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Tuesday: Bird Brains

From Jacilyn:

It looks like people higher up in the food chain are considering a protest vote as well. Taylor Marsh writes that even Geraldine Ferraro is disgusted. And, predictably, the accusations of political immaturity are not far behind.

Let me set the record straight for those of you who don’t understand where this is coming from. This DNC and the Obama campaign have conducted the campaign season as if they took lessons from the Enron boys from the movie, The Smartest Guys in the Room. There’s something distinctly unDemocratic about the whole thing. It doesn’t pass the smell test. Cokie Roberts (of all people) mentioned it a couple of days ago. The process for picking a candidate is deeply flawed and *could* be easily manipulated to thwart rather than confirm the will of the people. It’s like the California deregulation plans that were just sitting there waiting for some clever traders to game the system for fun and profit at “granny’s” expense.

The system is flush with cash and one can almost imagine the operatives sitting at their monitors hearts pumping with adrenaline while they pull out all of the stops, reaching deep down into the modern American psyche in order to power play off all the weaknesses there that will result in a maximum payoff. Assertive women, men with hardhats, hillbilles, grannies ripe for rapping, gays and lesbians all provide targets for the aggressive young, male and pretentious to exercise their new social hierarchy. The level of viciousness is reaching a fever pitch.

Who is giving them permission to set aside their ethics and shuffle off the standards of acceptable behavior? Who is running the party that allows for the brutal suppression of one half by the unleashed id of the other half? I put the blame at the top of the party and Obama himself.

There is a price to be paid for such aggressive and insensitive behavior. People do have free will. The party belongs to the people who believe in its principles. Those principles of social justice, equality and shared responsibility can not be discarded for Change! without the party suffering some severe blows to its foundation. Going forward, the party becomes a fragile shell, easily blown to bits by outside forces because its foundations of support have been carelessly undermined.

This is where we are. The foundations of support, the people and principles that made the Democratic party viable and strong, are being callously destroyed by those who have been given permission to rig the system for one candidate over the other. Those of us who stayed with the party and our country through decades of movement conservatism, who volunteered our time and our voices, who suffered withering criticism and family divisions for not adopting Republican values, who protested the war, the attacks on science, the regression of women’s and GBLT progress in the public sphere, the subjugation of the working class have all been told that we’re not wanted anymore. Our party has evolved and we, like neanderthals, didn’t make the cut.

What is left is the Republican party and a Republican Lite party. There is no place for the “tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of the teeming shores”. Where is our liberty? Who will defend us? What has happened to our power in a union?

To those who are celebrating their triumph, light and joyous, unburdened by the working class and their entitlements, be careful. There is one power that we still have. And if we have to exercise it to bring you back into line and ground you in your responsibilities and obligations to us, we will.

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  1. Good morning RD!

  2. myiq2xu, good morning to you! I finally had a good night’s sleep. Thanks for holding down the fort last night. I saw the sweeties piling on.

  3. Wow. Well said. Really.

    I like this one too:
    First Inaugural Address of Franklin D. Roosevelt

  4. every day I am delighted by your postings. Just keep on “bringin’ it on”.

  5. riverdaughter — THIS is one of your best posts ever. Very possibly the best. Pure of tone and clear in meaning — it’s perfect.

    To me, this point:

    Who is giving them permission to set aside their ethics and shuffle off the standards of acceptable behavior? Who is running the party that allows for the brutal suppression of one half by the unleashed id of the other half? I put the blame at the top of the party and Obama himself.

    Is dead-center right.

    Do you remember when that former general endorsed Obama about 6 weeks ago? He said that something President Clinton said was McCarthyism all over again. He said this at a huge rally and Obama just stood there next to him with a satisfied smile and the crowd cheered.

    Directly from the top? You betcha — I’ve seen the Finger-Scratching — I’ve seen the shoulder brushing — AND I’ve seen the candidate himself mocking and laughing at middle class voters with billionaires in Sand Francisco.

    (pausing for a breath)

    Well, I’m just glad you got a good night sleep. And THANK you for a fantastic/marvelous post.

  6. Good morning RD, KB, myiq, and tonya,

    I didn’t sleep too well after battling the Obamadroid influx last night. {Shudder!} Got up early this morning to find they had been busy overnight too. There’s quite a bit of flotsam and jetsum in the spam filter.

    But hey, we are having an impact. I’m looking forward to tonight’s results and trusting that Hillary will fight on.

  7. There’s a fascinating article in Salon about Obama’s “hillbilly problem.”

  8. “Going forward, the party becomes a fragile shell, easily blown to bits by outside forces because its foundations of support have been carelessly undermined.”

    Great line, great post, sums up my feelings perfectly.

    It is a terribly difficult decision. To actively support Obama is to risk grave long-term destruction of progressive principles and benefits in order to POSSIBLY achieve a mild short-term benefit IF he beats McCain.

  9. Speaking of Enron-style gaming of the system, check out this somewhat conspiratorial, but now believeable piece at Rezkowatch about Dean’s role in sheparding Obama’s political career since early in 2004.

  10. Excellent post, indeed.

    We have witnessed the end of what we THOUGHT was the Democratic Party. We wondered why we kept losing national elections, now we know. It’s nothing more than a game for “personal power”, with no interest in good governance. The politics of the personal and The Personality.

    The iPol has come of age.

  11. “Going forward, the party becomes a fragile shell, easily blown to bits by outside forces because its foundations of support have been carelessly undermined.”

    Here’s the thing, let’s say BO gets the nom and Hill supporters grudingly go along to get along. It’s going to take exactly one incident for them to desert him forever. We already don’t like the guy.

  12. Obama wants to be the sole head of the Democratic party. RIght now he is telling donors to stop funding any Democratic organizations and give only to Obama campaign.

    He wants all sources of money to flow through him, so that he can set up a money patronage scheme like the cess pool that is Chicago politics.

    Patrick Fitzgerald is trying to crack this nut right now in his trial of Rezko. He is making his way up the Chicago food chain of politics to hopefully bring down the corruption that has plagued that city for years.

    Obama wants to spread this sickening pay to play politics into the Democratic party itself. Once all Democratic politicians have to go to Obama for funding, he will have an army of kool-aid drinking puppet politicians who are belholden to him.

    This is the change he wants for the Democratic party to make it completely Authoritarian.

    We must defeat him.

    If he is the nominee, vote AGAINST him.

    If he is the nominee, vote AGAINST down ticket Dems who endorsed him.

    Take back the party from those who would destroy it! The only way to do that is to vote AGAINST the offenders.

  13. Power to the Confluencians !!

  14. Great post (as always) Riverdaughter.

    About a month ago, I rewatched one of my favorite films, A Face In the Crowd, and I was struck by how much Obama was like a Democratic version of Lonesome Rhodes(played by Andy Griffith in what should have won him an Oscar)–a charlatan and con-man. It really is sad and amazing how 50 years after this film was released, nothing has changed.

    Here’s an amazingly prescient clip. It really could be behind the scenes at the Obama campaign:


  15. What do you do with a Child who has misbehaved?

    Do you reward them with a present, or do you punish them?

    If we reward Obama and company with our vote, we are raising a spoiled child.

  16. Yesterday, at Blue Oregon, while the posters were congratulating themselves for not being racist like voters in WV, I suggested that I could just as easily claim that affluent liberals were sexist and that’s why Hill does poorly among those voters. I wasn’t really arguing that point, just that two could lay that game. Then I read the SUSA OR and it said Hill was slightly ahead among women, and that BO owed his lead entirely to men by a 28 point margin. Hmmm.

  17. Melanie: And that is how Obama will lose the election. Those who are responsible for stirring up sexism and racism *must* be held accountable or we will never be rid of them.

  18. Exactly, right, RD.

  19. Older women, blue collar workers, gays = OUT
    Blacks, young people, university types, intellectuals = IN

    The whole thing reads like a COSMO article.

    I would also argue that most of the people I know who are going to vote for McCain in a protest have no idea of this internet movement. They are out there.

  20. Ben, I’m a university type, but I’m still out because I’m an baby boomer woman. That’s quite a narrow “movement” they are building.

  21. riverdaughter I was blown away by your insight and your ability to put your finger right on the most important problems many of us see in our party.

    Like katiebird I found these two lines asked the question and answered it for me and for many others that feel abandoned and abused.

    “Who is running the party that allows for the brutal suppression of one half by the unleashed id of the other half? I put the blame at the top of the party and Obama himself.”

    Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration.

  22. I’m a University type. I work for a University, but I’m gay so I guess I’m left out too. But I’m male, so I guess I could go back into the closet, and start women bashing. Maybe Obama would let me into the club then. I just need to pass the McClurkin test.

  23. RD: excellent post, and a real call for us to keep up this fight.

    BB: I was going to link that article on “The Dean Plan,” too. Like you said, it has a conspiratorial air, but really the more that happens, the more it all looks like a big fix. Dean seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth, too. Last week he met with the group of female Democratic leaders, but to my knowledge he has made no public statement about it.

    As RD stated, “People do have free will.” Our country has always professed to value free will as well as the will of the people . When “the Party” becomes more important than the people, we risk becoming the kind of nation that is supposed to be anathema to us.

    Moreover, this talk of a new coalition that doesn’t included certain types of people is scarily reminiscent of the Communist party purges in the Soviet Union. (Remember what happened to the loyal Party members, and the kulaks, and the unwanted ethnic groups, in the 30s?)

    About 2 months ago, a poster here (I think it was Davidson, but I could be wrong) wrote a hypothetical piece about how dissent might be treated were Obama to become president. At the time, I thought it was a bit hyperbolic, though not too far-fetched. But we have seen how the accusations of racism have continued to be thrown at dissenters. All this frightens me to the core.

  24. Katiebird-That was Gen. McPeak and that scene is burned in my memory as one of the slimiest political scenes I have ever seen. Obama was so smirky and I was furious that Bill would be compared to McCarthy of all people! But she’s the negative one, don’t you know. A
    A few days ago, I heard Obama lump Hillary in with Bush and McCain and I couldn’t believe my ears! He is a disgrace and the party that forces him on us isn’t a party I want to be a part of.

  25. Having just read Bob Herbert’s column I cannot but remark on the hypocrisy that is out there. He is setting up the general election candidates and suggesting we “let the voters decide”. He is urging both sides to agree to only keep the dialogue concerning the issues to be the mainstay during the campaign. This is the same tool who was dismissing FL and MI to be counted only a matter of weeks ago.

  26. I love your post. We can’t let the bad guys win this time and make not mistake about it. That’s what we’re up against.
    A vote for Obama is the same as saying that it’s okay to call a smart, capable, strong woman a “hateful, spoiled, egotistical brat” as long as it helps the man get elected, or it’s for the good of the party. We have to put our foot down and say, “It’s not okay!”
    Allan Colmes of the Hannity & Colmes show on Fox told a woman commentator last night that he doesn’t believe there really is a large number of women who are ready to walk on the Democratic party. He asked her to show him those women. Here’s his email address: colmes@foxnews.com Let’s show him that we’re serious.

  27. We are tired of being dismissed.

  28. “Who is running the party that allows for the brutal suppression of one half by the unleashed id of the other half? I put the blame at the top of the party and Obama himself.”

    I completely agree!!!

    Kudos again riverdaughter – Dean & the Obama Corporation are forcing this candidate down our throats, to what nefarious purpose? We don’t know.

    But as rapper Khia said: “Something in the milk ain’t clean!”

    Anybody have any legit numbers? What’s the count as we speak in terms of delegates and popular vote?

  29. I prefer wine to beer, and chai lattes to McDonald’s coffee, and I have an advanced degree and a man. But here I am for Hillary. The media though will simply characterize us as vengeful, scorned women, hillbillies,and racists.

  30. This is Off Topic, so please delete if I’ve gone too far.

    In today’s Craig Crawford’s TrailMix, he talks about the very issue that gives me NIGHTMARES when I think about Obama running in the general election. And — Crawford has summarized the story in a way that the casual reader can follow — no small task considering how the facts have been obscured.

    I want to know how Obama and his campaign plan to fight this. Do they think it will go away?

    I have a lot of substantive problems with Obama as a candidate. I’m not one of those who think there is no policy difference between him and Senator Clinton.

    I’m also offended that a man with virtually no job experience is running as a serious contender.

    But the issue raised by Craig Crawford today is one of the issues that makes Obama virtually unelectable.

    Unless Obama has something planned to effectively counter it.

  31. My only disagreement with this post is that we aren’t left with the R and the R Lite parties. We are left with the R and the far, far left D party. Frankly, I would be more comfortable with a R Lite party than what the D party is becoming.

  32. katiebird: Just read the Craig Crawford post. The accompanying comments are equally telling. There are so many of us who feel the same way. This guy has baggage and the GOP is going to have a field day. Obama is such a liar and the press as a whole is silent.

  33. I agree, and was struck as I was reading it–this is one of your best posts ever, RD.. “Pure of tone and clear in meaning…”

    My head got set to spinning when I complimented it, adding a link to text of FDR’s inaugural address, which would have appeared as the 3rd or 4th comment above, had it not evaporated into digital dust for a reason unknown to me.

    “Should I change my name to Gail?”

    “Is FDR’s speech too conspiratorial, not yet believable?”

    “Did my links to rezkowatch a week or two ago evaporate too, without my having noticed?”

    If this comment posts, I’ll forget it and carry on more sanely

    I hate it when that evaporating happens.

  34. Senator Obama said the American people will have to give up driving SUV’s, not heat the house at 72 and eat less food. What planet does this guy live on?
    We have a housing foreclosure crisis, shrinking wages, inflation running rampant, and over 48 million people with out health insurance. Maybe we should be like the poor and the elderly under his and Rezko’s watch that froze in their apartment buildings. But Senator Obama won’t go and talk with the people who are struggling, but prefers to be surrounded by those like him.

    I beleive Barak Obama has just committed his Marie Antoinette moment.


  35. Gary, I released several things when I logged on this morning was something of yours there?

    One thing, comments with unformatted links often get caught up in the filter. If that happens, just let us know and we’ll set them free.

  36. Goodmorning, fellow Conflucians! *waves*

  37. katiebird, Ayers isn’t even half the problem Bernadine is going to be. Just wait until the Bernadine 527’s start. G’luck, BO.

  38. It is easy for Gay men to cross over and vote Republican. I know a lot of straight people think this is crazy, but if you leave out the gay hating Christians, the Republican party fits better with our Economic interests. Most gay men do not have children. We are a more affluent minority, so we don’t mind our taxes lower.
    The Democratic party is actively telling us we are not wanted, but if you look back you’ll see the party really has done NOTHING to advance gay rights anyway. Everything we have gotten, we have demanded for ourselves. We marched against AIDS in the 80s while the Democratic party fell silent. Clinton’s first attempt at full inclusion for LGBT in the military was watered down to “Don’t ask don’t tell” by a Democratic congress. Marriage rights? That has been all Us baby. How many Democratic party leaders have been out in front of that? None.

    Therefore, since Gays really have no political party that represents them, I think all Gay men and women should vote their Economic interests and vote Republican.

  39. Thank you RD. You always bring it back to the “meat and potatoes” of the thing…where is our party indeed?

  40. News from Tampa:

    Obama Vows To ‘Do What’s Right’

    TAMPA – Barack Obama hinted during a Tampa fundraiser Sunday that if he’s the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, he’ll seat a Florida delegation at the party’s national convention, despite national party sanctions prohibiting it.


    He plans to seat the FL delegation after his coronation. NOT FAIR!!!!

  41. Sorry!!! Wrong link!

    Here’s the Tampa article.

    Obama Vows To ‘Do What’s Right’



    Seating MI and FL on May 31st is what’s right, not acting like you won the race before it’s over.

  42. Sorry! here is the link to article:

    Obama Vows To ‘Do What’s Right’


  43. Trying to post correct article link, it dissapeared.

    Did I get spaminated?

  44. I was at Taylor Marsh and found this scary messianic posting. The person who posted it – Dawn-got it from Obama’s site and wanted to warn Clinton supporters of Obama’s followers strategy. Like many of you I had knowledge of their tactics but I was still freaked out by the cult like, organized and consistent message to make Obama president at all costs. The following is only the tip of the iceberg. They are now full force trying to get us on their side. I am so disgusted. Put on your boots, you’ll need them to slog thru this muck:

    ” By Chris Gardner – May 8th, 2008 at 12:06 pm EDT
    Also listed in: 8 groups
    Party Unification

    Hello to all,

    It is a well-known FACT; Hillary R. Clinton has YET to concede the race and Nomination to Senator OBAMA. However, with Main Stream Media finally acknowledging the inevitability of Hillary’s departure as a candidate, it is time for this OBAMA SITE to PREPARE for HRC’s supporters to align themselves with our team. Yes, you have heard correctly, as the Hillary camp and supporters begin to decide WHERE they belong… we must help convince them OBAMA is where they need to be! Senator OBAMA, in his speech to N.C. began to set the agenda for the party to “repair” itself by offering an olive branch to Hillary and her supporters. He really addressed the healing of all parties and INCLUDED all who do not like the path our nation has currently taken. He was including all members of all parties.

    What does this mean to you and me? It is TIME for us to adjust our language about HRC to be more inclusive. Please understand how IMPORTANT this will become over the next few weeks! As everyone’s mind begins to adjust to OBAMA’s win, HRC’s supporters will begin to recognize they no longer have a warrior who will represent them – http://www.barackobama.com should be swarming with NEW POTENTIAL supporters who are switching candidates! They will begin to join groups and insert their dialog into our midst and WE MUST BE READY TO ACCEPT AND WELCOME THEM! This does not mean we must agree with what they are saying, but we must be ready to make room for them – begin to lose the “Hillary is our enemy” speech and change our message to “More of the same is our enemy” message! This is a message HRC supporters, Independents and Rogue Republicans can relate!

    The only way this will work – to keep from alienating former HRC supporters is to change our old message. YOU AND I MUST EVOLVE! It is time to set our goals on Senator McCain and the Republican Party… YET, we must UNIFY not only with NEW HRC MEMBERS as they sign in to our site, but INDEPENDENTS AND REPUBLICANS! Yes, you have heard correctly, we must evolve to be inclusive of ALL! The LAST thing we need to do is; give NEW MEMBERS reason to feel as if they do not belong or reason to side with McCain.

    My suggestions is: to keep our allies, friends we have made during this sites existence and use them to PERSONALLY email to gripe or complain about a HRC or McCain topics, while KEEPING THE GROUP BOARDS FREE OF ALL HRC or anti-McCain TOPICS. A SAFE way to do this is to COPY OBAMA’s message, to repeat what he is saying on the group boards while utilizing private emails to blow off steam to those you know are true OBAMA supporters. This will be a true task to pull off, but we can do it! We MUST do it in order to win the election in November. WE NEED EVERY DEMOCRATIC, EVERY INDEPENDENT AND ROGUE REPUBLICAN VOTE! Therefore, our words WILL have an impact on Senator OBAMA’s chances in winning the election! Wow, it would be a hoot if there becomes a phrase for OBAMA (like in Reagan day) “Reagan Democrats” to “OBAMA Republicans”!

    Do we want to win this election for OBAMA? YES! Do want to win with a landslide victory? YES! Do we want HRC former supporters? YES! Do we want Independents? YES! Do we want Rogue Republicans? YES! Can we change our language to make all feel welcome? YES!

    There is a LONG ROAD ahead to November’s election. While on this path, we must assist our leader (OBAMA) in his endeavors to bring our nation together. This means ALL PEOPLES! Make no mistake; OBAMA has always been and always be, all-inclusive. This means more than those we currently have on this site.

    Let us UNIFY now to make this transition as smooth for our leader as possible – always remembering how important OBAMA feels about everyone feeling welcome.


    Chris Gardner “

  45. http://insightanalytical.wordpress.com/

    “Memo to Gerry Ferraro…”

    Not again…

  46. This is a real dilemma for me. I hate to think of McCain appointing another right winger to the Supreme Court, but to not punish the Democratic Party for betraying its principles, and for self-destructive stupidity seems like just as disastrous a choice – if not more so.

    The Democratic Party has abandoned core principles such as standing for Democracy instead of trying to disenfranchise people so the boys club can pick the candidate (as Republicans usually do), championing women’s equality instead of turning a blind eye to blatant sexism, and advocating for the disadvantaged instead of turning its back on the poor and working class in favor of the elite. Now the only disadvantaged group the are standing up for are blacks people.

    The party has demonstrated self-destructive stupidity by deciding it is a great idea to base its support only on African Americans, some young people and the college educated. AA’s make up only 12-13% of the entire population, LESS THAN HISPANICS, and the vast majority of Americans do not have a college degree. Only about 20% do. (Even in recent years only about 33% graduate from college so twice as many people qualify as working class than well-educated ). As for dumping women, we are over HALF the population, as well as more than half the Democratic Party and vote in larger numbers than men. As for older Americans, the baby “boomers” got that designation because there are so many of us and older Americans vote in much larger numbers than do young people so you reject us at your peril. To antagonize these large constituencies just to please the elite and African Americans is beyond strange, it is mind-bogglingly stupid!

    I think the root of the problem is that the people in control of the party are so out of touch that they think they represent average Americans since they only deal with people who are affluent and educated. In addition they take the women’s vote for granted, something for which they need to pay a huge price.

    I keep trying to weigh the pros and cons of a McCain presidency. The Supreme Court is my biggest concern, though if enough Dems are elected to Congress, they should be able to put the breaks on it if they only grow some spine – and we put a lot of pressure on them to stand up. (They are much more reluctant to deny a president his nominees than they are to vote down his proposed legislation.)

    On the other hand, I see some upsides. First, McCain is not anti-enviromental and wants to address global warming. And I doubt that he is a nutty as Bush/Cheney about the war and he would probably scare the Iranians. He is not likely to get a lot of his economic policies enacted (which are as bad as Bush’s if not worse since Phil Gramm is his top economic advisor), and – most importantly – it would send a strong message to the Repubicans that they can only win if they nominate someone who is not a right wing ideologue. That would be a very good thing for our country since it would drive a stake through the heart of the radical movement that has taken over the party and done so much damage to our country.

    Unless Obama implodes soon and Hillary is the nominee I am going to spend the next few months agonizing over the dilemma of my vote. I have never before seriously considered voting for a Republican for president and it appalls me to be seriously considering it now. But if we do not make the Democratic Party pay a steep price for their behavior people like me will have no party to support and will be shut out of our “democracy”.

  47. Mawn & Charles,

    It’s so completely backwards it ain’t even funny. Like that’s going to solve the energy crisis. Doesn’t he have anybody on his staff that remembers the 70s when Jummy Carter said the same thing and was PANNED for it?

    Meanwhile you have Hillary’s plan, which by far is the most green progressive energy policy offered by any candidate, and she’s a bitch because – well, she just is.

  48. BernieO,

    I am a man, though gay, still a man, so take this with a grain of salt, but I think if women don’t send a message and vote AGAINST Obama, what power they have in the party will be lost for a long time.

    By staying home and not voting, Obama wins. He wants you to stay at home, if you won’t vote for him. He has always won by suppressing the vote.

    I believe We have to vote McCain if he is the nominee. This is the only way to ensure Obama’s politcal demise, and force the party back to its working class roots.

    If Obama wins without working class people, and women, you will be like the Gays, without a party that represents you.

  49. katiebird, thanks for your reply. Could have been either, I guess. I’ll try to remember to format my links here in the future. Also stress-reducing to know that comments sometimes await some sort of “release.” (?)

    What I know about managing a blog could be written in a very small space; except that it must be a lot of work. Thank you for all you, RD, and others are doing. Really.

    (Do you think–in your spare time–you could whip up some sort of flash object where all the bomabot troll posts are sent, and we could digitally shoot at them as they duck and weave? We could even earn and use ‘mojo’ to acquire more powerful weapons… and ahh…, nevermind. Just a passing thought.)

    Thanks again.

  50. Bernie

    We have done all we can through the years to protect the Supreme Court and Roe v Wade and when we finally have a woman ready to be the nominee who can protect women’s rights and the court, she is slapped in the face and told to sit down and shut up. Our only way to vindicate Hillary and ourselves is to vote for McCain. We have so much power now. This isn’t going to be a 55-45 election it will be very close and we can make the difference in the key states.

  51. Also, the number one fear mongering ploy the Obamabots are employing on women is the “SCOTUS will overturn Roe V Wade”.

    Assuming the worst, that this does happen, the silver lining is that I believe Women’s rights would be re-galvanized. Women of all ages would become activists again, and bring needed energy to a whole host of Women’s issues.

    Women will NOT let this country go back to the days of dirty alleys and coat hangers.

  52. Well up here in the North where it gets very cold in the winter many of us who use propane for heat (because we live in a rural area) can’t even afford to heat our houses close to 72 due to propane’s huge cost. We use blankets and wear warm clothes in our homes in the winter and many have had to switch to wood burning again. But for us he would probably discuss what temps to keep air conditioners at instead? Did he really say eat less food? He really needs to get out more.
    I’ve also read in the Pringle article (links on Rezkowatch) that the Chicago Combine folks are looking to get Obama elected so they can get pardons after Fizgerald gets them put away.
    Great article!

  53. MAWM:

    I’m a gay man, too, and all my gay friends who supported Hillary are going for McCain. If you think about it we have much more to lose with the Supreme Court, yet we will not turn our back on Hillary. I was talking to a friend in New Orleans and mentioned that I was voting for McCain, and he said that’s what everyone “the gays” he know s will be doing, too. It’s just anecdotal but it gives you a sense that in the gay community there is not much hesitation about this.

  54. By staying home and not voting, Obama wins. He wants you to stay at home, if you won’t vote for him. He has always won by suppressing the vote.

    Exactly! As I said yesterday, NO WAY am I withholding my political power come November. Nofrigginway! If the DNC coronates Obama, my voice ring to the mountaintops.

    Btw, Obama — once he’s the “official” presumtive nominee, of course — “vowing” to *finally* seat those FL delegates is, imo, arrogance overload.

    I. Will. Vote. … Count. On. It.

  55. My compliments on an excellent post.

    I’m a lesbian, and my G & L friends are passionate Hillary supporters who will either sit it out, or vote for McCain.

    I was thinking this morning, I still have copies of the old Time and Newsweek s with Gerry Ferraro on the cover from 1984. I was 25 years old back then, and so proud of her that I saved them all these years.

    These people seem to have no idea how deeply they have offended and angered me.

  56. I agree BernieO. Our choices are

    1. Vote for Obama and be shut out of Democracy. As a large chunk of the voting block, one that should have huge influence, this is unacceptable. Besides that, Obama is corrupt and inept and I don’t want the Democrats to be branded by him.

    2. Abstain or vote for McCain and see if the Democrats in Congress can grow a spine for once, regarding court picks..

    Personally, I think if I’m shut out of Democracy, #2 doesn’t matter anyway. I pick 2.

  57. I am feeling the frustration here; nobody is sure what to do. If he gets the nomination, is it a guarantee he will lose? If we sit it out do we then look like spoilers and suffer the damage or do we vote McCain and hope the congress has enough clout to restrain him? Withholding a vote may only lead to him winning on a smaller percentage which only dilutes our voices further. We have all signed petitions, sent e-mails to the DNC, made calls, contacted our congresspersons and little seems to have the impact we expected. Am I being too pessimistic or have we simply lost our way in even considering a crossover vote? To be honest, I am totally confused as to which path is the right one to take.

  58. Mawm is right: The best way to send the message to Obama and the DNC that hijacking the primary process, denying The People their choice, and installing a candidate so pathetically weak he’ll lose to McCain in a damn landslide during a year that is a virtual lock for Democrats is to vote McCain. It’ll be a major punch to the balls.

    Besides, Obama would be a worse president than McCain since he’ll be able to get away with anything (think: privatizing SS) while there would be, at least, some opposition to McCain.

  59. Great post, I now look forward to your posts like I used to look forward to HuffPost or Daily Kos.

    I can’t go to those sites anymore. There, I am not an intelligent person, who used to be for Obama and changed her mind based on facts. At some of my favorite progressive and democratic sites, I am a racist, a bigot, stupid, unintelligent. I am not a person who made calls for the Obama campaign and found out a day after I signed up, that the race card was being played. I was told to call only these voters, Kim, and I did and every person on the list was black. I even made an excuse, we are just trying to reach a certain demographic, its okay, Kim make the calls, I told myself. Then the day came that I was put into a private office to make the calls. I called the white voters and let me tell you, they will not be swayed. They will not change their mind. So I became a person without a candidate. Until, I started listening to Hillary.

    Now I have a candidate and one I am damn proud of, she is not a “sweetie” and neither am I.

    So now I have a few new favorite sites to visit. I have a candidate, a great one. But, I have no party.

    I feel like I felt in 2001, when the supreme court gave my vote away. Everyone asked why I cried and was so upset. I told them this will be horrible and we will be in a winless war. Now I feel like a prognosticator.
    So my vote was stolen in 2000. Then in 2004, if the exit polls were right in Ohio, my vote was stolen again. Now, here I am in 2008, Florida doesn’t count, Michigan, nah, throw them out too.

    And there is a presidential directive, that says Bush can just say no election and that is that.

    SInce I was 12 when they sent my cousin home in a body bag from Vietnam, I have been a democrat. I turned my whole family into raging Democrats. I have committed to making less money, so that I could work in poverty law.

    I have a feeling I am gonna be crying again this year.

  60. Oh those sly Obama campaign managers. First they announce that Barack Obama will making an appearance on the waterfront this Sunday, setting into motion an inevitable RSVP frenzy. Now comes news that the Decemberists will perform in support of the increasingly presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee. But do they come out and say the Decemberists will be striking up its chords for the candidate? Not quite. Obama’s site instead decided to test your name knowledge of the not-so-mysterious Capitol-signed act. Also performing Colin Meloy, Chris Funk, Jenny Conlee, Nate Query, and John Moen

  61. Abstention won’t achieve squat, imo. We’ve got to VOTE. It’s as simple as that. Otherwise, whatever message we’d like to send will remain as invisible as our presence at the voting booths on election day.


    Btw, we don’t have “write-in” options, so I’ll have to select one of the available choices before me on the ballot. Mmmmmm. Decisions, decisions.

  62. Davidson,

    You are right. One of my big fears with Obama is that a Dem controlled congress would shove through all sorts of legislation because Obama does not care. He has no real ideas of his own. He won’t mind signing for Pelosi, or Kennedy, or Kerry’s pet projects. This is part of the Chicago patronage scheme.

    It is why they can’t stand Clinton, because Bill never went along with what Democrats in congress wanted just because they were Democrats. He said “No” to them, and they haven’t forgiven him.

    We NEED divided government right now. This SICK Democratic party we have, coupled with a pliable sock puppet leader, Obama, would produce untold legislative abberations.

  63. Not necessarily true about the write in option. I have been told that in most states, if you request an absentee ballot, you can write in and it will be counted.

  64. In conservative Montana, Iran is a “grave threat.” In liberal Oregan, Iran “doesn’t pose a serious threat.”

    Are you kidding me? That is bad. Good lord, what was he thinking?

  65. “One of my big fears with Obama is that a Dem controlled congress would shove through all sorts of legislation because Obama does not care. He has no real ideas of his own. He won’t mind signing for Pelosi, or Kennedy, or Kerry’s pet projects.”

    I agree with this. These are all very rich people who have no concept of the middle class or what ordinary people’s lives are like.

  66. Great point MAWM,

    You hit the nail on the head wrt to how many gay men and women feel. When your supposed allies turn you out like a dog, the blinders come off. I mean, what the heck have the democrats really done for LGBT? mostly lip service.

    I’m not gay, but I’ve spoken with many gay friends and acquaintances who will absolutely, positively NOT VOTE for Barack Obama. The list of slights and outright insults to the gay community by BO himself, not simply his supporters and surrogates, is more than long enough to send them to McCain.

    I come from deep working class roots, but because of marriage I really should be a republican — most of my neighbors are. To vote my OWN economic interests I really should vote republican. But I’ve always been a democrat because I believe our SHARED government should be for all the people, not just the rich people or just the white people or just the christian people or just the straight people.

    The democratic party has been hijacked by a bunch of republican-lites who dont want us “others” messing up their party.

    Fine — screw them, they can have their little party.

    I want my democratic party back. Until then, I’ll vote republican. I’ll enjoy the tax cuts and the better haircuts until I get the real democratic party back.

  67. Just a question, but can Hillary run as an Independent?

  68. Incoming rant: I’m so sick of the all-southerners-are-racist, and all latte drinkers in the north are not, meme. I’ve lived on both sides of the Mason Dixon and frankly, the most devious racism I’ve encountered was in the north. My experience is that those in the south who are racist are bold and open and brash and in your face about it, and those in the north who are racist pretend they are not and try to hide it. You know them, the “above-it-all” canape’ crowd. Behind closed doors, different folk altogether. Better to know who your enemy is than to have them smile in your face with a dagger aimed at your back, no? Racism sucks mightily and it still deeply permeates our society (just as sexism does), but if anyone think it’s relegated only to the south, it just ain’t so. And I’m sick of regional stereotypes. Now bring me my arugula with a side of grits, please!

  69. I sympathize with any Democrat who finds themselves in a voting quandry for the GE if Obama is indeed the Party’s nominee. This is exactly how I’ve felt the last few weeks. The thought of voting for a Republican was unthinkable.

    But that was then, this is now.

    If Hillary is pushed out, I will change my party affiliation, turn Independent. And though I never thought I’d say this, I will vote for John McCain. Though I’m university educated, I come from working class roots. I was the first woman in my family to go to college. And believe me, it wasn’t easy: paying for it or even convincing family members that I wasn’t wasting my time.

    Still, my roots are important as are the people represented by those roots. They’re the blue-collar, lunch bucket types, the people the DNC has so easily dismissed. Union men, fishermen, stevadors, construction workers, waitresses, nurse’s aides, taxi cab drivers, train conductors and homemakers, to name a few.

    If the DNC thinks they can get along without my family, dedicated Democrats each and everyone then the DNC can get along without us.

    Trust me, I’m furious!

  70. Lucinda,

    Thanks for posting the info on Alan Colmes. I sent him an e-mail with links. What a doofus! These media morons are living in an alternate reality from the American people–and Barack Obama and Howard Dean are living there with them. Wake up doofuses!

  71. I think you are all bringing me over. I’m starting to believe that not voting for Obama is not enough. I said before I would not vote for McCain, but I’m starting to change my mind. The whole thing about the Supreme Court really bugs me too. The dems had the votes to filibuster, but refused. Now they want to try to lay that on us? besides, some of the most enlightened members of the court in recent years were appointed by Republicans….or a Clinton

  72. and mawm is exactly right, how many times have GLBT voters voted against their economic interests in solidarity with other minority groups only to be repeatedly told to get to the back of the line. enough is enough

  73. Jeez, Kim, you made ME cry!

    I love this site too. Because of the amazing posts by RD and Katiebird and others, of course, but I come back during the day many times to read the uplifting and often brilliant comments by people like Davidson, Mawm, Pat J, Elixir (the list really goes on and on).

    There is a blowback brewing and it is BIG. No one can say how the storm will play out; what kind and degree of damage it will do, but I am absolutely convinced that things will be broken.

    If the DNC and the media force this huckster on the democratic party there is only ONE thing that will be effective in our fight to get our party back — Vote for McCain.

    4 years is a very short time. If we succeed in Turning Down obama our power will increase. Yes, some jokers will be angry with us, but tough luck to them. They’ll come around, because we really DO represent the inclusive, unifying, compassionate, and responsible base of the democratic party. If we roll over and let them treat us like doormats, whatever strength we have today, right now, will be diluted and useless and very difficult to re-muster.

    Kim, your comment was very moving. I’ll probably cry too. But let’s be like Hillary and work through our tears. Let’s keep moving forward and staying strong even though sometimes the unfairness and the hate makes us cry.

    There’s nothing like keeping on keeping on to make the tears dry. Sorry if that’s corny but I think it’s true!

  74. bb: You are probably more educated in this than I am but does MA have a write in option on the ballot?

  75. Do any of you remember back in 1992 when the Clinton people and the Democratic Party officials (including Pelosi) went to the Reform Party folks, had in hand, hoping for their support once Perot dropped out ? Do you remember what the Reform Party did? The said, “No, thank you.” And how much of the vote did Perot get? around 17% I think. Let them come begging for our vote. They probably won’t. They have always seen us as invisible and disposable. We will continue to be dismissed by the D party. I think we have enough people to sway this election. Remember when they interviewed those Nader supporters in Florida after the 2000 election? Remember all the power they had?

  76. The Democratic Party has been extorting votes from all of us–women/girls, ethnic minorities, gays and lesbians, labor unions, environmentalists, peace activists, etc.–for a while now, betraying us whenever they had the chance. Women (and girls), who have been the most vehemently hated by the Democratic “leadership” these past several months, will be the main target of extortion this November with Roe. The sheer audacity of the Party is beyond me.

    What they have done to the Party, our country, and especially women and girls by denying us HRC will have repercussions for generations. There are no words that do justice to the disgust and shock I feel.

  77. Murphy,


    Reagan Democrats became THE sought after Demographic after Carter was ousted.

    We will be the sought after Demographic after Obama is defeated.

  78. For some time, the Party’s center o gravity has been moving to the suburbs … to upscale precincts full of voters who now, strikingly, describe themselves as ahead of the game, getting further ahead, and unaffected by the economic strains that weigh heavily on most American families today.

    This was bound to have an effect.

    Elected officials and their campaign allies — most superdelegates — are drawn first to money, and second to volunteers. Obama has demonstrated magic on both counts … though not in the traditional Democratic base. (And here when I say “base”, I mean base — not activist corps.)

    While Democratic Party higer-ups follow the pied piper to elite precincts, another Party is in crisis. Forced by adversity to reinvent itself, it will. It will go looking for material where it can find it, and it may find it where we have left it, abandoned, neglected, disdained.

    In the end there will be two major coalitions, one left and one right, and a party that roughly coincides with each. If Democrats forsake the vast majority of downscale American households — the people our casino economy guarantees will grow in numbers just as the “top share” households shrink in numbers and grow in disproportionate wealth, evolving into dynasties — then the “other party” will end up as the party of the common people.

    And it will be an impatient, short-tempered common people they represent.

    The royal ball is in your hifalutin’ court, Donna B.

  79. Mawm, This is exactly what I plan to do.

    We must defeat him.
    If he is the nominee, vote AGAINST him.
    If he is the nominee, vote AGAINST down ticket Dems who endorsed him.

    If McCain was good enough in 04 for Kerry and Daschle to try to convince him to switch and be Kerry’s VP, what is wrong with him today.

    MYTH # 1:/ Obama supports a woman’s right to choose (on abortion).”*

    But, as an Illinois State Senator, Barack Obama took the coward’s way out and did not vote either “yes” or “no.” Instead, he voted “present” on seven abortion bills, including a ban on “partial birth abortion,” two parental notification laws and three “born alive” bills. In each case, the right vote was clear, but Senator Obama chose political cover over standing and fighting for his convictions.

    And his Chief of Staff had to talk him out of voting for Roberts, pointing out how although Obama admired Roberts’ brilliance and didn’t think ideology should trump a President’s (in this case Bu$h’s) nominee, such a vote wouldn’t be a vote getter among women when he ran for President.

    Free tickets to Jonestown, Guyana. Just mention the code Obama.
    We are the people we have been waiting for!

  80. “Not necessarily true about the write in option. I have been told that in most states, if you request an absentee ballot, you can write in and it will be counted.”

    Kim – I wasn’t suggesting this isn’t an option for everyone. But here in Texas, requesting an absent ballot always seems to require you to disclose “where ya gonna be?” type questions. Perhaps I’ll try again. But I sure hope that a “write-in” for a particular candidate is given full and due credit. Want NO room for back-room shenanigans running amok.

    That said, I STILL hold out a modicum of hope for Hillary getting those SDs to come to their senses.

  81. I am getting angrier by the moment. Every word out of the Obamas’ and their surrogates’ mouths are abusive. He has been the “take it or leave it” candidate from day one. Now that a huge portion of the population will not be “taking it” and is ready to “leave it” they are going to shame us to keep us under their thumb.

    Many of us sacrificed greatly to get away from personal or professional relationships which were abusive. To tell us that it is our fault that the party is falling apart is tantamount to “I had to humiliate you in public for your own good and because I love you”. We aren’t poor and powerless young women any longer.

    From these abusive jackals some of us learned cunning, cut throat competition, and stealth. Oh yes, we also learned to negotiate with the other side. McCain may need us in November. We need to see what he is willing to do to get some very pissed off voters. We aren’t easy and we do not come cheap. In the word of Michelle Obama “give me something here.”

  82. BernieO: This is a real dilemma for me. I hate to think of McCain appointing another right winger to the Supreme Court…
    BernieO, do you believe we’re any safer with Barack Obama? Remember his stance on both Roberts and Alito?

    Roberts: It was the fall of 2005, and the celebrated young senator — still new to Capitol Hill but aware of his prospects for higher office — was thinking about voting to confirm John G. Roberts Jr. as chief justice. Talking with his aides, the Illinois Democrat expressed admiration for Roberts’s intellect. Besides, Obama said, if he were president he wouldn’t want his judicial nominees opposed simply on ideological grounds. And then Rouse, his chief of staff, spoke up. This was no Harvard moot-court exercise, he said. If Obama voted for Roberts, Rouse told him, people would remind him of that every time the Supreme Court issued another conservative ruling, something that could cripple a future presidential run. Obama took it in. And when the roll was called, he voted no.

    Alito: Sen. Barack Obama, the freshman Democrat from Illinois who is one of his party’s brightest stars, chided his party yesterday for its “over-reliance” on “procedural maneuvers” such as the fruitless filibuster threats against the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr.

    What makes you think we won’t get right wing appointments to the Supreme Court with an Obama presidency, if it serves his purpose? And the way the Dems in Congress have become his lap dogs, I have no confidence that they’ll oppose him in any way.

    BUT, with a McCain presidency, a Dem Congress WILL oppose McCain’s right wing appointments.

    I’ve been voting Dem for almost 40 years, but I’ll be voting for McCain in November if Obama is the Dem nominee. I won’t NOT vote, because that’s a vote FOR Obama, and I’ll be damned if THIS woman will do anything to support putting him in office.

  83. CB

    Your 3 directives are hereby the 3 main goals of the new Sweetie Party:

    We must defeat him.
    If he is the nominee, vote AGAINST him.
    If he is the nominee, vote AGAINST down ticket Dems who endorsed him.

    Mawm: we are organized, we are politically educated, we are angry, and we VOTE. You put it so well, and I think you have helped persuade many good-faith democrats here who are HEARTSICK about what is happening and what is the right thing to do.

    The right thing to do is to FIGHT for our right to be heard and respected in our own party. FIGHT for the right to have our votes counted in all 50 states. FIGHT for the right for the working class, middle class, and poor to have seats at the table.

    How dare the Obama movement try to take away seats to the table of government from the working class and poor? How dare they?

    We can stop this train from hurtling over the cliff and get our party back.

    Be a Sweetie. Vote for McCain.

  84. Riverdaughter, I have seen your guest posts at TM but have recently started being a regular lurker here. All I want to say is thank you!

    I am dumbfounded by what he said on Iran yesterday and like Charles, I’m ready to scream and explode. We have got to stop this disaster when we still can, if we still can. But there is no question I will be looking for retribution (like not voting for him just to send a message) if he is forced on us. It puzzled me no end when we started this primary season — I knew something was off and that the core of the democratic party was being held hostage and looking back that is exactly what has happened. Time to protest.

    Also thanks for the clip from A face in the crowd up thread — it seems like that is what Axelrod and co could be planning for the GE. They turned a Kerry or a Dukakis into Obama but can they turn him into a Clinton. I don’t think so, not when we have a REAL Clinton.

  85. murphy, as sad as it makes me I agree. Not only do we need to vote against Obama, we need to vote against every dem downticket who has been a part of this hijacked nomination. That includes my congressman David Price. We need to send a message not only to Obama himself, but the party for actively rigging an election to get the candidate they want, even if they know he can’t win.

  86. Is there any room for dissent on this blog, or do you filter out anything resembling another voice? I like our blog and it keeps me up to date on what the Hillary partisans are thinking. Just curious because I tried to post here the other day with some points and was filtered out. If you could just let me know I’d appreciate it. By the by, I like Hillary, want her in whatever Dem administration takes over, just wanted to infuse a more moderate voice. If it’s a no-go, no worries. I think you’re very well-spoken, just don’t totally agree with you on everything. Best of luck if this is as far as my voice gets.

  87. Be a Sweetie. Vote for McCain.

    I soooo don’t wanna find that slogan funny, considering it’s, well, McCain with an “R”. But dangit if I’m not LOL!

  88. Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry, but this whole election season has had me in knots.

    Like I said, I, too, had partaken of the Kool-Aid. Obama in his early speeches had me mesmerized. But when I was campaigning for him and placed in that private office the things I heard would make you cringe. Aside from being ashamed of my race, I knew that this was a candidate who could not and would not be elected and this was July of last year. I kept waiting for someone to acknowledge that there was a certain demographic that would not vote for him. But when it came, it appeared to be too late.

    I have only crossed party lines once and that was to register independent, so that I could vote for a female judge that was hard on domestic violence.

    Now I may have to vote for McCain? Can I justify that? I don’t know. What if he takes us into Iran? Will I feel responsible?

    But I cannot vote Obama, I just can’t. It isn’t just him, it is the way I feel I have been violated. His supporters have called me names, the sexism of the MSM and the way my vote has been labeled insignificant.

    I am 50 and my last two are graduating from college this year. I want to move from this red area and I am afraid because I am an older female. This has shown me that maybe now, I am disposable.

  89. I do understand that it would be hard for some to vote for McCain. At first I thought that writing Hillary in or just not voting for President would be enough. However, in Maryland (and in a lot of states) that is not an option because the candidate has to petition to accept write ins (which Hillary will not do). I have decided I will vote for McCain (my first Republican vote ever). If you vote for McCain–you double the impact!! It is really that simple, voting for McCain is making sure that your protest vote is “super sized”. I am a white woman, but I can relate to all the GLBT Confluencians, we need to stand up and take back the Democratic Party. They can not have the party that I love without a fight. I am willing to fight. I’m not ready to make nice!!

  90. It’s not just the party they’re tearing apart. It’s the entire social fabric. Garbage like this sows the seeds for civil war and worse, and if anyone thinks we’re just way too sophisticated and just SO over mutual sociopolitical suicide, they need to think again.

  91. Pat Johnson — If and when the time comes, it will be a painful decision of conscience for many of us … but that time is not yet.

    As a decision of conscience, just as with a non-party-line “conscience vote” in a legislative body (over issues of war and peace, for instance), there will be no “party line” here.

    I will suggest that abstaining is wimpish, and that write-in votes will be unreported, untabulated, disallowed by rule, or even counted as Obama votes, depending on laws in the several states and biases in the several media.

    If you want to have an impact, steel yourselves for what you will have to do … when and IF the time comes.

  92. Say, I expected a news blackout of mere voters all across the grande UnifiedTM Obamanation… but isn’t there a primary today?

    Will we be joining you for cocktail hour?


    “and placed in that private office the things I heard would make you cringe”

    I’m curious: what did you hear?

  93. We are not going to be held hostage by a Supreme Court appointment. Do they think we are that pathetic? I totally agree that this is about $$$ to the DNC and not people. But they don’t realize that when he loses that money will dry up and those young, hip, cool volunteers will be gone.

    We vote for McCain. We need to stop being politically correct about this. Why can’t we be like the Reform Party and stick with our candidate and our principles? The only way we will get media attention is if we take a strong stand for McCain and against Obama. I realize Hillary will have to tell us that’s a bad idea, but in her heart she will be grateful to us. I hope she doesn’t release her convention delegates.

  94. I am totally disgusted with the democratic website that I am used to frequenting. They sound like free republic. I can’t find it in my conscience to reconcile with the notion of voting for McCain, so if Obama gets the nomination I have decided that I am going to go to the county clerk’s office on the day after and I will officially change my party affiliation from democratic to independent as a sign of my displeasure with the party. I think I’m going to email the DNC and notify them after I switch that they have one less democrat in their fold.

    I hope I didn’t go over the line posting this. If I did, no hard feelings. I just had to say it somewhere.

  95. Sorry I’m a little late. (Damn job!)

    Has Obama given his inauguration speech yet?

    I heard they were already planning his State Of The Union Address.

  96. rd — did you catch my Estonia email?

  97. I just received a letter in my mail from the Obama campaign asking for a contribution! The only way they could have ever gotten my name and address is through the DNC. I am sending it back with a big fat NO on the envelope. They must be kidding!

    And whjat is good enough for Geraldine Ferraro is good enough for me.

  98. Anderson Cooper on The View: Says he thinks those HRC supporters vowing not to vote for Obama are more likely just reeling from this primary cycle. But he seems to think it’ll all subside and most of those voters will simmer down and fall in lockstop by November. Okie dokie, lil’ buddy.

  99. As I have previously stated, I campaigned for Obama originally. I have worked on other campaigns and knew the drill, call sheets and lots of them. I got call sheets the first night and was a little dismayed to find that the candidate that was not running on race, but rather UNITY, was only calling black voters. From what I could get from these voters (oh dear god, will I be called racist for saying, “these voters”), their choice was going to be based on issues, not skin color. At that time, June 07, maybe 1 out of 10 black voters were going for Obama, 3 out of 10 were for Clinton. The rest were undecided. I found that enlightening and very much against what MSM was saying. MSM was lumping voters again, blacks will only vote for blacks. Then Oprah came.

    I had always made calls from the call center, until I was given brand new call sheets. That night I was told to make my calls from a private office. Now I am from South Carolina, but I thought (hoped) that there had been some progress. Maybe, it wasn’t about race entirely, but alot of the comments were. These voters were saying NO WAY! Some asked if I had lost my mind. Some said it wasn’t about race, they just did not know this man, some said he was too inexperienced, some said civil war reparations, and alot just laughed at me. Many said that this would turn into a race issue and we had too many problems now. But a lot of it was just plain ugly. One woman said if her son voted for Obama, he could pay for his own education. Racial slurs were used and I was ashamed.

    As for Obama, I met him, he was nice but rather dismissive.

    After that I stayed quiet, but being the dem I am, I had to try and stay active. At that point I signed on for the “Off the Bus” project on the Huff Post. I interviewed people from everywhere and that reinforced that Obama cannot and will not win the general.

  100. I guess cooper’s elite side is eclipsing the gay side.

  101. Charles, I think that they coat hanger symbolizes the threat Obama supporters are using to make women scared of Roe v Wade’s overturning.

  102. I’ve always thought those rubber bracelets people wore for causes were tacky. But now? I think we need bracelets

    Sweeties Unite it would say and it would be marbled with varying shades of color to convey unity!

    And people, please don’t give people false information about write-in politices based on the policy in your state. The policy depends on the state. When in doubt, always ask your secretary of state. Don’t take advice from someone in a different state.

    I applaud Gerry Ferraro, and I may write her name in, if I decide I absolutely can’t vote for McCain.

  103. Yes, using Roe v. Wade as a bludgeon of control really really makes this uppity b*tch want to shut the f*ck up and toe the party line.


  104. O/T, but I just voted here in eastern Ky. Very light turnout, which is discouraging. There’s no doubt people support Hillary, but I believe the non-stop media onslaught of “too late, it’s over” and the “racist hillbilly” is having a dampening effect.

    Even my local [moderately conservative] newspaper was full of negative news: Bill’s former campaign manager is now with Obama [front page with pic, no mention that this is a paid position], outside editorial cartoons of the denial Clintons, crappy Marsha Mercer column on WV, AP article & graph of Obama milestone with convenient legend of excluding FL/MI since they broke rules & won’t count. Local TV discusses Daily Show featuring dumb, racist hillbilly, evidently represented as typical Hillary voter. Good grief, I’d run from that woman if I saw her at the grocers…

    We have been run over by the media & the DNC and we are smart enough to know it. I am more angry than depressed, but either way doesn’t play well for the Dems in the fall w/o Hillary. If we go McCain, we’ll keep Mitch McConnell & the rest . Forgive my negative thoughts, I’m off to the Hillary HQ to help & get some positive vibes….

  105. I received an Obama flier recently requesting a contribution. This should knock you all out of your socks. I am in South Carolina, in Greenville, home of Bob Jones University. Now, we have all heard of the Rev. Wright , so we know Obama’s political affiliation. This letter came from the Southern Christian Association. I saw the Obama envelope, but when I opened it, my first thought was WTF? WHo are we trying to fool now?

  106. Haka Alert: I just received an email from “VoteBoth.com” pushing the “joint” ticket. I wrote back that I won’t support any ticket until MI and FL’s delegates are seated and votes counted. I received a response saying that he, Adam P…, was an aide to HRC from 2003 thru 2008 and supports any ticket that gets her through the front door of the WH. I wrote back questioning the authenticity of his support for HRC if he’s willing to relegate her to hosting tea parties instead of doing good work in the senate for 4 more years until 2012. Eeek!

  107. Oh I’ll “voteboth” just so long as Hill is on top. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA!

  108. From Anthony Russell at http://savagepolitics.com

    The parable of the Hatter’s imprisonment serves as another good example of this disparity. The Queen explains to Alice: “‘He’s in prison now, being punished: and the trial doesn’t even begin till next Wednesday: and of course the crime comes last of all.’” (Through the Looking Glass, p. 151) Alice does not see the sense of this because, like us, she has the reverse view of reality from the looking glass people. She dislikes the idea that someone could be punished for a crime they did not commit, but to the Queen it makes perfect sense.

    If that isn’t the exact same non-logic that the MSM is using today to qualify their demands that Sen. Clinton drop out of the race today, because she will eventually lose the nomination, I will be glad to be mad enough to eat the Hatter’s maddest hat.

    The FIX was in long before it started and hence, the drop out cries from the MSM. Can we save the party and ourselves, still? Hope it is not too late.

  109. Guys, can we really afford to vote for Barack Obama? I’ve been thinking about this, and I don’t think we can. Everyone is out there saying “we’ll get in line”, acting as though Obama is wildly popular even though he isn’t even the choice of registered voters of his Party, and even though a clear majority of women have chosen Hillary. I think voting for him would set women’s rights back 50 years. I just don’t think we can afford to do it. Thoughts?

  110. No matter how hard I try I just cannot see where the strong language describing such an epic struggle for soul of the democratic party is coming from.

  111. See, we women have a conditioned response to pictures of coat hangers.

    If we won’t “just calm down” they will wave the coat hanger.

    Good dogs.

  112. Arabella Trefoil- What is next, are they going to threaten to take away our credit cards, our hair dryers, our microwaves or our vacuum cleaners? I am afraid that they really mean it this time, we better behave.

  113. Act I, Scene II – More Haka:

    Adam from VoteBoth.com, we’re on a first name basis now, emailed back with the following:

    “I think we all know hillary wouldn’t be hosting tea parties as vp. I believe two things – the first being these candidates need each other this year after this primary, the second is my personal support for hillary is strong. If she didn’t win the nomination, and she didn’t make it on the ticket, and the two democrats some how beat john mccain, hillary clinton won’t be president. If she didn’t get the nomination, was on the ticket, and they won I don’t think anyone would argue she is not best positioned to be the next democratic nominee and first woman president. If they lost she would still be best positioned. Again, I worked for hillary for the last 5 years – we all know how well she would do in either position in the wh.”

    My response: Wrong. I want her in the senate ready to run again after the Precious loses his waffle.

  114. Not to mention that Obama was all eager to vote to confirm Roberts. He had to be talked out of it.

    Yes, this guy’s one waaay progressive dude, sweeties.

  115. Melanie, it is visceral with me as well. Voting for him is just a waste of my time. Staying home won’t mean a damn thing. Pulling a lever for McCain is the last thing I foresee myself doing. If Obama were qualified, if we had a paper trail, if there was some other reason other than what we have been subjected to besides hope and change, it may be a consideration. But there is no there there. I can’t do it.

  116. Well, to be totally honest Elixir, my Hillary supporting, Obama despising father said this exactly:

    “If she didn’t win the nomination, and she didn’t make it on the ticket, and the two democrats some how beat john mccain, hillary clinton won’t be president. If she didn’t get the nomination, was on the ticket, and they won I don’t think anyone would argue she is not best positioned to be the next democratic nominee and first woman president. If they lost she would still be best positioned.”

  117. How about this as a slogan:
    “An attack against Hillary is an attack against me”?

  118. I agree about the McCain vote, not voting in large numbers might not be noticed because obama could still win.

    I can’t see a big difference between his and obama’s positions on energy and healthcare. I’m not convinced they have a big difference on abortion either.

    I think McCain will moderate some of his positions to attract Clinton voters and make it easier for us to cast a protest vote.

    I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE Hillary pulls out a miracle in Oregon today!

  119. “I think we all know hillary wouldn’t be hosting tea parties as vp.”

    I don’t think we know this at all. I think he’d lock the door and treat the Clintons the way the Reagans treated the Bushes in the 1980s.

  120. NoBloodForHubris

    I love your site – esp todays post – and what a great graphic!

  121. Oh High Priestess RiverDaughter, I genuflect to the wisdom spawned of your keyboard.

    One thing that has me scratching my all too graying head, why do so many revel in the fact that the red states through their undemocratic caucuses have selected the Democratic nominee? It is the ultimate in Rovian manipulation and irony, but it has happened without so much as a whimper much less a bang.

    To think that the chronically disenfranchised in the red states have steered the party to the left ditch line of ultimate defeat is tantamount to disembowelment over constipation.

    The answer to this conundrum is to wish to nominate someone who has run for higher office every 3 years for the last twelve. No one seems to appreciate this simple, quite telling fact — this election isn’t about “calling,” it isn’t about “service,” it isn’t about “leadership,” it is about pure unadulterated ambition. Not ambition borne of hard work and earning respect therefrom, but ambition borne of being seen as accomplished by those from whom the nominee seeks approval.

    It is my belief that Sen. Obama has a personality trait known as “significance.” Significance can best be described as deriving self-worth from what others think of you — the traditional extrovert’s mode of drive. This can not only be seen in the glowing and flowing speeches, but the inability to answer questions in a debate with anything but halting cautiousness. It can be seen with the repeated reference to, “No one would have thought a 47-year old man with the name of Barack Obama would be the nominee.” It can be seen in his lack of taking any controversial stand while a state senator.

    While I don’t begrudge this need for approval in his private life, it is a most dangerous prescription for the holder of the keys of the last superpower on the planet. Those who exhibit significance are those who are emotionally fragile, blame external causes for their failure and always, always take the expedient route in decision-making knowing their brand of “wisdom” is the truest course.

    I know that sounds familiar — it is exactly what we have sufferred for the last eight years in W. The only difference this time is that it is packaged as the antithethical version of W. Almost as ironic as the red states selecting the democratic nominee.

    Thanks, I just needed to say that this morning.

  122. Melanie,

    I agree w/ Dad in the first version – she’s not president.

    I don’t agree with the joint ticket because if they get in the WH, it’s 4 – possibly 8 – years of hosting tea parties when she could be building her resume and keeping herself viable as a candidate.

  123. Prolix: And do not forget that Jimmy Carter, an evangelical southerner, succeeded Tricky Dick into office following the Watergate scandal. It seems like old times once again.

  124. And if the Dem ticket loses because of his baggage, then she is associated with him and his messes.

  125. Pat, the more things change, the more they seem the same.

    This time though, I simply don’t think Sen. Obama is electable. I just don’t think it is possible for the American people to turn over the nuclear “go” codes to someone who has run for higher office every three years for the past twelve and before that was a community organizer with limited success.

    I can see the ads, a simple chronology between the two candidates year-by-year — it will be a McGovernesque landslide if the debate is properly framed.

    My over and under right now for the fall on states is 35-15 McCain.

  126. Honora – heh. Good one. Well, the sweet talkin’ ain’t working, so they have to go back to the punishment system. I’m not afraid of a coat hanger.

    They can’t scare me. Oh no. I’m a tough old woman. Time is on my side. It’s not over until August. We can outlast them.

    Put that coat hanger away, young man. You are acting rididulous.

  127. Ryan, on May 20th, 2008 at 12:16 pm Said:
    “No matter how hard I try I just cannot see where the strong language describing such an epic struggle for soul of the democratic party is coming from.”

    Then you need to check your eyesight, because the shift is happening. Donna Brazil proudly told us that working class voters are not needed now that the population is growing more urban and suburban. The party is pretty much writing off ALL of Appalachian regions: Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, making states like Pennsylvania in play.
    The Democratic party is saying goodbye to Florida as well. It was sacrificed along with Michigan so Obama could enjoy a lead for months. The party bosses thought Hillary would quit.

    Obama is bent on destroying the party himself, though. He wants all contribution to go to Obama campagin, and has told donors not to donate to any outside groups. Once he can turn the money spicket on and off whenever he chooses, he’ll have set up a nice Chicago style patronage system right there in the middle of the Democratic party. Unless you want to end up with no money, you’d better tow the Obama line.

    So, yes this is an epic struggle for the heart and soul of the Democratic party. What was the party of Working Class people will now be the party of Elite liberals pandering to African Americans, and brokered by Frat boys who would have gone Republican Pre08.

  128. Prolix: I am not so sure. The MSM has packaged this nobody into an inevitable win. If he should get the nomination and the race appears tight between him and McCain I will vote McCain. If McCain looks to be ahead then my vote either way won’t matter. I live in MA and I am sure this state will remain blue.
    If McCain is ahead my conscience will be saved since I won’t have had to make the effort to cast a vote for another candidate that I have little respect. But forced to make a choice I will be unable to vote Obama, Democrat or not. Sad isn’t it?

  129. Pat,
    Look at the polls. Obama puts Mass in play. Some people think it is the low popularity of Deval Patrick who had exactly the same Axelrod campaign strategy as Obama.
    What do you think of your governor?

    Are you still full of “Hope”?

  130. Elixir, I agree. I am just saying Adam may be being completely genuine.

  131. Mawm, on May 20th, 2008 at 12:49 pm Said:

    “What was the party of Working Class people will now be the party of Elite liberals pandering to African Americans, and brokered by Frat boys who would have gone Republican Pre08.”

    While I agree with the underlying premise, I would slice it a bit thinner — the Far, Far, Far (in a galaxy far, far away) Left, is as opportunistic and reactionary as the Far Right. The quixotic nature of the Far Left can quickly be discerned from their current pin-up centerfold, Arianna Huffington, complete with stapled stomach, who used to be against the Left before she was for it and for the Right before she was against it.

  132. Why are Obama supporters lurking here? Please go away, we are not wanted or needed in the “new” Democratic Party, remember? Don’t you have to attend a coronation somewhere? It’s too late to make nice or “reason” with us. The damage is done. No way will we be voting for Obama

  133. I’m brand new to this web site, but I hope we don’t fall into the trap of some of the other sites where we spin everything and make predictions. It’s very intellectually dishonest. I see us as the realists who don’t drink the kool-aid and spin everything little triumph or loss as something other than what it actually is. I’m hoping we empower ourselves with our ability to change the outcome of the general election and resist the MSM and the Anderson Cooper’s of this world. Anderson is only where he is because he publicly humiliated Mary Landrieu. As Nancy Reagan so profoundly said, “Just say No.”

  134. thank goddess for this blog!!

    here’s a thought….where is Rev. Wright? I mean — ummm — he was all over the place making himself heard and then one brief denunciation later — he has nothing to say? nada. zip.
    after a 20 year mutually recognized “close” relationship was severed so ruthlessly and so publicly. Methinks this was oh so cleverly staged ~ not.

  135. Pat, I would agree that it is a sad state of affairs to have to settle, but I would submit that the MSM will keep up the illusion until late in October. We will see the late deciders, just like in the primary states going overwhelmingly for Sen. Clinton, overwhelmingly go for McCain. My advice would be this, watch the undecided vote, if it is small, you should consider casting an otherwise offensive vote for Sen. McCain. As a lifelong Democrat, I thought I would never entertain such a thought either.

  136. Oh, Charles — that’s what I was afraid of. Please keep us informed when you have more news.

    I’m no where near a television.

    My prayers are with the Senator.

  137. parentofed, on May 20th, 2008 at 11:58 am Said:
    …There’s no doubt people support Hillary, but I believe the non-stop media onslaught of “too late, it’s over” and the “racist hillbilly” is having a dampening effect.

    This is what gets me enraged and I start thinking that a vote for Sen. Obama is a vote for the MSM. No way.

  138. Has anybody heard from “ben vos” lately? “Ben vos” is almost an anagram for “bovine.”

    Sorry, I’ve been writing an RFP for 5 hours straight and I’m going insane.

    Right now, I am concerned about the political situation, but not frantic with worry. I am working to elect Hillary. I have found people who think as I do. My support system is in place. We will outlast the haka boys and their coat hangers.

    My counter scare tactic to the wire coat hangers is DNA paternity testing. That seems to scare a few young fellahs, you betcha.

  139. (snort)

    Arabella! — I’ve never thought of paternity testing that way. Wow. We do have some power.

  140. DKOS survivor here. Eschaton is also overrun with ODrama tools.

    Just say “NObama!”

    I will vote for McCain before I will vote for that man.

    End of story.

  141. guys, wordpress has been removed from my company’s permissible domains. I can’t post from 9-5 at the moment. Ronk, I got your email but I haven’t been able to follow the link today. Talk to you guys later.

  142. My counter scare tactic to the wire coat hangers is DNA paternity testing. That seems to scare a few young fellahs, you betcha.

    It’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s 100% reliable.

    The state have a compelling interest to make sure that every baby born within its boundaries is supported.

    No more serial inseminators!

  143. Oh noes, Riverdaughter!

  144. “Are you still full of “Hope”?”

    Hopey-ness and Changy-ness.

    Nobama is an empty suit, a corporatist puppet, and a front man for the OLD school Dem politics.

    The kids are buying it and getting played, big time.

  145. that the MSM will keep up the illusion until late in October. We will see the late deciders,

    Hope we aren’t forgetting that the GOP will pull no punches in ensuring their base is fired up. And clearly BO’s gonna provide them with an untold wealth of ammo. Getting their base to vote against BO (whether or not it’s “for” McCain) — along with doing just enough damage to Obama’s perception that it depresses/supresses turnout from certain factions of the Dem party — may prove just enough to win them the election. Just ask John Kerry how the GOP base’s support can affect the GE outcome.

  146. And to add to my above comments: these tactics won’t require enormous assistance from mainstream media; with the exception of Fox “news” of course. Rovian tactics the likes of 2004 didn’t really depend heavily on MSM’s outlook. It was more down to underground smear jobs and treachery to get their ‘mission accomplished.’

  147. will someone please write a post for Senator Kennedy expressing our continuing concern for his health and that our thoughts and prayers are with him. Thanks

  148. Regarding write ins. Please check your state rule, in a number of states a write in vote will be given to the candidate running for that party. Your write in may go to Obama.

    I am one of those that believe a write in will not hurt Obama and the only way to go is a protest vote for McCain. Which, I know sucks.

    Something also to remember; all those executive privileges Bush was able to obtain……Obama will have them in January, now that’s scary., but a real kick in the pants for Cheney/Bush

  149. Riverdaughter, I did.

  150. I heard a young man complaining about the possibility of getting stuck with years of child support payments based on the results of a DNA paternity test. He was blaiming his girlfriend. It was all I could do to prevent myself from saying “Excuse me, young man. Did your penis wind up in your girl friend’s vagina by accident.?”

    Amazingly, birth control is 100% the women’s concern. What’s wrong with keeping it in your pants or using a condom? Too inconvenient, I suppose.

    I am not afraid of wire coat hangers, Mr. k**. Please stop acting ridiculous.

  151. Mawn: Deval Patick has been a major disappointment to us here in MA. We all fell for the “change”, “hope”, “unity” theme following 4 years of Missing Mitt who was out running for Pres. I doubt Deval will get a second shot at governor.

  152. empty suit = paternity suit?

  153. I just had a weird thought: I have cancelled my Time magazine, refuse to watch CNN or MSNBC because of the bias, no longer read HuffPo, TPM, or any of the other blogs pushing Obama at me, hardly ever watch network shows with the exception of a very few, my book club only meets one night each month, will not be able to look at either McCain or Obama if either gets in, which leaves only this blog!!

  154. No Quarter has a posting for a mutiny for all true patriots pledge if anyone is interested.

  155. Pat, I know how you feel.

    But I take comfort in the lyrics of Rufus Wainwright

    “Thank you for this Bitter knowledge, Guardian Angels who left me stranded.

    It was worth it, feeling abandonned. Makes one hardened.”

  156. Sugar’s got some new stuff up. Check out her posts on McCain and on her trip to Chicago.

  157. Personally, I couldn’t vote for John McStain. But if there are no acceptable choices on the ballot, I might have to vote for “none of the above”

    I don’t owe my vote to anyone.

  158. This is a wonderful post. It has been eight long hard years for Democrats all around. What has kept our party together is the chance to show the heart in the Democratic party. No one in the past has ever been excluded from our party. Also, I believe the real Dem, truest Dem, is Hillary Clinton. She isn’t Repblican lite. The Clinton years were very good years, please, let’s make those kind of years come back. Dems are good people, caring people, wonderful people. We know who we are, and Hillary knows who we are.

    Today, my Latino mailman and I talked about the Clinton years. He said he was totally worried about this election, just like most of us are. Democrats can’t take a hostile takeover of the Presidency.
    Please, preserve the spirit of the Democratic Party, and put it in the White House. Do not try and fool us again. The mailman and I can see how much trouble our country is in. He told me about how it was hard to get eight hours of paid work because of the cutbacks.
    That is everywhere, in all of the industries that Dems traditionally work in. Hillary knows.

    It most certainly isn’t the country we all grew up in anymore. Is it? But today I saw a volkswagen van with a classic paint job, California style. It reminded me of how fun the late 70’s were.

    That’s the Democratic spirit. Helping humanity and having fun doing it. Geez, RD and Co. Thanks for this blog, this set of wonderful like minds. This set of people with hearts of gold who are working like mad, for her.

  159. Where do I find “Sugar’s” postings?

  160. Hi Ben,

    Sugar & Spice also on our sidebar

  161. “I am not afraid of wire coat hangers, Mr. k**. Please stop acting ridiculous.”

    It’s getting to the point that it’s as empty an issue as Nobama’s suit.

  162. empty suit = paternity suit?


  163. Very wonderful post, Riverdaughter – thank you.

    Denise W – that email from the Obama camp is truly disgusting and offensive. Particularly this:

    “My suggestions is: to keep our allies, friends we have made during this sites existence and use them to PERSONALLY email to gripe or complain about a HRC or McCain topics, while KEEPING THE GROUP BOARDS FREE OF ALL HRC or anti-McCain TOPICS. A SAFE way to do this is to COPY OBAMA’s message, to repeat what he is saying on the group boards while utilizing private e”mails to blow off steam to those you know are true OBAMA supporters.”

    So, nothing on the group boards will be truthful – more lies, more lack of information, more elusiveness. They really do think that we, who support Hillary Clinton, are ignorant, don’t they? I once thought I could not ever vote for John McCain, but today, after reading that propaganda, I thought that the Obama campaign and the DNC need to be taught a real lesson if Obama is the “democratic” nominee – and I acutally entertained the thought of voting republican for the first time in my life. I truly hope it doesn’t come to that.

  164. Obama must be stopped. A price must be paid.

  165. Sarah,

    Was that you on the Corbett show yesterday? There was a woman named Sarah who called in.

  166. Delphyne

    When I saw that post I had to pass it on. It was so creepy and offensive. That is why we must stick together and fight back. They are the ones that will do ANYTHING to get their chosen one elected. Obamalots and the DNC have insulted and dismissed us, now they want to play nice just to get us to fall in line. At first I was with those who would write Hillary’s name in, but now I am committed to vote for McCain if Obama is the nominee. The nonsense about a joint ticket is out of the question also. I will not support any ticket with Obama. I hope Hillary doesn’t fall for that, if she losses the nomination she stands a better chance of coming back than going down in flames with him on the ticket. They will blame HER for losing!
    We must not fall for the Obama play nice and reason tactic. I strongly feel we must vote AGAINST him for the DNC to take notice.

  167. Riverdaughter, Katiebird, caught this from BYD/.Armando at TalkLeft:

    Confluence in the NYT!

    Hillary Blogger call article:

  168. You know, maybe there are other options than McCain. Cynthia McKinney (used to be Democratic congresswoman from my home state of GA) is running for the Green party.

    Something that would hurt BOTH Repubs and Dems is if hordes of us switched to Independent party voting. THAT would send a message that the two party system is dead, and that Dems who alienate their base will find themselves not only out of the white house, but out of funds, out of supporters, and out of mainstream party standing.

    The downside is we’d start looking like a Euro country with 15 parties all vying for control. Hmmm. But I still think uniting behind ONE of the Indies is a good idea, and McKinney looks pretty good.

    And she’s black. And she’s got a great resume, speaks 3 languages, and has been in US government for ages.

    How’s that for progressivism?

  169. Sharonvolving (nodding) — I know from all the counting ballots issues in Florida in 2000 that empty votes for president can make a ballot questionable.

    It probably IS better to vote for someone rather than leaving it blank.


    I’m planning on Hillary winning the nomination. And am not ready to think of a Plan B.

  170. RD there’s actually someone who gets credit for that youtube clip, someone named Flineo (??) who has several really good videos out there.

  171. We will protect ourselves, and it is We the People who are supposed to be the Government of this country and it is we that have capitulated our empowerment to small minded Political Party’s who have put their interest before Country actively encouraging divisions by manufacturing wedgies and grievance all intended to divide us and steal our power, that’s the SHAME. We should all dump Parties and return to voting for people who can govern competently and ethically and when they don’t kick them out of office regardless.

  172. Sharonevolving, I’ve heard of others doing the same and rather than vote for Obama or McCain, I’m considering voting for McKinney.

  173. Maybe the reason Sen. Oboma’s staff is pushing for victory over Sen. Clinton, is that they fear when the investgation is completed by the Senate Ethic Committee, and the Committee censors him, that all those pledged delegates for Sen. Obama will switch to Sen. Clinton.

  174. A beautiful post, rd. “Our party has evolved and we, like neanderthals, didn’t make the cut.” Says it all.

    Ronk: where are you blogging now? Enjoyed your econ posts re: BO very much.

  175. I have been thinking today about how Dean and company have selected their candidate BO to win.. and about this comment from Donna Brazile (sp?) on CNN

    But, Paul, you’re looking at the old coalition. A new Democratic coalition is younger. It is more urban, as well as suburban, and we don’t have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics. We need to look at the Democratic Party, expand the party, expand the base and not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    I do not think that Hillary supporters owe this Democratic power structure any loyalty… If BO is the nominee and we get behind him.. we are contributing to the building of a new Democratic party that we don’t want and that does not want us.

    If BO gets the nomination but does not win the election, Dean and co should be out.. We now see how this party selects their candidate and it is not democratic nor respectful of the other candidates.

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