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      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Where was Ariana in 1968?

Hillary was in college. The war in Vietnam was eating up our young men. My Dad was on a ship somewhere near Southeast Asia. My brother was less than a month old. The nation was combustible. And then, the worst thing possible happened. No one who was living in America at the time will forget it. It became a fulcrum around which many of our lives would turn. That was the year I started paying attention to politics. When I look at this video, it still brings tears to my eyes. I see the kids running after the train and I flashback to my own childhood. It doesn’t take much to call these images up. It could be just a simple question during an interview, “Why are they trying to get you to drop out?”

Ariana, do you want to answer that?

ghostlegpress has this fitting comment that expresses the anger and disappointment we feel over the media, the Obamasphere and the Obama campaign’s reaction to this faux outrage:

Bobby Kennedy was my hero. In 1968 I was 17 years old and I believed absolutely that he would end the war in Vietnam and begin to end the racial injustice that was an open, festering sore on this country. I thought he’d be the greatest president the USA ever had.

At the same time, Eugene McCarthy’s supporters could only say that Gene was purer – better – braver on the war than Bobby. I remember a McCarthy supporter challenging Kennedy because McCarthy risked …whatever – nothing really – by challenging LBJ in New Hampshire and RFK didn’t. “Where were you when we were in New Hampshire?” the McCarthy supporter heckled. Ceasar Chavez, who was on the platform with RFK, answered, “He was with me in Delano!”

That answer meant nothing to the college kid, but it explained the whole world to me.

In a phrase that has some resonance today, I remember a magazine article which discussed student involvement in the campaigns explaining that Gene had the “A” students and Bobby only had the “C” students.

All that seemed to matter to some was that Gene McCarthy was laconic, ironic, and way too high brow for the average voter. Bobby had the masses. And we had Bobby.

I went to sleep on June 4, 1968 believing RFK had won the California primary and would win the presidency. I woke on June 5 to learn he’d been shot. I woke on June 6 to learn he’d died. I stood all day on June 8 waiting for his funeral cortege to pass.

1968 was a terrible time, but it was also a time of great hope. Those of us who came of age politically in that time will never forget that the primary season began in February and ran thrrough June.

Anyone who believes Hillary doesn’t have that time emblazoned on her memory just doesn’t know American history. They can twist her comments as much as they want – but for anyone over 50, a primary that extends into June isn’t an anomaly. A primary in June will always evoke RFK for me. Not because of the horror of its end – but because that was the last time I had real hope fo this country.

The current outrage disgusts me more than I can express. It’s not Hillary who sullies the process. Lying spinmeisters who’d use the assassination of one of this century’s greatest men to score cheap points are the ones who should be ashamed.

I haven’t really ever forgotten what an elitist bastard McCarthy was – and it will be a cold day in hell before I forgive Obama.

Stop. Now.

91 Responses

  1. I would like to answer that question so badly, but I’ll show some restrain.

    It’s true you shouldn’t do certain things when you’re extremely upset.

  2. MABlue: How are you feeling these days? Almost recovered?

  3. rd:

    Almost, but the media won’t let me.


  4. (nodding) {{MABlue}} remember RD has warned us in the past to turn off the cable news.

  5. The Argus editorial board issued a statement that she was speaking to lengthy primaries, NOT the assassination itself. Crazy that this isn’t obvious. It’s just like the article on Corrente. It’s modern day McCarthyism. Obama’s exploiting this with that silly statement just makes me more hardened to not voting for him.

  6. Also, KO will have a special comment on Hillary tonight. Sick. Just sick.

  7. Katie – (nodding) {{MABlue}} remember RD has warned us in the past to turn off the cable news.

    I find myself now tuning out network evening news’ “election” coverage as well. SMH.

  8. “My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don’t understand it,” she said, dismissing the idea of dropping out.

    how are you spinning this about the length of the primary???

    she’s done. classless.

  9. Melanie:

    Anybody who watched that interview knows exactly what she was talking about. It was said in the middle of a discussion about the artificial urgency to terminate the primary season.

    I cannot believe what is happening here because that part of the interview and that’s when I wrote my “News Alert”.

  10. MABlue – of course we do. But without the phony outrage, how do make the stronger, more qualified candidate go bye-bye?

  11. Goodnight everyone. I can’t stay and read comments from people who clearly believe that Hillary is a monster.

    I do not believe that Hillary had any thought of Barack Obama when she made that remark. She was thinking of past June Primaries — and that was the most memorable.

    To use that event as an oblique way to gloat over a possible assassination — well, the very charge makes me sick.

    Good night.

  12. Kbird: take a break. Come back later. I’ll do troll patrol.

  13. Katie – you said it. Have a good, restful night.

  14. Thanks guys. I honestly don’t believe this. When I came home mister told me about the quote. Then said she apologized to the Kennedy’s. And that Obama’s people wanted an apology.

    I honestly had no idea why. Until I read that sh*t from Nathan.

    (Hugs to everyone) I’ll probably be back later….


  15. I totally sympathize with KB, especially because I actually watched that interview.

    Because I don’t really have any compulsion, I actually had to open a bottle red wine (well, I can’t smash things here)

  16. I hope RFK’s children come out to denounce the phony outrage from Barry and his followers who are acting like rightwingnuts.

  17. A gaffe from Sen. Clinton isn’t helpful (I know what she meant about lengthy primaries but her opponents/media have twisted it), but I think this will blow over. She handled it well with a quick apology and not added any fuel to the fire.

    Puerto Rico should be the focus, and I hope they don’t get distracted. The working class have stayed with Hillary through thick and thin, and I hope Puerto Ricans/Latinos will give her what she needs to have added claim to the nomination.

  18. lyn5:

    Ask and ye shall receive:

    From NYTimes.com

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has endorsed Mrs. Clinton, defended her remarks in a telephone interview Friday evening. “I’ve heard her make that argument before,” Mr. Kennedy said, speaking on his cell phone as he drove to the family compound in Hyannis for the holiday weekend. “It sounds like she was invoking a familiar historical circumstance in support of her argument for continuing her campaign.”
    Mr. Kennedy said he has been traveling and had not seen the video or read Mrs. Clinton’s comments, but said his support of Mrs. Clinton has not wavered.

    Conflucian Ryan posted it on a previous thread.

  19. MABlue: I love you!

  20. I think this is going to backfire. Obama was pretty silly when he interpreted Bush’s comments in Israel as being about him too. It’s pretty clear that Obama is such a collossal narcissist that he can’t imagine anyone anywhere who is not thinking or talking about him.

  21. Thank you, Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Thank you, sir. Our continued thoughts and well wishes remain with your entire family.

    And thank you, MABlue. You know we luv ya much! We do, we do. 🙂

  22. Everyone see this over at Taylor Marsh about what PR could do for us (er…Hillary, I mean!)??


    Reading things like this gives me coronaries of anticipation…bring on June!!!

  23. “Thank you, Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Thank you, sir. Our continued thoughts and well wishes remain with your entire family.”


  24. What troubles me a lot right now is that.. everything is driven by professional “outrage junkies” as someone on TalkLeft put it. I don’t know how anyone can stop it.

  25. (peeking in) I really am going to take a break (I’m strangely overset) but I just wanted to jump in for a quick

    {{{Group Hug}}}

    You guys are the Best! Thank you.

  26. Kbird: take good care and come back when you are up to it.

    RD: moving video.

  27. {{ Katiebird }}

    You are the best!

  28. lyn5, edwardian:

    Thanks for the love.

    I think I take this story personal because I actually watched the interview. Even the editorial board of the Argus-Leader put out a press release defending Hillary Clinton.

    There is simply no way anybody in his right mind could misunderstand this.
    As we’ve learned throughout this primary, you have to go to any length to deny HRC the benefit of the doubt.

  29. That was a very moving comment by ghostlegpress. It’s very hard to express how emotional it made me. I wish that I could articulate my thoughts and outrage as well.

    To Whatever: whatever are you doing here?

  30. riverdaughter…oh man. The images on that video brought back so many memories, and they made me cry. I’m amazed at how they bring up such emotion in me. In 1968 I was a child, and my dad was in Vietnam.

    On the day Bobby Kennedy was assassinated, I remember running in the house, and my mother was standing at the ironing board, ironing and shaking her head while she cried. I knew somebody was dead because the last time I had seen her cry like that was a couple of months earlier when Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

    The world was a scary place in 1968.

    I think that Ted Kennedy’s illness and discussions regarding the 1968 democratic convention have brought up a lot of memories for people who lived through those dark days in the 60’s, especially Hillary’s generation as I believe she was in college at the time.

    There’s no way that Hillary would make a reference to RFK for any improper reason, and most decent and honest people understand that. Those who suggest otherwise project their own depravity onto her, and they should be ashamed.

  31. Well, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. sure is a class act.

    I wonder how much play his statement will get. Probably very little.

    Katiebird: I really empathize with your disgust. Obama’s people and his media are grasping at straws right now. Their desperation and ruthlessness are revolting. They turn my stomach.

    Sonya: I am no psychologist but I agree with you about these people are “project[ing] their own depravity onto her.”

  32. Does anyone have a link to Robert Kennedy’s statement .. please ?

  33. MABlue: I remember back when I used to visit DK that there were already many, many comments about how dangerous it was for Obama to run for the nomination.

    This interview has given the Obama camp & the media carte blanche to attack Hillary. Simply an excuse to change the FL/MI narrative.

    It is another “look over there” moment. Boy, oh boy, am I learning about politics this season or what?

  34. I think the only thing that happens here is that some of us with cooler heads are getting extra-fed-up with outrage junkiedom. I wasn’t born til a decade after all this happened.. but wow, people are crazy and groupthink is scary. If this were a few centuries earlier they’d be cheering on the witch hunts.

  35. The Obama professional supporters are just sick, vile, awful people. They have no shame. I hate to say it, but it’s true. I’m ashamed to be associated with any party that sees them as the ‘leaders,’ not the problem. The American people watch these nasty, overprivileged infants running amuck and they want to run as far and as fast in the opposite direction as possible. I can’t blame them.

    It’s a sad day when you try to put a ‘good side’ on something but saying well, maybe it’s not their fault, maybe they’re just suffering from some form of mental illness. Vote Democratic–there’s an even chance we’re not evil, we’re just sick.

  36. captsfufp, I read that article too and I’m counting down the days to Puerto Rico.

    In the last PR gubernatorial election, 2 million people voted in an island of 4 million. What would the turnout be for this primary and what will be her margins? I’m no expert on Puerto Rico but I’ve read she has support from past pro-statehood governors and other politicians from the island and and we all know how she did great among Puerto Ricans in New York and Florida.

    Here’s another article on PR:


  37. @whatever: What was he doing when he was assassinated? Campaigning…in June. That’s the point. If she hadn’t mentioned the assassination, she’d be accused of some other sin.

  38. dar1a-g: “If this were a few centuries earlier they’d be cheering on the witch hunts.”

    heh. Sad but true.

  39. so obama is exploiting RFK’s death in the same week they found out his brother has a terminal disease? It makes me physically ill. Because make no mistake about it, that’s what they’re doing. They’ve been waiting for anything to pile on her. Obama and Axelrod are two of the most immoral, ruthless cuthroat politicians I’ve ever seen. hopefully the kennedy family will tell them to back off.

  40. Keith O. – just now (while pimping for his upcoming special comment) in reference to Hillary. “This can not be forgiven”.

    Guess he is Obama’s Pope selection.

  41. Joseph Cannon has collected crazy comments from the O-blogs on this, including two from DK threatening violence to Hillary–not hidden or deleted.


  42. BB: yikes… whay did I follow your link? Why o why…? Ah the sweet memories of reading DK. I have to admit, that I laughed at the two first pictures (I could not read more than a third of the comments, before I closed the link).

    Heh, I see you had an encounter with my “evil twin” in a previous thread….Mom normally keeps him/her in the basement but today….

    RD. Have I ever thanked you enough for creating this place? If not, thank you again and again and again……

  43. Is it me or did this story just fall off the front page of the MSM websites. I wonder if the Kennedy family is pissed that Obama is exploiting RFK’s death and told them to back off. what disgusting behavior. its SC all over again. same move with the LBJ comment.

  44. UpstateNY, I never thought I’d see this type of witch hunt in my lifetime, all that I read about this kind of collective craziness was as a student of history.. but I found the blogosphere when it seemed to have taken over the nation during the runup to the Iraq war. I couldn’t believe what was happening. (I expect the media and many of our fellow citizens did some of this during Bill’s administration and Gore 2000 but I wasn’t paying attention due to being in school or abroad, where the media wasn’t driven by this sort of thing.)

    Maybe for Iraq there was this unfathomable idea that the leaders of the nation and our media could lie us into a war.. And this time, the unfathomable, unthinkable, profoundly offensive idea is.. what stands in the way of the boyz anointing as president their cool, new, stylish, exciting blank slate guy who’ll magically end politics and solve all our problems is.. a woman. Ergo, burn the witch!

    So I see that even in the blogosphere the boyz have this pack mentality (probably driven in part by some mailing lists they’re all reading) and there’s hardly a free thinker among them. Armando (Big Tent Dem) has been great now that he stepped outside the hothouse of crazy that is the Cheeto blog.

  45. UpstateNY:

    “Mom normally keeps him/her in the basement but today….”

    Thought I detected a lack of oxygen above the neck.

  46. Is it me or did this story just fall off the front page of the MSM websites.

    It’s Memorial Day, all the staff who do actual work just want to get the hell out of the office!

  47. wow, fortunately this happened over a long weekend and the people in puerto rico certainly wouldn’t care about this. THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN IS DOING TO HILLARY WHAT KAREN HUGHES AND KARL ROVE DID TO AL GORE. Do they not remember how they took any odd thing he said out of context and spun it and the media grabbed it. I AM OFFICIALLY DONE WITH THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. I NOW REALIZE THAT I NEVER REALLY WAS ONE AT ALL.

  48. edwardian: heh.

    dar1a_g: heh.

  49. I’m serious though. her statement was obviously not intended to disrespect RFK or insinuate anything about Obama. For his campaign to say it “has no place in this campaign” (which is exactly what they said in SC) is to me blatantly using RFK’s death to score political points. I’m sure that even though they all support Obama, I wonder if Caroline appreciates them using her dead uncle as political fodder. If the kennedy family has any interest in protecting the legacy of their family they will tell the Obama campain to STFU and now.

  50. Riverdaughter,

    On a lighter note, those new faces you have next to new comments on the side of the page are a riot. Have you seen yours darla? Kinda scary (smile)

  51. Davidson, no kidding. If she had mentioned that they 1968 CA primary was held in June and left it at that, she’d be accused of ignoring and minimizing the tragedy that occured. Obviously.

  52. UpstateNY,

    Sorry about that. At least I didn’t send you to the actual sites of the violence. I don’t even want to think about what the front page of the Cheeto place looks like tonight.

  53. We all need to take a deep breath. When this hit I went out and golfed 9 holes again. This is the point of no return. We must rise above this and be the positive force for America that each of us is. We are not haters. We are good, hard working people who value America. We are up against something we don’t understand. Now is the time for us to take stock and be the bigger persons.

  54. Joseph C: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I hope you won’t be too upset if I delete this one comment of yours. It makes me uncomfortable to leave it up when their are impressionable minds up past their bedtimes.

  55. Let’s be cool folks. Hillary has around the clock protection. They know all about the threats at this point. We don’t need to bother them with emails. They have hard enough jobs. Please, let’s take a deep breath.

  56. Joseph.. In defense of Markos on this, anyone can go on the site and post whatever the hell, he can’t police thousands of comments a day – that commenter crossed the line all right, but no way the site owner could have done anything (aside from actively discouraging the atmosphere of Hillary-hate that developed over there but it’s much too late for that).

  57. dar1a,

    I’m sorry, Kos should have gotten that sinkhole of his under control months ago. These threats are nothing new at DK. I have absolutely no sympathy for him or for the other frontpagers. The made their place into a pigstye, and now they are wallowing in it.

  58. she’s done. classless.

    People like this, are either stupid people who are totally the media’s pawn – or smart people who are totally the media, and think we are pawns.

    Fortunately, there is this thing called coevolution. Smart people know that if the media loves Barack Obama, there must be something really, really Bushlike about him.

    We can see which candidate was chosen for us.

    The media has no credibility with me. To me, if the media is trying to attack Hillary, that says more for Hillary than anything Hillary could say.

    Real Democrats aren’t this eager to destroy the Clinton legacy. Only the enemies of the Democratic party are determined, absolutely determined, to do anything to make us forget that things started to get better, really better, when Bill Clinton was President.

  59. I read about one paragraph of “special” K’s statement. apparently she used the word assassination while in a campaign against a black man, how dare she. I guess that he forgot that he called for her to be taken in a back room and….he reallly is an ass…

  60. Gracious, Hillary makes us work hard sometimes! She certainly could have said “1968” and left it at that. But the interview is what it is, which is innocuous on the substance, just a little tone-deaf given what she should know by now about everyone being ready to pounce on her. Since the previous strategy of just moving on didn’t work when her words were twisted before South Carolina, I doubt that it will work now, even with the apology; I’m thinking she should double-down and call the media and the Obama campaign to task for twisting her words, as they’ve done from the start. Make the bastards stand up and say that she wants Obama dead, and they’ll look as crazy as loons in the eyes of the voters, much as the VRWC started to lose steam when they said the Clintons had Vince Foster whacked.

  61. gary, didn’t you get the memo? Threatening women is what the kool kidz do. Besides, we’re not really human anyway, so it’s not like threatening a person.

  62. For those who attribute every incalculable mean-spirited political characteristic to Sen. Clinton, I am at a loss. If she is as shrewd as her enemies state, why would she drop this on a Friday of a long weekend to be chewed upon by the rottweilers who wish her harm?

    This is but another of the trail of “it can’t be history because it demeans us,” from the Obama campaign. I place this comment in the same basket as Pres. Clinton’s factual statement after the SC primary — he only spoke the truth, but the blare from the Obama camp was four pages of e-mails crying racism.

    To what ends will these people go gives me all the more reason to admire Sen. Clinton’s strength and courage in the face of this maelstrom.

  63. MSNBC is FOX news of the far left. MSNBC is doing to Hillary what FOX did to Gore and Kerry.

  64. Rich,

    If she had just said “1968” they would have attacked her for NOT mentioning the assassination. No matter what she says, it will be twisted.

  65. Am I going crazy here or what? I just heard snippets of this tonight and I cannot believe that the MSM has taken this to such unreal heights of outrage. All she meant was that each previous campaign was still going until June! They are using every single tiny remark to bring her down. I have watched this video twice now and I am hard pressed to understand how it got turned so inside out. It is sickening.

  66. Prolix,

    The most amazing thing is that Hillary is a really nice person. She’s a small woman and has a great sense of humor. She not at all monstrous. And yet somehow the media has created this view of her. Frankly, I think it works in her favor, because when people actually see her, hear her, meet her, they realized they’ve been lied to.

  67. BB — agreed.

  68. BB: You’re right, I guess. It’s naive of me at this point to think one formulation or another would spare her the condemnation, since they’re determined to condemn her regardless. I think she’s on solid enough ground to make this the occasion for a general counteroffensive against Obama (he’s RFK like I’m Marie Antoinette) and the media.

  69. It is not possible for HIllary or any Hillary supporter to make any historical reference. What is very scary to me is the very appalling lack of general historical knowledge among today’s young. Also appalling is the willfull misunderstanding by the Obama besotted press, They know better on historical issues and on both Clintons records. Women reporters refuse to admit the sexism. Our media is a disgrace and it really endangers our democracy. The Founding Fathers depended on the press, the” forth estate”.The American people have lost an important protection.I’m really afraid that we are on our way to becoming a very large banana republic. You know Ralph Nader is correct about many things.

  70. I think I’ve crossed the line today to considering Obama the narcissistic, preening candidate I now find myself genuinely **hating**. I will actively work to defeat him and his ugly “movement.” I really do think I crossed some line today. They pushed too far today.

    Ralph Nader. Cynthia McKinney. There are plenty of places I can go.

    To HELL with the Obama fans and their leader who thinks everything in the world revolves around him.

  71. I, too, was 17 in 1968, and sat and cried with my dad as he cried, too. My commitment to politics was born. In the fall I became one of the first women at an all-male college. I learned what sexism and misogyny was the hard way, and I became a true feminist. For me it was a year of real awakening.

  72. Thanks for the sanity. I am going to send Senator Clinton
    more money. Those interpreting this as anything other than
    Senator Clinton remembering other long primaries are, in my
    view, willfully misunderstanding her. (All the best to Robert
    Kennedy and his family…)

  73. Another reason to boycott the MSMBO.

  74. This is one of the best posts I’ve read anywhere. And boy, did it ever bring back memories. 1968 was a terrible, terrible year. And no one should ever forget it or be ignorant about what it meant. This response ought to be sent far and wide.

    Thank you for a very poignant answer to a very ugly campaign ploy.

  75. I saw Bobby get shot on TV. It was in the hotel kitchen after he had given his speech after his victory in CA. He was my hero also, I don’t play him against Gene McCarthy. Gene brought a president down. But we all knew that he couldn’t win the presidency. But Bobby could. What astounds me to this day is that the result was that we got Nixon. And thirty – forty years later we got W and all that fight agianst Vietnam, we got Iraq. . What also astounds me is that Hillary sits in Bobby’s seat, something I wasn’t aware of. She ought to tell all the Obamabots to go fuck themselves, and run as Bobby’s successor. I’m sure that would cause some heads to explode, but they’re the heads we can afford to lose!

  76. I had not seen footage of RFK’s train in years. Made me cry. As a freshman in high school I worked on JFK’s campaign. As a junior in college I worked on Bobby’s. So sad. Thanks for the reminder.

    May I please have permission to quote ghostlegpress’s comments over at another site (pro-Obama.) I am a thorn in their side. (You can email me your response.) His comment is just so PERFECT. His comment is not only appropriate for this latest faux outrage, but is true fror the entire Obama campaign.

    Thanks for your outstanding site. I have been reading for about a week now. First post. Great site. Thanks for all the hard work. Your credo is mine. Love it.

  77. I remember the funeral train. It was unplanned and unexpected, but huge crowds turned out to watch it go past.

    White-black-brown, old and youn, men and women.

    They just stood there as it passed by each town. No organization, no purpose, just paying tribute.

    I recall the line from To Kill a Mockingbird:

    “Jean Louise, stand up. Your father’s passing. ”

    It was that kind of thing.

  78. I haven’t read all the comments and I’m not certain where this is all coming from, but, I do believe that HRC’s reference to RFK’s win in California in July (and not his assasination) would have served her better. This certainly doesn’t warrant the outcry that must be pouring from the papers and tvs. This is the grist for Obama’s mill and it might be enough to really hurt her. I hope it won’t. It musn’t.

  79. Hi everybody,

    I’m a newbie. I’ve been lurking for a few days and thought I’d quit lurking and jump right into the conversation.

    I watched Hillary’s editoral meeting online this afternoon and thought she did a great job. When I got home from work I was streaming Corbett’s show and heard him talking about the outrage of Obama supporters regarding Hillary’s comment. I wondered what in the world she said to get everyone so upset. When I heard it was about the RFK comment I just couldn’t believe it.

    This is insane! Everything is not about Obama.

  80. Powerful post, RD. The clip made me cry. Yes, I remember it. I was 15 years old. Like most boomers, my life and my beliefs were greatly influenced by what happened in the ’60’s – first JFK’s assassination, the war, then Bobby and MLK. All that promise, then we ended up with Richard Nixon and Watergate and a mostly Republican wasteland ever since. Like ghostlegpress, I think I also lost hope. I thought things had finally turned around with Bill, but then Newt and the rabid right reared their ugly heads again and eventually gave us the most horrible monster of them all. That’s why I almost feel in despair these days. Because the noise and the power of the elite and the corporations and the media is so great I don’t even know if they can be beat anymore.

  81. Where was Arianna in 1968? England.

    Her father Konstantine was a journalist in Athens. I would like to know whether or not he supported the junta that took over Greece in 1967. Like all dictatorships, the junta exercised strong press control and was particularly notorious for using the media to spread false stories.

    I don’t know which side of the Greek civil war he was on, or how he earned enough money to send his daughter to Cambridge.

  82. Eric: Pull your head out of your ass or leave.

  83. Yes Eric, everything is a very sore spot for obama supporters, since he believes that every utterance on earth relates directly to him. It’s called Pathlogical Narcissism Disorder, or, not only do i believe people are communicating with me through my fillings, i also believe people are communicating with me through your fillings. Uh oh, merkel (that bitch!) said something about bush yesterday, and we all know ‘Bush’ like ‘sunshine,’ “napkin,’ and ‘pomegranite” and ‘everything else’ is code for ‘Obama.”

    thank god, though, that assassination isn’t a sore spot for clinton supporters, considering his frothing lunatic supporters can hardly go a day without threatening her in some way.

    elixir, she was referring to his win, that was her whle point, but she had to mention his assassination as well, since they happened on the same night. if she hadn’t, the crazed O-bots would have screamed about her tarnishing the memory of his legacy and disrespecting him by not referring to what happened after, as if it were just another election night, or something.

  84. Not everything is a sore spot for them, but assassination particularly bad thing. The 1968 election was relevant in the sense that there was a long primary process, but she could have brought that up more tactfully without directly using the word ‘assassination’. It would be hard to complain about just mentioning RFK and leaving it at that.

    And I know there are frayed nerves right now, but we really shouldn’t be so hostile with one another. Clinton would need Obama supporters as the nominee.

  85. Eric, you still don’t get it.

    The reason the assassination sprang to mind is simple.

    Well, first, you can’t say “1968” to people of my generation without the word “assassination” being in the forefront of one’s thoughts. It’s a classic word association.

    But more than that. What you don’t understand is that she was not comparing Obama to RFK. She was comparing herself. Now, before you jump in and say the sort of dunderheaded thing Bots always say, let me be clear:


    I’m saying that you have to go all the way back to 1968 to point to an example of a Democratic challenger who enters June as a come-from-behind candidate who — almost certainly — would have exited June as the Sure Thing Nominee.

    In other words, 1968 was the last time front-runner status switched that late in the game. Hillary wanted to make the case that a last-minute switch could happen in 2008.

    Except — RFK never really did attain the front-runner status. Or if he had it, he had it for only a few minutes.

    So I don’t see how you can tell the story without mentioning why RFK did not become the front-runner.

    I mean, what could she have said? She couldn’t have said “RFK gained the lead in June, just as I hope to.” Because he didn’t. He was GOING to, but he didn’t. Something happened.

    Now, all of this is clear to normal people. Bots, however, just like to fight for the sake of fighting. They will seek any possible way to misinterpret words — as you will now no doubt misinterpret mine — in order to turn on the fake-outrage machine.

    As Aleister Crowley once said: “Never forget how easy it is to make a maniac’s hell’s broth out of any proposition, however plain to common sense.”

  86. I cannot believe for one minute that Hillary meant anything about Obama in her statement, she makes a similar comment in March in Time magazine and it gets ignored. Now they freak out. We live in a crazy upside down world.
    I too, had memories come back to me about that June, I fell asleep listening to my transistor radio under my pillow, knowing Kennedy had won California. Waking up to the announcement that he was gone… I have to say there are some parallels to this campaign too, I am so down and discouraged by all the hateful things being done in the name of the party. I tend to doubt we will have one left before this is over. I just can’t hold my nose and vote for Obama, I did it for Dukakis, for Mondale and that wimp Kerry but I just won’t do it if Obama is nominated. I will write in Hillary’s name. Can’t even think of voting for McSame and I sure wish people would quit saying they will vote for him if Hillary doesn’t get the nomination…it makes no sense to me.
    My final thoughts on this psuedo crisis,;If RFK Jr. sticks by her then that should be enough. Tell the Obama-lama- ding-dongs to STFU 😦

  87. Eric,

    The implication of your remarks is inappropriate and unacceptable. You are going in the spam filter for now.

  88. No one is likely to read the bottom of this thread a day later, but I owe it to the memory of Eugene McCarthy to reply to the disparaging comments made in the linked post. In 1968, boys were being sent off to a futile war in a faraway land. Protests were mounting, but President Johnson ignored all of them, and kept escalating the war. As a teenager in those days, I well remember the sense of utter futility we all felt. No one would stand up against what was happening to our young men and our country.

    Liberal congressman Allard Lowenstein went to Robert Kennedy and pleaded with him to run against Johnson. Kennedy would not. Political calculations told him that you could not unseat a sitting president in a primary. Kennedy thought he would lose face; and he wanted to wait four more years, after LBJ had finished his last term. So Lowenstein went to McCarthy. McCarthy, a highly respected Senator with a quixotic side, agreed to run. He did not “risk nothing.” He was mocked, denigrated and basically ignored, until he almost won New Hampshire. Polls then showed him beating Johnson easily in Wisconsin. Stunningly, Johnson then stated he would not run for a second full term. It was then that Kennedy decided that he would run. By splitting the antiwar vote, by turning what should have been a battle against Humphrey and the war into a bitter internecine battle, Kennedy probably enhanced the chances of Humphrey to be nominated. Polls all showed McCarthy running better against Nixon than either Kennedy or Humphrey. I will always believe that if Kennedy had not entered, McCarthy, having won every primary by landslides, would have been able to convince the power brokers to nominate him. I do not know what would have happened had RFK not been killed. He may have been able to take his charisma to the nomination, but it seemed unlikely at the time. He beat McCarthy by 3.6% in the California primary, due partially to a debate in which he tried to claim that McCarthy wanted to move Blacks into Orange County. After that debate, the Black commentator Louis Lomax switched his allegiance from Kennedy to McCarthy, believing that Kennedy had engaged in calculated racial tactics.

    Gene McCarthy had his flaws, no doubt. He had a sense of intellectual superiority. He ultimately became embittered at the way that he felt he had been treated. But he was a brilliant political mind; and his books are worth reading. I think he would have made a fine President. He was the one who had the courage to fight against Johnson in the cold of New Hampshire, and to give some hope to all of us. Kennedy would not.

  89. I met Bobby Kennedy in l964 when he came to my junior high school. I remember telling him how sorry I was about his brother getting killed. In l968, I had signed up to help on his campaign for President. He was killed the day I graduated from high school. I am a Hillary Clinton supporter. I have never seen such mean spirited blogs, media and some Democrats who have a hatred for Hillary and women. I can see the things I liked about Bobby Kennedy in her. After hearing her remarks about Bobby Kennedy, again the media has twisted her words. All of this has turned me off of the Democratic party who I have always voted for. It sounds like the Democrats are using the Republican swift boat tactics against one of their own. For this I will not vote for Obama.

  90. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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