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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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No MI Delegates for you, Barack

Hmmm, It sounds like Obama is sensitive to the suggestion that maybe he and Edwards gamed the system in Michigan by taking their names off the ballot in order to make the primary look invalid. But according to Sam Stein at HuffingtonPost, there’s an untold story about How Obama Ended Up On (and Off) the Michigan Ballot. I don’t think that Stein has done him any favors in this piece. Obama’s excuse sounds as flimsy as the Grinch’s lie to Susy Loo Whoo. According to Stein:

Weeks after his [Obama’s] name was submitted without his consent or objection, Obama personally signed an affidavit removing him from the primary slate. According to Ballenger, the senator could not have done the same thing in Florida — the other state whose primary was unofficial — as there was no state law there that allowed a candidate to remove his or her name.

As the *new* story goes, Obama never asked to be put on the Michigan ballot in the first place. No, it was the Michigan Democratic Party following their guidelines that put all of the declared presidential candidates on the ballot without even a “By Your Leave”. They never asked permission from Obama and when he found out that they had brazenly signed him up for the primary, he had them take his name off, toot sweet. I can just see him fuming, “They’re not going to put MY name on their ballot for president in their illegal primary, by Golly. Not if *I* have anything to say about it. The unmitigated gall!”

So, he never wanted to particpate in the Michigan primary in the first place so all of you losers who are accusing him of a dirty trick to put the kabashes on the Michigan voters better take it back.

Fine with me. if he never wanted to participate in the first place, then there’s no reason to give him any delegates. It goes without saying that he can’t have any of Clinton’s earned delegates but there doesn’t seem to be any reason to give him uncommitted delegates either. That doesn’t mean it will stop him from screaming, “Gimme! Gimme!”

The unmitigated gall.

64 Responses

  1. The Audacity of Election Theft.

  2. In any event, reading voters minds seems to me a very dangerous thing to do. Barack Obama tactically decided to remove his name from the ballot. It was his right to take his name off the ballot. The voters who voted in the Michigan primary voted either for Hillary or for undecided. That should be the slate accepted to the Democratic National Convention in precisely the percentages the votes occurred. Going back and saying, “What I did is no longer convenient,” is . . . well . . . frankly, cheating.

  3. Excellent. Barack should get no votes from MI or FL then, since he cheated by advertising in FL before the primary.

    I just heard some quotes from McCain on the campaign trail. He has stated referring to Obama as “the very very inexperienced Senator for only three years and that’s it.” Howard Dean, are you paying attention?

  4. As a Michigan voter, could I suggest further, a national leader does not take orders from the DNC. Others stayed in. For example, Dodd and Kucinich. My view is Obama took his name off because he did not want to jepordize the New Hampshire race. In the end Hillary beat him there.

    It really goes farther. The average voter does so for civic reasons. They really do not care for nuances like intra party / intra state fights etc. They do not have the time to deal with that. Furthermore it should be the role of a party to include as meny voters as possible and not discount voters.

    My view is that if you do not accept my vote in the primary after I made the good faith effort, you should not expect my vote ever again. That being said, there still is the issue of experience. Not holding the hearings on the Senate Foreign Affairs really points out the lack of knowledge in that area.

    So – Being a Hillary supporter is not necessarily allegience to Hillary. Biden was my first choice, but he dropped out. Lack of foreign affairs is really a big issue for being president and McCain and the Republicans rightly will be pointing that out.

    A single speach before he was in the Senate in a Liberal Chicago district does not qualify for Foreign Policy experience. It puts it at the same level as George Bush

  5. Fine with me. if he never wanted to participate in the first place, then there’s no reason to give him any delegates.

    but he wants the benefits of taking his name off the ballot without actually having to suffer the consequences.

    Why do you have to be so mean to him all the time?

    just because he doesn’t earn something doesn’t mean he isn’t entitled to it. Sheesh. He would’ve earned something, if he had shown up, and isn’t that just as good?

    why do you hate America?

  6. Obama’s attitude in Michigan has provided a NEW definition for the word Chutzpah.

    He took his name off to improve his chances in IA and NH, and make MI look illigitimate. Then, he is crying that Clinton was the only major name on the ballot, and that’s not fair. Then he says to remedy this, she should split the delegates half and half.

    The traditional definition of Chutzpah is someone who kills her/his parents and then asks for leniency because he is an orphan.

  7. Check out today’s probabilities stats — Clinton’s advantage over McCain grows as McCain’s advantage over Obama grows.

  8. The Democratic Party is on the verge if irrelevance.

  9. He craps on half the Dem party and it’s supporters, but we’re supposed to just grin and bear it? Nuh-uh. Not this time.

  10. I was listening to the Hannity show on the way back from the golf course and some guy named Kirby was filling in for him. He was talking to Byron York of the National Review, and they both chuckled at the rumor that HRC is negotiating with BHO for him to offer her the VP so she could refuse it. As if… Where do they come up with this stuff? They were also talking about the HRC voters who will not vote for Barry Hussein and that there is probably some real truth to it. Then a Hillary supporter called in and said she’s done all that flower power stuff and now she is a grown up and wants to vote for a grown up so she will be going for McCain. The fear though is that McCain won’t be able to mobilize the base.

  11. GQM: They’re already there. There will be a massive implosion in November if they steal this nomination from Clinton. That’s why I don’t understand why The Powers That Be are so interested in a hostile takeover of the Party: Obama will lose in a landslide and vast sections of the Democratic voting electorate will leave in disgust.

  12. No blood: I saw them earlier. Isn’t it awesome? I’m going to do a post on it later.

  13. ben c: would you mind not referring to Obama as Barack Hussein. He seems to be sensitive about his middle name and we don’t spread Republican talking points here.

  14. I am still waiting for some SD to come out for Obama and say something intelligent.
    Dennis Cardoza (D-CA) switched from HRC to BO today.
    Somebody needs to breakdown his explanation for me, because I think he is under the influence of a terrible mix of barbiturics.

    I’ll outsource to Armando (BTD @ Talkleft)

    A Strange Endorsement

    Former Clinton Super Delegate Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D-CA) has decided to support Barack Obama. And of course this is his right as Super delegates can change their minds right up to the Convention. But I found his rationale for the switch wanting:

    While I continue to greatly respect and admire Senator Clinton and feel she has made history with her campaign, I believe that Senator Obama will inevitably be our party’s nominee for President.

    Um, that’s it? That’s your big reason for switching. Okay. But he continues, and you’ll laugh at this:

    I am deeply concerned about the contentious primary campaign and controversy surrounding the seating of delegates from Florida and Michigan – two states Democrats need to win in November. I will not support changing the rules in the fourth quarter of this contest through some convoluted DNC rules committee process. Yet, we must find a resolution to seat the Michigan and Florida delegates so these states’ voters are represented at the Convention. I believe we need to avoid this potentially divisive situation by uniting behind one nominee and bringing the party together immediately. Therefore, I have made the decision to support Senator Obama at the Democratic Convention in my role as a super delegate.”

    (Emphasis supplied.) Um what? That has to be one of the most obutse statements I have ever read. Permit me to take it apart.

    Cardoza says he will not support “changing the rules.” I have to ask who asked him to? Is he referring to Barack Obama who said he wants all the Florida delegates seated? Or is Cardoza implying that the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee is not operating within the rules? In short, WTF is Cardoza talking about? Let’s continue. Cardoza then says:

    Yet, we must find a resolution to seat the Michigan and Florida delegates so these states’ voters are represented at the Convention.

    Um, didn’t you just say seating them would be “changing the rules?” Excuse me Rep. Cardoza, WTF are you talking about? Let’s continue. Cardoza writes:

    [W]e need to avoid this potentially divisive situation by uniting behind one nominee and bringing the party together immediately. Therefore, I have made the decision to support Senator Obama at the Democratic Convention in my role as a super delegate

    Well, of course now that Dennis Cardoza has spoken, that should be the end of it no? No RBC meeting. No more controversy in Florida and Michigan. Everything will be just fine now that the Great and Powerful Dennis Cardoza has spoken. Are you effing sh**ting me?

    Can anybody explain what is going on with these people? Is there some sort of understanding that Hillary Clinton must be denied?
    Does Hillary make them angry by winning and looking stronger?

    WTF is going on?

  15. Oops!

    I screwed up with my Blockquote.
    Armando’s post stops @ “Are you effing sh**ting me?”

  16. But somehow enough of us are just gonna fall in line in time for the general election, is that it? What, is Obama gonna change his name to Hillary Rodham Clinton?

  17. Sorry, I did sound a little like Ann Coulter there didn’t I. Of course, I detest that woman, but love when she says, “that’s his name!” As for SuperD switching, congresspeople are not usually known for their courage. Remember Terri Schiavo. And it’s a Hillary supporter, D. Wasserman Schults who really stood up against that insanity. Cardozo’s statement is a good sign that there is some worry. Also, on Rush today they had audio of a woman in FL complaining about Barry Hussein (oops, I did it again) coming to FL to fleece them for $ yet refuses to acknowledge the voters in that state exist. Good times. Good times.

  18. MABlue: I’d like to know how much Obama money each SD is receiving. I bet he pays a premium to the SDs who switch.

    edwardian: LOL!

  19. In her Argus Leader interview, Hillary was talking about candidates who continued fighting for the nomination until very late in the process even though they were behind. Bobby Kennedy was obviously one of these. Hillary mentioned that he was assassinated after the CA primary in 1968, so now the O-bots are saying this was an implication that the same could happen to Obama (banging head on table).

    Earth to Obama: You in no way resemble either Jack or Bobby Kennedy. References to them do no imply anything about you.

  20. This may well be the time that a stronger, more viable third party should emerge from all this madness. Because, so far, the Dems are giving me fewer reasons to throw so much of my unfailing support their direction. I’m getting older and refuse to tolerate the incessant BS they insist on shoveling my way.

  21. Perhaps he never wanted to be on the ballot because well,,, the state of Michigan gamed the system when they moved their primary date in defiance of the universally agreed upon calender. Let’s not forget that Clinton ALSO signed the petition chastising MI for their flawed decision. Let’s not forget that Harold Ickes engineered the plan to strip MI of their delegates. Perhaps the only proper conclusion is that YES Obama, Edwards, AND Clinton all gamed the system and the only thing that wasn’t properly accounted for was that Obama was going to be ahead in delegates when it really mattered. Surely the people of Michigan weren’t on anyone’s minds back in December of ’07.

  22. bostonboomer-

    O-bots aren’t just saying it. Everyone is. Just not a very smart thing to say. Keep a-spinnin’ though. Keep a-spinnin’

  23. bostonboomer, yes, Obama issued a petulant statement furth solidifying my decision to never vote for him. Gee, that was the last wide open primary. She only meant it ran very late. Mistake but can they ever give her the tiniest benefit of the doubt.

  24. Riverdaughter- kudos

    “would you mind not referring to Obama as Barack Hussein. He seems to be sensitive about his middle name and we don’t spread Republican talking points here.”

    Thank you for the civility. I know how hard it can be. You walk the walk. much appreciated.

  25. Also its a little disturbing that folks like ben carlson listen to “rush” with glee. I came to this site because, well quite frankly, I figured that while Clinton and Obama supporters were at each other’s necks we were ultimately all on the same side. Am i mistaken or is the new Clinton alliance with folks who are antithetical to any truly progressive cause? Is the determintaiton to be the deomcratic parties nominee really worth setting the party on fire?

  26. Well, Melanie, he doesn’t need your vote. He’s got the MSM “Boyz” machine to bring up the rear. Now don’t you feel foolish? [snark]

  27. My Congressman drank the kool-aid


  28. Hillary apologized.


    I find it so fascinating that anything, ANYTHING, can be said about Hillary Clinton, including calling her a murderer and calling for her to be murdered or raped. At the same time, everything she says is subject to minute scrutiny and interpreted in the worst possible way.

  29. Bostonboomer:

    Welcome to a presidential campaign.

  30. Nathan, you can stop with the patronizing. We recognize an Obama concern troll when we see one.

  31. BB, exactly. It’s infuriating.

  32. There was less outrage when Michael Savage played a Dead kennedys song for Teddy after the news about his brain tumor.

  33. Nathan,

    I’m not a progressive, I’m a liberal. I was a liberal when it was a dirty word.

    Hillary is the only genuine Democrat still in this race.

  34. Nathan,

    I think it’s likely I’ve been involved in more presidential campaigns than you have. Please don’t condescend to me again.

    And regarding your previous comment, you are so far mistaken as to appear ludicrous. You’re losing more votes for your candidate minute by minute.

  35. They’d rather get hysterical over this than talk about those electoral college numbers, I guess.

  36. I have a suggestion:

    When a troll annoys enough people here, can we vote them off the island?

    If say, five regulars ask for someone to be 86’d, would that be fair?

  37. Left:

    WTF are you talking about?

  38. myiq2xu–Works for me. I’m annoyed.

  39. @The Left: You are out of your damn mind. Use her words to show when she signaled to people to take Obama out. Did you ever think that she too could be assassinated?

  40. Left has my vote

  41. myiq2xu,

    I think voting people off the island sounds good right now.

  42. BB:

    Yes i suspect you have been involved in more presidential campaigns than i have. And for the last 8 years i suppose i have you to thank. Awesome!

  43. Thumbs down to Nathan too

  44. Why would you have me to thank for the last 8 years, “Nathan?” Give me some specifics please for why you would accuse me of something like that.

  45. “According to Ballenger, the senator could not have done the same thing in Florida — the other state whose primary was unofficial — as there was no state law there that allowed a candidate to remove his or her name.”

    He is wrong. Obama had weeks after he removed himself from the Michigan ballot during which he could have removed his name.

    1) He up until October 28 to ask the FDP not to include him in their submission to the Secretary of State..
    2) After his name was submitted to the Secretary of State at the end of October, he could have asked for his name to be removed. They would have voted at the Nov 6th meeting and I don’t see why they wouldn’t have complied. It should be noted only Dems vote on Dem candidates so it would be the minority House leader, minority Senate leader and the FDP chairperson voting.
    3) It was only after that meeting that removing his name would have required an affidavit saying he did not intend to be a candidate at the upcoming convention.

    Obviously the first 2 opportunities were fully open to him without any problems with state law. And considering he removed his name from the Michigan ballot on October 9, he had nearly a month to follow through and remove his name in Florida.

  46. I removed the comment from “the left” for now, because I think accusing a former first lady, two term Senator, and presidential candidate of suggesting murder is unacceptable.

    The Left and Nathan, please behave in accordance with basic human decency or leave.

  47. Well your extensive experience working on more presidential campaigns then me led to great success. Maybe i’m mistaken but you seemed to imply that you were an expert vis-a-vis presidential campaigns.

  48. When did I say I had “extensive experience” working on presidential campaigns? Cite your source please. I said no such thing.

  49. I apologize for the provocative remarks. Got a little carrier away, I did.

  50. you’re right i misquoted you, your experience isn’t more extesnive simply greater than mine. I see now why i should have defered to such an expert. How foolish (and trollish) of me. The liberties i took with this statement:

    “I think it’s likely I’ve been involved in more presidential campaigns than you have. Please don’t condescend to me again.

    And regarding your previous comment, you are so far mistaken as to appear ludicrous. You’re losing more votes for your candidate minute by minute.”

    How could i have ever have assumed such a statement.

  51. Step Beyond, regardless of what happened in MI, the state laws of FL are a different kettle of fish. FL law requires that if you want to be a candidate in the GE, your name must appear on the primary ballot. That’s why all the Dem. candidates left their names on the FL ballot but agreed not to campaign there. MI, apparently, allows a candidate to proceed in the GE even if that candidate’s name does not appear on a primary ballot.

    My personal take: Obama has no right to complain in either case. It’s time for him to take responsibility for his actions.

  52. grayslady:

    That argument for Obama in Florida undercuts the idea that the Florida election wasn’t a legitimate primary.

    The OFB call it a “preference poll”

  53. grayslady, no the state law in Florida does not require a candidate to have been on the primary ballot. I’ve never seen anyone making that argument. The argument the Obama people have been making is that they couldn’t remove their name without signing the affidavit saying they wouldn’t be a candidate at the convention (notice the law isn’t even about being a GE candidate but at the convention).

    But that affidavit only comes into play after the Department of State receives the official list from the Presidential Candidate Selection Committee. The Dept of State mails each person on the list and at that point, Nov 7, the person must submit the affidavit back to the Dept of State to be removed.

  54. “Fine with me. if he never wanted to participate in the first place, then there’s no reason to give him any delegates.”

    I think there is. If people wrote in BO it would not have been counted for BO. The reason some should be counted for him is that some uncommitted votes were cast for him. I am not saying all of them should go for him but would it be too hard to make a genuine effort to determine what the likely proportion of those votes were cast for him?

  55. Step Beyond, clearly you understand the intricacies of the FL law; I don’t pretend to. All I had ever seen on the issue was what I mentioned above. Regardless, it seems that both MI and FL were legitimate primary elections with certified results.

    myiq2xu–I’m the last person to suggest that either MI or FL were “preference polls.” They were legitimate elections, as far as I can see.

  56. Step, Graslady, myig,

    You guys are awesome for providing some good insight re: the florida process. Would you mind posting a link or resources you used for more info. Thanks for the contribution.

  57. Nathan, do your own research

  58. grayslady, I really don’t. I read the statues and the qualifying handbook and have paid attention since last spring. But as a Floridian the issue is very dear to me.

    Nathan, I’m not sure how to do links here. So hopefully this works
    Florida Statutes That is the link to the statutes dealing with the Presidential Preference Primary.

  59. Okay, I get it, Barry was for the MI primary before he was against it.

    But not so quick, not really — if you will recall, for the week before the MI primary, the Obama campaign actively sent out word to his supporters to vote “uncommitted” in the primary.

    In fact, in the week before the primary there were radio ads to do just that — vote “uncommitted.” The ads were cut by John and Monica Conyers in order to give Obama the chance to compete for those delegates in Denver.

    So to be totally logical, Precious was for the primary before he was against it so that he could be for contesting the delegates in Denver.

    I’m beginning to understand his campaign logic — whatever works in the moment.

  60. Prolix – looks like Barry’s taking a page out of Hil’s book. Flip-floppin’ on Iraq, ala John Kerry.

  61. Left, not sure what you mean since Sen. Clinton has always acknowledged her vote on the Iraq resolution including the distortions of the Bush Adminstration. She didn’t have the luxury of saying things that didn’t make any difference like Sen. Obama in his 2002 speech to the anti-war rally and then back tracking during the senate campaign saying that his position wasn’t much different at that time to W’s.

  62. Fookin’ brilliant, RD!

    My first genuine smile in a long day…

  63. See

    According to that Iowa Independent newspaper during that time, Oct. 11, 2007, they give background on Obama’s attempt to lead the others toward strategic removal of their names.

    “Five individuals connected to five different campaigns have confirmed — but only under condition of anonymity — that the situation that developed in connection with the Michigan ballot is not at all as it appears on the surface. The campaign for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, arguably fearing a poor showing in Michigan, reached out to the others with a desire of leaving New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as the only candidate on the ballot. The hope was that such a move would provide one more political obstacle for the Clinton campaign to overcome in Iowa.”

    As most of us know, the names that remained on the ballot, in addition to Clinton’s, were Kucinich, Gravel, and Dodd. Four names. And of course “Uncommitted”

    To this day, people seem to believe hers was the only name on there. Others did not follow Obama’s lead. He did, however instruct the Michigan voters to cast their votes for Uncommitted rather than for Hillary or the other 3.

    In other words, he “participated” by telling voters to do that. This was followed up by regular reminders by his surrogates over the airwaves, to vote ‘Uncommitted’

    The Uncommitted bloc proposed has been chosen, and they’re Obama supporters anyway, so there should be no problem with that on ObamaTeam side, but they will find a way to stifle the 2 states if they can, which will lose those 2 states for us in November when we can’t afford it with polls showing Obama losing to McCain in big-state-matches including North Carolina even (while Clinton beats McCain in all those, including North Carolina) currently.


  64. Speaking of NC, I would like to add that the voters in Michigan had more choices on their ballot than I did on mine! I had Obama and Clinton. I’ve had 24 years of votes like that. Candidates drop out during every election whether because of finances or Other reasons. Obama shouldn’t get one vote in Mi.

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