK:

    Last Polls for PR were in early April:

    Clinton 50%
    Obama 37%
    The rest undecided

    I don’t have MT & WY numbers.

  30. Here’s a video that shows Hillary in her pink flowered top and white pants. She looks very cute.

  31. Look at the video quickly, because MSNBC cancelled it. You can still see the outfit though.

  32. Monique:

    Go back to whichever louse infestation you came from.

  33. UPDATE 2 on Obama in NM, Memorial Day–COWARD!

    UPDATE 2 on Obama in New Mexico, Memorial Day-Nothing Like an “UNBIASED” Press…

    Well, Obama used Memorial Day for a PRIVATE RALLY….how nice!! Let’s honor those who “fought for our freedoms” by cutting the general public out…

    Vets didn’t have a real town hall, so no tough questions asked…

    And check out how the reporter signs off….

    Also check out the earlier post which has an interesting LOCAL POLL

  34. Monique think we’re “so immachure.” How will we ever console ourselves?

    Grow up and face facts Monique. You backed a loser. He f**ked up bigtime. This is why you don’t slime and smear your opponent in the primaries. You end up winning the battle, but losing the war.

  35. Here’s a video with Willie Colon backing Hillary.

    SM–I pulled a few comments out of the spam filter, but didn’t see any of yours.

  36. I wonder if they’re going to have debates in the 2012 primaries. If they do, are all the candidates going to try to lose in them since it worked out so well for Obama?

    I mean, really, what’s the point. It just pisses off some people who get their CSI reruns pre-empted and everyone else doesn’t care who wins but who has a pure soul made out of love and hope.

  37. Boston, it’s probably no there. I tried doing it a few days ago when Larry Johnson had it at No Quarter, but it happens each time I try to post a link. I just gave up on it.

  38. SM:

    Obama is ahead big in MT.

    This from Missoulian:

    Obama leads Clinton by 52 percent to 35 percent among likely Democratic voters, with 13 percent undecided in the poll, which was taken May 19-21. The Democratic primary portion of the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage

    I don’t know if HRC has people on the ground there but she was endorsed some time ago by many legislators there.

  39. GRL, he reminds me of Bush so much it’s scary!

    This is not the Democratic party I want to be a part of.

  40. MABLue, wasn’t MT in the tank for Obama always though?

    But you know what? If PR plays out the way polls are saying it should, she’ll have 1.2-1.3 million more votes on her side just with PR alone.

  41. Talk Left has a good post about McCain courting women through the security issue. According to an unnamed but well known pollster in a Firedoglake article, women trust McCain more than Obama on the security issue by 10 points. And this after the bloggers thought the Iraq issue is all it takes for national security to swing the Dem’s way.


    Make the right decision superd’s and count every vote! 2008 doesn’t have to be like 1988.

  42. SM,

    I posted a link to a video of Willie Colon singing a song about Hillary. Was it the one you wanted?

  43. Obama:

    1. He does not, and will not, debate. Doesn’t do well.
    2. Has no administrative and little legislation experience.
    3. Has not held a full time job.
    4. Questionable ties to Chicago Machine.
    5. Never really gave us the truth on Rezko.
    6. Lied about Rev. Wright. We know, we heard.
    7. Has little experience or knowledge of foreign affairs.
    8. Has run a campaign based on “hope” and “change”.
    9. Has run a campaign based on racism and sexism.
    10.Has never denounced either issue.
    11.Questionable wins in caucus states.
    12.Tied to big oil lobbyists but denied such.
    13.Runs for office every 3 years.
    14.Won senate seat opposing Alan Keyes. (enough said)
    15.Out of 3 years in senate, one devoted to running for pres.
    16.Little grasp of economic issues.
    17.Little grasp of healthcare issues.
    18.Little grasp of foreign affairs.
    19.Allowed the party and supporters to paint his opponent as an idiot.
    20.Running as a “transcendent” but allows his campaign and supporters to divide the party.
    21.Refuses press conferences and questioning.
    22.Free pass offered by MSM who tout his talking points.
    23.Has habit of blaming others for his own gaffes.
    24.Elitist. Definitely.
    25.Comes across as arrogant which may be indication of how he will govern.

    I just did this to remind myself why I could never vote for this man.

  44. Boston, that was it!

    I love it that Willie is supporting Hillary. He’s retiring from music to go full into politics (he’s held various positions in city/state levels representing the Bronx). I can’t see how he can just walk away from the stage, as he is a great legend & still sells out concert venues all over Latin America.

  45. bostonboomer, unfortunately, a cardboard cutout would come off looking like a stronger debater with more command of policy than the real Obama. A cardboard cutout preserves a dignified silence, it doesn’t gulp and hew and haw.

  46. WS, those women are the famous 2004 “soccer moms” that Kerry could never connect with.

    Hillary does though and they vote for her in droves.

    PS: Speaking of soccer moms, have you guys heard how Oprah’s rating fell by 7-8% and Ellen’s went up by the same rate? Seems like endorsing “the One” bit Oprah in the behind.

  47. Another Kerry-like general election trait for Obama. Like John McLaughlin on the McLaughlin Report said, Obama is like a black Kerry.

  48. Monique, don’t worry, if Obamabots take over this party, people like us won’t be able to vote–but people like you won’t either. Nobody will, that’s kind of the problem.

  49. It’s good to see her having fun. Hey, if she’s not rattled by everything that the MSM has thrown at her the last few days, it just proves that she’s tough enough for the Presidency.

  50. If any of you are so inclined, please check out the post, “Democratic Storm Warnings” written by Patsy over at Taylor Marsh. It’s truly heartfelt and expresses a lot of what many of us feel about the race baiting and misogyny in this primary.


  51. Great video! I don’t think some of the antics going down this weekend are an accident. This has become a primary about legitimacy. PR is very important. There will be a great deal of effort expended to assure us it’s not. Don’t listen.

  52. I wish I knew the source, perhaps some of you have better memories than me, but I distinctly recall reading an article back around February quoting Clinton advisers (perhaps unnamed) saying they expected it would go all the way to Puerto Rico and that PR was really going to be important.

    Also like Kerry, outside groups connected to the GOP are planning to swiftboat Obama in the general, per Dana Milbank –

    A lot of it seems pretty silly but.. you know how it goes, the public doesn’t know Obama all that well and I don’t know whether or not his people will be able to fight back better than Kerry did. Also I was amused that these folks held their strategy meetings at Ebenezer coffee house, where I used to go pretty often, I recommend it if you’re ever on the Hill or at Union Station. Had I known that stuff was going on I’d have hung out downstairs more! 🙂

  53. SM

    What is your take on Primera Hora , Vocero, Nuevo Dia?

  54. Calling Obama a “black Kerry” is an insult to John Kerry, who I’m sure would have been a much better President than he was a candidate. Hell, at least Kerry wasn’t afraid to debate.

  55. I cant believe the way Hillary is being treated, since she is a woman, the men seem to get the white glove treatments and Hillary is being tossed to the sharks.. I wouldnt believe that USA is so sexist. But its true. Other countries have female presidents and USA cant even see behind their sexist attitudes.. This isnt about Obama being a black man this is about the first female president in office, we had men always in the white house, its time to let a female like Hillary show us what she can do.. Also the news channels like cnn and msnbc have been so unfair to Hillary . people like Wolf and Chris Mathews and Keith Oberman I cant believe how they want to hang Hillary.. you can hear the spin and resentment from them.. God Bless Hillary!

  56. Henry Dubb,

    I did use that code but it doesn’t take.


  57. thanks, pat, that’s a great list! I would like to add my current focus:
    – questionable involvement in Kenyan presidential election, along with Dick Morris

  58. It amazes me how divided the democratic party is. Obama supporters blame Hillary (with valid points) and Hillary supporters blame Obama (with valid points).

    Both candidates have made blunders during this campaign that the other exploited. Both candidates have said/done things that make them appear untrustworthy.

    How anyone can intelligently claim that if Obama is elected that he will definitely improve things is naive. Likewise how anyone can intelligently claim that if Hillary is elected that she will definitely improve things is naive as well. Same goes for McCain. This election is a huge gamble. Case in point… whether you voted for Bush or not… who would have thought that things would end up as bad as they are right now?

    Running from the other candidate with the belief that they are going to destroy life as we know it is a bit absurd since… Obama and Hillary’s voting histories are quit similar. So regardless of years of experience they believe in the same things. The differences are miniscule.

    Plus, with the various checks and balances within our system, no President can pass an outlandish law without the support of the House. So to claim that Obama would/could turn this country inside out is foolish. Being a minority is going to have him under a microscope like no other President in history. Being anything but accommodating would be suicidal. As for Hillary…. she can fight for whatever she wants to with all her past experience but unless it is approved by the House it will not fly. So to claim that Hillary can step in a make the world a better place is extremely naive.

    Frankly, I think all 3 candidates pose huge risks for our future; different risks but nonetheless equivalent.

  59. TM:
    “Plus, with the various checks and balances within our system, no President can pass an outlandish law without the support of the House.”

    hahahahahahaha… Where the hell have you been for the past 8 years??

    Please, spare us the “they’re all bad” BS.

    We all know Hillary is not wild-eyed radical. She’s an intelligent, knowledgeable pragmatic who knows her stuff. That’s why we support her.

  60. It’s my understanding that Congress backed Bush for the war. Did I miss something? Did you miss something? Point being… it takes more than just the President’s lonely idea for something to be carried out.

    I didn’t say they are all bad. I said they all pose “huge risks.” They are all human with their own unique flaws. Just like the rest of us. To say that any one candidate is without weaknesses is illogical.

  61. Hillary supporters should be calling their leaders in congress all week while the rules board is reviewing the rules about the two states that the democrats left behind. Get on that phone people! 🙂

  62. Insert the following into your post exactly as it is written below and you will have the video. Enjoy


  63. […] Hillary has fun in Puerto Rico, but she’s still at workHere is Hillary Clinton’s plan for Puerto Rico. Hillary, Bill and Chelsea have been actively campaigning there all weekend. Today, they attended a Memorial Day celebration in Capitolis. She also is hosting conversations with Puerto Rico … […]

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