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Question For The Day: If Appalachia’s inbred racist hicks …

… explain BO08’s 30-65 loss in Kentucky’s closed Democratic PRIMARY Election — how did Harold Ford possibly rack up 48% of the statewide popular vote for Senator in Tennessee’s 2006 GENERAL Election?

43 Responses

  1. There is no possible explanation. That fact alone pretty much proves that race was not a factor at all. If anything, BO probably benefitted from his race in that state!

  2. I agree with Ryan. WHen he loses, Obama always blames race.

  3. Or, when BO loses, he always blames Hillary.

  4. Excellent point.

  5. scusey me – offtopic but if theres any lobbying you’d like to do, directly guys, link some the great blogs they simply don’t see, they are in this gasbag bubble – theres this:


  6. Me and the maps….

    Today’s maps……

    Continuing to show McCain over Obama, Hillary over McCain bigtime…..


  7. Please forgive me for reposting this from the previous thread. BTD located the diary in which Markos said this:

    Clinton was the only top-tier candidate to refuse the ultimate Iowa and New Hampshire pander by removing her name from the Michigan ballot. That makes her essentially the de facto winner since Edwards and Obama, caving to the cry babies in Iowa and New Hampshire, took their name off Michigan’s ballot. Sure, the DNC has stripped Michigan of its delegates, but that won’t last through the convention. The last thing Democrats can afford is to alienate swing states like Michigan and Florida by refusing to seat their delegates.

    So while Obama and Edwards kneecap their chances of winning, Clinton is single-mindedly focused on the goal.

    I’ve been trying to find it for awhile. I don’t know how BTD did it. There is a diary at Open Left from about the same time that also said the same thing. What a bunch of hypocrites. Please spread this far and wide.

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  9. I actually am a scholar of Appalachia with articles published in peer-reviewed journals. My doctoral dissertation, in fact, treats type 2 diabetes in Appalachia, so I know something about the region. I once attended a conference where a speaker observed that people in Appalachia are certainly no more inbred that Boston Brahmans.

  10. Incidentally, only the eastern portion of Kentucky is deemed Appalachian. Obama did as poorly in the central and western portions of the state as he did in the Appalachian portion of the state. There’s a lot more going on in Obama’s defeat in Kentucky than Appalachia.

  11. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BUY WHAT NBC IS SELLING? Don’t watch and think before you buy.

    I unplugged cable–pay to hear the propaganda of Chris Matthews & the team that made Bu$h a contender against Gore?
    Gore “lost” the debate with Bu$h because the expectations were set so low for him and Gore rolled his eyes at being on stage with such a moron! NO!

    General Electric owns NBC and MSNBC is a joint venture with Microsoft.


    “A nationwide boycott of MSNBC advertisers will begin tomorrow including Toyota, Nationwide, Geico, Enterprise Car Rental, Lenscrafter, Hotels.com, and Johnson & Johnson.”

  12. Harold Ford is an interesting case. I wholeheartily agree that placing the WV and KY thrashings of Obama at the feet of racism is total nonsense.

    At the same time though I acknowledge the problem is not a non existent one for Obama in some places and Clinton in others.

    But going back to Ford; I just can’t imagine he would not see more of a TN backlash now that he has married a white woman instead of it being implicated that he would “call one”.

    According to national stats I have there would likely be a age demo split on the issue in both races. Whether that means people would change their vote is another thing but….

    White 18-49 approve of Interrracial marriage: 86%.
    Whites 50 and over: 65%

    same thing but at a lower scale with Blacks

    Blacks 18-48 approve 89%
    Blacks over 50: 75%

    I suppose Harold will find out how it plays when he runs again. I think he’s going to try for governor of TN.

    Harold has a beautiful young bride and I certainly wish him well and years of years of matrimonial bliss. But did he make it harder to win the TN governor job?

    Unfortunately the answer is probably yes.

  13. more polls….check May 22…..


  14. Why did Wilder outperform Obama in VA-08 … in 1988?

  15. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/08143/883965-100.stm

    The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has the results from a Quinnipiac pole that says that right now Obama would edge out McCain 46-40. Obama loses the white vote by 4 points.

    But here goes the money quote:

    “One reason Obama is having trouble among whites in Pennsylvania is the fact that almost one-third of the voters who support Sen. Hillary Clinton say they would vote for McCain over Obama in the general election,” said Clay F. Richards, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

  16. I would argue would be that it certainly wouldn’t be fair to allocate delegates based on a non-campaign. —

    Barack Obama Feb 11, 2008


    So, why does Barack Obama argue that he should get any delegates in Michigan? He wasn’t even on the ballot. Obama took his name off the ballot in Michigan–yet left his name ON the ballot in Florida. That reeks of hypocrisy, since his campaign argues that he should get delegates in both.

  17. Sorry Sarah. I just posted the same info that you did.

  18. Sarah, the PA numbers are crazy. She’s become very strong in the swing states as Obama and the SDs move to end her campaign.

  19. Harold Ford was an excellent candidate, but there were some disgusting ads run against him [the call me ads, for instance] and I read his family’s legacy in Memphis probably hurt him, too. But, he crushed the early predictions of being trounced and came a lot closer than most folks thought he would at the start.

    And to do that he, of course, had a sizeable chunk of the white vote. But he was also a very good candidate. I hope he does run for Gov. in the future.

    One of the things that cracked me up was Obama claiming he lost Kentucky because of all the negative blogging. If that were the only reason, he wouldn’t be in the race, period!

  20. I like the shoes campaign!

    lobbydelegates.com does not work though, sorry

  21. and lets pick shoes-
    that don’t fit –
    but unworn if possible – as they are to be donated to a shelter afterwards…of course my anger tells me send the DNC my smelliest oldest scruffiest used up shoes possible…


  22. DCDemocrat — I may not have kept up with your reaction to DHinMI’s Appalachia screed … care to summarize?

  23. “If the shoe fits
    You must admit …”

    (Or doggerel to that effect.)

  24. Correction: VA-09 is the Appalachian part of VA.

  25. It seems he was arrogant enough to think that because the poll numbers, in KY and WV where against him in the mostly white states, he could afford to skip them and then cry RACISM! This plays very well to his supporters.

  26. Laura: It would be a nice story, don’t ya think?

    However, he still outspent Hillary… I’m not entirely sure how that is skipping them. He just didn’t grace KY with his awesome presence.

  27. Well, I hope the folks from Appalachia are not inbred. I attended and graduated from Appalachian State University, which is about 30 minutes from my family home and I have all my teeth, I do have an uncle that can play a mean dueling banjos, but no one that I am aware of has married a cousin.

  28. There ain’t nuthin’ wrong with marryin’ yer cousins, iffen you got real hot cousins!


  29. If racist people don’t count, how the devil is he going to win the general? Surely the argument here is not that racism is a Democratic party only problem?

  30. I’ve thought about the Ford vs Obama comparison too. I volunteered for Ford’s campaign and the biggest difference I can see is that Ford refused to play the race card period. Even with the “call me” ad, he would not be baited to discuss race no matter what. And the media tried hard to get him to.

    His voting record was more moderate than Obama’s for his last term in Congress. If you look at his record prior to his decision to run for the Senate, it was very much like Obama’s. There was also an anti-gay marriage amendment on the ballot which passed with 80+ percent of the vote. The GOP ran ads that Ford was pro-gay marriage and I am amazed that he came as close as he did.

    If Obama showed half the class that Ford did, he wouldn’t lose this badly in TN, KY and WV. It’s him, not his race.

    One more thing, Markos bashed Ford brutally for his “let’s get along with the other side of the aisle” views. He sure is a hypocrite, isn’t he? I’d take Ford any day over Obama.

  31. You know being from the area, I have a different take on the people. Most of the older people I knew as I was growing up relied on just plan common sense. Most were not extremely educated and were distrustful of people who were extremely educated. I think they knew people had a tendency to make fun of their beliefs and thought them to be backward. For the most part though, they relied on what we called “horse sense”. If it smelled like crap, it probably was crap. The decisions the people in our farming community made had to be pretty damn sound, because you may starve if you were wrong.

    I just remember my neighbors and family members being a hell of a lot wiser than they are presently being given credit for.

  32. After writing the above, I got really pissed off, so let me add one more thing about my former neighbors and family members. They were kind and gentle and did not judge, because they were judged constantly, just like they are being judged now. From the few interviews I saw, they don’t trust Obama. They would never believe in a million years that a man could sit in a church and not know what the minister was saying. And if they disagreed with the minister, their ass would find a different church. They also believe if you lie about one thing, you would lie about anything. I know my family has told me since this election cycle started, that they had some pretty prosperous times will Bill Clinton in office and if you can get two for one, you buy as many as you can of them, because it makes good sense.

    SO there is my rant for the day.

  33. Good rant Kim and I agree 100%. The stereotypes of these people really piss me off.

  34. A little study of history might be a good idea. In 1948, threatened with a dixiecrat walkout at the Democratic convention, President Truman did nothing to pander to them and let the keynote speaker, Minneapolis Mayor Hubert Humphrey, give his pro civil rights speech anyway. Strom Thurmond and his followers did walk and formed a third party candidacy. Truman won.

  35. Tomas,

    Good example. Or take LBJ who passed civil rights act, and said, “we probably lost the South for a generation.”

    How come all we have now are wimps?? Oh, no, Hillary is dividing us. sniff. Oh, no, she ran the 3AM ad (I acctually seen and heard lots of whining on this note). sniff. sniff.

  36. Harold Ford asked for their votes.

  37. Yes he did daria. I still haven’t heard Obama ask for mine. We don’t have party registration in TN or I’d change mine just so someone would ask for my vote.

  38. How to explain Harvey Gantt in North Carolina who received 47 percent of the vote against Jesse Helms in 1990 and 46 percent against Helms in 1996???

  39. ding ding ding! I’ve just been comparing county vote breakdowns in the 2006 Senate Race vs. the 2008 Presidential Primary. Haven’t done any sort of county by county check or table, but some of the same counties where Clinton had a very lopsided victory over Obama are counties where Ford won or came within 5 points. Even where Ford lost, he still did a lot better than Obama.

    2006 Senate:
    There’s a pull down top left for counties in alphabetical order

    2008 Presidential:

  40. Cay, thank you for that. I’d like to point out this:

    Updated: 11:23 a.m. ET

    Republican Corker
    2,418 54% 100% of precincts reporting

    Democratic Ford, Jr.
    2,025 45%
    Union County is an Appalachian county that’s 99.9% White, has a high poverty rate, no industry, very low educational attainment rates, etc. and is an historically GOP county. East TN, has been Republican since **prior** to the civil war. IOW, they fought against slavery and didn’t become GOP because of the “Southern Strategy.” That Ford lost this county by less than 400 votes says a lot about both Ford and the county. There were several other Eastern counties that pulled the same or similar numbers but I highlight this one because of its poverty rates and educational levels. It simply defies the stereotypes Obama supporters are trying to thrust onto the region.

  41. Addition:

    Union Co. Primary
    Clinton 86%
    Obama 10%
    Edwards 3%

  42. Bully Pulpit,

    I live in Tennessee, and frankly most don’t care about Harold Ford marrying a white woman. If I remember correctly, his mother was white. You can go to most cities and see interracial couples. Hell, even my small town you see it. I guess to alot of the older and I am meaning more than 65 and older it might matter. It killes me that just because I live in a small southern town we get branded, stil dosent make it a fact.

    When Ford ran, a reporter from Rugeters asked at a Ford event. What did we think about his race, not one of us even considered it. He asked if he ran say 30 years ago would it have mattered. I didnt think so, but a couple of very old woman thought so. I am pretty sure they were in their 80s.

    So, please dont conclude with what you think to what is fact. What I dont like about Ford is he is very conservative. I dont like some of his policy, but does that mean I wont vote for him. No, if its between him and a Republican, I vote for Ford.

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