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Clean your closet- send your shoes to the DNC!

A new organization called WalkAMileInOurShoes has a neat idea for you to get your point across to the exasperating DNC- send them your shoes. That’s right, just mail the old stinky suckers to the DNC. You can also take a picture and send it but let’s be honest here, isn’t the thought of them opening a box of your finest gym shoes, fragrant with sweat stains and toe jam just a whole heck of a lot more entertaining? Or the shoes you use to walk the dog? Or those steel toed shoes you used to paint oil tanks on the second shift during your summer break from college, you know the ones with all the oil based paint and solvents? (I know they’re around here somewhere…)

The point is, the DNC should know just how many people are prepared to take a walk if they insist on seating FL and MI without any power. They should know that we think Obama is a disaster waiting to happen to the Democratic Party. They need to show respect, not contempt for the voters in their base before it’s too late.

Here’s the link with all the wicked details. 😉 This is an open thread.

143 Responses

  1. I’ve sent 10 pairs!

    If you send “good” or new shoes they are supposed to donate them to charity.

  2. This tactic won’t work. Sending stuff takes money.

    Can we think of a good variant using simple email?

  3. I don’t think the Postal Service will ship my old ones.

    Toxic waste regulations, biohazards, etc.

  4. myiq2xu: SO FUNNY!


    CORNING, New York (AP) — Leta Lindley ended more than a decade of waiting by earning her first career LPGA Tour victory by beating Jeong Jang on the first hole of a playoff to win the Corning Classic on Sunday.

    Leta Lindley was overjoyed after finally winning on the LPGA Tour, triumphing at the Corning Classic.

    The 36-year-old drained a birdie to claim her first triumph in her 296th tour start.

    “I am just so overwhelmed,” said the American, who took two years off to give birth to her two children. “I can’t hardly believe it. I’ve been dreaming about this day forever.”

  6. You can send them pictures of shoes. It only costs a stamp.

  7. Doesn’t take much money, really. What is your vote worth?

  8. ben carlson: Cool! I’ve found that golf is more exciting to watch than I previously thought. Now watching paint dry has real meaning.

  9. Touche, riverdaughter…wait until I give you my comparison about the Barack Obama and Michelle Wie phenomenas…they both graduated from the same high school, you know.

  10. I’m mailing them Odor Eaters They’ll fit in an large envelope.

  11. yes joseph:
    zsa zsa’s Huff n puff is advocatng emailing the supers – and we should too.(as well as send shoes)
    I’m working on it right now.
    heres bostonboomers list again

    undecided supers


    actually even decideds can change their minds, but I dont have an email list

  12. I can’t believe the supers are so out of the loop!

    Even Republicans over at redstate sees how delightfully much easier Obama is to beat even with McCain, even after the BushCo disaster!

  13. They’re all scared.

  14. RD: If you want boring, try watching other people fish on television.

  15. Women’s Media Center petition to CNN, FNC, MSNBC, and NBC. Topic: Sexism Might Sell, But We’re Not Buying It!”

    The video shows repeated examples of our mindless third-rate Fourth Estate at work. I think after the Susan B. Anthony quote at the end there should have been some footage of Suffragettes being dragged down the street by policemen.

    Sign the petition at–


    Here’s some info about the Silent Sentinels from wikipedia:

    The Silent Sentinels were a group of women in favor of women’s suffrage organized by Alice Paul to protest in front of the White House during Woodrow Wilson’s presidency. The protests started January 10, 1917 and lasted until June 1919 when the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution passed both the House of Representatives and Senate. During those two and a half years, more than a thousand different women picketed every day and night except Sunday

    The following are examples of banners held by the women:

    “Mr. President, what will you do for woman suffrage?”
    “Mr. President, how long must women wait for liberty?”
    “We shall fight for the things which we have always carried nearest our hearts–for democracy, for the right of those who submit to authority to have a voice in their own governments.” [1]
    “Democracy Should Begin at Home”
    “The time has come to conquer or submit, for us there can be but one choice. We have made it.” (another quotation from Wilson)
    “Kaiser Wilson, have you forgotten your sympathy with the poor Germans because they were not self-governed? 20,000,000 American women are not self-governed. Take the beam out of your own eye.” (comparing Wilson to Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, and to a famous quote of Jesus regarding hypocrisy)

  16. I don’t know if anyone has seen this: http://www.womensmediacenter.com/sexism_sells.html

    Great video and a petition to sign. The one plus in this divisive campaign, in my book, is that the spirit of feminism has been reawakened!

  17. If you e-mail delegates, send them some of the hard facts that Riverdaughter and Corrente (Paul Lusiak) posted today. It’s incredible!

  18. myIQsaid: RD: If you want boring, try watching other people fish on television.

    I should be ashamed to admit this…but when I was growing up, I remember my parents watching, I kid you not, “Bowling For Dollars”.

  19. So what are you all saying about a certain blogger? Is he playing us for suckers?

  20. Well, it’s clear his support for Obama is relentless rather than anything else. What does he expect to get out of it? I don’t know. Why do his posts get so many comments?

  21. I don’t know who you are talking about, but I think lots of these fellahs are running on testerone-fueled rage.

  22. Arabella: “testosterone-fueled rage” requires testicles.

    Unless they are on hormone-replacement therapy, those ball-less wonders ain’t got any.

  23. From the previous thread –
    You know that 10-minute KO video rant against HRC you all love to hate? Well, turns out, Senator Obama’s press staff sent out copies of that tape to the MSM.

    I made a wise crack the night before that it’s too bad the Obama campaign didn’t send the video of KO’s remarks instead of just the text.. but it appears they did send the video? WTF were they thinking? It seems revealing of what their people think about Hillary that they might’ve thought this was a reasonable thing to do, given that Olbermann looks completely unhinged, unprofessional, and ridiculous. It’s so over the top I can’t even imagine how anyone could take it seriously. I’m guessing team Obama didn’t send it out as comic relief.

  24. dar1a, NOW I have to watch it. I wasn’t going to, but now I do…

    Taylor Marsh has it, right?

  25. Testosterone-fueled rage.. I don’t know.. but there is something. My basic theory is that it drives them absolutely up the wall that the one person standing in the way of them nominating the cool, young, inspirational post-partisan guy is.. a woman. Worse yet, an older woman, who isn’t all that cool. (IMHO, cool is over, but anyway..)

    I think, at heart, many of them want to feel like they’re doing something monumentally important to change the country for the better. And they are being a little selfish about wanting to own that – they can’t let the boomers take part, it wouldn’t be cool and new and theirs any more.

    I empathize with the vague sentiment of wanting positive change (and not knowing quite what to do, personally), but Obama does his followers a disservice by making that change all about electing him and not about any particular issue or any kind of real work. And he deceives them by pushing this idea that we’ll magically come together and politics will magically go away. (Sure, let’s have politics go away – let’s all have fascism! great!)

    So I’ve seen longtime friends of mine who are 100% in the tank for Obama think nothing of sending cheap shots on Hillary my way and basically reading everything she does in a negative light. It’s a free country, but they know damn well it offends me, and I’m a little frightened to see them throwing many years of friendship by the wayside in the name of the Unity Pony.

  26. KO –>

    It is SO FUNNY. I can’t get through more than 10 seconds at a time without cracking up. I’m sure watching the entire thing is a long, painful slow motion train wreck but in 10 second doses.. total laugh riot.

  27. It’s so over the top I can’t even imagine how anyone could take it seriously. I’m guessing team Obama didn’t send it out as comic relief.

    I agree; it was insane. I think people are probably going to see it for what it is. I think by Monday or Tuesday Gallup will reflect polling done on Saturday. I will be surprised if BO sees a jump or HRC sees a drop. I think this may just be some people being extremely vocal while the majority just shakes their heads.

  28. Correction, daria:

    should be: faked Testosterone-fueled rage..

    KO is NOT manly. He tries very hard to play one on TV.

  29. Oh yes .. according to ‘front pager ‘ Hillary has never really had a chance , however he is sympathetic and he covers this message in every post he makes .. but you better believe ‘that’ his unique undermining message is in every post he makes , which is – “bo will be the nominee “.. yep says it 99 times out of 100….perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit .. 92 times out of 100 posts ….

  30. I might send them a sh*t smeared pair in honor of Obama’s wiping of the Clinton off his shoes.

    Nahhh, wouldn’t do it, but it’s a tempting thought.

    Hmm, I know a mannequin seller, so I could send them a shoulder too.

  31. Obama is losing to McCain in the polls even before the GOP attack machine gets to him (in contrast Kerry was polling well during the primaries). What happens after the GOP relentlessly run their attack ads in swing states 24/7?

  32. You could always follow Rahm Emanuel’s brilliant idea (in regard to a pollster) and send them a dead fish? 🙂 Nah, I figure.. I got DNC emails and unsubscribed from the mailing list – a form asks you why, and I put, disenfranchising Florida and Michigan. Same to the DCCC. I got an Obama fundraising appeal in the mail (presumably from the DNC list) and wrote on it David Axelrod’s completely offensive quote to The Politico that Hillary “would literally do anything” to win the nomination, and that I would not support Obama, and sent it back.

  33. dar1a. The Obama campaign is sending that cr@p to Super Delegates?

    I am WAY out of touch. I wouldn’t want to have ANYTHING to do with it. And it would never occur to me that it would make anyone want to support Obama.

    I had to stop watching 1/2 way — it was an unwatchable mess.

  34. In the 1970’s when women where entering the work place in droves, the boyz went insane when a woman beat them based on talent and hard work. Part of it was male clubbiness. Part of it was that mediocre men now had more competition, and they didn’t like it.

    Also, hard working women made the men have to work harder to keep up. There are guys out there who feel they got cheated out “the good life” where men had guaranteed lifetime employment and a woman at home to take care of them. This kind of paradise never really existed, by the way.

  35. And then there are front page bloggers who are passive agressive and will never let go of their cause. They think they have the solution based on superior knowledge. They are the nanny-crats who have the perfect plan for humanity, but no understanding of human beings.

  36. I can already name 5 major weaknesses for Obama:

    1. His nebulous gun position that the GOP will use to antagonize white working class people. He actually signed a questionnaire that he is for banning guns outright. Cue attack ad – plus add liberal somewhere per usual GOP tactic

    2. He supports driver’s licenses for undocumented people. I actually agree with this but when it has 80% disapproval, a politician should run far far away from this issue. There’s a poll from Ohio last year (during the time that Spitzer unveiled his license plan) that Ohioans are less willing to vote for a candidate that supports DL’s for the undocumented. Guess what the GOP will do?

    3. His shady connections: Wright, Rezko, Ayers, and god know who else. They will tie it to patriotism and Muslim issues and make him seem like the exotic Other compared to the American POW war hero McCain.

    4. The Obama people pride themselves in their GOTV but its only good for caucuses and they’ve lost all the major swing states. We have to remember that the GOP out GOTV’d us in 2004 and McCain is inheriting Bush’s old machine especially when Obama resembles Kerry down to his aloofness and weakness with working class people.

    5. The GOP will run racist ads about crime/gangs to make sure they remind about “urban crime” and all that entails. When the Obama camp cries racist, the GOP will just say that its the boy who cried wolf.

    I’ll add another one.

    6. Add their usual soft on national security attacks to a Kerry like candidate without the experience and military honors.

    The GOP has a 1000 page dossier on the guy. What else is in there?

  37. Great summary, WS. Thanks. All these points are important, Just two comments:

    As to #5, the GOP will say “we’re not trying to stir things up.”

    As to #4 – They do NOT have a GOTV mechanism that works in real life. Getting all those people to show up and vote is not virtual, transformative and cool. It’s grubby, boring work. You have to have stamina to do it: the kind of stamina the Hillary Democrats have.

  38. 7. I forgot about the gax tax. McCain will say he wants to save you 18.5 cents a gallon and Obama will just stick to his this is old politics schtick. People are then going to look at the price of gas and go with the plan that at least tries to cut the price of gas.

  39. Delurking again, just to point at the preliminary onslaught. Uppity has several videos from GOP supporters, and these are rather mild, but interesting. It hints at what is to come.

  40. Arabella, their GOTV is highly reliant on AA votes. The GOP have estimated that it will gain them 1% extra in swing states and they’ll try to make that up with white people. It is in the GOP’s interest to have a huge racial divide just like it was in Obama’s interest to stoke the flames of racial division in the primary. Plus, most African Americans are in the South and we all know how the white vote went in the Deep South states.

    The Latino voting bloc will also be up for grabs and McCain will make sure he reminds them of his “machismo” POW days all the while making sure they paint Obama as effete and weak-kneed.

  41. McCain doesn’t even have to win the majority of latinos. It’s in the margins. Same with jewish voters.

  42. WS – Again, excellent analysis.

  43. Yeah your right Melanie, and McCain is not seen by Latinos as a regular Republican because of his immigration work. I think it was Paul L or Gqmartinez at Corrente that said that Arnold Schwarzenegger won Latinos in California because of the machismo effect and Arnold was against a Latino, Cruz Bustamante. McCain will probably copy Arnold’s playbook and will give interview after interview of his harrowing days as a POW (which should be commended btw).

    Thanks Arabella. I’m tired of losing elections and we actually have someone who can win in Hillary.

  44. Recount – Kevin Spacey – hbo – both east /west coast .. on now ..started at six west coast – nine east coast ..

  45. Hi Everyone,

    There’s a good guest piece over at Taylor Marsh. Here’s a taste:

    People like to refer to certain aspects of the nominating process as “a horse race”. I don’t know how many races Senator Obama has seen but every day at tracks all across the country, there are horses leading in the stretch, the finish line within reach, and they lose. Sometimes convincingly by open lengths, sometimes closer. But they lose. And they lose because they weren’t the best horse. It happens every day. Sometimes the race is close because the best horse has been given a handicap and has to carry a lot more weight than the other horse. Enough to slow it down but not enough to stop it.

    Highly recommended.

  46. This latest incident reminds me of a scene from the movie The Queen when Tony Blair discusses how the press, and his staff, and the country turned against Queen Elizabeth. He says to her that he did not and could not add his voice to that “chorus.” She wisely replies:

    The Queen: “Because you saw those headlines and thought, one day that might happen to me. And it will Mr. Blair. Quite suddenly and without warning.”
    But you decided to add your voice to the chorus, Barack. And, it will happen to you, Sir. It will.

  47. Oops!

    I just did fuck up!

    I just wrote a lengthy piece about the “Liberal” embrace of Arianna and Andrew Sullivan.

    I wrongly published it in the previous thread.

    Damn it!

  48. “I empathize with the vague sentiment of wanting positive change (and not knowing quite what to do, personally), but Obama does his followers a disservice by making that change all about electing him and not about any particular issue or any kind of real work. And he deceives them by pushing this idea that we’ll magically come together and politics will magically go away. (Sure, let’s have politics go away – let’s all have fascism! great!)”

    Dar1a g, exactly! I also empathize with regular everyday people who support Obama. Some of them are fanboiz and girlz, but none of them have any real power or connection to the campaign. They just want to believe; love the idea of “change”; and want to be part of something big. You really hit the nail on the head on why and how Obama is deceiving them.

    Also, your insight that post-politics equals fascism is brilliant. I’ve known there is something creepy about the Obama movement but havent been able to pinpoint or articulate just what it is. That is exactly what post-partisan leads to: fascism. (and post-partisan IS really just a euphemism for post-political, since a politics without distinctive parties freely and vigorously representing conflicting interests and values is what they have in places like N Korea, Iran, and other great places like that).

  49. We have to also remember that the Democrats in Congress, like Pelosi, McCaskill, Klobuchar…don’t want Hillary as president. Hillary is too smart, to savvy, and would want to drive her agenda. Obama has no agenda except hope and change. They can work with that. They see him as weak. They see him as malleable. Hillary is not that. They are afraid of that most.

  50. I like the odor Eaters idea, and it’s a definite postage saver..

    It’s NOT a good idea to send political mail to your elected officials’ government offices – House, Senate, etc. – though it’s more work to find their campaign offices.

  51. The K.O. rant might be even funnier if somebody broke it up into random-length sound clips and sequenced them randomly.

    Might be funnier.

  52. is it just me, or is Big Tent Democrat becoming more of an A#$hole every day..this is what he said earlier:

    They despise the Clintons so much, they seem willing to risk the Presidency to destroy them. I find this attitude simply irresponsible. Just as I despise those Clinton supporters who say they won’t vote for Obama, I equally despise those Obama supporters who would rather destroy the Clintons than win the Presidency.

    equating those of us that won’t vote for Obama to those who want to “destroy the Clintons” is way over the line imo

  53. riverdaughter: got you email today and responded..check your inbox.. iPhone is not very good about prompt delivery of emails

  54. Gary,

    He can think it’s despicable, but Obama is unelectable and BTD has refused to discuss the issues.

    And he doesn’t HAVE to talk about anything he doesn’t want to. But, how can he learn why we won’t vote for Obama if we aren’t allowed to discuss it.

    Well, I’m not going any place where I’m despised.

  55. That is just drivel. We aren’t really out to destroy anyone…at least that wasn’t our intention originally.

  56. Ben, at that’s why I’m glazing my eyes and backing away from certain sites….

  57. In fairness to BTD, he’s been advocating a more inclusive Democratic Party and a fair solution to MI & FL for some time.

    He is also harder on the creative class who think the Clintons and their supporters should be purged from the party.

    I think Gary and KB are a little harder on him.

  58. Just watched “Recount” on HBO. Powerful! Hope the supers and the DNC watched as well. We could have a repeat of the same.

  59. MaBlue—why should I not be hard on someone who “despises” me? i’ve never bought his “i support obama because he is more electable” schtick. for as smart as he seems, that’s a pretty stupid statement. And his calls for a unity ticket are just laughable at this point, again, imo

  60. I think he went over the top with his “I despise…”. However, he has accumulated more capital than many others.

  61. It is gettting harder to visit blogs who are falling in line with the Obama schtick. Appears that some of them are looking to qualify their upcoming support.

  62. Too much, too little, too late to ever try again

    I’ll support the Democratic Party when they start behaving like Democrats. What’s currently taking place isn’t anything I care to embrace.

  63. MABlue,

    I’m only acknowledging that the mission of TalkLeft isn’t mine.

    He can support Obama or not — I don’t particularly car. Today there was a tipping point of sorts and it’s pretty clear by the language of BTD’s posts today that I don’t belong there at this point.

    I don’t have to hang around people who make it THAT clear they despise me. I don’t see how I’m being hard on him. As I said, I don’t care.

  64. What is wrong with Keith Olbermann??? I could only watch about the first 5 minutes of that rant before fleeing; he is in serious need of an intervention. How dare he!

  65. MABlue, A little more….

    I have a theory that people (me at least) can put up with a lot. You can exhaust yourself helping family and friends through emergencies and problems. Or Work or Health issues or whatever.

    But at some point if that stuff doesn’t fade away of it’s own accord you’ll get used up. And then you’ll do anything you can to get away from the situation. (Up ’till this year, I’ve been used up 3 times in my life — in 3 different ways so this is something with which I’m familiar)

    Well, MABlue, I don’t want to get used up again. This election is very nearly too much. I’m not going to hang around being the target of anyone’s self-satisfied smack-downs. I’m too tired for that.

    I’m not going to support Obama so I don’t belong at Talk Left. That’s not the end of the world.

  66. We don’t have HBO so I’ll have to wait until it comes out on DVD

  67. Pat:

    I lasted 1:15. It was so over the top it was funny. But I knew what was coming and I haven’t watched it beyond that point, nor do I intend to ever watching that.

    I like especially the manufacture outrage and the fake expression of anger on his face.

    What a fraud.

  68. Does BTD honestly believe those Hill supporters who have felt grossly mistreated will just cave in to the peer pressure and submit to ‘the cause’? Really? That would certainly underestimate the fire in the bellies of these highly intelligent and extremely motivated social activists. Just seems like another way of saying “keep quiet and do as you’re told.” Don’t think that’s gonna work this time.

  69. KB:

    You may be talking about one specific post or one specific event at TL that threw you over the edge, I didn’t read your preceding comments.

    I was just talking about BTD’s overall attitude, granted I know only the big picture. I don’t check there regularly although I agree with Jeralyn a lot.

  70. MABlue; What is really scary about his presentation is that his anger is what we see with the Obama supporters. Over the top! We have all chuckled at Billo but KO is right up there as well. Truly, truly distrubing.

  71. Well, we’ve all rallied before. The problem is this time actually is different. Obama is actually unelectable — how do we get around that? And as the truth comes out (it will) how do we defend indefensible votes?

    The thing is Obama isn’t helping us. He’s not addressing these problems. If the stuff isn’t true, give us the facts.

    I say that he hasn’t held a full time job since graduating law school. That may be an exaggeration, but when I actually look for details of his experience? I start thinking it might be true. Are we really going to elect a President who’s barely been employed?

    If Obama wanted to help us, he could tell us more about his experience. More details about what he’s done. Instead, it’s almost like he’s trying to obscure his past.

    (And yes, I’ve been to his website. THAT’s a joke. Seriously take a look at the page that describes Obama’s experience and compare it to Hillary’s)

  72. What I found confusing about BTD’s statement is that he has in general been the Obama supporter most sympathetic to the anger of Clinton supporters and he has talked about how stupid the blogger boyz are for alienating us further, so I was pretty surprised when today he turned and said he “despised” Clinton supporters who wouldn’t vote for Obama…I mean if he despises the behavior of the Obama campaign and the blogger boyz who have so turned us off to Obama’s candidacy, then how can he also despise those of us who refuse to vote for him? We can’t both be wrong here…

    Well, I for one have come to the point that I despise all that Obama has come to stand for – the arrogance, the disenfranchisement, the sexism, the disgusting race baiting, the mob mentality…I want no part of it. NONE. NONE. I think it would be a disaster for the Democratic principles (not I say principles, not party…the party in its current state has lost its way) that I hold dear to nominate this man, and yet, I don’t have it in me to vote for McCain. I will sit out and vote for worthy downticket candidates.

    I have to say, the Obama campaign sending out that Olberman clip as if he KO has ANY credibility was certainly the final straw for me. Talk about judgment…

  73. MABlue, he was on a bit of a roll today, spreading misery around pretty freely. It wasn’t so much his posts — it was stuff that showed up in the comments.

    As I say, I don’t care. But., not caring means I’m not so likely to read his stuff anymore.

  74. Evening all — WS, I liked your points. How about this for an ad:

    Time line comparing lives and accomplishments — every three years for the last twelve BO has run for office and McCain as a Senator has weighed in on the issues facing the country.

    Underlying theme: War hero versus community organizer/state senator who sold out his constituents for his bank roller Rezko.

    I fear that Dems will look back upon Dukakus as an electoral high point.

  75. I read the BTD thread and then checked out some of the comments. There are close to 300 over there now. What I see is a little bit of the tide turning. Quite a few are getting onboard with what they see as an inevitability of an Obama nomination and are beginning to waiver.

    The gist is that “we need to overcome” a McCain win and become one with the party. I cannot do it. My thinking is reflective of both katiebird and JJ, along with others on the blog. An Obama presidency, aside from what we all know has been won on the back of a more qualified and experienced candidate, will be a disaster. He does not deserve nor has he the right to my vote. I see no reason to cast one for the sake of “unity”. It would go against every fiber of my being.

  76. katie–
    I went back and looked at fri afternoon too, and by 4pm BTD was already talking about the RFK/Obama assassination link. that’s one of the first references I’ve been able to find. I didn’t think much of it though because I’ve noticed in the past that their time stamps are never right. I used to think they did it to make it look like they were reporting something before anyone else.

  77. Apparently, by the looks of things regarding sending KO the damning memo, The Messiah doesn’t have good communication with underlings, much less loyalty. It can only degrade more.

  78. (shaking my head) Hillary hasn’t lost.

  79. and Obama has a LONG way to go before the convention.

  80. (throwing up a little) Hillary supporters were coming around?

  81. Voters in Montana and SDakota are still saying they are “undecided”…buying time until June 3 to see what else is reported. Is it just me? I never liked him from the beginning.

  82. katiebird: From the comments it appears to be some concessions being put forward in order to “unite” against 4 more years of Bush. I read about the first 75 that came up and there was that tone coming through. I am not surprised all that much. People say one thing and then say another all the time. The idea of his inevitability is starting to take hold. Most of the comparisons now are between McCain and Obama, nothing about Hillary. My world is rapidly reduced. I cannot watch the cable shows. I am not happy with the other blogs as such. Alegre gets more anti comments than pro. It is demoralizing.

  83. Not to sound too pollyannaish, but did anyone else hear the comment the night of the WV primary, where a reporter said that during the Clinton celebration someone (I got the feeling that it was Terry M) said something to the effect, “There’s going to be a big event in June that will change everything.”

    I got the impression that it wasn’t the primaries or the DNC aftermath, but a real game changer.

    I haven’t heard even a whimper since that evening about it, but that doesn’t stop me from hoping.

  84. As long as RD and The Confluence doesn’t turn tail — forcing us to swallow whatever concoctions are brewing in others parts of the blogosphere — I’m home.

  85. I think a “certain blogger” has been playing people by pretending to be fair. But like gary c.h. said this is just a shtick, the “i support obama because he is more electable” schtick.

  86. Prolix: I do remember McAulliffe saying that! I thought he may be referring to the popular vote will upset the DNC or something to that effect. But you are right, I heard the same staement.

  87. Don’t know anyone in a sober state of mind who could honestly assess BO as “more electable”.

  88. Pat,

    While you may well be correct that it centered on the popular vote, I had a spidey feeling that it was something else, something bigger, something that would cause BO to fold and retreat.

    I had the feeling at the time that some of the Chicago rumors that it had “snowed” a little later in BO’s life than he has admitted.

  89. Gary:

    I’m with you fully on the RFK stuff, a pet peeve of mine. For someone like him, who has written at length about the unfairness of the press against Hillary, it was quite shocking to see him immediately condemn her on the strongest terms, although he probably had only the little snippet from the media.

    I think on subsequent posts, he tried to redeem himself but the damage was done.

    I don’t want to appear like a BTD defender, because my basis seems relatively weak. I rarely post there and I don’t read comments there ever. I got there a few times per week and check some posts.
    I probably don’t know that blog as well as you do.

  90. With the love affair that is so apparent between the MSM and the Obama campaign one very good reason to vote against him would be how joint effort will translate should he become president. So far we have seen the wicked collusion that occurred between the MSM and the Bush administration in the first 4 years. Will there be any room for criticism or questioning in Obama admin? What would it look like? A very good reason to vote McCain should it come to that.

  91. This is depressing at Corrente.

  92. Prolix: There have been hints that a video exists of Michele appearing at Rev Wright’s church making comments about “whitey” and that the video is in the hands of the GOP who are planning on releasing it in Oct. But this could be just another internet rumor.

  93. et tu corrente?


    Go Ahead with the remaining WWTSBQ posts and the like. I’m not offended. I’m annoyed; some of you posting here lately are way below Correntish standards and we’ve tolerated that, for various reasons. But I’d really like to bring things back up to snuff, which is to say, in and up to Reality World. Even my Divine friends who’ve been behind her for a long time, have let go. So I ask you, as one who has long argued that a “Black” man will never win the prez race (heh) in this country, what are you going to do when the HrC party is over? It’s coming to an end. I know this as one who’s thrown many successful parties and knows when it’s time to kick out the stumblers. Don’t let that be you.

    what the hell is going on out there? Are the Obamans starting to activate the sleeper cells? jeez…..

  94. katiebird: It is starting.

  95. While I’m a lifelong Dem, I am not finding it difficult to consider a McCain vote — I can’t envision turning over the O office to a poseur and an insecure man whose guiding principles are self-promotion and self-aggrandizement.

  96. I have always lurked at talkleft–for months now, and have never commented. From the start, I felt suspicious of BTD. I couldn’t understand how he obviosly feels that he is such an authority (the pompousness shows through in his writing), but he makes simplistic statements about BO being the one to win, and then defends them with logic he would ridicule in another.

    He is hyper-sensitive if someone calls him out, and actually has responsed with ugliness on more than one occasion. I have always read him as an a-hole with a mysterious agenda. He seems like a closet clinton-hater–possibly hidden sexism. To me, there is no other explantion for his undying support of BO in the face of all the facts.

    The “despise” comment and use of the “cult” term was a definate new direction (low). I think he really needs to get into the heads of why we feel passionately against supporting BO, and he is clearly incapable of that.

  97. ps– I have always found the idea of offering Hillary the number #2 spot on the “unity” ticket highly offensive. Too many angles about why. I hate it that BTD pushes that relentlessly. If Hillary was at the top, BO would drag her down. His baggage is THAT great. BTD is out of touch.

  98. is anyone from corrente here? what’s up with that? I mean if she wants to get “on with reality” what’s stopping her? but nobody is f-ing going to lecture me about “standards” and that I need to wake up. Obama’s arrogance is contagious…

  99. The “creeping crud” is beginning to make its way into the blogosphere. Those former “I will never vote for him no matter what” are beginning to ease off their original stance and are now willing to let bygones be bygones. Forget all the nastiness, forget that this candidate is weak on experience, forget how he has manipulated the system, just get onboard. You will feel so much better in the long run. And just what are “Corrente standards” may I ask?

  100. Someone tell Corrente that I will concede when Hillary does, and anyone who says it’s time to concede sooner than that really should ask themselves what feminism means.

    I thought it meant arguing that women are entitled to what men are entitled to.

    And here I’m not even a feminist. I’m just a person who believes in fair play.

  101. Hi Joanie — I guess they’re desperate to stop this before these last 3 primaries. A string of 5 or 6 big wins at the end of the nomination process for Hillary will make Obama look week.

    (like that’s his only problem)

  102. I voted Humphrey, Mondale, Dukakis, Carter, Kerry, all the losers. I am now being offered another chance to add to that growing list of infamous also rans!

  103. katie, what the f- is happening at corrente?

  104. I will never vote for Obama. Even if I get tired of weathering the blogosphere attacks from Obama’s seemingly juvenile attack squadron.

    Pulling a lever or punching a hole does not take much effort, so no matter how tired we get, I’m sure that we can all do what’s right in the end.

    Apparently, Jimmy Carter (per CNN) is telling Hillary to step aside after June 3.

    Yes, the same June 3 after which she will retain the popular vote lead.

    Send Jimmy peanuts!

    That’s all his opinion is worth to me.

    Another loser for Obama. Pattern, anyone?

  105. Katiebird: People who say we’re just bitter and poor losers are awful a-holes.

    Chicago-Dyke is one of those.

  106. Ugh, well, I for one will not let bygones be bygones. I can hold a grudge. Oh yes I can. And oh yes I will. Well, it isn’t just a grudge…it is about principles, and I think principles are more important than anything of the moment. If I vote for this man, then I am voting, in my mind, at least, against too much that I believe in. I really think it is so important that the DNC gets the message LOUD AND CLEAR this November if they give him the nomination – you do not win elections by disrespecting women and disenfranchising 2.3 million people, not to mention that we will not reward people who race bait and take us back a few decades…

  107. BTD is not a bad guy. What seems to be happening is his recent realization that the entire basis of his support for Obama (electability) has evaporated. Everything he’s been saying for months is proving to be completely wrong. It’s hard to come to grips with your failures.

  108. I’m sorry if I was too rude, I know you probably don’t want people showing up to attack one blog at another blog.

    However I really wish people could understand that I represent a demographic that does not blog. And when this Presidential election is over, if Obama is the nominee, my demographic will be completely left behind (there is a reason that series is so popular with people who see it happening to them and fantasize about being on the other side of the left behind-edness).

    I thought the Democratic party stood for decency and fair play and equality and principle. I am more disillusioned than I ever thought I would be. Poverty is my issue and I have spent my life so far trying to figure out how to end the problems associated with poverty, and now I find that the biggest problem with the impoverished is that nobody wants to end poverty – people would rather win elections and have a wiki.

  109. I mentioned at Corrente that Obots are always loudest when Hillary is about to win. It’s psyops folks. It’s meant to get us down. To crush our spirits. We can’t let them get away with that. We all need to stand up for what’s right.

  110. Guys, I’ve been out for the last two days. (I tend to follow TL pretty closely and comment.)

    Bottom line is that its Jeralyn’s stie. She made that clear when the fallout hit with the original RFK post.

    Yes, she will fall into line come August. But Jeralyn is not moving away from Hillary at this time.

    Don’t just walk away. Send your comments to her.

    In the interim, I’m riding over there to see what’s up.

    Don’t know much about Corrente. But I do know Lambert is a great enough blogger that he doesn’t them.

  111. gq—I know what you mean. like I said earlier, it looks like they’ve got sleeper cells throughout the ‘sphere…..That’s why we need to be LOUD LOUD LOUD. Do not let them drown us out

  112. I think we “sweeties” should get all of our girlish creative skills together. Do we applique, do we bead, do we crochet, do we do photography? Do we bake cookies?

    We should take whichever creative pretty girlish art we know, and use it to make each one of the thugs in the Obama-DNC a very nice big GIGANTIC MIDDLE FINGER. WE should all make pacts about who to send these things to, we should pick the exact day in time in which to send them, we should photograph our lovely crafty gems and send a picture into each of our local newspapers, and we should send them a big fat girlish suzy homemaker F*CK YOU!

    Okay, I’m venting again, but I like the idea.

    We should also do the same for Olbermann, only in his case, we should send girlish, crafty versions of testicles, because he obviously needs them.

  113. Please go to http://countthevotescast.com/ and sign the letter to HD and the DNC to seat the FL and MI delegations. They are trying to print the letter in the Washington Post before the May 31st meeting, and they are also trying to raise enough to run a tv ad.

  114. I know people were talking about this yesterday in a very respectful way, and I really do hate to speculate on anyone’s health status, but I really do think KO has a serious problem. His behavior is simply outside of the realm of normal…I never watched him before the primary and certainly don’t watch him now, except for recommended you tubes. At first, I thought he was just putting on a performance, but I don’t think so. His reaction when he is talking about Hillary is just too physical, his emotion comes through in the way his eyes flash and his nostrils flare, there is violence in his rants, and I find it incredibly disturbing. It is not just a performance for rating he really feels this incredibly irrational venom towards her and it really does not make sense. It’s like he takes out his anger towards all women on her…

  115. Two big reasons the Obamamites are freaking:

    May 31
    June 1

  116. Oh, and Lambert is dominating the comments on that post at Corrente.

  117. ” it looks like they’ve got sleeper cells throughout the ’sphere…..”

    GCH: could you explain what this means?

  118. I’ve said before and I’ll say again. Olbermann has Crohn’s disease and his doctor might have him on a nasty med for it (like prednisone). Prednisone mimics cortisol, which is the fight or flight hormone. It can make a person aggressive….hungry too, hence the puffy appearance.

    However, regardless, I think his bosses need to reign him in. He is beyond over the top.

  119. If the DNC gives Obama the nomination, then I will do my small part to make sure they feel some pain. I’ve got no problem voting for McCain because I find him to be more qualified and more trustworthy than the corrupt fraud Obama.

  120. Katie, yeah, like that, except picture an applique or a nice sugar cookie in that shape, you know, something we sweeties can make for those nice fellas.


    I think it would be hysterically funny.

  121. I’m off to bed. One thing though. They are pulling out all the stops. trying to get inside our heads. We’ve known that this was coming all along. They cannot sustain this. We will resist. The tactic this time is as sexist as the rest. Make us feel like we’ve been acting really hysterically lately, only focusing on our support for Hillary at the expense of the really bad things mccain is doing. Shame on Chicago Dyke for falling into such a predictable sexist stance. I know the women (and everyone else) around here are too smart to fall for that. The harder they push, the harder we push back. As RD says, I am not backing down till the balloons come down in Denver. Andif you don’t like that, you can take your concerns and stuff them. Katiebird, you and RD (ronk, dotcom, litmom, bboomer as well) are my heroes for being a beacon of light in the deepest depths of night. sweet dreams ….

  122. {{gary}} good night. Tomorrow WILL be better.. 🙂

  123. Sonya: Yes, Obama is a complete unknown. He is on every side of every position. He almost voted for Roberts, and he defended those who did, fer gawl sake.

    I’d rather vote for a known McCain than an unknown Obama. The Congress would need to grow cajones, for once to keep the nutcases off the Supreme Court. McCain could own the war for awhile longer (because realistically, Samantha Powers has already tipped Obama’s hand that it’s ‘unrealistic’ to get out of Iraq and besides, Obama is too cowardly to rock that status quo.)

    McCain is not THAT radical, has taken the radical stance since running for president. He said he’d like to serve only one term, so he may not be so beholden to those who got him elected.

    I’m not saying McCain would be good for the country. What I’m saying is I’m convinced that Obama is BAAAAAD for the country. Not bitterness, not sour grapes, just my opinion from observation.

  124. five thirty—just that even at places we felt were safe have this kind of propaganda. It reminds me of right after super tuesday when all of a suddent the blogs I used to frequent were yelling at me to STFU. A lot of us are still really sore about that. maybe land mines would have been a better analogy

  125. Don’t get excited. Corrente is a big enough house to contain a variety of opinions.

    As for TalkLeft, equilibrium has never been BTD’s strong suit. He tries. He falls down. He gets back up and tries again.

  126. we took our Hillary sign down after the election here on the 6th (NC). After all this crap my partner looked at me today and said “the signs going back up untill Denver”. All right I”m really going to bed not. Night Katie, all…hang tough

  127. some of you seem tired

  128. {{smile}} Night Gary.

  129. Look – this is the “all bets are off” time. I want HRC to win for many different reasons. I have left DKOS, and all that cartel.

    Believe me, I’ve been reading the ‘nets since atrios was just a glint in the bartcop forums’ eye.

    If you want HRC to win you have to be astounded at the forces arrayed against her. I think that is to her honor.

    I wonder if she could somehow appeal *directly* to the voters now. She has some very appealing and loveable supporters. Now would be a good time for some of them to come forward. Not Big Dog or any of the regulars. Someone who will take them by surprise.

    OK – I’ve had a lot of caffeine, etc.

  130. I just find it interesting that obama’s campaign seems capable of creating the very thing he claims to oppose….he comes into a world that seems post-racial and stirs up the racial divide – he takes people who had hope and faith in the democratic party and makes them bitter – it’s like he speaks magic words in reverse or something.

  131. it’s like he speaks magic words in reverse or something.

    It’s like you can always tell what a Republican is up to because that is what they will accuse *you* of doing.

  132. if Hillary’s campaign is no longer possible, then why do the sweeties still show up here and at TM?

    doesn’t make sense…

  133. I think we need to say that while we support Hillary our decision not to vote for Obama goes beyond that. Even if Hillary had been out early or hadn’t run at all we would likely be opposed to Obama.

  134. Has anyone read this NYT article about ‘Hillary’s return to the senate may be uneasy”? I didn’t have the heart to. I’m guessing it’s more of our misogynist asshole bully boys warning her that even if she drops out and cedes the election to Mccain, they’re still going to try and punish her further for the sin of running and being the best candidate?

  135. RD’s blog and you supporters’ comments are always excellent. I read yet hesitate to join in because I am such a lousy, relatively inexperienced blog participant.

    However, since this is an open thread, I would like to post a comment I previously posted at NoQuarter regarding an entry on Olbermann’s insane rant. I apologize if it is intrusive, yet I feel it is very important that WE realize, and hold on to, the fact of our sigficance despite any efforts to diminsh US or HRC.

    My cross post: re http://noquarterusa.net/blog/2008/05/25/special-comment-for-keith-olbermann

    Every word you wrote in your article Lisa, and most every post in here, is gospel as far as this election and the treatment of HRC and her supporters.

    WE can make all of the want-to-be, pretentious, prevaricating, demi-gods (Obama, Michelle, Axelrod, the DNC, and the partisan media) pay dearly. Either now before the convention, or most definately in the GE.

    WE have the power to control this election (which is what has them in such a vitriolic panic) if WE stay unified, stand by our convictions, and let nothing sway US.

    WE can end their machinations, show that they not Us are the truly insignificant ones, and show that people power trumps demagogic/corporate power.

    Together WE can defeat them all. Contrary to the messianic utterances of Obama and his minions, WE are actually the ones this country has been waiting for.

    WE have the leverage to return our country to a state of sensibility, and ratioanality. WE are the only pragmatists involved in this fiasco, and WE are the only ones that can!

    For the last 8 years, unknown to me and I assume most HRC supporters, the darkest, most vile, far-left, loser elements of the DNC have been plotting this scenario.

    They planned it deviously well. However, the one element they could not and did not, calculate into their quest is Us. WE hold the key to everything.

    WE are their worst nightmare. WE must, and shall, assure that they never acheive their Machiavellian goals.

  136. Again with apologies, in case my comments are considered inane or unwelcome, I post another comment re David Axelrod and the hypocritical, denigrating, lying aspects he has brought to this election.

    My hope is that we never lose sight of what and who we are fighting and the fact that we are formidable.

    Previously posted at http://noquarterusa.net/blog/2008/05/25/more-about-the-hypocrisy-misleading-claims-from-obamas-campaign

    Probably the greatest revelation of this election season is the fact that David Axelrod is more Machiavellian than Karl Rove.

    We and this country have known about Rove, detested him, and fought him. His imprint has been out there nationally for all to see.

    However, Axelrod, while perhaps even slimier and more devious throughtout the same time frame, has operated under the national radar, until now.

    His venue has been the cess-pool of Chicago/Illinois State politics. His are every bit as pernicious and destructive as Rove’s methods, but have been hidden or gone un-noticed by the localized, business as usual nature, of where he practiced his craft.

    He has taken Rove’s tactics to a higher level than I would have ever thought possible. In fact, I believed Rove’s Machiavellian skills to be the epitome, unsurpassable!

    I was wrong, and the main reason I deem Axelrod to now be the master of deceit and all things twisted and evil is his pre-conceived plan to lablel the Clintons and all who support them racists.

    Karl Rove never would have even thought about trying to brand Bill and Hillary Clinton as racists. He would have known and still knows that such is the most far-fetched notion that could ever be introduced.

    However, David Axelrod had no such qualms. He knew such was the only way, along with trying to negate WJC’s Presidency, that he could possibly create an atmosphere for Obama to come close to competing with HRC.

    He succeeded with certain elements of the electorate despite all evidence, history, and common-sense knowledge to the contrary.

    Axelrod goes Rove many times better in emulating Machiavelli by adding elements of Misogyny, Racism, Marxism, Anarchy, Black Seperatist Hate, Cultural Denigration, and Cultist Indoctrination to his strategy.

    This country has never seen such a despicable, cancerous, political melange.

    At present he and his conspirators are the most treacherous, vile, and dangerous element in American politics. We have seen terrible, as with Karl Rove, et al. However, Axelrod and company move audacious evil beyond any parameters Rove could have imagined.

    To allow them, or their chosen candidate Obama, anywhere near the seat of power in this country would be like injecting our whole nation and system of government with a dose of poison, unlike any we have ever seen.

    WE are the only power that can stop them, and WE must!

  137. I’ve got it! Instead of asking people to send shoes — a tactic which won’t catch on, because postage costs money — ask people to send pictures tot he DNC and the supers. Via email. For free.

    Pictures of what, you ask?

    Of the things you plan to buy with the money you’ll save by NOT donating to the Democratic party — if Obama is the standard bearer.

    (By the way, some of you may appreciate the graphic adorning my latest post, which touches on this very issue.)

  138. Ben wrote:

    I think we need to say that while we support Hillary our decision not to vote for Obama goes beyond that. Even if Hillary had been out early or hadn’t run at all we would likely be opposed to Obama.

    This is absolutely true for me. I decided long ago that I could never vote for Obama. That has nothing to do with Hillary. I support her now because she won me over. I can’t vote for Obama for President even if Hillary is on the ticket as VP. It’s a moral issue for me. In my opinion, Obama is utterly corrupt and if he wins the nomination, he will destroy the Democratic party. If he becomes President, he will continue the corporatism that George W. Bush’s presidency has brought us. I will never vote for Obama period.

  139. Katiebird and Gary,

    At TL on the latest open thread there is a discussion of how the whole RFK smear started, including BTD putting it up before anyone. To add to my previous comment, the RFK smear is a line in the sand for me. There have been many lines in the sand, but to me this one means that if Hillary accepts VP, I can’t support her. It’s too much. I have to believe she would not accept. This was just evil, so Rovelike. I won’t forgive and I won’t forget. I’m done with the Democratic party if this is their new MO.

  140. To add to my previous comment, the RFK smear is a line in the sand for me.

    I think it is naive to think that the “fair and balanced” blogs who have some bloggers that support Hillary, are in this for anything else than to “crash the gates” and take down HRC and any old school, mainstream politicians.

    That’s why I didn’t say anything but most assuredly did not give any $$ to the hamsters at Corrente. I read Lambert’s blog every day and he is definitely great and a fantastic HRC supporter, but knew that any $$ to them is a contribution to the now militantly anti-HRC BigBlogz.

    It is an accident that you are here at Riverdaughter? Hello?

  141. NOTE:

    This quote in my comment:

    “To add to my previous comment, the RFK smear is a line in the sand for me.”

    That should have been italicized – it is a quote from bostonboomer, on May 26th, 2008 at 7:41 am.

  142. WalkAMileInOurShoes.org: Sock the Vote!

    Tell Hillary that we walk with her!

    Sock the vote! Make your voice heard, the voice of American Voters!
    Why are the media and some superdelegates trying to end Senator Clinton’s Campaign? How can the media or anyone call the nomination for Obama now?

    URGENT DO TODAY: Speak to the superdelagates and delegates – with your socks!

    * Endorse the candidate that won the popular vote reflecting the will of the people. Senator Clinton has won the popular vote by more than 300,00 votes.

    * Endorse the stronger candidate with a more certain win of the General Election. Senator Clinton has the electoral votes to win the General Election and beat McCain.

    We the citizen voters wish you to know that we know the the facts, and we wish to remind of the facts:

    * Super Delegates and unbound delegates can change which candidate they support every minute, every hour until the convention- we’ve already seen that. Senator Clinton is still winning delegates, and some are those who have switched back to Senator Clinton. We applaud and will loyally support those superdelegates and delegates as party leaders and those in office whom we are constituents of. We will not support nor will we contribute to or vote for those who go against the will of the people as expressed in the popular vote.

    * There are still 970 delegates that are “up for grabs” that can vote any way they choose in Denver.
    * 795 super delegates AND an additional 175 non bound voter selected delegates.
    * The delegate race is actually essentially tied – less than 60 bound delegates separate the two candidates! Senator Obama only has 1638 bound pledged delegates and Senator Clinton has 1581 bound pledged delegates.

    At the convention any delegate bound is only bound on the first ballot/vote and given the above facts, no candidate may emerge the winner on the first ballot.

    The real delegate race is essentially tied. It is still very possible for Senator Clinton to win the delegate count in addition to already having won the popular vote by over 300,000 votes! The super delegate and unbound delegate endorsements should reflect the will of the people – the popular vote.

    WalkAMileInOurShoes.org: Sock the Vote!

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